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1 YNJVERS!TY OF -lavv'all LBRARY arianas %riet~~ Micronesia's Leading Newspaper Since 97 b&) ews OPA: officials paid over By Mar-Vic C. Munar Vari5ty News Staff FOURTEEN cutent and former officials of six government agencies were paid salaries beyond the annual $5,ceilingset by law, according to a report from Public Auditor Leo L. LaMotte. The audit, which covered the pay periods from December 99 to October 996, showed that public funds were spent for the excess salaries amounting to almost $, "and continue to be expended in violation" of the Compensation Adjustment Act. OPA investigation also showed that two physicians of Department of Public Health are compensated annual salaries ranging from $6, to $, "without the required certification of the governor." Leo LaMotte Agencies with overpaid offi. cials were the NM Retirement Fund, one; Marianas Visitors Bureau, two; Commonwealth DevelopmentAuthority, one; Northern Marianas College, three; Commonwealth Port Authority, five; and the Office of the Governor, two. The officials and former officials found overpaid were: Retirement Fund's deputy administrator; MVB 's comptroller and former deputy managing director; CDA 's deputy executive director; NMC's administrative vice president, academic vice president and director; CPA 's deputy director, comptroller, administrative assistant, former deputy director, and former staff attorney; and Personnel management director, and one legal counsel for the Governor's Office. These officials are getting an Continued on page BATHROOM MEETNG. Education Commissioner William Torres (left) gets a briefing from Hopwood Junior High principal Billy Billy (right) inside the school's restroom which was among the areas inspected by the commissioner during a surprise visit at the school yesterday morning. At center is vice principal Albery Duenas. WEArl~i~ R~.-- Uilk,x:;---.<.. :. ( \ <~ ~ -- "' ' ()..,.. (} r: d d d (}.. Mostly cloudy early Wednesday with tered brief showers.. Becoming paruy cloudy by mid morning.. Child abuse, neglect cases increase 8% By Ferdinand de la Torre REPORTED cases of child abuse and neglect had increased by 8 percent in 996 compared from previous year, according to the Division of Youth Services. The increase rate from 99 cases of child abuse or child neglect to 995 was about 8%, the DYS indicated in its 996 annual report. The report showed that in 996, 56children were brought for services at DYS Child Protective Unit because of abuse or neglect, with ages ranging from newborn to under 8 years old. Year 996, the annual report said, saw the highest number of cases the division has ever experienced in over a decade of its operation. The report cited as the highest form of maltreatment, physical neglect (a parent's or caretaker's failure or negligence in providing for his or her child's wellbeing supervision such as hygiene, food, clothing, medical care, and education). Of the 56 children, the report showed that 5 of them were reported for physical neglect and 6 for physical abuse. Sexual abuse of children under 6 years old involved 6 cases, while emotional abuse comprised of kids, the 996 annual report indicated. The Child Protective Unit receives and investigates reports of child sexual abuse, child physical neglect, child physical abuse, and child emotional abuse. Last year there were 7 troubled youths reported to the Juvenile CoTection Unit, ranging from ages six to 7. The youngest at the age of six was involved in theft in Feb. 996, Continued on page Photo by M.C. Munar ~. - _,...-: ~-..,'<-:- :, z =,..,...,..= " f"<;..;,.., :<c=.-. --r;:u-;,., -.-,., ,.. --.r:... -; ;- -..: s-,--~,-- ~-c--=t'."~ - -, :."7'.".-~. --i..:; ::r~,t..."u. ;:- <, ' :!: DPL prepares to open new homestead lots in Kagman j By Jojo Dass THE DVSON of Public Lands is now working on a roadclearing project at its Kagman, phase V project to pave the way for new lots for qualified homestead applicants. Bertha Camacho, DPL Director said at least four firms have responded to her office's announcement for bidding. She said she is now reviewing the proposals for the job estimated to cost government some $6,. The project, she said is expected to be done by June this year. " am reviewing these proposals. We expect to enter into an agreement soon," Camacho The DPL, she noted, is also personally interviewing applicants "to validate their qualifications." Once done, the Kagman project will add up to an estimated total of, lots out to be granted to qualified petitioners. Aside from the mentioned Bertha Camacho Kagman lots, Camacho said another, and are being developed in Marpi and Koblerville respectively. Camacho said her office is still working on the installation of sewer lines for the Kobleville lots while assistance from the Emeregency Management Office is being sought on the clearing of World War bombs buried in Marpi. "We need to make a thorough testing to determine the extent Continued on page :! ' ' PAC NE\NSP;\P[R ~T6_CKS

2 '-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VJEWS~WEDNESD'fi, y: MA=R=C-=--=--lc:: 5.,, =9~9-' Castro offers asyl rn HAVANA (AP) - President Fidel Castro, saying he was fulfilling a "moral duty," offered asylum Monday to Peruvian guerrillas holding 7 hostages in Lima. Castro's offer came after Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori made a swprise visit to Cuba, seeking Castro's help in ending the hostage crisis, in which rebels have been holding 7 top Peruvian officials since December. 'This is a moral duty, not a position taken merely for advantages," Castro toldreponersafterseeingofffujimori. who returned to Lima late Monday. Earlier, after a red-carpet welcome that underlined how rarely heads of state visit Cuba and his talks with Castro, Fujimori said Castro had expressed a willingness to accept the n::bels if asked to do so. Fuj irnori did not say whether such a request was made. "The discussion was fruitful," Fujimori said, adding that the Cuban leadershowed "good will" during three s of talks. "Cuba is willing to cooperate... but not to participate as a mediator." Fujimori said the two "discussed some points that can't disclose" because discussions on the hostage situation "must be discreet" While his comments appeared to open a door to a possible solution, it was not clear if the Tupac Amaru l " '- :""""".,; ;...,.,..q Fidel Castro rebels demanding freedom for jailed colleagues would agree to go to Cuba. Cuba and Jamaica have been namedaspossiblehavensfortherebels if a deal can be reached to end the standoff. Fujimori has beenfiercelyanti-communist in the past, but he has had friendly talks with Castro several times at Latin American summits. Last month-afterthehostage situation had dragged on for weeks - Fujimori described the Cuban leader as "a personal friend." EarlierMonday,theTupacArnaru's spokesman in Europe, saac Velasco, rejected the suggestion of exile for the guerrillas. Saddam sues French mag for defamation / PARS (AP)- Saddam Hussein \ has sued a French magazine for \ defamation forcallingthelraqi presi! dent an "executioner" and a "monster," among other things. The September article in Le Nouvel Observateur, 'The Unbearable Likeness of an Executioner," also called Saddam a "perfect cretin," and ''nurderer." At ahearingmonday, the defense argued that the court should throw outthecase.lawyersylviecouturon said the raqi strongman was wrung in filing the defamation suir as if he were a conmmn citizen. Martine Valdes-Boulouque, the government's assistant prosecutor, agreed, saying it should be filed as "an offense against a foreign head of state." But Saddam's lawyer, Pauick Brunot, argued his client could only file as a common citizen and not as a head of state, because Paris and Baghdad cut diplomatic relations in February 99, during the Gulf War. Judge Martine Ract-Madoux took the motion under advisement and planned to announce April whether the uial may proceed. Fujimori'splanelandedatJoseMarti international airport Monday morning after a flight from Santo Domingo. About 5 guerrillas seized the Japanese ambassador's mansion during a Dec. 7 party. They have freed hundreds of captives but still hold 7 men. n Lima, talks that began Feb. resumed Monday between the government and the Tupac Amaru rebels. There was no indication whether the government's main negotiator, Education Minister Domingo Palermo, had been in contact with Fujimori since his meeting with Castro. Canadian Ambassador Athony Vincent, one of the mediators of the talks, said said both sides were "completing their proposals which.. will clearly establish their positions." The remarks indicated that the talks remain in a preliminary stage. He said the next meeting would be Wednesday. Cuba has a histoiy of welcoming hostage-takers, so the decision by Fujirnori to come to Havana to meet r', " '... '.. '.. i. ~.,.= Alberto Fujimori Castro-while sudden-wasn't a total surprise. Three notable cases include one in 97, when Nicaraguan Sandinista rebelsraidedachristrnasparty,seized hostages and sought the release of jailed comrades. Thoscfreedincluded Daniel Ortega, who helped topple the Anastasio Somoza dictatorship in 979. The raiders and freed prisoners were flown to Cuba. n 978, the Sandinistas took over Congresstodemandfrecdomforjailed comrades. After a botched attempt to retake the building in which people died, the government gave in. Again, the raiders and freed prisoners went to Cuba. n 98, M-9 guerrillas in Colombia raided a reception at the Dominican Republic embassy and took hostages that included U.S. Ambassador Diego Ascencio. Tey demanded freedom for jailed comrades and $5 million. After 6 days, they settled for $ million and a flight to Cuba. n the past, the Dominican Republic also has provided safe haven, but Fujirnori said it might not be an acceptable destination for these rebels. Still,hemetwithhisDominicancounterpart, Leonel Fernandez, on Sunday. Later, the two would only say that the hostage situation was discussed. n 99, the Dominican Republic granted asylum lo two members of the Yolaina Commando who had seized Nic:ar<gua's embassy in Costa Rica andheldseveraldiplornatshostagefor days. President Clinton gestures during the "Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids" in the Roosevelt Room at the White House Friday The Food and Drug Administration regulations that went into effect Friday require retailers to card all customers younger than 7 to thwart mature-l~oking youths under the legal smoking age of 8. AP Photo Cffiin.iames. exs.eottl llayor. srael defense chief said to have OK'd more East Jerusalem building By JACK KAZENELL JERUSALEM (AP) - srael's defense minister has revived a West Bank construction plan to link the brgcst Jewish seulement there with Jerusalem, an official said Monday. The move came a week after the government angered Palestinians by approving a new Jewish neighborhood in disputedcw,tjerusalem. Surveying, which was to hcgi:i there Wednesday. wa, delayed for \ hat wcredc.'icribed a5 ''technical fca'>(jns." nc Haaretz daily reported that Defense Minister Yi tzhak Mordechai. approved a plan for building more than l,cy.'/..j homes and, hotel rcxms on.5 acres between Jerusakm,mJ k \.'L:sl Bank settlement of \,laale Adumim c:.i.,t of the city. nc Palestinians arc sure to object totlecon,truction, which would make it increasingly difficult for tjcm to establish a future capital in c.l,tjcrusalem, the sector srael captured from Jordan in the 967 Mideast war. Mordechai 's spokesman Avi Benayahu downplayed the move, saying the plan existed before and was put on hold by the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He said Mordcchai has merely authorized its submission to the public - when objections can be raised. f eventually approved by the local and district planning commissions, the plan will return to Mordechai for final approval, "but this could take a Jong time," Benayahu n the last three decades, srael has surrounded east Jerusalem with Jewish neighborhoods th, t serve as barriers between the city and West Bank hinterland under Palestinian control. Last week, the sraeli government also approved construction plans for 6,5 homes for sraelis al Har Homa in southeastern J erusalem. Once built, the neighboriood would serve as a wedge between east Jerusalem and the southern West Bank. On Monday, the Housing Ministry announced that surveyors would arrive at the site on Tuesday. But Netanyahu' s spokesman Shai Bazak later said the surveying would be delayed for a few days "for technical rea5ns.'' srael radio and anny radio said the government is awaiting the attorneygeneral's ruling on whether the survey can go ahead or will have to be postponed for legal reasons. By law, work cannot begin until two weeks after the plan is signed by a Cabinet minister and fomally published in the government gazette. But it was not clear if this would also apply to land surveys. naddition,twopetitionshavebeen submitted to the Supreme Court against the Har Homa project, and this could also cause delays. as. S.. Korean prime.minister... '. '. ; SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - President Kim Young-sam named on Tuesday a former Seoul mayor as prime minister, part of a government shakeup after a major bribery scandal. Koh Kun, 59, was expected to be approved to the largely ceremonial post by the National Assembly later Tuesday. The one-house Parliament is controlled by the ruling party. Koh' s appointment would be followed by a shakeup of the Cabinet, possibly Wednesday, ruling party officials Kim already has reshuffled his secretarial staff, naming a former home minister as his new chief of staff. Local newspapers, quoting various government sources, said the expected Cabinet shakeup would affect seven or eight posts, mostly in economic and social affairs ministries. The foreign and security-related ministers would be retained, they reported. n a nationally televised speech last week, Kim apologized for the bribery scandal, in which some of his key aides were involved, and promised to restore his government's credibility. Koh, now a university president, has headed the home, transportation and agriculture ministries under past governments. His appointment was not expected to bring any majorchanges in government policies. Economic recovery is the most pressing task Kim's government faces. South Korea posted a record $.7 billion current-account deficit last year. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 997-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS- Tenorio names runningm.ate But will make the announcement on April 5 Froi/an C. Tenorio By Zaldy Dandan GOVERNOR Froilan C. Tenorio has already revealed the name of his running mate-but only to the Democratic Party leadership. Party chair Daniel. Quitugua yesterday said that Tenorio made the announcement Friday during an unofficial meeting with members of the central executive committee. "He told us the name of the person he is interested to run with, and the committee members find that person acceptable," Quitugua The governor, he added, told them that the running mate has likewise "expressed willingness." However, Quitugua said that the governor and the committee members decided not to announce the name of the running mate until April 5, when the party holds its first fundraising event. Asked if there is any reason for keeping the name "secret," Quitugua said "There is none, but there's no urgency to announce it either." Variety sources said that Tenorio' s final list of possible running mates contained four names. By Rick Alberto nomic development in August. 99 because of the A VSUALLY impaired department;s i~abihty to pro~ woman who said she was vide her with low-vision forced to resign because of equipment to enable her to d.o poorworkingconditionshas her job which entailed mucli filed a. $.5-milliqndarnage reading suit against the Common~ She was hired in the same wealth Utilities Corp, and jts.. month by then CUC Execuexecutive director, Timothy tiye. Pirector Raywond ViUagomez..... Guerrero;who, shesaid, pro- Lydia Camacho Romisher,. vided her with a welhlighted in her complaint the other privaie office, clerical a.ssisday at.the federal district tarice who acted as readers for court, said that for the one her;.and a computer with an. year and four months that she assistant who inputed data for was special. her. needs ather workplace. Villagomez, her requests for Villagomez replaced Roshimer said she.decided a computer with a built~in Guerrero in late March 99;. to resignon the advice of her enlargeinentsoftware and a and by May, according to physician since "her continued employment under the clerk to act as her reader were Roshimer, the new executive denied. director took away the accom" conditions which existed. at Her requests were meimuo modations that Guerrero had. the. cue posed a real.threat accommodate herlow vision provided her.. '... to her remaining vision as condition. She said she was Roshimer was allegedly wellasother physical probdiagnosed as legally blind moved to a. poorly lighted and erris." arising from "bilateral macuc badly ventilated office andthe Roshimer accused the defendants -f violating the Jar holes" in 99 L staff assigned to help her was CUC nformation Officer allegedly taken away. American with Disabilities Pamela A, Mathis, mean- Later, she added, she was Act; breaching her contract while, said they were aware again moved to an office with and wrongfully failing to accommodate her disability; of Romisher's complaint, even worse lighting. which was originally filed Villagomez also allegedly inwith breaching the implied cov the Equal Employment creased her duties and respon-. enant of good faith and fair Opportunity Commission on sibilities with concomitant dealing; wrongful discharge: Feb. 5 last year. "increased reading and assimi- and intentional infliction of She said the matter was lation of complex, technical emotional distress. with the CUC's legal coun- materials and her use of comsel. Roshimer asked for com p u ter." pensatory damages against n her complaint, Rornisher She said she had requested the defendants as proved at said she was first forced to Villagomez several times that the trial and a total of resign from the Department she be provided with low-viof $,5, in punitive dam Commerce and Labor as sion accommodation but that ages from each of the defen chief of the division of eco- nothing was done to meet her dants. Judges orders arrest of policeman. SUPEROR Court Associate Judge Miguel Demapan issued yesterday a bench warrant of arrest against a police officer who failed to attend a jury trial. Demapan ordered the Department of Public Safety to bring P Jackson Jack to court for contempt. Deputy Public Defender Ted Christopher summoned Jack to appear as a witness during a jury trial for defendant Edwin P. Blas. Jack was supposedly the first person to take the witness stand yesterday in the ongoing trial for Blas. With Jack's absence, the court decided to dismiss the jurors. As of press time, the Variety learned that the officer could not be located. Blas is facing charges of attempted rape, burglary, assault and battery, and assault with a dangerous weapon. Meanwhile, in police report two men were arrested for engaging in a fistfight in front of Hakubotan in San Jose Monday morning. DPS nformation Officer P Cathy Sheu identified the arrestees as Harun Or Rashid, 7, andj aider Shewaram Bhagchandani,, both of Koblerville. ncluded are a former senator, an incumbent legislator, a head of an autonomous agency and a former legislator during the Trust Territory days. Tenorio, in an earlier interview, said as the party's official gubernatorial candidate,e he's no longer in a hurry to announce the name of his running mate. Tenorio has told the media that he would make an announcement on Feb., which he later rescheduled for Feb. 5 and, afterwards, Feb. 8. n an earlier interview, he said that he already has a running mate and that "it's just a matter of announcing it." Daniel. Quitugua However, Variety sources said the prospective running mate wants more to time lo "think it over." KALjet makes emergency landing at Saipan Airport A KOREAN Air Lines Airbus AE- jet safely made an emergency landing at the Saipan nternational Airport (SA) Monday evening after losing an engine minutes after taking off for Seoul, South Korea. None of the 86 passengers and crew members were hurt during the landing, the Commonwealth Ports Authority disclosed. Flight Number 678 left Saipan at around 6: p.rn. bound for Korea when it reported to the Guam FAA Center five minutes later and about O miles out that it developed an engine failure and was reque sting an emergency landing. After the Saipan Air Traffic Control Tower (A TCT) notified the Airport Fire Station, emergency crews were notified including the Department of Public Health, Emergency Operations Center who were on standby when the aircraft landed. The runway was closed for several minutes while CPA employees inspected the runway for debris and found none. The runway was reopened about 6:5 p.m. As of yesterday afternoon, the Korean Air jet was still parked at the Saipan nternational Airport tarmac. The aircraft was carrying. 57,8 pounds of fuel. ', i.:'"--... ~ ~... " ',"..,' A LTTLE MORE TO THE LEFT. Workers lay down steel bars as work on the modernization of the Charlie Dock continues. The dock, which will be converted into an international seaport, is expected to be operational by March. t can accommodate three vessels at a time. Photo by Jojo Dass "... '

3 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-5 Talks with RP hospital execs sought They taught us how to plant flower gardens Now they are back to plow them under... By: John S. DelRosario, Jr. e NM was born a healthy group of islands. Her people have withstood the flight of fancy of every conqueror. She was taught American Democracy and the free enterprise system. She rolled, stumbled, picked herself up and regrouped from the ashes of histo)' and discriminatory wage system, the brainchild of the US Departmem of nterior. t was dollar-plus for US citizens (statesiders), $. an for Micronesians and less than $. an for all others, including Filipinos. lnteriorgave us a pay scale to supplant our traditional lifestyles. t kept the largest share of the pie for statesiders, little crumbs for the brown boys and girls to keep their interest alive. Perhaps this was the ultimate schemebuild a sense of helplessness-under the guise of striving for the American Dream, a dream most mainlanders across the country have yet to attain even as we approach the st Century. We established our constitutional government some nearly thirty years ago with all the guarantees and trappings of self-government. Nowhere was Uncle Sam to be found in the initial stages of constitutional government to ensure a good beginning. Despite this drawback, we rolled-up our sleeves and.ot on with the task at hand. All throughout the period we've heard taller than-abraham Lincoln speeches from the other side of the Pacific about selfsufficiency. We severed the umbilical cord in 99 which demonstrates that we have attained a level of economic activity to support at least the operations end of our government. Recently, we've been hearing adifferentdrum beat. The beat says we must now move aside despite all that we've learned in tbe refinement of our democratic institutions. American Democracy is now telling us-through mediocre intermediaries-that we must once again prepare to advance to the rear. Some of our self-anointed great white fathers are saying that however the lessons they've taught us on how lo plant beautiful and productive flower gardens, they (US via nterior's Allen Stayman) is prepared to plow under all that American investment of more than $ Billion. What's amazing though in his hidden aoenda is the obvious warped view that the brown boys - c must again move aside so big white brother can clean up the mess. Doesn't Stayman have any respect for the democratic process out here? Specifically, doesn't he respect our inalienable rights to self-government? Where was this evil genius during the incipiency of the NMGovemment? We were left to fend for ourselves. Therefore, elementary logic dictates, Lord Stayman that our mother country was as much as fault in some of the more substantive mess that subsequently came under microscopic review by the US Congress. n short, our mother country was equally at fault for fostering a d-ysfunctional family that now enjoys some measure of stability-hard earned socio-economic stability. Have you forgotten Lord Stay man that the people whose economic future you 're trying to ruin may not be mainstream Americans. but US Citizens too? ndeed, the NM! made it on its own albeit all the difficult problems that arc part of growth and Jcvclopment. But we've learned some invaluable though painful lessons in the refinement of our democratic institutions. The problems with immigration and labor are all part of the exercise of self-government. f in fact we haven't lift a finger to resolve them, then your hidden agenda may have some credibility. At least we don't club Mexicans nor African Americans. But it is too obvious why the islands and our people must endure constant threat from your side of the Pacific. For instance, 've learned that you being a prounion it is only too apparent why the clandestine or collusive tactics to push for the establishment of the union here. Arc you.cognizant that a unionized Marianas labor pool would spell the ultimate death of every industry here? 've carefully treaded the activities of some people here from labor union air heads. reporters and human rights advocates. Please try to convince this scribe tlat there isn't a hidden agenda to rnin and permanently taint the reputation of these islands and its indigenous people. question why the federal government intervention in the rn,;cof a Filipino advocate of unionizing laborers here. mean this is the only foreigner whose trnvel to Guam and other US jurisdiction receives federal intervention. Then there's the cmc of an underage Filipina who used to strip at a bar who now receives a scholarship to go to school at a US jurisdiction. Tell this scribe that it is just a coincidence. t's too good to be true, right? Whether by design or accident, the NMl experienced phenomenal economic growth far greater than most pacific island nations. Of course, understand what the Covenant Agreement says with respect to our political relationship. There's no provision that says we must genuflect to the whims of another level of government nterior's Officeoflnsular Affairs. But then LordStaymanhad to engage in mindless and bmtal schemes at our expense to justify his existence. t is a useless office given that most tenitories now elect their own representative government. Why then doesn't the US Congress abolish this office? s it fair for mainland US taxpayer. to be paying for mediocrity that only benefits the career of an evil genius? Thanks for all your evil plans and bent determination to plow our flower gardens forgetting that you and your predecessors have taught us why and how to plant them fifty yean; ago. No sir, we will not succumb to total reliance once more on federal largesse or dependency. JACK ANDERSON and JAN MOLLER HELlO,?RESOENT CLNTON?... :r SURRENt>E"R!... T/>,\<: i'r\e t,\ 6.6..G\< ANO!LL G;lVE up commun\sm! WASHNGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Nauru a paradise for scamming banks NAURU-This remote island nation in the western Pacific. until recently qne richest countries in the Third World, is desperately trying to revitalize its reeling economy. But don't bank on Nauru s return to prosperity. At one point. the average annual per capita income of Nauru ans was more than $.. But that figure has been cut in half in recent years because of a dramatic decrease in Nauru's sole export-centuries' accumulation of bird droppings. A century ago, a New Zealand chemist discovered that the tiny island's bird population had produced some of the highest-grade phosphate ever found. When combined with sulfur, the ancient droppings transformed into superphosphate-just the ticket to make Australia's and New Zealand's phosphatedeficient farms flourish. Nauru, the smallest republic in the world, has exported millions of tons of the material. But they always knew the day would come when the reserve would run out. That dreaded day is now only a few years away. After a decade of contemplation. the Nauruans thought they had the perfect antidote to stave off a fiscal crisis-turn the island nation into an offshore banking center. Visions of dancing mini-bahamas filled islanders' heads. But as our associate Dale Yan Atta discovered in a recent visit to the island, the country s Australian-dollar based economy ran out of cash last year. Apparently the Nauru ans weren't able lo break the high-living habits formed when the phosphate and the money was plentiful. And now the islanders are paying a terrible price. Nauru's minister of finance has admitted to fellow citizens that the financial situation of the government is "extremely grave." n fact, the Bank of Nauru-the country's only bank-is in a desperate state. "No dividends are expected from the Bank of Nauru," a high government source told us. "The bank is in a serious state of insolvency. The government is examining every option in an attempt to resurrect the bank." That's not exactly the kind of fiscal responsibility that should inspire American-based banks to register in Na,ru. But U.S. Treasury officials have investigated at least suspicious banks that registered in Nauru by mail and are operating in the United States. These banks have taken advantage of recent easy-incorporation, notax laws passed here. Other laws on the books in Nauru ensure that a banks business here wi be kept a strict secret. Americans often assume that a bank is safe if it is located in the town or city in which they reside. But if the bank is registered to a foreign country, particularly a smaller one. there's reason for concern. Certainly there arc legitimate foreign-registered banks. But protection offered by secrecy laws in countries like Nauru seem to attract fly-by-night operators who can register a bank by mail, take depositors' money, and run. When government investigator John Shock<:!y contacted Nauru an officials for some assistance in exposing these questionable banks, he was told they could offer no help. The officials said secrecy laws prevented them not only from giving Shockey information about specific banks. but even from revealing the number of banks registered here that are opera! ing in the United States. Shockey and others are angry about what he calls ' prostitute banking. Sadly. the victims are often elderly individuals fraudulently lured into placing their money in the hands of these shady bankers. n the last several years. Shockey's office has issued more than 6 alerts about questionable banks registered in Nauru and elsewhere. Other favored nations for con artists looking to register bogus banking operations are the South Pacific island nations of Vanuatu and Western Samoa. the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and the Caribbean nations of Antigua and Barbados. nvestigators have found that a few of these island locations will only charter a bank for international-not domestic-business. This clever practice protects the locals from the unseemly bankers while allowing them to fleece foreigners at will. lsamu J. Abraham By Jojo Dass VafletyNewr. Staff By Ferdinand de la To.rre THE DEPARTMENT of Public Health Services has arranged for a meeting with health officials of two Philippine hospitals to discuss the proposed alien screening procedures. DPHS Secretary Dr. lsamu J. Abraham told the Variety yesterday he requested a meeting with Philippine Consul Julia C. Heidemann in setting up schedules for talks in Manila. Abraham said he designated Public Health Deputy Secretary Josephine Josephine Sablan and CHC Medical Referral Services Director Jack Taitano to travel to the Philippines and meet health officials at Makati and St. Luke Medical Centers. Abraham stopped the implementation of the proposed rules and regulations for the health screening requirements of alien workers in the CNM following Gov. Froilan Tenorio's recommendation to "pause and evaluate" the procedures. Under the new proposed rules and regulations, all nonresident workers and their family members entering CNM will be required to obtain a general physical examination and health screl.',ning for specified communicable dis- over the years t<:>p soils has buried Jan:d markers;" said SOME 9 lots covering an... Cfark ;... ; < '. estimated JO hectares of hmd.. ' The: DPL has began sco~l epcroached by a Tinian-.. ing for a firmthatwill fo the basedcaule-raising firm will.. be turned over to the island's... ~ we expectto complete tl'le homesteaders through the whole project hopefully by Division.of Public Lands by June;" Clark.. June this year. t will befecalledthatsen. Following a series of ne EstevenKing has sought Gov. gotiations late last year, the Froilan Tenorio' s i'terven Micronesian Development tion on the matter following Corporation has agreed to complaints raised by the apturn over these lots on cer- plicants seeking thejongtain conditions,accoiding to awaited granting of the lots. Deborah Clark, DPL's Tinian King, in his recentletterto Administrator. Tenorio, has sought an inc She said these are the as- quiry on why the MDC has surance that MDC be allowed failed to relinquish the lots continued use of a slaughter- despite agreements reached house which is in a military on the matter last Nov. leaseback area; acquisition of The qualified applicants, two hectares of land for its King noted, had raffle drawn office space and another half for their agricultural homean hectare for its workers' stead lots since April, 99. quarters. "Six years have come to a "The MDC will release it close but the status of each (disputed lots) as soon as individual's lot remains uncerwe' ve completed the details tain due to the DPL's lack of of the settlement which in- updating or written reports on cl ude a ground survey of the the matter. areas in exchange. "The affected individuals had "Also we have to retrace repeatedly voiced their concern the areas encroached because over this years," said King. Young Author's Book fair on THE SXTH Young Authors Book Fair opened on Monday for more than two weeks of public display, the Public School System announced. The annual Fair, wbich features hundreds of original books created by students of all ages from public and private schools on Saipan, Rota and Tinian, reeled off with an opening ceremony at the Saipan Multi-Purpose Center. Student winners of the Young Authors Book Fair slogan, poster and essay, contests were honored. The Young Authors Book Fair wi be open for free pub- ic viewing from Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. The exhibit is on until March 8, with books created by students in grades K-6 on display at the Multi-Purpose Center and books created by students in grades 7- on display at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library conference room. eases before a health certificate is issued to them. Abraham earlier said among the areas that needs further study is whether it is feasible that the health screening for employees will be conducted in the Philippines using St. Luke Hospital and Makati Medical Center. The secretary, however, stressed that the health screening reports of the two hospitals must bear "stamp of approval" by the Philippine Department of Health. "We will start this first phase (talks) with the Republic of the Philippines. As we gain more experience and ability to manage this program, we will expand to include China, Korea, Bangladesh, Japan, and other Pacific sland countries," Abraham added. DONATON. Marianas Visitors Bureau board chair Antonio Guerrero presents a $5, donation to Governor's Special Assistant for Youth Guadalupe Borja-Robinson for the construction of a track and field complex in Koblervil/e in a simple ceremony last week. Looking on are MVB Managing Director Anicia Q. Tomokane and board director Frederico Dela Cruz. Photo by Rick Alberto ilj CHARACTER LOANS For that long awaited vacation medical expenses or any personal type of loan. bj EQUPMENT LOANS Furniture, Appliances Computers, Automobiles, Boats, Motorcycles & Communication Equipment. bj REAL ESTATE LOANS Property, Home Loans, Construction, Home mprovement and Home Equity Loans. b LEASE FNANCNG Office Equipment, Computers, Furniture, Automobiles and Communication Equipment. bjdebt CONSOLDATON Consolidate your bills/ loans into one, for one easy payment. A~~--,,,,-:: ~~~~": _ Financial Loan Services for all your needs. PACFC FNANCAL Co RP. "You're first in all we do" P.O. Box 657, Saipan, MP 9695 Tel. -, -576 Fax. -57 Design Florest Thai House

4 ~!YA_Rl_A_NA_S_VA_l~_lETY NEWS AND VEWS-WEDNESDA~Y_:_-~M!.::A~R~C::!.H~S,_._9'!.~9'..!.7 Compact tops NM's stmmit agenda By Zaldy Dandan THE CNM <.kkgation to the Pacific Legislative-Executive Summit will spearhead discussions on the "impact" of the i! continuing influx of Micronesian immigrants into the Northern Marianas, Rep. Ana S. Teregeyo said yesterday. Teregeyo and Rep. Manuel - March 9, A. Tenorio co-chair the planning committee for the fourda/summit to be held on Rota starting Monday, March. Teregeyo, in an interview yesterday, said other topics for discussion include fisheries, marine resources, tourism, labor and immigration and agriculture... Aside from the impact (of Micronesian immigration) and drug abuse, we're also concerned with reciprocity amongst.the jurisdictions in terms of immigration, commerce and trade," she The federal Office of nsular Affairs (OA) was' also asked to send representatives to the summit, but Teregeyo said that they have yet to hear from OA. Ana S. Teregeyo sland leaders from the CNM, Guam, the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, the Marshall slands and Nauru have already confirmed their participation. Broadhurst tells Cing: Teregeyo said the number of delegates to the summit is estimated to from to 5. "t's going to be a very important summit, and Rota and the CNM will benefit from this," she The planning and organizing committees, in coordination with the Office of the Rota Mayor, have been working hard to ensure the success of the conference, Teregeyo added. Aside from Tenorio and Teregeyo, Sens.JuanP. Tenorio, Eusebio Hocog and Ricardo S. Atalig and Rep. Vicente M. Atalig are also in the planning committee. Acting Gov. Jesus C. Borja, Senate President Jesus R. Sablan and Speaker Diego T. Benavente will head the CNM delegation. 'Talk issues not hot air' David M. Ging By 7..aldy Dandan THE GOVERNOR'S spokesperson yesterday said that instead of -----~-----~ GET THE BEST DEALS ON THE BEST TRUCKS N TOWN WHLE SUPPLES LAST! repeatedly"blasting" Gov. Fro ii an C. Tenorio, Sen. David M. Cing should talk about the things he has done for Tinian. "He should talk about issues and not just hot air," Mark Broadhurst "But maybe he's not doing anything for Tinian," he added, "and that's why he has nothing to say about those things." Cing on Monday said that fellow Democrat Tenorio will finish last in the forthcoming gubernatorial election, and that the senator himself will "see to it" that his partymate loses "big time" on Tinian. 'The governor might be flattered that (Cing) is embarking on a huge effort just to ensure his (Tenorio's) defeat," Broadhurst "But we've more faith on Tinian than Cing has." The people of Tinian, he said, knows "how far the governor has gone for them: and not just the casino but socio-economic opportunities as well." Tinian, he added, is now a "place of progress and hope" mainly thro!lgh the governor's efforts. Cing should switch parties, Broadhurst said, and stop being a Democratic senator "who sounds like a spokesperson'' for the Republican Party. A self-declared staunch supporter of the Republican gubernatorial candidate, former governor Pedro P. Tenorio, Cing has Mark Broadhurst earlier urged his partymates to abandon incumbent Governor Tenorio "for the CNM's sake." Meanwhile, the Democratic Party chair said there will be no sanctions against the maverick senator. Daniel. Quitugua yesterday said that Cing has yet to violate any party regulations. "We can ask him to tone down his remarks against the governor (who is the party's titular head), but that's as far as we can go," he There is nothing on the party bylaws, Quitugua added, that could be cited against Cing. He said the party does not penalize members for exercising heir constitutional right to free speech. However, if Cing is a "true Democrat," he should be urging support for the party's gubernatorial candidate, Quitugua DEQ water report THE DVSON of Environmental Qua! ity (DEQ) yes ten.lay announced that water sanples collected from some of Saipan 'srecreational beaches and strnm water damages contained excessive concentration of fecal colifom bacteria exceeding CNM Maiine Water Quality Standaitls ne sites we <S follows Smiling Cove M,uina; Dai-chi Dminage; Hafa-Adai Drainage; Sug:u Dock; :md Sall Antonio Lift Station High concentration of Fecal. Colifrnm may be tle result of high surf conditions or stonnwater runoff due to rain storms lnordertoadequately address public health concerns, DEQ maintains its pol icy of advising the pub ic not to fish or swim within feet of these locations within 8 s of tlis notice!,, l l., ' : WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 997-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND Vl~WS-7 DPL hit for land swap delay By Jojo Dass THE DSPUTE on a parcel of land covered by the Monsignor Guerrero road project grew murkier yesterday as the family owning it lashed at the Division of Public Lands for "sitting on the case." The latter on the other hand, countered that at least two parties have actually been coming forward to claim the exchange Jeal. The lot, measuring close to 6, sq. m. and spanning the area from the Mobil gas station to the Waterloo pump, supposedly ~e!ongs to the family of Community and Cultural Affairs Secretary Thomas Tebuteb and has, according to him, been "a family land for generations." t has been appropriated for public utilities. A member of the Tebuteb clan, said Acting Public Works Secretary Martin Manglona in an earlier interview, has been stopping workmen from pushing through with the road project. This, Manglona said, may delay the slated completion of the expansion work on March. Tebuteb said the clan should not be blamed if their bid to stop the work.until a land exchange Brownout hits Garapan, Capitol Hill,. _. Kagman, Kobler. By Rick Alberto BROWNOUTS, which extended for s, hit the Garapan, Capitol Hill, Kagman, and Koblerville areas yesterday. Pamela A. Mathis, public information officer of the Commonwealth Utilities Corp., said the brownouts were caused by routine engine maintenance and an engine malfunction. Power in Garapan was cut from a.m. to p.m.; Capitol -ill and Kagman from p.m. lo 5 p.m.; and a big part of Koblerville from 5 p.m. to 8: p.m. Mathis said Engine 7 underwenta routine maintenance, while Engine 5 suffered from a malfunction in it, auxiliary system. Engine 7 was put back to full operation by 5 p.m., Mathis On the other hand, Engine 5 was anticipated lo be operational again at 9 last night. The CUC asked people over the rauio to conservt: power bcl'orc the cngim:s wen: put back into operation as anticipatcu. The last time s-long brownouts occurrccj Saipan was on Dec.. The CUC also put into effect island-wide rotated outages lasting one and one-half months from Oct. 8 to Dec. last year because of engine breakdowns resulting from malfunctioning defccti ve parts. Thomas Tebuteb deal has been forged causes a delay on the project's progress. "We're worried that we might be left out in the cold... don't think its fair to blame us for the delay," he "The DPL is sitting on the matter. We've hacj our Determination of Ownership since 958. Government has vowed to look into the matter... and it has been seven years. "We've been dealing with government in good faith. And we're still waiting for them to tell us what's going on," Tebuteb lamented. He said a parcel of land in the Mt. Tapotchao area has been appropriated for the replacement. But this has yet to be formally turned over to the clan. "We want the DPL to let us know how we can work out a deal to have the land exchange," Tebuteb But DPL Directress Bertha Camacho said her office is filing for a "friendly condemnation" of the matter before the court to resolve the problem on what she said is a case of an "unclear title." Bertha Camacho "We need to know who the legal owners are before we can finally close the exchange agreement... we need a clear title before we can proceed," she explained. Camacho said the land was originally owned by a certain Maria Mangabao who has died several years ago. She said that while Rey Tebuteb, Thomas' brother, has been acting as the clan's "administrator," a copy certifying him as the clan's official representative in the land exchange deal has remained unsigned by a number of relatives who supposedly are also heirs to the land. Worse, at least one relative, she said, has come forward allegedly objecting to Tebuteb' s representation. "We' re leaving the matter for the court to decide," Camacho The Tebutebclan, as stipulated in an "Agreement to Exchange" transaction reached with the DPL. is duty-bound not to interfere with the on-going road project. Camacho also SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNNG: Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health.

5 8-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-WEDNESDAY- MARCH 5, 99-, Bar workers win case by default By Ferdinand de la Torre THE SUPEROR Court issued an order yesterday requmng bar owners to pay their four employees $7,56 for violations of PSS gets wheelchair for boy By Mar-Vic C. Munar Vanety News Staff FOR HS -year-old boy, getting a new wheelchair is probably better late than never. The Public School System has promisedthatbobby(realnamewithheld upon request) will finally get a new one. Yesterday, Barbara Rudy. director of Pss: Special Education Program, infonnedthenorthernmarianasprotection and Advocacy Systems, nc., that her office will soon process the order for a new chair. "When a situation such as this can be resolved without going to court, it's always better for everybody involved," NMPAS's legal counsel William C. Campbell Bobby,astudentofHopwoodJunior High suffering from cerebral palsy, has been using a two-yearold rusty wheelchair which suffers from more "disabilities"than he does. t has an ill-fitting seat, a wornout truck support, and armrest peeling off. ts backrest is peeling loose, causing Bobby's head to fall off. The upper part of the chair has only an elastic band to support the boy's back. The unsafe condition of the chair can cause Bobby more injuries, according to specialists. Lite last year, NMPAS, a federally funded agency, came to Bobby's rescue, and requested PSS to address Bobby s condition. Although made in May la~t year, the request had to go through a long bureaucratic maze. "Even though (the boy's mother) has been very conciliatory and patient in allowed SPED to attempt to repair the chair with parts, the remediation has been in dismal failure,"campbell saidinfeb. loaletter to Rudy. Campbell then warned Rudy that thie, "faulty" wheelchair could, as it happened in the past, result in "a paraplegic becoming aquadriplegic.'' n asimilar case Campbell handled in Florida, the responsible party paid over a million dollar.; in damages. The NMP AS!' slawyerwamed Rudy of a possible liability PSS might face "if such were to happen to my client." On Feb., 997, the Marianas Mobile Therapists came up with a wheelchair assessment report which was endorsed by the Sunrise Rehab Service. Excepts: "(Bobby) has a very strong extensor tone which from experience as a service provider could cause strong torsion on the different wheelchair component..agg:ravated by lack of posturalstabilityprovidedby present positioning system, (Bobby) posturing will not accomodate a - year-old wheelchairorvice versa. "Merit is on identifying his positional needs and addressing them to be able to expect an optimum atmosphere of learning, maximize function, improveself-imageandenhance quality of life." When all is said and done, jt never was the right wheelchair for Bobby, in the first place. FBTUND UTHNTC TX-MEX FOOD DALY SPECALS Monday... Burrito Supreme... $6.75,i Tuesday... Taco's... $6.75 Wednesday... Enchiladas... $6.75 Thursday... Fajita's... $8. Friday... Gambas (Shrimp).. $8.5..._... or Taco Salad... $5.75 Burrito Supreme, Taco's and Enchiladas served with Mexican Rice and Refried Beans. ncludes ice tea with free refills. Also serving Chili Poppers, Home-made Mexican Soups, Authentic Tex-Mex Chili, and we're proud to feature the best char-broiled steaks on the island We also do take-out orders. Call us at -78 We're located in Downtown Garapan in the slander Hotel Building (Formerly Cafe Mogambo) Non-resident Workers Act. n a default judgment signed by lower court clerk Charlene C. Teregeyo, defendants Long Beach Corp. and Kim Chong Kyun were also asked to pay an additional $6 in cost of action and attorney's fee. Teregeyo said the court finds Local bill not against mayor By Zaldy Dandan SENATOR David M. Cing said Monday that there is "nothing personal" with a local bill that would limit the Tinian mayor's power to appoint municipal boards and commissions. "As far as know, this bill is not directed against (Tinian Mayor Herman M. Manglona [R])," said Cing (D-Tinian). "t's a good bill." He said Tinian' s elected leaders usually have different approaches to a problem, but "all of us want a solution." Asked if the bill, which states that current law on appointments is "inadequate to discourage favoritism, nepotism and other abuses of appointment authority," is a thinly veiled criticism of Manglona, Cing said, "Not necessarily so." He said giving Tinian's Municipal Council a say in the appointments being made by the mayor is not something new. "Even the governor's appointments have to be confinned first by the Senate," Cing Cing chairs the Senate Committee on Executive Appointments and Government nvestigation ntroduced by Rep. Joaquin G. Adriano (R-Tinian), House Local Bill -8 states that any person appointed by the mayor to a board or commission should be subjected to the approval of the Tinian Municipal Council. that the defendants Long Beach and Kyun were served with summons and complaint, but failed to answer or appear in court. More than days have elapsed since the defendants were served with summons, the order stated.. The Department of Labor and mmigration (DOL) asked the Superior Court to enforce its administrative order requiring defendants to pay their employees for overtime wages, illegal deductions and liquidated damages. The DOL found Long Beach and Kyun with co-defendants Felipe Garcia and Antonio Reyes liable to the complaints of their employees Annabelle Abrera, Laila G. Culala, Malia Fe Tobias, and Josephine G. Laurente. The complainants are non-resident workers who were employed at the defendants' nightclub. The women began work last Dec., the DOLi said in the petition. From the onset of their employment, the DOL said, defendants imposed restrictions on the movements of the complainants during their non-working s. Therespondentsdeducted$5each month from the employees' wages, without authorization from the Division of Labor. The defendants also deducted $5 from the wages of each complainant without authority from Labor, under the guise of a premium for life insurance, the DOU 8-hole miniature golf course planned in Dandan By Rick Alberto A GOLF center with a driving range, a nine.-hole put: ting course, 8-ho]e miniature golf course is being planned in Dandan, The project proponent, East-West Re.ntal Center of. Saipan, nc., has applied for a permit from the Coastal Resources Management. Called ronwood Family Golf Center, the project aims to "enhance Saipan's image as a first class tourist destination while providing a facility that local residents can enjoy," according to the Environmental mpact Assessment prepared by EFC Engi~ neers & Architects. The EA noted that while a few commercial driving ranges had been developed on Saipan including in its various golf resor~s, "none of the drivi,ng ranges have the extent of facilities or prime location that t~e proposed ronwood Family Golf Center will have." The proposed golf center would be located along Chalan Monsignor Guerrero Road between ke's Market and the entrance road to the CMS Quarry. uthis area could be considered the premierlo.cation for this type of facility given that it is centrally located between three of the major golf resorts on the island (Coral Ocean Point, Laolao Bay, and Kingfisher). The facility, according to the proposal, will have a two,tired driving range with low-level ground lighting for nighttime operation, practice putting green, chipping green, ninehole par three golf course, l 8- hole putt-putt course, and clubhouse/snack bar. t will accommodate about 5 golfers. The project will be both family- and individual-oriented, "with serious players able to practice and get lessons at the driving range, putting green and chipping green, and families. able to enjoy the atmosphere of the par three course," the EA.. t said the facility will have extensive landscaping with fropical vegetation and manmade reflective pools connected by a meandering stream." CHC Volunteers invite public to San Francisco Opera fundraiser THE COMMONWEAL TH Health Center Volunteers Association invites the general public to a special fundraising event on Wednesday, March 5, 6 p.m. at the Pacific slands Club. A dedicated performance will be conducted by professional resident artists of the San Francisco Opera at the Pacific slands Club, the major sponsor of this event, The Pacific slands Club has pledged to donate all proceeds of the Opera to the CHC Volunteers Association, a news release from the Association The San Francisco Opera Center was created in 98 and comprises of affiliate programs of the Company - - Merola Opera Program, Western Opera Theater, Adler Fellowships, Showcase Series, Brown Bag Opera, Pacific Rim Cultural Exchange Program and Education Programs. The San Francisco Opera made its first tour of Guam and Saipan in 989, and since then, returned to the islands five times. This year's touring singers include sopranos Alison Buchanan, Peggy Kriha Dye and Christina Lamberti, and baritones John Autry and Mel Ulrich. They will be accompanied by pianist Bryndon Hassman. The Tour covers a fundraising performance in Pohnpei, a dedicated fundraising performance on Saipan, and continues to Hawaii for three concerts starting March 7-. The CHC Volunteers Association was the recipient of the 996 San Francisco Opera proceeds donated by the Pacific slands Club. A total of $,5 was collected from ticket sales and auctioned proceeds. The Volunteers said they hope to garner as much if not more success this year. The proceeds from this event will help purchase the Stenoscop Surgical C-arm System, a special. radiology equipment specilically designed for the surgical environment. The CHC Volunteers Association extends its sincere appreciation Pacific slands Club, Continental Micronesia, Northwest Airlines, and other generous donors to this fundraising event. For more information, please call the CHC Gift Shop at extension 98, or Susan P. Schwarz at -689 l. l f '. ), PCC conference starts today By Rick Alberto A THREE-DAY multisectoral disabilitiesconferencefocusing on "partnerships in employment'' will start today at the Hyatt Regency. Representativesfromgovemnment agencies, the educational community, and the business sector forming a consortium known as the Pacific slands Community Conference (PCC)will gather to "share information and practical suggestions with employers, consumers with special _,;._":-.. ;;,;,;,, -,._ xi#,~~~,;<,"'' :#~::#; 5 E E:*~~~~--- needs, families, and service providers from around the Pacific region regarding disability issues and concerns," according to organizers. A battery of speakers from the United States mainland, the Pacific region, and the CNM have been invited to the conference, which will comprise workshops, seminar.; and discussions on career and employment development, hiring practices of various finns, personnel management, and the process and services involved in career development through the educational system, among others. The PCC, chartered in February last year, aims to create careeropportunities for people with disabilities. The three-day conference will be its first one with an area-wide scope. Day one of the conference will focus on the benefits that consumers, employers and service providers can avail themselves of. Theseconddaywillemphasizethe possibilities that exist, how training can help, and how various agencies PREPARNG FOR DSABLTES CONFERENCE. PCC president Sarah Hunt reviews the program for the Partnerships in Employment Conference with PCC vice president Ed Lieberman (right), treasurer Jack Peters (second from left) and finance committee member Bruce Bailey.. n atmiti na manai fuetsa ham kontra i atkah6t- ya i lina'la'-mami esta ti siiia ma maneha.. n hangge na fuetsa masna ki hami sii\a u nana'lo ham taue gi sanu na sensia.. n fa'tinas i disision para bai in bira i nina'sii\an-mami guato gi hinasson Yu'os gi taimanu in komprende gue.. fa'tinas i inaligao yan taimina'a iiao na imbentarion moral entre hami mismo. 5. n atmiti gi as Yu'os. giya hami mismo yan gi otro taotao i propiu na motibon i linachen-mami siha. 6. Manlisto ham enteramente para bai in sedi si Yu'os para u na'suha todu este siha na difekton sensia. 7. Entre humitde in faisen gue' para bai in sedi si Yu'os para u na'suha todu este siha na difekton sensia. 8. n fa'tinas i tistan todu i petsona siha ni iri na'fanlamen, ya esta manlisto ham para bai na'guaha inamenda entre todu siha. 9. n fa'tinas direktamente siha na inamenda siha gi ayu siha na taotao amanu sii\a, fuerra ha' di yanggen para bai in che'gue ennao u nina'fan iridao pat otro siha.. n kontinua muna'guaha petsonat na embintariu ya yanggen manlache ham bai in atmiti ensigidas.. Bai in espiha entre tinaitai yan meditasion para bai in adelanta i hinassonmami as Yu'os gi kinempreden-mami ni guiya.. Komu guaha tinulaika gi bandan spiritual, ginen i resuhan este siha na pasu, bai in chagi muna'huyong mensahe guatu gi ayu siha i rnanggai prublema gi atkahot, yan praktika esle siha na finana'gue gi todu l<lnalemtenmami.. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol-that our lives had become unmanageable.. Came to believe lhat a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.. Made a decision lo turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. 5. Admitted to God, lo ourselves, and lo another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. 6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. 7. Humbly asked Him lo remove our shortcomings. B. Made a lisl of all persons we had harmed, and became willing lo make amends lo them all. 9. Made direcl amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admilled it.. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious con tact wfth God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power lo carry lhat oul.. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we lried to carry this message lo alcoholics, and to practice these prin ciples in all our affairs. worlc, while the third day on finding consumers in need of employment, recognizing employers who provide employment for people with disabilities, and networking with service providers who can provide assistance. Anna Yamada, PCC secretary said the registration fee for the three-day conference is $85, which includes registration mate- rials, buffetlunches,anopening-day dinner, and coffee and snacks. She urged employers, persons with disabilities and their families, service providers,educators,andgovcmment employees involved in disability issues to register and participate in the conference. More information can be had by contacting Sarah Hunt, PCC president, at tel SAES sets beautification day SAN ANTONO Elementary School will hold its second annual parent-teacher school beautification day Saturday, March 8 8: a.m.-: noon. Parents, Guardians, School Staff and community members are invited to partil ipate. For more information, call - 67 or Ho"use passes anti-fencing-bill By Jojo Dass. N AN APP ARENT bid to crack down on fencers using pawnshops as fronts, the House of Representatives recently passed a bill regulating these establishments and requiring its owners to seek police assistance on items believed to have been stolen. Pawnshops, according to House Bill -75 can be a convenient venue to sell or acquire loans using stolen valuable items. Thus, to curb this practice, pawnshop owners, the bill states, must: * Maintain a comprehensive record of its daily transaction with as much information on the pawnee and the pawned item available; * Keep this record open for police inspection at random; and * Keep any stolen item intact upon notification, by police, that it was stolen. The pawnshop owner, according to the bill, may be held liable for acts of misdemeanor if he or she: * removed, altered, or obliterated any manufacturer's make, model or serial number, and other identification of the item; * knowingly received any item from persons below 8 years of age;and * made any false entry or misstatement regarding the pawned item. SEGH ME RUWOOW,ATEETEL ALLEGH.. '. Siya fangeta bwe siya faiyeng6w fall mille aschi bwe malawasch esa mwel ngalighischlo.. Ay lughulugh bwe mmaammaw iye ee mmaammaw sengi ghisch emmwel ebwe saraghighisch 6 yaasch allew bwe sibwe ghatch.. Aiya alllighliwel6 bwe malawasch me tipasch ebwelo 6 paylil Luugh bwe siya apillighlilugh reel.. Owsibwe amrnweri ghatchuw me sis66bw mesagh bwe sibse atlorhey ghatchliw alongal mil allew si fleer w66r faluw. 5. Abwen ngalli Luugh ghisch bwe ghisch me akkaschaay aramas reel schescheel yassch molofit ngare feffeer ng66w. 6. 6swa tapelegt, bwe ebwe toolo Luugh bwe ebwe amw p6wl6 walafisch w66sch. 7. Owsiya ting6r mesch6thch6r ngalli Luugh bwe ebwe aliwal6 alongal allewasch. 8. lschiiliw iteer aramas kka uameteghiir bwe ebwe sefalitiir nge uwa ting6r masch6ch6r ngaliir. 9. Ammweri bwe ubwe ting66r bwe ebwe yoor ghilamweey lepatami.. S6bweyl6 schagh reel ubwe tugneey feller ng66w nge uwa kkayiil abwerita.. Tinger alillis 6 y66agh bwe ebwe maamaaw yaasch apellighlilugh ngali Luugh. Tinger 6r yo6agh reel along al tipal Luugh me maarnaaw bwe sibwe abwaari6.. lgha sa!far sefeliti yaasch lughulugh reef Luugh me reel aweewe me mw6ghutughut ghatch kka weilang, nge 6wsibwe bwughi aweewe kkal nge sa ngalleer sch6kka ra alleew reel aschi bwe rebwe bwughi maamaawal mw6ghutughut kkaal. These Steps work for alcohol problems. Substitute drugs for alcohol and they work for drug problems. n fact, substitute life's problems and they work for living problems as well. The Twelve Step program is entirely universal. t excludes no one. t welcomes all without exception. t unifies us with each other and harmonizes us within ourselves. Spiritual and emotional growth is not a journey of a thousand days or a thousand years. t is a journey of now- but only one day at a time. For more information call the Hotline at -5 '

6 MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-WEDNESDAY- MARCH 5, 997 Malaysia's auto czar killed in crash KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP)- YahayaAhmad,Malaysia 's auto industry czar and one of the richest men in the country, was killed in a helicopter crash along with his wife, a company spokesman said Tuesday. He was 5. The pilot also was killed, police Yahaya, chairman of DRB HCOM, and Mrs. Rohana Osman were on their way to visit his sick mother in the state of Trengganu when the helicopter went down kilometers (7 miles) northeast of Kuala Lumpur, said V. Kanesan, a company spokesman. The three bodies found in the wreckage were burned beyond recognition, said police chief A bas Johar in Pahang, the state where the helicopter belonging to Yahaya's aviation company crashed. Police are investigating the cause, and an autopsy will be conducted. Leaders of the 986 People Power revolution that toppled the -year rule of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos raise the flag to usher the th anniversary celebration for the event in the suburban Quezon City. Leaders from left: President Fidel Ramos, first lady Amelita Ramos, former President Corazon Aquino and Roman Catholic Cardinal Jaime Sin. AP Photo AT SAPAN CE, LOWER BASE Saturday, March 8, 997 from 9: - : Noon ( s only) TV, STEREO SYSTEM, TOYS, ELECTRC APPLANCES, CORDLESS PHONES and many more! 5% to 7% OFF on Regular Retail Price STOP LGHT i TO CAPTOL HLL SAPAN CE,~ TO TANAPAG '' * t is not known if the couple had any children. There is also uncertainty about who will take over Yahaya's business empire and personal assets, which according to some estimates are worth dlrs.5 billion. The son of a forest officer in KualaTrengganu, Yahayatrained as an engineer and set up a company to sell cars, benefiting from the government's affirmative action policy to help Malays in education and business. Started in 97, the National Economic Policy aims to help Malays, who are a majority in Malaysia but have traditionally remained poor, compete with the more entrepreneurial Chinese minority. The Chinese comprise 5 percent of Malaysia's million people. With rising success, Yahaya became a confidante of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, and was one of the few Malay entrepreneurs handpicked by Mahathir to lead the country's industry. n 995, he was given a large government discount to help him buy a percent controlling interest in Heavy ndustries Corp. of Malaysia, or HCOM, which owns Malaysia's national car company, Proton. Proton cars have a 6 percent share of passenger car market in Malaysia, and are exported to Britain, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Philippines and some central European and African countries. Last October, Yahaya achieved a coup in the international auto industry when he purchased Britain's prestigious sports car company, Lotus, from talian businessman Romano Artioli for$ 85.S million. Yahaya 's sense of humor was evident during a news conference to announce the acquisition. Yahaya said that during negotiations for Lotus he found that Artioli couldn't pronounce his name, complete with the title "Tan Sri." Artioli kept trying, "and thought ifl don't put him out of his misery we are going to be here all day. So gave him the money after minutes" to buy Lotus, Yahaya Yahaya first tasted success years ago when he set up Diversified Resources Bhd., which assembled foreign cars, including France's Citroen. He owns 7 percentofdrb, and also has interests in cement manufacturing, real estate and aviation. Yahaya's group also controlled companies that make motorcycles and operate Kuala Lumpur's main public bus service, a venture he started last year, replacing an antiquated and inefficient network of minibuses run by private operators. But after complaints by the public that even his buses were slow, Yahaya drove a motorcycle all over Kuala Lumpur to get a first-hand feel of the problem. Yahaya pin-pointed the problem to traffic, and lobbied with the government to set up special bus lanes to speed up service. On Tuesday, he was scheduled to give a speech at a luncheon for visiting Croatian Prime Minister Zlatko Matesa, hosted by National Chamber of Commerce and ndustry, of which he was president. The Kuala Lumpur stock exchange suspended trading in the shares of all companies in his group: Hicom Holdings Bhd., Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Bhd., or Proton Edaran Otomobil Nasional Bhd., Kedah Cement Bhd.; Gadek Bhd.; Gadek Capital Bhd.; Diversified Resources Bhd.. Yahaya was scheduled to launch a new company on Wednesday: EON Motoria Sdn Bhd. Malaysia's first company to refurbish motor vehicles for export. Vanuatu gets education aid PORT VLA (Pacnews)-Australia is funding a major project aimed at strengthening Vanuatu's main technical college, the nstitut National de Technologie de Vanuatu (NTV). Australian High Commissioner, Allan Edwards, says NTV is important in providing ni-vanuatu's the appropriate quality skills to enter the workforce. "As the Vanuatu government strives to achieve sustainable economic growth, vocational and technical education will have a crucial role in developing skilled public and private sector workforces.". The first phase of the project will cost US$.9-million spread over three years. t will include improvements to management and administrative systems, teacher and curriculum development, and establishing better links between NTV, the employment sector and overseas institutions. Plans to boycott harvesting SUV A (Pacnews)-Fiji 's cane farmers have been urged not to resume harvesting at the start of the 997 season unless an independent assessment is carried out into the efficiency of the country's four sugar mills, Radio Fiji reported. Frequent breakdowns at the mims last year, severely disrupted crushing with farmers' representatives demanding compensation from the Fiji Sugar Corporation for unharvested cane. n the latest boycott threats, the poweful Fiji Cane Growers Association has petitioned both the Sugar Tribunal and Commission to appoint an independent person to evaluate the mills' performance. There's been no immediate reaction from sugar authorities.. '. i., ) : l! j ::. \ : /,:, i ; /j \ [',,, ) '!i ' \ L ' : '! i PORT MORESBY (Pacnews) Two separate shootouts at the Eight MilesettlementoutsidePortMoresby has killed four people -three of them members of the same family, NBC reported. Police confirmed that the first shootout took place Sunday night when a youth was shot dead while attempting to rob a shop..lawyers in Solomons urged to maintain in t'l standards HONARA (Pacnews)-Alleged professional misconduct by some Solomon sland lawyers has prompted a reminder by the country's Bar Association of the need to maintain standards and ethics. n a report released recently, Vice-President of the Solomon slands Bar Association, Ranjit Hewagama, says the association received numerous complaints last year over the professional conduct of some lawyers. The matters were investigated and resolved. Hewagama says the discipline inculcated in lawyers by their legal training and experience, should guide them in their professional conduct. He says the dignity of the profession should not be compromised for personal gain, or, for commercial advantage, whether personal or for a client. ndia not involved in initial plans to dump Fiji SUVA (Pacnews)-Contrary to reports, ndia was not involved in the initial plans to dump Fiji from the Commonwealth, the Daily Post reported. This has been revealed in President, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara's memoirs titled The Pacific Way. The memoirs claim that the main architects of Fiji's exclusion from the Commonwealth were Australia (Bob Hawke), New Zealand (David Lange), Canada (Brian Mulroney) and former Commonwerilth sccrdary-genernl, Shiri Ramphal. Ratu Sir Kamisesc said "at Vancouver the dice we e loaded against us, though we still had many friends in the Commonwealth. PNG made determined efforts to keep Fiji off the agenda, and the Forum leaders agreed not to raise the Fiji issues at the formal conference.'' The Fijian president and high chief alluded to the stand taken by former British leader, Margaret Thatcher, and her Singapore counterpart, Lee Kwan Yew, that Fiji should be given time to "sort out its problems." Relatives of the dead youth retaliated early yesterday, fatally shooting a man, his wife and their adopted son. They then set the family' shame on fire. The Post Courier reports that the attackers were from a Highland's province and were also seen chopping up the family before setting them alight. NCD police commander, Sam lnguba, condemned the actions of the groupdescribingitas "vicious, brutal and inhuman." He also confirmed that the situation at the settlement is tense with relatives of both factions likely to indulge in a "destructive manner." Pacific churches meet opens PAPE'ETE (Pacnews)-More than 5 Pacific delegates are attending the Seventh Assembly of the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC)whichhas opened in French Polynesia yesterday. The theme of this year's meeting is " Reaffirming God - The Hope of The Fenua", Among other things, the appointment of a new PCC gen. eralssecretary, and the secretaries of the four desks within the conference will be announced duringtherneeting. PNG's,DickAvi,is outgoing PCC secretary. The two week PCC assembly is co-hosted by the Protestant and Catholic Churchs of French Polynesia and coincides with the jubileecelebrationsofthecomingof Christianity to Tahiti years ago by the London Missionary Soc.. i-. j ety. OLEA BEACH BAR & CiRLL WEDNESDAY MLLER NCiHT Excellent sunsets, dinner specials Adam on acoustic guitar starting at 8: Miller Brew Crew $.75 Beach Road, Oleai REMNCiTON CLUB THURSDAY NGHT MLLER MUS( LV6 FEATURNG THE BG BEATS Playing all your favorite hits from past to present! Miier Brew Crew on special $. 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Chan was responding to media reports quoting the Australian newspaper The Age, which said Sir Julius and his family were major shareholders in thecompany,allegedtohavehiredand armed Australian police and former anti-terrorist soldiers to conduct operations in PNG. The alleged operation were against criminals who were said to have threartened to kill businessmen at a goldmine at Fergusson sland in Milne Bay early in 996, and early this year, Post Courier reported. Chan wa, quoted by Post Courier a, saying yesterday the Network company is owned by him and his sister, Vanessa. "Myfather,PrimeMinisterSir Julius Chan, is not a,sociated nor a shareholdcrofthiscompany... he(sir Julius) had refused to allow the family firm, Chin Pak and Co, to finance the venture. questioned in Solomons on guns HONARA (Pacnews)-Police in the Solomon sland,capital, Honiara have questioned three PNG nationals following reports that they were carrying arms. Police confirm they were notified by staffofahotel where the three men were staying. that they noticed mms among their possessions. Apolicespokesmanhowever,says /, J',... \>,, r,, 'C, <,,!~f"' ~-- \ '~ ~ ~ > ' ' '. that when police officers checked the hotel room later, they could not!ind the anns. le police m e looking into a report that a couple of Solomon slands women were seen leaving the room where arms were said to have been seen prior to the police check. The three Papua New Guineans left the country on Saturdav.

7 -MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND_VEWS-WEDNESDAY- MARCH 5, 997 After bank robbers outgunned cops in L.A. Friday Police want more firepower By MCHAEL WHTE LOS ANGELES (AP) - Police had asked for more powerful weapons even before armor-clad bank robbers outgunned them with assault weapons Friday. wounding people as officers rushed to a nearby gun store for more firepower. The police union had pleaded with Chief Willie Williams to upgrade the standard scrl'icc weapon from 9 semiautomatic pistols to.5-caliber pistols. Now law enforcement officials are wondering if even that is enough. "We're going to look at a lot of those issues, what can we do to strengthen the safety of the officers and the citizens," Police Commission spokesman Ken Ferber said Monday. "Arming every officer with an AK-7 is not what this is about, but obviously, something needs to be done." Commissioners planned to question Williams about possible upgrades in weaponry at their regular Tuesday meeting, he Eight police officers and three civilians were wounded in the televised firefight at the North Hollywood bank. The robbers were able to fire away with impunity- police pistol shots just bounced off their armor. One suspect was finally killed by a shot to the head, and the other after a SWAT team arrived with automatic weapons. The initial mismatch prompted desperate patrol officers to run into a nearby gun store and borrow high-powered rifles and special ammunition. A switch to.5-caliber pistols, which fire a heavier bullet at a slightly slower speed than the 9 mm pistol, offers the advantage of providing more stopping power without increasing the risk of a bullet passing through the target and hitting an innocent bystander. But some experts question whether.5s would have helped on Friday, when officers with pistols and short-range shotguns confronted robbers, one firing a fully automatic AK-7-type rifle with armor-piercing ammunition and the other an M-6-type rifle. The specter of such an encounter prompted two suburban police departments, Arcadia and Alhambra, to give officers 9 mm carbines several years ago to supplement their pistols and shotgurn;. "Most of us who watched that event on Friday, we were thankful it wasn't us who had to engage those individuals," said Capt. Dave Hinig of the Arcadia Police Department. One problem, he said, is getting close enough to shoot back effectively with a pistol. "The only way you're going to engage a person with a rifle effectively is to respond in kind," he n Arcadia, each patrol car is equipped with a -gauge shotgun and a 9 mm semiautomatic carbine, Hinig The department is in the process of replacing the 9 mm rifles with a semiautomatic M-J 6rifle, which has longer range, he "The people we were encountering were no longer carrying Saturday night specials," he Back at the bank, the bullet holes in the walls were plastered and painted by the time it reopened Monday morning to a line of customers. One was Robert Allen, who was there Friday when the bandits stormed in. 'J have a deposit to make or 'm going to have checks bouncing," he "And decided to come back to the same bank. Right now, it's the safest bank in America and 've got to put this behind me.'' English-only challenge dismissed By PATRCK GRAHAM PHOENX (AP) The thorny issue of English-only laws was, left unresolved Monday after the U.S. Supreme Court sidestepped an Arizona case that had been expected to decide the constitutionality of such measures in states. The justices unanimously ruled that the Arizona dispute over efforts to make English the official state language became moot years ago when the state employee who brought the challenge left her government job. The net effect of the Supreme Court ruling: reinstatement of a 988 measure that made English Arizona's official language and required state government actions to be taken in English. The limited, procedural de! cision also leaves the situation [ unchanged in other states. n California, that means no additional momentum for an "English only" initiative approved by voters in 986 but never enforced. "They didn't address the real issue, but at some point they are going to have to," said California state Sen. Richard Mountjoy, who helped lead several unsuccessful Republican efforts to enforce. the initiative. The court's ruling, delivered in a7-pageopinion by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, noted that the English-only measure is the subject of another challenge now before the Arizona Supreme Court. The state court "may now rule definitively," she Both English-only supporters and Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods, who opposes the law, lauded the federal decision as a victory for state's rights. Stephen Montoya, an attorney SAPAN SUPERMARKET NAP Foodstamps accepted WHOLE CHCKEN bs KKKOMAN SOY SAYCE $.89 CLOROX gal $.9 PORK CHOP FAMLY BAG? PORK SPARERBS bs CUP NOODLE cs $6.95 SPAGHETT.79 PORK SPARERBS AMLY PACK?. MACKEREL lbs WHOLE DLLS PCKLE $.95 SPAGHETT MEAT BALL $.9 MACKEREL FAMLY BAG?. POONG YUN RCE 5lbs SUGAR. lbs $.59 CHCKEN Noodle Soup.79 BEEF for those challenging the law, said he's confident going before the state court with a class-action lawsuit brought by several state employees. Woods said his office is ready to argue before the state court to uphold the law's constitutionality, but with "a narrow reading of law," not with the broad and passionate arguments heard from the amendments backers. The law applied to all government officials and employees on government business and said the state "shall act in English and no other language." There were exceptions - other languages could be used to help people learn English, teach foreign languages, comply with federal laws, protect public health and safety or protect the rights of criminal defendants or crime victims. HLLS BROS COFFEE 9 $7m95 DAK LUNCHEON MEAT $.. 69 CORN BEEF HEREFORD $.59 BEEF BACK RBS SHORT RBS FAMLY BAG FAMLY BAG?? ' ~ KOREAN COOKNG WARES TEM (~%_V WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS- Clinton plan to 'cause' deficit CBO report warns ofpossible $69-B deficit by Bill Clinton By ALAN FRAM WASHNGTON (AP) Congress' fiscal analysts have concluded that President Clinton's budget-balancing plan would leave a $69 billion deficit in, rather than the $7 billion surplus he claims, the Senate Republican leader said Monday. The long-anticipated conclusion by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is certain to be used by Republicans to claim that Clinton's balanced-budget package falls well short of delivering on its promise to end federal deficits. The report was due to be released on Monday. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., told reporters that the budget office would show $69 billion in red ink in under Clinton's plan. Congressional sources who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed that figure and said that according to CBO, Clinton's blueprint would see last year's$ 7 billion shortfallrise to $5 billion in well above the $ l billion that the president projected for that year. Clinton and Republican congressional leaders have said they want to striki a deal this year for eliminating federal deficits by. So far officials from the two sides have bad informal discussions, but no real negotiations have occurred. nstead, much attention has been paid to the balanced budget constitutional amendment, which faces likely defeat in the Senate on Tuesday. Most of the difference between the deficit projections by Clinton and CBO is because CBO expects the economy to perform a bit weaker than the White House projected when Clinton released his plan in February. The budget office also found that Clinton's plan for slowing the growth of Medicare, the health-insurance program for the elderly, will save $9 billion over five years, notthes billion the president claimed. NSURANCE MM appoints Moylan s nsurance as managing General Agent for Guam, CNM, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshalls and Republic of Palau. MM is one of the largest insurance companies in Australia with assets in excess of $ billion. MM offers a full range of insurance products. Automobile Homeowners Pleasure Craft Worker's Compensation Fire Properl)' Business nterruption Travel Accident Liability Reinsurance >- Moylan's nsurance Und. (lnt'.), nc. P.O. Box 658, Saipan, MP 9695 Tel: (67) -69/6/657 Fax: (67) -86 >- Moylan's nsurance Und. (FSM), nc. Kosrae Branch P.O. Box MU, Kosrae State, FM 969 Tel: (69) 7-6 Fax: (69) 7-66 >- Moylan's nsurance Underwriters (FSM), nc. P.O. Box 58, Colonia, Yap State, FM 969 Tel: (69) 5-8 Fax: (69) 5-8 > Moylan's nsurance Underwriters (Palau), nc. P.O. Box 56, Koror, Palau 969 Tel: (68) Fax: (68) 88-7,.. Moylan's nsurance Und. (FSM), nc. P.O. Box 8, Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 969 Tel: (69) -8 Fax: (69) -5 > Moylan's nsurance Und. (FSM), nc. Chuuk Branch P.O. Box 5, Weno, Chuuk State 969 Tel: (69) -6 Fax: (69) -7 >- Moylan's nsurance Underwriters (Marshalls), nc. P.O. Box 77, Majuro Marshall s. MH 9696 Tel: (69) 65- Fax: (69) 65-6 MOYLAN'S NSURANCE UNDERWRTERS, NC. HOME OF THE GOOD GUYS AND GALS Moylon's nsurance Underwriters, nc General Agents for DONGBU NSURANCE CO.. LTD. ond MM GENERAL NSURANCE AGANA SHOPPNG CENTER AGANA. GUAM 969, TEL t67) 77-86/866/75/85 FAX: (67) 77 87, TAMUNNG BRANCH 7D.5 SOUTH MARNE DRVE TAMUNNG. GUAM 969 TEL: {67) FAX: (67) DEDEDO BRANCH, SA.TEENA MAllSUTE 7 /9 DEDEDO. GUAM 969 TEL: {67) , FAX. t67) 6-788

8 -MARANAS V ARlETY NEWS AND VEWS-WEDNESDAY- MARCH::...:5'-'--'--=--9::...:9_7 - -~ Guatemalan rebels Saipan nternational Airport Sewer System to Agingan WWP lay down their arms CPA project No. CPA-SA--95 NOTCE TO BDDERS By JOHANNA TUCKMAN FNCA CLAUDA, Guatemala SEALED PROPOSALS lor CONSTRUCTON OF THE SEWERLNE FROM SAPAN NTER NATONALARPORTTOAGNGAN WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT, SAPAN, MARANA SLANDS, CPA PROJECT NO. CPA-SA--95, will be received at the Office of the Commonweallh Ports Authority at Saipan nternational Airpor, Saipan, Mariana slands 9695, until : PM, March, 997, al which time and place the sealed proposals will be publicly opened and read. - Thirty Guatemalan The project, in general consists of installing a complete sewer system from the Saipan nternational Airport Terminal Building down Tun Herman Pan Road to Chalan Monsignor Guerrero, west on Chalan Monsignor Guerrero to As Lita Road, south on As Lito Road through Koblerville to the Agingan Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project includes installation of all pipes, valves, fttngs, manholes, bar screens, valve boxes, ltt stations and emergency back up generators as shown in the plans and specifications. The project is a joint undertaking by the Commonwealth Ports Authority (CPA) and the Department ol Public Works (DPW). The project is being financed by funds from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana slands. The contract award, if it is to be made, will be made within one hundred twenty () days lrom the date of bid CJAening. Depending on the availability of funds, the Commonwealth Government reserves the right to hold such bid in effect for one hundred fifty (5) days from date ol bid opening. This contract is underaken in accordance with Executive Order 6, as amended, on September, 965, the Federal Labor provisions and the Equal Employment Opporunity (EEO) provisions as contained in the contract, specifications and bid documents. All mechanics and laborers on the project shall be paid no less than the established CNM minimum wage rate. Each bidder must complete, sign and furnish, prior lo award ol the contract (Project No. CPA SA--95) the "Bidder's Statement on Previous Contracts Subject to EEO Clause", a "Certification of Nonsegregated Facilities" (See specifications). Required Notices for All Contracts. a. The bidder must supply all the inlormation required by the bid forms and specifications. b. The CPA, in accordance with Title V cl the Civil Rights Act of 96, hereby notifies all bidders that they (bidders) must affirmatively insure that, with respect any contract entered into pursuant to this adverisement, minority business enterprises will be a Horded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for award. The bidder's attention is called to the fact that the proposed contract shall be under and subject to the equal opportunity clause as set forth in Part ll, Section (b) of Executive Order 6, as amended by Executive Order 75 dated October, 977, and Section 6-.(b) of the regulations of the Secretary of Labor CFR 6-) as implemented by Section 5.6 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, to the contract and labor provisions as set forth in Section 5.55 and Appendix H, Pan 5, of the Federal Aviation Regulations, and to the applicable provisions of the Title V of the Civil Rights Act of 96 (78 Stat. 5) implemented by Par of the Regulations of the Office of the Secretary of Transportation. Also, the proposed contract will be subject to the Contractor's Certification of non-segregated facilities. The apparent low bidder and any known first tier subcontractor may be subject to a pre-award, equal opporunity compliance review by representatives of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, U.S. Deparment of Labor, before the award of the contract for!he purpose of determining whether the bidder and/or his subcontractors are able to comply with the provisions of the equal opportunity clause. the bidder has participated in a previous contract subject to the equal opportunity clause and has not submitted compliance reports as required by applicable instructions, the bidder shall submit, prior to award ot contract, a compliance report covering the delinquent period or such other period specified by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance, U.S. Department of La bor A bidder or prospective prime contraclor or proposed subcontractor shall be required to submit such inlormation as the Office ol Federal Contract Compliance, request prior to the award of a contract or subcontract. When a determination has been made to award the contract or subcontract to a specified contractor, such contractor shall be required, prior to award, or after the award, or both to urnish such other information as requested. Contract documents, including plans and specfications, may be examined at the office of the Commonwealth Ports Authority at the Saipan nternational Airport and can be obtained from this office upon the payment of THREE HUNDRED FFTY DOLLARS (S5 ) for each set ol plan documents. This amount s non-refundable. Payment shall be made by check payable to Co.monwealth Ports Authority. A pre-bid co~lerence w, be held at the CPA Seapor Office Building Conference Room, at the Saipan rlarbor at : A.A on taarch 7, 997 to explain and clarily any questions regarding this project. Ouestons should be submitted to the Consultant, Efrain F. Camacho Engineers & Arch,tects, n writing, at least five 5) days in advance lor answers at this pre-bid conference, with a copy of same mailed simultaneously to the Executive Director of the Commonwealth Ports Authority. Each prospective bidder shall file with the Commonwealth Ports Authority at t~eir Saipan address, a not,ce of his intention to bid in a form substantially similar to that supplied herewith, not less than six 6) calendar days prior to the date hereinabove designated for opening of bids. Each proposal shall be on a lorm furnished herein. Furthermore, each prospective bidde shall subrrnl hs her quailfcation stalements not less than ten () calendar days prior to the date r,ee nailer designated for opening bids. The Commonwealth Ports Authority resec-es the right to reject any bids in accordance with its Procurement Rules and Regulations. CARLOS A. SHODA CPA Executive Director February 7, 997 Date.The proposed contract is underaken in accordance with Executive Order 6, as amended, of September, 965, and to the Equal Employment Opportunity EEO) and Federal Labor Provisions All labor on the project shall be paid no less than the established CNM minimum wage rates.. Each bidder must supply all the information required by the bid documents and specfcations.. The EEO requirements and labor provisions are included in the specifications and bid documents and are available lor inspections at the CPA or CUC. 5. Each bidder must complete, sign and furnish, prior to award of the contract (al submission of the bid), the "Bidder's Statement on Previous Contracts subject to EEO Clause" and the Cer- hcations of non-segregatec Facilities" as containec inthe bid Proposal. 6. A contractor having 5 or more employees and his subcontractors having 5 or more em ployees and who may be awardec a contract S5, or more will be required to maintain an alfirmative action program, the standards for which are contained in the specilications. 7. To be ehg,ble!or award, each bidder must comply with the altirmative action requirements i which are contained in the specifications. ' 8. n accordance with Title V of the Civil Rights Act of 96. Minority business enterprises will be alforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be dscrimi-, nated against on the grounds of race, color or national origin in consideration for an award of any contract ent~red into pursuant to this adversement j 9. Women will be afforded equal opportunity,n all areas of employment However the employment of women shall not dmmsh the standards of requirements for this employment of mnonlies ~----- guerrillas handed over their weapons to blue-bereted U.N. observers Monday in the first official disarmament after 6 years of civil war. "t is a moment of happiness," said one rebel, who gave his name only as Lt. Guicho; as he gave up his automatic rifle. "But it is also a little sad because we defended ourselves with these arms for many years." The Guatemalan and U.N. flags flew side-by-side over a cattle ranch about miles south of the capital, marking a milestone in the peace process that ended Central America's longest and bloodiest conflict. A U.N.-brokered peace accord was signed in the capital Dec. 9, while other agreements before that spelled out various details. Monday's partial disarmament, which came three weeks before rebels are required to turn in their weapons, was intended to show faith in the accords and prevent gun thefts, a rebel leader "t is a show of confidence in the process," said Pablo Monsanto, of the URNG rebel forces high command. "Also, this camp is pretty open and there have been some attempts to rob the arms that are here. We don't want anyone to blame us." A Dec. cease-fire called for the rebels to gather in eight camps throughout the country by March, and start laying down arms March. Many of the rebels have nowhere else to go and will be allowed to live in the camps for 6 days, when they must leave unarmed. On Monday, about of the 75 guerrillas who have gathered so far at one camp lined up in frontofatable, where U.N. military observers registered their names and weapons. The piie of guns grew larger on the ground. The weapons will be locked in special containers while the two sides decide what to do with them. For many of the ex-combatants, the moment marked the end of a lifestyle. Marilu, a -year-old foot soldier, was in the camp with her mother, who had helped smuggle food to the rebels in the mountains. "We are a little worried because after the disarmament, we have no place to go. Because we have lived in the mountains, we have no home," said Marilu, who as most rebels didn't give a full name. But Monsanto said it was time to ook to the future. " can't feel nostalgic anymore for the war, nor for the arms," Monsanto "The war cost too many lives." At least, people are believed to have died or disappeared during the war. Jury selection begins in vehicular death of respected news columnist By JUDTH KOHLER DENVER (AP) -Defense attorneys for a German artist charged in the traffic death of a respected columnist will get to introduce limited information about the habits of the man they say was actually driving. Denver District Judge John McMullen ruled Monday, before the start of jury selection, that information about the driving and drinking habits of Spicer Breeden, owner of the limited-edition BMW involved in the accident, can be introduced at the trial. But the information would be limited to Breeden's acj tions around the time of the March 7, 996, accident. Attorneys for Jorg Peter Schmitz, 5, who is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and one count of leaving the scene, plan to argue that it was Breeden behind the wheel when the BMW clipped the fourwheel-drive vehicle of Rocky Mountain News columnist Greg Lopez on a Denver highway. Lopez's vehicle, a Toyota Runner, went out of control and overturned while hur, tling off the highway, killing the columnist. McMullen's ruling Monday follows an earlier one rejecting the defense's efforts to submit as evidence what they say was Breeden's longtime alcohol and drug abuse. Evidence of his drug and alcohol use and driving violations around the time of the accident can beintroduced in court if it is backed up by expert witnesses, defense auorney Walter Gerash said after the hearing. "All of his adult life he had no occupation," Gerash said of Breeden, a member of a wealthy Denver family. "He was the playboy of the Western World." Breeden shot and killed himself two days after the death of Lopez, also 5. Police, who had surrounded his house after linking him to the BMW, found his body and a handwritten note willing his estate to a friend and saying that he wasn't the one driving the car. Witnesses estimated the car was going about mph (6 kph) when it struck Lopez' Toyota. Gerash will argue during the trial, expected to start Tuesday afternoon, that Breeden, a fan of fast cars, had a habit of getting his friends to say they were driving when there was trouble. The defense also claims that Lopez' reactions to the collision were impaired because he and a friend together drank beers at the Denver Press Club the night before the accident. Prosecutors contend Schmitz was drunk and driving recklessly when Lopez was killed. They say Breeden was a passenger. Attorneys for both sides began the task of cutting the pool ofl potential juror to members and three alters nates.. McMullen said jury selection would probably finish Tuesday morning with opens ing statements from attorneys planned for the afternoon. McMullen denied a motion by Gerash to not admit seven witnesses for the prosecution. Gerash said Monday that prosecutors identified the seven, including four expert witnesses, very late in the process. The trial is expected to last at about / weeks. The case has received a lot of media.attention because Lopez was a well-known columnist and Breeden was from one of Denver's most prominent families. Breeden's mother, Charline, was the granddaughter of mining, farming and investment magnate Charles Boettcher. - When she died in 97 from cancer, a family attorney estimated she owned about a third of the Boettcher family's $ million fortune. Schmitz, whose grandfather Otto Kranzbuhler, a lawyer, defended Nazi Adm. Karl Doenitz at the Nuremberg trials, moved to the United States from Germany in the late 98s. He has two children, ages 6 and, from a previous marriage and lives and works in a trendy section of Denver with shops, art gallaries and restaurants. KEEP SAPAN CLEAN & BEAUTFUL WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 997 -MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND YEWS-5 Under fire for campaign _fundraising role Gore denies wrongdoing By TERENCE HUNT WASHNGTON (AP) - Vice President Al Gore, under fire for his aggressive role in campaign fund raising, acknowledged Monday he solicited donations from his White House office but insisted he did not do "anything wrong, much less illegal." Yet, he said he would never do it again. "Everything did, understcxxl to be lawful," Gore said, adding that he made only a few calls in search of contributions fror:n his office, around the comer from the Oval Office. t is illegal for federal employees to solicit money in federal buildings, but Gore said he was not subject to that restriction. He defended his actions in a highstakes White House news conference, markedly different from his occasional appearances on behalf of administration initiatives. This time, Gore was trying to protect his political honor as he looks ahead to the presidential race in. Standing ramrod straight, he remained cool under sometimes-argumentative questioning. His explanation came even as the White House released a 995 memo from then-presidential counsel Abner Mikvainstructingemployees to avoid doing the very thing that Gore did. "No fund-raising phone calls or mail may emanate from the White House or any other federal building," Mikva wrote. Offering a lawyerly defense of his action, the vice president said several times, using almost exactly the same words: "My counsel advises me that there is no controlling legal authority or case that says that there was any violation of law whatsoever in the manner in which asked people to contribute to our re-election campaign." He added, " am proud of what did. l do not feel like did anything wrong, much less illegal. am proud to have done everything possibly could to help support the re-election of the president." Gore' sdeep involvement in raising money was the latest twist in the controversy about tle fund-r.iising tactics of the Democr.tic National Committee,uid of Clinton, who approved White House rnffees and sleepovers for big-money donors. n related dcvclopmenls: The \Vhile House announced that the Cl in ton-gore election committee has refunded six campaign contributions - mnging from S to $, - from five individuals detemined to be "inappmpriate contributors." Rep. David Bonior of Michigan, the No. Demcx:rnt in the House as minoity whip, told a guthcig in his home state tjiat Clinton had dcgra<lcd his ollicc by turning access into a ftmd-raisin!! tkvicc. "t dcme,ms the White Hm~. t demeans the office. lat's one of the reasons why we haw to change the c,unpaign limuice laws in tjis counuy," hc: Senate M,\jority LcaderTrc:nt.olt, R-Miss.. said he had not decided whether to seek u vote this week on controversial funding legislation fora. probe of campaign fond mising. He said he hoped the issue could be resolved "without a big fttssorn lilibust~r." Lon also said "we ought to take a look at" a proposal by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., to fonn a joint House-Senate investigative committee. But he quickly said he wasn't endon;ing the idea, however. "On a fcwocc,l~ions," Gorr.: said, " made some telephone calls from my office in the White House using a DNC credit card" - a reference to the Dcmocrntic National Committee. He said that as vice president, he was exempt from laws that generally prohibit people from fund raising in public buildings. He s.iid he never asked any fedeml employee or anyone who was on federal property for a donation. Asked why he was changing his policy to preclude solicitations from his office, Gore said, "Because it's aroused a great deal of concern and comment and it's not something that want to continue if it's going to raise this kind of concern." "fl had realized in advance that this would cause such concern then wouldn' thavedoneit in the firstplace,'' he As forcri tic ism that he stronganned potential contributors, Gore said, " never said or did anything that would have given rise to a feeling like that on the part of someone who was asked to Al Gore support our campaign. never did that and never will do that." e brushed off questions about whether the controversy had hurt his chancesfomumingin. '''vetold you before 'm not focused on any political campaign in the future." Gore said Clinton never asked him to make telephone calls butwa, aware he was helping to raise campaign money. He insisted that only a small part of the money he raised came from White House telephone calls. Most came from traditional fundraising events, he Some donors reportedly complained that Gore's direct solieitutions were heavy-handed. Even within the Democratic Party, Gore's role was called inappropriate by Sens. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota and Robert Torricelli of New Jersey. Defending Gore's role, presidential spokesman Mike McCurry said the vice president "ran successfully and he ran vigorously and he helped raise money for the campaign. And he, like the president, was effective. And, yes, he did it legally." Gore's fund-raising zeal came ntroducing to light in a Washington Post report that said the vice president became known at the DNC as the administration's "solicitor in chief." The vice president's fund-raising network raised $ million of the $ l 8 million collected by the DNC for the 996 campaign, the Post The president refused to make direct solicitations himself, officials " don't know that he violently objected to doing it, just think that he felt that there would be others working to do that on his behalf," McCurry Questioning about Gore's fundraising efforts grew pointed at McCurry's daily press briefing, and the spokesman responded curtly and sharply at times. McCuny riled reporters by saying the White Househasagreaterresponsibilitythan the press to be accurate. THE 997 T.,... o y o,. f",na t; ij,~ : i j, ~: \ T- X ExCab Pairere # e Microl Corporation An nchcape Motors Company. i '{i;:,. M, ;;,. ' ~,.:,.,...,:;;:;.~ at the corner of Beach Road and Chalan Mnsr. Guerrero in San Jose. Call us at -59 or Fax us at -65.

9 _6-MARANAS VARETY NJ\'\S ~]'-l_d VEWS-WE_Qi'lE~.DA_Y_-_fARCH~5~, _9_97 ~----~ US firm advising Swiss bank WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS China pushes entry into WTO By VERENA DOBNK NEW YORK (AP) - Over strong objections from some of its lawyers, one of the nation's most distinguished law firms has decided to -advise a Swiss bank accused of playing a lead role in helping the Nazis profit from the Holocaust. Cravath: Swaine & Moore has agreed to give "strategic advice'' to Credit Suisse regarding allegations it laundered hundreds of ;;\illions of dollars worth of assets Hitler's Gennany stole from Jews, many of whom ended up in death camps. "We're going to help them determine what the truth is - what really happened," senior partner Robert Ritkind, who is also president oftheamericanjewish Committee, said Monday. The decision was immediately criticized by Elan Steinberg, director of the World Jewish Congress, which spearheaded the probes into the Swiss accounts. 'The reason-cravath is representing Credit Suisse is to make a buck. Any suggestion that they re doing it for any other reason is nonsense. pure baloney," Steinberg said in a telephone interview. Thehigh-pricedfinnwith, employees - about a third of whom arc Jewish- has represented many disreputable clients. But this was a new kind of moral dilemma for the 7 partners. who were challenged with an internal memo of objection signed by a do.:en associates. Frederick A.. Schwarz Jr., the senior partner in charge of the account, said some partners and associates "felt very strongly that the bank acted improperly in some of the vilest acts in memory and should not be represented even if they were now trying to do things that are positive.'" Schwarz said there were Jews and non-jews on both sides of the issue. The question, Rifkind said, was whether "the lawyers in a well-established firm had the courage to do the right thing... to design a process for dealing with this historical situation that is fair and just." After a final Feb. 5 meeting of all of the firm's partners, Credit Suisse joined the rosterof Cravath clients. Credit Suisse and two other Swiss banks are named in a federal lawsuit filed by Holocaust survivors, charging the three Renewed or New. For Membership Enrollment "if re., ib $ u ~ JJ. c 7J: ~ \ 75 lcl: cb ~ <-l C $6 Fee is good until March, 998 m$ Cocperate & Spouse Complimentary Golf Tickets Payment before March 5, 997. BPR!VlLEGES: Special Discount for!sh Golf at MCC. and Go-Kar. Free of Charge for Shon Cours~ and Hotel pool 5M Pool. 5 % off for F&B at Hotel, MCC. And More... More... More... More... More nformation or Question, Please call -77 We will send Application form by FAX. AsiA...- PAci fie MAN A q EM ENT.A.. NfoRMArioN SysrEMs banks have held survivors' assets for 5 years. n court, the Swiss are represented by the Washington-based firm of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering. Credit Suisse sought Cravath s counsel for outof-court matters. Schwarz said the firm will advise the Swiss bank's officials on how to avoid "foolish" tactics like "engaging in a highly technical, legal defense of the past. What you ought to be saying is, told them, 'Whatever was done that was wrong, we regret.' "We're telling Credit Suisse to come cleaner than a hound's tooth," Schwarz added. "Make full disclosure, tell the truth and let all the documents hang out." Citing Allied wartime documents, ~U.S. officials have described Credit Suisse as "the most frequent violator'' of rules regarding gold plundered by the Nazis. According to U.S. archives in Washington, the bank had accepted gold bars from the Nazis - including millions of dollars in gold plundered in European countries overrun by Gennan forces during the war. The bank then converted the melted-down treasure into Swiss francs, concealing the origin of such deposits. The New York branch of Credit Suisse is accused of illegally hiding some of the assets, according to the government archives based on U.S. and British intelligence reports. The case is under investigation by state banking officials. Credit Suisse did not immediately return a call for comment. ts chairman, Rainer Gut, was the first major Swiss banking figure to urge the creation last month of a $7 million fund for Holocaust victims. we re not telling Credit Suisse how to deny or avoid the past,'' said Rifkind, "but how to deal with the future." Kaczynski defense makes motion By JOHN HOWARD SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Defense lawyers for Theodore Kaczynski asked a judge on Monday to throw out all evidence from the Unabom suspect' s Montana cabin, claiming it was unlawfully seized. The evidence includes a journal in which prosecutors say the wilderness recluse and fonner University of California-Berkeley math teacher admits responsibility for all of the Unabomber explosions. "The evidence to be excluded includes all evidence observed or seized during the search of Mr. Kaczynski's property," the defense motion states. Monday was the deadline for the suppression motion, a routine procedure in which defense lawyers attempt to shut out as much evidence as possible. The motions are rarely successful. The government has two weeks to respond. Prosecutors did not immediately return telephone calls seek-. ing comment. The defense claims the search was a violation of Kaczynski' s Fourth Amendment protection against unlawful search and seizure, claiming that the affidavit filed to obtain the search warrant was false and misleading. The defense motion also asks U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell to throw out DNA evidence as well as the government's analysis of Kaczynski' s writings, which prosecutors say links Kaczynski to the Unabomber's Develop nterpersonal Skills : Enhance Business Skills Supervisory Skills &, How to Motivate People, Learn to Lead, Systematic Problem-Solving, Quality Customer Service, Negotiation Skills, and many morel For more details call: (6iV) 8--S85 Jn/ormJ~!~ ijijt i~ Dial from a fax machine to retrieve information -hrs, every day! \ Training courses are regularly offered on Guam & Saipan Complimentary lunch is served with each full-day workshop CNM Gov. employees earn credits toward promotion or pay raise PO Box 865 SVRB Saipan MP 9695 : Ph (67) Theodore Kaczynski,-word, anti-technology manifesto. Federal defenders Quin Denvir and Judy Clarke also claim that prosecutors have deliberately failed to disclose the fact that Kaczynski "does not come close to matching the description of the U nabomber in virtually any aspect." The defense also challenges government efforts to place Kaczynski at the locations where the devices were mailed or detonated. n December 995, for example, when an explosion occurred in Sacramento, bank records show Kaczynski was in Helena, Mont., the defense Other cases in which the defense cannot conclusively prove Kaczynski was elsewhere "prove nothing," the defense "They certainly do not show a pattern that would indicate that Theodore Kaczynski was the Unabomber." Kaczynski, arrested in Montana on April and moved to Sacramento late last spring, faces a - count federal indictment in connection with four explosions which left two people dead and two others maimed. He has also been indicted in New Jersey in a fatal bombing there, and prosecutors have said they believe he is behind all 6 of the bombings attributed to the elusive anti-technology terrorist known as the Unabomber. The name stems from the bomber's earliest targets, which included universities and airlines. Wealthy Mexican hit by charges of tax evasion MEXCO CTY (AP) -The head of Mexico's second-largest cellular telephone company told a judge Monday that he had paid his taxes and was innocent of tax evasion charges. Carlos Peralta Quintero, president of Grupo usa SA, told a district judge that he had paid more than $6 million ( 9 million pesos) in taxes on Jan.. " came to demonstrate that liquidated the payments," Peralta laid the official Notimex news agency. On Sunday, the Treasury Department said cv idencc and other documents have been sent to the Attorney General's Office for prosecution of Peralta. A department news release said Peralta underreported his income from CJCJ Lo 995 and should pay the difference plus several stiff fines and interest totaling more than million pesos ($5 million). Peralta is presiclent of Grupo lusa SA, the parent company of Grupo usacell SA., Mexico's second biggest cellular tclephone company. Bell Atlantic Corp. hold.s a percent slake in lusaccll. Bell Atlantic rcccntlv displaced Peralta as chief excrntive officer of usacell and,ook control of the company. but he remains a board cmbe. Peralta has been embroiled in controversy since he announced last year that he had gi vcn S:i( million to Raul Salinas de Gortari, a brother or a t'onnn president, tn start an investment rund. Raul Salinas is awaiting trial on charges of murder and firwncial miscondlrct. Sunday's action is pan of a campaign by Pn:sidcnt Erncsrn Zedillo's administration tu!'orcc people to pay taxes by prosecuting prominent violators. Nonpayment of taxes and other levies, or paying as littk as possible, has been tht.: ru kin l\kxirn until recently. Among those being prmcrnted are several business figures. a prominent newspaper publisher and boxer Julio Cesar Chavez. By CAROLYN HENSON GENEVA (AP)- Talks on China's ac~nission to the World T rnde Organization i:;;;umedomonday amidsigns of new PJlitical momentum from Beijing. Both the United States and China have expressed an eagerness to make progress on the issue. But many trade negotiators say the chances of ina rntering this ye..rr are slim. China has been!lying to join the \\"lrld'slargesttrad.ingclub, the WTO mclil, p.'clecessorthegeneral Agreement on T illiffsand Trade, since l 986 al\erleaving theorgiization in 99. le talks have snagged repeatedly over complainl, by WTO members tlat Chinese trjding suuctures are not or~n enough to foreign finns. High- on the list of complaint, are widespread piracy of videotapes,compact discs and computer software by inese companies and a lack of foreign access into its banking, insurance mcl retail trades. Although the Chinese have promised to reduce tariffs on exports, they have not provided any details, some countries complain. China is also insisting it be given a longer grace period to make tariff reduction and other ROME (AP) - The talian military evacuated 6 people, including 5 joumalisl\ from the southern Albanian city ofvlora, the scene ofheavy recent rioting. The office of talian Premier Romano Prodi said he had spoken by telephone with Albania's president, Sali Berisha,andinsistedona "political solution" to the crisis in Albania. Two army transport helicopters, escorted by two attack helicopters, brought the foreign nationals to a military base at Brindisi, a port 5 miles (8 kilometers) across the Adriatic Sea from Albania. About of the foreigners were ltalim businessmen and their!iunily rncmbcrs. nae also were ll)llf Gerllli nationals, a Dutch citizen, and a U.S. human rights worker. Hca vii y anned talian marines provided cover a., the helicopters touched down briefly at lul abandoned airlidcl. Security broke down almost cornpl::t,:'v in Vlorn, where state telcvisin rep< >rted that crowd, had looted muu senal. At k,l,t seven people have been killed mid at lm,t wounded by gunlirc in ue city since violence broke oul Fiday night, hospitltl ol'ticials lc government ns declared a stale of emergency in the wake of weeks or rioting in Albania. lc violence w,l, fueled by rage over tle collapse ofxpuillr, high-isk investment schemes. taly w,ls watching closely the events in the country across the Adriatic. Tens of thousands uf Allxui,ns crossed to taly in a waves in l CJ J l, but most were turned back. Prodi held,u emergency meeting with his ddcnse, foreign and irnerior mi nistcr-;during tje day tt >discuss tle situation. changes than other countries would like. n the past, Beijing ha.s always insisted it has made enough concessions to qualify for membership and has blamed the United States and the 5- nation Ew-opean Union for blocking ils entry for PJlitical reasons. But in separate sessions with U.S. Japanese and European negotiators earlier this month, China indicated it was now prepared to change certain laws. Amongthemareruleslimiting U.S. and otjer foreign companies to trading only with certain licensed Chinese corporations and requiring foreign manufacturing companies to export the bulk of producl, they make in China. e Clinton administration has singled out these baniers as a main reason America's trade deficit with China jumped 6 percent last year to $ billion, second only to the trade gap with Japan. Commerce Secretary William Daley has described the new Chinese negotiating position as "extremely encouraging." Chinese President Jiang Zemin, right, talks with National People's Congress Chairman Giao Shi, during the opening ceremony of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Beijing Great Hall of the People Thursday. The advisory body opened its annual meeting two days before the opening of the National Peoples Congress, China's rubber-stamp legislature. AP Photo NOTCE TO THE GENERAL PUBLC The Office of the Resident Representative to the United States cordially invites you to witness the Presentation of the STATE OF THE WASHNGTON OFFCE REPORT by the HONORABLE JUAN N. BABAUTA on March 6, 997 at 9: a.m. House Chamber Honorable Jesus P. Pangelinan Mafnas Memorial Building Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature

10 8-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-WEDNESDAY- MAR:'c:'C~H:..:!5'.!_, ~9'.!:97!.. ~ ~ Red Cross: No spy evidence By ALEXANDER G. HGGNS GENEVA (AP) - Months of investigation have turned up no evidence that Nazi spies infiltrated the Red Cross dwing World War J, a Red Cross sixikesman said Monday. The Swiss-run nternational Committee of the Red Cross said its investigationcleared thenamesof 5 fonner employees-but it tumed up details on three others who it said appeared to have "committed reprehensible acts.'' The initial allegations came from declassified documents from the fore- unner of the CA, the Office of Strategic Service. They were made public by U.S. Sen. Alphonse D' Amato, R-N.Y., last year. The wartime accusations included claims that Red Cross staffers spied for Germany and dealt in property taken from Nazi victims. Te Red Cross said it had not discovered any links to Nazi activities in its six months of investigation, which followed a prelimimuy investigation last year. Red Cross officials have sai dmany oftheallegationsmighthaveresulted VNYL SGNS: For indoor/outdoor with colors, style and quality, on wood, glass, metal, plastic cloth and walls, designed in computer graphics, artistically drafted, composed with a lot of talent and knowledge, is now available at Younis Art Studio, nc. YNYL BANNERS: On cloth and plastic materials, from -5 feet wide and length from feet to 5 or 75 feet and more, with any color, letters size and style and rich graphics. Also hand painted signs and banners, artistically designed and colored on any material surface of all sizes. DGTAL PRNT: Signs for inside markets/ stores/shops in full colors with print of the goods/merchandise on plastic sheets/ boards or on transparencies on special paper or cloth for ceiling hang for display or above shelves, counters and merchandise stands, can easily be produced by the talented and capable sign makers at YAS Sign System. Full color digital print for back light in shops window or special display in the outdoor, such as food items, drinks cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry and many more. Vinyl signs are durable, colorful and guaranteed to last for five to seven years in all weather conditions and stands heat temperature -8 degrees Fahrenheit. For all signs need, please visit or call at 7A't Younis Art Studio, nc., in Garapan. Telephone Nos or Fax No from ignorance about its work. Delegates have access to enemy prisoners in POW camps and often meet representativesoftheenemyonceasefue lines or in neutral countries. The latestresearch focused on three people: GiuseppeBeretta,Jean-Roger PaganandJeanSublet TheRedCross said Beretta and Pagan were motivated by by "personal gain." Pagan, an employee in 9, apparently received Swiss francs, worth$,5and$5,then, to pass on information to the Germans about Allied activities in North Africa, the Red Cross A military court in Algiers convicted Pagan of espionage, and he wasexecutedbyfiringsquadin 9. The Red Cross said Beretta exchanged money on the black marlcet in Turkey. He was also dismissed. As for Sublet, the Red Cross dismissed him in 9 after learning he allegedly passed information to the German Consulate in Tangiers, allowing a Frenchman working for the Germans to evade French legal authorities in Morocco. Sublet acknowledged the facts but "admitted to nothing more than having disclosed confidential information in an ill-considered manner," the Red Cross statement Kim Gordon-Bates, a Red Cross sixikesman, said the cases were isolated incidents. taly court says no extradition of Nazi ROME(AP)-AccusedNaziwar criminal Erich Priebke cannot be extraditedtogennanybecauseheis to stand trial for the same crimes in taly, the constitutional court ruled Monday. Priebke, 8, will be tried in military court for the 9 slayings of civilians near Rome, a mass execution of5 people ordered by occupying Gennan forces in retaliation for a bombing by the talian resis-c tance. His trial is expected to begin in mid-april. A Gennan extradition request, seeking to bring Priebke to Germanytobetriedforthesamemassaere, has been pending in taly since August. Toe court, which rules only on constitutional matters, said taly's right to ti)' a defendant supersedes its obligation to extradite that defendant for the same crimes. n August, a military court convicted Priebke of murder, but acquitted him of acting with premeditation and cruelty - effectively clearing him because conviction on FRANKFURT,Gemany(AP) About, Genrnns walked off their jobs at U.S. military bases Monday in a dispute over job security and severance pay, union officials The strike, approved last week by the German White Collar Workers Union and the Transport and Public Service Union, was expected to extend to other bases throughout the week. The U.S. military employs about 5, civilian workers in Germany. Combined with those working in Gcnn:my for other North the latter charges was needed to get aroundltaly' s-yearstafllteoflimitation on murder. The military trial court ordered Priebke's release, prompting an outciy by talian Jewish groups. Within s, police rearrested Priebke, citing Gennany's intention to seek his extradition. Priebke's defense lawyers appealed the rearrest, saying an extra. ditiortrequest was not valid because Priebke already had been tried for the crime. Monday's niling effectively agrees with that claim. But prosecutors appealed the Augustverdict,arguingthatthehead ofthemilitarycourtpadbeenbiased in favor of Priebke. An appellate court agreed, and Priebke has remained in jail pending a retrial in taly. Former SS Maj. Karl Hass is accusedalongwithpriebkeandfaces an indictment hearing on Friday. He isexpected to face trial with Priebke. Hass was arrested aftertestifying against Priebkeduring the first military trial. Atlantic Teaty Organization allies - Britain, France and Belgium - 5, workers could potentially strike. ManyGcnnans lost jobs alicr U.S. and NATO troops in Gemany were reduced following the end of the Cold War. Te U.S. Anny says it is oflcring an improved scvcmncc package-a maximum of months' pay, compared to the cujtent limit of live months. Talks deadkx:ke<l last month, the U.S. military Car crashes with US military vehicle, Bosnian child killed SPONCA, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) - A car s!rncd into a U.S. militrny vehicle Monday ne.'u Tuzla, killing a Bosnian child and wounding six people, including four U.S. soldier:;. Aclnan Husclijc,, died when his folh.:r, Kemal,, tried to pass another car and slammed into the military vehicle. The crash occurred 8 miles north of Tuzla. The four soldiers were taken by helicopter to a U.S. militmy hospiutl. Two had leg iqjwies and the other two sustained bruises, but none of their liveswereincl'ugcr, U.S. ol'ficialswitl the NATO-led peace force The U.S. military h~dqu:ucrs in Tuzla refused to disclose the nrne., of the soldiers, who arc stationed at tlc T uzla aiibase. Kemal Huseljic and Senad Hecimovic, a pa.,senger in his car, were hos pi taliz.ed with serious injurie.,. '.. J'! ' ' ',,',,,). l,,,ji,, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-9 Apple to discount com.puter upgrades to settle false ad WWW By ALCE ANN LOVE WASHNGTON (AP) Apple Computer nc. will offer half-price upgrades on thousands of its personal computers to settle charges of false advertising, the Federal Trade Commission announced Monday. The FTC had charged that Apple told consumers upgrades for several of its personal computers would be quick and easy. nstead, Apple took more than a year to make upgrades available for its Performa 55, Performa 56 and Macintosh LC 55 computers, the agency said: And once the upgrades did come out, they were, at dlrs,75, almost as expensive as a new computer, it "Apple's offer to compensate thousands of consumers will help assme the public that advertising must be truthful," said Jodie Bernstein, director of the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection. The fast-moving world of computers, where consumers must be able to rely upon claims made by companies that the product they are buying is, and will be, capable of remaining up-to-date.'' The.settlement agreement, does not constitute an admission of guilt by Apple, the FTC But the company must sell the disputed upgrades for $599 and give a dlrs 776 rebate to consumers who already paid full price, or the company could face a fine. Exactly how many computers are involved is proprietary information held by Apple, said an FfC spokeswoman, but she called the number "substantial." Apple officials at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California, could not be immediately reached for comment. A hi!ijh school student hangs his ~ooden votive picture known as "ema" amon.g others at Yushima Tenmangu Shnn': m Tokyo after he wrote his wrsh 9n the.small wooden plate. Students and parents make pilgrimage to shrines and temples to place such wsh-wrrtten ema in pray for success in examinations for universities and other schools. Yushima shrine is known as a guardian for scholarship. AP Photo Blackbeard's ship believed discovered off North Carolina By DENNS PATTERSON RALEGH, North Carolina (AP) Treasure hunters have discovered what is believed to be Blackbeard' s flagship less than two miles ( km) offshore, nearly three centuries after the pirate ship went down. "We've not found the smoking blunderbuss yet, but we have found enough artifacts to make us think this may be Queen Anne's Revenge," said Jeffrey Crow, director of the state Division of Archives and History. The wreck was found in November by lnlersal nc., a treasure hunting company, in just feet (6 meters) of water in Beaufort nlet. "f you could have seen through that dirty water, it was right there," said ntersal' s Mike Daniel. Queen Anne's Revenge, flagship of the fearsome English buccaneer Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, sank in 78 after running onto a sandbar. So did the Adventure, a sloop in Blackbeard's fleet that went to its aid. The wreck site is dominated by a mound of cannons encrusted with coral. Queen Anne's Revenge is thought to have carried up to cannons, and their position is consistent with a ship that ran aground and tipped to one side, Daniel A blunderbuss barrel was brought up from the wreck, along with a bronze bell dated 79, a -pound ( -kilo) cannonball and a sounding weight. Phil Masters, president of ntersal, said the discovery ended a decade of research he had done in American and European archives. The key document was a deposition published in a book in London in 759, Masters The deposition by a witness to the sinking indicated the ship became stuck on the outer sandbar while trying to get into Beaufort nlet. ntersal used hundreds of old nautical charts to find the wreck. All of the artifacts will be kept by the state. ntersal expects to recoup its $, in expenses by selling book and film rights. The site and an area yards (meters) around it were declared off-limits to boats and divers Monday. Blackbeard cultivated a savage image and draped himself with pistols, daggers and swords. "He created a menacing image. He talked with everyone he met about being in league with the devil, that he was the devil's brother," Masters "Blackbeard, to me, was the first great practitioner of psychological warfare." Records do not indicate he killed anyone until Nov., 78, when he was trapped off Ocracoke by British warships. During that battle, in which he killed some British soldiers, Blackbeard was shot, stabbed and his throat slashed. His head was cut off and hung from the bowsprit of one of the British ships. "Your imagination tends to run wild on you when you think about Black beard," said Gov. Jim Hunt, who helped announce the find. "Of course, it can 'tnm very wild because much of it was real." " F WORlDWDE EXPRESS '' COURERS DHL Worldwide Express is seeking customer oriented couriers for P/U &. Delivery of time sensitive materials. Must possess a valid driver's license and clean driving record. Ability to lift up to 7 lbs &. excellent communication skills essential. DHL offers an excellent benefft package ncluding: Health &.. Vision nsurance Dental nsurance Life nsurance Disability nsurance Paid vacation after 6 months nterline travel benefits Tuition assistance program JK Plan Starting Salary: $8.5/hr Applications may be picked up at the Saipan Service Center location in Chalan Laulau (White Two-Story Building at the North of McDonald's Restaurant. CARONEL is currently seeking SAPAN BOUTQUE MANAGER Previous retail management experience preferred. Ability to lead, motivate, and train staff in the highest services standards. Capable of handling multiple tasks. Excellent verbal and communications skills. Japanese fluency preferred. SAPAN SALES ASSOCATES Previous sales experience. Japanese fluency preferred. We offer a competitive salary and an attractive benefit package Send or fax resumes in confidence to: Personnel Administrator 87 Route 6 Dededo Guam 969 (67) MCRONESA'S PREMER MARKETNG COMPANY COMMONWEALTH PORTS AUTHORTY. POSTON VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT... The Commonwealth Ports Authority is looking for applications for the following positions at the Saipan nternational Airport: TWO ACCOUNTS CLERK The e.mployee in this class is responsible for petiorming specific acc?untmg proce?ures and t~s~~ on a daily basis related to regular arpo~ transactions and actvtes. This class is entry level and responsible for developing skills in preparation for more difficult assignment. The qualifi?ations for the job is any combination equivalent to gradu.aton from hg~ scho? or GED. with no less than one year of responsible work expenence n professional bookkeeping level or ac C?unt work. The salary ranges from $78. bi-weekly to $7. bi-weekly. Application forms are available at the Airports Police Office First Floor of the Arrival Building or at the Administration Office Sec~nd Floor of the Arrivai Building at the Saipan nternational Airp~rt. Applications must be accompanied by a current court clearance. The deadline is no later t~at March, 997 at : p.m. For more information please contact the CPA Accounting Office at 66-58/9/. ' CARLOS S. SHODA Executive Director

11 -;.;.'-' f,._a -MARANAS.VARETY NEWS AND VEWS~WEDNESDAY- MARCH 5, 997 Kentucky towns under water., ' ( f. /.,< WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 997 -MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS- Fighters march in Chechnya REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS NO. The CNM Council for the Humanities seeks proposals from individuals and non profit organizations for projects that educate the general public on the history, meaning, and value of CTZENSHP AND THE NSTTUTONS OF AMERCAN DEMOCRACY. Projects should address the duties, responsibilities and privileges of citizenship and the role of democratic institutions in American culture. Projects formats should be designed to reach as many people throughout the CNM as possible and might include public forums; T.V. and radio talk shows; panel discussions; school presentations; lectures; exhibits and others. For more information and an application package, call Ron Barrineau at The CNM Council for the Humanities is a nonprofit, private corporation funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities. O p Em posto'l\j ~... '. - ',, ~ ;;. i. : ~ ' :;. ~ ' :. -.:.. : ' ~. ;. f:.. ~.. }: ~ - A. REPORTERS/NEWS WRTERS Journalism graduate with good command of the english language and a\ least two to four years work experiece ior a daily newspaper. Salary based on knowledge and experience. B. GRAPHC ARTSTS Art school graduate with at least two years work experience in an advertising agency, newspaper or magazine, or printing establishment. By MARK R. CHELLGREN FALMOUTH, Ky. (AP) - Rising water inundated entire towns in Kentucky and turned others into islands Monday as flooding and other storm damage kept thousands of people out of their homes in six states. The bloated Licking River receded slowly, its muddy water still lapping 6 to 8 feet high against the walls and windows of downtown businesses and homes in Falmouth, one of the hardest-hit towns. "We lost everything we had," said 57-year-old Jimmy Williams, who sat on a chair outside a shelter at a hilltop high school gymnasium, waiting with his dog, Sandy, and his bird, A.J. They were the only things he and his wife could get out of their house when Falmouth was inundated Saturday. "t came up in '6, but nothing like this," Williams The flooding forced thousands of people from their homes in Tennessee, Kentucky, ndiana, Ohio and West Virginia. Fortyeight deaths were blamed on flooding and tornadoes in the region, including 5 tornado deaths in Arkansas. Many of the flooding victims drowned in cars stuck in high water. The Ohio River, which forms Kentucky's 665-mile-long northern border, was headed for its highest levels in more than years as the weekend runoff flowed downstream. n Louisville, crews were closing all 5 gates in the city's flood wall along the Ohio and were preparing to reinforce them with, sandbags. Across the river in ndiana, riverfront communities started evacuating. But the worst damage was in smaller towns like Falmouth, a community of,7 about miles southeast of Cincinnati. On Monday, the main bridge into town was again visible above the water, which had fallen feet since Sunday's crest, but its approaches were still submerged. Only business signs and the tops of the mostly one-story buildings showed above the water, and nearly people had gathered at the Falmouth high school, one of two primary shelters in town. Susan Field was at home after picking up her new car on Saturday when the Licking River started coming up in her backyard. She scrambled to gather her four children and some belongings before starting out.. "We tried to drive out and my car starting swimming away with us," she Volunteer firefighters pulled the family from the car and took them to safety. "They drug us out of the car as it was floating by," she said Monday. "'m sure it's floating down the river somewhere." Twenty-two miles farther south, Cynthiana was accessible only by a narrow highway running south to Paris, which was beginning to clean up after the high water. "They're pumping, they're sweeping,gettingmudoutoftheir homes," Bourbon County Judge Executive Charles Hinkle said during a tour of Paris with Gov. Paul Patton. Patton asked President Clinton to declare nine counties major disaster areas, estimating damage at $ million. About miles south of Louisville, the Rolling Fork river reached a record 5. feet Monday and was rising about inches an at Boston. Most of the town's residents had left. 'We're a little island all our own. All roads into Boston are under tofeetof water," Boston Fire Chief Bobby Coy More than homes in Shepherdsville and surrounding communities were empty Monday as the Salt River crested 8 feet above flood stage. taking off before it gets worse," said Tom Barr, general managerofthe Pioneer-News in Shepherdsville. The flooding followed record downpours, particularly in Lou-. isville, which got more than inches of rain from Friday night through Sunday morning. Parts of southern Ohio got about inches. Eleven deaths were blamed on the flooding in Kentucky and one person was missing. Elsewhere in the region, five were dead in Ohio, five people were killed in Tennessee by floods and tornadoes, and one flood death was reported in West Virginia. Mississippi had one tornado death. n Glenville, W.Va., Juanita Jenkins spent Monday watching mud continue to pour down a hill into her backyard. The -foot wall of mud had knocked down part of her back porch and tom away an addition to the house over the weekend. "We heard something hit the house: Kaboom! We walked outside and the mud was everywhere," she "t's a devil ofa mess back there. The water has never come off this hill like that before.". MOSCOW (AP) - The leader of a rebel attack last year marched his fighters through Chechnya's capital Monday, and Russia tightened security on the breakaway region's border, a news agency reported. Several hundred armed Chechens saluted their leader Salman Raduyev during a parade in Grozny, about a year after they attacked a southern Russian town where they took several dozen hostages, the T AR-Tass news agency After the procession, 57freeze to death in Moscow MOSCOW (AP) - Fifty-seven people froze to death in Moscow during the past three months, health officials said Monday. Below-freezing temperatures claimed the heaviest toll from Dec. to Dec., when people died from exposure, Moscow's Health Service Committee told the nterfax news agency. n addition,,66 people were hospitalized with frostbite from Dec. to Feb. 8, officials Russian students sew for Chelsea Raduyev and Chechnya's expresident, avenge the death of Chechen is full of weapons, and newly sian federal authorities, T AR Zelimkhan leader Dzhokhar Dudayev, elected President Asian Tass reported. Yandarbiyev, appealed to the fighters to build an independent Chechen state. Meanwhile, in Mozdok, 8 miles west of Grozny, Russian military authorities said they had formed a task force to prevent weapons and terrorists killed by a Russian rocket attack last April. The -month war between federal troops and Chechen separatists ended in August. The last Russian troops withdrew in December. But the breakaway republic Maskhadov acknowledged that some renegade groups are not under his control. Meanwhile, Chechnya's parliament on Monday formed a "court of honor," intended to purge the government of those collaborating with Rus- According to a recently adopted Chechen law, people found guilty of cooperating with Russia are banned from the government and the media, as well as from wearing the traditional Chechen lambskin hat. from the republic from moving into the rest of Russia. Stolen US aid may not be for Russia An unidentified official in the task force command told LONDON (AP) - U.S. cash U.S. aid on its way to Russia. oneoithebanksthe U.S. govern- T AR-Tass that the troops - stolen last week from London's But the U.S. Embassy in Mos- ment uses to deliver aid paycow said it did not believe the cash men ts. stationed in four Russian regions bordering Chechnya - Moscow, but that might not have wasarnericanaidforrussia. "This The U.S. Aid for nternational Heathrow airport was headed for comprise nterior Ministry and been its final destination, Scotland Yard said in a statement to us," Richard Hoagland, press tance programs in Russia, "has story, as reported, is no(credible Development, which runs assis- army units. One of the new control posts Monday. spokesman for the U.S. Embassy nodirectgoveminent-to-govemin Moscow, said in a statement. ment cash payments in Russia," on the border recently stopped The $.5 million in $ bills a group ofchechens with "detailed plans for sabotage," the high~security cargo compound at speakingonconditionofanonym- U.S. technical assistance pro- disappeared last Tuesday from a A Scotland Yard spokesman, Hoagland report Heathrow Airport, ity, said the Mail report was grams are "funded through fed- Raduyev, who took dozens fore it was to be loaded on a "broadly true," except for the fact era! letters of credit or electronic of hostages in the towns of British Airways flight to Moscow, according to the statement. not have been in Moscow. governmental organizations that the cash's final stop might transfers to contractors and non- Kizlyar and Pervomaiskaya in The cash came from New which,,!mp!ement these pro- early 996, has said he plans The Mail on Sunday newspaper had reported that the cash was York's Republic National Bank, grams, t attacks on Russian cities to '----~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~~~~.:.. ~~~~~~~~~-~~J P U- e L C. N - D T -. C. E Amendment ( / 9/ 97),: s S TO NFORM ALL HGH SCHOOL STUDENTS THAT THE CNM JTPA OFFCE S SOLCTNG ONE HUNDRED () APPLCANTS FOR THE YOUTH VACATON EMPLOYMENT TRANNG PROGRAM. Salary $ C. PRNTERS/PRESS OPERATORS With at least two yeai"s work experience in offset printing establishment; operates small and large presses. Salary begins at $ D. SGN - MAKNG ARTSTS Material use experts with knowledge of sign design and paint, use of computer for graphics, vinyl cutter and digital printer. Sign maker has knowledge of variety materials use for sign construction display and posting. Salary begins at $.5 - $.75 nterested applicants should send resume wit:i p:ioi;~, :;!io~ings, samples of work and supporting letters from prev us er:,~ loyr,,ent to: -. ~'.-, ( ' '... '. YdUNS ART STUDO, NC. Publisher Marianas-Variety News & Views VAS SGNS SYSTEM P.O. Box, Garapan, Saipan, MP 9695 RUFNA DUENAS TAKA PALACOS ''Lalang" 7.,/' Born July 9, 99, passed away in the Grace of,_:,:r:-~:,_'.,.. - :--.. : ~~~ ~n Friday, February 8, 997 at the ~ -~..._ -/ ~ ~ t~,{~..., Daily mass is being offered at Mount Carmel Cathedral at 6: a.m. and rosary is being said nightly at 8: p.m. at the family residence in Chalan Kanoa District No., close to WS Reyes School. Funeral arrangements will be announced at a later date. Si Yu'us Ma'ase Gillen Familia SLAND FLORST FUNERAL SERVCR5 Beach Road, Chalan Kanoa Tel 5- Chelsea Clinton MOSCOW (AP) - Students at a school in St. Petersburg have sewn an emerald silk dress as a gift for Chelsea Clinton. The students - who study at a special school where they receive training in making Russian handicrafts - put the traditional-style dress on display Monday at St. Petersburg's House of Friendship and Peace, the T AR-Tass news agency said. n a letter, the students said they were inspired by President Clinton's re-election campaign and made the dress for his 7- year-old daughter as an expression of "respect for your family,"!tar-tass The students intend to present the dress to Chelsea's mother, Hillary Rodham Clinton, during a U.S.-Russia summit March - in Helsinki, Finland. Traditional Russian dresses usually are embroidered sleeveless frocks worn over widesleeved white blouses. GVEN THE CRTCAL NEED OF ESTABLSHNG WORK EXPERENCES FOR STUDENTS EXTNG THE SCHOOL SYSTEM, PRORTY CONSDERATON WLL BE ACCORDED TO HGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AGES 6 & UP, WHO ARE BELOW THE POVERTY NCOME GUDELNE (ECONOMCALLY DSADVANTAGED). HOWEVER, DEPENDNG ON THE AVALABLTY OF LOCAL FUNDNG, THE PROGRAM MAY ACCOMMODATE THOSE STUDENTS WHO ARE CONSDERED HGH NCOME TO FULFLL THE SLOTS. DEADLNE FOR SUBMSSON S THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 997. No APPLCATON WLL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE ESTABLSHED DATE. ALL STUDENTS ON GREEN TRACK ARE ENCOURAGED TO VST THE JTPA OFFCE LOCATED DRECTLY ACROSS CUC, OR CONTACT MRS. LAURENT T. CHONG OR MR. MARTN C. PANGELNAN AT 66-7/ FOR MORE NFORMATON. RESPECTFULLY, ls/felx R NOGS JTPA EXECUTVE DRECTOR xc: PUBLC NFORMATON OFFCER,.,.,,

12 -MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND V!E'i'l'S-WEDNESDAY- MARCH 5, 997 Strong US economy boosts dollar sy RCK GLADSTONE vear of -record German, ob less rate also a factor - l NEW YORK (AP) - The dollar re- ' f _, '..-.- bounded from early weakness to end report another postwar jobless record official supporting the dollar's recent "When you cipher through all the mostly higher Monday, helped by later this week. rise and Treaswy Secretary Robert verbiage, think the relative differmore si,'tls of strength in the U.S. Furtherundetpinningthedollarwere Rubin'sreaffinnationofsupportfora ence in the economies between the economyandfearthatgemanywould comments by a senior Bundesb,mk strong U.S. currency. United States and Germany is what helped the dollar," said Bob Near, a vice president of foreign-exchange at the Bank of New York. "t tended to remind the market of tle fundamentals." n late New York trading, the dollar PEATH & FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT cost.7 yen, up from. yen Friday. The dollar cost.698marks, RJFNA '(DELEON GJE,RERO) DEMAPAN PAACOS up from.69. The pound cost $ /oyingfy known lo her families and friends as "Fina/na" was called by our Dear Lord on March, 997 at the age of , down from dlrs.695. The dollar traded as low as 9.98 n her eternal rest she now joins: yen and l.695 marks earli'er in the Parents: Francisco Borja Demapan & Ana Salas Deleon Guerrero day, partly from greater demand for Sisters/Brother: Virginia DLG. Demapan, --==-- yen due to increased Japanese corporate repatriation of profits before Teresila DLG. Demapan & Juan DLG. Demapan Mother-n-Law: Natividad Muna Palacios Japan's fiscal year ends March J.. Brothers-in-Law: Jose Muna Palacios Traders said the yen 'searly strength Jesus Muiia Palacios & Ramon DLC. Arriola also reffecte<l remarks by a senior Sister-in-Law: Consalacion A. Santos & Maria D. Arriola Japanese Finance Ministry official assertingthatthejapaneseeconomyis She will be held dearly in the hearts of: getting healthier. Husband: Francisco Muna Palacios (Tan Ko') Takatoshi Kato, vice minister in Children/Spouses: Natividad (Darlene) P.Nicente M. Sablan; Mary Anne P./James Reyes; Jacinta D. Palacios; Fatima charge of international affairs at the ministry, said he would convey that P./Antonio B. Cabrera; Teresita P./Adrian F. Murig; Bernadita P./Henry M. Sablan; Francisco D./Marde DLC. Palacios; message to counterparts Tuesday in Rita D. Palacios; Benjamin D. Palacios/Evelyn M. Cabrera; Raymond D. Palacios; Frances D. Palacios; John Diego D./Julie T. Palacios; Michael D./Youmi C. Palacios; and Pauline D. Palacios. the inaugural meeting of the "Six Markets" group, which also includes From her children she was blessed with Grand Chilaren & 6 Great Grand Children. the United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. The dollar began to rebound in Brothers, Sisters and Sisters-in-Law: EuropeandealingsafterFmstWelteke, Maria (Dema) D./Jose T. Sablan; Dolores D./Richard Neil(Tennessee); Ramon DLG./Maria R. Demapan; Magdalena a member of the Bundesbank's D. Arriola; Francisco DLG./Manuela A. Demapan; Raphael DLG./Pat D. Demapan; gnacio DLG./Freida R. Demapan; policymaking central council, said the Anuncia S. Palacios and Natividad C. Sablan. dollar's recent appreciation against She is additionally survived by numerous uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and godchildren. Rosary is being said nightly at 8: p.m. at the Mt. Carmel Cathedral in Chalan Kanoa. the mark couldn't last but is nonetheless welcome because it would help Gennany's economy grow. A lower Special Mass of intention will be ottered by the Most Rev. Tomas A. Camacho at 8: a.m. mark makes Gennan exports more on March 8, 997 at the_ Mt Carmel Cathedral in Chalan Kanoa. Last respects may be paid competitive. on the same day begmnmg 9: a.m. Funeral mass will be offered at : p.m. on the "t was Welteke's conflicting comments that turned around the dollar," same day, followed by burial services at the Chalan Kanoa Cemetery. said Stephen Flanagan, senior currency trader at the New York bnmch of Credit Agricole. "On the one hand, he said the mmk' s ;!Mensa' en ~grabestmento depreciation shouldn't continue, and the dollar came off. Then at the same time, we see him say the mark' sdepreciation is good, so bang, the dollm goes right back up.'' Traders,tlso said the m,u-k ww; JOSE S.M. CHfflARA,--~-~.--,_ (:._~,)"-. A fij~~.,9i -::-.-.~~~ :"~ /. ~-~=--:C:--w--~ ~~;;,_~ ;-? L., ~-~ ~,.---r ~ _.,... ri;::.,-- -,:-a.: -,;:7. ~... ~~,- Ginen iya halolom gi korason-mami, in ekstetende un senseru yan sanu na agradesimento para todos manggofli'ion na manparentes yan manatungo'-mami pot todu i gineftao-miyu na supottasion, ayudu, tinayuyut yan pot mas i sinenten konkarifio yan pinasensia-miyu gi duranten i lisayu, santa misa, yan i enteron tatan-mami as Jose San Miguel lchihara. Dangkulo na si yu'us Ma'ase para si Obispo Tomas A. Camacho, si Pale ke Ayuyu, i CHG Nurses/Staff, Gobienamenton i CNM, espesiatmenti i Honorapble as Froilan C. Tenorio i gobietno-ta, kongresu-ta siha ginen i Sam Papa'na guma! Un san espisiat na agradesimento para si Faye Yan si Frank DLG. Cepeda, Danny Aquino yan i staff, Taga Group, si Tita Hocog yan i familia-na ginen Luta, si ke Cabrera yan i familia-na ginen Tinian. Para todos hamyo familian lchihara yan mamparantes ginen Guam, Luta yan Tinian, sen dangkulo na si yu'us ma'ase pot i finatton miyu ni para ta fanhita guini siha na okasion. Ginen Hami Todos Ni Famagu'on Yan Familian Jose S.M. lchihara We, the HUSBAND and CHLDREN of the LATE Magdalena Maratita Robert Rubin pressured from a weekend story in Germany'sBildamSonntagnewspaper, apparently based on a leak, asserting that national unemployment reached a postwar high of.8 million in February. Gennany 'sunemploymentdata will be released Thursday. Although Finance Minister Theo W aigel said the report overstated the unemployment problem, traders placed credence in it because Gennany's January unemployment report showing a record.66 million jobless also had been leaked. By contrast, economic statistics from the United States this week, indueling February unemployment data due Friday, are expected to show continued strength. That view was reinforced Monday when the National Association of PurchasingManagementreportedastrong gain in its monthly economic index for Februmy, and the Commerce Dcpartmentreported strongjanuary consumer spending and December construction spending. ''Until this market sees weakening figures out of the United States, they're goingtocontinuetopush thedollarup," Flanagan Other late dollarrntes in New York compared with late Friday:.786 Swiss francs, up from.78; 5.75 Frenchfranc;,upfrom5.785;,6%. talian lire, up from,69.5;.67 Cmadiim dolhu-s, down from.677. nos (Maggie, Baby) ni / wish to extend our profound invitation to all our '.'f Jivi,~ec' ~- ;;/ relatives and friends to join us in prayers for our, ~- c "~? beloved wife and mother as we commemorate her o,, 6 FRST YEAR DEATH ANNVERSARY., Daily MASS will be offered at SAN FRANCSCO DE BORJA CHURCH, Songsong Village, Rota beginning Thursday, March 6 to, 997, at 6: a.m. ROSARY will be said nightly at 8 p.m., beginning Thursday, March 6, to, 997, at Mr. & Mrs Thomas M. and Laura. lvianglona's residence in Sinapalo. On the final day, Friday, March, 997, mass for the repose of her soul will be offered at 6: A.M. at San Francisco de Borja Church, in Songsong Village. followed by responso at San Jose Cemetery. Final rosary will be said at 6: P.M. at Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. and Laura. Manglona's residence at Sinapalo followed by appreciation dinner. Please Join us in prayers Thank you/si Yu'us Ma'ase JOHN lf\los & CHLDREN -~~ '.. J / " Amnesty: Stun guns and belts become torture tools of choice LONDON (AP) - Stun guns and stun belts have become the torturer's tool of choice in 5 countries in the 99s, Amnesty nternational said Tuesday. The international human rights organization called for a halt to the export of such weapons to countries which have used them for torture. t also called for an immediate suspension of their use for law enforcement. Torturers prefer electro-shock because they think it will not leave permanent marks as evidence on their victims' bodies, the report Modern high-voltage stun guns pump up to 5, volts into prisoners. Taser guns shoot two w..ire-trailing darts with hooks up to feet (9 meters) and two U.S. companies have produced remote-controlled electro-shock stun belts which inflict eight-second shocks using 5, volts, it The use of those devices as torture tools was reported in 5 countries, from Algeria to Zaire, Amnesty.. The report cited grueling accounts from electro-shock victims who were attacked on the most sensitive parts of their bodies, and who suffered intense pain, convulsions, fainting, loss of muscle control, psychological scarring and other effects. t quoted Mediha Curabaz, a 5-year-old Turkish nurse as saying that in 99 Turkish police "thrust the electric tru n cheon violently into my sexual organs and felt a pain as if was being drilled there with an electric drill." The report said that in China, electro-shock was used on four girls under the age of 6; a Cyprus government report acknow!edged that it was regularly used in a Limassol prison in 99; it is widely used in Saudi Arabia. Amnesty also expressed concern at the use of remote-controlled stun belts in U.S. prisons, describing the belts as "specifically designed to be degrading." At least companies around the world have marketed electroshock weapons including Belgium, China, France, Germany, srael, South Africa, Taiwan and the United States, Amnesty nternational The United States accounts for almost half the total number of suppliers. "This is a fast-growing industry, whose products are often not properly tested and many of whose 'clients' are well known to have used the products to routinely and systematically torture men, women and children," the organization "Yet many governments - including the United States which is the largest producing country - allow this trade and some such as France have even helped to promote it," it Stun weapons are increasingly marketed through magazines and exhibitions. Amnesty refuted manufacturer's liternture that the weapons were not lethal, saying that they have resulted in accidental deaths, and that the pre-testing was carried out on anesthetized animals. Weak yenjoins m~r~et barriers as cause of defic~t, ~US firms report. By GENE KRAMER WASHNGTON (AP) - The weak yen, bringing lower prices for Japanese exports, has become a major obstacle to cutting the multi billion dollar U.S. trade deficit with Japan, according to American companies active there. Meanwhile, despite som e progress, Japanese authorities continue to deny reciprocal market access to U.S. and other foreign products, J. W. Beagles, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, said here Monday. "We are calling on the (Clinton) administration and Congress to examine the problem of reciprocal access," said Beagles, who is also president of the Boeing Co. for Japan, the airplane builder's biggest foreign market. "We Americans expect reciprocity from all our trading partners," he n the United States, Japanese firins "enjoy freedom to operate unfettered by irratio- wl and nontransparent regulations, sometning we can only dream of in Japan." Beagles said, complaining ofr ulcs "often aritrarily enforled against foreign companies by government bureaucrats not accountable to anyone." Such problems require con.,tant U.S. attention and monitoring because of the Japanese market's importance to the American economy, chamber executives said at a news conference. Some suggested the administration's focus has shifted to China, or that attention to Japan moves "up and down" depending on which direction the deficit is moving. Washington should remember that the Japanese economy is much larger than China's and that American sales to Japan about equal those to Germany, France and Britain combined, said Chamber Vice President Glen S. Fukushima, a former deputy assistant U.S. trade representative now with AT-and-T Japan. The chamber unveiled in Washington and Tokyo Monday its 997 U.S.-Japan Trade White Paper, 9 pages covering developments in 9 industries including the automotive trade accounting for more than 6 percent or the U.S. deficit with Japan. That deficit will expand rapidly again unless the Japanese strengthen their economy by fostering domestic demand instead of weakening the yen to favor exports, it predicted. "The wecik yen poses the greatest threat to progress on the bilateral trade imbalnnce and improved access for foreign vehicles and parts in Japan," said the White Paper. This threatens to reverse last year's lowering of the U.S. automotive trade deficit, said the chamber. t represents more than, U.S. firms who call themselves "corporate citizens of Japan" with an interest in the health of the J apancsc economy. Japanese currency dropped in dollar value from its alltime high of about 8 yen to the dollar in April, 995, to more than to last month. This "has been a boon to Japan-based automakers" who in January nearly doubled vehicle exports to the United States over the same month in 996, the White Paper said, thanks to cheaper dollar prices on the imports reaching America. The weakening yen caused the overall U.S. trade deficit with Japan to rise for the fourth consecutive month in January, even though the annual figure slid from S 59. billion in 995 to $ 7. 7 billion last year, it noted. Greater marketing efforts targeted at Japanese consumers by the U.S. Big Three car firms and a 995 auto trade agreement between the two governments were credited for ''an unprecedented level of imported vehicles in Japan.'' U.S. market share remained well below that of European cars, however. Chrysler, Ford and General Motors sold,7 vehicles in Japan in 996, the first full year of the agreement, 78, 5 of them U.S.-manufactured, the White Paper reported. But the Big Three acquired only new dealer outlets through January this year, far short of tht.: expected from Japanese government and car inuustry efforts. Thcchamberurged the Japanese government to help correct the auto trade imbalance with faster deregulation to internationalize th<:! J apancse vehicle market as a role model for newly industrializing countries with ultimate potential to "even surpass" car manufacturing in America, Europe and Japan. Chamber Executive Secretary Charles E. Duffy said those countries could include China, ndonesia, Korea and Malaysia. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 997 -MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS- Canada announces new auto emission measures - -- OTAWA (AP)-The Canadian "t hurts everybody in the ho se government announced new mea- whether they smoke or not." sures Monday to reduce pollutants Canada also is limiting the bcn-! from motor vehicles and fuels. zene content of gasoline to one per- ' New emission standards for cars, cent- abouthalfof current ' starting with 998 models, will re- 999, annual emissions of benzene duce hydrocarbons by percent will be reduced by about, ton~. and nitrogen oxide by 6 percent, Marchi said said Environment Minister Sergio Marchisaidthetougherstandarcfa Marchi. for new cars and fuels will only be "Automobile emissions are the effectivewithregularinspectionand envirorunental equivalent of chain maintenance, areas which are under smoking in thehome,"marchisai~~--~rov~cial control. J ~ -, o' U) ti ::!, (D -+ -< z CD ~ U) D D (D -, ~ n Q. ~ -, B' C -+ (D Q. Q. Q. -< C -+ CD -+ U) :' ;,;::: :-< "'CJ C Q. ;,;::: p' "'CJ " D ~- i

13 -MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VE'--'W~S~---'.:W'...':E:::D::cN~E~S'..':'.D:.::A~Yc::.--"M..'..'.A~R~C:::..'.H~5,c..!l_c'._99"-'7' McVeigh lawyer accuses paper By STEVEN K. PAULSON DENVER (AP) - Timothy 'McVcigh's lawyer demanded an in \'estigation Monday of The Dallas Morning News, accusing the newspaper of stealing hundreds of files tium his computer. including a purpoedconfession from the Oklaloma City bombing defenda!lt. Stephen Jones, while denying that the statemem was in fact a confession. said: "There is no justification whatever for this criminal act." Morning News lawyerpaul Watler said the newspaper "mel the highest etlical standmds." "We did not break any laws," he we have no fear of criminal repercussions: Jones said that the newspaperbroke into tle defense's computer files and obtained hundreds of documents for ROOMS FOR RENT (Barracks) at Chalan Kanoa Contact: Perla Tel. 5-6 LAND FOR SALE OR LEASE,9 square meters Located al Papago near Saipan Botanical Garden Water, Power and Telephone Line S8. per square meters Call: 88-7 s-~, Saipan Sunset,,,.,.. ": - ~ Cruise, nc. Has immediate need for Part Time Waitress. Local hire only For more information pis. Call: Tel # -8//8 t :( : ', ~.. ~,/ "..,.... Timothy McVeigh's McYeigh and co-defendant Terry Nichols, as well as 5,(XX) FB files. Jones offered no proof that theft was committed. n a story the newspaperpublished online Friday - the deadline for, potential jurors to respond to a court questionnaire - the newspaper cited whatitsaid was a defense memorandum that said Mc Ve_igh admitted lo driving the explosives-laden truck that demolished the Oklahoma City ' HOUSE FOR RENT Bedroom House, Semi-Concrete Furnished with air-<:on Located in Marpo Heights, Tinian Rent $5. Firm Contact: Norman after 6 p.m. at -57 or Frank al -67. APARTMENT FOR RENT Stucfio T Jle - $5-$/mooth Bedroom - $5/month Utility excluded, newly reovated Concrete bldg. on nd fir; Goo:! ocean view, waler & power furnished; n Koblerville; Single or couple only; Tel.: - PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY CNM GOVERNMENT NVTATON TO BD TB NO.: T FOR : PROCUREMENT OF A VEHCLE OPENNG DATE: MARCH 9, 997 TME: : P.M. GOVERNOR FROLAN C. TENORO AND LT. GOVERNOR JESUS C. BORJA, THROUGH THE DVSON OF PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY, ARE SOLCTNG COMPETTVE SEALED BDS TO QUALFED NDVDUALS DR FRMS FOR PROCUREMENT OF A VEHCLE. NTERESTED NDVDUALS OR FRMS MAY PCK-UP BD FORMS AND SPECFCATONS AT THE OFFCE OF THE DRECTOR, PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY. LOWER BASE, SAPAN, DURNG WORKNG HOURS (7; A.M. TO P.M.) ls/edward B. PALACOS DRECTOR, DVSON OF PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY Full time, local hire. Experience needed. Driver's License & Police Clearance are required. Please contact: Mr. Noel Taisacan Human Resource Manager ~ TRPLE J SAPAN.NC. Chalan Kanoa Tel. No.: -795 i J ;! =t;~i #n ; ~~ii BARRACKS FOR LEASE $8,. or for rent $,/month with rooms available. LEAVNG THE SLAND FOR SALE. Refrigerator, Cash Register, Aircondition, Gas Stove, Counter and many more Please call Cindy at 5-8 or Peter from : noon federdl building in April 995. Te memo said he chose a daytime attack to ensue a "body count" "tisnota legitimate defense memorandum," Jon;s "t is not a confession of Tim McYeigh." Asked about Jones' demand for an investigation, U.S. Justice Depattment spokeswoman Leesa Brown said, "Right now we have not eceived anything fonnally from him." Michael Tigar, Nichols' lawyer, said the only documents he gave to Jones were witness statements that have also been given to prosecutors. "None of Mr. Nichols' confidential internal memoranda or attorney client privileged materials have been compromised." Jones said he is considering asking for a 9-<lay delay in the trial as a "cooling-off period." He also said he would seek to have the trial moved if the newspaper published any more stories from the documents. He also said he would file a complaint with the Texas Supreme Court asking for an investigation into Child... Continued from page the re port added. There were 6 males and 66 females who were referred to the division by the police department because of allegations of criminal actions and status offenses. The highest form of offense committed by these youths is consumption of liquor by a minorwhich involved 99 youths and followed by theft with 7 kids. The third highest is disturbing the peace with 6 youths, followed by curfew violation with Sablan... Continued from page Variety. "But now that ii is on the table, the Legislature will ha~e to determine the fate of the executive order." he Executive Order 97- provides for the creation of a Northern Marianas Power Authority (NMPA) and a Northern Marianas Water Authority. The order was transmitted to the Legislature last week and will become law after 6 days, unless the lawmaking body, through majority votes in both houses, disapprove of or modify it. According to the CUC chairman, whatever is done about the E.O., caution should be employed to ensure the public's interest is safeguarded. "We really should scrutinize it more carefully, find out the benefits and disadvantages," said Sablan. One of the disadvantages Sablan sees is that water and sewer operations may be adversely affected because a separate entity would mean power revenues cou d no longer subsidize such operations. le noted that while power operations under CUC is cun cntly in the black, its water and sewer divisions rnntinue lo be subsidized with the utility firm's power revenues. whether the reporter, Pete Slover, who is also a lawyer, should be disbaired. n 99, Slover pleaded no contest to trespassing for enteing the Ellis County clerk's office after it closed and spending two s there alone. He told his editors he entered the building through an unlocked side door to see if a clerk could show him. records related to a double homicide. At the time, newspaper executives said it was a misunderstanding and said Slover did not intend to break the law. He was placed on six montls probation, fined $,(XX) and ordered to perform 5 s of community service. Before Jones' news conference, Morning News executives filed a statement in court saying they would not report any meinfmmation''from material used as the source of the previous ruticles." The newspaper said it "emains sensitive to the tension between Mr. McYeigh's fair trial rights and the national public interest in this case." 5, then criminal mischief with, the report showed. Other cases lesser in prevalence committed by youths include assault and battery which involved 8 offenders; theft of vehicle, ; illegal possession of controlled substance, 7; and 9 assaults witl a dangerous weapon. By village or place of residence, the highest number of cases reported wasingarapaninvolving 7youths; followed by Koblerville with 65; from ili'llan Kaoa; 5 fromdandan; from San Antonio; 9 from San Jose; 8 from San Vicente and 7 from Tanapag. By etlmicity, 6 % or 6 of tle Water and sewer services are not considered money-making ventures, said Sablan, so making water operations work could be a major concern. "f power is left alone, it can mean benefits to the public, like a reduction in power rates as it is a money-making' operation. But water is a different thing and our leaders should come up with startup capitalization to ensure it is workable," said Sablan. t could be recalled that past CUC officials attributed the agency's cash flow and other financial difficulties to the lack of OPA. o. Continued from page nual salaries ranging from $5, to $7,, the report "The result of ouraudils showed that several government agencies sti bcl icve that they are not subject to the Compensation Adjustments Act," the report Some agencies told OPA that their autonomous status allowed them to compensate officials without any restriction tl\ to the amount of their salaries. Other agencies, including the Governor's Office, claimed that the salaries of their officials were authorized under the budget worksheets accompanying the annual appropriation act passed Editor Ralph Langer said the statement was in answer to concerns about distupting the uial. He said the informationalreadypublishedbythenewspaperwasofovenidingpublicsignificance, but "any further ruticles based onthedefensereport~wouldnotriscto the same level of importance." All copies of the materials were turned over to the newspaper's lawyers for safekeeping, the Morning News Jones demanded that the documents be returned, saying they belong to the U.S. government DPL... Continued from page to which the bombs are dispersed in the area," Camacho Camacho, citing unconfinned reports, said Marpi used to be a bomb storage point during the war. Bombs, she said, are concentrated in one of two plateaus where some 9 lots have been appropriated. total 7 juvenile offenders are of CNMidescent(ChamorrosandCarolinians), followed by % or 7 from other Micronesian is!ands, and 7% or from other ethnicities. n the age group yean; old or younger, there was 5% of juvenile cases or 6 cases. ne age group of to 5 years old accounted for8%orof juvenile cases. Sixteen year olds or older accounted for 7% or 6 of juvenile cases. The DYS statistics showed that in 996, the 7 reported juvenile cases, marked a 7% increase from previous calendar year. government capitalization when the agency began operating in the late 98s. Sablan said the Legislature, being the appropriation arm of government, should be able to allocate the funds needed for the creation of this new entity, including capital improvement funds for water and sewer infrastructure. A, fara,cuc isconcemed,sablan said the Board's role would be to pepaie and facilitate tle transition if and when the E.O. pushes through or a bill is enacted to create the two proposed utility entities. by' the Legislature. n addition, the Governor's office argued that it can employ more than one person as Governor's Legal Counsel, as appointed position with a salary ceiling of $6, to semi-autonomous and autonomous agencies, and the effect of budget worksheets on existing laws regulating compensation within the government. Toensurecompliancewithlheact, OPA recommended that the Legislature "make it abundantly clear" that the government saliu-y ceiling is,pplicable to all government agencies, including tlse that me semi-autonomous mid autonomous." OP/\ also urged the Legislature to introduce a legislation that will claiif y tlc applicability of the government salai-y ceiling. ~tmarianas %rietri~ cassifi.ed Ads Section ~mployment Wanted Job Vacancy. Announcement ARCON & REF. TECHNCAN-Salary: $9.-$,. per month Contact: TOWN HOUSE, NC. dba Town House Shopping Center/Payless Supermarket Tel. -6 (/ S)W65 PRESS OPERATOR-Salary: $.5-8. Contact: YOUNS ART STUDO, NC. Tel. 6 (/5)W65 BUl~DNG MANTENANCE (RE PAR)-Salary: $.75 Contact: KWEK'S ENTERPRSES Tel (/5)W7965 STORE MANAGER-Salary: $.5-.5 Contact: ASKA CORPORATON dba Niko Market Tel. -69(/ 5)W795 SECURTY GUARD-Salary: $.5.5 Contact: HANOM NVESTMENT (SAPAN), NC. Tel. -5(/ 5)W7957 AUTO MECHANC-Salary: $6. 8. per month Contact: PACFC PRME, NC. dba Shell Tel. 9(/5)W7958 WATRESS-Salary: $.5 Contact: MARANA SEASDE DEVEL OPMENT CORP. dba Bras Restaurant Tel (/5)W7959 TOUR COUNSELOR-Salary: $.5-.5 Contact: DARL CORPORATON dba Dae Kun Tour Tel (/ 5)W796 CASHER-Salary: $.5 Contact: FRANCSCO M. & CARNA CABRERAdba Jaena's Manpower Services Tel. 56- SCREEN PRNTER-Salary: $.5 Contact: HP SHNG (SAPAN), NC Tel. -88(/5)W796 DENTAL ASSSTANT-Salary: $5. Contact: SAPAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTST CLNC dba Family Dentistry/Optical Clinic Tel. -668(/ 5)W7966 SALES REPRESENTATVE-Salary: S5. Contact: SEASHORE NC. Tel (/5)W797 PLUMBER-Salary: $.5-.5 per RENFORCNG STEEL WORKER Salary: $.5-.5 PANTER-Salary: $.5-.5 per MASON-Salary: $.5-.5 CARPENTER-Salary: $.5-.5 per GOLF COURSE MANTENANCE LABORER-Salary: $.5-.5 COOK-Salary: $,.-,5. per month STRUCTURAL ENGNEER-Salary: $.5-5. OPERATONS MANAGER-Salary: $,.-,5. per month STOCKROOM CLERK-Salary:. $.5-.5 ACCOUNTANT-Salary: $.5-. SUPERVSOR. CONSTRUCTON Salary: $.5-. Contact: KAN PACFC SAPAN, LTD. Tel. 69(/)W6557 OPERATONS AGENT-Salary: $.5-.5 Contact: JESUS S. BARCNAS dba Marianas Freight Services Tel. - 69(/7)M86 VETERNARY ASST.-Salary: $58.66 per month VETERNARAN-Salary: $,5. per month Contact: EUGENE R. CLOTHER, DVM dba Saipan Veterinary Hospital Tel. 787(/)W665 SECURTY GUARD-Salary: $.5 Contact: ROBERT/MARGARET SN GUEVARRA dba R&M Manpower Services Tel (/)W876 MANTENANCE REPARER-Salary: $9.9 Contact: SAM MARANAS, NC. Tel. -(/)W877 TOUR COORDNATOR-Salary: $,5. per month Contact: SHANE NOVAK dba Read the Sea Creations, nc. Tel. -67(/ )W87B 5 ACCOUNTANT-Salary: $.65 per 6 CONSTRUCTON WORKERS-Salary: $.5 Contact: TRPT CORPORATON dba Help Supply Services Tel. 5-7 (/ )W88 WATRESS-Salary: $.5 COOKS-Salary: $.5 Contact: K.C. POON'S NC. dba Peon's Restaurant Tel. -697(/ )W885 OPERATONS MANAGER-Salary: $.5 ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT-Salary: $.5 Contact: LUZVMNDA S. NDALECO dba Jacie's Manpower Agency Tel ()W886 MANTENANCE SUPERVSOR-Sal ary: $.5-.5 Contact: MATAS L. BTANCOR dba MLB Machine Shop Tel. -697(/ )W888 ELECTRONCS TECHNCAN-Salary: $.5 Contact: SORA NC dba Machtronics Tel. 5-6(/)W889 ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT-Salary: $.5 Contact: SLAND AMUSEMENT COR PORATON Tel. 5-8(/ )W89 WATER/WATRESS-Salary: S.5 Contact: PACFC TRADNG CORPO RATON, LTD. Tel. -668(/ )W89 NTERPRETER-Salary: S.5 per 5 HOSTESS/HOST-Salary: S.5 per Contact: AMERCAN FUCHENG COR PORATON Tel. -668(/ )WBD9 ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT-Salary: $.5 5 ACCOUNTANTS-Salary: $.65 per COMMERCAL CLEANER-Salary: $.5 Contact: VRGLO J, & LOURDES M PERAL dba V & L Enterprises Tel ()W89 SEWER-Salary: $.5 CASHER-Salary: $.5 ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT-Salary: $.5 Contact: JOSE A. SAN NCOLAS dba JO & TES Enlerprises Tel. 56-8(/ )W895 ELECTRCAN-Salary: $.5 per DELVERY TRUCK DRVER-Salary: $.5 MANTENANCE CARPENTER-Salary: $.5 Contact: A AND T NCORPORATON Tel. 5-8(/)W896 ACCOUNTANT-Salary: $.-7.5 Contact: HLL LAW OFFCES Tel (/)W8 MANAGER, ASST. RESTAURANT Salary: $.-6. WATER/WATRESS-Salary: $.5.75 BAKER-Salary: $.5-$5. 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Contact: L & FUNG (EXPORTS) LM TED Tel. -5 (/)W8 AUTO MECHANC-Salary: $.5 per CLEANER, HOUSEKEEPNG-Salary: $.5 Contact: KAN PAClFC SAPAN, LTD. Tel. -69(/9)W667 FASTFOOD WORKER-Salary: S.5 5. Contact: J.C.A., nc. dba McDonald's of Saipan Tel (/9)W675 WATCH REPARER-Salary: $. Contact: BLUEBELL NC. Tel (/9)W8 MANTENANCE REPARER, BULDNG-Salary: $.5 Contact: CHALAN KYA CRCLE APARTMENT Tel. 5-66(/ 9)W88 6 WATRESS-Salary: $.5 Contact: AN Y. GOLD NC. dba Poppy Karaoke Club Tel (/ 9)W8 SALES CLERK-Salary: $.5 per Contact: MONKA STAFFLER dba Monika's Gallerie Tel. -(/ 9)W8 SEAMSTRESS-Salary: $.5 per SNGER-Salary: $7. Contact: C.P.Y. VENTURES (SAPAN), LTD. Tel. 5-6(/9)8 NSTRUCTOR, SCUBA DVNG Salary: $,.-,5. per month Contact: PAN -PACFC TOURS, NC. dba Saipan lnt'. Diving School(/ 9)85 SALES SUPERVSOR-Salary: $.5 BUTCHER-Salary: $.5 Contact: SYLVA CORPORATON Tel. 5-78(/9)W87 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-5 DEADLNE: : noon the day prior to publication NOTE:lfsomereasonyouradvertisementisincorrect.callusimmediatelyto make the necessary corrections. The Morla nos Varieiy NewsandViewsis responsible onry,foroneincorrectinsertion. WereseNetherighttoedit, refuse. rejectorcancelanyadatanyime. 7 OVERHAULER (SEWNG MA CHNE REPARER)-Salary: $ COOK-Salary: $.9-8. FNSHNG SUPERVSOR-Salary: $.9-. ASST. SHPPNG MANAGER-Salary: $.9-. SHPPNG MANAGER-Salary: $5.-. SHPPNG SUPERVSOR-Salary: $.9-. PRODUCTON MANAGER-Salary: $5.-8. ADMNSTRATVE MANAGER-Salary: $5.-. QUALTY CONTROL SUPERV SOR-Salary: $.9-. SEWNG SUPERVSOR-Salary: $.9-.5 ASST. SALES MANAGER-Salary: $.9-. SALES MANAGER-Salary: $5.. ACCOUNTANT-Salary: $.5-. GENERAL MANAGER-Salary: $8.-. CUTNG SUPERVSOR-Salary: $.9-. TME KEEPER-Salary: $.9-5. SEWNG SUPERVSOR-Salary: $.9-. ASST. GENERAL MANAGER-Salary: $ SEWNG MACHNE OPERATOR Salary: $.9-5. ASStSTANT ADMNSTRATVE-Salary: $5.-. Contact: TOP FASHON CORPORA TON Tel (/)W89 - Two-Bedroom Apartment at Dandan, San Vicente - Fully furnished, wall to wall carpet, split-type AC all rooms, breeze atmosphere, with ocean view, spacious parking - s power & water Please call at Tel. 5-77/77 Ask for Cris or Mike N THE SUPEROR COURT OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF THE NORTHERN MARANA SLANDS n the Matter of the Eslate of ENRQUE B. SANTOS, Deceased. CVL ACTON NO NOTCE OF HEARNG ON FNAL DSTRBUTON Gonzalo Q. Santos. Administrator of the estate of Enrique B. Santos, deceased, has requested this Court for the Fina! Distribution of the estate of the decedent. The Petition for Final Distribution has been set for hearing before the Superior Court of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana slands, on the th day of March, 997, at the of : p.m. Dated this th day of February, 997. sl CLERK OF COURT ll~l!l,[t. il-t OPEN JEEP SAFAR KAR $,99 (976 Rebuilt) R/STND MiRAGE... $7,599 DR/AUTO EXCEL $,999 DR/AUTO MRAGE $8,99 FOR MORE NFO - Call 8B- MCROL NSURANCE, NC. Needs MOTOR CLAMS ADJUSTER Successful candidate must have sound mechanical knowledge, office skills and able to work within a team environment. nsurance Experience Preferred. Please submit your resume at Microl nsurance office at Ground Floor, Urn's Office Bldg., Car. Beach Road, San Jose, Saipan. No phone calls please. (67) # Tltto :NFDRMATON HOTLNE M Adversing Details & Rates (pp) THUNDER CORPORATON ':u&tom Screen Printing (pp) Corporate Premo. Products (5pp) Reson Promotional Products (pp) PoHieal Specially Ad. Products (Jpp) MACHlll WORLDWDE Wt.b Page Development (7pp) Docmet list # Tltte ASA-PACFC MANAGEMENT & NFORMATON SYSTEMS Training Course Agendas {6pp) 997 Training Schedule - Guam (p) 997 Training Schedule-Saipan (p) 997 Training Manila & Singapore ( p) 5 Enrollment Form ( p) Management Consulting (p) Document Sef'.Jices (p)

14 6-MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND VEWS-WEDNESDAY- MARCH 5, 997 EEK & MEEK by Howie Schneider THfY SAY lhat 'TRAV L' S GOlllG & l-\e 5'6 JVfSTME/vr OF THE. :sr. CEWURY. OKAY, GARf'.'ELD. THE LGHTS. AR ALL HUN&! PL.UC, 'ER N/ PEANUTS KNOW Wf.EN l'm NOT WANTED!,~ ~~ Jl STELLA WLDER DON'T l-ave TO STAY -\ERE c CAN LEAVE. '{OU KNOW! "--\r--" YOUR BRTHDAY By Stella Wilder Born today, you have a rather unusual nature, and you will be driven to attempt many diverse things in your lifetime. You will, no doubt, have many goals; though none may be primary in your thoughts, each time you work toward one you dedicate yourself to it as if it were the only one you had. Then, you will quickly and without warning shift gears, head in a new direction, and try something ne\\' - just to see if you can do it, and to explore how much enjoyment it can give you You know how to denve profit from pleasure, and vice versa. You are really good at telling people what to do, but there are times you would be better off simply doing what is required on your own. n that way, you can skip the middleman and be sure your expectations are met. You like to make the rules rather than follow them. Also born on this date arc: Samantha Eggar. actress: Dean Stockwell. actor: Laurence Tisch, executive. To sec what is in store for you tomorrow, find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be DATE BOOK March 5, 997 ;p~i,.,~~~~i T ~ T clny of winter. TODAY"S HSTORY: On this day in 77, five Americans were kilted and six injured when British troops opened lire on a taunting crowd in Boston. On this day in 9, President Franklin Roosevelt announced a O-day bank holiday as his first step in fighting the Great Depression. On this day in 96, Winston Churchill by Jim Davis ihe. ANNOAL BLOWNG, OOT OFTHENE~HBORHOOD POWE.R &RD by Charles M. Schulz DON T FORGET,i'LL!E TWENW-ONE N ANOTf.lER... 7~~ -.,!t.- JiL;..:.,,;?,:;.:«;_;;W"-"::::,:~::;:-"-;c_.. your daily guide. THURSDAY, MARCH 6 PSCES (Feb. 9-March ) - You will want to take special precautions today to ensure that mistakes are kept to a minimum. A setback now could be quite hazardous. ARES (March -April 9) - A surprise seems to appear out of nowhere today; how you react will detennine whether it is a boon or a liabilitv. TAURUS (April -May ) - Something precious to you may be temporarily lost today. Don't panic, you can recover it quickly if you put your mind to it and think methodically. GEMN (May -June ) - Take one thing at a time today; don't try to tackle too much that is risky or which demands undue strain. Make the unusual routine. CANCER (June -July ) -.You must be strong for someone who loves you today; you will be able to provide something that is needed very much at this time. LEO <July -Aug. ) - You can avoid criticism today by sim ply being flexible al all times. Of course, it will be hard to do that and to remain true to yourself. VRGO (Aug. -Sept. ) - You are in no position to call the popularized the term "ron Curtain" during a speech in Fulton, Mo. TODAY'S BRTHDAYS: Frank Norris (87-9), novelist; Lady sabella Au gusta Gregory (85-9), playwright; Rex Harrison (98!99), actor; Laurence A. Tisch (9-l, CBS chief, is 7; Dean Stockwell (96-), actor, is 6; Penn Jitlette (955 ). magician, is. TODAY'S SPORTS: On this day in 9, Frank Caruana of Buffalo, N.Y., bowled 9 straight strikes. TODAY'S QUOTE: "This great nation wilt endure as it has endured, will revive and prosper. So first of all let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - Franklin Roosevelt shots at the workplace, but if you play your cards right, you can gain more authority in the days to come. LBRA (Sept. -ct. ) - You are going to want to get in on the act today in some way. You must be sure that you are not do-. ing anything that belies your true nature. SCORPO (Oct. -Nov. ) - The number is likely to take on surprising significance at some point today. Coincidences abound. and they give you much food for thought. SAGTTARUS (Nov. -Dcc. ) - Take care that you're not being overly critical or derogatory about someone who is simply trying to do his or her best. Be supportive! CAPRCORN (Dec. -Jan. 9) - Your confidence is on the rise; don't allow it to slip today as someone is looking to you for something that demands inner strength. AQUARUS (Jan. -Feb. 8l - You may think you can't accomplish an assigned task today, but you're likely to find that once you're at work it will come natural ly. Copyright l!!!l7. tlnilcd ft alun~ Syndic.:;, m TODAY'S WEATHER: On this day in 959, windblown snow blanketed parts of the Midwest from Kansas to the G real Lakes. SOURCE: 997 Wcalhcr Guide Calendar; Accord Publishing, Lid. TODAY'S MOON: Between last quarter (March ) and new moon (March 8). [OJ lll!l97 NEWSPAPER ENTERPRSE ASSN. Most diamonds are between 8 million and 8 million years old. The word nausea derives from the Greek word for ship, "naus." 99 NEWSPAPER ENTERPRSE ASSN. CROSSWORD PUZZLER ACROSS Vase Pennies 9 Valerie Harper co-star (inits.) Witness City in Colorado Caviar 5 Matton "Melrose Place" 7 "Mod Squad" actress 9 Ticket end Plutonium symbol Ahletic buildings 5 Melric measure 7 High school formal dance Ending with velvet Happen A cont. 5 "- - Lay Sleeping" 6 Shy 7 n response 5 B 57 6 Q W-AT to 8 Once m three weeks Nice season Opposite of ecto Canal system in northern Michigan "Cheers" offering 5 Young D 7 - Minor 9-8. Johnson 5 Last syllable of a word 57 Ms. Thurman 58 Become twisted 6 Small barrel 6 t Totem pole 6 Yellow fever mosquito 6 The self DOWN Answer to Previous Puzzle United Feature Syndicate 6 M Av,v 8 Cut short 9 "The A Team" star Also Ship prefix Males formenc 6 Beast of Reno's St. burden s unable to 8 Young dog 5 nlets Lingerie -,---..,..,--,6,,-T7c;--,-;8;-- 9 DD E,EOR&E WAS-NGl"TON'S l=ail-ler e TELL e-!m W-EN JE SAW YOUNC:i WASHN&TON'S REPORT CARD;? 7 LEARN Tl-E ANSWER, USE 7-.(E KEY AND 5UB5TWTE LETTER FOR E.ACt-< OF Ti-,E CODE NUMBERS. option "Beau-" Long (for) Symbol for manganese 6 Fenced-in area 8 Providence's St. 9 Speak in a pompous manner Measuring device Mao - lung sauce to the wise 9 Cyprinoid fish Hawaiian limber tree Estrada D.._ Masterson" 6 Exercise system 8 nfirmities 9 llumination unit 5 Entertainer Sumac 5 - King Cole 5 Opp. of SSW 5 DOE 55 Ryan of "Courage Under Fire" 56 n the past 59 - hoc 7 : Unitod Feu:u e Syndicate. nc AclOlSH N NMOO 8N8 :lcl,noa SN\f Thursday 7: Friday 7: 9:5 Saturday : 7: 9:5 National Basketball Association Celtics avoid th straight loss TORONTO (AP) - The Boston Celtics avoided a record-breaking th straight loss Monday when reserve Todd Day scored 7 points in a 7- victory over the Toronto Raptors. The Celtics won for the first time since Feb., when they also won in Toronto. Boston's consecutive losses tied the team record set in The Celtics, whose 6 championships are the most in NBA history, improved to -6 this season, but are still on pace to break their record for losses in a season with 5. Boston also has the worst record in the Eastern Conference. Day scored 6 points in the fourth quarter. He helped put the Celtics ahead 9-8 when he followed up a missed shot and made a reverse layup with 5: remaining. BuUs 8, Bucks 9 n Chicago, Michael Jordan became the No. 7 scorer in NBA history, getting points in leading the Chicago Bulls over the Milwaukee Bucks. Jordan has 6,77 points- 9 more than San Antonio's Dominique Wilkins, who is injured. Averaging.8 points as he guns for an unprecedented ninth scoring title, Jordan is on pace to break into thetopfivebyseason'send.he's 8 points behind John Havlicek and behind Oscar Robetson. Jordan's career scoring average of l.9istle league's best ever. The defending champions improved to 5-7 overall and 8- at the United Center with their st consecutive home victory. King.s 8, Nets 95 n Sacramento, C;ilifornia, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf scored 8 of his points in the second half and the Sacramento Kings downed the New Jersey Nets. Ahead55-athalftime, the Kings quickly extended the lead early in the third quarter. Abdul-Rauf connected on three -pointers and had points as Sacramento built a 7-S lead. The Nets, trailing by points entering the fourth quarter, cut their deficit to on a -pointer by Kell)' Kittles midway through the period. But the Kings scored six straight points, the final two on a jumper by Abdul-Rauf, to take a lead with : left in the game. Utah, Golden State n San Jose, California, Karl Malonematchedhisseasonhighwith points, including 7 in the fourth quarter, as Utah held off Golden State for its th victory in games. Malone shot l&of-5 from the field and scored 8 points in the second half, when Utah stretched out a 5- halftime lead with a - run opening the third quarter. Falcons sign Buchanon SUWANEE, Ga (AP) - The Atlanta Falcons took a major step toward upgradingtheirwoefulpassdefensemonday by signing comerback Ray Buchanan to a four-year, $ million contracl The Falcons offered the 5-yearold Buchanan, designated the ndianapolis Coll~' transition player, the contract last Tuesday. ndianapolis had a week to decide whether to match the proposal, but chose not to and Buchanan joins the Falcons without compensation to the Colts. As a transition player, Buchanan is guaranteed the average 9% salary of thcnfl's Ohighest-paidcornerbacks, which was $.787 million in 997. The Falcons arc in dire need of defensive help, especially in the secondary where five players started at comerback last season. The team ranked 7th in the NFL in pw;s defense. The5-foot-9, 95-pound Buchanan started 6 consecutive regular-season and postseason games for ndianapolis before injuring a thigh against the New York Jets in la~t sea<;n 's second game. He missed three ganes. NBA's, Club National Basketball Association players who have scored, or more points (x-active):. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Will Chamberlain. Moses Malone. Elvin Hayes 5. Oscar Robertson 6. John Havlicek 7. x-michael Jordan 8. x-dominique Wilkins 9. Alex English. Jerry West. x-karl Malone. x-robert Parish. Adrian Dantley. Elgin Baylor 5. x-hakeem Olajuwon 6. Larry Bird 7. Hal Greer 8. x-charles Barkley 9. x-patrick Ewing. Walt Bellamy. Bob Pettit. George Gervin. x-clyde Drexler. x-tom Chambers 8,87,9 7,9 7, 6,7 6,95 6,77 6,58 5,6 5,9,9,8,77,9,95,79,586,555,978,9,78,78,59,6 Buchanan, who played at Lcuisville, was a third-round draft choice by ndianapolis in 99. He began his career as a free safety and was moved to comerback during the 99 season. He had eight interceptions that season, returning three for touchdowns. Buchanan has played in 65 games, with 5 starts n four seasons. TEAM STANDNGS Last Week's High Scores (Week of /8) High Scratch Game-Team PSTC Bowlers Saipan Stevedore Wushin Corporation Panthers Security Microl/T oyota High Scratch Game Ayuban, Abundio Villarin, Ernie Rebusada, Jess Macaspac, Art Manacop, Simon Score Score 9 High Handicap Game-TeamScore Microl/Toyota 78 Advance Marketing 67 PSTC Bowlers 66 Saipan Stevedore 5 Duty Free Shoppers High Handicap Game Score Ayuban, Abundio 8 Villarin, Ernie 56 Macaspac, Art 5 Aizon. Ben 5 Borja, Gene High Scratch Series-Team Wushin Corporation 77 Panthers Security 698 PSTC Bowlers 695 Saipan Stevedore 67 L& W65 High Scratch Series Score Borja, Gene 57 Rebusada, Jess 6 Villarin. Ernie 588 Manacop. Simon 58 Macaspac, Art 58 High Handicap Serles-Team Score Wushin Corporation t Duty Free Shoppers 998 PSTC Bowlers 98 Panthers Securiiy 968 Microl/T oyota 9 High Handicap Serles Score Borja, Gene 567 Quanico, Willy 655 Villarin, Ernie 65 Macaspac, Art 6 Lamson, Wency 6 SSA... Continued from page 8 Torres also said the SSA will have a final meeting regarding the two leagues this coming Friday, March 7, 5 p.m. at the Gilbert C. Ada Gym's Conference Room. All coaches and team managers who are interested to participate in the both leagues are requested to attend the important meeting. n a related event, Torres also announced that application forms for the forthcoming 997 Gatorade/Miller Lite Triple Crown Saipan Tournament are now available. The Triple Crown Saipan Leg, which is tentatively set to open on March until the 6th, features three divisions-the Men's Upper, Lower and Women's Brackets. "The tournament will serve as a qualifying event to any of the Triple Crown's series of international softball championships. t will be open to the first 6-9 teams (for the three divisions) on a first-come, first served basis," Torres added. Application forms are available at Torres Refrigeration and the tournament fee is pegged at $5 per team. For more information, please contact Joe Torres at (Editors note: The Variety staff would like to extend its condolences to Francisco (Tan Ko) Palacios and his family due to the death of Tan Rufina Palacios.) Rising.. Continued from page 8 Mendiola and Richard Zandueta combined for points. Raymond Tolentino lcdfakpi 's losing bid with. Nestor Cantos added while Edwin Acuyan had. The game between defending champions, the UMDA Aces and Rep. David Apatang Sixers was cancelled due to lack of table officials. AM back. Continued from page 8 WEDNESDA y: MAifr':j-( s; i 997 -MARANAS VARETY NEWS AND vrnws:7 pin advantage after three games. PS improved to slate while Toshiba remained in th spot with a 6- mark. Wushin Corporation won against Kang' s Corporation, -. Wu shin knocked,,,9 and 96 pins for a three game series of,. Kang's could only muster 99;957and l,7fora,9pin aggregate. Wushin remained a win and a half wins adrift PS with -6 mark. Kang' s fell one rung lower, from sixth to seventh, with its 9- tally. n tle remaining pairings, L& W prevailed over cellar dwelling Joeten Enterprises, - and Duty Free Shoppers (DFS) drew with Microl/Toyota, -. L&W is still in fifth overall with -9 while the Joeten team brings the rear with a effort. Micro! and DFS occupy the eight and ninth slots with and 7- slates respectively..'.. _,_ Sportsbits. l. Club Ten Golf Association's March Ace Tournament The Club Ten Golfers will have their Ace of March Tournament at Marianas Country Club (Marpi) on Saturday March 9, 997. Tee off time 6: am. will be at and show time is 5: am. For more infonnalion please contact the following: Annie Pickelsimer 66-86; Rudy Sablan -695; Perry Tenorio 66-6; Jack Tenorio -9. Amigo's Golf Club March Qualifying and Ace Tournaments The Amigos Golf Club will have Turtles... Continued from page 8 and Anton riarte went for for Senyavins, Jojo Attao hit a -run homer in his first time at bat and was given a free ticket thereafter for Luv You Man. Kool Running 5, Warriors 5 Game V: Kool Running and Warriors played tra innings but couln 't break the tie ( 5 to 5) when the time expired and therefore the game was re-scheduled per league rules. Sid Sablan was for, Jack Santos hit a -run doubled and Sumang Reungel doubled twice and hit a triple for Kool Running. Mabel Ngirngemelas hit an-inside a park homer, Wise Aguon hit a -run double and Carfield Sablan homered to lead the Warriors. Aschooschoo, Bombers Game V: There is time for everything, a time to lose and a time to win. Aschooschoo has gone winless in five outings, but on this day, it was their turn to win and they did it in a classic ending over one of the toughest team in Palau League, the Bombers, to. Going into the 7th inning down one run, Kos am Jordan led off the inning with a game-tying homer, with one out Emery Kaipat hit an inside the park homer to win their first game of the season. Kalle gisomar contributed a -run double earlier and Jahnsen Shiprit went for with a homer to lead Aschooschoo. Patrick Tenorio went forwith a double and two -run homers in the losing effort. G-Force, Tarzans Game V: Jess Omar had a per- Finals... Continued from page 8 Castro and Santos again made the big plays with Florence Calvo, Aria Actuuka, Tina Sablan, Lani Sablan and Francella Olupai providing solid support as the Knights won the first set by two, 5-. Aschoscho, with Ruslyn Billy and Sharma ginoef even appeared of nailing the first set after taking a one point lead, -. Calvo, however, came to MCS' rescue by rifling two service winners to give back the lead to the Knights for good, -. After several sideouts, Olupai gave MCS a one set lead after serving the much needed 5th point that ended the first set. Aschoscf,o opened the second set with a - lead for a hot start. n the next play, Santos and Tina Sablan rattled the next three points for MCS to take a one point their qualifying for Ace of March on Sunday March, 997 at Marianas Country Club (Marpi). Tee off time will be at 6: am. and it will be Open to the first 6 golfers. For more information please contact Rudy Sablan at -695 or Alex Aginingoc at -56. Ace Tournament: The Amigos Golf Club will have their Ace of March Tournament at Marianas Country Club (Marpi) on Sunday, March, 997. Tee off time will be at 6: am. For more information please contact Rudy Sablan at -695 or Alex Aginingoc at -56. feet day going for, doubles and a triple and scored times, Jeff Cabrera had an identical outing for with doubles, but instead of a triple, he homered and scored times and Alex Olopai contributed a homeras UMDA G-Force shut-out a tough Tarzans team in 5 innings of play, to. As a team, Tarzan managed to gamer only hits in 5- innings of play. Sedi Kau 7, Stingray Game V: Only nine (9) Thai House Stingray players suited up forthe game (the th player came to the field without a uniform) and had to forfeit their game in three innings to Sedi Kau, Final score 7 to. Ambassadors, Ngeaur 6 Game V: Dennis Olkeriil had only one hit but got on base times and scored four runs, Tony Moreham was for with - walk, a double and a-run homer, Riang Yoshino hit doubles and Finley Ngewakl added a double, but it was glove which did the talkingmaking5 spectacularcatch at rd base to lead Aimeliik Ambassadors to a to 6 victory over Budget Rent a Car Ngeaur. Fuji Sue] led Ngeaur offense going for including a -run triple. Spec 5, Kepelol 5 Game X: Noel gnacio homered twice and drove-in runs, Poland Yamada hit a solo homer, Louis N girakelau was for with a walk md -rnn homer mid Winsor Peter went for with doubles and drove-in rnns to lead Pepsi Spec to a 5-inning 5 to 5 victoy over Kepelol. Nixon hit a - run triple to lead Kepelol 's offense. lead but Aschoscho came back with Loma and Amalia to regain the driver's seat, With the two teams locked on a tight game, the Knights finally gained the headway by gunning five straight points for a four point spread, -6. ginoef tried to bring her team back in the fight but the deficit proved too much to overhaul as the Knights matched whatever Aschoscho could give. Aschoscho managed to come within two, -, -but Actuuka ensured that the Knights would not be denied of a cle,~ sweep by serving the game's last two points. The loss dropped Aschoscho into a tic with the Flyers for the second and third slots. Tournament organizers gave Aschoscho the number two seeding because the Flyers forfeited two of their previous games. The semifinals will start at 5 p.m.,

15 Knights complete unprecedented sweep Finals berth at st Team Standings w L By Erel A. Cabatbat MCS Knights Aschoscho 7 5 TOP QUALFER and title favorite Mt. Carmel School Knights Flyers 7 5 will face fourth seeded Lady Lady Dreamers 6 6 Dreamers for the first finals berth GCA Eagles 8 while Aschoscho and the Flyers will figure in the other as the 997 SCS Angels 9 Volleyball League enters Angels 9 its semifinal round tonight at the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Hideo Noma throws in an inter-squad spring training game in Vero Beach, Fl. AP Photo 997 slandwide Men's Basketball League Rising Stars thrash Fakpi Team Standings Toyota Wheels UMDA Aces Lite Ol'Aces MGD Brothers Napu-GCS slanders SB Sunrisers Rising Stars RCA Laolao-Fakpi Sixers w L By Erel A. Cabatbat THE RSNG Stars, CNM's Youth Team, relied on better teamwork to score their third win in nine games against ousted LaoLao Bay GolfReson-Fakpi, last Monday in the Jone completed match in the Basketball Association of the Northern Mariana slands' 997 slandwide Men's Basketball League at the Gilbert C. Ada Gym. With O players scoring six points or more, the Rising Stars proved too much for Fakpi which only fielded six men in the court. Dave Sablan topscored for the Rising Stars with 8 points while Randy Pelisiman had. Ponce Rasa and Wayne Pua added points apiece. Promising slotman Joe Lifoifoi,JawnJoyner,Joey Dela Cruz, Shawn Seman, Francis Contf nued on page 'l.7 Gilbert C. Ada Gym. 5-7 then came back later in the The Knights completed a sweep evening to prevail in straight sets of the double round robin regular against Aschoscho, 5- and season by winning their last two 5-. games against the Saipan Com- The Knights relied on the inmunity School Angels and spired plays by J acoba Castro and Aschoscho last Monday en route Dionne Santos, the team's co-capto winning the pennant. tains, to repeat over the Angels. Mt. Carmel defeated the SCS Castro scored seven service Angelsin the first game, 5-9 and winners in the first set while ;;if!iiiiliiiii~':::;~:~z~!? :rplirl~tdj. ''P. th... Seclirij' ',~, """5'5 ;5'' "'"59'' ~' tlr,i~;t~itt tlf :, a,: QJty f,~,;: r:,,~; 7,!i. :;t..5 ;:,5.8 ::;il!> ii?~.,,,,,~~!~{-~+,,,..van.etyfi(e~.,sl~ff...,, ". i,. ': (AM) :with.a:lea.....,...z.,,;, ADVA.NCE:,... ;.Ma'tketif s wfrifoss late,..,'f,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,. '., '': -'>,. ' ' '",.;o,,,. ' " :'! "'.'.,, :' ~ "',,,,, ',,,, ',,,'t.,.,.,:\f ", "~",,f ~,.),' ';,,,.,,,. r,,,"'" ;..,,..,' "-.. ~atpati s'~v.~iif i{c~,;f iip} '.'_66J~~c<i,) ~:tci}brii~iion'.." :. ". tr Y, 'comti:'.... g ii R with....,. bf.. 'ig:g[ 'amesiri.... ' back to secahci';;:ifeflibsorbin 'a'' : y....,, :,:'fl:,,.,,,_,,,,.,..,..,.,...,g,.. '._the. last two/g~me$.;: t:, whip!.. : ~-f,s~tgack: f,rbni''dlli.t:ps'.tc;\ l :n~~{~jf~~i~~~~5;~;t;r.... ~n ~~;i/f&j~~r~,, Jitr.:. gain the overall }eaclershlp m. posted:by PSTC:m the first two the Friday Jntercommercial games cushioned a loss in the League at the Saipan Bowling third game f<>r th(-lvfotory.. Center. SS fell one wiri behind AM with The team which lost the lead~ -9 record. ership to Saipan Stevedore in Panthers Security{PS) mainthe previous round after its tained its hold of the third slot month long winning streak by 'defeating Toshiba,,6- ended, completed the - vie- 95; ; 975-8(58 fo: an tory with its superior pin total of insunnountable - lead.,95 pins compared to Halina' s PS completed the week with a,7. - decision due to its 7 total The three victories gave back Continued on page 7 Men's Fastpitch and Women's Slowpitch SSA postpones league openings By Erel A. Cabatbat DUE TO the unexpected death of the mother of Saipan Softball Association's ~hief statistician Ray Palacios, the SSA has decided to postpone the opening of its Women's Slowpi tch and Men's Fastpitch Leagues. The announcement came from SSA president Joe Torres as the SSA extends its condolences to the Palacios family. The Women's League which was originally scheduled to open last Monday will open on March while the Men's Fastpitch, originally slated to open next Monday, will start on March 7. "Hopefully, the postponement Joe Torres ' f will give enough time for Ray and the rest of the Palacios family to recover from their tragic loss, " ToTes continued on page Santos presided in the second set for the win. The Angels ended their campaign with a -9 win Joss slate. n the second game, Aschoscho provided the Knights with a stiffer challenge but their rallies fell short as MCS remained unscathed in the tournament. Continued on page 7 Turtles,' Red Torch win Dlvlson "A".. Turtles. Red Torch. Ambassadors. Koror Tigers 5. Warriors 6. OK&A's 7. Angaur 8.Tarzans 9. UMDA G. Force. Cool Running. MGD Kabekel. Hustlers Team Standing Division "B". Senyavins. Pepsi SPEC. Tres Rai. Luv You Man 5. YCO Servistar 6. Bombers 7. Thai House Stingrays 8. Odesangel 9. Kepelok. Sedi Kau. Aschooschoo. COP 7 Tamers Win 5 Win 5 5 Loss 5 Loss 5 6 By Patrick Tellel for the Variety YCO, Tres Rai Game : Brothers Greg and Tony Camacho led the YCO Servis tar to a 6th inning - ruirrule victory over Tres Rai, -. Tony Camacho was for with two homers, scored runs, and drove-in 5, while Greg went for with a walk, homers and drove in five runs. Jerome Salas went for for Tres Rai. Red Torch 5, Hustlers 9 Game : John Sablan, Johnny Sokau and Johnny Kloulubak all homered and Benito chikawa was perfect for to Jed Red Torch to a 5 to 9 victory over Hustlers. Jester Garcia went for for the Huslter, including a -run triple. Senyavins, Luv You Man8 Game : Senyavins improved their record to 5 wins against no losses as they prevailed over a powerful Luv You Man team, to 8. Mike tripled and hit a -mn homer and droe in runs, Alfonso Luzama doubled and trippled, Continued on page 'l :. --., \ > :::> ~-,.'..