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2 Commencement SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017 Viejas Arena, San Diego CA

3 THE HISTORY OF ASHFORD UNIVERSITY FOUNDING The history of Ashford University begins in 1891, when Father John Murray invited the Sisters of St. Francis to help him teach students in Clinton, Iowa. By 1893, the Sisters were able to purchase some land in Clinton, on which they established their mother house and the Mount St. Clare Academy, a prep school for girls. The Academy and mother house quickly outgrew their old building. In 1910, the mother house and the academy moved into the newly constructed Mount St. Clare building. Seeing a need for teachers in Clinton County and the surrounding area, the Sisters founded Mount St. Clare College, the predecessor to Ashford University, in At that time, the Mount St. Clare Academy, College, and Convent were all housed in the same building.

4 EXPANSION In 1950, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools first accredited Mount St. Clare College. Following the accreditation, the school quickly began to expand. The sisters moved into an adjoining convent building in A new library and gym were opened a few years later. During the 60s, the Science Hall was opened. And in 1967, the college became coeducational. For the school year, the college received approval for its first four-year degree, a Bachelor s program in business administration. The following year, the Mount St. Clare Academy merged with St. Mary s High School in Clinton, forming Mater Dei High School (now known as Prince of Peace Academy). With the space freed by the academy s merger, the school began to offer additional four year programs. In 1997, the sisters moved off campus into their new mother house, The Canticle. In 1998, the Durgin Educational Center was opened, which included new athletic facilities, including Kehl Arena. BECOMING A UNIVERSITY In 2002, Mount St. Clare College began to offer a Master s program over the internet. In conjunction with the expanded course offerings, the school changed its name to The Franciscan University, and the name of the athletic teams were changed from The Mounties to The Saints. In September 2004, the school modified its name to The Franciscan University of the Prairies, in order to avoid confusion with similarly named schools. In March 2005, the University was purchased by Bridgepoint Education, Inc. After the completion of the sale, the institution s name was changed to Ashford University. The school also dropped its affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church and became a for-profit institution. PRESIDENTS Mother Mary Paul Carrico, OSF, Mother Mary Fidelis Ruddy, OSF, Mother Mary Paul Carrico, OSF, Mother Mary John McKeever, OSF, Mother Mary Regis Cleary, OSF, Sister Mary Cortona Phelan, PhD, OSF, Sister Mary Cecile Devereux, OSF, Sister Eileen Smith, OSF, Dr. Dan C. Johnson, Rev. Charles E. Lang, PhD, Dr. James J. Ross, Sheila Smith, Dr. Michael E. Kaelke, James Chitwood, MBA, Dr. Jane McAuliffe, Dr. Elizabeth Tice, Dr. Richard Pattenaude, Dr. Craig Swenson, 2016-present For more details, see the Ashford Timeline on page 66. 6

5 COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER LEX GILLETTE Elexis Lex Gillette is the best totally blind long and triple jumper in the history of U.S. Paralympics. He is the current world record holder in the long jump, a three-time Paralympic medalist, a two-time long jump world champion, and a 16-time national champion. He is the only totally blind athlete in the world to eclipse the 22-foot barrier in the long jump. Think all of this came easy, think again. The average eight year old child can be seen riding a bicycle, shooting baskets, or playing at a nearby playground, but Lex Gillette was far from being your average child. In 1992, Gillette witnessed his eight years of sight slowly fade away due to recurrent retina detachments. Ten operations couldn t stabilize what little sight that he had. After the final operation, Verdina Gillette-Simms, Lex s mother, had the difficult task of telling her son that he would most likely never see again. As difficult as this was, Gillette-Simms vowed to teach her son everything that he would need to know in order to be successful in life. Today, her efforts can be seen through the excellence of her son. At 19 years of age, Gillette saw his dreams come true by winning his first silver medal in the long jump at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece. Since that performance, Gillette has solidified himself as a top-notch competitor for Team USA by achieving medal winning performances at every major international competition he has attended to date. His latest achievement includes winning gold in the long jump at the 2015 ParaPan American Games that were held in Toronto, Canada. Another thing that is really impressive is that Gillette has successfully balanced education and athletics by achieving both a bachelor s degree and master s degree while continuing to compete at a high level. He earned his bachelor s degree in recreation management from East Carolina University and his master s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. Gillette set his sights on the 2016 Paralympic Games with aims to make his fourth consecutive U.S. Paralympic team. Though he had a goal to win gold for the U.S.A., Gillette finished with a silver medal in the long jump. As an athlete, motivational speaker and singer/songwriter, Lex Gillette epitomizes the phrase, No Need for Sight When You Have a Vision. 9

6 Commencement Ceremony PROCESSIONAL... Dr. Robert Engelson, Mace Bearer, Faculty Senator Graduates, All Colleges Dr. Craig Swenson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Master of Ceremonies Dr. Laura Palmer-Noone, Chief Academic Office & Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Richard Pattenaude, President Emeritus of Ashford University Dr. Gregory Geoffroy, Board of Trustee, Chairperson Dr. Peter Negroni, Board of Trustee- Chair for Academic Affairs Committee Dr. Charlie Minnick, Vice President, Campus Director Dr. William Woods, Professor and Chair for Graduate Curriculum Committee, Forbes School of Business & Technology Dr. Adam Selhorst, Executive Dean, College of Liberal Arts Dr. Tony Farrell, Executive Dean, College of Education Dr. Laura Sliwinski, Dean, College of Health, Human Services, and Science Mr. Robert Daugherty, Executive Dean, Forbes School of Business & Technology Dr. Jeffery Hall, Associate Dean, Department of General Education Dr. Jane McAuliffe, Former Ashford University President & Executive Vice President, Chief Academic Officer, Bridgepoint Education Mrs. Sheri Jones, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning & University Service, Policy & Implementation Mr. Jim Smith, Senior Vice President, Finance Dr. Jean Gabriel Jolivet, Program Chair, College of Liberal Arts Dr. Stephen Halfaker, Associate Dean, College of Education Dr. Trevor Belcher, Associate Dean, College of Health, Human Services, and Science Dr. Karen Ivy, Program Chair, Forbes School of Business & Technology PRESENTATION OF COLORS NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME... Dr. Craig Swenson, President ALUMNI SPEAKER... Ms. Yenette Perryman, Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, Class of 15 COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS... Mr. Lex Gillette, Paralympic World Champion PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES...Dr. Adam Selhorst, Executive Dean, College of Liberal Arts Dr. Jean Gabriel Jolivet, Program Chair, College of Liberal Arts Dr. Tony Farrell, Executive Dean, College of Education Dr. Stephen Halfaker, Associate Dean, College of Education Dr. Laura Sliwinski, Dean, College of Health, Human Services, and Science Dr. Trevor Belcher, Associate Dean, College of Health, Human Services, and Science Mr. Robert Daugherty, Executive Dean, Forbes School of Business & Technology Dr. Karen Ivy, Program Chair, Forbes School of Business & Technology CONFERRING OF DEGREES... Dr. Laura Palmer-Noone, Chief Academic Officer & SVP, Academic Affairs FAREWELL... Dr. Craig Swenson, President RECESSIONAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES... Dr. Gregory L. Geoffroy, Chairperson Ms. Mary Jo Maydew, Vice Chairperson Dr. Craig Linebaugh Dr. Geri Malandra Dr. Carol Kasworm Dr. Midge Leahy Lt. Col. Paul Aguirre Dr. Merle Harris Ms. Cheryl Oldham Dr. Al Karnig Dr. Peter Negroni Dr. Paula Kelly Dr. Leila Gonzalez Sullivan Mr. Chris Henn Dr. Grey Edwards Jr. Cords worn with academic apparel indicate recognition of membership in an honor society. Stoles worn with academic apparel indicate recognition of honors. Students who are participating in commencement before their official graduation date are eligible to wear honor regalia, based on their current grades and standing with the University. Actual earned honors are indicated on official University transcripts. WELCOME FROM THE... Dr. Gregory Geoffroy, BOARD OF TRUSTEES Board of Trustee - Board Chair 10 11

7 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION CANDIDATES FOR ASSOCIATE OF ARTS DEGREES Amanda D. Agosto, A.A. Ebony S. Alexander, A.A. Farrie Anderson, A.A. Kristy Lynn Andreasen, A.A. Shelia Kay Andrews, A.A. Tangela L. Andrews, A.A. Margery L. Arnold, A.A. Lisa Marie Bacon, A.A. Nakia Marie Baldwin-Wells, A.A. Sangela A. Bank, A.A. Tina Barnes, A.A. Stephanie Beacham, A.A. Martha D. Beaman, A.A. Heather Marie Benacia, A.A. Ryann Lee Beukema, A.A. Gabrielle M. Biles, A.A. Katrina Boarden, A.A. Shakeena Jones Boney, A.A. Cris J. Bougere, A.A. Javona Boyer, A.A. Rachel Nicole Bradley, A.A. Arielle N. Bragg, A.A. Casee Rae Brewer, A.A. April G. Brown, A.A. Jennifer Renee Bunzey, A.A. Beverly Ann Burns, A.A. Tamara McKenzie Cain, A.A. Melanie Callaway, A.A. Jessica Carrillo, A.A. Nia D. Cash, A.A. Angel Castaneda, A.A. Alyssa N. Caudill, A.A. Washonda L. Ceaser, A.A. Anna L. Chestnut, A.A. Brandi Malaine Cisco, A.A. Lessie B. Coard, A.A. Alisa Joy Coleman, A.A. Termarra Yvonna Collins, A.A. Gabrielle A. Conklin, A.A. Brandy Marie Cook, A.A. Tondra Lenae Corbin, A.A. Falana Cosby, A.A. Kuumia Lynn Crowe, A.A. Shimeka Marie Dade, A.A. Carletta Denise Davis, A.A. Stephanie Jewell Davis, A.A. Marelyn Diana, A.A. Kelli Ann Dianellos, A.A. Shymekia L. Dixon, A.A. Christie J. Dollar, A.A. Tamika L. Duncan, A.A. Angelica Nicole Earle, A.A. Laura Anita Leona Ebare, A.A. Katherine Clancy Edge, A.A. Christy Lynn Eggleston, A.A. Krista Eldridge, A.A. Sarita Delores Ellis, A.A. Victoria Erwin, A.A. Kalha Eugene, A.A. Jamila Latrice Farris, A.A. Danielle Michelle Fisher, A.A. XaZiera Lyn Fogle, A.A. Justine Alyss Francolino, A.A. Marina Patrice French, A.A. Tammie Michelle Fuller, A.A. Lucy M. Gallegos, A.A. Pershema Latiss Garrett, A.A. Delia A. Garza, A.A. Esther A. Gaspar, A.A. Taminka C. Gates, A.A. Brenda Gonzalez, A.A. Olivia Nichole Gonzalez, A.A. Teresa Denise Graves, A.A. Teyona L. Graves, A.A. Stephanie Jean Gregg, A.A. James Timple Griffin, A.A. Shenina N. Griffin, A.A. Marisa Grimes, A.A. Kimberly Grace Grissett, A.A. Kawana J. Guyton, A.A. NaTreeka Breon Hancock, A.A. Shericka S. Handy, A.A. Cicily N. Hannah, A.A. Jennifer Haskins, A.A. Sonder M. Hawkins, A.A. Amanda Kaye Henderson, A.A. Mayra Herrera, A.A. Stacy Nichole Herzog, A.A. Lee Ella Hill, A.A. Marcia Michelle Holden, A.A. Lisa Maria Hooker, A.A. Craig Dwayne Hooper, A.A. Vashon Shontidra Hope, A.A. Mary Denise Hughes, A.A. Jamie Lynn Irby, A.A. Christina Michele Jackson, A.A. Kristie Ann Jackson, A.A. Crystal Kiana Jenkins, A.A. Margaret Ann Johnson, A.A. Heather Marie Jones, A.A. Shaketha Nieki Jones, A.A. Candi Jorge, A.A. Samantha Kauffman, A.A. Yassah Sellee Kollie, A.A. Trina Marie Kress, A.A. Jordan Cecelia Larsen, A.A. Shavon Laws, A.A. Shameka A. Lemons, A.A. Stephanie Robin Levsen, A.A. Juanita Nicole Ligon, A.A. Candace M. Linley, A.A. Barbara Denise Little, A.A. Dana M. Luster, A.A. Shantal Caprice Macklin, A.A. Zainab Mahmud-Husein, A.A. Erika Marie Mark, A.A. Jenna Rose Marks, A.A. Lora A. Marsh, A.A. Shamecka Denise Marshall, A.A. La Sean Martin, A.A. Kari L. Martinez, A.A. Todd A. Mays, A.A. Joanna G. McClellan, A.A. Anesha A. McDowell, A.A. Eryn Michele McFadgen, A.A. Monique Melissa McKellar, A.A. Katherine A. McKeon, A.A. Tiffany Grace Mick, A.A. Pamela J. Miller, A.A. Zulma Inez Mitchell, A.A. Ayanna Latoya Moody, A.A. Victoria Nicole Nettles, A.A. Tianna Monique Newkirk, A.A. Jazznelle Gklk Newman, A.A. Kathleen D. Nogle, A.A. Floyme sha Doreen Odom, A.A. Tressa Lucinda Ogden, A.A. Latrica R. Oliver, A.A. Althea Jeanette Palacious, A.A. Adreanna Krystal Pate, A.A. Rasheeda Renee Patterson, A.A. Gretchen Castillo Pimentel, A.A. Stephanie Carolyn Pischinger, A.A. Meagan L. Pisz, A.A. Tracy F. Pitoitua, A.A. Melissa Angela Pleimann, A.A. Nicole Antoinette Plott, A.A. Eurica V. Pointer, A.A. Melissa Y. Porch, A.A. Rashawn D. Porter, A.A. Tatinisha Shaneen Pulliam, A.A. Calia Monet Rankin, A.A. JaDawn N. Reid, A.A. LaTia Vernice Reynolds, A.A. Crystal R. Richardson, A.A. Tinika Destiny Riley, A.A. Kimberly Karesha Rivers, A.A. Ashlie Devaughn Robinson, A.A. Cristal Jannet Rodriguez, A.A. Kimberly Anita Rogers, A.A. Adraine D. Royal, A.A. Latasha S. Rozier, A.A. Teresa A. Rutland, A.A. Staci Dawn Sadler, A.A. Rochelle J. Samante, A.A. Collene Marie Samiani, A.A. Kendra L. Sanders, A.A. Amanda L. Saunders, A.A. Angela Joy Schlottmann, A.A. Amber L. Seeney, A.A. Jennifer Marie Self, A.A. Tanya McField Sharp, A.A. Kenya Joan Cephus Simmons, A.A. Tierra S. Simms, A.A. Cassandra E. Simpson, A.A. Barbara Jean Smith, A.A. Latisha P. Smith, A.A. Linda Kaye Smith, A.A. Michelle L. Smith, A.A. Rose Smith, A.A. Shawnequa S. Smith, A.A. Vandy Lou Smith, A.A. Tiffany Ann Solis, A.A. Tuwan Donte Spencer, A.A. Christine M. St. Hilaire, A.A. Keshia Danielle Stapleton, A.A. Emily Kathryn Starcher, A.A. Amber Leigh Stephens, A.A. Emily Catherine Stogdill, A.A. LaTonya Streeter, A.A. Sherelle Rondrea Strickland, A.A. Angelica Annette Strong, A.A. Yesenia Sudbrack, A.A. Michelle K. Sweeney, A.A. Andrea Jem Thomas, A.A. Dawn Thomas, A.A. Sabrina Yountra Thomas, A.A. Tamara Y. Trice, A.A. Victoria Ashley Turnquist-Ruiz, A.A. Kristina Kay Vanderkuur Earl, A.A. Laura Ann Villani, A.A. Carla M. Villegas, A.A. Shamesha Meshell Miles, A.A. Sharonda L. Walker, A.A. Erin F. Waller, A.A. Jessica Louise Warren, A.A. Britteney S. Washington, A.A. Charlissa ann Washington, A.A. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION CANDIDATES FOR BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREES Cara Rae Abell, B.A. Kristhyna Acosta, B.A. Eydie Marie Adame, B.A. Paula Ann Adams-Williams, B.A. Beulah Renee Aguilar, B.A. Marissa Aguilar, B.A. Michael Matthew Aguilar, B.A. Brian O. Akitoye, B.A. Carlin Saleh Al-Andas, B.A. Ashley Sue Albney, B.A. Charity Dawn Alexander, B.A. Joanna Lee Alford, B.A. Nathan M. Allen, B.A. Jordan Alexis Alvey, B.A. Victoria E. Amidon, B.A. Veronica Amirazodi, B.A. Sharon Renee Amos, B.A. Eric Ansah, B.A. Melinda Lynn Apel, B.A. April Nicole Aquino, B.A. Deborah Michelle Arnold, B.A. Christina Noel Arroyo, B.A. Crystalyn Denise Asbach, B.A. Jonathan Dale Asher, B.A. Camisa Dawn Austin, B.A. Stacey Austin, B.A. Stacy-Ann Austin, B.A. Christina Dorine Avila-Lopez, B.A. Esperanza Avina, B.A. Amna Awadalla, B.A. Ghada Awarke, B.A. Andrea Theresa Baca, B.A. Laramie L. Bahr, B.A. Alicia Denise Bailey, B.A. Tami J. Bailey, B.A. Amanda Nicole Baker, B.A. Breana Joan Baker, B.A. Stephen Charles Baker, B.A. Pamela H. Balch, B.A. Elise M. Ball, B.A. Monae Angela Barnes, B.A. Tyron Barnes, B.A. Coretta Suelee Barnett, B.A. Sandra O Bella Barnett, B.A. Ashley A. Barrow, B.A. Wendy Louise Basinski, B.A. Jacqueline Bass, B.A. Kim Edwards Batchelor, B.A. Sara Juree Batdorf, B.A. Kristie Vasunda Battle, B.A. Erin Ashley Batuyong, B.A. Mary Beckem, B.A. Jenny Marie Bell, B.A. Shelly Faye Bell, B.A. Tania Bello, B.A. Erica Patrice Belton, B.A. Jennifer Dawn Belyeu, B.A. Susan Marie Bennett, B.A. Joshua Lawrence Berndt, Sr., B.A. Jacquelyn Michele Berry, B.A. April Ann Bertsche, B.A. Bridget Leigh Bibbs, B.A. Talesha Larene Binns, B.A. Jennifer Lynn Birk, B.A. Corri E. Bischer, B.A. Jennifer Lindsey Blades, B.A. Kelsia Kenisha Reshonda Blanchard, B.A. Rikki Lea Blanchard, B.A. Andrea Johanna Weathersby, A.A. Dasia West, A.A. Tahnee Mara Wheeler, A.A. Jaleesa Monique White, A.A. Cara Wilcox, A.A. Crystal Marie Williams, A.A. Nellie B. Williams, A.A. Nancy Pope Woodard, A.A. Ashley N. Wright, A.A. Lakeisha Lorraine Wright, A.A. Brenda Joyce Wynn, A.A. Cassandra Lynn Yawn, A.A. Travondrus A. Young, A.A. Justine Anna Zawadzki, A.A. Amanda L. Zmak, A.A. Megan S. Zuehl, A.A. Leslie Yvonne Blount, B.A. Eva Elaine Bohannon, B.A. Sarah Rose Bohn, B.A. Bethany Jean Bojorquez, B.A. Frank Emmons Boltze, B.A. Shananda Limaley Bond, B.A. Jamie M. Bonds, B.A. Shakeena Jones Boney, B.A. Jennifer Gayle Borders, B.A. Alissa Marie Bosco, B.A. Mary Ann Boseman, B.A. Shelby Bowling, B.A. Tiffany Starr Boyd, B.A. Veronica H. Bozeman, B.A. Victor Bradford, Jr., B.A. Erin Latasha Bradley, B.A. Yolanda Tonette Bradley, B.A. Carol Jean Brady, B.A. Stephanie Marie Brausey, B.A. Ameravathy M. Brewer, B.A. Casee Rae Brewer, B.A. Mahogany Rose Brewington, B.A. Kyra Maude Brezina, B.A. Deborah Marie Bridges, B.A. Shannon Danielle Brock, B.A. Kathleen Angela Brodt, B.A. Sarah Lynn Brooks, B.A. Veronica Ann Brooks, B.A. Angela Diane Brown, B.A. Darlene Brown, B.A. Latasha Evette Brown, B.A. Loretta C. Brown, B.A. Misty Leanne Brown, B.A. Nicole Brown, B.A

8 Tiffany Lanette Brown, B.A. Rebecca Bruner, B.A. Christy Bryant, B.A. Lauren Olivia Buckram, B.A. Shauna Lee Budge, B.A. Michael Anton Bundy, B.A. Angela Therese Burd, B.A. Joseph Wayne Burdette, B.A. Anita Ann Burns, B.A. Sharekia L. Burns, B.A. Aliyatu Busari, B.A. Karen LaVett Byrd-Burks, B.A. Wendy Caceres, B.A. Connie Marshall Callaway, B.A. Rita Calzada, B.A. Tiffany P. Camiolo, B.A. Betty J. Campbell, B.A. David Allen Capuria, B.A. Kymberly Lynn Carcia, B.A. Jacqueline Marie Carlson, B.A. Tasha Carothers, B.A. Sharon Elizabeth Carson, B.A. Valencia Carter, B.A. Felisha l. Castoire, B.A. Patricia Danielle Cavagnaro, B.A. Marisel Cerda, B.A. Marisol Cervantes, B.A. Rachel Shanae Chambers, B.A. Sharon Denise Chambers, B.A. Sheteta Nacole Chambers, B.A. Jamillah Nakia Chaney, B.A. Roberto Andre Chang, B.A. Jocelyn N. Charleston, B.A. Ebony Renee Cherry, B.A. Courtney Noahcole Chiasson, B.A. Donna Walser Chisholm, B.A. Danielle Earlyn Christopher, B.A. Alicia J. Christy, B.A. Karen P. Christy, B.A. Shawana Halina Chubet, B.A. Amber Rochelle Cinalli, B.A. Asia Citizen, B.A. Trista Clark, B.A. Carol Clarke, B.A. Tonya L. Clayton, B.A. Kathleen Elizabeth Clements, B.A. LaToya Latrice Cobbs, B.A. Nune Galadzhyan Coe, B.A. Mary Katherine Colbert, B.A. Shelley Elizabeth Cole, B.A. Gwendolyn D. Coleman, B.A. Nichole Elayne Collini, B.A. April Collins, B.A. Donavan J. Collins, B.A. Mia Thalond Collins, B.A. Sean Andreas Collins, B.A. Jessy Michael Contreras, B.A. Tiffany Dinkins Conyers, B.A. Veronica Diane Cook, B.A. Angela Denise Cooley, B.A. Jerry Paul Cooper, B.A. Katelyn R. Cooper, B.A. Maria D. Cortes, B.A. Melissa May Cosner, B.A. Loretta Lynn Costa, B.A. William James Covell III, B.A. Keri Frances Covey, B.A. Amanda C. Cox, B.A. Sara Gabrielle Crary, B.A. Stephanie Hoover Crawley, B.A. Amy Christine Criniti, B.A. Leslie Marie Crockwell, B.A. Aaron Wayne Cronkright, B.A. Sheila Renee Crossley, B.A. Rebecca Kaye Crusselle, B.A. Bonita Cruz, B.A. Ylduara Cruz, B.A. Sasha Marie Cuevas, B.A. Shirley Diann Culver, B.A. Rian Brooks Cumberledge, B.A. Alicia Nicole Cummings, B.A. Jennifer Angela Cummings, B.A. Kathryn L. Cuny, B.A. Sarah Ellen Dahl, B.A. Amanda Jane Dalton, B.A. Abbie Ann Daniel, B.A. Ronisia Raquel Daniels, B.A. Yolanda D. Daniels, B.A. Tiffany Christina Daniels-Manns, B.A. Taylor Ann Darbone, B.A. Amy Michele Daugherty, B.A. Aimee L. Davis, B.A. Aisha Ward-Davis, B.A. Anthony Arnold Davis, B.A. Brandi A. Davis, B.A. Brena Kae Davis, B.A. Carrie Antoinette Davis, B.A. December Lashedrick Davis, B.A. Kimica M. Davis, B.A. Rachelle Davis, B.A. Steven Patrick Davis, B.A. Treletha Davis White, B.A. Iraida Margarita Declet, B.A. Patricia O. Deer, B.A. Fatima Puyo Delbeck, B.A. Angela Renee Delcuze, B.A. Yolanda Jeanise Dempsey, B.A. Glorybee Diaz, B.A. Jacqueline De Jesus Diaz, B.A. Lashawnda N. Dickerson, B.A. Lorena Gabrielle Dickerson, B.A. Denise Elizabeth Dicks, B.A. Jennifer Marie Diefenbacher, B.A. Nicole Marie Diggs, B.A. Mari Ann Dingus, B.A. Susan Wiley Dishman, B.A. Jmaris Orlanda Dixon, B.A. Marcia Tinnette Dodd, B.A. Jessica Nicole Dold, B.A. Danielle Nicole Doss, B.A. Terry Lynn Dowda, B.A. Robin Renee Doyon, B.A. Jennifer Deann Drake, B.A. Annie Dell Drew, B.A. Jason Daniel Drummond, B.A. Amy Lyn Duce, B.A. Venessa L. Duncan, B.A. Leri Evette Dunn, B.A. Tameka Ann Dunn, B.A. Joyce Marie Duren, B.A. Kristina A. Dutra, B.A. Hannah Michelle Dykes, B.A. Samquetta Daishawn Dyson, B.A. Erica Nicole Eason, B.A. Catherine Marie Echols, B.A. Shawndra Suzanne Elliott, B.A. Sharon Evette Ellis, B.A. Kimberly Anne Emery, B.A. Arleen Enamorado, B.A. Sandra Kay Engel, B.A. Jessica Christal Escobar, B.A. Melanie Nicole Estrada, B.A. Ashley Marie Etheridge, B.A. Angela Sue Evans, B.A. Shandara Elizabeth Evans, B.A. Susan Ann Evans, B.A. Tiffany Nichole Evans, B.A. Anita Laverne Evely, B.A. Brandy Lynn Falcon, B.A. Maria Elena Farias, B.A. Maribel Farias, B.A. Dana Farino, B.A. Cherie Monique Feemster, B.A. Ayron E. Felter, B.A. Mary V. Felton, B.A. Katina Lynn Ferguson, B.A. Mary Ella Ferguson, B.A. Denisse Fierro Gomez, B.A. Mattie Marie Files, B.A. Kari Anne Fineour, B.A. Cassandra Lynn Fischer, B.A. Britney Arlene Fitzsimon, B.A. Leticia Carina Flores, B.A. Carlos Alberto Flores Sosa, B.A. Janice Regina Flowers, B.A. Kimberly Floyd, B.A. Edward A. Foran, B.A. Anna Brittany Forsythe, B.A. Ashley N. Foster, B.A. Donna Lynn Foster, B.A. Deborah C. Fox, B.A. Eric S. Fox, B.A. Jarell Renee Fox, B.A. Lekesha Fraley, B.A. Bernita M. Francis, B.A. Alexandria Leshae Franklin, B.A. Taneysea Lashawn Franklin, B.A. Iris L. Frasier, B.A. Judithann Fredericks, B.A. Charlotte Necole Freeman, B.A. Keri Laine French-Stambaugh, B.A. Edward William Fritts, B.A. Delia Denise Frost, B.A. Richard Zachary Gadbery, B.A. Jamie Lynn Gallagher, B.A. Stephanie Gallardo, B.A. Lauren Victoria Ferna Gallimore, B.A. Krislen Marie Gallipeau, B.A. Ernest Eugene Galloway, B.A. Margie Ann Garcia, B.A. Michele Renae Garcia, B.A. Raquel Garcia, B.A. Kimberly Renee Garee, B.A. Cassandra D. Gaskin, B.A. Kara Denise Gaydon, B.A. Rebecca Cathy Georges, B.A. Viviane Gerstz, B.A. Rebecca Jade Gilbert, B.A. Kajuana Sajata Gildersleeve, B.A. Magen Diane Gillihan, B.A. Patsy Jean Glenn, B.A. Doris Denise Godfrey, B.A. Sarah Emily Goehring, B.A. Kayla Christine Goff, B.A. Erin Nicole Gonzales, B.A. Hope Marie Gonzalez, B.A. Shannon M. Gonzalez, B.A. Misti Marie Goodrich, B.A. Traeisha Danyale Gordon, B.A. Jenae N. Graham, B.A. Monica Deon Graham, B.A. Felicia Chaplin Grant, B.A. Jenna Jenkins Grant, B.A. Michael Ross Gravatt, B.A. Krystle F. Gray, B.A. Lashonda Gray, B.A. Nickolas A. Greco, B.A. Amanda Henren Green, B.A. Charmaine Green, B.A. Kathryn Jo Green, B.A. Maryl Anne Dupree Greene, B.A. Keyona M. Gregg, B.A. Yamesha L. Grier, B.A. Maria Grimsley, B.A. Mary Lou Guebara, B.A. Michele R. Guenette, B.A. Maria Elena Guerrero, B.A. Sandra Yvonne Guinn, B.A. Lynn Hoberg Haines, B.A. Wallace Vincent Haith, B.A. Sarah Beth Hall, B.A. Melissa Hamilton, B.A. Barbara Ann Hamm, B.A. Holly Joyce Hamm, B.A. Cortney Lissette Hammie, B.A. VaNeshea Hampton, B.A. Tanya Nicole Hampton-Davis, B.A. NaTreeka Breon Hancock, B.A. Gabrielle Jasmine Handy, B.A. Iesha Victoria Hankerson, B.A. Stacy R. Hargis, B.A. Christina Harkins, B.A. Heather Anne Harkins, B.A. Christina Dawn Harmon, B.A. Meghan R. Harms, B.A. Wendy Gale Harring, B.A. Brandie Harris, B.A. Brenda L. Harris, B.A. Dana Carol Voyles Harris, B.A. Laurel Beth Harris, B.A. Candice Nicole Harrison, B.A. Ashley J. Hart, B.A. Lisa Marie Hartnett, B.A. Michael D. Harvey, B.A. Diane Hasham, B.A. Rhiannon Shoundalle Hatch, B.A. Carrie Ann Hawkins, B.A. Regina Ann Hawkins, B.A. Garry Hawthorne, B.A. Heather Nichole Haynes, B.A. Christian Heath, B.A. Steven C. Hegna, B.A. Britnee Nikol Helmke, B.A. Frances Elaine Hemp, B.A. Kierrah L. Henderson, B.A. Natasha Yvette Henderson, B.A. Toccara Renae Henderson, B.A. Erica P. Henighan, B.A. Melanie Patrice Henry, B.A. Gary P. Henson, Jr., B.A. Latisha Renee Hentz, B.A. Tionda Michelle Hepp, B.A. Kayla Denise Herman, B.A. Angelica Guadalupe Hermes, B.A. Harold Samuel Hernandez, B.A. Maria Cathy Hernandez, B.A. Nathalie Hernandez, B.A. Sasha Nichole Herriford, B.A. Brandi Jo Hess, B.A. Sherrie Ann Marie Hickam, B.A. Geraldine Hicks, B.A. Amy Lynn Higdon, B.A. Alison J. Hill, B.A. Crystal Hill, B.A. Freedom Ann Hill, B.A. Monika R. Hill, B.A. Sonya Marie Him, B.A. Rebecca L. Hixson, B.A. Krystal Sylvia Hollingsworth, B.A. Joyce Marie Holloway, B.A. Colette N. Holm, B.A. April Elizabeth Honaker, B.A. Bonita Valentina Horn, B.A. Virginia Sue Horne, B.A. Janeen Horton, B.A. Lorrie Kaye Horton, B.A. Amanda Jo Horvet, B.A. Krystal Housey, B.A. Donna Michelle Howard, B.A. Rebekah Howard, B.A. Vanessa R. Howard, B.A. Sarah Faye Hudgens, B.A. Bernice Terri Huell, B.A. Sarah L. Hughes, B.A. Valerie A. Hughes, B.A. Betrice Huley, B.A. Kara D. Hummingbird, B.A. Kathy Lizzette Morris Hunter, B.A. Karina Noel Hutchinson, B.A. Carolina Ianiro, B.A. Tamara Lee Iluyomade, B.A. Kimberly Deann Ingram, B.A. Nikema Tanzania Isaac, B.A. Falomi Ivery, B.A. Angela Jackson, B.A. Antuan L. Jackson, B.A. Darlene Maria Jackson, B.A. Deenita Jackson, B.A. Tiffany Nikole Jackson, B.A. Rosalyn B. James, B.A. Shakema Latoya James, B.A. Julie Eunji Jang, B.A. Sarah Marie Jaramillo, B.A. Amanda L. Jecklin, B.A. Danis Caryn Jeffords, B.A. Miranda Lynn Jenezon, B.A. Antwanetta S. Jenkins, B.A. Beverly Lynette Jestes, B.A. Dexter Maurice Jimerson, B.A. Amanda G. Johnson, B.A. Cherelle D. Johnson, B.A. Dontanique Tonise Johnson, B.A. Jessica Louise Johnson, B.A. Lauren E. Johnson, B.A. Mallory Renata Johnson, B.A. Patricia L. Johnson, B.A. Stephanie Mara Johnson, B.A. Tina M. Johnson, B.A. Lakenya M. Johnson-Moore, B.A. Melanie J. Johnston, B.A. Beth S. Jones, B.A. Corlis Kenyatta Jones, B.A. Courtney Devon Jones, B.A. Donna Jones, B.A. Michelle Lee Jones, B.A. Shaniqua Alberta Jones, B.A. Tonya Hope Jones, B.A. Valerie Calayag Jones, B.A. Yvette Jones, B.A. Laura Sha Ree Jons, B.A. Amanda Robyn Jordan, B.A. Brian Franklin Jordan, B.A. Damian Yvonne Jordan, B.A. Geraldine S. Jordan, B.A

9 Sallice Miles Jordan, B.A. Sandy Ann Joyner, B.A. Leticia Keane, B.A. Earnest L. Kearse, B.A. Alexina V. Keels, B.A. Briana Elizabeth Keirsey, B.A. April Kelley, B.A. Chantel R. Kelly, B.A. Dawn Kelly, B.A. Kaila Lynne Kelly, B.A. Meagan A. Kemanjioghlou, B.A. Darlene Marie Kendall, B.A. Wynetta Lynn Kendzior, B.A. Kimberly Nichelle Kerr, B.A. Sarah Kerttula, B.A. Annmarie Khan, B.A. Joelle Renee Kieffer, B.A. Krystin Lauren Kiehnau, B.A. Bridgette Eukeva King, B.A. Kimberly Michelle King, B.A. Brandon Boyce Kirk, B.A. Magleasa A. Knight, B.A. Katie Lynn Kohn, B.A. Nicole Ann Kokas, B.A. Amy Sara Kreisel, B.A. Fred Carlisle Krimmelbein, B.A. Alice Marie Krzysik, B.A. Alfred P. Lacanlale, B.A. Ashley Nicole Langford, B.A. Jesus Martin Lara, B.A. Rebecca Denise Lara, B.A. Tony Izard Lathers, B.A. Christopher Lawrence, B.A. Eric Vincent Lawson, B.A. Latasha S. Leaks, B.A. Demetrice B. Leary, B.A. Christina Marie Leblanc, B.A. Shannon Leclerc, B.A. Ashley Lee, B.A. LaTasha Lee, B.A. Kayla Denise Lehrmann, B.A. Chiandra Leon, B.A. Sarah Leoni, B.A. Talia Elizabeth Lerma, B.A. Chasity Brienne Lesley, B.A. Tiffany Marie Leslie, B.A. Amanda Lea Levanovich, B.A. Carrie Elizabeth Lewis, B.A. Janice Marie Lewis, B.A. Brittany Amber Lewthwaite, B.A. Jacquelyn Marie Lilly, B.A. Lisa Marie Lincoln, B.A. Danielle Rose Miranda Linn, B.A. Brian A. Linsley, B.A. Jason Lipsh, B.A. Krystynia L. Lipstreuer, B.A. Patricia Kaye Little, B.A. Keeonna Q.uinette Loftis, B.A. Maria E. Lombardo, B.A. Catharine I. Longo, B.A. Diana Lorance, B.A. Erick Loss, B.A. Derrick W. Loveless, B.A. Lindsay NIcole Lowery, B.A. Stacee Kelly Lowery, B.A. Melissa Nunes Luis, B.A. Mark David Lukich, B.A. Katrina Eileen Lusco, B.A. Tocarra K. Lusk, B.A. Nuri-Ahmad Mabry, B.A. Nichele Nikole MacDonald, B.A. Kathleen Ann Madison, B.A. Lori Mael, B.A. Shamika Lushan Magee, B.A. Stephanie Raye Maldonado, B.A. Edward J. Malone IV, B.A. Jennifer Mangual, B.A. Stephanie C. Manning, B.A. Chelsea Nicole Mardorf, B.A. Ashley N. Martin, B.A. Cheryl Lynn Martin, B.A. Maheesha Lavett Martin, B.A. Catherine Martin-Atkins, B.A. Katelyn L. Martinez, B.A. Mary Elizabeth Martinez, B.A. Ashleigh Lynn Maser, B.A. Cynthia Ann Mata, B.A. Caitlin Michelle Matlock, B.A. Huiwen Mattingley, B.A. James L. Mauldin Hopkins, B.A. Stephanie Andrea Maulolo, B.A. Megan Renee Mayasich, B.A. Marlene Celeste McBride, B.A. Gay M. McBryant, B.A. Katarina Gilda McCauley, B.A. Kimberly Sue McCormick, B.A. Sean Brian McCoy, B.A. Amy Lee McCumbee, B.A. Michelle LaVelle McDowell, B.A. Regina Lynn McFarlane, B.A. Tammy Lynn McGee, B.A. Erika Lavonya McGhee, B.A. Chasity Dawn McGillivray, B.A. Nicole Marie McGlocklin, B.A. Adriana Lauren McGowan, B.A. Jennifer Erin McGurk, B.A. Tewa Timecca McKay, B.A. Ronald Scott McKnight, B.A. Larturo Allan McMahan, B.A. Kavina Gabryelle Mears, B.A. Emmanuel Humberto Mercado, B.A. Sally J. Mescall, B.A. Candace Q.uianna Metcalf, B.A. Jennifer Yvette Metoyer, B.A. Jennifer Marie Meyer, B.A. Tessa L. Meyer, B.A. Katelyn Abbey Michell, B.A. Carmen Anita Mickley, B.A. Shattoiia Monet Middleton, B.A. Latisha Melanie Mike, B.A. Sharon Deneah Miller, B.A. Tiffany L. Miller, B.A. Randy Lee Milliron, B.A. Arether M. Mills, B.A. Carl Scott Mills, B.A. Charity Mitchell, B.A. Crystal Newman Mitchell, B.A. Shakiara Mitchum, B.A. Alisha Sherisse Mohammed, B.A. Tabitha Neoma Mojica, B.A. Tisha Danielle Montgomery, B.A. Tiffini M. Montoya, B.A. Virdal Lee Moon, B.A. Angelia Denise Moore, B.A. Johnique Marie Moore, B.A. Tiffanie L. Moore, B.A. Carolyn C. Moorer-Lewis, B.A. Erica Yvette Moreno, B.A. Shannon Lambeth Morris, B.A. Barbara Ellen Morrison, B.A. Brigitte Kim Mosley, B.A. Becky R. Mossman, B.A. Eric Mulcahy, B.A. Cathy Sue Muller, B.A. Nicole Murillo, B.A. Cheryl Olivia Murphy, B.A. Catozzio T. Murray, B.A. Rohina Nasrahti, B.A. Gwendolyn Baker Nation, B.A. Molly B. Naugher, B.A. Megan Sue Neal, B.A. Caryn Renee Nelson, B.A. Latoya Nicole Nelson, B.A. Lagail L. Nether, B.A. Margaret Nevil, B.A. Keeble George Newman, B.A. Persheng Neynavaei, B.A. Caresha Renae Nichols, B.A. Joel D. Niemeyer, B.A. Lashinda Schenelle Nix, B.A. Mary Louise Norris, B.A. Breanne Nicole North, B.A. Nicole Nunez, B.A. DeEtt A. Nunez-Morales, B.A. Amy Sue Ocasio, B.A. Edmund Joseph Ofalt III, B.A. Tiffany G. Ogletree, B.A. Sharon Denise Okeke, B.A. Crystal A. O Leary, B.A. Teneka Shakonda Oliver, B.A. Amy Marie O Neal, B.A. Natishia LaVette O Neal, B.A. Stacy Denise Orgeron, B.A. Brittney Nicolle Orth, B.A. Leah M. Ortiz, B.A. Leticia L. Ortiz, B.A. Jessica Anne Ospina, B.A. Najah Ouazzad, B.A. Bettye Jean Owens, B.A. Bellaritha Page, B.A. Rhonda Lynn Pallas, B.A. Jimere Palmer, B.A. Carmen Adrianne Parker, B.A. Kiera RaShon Parrish, B.A. Algernon Dorminick Parson, B.A. Adrianna Leigh Pategas, B.A. Mari Patterson, B.A. Cynthia Patton, B.A. Johnna Marie Paugh, B.A. Carolyn Elizabeth Payne, B.A. Sharon Paysinger, B.A. Sarah Ann Pender, B.A. Mevlyda Perazic, B.A. Khenalyn M. Perez, B.A. Whalezka R. Perez, B.A. Chantel M. Perry, B.A. Jessica Peterson, B.A. Melanie Rose Peterson, B.A. Sara Elizabeth Petrenas, B.A. Melissa Anne Petruncio, B.A. Byron Douglas Phillips, B.A. Rene Penny Phillips, B.A. Shawanda Lawrence-Phillips, B.A. Stacey E. Phillips, B.A. Susan Phillips, B.A. Chandler Nichole Pickett, B.A. Carol A. Picott, B.A. Amanda Pierce, B.A. Joniesha Hamilton Pierson, B.A. Calvin Pinckney, B.A. Samantha Pino, B.A. Samantha Zira Pinto, B.A. Janice M. Pleasant, B.A. Tracy Plowdeniz, B.A. Kyla T. Pohl, B.A. Jacqueline Yvette Poitier, B.A. Brittany Polanco, B.A. Chelsea Marie Popour, B.A. Sabrina Michelle Powers, B.A. Rose E. Pressley, B.A. Renata Roshell Preston, B.A. Brandon Lee Prillerman, B.A. Lisa Marie Primavera, B.A. Janice E. Prise, B.A. Sarah Alleane Pritchett, B.A. Celina A. Pulenskey, B.A. Marvin R. Pullom, B.A. Chelsea Marie Q.uinn, B.A. Kaitlyn Anne Rajczewski, B.A. Maron Denise Ramirez, B.A. Miranda C. Ramirez, B.A. Quiyanna Ramirez Ramirez, B.A. Rocky Ray Ramirez, B.A. Ambrose Ramirez III, B.A. Mande Lyn Ramsey, B.A. Maria Lourdes Rangel Martinez, B.A. Francesca Rankin, B.A. Rachelle Marie Rankin, B.A. Sharon Rawls, B.A. Rachel A. Rayniak, B.A. Styrea Gail Reed-Jackson, B.A. Jamie Renee Reid, B.A. Keosha Antwan Rembert, B.A. Shannon Marie Rendfrey, B.A. Jessica Marie Rex, B.A. Sarah G. Rex, B.A. Alfredo Reyes, B.A. Maria A. Reyes, B.A. Rosanna Reyes, B.A. Erlin Nereyda Reyes Jimenez, B.A. Chloe M. Reynolds, B.A. Mckenzie Reynolds, B.A. Rita Venessa Rich, B.A. Erin Richards, B.A. William J. Richardson, B.A. Tania Renea Rickey, B.A. Maryann Rieckers, B.A. Ellen Elizabeth Riggs, B.A. Keshawna Doreatha Ringgold, B.A. Sandra Teresa Rios Mendoza, B.A. Jennifer A. Rivera, B.A. Tiffany Lynn Rivera, B.A. Xiomara Rivera, B.A. Mary Elizabeth Robbins, B.A. Cynthia Roberts, B.A. Loree Deinine Roberts, B.A. Anita Jo Robinson, B.A. Lisa Dawn Robinson, B.A. Andrea Rodriguez, B.A. Claudia Rodriguez, B.A. Donna Ann Rodriguez, B.A. Kristin M. Rodriguez, B.A. Marie K. Roger, B.A. Doris A. Rogers, B.A. Karen Rojas, B.A. Tara Ann Rollins, B.A. Priscilla Amia Roman, B.A. Kadzukco La shon Rosal, B.A. David Ross, B.A. Amanda Faye Rounds, B.A. BaShonda Causey Rucker, B.A. Larasha Caquay Rucker, B.A. Quinada Shalawn Ruffin, B.A. Shadonna D. Ruffin, B.A. Quanitha Shantell Ruffin, B.A. Alicia Ruiz, B.A. Cynthia Patrica Ruiz, B.A. Kendra D. Russell, B.A. Amy Michelle Rutherford, B.A. Shuntia Latesa Rutherford, B.A. Jennifer Lynn Ryan, B.A. Jenny Lee Sadowski, B.A. Noreen Sadruddin, B.A. Robin Adair Saia, B.A. Renee Nichole Salas, B.A. Deanna Marie Sanborn, B.A. Maria Yesenia Sanchez, B.A. Chywana Y. Sanders, B.A. Michelle L. Sanders, B.A. Rachel Sanders, B.A. Kayla Marie Sanderson, B.A. Kaitlyn Kaye Sardaneta, B.A. Chandra Nanette Saucedo, B.A. Tess Savage, B.A. Adrienne Dawn Schaffer, B.A. Theresa C. Schildroth, B.A. Janelle Schneider, B.A. Erinn Skye Schreiner-Puskala, B.A. Rebekah Lynn Schroeder, B.A. Victoria L. Schultz, B.A. Audrey Germaine Schwandt, B.A. Gwendolyn May Scott, B.A. Krystal A. Scott, B.A. Patricia Ann Scott, B.A. Nikita Kaye Seastrunk, B.A. Randi J. Selders, B.A. Kimberly Suzanne Sellers, B.A. Cornelia Sellier, B.A. Nicole S. Shank, B.A. Christin Montgomery Sharpe, B.A. Aja Sherred, B.A. Ethel Marie Shuler, B.A. Kirby Siemens, B.A. Shelly Marie Sikora, B.A. Jessica Lee Simoneau, B.A. Alicia Simpson-Sims, B.A. AnnMarie Singh, B.A. Erin Kay Sink, B.A. Sylvia G. Sisneroz, B.A. Jennifer L. Slatton, B.A. JoAnn Slaughter, B.A. Lanai Slifka, B.A. Beth Ann Smith, B.A. Bridget Smith, B.A. Carla Smith, B.A. Chevalier C. Smith, B.A. Dawana Deneise Smith, B.A. Elizabeth Ann Smith, B.A. Krystal Sherylee Smith, B.A. LaTishanae Smith, B.A. LaToya Nicole Smith, B.A. Leslie Smith, B.A. Marcie Ann Smith, B.A. Nakkoria S. Smith, B.A. Nicolle F. Smith, B.A. Shannon Marie Smith, B.A. Shante Nicole Smith, B.A. Wendy Lennette Smith, B.A. Patrice Marcelle Snider, B.A. Noelia Garza Sosa, B.A. Timothy J. Sowell, Jr., B.A. Joanne Spears, B.A. Laura Garza Spears, B.A. Adoniss Janae Spencer, B.A

10 Victoria Ann Spicer, B.A. Jennifer Ann Spinuzzi, B.A. Traci Ann Sprayberry, B.A. Sanquenetta V. Spurlin, B.A. Serena Josette Stainback, B.A. Debra Gail Starks, B.A. Tiffany N. Steele, B.A. Leslie Ann Steenhagen, B.A. Sarah Jane Stevens, B.A. Sabrina Lee Stewart, B.A. Cassie Sue Stine, B.A. Elizabeth Tarlton Stinson, B.A. Jennifer Marie Stock, B.A. Amanda Stockton, B.A. Mary Elizabeth Stone, B.A. Robin C. Story, B.A. Amber Tina-Marry Straub, B.A. Kimberly Ann Strine, B.A. Tracey Strozier, B.A. Rebecca M. Stutzman, B.A. Sohad Tabbaa Subei, B.A. Julia Nicole Supple, B.A. Laveeta Marie Sweeney, B.A. Phaedra Willene Sykes, B.A. Latrece Sypho, B.A. Marissa Keiko Takahashi, B.A. Aida Sut Talley, B.A. Nelly Tapia, B.A. George Taxiltaridis, B.A. Andrea Houslin Taylor, B.A. Chiara Chanel Taylor, B.A. Stephanie Taylor, B.A. Towana Taylor, B.A. Kathy Lynn Terry, B.A. Perlicia R. Terry, B.A. Desiree Danielle Thomas, B.A. Devin Washington Thomas, B.A. Keyara Lashun Thomas, B.A. Myrna W. Thomas, B.A. Rushonda Lorese Thomas, B.A. Fanescia Marnise Thompson, B.A. Kaytlyn Edith Thornock, B.A. Angel Ticey, B.A. Shea Elizabeth Tidwell, B.A. Janelle Lynn Tiebout, B.A. Annette Delores Tillman, B.A. Denise Tirado, B.A. Sharon Charlotta Toles, B.A. Tracy Lynn Tonkovich, B.A. Olivette Teresa Toomer, B.A. Amber E. Toomey, B.A. Rachel Liana Torres, B.A. Rose Ann Torres, B.A. Melissa Townsend, B.A. Megan Christine Trenz, B.A. Carolyn Yvonne Trueland, B.A. Kristy Lasha Turner, B.A. Alysha R. Tutein Velez, B.A. Tiki Marie Twiehaus, B.A. June Larose Tye, B.A. Cynthia l. Tylor, B.A. Maryann K. Tysinger, B.A. Abigail Ugalde, B.A. Lakeshi Ussery, B.A. Tafailagi Vaimili, B.A. Shanelle Nicole Vallejo, B.A. Jered William VanCleve, B.A. Jasmine Elizabeth Vargas, B.A. Irma N. Vasquez, B.A. Christian Alexandria Vaughn, B.A. Elizabeth Patrice Veltri, B.A. Ida L. Vereen, B.A. Ossie Lamorris Vereen, B.A. Florencia Gabriela Vidal, B.A. Jessica Vilchis, B.A. James Edward Vinup, B.A. Breanna E. Virginelli, B.A. Angilina Waddell, B.A. Shatondrig R. Wade, B.A. Sarah Ann Walch, B.A. Tomeka S. Walden, B.A. Allison M. Walker, B.A. Ebonie Marie Walker, B.A. Shamesha Meshell Miles, B.A. Cynthia Darlene Wallace, B.A. Angela Yvonne Walter, B.A. Dorothy Marie Walton-Aycox, B.A. Brittany M. Ward, B.A. Tina L. Ward, B.A. Mary M. Ware, B.A. Laura Eileen Warner, B.A. Jayna Elizabeth Washburn, B.A. Gwendolyn Jenkins Washington, B.A. Joanne J. Washington, B.A. Katie Washington, B.A. La Tonya Sha Washington, B.A. Hannah Ruth Watts, B.A. Samantha Ann Watts, B.A. Monica Lynn Weaver, B.A. Jennifer Linnea Weichers, B.A. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION CANDIDATES FOR MASTER OF ARTS DEGREES Katrina Alexandra Aaron-Griswold, M.A. Daishia Shonema Abrams, M.A. Catrina Denise Adair, M.A. Tameka J. Adams, M.A. JoAnn Agoruah, M.A. Jessica Christine Al Maliki, M.A. Larissa Michelle Albers, M.A. Nakina Latrelle Alexander, M.A. JoAnna Marie Weiser, B.A. Kimberly Wekwert, B.A. Lynna Margarida Welker, B.A. Stefanie Anne Wesch, B.A. Cecil Craig Westmoreland, Jr., B.A. Michael A. Weston-Smart, B.A. Angela Coreen Wheeler, B.A. Angel Sue White, B.A. Brenda Lanelle White, B.A. Vonda Sue White, B.A. Kesha Renae Whitehead, B.A. Linda Sue Whiteside, B.A. Carolyn Faye Whitford, B.A. Stephen Eric Whitmer, B.A. Alicia Marie Williams, B.A. Ashley Jade Williams, B.A. Crystal Gail Williams, B.A. Darnell Martina Williams, B.A. Do neasheya Rheshaye Williams, B.A. Heather Nichole Williams, B.A. Jamise Williams, B.A. Latoya Denise Williams, B.A. Lawanna Williams, B.A. Priscilla Broner Williams, B.A. Shatara Monique Williams, B.A. Anita Michelle Wilson, B.A. Brian D. Wilson, B.A. Chandrea Donna Deneen Wilson, B.A. Chelsea Elizabeth Wilson, B.A. Angenita Winfield, B.A. Judy Ann Wintemute, B.A. Kayla M. Wiseman, B.A. Tiffinie Mae Wittenbach, B.A. Monica C. Womack, B.A. Leandra Lenee Wood, B.A. Sharon Denise Wooden, B.A. Marisol Woodhouse, B.A. Lenalda Childs Woods, B.A. Courtney Elizabeth Woodyard, B.A. Melissa Sue Worzel, B.A. Charissa Wright, B.A. Lacee Brianna Wright, B.A. Angela Marie Yingling, B.A. Rebecca Younce, B.A. Clarence L. Young, B.A. Jennifer Zaghmout, B.A. Sandra Zamora, B.A. Bethany A. Zentgraf, B.A. Viviana Zermeno, B.A. Felicia Annette Alexis, M.A. Justin Allegra, M.A. Cathy D. Allen, M.A. JoMuriel Veronica Allen, M.A. Stephanie Allen, M.A. Wendie Allen, M.A. Benita Kay Allen Prince, M.A. Karla Joana Almaguer Piedra, M.A. Nancy Otilia Alvarez, M.A. Brian Amstadter, M.A. Christal S. Anderson, M.A. Helen L. Anderson, M.A. Gerard Edward Andrews, M.A. Adriel Mylitta Antoine, M.A. Tonikua Renee Archangel, M.A. Jennifer Anne Arellano, M.A. Willie James George Armstrong, M.A. Rukhsana Arshad, M.A. Ebony Nicole Aught, M.A. Christopher Roger Avery, M.A. Tonya Renee Ayris, M.A. Kathleen Lynette Babienco, M.A. Bryan C. Bailey, M.A. Donna Fay Baldwin-Polk, M.A. Katrina Owens Ballesteros, M.A. Karen May Bankhead, M.A. Lori Ann Banks, M.A. Anahita Barbod, M.A. Dorlinda Barker, M.A. Cynthia Michelle Barnes, M.A. LaTonya Sarritta Bartell, M.A. Carolyn A. Battle, M.A. Jessica Nichole Baum, M.A. Derryn L. Beasley, M.A. Domasha Katrina Beavers, M.A. Mariella A. Beck, M.A. Robert Beck, M.A. Delois Bell, M.A. Angela Marie Bender, M.A. Ralph David Bennett, M.A. Melissa E. Bentzen, M.A. Angelica Bernier, M.A. Ella Larwoe Berrian, M.A. Wright Best, M.A. Antonio Lamonte Binder, M.A. Charline Binder, M.A. Jerad Reid Block, M.A. Jessica Teeters Blowers, M.A. Jaime Christen Boatwright, M.A. Audrey Marie Bosworth, M.A. Matthew J. Bourgoin, M.A. Anthony John Boyer, M.A. Twanna C. Bradford, M.A. Sandra Teresa Branch, M.A. Deshanta Chimere Brantley, M.A. Dejelle Kharrel-Joi Brebnor, M.A. Regina NeCole Brehon, M.A. Nekeeya Brewster, M.A. Fransetta Brice, M.A. Phairleania Brice, M.A. Demetria N. Bright, M.A. Patricia Ann Briscoe, M.A. Megan Ryan Brock, M.A. Kevin Jason Brodeur, M.A. Deborah Brooks, M.A. Cassondra Wright Brotzman, M.A. Debbie Diane Brown, M.A. Jennifer Stacy Brown, M.A. Jermie Cordell Brown, M.A. Kara Leanne Brown, M.A. Myesha Kenyetta Brown, M.A. Onya Tabbet Brown, M.A. Shannon Suzana Brown, M.A. Shonta M. Brown, M.A. Susan Carolyn Brown, M.A. Sylenia Browning, M.A. Joyce Browning Walton, M.A. Mackenzie Lee Bruns, M.A. Teresa Constance Bryant, M.A. April Lachelle Buchanan, M.A. Holly Ann Buchanan, M.A. Linda Kaye Buckley, M.A. Jodi Michelle Bumgarner, M.A. Roseanda A. Burrage, M.A. Tracey Lavore Burton, M.A. Cleveland Leonard Butler, M.A. Julia Denise Butler, M.A. Roberta Melissa Byrd, M.A. Bradley Scott Cade, M.A. Jared Hadley Cain, M.A. Leslie Alethia Camel, M.A. Cassandra Lea Campbell, M.A. Latosha McDonald Campbell, M.A. Dana Catherine Capodarco, M.A. Mayla Carbajal, M.A. Anthony Dwayne Carter, M.A. Guadalupe Castillo, M.A. Nichelle Chadwick, M.A. Tanya Holloway Chance, M.A. Monica Nicole Chandler-Collins, M.A. Nicole R. Chaplin, M.A. Oneeka Z. Chilton, M.A. Nancy Chlebek, M.A. Jessica Beth Christ, M.A. Barbara Jean Christian, M.A. Dalton O Neil Christie, M.A. Marissa Jenet Cisneros, M.A. Petetra J. Clark, M.A. David M. Clarke, M.A. Elsie I. Clarke-Carty, M.A. Elaine Latrice Clay, M.A. Rene e A. Clemens, M.A. Gwendolyn Denise Cloyd, M.A. Rosalind Collins, M.A. Letitia Maria Collins Solomon, M.A. Monique Colon, M.A. Lisa Marie Colvin, M.A. Curtis J. Combs, M.A. Anthony Comstock, M.A. Marti Dunn Conroy, M.A. Tiara Alise Conway, M.A. Chernique Conyers, M.A. Monique Cook, M.A. Janet Marie Corley, M.A. Lashauna Cornelius, M.A. LaQuincia Cousar, M.A. Andrea Rincon Croke, M.A. Koree K. Crowder, M.A. Lacie Jo Crutcher, M.A. Tyree Ka vaughn Crutchfield, M.A. Melanie Joann Culver, M.A. Markquetta Yvonsha Curb, M.A. Rosita Catherlina Curry, M.A. Cathey Renea Curtis, M.A. Kayla Jean Daily, M.A. Lori L. Daly, M.A. Dyesha Na Shae Darby, M.A. Tabatha Ann Darilek, M.A. Deidra Shantrell Davis, M.A. Kimberly Davis, M.A. Melissa Jean Davis, M.A. Tanesha Kenyea Davis, M.A. Angela Marie Debruyn, M.A. Carly Mae DelaBarre, M.A. Latoya Anita Dennis, M.A. Candace Leigh Dice, M.A. Jessica Nicole Dillard, M.A. Kelly Lynnette Dillard, M.A. Patricia Dillard, M.A. Heather Kathleen Dillingham, M.A. Melissa Ann Dinnerstein, M.A. Ashley Nicole Dixon, M.A. Janine Marie Dixon, M.A. Bridgett Renee Dora, M.A. Rochelle Denice Douglas, M.A. Sheniquka M. Douglas, M.A. Lindsay Dowdell, M.A. Donald Drury, M.A. Rose H. Dubreuil, M.A. Kesondra Marie Ducharme, M.A. Zenovia Zorraida Duke, M.A. Sandra L. Dumas, M.A. Sherri Lynn Dunseith, M.A. Jacqueline Michele Dunston, M.A. Lathisa Nicole Durant, M.A. Annie Laura Dydell, M.A. Cynthia Fay Eason, M.A. Shannon Easter, M.A. Lindsey Jo Ebert, M.A. Anna Edwards, M.A. Renetta Lorena Edwards, M.A. Melissa Robin Eggert, M.A. Kathryn Linn Eisenhower, M.A. Caliana Bashari El, M.A. Shawn Michael Elam, M.A. Angela Harris-Ellies, M.A. Shante Antoinette Elliott, M.A. Adrienne Epps, M.A. Beatriz Rosado Escalera, M.A. Felicia R. Eustaquio, M.A. Annette Fadina, M.A

11 Sheena Louise Farris, M.A. Faye G. Fedd, M.A. Charlotte Ann Ferrara, M.A. Annie Delphine Fields, M.A. Twyla D. Fields, M.A. LaShona Fields-Thomas, M.A. Tara Johnson Finn, M.A. Jasmin Finnie, M.A. Madeline B. Fisher, M.A. Mary Ann Fleming, M.A. Rikke Britney Flores, M.A. Naomi Sarah Flournoy, M.A. Anitra Gladys Fluker-Jones, M.A. Ryan Nichole Flynn, M.A. Amy Renee Foster, M.A. Bartholomew Hayden Foster, M.A. Tiawana L. Frazier, M.A. Rachel Ellen Freeman, M.A. Erica Denise Galliday, M.A. Annie C. Galloway, M.A. Joann Gardner, M.A. Marion Lynnette Garner, M.A. Deon S. Gaynor, M.A. Justin Aaron Gee, M.A. Ammie Rebecca George, M.A. Jackie Sheldonia George, M.A. Jessica Aaron Murek George, M.A. Gilbert Phillip German, M.A. Mikka Taiesha-Shawan Gilbert, M.A. Shamora Gilliam, M.A. Keisha M. Glapion, M.A. Jamillah Gleason, M.A. Ransheata Ann Goldston, M.A. Gricelda Perez Gonzalez, M.A. Yanira Gonzalez, M.A. Scoya Le Aunta Grace, M.A. Adrienne Deshaunne Grant, M.A. Melissa Lynn Grant, M.A. Kiara Gray, M.A. Lowanda Gray, M.A. Curtis Anthony Green, M.A. Lindsay Amber Green, M.A. George Phillip Greenhow, M.A. Chevela Hunter Greenway, M.A. Kimberly Jean Greer, M.A. Rakita Franchell Griffin, M.A. Tyra Nicole Gunter, M.A. Helen A. Gutierrez, M.A. Lavette Monique Hale, M.A. Stephanie Hall, M.A. Patrice Larnise Hamilton, M.A. Jamillah Camille Hampton, M.A. Tanika Tyana Hardy, M.A. Daniela Kay Harmon, M.A. Angela Delores Harris, M.A. Deborah Odell Harris, M.A. Natasha E. Harris, M.A. Tanesha Harris, M.A. Tony Durrell Harvey, M.A. Natalie Hatchett, M.A. Catrena Louressa Hawkins, M.A. Bernadette Renee Henderson, M.A. Meta Belinda Henderson, M.A. Joy-Ann C. Henry, M.A. Adrianne Marquita Hensley, M.A. Jennifer Marie Herb, M.A. Michael Dion Hernandez, M.A. Priscilla Marie Hernandez, M.A. Sasha Marie Hernandez-Ticali, M.A. Freedom Ann Hill, M.A. Tiffany Maria-Denise Hill, M.A. Felecia Hilliard, M.A. Betty Jean Hills, M.A. Chuenhua Ho, M.A. Jeffery Allan Hof, M.A. Terri Letitia Holliday, M.A. Theresa M. Holloway, M.A. Panthia La-Rue Hongo, M.A. Janet Ann Honor, M.A. Charlotte Evette Hope, M.A. Cynthia Latrice Jeter, M.A. Maria Lynn Hopwood, M.A. Mirrinda Nichole Huddlestun, M.A. Sherral T. Hudson, M.A. Rodney Hughey, M.A. Geneva Hurd, M.A. Ashley S. Huser, M.A. Amanda Narvaiz Ibarra, M.A. David Eric Imlay, M.A. Lindsay Cheryl Ingram, M.A. Tyana Alexis Ingram, M.A. Alentryal Mingnon Jackson, M.A. Courtney N. Jackson, M.A. Danielle N. Jackson, M.A. Izella Jane Jackson, M.A. Jessie Jackson, M.A. Oliver Cornielus Jackson, M.A. Pamela Jackson, M.A. Sharon Jackson, M.A. Tara Jackson-Amezado, M.A. Claretha Brittania James-Hill, M.A. Barbara Ann Jaudon, M.A. Sandra Lynn Jeffery, M.A. Jasmine N. Jeffries, M.A. Demarion D. Jenkins, M.A. Precious Marvel Jenkins, M.A. Christina Liane Jennings, M.A. James Ray Jewett, Jr., M.A. Cayce Michelle Johnson, M.A. Clinton Edward Johnson, M.A. Crystal Perri Johnson, M.A. Danielle Johnson, M.A. Emmett Johnson, M.A. Jeri A. Johnson, M.A. Kayla Ann Johnson, M.A. Kelli LaShea Johnson, M.A. LaShonna Elese Johnson, M.A. Renae Lyn Johnson, M.A. Retha Mae Johnson, M.A. Shalimar C. Johnson, M.A. Sheila Marie Johnson, M.A. Shuranda Shanett Johnson, M.A. Tonja Alisa Johnson, M.A. Adrienne Johnson-Lee, M.A. Aja Seante Jones, M.A. Bessie L. Jones, M.A. Cynthia Darlene Jones, M.A. Debra R. Jones, M.A. Isaac Charles Jones, M.A. Kywan Denise Jones, M.A. Mae Loretta Jones, M.A. Martha Elaine Jones, M.A. Michael Keith Jones, M.A. Tanisha Jones, M.A. Manya Jones Cooper, M.A. Kima Shantae Jordan, M.A. Veronica Juarez, M.A. Vincent Juarez, M.A. Soo Jin Jung, M.A. Stephanie M. Kahle, M.A. Krista-Lea Kaidash, M.A. Kimberly Rochelle Keith, M.A. Yovanka Norma Kelly, M.A. Lentoya D. Kemp, M.A. Daniella Franchesca Kennaly, M.A. Charity Kenyi, M.A. Monica Inez Keyes, M.A. Lesia Kimes, M.A. Christina Lee Kinsey, M.A. Joyce Marie Kirkland, M.A. Kathleen Marie Knickelbein, M.A. Melissa A. Koporetz, M.A. Tracy Ann Kuemerle, M.A. Kristin Elizabeth Kusche, M.A. Debra L. LaFever, M.A. Carolyn Lynn Lake, M.A. Lola Ann Lake, M.A. Jessica Lang, M.A. LaTonya Michelle Langford, M.A. Kim Cecile Larkins, M.A. Heidi A. Lashley, M.A. Monica M. Latham, M.A. Jamecia Lazard, M.A. Mary Louise Lee, M.A. Ann Carleton Leins, M.A. Jonie Lee Leonard, M.A. Lisa Dawn Lester, M.A. Jacquelyn LaRhonda LeSueur, M.A. Michele Yvonne Lewis, M.A. Lakisha Shantell Liddell, M.A. Nadine Isola Lindsay, M.A. Patrice Millicent Lindsey, M.A. Sharde Shonte Lindsey, M.A. Amie Elaine Little, M.A. Keisha Little, M.A. Martha Rebecca Liverman, M.A. Carolyn Livingston, M.A. Terry Lockhart, M.A. Laura Marcela Logan, M.A. Peter Lombardo, M.A. Latash Nicole Long-Barnette, M.A. Elena Lopez, M.A. Ricardo Lopez, M.A. Jeanette Lorenzana, M.A. Kellie Simone Louviere, M.A. Danielle Alva Lynch, M.A. Dijane Lynch, M.A. Jacquelyn Renee Lyons, M.A. Jillian Lyons, M.A. Monica Mack, M.A. Charlene Theresa Macklin, M.A. Marie Concepcion Mafnas, M.A. Jackie Lee Mahon, M.A. Ginger Montgomery Mahoney, M.A. Mary Elizabeth Major, M.A. Kenya Lataria Maloyd, M.A. Renaldo Kenneth Manuel, M.A. Susan E. MarangelliSantos-Wolk, M.A. Cameron Rachelle Martin, M.A. Christi Janae Martin, M.A. Misty Dawn Martin, M.A. Annette Marie Martinez, M.A. Wendy Joy Mason, M.A. Kizzy Lee Massey, M.A. Belia Marie Matos, M.A. Sylvia Emilia Mayer, M.A. JeMartrius Carnell Mayweather, M.A. Monica M. McBride, M.A. Felicia Valencia McCoy, M.A. Tenah Debra McCray, M.A. Barbara McCrea, M.A. Rochelle A. McGriff, M.A. Amy Rene McKee, M.A. Valerie Lynne McKinney, M.A. Vanessa Renee McKoy, M.A. Shirlene Yvette McLaughlin, M.A. Lori McLendon, M.A. Shirley McLeod, M.A. Kelly L. McMillan, M.A. Katrice Clair McQueen, M.A. Denise Mead, M.A. Nicholas Medley, M.A. Marques Meshack, M.A. Charlisa Yolanda Mesry, M.A. Meair Milam, M.A. Chandra Cherell Miller, M.A. Erin Louise Miller, M.A. Vivian June Mills, M.A. Torre Talia Minter, M.A. Darien Donale Mitchell, M.A. Gwendolyn Jones Montgomery, M.A. Njeri Christina Montgomery, M.A. Shannon Marie Mooney, M.A. Harrell Randolph Moore, M.A. Sarah Christina Moore, M.A. Shonda D. Moore, M.A. Stacy M. Moran, M.A. Kimberly A. Morano, M.A. Jesus Louis Moreno, Jr., M.A. Angelina Roginski Morgante, M.A. Shonda L. Morris, M.A. Tressa L. Morris, M.A. Saysha Morrisey, M.A. Jaleela Muhammad, M.A. Treasure Lorraine Muhammad, M.A. Summer La shawnda Mullen, M.A. Kimberly Shenee Mullins, M.A. Jeritza Vuelvas Mure-Thompson, M.A. Valarie Jean Murphy Taylor, M.A. Shebbie Denise Murray, M.A. Jennifer D. Nally, M.A. Cathy Tejam Narayan, M.A. Sarah Howell Nassef, M.A. Brett Alan Neas, M.A. Leanna Nelson, M.A. Melinda Nelson, M.A. Aaron David Nichols, M.A. Kimberly Christine Nieves, M.A. Lashae Marie Norwood, M.A. Taneshia Nache Nunn, M.A. Alisa Oates, M.A. Beverly Smalls Odom, M.A. Diana Monica Olivarria-Alvarado, M.A. Lamar Ronnell Oliver, M.A. Ariana Olotka, M.A. Shannon Marie O Reilly, M.A. LaTasha Marie Ormond, M.A. Carolyn Lou Ortega, M.A. Jasmine Charece Ortiz, M.A. Jennifer Rose O Shay, M.A. Jason Alan Ostrow, M.A. Puquita Denise Outlaw, M.A. Donell Lamont Owens, M.A. Jason Duane Owens, M.A. Tabitha Marie Owens, M.A. Alicia Denise Pace, M.A. Vanessa Elaine Palmer-Shepard, M.A. Katherine Nikkole Pappas, M.A. Ashley Renee Paris, M.A. Vanessa D. Parker, M.A. Chris Patterson, M.A. Aaron Lamon Patton III, M.A. Enolar Solomon Payne, M.A. Sada M. Payne, M.A. Stacy Payne, M.A. Terry Lyn Pearson, M.A. Tateana Nicole Peddie-Vicks, M.A. Garfield J. Pellhum, M.A. Brandi Onesha Perry, M.A. LaTina Yvette Petties, M.A. Alecia Leila nett Petty, M.A. Shanelle Lynette Philistin, M.A. John Phillips, M.A. Ashley Raychelle Pickett, M.A. Osline Pierre, M.A. Rosanna Pimentel, M.A. Yaniris A. Pineda, M.A. Kristy Lynn Pinkney, M.A. Rebekah Jade Pohlen, M.A. Kendra Ray Pope, M.A. Esther Portalatin, M.A. Dakota Denise Porter, M.A. Cynthia Renay Powell, M.A. James Michael Powell, M.A. Terresa Pratt, M.A. Winston Silvester Prescott, M.A. Patricia Anne Price, M.A. Alicia Denise Proctor, M.A. Daniel Joseph Przybylski, M.A. Shantel Levette Pugh, M.A. Ericka Rene Purnell, M.A. Ellen M. Pyle, M.A. Jessica Lee Q.uackenbush, M.A. Anne Marie Q.uick, M.A. Racquel Q.uinn, M.A. Janelle Rae Q.uintana, M.A. Malvenia Raggins, M.A. Kimberly Eva Ramalia Reid, M.A. Kayla Grace Ramos, M.A. Marcia Allison Ray, M.A. Rathana Reach, M.A. Taylor Virginia Reed, M.A. Tamara L. Reel, M.A. Adrienne Reese, M.A. Roxanne Renzetti, M.A. Laurel C. Rice, M.A. Amanda Fay Rines, M.A. David S. Rivera, M.A. Priscillia Dean Rivera, M.A. Ebony Beauty Robert, M.A. Beverly Roberts, M.A. Pamela Ann Roberts, M.A. Dynecia Doritha Robinson, M.A. Richunda S. Robinson, M.A. Shumeka D. Robinson, M.A. Verna Rochon, M.A. Keith John Rodkey, M.A. Jose Luis Rodriguez, M.A. Natalie Love Rodriguez, M.A. Yvette Angelique Rodriguez, M.A. Jason Scott Rogers, M.A. Amanda Kathleen Rose, M.A. Chiara Lyndrea Rucker, M.A. Jennifer Nicole Rudeseal, M.A. Marian Giselle Ruiz, M.A. Jeanette Salgado Villalba, M.A. Hollyanne Samuelsen, M.A. Benjamin Arturo Sanchez, M.A. Nichole Lynn Sanchez, M.A. Loria Evyann Santiful, M.A. Chad LeShonn Satcher, M.A. Daniel Edward Savage, M.A. Kristy Carlette Savoy, M.A. Jade Maria Sawyer, M.A

12 Tammy A. Schmidt, M.A. Brenda Ann Scott, M.A. Tanis Denae Seats, M.A. Rommel Sedano, M.A. Juwanna Francine Shaw, M.A. Lori A. Sheinfeld, M.A. Celena Sherrell, M.A. Tammy Coleen Showers, M.A. Corinne Renee Simmers, M.A. Shameka Everett Simmons, M.A. Crystal F. Simon, M.A. Shakita Simpson, M.A. Shelly Marie Singletary, M.A. Cynthia Jeanette Slade, M.A. Nicole Inez Small, M.A. Sonia Angela Small, M.A. Kathleen Maria Smart, M.A. Erik Michael Smith, M.A. Terra Louise Smith, M.A. Kendra Denise Sowell, M.A. Katherine Jeanne Spence, M.A. Latasha Spencer, M.A. Kenita Arlene Spinks, M.A. Adrienne N. Springs, M.A. Verdan N. St. Aimie, M.A. Rashun Denice St Clair, M.A. Belinda M. Staley, M.A. Stephanie Nicole Staley, M.A. Helen Nicole Standifer, M.A. Kathy Karly Stanley, M.A. Kawonda Renay Starling, M.A. Brenda M. Stokes, M.A. Mary Elizabeth Stone, M.A. Sean Michael Stricek, M.A. Debra Lashield Stuckey, M.A. Donna Kaye Suderman, M.A. Miltina P. Sullivan, M.A. LaKeisha Renee Summerville, M.A. Traneice S. Sutton, M.A. Teresa Michelle Sweets, M.A. Nicole D. Taft, M.A. Fogafoga Tai-Gray, M.A. Aja A. Taylor, M.A. Whitney J nae Taylor, M.A. Rhea Jane Tejidor, M.A. Tina Gail Terry, M.A. Tina Denise Thibaut, M.A. Amira Kenyatta Thomas, M.A. Deirdre Renee Thomas-Watson, M.A. Etta Faye Thomas, M.A. Jennifer Selena Thomas, M.A. Kimberly Michelle Thomas, M.A. Ladonna Rochelle Thomas, M.A. Rosina Jeanette Thomas, M.A. Rozlyn Sheryl Thomas, M.A. Jenel Diana Deloris Thompson, M.A. Regina Annette Thompson, M.A. Shelia V. Thompson, M.A. David Lamont Thurmond, M.A. Danielle Marie Tinker, M.A. Karri Marie Todd, M.A. Jazzmil Jenelyl Torres, M.A. Brynn Tozer, M.A. Mikhael Shere Trammell, M.A. Jeffrey A. Trent, M.A. Jennifer C. Tripp, M.A. Kellie Dawn Tunbridge, M.A. Tammy L. Tunis, M.A. Darlene Q.uidachay Tydingco, M.A. Detra L. Tyler, M.A. Renee B. Valencia, M.A. Steven Michael Van Gorden, M.A. Amanda May Vargas, M.A. Elizabeth Tara Vaugh, M.A. Derrick Veal, M.A. Lindsey Elyse Venrick, M.A. Gale R. Vereen, M.A. Jessica Kenyetta Vergin, M.A. Shawndrea Capri Vining, M.A. Tamarr Sabrina Vollmar, M.A. Richelle Lee Vose, M.A. Justine Ali Walker, M.A. Stanley Walker, Jr., M.A. Wylida Bernice Walker, M.A. Vera Dean Walson, M.A. Andrea Sharette Ward, M.A. COLLEGE OF HEALTH, HUMAN SERVICES, AND SCIENCE CANDIDATES FOR BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREES Marvin Marion Abram, Jr., B.A. Ruy Daniel Acevedo, B.A. Alysia Adams, B.A. Beverly Ann Adams, B.A. Robbie Adams, B.A. Susan Ann Addis, B.A. Shaima S. Adua, B.A. Aghabiomo Gift Adun, B.A. Ingrid Agard, B.A. Barbara Yvonne Agron, B.A. Megan Nicole Akins, B.A. Ashley Sue Albney, B.A. Rebecca Ann Alby, B.A. Laura Kay Aldridge, B.A. Christie Jean Alford, B.A. Lytonia Latisha Alford, B.A. Taneshea S. Algee, B.A. Aleisha Nicole Allen, B.A. Irma Allen, B.A. Jennifer Lynn Allen, B.A. La Donna Marie Allen, B.A. Sharon Ann Allen, B.A. Sarah Amanda Waring, M.A. Irma Annelle Warrington, M.A. Claudia L. Washington, M.A. LaTunja Delores Washington, M.A. Zahirah Washington, M.A. Zenobia Minyoun Washington, M.A. Joy Watkins, M.A. Rhonda Orea Watson, M.A. Donald Scott Wear, M.A. Chardinique Benjamin Wells, M.A. Concetta Octavia Wells, M.A. Robert Lee Weng, M.A. Sarah Ann Wenzke, M.A. Dawnita Marie Westover, M.A. Nakia Lynn Wheat, M.A. Tonia E. Wheatley, M.A. Kimberly Michelle Whiren, M.A. Latasha N. White, M.A. Tammy Dannen White, M.A. Ryan Michael Wilke, M.A. Jacqueline Michelle Williams, M.A. Lawanda Lynnette Williams, M.A. LeTitia MiChelle Williams, M.A. Natasha Williams, M.A. Daretta Lekay Wilson, M.A. Jarvis Emmanuel Wilson, M.A. Jessie Etta Wilson, M.A. Vashon Wilson, M.A. Jennifer Lynn Winther, M.A. Kristen J. Winzer, M.A. Christel Devonne Wise, M.A. Malia Nadene Woodruff, M.A. Delisa Chimene Woods, M.A. Justin K. Woodson, M.A. Dawn Jeanine Wooten, M.A. Viveion Anquenette Wraggs, M.A. Annie V. Wright, M.A. Holly Joan Staten Wright, M.A. Hayovel Yisrael, M.A. Deborah A. Zieniuk, M.A. Michelle Beverly Zumba, M.A. Shakera Efaye Allison, B.A. Mary Balfe Allnutt, B.A. Brian T. Alloway, B.A. Sandra Y. Alston, B.A. Nicole Cassy Altadonna, B.A. Scott Michael Altgilbers, B.A. Virginia Jane Altland, B.A. Carlos Alexander Amaya, B.A. Ryan Mark Amick, B.A. Lilit Amiryan, B.A. Christy L. Amos, B.A. Jeremy Je rod Anderson, B.A. Joel Jerome Anderson, B.A. Kristin Rae Anderson, B.A. Tymekus Nicota Anderson, B.A. Yvette Denise Anderson, B.A. Shannon S. Andino, B.A. Natasha Alisha Andrews, B.A. Amy S. Annis, B.A. Evelyn Renee Appleton, B.A. Rachel Lee Aquilino, B.A. Amber Rachelle Arend, B.A. Cynthia Armistead, B.A. Tangela M. Armstrong, B.A. Michael D. Arndt, B.A. Ashley Loran Arnold, B.A. Jennifer L. Arroyo, B.A. Matthew Arsenault, B.A. Gisela Ascanio, B.A. Dorothy Ashford, B.A. Katherine J. Ashley, B.A. Sanna Ashraf, B.A. Celia Atkinson, B.A. Nancy Kimberly Auger, B.A. Ashtin Jean Austin, B.A. China Kerria Octavia Austin, B.A. Chasnie Nakeisha Avery, B.A. Marta T. Avila, B.A. Kelley Michelle Ayers, B.A. Ousmane Cinna Ba, B.A. Brooke Shannon Baig, B.A. Marian Denice Bailey, B.A. Lisa Joy Baker, B.A. Timothy Baker, B.A. Sarah A. Balderrama, B.A. Holly Marie Bambarger, B.A. Jessica M. Bamburg, B.A. Shanda Lorraine Banks, B.A. Curtis Bankston III, B.A. Angelica Barajas, B.A. Constance Rochelle Barber, B.A. Tevin L. Barker, B.A. Renalda Barlatier, B.A. Jessica Nadine Barnes, B.A. Latrice D. Barnes, B.A. Candace Barr, B.A. Shametra D. Barrance, B.A. Jessica Paola Barriosnuevo, B.A. Corey A. Bartlett, B.A. Marc A. Bates, B.A. Kimscherry Batiste, B.A. Cameron Homer Batts, B.A. Nikinya Rashea Beal, B.A. Brittani Ann Beats, B.A. Rachel Mae Becenti, B.A. Jonathan A. Becker, B.A. Vanessa V. Becton, B.A. Angel Bedora, B.A. Penny Marie Been, B.A. Kelly Beene, B.A. Christina Marie Belcher, B.A. Kamaria Denise Bell, B.A. Shannon Marie Bell, B.A. Tonya Bell, B.A. Stacey Belle, B.A. Sandra K. Bellinger, B.A. Jessi Lynn Benanti, B.A. Carolyn S. Bennett, B.A. Marietta Bennett, B.A. Cyntoria M. Benton, B.A. Omie Bergquist, B.A. Ashley N. Berlinski, B.A. Diana Berna, B.A. Amanda Marie Berresford, B.A. Phyllis Adrianna Bertholet, B.A. Shaquita Rochelle Bethea, B.A. Autumn Leigh Bevels, B.A. Kerri Ann Bickerstaff, B.A. Jillianne Elizabeth Bickhardt, B.A. Mindy Q.. Bills, B.A. Tierney Beth Birdsell, B.A. Rosario Bishop, B.A. Haley Jo Blackburn, B.A. Matthew Alexander Blackburn, B.A. Shannon Bernadette Blackshire, B.A. Roxann Delonie Blackwood, B.A. Kiandra Shantrez Bland, B.A. Keeley C. Blank, B.A. Michelle Bonds, B.A. Crystal Bonner, B.A. Stephanie Bonnett, B.A. Gail M. Borne, B.A. John A. Borucinski, B.A. Christina Ann Boutte, B.A. Jevon Daniel Boutte, B.A. Melbra Bowie, B.A. DeAndra G. Boydd, B.A. Jennifer Boyette, B.A. Shanethe Boykin, B.A. Carla Marie Boyle, B.A. Shuqueenia P. Bracey, B.A. Jerome Reuben Branch, B.A. Tanasshia Chantel Brantley, B.A. Denise Marie Colbert, B.A. Glenda Renee Brazier Britton, B.A. Christine Ellen Breedlove-Schmitz, B.A. Jessica Marie Brenegan, B.A. Sarah Jane Breshears, B.A. Chris Eugene Brewington, B.A. Jerod F. Brewton, B.A. Carlton G. Brewton, Sr., B.A. Regina M. Bright, B.A. Marquita S. Brigman, B.A. Angelic A. Briningstool, B.A. Lindsey Diana Brist, B.A. Richard Britton, B.A. Amy Jo Brogdon, B.A. Emily D. Brooks, B.A. Jazmin Myshel Brooks, B.A. Kathryn Marie Brooks, B.A. Melanie Y. Brooks, B.A. Teri Lane Brooks, B.A. Janae Monique Broussard-Turnupseed, B.A. Angela Yvonne Brown, B.A. Ashley Dawn Brown, B.A. Avia Kimberle Brown, B.A. Charlene Marshell Brown, B.A. Cynthia Brown, B.A. Juliette Brown, B.A. Marion Yashica Brown, B.A. Rebecca Ann Brown, B.A. Senina Brown, B.A. Stacie Larie Brown, B.A. Stevi Marie Browne, B.A. Tracy Lynn Brown-Fluker, B.A. Brenda Marie Bruhn, B.A. Steve Brunyer, B.A. Deonya Brutus, B.A. April Joann Buchanan Butler, B.A. Lisa Marie Buentello, B.A. Sophia Marie Bulham, B.A. Janine Bulmer, B.A. Daniel Christopher Burch, B.A. Faith Shannell Burney, B.A. Natasha R. Burns, B.A. Barbara Lynn Burrow, B.A. Ann Marie Burton, B.A. Jared Andrew Burton, B.A. Brandy Leah Bussey, B.A. Anna Butler, B.A. Michelle Sharron Butler, B.A. Sylvia Anna Buzzi, B.A. Melissa Lou Byrd, B.A. Darnell O. Cabell, B.A. Helen A. Caine, B.A. Jassiel Calderon, B.A. Crystal Lashay Caldwell, B.A. Ashley DaShae Campbell, B.A. Dosia M. Campbell, B.A. Lekeisha Tenae Campbell, B.A. Nicola Andrea Campbell, B.A. Randolph Allen Campbell, B.A. Tina Katrina Campbell, B.A. Teresa S. Campos, B.A. Jessica Candelo, B.A. Kaylob Michelle Candey, B.A. George Ryan Canney, B.A. Amanda Leigh Carle, B.A. Jason S. Carlson, B.A. Lawanda Mechelle Carmichael, B.A. Denise L. Carmon, B.A. Darlene Carper, B.A. Michelle L. Carr, B.A. Candace Carroll, B.A. Morgen Lynn Carroll, B.A. Elvis Deon Carruthers, B.A. D Andrea Dee Carter, B.A. Gina R. Carter, B.A

13 Wylodean Carter, B.A. Linda May Cash, B.A. Gregory Patrick Castle, B.A. Mindi Nola Castro, B.A. Krista N. Cauley, B.A. Nicolette Ann Ceja, B.A. Alfred Cereceres, B.A. Annel Cereceres, B.A. Lisa M. Cernak, B.A. Christina Elizabeth Chambers, B.A. Jeremy Thomas Chambers, B.A. Daphne Gwen Champagne, B.A. Sandaleea L. Chaney, B.A. Faith A. Chapman, B.A. Jessica A. Chapman, B.A. Michael Joseph Chappell, B.A. Dynita Marie Charles, B.A. Adrian A. Chavez, B.A. Joseph Chavez, B.A. Kayla Marie Cheesman-Miles, B.A. Brenda M. Chestnut, B.A. Lacie Erin Autumn Cheuvront, B.A. Ashley Elise Chiaravalle, B.A. Jack Harold Chipman, B.A. Danielle K. Chizmadia, B.A. Kelley M. Chojnowski, B.A. Elizabeth Thompson Chombor, B.A. Timothy Chow, B.A. Katherine Michelle Christeson, B.A. Hollie Sue Christiansen, B.A. Goran Ciganovic, B.A. Amber Rochelle Cinalli, B.A. Elizabeth A. Cirko, B.A. Christy Ann Clark, B.A. Kristen Michelle Clark, B.A. Nicole E. Clark, B.A. Sharnika Trinette Clark, B.A. Irma E. Clarke, B.A. Misty Philion Clawson, B.A. Lisa Marie Clemson, B.A. Maria Clarice Clough, B.A. Desire A. Cobb, B.A. Christopher L. Cogdell, B.A. Ashley Lynn Cole, B.A. Marla Eileen Cole, B.A. Timothy W. Cole, B.A. Vanessa rebecca Cole, B.A. Ciaira Coleman, B.A. Jeanne Coleman, B.A. Keina Marshean Coleman, B.A. Nena Nicole Collier, B.A. Ronsheka Schyna Collier, B.A. John Clark Collins, B.A. Joseph Duane Collins, B.A. Priscilla Marie Collins, B.A. Angela Kay Conkleton, B.A. Amber Sue Conlee, B.A. Lori Ann Conley, B.A. William Raymond Connery III, B.A. Rosalba Contreras, B.A. Angela D. Cook, B.A. Kaleena D. Cook, B.A. Latisha Layana Cook, B.A. Marva Cook, B.A. Patricia Renee Cook, B.A. Victoria Lee Cooke, B.A. Francine Cooper, B.A. Didier Coqmar, B.A. Robert A. Corley, B.A. Ruby Cornejo Salas, B.A. Joshua Alan Cornell, B.A. Lisa Dawn Cornell, B.A. Lizbeth Corona, B.A. Carlos Cortez Soto, B.A. Jennifer Fly Councill, B.A. Ashley Jeannette Courts, B.A. Dante C. Cousan, B.A. Sharon Eti Covary, B.A. Karey Anne Covington, B.A. loretta Brower covington, B.A. Robin L. Covington, B.A. Stephanie R. Cox, B.A. Addison Dean Coyle, B.A. Danielle Craft, B.A. Julie Ruby Craft, B.A. Dawndi Jean Craig, B.A. Samuel James Cranston, B.A. Kiana Bowen Crawford, B.A. Kim M. Crawford, B.A. Evonne Crishon Crenshaw, B.A. Lydia Ruth Crenshaw, B.A. Bernadette Denise Crews-Bates, B.A. John Eric Crippen, B.A. Vicki La Shon Crump, B.A. Hannah M. Cruse, B.A. Bernadette Cruz, B.A. Daniel D. Cruz, B.A. Monica I. Cruz, B.A. Salli Cruz, B.A. Kimberly Anne Cruz Medina, B.A. Michael C. Cuellar, B.A. Shauntelle Cummings, B.A. Uthana Lynn Cummings, B.A. Donna M. Cuomo, B.A. Rachel Kae Curtis, B.A. Kimberly Michele Daigle, B.A. Jessica N. Dale, B.A. Nasstacia K. Daley, B.A. Quiawanna Deanne Dallas, B.A. Tracie Lee Dalton, B.A. Tonya Strickland Dangerfield, B.A. Aubery J. Daniels, B.A. Crystal Lawrene Daniels, B.A. LaSonya Denise Darby, B.A. Jason William Darling, B.A. Chimere Nicole Dash, B.A. Maurice Deshawn David, B.A. Holly Ann Davidson, B.A. Adrianne Patricia Davis, B.A. Bettina Nichele Davis, B.A. Judi A. Davis, B.A. Karen Davis, B.A. Malissa P. Davis, B.A. Emily Rose Dawes, B.A. James Edward De Grande III, B.A. Michael S. De Guzman, B.A. Virgen De Jesus, B.A. Angelica Lizette De La Cruz, B.A. Della P. de Leon, B.A. Tiffany Renee Deaver, B.A. Tomeka Treshell DeBruce, B.A. Anna Elisabeth Christine Defronzo, B.A. Chandra DeGraffenreid, B.A. Daniel James DeHart, B.A. Candice Lea Deits, B.A. Alexis Marcos Delavega, B.A. Isaleny Delgadillo, B.A. Perreese Pattorial Deloney, B.A. Candice L. Dennhardt, B.A. Jessica Ray nell Dennis, B.A. Misty Jean Dennis, B.A. Martinez Ryan Dennison, B.A. Nicole Shawntell Denny, B.A. Saskia M. Desir, B.A. Kathleen DeVivo, B.A. Veronica Lyann Dewitt, B.A. Terrilyn Diamond, B.A. Leo Diaz, B.A. Charles Milan Dietz, B.A. Makesha Nicole Dildy, B.A. Julius G. Dillard, B.A. Robin Renee Dillard, B.A. Monica Renee Dillon, B.A. Camilya Yavon Dixon, B.A. Sandra Cralicia Dixon, B.A. Amelia Dodson, B.A. Kalkita N. Dodson, B.A. Lizbeth M. Domday, B.A. Diane Donvito, B.A. Lance Julian Doss, B.A. Kevin Dewayne Dotson, B.A. Carles Douglas, B.A. Veronica Gale Dower-Smith, B.A. Shaineeka Shauntelle Downing, B.A. Robin Renee Doyon, B.A. Alesia Draggon, B.A. Trina Lavelle Draughan-Dillard, B.A. Joseph Dennis Driussi, B.A. Tonya Michelle Druckenmiller, B.A. Lisa E. Drugan, B.A. Marquitia D. Dudley, B.A. Kacey Marie Duke, B.A. Eureka F. Dukes, B.A. Lander Dennard Dunbar, B.A. Chekesha M. Duncan, B.A. Tanya Alicia Dundas, B.A. Nicole A. Dunlap, B.A. Ramona Lee Dunlap, B.A. T.Idella B. Dunn, B.A. Tamara Dunn, B.A. Angela Marie Duran, B.A. Yolanda Dykes, B.A. Terri La jeune Dyson, B.A. Ashley M. Eakin, B.A. Dyan Kathryn Earnhart, B.A. Renee Eason, B.A. Delilah A. Eason-Pratt, B.A. Rickey Leware Eberhardt, B.A. Lisa Jeanette Echols, B.A. Christina Edwards, B.A. Melinda Y. Eisenhower, B.A. Dennis James Elder, B.A. Theresa Laura Eley, B.A. Lana Lee Eliot, B.A. Ashley Dianne Elliott, B.A. Lori A. Elliott, B.A. Shawndra Suzanne Elliott, B.A. Sonja D. Elliott, B.A. Crystal Y. Ellis, B.A. Mellisa Ann Ellis, B.A. Shawna M. Ellis, B.A. Holly Coral Ellithorpe, B.A. Lakeisha Teresa Elum, B.A. Joleen M. English, B.A. Sharron Lynette English, B.A. Jessica J. Erlandson, B.A. Lori Ann Espe, B.A. Shelley Diane Espinoza, B.A. Cecilia Bernal Esquivel, B.A. Juanita Estrada, B.A. Elizabeth Estrella, B.A. Michelle Lee Eubank, B.A. Daphne Ann Evans, B.A. Sharon Deneen Evans, B.A. Venessa Evans, B.A. Otis Evans III, B.A. Edward L. Ewing, B.A. Lisa Michelle Fairfax, B.A. Shinesha S. Fallon, B.A. Nicole D. Fargo, B.A. Louanda K. Farley, B.A. Jackie A. Fawley, B.A. Danielle Marie Fearnow, B.A. Sheptar L. Fedrick, B.A. Christina Felix, B.A. Neferteri E bonea Ferdinand, B.A. Ondria Elaine Ferrell, B.A. Jamison Andrew, Randolph Ferrin, B.A. Stephanie Nicole Ferris, B.A. Pamela Karen Fick, B.A. Jessica Danielle Fields, B.A. Bicie Fields Moore, B.A. Anita Figueroa, B.A. Jacqueline Figueroa, B.A. Christina P. Fisher, B.A. Shantell Bianca Fletcher, B.A. Sjonda Denise Fletcher, B.A. Joseph Laurent Fleuranvil, Jr., B.A. Carlos A. Flores, B.A. Mary Dolores Flores-Leon, B.A. Jennifer May Flynn, B.A. Stephen M. Ford, B.A. Tahesia Joynetta Ford, B.A. Faizeh Formoso, B.A. Drexel Foster, B.A. Joseph D. Foster, B.A. Meredith Alison Foster, B.A. Sandra Marie Foster, B.A. Summer B. Foster, B.A. Hillary Foulk, B.A. Jennifer Nettie Fox, B.A. Tannis Fox, B.A. Jennifer C. Francis, B.A. Richard John Francis, B.A. Ashley Nicole Franks, B.A. Staci Lyn Franks, B.A. Denise Freeman, B.A. Andrew J. Friend, B.A. Diana Frisby, B.A. Delores M. Fruge, B.A. Mabel L. Fuentes, B.A. Shannon Fulcher, B.A. Clothea V. Fuqua, B.A. Branden Gary Fusi, B.A. Christina L. Gabany, B.A. Stephanie Denise Gadson, B.A. Jenny Adell Gage, B.A. Precious Gaines, B.A. Jamie Lynn Gallagher, B.A. Paul Gallegos, B.A. Crystal Marie Gallegos-Goldhorn, B.A. Marcus Ramon Galvan, B.A. Margot Kim Gambles, B.A. Tonya J. Gandy, B.A. Christina Marie Garcia, B.A. Imelda Grisel Garcia, B.A. Miosoti Lucia Garcia, B.A. Monica Y. Garcia-Gomez, B.A. Rebecca Lee Garcia, B.A. Shelly A. Garcia, B.A. Starr Brite Garcia, B.A. Elizabeth Ann Gardiner, B.A. Ashley Lynn Gardner, B.A. Jeremiah T. Garfoyle, B.A. Amanda Marie Garland, B.A. Quadra Letisha Garmon, B.A. Sara Eileen Garner, B.A. Crystal Lynn Gary, B.A. Yvonne Christine Gasior, B.A. Brittany Edna -Louise Gaudette, B.A. Donna M. Geathers, B.A. Jennifer George, B.A. Travis Matthew Giannini, B.A. Lekeshia L. Gibson, B.A. Lisa J. Gibson, B.A. Stephanie Eileen Gibson, B.A. Dale Robert Giddings, B.A. Henrinetta W. Gilbert, B.A. Sarah E. Gill, B.A. John Patrick Gillespie, B.A. Nushay N. Ginn, B.A. Erik Dionicio Giron Guerrero, B.A. Milagros Yvette Goggin, B.A. LaTonya Durham Goins, B.A. Joaney Michelle Golden, B.A. Nicole Leigh Goldschmidt, B.A. Beatrice Guerrero Gomez, B.A. Jason Gonzales, B.A. Trazey Kemble Pauig Gonzales, B.A. Ashley T. Gonzalez, B.A. Christopher R. Gonzalez, B.A. Luis Roberto Gonzalez, B.A. Mary-Catherine Gonzalez, B.A. Monique Shajae Gonzalez-Scott, B.A. Ratonya Gooden, B.A. Crystal N. Goodger, B.A. Misti Marie Goodrich, B.A. Angela Elizabeth Goodson, B.A. Jamie Lee Goodwin, B.A. Terrey L. Goodwin, B.A. Tyrell S. Gordon, B.A. Charity Faith Gordy, B.A. Renee Lyn Goss, B.A. Amber Lynn Gottlieb, B.A. Ana Carolina Chen-Cardoze, B.A. Kimberly Jade Graap, B.A. Brittany Shae Grace, B.A. Joleen D. Graciani, B.A. Collette Shantelle Graham, B.A. Eddie Lamar Grainger, Jr., B.A. Christine Elizabeth Green, B.A. Natasha M. Green, B.A. Yvette Melinda Green, B.A. Kaitlin Michelle Greene, B.A. Linda Greene, B.A. Alisa Esther Greenwell, B.A. Ashley Renee Greer, B.A. Sean Eugene Greer, B.A. Joshua D. Gregerson, B.A. Tammy Christine Greggs, B.A. Ashley Nichole Griffin, B.A. Stacey Lee Griffin, B.A. Joshua M. Griffith, B.A. Natasha Monica Griffith, B.A. Emily M. Grimes, B.A. Izetta Grimes, B.A. Lara A. Gross, B.A. Pamela Katherine Groth, B.A. Brittany Marilyn Groves, B.A. Recie Ann Gunartt, B.A. Jose G. Gutierrez, B.A. Bernice Obeng Gyambrah, B.A. Sunnie J. Ha, B.A. Sean Evan Haber, B.A

14 Holli Anne Hadwin, B.A. Tyler James Hagerstrom, B.A. Leah Mackenzie Hale, B.A. Tiffany Kahoru Hale, B.A. Robert A. Hall, B.A. Sara Yvette Hall, B.A. Jennifer Leigh Ham, B.A. Shakira D. Ham, B.A. Dawn Le Anne Hamilton, B.A. Steven Michael Hammonds, B.A. April Renee Hand, B.A. Tina Marie Hanks, B.A. Regina Hannah, B.A. Dawn Michelle Hansen, B.A. Elizabeth Lyn Hansen, B.A. Denise Deanne Harper, B.A. Kristina Ann Harper, B.A. Rochelle C. Harper, B.A. Nicholas Brock Harrell, B.A. Chelsea April Harris, B.A. Darylann Marie Harris, B.A. Deborah Dian Barrow Harris, B.A. Krista Sondra Harris, B.A. Margaret Elaine Harris, B.A. Shaquina Marie Harris, B.A. Tomeca M. Harris, B.A. Tristan Mychale Harris, B.A. Matthew Timmons Harrison, B.A. Shannon Terrell Harris-Wright, B.A. Valarie Fay Harsley, B.A. Donald L. Hart III, B.A. Kesha Brooke Hartman, B.A. Faith Lashonda Harvey, B.A. Rebecca Marie Harvey, B.A. Melinda Ann Haskell, B.A. Allison Renee Hasson, B.A. Jeremy Daniel Hawkins, B.A. Shakius L. Hawkins, B.A. Shalicia Lanae Hawkins, B.A. Sharon Maria Hawkins, B.A. Katharine W. Hawks, B.A. Karen Nicole Hayes, B.A. Sharnelle K. Hayes, B.A. Donielle Maria Haynes, B.A. Shandlyn D. Hearn, B.A. Talitha Christine Heath, B.A. Vanessa Nicole Heaton, B.A. Christopher Jay Heffer, B.A. Jonathan D. Heiden, B.A. Tiffany Mae Heil, B.A. Erin Dawn Hemmert, B.A. Melissa Marie Hendershot, B.A. Ersha Jean Henderson, B.A. Scherwin Gerard Henry, B.A. Charrissa Sueann Hensel, B.A. Cindy E. Hernandez, B.A. Jody Hernandez, B.A. Miguel A. Hernandez, B.A. Julie A. Hernandez-Cruz, B.A. Deena Anne Herrera, B.A. Lena Marie Herrington, B.A. Regina Lynn Herrington, B.A. Brandi Jo Hess, B.A. Kelly Elizabeth Hessel, B.A. Colene Loan Hickman, B.A. Christopher Hicks, B.A. LaTasha M. Hicks, B.A. Gerri Chris Hiersche, B.A. Angela Marie Higdon, B.A. Heather Lynn Higgins, B.A. Bryce Todd Higley, B.A. Sydney Brooke Hilbert, B.A. Angie D. Hill, B.A. April Hill, B.A. Brandy M. Hill, B.A. Melisa Odetta Hill, B.A. Nichol L. Hines, B.A. Monique Lashone Hobbs, B.A. Jennifer D. Hoffman, B.A. Travis J. Hoffman, B.A. Barbara Jean Hogan, B.A. Sabrina Jean Hogan, B.A. Tabitha Ann Holcomb, B.A. Cassie Lou Hollerud, B.A. Melissa Lynn Hollis, B.A. Michelle E. Holloway, B.A. Serena A. Holloway, B.A. Nancy Holm, B.A. Anitra Dolores Holmes, B.A. Darrell L. Holmes, B.A. Kellie Rene Holmes, B.A. Timothy James Hooper, B.A. Jessica Michele Hopkins, B.A. Ladonna Annettee Hopkins, B.A. Justin Edward House, B.A. Maxine Elicia Houston, B.A. Chinauwa C. Howard, B.A. Kimberllie Ann Howard, B.A. Kira Anne Howard, B.A. Charles Howington, B.A. Meghan H. Hoyt, B.A. Alexis Lee Marie Hucks, B.A. Crystal Charmaine Hudson, B.A. Jaimie Nicole Hudson, B.A. Mikalyn T. Hue, B.A. Heather L. Huffman, B.A. Aulisha Lynn Humphries, B.A. Cheryl A. Hunsinger, B.A. Robin Renee Hunt, B.A. Shirley E. Hunt, B.A. Thea Jon Hunter, B.A. Cherie Nichole Hussey, B.A. Stephanie R. Huston, B.A. Marlena Renee Hutchinson, B.A. Michelle Anne Hyatt, B.A. Jennifer Iacobazzi, B.A. Tiffany M. Inman, B.A. Danielle Marie Inneo, B.A. Kathleen H. Innes, B.A. Rayshelle A. Irvin, B.A. Melissa Jean Isaacs, B.A. Falomi Ivery, B.A. Shawnta Jacks, B.A. Anita Ann Jackson, B.A. Gina Grace Jackson, B.A. Justin A. Jackson, B.A. Kiesha Leanette Jackson, B.A. Latandria Denise Jackson, B.A. Rocio Jackson, B.A. Walter L. Jackson, B.A. Yolanda A. Jackson, B.A. Dana Jacoviello, B.A. Travis D. James, B.A. Diana Jaramillo, B.A. Nickole Lechail Jarmon, B.A. Katrina Jefferson, B.A. Ramona L. Jefferson, B.A. Erin Ann Jeffries, B.A. Tricia Lynn Jenison, B.A. April D. Jenkins, B.A. Sharma J. Jenkins, B.A. Regina N. Jennings, B.A. Sarah Jean Jennings-Wise, B.A. Falicia Jade Jensen, B.A. Michael D. Jent, B.A. Blanca Xochitl Jimenez, B.A. Lavern Antonnette Jimenez, B.A. Alicia Fallon Johnson, B.A. Barbara Cathey-Johnson, B.A. Bobbie Ann Johnson, B.A. Brittney Jenae Johnson, B.A. Caitlin Marie Johnson, B.A. Cori Jamal Johnson, B.A. Crystal Gayle Johnson, B.A. Cumbledmda Watu Johnson, B.A. Janet Lynn Johnson, B.A. Jessica Marie Johnson, B.A. Karri Marie Johnson, B.A. Lisa Johnson, B.A. Mary Katherine Johnson, B.A. Michael B. Johnson, B.A. Mistyne Johnson, B.A. Patricia L. Johnson, B.A. Ronique L. Johnson, B.A. Sandra Marie Johnson, B.A. Tfany Nikole Johnson, B.A. Lindsey Faye Johnston, B.A. Nadege Joly, B.A. Cherise Ardella Jones, B.A. Holly Nicole Jones, B.A. Jinja Dyula Jones, B.A. Keeshalee Stacy-ann Jones, B.A. Melissa Tinay Jones, B.A. Patrice S. Jones, B.A. Trina Monique Jones, B.A. Viola F. Jones, B.A. Yolanda Nicole Jones, B.A. Brian Franklin Jordan, B.A. Izora Leigh Jordan, B.A. Kristen N. Jose, B.A. Kerl K. Joseph, B.A. Dorothy Danielle June, B.A. Brian Justice, B.A. Stevi Leigh Kabbeko, B.A. Martha Lillian Kalombo, B.A. Teopista Adikini Kalunda, B.A. Tricia Lyn Kantor, B.A. Margaret Lorraine Karn, B.A. Bhavdeep G. Kaur, B.A. Shonya M. Kavalir, B.A. Kira Kavanaugh, B.A. Sarah N. Keel, B.A. Sheri Ann Keeley, B.A. Nichelle Marie Keil, B.A. Titus S. Keim, B.A. Joseph Christopher Keith, B.A. Jessica L. Keller, B.A. Rebecca Lee Kellon, B.A. Amanda Lynn Kelly, B.A. Robert Leland Kelly II, B.A. Salena Jane Kennedy, B.A. Joseph Kennelly, B.A. Susana Kessler, B.A. Christina Louise Kilmade, B.A. Ajalon Kimbrough, B.A. Brandie LaShay King, B.A. Daniel Joseph King, B.A. Jennifer N. King, B.A. Lashonte Lashay King, B.A. Nita Mae King, B.A. Beverly Gene King-Koger, B.A. Allissa Rose Kircher, B.A. Regina Kirk, B.A. Jeffery Michael Kirkpatrick, B.A. Tammy Lynn Klapper-Sinclair, B.A. Robert Anthony Klein, Jr., B.A. Christopher J. Kleinsorge, B.A. Heather Anne Klien, B.A. Alyssa Jenae Klugh-Espinoza, B.A. Gretchen Knapp, B.A. Joy Renee Knight, B.A. Nicole Marie Knight, B.A. Jessica Mae Knowles, B.A. Juhree Raquel Knowles, B.A. Tracy R. Knowles, B.A. Shanita Knox, B.A. Helen C. Kong, B.A. Ashley Lyn Korac, B.A. Bridget Anne Victoria Koroush, B.A. Ryan Curtis Koryciak, B.A. Miranda L. Krill, B.A. Danielle V. Krueger, B.A. Tiffany Ruth Krueger, B.A. Katie Elizabeth Kuczkuda, B.A. Trisha Marie Kukier, B.A. Elizabeth A. Kunz, B.A. Beverly Anne Lackey, B.A. Jessica L. Lacy, B.A. Samantha Lynn Laczavics, B.A. Terry N. Laffoon, B.A. Mavis LaShon Lamar, B.A. Amanda L. Lamb, B.A. Maria Lancy, B.A. Franshon Sharde Lanier, B.A. Misty Laurel Lankford, B.A. Kayla Marie Larson, B.A. Toby Lavender, B.A. Cynthia Marie Lavergne, B.A. Stephanie Kathleen Lawrence, B.A. Kristol S. Lawson, B.A. Richella Elitte Lawson, B.A. Todd Christopher Lawson, B.A. Amanda S. Layton, B.A. Emily Thi Le, B.A. Suah Lily Ledesma, B.A. Kara M. LeDuc, B.A. Adrienne Denice Lee, B.A. Stephanie Renee Leinenbach, B.A. Lourdes Raquel Lepore, B.A. Kristina Mae Lesikar, B.A. Cassie Marie Letendre, B.A. Christa Lee Leuer, B.A. Carrie Niccole Lewis, B.A. Demetria N. Lewis, B.A. Tyra Nachell Lewis, B.A. Juanita Yvondia Lewis-Jones, B.A. Chiara Licary, B.A. Margaret A. Lienhardt, B.A. Katreka Yvonne Limous, B.A. Maryiha Rose Lindsay, B.A. Jenna Leah Linman, B.A. Susan Mae Lipke, B.A. Shenita Lise, B.A. Brandon D. Little, B.A. Eric Karl Ljung, B.A. Jennifer Raya Llarina, B.A. Tammy Ann Lofton, B.A. Rani Michelle Lollis, B.A. Jessica Tiatelpa Lomeli, B.A. Anica Long, B.A. Maria I. Lopez, B.A. Veronica M. Lopez, B.A. LaJonya LottNelson, B.A. Donna Lowery, B.A. Shanna Ma rae Lucas, B.A. Ursula Caprece Lucier, B.A. Enjolia Larreau Luckey, B.A. Kandra D. Luna, B.A. Breanna L. Lynch, B.A. Ramandeep K. Maan, B.A. Danielle M. Macedo, B.A. Lamar D. Mack, B.A. Lisa Maria Mackey, B.A. Dawn Leimomi Agor Macugay, B.A. Hidy Amekka Maddox, B.A. Kathleen Ann Madison, B.A. Courtney Ciera Magee, B.A. LeeAnn Marie Mahoney, B.A. Elizabeth Maklary, B.A. Josefina Yvonne Maldonado, B.A. Joshua Stephen Mall, B.A. Arian R. Mallory, B.A. Christopher Alan Malone, B.A. Bwezani Richard Manda, B.A. Felicia Denise Mansaray, B.A. Sara Elizabeth Manson, B.A. Arun Pearl Mao, B.A. Shantal K. Mapps, B.A. John Edward Marek, B.A. Colondra Nyroby Mares, B.A. Shenita Rochell Marible, B.A. Andrea Teresa Marin, B.A. Tamara Lynne Marioneaux, B.A. Michele Lee Markwell, B.A. Felicia Renee Markworth, B.A. Michele Lynn Marlow, B.A. Daniel Antonio Marquez, B.A. Abby Marrazzo, B.A. Brittany Nichole Marrison, B.A. Cassandra R. Marsh, B.A. Terry R. Marsh, B.A. Wilda Faye Marsh-Adams, B.A. Jennifer L. Martin, B.A. Karina Martinez, B.A. Sandra M. Martinez, B.A. Stephen Christopher Martinez, B.A. Allissette Martinez-Hernandez, B.A. Jennifer Anne Massie, B.A. Nicole Nicolette Mathis, B.A. Pansy Michelle Matlock, B.A. Ayana Patricia Matthew-Ibarra, B.A. Jessica M. Matthews, B.A. Sibyl Monique Maybin, B.A. Stephanie Jean Mayes, B.A. Kathryn Jolene Mayhugh, B.A. Summer Dawn McAleese, B.A. Christopher Joseph McAteer, B.A. Erica Ann McAuley, B.A. Matthew Donovan McCabe, B.A. Heidi Monika McCarthy, B.A. Rolinda McCarthy, B.A. Stephanie Lynn McCarty, B.A. Marymargaret Nicole McColligan, B.A. Joel Weston McConnohie, B.A. Amber Erin McCormick, B.A. Aaron J. McCoy, B.A. Argenia L. McCray, B.A. Kirsten Chanel McDonald, B.A. Leslie Nicole McDonald, B.A. Teresa Anne McDowell, B.A. Sandra D. McEntire, B.A. Raven Camille McFadden, B.A. Barbara Renee McGee, B.A. Lachona Katrice McGhee, B.A

15 Travis C. McGowan, B.A. Dolores Ann McGrath, B.A. Tracy Stuckey McKay, B.A. Carol McKennon, B.A. Germeia M. McKoy, B.A. Karen McLachlan, B.A. Daisy D. McLaurin, B.A. Yvette H. McLean, B.A. Jason M. McLevain, B.A. LeAnna Ruth McMeekan, B.A. Lloyd McNeal, B.A. Cynthia McNickles, B.A. Michael Edward McRae, B.A. Paulette Lavern McTaggart, B.A. Shanice Lashae McTear, B.A. Stephanie Delaine Medford, B.A. Anna E. Meechai Wilson, B.A. Jacquelene Melvin, B.A. Shana Jo Mena, B.A. Andy Mendez, B.A. Tassie M. Merchant, B.A. Richard Francis Merkert, B.A. Mary Montana Method, B.A. Fidelis I. Mgbeahuru, B.A. Tammie Tanyette Milbourne, B.A. Danitra Miles, B.A. Bernadette P. Miller, B.A. Bridgett Dianne Miller, B.A. Catherine L. Miller, B.A. Chrysaphius G. Miller, B.A. Cymon Latise Miller, B.A. Emily Desiree Miller, B.A. Jessica S. Miller, B.A. Kristi Michelle Miller, B.A. Shay Lynn Miller, B.A. Gregg A. Milliken, B.A. Clair-Jhean Marie Mills, B.A. Suncerrae Kathleen Mills, B.A. Melissa Ann Milo, B.A. Edward Bernard Minter III, B.A. Karie Lynn Mitchell, B.A. Tinisha T. Moffitt, B.A. Jimmie C. Moles, B.A. Christopher R. Monroe, B.A. Hyeyoung Moon, B.A. Mackie M. Mooradian, B.A. Audree Jacole Moore, B.A. Lanadra Menicka Moore, B.A. Sheretta Raquel Moore, B.A. Shevella A. Moore, B.A. Valerie Denise Moore, B.A. Ashley Ann Moore Cruz, B.A. Regina Moore-Dease, B.A. Adela Mora, B.A. Francisco James Morazan, B.A. Alexis Moreno, B.A. Denise Moreno, B.A. Laine Morgan, B.A. Novelle Annette Morgan, B.A. Sarah Diane Morgan, B.A. Haley Racine Morrone, B.A. Joyce O. Mort, B.A. Garry Lefevre Mortensen, B.A. Kara Christine Morton, B.A. Sindy Laweenkey Moses, B.A. Cheryl Kay Moulder, B.A. Tara Rose Moullet, B.A. Molly Anne Mount, B.A. Ray Adan Moura, Jr., B.A. Amber Mousel, B.A. Natalie Apryl Mouzon, B.A. Sahra Muhumed, B.A. Janet S. Murphy, B.A. Keli D nese Mutscheller, B.A. Mary Ardell Myers, B.A. Mitra L. Naini, B.A. Anette Wislline Nance, B.A. Vishwani Naul, B.A. Jessica Celena Navarro, B.A. Alicia Marie Neal, B.A. Jill C. Neal, B.A. Jessica Grace Nealer, B.A. Moran Nedd, B.A. Tiffany Monique Neely, B.A. Amber Marie Neils, B.A. Contina Makeba Nelson, B.A. Dasuni Nuwanthika Nelson, B.A. Noelle Anastasia Nelson, B.A. Tashaun N. Nelson, B.A. Wydrid Dee Cardia Nelson, B.A. Alisha S. Nettles, B.A. Laurence David Nettles, B.A. Diana Nevarez, B.A. Amanda D. Newman, B.A. Jamie Ann Newsom, B.A. Natasha Monique Newsome, B.A. David Dzu Nguyen, B.A. Jennifer My-Hang Nguyen, B.A. Kelly Phuong Nguyen, B.A. Ashley Kay Niehoff, B.A. Amaraji R. Nogueira, B.A. Amanda Lea-Lashay Nolan, B.A. Jennifer Carter Northern, B.A. Teresa Ann Novelli, B.A. Tina Ann Nute, B.A. Jennifer Michelle Oaks, B.A. Christopher M. Oester, B.A. Jendayi Safiya Ogbonna, B.A. Tammy L. Old, B.A. Harriette Charlene Oliver, B.A. Kamilah E. Ologban, B.A. Emily M. Orf, B.A. Shelia L. Orlando, B.A. Sandra Kay Orr, B.A. Ana Laura Ortega, B.A. Jonathan Ortiz, B.A. Julia H. Ortiz, B.A. Jennifer L. Orton, B.A. Bethany Orvis, B.A. Heather C. Osbourne, B.A. Virginia Faith Oshel, B.A. Bettye Jean Owens, B.A. Cynthia Pace, B.A. Mistie May Pace, B.A. Luis Pacheco, B.A. Eileen V. Padilla, B.A. Lori Ann Padilla, B.A. Asia T. Palmer, B.A. Elisha Danielle Palmer, B.A. Mary Jane Palmer, B.A. Marie Elaina Pangilinan, B.A. Morgan Da-ly Pannia, B.A. Toizette S. Parham, B.A. Julie M. Parker, B.A. Karl A. Parker, B.A. Gabrielle Marie Parks, B.A. Marquis Walter Parks, B.A. Heather Adele Parton, B.A. Georgia A. Patterson, B.A. Amanda Christene Pavlik, B.A. Jasmine Michelle Payne, B.A. Melody Maria Payne, B.A. Natasha Lynn Payton, B.A. Tabitha Dorcas Payton-Wood, B.A. Dejata Peay, B.A. Delmy Penamora, B.A. Nichol Marie Peoples, B.A. Jose Axel Peralessanchez, B.A. Janice Ann Perce, B.A. Evangelina Perez, B.A. Laura C. Perez, B.A. Sammie William Perkins, Jr., B.A. Tanailyn W. Pernell, B.A. Elyse Camille Perry, B.A. Julius Ignatius Perry, B.A. Julvana Lynn M. Perry, B.A. Michelle Nicole Perry, B.A. Shawna Perry, B.A. Valerie L. Pestka, B.A. Katherine N. Peters, B.A. LaVarne Peterson, B.A. Steven Daniel Peterson, B.A. Jo Ann Petosa, B.A. Mary D. Pettit, B.A. Angela Pfefferkorn, B.A. Shakee G. Philbert, B.A. Melissa Faith Phillips, B.A. Tiffany M. Pickles, B.A. Susan Pierson, B.A. Tanya Lee Pierson, B.A. Melissa Sweetwater Dawn Piloni, B.A. Elia E. Pinero, B.A. Stephanie Marie Pinson, B.A. Latoya Monique Pitts-Williams, B.A. Taj Edmond Polite, B.A. Teresa P. Polkey, B.A. Deanna R. Ponder, B.A. Nakenya Tynisha Portela-Bailey, B.A. Rebecca Ann Potter, B.A. Christy Anne Poulsen, B.A. Amanda Lynn Poulton, B.A. Jessica A. Pozzato, B.A. Amber Prater, B.A. Daniel Randolph Prescod, B.A. April Marie Price, B.A. Christopher D. Price, B.A. Shamire Tymean Pritchard, B.A. Jacqueline A. Proper, B.A. Robyn Lynne Pruitt, B.A. Roshawon Latice Pruitt, B.A. Emily Danielle Puerner, B.A. Lillian Sarah Pugh, B.A. Sheleta R. Pugh, B.A. Jennifer Lee Purdie, B.A. Lashawnda Yvette Purdie, B.A. Robert W. Pyles, B.A. DeMiracle Anthoney Q.uinn, B.A. Sara Maribel Quintero, B.A. Gabriella Marie Rad, B.A. Crystal Lanette Radcliff, B.A. Allisa Raddatz, B.A. Rebecca Ann Rainboth, B.A. Nicole Marie Rajcok, B.A. Jessica Mary Raley, B.A. Erick Ramirez, B.A. Stephen Duane Ramsey, B.A. Melissa Randle, B.A. Joshua Barton Ravelo, Jr., B.A. Arletha Ray, B.A. Heather Michelle Ray, B.A. Brittainy Anastasia Record, B.A. Kimberly Michelle Redd-Williams, B.A. Aneatria Cleeshone Reed, B.A. Teri L. Reed, B.A. Tiffany Latoya Jaclyne Reese, B.A. Ben Thomas Reeves, B.A. Katie Lynn Relph, B.A. Ellie Faith Morris Renfro, B.A. Tasha L. Renfroe-Johnson, B.A. Angel U. Reyes, B.A. Azuzena Reyes, B.A. Mary Anne Maddumba Reyes, B.A. Susette Karely Reyes, B.A. Jacqueline Beth Rice, B.A. Angela O. Richards, B.A. Cheryl A. Richardson, B.A. Jeanayia Neil-Louise Richardson, B.A. Wendy Gail Richter-Roberts, B.A. Hollian Rachell Rickman, B.A. Amy Michelle Rigney, B.A. Miranda Sue Riley, B.A. Adriana Marie Rios, B.A. Marcee Marie Risse-Moon, B.A. Jeremy J. Rivera, B.A. Fanny C. Rizo, B.A. Christine Lynn Roberts, B.A. Loree Deinine Roberts, B.A. Debra S. Robertson, B.A. Anita Lavette Robinson, B.A. Cristina Jane Robinson, B.A. Kiva Tranice Robinson, B.A. Melody A. Robinson, B.A. Octavia Renee Robinson, B.A. Jose Miguel Rodas, B.A. Peggy Jean Roderick, B.A. Ana Leyda Rodriguez, B.A. Elizabeth Mary Rodriguez, B.A. Harrylouis Rodriguez, B.A. Jasmin Carolina Rodriguez, B.A. Jennifer Elaine Rodriguez, B.A. Tammy Margaret Roethle, B.A. Lindsey Nicole Roets, B.A. Brian Keith Rogers, B.A. Larissa Ellysse Rogers, B.A. Terrelyna Rogers, B.A. Isaac Romy Rojas, B.A. Dagmar C. Rold, B.A. Shantira Michelle Rolle, B.A. Casey Rita Rondeau, B.A. Raymel Lamont Rookard, B.A. Jonathan Rosado, B.A. Derrick Gene Rose, B.A. Michelle Lorena Rose, B.A. Vanesa Rose, B.A. Kevin L. Rosenberger, B.A. Annette Ross, B.A. Labre Awshiea Roy, B.A. Caroline Eloise Rulison, B.A. Sylvia A. Rush, B.A. Cecilia Marie Ryder, B.A. Ryan M. Sablan, B.A. James Anthony Sadowski, B.A. Javier Saenz, B.A. Erin Elizabeth Salamon, B.A. Carmen Inez Salazar, B.A. Darlene Marcell Salih, B.A. Jessica Louise Salinas, B.A. Jenny Jamileth Salmeron, B.A. AnnMarie L. Salzwedel, B.A. Cammi Lynn Sanchez, B.A. Isomar Enid Sanchez, B.A. Jorge Sanchez, B.A. Lazaro Sanchez, B.A. Melissa Jo Sanchez, B.A. Carlos E. Sanchez Perez, B.A. Shannon Marie Sandberg, B.A. Stacey Renee Sanders, B.A. Stephanie Ann Sandoval, B.A. Felisha R. Sanford, B.A. Isabel Crystina Santana, B.A. Esi Takiyah Marian Sargent, B.A. Hollyann M. Satornino, B.A. Sydney Shea Savino, B.A. Sidney A. Sawyer, B.A. Stacey Mae Saxer, B.A. Rosanna L. Saxton, B.A. Kristen M. Schaub, B.A. Bruce Allen Schmidt, B.A. Caitlin Ann Schnorrenberg, B.A. Rachel Katherine Scholl, B.A. Dana Scott, B.A. Lillie Marie Scott, B.A. Sandy Jean Scott, B.A. Sheila F. Scott, B.A. Tadasha Scott, B.A. Anita Regina Seabrooks, B.A. Laura Marie Seal, B.A. William Martin Seitz, B.A. Jose M. Serrano, B.A. Tracy Sessions, B.A. Annie Mae Sessoms, B.A. Christine A. Sewell, B.A. Leilani Doreen Seymour, B.A. Staci Leigh Seymour, B.A. Bilal Shabazz, B.A. John Shabazz, B.A. Heather Lea Shain, B.A. Cory D. Sharkey, B.A. Yomaira E. Sharp, B.A. Sara Marie Shayeson, B.A. Nani Caroline Sheats, B.A. Michael Joseph Sheehan, B.A. Valerie Shell, B.A. Monica Shelton, B.A. Shelly B. Shelton, B.A. Tajlynn X Zandrea Shelton, B.A. Tonya Denise Shepard, B.A. Eileen N. Shepherd, B.A. Helen Theola Sherman, B.A. Traceen Lynn Shimansky, B.A. Virginia Diane Shipes, B.A. Amanda Shiro, B.A. Yolanda Lea Shriber, B.A. Tasha M. Shumway, B.A. Elizabeth Carol Sillah, B.A. Heidi Lynn Silva, B.A. Rebecca M. Silva, B.A. Aiesha M. Simmons, B.A. Angela Carol Simmons, B.A. Joselynn R. Simmons, B.A. Trimaine J. Simmons, B.A. Tamika Simpkins, B.A. Jessica R. Simpson, B.A. Lisa Victoria Simpson, B.A. Tara D. Simpson, B.A. Sanabia Sinal, B.A. Phoenix Yarette Sipin, B.A. Nekole Lynette Sissle, B.A. Misty Sklark, B.A. Eva Lavern Slappey, B.A. Kelly Ann Sloma, B.A. McKenzie Rose Smiley, B.A. Andrea Linise Smith, B.A. Antonia Smith, B.A

16 Carolyn Ann Smith, B.A. Coresa H. Smith, B.A. Corinthia Smith, B.A. Dana Smith, B.A. Dannielle R. Smith, B.A. Jaroleen Lynnea Smith, B.A. Latasha Trinette Smith, B.A. Margo Renee Smith, B.A. Melynie Dawnielle Smith, B.A. Monica R. Smith, B.A. Monique Williams Smith, B.A. Nicole Anna Smith, B.A. Percy Smith, B.A. Sandra G. Smith, B.A. Sarah A. Smith, B.A. Sheena M. Smith, B.A. Shelly Marie Smith, B.A. Tammara Leah Smith, B.A. Chrisangela Smith Andrews, B.A. Calisa Smith-Brandt, B.A. Angela Smith-Jordan, B.A. Arvelle Smoots, B.A. Aimee Renee Snider, B.A. Ashley E. Snyder, B.A. Johanna M. Solete, B.A. Antonio A. Solis, B.A. Maxine Solis, B.A. Chimere R. Soltis, B.A. Micah Sorensen, B.A. Dana Ann Space, B.A. Cortney Renee Sparks, B.A. Frances N. Spears, B.A. Amberley D. Speer-Green, B.A. Francesca Maria Spencer, B.A. Jamie W. Spencer, B.A. Laura Mae Spruill, B.A. Timothy Ryan Spurlock, Jr., B.A. Charie L. St. Claire, B.A. Angela D. Stafford, B.A. Chantel Rae Stafford, B.A. Courtney Nicole Stains, B.A. Autumn C. Staszak, B.A. Anquanette Shone Steadham, B.A. Michael W. Steed, B.A. Samantha Alexzandra Steed, B.A. Carolyn Ann Steele, B.A. Richard Lamar Steele, B.A. Telicia Steemer, B.A. Deborah Pearl Stephens, B.A. Michele Oleta Stephens-Martin, B.A. Linda Sue Stephenson, B.A. Daniel A. Stevens, B.A. Trina Leticia Stevenson, B.A. Steve Edward Steward, B.A. James S. Stewart, B.A. Alexandra Bryana Stix, B.A. Cody Edwin Stollings, B.A. Sarah Lynn Stracner, B.A. Robin Nell Stradley, B.A. Paul David Strange, B.A. Brooke Renee Stratton, B.A. Heather Kelly Strong, B.A. Rose E. Strong, B.A. Brandi Amanda Stump, B.A. Christina Marie Styer, B.A. Chelsea N. Suggs, B.A. Shamara KaShaun Summers, B.A. Margaret J. Surratt, B.A. Renee Marie Sus, B.A. Stephanie Nichole Swaggerty, B.A. Jacqueline E. Swinson, B.A. Laceyjay Elizabeth Switzer, B.A. Lisa R. Talley, B.A. Brian E. Tapang, B.A. Barbara Tapley, B.A. Amanda Lilian Tarumoto, B.A. Carolyn Renee Taylor, B.A. Christine May Taylor, B.A. Darian Sheri Taylor, B.A. Mason Thomas Taylor III, B.A. Seirra Lynn Taylor, B.A. Starr Marie Teague, B.A. Kara Johnson Teele, B.A. Sharmon M. Teems, B.A. Lacey Ann Telkain, B.A. Ellisha C. Temple, B.A. Daniel Eligio Tercero, B.A. Michelle R. Tesino, B.A. Leah Nicole Testone, B.A. Karin E. Texidor, B.A. Bonnie Elizabeth Thiessen, B.A. Chenoa Monique Thomas, B.A. Delores Thomas, B.A. Jenna Leann Thomas, B.A. Kelly Leanne Thomas, B.A. Roderic L. Thomas, B.A. Cortney Tara Thomasson, B.A. Alicia E. Thompson, B.A. Joshua Daivd Thompson, B.A. Melissa Thompson, B.A. Simone Nicole Thompson, B.A. Janet Dean Thornton, B.A. Michael T. Thornton, B.A. Anita Louise Thorpe, B.A. Abigail E. Ticknor, B.A. Kayla Marie Tiebout, B.A. Trudy O. Tobias, B.A. Jill Kimberly Todaro, B.A. Martraviel V. Tolbert, B.A. Krystal N. Tolliver, B.A. Lisette Tomko, B.A. Casey E. Toth, B.A. Angela Marie Trevino, B.A. Annette Rena Tribble, B.A. Janice Kaye Triggs, B.A. Michelle Kaye Tripp, B.A. Vanessa L. Troth, B.A. Tera L. Trzcinski, B.A. Shadrach Alexander Tubman, B.A. Eloise B. Tucker, B.A. Ebony Leigh Tucker-Mack, B.A. Jeremy Dustin Turley, B.A. Curneshia Mikelle Turner, B.A. Karly Renee Turner, B.A. Latonia Denice Turner, B.A. Sandi Turner, B.A. Tamika Lasandra Turner, B.A. Jon Bert Turney, B.A. Carmen Marie Valentin, B.A. Crystal Rose Valentin, B.A. Sheryl Valentine, B.A. Storri Lynn Valero, B.A. Penny Lynn Valiska, B.A. Stephanie M. Vallier, B.A. Emily A. Valois, B.A. Kelly April Van Aken, B.A. Melanie Rae Van Baggen, B.A. Patricia Ann Van Leur, B.A. Theresa Marie Vance, B.A. Yusuf J. Vance, B.A. Natasha Marie Vargas, B.A. Marion Deniese Vasquez, B.A. Rheakesha Ranet, Motrice Vaughn, B.A. Stephanie Vega, B.A. Julie Anne Velasco, B.A. Alexandrea Theadora Velez, B.A. Christopher Adan Velez, B.A. Erick Velez, B.A. Jennifer Marie Venziale, B.A. Beatriz Verdin, B.A. Veronica Stackhouse Vereen, B.A. Chimere Laprix Vicks, B.A. Candy L. Vierling, B.A. Tasha M. Villa, B.A. Jerome B. Villar, B.A. Susan Cogdell Vinson, B.A. Sabrina N. Visperas, B.A. Catherine Marie Vivi, B.A. Andrew Robert Waggle, B.A. Nathan L. Wagner, B.A. Jerry L. Wagoner, B.A. Amy Marie Wailes, B.A. Cathy Marie Wainwright, B.A. Brandye Shenea Wakefield, B.A. Chanda Elaine Walker, B.A. Michelle Ann Walker, B.A. Veronica Walker, B.A. Andrea Dawn Wallace-Terwilliger, B.A. Victoria L. Walls, B.A. Helen R. Warren, B.A. Lindsay R. Warren, B.A. Kim Williams Washington, B.A. Lori A. Washington, B.A. Kyla R. Wass, B.A. Kelsey M. Wassenhove, B.A. Kimberly Jo Watkins, B.A. Matthew Edward Watkins, B.A. Velisa Lynn Watkins, B.A. Sue Ellen Watros, B.A. Jarvis Ronald Watson, B.A. Nellie Watts, B.A. Tracey Lynette Watts, B.A. RoseMarie Patino Wayne, B.A. Preshay Monique Weatherspoon, B.A. Brunetta A. Webb, B.A. Seiko Jo Webb, B.A. Lequitta J. Weldon, B.A. Aaron Wells, B.A. James Wells, B.A. Kimberly Wenzel, B.A. Margaret Wenzel, B.A. Andrea Marie Whatley, B.A. Felicia Denise Wheeler, B.A. Latreece Shanta Wheeler, B.A. Nicole Marie While, B.A. Carmen Shanta White, B.A. Charley N. White, B.A. Mindy Lynn White, B.A. Tonya Jane White, B.A. Lisa Marie Whitesell, B.A. Courtney Brook Whitley, B.A. Robin Annette Whitley, B.A. Rena Renee Whitmire, B.A. Yolanda M. Whitney, B.A. Nathan E. Wibbenmeyer, B.A. Andrew Joseph Wickman, B.A. Kerry Ann Fortuna, B.A. Margaret Ann Wight, B.A. Elfreida Wilcher, B.A. Shelly Ellen Wilcox, B.A. Emily Gail Wilde West, B.A. Cassandra Gardner Wilkerson, B.A. Lori Denise Wilkerson, B.A. Tammy Michelle Wilkey, B.A. Ashley Shanell Williams, B.A. Billie Jo Williams, B.A. Carla Marie Williams, B.A. Cheryl C. Williams, B.A. Crystal Lakia Williams, B.A. Dawn Marie Williams, B.A. Doris Zayna Williams, B.A. Heather Nichole Williams, B.A. Jazmine Jenne Williams, B.A. Jessica Renee Williams, B.A. LaQuesha Chantal Williams, B.A. Larry Devon Williams, B.A. Lesa Marlena Williams, B.A. Lezlee Nikolle Williams, B.A. Mary E. Williams, B.A. Melanie Michelle Williams, B.A. Melinda Louise Williams, B.A. Regina Williams, B.A. Sasha Renee Williams, B.A. Shakeitha L. Williams, B.A. Shanese Nicole Williams, B.A. Sheena T. Williams, B.A. Traci Kathryn Williams, B.A. Tracy Laketrice Williams, B.A. Tina Annette Williamson, B.A. Briana Jolie Wilson, B.A. Deena Marie Wilson, B.A. Glynis B. Wilson, B.A. Jazmine Megan Marie Wilson, B.A. Jennifer D. Wilson, B.A. Jenny Mae Wilson, B.A. MaLin D. Wilson, B.A. Mickey Elizabeth Wilson, B.A. Shanta Elizabeth Wilson, B.A. Carrie Marie Windham, B.A. COLLEGE OF HEALTH, HUMAN SERVICES, AND SCIENCE CANDIDATES FOR BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREES Venetia Antoinette Daugherty, B.S. Jeryl D. Gosnell, B.S. Janelle Kimone Walford, B.S.. COLLEGE OF HEALTH, HUMAN SERVICES, AND SCIENCE CANDIDATES FOR MASTER OF ARTS DEGREES Joselyn Acevedo, M.A. Rahnita N. Adams, M.A. Samuel George Albright, M.A. John Brian Alger, M.A. Dayany Alvarez, M.A. Dorothy B. Aning, M.A. Livia Mildred Dawn Anthony, M.A. Ganiyat Bisi Apanpa, M.A. Alexandra Agnes Armijo, M.A. Jessica M. Arnfelt, M.A. LaKeshia Renee Atkinson, M.A. Krista Bainbridge, M.A. Jasmine K. Bains, M.A. Emily Suzanne Baker, M.A. Tiffany Rene Bamberger, M.A. Michael G. Baracy, M.A. Vanessa Faye Barnhill, M.A. Daphne Simone Batey, M.A. Becky Ann Bauer, M.A. Ellen Diego Bautista, M.A. Emilyann Rabara Behar, M.A. Tierrany K. Bell, M.A. Charles Alfred Wing, Jr., B.A. Ashley Dawn Winton, B.A. Leeanne A. Winzens, B.A. Nicole E. Wise, B.A. Stacie M. Wise, B.A. Mark J. Wisniewski, B.A. Lakiea Sherrell Witherspoon, B.A. Deborah M. Wolnek, B.A. Katy Leeann Wood, B.A. Shana Nicole Wood, B.A. April Michelle Woodard, B.A. Latonia Renee Woodard, B.A. Zipporah Woodson, B.A. Andrzej Maksymilian Wozniak, B.A. Christina E. Wright, B.A. Deondra D. Wright, B.A. Katrina Wyatt, B.A. Iyana Wyke-Peter, B.A. Kristina Marie Wynn, B.A. Mee Yang, B.A. Sharee Latira Yarbough, B.A. Jessica Lynn Yates, B.A. Ryutaro K. Yoshikawa, B.A. Jessica Leigh Youell, B.A. Alisha R. Young, B.A. Cherelle Burnette Young, B.A. Diamonel Young, B.A. Melanie R. Young, B.A. Billie C. Youngblood, B.A. Adrian Zavala, B.A. Christina Rose Zavala, B.A. Marsha Ranee Zeigler, B.A. Patricia Marie Zolocsik, B.A. Latashia Denise Bennett, M.A. Rawnisha Tamel Bennett, M.A. Stephanie Jean Bentley, M.A. Kimberly Dawn Bittick, M.A. Mary Jane Blaisdell, M.A. Lillie Ammelia Bledsoe, M.A. Isabelle Elizabeth Ann Blow, M.A. Kimberly P. Boman, M.A. Loreen Booker Brown, M.A. Nathlene Renee Boone, M.A. Jalesa Antranette Bowen, M.A

17 Kristin Susann Bowman, M.A. Savon Bracey, M.A. Michelle Elizabeth Breaux, M.A. Ingrid S. Brooks, M.A. Catrina Lynn Brown, M.A. Jessica Mayo Brown, M.A. Tamara Marie Buford, M.A. Susan Anne Bumgardner, M.A. Sarah Jo Burke, M.A. Maile Ku ulei Burkhalter, M.A. Kortishama Burnice, M.A. Catherine Ashlie Burns, M.A. Marc Caballero, M.A. Tracy Louise Callaway, M.A. Evelyn Elizabeth Callison, M.A. Jessica Lynn Campbell, M.A. Jessica Anne Carter, M.A. Daveta Alexis Chapman, M.A. Jamelah K. Chatmon-Lester, M.A. Brandy L. Childers, M.A. Anthonette A. Childress, M.A. Travis D. Christmas, M.A. Jenise Trannell Clark, M.A. Latanya D. Coleman, M.A. Verona Coleman, M.A. Smarlyn Colon, M.A. Roosevelt Cone, M.A. Teresa Cordisco, M.A. Corie Elizabeth Corum, M.A. Paris Sherrill Covington, M.A. Kimberly Lynn Crawford, M.A. Katherine Marie Cremarosa, M.A. Melanie Marie Crowley, M.A. Jenny Jo Crum, M.A. Stephanie Renee Curtis, M.A. Tara Lynn Curtis, M.A. Lakita Deatrice Daggett, M.A. Erica Jeanette Dahlberg, M.A. Kali F. Dale, M.A. Deborah Ann Davis, M.A. Elaine Marie Davis, M.A. Kieosha R. Davis, M.A. Toneill R. Davis, M.A. LaDavia Deniece Day, M.A. Rhonda Rachelle Demar, M.A. Evelyn Desain, M.A. Vanessa O. Diaz, M.A. Ceannetta Narshae Diggins, M.A. Raymond Dingle, M.A. Leah Kristine Dixon, M.A. Amelia Dodson, M.A. Eddie Price Duff III, M.A. Laquetta Lynn Dukes, M.A. Shayla Brittany Dunn, M.A. Camille Dyer, M.A. Craig Eckert, M.A. Qwatevyia Markyia Edwards, M.A. Menyon Valentina Epps, M.A. Samantha Lynn Escobar, M.A. Item Etefia, M.A. Megan Ettling Ettling, M.A. Jenny S. Ferguson, M.A. Dannelle Rey Flippo, M.A. Jennifer M. Ford, M.A. Priscilla Michaela Ford, M.A. Clarice Foreman, M.A. Cassie L. Forrest, M.A. Lasharon Z. France, M.A. Kokela Funderburk, M.A. Princess Mary Therise Baluyot Gallardo, M.A. Sarah Alice Gant, M.A. Carlos Osbaldo Garcia, M.A. Carlos Alfredo Geigel-Cruz, M.A. Michelle Denise Glover, M.A. Shivani S. Gosein, M.A. Andrea D. Govan, M.A. Sheryl A. Grant, M.A. Terry Lee Graves, M.A. Steven Fonda Grays, M.A. Gwendolyn K. Gredic, M.A. Tiffany Lakesha Green, M.A. April N. Griffin, M.A. Quanisha Vashae Griffin, M.A. Cynthia Tate Haith, M.A. Patricia L. Hall, M.A. Tijuana Hall, M.A. Linda Hallmon, M.A. Jack DeWayne Hamilton, M.A. Shenelle Maria Hanley, M.A. Christopher J. Hannon, M.A. Mary Kathryn Hansen, M.A. Keesha Hargrove, M.A. Barbara Jean Harper, M.A. Donnisa Jillian Harricharan, M.A. Nakisha Jimmilynn Harris, M.A. Kim Renee Haskins, M.A. Christie Marie Hatch, M.A. Kelly Lynn Hauck, M.A. Tawnya Kim Heath, M.A. Michelle Lynn Heredia, M.A. Sarah Lee Hicks, M.A. Shawnte Renee Hodges, M.A. Terrance D. Hollingsworth, M.A. Chaun ta Letrice Holmes, M.A. Sabrina Hood, M.A. Jennifer Lynn Hoover, M.A. Kimberly Nicole Horton, M.A. Rhonda M. Horton, M.A. Shannette Monic Hoskins, M.A. Alonzo Fulton Hover, M.A. Anita Howard, M.A. Demetrius Dominique Hudson, M.A. Naekeva Jonell Huffman, M.A. Patricia Ann Ibrahim, M.A. Tiffany Isom, M.A. Latina Iverson-Simmons, M.A. Fidelia I. Iwegbu, M.A. Tamecia F. Jackson, M.A. Dornita Jacobs, M.A. Cindy Louise Jagiolka, M.A. Dishau R. Jeanjacques, M.A. Debra Gail Jefferson, M.A. Shaquita Latrice Jefferson, M.A. Freddy Benito Jerez, M.A. Pamela Renea Jimson, M.A. Christina Johnson, M.A. Dexter Levor Johnson, M.A. Nicole Janet Johnson, M.A. Samantha Sonja Johnson, M.A. Shalimar C. Johnson, M.A. Terri Meleea Johnson, M.A. Damon Dwight Johnson, Jr., M.A. Camisha Jones, M.A. Donnett Arlene Jones, M.A. Janice A. Jones, M.A. Tabatha Everlyn Jones, M.A. Patricia Ann Judware, M.A. Nichelle Marie Keil, M.A. Roslyn Keller, M.A. Angela Faye Kelley, M.A. Danielle Regina Kelly, M.A. Bonita L. Kendrick, M.A. Chantelle Lee Kim, M.A. Harold Jarvis King, M.A. Jennifer Lynn Kingsley, M.A. Ozie Kirby, M.A. Dean Allen Kunchynski, M.A. Annette Wenona Lancaster, M.A. Carol Elaine Lee, M.A. Twileen Lavone Lee, M.A. Steven Anthony Lemoine, M.A. Linda Frances Lennon, M.A. Alexandra Lewis, M.A. Rikki S. Leyba, M.A. Dianne Jane Lindsay, M.A. Sarah-Anna (Kala-Ana) Lipeka Lindsey, M.A. Wendi Lynn Lippens, M.A. Heather Faye Lowe, M.A. Marie Louise Mackey, M.A. Jennifer Rose Mares, M.A. Patricia Marquez, M.A. Calvin R. Marshall, M.A. Ashley Nicole Matthews, M.A. Rogelio D. Maynard, M.A. Angela Jackson McCarley, M.A. Sherri McIntosh, M.A. Peggy F. McKenney, M.A. Valeria Denise Medlock, M.A. Rhonda Lynette Melvin, M.A. Melissa Sue Meyer, M.A. Kayleonna Jeannay Miller, M.A. Wydona Lynn Milligan, M.A. Melanie Anne Minuto, M.A. Barbara Mitchell, M.A. Rochelle Hollenquest Mitchell, M.A. Stacie Lynn Moberly, M.A. Megan Adair Mogle, M.A. Amy Nicole Moody, M.A. Keith Allen Morales, M.A. Melina Moriel, M.A. Geree Cathy Morris, M.A. Shelia Kay Morrison, M.A. Erica Marie Mott, M.A. Correnda Ann Muhammad, M.A. Susan Lee Mulligan, M.A. Sarah Nall, M.A. Paulette Nash, M.A. Venise Nathan, M.A. Claire E. Nestor, M.A. Melinda S. Newell, M.A. Yolanda W. Newton, M.A. Katrina Diane Nilsen, M.A. Alexis Janae Nolden, M.A. Richard Alexander Noon, M.A. Eferoghene O. Oghreikanone, M.A. Tiffany Renee Olmeda, M.A. Catherine Lee Olsen, M.A. La Toya Michelle O Neal, M.A. Assumpta A. Oturu, M.A. Donnagail Pack, M.A. Roberta Perez, M.A. Mirissa Raquel Pesapane, M.A. Sarah Ruth Peters, M.A. Rhonda Lynn Phipps, M.A. John Darnell Poole, M.A. Elizabeth Ann Pratt, M.A. Amber Marie Pulido, M.A. Shannon Michael Rainsberger, M.A. Christina Dana Ramirez, M.A. Tonya Ratcliff, M.A. Jacqueline Serrano, M.A. Dean Norman Rhein, M.A. Eugenia Richards, M.A. Maxine Jeanette Richardson, M.A. Tammie S. Roberson, M.A. Christina Ann Roberts, M.A. Jessica Jamie Robinson, M.A. Nicole Marie Robinson, M.A. Tabitha Denise Robinson, M.A. Courtney Marie Rodriguez, M.A. Jessica Rodriguez, M.A. Vicki Lyn Rogers, M.A. Jennifer Ann Rollins, M.A. Michelle Rosado, M.A. Megan Elizabeth Ross, M.A. Gina Lynn Ruggiero, M.A. Nelka Geneene Russell, M.A. Martin Na Salazar, M.A. Amber L. Salina, M.A. Candace Nastasia Salmond, M.A. Diane Denise Sams, M.A. Melissa Ann Savini, M.A. LaDona Jo Schwertman, M.A. Javonnica Meshey Scott, M.A. Katalina Ykeishia Scott, M.A. Laryssa Scott, M.A. Gretchen N. Scribner, M.A. Kelley Sealey, M.A. Stephanie Dawn Sellers, M.A. Demisha A. Shamburger, M.A. Qiuana S.F. Sharp, M.A. Amy Elizabeth Shepard, M.A. Lisa Marie Shindler, M.A. Sandra Elaine Sidney, M.A. Maria Isabel Sierra, M.A. AmberRose Sky, M.A. Kenya Marie Small, M.A. Carlton Cornelius Smalls, M.A. Andrea Rochette Smith, M.A. Nyashia Nicole Smith, M.A. Sidney Lovelle Smith, M.A. Andrea Renee Solis, M.A. Kim M. Sozio, M.A. Anita Marie Spencer, M.A. Gwenetta La Shawn Spruill, M.A. Jenifer Marie Stacy-Bozarth, M.A. Juli Stansberry, M.A. Donielle Trenise Stewart, M.A. Jatrice Stewart, M.A. Victoria Maria Stokes, M.A. Kimberly Marie Stough, M.A. James Jeffery Dean Stovall, M.A. Curt Leonard Sturgen, M.A. Christopher James Sullivan, M.A. Ashia Jufaye Tabb, M.A. Kenitra Marsche Tall, M.A. Octavia Monique Tanner, M.A. Jay Daniel Taylor, M.A. Kisa Nicole Taylor, M.A. Sarah Noel Teegarden, M.A. Allan R. Tellez, M.A. Rahwa Negasi Tesfai, M.A. Michael Darryl Thelwell, M.A. Nikketa Terica Thomas, M.A. Ashley Josefina Thompson, M.A. COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS CANDIDATES FOR ASSOCIATE OF ARTS DEGREES Bryan M. Anderson, A.A. Jason John Babbitt, A.A. Mario A. Castaneda, A.A. Eldon P. Cleary, A.A. James Patrick Divito, A.A. Doyle Frederick Fields, A.A. Kiel R. Gerbus, A.A. Trevor C. Gipple, A.A. Carl Bernard Guyton, Jr., A.A. Clyde Christopher Janerell Hickey, A.A. John W. Thompson, M.A. Julia A. Thompson, M.A. Kathy Denise Thompson, M.A. Sharon E. Thompson, M.A. Sebrina E. Tobler, M.A. Kristian Taissa Torres, M.A. Jamie Ellen Torrigino, M.A. Miranda Starr Trice, M.A. Letina Dee Tsosie, M.A. Anikwa Dabney Turner, M.A. Lisa Michelle Twiss, M.A. Stephen Foss Valdez, M.A. Ashley Renee Arlean Valenzuela, M.A. Cayla Marie VanGundy, M.A. Letronia Edwards Vaughn, M.A. Ashley Wagner, M.A. Ashley Nicole Walker, M.A. Caroline Lynn Walker, M.A. Carolyn Faye Walker Donson, M.A. Ranita Jacquelyn Wallace, M.A. Shannon Wanamaker, M.A. Crystal Jean Ward, M.A. Aiesha Washington, M.A. Ashlee M. Washington, M.A. Delita Monique Washington, M.A. Teresa Bertha Washington, M.A. Miranda Watkins, M.A. Anita Webb, M.A. Anita R. Webb, M.A. Lisa Ann Welsh, M.A. Ruth H. Wheeler, M.A. Sean Michael Whip, M.A. Da Vaughn Ju Wan White, M.A. Joshua Gary White, M.A. Stephanie Gwen White, M.A. Terrance Cólon White, M.A. Donyelle Gail Williams, M.A. Felita Y. Williams Semi, M.A. Linnea Dawn Wilson, M.A. Renee Nicole Woodard, M.A. Spencer Edward Wright, M.A. Jill Suzanne Wunderlich, M.A. Krysta Marie Yost, M.A. Nikia Rochelle Youman, M.A. Melissa Lyn Young, M.A. Nicole Marie Zajdel, M.A.. Marcel Lett, A.A. Lisa M. Mongiovi, A.A. Christopher l. Mosley, A.A. Kenneth John Ospital, A.A. Dennis L. Paxton, A.A

18 Brendan J. Piper, A.A. Justyn Ryan Edward Rembowski, A.A. Kevin Gene Stansel, A.A. Holli Ulvestad, A.A. COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS CANDIDATES FOR BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREES Krystal B. Abbott, B.A. Mary Acey, B.A. Kirk Anthony Acosta, B.A. Isaac Adames, B.A. Janice J.Agans, B.A. Andrea Aguilar, B.A. Ronald James Ahlstrom, B.A. Bob Edward Ake, Jr., B.A. Erica D. Alexander, B.A. Shannon Dion Alexander, B.A. Ali N. Alghwaizy, B.A. Devin Wayne Allred, B.A. Antonio G. Alongi, B.A. George Alvarado, B.A. Frank Anthony Alvarenga, B.A. Marissa K. Alvarez, B.A. Robert Alvarez III, B.A. Jessica Riha Ancheta, B.A. Elizabeth Anciso, B.A. Ellen Anderson, B.A. Merton R. Anderson, B.A. Tiffany Marie Anderson, B.A. Jose A. Antepara, B.A. Jose Alberto Arballo, B.A. Stephen A. Arbona, B.A. Glenn LaMar Armstrong, B.A. Tiffani Dianne Arnold, B.A. Pamela Charlette Arriaza, B.A. Sheketia Davette Arrington-Pittman, B.A. Quintin Markell Arthur, B.A. Karen Elaine Asher, B.A. Tomika Yvonne Atkinson, B.A. Lovelyne Augustin, B.A. Sierra Eylis Austin, B.A. Christine Avila, B.A. Mattie Baca, B.A. John Thomas Bache, B.A. Penny Yuvette Bacon, B.A. Albert Dale Bailey, B.A. Rachel Brit Bailey, B.A. Kimberly Anne Baird, B.A. Jason Neil Baney, B.A. Arlanderia Nichell Banks, B.A. Gwendolyn Banks, B.A. Tracey S. Bannister, B.A. Jasmine P. Barbusca, B.A. Marie Antoine Barclay, B.A. Douglas Norman Barnes, B.A. Tomica Barnes, B.A. Roberta Lynn Barnett, B.A. Tammy Sue Barnhart, B.A. Eric Anthony Barreras, B.A. Robert E. Barrett, B.A. Tanya C. Basilio, B.A. James Lyn Bass, B.A. Deomar D. Baxter, B.A. Wayne Edward Baxter, Jr., B.A. Kenneth Darnell Baymon, B.A. Clinton Clair Beaird, B.A. Jessica Elise Beasley, B.A. Erica Lynette Beckum, B.A. Angel Bedora, B.A. Erick Johan Begazo, B.A. Royston Emmanuel Belfon, B.A. Erin Christine Bell, B.A. Reginald D. Bell, B.A. Stephine L. Bellinger, B.A. Edward R. Bennett, Jr., B.A. Matthew Allen Bentley, B.A. Sir Charles Bernard, B.A. Louise Berry, B.A. Shane A. Berryhill, B.A. Quanera Segui Bert, B.A. April S. Bess, B.A. Rebecca L. Billey, B.A. Jammie Billiman, B.A. AJ Lee Billups, B.A. Joshua R. Blackwell, B.A. Michael J. Blake, B.A. Robin E. Blankenship, B.A. Kevin L. Blodgett, B.A. Sherra Yvonne Blue, B.A. Jennifer Boals, B.A. Elizabeth Brandalyn Ann Bobo, B.A. Lee Roy Bocanegra, B.A. Marsha Ayana Body, B.A. Justin K. Bogushefsky, B.A. Debra Ann Bolin, B.A. Hannah Bollinger, B.A. Thomas Christofer Cory Bonsall, B.A. Christine Anne Botting, B.A. John Pasquale Bouffard, B.A. Terrance Phillip Elliott Bowens, B.A. Celia Cleo Bowles, B.A. Dana Lakeeta Boyd, B.A. Leslie W. Boyd, B.A. Joshusa Burton Boyer, B.A. Emily Jane Boyle, B.A. Cleopatra R. Bradford, B.A. Jacob W. Brake, B.A. Duriel Adonis Taylor Branch, B.A. Chad S. Brandner, B.A. Douglas E. Brandstetter, B.A. Samuel E. Brandt, B.A. Jennifer Lea Brasfield, B.A. Mayana Bravo-Santos, B.A. Nicholas Santino Brewington, B.A. Michael L. Briggs, B.A. Liam E. Brinn, B.A. Sherrae Kelleen Brissette, B.A. Damonte Kenneth Britt, B.A. John Douglas Broadus, B.A. Airianne C. Brown, B.A. Christina Constance Brown, B.A. Everlena Roszelda Brown, B.A. Henry Brown, B.A. Isaiah Lee Brown, B.A. Jessica Ashford Brown, B.A. Jonathan Ryan Brown, B.A. Katrina Brown, B.A. Lakedra C. Brown, B.A. Megan Lee Brown, B.A. Orpheus Kenyatta Brown, B.A. Samantha Ann Brown, B.A. Sara L. Brown, B.A. Sophia Jonella Brown, B.A. Tashonna Shereece Brown, B.A. Wesley Lamar Brown, B.A. Exie R. Brown, Jr., B.A. Caitlin Bethany Brown-Parson, B.A. Christy Bryant, B.A. Lynn Marie Bryant, B.A. Matthew Kenneth Buell, B.A. Deanna Marie Burkins, B.A. Sabrina Anne Burris, B.A. Michelle Lee Burrow, B.A. Jamie Suli Burton, B.A. Richard Nathaniel Bush, B.A. Janee R. Butler, B.A. Steve P. Butler, B.A. Michael L. Butterfield, B.A. Christopher W. Cabral, B.A. Thomas Cabral, B.A. Magic Brel Cabrera, B.A. Jovita C. Cacho, B.A. Selina Calhoun, B.A. Benjamin P. Callahan, B.A. Joseph Callier, B.A. Tiffany Jean Camejo, B.A. Christopher Phillip Cameron, B.A. Cory Scott Cameron, B.A. Alfonso Valdepena Campa, B.A. Dalinda D. Campbell, B.A. Gina Pardino, B.A. Mitchell Ryan Campbell, B.A. Joel Campos, B.A. Teresa S. Campos, B.A. Tangarika Rena Canada, B.A. George Ryan Canney, B.A. Scott Vi Cao, B.A. Alexander Caro, B.A. Michelle Leigh Carroll, B.A. Christopher E. Carter, B.A. Eric Keith Carter, B.A. Joshua Michael Carter, B.A. Marisol del Carmen Casillas, B.A. Jerry Lee Casiquin, B.A. Brian G. Cassidy, B.A. Shauna Joan Castilleja, B.A. Yesenia Cecena, B.A. Jessica marie Celis, B.A. Daniel Cervantes, B.A. Mark Alan Chaisson, B.A. Monique P. Chambers, B.A. Tonya Chambers, B.A. Wesley M. Chamness, B.A. Casey dawn Chandler, B.A. Nathan Chapman, B.A. Sha Tonia Chapman, B.A. Alonzo L. Chatman, B.A. Deon Chatman, B.A. Shanita Nicole Chatman, B.A. Sonja Marie Chatman, B.A. Dalia M. Chavez, B.A. Ellen A. Chavez, B.A. Leslie Cheek, B.A. Joshua William Chermak, B.A. Neater Latrice Chillous, B.A. Prentice Nahshunn Chism, B.A. Moriya Rose Christabelle, B.A. Michael A. Christie, B.A. Kristen Eliza Chung, B.A. Devin A. Churbe, B.A. Zakiya Nicole Cita, B.A. Christopher Michael Clark, Jr., B.A. Cody Lamech Clark, B.A. Steven Fraser Clark, B.A. Amanda R. Clarke, B.A. Amoy Alecia Clarke, B.A. Cameil A. Clarke, B.A. Mary Etta Clay, B.A. Terry Edward Clayton II, B.A. Brenda A. Cleary, B.A. Kendra Michelle Cleavland, B.A. Brandon James Clement, B.A. Shawna Camille Cleveland, B.A. Larissa Sheena Coates, B.A. Kenya Monique Cochran, B.A. Damon Michael Cole, B.A. Emily Erin Coler, B.A. Michelle Rene Collier, B.A. Christen Collins, B.A. Joseph Duane Collins, B.A. Tamara Dashawn Collins, B.A. Christine Nona Conklin, B.A. Foday Soko Conteh, B.A. Lucino Contreras, B.A. Lynda Contreras, B.A. DeRaun Lamarr Conyers, B.A. Martin J. Coogan, B.A. Paulette Alexandria Cooke, B.A. Thomas Zachary Cooper, B.A. April Sue Corona, B.A. Angela Nicole Cotner, B.A. Shalonda Cotton, B.A. Lakisha M. Couch, B.A. Hilda Coudray Pereira, B.A. Charlie E. Coulter, B.A. Marty Thomas Cowan, B.A. Wesley C. Cox III, B.A. William J. Crabtree, B.A. Trudi Lee Craft, B.A. Adam Joesph Crockett, B.A. Arthur J. Cronk, B.A. Ashley Gere Cross, B.A. Dennis J. Crutcher, B.A. Roy A. Cruz, B.A. Steven C. Cumberledge, B.A. Michael Anthony Curti, B.A. Karen Sue Curtis, B.A. Lindsey Michelle Cwikla, B.A. Tyler Scott Daigle, B.A. Draper Scott Daniels, B.A. Thomas Darnell, B.A. Mousa Alex Dassama, B.A. Sean M. Dath, B.A. Lee Stuart Daugherty, B.A. Generosa Davila, B.A. Carl D. Davis, B.A. Jennifer D. Davis, B.A. Justin Michael Davis, B.A. Peter Johnathan Davis, B.A. Sha Retha R. Davis, B.A. Terrence Jerome Davis, B.A. Jose Luis De La Torre, B.A. Jason M. De Luca, B.A. Anna Elisabeth Christine Defronzo, B.A. Chandra DeGraffenreid, B.A. Jennifer Lynn Delacruz, B.A. Itxel Delucy, B.A. Tanasha Denmon Clark, B.A. Crystal M. Denn, B.A. Candice L. Dennhardt, B.A. Jaime Royster Dennison, B.A. Michael James DerManuelian, B.A. Daniel Diaz, B.A. Angel Luis Diaz-Reyes, B.A. Sean Matthys Diepeveen, B.A. Jennifer Leah DiGiorgio, B.A. Amy Marie Dillard, B.A. Sarah Dixon, B.A. Robin G. Doaty, B.A. Danielle Natasha Donahoe, B.A. Brian Patrick Doty, B.A. Diann P. Douglas, B.A. Roman Dousko, B.A. Shadeare C. Doyle, B.A. Lisa E. Drugan, B.A. Jason M. DuBois, B.A. Charlton Charles John DuBose, B.A. Kristina A. Dueno, B.A. David C. Dulaney, B.A. Lawonda Dunford, B.A. Michael James Dunn, B.A. Tyler Paul Dunn, B.A. Brian Joseph Dusel, B.A. Derek Lee Eades, Jr., B.A. Juanita A. Ealey, B.A. Ayanna P. Eberhart, B.A. Gregory J. Eich, B.A. Kimberly A. Elkins, B.A. Mary Eller, B.A. Waiel Nagy El-Maadawy, B.A. Dallas Amanda Thompson Ely, B.A. Mayela Sarahy Encinas, B.A. Bradley Carlton Engel, B.A. Robert J. Erickson, Jr., B.A. Kevin Dale Estero, B.A. Francisco Javier Estrada, B.A. Gardenia S. Evans, B.A. Harold J. Evans, B.A. Jeffrey Owen Evans, B.A. Jeffrey Scott Evans, B.A. Lukas Ian Evans, B.A. Magan Malora Evans, B.A. Travis John Evans, B.A. Victoria Colette Fabrycki, B.A. Brian William Fakkema, B.A. Carla Joann Faranda, B.A. Sahar Sohail Faruki, B.A. Elham Ata Fattah, B.A. Wyona Cynthia Faulk, B.A. John Mills Faulkner, B.A. Dynelle M. Feghhi, B.A. Bryant A. Felton, B.A. Kalan Monterio Ferguson, B.A. Saul Fernandez, B.A. Celine C. Ferreira, B.A. Bicie Fields Moore, B.A. Maria C. Figirova, B.A. Diana Lyn Fijalkowski, B.A. Tiffani Ashley Finlay Cary, B.A. Richard Scott Fisk, B.A. Michael Joseph Fitchette, B.A. Ashley Lupus Fitzpatrick, B.A. Rhea E. Flambeau, B.A. Shanell Adalou Fleming, B.A. Teresa Fleming, B.A. Mary Dolores Flores-Leon, B.A. Whitney Leigh Folan, B.A

19 Jennifer Marie Forbes Weeks, B.A. Crystal Alberta Fountain, B.A. Ricardo Andres Franco, B.A. Jihad Franklin, B.A. Michael James Frankovich, B.A. Natalia Leeia Fraser, B.A. Darian B. Frazier, B.A. Deborah Frazier, B.A. Marisia LaChay Frazier, B.A. Rachel Ellen Freeman, B.A. Valarie Elaine Freeman, B.A. Demetras E. Friday, B.A. Diana Frisby, B.A. Robert Fritz, Sr., B.A. Peter T. Furuglyas, B.A. Andrew Raymond Gabaldon, B.A. Daniel Joseph Gabbart, B.A. Lauren Gaff, B.A. Richard A. Gaines, B.A. Rafael Cavalcanti Galvao, B.A. Melinda Ann Gambino, B.A. Jaime Erin Gambrill, B.A. Olanrewaju Abiodun Gamu, Jr., B.A. Armando Garcia, B.A. Maria Guadalupe Garcia, B.A. Mary G. Garcia, B.A. Angel Agusto Garcia Ortiz, B.A. Jesse Thomas Gardner, B.A. Jeremy T. Garrett, B.A. Kamisha Lashae Garrett, B.A. Stephanie Marie Garrison, B.A. Timothy James Gatherum, B.A. Timothy Philip Gaudet, Jr., B.A. Sia Shanelle George, B.A. Kyrie K. Gerhart, B.A. Shaunte Maria Giacoppo, B.A. Robert Ezra Gibbons, B.A. Christopher Gibson, B.A. Nadine Yolanda Gielish, B.A. Marquita Nichole Gifford, B.A. Travis logan Giles, B.A. Christel Ann Gill, B.A. Joanne Yelena Gill, B.A. George A. Gilmor, Jr., B.A. Chelsie Louise Girty, B.A. Latonya Geneva Givens, B.A. Yamika Denise Givens, B.A. Jodi Lee Glasgow, B.A. Andrew Wayne Glass, B.A. Nora Glass, B.A. Tabitha Dawn Glasscock, B.A. Melissa Glenn, B.A. Courtney L. Glover, B.A. Joshua Michael Golden, B.A. Julio C. Gomez, B.A. Lorena Gomez, B.A. Jamie Gonzalez, B.A. Linaya J. Gonzalez, B.A. Roberto G. Gonzalez, B.A. Danielle Marie Good, B.A. Annette Louise Gordon, B.A. Cary Oneil Gordon, B.A. Rickey Gorman, B.A. Tyler Goss, B.A. Kevin Demetrius Grace, B.A. Lashawn Owen Graham, B.A. Philip Gerald Graham, B.A. Ashley Danielle Gray, B.A. Lloydia Nakila Gray, B.A. Chesnee Anitra Green, B.A. Darrell Dewayne Green, B.A. Verna M. Green, B.A. Anthony James Greene, B.A. Brittany Chantryce Greene, B.A. Linda Greene, B.A. Ona J. Gribben, B.A. Richard J. Griffin, B.A. Jeremy Lee Grubbs, B.A. Robert Frederick Gruber, B.A. Hiram Earnest Gunter, B.A. Cynthia Lynn Gutierrez, B.A. Manuel Gutierrez, B.A. Wendy Yvonne Gutierrez, B.A. Robert Gutierrez, Jr., B.A. Douglas Richard Hackelton, B.A. Karen A. Hackman, B.A. Kevin E. Haddock, B.A. Hilda Jacqueline Haftmann, B.A. Daniel Bernard Haggerty III, B.A. Jean Odessa Hall, B.A. Spencer J. Hall, B.A. Vincent Lanier Hall, B.A. Thomas John Hames, B.A. Anthony Hamilton, B.A. Brittany K. Hamilton, B.A. Joe N. Hamilton, B.A. Erika Lynne Hancock, B.A. Michelle Hanington, B.A. Martin Edwin Hankins, B.A. Jhamicah Mychelle Harbut, B.A. Devron D. Hardy, B.A. Cory P. Harmon, B.A. Rochelle C. Harper, B.A. Tanisha NeRee Harrelson, B.A. Adrian Lynore Harris, B.A. Delilah R. Harris, B.A. Jefferson David Harris, B.A. Tiffany M. Harris, B.A. Tina Marie Harrison, B.A. Karalyn T. Harvey, B.A. Matthew Elias Hasby, B.A. Deborah Lea Hastings, B.A. Matthew Joseph Haydel, B.A. Kassandra Haynie, B.A. Anthony P. Heck, B.A. Kristine Diane Heckman, B.A. Corey Christopher Heiserman, B.A. Johanna G. Heitzmann, B.A. Christopher Todd Hellerich, B.A. Amanda Lea Hemming, B.A. Christina Aniece Hendrickson, B.A. Tiffany Monique Henley, B.A. Christopher R. Hennigan, B.A. Kylee Savana Henson, B.A. Olivia Kendall Hermosillo, B.A. Maria guadalupe Hernandez, B.A. Holly Carol Herris, B.A. Bryanna Nicole Herron, B.A. Lori A. Hicks, B.A. Angela R. Hill, B.A. Jackie Lorene Hill, B.A. Shelia Ann Hill, B.A. Sterling L. Hill, B.A. Terri Nicole Hitt, B.A. Brandan H. Hodges, B.A. Kirsten L. Hodgkins, B.A. Jason Elias Hoekema, B.A. Christopher John Hoffner, B.A. India E. Hogan, B.A. Todd Holjeson, B.A. Robert Alan Hollenbaugh, Jr., B.A. Rachel Hollinger, B.A. Amanda Holmes, B.A. Essence Churron Holmes, B.A. Catherine Lynn Hornung, B.A. Daniel Lee Hoskins, B.A. Kyle Stacey Hough, B.A. Becky Lynn House, B.A. Letecia Lamara Howard, B.A. John Marcus Howell, B.A. Jacob D. Huckleby, B.A. Tammi LeAnn Huff, B.A. Leslie Dee Huffman, B.A. James Frederic Hughes, B.A. Eric Wayne Humphery, B.A. Elizabeth Boring Hunt, B.A. Sydney Marie Hunt, B.A. Antwan L. Hunter, B.A. Seth Ian Hunter, B.A. Anthony Hutson, B.A. Karen Denese Ibarrondo, B.A. Jayson L. Ingram, B.A. Courtney R. Jackson, B.A. Erica Ashley Jackson, B.A. Roderic Eugene Jackson, B.A. Donald Gene Jacobs, Jr., B.A. Kristi Tiffin Jaeger, B.A. Venessa Jael, B.A. Arceline Jean-Francois, B.A. Shimere P. Jefferson-Harris, B.A. Paul Levern Jenkins, Jr., B.A. Elyse N. Jewell, B.A. Adrian Johnson, B.A. Anthony Perkins Johnson, B.A. Jalisa Jana Johnson, B.A. Jason J. Johnson, B.A. Matthew W. Johnson, B.A. Reuben Alan Johnson, B.A. Ronald K. Johnson, B.A. Tara Ruth Johnson, B.A. Vernon A. Johnson, B.A. Dale B. Johnston, B.A. Nicole M. Johnston, B.A. Brittany Michelle Jones, B.A. Chris Kinte Jones, B.A. Dustin William Jones, B.A. Earlene Jones, B.A. Ilia Marie Jones, B.A. Jeanette E. Jones, B.A. Judi Denise Jones, B.A. Krista L. Jones, B.A. Matthew James Jones, B.A. Nicole Jones, B.A. Paul Morgan Jones, B.A. Sean A. Jones, B.A. Ashley Diane Jordan, B.A. Carson Lee Jordan, B.A. Lydia L. Jordan, B.A. Elvin Jose, B.A. Gloria Jean Joseph, B.A. Yvonise Faisca Joseph, B.A. Paula Joyner, B.A. Jayna Kahler, B.A. Bistra Kamburov, B.A. Jason Duane Kates, B.A. Ihemba Charlotte Kayij, B.A. Ashton Brandon Kelley, B.A. Eddy Earl Kelley, B.A. Stephanie Anne Kellman, B.A. Leroy Kelly, B.A. Candace A. Kelton, B.A. Marcus O. Kemp, B.A. Katherine Bratton Kennedy, B.A. Jonathan M. Kent, B.A. Arshad Abdelkarim Khalil, B.A. Jordan Daniel Killam, B.A. James Kyong-Jin Kim, B.A. Paige L. Kimmerly, B.A. Andy M. Kin, B.A. Kisha R. Kirby, B.A. Tykwon E. Kirby, B.A. Jason Carter Kirk, B.A. Gretchen Knapp, B.A. Dustin Bryce Knight, B.A. Joy Renee Knight, B.A. Lourie Jean Kolar, B.A. Mary J. Kosmicki, B.A. Rana Koujane, B.A. Alexandria Nicole Kovachevich, B.A. Erik Kramer, B.A. Benjamin C. Kuhlmann, B.A. Lillian Kuhn, B.A. Ashley E. Kutka, B.A. Sharonda Patrice Kuykendall, B.A. Anna Kuzmina, B.A. John Hays Lafaver, B.A. Meagan Lee Lajeunesse, B.A. Zachary Hernan Lama, B.A. Carlos A. Lanazca, B.A. Sheri Lancaster, B.A. Alan Lane, B.A. Jennifer L. Lanhart, B.A. Nicole Yve Lapinski, B.A. Jeri Ross Lattimore, B.A. Michelle M. Laurent, B.A. Adeshola Lawal, B.A. Jason Bennett Lawrence, B.A. Rahmiece Lawson, B.A. Gregory Lucious Lawton, Sr., B.A. Matthew J. Layden, B.A. Irene Berenice Layman, B.A. Patricia D. LeBlanc, B.A. Dusty Dawne Lee, B.A. Latasha Shanice Lee, B.A. Chun yan Lehman, B.A. Bradley W. Lema, B.A. Jamyal Darnell Lett, B.A. Jamaal L. Lewis, B.A. Tyrone T. Lewis, B.A. Kamara Michelle Lighty, B.A. Kristin K. Lilienthal, B.A. Eric Martin Lindbloom, B.A. Kelly Lindsay, B.A. Alysha Marie Lindsey, B.A. Shirley M. Lindstadt, B.A. Kimberly Alicia Linker, B.A. Anthony D. Locke, B.A. Kyle Lockwood, B.A. Oscar Fabian Loera, B.A. Matthew William Loiselle, B.A. Dennis Lee Lolley, B.A. Elizabeth Lomeli, B.A. Richard L. London, B.A. Anica Long, B.A. Lindsay Rose Long, B.A. Tara Sue Long, B.A. Christopher Flores Lopez, B.A. Darcy Angelina Lopez, B.A. Monika Jo-Anna Lopez, B.A. Jose L. Lopez Enriquez, B.A. Abigail Lopez Mestizo, B.A. William Love, Jr., B.A. Jeremie Wayne Lovejoy, B.A. Andrew Lovell, B.A. Walter Merlin Loving III, B.A. James A. Lucas, B.A. Terry L. Lucas, B.A. Hailee Jo Lucero, B.A. Angela Marie Lukehart, B.A. Colin John Lulker, B.A. Rosalyn Mack, B.A. Lucia Magadan, B.A. Lakatish Zenna Magee, B.A. Tamika Nicole Mahomes, B.A. Brianne Thelma Maijala, B.A. Regina S. Major, B.A. Claire Renee Malady, B.A. Stephanie Leigh Maloy, B.A. Toni Mann, B.A. Ywchari Tena Manos, B.A. JennaRae Latisha Mapp, B.A. David Michael Mariott, B.A. Lisa Maria Marks, B.A. Francisco J. Marrero, B.A. Allan Dale Martin, B.A. Christopher Joseph Martin, B.A. Janessa Marie Martin, B.A. Jessie Marie Martin, B.A. Sanders Martin, B.A. Catherine Martin-Atkins, B.A. Heather N. Martinez, B.A. Blythe Louise Mason, B.A. Colleen Marie Mason, B.A. Gregory Mason, B.A. Michael Shane Mason, B.A. Jodie Lynn Masteller, B.A. Sara Sue Mattila, B.A. Tahiraz Z. McAllister, B.A. Turi Lee McCarthy, B.A. Dustin R. McCarty, B.A. Joanna McCauley, B.A. Ashly Loraine McClain, B.A. Lauren Renee McClellan, B.A. Terika Markesh McClellan, B.A. Jennifer Monigue McCloud, B.A. Marymargaret Nicole McColligan, B.A. Jeremy Scott McConnell, B.A. Thomas Edward McCormick, B.A. Jason Paul McCoy, B.A. Charles J. McDonald, B.A. Justin Michael McDorman, B.A. Scott McDowell, B.A. Barbara Renee McGee, B.A. Don Allan McGhee, Jr., B.A. Erica April McGilvary, B.A. Demetrius McGirt, B.A. Sabrina Ann McIntosh, B.A. Mark E. McIntyre, B.A. Stacey Anne McIntyre, B.A. Leroy McLean II, B.A. Michael Patrick McNally, B.A. Robin Beulah Meade, B.A. Chad W. Meadows, B.A. David Timothy Mechikoff, B.A. Mark A. Medina, B.A. Neil Thatcher Medlin, B.A. Mary Fletcher, B.A. Herman Alejandro Mejia, B.A. Alexander Mejia-Monsalve, B.A. Kandise R. Menefee, B.A. Brittanny Jo Mertz, B.A. Nequoya Renay Mike, B.A. Carrie J. Miller, B.A. Chrysaphius G. Miller, B.A

20 Shawn A. Miller, B.A. Travis William Miller, B.A. Ronnie Earl Mills, B.A. Tierra L. Mills, B.A. Yoonhong Min, B.A. Fabienne Miot-Cesar, B.A. Elianna Miranda, B.A. Bianca Mitchell, B.A. Brittney Nicole Mitchell, B.A. Juan Jose Mitchell, B.A. Raymond Dennis Mitchell, B.A. Lisa Dawn Monnot, B.A. William Anthony Monroe, B.A. Anna Adriane Monson, B.A. Lawrence Dominic Montano, B.A. Christine Montez, B.A. Lanadra Menicka Moore, B.A. Lasha Burnette Moore, B.A. Trinia Moore, B.A. Michael Mooring, B.A. Mark A. Moraga, B.A. Valerie Cecile Neidich Moran, B.A. Robert James Morant, B.A. Audey Dale Moree, B.A. Jennifer Morgan, B.A. Jessica Dawn Morris, B.A. Nathan M. Morris, B.A. Ty Maurice Morrison, B.A. Angela Kay Morrow, B.A. Jennifer M. Moses, B.A. Catalina Bertha Mosqueda, B.A. Matthew C. Moxley, B.A. Maritza Mueller, B.A. Sean Halemana Mullaney, B.A. Emmanuel David Munoz, B.A. Bryan Dionta Murphy, B.A. Katherine L. Murray, B.A. Christopher Brooke Murrell, B.A. Gregory A. Myers, B.A. Robert Randell Myles, B.A. Daniel Tettey Nartey, B.A. Kristen Aubrey Nauman, B.A. Jill C. Neal, B.A. Kristie Gail Nealon, B.A. Charnai Monique Nelson, B.A. Latonya Newton, B.A. Gennadiy Pavlovich Nichiporuk, B.A. Garrick Vernon Nicols, B.A. John Patrick Nocciolo, B.A. Adam Forrest Norman, B.A. Danielle Norris, B.A. Heather M. Oaks, B.A. Craig Michael Obeso, B.A. Naomi Ann Maureen O Brien, B.A. Luz C. Ocasio, B.A. David Charles Olson, B.A. Christopher Robert O Neil, B.A. Dorothy Elaine Oredia, B.A. Michael Jon Ornelaz, B.A. Nana Prempeh Osei-Tutu, B.A. Amy R. Otradovsky-Popp, B.A. James Aubrey Overstreet, Jr., B.A. Julius Corneilous Owens, B.A. Sylvia Lee Owens, B.A. Charlene April Pack, B.A. Lauren Allyson Paden, B.A. Courtney E. Paige, B.A. Sean S. Paik, B.A. Tatisha Marie Palmer, B.A. Sunshine Susan Palomo, B.A. Joshua K. Paris, B.A. Scott D. Parker, B.A. Candace Gertrude Partee, B.A. Chris Patterson, B.A. Cornelius Patterson, B.A. Nicholas Alexander Paugam, B.A. Daniel Russell Paxton, B.A. Natasha Lynn Payton, B.A. Brian Douglas Pearsall, B.A. Aarika Justine Pederson, B.A. Clifton Marcel Pegee, B.A. Cassandra Wimbush Penn, B.A. Christopher A. Perdue, B.A. Victor A. Pereyra, B.A. John W. Perkins, B.A. Cedric C. Perkinson, B.A. Zachary Edward Pest, B.A. Valerie L. Pestka, B.A. Leslie S. Peters, B.A. Chico D. Peterson, B.A. Raymond Craig Peterson, B.A. Cheryl NIcole Petrosky, B.A. Kimberlee Marie Pettit, B.A. Rhiannon Nicole Peurala, B.A. Kristen LeiLani Phillips, B.A. Tasia Pickett, B.A. David Jerome Pieper, B.A. Christopher Pinilla, B.A. Casey Ann Pippen, B.A. Jennifer J. Pirante, B.A. Vanessa M. Piscopo, B.A. Toby Lynn Pittman, B.A. Carlos G. Pizarro, B.A. Patrick Larry Platt, B.A. Jessica Denise Player, B.A. Michael Wade Pleasant, B.A. Melissa A. Polly, B.A. Sarah Elizabeth Porch-Lee, B.A. Collese L. Porter, B.A. Christopher J. Potts, B.A. Jacquelyn Pounds, B.A. Jennifer L. Powell, B.A. Katherine Powell, B.A. Nicole Jane Powell, B.A. Colette Renet Pratt, B.A. Christy Nicole Prentiss, B.A. Milford Dale Presley, B.A. Brittney Nicole Pressley, B.A. Kisha Renee Preston, B.A. Ashley Anne Price, B.A. Demontriel B. Price, B.A. Charles Allen Probst, B.A. Solet Cynclair Prudhomme, B.A. Taucia Pullins, B.A. Christopher Franklin Purcell, B.A. Nicole Pyeatt, B.A. Tonya A. Q.ueen, B.A. Julian Jesus Q.uinonez, B.A. Krystle May Rabida, B.A. Devin V. Rachels, B.A. Diamond Nicole Raggs, B.A. Sylvester Rahim, B.A. Rebecca Ann Rainboth, B.A. Matthew Philip Ramey, B.A. Steven Lee Ramga, B.A. Isaac Daniel Ramirez, B.A. Victor Ramirez, B.A. Lucinda Michele Ramon, B.A. Ana Luisa Ramos, B.A. Jacqueline Marie Ramos, B.A. Nicholas R. Ramsey, B.A. Tiffany Diane Randolph, B.A. Sommer Leann Rascher, B.A. Kathleen Razo, B.A. Tracy L. Redden, B.A. Devon Kyle Redding, B.A. Derek Robert Redfield, B.A. Richard Malon Reece, B.A. Michelle R. Reed, B.A. Lashundra Reese, B.A. Charity A. Reginelli, B.A. Edwin Alexander Reyes Villalta, B.A. Britni Michelle Reynolds, B.A. Alexis A. Rice, B.A. kimberly ann rich, B.A. Keith H. Richardson, B.A. William Polk Richardson, B.A. Ashtan Grant Richey, B.A. Tami Lee Richmond, B.A. Bruce J. Rick, B.A. Kimiar Ricks, B.A. Winston DeRonn Ricks, B.A. Jennifer Kay Riehl, B.A. Ashlee S. Rios, B.A. Daniel Alejandro Rivera, B.A. Jennifer Marie Robbins, B.A. Paul Francis Roberge, B.A. Antonae M. Roberson, B.A. Judith Eileen Roberson, B.A. Ambra Evette Roberts, B.A. Brian Lloyd Robinson, B.A. Gary Lynn Robinson, B.A. Zachary Patrick Robinson, B.A. Cintya E. Robles, B.A. Jason Thomas Roche, B.A. Joanne Theresa Rochevot, B.A. Nia Rock, B.A. Robert Nicholas Rock-Klotz, B.A. Ashley A. Rodriguez, B.A. Crystalynn Raquel Rodriguez, B.A. Guadalupe Rodriguez, B.A. Kristin M. Rodriguez, B.A. Omar A. Rodriguez, B.A. Christine K. Rogers, B.A. David M. Rogers, B.A. Craig L. Roland, B.A. Kathleen E. Roland, B.A. Stephanie Christina Romaniello, B.A. Tracy Dawn Romberg, B.A. Derek S. Romero, B.A. Melony Lauren Rorick, B.A. Salvador Antonio Rosado, B.A. Jessica Elizabeth Rose, B.A. Darryl T. Rosenbauer, B.A. Deana Michelle Rossi, B.A. Georgina S. Rountree, B.A. Kayla Michelle Rowberry, B.A. Darcy L. Rowden, B.A. Joseph S. Rowe, B.A. Derrick A. Roy, B.A. Samantha N. Rucker, B.A. Breanna Kaye Ruckman, B.A. Chanel Lesean Rugg, B.A. Vanessa Ruiz, B.A. Alicia C. Ruiz-Martinez, B.A. Linda Runyon, B.A. Misty Russ, B.A. Antwain Keeshun Ruth, B.A. Nicholas Joseph Ruud, B.A. Chad A. Ryan, B.A. Amanda May Sadenwasser, B.A. Victor Alfonso Salas, B.A. Craig F. Sales, B.A. Andrea Lynn Salisbury, B.A. Peter Moroni Salmond, B.A. Craig S. Sanchez, B.A. Juan Manuel Sanchezjuarez, B.A. Andrew Sanderlin, B.A. Cody Austin Sanders, B.A. Ebony Latrelle Sanders, B.A. Francisco A. Sandoval, B.A. Heidi Sue Sargent, B.A. Louise C. Sargent, B.A. Samantha Milagros Sarmiento, B.A. Britney S. Saunders, B.A. Earnest Lynwood Saunders III, B.A. Tanya Yvette Savoy, B.A. Tabitha J. Saylor, B.A. Tiffani Amber Schaffer, B.A. Eric Joseph Schindler, B.A. Steven Andrew Schmitt, B.A. Maria Angeline Schrader, B.A. Marnie Elizabeth Schueler, B.A. Michal Rachelle Schultz, B.A. Victoria L. Schultz, B.A. Felicia Renea Scott, B.A. Jennifer Lynn Scott, B.A. Patricia Danielle Scott, B.A. Robyne Anne Scott, B.A. Jessica Phyllis Scurry, B.A. Theresis Lashay Seals, B.A. Desirae Marie Sechrest, B.A. Lenice Ann Sechrist, B.A. Fatima D. Segovia, B.A. Rachel Lynn Seidner, B.A. Matthew George Seldat, B.A. Soonafai F. Seloti, B.A. Lisa Seman, B.A. Cornell Greg Serrant, B.A. Annie Mae Sessoms, B.A. Shantel Darden Setia, B.A. Nathan D. Sevier, B.A. Christine A. Sewell, B.A. Mason Graham Shaffer, B.A. Shake Jakleen Shahverdian, B.A. Zachary Evan Shaw, B.A. Fung Sum Shek, B.A. Andrew W. Shelly, B.A. Ashley Rebecca Shenefelt, B.A. Shawn Cathern Shields, B.A. Glenda Faye Shipp, B.A. Robin Victoria Shockley, B.A. Terra Dawn Shouse, B.A. Fayjon lianne Siah, B.A. Samantha K. Siaw, B.A. Jenifer Louise Simmons, B.A. Matthew Wesley Simono, B.A. Sarah M. Simpson, B.A. Dania C. Sims, B.A. Gary Sims, B.A. Cedric Siriwardena, B.A. Kenneth Jammere Skinner, B.A. Ashley Renee Skorepa, B.A. Gregory Lamar Smalls, B.A. Matthew A. Smart, B.A. Amanda Lamoureux Smith, B.A. Amberly Jennell Smith, B.A. Austin James Smith, B.A. Barian Marlon Smith, B.A. Brennique C. Smith, B.A. Christie Bell Smith, B.A. Dale Chounchy Smith, B.A. Danielle K. Smith, B.A. Dionedrana Elise Smith, B.A. Donna A. Smith, B.A. Elizabeth Ann Smith, B.A. Elma D. Smith, B.A. Gleniece Danielle Smith, B.A. Jessica Markia Smith, B.A. Lee C. Smith, B.A. Lisa Marie Smith, B.A. Scotti John Smith, B.A. Stanley Isaac Smith, B.A. Tasha Lynn Smith, B.A. Laura Solorza, B.A. Dana Ann Space, B.A. Kevin A. Spence, B.A. Justin Russell Sperry, B.A. Brittany Simone Spivey, B.A. Raven Anita Spruill -Miggins, B.A. Ebony Valencia Spry, B.A. Tyrell Lamar St. Thomas, B.A. Chantal St.Hilaire, B.A. Keyada Pateika Stackhouse, B.A. Christopher M. Stafford, B.A. Alissa Suz-Ette Stallion, B.A. Leslee M. Stalvey, B.A. Shirleyann B. Stamp-Taylor, B.A. David Standley, B.A. Stephanie Jo Stephens, B.A. Joshua Nathaniel Stephenson, B.A. Daniel A. Stevens, B.A. Russell Alan Stewart, B.A. Xavier Montreal Stewart, B.A. Lillian Lee Stibor, B.A. Jennifer Marie Stock, B.A. Hanna Rachelle Stocker, B.A. Jamaal K. Stokes, B.A. Teresa A. Stoneburgh, B.A. Jaimie Michelle Storjohann, B.A. Kimberly Lynn Stratton Ballantyne, B.A. Jerry Douglas Stratton, Jr., B.A. Gregory Sean Strickland, B.A. Jason Gabriel Strong, B.A. Corey D. Strother, B.A. Shaundra Leeanne Stull, B.A. Renee Marie Sus, B.A. Thomas Ryan Suver, B.A. Casey R. Swanson, B.A. Kathy Szabo, B.A. Lisa Taguchi, B.A. Edith Tahmasi, B.A. Chasity Lynn Tarantino, B.A. Crystal Lynn Tarro, B.A. Marylou K. Tartt, B.A. Theologos Tassioulas, B.A. Amy P. Taylor, B.A. Anthony Joseph Taylor, B.A. Jason Allen Taylor, B.A. Randi Ann Teel, B.A. Andrew Santos Telecky, B.A. Joseph Cleveland Temple, B.A. Dusty D. Tenpenny, B.A. Ryan David Terry, B.A. Michelle R. Tesino, B.A. Katrina A. Thatcher, B.A. Andrea J. Thomas, B.A. Dee Na Toque Thomas, B.A. Karlous DeWayne Thomas, B.A. Lavan B. Thomas, B.A. Yasmine Simone Thomas, B.A. Brittany Cierra Thompson, B.A. Davette Shalon Thompson, B.A. David C. Thompson, B.A

21 Kevin Jhaamal Thompson, B.A. Lainisha Adell Thompson, B.A. Andrew S. Thornton, B.A. Katherine George Threlkeld, B.A. Riana Chakira Tilford, B.A. Johnny L. Tillis, B.A. Lillian G. Tillman, B.A. Helena Lee Tlusty, B.A. Shanna Mae Todaro, B.A. Quileighqua T. Tolbert-Coleman, B.A. Kaitlin Alvia Tomasello, B.A. Delina Lenora Torelli, B.A. Tina Toribio, B.A. Alfredo Torres, B.A. Julie Anne Torres, B.A. Judith Melissa Torrico, B.A. Travis Justin Touchton, B.A. Megan D. Townsend, B.A. Torrey T. Townsend, B.A. Mark James Troiano, B.A. Teresa Lee Tucker, B.A. Erika Lynn Turner, B.A. Jake Andrew Turner, B.A. Marion Patryceese Turner, B.A. Tiffaney Nicole Turner, B.A. Alisha Tyler, B.A. Ashley Nicole Underwood, B.A. Rachael L. Vacharasovan, B.A. Craig R. Vaculin, B.A. Amy Janell Vail, B.A. Vanessa Brianna Valdez, B.A. Neil Valenzuela, B.A. Storri Lynn Valero, B.A. Brianna Clarice Van Sickle, B.A. Carmi J. Vance, B.A. Cynthia Nora Vargas, B.A. Marion Deniese Vasquez, B.A. Chad Scott Vaughn, B.A. Vincent Anthony Vazquez, B.A. Angelica Maria Venegas, B.A. Lisa Marie Verran, B.A. Daniel Lee Via, B.A. John Thomas Vick, B.A. Kristy L. Villone, B.A. John R. Vogelpohl, B.A. Allyn J. Vonderchek, B.A. James Patrick Vorhees, B.A. Viet Nguyen Vy, B.A. Carlotta L. Wade, B.A. Elizabeth J. Wagner, B.A. Leslie A. Wagner, B.A. Cassandra Elena Wahjudi, B.A. Daniel C. Wald, B.A. Jennifer Ann Walde, B.A. Levi R. Walders, B.A. Robert S. Wall, B.A. Alvin Wallace, B.A. Levy A. Wallace, B.A. Samuel W. Wallace, B.A. Michelle Dion Walsh, B.A. Howard E. Walter, B.A. Vernia M. Wanton, B.A. Justin G. Ward, B.A. Teleisha Sharrone Ward, B.A. Antoine D. Washington, B.A. Jasmine DeAndrea Washington, B.A. Mariaha Lavine Washington, B.A. Tramaine Ranesha Washington, B.A. Jaimie Marie Amanda Wassink, B.A. Jenna M. Watkins, B.A. Gennifer Lynn Watson, B.A. Joshua Scott Watson, B.A. Samantha Watson, B.A. Matthew William Watt, B.A. Mike A. Watts, B.A. Sara Weber, B.A. Philip J. Wedderburn, B.A. Margaret Ann Weir, B.A. James Wells, B.A. Jordan Taylor Wells, B.A. Joshua D. Wells, B.A. Scott Andrew Wells, B.A. Jessica Lynn Wesley, B.A. Delleon D. West, B.A. Eric Lamar West, B.A. Jarea West, B.A. Eric Randall Westlund, B.A. Latreece Shanta Wheeler, B.A. Daniel P. Whitby, B.A. Kimberly Dianne White, B.A. Tjoqka Franshay White, B.A. Randolph Whiting, B.A. COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS CANDIDATES FOR MASTER OF SCIENCE DEGREES James Manley Adams, M.S. Nathalie Christel Alerte, M.S. Amber Michelle Andry, M.S. Juliana Mame-Efua Asamoah, M.S. Aisha Larae Beatty-White, M.S. Timothy James Beaupre, M.S. Melissa Nicole Becci, M.S. Heidi M. Bednarz, M.S. Davina Belle, M.S. Amber Beniquez, M.S. Cameron Jamal Blanchard, M.S. Enga Willette Bonds, M.S. LaDonna Annette Brown, M.S. Jada M. Burch, M.S. DeBraux Marie Caesar, M.S. Peggy Calhoun, M.S. Emily S. Whitman, B.A. Johnette Andrell Wigfall, B.A. Tre vor S. Wiggins, B.A. Rachel M. Wilborn, B.A. Doran R. Wildridge, B.A. Lillie R. Wilkerson, B.A. Wayne Marcellus Wilks, B.A. Dayna K. Williams, B.A. Elizabeth Clara Williams, B.A. Heru B. Williams, B.A. Johnnie Lee Williams, Jr., B.A. Lakia B. Williams, B.A. Markita Williams, B.A. Ronny J. Williams, B.A. Timothy Jerold Williams, B.A. Vicki A. Williams, B.A. Ebony Willies, B.A. Alisha Kay Wilson, B.A. Gina M. Wilson, B.A. Jason D aaron Wilson, B.A. Jeremy D. Wilson, B.A. Lachica Deone Wilson, B.A. MaLin D. Wilson, B.A. Marsha Wilson, B.A. Shannon C. Wilson, B.A. Andrew Scott Witte, B.A. Justin J. Witte, B.A. David Michael Witz, B.A. Puiyin Wo, B.A. Andrew Richard Wojtowicz, B.A. Amanda K. Wood, B.A. Phillip M. Woods, B.A. Danielle Woodward, B.A. Andrea Renee Wright, B.A. Jeffrey Charles Wright, Jr., B.A. Robert D. Wymer, B.A. Nikki Mimi Xayachack, B.A. Daisy Yabut, B.A. Sarah Israel Yarbough, B.A. Tinita Devona Yates, B.A. Kelly Jean Zawodniak, B.A. Medina Zdionica, B.A. Anthony Richard Ziegler, B.A. Jeannie Zulauf, B.A. Nikki Marie Castoe, M.S. Yokoya Denesia Clark, M.S. Demetria Christine Clayton, M.S. Jessica M. Cofrancesco, M.S. Ruben T. ColonQuinones, M.S. Kayla Cooper, M.S. Sheramica Lawan Costello, M.S. Sara Beth Crahan, M.S. Tyronza Lynette Davis, M.S. Amanda De Haan, M.S. Gilbert Luis De La Rosa, M.S. Joshua Dillard, M.S. Latasha Michelle Dobson, M.S. Donna Maryann Douglas, M.S. Kimberly Duvall Duvall, M.S. Clarissa Nicole Ensley, M.S. Shawnell Terrance Fluellen, M.S. Pamela C. Foreman, M.S. Ashlie Grace Fry, M.S. Jesus Manuel Garcia, M.S. Cheryl Elizabeth Gentleman, M.S. Linda Ann Giles, M.S. Ruben Dario Gonzalez, M.S. Eastlyn O. Govan, M.S. Joanna Katherine Gutierrez, M.S. Sean C. Hall, M.S. Jarvis T. Hardiman, M.S. Markisha E. Harris, M.S. Channelle Janet Ishmael, M.S. Dexter Gabriel Jackson, M.S. Charlene Keith, M.S. Brenda Kathleen Kelly-Brace, M.S. Matthew Thomas Kurowski, M.S. Latisha Lynn Langley, M.S. Shawn Larkin, M.S. Clinton A. Lewis, Jr., M.S. Angel Ann Licot, M.S. Dawnita H. Lloyd, M.S. Kelly Ann P. MacDougal, M.S. Michella D. Marshall, M.S. Jonathan K. McCall, M.S. Porscha Sontoyra McKinnie, M.S. Stephanie Lanell McLaughlin, M.S. Betty McPhatter, M.S. Felycia Anne McSwine, M.S. Ayana Starr Michael, M.S. Dorothy Oliphant Moore, M.S. James L. Neal, M.S. Michele Colleen O Brien, M.S. Joyce M. Oliver, M.S. lois Elaine Pacheco, M.S. Miaa Nikia Payne, M.S. Shanell Latice Perkins, M.S. Joshua D. Perry, M.S. Brennon Thomas Pierce, M.S. Victoria Maria Ramos, M.S. Dave Loren Reid, M.S. Daphne Ross, M.S. FORBES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CANDIDATES FOR ASSOCIATE OF ARTS DEGREES Marjorie Nicole Ashley, A.A. Pamela Blackstone, A.A. Teri Lane Brooks, A.A. Kathleen Brown, A.A. Regina Ann Brown, A.A. Devionne Rochelle Cotton, A.A. April Alexandra Fox, A.A. Christopher David Fuller, A.A. Denise Ann Garcia, A.A. Lori A. Gipson, A.A. Alicia Marie Gressett, A.A. Linwood E. Hinton, A.A. Telicia L. Hood, A.A. Nyeisha Knight, A.A. Melvin Ulyses Laramore, A.A. Deborah Denise Marlin-Gilbert, A.A. Sean Paul McConathy, A.A. Elaina R. Moroski, A.A. Chantelle Maria Morris, A.A. Tamerra Yvonne Nelson, A.A. Travis C. Nilmeyer, A.A. Addiana Rachele Paul, A.A. FORBES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CANDIDATES FOR BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREES Desiree Lauren Abad, B.A. Keith Alexander Abel, B.A. Kevin W. Abrams, B.A. Nydia Abreu, B.A. Dawn F. Achane, B.A. Richard Marcus Acosta II, B.A. Nelson Anthony Adames, B.A. Aneesah N. Adams, B.A. Angela Temekia Adams, B.A. Brian William Adams, B.A. Jessica Denise Adams, B.A. Kimberly Victoria Adams, B.A. Logan Jeffrey Adams, B.A. Mark Adams, B.A. Robin N. Adams, B.A. Twaitney O. Addison, B.A. Jermaine Lukmon Adebayo, B.A. Khalil J. Afi, B.A. Khalif Ahmad, B.A. Lindsay E. Aiello, B.A. John A. Alam, Sr., B.A. Ivory L. Alarcon, B.A. Michelle Mary Alcas, B.A. Mario J. Aleman, B.A. Adrienne Acacia Alexander, B.A. Mercedes Alfonso, B.A. Todd Fredrick Schuller, Jr., M.S. Jacqueline Rauchel Schultz, M.S. Michael Shane Sleet, M.S. Brandy Smith, M.S. Dawn Renee Snyder, M.S. Trebawan Khamraj Soomaroo, M.S. Beverly Louise Stonum, M.S. Melissa Tice-Crawford, M.S. Sala Daphne Taase Tipeni, M.S. Florence Rebecca Todd, M.S. Christopher Michael Truncellito, M.S. Vanessa Dionne Tunsel, M.S. Jarita Tyson, M.S. Pablo Vazquez, M.S. Manuel Vera III, M.S. Angela Walls, M.S. Travis Leonard Marcus Walls, M.S. Ray B. Welch, Jr., M.S. Melissa Dranette Wiley, M.S. Tijwana C. Williams, M.S. Jamie Marie Wilson, M.S. Allaina Marie Winberry, M.S. Jessica D. Womrath, M.S. Tara Nichelle Wyatt, M.S. Robert Allen Porter, A.A. Joseph Derrick Reed, A.A. Dwane Robinson, A.A. Janice Sarnecki, A.A. Jodi L. Terrazas, A.A. Jimmie Brent Theal, Jr., A.A. Theresa Marie Vance, A.A. Jean Vandyke, A.A. Evelyn Williams, A.A. Stanley Bernard Wilson, A.A. Ashia Carlisa Allen, B.A. Bobbi Elizabeth Allen, B.A. Sonya M. Allen, B.A. Marc G. Alleyne, B.A. Shevonne Christina Allison, B.A. Adrian Stephen Alonso, B.A. Britnee T keyah Alphin, B.A. Sarah Danielle Alvarado, B.A. Donnie Damien Alvarez, B.A. Jose Dolores Alvarez, B.A. Amber Nicole Amos, B.A. Sharon Renee Amos, B.A. Andrea Anderson, B.A

22 Michael Lawrence Anderson, B.A. Randall Paul Anderson, B.A. Rene Marie Anderson, B.A. Ross Martin Anderson, B.A. Seth R. Anderson, B.A. Tracy Adrianne Anderson, B.A. Jason J. Anten, B.A. Doug Alan Anthony, B.A. Hollie Marie Anthony, B.A. Geraldo Anzaldo, B.A. Teresa M. Appelwick, B.A. Tony R. Appleby, B.A. Rebecca A.C. Arbona, B.A. Keith T. Archer, B.A. Esmeralda Arganda, B.A. Amatullaah Armand, B.A. Jason Alan Arneson, B.A. Tyler Vinson Arnold, B.A. Blaine David Arsenault, B.A. Carrie Ann Asher, B.A. Bryce Earl Ashey, B.A. Edward Lee Atchley, B.A. Ezra P. Atkins, B.A. Teri lee Aubin, B.A. Nichole D. Auguster, B.A. Adam Travis Austin, B.A. Roderick Lee Austin, B.A. Carlos DeWayne Averhart, B.A. Shannon Dione Avery, B.A. Monica Sue Avila, B.A. Paul Avila, B.A. Leslie B. Axsom, B.A. Elizabeth Z. Ayala, B.A. Tegst Dlnesa Ayalw, B.A. Riffat Aziz, B.A. Dawn A. Babcock, B.A. Theresa Ann Babcock, B.A. Elfie D. Bacongco, B.A. Jethro Real Bacus, B.A. Grant Alan Baggett, B.A. Dana Bailey, B.A. Dawn Arlene Bailey, B.A. Kathleen Lynnell Bailey, B.A. Samantha Kay Bain, B.A. Scott Arthur Bain, B.A. Christina M. Bair, B.A. Aquanita Demetrius Baker, B.A. Brittany Paige Baker, B.A. Christopher Eugene Baker, B.A. Jeremiah A. Balch, B.A. Ismael Nicholas Mesquita Balderas, B.A. Natalie L. Ballard, B.A. Jessica E. Ballweg, B.A. Aliza M. Baltazar, B.A. Anntonette Marcell Balushi, B.A. Pedro Banda, Jr., B.A. Jacqueline Irene Bange, B.A. Gwennitta N. Banks, B.A. Marcus D. Banks, B.A. Shunthany JeJuan Banks, B.A. Jack Christian Bannister, B.A. Shannon Liann Baranski, B.A. Justin G. Barao, B.A. Michael Lynn Barcato, B.A. John Barczak, Jr., B.A. Paul Richard Barfield, Jr., B.A. Jessica Sue Barker, B.A. Cassandra Denise Barnard, B.A. Rashaan Rellan Barner, B.A. Marlee Lynne Barnes, B.A. Tatyana L. Barnes, B.A. Whitney B. Barnes, B.A. James Shannon Barnett, B.A. Kyle Andre Barnhardt, B.A. Nicholas L. Barnum, B.A. Jorge Arturo Barrera, B.A. Charles R. Barrett, B.A. Yillian Shamell Barriere, B.A. Denice C. Barrineau, B.A. Rodney Enrique Barrios, B.A. Timothy Barrow, B.A. Katherine Klein-Bartolotta, B.A. Daniel Lee Bartolucci, B.A. Kimberly Daliany Barton, B.A. Erin Nicole Baskin, B.A. Anita Christina Bastian, B.A. Bonnie Rose Bateman, B.A. Ericka Raquel Bates, B.A. Bruce John Batiste, B.A. Marrick D. Batiste, B.A. Alexandra Ivelisse Batori, B.A. Constance B. Battle, B.A. Lakita Batts, B.A. Todd J. Bauer, B.A. Michael Corey Baugh, B.A. Raeann L. Baugher, B.A. Craig M. Bautel, Sr., B.A. Carla Jean Bautista, B.A. Lenard Edward Baxter, B.A. Jeremy Daniel Bayer, B.A. Doremus K. Baylor, B.A. Ashley N. Baytops, B.A. Ruth-Ann N. Beadle, B.A. Zachary W. Beal, B.A. Samantha J. Beardall, B.A. George Wade Beauchamp, Jr., B.A. Jonathan R. Beaver II, B.A. Brian Ross Bechtel, B.A. Curtis A. Beck, B.A. David C. Beck, B.A. Nicole R. Becker, B.A. Leontina Bedendi, B.A. Dana Marie Beeler, B.A. Tony A. Belin, B.A. Kayla Irene Bell, B.A. William Mane Bell, B.A. Danielle Christine Beltran, B.A. Jasmine E. Beltran, B.A. Mario Antonio Benavides, B.A. Reynold Bengan, B.A. Jose Jesus Benitez, B.A. Alva Sydney Benjamin, Jr., B.A. Mercedes Lee Bennett, B.A. Tonia Marie Bennett, B.A. Warren Marvelle Bennett, B.A. Stephen R. Benoit, B.A. Melisa Ann Bent, B.A. Shaun M. Berger, B.A. Amanda Jewel Bergeret, B.A. Christina Gail Bergstrom, B.A. Ivan Francisco Bermudez, Jr., B.A. Paul S. Bernal, B.A. Zachery David Bernat, B.A. Jeannette Berry, B.A. Tyler J. Berry, B.A. Lyndie Beswick, B.A. Rachel Betancourt, B.A. Kayla Marie Bevins, B.A. Derek Bible, B.A. Timothy James Bichsel, B.A. Kerri Ann Bickerstaff, B.A. Vanessa Bievenue, B.A. Mindy Q.. Bills, B.A. Nikki Shaki Bing, B.A. Joanna Michelle Nicola Birchett, B.A. Jennette M. Bird, B.A. Lystra Bishop Flemming, B.A. Norma Jordan Black, B.A. Jauna Elizabeth Blackstone, B.A. Dustin Tyler Blackwell, B.A. Shawn Oliver Blackwood, B.A. Doris Jean Blake, B.A. Heidi Lynn Blanchard, B.A. Barry Bland, B.A. Rhonda Late Blansett, B.A. Bradly J. Bledsoe, B.A. Darlene Marie Bledsoe, B.A. Timothy J. Blier, B.A. Dave Andrew Bloomfield, B.A. De Marcos Lorenzo Blow, B.A. Jeremy H. Blue, B.A. Wendy S. Boelens, B.A. Cassandra R. Bohaychyk, B.A. Jonathan Jay Boland, B.A. Heather Morgan Bolin, B.A. Tony Ray Bolt, B.A. Nichole Patrice Bolton, B.A. Ericka Bond, B.A. Hettion Shante Booker, B.A. Stephanie Ann Borges, B.A. Jessica Consuelo Borruel, B.A. Edward F. Bosco, B.A. Dina L. Botello, B.A. David Boubion, B.A. Christopher D. Bowden, B.A. Kailyn A. Bowman, B.A. Aubrey Ann Box, B.A. Curtis Roy Boyack, B.A. Kendra Michelle Boyd, B.A. Monica E. Braden, B.A. Amber Virginia Bradley, B.A. Vincent L. Bradley, B.A. Ashley N. Brady, B.A. Jayson R. Brady, B.A. Michelle Jeanine Branch, B.A. Cassie Nikole Brand, B.A. Kimberly Nazarene Brandon, B.A. Christopher James Braniff, B.A. Samuel Hoapili Hookano Branson, B.A. Savannah Chantel Branstetter, B.A. Stephen Daniel Breck, B.A. Susan K. Brewer, B.A. Billy Legrande Wall Brewington, Jr., B.A. David Lee Brian, B.A. Gil C. Bridges, B.A. Bonnie J. Briggs, B.A. Rebecca Porter Briggs, B.A. Lora J. Bright, B.A. Jason Michael Brigner, B.A. Anthony Dominic Brino, B.A. Jo Nicholai Brist, B.A. Jennifer Broadnax, B.A. Mary Lee Broadnax, B.A. Michael Wayne Brocksmith, B.A. Mornee Georgette Brodhead, B.A. Jourdan Dru Brogdon, B.A. Timothy Michael Brogoitti, B.A. Betty Jeanne Brooks, B.A. Frank H. Brooks, B.A. Jennifer Marie Brooks, B.A. Mary Brooks, B.A. Austin Lemar Brown, B.A. Brandon A. Brown, B.A. Brandon Antonio Brown, B.A. Brianna Lyn Brown, B.A. Charlotte Nicole Brown, B.A. Daniel John Brown, B.A. Deanna Marie Brown, B.A. Derek Brown, B.A. Indias C. Brown, B.A. James Brown, B.A. Jason Douglas Brown, B.A. Jeffrey David Brown, B.A. Jennifer Nicole Brown, B.A. Jewell Denys Brown, B.A. Jonathan S. Brown, B.A. Leslie Nicole Brown, B.A. Nicole Marie Brown, B.A. Shania Ikea Brown, B.A. Shirley A. Brown, B.A. Talonda Michelle Brown, B.A. Tracy Alan Brown, B.A. William Avery Brown, B.A. Zennia Celeste Brown, B.A. Deon Brown-Williams, B.A. Julian Bryant, B.A. Kenneth K. Bryant, B.A. Lawrence Montgomery Bryant, B.A. Michael Angelo Bryant, B.A. Christopher Michael Buckles, B.A. LaSharm Nikka Buckson-Ellis, B.A. Kevin P. Bujak, B.A. Damian B. Bunch, B.A. Sunny Vang Bundra, B.A. Danielle Bunger, B.A. Jennifer Lynn Bunn, B.A. James Russell Burchell, B.A. Angela Michelle Burgen, B.A. Alicia Marie Burgess, B.A. Richard Oliver Burgess, B.A. Emily Anne Burke, B.A. Shane N. Burleson, B.A. Prince A. Burley, B.A. James Virgil Burmood, B.A. Mary Luvern Burnett, B.A. Bronson Shondale Burns, B.A. Dominique M. Burns, B.A. Jessica Collene Burns, B.A. Kelvin J. Burns, B.A. Sarah Beth Burns, B.A. Shaquanna Burroughs, B.A. Christopher Todd Burton, B.A. Mylon Lilton Burwell, B.A. Teresa Arlene Busch, B.A. Amy L. Bush, B.A. Monnet R. Bushner, B.A. Bredrick B. Bussey, B.A. Cynthia P. Bustos, B.A. Brian P. Butler, B.A. Demetric Cartrell Butler, B.A. Justin S. Butler, B.A. Tarla Butler, B.A. Thomas Michael Butler, B.A. Jeri Tiffanie Butterfield, B.A. Robert J. Butterfield, B.A. Shawn K. Byrd, B.A. LaDerria Dynita Byrden, B.A. Francisco Caballero, B.A. Crystal Marie Caban, B.A. Reyes Cabral, B.A. Mallory Nicole Cabrera, B.A. Thomas Van Caddell, B.A. Christopher David Caffey, B.A. Lionel J. Cage, B.A. Jessica Liana Cagle, B.A. Victoria Marie Cahn, B.A. Justin M. Caldarello, B.A. Brandon Christian Caldwell, B.A. De auntae De aire Caldwell, B.A. Cameron Douglas Calhoon III, B.A. John Patrick Calhoun, B.A. Arwin Camat Calix, B.A. Andrew Louis Calla, B.A. Felisa Estrada Camanag, B.A. Lisa Cameron Delva, B.A. DaNicka Ratia Campbell, B.A. Kimberly E. Campbell, B.A. Mary Sue Ellen Campbell, B.A. Daniel Louis Canary, B.A. Keyra K. Candelario, B.A. Joanna Cannon, B.A. Cameron David Cantrell, B.A. Gregory O. Capers, B.A. Thomas Rayshon Cargill, B.A. Christopher Michael Carleton, B.A. Jane Nicole Carmack, B.A. Trelena Gail Carmack, B.A. Atresa Lashan Carr, B.A. Ryan Thomas Carr, B.A. Christopher Michael Carrancho, B.A. Sueann Carrasco, B.A. Kenneth Carrera, B.A. Aaron Carrillo, B.A. Nicholas Carrillo, B.A. Malu Carrion, B.A. Andrew Scott Carson, B.A. Terri Beth Carswell, B.A. Crystal Renee Carter, B.A. Kimberly Carter, B.A. Nichole Lee Carter, B.A. Nicole Carter, B.A. Shannon Nichole Carter, B.A. Lucille Casas, B.A. Augustus Vincent Cassell, B.A. Clara Slayne Castillo, B.A. Jacquelyn Victoria Castillo, B.A. Ruben Castillo, B.A. Sharon Castle, B.A. Veronica Castro, B.A. Mercedes Rashawn Catchings, B.A. Heather Leanne Caudell, B.A. Cole T. Caygill, B.A. Ashley N. Celestin, B.A. Adniel Cervera, B.A. John Bernard Chall, B.A. Tabitha Irene Chamberlin, B.A. David Scott Chambers, B.A. Kristian Hope Chamness, B.A. Kevin Chance, B.A. Marilyn Chandler Pettyjohn, B.A. Jeannie Lou Chapman, B.A. Nicole R. Chapman, B.A. Torie Dionne Chapmon, B.A. Pamela Chard, B.A. Teri A. Charles, B.A. Vanessa Margarita Estrada Chasse, B.A. Jason Joseph Chatman, B.A. Michele Lorraine Chebahtah, B.A. Vincent Ernest Chenevert, Jr., B.A. Dale Lum Cheng, Jr., B.A. Sandy Chess, B.A. Christine Phyllis Chipala, B.A. Takiah aleen Christensen, B.A. Paula Christian, B.A

23 Caitlin Camielle Christianson, B.A. Steven Christino, B.A. J. Christopher, B.A. Thomas David Chuvalas, B.A. Gina Maria Cigalotti, B.A. Irma Yvonne Cintron, B.A. Billy J. Clark, B.A. Heidi Rose Clark, B.A. Michael S. Clark, B.A. Nathaniel Lee Clark, B.A. Jason Lloyd Clarke, B.A. Andrew Michael Clauser, B.A. John Lukey Clayborne, Jr., B.A. Chari Nicolette Clayton, B.A. Brandi Marie Cleland, B.A. Jeremy S. Clemons, B.A. Steven Johnson Cleveland, B.A. Jennifer Ann Clifford, B.A. Roy Fenton Cline, B.A. Joshua Coburn, B.A. Christopher M. Cochran, B.A. Anna Victoria Coe, B.A. Michael K. Coit, B.A. Jonathan Michael Cole, B.A. Patrice R. Cole, B.A. Janel Tanya Coleman, B.A. Christopher Douglas Colgrove, B.A. Alexander Collazo, B.A. Adrienne M. Collins, B.A. Jeremy P. Collins, B.A. Ramos D. Collins, B.A. Shakeia S. Collins, B.A. Stephen Martin Collins, B.A. Shanna R. Collins-Andrews, B.A. William Dorsey Collum, B.A. Jessica Charise Colombo, B.A. Claudia A. Colon, B.A. Karen A. Combes, B.A. Michael Frank Composto, B.A. Ramona Jolynn Comstock, B.A. Katie Aboites Conklin, B.A. Melissa Conley, B.A. Renata F. Conley, B.A. Scott A. Conner, B.A. William R. Connor, B.A. Kyle Anthony Constable, B.A. Jenni Lynn Contreras, B.A. Megan Elaine Cook, B.A. Jermaine K. Cooper, B.A. Lakendra S. Cooper, B.A. Karen Leslie Copeland, B.A. Leticia Ivenise Cordero, B.A. Crystal M. Cordroch, B.A. Annmarrie Cork, B.A. Daniel W. Cormier, B.A. Laureen Marie Cormier, B.A. Weston Daniel Corning, B.A. Nicholas Corns, B.A. Reynaldo W. Corpuz, B.A. Jason Corral, B.A. Nicholas Correa, B.A. Wilfredo Correa, B.A. Raul Cortazar, Sr., B.A. Kelly A. Cory, B.A. Robert Eugene Coss III, B.A. Cecil C. Cousins, B.A. Jacquelyn Jamie Covington, B.A. Kenyetta Lukeyetta Covington, B.A. Cody Isaiah Cox, B.A. Richard D. Coyer, B.A. Brandon A. Craig, B.A. Robert Lynn Craig, B.A. Ryan T. Craig, B.A. DeWayne Asberry Crawford, B.A. Lamont Crawford, B.A. Shannon L. Crawford, B.A. Jacquelyn Hope Creps, B.A. Nicholas Ryan Crews, B.A. Benedetta Crivello, B.A. Nicholas J. Crochiere, B.A. Eric James Croft, B.A. Travis M. Cromley, B.A. Robert William Cronin, B.A. Paula A. Crooks, B.A. Tyrone Crosby, Jr., B.A. Rebecca Jean Cross, B.A. Kevin Lewis Crosson, B.A. Liane Nichole Crouse, B.A. Sarah Kaye Crow, B.A. Lisa Michele Crummie, B.A. DeMario L. Cruver, B.A. Jose G. Cruz, B.A. Michael Angelo Cruz, B.A. Sergio Alexander Cruz, B.A. Nicholas Rafael-Antonio Cuevas, B.A. Courtney T. Cumberbatch, B.A. Stephanie Eugenia Cummings, B.A. Bryan Cundiff, B.A. Candyse Elyse Cunningham, B.A. Yulanda L. Cunningham, B.A. Craig Rocco Cure, B.A. Tina Angela Currie, B.A. Kessia Shauna Curtis, B.A. Kimberly K. Cuthbert, B.A. Tammy Brown Cuthbertson, B.A. Lonnie Kevin Cuttill, B.A. Aakash Hemantkumar Dahya, B.A. CJ Daley, B.A. Rebecca L. Dallimore, B.A. Travis Dalton, B.A. John M. Damasco, B.A. Tissia Tiwanna Dancy, B.A. Jessica Katrice Daniel, B.A. Michael Bruce Daniel, Jr., B.A. Tangela Carlise Daniel, B.A. Maria Elena Daniels, B.A. Michael Kevin Daniels, B.A. Tasha Venuck Daniels, B.A. Mikal I. Dantley, B.A. Christopher Joshua Dasko, B.A. Thomas V. D auria, B.A. Andrea L. Davenport, B.A. Jana Davenport, B.A. Mikhail N. David, B.A. Jessica Lynn Davidson, B.A. Andrea Lamont Davis, Jr., B.A. Hermanda Davis, B.A. Jahnnie Lee Davis, B.A. Monique S. Davis, B.A. Sallie Mae Davis, B.A. Scott Curtis Davis, B.A. Thomas R. Davis, B.A. Zephanie L. Davis, B.A. Donnalesha La Dovie Davis-Owens, B.A. Dolores Renee Davolt, B.A. Anthony Deleon Dawkins, B.A. Rodney T. Dawson, B.A. Ma. Cristina M. De Guzman, B.A. Charmaine F. De Los Reyes, B.A. Betty Delores Deal, B.A. Robert Jason Dean, B.A. Jasmine Julia Decker, B.A. Jake Degard, B.A. Jessica Marie Degrasse, B.A. Sarah E. DeGroff, B.A. Andre DeJesus, B.A. Brenda Lee Dejesus, B.A. Gisela Del Toro, B.A. Katrice Charlene Delaney, B.A. Cesar Delgadillo, B.A. Carmen Milagros Delgado, B.A. Damian Joseph Della Barba, B.A. Sarah E. Dellinger, B.A. Daniel Reed Demayo, B.A. James D. Dempsey, B.A. Virnella Reenae Denson, B.A. Anthony D. DePietro, B.A. Greg Wesley Depretto, Jr., B.A. Nikita Lashawn Destry, B.A. Christopher J. Deupree, B.A. Jovanda Dew, B.A. Michael Jon Dewitt, B.A. Barbara Kay Dial, B.A. Derek Alexander Diaz, B.A. Isaac D. Diaz, B.A. Monica Ann Diaz, B.A. Evan Keith Dickens, B.A. Kimberly Jimmel Dickens, B.A. Dean A. Dickinson, B.A. Erik Paul Dietrich, B.A. Cathy Ann Diggs, B.A. Patricia A. Diggs, B.A. Marc James DiGiore, B.A. James Edward Dillon, B.A. Jonathan A. Dilworth, B.A. Dean Michael DiMarco, B.A. Gorgeous J. Dismuke, B.A. Daniel M. Dixon, B.A. Desmen Denairean Dixon, B.A. Michael Alexander Dlugiewicz, B.A. Mikayla Jo Dobson, B.A. Timothy-Michael Duff Dobson, B.A. Benjamin Asher Dodd, B.A. Jamie Marie Dodds Cortright, B.A. Effie May Dodge, B.A. Jeffree Doerflinger, B.A. George William Dollenger III, B.A. Desiree Marie Dombek, B.A. Rebecca Diane Suzanne Dombrowski, B.A. Suraely Alyse Dominguez, B.A. Katie Rene Dominique, B.A. Kareema Donald, B.A. Timothy Donaldson, B.A. Sarah Poole Donohoe, B.A. Joseph Michael Dooley, B.A. Melissa Marie Dooley, B.A. Gregory S. Doss, B.A. Tori Lynn Doss, B.A. Larisma A. Douglas, B.A. Christina Lynn Dowling, B.A. Steven R. Dowling, B.A. Amanee Downton, B.A. Daniel Jeramie Draper, B.A. Teri N. Draper, B.A. Mary Drewnowski, B.A. Erik Norman Drinkard, B.A. Rowena Lynn M. Drinkwine, B.A. Michael Steven Drobny, B.A. Hayley Margaret Jean Drunasky, B.A. Cynthia Allison Duehr, B.A. Cynthia Lou Duff, B.A. Frances Carla Dufflar-Garcia, B.A. Jonathan L. Duffy, B.A. Kevin Michael Duffy, B.A. Michael Brandon Dukes, B.A. Jennifer Hye-Joo Rosenow, B.A. Marty Vernard Dunham, Jr., B.A. Anthony James Dunivan, B.A. Kendall R. Dunivan, B.A. Michael Robert Dunton, B.A. Timothy L. Durant, B.A. Joel E. Durbin, B.A. Michael Christopher Durkin, B.A. Robert J. Dutcher, B.A. Marici A. Duvall, B.A. Robert Owen Dyson-Cersley, B.A. Philander Ezell Eargle, B.A. Randy Edward Earl, B.A. Katie Leigh Earnest, B.A. Myra Faye Shepeard, B.A. Jamie Lee Eatmon, B.A. Mary B. Eaton, B.A. Gayle Eberhardt-Mitchell, B.A. Carlos Roberto Ebner, B.A. Danielle Marie Eckes, B.A. Kevin Eckhart, B.A. Tina Marie Eckroth, B.A. Marshall L. Eddie, B.A. Annette L. Edison, B.A. Sara Rose Edman, B.A. Angel Deonna Edmondson, B.A. Ben P. Edwards, B.A. Cassandra Edwards, B.A. Jenetta E. Edwards, B.A. Jonathan Matthew Edwards, B.A. Maegan Tennison Edwards, B.A. Shannon D. Edwards, B.A. Tammi Edwards, B.A. Brian Michael Egnor, B.A. Richard William Eickholt, B.A. David Scott Eiler, B.A. Denielle T. Eiler, B.A. Marie Toloa Eka, B.A. Jacob Marshall Elder, B.A. David James Elias, B.A. Jason Alan Elkin, B.A. Charles David Elledge, B.A. Cynthia Reponzell Ellerb, B.A. Zakiya Ellick, B.A. Elizabeth C. Elliott, B.A. Kenneth B. Ellis, B.A. Earl Lee Ellis II, B.A. Germaine Emanuelli-Brown, B.A. Timothy J. Emeott, B.A. AlQuincy Allen Emerson, B.A. Dylan Michael Emery, B.A. John Lewis Emery, B.A. Austin James Eminhizer, B.A. Emily M. Enas, B.A. Maxima A. Enchill, B.A. Joshua L. Engle, B.A. Ronald Gary Eppers, Jr., B.A. Ross Davis Epperson, B.A. Donna S. Ertle, B.A. Nicole Marie Escamilla, B.A. Marianda Espinal, B.A. Jimmy Lee Essex, Jr., B.A. Saleto Toni Eury, B.A. Janet Louise Evans, B.A. Lacey Haleigh Evans, B.A. Eric O. Evans, Jr, B.A. Lauifi Faapouli, B.A. Aremu PETER Fagbenro, B.A. Jackie Fair, B.A. Burnadette S. Faison, B.A. Ryan Matthew Fallon, B.A. Rosemary A. Farmer, B.A. Sundanyal Taran Farmer, B.A. Pamela Rochelle Farris, B.A. Amelia Lou Fasce, B.A. Sofai L. Faumuina, B.A. Joshua Ryan Favalora, B.A. Michael JOHN Fear, B.A. Stephanie Nicole Felan, B.A. David William Feltgen, B.A. Mary Grace Ferguson, B.A. Russell Paul Fernald, B.A. Adolfo A. Fernandez, B.A. Miguel A. Fernandez, B.A. Ouida Dean Fields, B.A. Shannon Cherie Fields, B.A. Hector Figueroa, B.A. Donald William Finley, B.A. Frank Christopher Fiol, B.A. Codi S. Fisher, B.A. Christopher Alan Flavin, B.A. Amanda Charlene Fleck, B.A. Cody Lee Fleeger, B.A. Thomas Mac Donald Fleming, B.A. Whitney E. Fleming, B.A. Fernando Soto Flores, B.A. Devin Darnell Flowers, Sr., B.A. Judith Y. Flowers, B.A. Kelly A. Flynn, B.A. Ricardo J. Fogel, B.A. Shannon Lynne Fohr, B.A. Lincoln Neil Folkers, B.A. Keyla Elaine Folsom, B.A. Freddie L. Foots, Jr., B.A. Antoinette M. Ford, B.A. David Andrew Ford, B.A. Kelliann Y. Ford, B.A. Michael Antonio Ford, B.A. Governor Grant Foreman, Jr., B.A. Anthony R. Forrester, B.A. Kade Nash Forrester, B.A. Andrew J. Fortner, B.A. Darrell John Foster, B.A. James Malcolm Foster, B.A. Philip Eugene Foster, B.A. Tina M. Foster, B.A. Earnest Foster, Jr, B.A. Jaumecal King Fowler, B.A. Jennifer M. Frain, B.A. Dyaca Francois, B.A. Krystle S. Frankel, B.A. Daniel Boyd Frazee, B.A. Michelle Lynn Frazee, B.A. Stacy Lynn Frazee, B.A. Ray Anthony Frederick, B.A. Raymond Robert Frederickson, B.A. Diana Kay Fredman, B.A. Bryan C. Freeman, B.A. Danielle Freeman, B.A. Dustin Philip Freeman, B.A. Jerica Randi Freitas, B.A. Valdir E. Freitas, B.A. Zachary K. French, B.A. Amber Antoinette Fretty, B.A. Kenneth Eugene Fridley, B.A. Evan L. Friedrich, B.A. Serjio Anthony Frintrop, B.A. Adam Frederick Fromholz, B.A. James A. Frye, B.A

24 Raymond Arthur Gabriel, Jr., B.A. Christy F. Gaddy, B.A. Aaron J. Gagnon, B.A. Melvinia Gaines, B.A. Jennifer Arlene Gallegos, B.A. Nicholas Mario Gallo, B.A. Kirk Tiberias Galt, B.A. Gabriel Gamboa, B.A. Artis Lavon Gandy, B.A. Angela Lynn Garbareno, B.A. Gregory S. Garber, B.A. Aaron Garcia, B.A. Angel Garcia, B.A. Armando Garcia, B.A. David Garcia, Jr., B.A. Kyle Jordan Garcia, B.A. Michael J. Garcia, B.A. Nelson Garcia, B.A. Nena Marie Garcia, B.A. Nicole Garcia, B.A. Sael Gerardo Garcia, B.A. Brian Joseph Gardner, B.A. John Henry Gardner, Jr., B.A. Tamra Rene Garner, B.A. Benjamin Patrick Garrett, B.A. Julie Garrett, B.A. Esther Danette Garrett-Laiacona, B.A. Christy L. Garvin, B.A. Erin S. Gary, B.A. Matthew Gates, B.A. James Michael Gatto, B.A. Susan Soffiantino Gechele, B.A. Nicholas Gedmin, B.A. Jennifer J. Gee, B.A. John Frank Geffert, B.A. Var Don Gehron, B.A. Maxwell R. Gellert, B.A. Samuel A. Gentz, B.A. Holselyn Jawanna George, B.A. Enrique Thomas Gerald, B.A. Starpha Germain, B.A. Casey Marie Getchell, B.A. Trixy Michelle Gibbons, B.A. Corey Gibbs, B.A. Marilyn Denise Gibbs, B.A. Melanie Amber Gibson, B.A. Paul Jeff Gibson, B.A. Yenni Gil, B.A. Marc Russell Gilbert, B.A. David P. Gilkey, B.A. Kevin Edward Gilles, B.A. Amanda Louise Gillespie, B.A. Jason Burris Gillie, B.A. Robert Chad Gilliland, B.A. Melissa Elizabeth Giuffre, B.A. Candace Marie Given, B.A. Paula Mary-Cloughesy Glass, B.A. Samuel Joseph Glover, B.A. Anthony Kwon Glover, Jr., B.A. Rayette Whitt Godson, B.A. Aharon Linwood Goins, B.A. Ashley Lee Goldbaugh, B.A. Karen J. Golden, B.A. Deborah A. Golliday, B.A. Jacqueline L. Golliday, B.A. Cesar Franco Gomez, B.A. Jose G. Gomez, B.A. Joseph Gomez, B.A. Charlotte Ramona Gonzales, B.A. Cheryl Gonzales, B.A. Michael Richard Gonzales, Sr., B.A. Kimmberly K. Gonzalez, B.A. Vince Eric Gonzalez, B.A. Patricia A. Gonzalez-Marquez, B.A. Jonathan Daniel Goodrich, B.A. Jason Scott Goodspeed, B.A. LaTarah Monique Goodwin, B.A. Samuel T. Gordon, B.A. Tai Martine Gordon, B.A. Andrew Joseph Gorgeny, B.A. Rene Lynn Gorka, B.A. Michelle Gormley, B.A. Jacob Baker Goszdak, B.A. Jason Gov, B.A. Allison M. Gowdy, B.A. Jody Lynn Graham, B.A. Mackenzie Katherine Graham, B.A. Allison Louise Gran, B.A. Alison Granier, B.A. Alistair S. Grant, B.A. Derek Paul Grant, B.A. Marcus L. Grant, B.A. Panyarta Chrease Grant, B.A. Clifford Robert Gray, B.A. Robert Lewis Gray, B.A. Tashaela Gray, B.A. Alisha Latrice Green, B.A. Margaret Grace Green, B.A. Mark Daniel Green, B.A. Stanley Green, B.A. Sue Ellen Green, B.A. Zachary Andrew Green, B.A. Lakeeia Shawana Greene, B.A. Terri L. Greenfield, B.A. Denetrica Mariea Green-Hatten, B.A. Brent John Greenman, B.A. Donna Kay Greer, B.A. Natalie Nicole Gregg, B.A. Lee Hamilton Gregoire, B.A. Amber DeAundria Gresham, B.A. James R. Gridley, B.A. Tiffany Nicole Griego, B.A. Jazmin Ashley Griffin, B.A. Pamela D. Griffin, B.A. Trinidad R. Grijalva, B.A. Anthony Phillip Grimes, B.A. Malorie Jordan Grimm, B.A. Danielle Rae Gronberg, B.A. Benjamin L. Grooms, B.A. Vicki Sue Grothusen, B.A. Jason Michel Grubb, B.A. Maribel Grubbs, B.A. Ting T. Guan, B.A. Brandi Maria Guenon, B.A. Cynthia A. Guevara, B.A. Sara Jean Guice, B.A. Michael Lee Guill, B.A. Lani D. Gullion, B.A. Quentin Durand Gunter, B.A. Randall Arthur Gutierrez, B.A. Richard Joseph Guttierrez, B.A. James Dexter Gwynn, B.A. Jess Lewis Hager, B.A. Silena Latosha Hagood, B.A. Dorshay P. Hale, B.A. Rebecca Ann Hale, B.A. Amela Halilovic Tupkovic, B.A. Andrea Jones Hall, B.A. Christopher Michael Hall, B.A. Dillon Devere Hall, B.A. Todd Christopher Hall, B.A. Cory M. Halterman, B.A. Jessie Lucille Hamilton, B.A. Jill Chan Ida Hamilton, B.A. Kenisha Monea Hamilton, B.A. Tiana D. Hamilton-Williams, B.A. Donna Marie Hammons, B.A. James A. Hamrick, B.A. Lester M. Hanford, B.A. Amber M. Hannay, B.A. Jacob Anthony Hanset, B.A. Joseph Kyle Harder, B.A. Jamie Hardy, B.A. Jennifer Nicole Hardy, B.A. Scherrie Kathleen Hardy, B.A. Ella Lenora Hargrave, B.A. Samantha A. Harmon, B.A. Andrea Harper, B.A. Calvin Ross Harper, Jr., B.A. Antoinette Harrell, B.A. Catherine Reeves Harrell, B.A. Sandra Renee Harrington, B.A. Anne Marie Harris, B.A. Carol L. Harris, B.A. Michael Harris, B.A. Rebecca L. Harris, B.A. Teresa Marie Harris, B.A. Milaan S. Harrison, B.A. Jeannie Marie Hartman, B.A. Troy A. Hartson, B.A. Beatryce Harvey, B.A. Brian Allen Harvey, B.A. Mark Thomas Harvey, B.A. Kevin B. Hass, B.A. Noura Hassani, B.A. Melissa K. Hasty, B.A. Jordan Lee Hatch, B.A. Latina Lynette Hatch-Satcher, B.A. Bryan Wayne Hatten, B.A. Tyejuan Michael Hatter, B.A. Corey Lynn Hawk, B.A. John E. Hawk, B.A. Chadwick D. Hawkins, B.A. Melissa Dawn Hawley, B.A. Darshayla Bianca Hayes, B.A. Elliott Devon Hayes, B.A. Jamie Lynne Hayes, B.A. Jessica Hayes, B.A. Lloyd T. Hayes, B.A. Bethany Alyse Hays, B.A. Michael J. Hazlett, B.A. Maegan Sinclair Healy, B.A. Abbigail Rose Hebert, B.A. Matthew Michael Hecht, B.A. Adam Joshua Heins, B.A. Jonathan L. Heinze, B.A. Wade Thomas Hellemn, B.A. Terry Delaun Hemmitt, B.A. Felicia Hemphill, B.A. Virginia Suzanne Henderson, B.A. Sara A. Hendrick, B.A. Anitra Ann Hendricks, B.A. Tabatha Marie Hendricks, B.A. Thomas Everet Hendricks, B.A. Toni Rae Hendrickson, B.A. Carlton Deon ta Hendrix, B.A. William Henriquez, B.A. Terrence Dean Henry, B.A. Steven Michael Hensley, B.A. Ezra Armando Heredia, B.A. Angel Luis Hernandez, Jr., B.A. Gilbert D. Hernandez, B.A. Kelly Hernandez, B.A. Richard Hernandez, B.A. Samantha Kaitlan Hernandez, B.A. Xochilt Hernandez Howland, B.A. Shara C. Herndon, B.A. Branden Marie Herring, B.A. Julie Kristine Hershberger, B.A. Shannon Lee Hess, B.A. Joshua J. Hettinger, B.A. Craig M. Heughins, B.A. Onieka Heywood, B.A. Michellian Prica Hibbert, B.A. Alicia Hicks, B.A. Daniel Joseph Hicks, B.A. Thomas Edward Hicks, B.A. Elizabeth Virginia Higgins, B.A. Jamal L. Higgs, B.A. Kathleen Elizabeth Hildebrandt, B.A. John V. Hilger, B.A. Dustin A. Hill, B.A. Cedrick Allen Hilliker, B.A. Deanna Wade Hillman, B.A. Amy R. Hines, B.A. Audrey Kimberly Hines, B.A. Sara Elizabeth Hoad, B.A. Michael Byron Hobbs, B.A. Olevia Maria Hofer, B.A. Leslie Elaine Hoff, B.A. Ashley L. Hoffman, B.A. Charlene Lena Hoffman, B.A. Michelle Renee Hoffman, B.A. Sarah Christine Hoffman, B.A. Adam Steele Hoffmann, B.A. Carl Robert Hoffmann, B.A. Linda Sue Hogan, B.A. Willie Hogan, B.A. Elizabeth Holden, B.A. Kerrie Lynn Holden, B.A. Tracey D. Holder, B.A. Charnita Hollands, B.A. Miasia Holleman, B.A. Crystal Nicole Holliman, B.A. Angel Holloway, B.A. Janay Jonshai Holloway, B.A. Monica Fay Holman, B.A. Timothy G. Holman, B.A. Billy Holmes, B.A. Kyla DaNae Holmes, B.A. RaNae Holmes, B.A. Nathan Leonard Holmes II, B.A. Keith Robert Holycross, B.A. Horace Luby Honeycutt, B.A. Kineya Hood, B.A. Valarie Lana Hooker, B.A. Jacob Alan Horton, B.A. Joshua D. Horton, B.A. Monique Renee Horton, B.A. Daniel Lee Hoskins, B.A. Matthew Alan Hotovec, B.A. Kalvin Houghblack, B.A. Shaun P. Houser, B.A. Terrell Leshawn Houston, B.A. Jon Martin Howard, B.A. Lamar Howard, B.A. Casey Eli Howell, B.A. Teresa Marie Howell, B.A. Erin Danielle Howlett, B.A. Charise Michelle Hoyle, B.A. Amber Nicole Hubbard, B.A. Christina Lorrine Hubbell, B.A. Laura Lynn Huber, B.A. Misty Dawn Huddleston, B.A. Brenda Louise Huerta, B.A. Edward John Huffman, Sr., B.A. Michael Dewayne Huffman, B.A. Wendy S. Huffman, B.A. Cecilia M. Hughes, B.A. Kellise Ivy Hughes, B.A. Meeka R. Hughes, B.A. Royce Douglas Hughes, B.A. Michael Roy Hulverson, B.A. Yoni Denese Humphrey, B.A. Travis Marshall Humphreys, B.A. Aulisha Lynn Humphries, B.A. Shaylah C. Hunt, B.A. William C. Hunt, B.A. Christopher Hunter, B.A. Kevin Patrick Hunter, B.A. Roger A. Hunter, B.A. Shannon L. Hunter, B.A. Valencia LaShay Hunter, B.A. Kimberly Joy Hunter-Crawford, B.A. Arturo Miguel Hurel, B.A. Lori L. Hurst, B.A. Christy I. Huskey, B.A. Jennifer Engle Huskins, B.A. Maryam Hussain, B.A. Syed Akhtar Hussain, B.A. Trevor D. Hutchison, B.A. Elijah Michael Hyde, B.A. Lorna Michelle Hyde, B.A. Daniel Illges, Jr., B.A. Johnathon Lee Ingles, B.A. Jacquelyn Ingram, B.A. Guadalupe Alpidio Irlas III, B.A. Vanessa C. Irvin, B.A. Jessica Marie Isbell, B.A. Rachel T. Ivory, B.A. Wallis Conner Ivy, B.A. Chantelle Julie Jacks, B.A. Alexis Tra Nace Jackson, B.A. Carneshia Jackson, B.A. Laquannda S. Jackson, B.A. Mary Amanda Jackson, B.A. Michelle D. Jackson, B.A. Blake William Jacob, B.A. David Jacobs, B.A. Matthew K. Jacobs, B.A. Sharon A. Jaeckel, B.A. Curtis A. James, B.A. Glenna Emily James, B.A. Fletcher James, Jr., B.A. Andrew Michael Janedy, B.A. Emily Veronica Jarvis, B.A. Keshan Jawahir, B.A. Jacob John Jecklin, B.A. Annette Jeffcoat, B.A. Clinton Alexander Jefferson, B.A. Kemberley Therese Jefferson, B.A. Reginald Darnell Jefferson, B.A. Amanda R. Jeffries, B.A. Allen Bruton Jenkins, B.A. Hezekiah Lemuel Jenkins, B.A. Patrick Addison Jenkins, B.A. Raymond Brandon Jenkins, B.A. Robert B. Jenkins, B.A. Ronald Robert Jenkins, B.A. Terrance Levail Jenkins, B.A. Tiyannamarie Caprice Jenkins, B.A. Ralph B. Jeudy, B.A. Melissa-Marie Jewell, B.A. Michael Paul Jewell, B.A

25 Kegan Hassel Job, B.A. Martin A. Johansen, B.A. Heather Johns, B.A. Kenneth A. Johns, B.A. Aileen Elizabeth Johnson, B.A. Anne Elizabeth Johnson, B.A. Bradley W. Johnson, B.A. Carol T. Johnson, B.A. Charletta Annia Johnson, B.A. Chasity Johnson, B.A. Chavez Cortez Johnson, B.A. David George Johnson, B.A. Emerson A. Johnson, B.A. Gerald W. Johnson, B.A. Iris Margo Johnson, B.A. Jolene Michelle Johnson, B.A. Joyce S. Johnson, B.A. Kerry A. Johnson, B.A. Kim Y. Johnson, B.A. Labertha Kenyatta Johnson, B.A. Michael W. Johnson, B.A. Nickki Vines Johnson, B.A. Richard Odell Johnson, B.A. Royce Olen Johnson, B.A. Samantha J. Johnson, B.A. Sarah Sylvia Johnson, B.A. Shayla Danielle Johnson, B.A. Sheldon Dwayne Johnson, B.A. Shemeka T. Johnson, B.A. Stephanie Kay Johnson, B.A. Talvin Jeroid Johnson, B.A. Terri Marie Johnson, B.A. Vanity Octavia Johnson, B.A. Abby Johnson-Barr, B.A. Amber Au ju nee Jones, B.A. Amy Alexandra Jones, B.A. Bonnie Michelle Jones, B.A. Daniel Brian Jones, B.A. Dawn A. Jones, B.A. Iickyra An Gene Jones, Sr., B.A. Kevin D. Jones, B.A. Latasha Cierra Jones, B.A. Marc Elliott Jones, B.A. Mattie Denise Jones, B.A. Pamela Denise Jones, B.A. Paula Griffin Jones, B.A. Robert A. Jones, B.A. Roberta Carla Jones, B.A. Shonda Larvette Jones, B.A. Susan Elaine Jones, B.A. Tammy Jo Jones, B.A. Tanqueray Jones, B.A. Toni Y. Jones, B.A. James A. Jordan, B.A. Jeremy R. Jordan, B.A. Nicky Lee Jose, B.A. David Marion Joseph, B.A. Matoki Monique Joseph, B.A. Siliana Joseph, B.A. Heather S. Joyce, B.A. Sharyn Anne Juarez, B.A. Shane L. Judge, B.A. Elisabeth R. Juhas, B.A. Brian Wayne Jumper, B.A. Samantha Katheryn Jupe, B.A. Derek A. Just, B.A. Nathan Andrew Justice, B.A. Arthur C. Kalhoefer, Jr., B.A. Thomas C. Kalleses, B.A. Michael Allen Kapushinsky, B.A. Kenneth P. Karabinos, B.A. Teresa V. Kasprowicz, B.A. Alexandra Willow Bonniegen Katt, B.A. Gloria Marie Kaufmann, B.A. Aaron Keith Kavanagh, B.A. Kelly Ranee Kaylor, B.A. Andrius Kazlauskas, B.A. Danielle Jane Keener, B.A. Daniel J. Keil, B.A. Kayla Kelemen, B.A. Robin Marie Keller, B.A. Rusty Nicole Keller, B.A. Christopher Kelley, B.A. Michael Harrison Kelly, Jr., B.A. Nichole J. Kelly, B.A. Ryan Robert Kelly, B.A. Chelsea Michelle Kemper, B.A. James Patrick Kendall, Jr., B.A. Mike Devonne Kendrick, B.A. Andre Kennedy, Jr., B.A. Heidi Renee Kerhulas, B.A. Michael S. Kerin, B.A. Patrick Edward Kermott, B.A. Michael M. Kerstanoff, B.A. Michael Edward Kessig, B.A. Erwin A. Kessman, B.A. Kyle Steven Kettner, B.A. Timothy Vincent Kiah, B.A. Sunney Kidd, B.A. Eric W. Kieffer, B.A. Christine Ann Kiernan, B.A. Andrea D. Kinchen, B.A. Antawain Tavario King, B.A. Chanelle King, B.A. Dapri Fitzgerald King, B.A. Linda Denise King, B.A. Terry Lee King, B.A. Shunita L. King-Beverly, B.A. Luletta Melody King-Reid, B.A. Scott Michael Kinney, B.A. Kathryn Jean Kirkendall, B.A. Renae Ann Kleinschmit, B.A. Bendall Richard Klepper, B.A. Jeremy Jess Klobnak, B.A. Rebecca Cheryl Klug, B.A. David Aloys Knapp, B.A. Cheree Gabrielle Knight, B.A. Christopher R. Knight, B.A. Marvin N. Knowles, Jr., B.A. Michael James Knox, B.A. Davin Eiichi Kobashigawa, B.A. Keri L. Kochel, B.A. Mahnaz Kocher, B.A. Christine N. Koepke, B.A. Justin Louis Kohnke, B.A. Victoria Alondra Koiyan, B.A. Benjamin John Kolb, B.A. Rhonnie Kolp, B.A. Kenneth J. Komprood, B.A. Rico D. Kones, B.A. Kristy Ann Konicki, B.A. Ronald James Konopasek, Jr., B.A. Bret Alexander Konsavage, B.A. Gina Korkis, B.A. Andrew Lee Kosinski, B.A. Sue Kozarevich, B.A. Andrea Nicole Kramer, B.A. Mark A. Kring, B.A. Douglas B. Kristofik, B.A. David Lee Krouth, B.A. Mark J. Krovisky, B.A. Ryan Krueger, B.A. Terrance J. Krueger II, B.A. Jennifer Lynn Kuhlman, B.A. Katrina Michelle Kuipers, B.A. Brittney Kunz, B.A. Ashley Aline Kurtz, B.A. Matthew Robert Kusch, B.A. Barbara A. Kuta, B.A. Brandon M. Kyle, B.A. Eric M. Lacroix, B.A. Dashea D. Lacy, B.A. Christina M. Ladd, B.A. Carletta Lamar, B.A. Courtney Janine Lamar, B.A. April Dionne Lambert, B.A. Danielle Nicole Lambert, B.A. James Thomas Lampe, B.A. Jacqueline Necole Lancaster, B.A. Allen R. Lancelin, B.A. Colin C. Landry, B.A. Jondralyn Lenise Landry, B.A. Kelly Landry, B.A. Shynik L. Landry, B.A. Zita DeVona Lane, B.A. Lee Andrew Lane III, B.A. Michael S. Lang, B.A. Michael Evan Lange, B.A. David A. Langehennig, B.A. Scott J. Langevin, B.A. Christopher Michael Lantagne, B.A. Jessica Alexis Lasala, B.A. Robyn Olivia Lasater, B.A. John T. Lauser, B.A. Paul K. Lavoie, B.A. Brandon Charles Lawrence, B.A. Miles Ellory Lawrence, B.A. Jeremy Steven Lawson, B.A. Jermaine Anthwane Lawton, B.A. Melissa Ann Lawton, B.A. Luz A. Layna, B.A. Kyle R. Lazarus, B.A. Riley Andrew LeClair, B.A. Ambrose A. Ledesma, B.A. Jason Jeffrey Lee, B.A. Jennifer C. Lee, B.A. Michele Camille Lee, B.A. Nhia Lee, B.A. Stephen S. Lee, B.A. Vicki Lynn Lee, B.A. Keriann R. Leenerts, B.A. Heather Marie Leer, B.A. Felicia Leggett, B.A. Carrie Leigh, B.A. David Favio Leon, B.A. Tonya M. Leon, B.A. Marlissa F. Leonard, B.A. Meagan Alyce Leow, B.A. Patricia B. Letts, B.A. Deborah Lynn Leupold, B.A. Jillian Anne Lewerenz, B.A. Brandon M. Lewis, B.A. Keith Lewis, B.A. Kyle Leigh Lewis, B.A. Michele Lewis, B.A. Nicholas Andrew Lewis, B.A. Raelynn Puanani Renatta Licoan-Jones, B.A. Karl Licon, B.A. Latoya Lavern Lightbody, B.A. Maydanell C. Lim, B.A. Nastasja Limage, B.A. Micah Misha Limon, B.A. Shelby A. Lindauer, B.A. Laura Corvette Lindley, B.A. Nathanael Richard Lindsay, B.A. Jennifer M. Link, B.A. Christopher Bryon Lipscomb, B.A. Mihail Liristis, B.A. Alan Christopher Lis, B.A. Peggy Little, B.A. Shaela Livingston, B.A. Cindy Llamas, B.A. Krista A. LLorens, B.A. Marvin Gaye Lockett, B.A. marc L. lockhart, B.A. Michael John Lococo, B.A. Matthew Laurence Lohse, B.A. Jeremy Demetrius Long, B.A. Kimbra Lou Long, B.A. Michael Dekeith Long, B.A. Robert William Longhenry, B.A. Shasta Andreya Longley, B.A. Shawn L. Loomis, B.A. Daisy Lopez, B.A. Jaqueline Lopez, B.A. Jonathan Charles Lopez, B.A. Roberto M. Lopez, B.A. Christina W. Lorenzo, B.A. Connie Loria, B.A. Sean Bacolor Loria, B.A. Jordan Cameron Lott, B.A. Angelo M. Love, B.A. Jamika Takea Love, B.A. Lakenia Denise Lovett, B.A. Joshua D. Lovette, B.A. Candace Marie Lowe, B.A. Yolanda D. Loyd, B.A. Luchmy Luc, B.A. Dillon Michael Lucas, B.A. Matthew R. Lucas, B.A. Rebecca Dawn Lucas, B.A. Guillermina L. Lucero, B.A. Luis Felipe Luis, B.A. Sheena Lujan, B.A. Tyler Jeffrey Luke, B.A. Santiago Carlos Luna, B.A. Susana Luna, B.A. Mark R. Lundstrom, B.A. Patrick Jacob Lybarger, B.A. Nicole Killingsworth Lynch, B.A. Daniel Lee Lynes, B.A. Dava Lavelle MacDonald, B.A. John A. Macias, B.A. Eric Andre Mack, B.A. Prentice Lawrence MacKyeon, B.A. Thomas Mosher MacPhee, B.A. Desmont Demon Madison, B.A. Joshua Philip Madison, B.A. Paul Tyler Madsen, B.A. Jay P. Maegli, B.A. Meaghan Monroe Magee, B.A. Christian Peter Maiers, B.A. Jessica Robinette Makan, B.A. Jesse M. Maki, B.A. Carmen Maldonado, B.A. Juan J. Maldonado, B.A. Larry Lee Mallette, B.A. Brandon J. Malloy, B.A. Ricarda Y. Maltby, B.A. Kirsten Ann Malwin, B.A. Maria Lourdes G. Manait, B.A. Andrew Sablan Manglona, B.A. Nelson Delrosario Mangrubang, B.A. Christopher Roy Manley, B.A. Rachel Manning, B.A. Cynthia Ann Marcella, B.A. Jennifer Mardon, B.A. Natasha Marie Marinaro, B.A. David Hazael Marinelarena, B.A. Jason Edward Mark, B.A. Sarah Renee Markovich, B.A. Christopher Marks, B.A. Anthony Moses Marques, B.A. Raul A. Marrero, B.A. Joseph Edward Marrs, B.A. Ashia Marsh, B.A. Angela Lynn Marshall, B.A. Deborah Ann Marshall, B.A. Keith Michael Marshall, B.A. Joseph Allen Martel, B.A. Michael Charles Marthinsen, B.A. Aaron Daniel Martin, B.A. Christopher Martin, B.A. Davon C. Martin, B.A. Hollis Abraham Martin, B.A. Michael Lucino Martin, B.A. Nigel Carver Martin, B.A. ShunDrekia Martin, B.A. Steven James Martin, B.A. Thomas R. Martinez, B.A. Giovanny Martinez Peralta, B.A. Daniel Ryan Masaveg, B.A. Bobbie J. Masters, B.A. Ramiz Jamal Matar, B.A. Sandra Maria Mathisen, B.A. Lisa Marie Matoni, B.A. Techelle S. Matthew, B.A. Selika C. Matthews, B.A. Terrill Carlos Matthews, B.A. Jerryce L. Mattox, B.A. Vance M. Maxey, B.A. Rodney Allen May, B.A. Toby David May, B.A. Eva Mayberry, B.A. Marcus Calin Mayhall, B.A. Adam Wayne Mayhew, B.A. Jonathon Paul Maynes, B.A. John B. Maynor, B.A. Christopher Ray Mays, B.A. Jennifer Mays, B.A. Kurtis Patrick Mays, B.A. Kevin W. McAbee, B.A. Charlene Theresa McBean-Freeman, B.A. Melody McBride, B.A. Cindy D. McClay, B.A. Deanna McClellan, B.A. Eddie Lee McClendon, B.A. Tina M. McClintock, B.A. Lindy Michelle McCollom, B.A. Miriam Elsa McConnell, B.A. Denise McCowan-King, B.A. Adrian Jerell McCoy, B.A. Cynthia Andrea McCoy, B.A. Heather Rochelle McCoy, B.A. Tanabe KiKi McCoy, B.A. Joe Ray McCraw, Jr., B.A. Lorena McCree, B.A. Christopher Ryan McCrory, B.A. Leroy McCullough, B.A. Candi Cherise McDaniel, B.A. Evan James McDaniel, B.A. Brenda L. McDonald, B.A. Marqus Shawn McDonald, B.A. Stephanie H. McElligott, B.A

26 Andrew James McFadden, B.A. Denine L. McFadden, B.A. Donna M. McFadden, B.A. Tanitia Marche McFarland, B.A. Joseph Robert McGaugh, B.A. Michael Eugene McGaughy, B.A. Angelo D. McGee, B.A. Dione L. McGee, B.A. Joshua Clark McKay, B.A. Steven Thomas McKay, B.A. Consandra A. McKeithan, B.A. Timothy S. McKinley, B.A. Corki Dionte McKinney, B.A. James Scott McLaughlin, B.A. Stewart Andrew Keoki McLean, B.A. Robert S. McMains, B.A. Erin Lancaster McMillan, B.A. Patrick B. McMillian, B.A. Christopher Robert McNair, B.A. Victor Allen McNeal, B.A. Lisa Patrice McNichol, B.A. Cierra Corshawn McReynolds, B.A. Jonas Andrew McVey, B.A. Donald Meadows, B.A. Patrick Merle Meads, B.A. Tracy Lynn Meartz, B.A. Lara Kathrene Medellin, B.A. Andrew B. Medford, B.A. Charles Nolan Meeks, B.A. James A. Meierotto, B.A. Mathew Joseph Meillier, B.A. Miranda Renae Mejias, B.A. Mandy ruth Melland-Silva, B.A. Tinisha A. Mellein-Fortson, B.A. John Glenn Melnick, B.A. John Victor Melnick, B.A. Jeffrey Adam Melody, B.A. Wilford R. Melton, B.A. Daniel Mendoza, B.A. Harvey Jonathan Mendoza, B.A. Kevin J. Mendoza, B.A. Marilyn T. Menjivar, B.A. Randall Vann Meredith, B.A. Jason Alan Merrithew, B.A. Branden T. Metzner, B.A. Richard John Meyer, B.A. Duane Middleton, B.A. Michael Joseph Miketta, B.A. Joanna Mikielska, B.A. David Mikolay, B.A. Trishonda V. Miles, B.A. Chad J. Miller, B.A. James David Miller, B.A. James Richard Miller, B.A. Jamie R. Miller, B.A. Justine A. Miller, B.A. Kathleen E. Miller, B.A. Ryan P. Miller, B.A. Latrice Nicole Millhouse, B.A. David Allen Millican, Jr., B.A. Brian Jon Mills, B.A. Jonathan D. Mills, B.A. LeGenia R. Millsaps, B.A. Brandi Nichole Milostan, B.A. Cedric Latrel Minniefield, B.A. Eltonya Laverne Minor-Hill, B.A. Jennifer Lee Mitchell, B.A. Vilinda Jean Mitchell, B.A. Ashley Morgan Miyake, B.A. Barbara Lorraine Moehring, B.A. Munther M. Mohammad, B.A. Christopher Simpson Mohl, B.A. Robert Russell Moir, B.A. Ruben M. Mojica, B.A. David Alvin Molina, B.A. Jerrid P. Monceaux, B.A. Patrick William Mondragon, B.A. Danielle Nicole Monroe, B.A. Mary Robin Monroe, B.A. Mycal A. Monroe, B.A. Shamir Giovanni Montanez Johnson, B.A. Marvin Montenegro, B.A. Juan Francisco Montes, B.A. Jessie Montes, Jr., B.A. Antonio M. Montgomery, B.A. Dena Nicole Montgomery, B.A. Jerome Lashaw Montgomery, B.A. Geovanni Bladimir Montoya, B.A. Barbara Branch Moore, B.A. Brandon Duane Moore, B.A. Cherrelda Lynn Moore, B.A. Christa V. Moore, B.A. Corey J. Moore, B.A. Emmanuel Q.uinton Moore, B.A. Felicia A. Moore, B.A. Garry Don Moore, B.A. Joyce Moore, B.A. Julie Willis Moore, B.A. Sandra Renee Moore, B.A. Takenya Sherrell Moore, B.A. Cynthia Morales, B.A. Travis James Morehead, B.A. Donna M. Morejon, B.A. Joshua Jeffrey Morell, B.A. Paul Moreno, B.A. Jesse Shane Morey, B.A. Ryan P. Morgan, B.A. Mark David Morgan, Jr., B.A. Sharonda Nicole Morris, B.A. Steven F. Morris, B.A. Leia L. Morrison, B.A. Archie L. Morrow, B.A. Cheleta C. Moses, B.A. Lee A. Moses, B.A. Michelle Wynette Moses, B.A. Damon Micheal Moss, B.A. Richard Charles Moss, B.A. Teresa Moss, B.A. William Henry Moss, B.A. Jason Darryl Motte, B.A. Robert Anthony Mozie, B.A. Bradly D. Mueller, B.A. Marvyn M. Mulcahy, B.A. Keon D. Muldrow, B.A. Brian Mullaly, B.A. Brittany N. Mundine, B.A. Katrina Annette Mundy, B.A. Steven Craig Mundy, B.A. Britney Renee Munn, B.A. Francisco David Munoz, B.A. Heather Marie Munoz, B.A. Tange Evette Munson, B.A. Cody Lee Murphy, B.A. James Marcus Murphy, B.A. Joseph L. Murphy, B.A. Kimberly Murphy, B.A. Angelina Juliette Murphy-Stencel, B.A. Darren Lee Murrah, B.A. Katrenia L. Murray, B.A. Jonathan Lee Murry, B.A. Jefferson John Mwango, B.A. Robyn Myers, B.A. Stacey Lashaun Myers, B.A. Robert S. Myles, B.A. Yomica Nance, B.A. Desree Nash, B.A. Marlene Starr Nau, B.A. Justin L. Nauta, B.A. Ashley Alycee Nazareta-Legaspi, B.A. Courtney J. Neal, B.A. Krisy Christine Neal, B.A. Timothy T. Neeley, B.A. Casslan Jay Neesam, B.A. Kelli Susanne Neilson, B.A. Danielle Margaret Neisendorf, B.A. Andrew Ray Nelson, B.A. Dustin Michael Nelson, B.A. Heather Marie Nelson, B.A. James B. Nelson, B.A. Patricia Ann Nelson, B.A. Shaneika Michelle Nelson, B.A. Tamerra Yvonne Nelson, B.A. Torrin Jermaine Nesbitt, B.A. Steven Daniel Ness, B.A. Rhiannon M. Neufell, B.A. Jennifer A. Neuroth, B.A. Jorge Adrian Nevarez, B.A. Kyle Douglas Nevitt, B.A. Kiya Shanele Nevitt Pope, B.A. Tracy L. Newkirk, B.A. Emily A. Newman, B.A. Michelle Newman, B.A. Douglas Edward Newton, B.A. James Weldon Newton, B.A. Jennifer Newton, B.A. Sandy Natasha Newton, B.A. Jessica Hong Van Nguyen, B.A. Erica Marie Nichols, B.A. James David Nichols, B.A. Chad L. Nix, B.A. William Noble, B.A. Edward Lee Noel, B.A. Catherine Franies Nolan, B.A. Sean Merrick Noranbrock, B.A. Echo Diane Maria Danyel Norberg, B.A. Lakeisha L. Norsworthy, B.A. Christopher Lee Norton, B.A. Michael Allen Norwood, Jr., B.A. Petra CT Noska, B.A. Megan Elizabeth Nuckols, B.A. Cody Jay Nunez, B.A. Teyla M. Nunley, B.A. Heather Dawn Nunn, B.A. Maryetta Nwokorie, B.A. Jodi Lee Obenour, B.A. Irene Mary O Brien, B.A. Luke O Brien, B.A. Sekenna O Brien, B.A. Warren O Brien, B.A. James Daniel O Connor, B.A. Robinson Martinez O Connor, B.A. Adam M. Odd, B.A. Brett Thomas O Donnell, B.A. Ruthann Lee Oelfke, B.A. Nicholas W. Olcott, B.A. Shana D. Olivas, B.A. Angela Marie Oliver, B.A. Jeffery Lee Oliver, B.A. Peter Oliver, B.A. Lauren Niccole Oliverio Flores, B.A. Ariel L. Olson, B.A. Deborah Michelle Olson, B.A. Joel Martin Oltman II, B.A. Jeffrey David Onion, B.A. Keith Walter Onsum, B.A. Carmen Ramirez Ortiz, B.A. Edgar I. Ortiz, B.A. Jose Ramon Ortiz, B.A. Ruben Daniel Ortiz, B.A. Steve R. Ortiz, B.A. Eric Osei, B.A. Priscilla O Shields, B.A. Derek S. Osland, B.A. Ashley Dawn Otot, B.A. Damir Ovcina, B.A. Aric A. Overton, B.A. Amanda Lynne Owen, B.A. Roy Raymond Owen, Jr., B.A. Brian Christopher Owens, B.A. Christal D. Owens, B.A. Heath Elders Owensby, B.A. Misty Dawn Padilla, B.A. Margarita Padilla-Lizama, B.A. Cristelo Padron, B.A. Corey C. Page, B.A. Frankie L. Page, B.A. Bobby Palma, B.A. Jonathan Palmer, B.A. Lauren Kathleen Palmer, B.A. Marcus Leshaun Palmer, B.A. Randi Juanita Pannocchia, B.A. Shane Clinton Paonessa, B.A. Brunna Cortes Pareja, B.A. Ashley B. Parker, B.A. Ashley Lynn Parker, B.A. Dwaynitta A. Parker, B.A. Jennifer R. Parker, B.A. Scott D. Parker, B.A. Zachery A. Parker, B.A. Joy Ann Parmenter, B.A. David Patch, B.A. Brijen Patel, B.A. Megan Leigh Patrick, B.A. Michele Renaye Patrick, B.A. Molly Marie Patrick, B.A. Adam Grant Patterson, B.A. Gershon Kareem Patterson, B.A. Michael Roy Patterson, B.A. Tiffani M. Patterson, B.A. Corinne Mygnon Paul, B.A. Gloria Parker Paul, B.A. Starrina Michelle Paul, B.A. Nicole R. Pauley, B.A. Paul N. Payne, B.A. Ted Matthew Payne, B.A. Maurice Keith Pearcey, B.A. Junior Lee Pearsall, B.A. Cassandra E. Pearson, B.A. Charles Phillip Pearson, B.A. Danielle Pearson, B.A. Alana Peavey, B.A. Glenn Lewis Pederson, B.A. Sandra S. Pedroza, B.A. David William Peek, B.A. Faith Ann Peerenboom, B.A. Shiela Mae Leones Pelante, B.A. Carl William Pelletier, B.A. Christopher Scott Pena, B.A. Rodolfo Pena, B.A. Scott Alain Pennock, B.A. Elizabeth Peralez, B.A. Arnaldis J. Perez, B.A. Eduardo Antonio Perez, B.A. Librado Perez, B.A. Stephanie Alexa Perez, B.A. Samuel Raymond Perkins, B.A. Jamie L. Perrier, B.A. Jocelyn Alisha Perry, B.A. Melinda Perry, B.A. Sharnice Marie Perryman, B.A. Fawn Larrissa Peska, B.A. Toby Jude Pete, B.A. Beth Audre Peter, B.A. Christopher D. Peterman, B.A. Martin James Peters, B.A. David Charles Peterson, B.A. Pauline Marie Peterson, B.A. Sarah Petit, B.A. Jason Allen Pfohl, B.A. Billy Bao Pham, B.A. Hai D. Pham, B.A. Tory R. Phelan, B.A. Autaya Nicole Phillips, B.A. Brittany Phillips, B.A. Ciceley Michelle Phillips, B.A. Nicole Marie Phillips, B.A. Patrick Richard Phillips, B.A. Sierra Patricia Leah Phillips, B.A. Terri Lynette Phillips, B.A. Vincent Phillips, B.A. Bethany A. Pierce, B.A. Michael Pierce, B.A. Diana Lynn Piini, B.A. Israel Pinero, B.A. Francisco Y. Pio, B.A. Catherine M. Piraino, B.A. Vanessa M. Piscopo, B.A. Thomas Allen Pitman, B.A. Evelyn Jean Pittman, B.A. Michael Ryan Pittman, B.A. Ashley Marie Plata, B.A. Brandon Platt, B.A. Tiffany Sherell Platt, B.A. Ryan Alston Plumbo, B.A. Richard Anthony Pointe, B.A. Aaron J. Poirier, B.A. Stevan Jerome Polewski, B.A. Kendra Lynnette Pollard, B.A. Victor Valentine Ponce De La Torre, B.A. Brian Ponder, B.A. Brandon Edward Pontis, B.A. Theresa Ann Pope, B.A. Anthony Jerome Porter, B.A. Emmett S. Porter, B.A. Kristin Michelle Porter, B.A. Lesli Dawn Porter, B.A. Luke P. Porter, B.A. Tiffany Charmaine Porterfield, B.A. Kelli Lynn Powell, B.A. Tameka Michelle Powell, B.A. Tamara L. Pratt, B.A. Brittani S. Pressley, B.A. Catherine Guyton Pressley, B.A. Charlena Pressley, B.A. Treona Mariah Preston, B.A. Julio Cesar Pretell, B.A. Ryan Edward Prewitt, B.A. Jonathon Dwayne Price, B.A. Vanessa Price, B.A. Laticia R. Pride, B.A. Rebecca Ann Priesmeyer, B.A. Amanda Lynn Priest, B.A. Deirdre L. Priest, B.A. Tenise Lynnette Pringle, B.A

27 Nathan Charles Pritchard, B.A. Eric M. Prox, B.A. Kirsten L. Prunty, B.A. Robert Wayne Puckett II, B.A. Tim M. Purdin, B.A. Amanda Leigh Purdy, B.A. Dallas J. Purdy, B.A. Jeffrey S. Purvis, B.A. Meghan Elaine Puzio, B.A. Demonta Demirror Q.uailes, B.A. Bryan Douglas Q.ueen, B.A. Kyle James Q.uinn, B.A. Andrew Shelton Cooper Radcliff, B.A. Yasser Rashed Rady, B.A. Noriel Mojica Rafael, B.A. Eric Todd Ragner, Sr., B.A. Neal Aman Ram, B.A. Mario Jose Ramirez, B.A. Flor Esmeralda Ramirez -Zarate, B.A. Eduardo L. Ramos, B.A. Melvin Angel Ramos, B.A. George Randle, B.A. Shannel Charity Randolph, B.A. Richard Lynn Rankin, Jr., B.A. Jeanette Viola Rankins, B.A. Clyde Eugene Rankins III, B.A. Susan Leigh Rardin, B.A. Wendee Rasmussen, B.A. Deanna Marie Ratliff, B.A. Terin Raulston, B.A. Stephen T. Ray, B.A. Anthony Raynor, Jr., B.A. Jenecia Janel Reames, B.A. Timothy P. Reardon, B.A. Jamaar L. Redd, B.A. Winfred Calvin Reece III, B.A. John Dustin Reed, B.A. Nicolas Alexander Reed, B.A. Shelby Nicole Reeker, B.A. Alan Michael Rees, B.A. Candace Rae Rees, B.A. Douglas Macarthur Reese, Jr., B.A. Jensen P. Reese, B.A. James Edward Regan, B.A. Jennifer Leigh Rego, B.A. Sarah Jane Reid, B.A. Adrienne Marie Reilly, B.A. Nicole Rellos, B.A. Amber Rembowski, B.A. Tousnel Renaud, B.A. Steven James Renberg, B.A. Kimberly R. Rende, B.A. Michael R. Reniewicz, B.A. Timothy Ryan Renner, B.A. James Norman Repasky, B.A. Jodie Lee Revils, Jr., B.A. Jackeline Reyes, B.A. Stephen R. Reyna, B.A. Dinah Marie Reynolds, B.A. Wesley Ray Reynolds, B.A. Alfonso Corona Reynoso, B.A. Natalia K. Reynoso, B.A. David Joshua Rhoderick, B.A. DeSonna L. Rice, B.A. Joshua Immanuel Rice, B.A. William Thomas Rice, Jr., B.A. Rudolph G. Richards, Jr., B.A. Alan Todd Richardson, B.A. Amanda Richardson, B.A. Brian Oneal Richardson, B.A. Claude Junior Richardson, B.A. Kurstin M. Richardson, B.A. Candy Nicole Richcreek, B.A. Tempestt Ann Ridgley, B.A. LuAnn G. Riebe, B.A. Jamielyn M. Riggin, B.A. Timothy J. Riggins, B.A. Jeremy-Thomas G. Rillo, B.A. Matthew J. Rischar, B.A. Nicholas M. Ritenour, B.A. Sarah Anne Ritz, B.A. Jacqueline Cecilia Rivera, B.A. Jeremy Rivera, B.A. Raphael A. Rivera, B.A. Daniel Rivera, Jr., B.A. Lourdes Pentinio Rivero, B.A. Jumoke Rivers, B.A. Robert Rivers, B.A. Kevin James Robbins, B.A. Ezreal Y. Roberson, B.A. Tammy Marie Roberson, B.A. Ryan Roberts, B.A. Scotty Lee Roberts, B.A. Stephen G. Roberts, B.A. Anngela Grace Robinson, B.A. Danielle Desiree Robinson, B.A. Derek William Robinson, B.A. Joshua R. Robinson, B.A. Kathi L. Robinson, B.A. Michele Deloris Robinson, B.A. Robert J. Roche, B.A. Leonard Rodriguez, B.A. Nick Rodriguez, B.A. Otis Rodriguez, B.A. Raul Manuel Rodriguez, B.A. Marivel Rodriguez-Regalado, B.A. David Matthew Roed, B.A. Corina Kelley Roge, B.A. Alyssa Jones Rogers, B.A. Darlena Rogers, B.A. Shanea Maeshawn Rogers, B.A. Thomas H. Rogers, B.A. Kristan Veora Rollins, B.A. Nathaniel Tobias Roney, B.A. KaMeeka Rookard, B.A. Cathy Rosa, B.A. Crystal Ann Rose, B.A. Jaerynne S. Rose, B.A. Sonya Kaye Rose-Smith, B.A. Rebecca V. Ross, B.A. Tamara Ann Ross, B.A. Jerry Mac Rotenberry, B.A. Alexis Cynteara Rowe, B.A. Floyd Sanford Rowley III, B.A. Brett William Royal, B.A. Erica Eugenia Royster, B.A. Donovan J. Rubin, B.A. Othello Brendan Rucker, B.A. Sydney M. Rudy, B.A. Brandon Andrew Ruff, B.A. James Ruffin, B.A. Jerry Ruiz, B.A. Tara Shannon Ruiz, B.A. Amanda Jo Runnels, B.A. Linda Runyon, B.A. Sarah Virginia Ruppel, B.A. Anastasia S. Rusakova, B.A. David Garrett Rusk III, B.A. Matthew Donald Rusk, B.A. Garry Kevin Russell, Jr., B.A. Joseph Rutledge, Jr., B.A. LaChanda Fay Ryans, B.A. William Bradley Ryder, B.A. James Henry Siongco Sablan, B.A. Adrian D. Saenz, B.A. Danny Saeyang, B.A. Kris B. Sahadeo, B.A. Jonathan Christopher Saiz, B.A. Edna Salas, B.A. Alex B. Salazar, B.A. Ruth Elisabeth Louise Salender, B.A. Erica Janel Sampson, B.A. Joel T. Sams, B.A. Denisha Shante Samuel, B.A. Alma Leticia Sanchez, B.A. Anthony Vasquez Sanchez, B.A. Jose Angel Sanchez, B.A. Ruth R. Sanchez, B.A. Monique M. Sanders-Snowden, B.A. Maureen Sandrock, B.A. Mohamed Sannoh, B.A. Joseph M. Santiago, B.A. Luis A. Santiago, B.A. Merari Santiago, B.A. Dominique Shantell Santone, B.A. Adonis Asuncion Santos, B.A. Alexandria Monique Santos, B.A. Terra Michelle Saunders, B.A. Peter David Sawyer, B.A. Joseph Francis Sboto, B.A. Jennifer L. Scales, B.A. Gwen M. Schaffer, B.A. William Joseph Schanke, B.A. Bonny Greta Schenk, B.A. David Keith Scherich, B.A. Erik Brandon Schiltz, B.A. Bruce Allen Schmidt, B.A. Patricia Schmidt Moore, B.A. Melanie Dawn Schmucker, B.A. Megan Kimberly Schneider, B.A. Melissa Lee Schnoop, B.A. Lauren Elizabeth Schofield, B.A. Shannon Marie Schoonover, B.A. Kyle Anthony Schreiber, B.A. Daniel M. Schriver, B.A. Holly Jo Schultz, B.A. Caleb Daniel Schulz, B.A. Zachary David Jacob Schwab, B.A. Sara Lynn Schweppe, B.A. Aaron Charles Scoggins, B.A. Patrick Dale Scoggins, B.A. Ashley Taylor Scott, B.A. Charles Edward Scott, B.A. Gavin O neil Scott, B.A. Cindy A. Scruggs, B.A. Jamie Marie Scurato, B.A. Ashley M. Seale, B.A. Stephanie Michelle Seales, B.A. Tiffany Shynell Seals, B.A. Patrick Michael Seaman, B.A. Martin Duane Seefried, B.A. Casey Ferron Selman, B.A. Jennifer Senegal, B.A. Kathy L. Senft, B.A. Scott Theodore Sensanbaugher, B.A. Carlos L. Sepulveda, B.A. Lisa Marie Sequin, B.A. Brittany Nicole Seydel, B.A. Kayla Rae Shafer, B.A. Daracia Fatima Shaheed, B.A. Shervin Shahpar, B.A. Suzanne M. Shanks, B.A. Beth Anna Mary Sharma, B.A. Mary E. Sharpsteen, B.A. Oscar M. Shelby, B.A. Steven Scott Shepard, B.A. Jason Matthew Sherrill, B.A. Stephanie N. Shields, B.A. Stanley Min Shin, B.A. Stacie Leigh Shogan, B.A. Valeria Ann Shrader, B.A. Chelsea E. Shulke, B.A. Jenna Anne Shultz, B.A. Gloria Y. Shum, B.A. Donald N. Sicat, B.A. Michael Alan Sidman, B.A. Jeffrey A. Siegman, B.A. Summer R. Sierra, B.A. Jesus M. Silva, B.A. Rebecca A. Silva, B.A. Sarah Lynn Simental, B.A. Michael D. Simmons, B.A. Timothy Edward Simon, B.A. Kimberly M. Simpkins, B.A. Cheryl Marie Singleton, B.A. Stanley Deward Singleton, B.A. William Garrett Sisk, B.A. Steven Allen Sisneros, B.A. Edward Frank Sistrunk, B.A. Gloria U. Skeete, B.A. Hope Leihua Skibitsky, B.A. Lakisha Bernice Skinner, B.A. Tiffany Nicole Skinner, B.A. Shawn Sligh, B.A. James Francis Slough, B.A. Derrick L nathan Smalls, B.A. Zachary R. Smart, B.A. Chantille Ranice Capel Smedley, B.A. Billy Smith, B.A. Brady A. Smith, B.A. Brett Allen Smith, B.A. Brittany Denay Smith, B.A. Curtis Smith, B.A. Dana Smith, B.A. Danelle Moore Smith, B.A. David Joseph Smith, B.A. David William Smith, B.A. Delena Richelle Smith, B.A. Edward Anthony Smith, B.A. George Odis Smith, B.A. Jaclyn Smith, B.A. Jennifer D. Smith, B.A. Jody D. Smith, B.A. Julian Ray Smith, B.A. Karen Louise Smith, B.A. Lance R. Smith, B.A. Laquisha S. Smith, B.A. Nathan G. Smith, B.A. Nicholas Scott Smith, B.A. Percy Smith, B.A. Rainey D. Smith, B.A. Samuel R. Smith, B.A. Sean Michael Smith, B.A. Taleida D. Smith, B.A. Teresa A. Smith, B.A. Terri LeVern Smith, B.A. Theressa Smith, B.A. Tiffany Elyse Smith, B.A. Tizana D. Smith, B.A. William P. Smitko, B.A. Deljuan Dewanye Smock, B.A. Stacey Ann Smor, B.A. Katrina M. Sneed, B.A. Katherine Marie Snyder, B.A. Rebecca Kaye Snyder, B.A. Denise Rene Sobolewski, B.A. Jaime Solis, B.A. Talecia Dontay Solomon, B.A. Trenise Solomon, B.A. Michael Alan Sondles, B.A. Ria Sonny, B.A. Robert Cole Soreano, B.A. Alfonis Sound, B.A. Nancy Guey Sounthornchote, B.A. Kevin Robert Sowers, B.A. Jason A. Spahlinger, B.A. Christopher Antonio Spalthoff, B.A. Linda Money Spangler, B.A. Deandre Lanell Sparks, B.A. Denicia Shenai Spears, B.A. Jessica Spencer, B.A. Kelvin Myron Spencer, B.A. Lindsey A. Spiess, B.A. Chandra Lynn Spiker, B.A. Drew Gregory Spitzer, B.A. Todd Spranger, B.A. Laurie Joyce Stack, B.A. Carmen V. Stafford, B.A. Branden L. Stanford, B.A. Jeffrey William Stanhope, B.A. Jeffrey Eric Stanley, B.A. Soraya S. Stanley, B.A. Victoria K. Stanley, B.A. Bryan E. Stark, B.A. Heather K. Stark, B.A. Maggie Starkey, B.A. Antoinette Steccato, B.A. Darryl Lynn Stedman, B.A. Charles Edward Steen, B.A. Hedy Josephine Steinle, B.A. Courtney J. Steketee, B.A. Latisha L. Stelken, B.A. Marsha P. Stephanson, B.A. Anthoney Lee Stephens, B.A. Corissa Brooke Stephens, B.A. LaTonya R. Stephens, B.A. Norman Lowell Stevens, B.A. Michael Joseph Stevenson, B.A. Michelle Darlene Stewart, B.A. Karalana Elana Stieren, B.A. David B. Stiffler, B.A. Brandon Lee Stikeleather, B.A. Austin Robert David Stiles, B.A. Amy Jo Stoddard, B.A. Marjorie D. Stogner, B.A. Marsha E. Stokes, B.A. Shateenie Deliscea Stokes, B.A. Neil Harvie Stokley, B.A. Lorra Taylor Stone, B.A. Grace Rashele Storm, B.A. Deborah A. Story, B.A. Shannon-Lee Ann Stout, B.A. Crystal Stovall, B.A. Scott Patrick Stoy, B.A. Rebekah L. Straeter, B.A. Benjamin Wayne Stratton, B.A. Kimberly Lynn Stratton Ballantyne, B.A. TaMia K. Stringer, B.A. Nicole Wintry Strobel, B.A. Patricia Lynne Struck, B.A. Jeffrey Scott Sturm, B.A. Sohad Tabbaa Subei, B.A. Samantha Jo Sud-Martinez, B.A. Lauren Elizabeth Sullivan, B.A

28 Deatrice LaSalle Sumlin, B.A. Rhonda W. Summerlin, B.A. Richard Wyatt Summerlin, B.A. Ruth Olita Sumner, B.A. Chontee Haunani Surber, B.A. Pamela Lin Surette, B.A. Janice N. Sutton, B.A. Joseph Harold Sutton, B.A. Patella Sutton, B.A. Rachel L. Svrcek, B.A. Melissa Sue Swanson, B.A. Justin James Windfield Swaynie, B.A. Kelly Louise Sweet, B.A. Christopher Antonio Swindell, B.A. Raschelle Marie Swindle, B.A. Sandy Swint, B.A. Amanda Danielle Switzer, B.A. Jamey Keil Sykes, B.A. Michael Tyler Sykes, B.A. Christine Ann Synan, B.A. Nongkhane Sysaath, B.A. Xavier Atanya Taggart, B.A. Erin Theresa Tague, B.A. Clayton P. Talbot, B.A. Gaelle Osmann Taloute, B.A. Gerline M. Tambo, B.A. Jim M. Tams, B.A. Brock A. Tate, B.A. Corey E. Tate, B.A. Crystal Latrice Tate, B.A. Jaime Tate, B.A. Megan Lowell Tatman, B.A. Ashunta D. Taylor, B.A. Curia FeAndrea Taylor, B.A. Diane Taylor, B.A. Dontaye Anthony Taylor, Sr., B.A. John J. Taylor, B.A. Kyle Lee Taylor, B.A. Tiffany Tejuan Taylor, B.A. Trasheena N. Taylor, B.A. Brian Shelby Taylor, Jr., B.A. Marion Yvette Teal, B.A. Ronald Laval Teal, B.A. Daniel G. Teel, B.A. James Ryan Tench, B.A. James Terry, B.A. Shawn D. Thacker, B.A. Robbin Mildred Thames, B.A. Bee Thao, B.A. Shafonia Montez Thibodaux, B.A. Travis Jermaine Thibodeaux, B.A. Vallery Dequnaton-Quntrell Thierry, B.A. Delores Thomas, B.A. Diana Lynn Thomas, B.A. Jamie J. Thomas, B.A. Kendra De shawn Thomas, B.A. Kia Chyvonne Thomas, B.A. Latonya R. Thomas, B.A. Mary D. Thomas, B.A. Michael A. Thomas, B.A. Michael Eugene Thomas, B.A. Samantha Jean Thomas, B.A. Tony Barrera Thomas, B.A. Amanda E. Thompson, B.A. Ashad Kareem Thompson, B.A. Duane R. Thompson, B.A. John P. Thompson, B.A. Kristenn Noell Thompson, B.A. Misty Lee Thompson, B.A. Juan Manuel Thomson, B.A. Regis P. Thornton, B.A. Rosa Yanett Thweatt, B.A. Kandra Lanae Thydean, B.A. Ashley Raveon Tiney, B.A. Jacob Devane Tisdale, B.A. Sarah Maize Todd, B.A. David C. Toepfer, B.A. Secelia J. Tolbert, B.A. Peyton Tomblin, B.A. Daniel Ernest Tomlin, B.A. Bethany C. Tompkins, B.A. Robert Russel Peter Tondevold, B.A. Shaneen Christina Toole, B.A. Belkis J. Torrealba, B.A. Juan Carlos Torres-Davila, B.A. Angela Lashea Townes, B.A. Kristi Michelle Trahan, B.A. Michael Trang, B.A. Jemicka Renaye Travis, B.A. Kathryn Andrea Travis, B.A. MarQuis LaShawn Travis, B.A. David A. Trevino, B.A. Patrick G. Trexler, B.A. Amanda L. Trifiatis, B.A. Fedno Trompe, B.A. Kristyn Rae Trujillo, B.A. Tyler Stephen Tubbs, B.A. Paulette Cynthia Tucker, B.A. Torian Sherod Tucker, B.A. Sandra Kay Tuin, B.A. Mark O. Turner, B.A. Sheila F. Turner, B.A. Kyree N. Tyler, B.A. Mark Tyler, B.A. Jeffrey Thomas Tyree, B.A. Timothy C. Tyson, B.A. Gerald Ulysses, B.A. William D. Underhill, B.A. Idella Underwood, B.A. Elia M. Uriarte, B.A. Cynthia N. Urquijo, B.A. Joshua Ryan Ussery, B.A. Jared Brendon Utsey, B.A. Hipolito Ramon Valdez, B.A. Anthony J. Valence, B.A. Adurady M. Valentine, B.A. Scott D. Valler, B.A. Nicholas James Valvano, B.A. Annmarie Joann Van Den Haak, B.A. Mark Sanborn Van Leeuwen, B.A. Richard M. Van Leeuwen, B.A. Patricia Ann Van Pelt, B.A. Colby Shawn Van Wagoner, B.A. Jeremiah R. Vanderburg, B.A. Lee R. Vanderpool, B.A. Darrel Alexander Vanegas, B.A. Stacy Lynn Vanner, B.A. Jillian Nadeen Vanpatten, B.A. Cesar Vargas, B.A. Annabel Grace Vasquez, B.A. Jennifer Vasquez, B.A. Tiffany Vazquez-Pacheco, B.A. Bryson Labeaux Veal, B.A. Frank Vega, B.A. Sandra Cecilia Velasquez, B.A. Cherryse J. Velez, B.A. Jesse Adam Venable, B.A. Martin Lawrence Venegas, B.A. William C. Vereen, B.A. Jacob Denith Vetter, B.A. Brendan M. Victory, B.A. Alan Villanueva, B.A. Joseph Villanueva, B.A. Tomasa Villareal, B.A. Jennifer Marie Vissering, B.A. Michael John Vitale, B.A. Shawn Carl Vodenik, B.A. Nathan Eric Vogle, B.A. Rod K. Von Achen, B.A. Bruce von der Gruen, B.A. Christopher M. Waddle, B.A. Andrew Paul Wade, B.A. April Leanne Wadkins, B.A. Deyana Lashay Wadley, B.A. James R. Wagner, B.A. Rocky Shane Wagner, B.A. Elizabeth Anne Wairimu, B.A. Philip J. Waite, B.A. Ato Makenan Waithe, B.A. James Michael Wakely, B.A. Eric Stephen Walbridge, B.A. Brandi Walker, B.A. Nelson Anthony Walker, B.A. Sharonda Denise Walker, B.A. Ryan C. Wallace, B.A. Desha Vernice Waller, B.A. Nathaniel Damon Clifford Waller, B.A. Matthew John Walstad, B.A. Kassie Ruth Ann Walters-McGuire, B.A. Jessica Jannarone Walton, B.A. Patricia A. Walton, B.A. Shereka Korea Walton, B.A. Heidi Waluda, B.A. Geoffrey James Wann, B.A. Melanie Colette Ward, B.A. Truman V. Ward, B.A. Kevin Darrell Ware, B.A. Trina Yurnell Ware, B.A. Chad E. Warner, B.A. Melissa Michelle Warren, B.A. Aaron Washburn, B.A. Diane Elizabeth Washburn, B.A. Matthew Waters, B.A. Bryan Justin Watkins, B.A. Kelsey Ann Watkins, B.A. Derrick Watley, B.A. Antwon Lamar Watson, B.A. Racheal Eliza-Ann Watson, B.A. Shawn Michael Watson, B.A. Rhonda Spurger Watts, B.A. Debra Ann Way, B.A. Natoya Maxiolla Wayne, B.A. Derek Wesley Weatherly, B.A. Mande R. Weaver, B.A. Della Louise Webb, B.A. Joseph allen Webb, Sr., B.A. Bradley J. Weber, B.A. Craig M. Webster, B.A. Dionne Ethel Webster, B.A. Joshua J. Webster, B.A. Troy Andre Webster, B.A. Amber K. Wedge, B.A. Joshua Ray Wedin, B.A. Elijah Cade Weeks, B.A. Jeffrey Franklin Weeks, B.A. Nicholas Alexander Weiland, B.A. Jason Allen Welch, B.A. Clint Wengreen, B.A. Eric Morgan West, B.A. Jennifer Lynne West, B.A. Saresa Loshown West, B.A. Latrece Sophia Westbrook, B.A. Pamela Gayle Westbrook, B.A. David N. Westerman, B.A. Jessy Lee Westfall, B.A. Harold Wheeler, B.A. Ian T. Wheeler, B.A. Jennifer Lynn Wheeler, B.A. Preston Wheeler III III, B.A. Betty Elaine White, B.A. Billie Marie White, B.A. Donald Lee White, B.A. Erica R. White, B.A. Timothy J. White, B.A. Megan Liane Whited, B.A. Marie A. Whitehead, B.A. Vickie Whitehead-Young, B.A. Bradley D. Whitehouse, B.A. Andrew Justin Whiteway, B.A. Vanessa Louise Whitman, B.A. Daniel Ray Whitt, B.A. Sean Michael Whitten, B.A. Marcelle Alana Whittier, B.A. Kristi M. Whyle, B.A. Christi Marie Wiedenhoffer, B.A. Joshua Joseph Wieder, B.A. Richard Alan Wiggins II, B.A. Larry Darnell Wilcox, B.A. Milton L. Wilcox, B.A. Jefferd Wilder-Singletary, B.A. Gerald E. Wilfong, B.A. Jacob M. Wilker, B.A. Brian Wilkins, B.A. Lillian Frances Wilkins-McMoore, B.A. Lea Shontay Wilks, B.A. Joseph C. Willcockson, B.A. Adrian L. Williams, B.A. Anna M. Williams, B.A. Annie Alisha Williams, B.A. Anthony James Williams, B.A. Bryan Williams, B.A. Charles Lamont Williams, B.A. Derek Eugene Williams, B.A. Dustin Ruval Williams, B.A. Eliseah D. Williams, B.A. Geneva Angelene Williams, B.A. Jahneicia Q.. D. Williams, B.A. Johnny F. Williams, B.A. Jolisha M. Williams, B.A. Karelia Kay Williams, B.A. Keri G. Williams, B.A. Lisa P. Williams, B.A. Maria Louise Williams, B.A. Melissa Hope Williams, B.A. Octavia Pearl Williams, B.A. Pamela Jean Williams, B.A. Phillip Williams, B.A. Rujon Williams, B.A. Shane Edward Williams, B.A. Shantaka Williams, B.A. Shauna Catherine Williams, B.A. Tashauwna N. Williams, B.A. Wanda Faye Williams, B.A. Kevin R. Williams, Jr., B.A. Margaret W. Williams Tyus, B.A. Tina Renee Willingham, B.A. Helena J. Willis, B.A. Bertha A. Wilson, B.A. Dane M. Wilson, B.A. Daniel Brian Wilson, B.A. Henry Scott Wilson, B.A. James Barry Wilson, B.A. Jeannie Ruffin Wilson, B.A. Jeremy Ross Wilson, B.A. Kegan Marie Wilson, B.A. Laura Jameka Wilson, B.A. Marian Elizabeth Wilson, B.A. Rachel Marie Wilson, B.A. Joshua Andrew Wilusz, B.A. Roxanne Wimberly, B.A. Nancy Carolyn Windham, B.A. Marlon Angelo Winfrey, B.A. Alicia Marie Wingate, B.A. Sarah Kathryn Winston, B.A. Aaron O neil Withrow, B.A. Heidi M. Wolf, B.A. Rebecca Jean Wolf, B.A. Christopher Charles Wolffer, B.A. Thomas Edward Wolters, B.A. Derek Guy Wood, B.A. Steven James Wood, B.A. Curt E. Woodard, B.A. Dethra LaVon Woodberry, B.A. Walter J. Woods, B.A. Angela B. Wooten, B.A. Chelsea M. Wrensford, B.A. Audrey M. Wright, B.A. Devin Terrance Wright, B.A. Ericka Wright, B.A. Heidi Marie Wright, B.A. Kandace D. Wright, B.A. Segriel LaPearl Wright, B.A. Sheldon R. Wright, B.A. Timothy W. Wright, B.A. Takasha R. Wroten, B.A. Ivy Grayford Wyatt, B.A. Jamie Randall Wyatt, B.A. Steven Cox Wyatt, B.A. Trisha Rene Wyatt, B.A. Timothy Paul Wylesky, B.A. Antoinette Rose Wyman, B.A. Robert Dale Yancey, B.A. Sophea Yann, B.A. Amy N. Yates, B.A. Melissa M. Yates, B.A. Stanley Yates, B.A. Timothy D. Yates, B.A. Jeremy Scott Yax, B.A. Ashley Nicole Yoder, B.A. Rebecca A. Yohn, B.A. Davis Yoon, B.A. Charles K. Young, B.A. Glen M. Young, B.A. Jammie Denise Young, B.A. Mattie Jean Young, B.A. Nikita Dawn Young, B.A. Terry Young, B.A. Whitney Nolan Young, B.A. April Jenise Youngblood, B.A. Joseph Youngs, B.A. Abdulmalik M. Yusuf, B.A. Charles L. Zaldivar, B.A. Melissa Zamarripa, B.A. Jorge Santiago Zarate, B.A. Bernardo Cisneros Zavala, B.A. Britneigh Marie Zeringue, B.A. Yi Zhang, B.A. Michelle Zinn, B.A. Travis Michael Zinn, B.A. Angela D. Ziuraitis, B.A. Nicole Lynn Zubia, B.A

29 FORBES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CANDIDATES FOR MASTER OF ARTS DEGREES Elizabeth A. Abitante, M.A. James Leroy Adams, Jr., M.A. Lychelle Allen, M.A. Teana Shanique Allen, M.A. Wanda Elaine Allen, M.A. Gloria Marie Amacker, M.A. Idalia Anderson, M.A. Jeremy Je rod Anderson, M.A. Katherine Anderson, M.A. Miranda Elaine Anderson, M.A. Monique Richel Anderson, M.A. Sara Michelle Anderson, M.A. Deanna Nicole Armstrong, M.A. Marshell Arnold, M.A. Bruce Eugene Avants, M.A. Britton Michele Babcock, M.A. Marsha Bailey Williams, M.A. Kelli Michelle Baker, M.A. Charles Richard Baldwin, M.A. Dorothy Ann Barber, M.A. Jennifer Ann Barraclough, M.A. Amber Bartenslager, M.A. Artreese M. Basnight, M.A. Michael Steven Battles, M.A. John Andrew Baum, M.A. La`Cherie Renante Baylor, M.A. Latwainda Fayette Beal, M.A. Justin Joseph Becker, M.A. Tamra Lyn Behrens, M.A. Angela Bell, M.A. Patricia Bell, M.A. Jenae Allison Bellar, M.A. Jerry J. Beltran, M.A. Brittney E. Benezra, M.A. Brenda Lee Bennett, M.A. Jennifer Kelly Bennett, M.A. George Lee Bennett II, M.A. Kimberly Michelle Benson, M.A. Stephen J. Bernasconi, M.A. Vannell Lawand Berrien, M.A. Tanya L. Berry, M.A. Debie Demitrice Bethea, M.A. Eleanor G. Biddle, M.A. Kristin Janette Blades, M.A. Michael Joseph Blake, M.A. Dwayne Andrew Blanchette, M.A. Tiffany Dawn Blankenship, M.A. Brian Timothy Blessing, M.A. Edna Marilyn Bloodworth, M.A. Marissa Q.uinae Boglin, M.A. Kenneth Todd Boston, M.A. Maria Pavon Botts, M.A. John K. Bowerman, M.A. Jeffery Ray Bowers, M.A. Joi Dorielle Bowles, M.A. Gloria Mae Boyce, M.A. Christopher Sean Boyd, M.A. Timothy Michelle Boykin, M.A. DaSherra S. Branch, M.A. Miesha Katherine Branch, M.A. Tonya Lashell Brantley, M.A. Ericka Becky Breedlove, M.A. Nathan Hyde Brian, M.A. Brian Glynn Bridwell, M.A. Brenda S. Brimer, M.A. Edwyna Williams Brooks, M.A. Inglan Brooks, M.A. Angel KashaLynn Brown, M.A. Ingrid Yolanda Brown, M.A. Jasmine N. Brown, M.A. Linda L. Brown, M.A. Litchelle Denise Brown, M.A. Roderick Brown, M.A. Sara Ann Brown, M.A. Taraneishea Lashawntae Brown, M.A. Clark Thomas Browning IV, M.A. Clarence J. Brownlee, M.A. Stephanie Michelle Brunson, M.A. Adam Howard Bryant, M.A. Sherman Buford, M.A. Stephan Louis Burns, M.A. Romeshia Shantece Burrell, M.A. Latoya Cherisse Burris, M.A. Kimberly Michelle Bush, M.A. Candy Le An Bushnell, M.A. Carl Everett Butler, Jr., M.A. Carla Michele Butler, M.A. Pamala Elaine Butler, M.A. Stephanie Buzzell, M.A. Timothy Ben Byrd, M.A. Adrian K. Byron, M.A. Cheryl Ann Cable, M.A. Kristina Lynn Caldwell, M.A. Jamaal R. Calloway, M.A. Daniel Camacho, M.A. James Cangialosi, M.A. Mandie Marie Cannon-Kazee, M.A. Crystal Ann Caraballo, M.A. Stephanie R. Carney, M.A. Michael Rudy Carrillo, M.A. Jessica C. Carroll, M.A. Donna Faye Carter, M.A. Sarah Amanda Carter, M.A. Carolyn A. Castellanos, M.A. Sandie Pacheco Castillo, M.A. Corey Renee Caston, M.A. Sandra Freeman Chapman, M.A. Dunica Sherilyn Charles, M.A. Halcyon Chase, M.A. Blaze Elliott Chastain, M.A. Jill A. Chatman, M.A. Shanita Nicole Chatman, M.A. James Button Clem, M.A. Tracey Lynn Cobbett, M.A. Darlene Cohoe, M.A. Aaron Ezra Cole, M.A. Kirk Anthony Collins, M.A. Maisha Satina Conard, M.A. LaTosha Nicko Conner, M.A. Phillip Conrad, M.A. Victoria Conrad, M.A. Diana So Contreras, M.A. Ronnie Dale Conway, M.A. Vicki Lynn Cook, M.A. Leroy Cooks, Jr., M.A. Quintella Monique Cooper, M.A. Douglas Darnez Cornelius, M.A. Hyacinthe A. Coulibaly, M.A. Stanley Dean Cowens, M.A. Herbie Waldon Cox, M.A. James Cox, M.A. Harmony Haunani Cramer, M.A. Angelicka S. Crawford, M.A. Camellia Marie Crawford, M.A. Brianna Kathleen Cripps, M.A. James Buckman Curtis, M.A. Christine D Amato, M.A. Adrian Nechae Daniels, M.A. Thomas J. Daniels, M.A. Deborah Lee Davidson, M.A. Brenda J. Davis, M.A. Catherine Davis, M.A. Henry Gene Davis, Jr., M.A. Lakisha Jeannette Davis, M.A. Robert Ivan Davis, M.A. Michele Lanuza De Los Santos, M.A. Chanette Shalice Deans, M.A. Ronald Marlin DeCicco, M.A. Teresa Marie Decker, M.A. Lissette W. DeLeon Estrada, M.A. Migena Dennis, M.A. LaQuita C. Dent, M.A. Victor Samuel Diaz, M.A. Jacqueline D. Dickerson, M.A. Fallou Diouf, M.A. Larry Dixon, M.A. Teresa Annette Dixon-Wicker, M.A. Jill Rene Donahue, M.A. Amanda Joy Donner, M.A. Latoya Michelle Dorsey, M.A. Edmond Dowling, Jr., M.A. Tammy Tarrel Dukes, M.A. James H. Ecker, Jr., M.A. Christine R. Eddy, M.A. Dominique V. Edwards, M.A. Kevin Michael Edwards, M.A. Kate S. Elliott, M.A. Ivan Lamar Ellis, M.A. Jared Lee Ellis, M.A. Vanna Louise Ellis, M.A. Alma Eminic, M.A. Laura Doree Enquist, M.A. Randall Kay Erickson, M.A. Nora Lizet Gutierrez Espinoza, M.A. Karen Elaine Eugene, M.A. Frank B. Evans, M.A. Asmar Talib Everett, M.A. Lisa Marie Fanney, M.A. Felix Olandrick Fant, M.A. Nicole A. Farmer, M.A. Dawn Lynn Farris, M.A. Edith Zelda Farris, M.A. Deborah K. Feemster, M.A. Gregory Tyrone Felder, M.A. Amy Kae Felkins, M.A. Terry Brian Finley, M.A. Tiffany Fisher, M.A. Korey Terrell Fitzgerald, M.A. Julie A. Fitzpatrick, M.A. Tania Maria Fleming, M.A. Jovanna Yanet Flores, M.A. Harry Bernard Floyd, Jr., M.A. Jo Annette H. Fluellyn, M.A. Sheena Monique Fluker, M.A. Alexia Victoria Ford, M.A. Jackie Lynn Ford, M.A. Merry Ann Francom, M.A. Ayanna Tetra Fuller, M.A. Lance Gus Fussell, M.A. Janeth Gamez, M.A. Elisa Jean Garcia, M.A. Sylvia Marie Garcia, M.A. Tabitha F. Garner, M.A. Shannon diana George, M.A. Megan L. Gerardi, M.A. Gary Evan Gilbert, M.A. Martina LaShay Gill, M.A. Karry Wayne Gillins, M.A. Claudia Gliszczynski, M.A. Kimika Godina, M.A. Sandra Lynne Golson, M.A. Roy Robert Gonzales, M.A. Shawn Michael Good, M.A. Novette M. Gooden, M.A. Robert John Goodwin, M.A. Misty Leilani Gosa, M.A. Michelle Laverne Govan, M.A. John Robert Gray, M.A. Tammy Gray, M.A. Jimmie B. Green, M.A. Shiloh Mae Green, M.A. Andrea A. Grimes, M.A. Freteshia Gurley, M.A. Teresa Ann Hales, M.A. Cheryl G. Hall, M.A. Jolita gezell Hall, M.A. Magika Amahlea Hall, M.A. Petrice D. Hall, M.A. Roseanna Stanley Hall, M.A. Cynthia S. Hallett, M.A. Terra Lachelle Hammonds, M.A. LaRhonda Nichelle Hankins, M.A. Babette Hansen, M.A. Dedrick H. Harbor, M.A. Alisha Perry Hardy-Taylor, M.A. Whitney Lynne Harlan, M.A. Nicole Mishiko Harley, M.A. Carly Gail Harp, M.A. Jason Robert Harper, M.A. Nakita Schonta Harrell, M.A. Denise Harris, M.A. Michael Lashawn Harris, M.A. Salina Antonette Harrison, M.A. Andrea LaShun Hart, M.A. Lindsey Ruth Hart, M.A. Stephanie Nicole Hatfield, M.A. Michael D. Hayward, M.A. Lisen Helander, M.A. Estelle Breann Helm, M.A. Jillian Colleen Hennenfent, M.A. Elizabeth Virginia Higgins, M.A. Joyce Hines, M.A. Madisen Hirsch, M.A. Ryan William Holleran, M.A. Nicole Lynn Horgan, M.A. Carolyn Simpson Horton, M.A. Franchesca Horvath, M.A. Shatia Renell Howard, M.A. Stacey Lynn Howell, M.A. Terry E. Hoxie, M.A. Misty Dawn Huddleston, M.A. Alice Rene e Hughes, M.A. Jerron LaVelle Hughes, M.A. Gloria Dean Hunt, M.A. Chikeria Onaei Hurst, M.A. LaSaundra Alhassan Ibrahim, M.A. Danielle Maria Ingram, M.A. Ryan Michael Ipp, M.A. Dinessa Devo Jackson, M.A. Jason Leon Jackson, M.A. Natene Jackson, M.A. Tarianna Christine Jackson, M.A. Tiffany Denise Jackson, M.A. Suzanne Leigh Jacobs, M.A. Diana Jaramillo, M.A. Emily Veronica Jarvis, M.A. Gregory S. Jeffery, M.A. Krystle M. Jeffery, M.A. Natasha Jentre-Darrington, M.A. Amy Rusha Johnson, M.A. Christina Renee Johnson, M.A. Kiawana N. Johnson, M.A. Mary Kathey Johnson, M.A. RaJani Kiara Johnson, M.A. Roderick Johnson, M.A. Shatarra Lashawn Johnson, M.A. Tammie Michelle Johnson, M.A. Carol Simmons Jones, M.A. Nicholas R. Jones, M.A. Regina Paulette Jones, M.A. Whitney Joyce Jones, M.A. Nichelle Jordan-Brown, M.A. Amy R. Joyner, M.A. Allyson Kahlen, M.A. Jody Marie Karg, M.A. Matthew Francis Kautter, M.A. Natalie Choate Kea, M.A. Lee William Kennedy, M.A. Theresa Renee Kereazis-Page, M.A. Felicia Lavette King-Farley, M.A. Tammy Lorraine King-Thomas, M.A. Jessica Lynn Kinnamon, M.A. Diana Lynn Kirkland, M.A. Ryan Scott Kleysteuber, M.A. Uganda Knapps, M.A. Dorothy Hazel Krafft, M.A. Kristi Elizabeth Krieger, M.A. Karen Lee Kroon, M.A. Jillian M. Krupko, M.A. David R. Kryger, M.A. Ryan Michael Kurtz, M.A. Katherine Kwarcinski, M.A. Karen S. Laipple, M.A. Henry Lancaster, M.A. Nicole Diane Larkin, M.A. Cynthia Dawn Lawson, M.A. Jose M. Lebron, M.A. Makisicha Venice Lee, M.A. Michael Christopher Lewis, M.A. Jason Eugene Lewison, M.A. Ciava T. Ligon, M.A. Lee Buster Lincoln, M.A. Aquanetta F. Littles, M.A. Sharon D. Lockhart, M.A. Jacqueline Michelle Locklear, M.A. Deborah Michelle Lodge, M.A. Gerald Alexander Logan, M.A. Randi Renee Long, M.A. Joseph Gabriel Longoria, M.A. Justin Looney, M.A. Nicholas Henry Ludke, M.A. Kristie Raye Lugo, M.A. Lamar D. Mack, M.A. Kenyatta Devon Maggitt, M.A. Kevin Maloy, M.A. Toyake D. Marshall, M.A. Carla Rose Martin, M.A. Lillian Martin, M.A. Paulette Martin, M.A. Vanessa Dale Martin, M.A. Paula Antonella Martinez, M.A. Barry Mastyk, Jr., M.A

30 Tiffney A. Matus, M.A. Hollie M. Maxey, M.A. Elizabeth Ashley McCorkle, M.A. Michael Allen McCune, M.A. Darcelle Yvette McDougald, M.A. Dorothea Sarah McGee-Varsel, M.A. Stephanie Joann McKay, M.A. Gayla W. McKee, M.A. Lucas H. McLean, M.A. Walter Medina, M.A. Lisa Christine Melendez, M.A. Davina Annette Melton Falcon, M.A. Keilani S. Middleton, M.A. Keidra D. Miles, M.A. Madelyn Cabrina Miles, M.A. Diane Miller, M.A. Richard Lee Miller, M.A. Marvin Eugene Minor, M.A. Kyle Jason Mitchell, M.A. Venus Lee Montes, M.A. Jeffery Benard Mooney, M.A. Zoe Nicole Moore, M.A. Lourdes Yvonne Moraleda, M.A. Bretton H. Morgan, M.A. Jeanette Morgan, M.A. Virginia L. Morris, M.A. Jazell L. Morrison, M.A. Michael Joseph Mossbarger, M.A. Henry Allen Motley, M.A. Edward Joseph Moura, M.A. Sabrina E. Moye, M.A. James Pete Muhammad, M.A. Mackenzie Anne Murphy, M.A. Sean Michael Murphy, M.A. Shelly Murphy, M.A. Montgomery Panama Mutu, M.A. Lamar M. Narcisse, M.A. Tanisha L. Neal, M.A. Angela W. Nelson, M.A. Kimberly Yevette Nelson, M.A. Stephanie Dean Newson, M.A. James Edward Noon, Jr., M.A. Debbie Lynn Norman, M.A. Jarell Orlando Norman, M.A. Joshua Richard Oaks, M.A. Tara K. O Bannon, M.A. Michael John Joseph O Brien IV, M.A. Mark Ockuly, M.A. Robert William O Connor, M.A. Valerie Lynn Ogden, M.A. Andrea O Hara, M.A. Chukwunonso Ikechukwu Okafor, M.A. Patrick L. Olive, M.A. Elizabeth Cervantes Ontiveros, M.A. Willy Ortega, M.A. Gwendolyn Aitina Ortiz, M.A. Edith Jeanette Osborne, M.A. Ryan Francis O Shea, M.A. Jeannine Turner Outen, M.A. Tiffany Tiara Owens, M.A. Stacie Kay Parker, M.A. Emily Jean Pass, M.A. Ursula Andress Paylor, M.A. Cavin Raymone Payton, M.A. Tiffani Shenea Pearson, M.A. Melanie Jean Pendleton, M.A. Marcus Clinton Pennix, M.A. Jean Priscilla Perdue, M.A. Taishawnia Diane Perkins, M.A. Charles Randolph Perry, M.A. Debby Annettea Perry, M.A. Gregory B. Perry, M.A. Nikeisha L. Persaud, M.A. Evelyn DelCarmen Peters, M.A. Cory Jamaine Peterson, M.A. Sara Rae Peterson, M.A. Ziahlita I. Peterson, M.A. Brittany Lee Petty, M.A. Casey Jane Pfaff, M.A. Sarah Gail Phillips, M.A. James Robert Piatt, Sr., M.A. Dorothy Ann Pillow, M.A. Anthony Pineda, M.A. Lisa M. Pizarro, M.A. Nicole Yvette Poole, M.A. Kendra Garrett Pope, M.A. Debra Lee Powers, M.A. Teresa Sabina Preciado-Ortega, M.A. Arbutus G. Price, M.A. Cheryl Pritchett, M.A. Stephanie Caronica Pugh, M.A. Lana Pugliese, M.A. Trevor A. Q.uattlebaum, M.A. Felice Renee Q.ueen, M.A. Deborah Denise Rachel, M.A. Jaylynn Ramirez, M.A. Graciela Alicia Ramos, M.A. Tiana Monique Rankin, M.A. Ihsan E. Ransom, M.A. Monte Edwin Ransom, M.A. Joshua Reaves, M.A. Shannon Lynea Reed, M.A. Shauna Reed, M.A. Mistie Caprice Reeves, M.A. Sally Rejas, M.A. Raquel Revuelta, M.A. Donishea Lynell Richardson, M.A. Max Garcia Rivas, M.A. Iveliz Robinson, M.A. Karon Lawrence Robinson, M.A. Maude Joycelynn Robinson, M.A. Shawna Rodarte, M.A. Idalia Rodriguez, M.A. Veronica L. Rodriguez, M.A. Jeanette Rogers, M.A. Catalina Rosado, M.A. Angelica Irene Ross, M.A. Shaletha A. Ross, M.A. Gwendolyn Royal Miller, M.A. Gary Rutter, M.A. Kathleen Mary Ryan, M.A. Brian A. Sament, M.A. Shaya Knox Samuel, M.A. Charlene Sanders, M.A. Robert Nathan Sanders, M.A. Samuel Angel Santiago, M.A. Jeris Lynn Satterfield, M.A. Leilani Ann Sauer, M.A. Decar E. Scaff III, M.A. David Douglas Sedillo, M.A. Vijy Kishi Seedan, M.A. Neveda L. Sellers-Moton, M.A. Ernest Medina Sera, M.A. Zarlasht Safazada Shahimi, M.A. William E. Shay, M.A. Sarah Lauren Shillingford, M.A. Margaret Evon Simon, M.A. Michelle Trenise Simpson, M.A. Tanya Lynn Skrzypek, M.A. Brigitte Smith, M.A. Cecelia M. Smith, M.A. Dawanda Rosetta Smith, M.A. Natousha Smith, M.A. Satyanio Wheshay Smith, M.A. Shanika J. Smith, M.A. Shayla S. Smith, M.A. Stephanie Marie Smith, M.A. Willette Smith, M.A. Gina Brister Snow, M.A. Flor De Maria Sosa, M.A. Evita Dawn Spencer, M.A. Lamunba Kenyatta Spencer, M.A. Lacey Sponsler, M.A. James Ryan Steenburg, M.A. Jeneane Charmese Sterling, M.A. Jerome Ricci Stevens, M.A. Philip Walter Stewart, M.A. Olivine Margarrette Stigall, M.A. Keisha T. Stokes, M.A. Susan W. Stone, M.A. Lavera Sharon Streater, M.A. Shannon A. Stuck, M.A. Tanya Daneen Styles, M.A. Sarah Surratt, M.A. Glynnis Edrienne Swan, M.A. DeLisha Sylvester, M.A. Korrina Lourdes Taitano, M.A. Blake Norman Taylor, M.A. India Shakema Taylor, M.A. Patricia Taylor, M.A. Shagala Monique Taylor, M.A. James Matthew Tepelides, Sr., M.A. Jeanne L. Teti, M.A. Birgeetta Marie Tharp, M.A. Emmanuel James Thomas, M.A. Joseph Anthony Thomas, M.A. Mark K. Thomas, M.A. Patrick Thomas, M.A. Shaneka L. Thomas, M.A. Terriya Adelle Thomas, M.A. Ila Karen Thompson, M.A. Rhonda Melisa Thompson, M.A. John Nolan Thornsbury, M.A. Lorilyn Thurman, M.A. Jennifer Divino Tilley, M.A. Carl Edwin Tilman, M.A. Trmale Demon Tipler, M.A. Vanessa Lynn Tisdale, M.A. Michelle Diane Tobias, M.A. Felisha Leneir Toney, M.A. William Trent Torres III, M.A. Katherine Mae Tostenson, M.A. Terri Elaine Towery, M.A. Jeffrey Marshall Trevathan, M.A. Punoutala Bobbie Tuisaloo, M.A. Deanne Louise Turner, M.A. Janet Rumi Turner, M.A. Nydia I. Valcarcel, M.A. Tiffany Antoinette Valerie, M.A. Ralph Rudy Vargas, M.A. Anthony Vazquez, M.A. Jeorge Vazquez, M.A. Mayra Beatriz Velez-Garcia, M.A. Garett H. Venable, M.A. Kurt Q.uentin VinZant, M.A. Saritha Vuppula, M.A. Christopher Dashaun Walker, M.A. Derek Walker, M.A. Monica Leesha Walker, M.A. Rebecca Ann Walters, M.A. Frances Raylynn Wampler, M.A. Wesley Paul Warbritton, M.A. Gilberto L. Warren, M.A. Heather Leona Washington, M.A. Percy Walter Washington, M.A. Valarie Washington, M.A. Stefanie D. Graves, M.A. Kristy Lee Watts, M.A. Joby Tyler Weatherwax, M.A. Jessica Leigh Weaver, M.A. Stacie Denise Webster, M.A. Megan Temoin Wells, M.A. William Wenton Wertman, M.A. Latina Marie West, M.A. Matthew James Wethli, M.A. Clint Eugene Wheeler, M.A. Linda Denise Wheeler, M.A. Meagan Shantay White, M.A. Sherelyn White, M.A. Princess Regina White-Smith, M.A. Valerie V. Whitley, M.A. FORBES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CANDIDATES FOR MASTER OF ACCOUNTANCY DEGREES Courtney Susann Asunmaa, M.A. Kim Michelle Bartleson, M.A. Christina Jo Burkett, M.A. Joy Christine Devlin, M.A. Joy O. Egbuta, M.A. Mary Elizabeth Henry, M.A. Kamilah Bayewa Joyner, M.A. Laura Ann Meyers, M.A. Danielle M. Mitchell, M.A. Ashlea Nicole Porter, M.A. FORBES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CANDIDATES FOR MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEGREES Hazel Mae Draguin Abella, M.B.A. Stephanie Zianne Adams, M.B.A. Adam Paul Adelman, M.B.A. Nusrat Afroz, M.B.A. Gloria Agbettoh, M.B.A. Jason Samuel Aguirre, M.B.A. Mohanad Sharif Alhayek, M.B.A. Antonio Lashone Allen, Sr., M.B.A. Ishanek Ariane Allen, M.B.A. Jamie Lynn Allen, M.B.A. Joeanne Allen, M.B.A. Sattar Razaq Hasan Almoussawi, M.B.A. Jose Manuel Alonso, M.B.A. David Anthony Alvarez, M.B.A. Leticia Alvarez, M.B.A. Andrew B. Amason, M.B.A. Xena K. Ames, M.B.A. Belinda Ampofo, M.B.A. Amanda Renee Amyx, M.B.A. Elizabeth Sara Anderson, M.B.A. Shana Wilson Anderson, M.B.A. Dawn Lynette Appelberg, M.B.A. Gina Marie Ardissoni, M.B.A. William Fraser Armstrong, M.B.A. Alfredo S. Baking, M.B.A. Joan Elacion Balagasay, M.B.A. Shannon J. Banks, M.B.A. Melenie Barbee, M.B.A. Jacqueline Tonina Baresi, M.B.A. Keesha Renee Barnes, M.B.A. Kellie Darleen Bassage, M.B.A. Melinda Suzanne Bayless, M.B.A. Kelli B. Beachum, M.B.A. Michele Beam, M.B.A. Carol Ann Williams, M.A. Jamillah Ann Williams, M.A. Kenitra Renee Williams, M.A. Latasha D. Williams, M.A. Nephthatia Ann Williams-Hope, M.A. Robert Louis Williams, Jr., M.A. Shantelle Ebony Williams, M.A. Toquan Nicole Williams, M.A. Ray McKindley Williams, Jr., M.A. Geraldine Antoinette Wilson, M.A. Keyosha Annette Wilson, M.A. Theresa G. Wilson, M.A. Shawn Patrick Winland, M.A. Brandi Marie Wittig, M.A. Tamiko A. Woodard, M.A. Mardina Renee Woods, M.A. Tenell Culene Woods, M.A. Christine Woolard, M.A. Connie Y. Wooten, M.A. Savior C. Wright, M.A. Patrick Wycoff, M.A. Susan Xiong, M.A. Patrick Yant, M.A. Tamara L. Zank, M.A. Roshima Shanea Shearer, M.A. Shelby Jane Sheets, M.A. Olivia Yvonne Small, M.A. Marilyn F. Thorsted, M.A. Ryan Beeler, M.B.A. Melissa Sue Behm, M.B.A. Danielle Rene Bell, M.B.A. Karen A. Bellow, M.B.A. Gabriel Zaragosa Benavidez, M.B.A. Casey Michele Bennett, M.B.A. Christopher John Berg, M.B.A. Brian Christopher Berleth, M.B.A. Sandebra Lynn Billingsley, M.B.A. Kyle Evan Birkfeld, M.B.A. Nathan Patrick Bishop, M.B.A. Ladonna Stewart, M.B.A. Amanda Jo Alice Boden, M.B.A. Justine A. Boleyn, M.B.A. Anthony A. Bolton, M.B.A. Ariel B. Bowman, M.B.A. Jillian Denise Boyd, M.B.A

31 Terry Arnold Boyd, M.B.A. Gina Michele Boyington, M.B.A. Drazen Bozic, M.B.A. Devon Brabham, M.B.A. Davia S. Bradnock, M.B.A. Kristina Dianne Brandy, M.B.A. Michael R. Bridges, M.B.A. Carmen W. Brittain, M.B.A. Daniel Charles Brown, M.B.A. Donna Tomie Brown, M.B.A. Zachary David Brown, M.B.A. Sharonda Bryant, M.B.A. Robert Lawrence Buie, M.B.A. Noel Salang Bulanan, M.B.A. James Scott Bunch, M.B.A. William Preston Burns IV, M.B.A. Brad Burton, M.B.A. Lyndsey Ryan Burton, M.B.A. Kristin Danielle Bush, M.B.A. Frieda Leemay Cabias, M.B.A. Ty Edward Cade, M.B.A. Taylor Caesar, M.B.A. JaCola Simone Caldwell, M.B.A. Jeffrey A. Calhoun, M.B.A. Richie Campbell, M.B.A. Kelby Maurice Canty, M.B.A. Jonathan Alexander Caprine, M.B.A. Corey A. Carmichael, M.B.A. Chenelle M. Carnes, M.B.A. Ronald B. Carney, M.B.A. Tavia O. Carr, M.B.A. Daniel Robert Casey, M.B.A. Muhamed Casorla, M.B.A. Joshua Paul Cassidy, M.B.A. Thomas Jacob Castrilla, M.B.A. Christina Alvarado Castro, M.B.A. Erik William Cecchetti, M.B.A. Carmelle Mignon Chandler, M.B.A. Roderckus Kemos Chandler, M.B.A. Aquino Keynell Charles, M.B.A. Bailey Jo Charles, M.B.A. Stephanie D. Charles, M.B.A. Rodney R. Chatman, M.B.A. John Rudolph Cheatem, M.B.A. Bethany A. Chenette, M.B.A. Anthony Issas Cisneros, M.B.A. Jasmine Clark, M.B.A. Mamie Achee Clark, M.B.A. Tawana Clay, M.B.A. Jabbar Andrew Clinton, M.B.A. Gail A. Coates, M.B.A. Jonathan Earl Cole, M.B.A. Michelle Coleman, M.B.A. Kenneth Alan Coley, M.B.A. Alisha Dawn Combs, M.B.A. Myles Gifford Compton, M.B.A. Robin Jason Condry, M.B.A. Linette Conley, M.B.A. Latoria Sheqa Cooke, M.B.A. Miesha Shenell Cooper, M.B.A. Charlett Copeland, M.B.A. Alejandro Cora III, M.B.A. Gilbert Cortez, M.B.A. Wendy Lynn Cothran, M.B.A. Shane Alan Cotter, M.B.A. Andrea Y. Court, M.B.A. Lazenith Annette Cousin, M.B.A. Rynn Cherisse Cox, M.B.A. Ginger J. Coy, M.B.A. Billy Wayne Crabb III, M.B.A. Jennifer Anne Croad, M.B.A. Mary Elizabeth Crook, M.B.A. Joe Lopez Cuaresma, M.B.A. John Cameron Cumberbatch, M.B.A. Scott Byron Cunningham, Jr., M.B.A. Jason Robert Curley, M.B.A. Melissa Lynn Currie, M.B.A. Reanne Teresa Daly, M.B.A. Chauncey Adriel Dameron, M.B.A. Alisha Nonabah Damon, M.B.A. Maurice DeJuan Dampier, M.B.A. Tara Dancy, M.B.A. Rebekah Dee Dandeneau, M.B.A. John Edward David, Jr., M.B.A. Bernard Jason Davis, M.B.A. Euradell Davis, M.B.A. Sharleda Davis, M.B.A. Terence Malvin Davis, M.B.A. Yvette Davis, M.B.A. Jerome D. Deal, M.B.A. Lisa Marie Deal, M.B.A. Steven Roger Decker, M.B.A. David Deibel, M.B.A. Jarvis Myles Dela Cruz, M.B.A. Jean Misae Rosales Delago, M.B.A. Sarah Dent, M.B.A. Carmen DePaulo, M.B.A. Trina Mico Depew, M.B.A. Matthew Shane Dickson, M.B.A. Tera Lynn Disdier, M.B.A. Amit Rohit Doshi, M.B.A. Patrina Yvonne Doughty, M.B.A. Kimberly Dolores Duarte, M.B.A. Stacey Letitia Dukes, M.B.A. Peter John Dumas, M.B.A. Caleb Dunbar, M.B.A. Jennifer C. Duncan, M.B.A. Tanesha Monique Dunn, M.B.A. Robert Alan Early, M.B.A. Stacey Denise Ecenbarger, M.B.A. Teresa Darden Edwards, M.B.A. Reginald Gary Elaban, M.B.A. Karla L. Elder Beckles, M.B.A. Janae Monique Elliott, M.B.A. Cyra Embrack-Dalley, M.B.A. Stephen Erato III, M.B.A. Roel N. Espinosa, M.B.A. Nadia Monique Evans, M.B.A. Tiffanie Nicole Evans, M.B.A. David V. Ewing, M.B.A. Nadine Falconer, M.B.A. Cullen W. Farrar, M.B.A. Jason Dion Felix, M.B.A. Violet Fisher, M.B.A. Melissa Anne Fitzsimmons, M.B.A. Daniel J. Florence, M.B.A. Orenthia James Florence, M.B.A. Angela M. Flournoy, M.B.A. Petia D neille Flowers, M.B.A. Aurelia Vanessa Flynt, M.B.A. Shaun T. Forbis, M.B.A. John Forsythe, M.B.A. Omarci D. Foster, M.B.A. Eric Mathew Fox, M.B.A. Susan Elizabeth Fox-Bowen, M.B.A. Candelleria Francisco, M.B.A. Demario Dewaunn Franklin, M.B.A. Wavney Fraser, M.B.A. Stephanie Lynn Freeman, M.B.A. Bruce Daniel French, M.B.A. Michael Doane Fuller, M.B.A. Benjamin Garcia, M.B.A. Carla C. Garcia, M.B.A. Oscar Garcia, M.B.A. Vicky Garcia, M.B.A. Alex Eugene Gawura, M.B.A. Richard Gebbia, M.B.A. Christy Lee George, M.B.A. August John Gephardt III, M.B.A. Travis Wade Gibson, M.B.A. Suzanne A. Gilbert, M.B.A. Sandra Kay Gill, M.B.A. Patricia King Gilmore, M.B.A. Christopher Joseph Giroux, M.B.A. Devin A. Glover, M.B.A. Mauricio Gomez, M.B.A. Stephanie Goodman, M.B.A. Natalia Lorraine Gordon, M.B.A. Cornelius Gore, M.B.A. Cindy Lynn Gose, M.B.A. Danielle Gervacio Graf, M.B.A. Nicana Patrice Gray, M.B.A. Raquel Lesha Gray, M.B.A. Deadre S. Green, M.B.A. Jessica Tahwan Green, M.B.A. Whitney Nicole Green, M.B.A. Debra Joanna Greene, M.B.A. Angela Michelle Grice, M.B.A. Andria Nicole Griffin, M.B.A. Sheila Faye Guinn, M.B.A. Lauren Brook Gutierrez, M.B.A. Roseanne M. Gwilt, M.B.A. Paulette L. Hacker, M.B.A. Crista Ann Hahn, M.B.A. David A. Haimbaugh, M.B.A. David Aprelo Haines, M.B.A. Teresa Rena Hall, M.B.A. Tina Marie Hall, M.B.A. Willie Hall, M.B.A. Heang K. Hang, M.B.A. Marjan Frances Harper, M.B.A. Betty Mae Elizabeth Harr, M.B.A. Rachel Yvonne Harris, M.B.A. Steven Jarmarl Harris, M.B.A. Tonya Sue Harrison, M.B.A. Margaret Maner Haspert, M.B.A. Tyler S. Hatcher, M.B.A. Michael Lawrence Haynes, M.B.A. Spencer Lane Hedine, M.B.A. Tammer Hefnawy, M.B.A. Matthew Carl Helmkamp, M.B.A. Corey Larkin Henderson, M.B.A. Rasheda Deanna Henry, M.B.A. Aaron Hickerson, M.B.A. Marisa Cheyenne Hickerson, M.B.A. Melissa Sue Hicks, M.B.A. James Raymond Hill, M.B.A. Collin Hinchman, M.B.A. James Albert Hocker, M.B.A. Michael Bradley Hole, M.B.A. Benjamin Michael Holiber, M.B.A. Anna Elizabeth Holland, M.B.A. Laura La Jean Johnson Holly, M.B.A. Tommie Lee Holmes, M.B.A. Gabriella Hong, M.B.A. Fernando A. Howard, M.B.A. Jason L. Howard, M.B.A. Daniel M. Howe, M.B.A. Joshua Howell, M.B.A. William Murrel Hubbard, M.B.A. Dionna Hudson, M.B.A. Sandi Dawn Hughes, M.B.A. Miesha Hunt, M.B.A. Ronald Pedro Hunt, M.B.A. Tiffany Lea Hunt, M.B.A. Kari Ann Hunter, M.B.A. Carla Janine Isaacs, M.B.A. Calvin Jackson, M.B.A. Jenna N. Jackson, M.B.A. Melissa Jackson, M.B.A. Nancy A. Jackson, M.B.A. Tia Marie Jackson, M.B.A. Samantha Jacobs, M.B.A. Jessica Caroline Janke, M.B.A. Lori Lynne Jarosz, M.B.A. Tiesha T. Jarrett, M.B.A. Krystal Jenkins, M.B.A. Leanne Kunhee Cho Jewell, M.B.A. Brandon Michael Johnson, M.B.A. Crystal Lashay Johnson, M.B.A. Deron R. Johnson, M.B.A. Felicia M. Johnson, M.B.A. Geneen Nicole Johnson, M.B.A. Justin E. Johnson, M.B.A. Neville Clarence Clive Johnson, M.B.A. Devon Michelle Jones, M.B.A. Jenece Tianna Jones, M.B.A. Julius Leon Jones, M.B.A. Kymberli Lashai Jones, M.B.A. Marques W. Jones, M.B.A. Nakeshia S. Jones, M.B.A. Shaphia Bolling Jones, M.B.A. Deniss Jordan, M.B.A. Dustin Lee Keller, M.B.A. Prishonda L. Kelly, M.B.A. Joi Yvonne Kennedy, M.B.A. Denise Kerr-Hoover, M.B.A. Lisa Ann Kiefer, M.B.A. Toby Lee Kilbourn, M.B.A. Mi-Sook Helen Kim-Save, M.B.A. Christina King, M.B.A. Khadesha Kereece King, M.B.A. Kirk Daniel King, M.B.A. Karen A. Kinn, M.B.A. Kristopher Joseph Klein, M.B.A. Cayla Kletz, M.B.A. Jacob Nana Kolokolo, M.B.A. Mariana I. Kopacz, M.B.A. Alexander James Kravchuk, M.B.A. Monica L. Kreher, M.B.A. Emily Elizabeth Kuehner, M.B.A. Jaime Lynn Kuhn, M.B.A. Lenora Josephine Kumar, M.B.A. Brian A. Kunz, M.B.A. Philip Fordjour Kusi, M.B.A. Angela Lacroix, M.B.A. Guadalupe Alvarado Lara, M.B.A. Carly Joan Larson, M.B.A. Steonée LaVerne Laskey, M.B.A. Derrick LeShawn Lattimore II, M.B.A. Charleton Michael Laurent, M.B.A. Charlene S. LeBlanc, M.B.A. Saundra Lee, M.B.A. Shane Anthony Leketa, M.B.A. Kishona A. Lewis, M.B.A. Sean Anthony Lewis, M.B.A. Bridget Linn, M.B.A. Peter Lit, M.B.A. Adriana Sofía Llantada, M.B.A. Nicole Danyalle Lockett, M.B.A. Stephanie Kerrin Lomax, M.B.A. Sarah Lonise Lopez, M.B.A. Pamela Lovato, M.B.A. Angela Lynette Loyd, M.B.A. Jessica Lynn Lucarelli, M.B.A. Ginger Renee Luetge, M.B.A. Erik Charles Lutz, M.B.A. Steven Vinh Luu, M.B.A. Mathew Anthony Macedo, M.B.A. Dawn L. Madison, M.B.A. Christina Nicole MaKinster, M.B.A. Jennifer J. Maldonado, M.B.A. Elizabeth Manginelli, M.B.A. Nyoka Chantel Mann, M.B.A. Tameika Manns, M.B.A. Michael Damian Marsala, M.B.A. Theodore Robert Martell, M.B.A. Marina L. Martin, M.B.A. Patricia Lynn Martin, M.B.A. Rachel Veronica McBride, M.B.A. Hattie McCauley, M.B.A. Jenny Lynn McCoig, M.B.A. Anthony Paul McCullough, M.B.A. Michael McCurdy, M.B.A. Talisa N. McDowell, M.B.A. Stephanie H. McElligott, M.B.A. Tiffany L. McGhee, M.B.A. Benjamin K. McKune, M.B.A. Eme McLaughlin, M.B.A. Lashawnda Sheri Mcleod, M.B.A. Sarah Melissa McMorris, M.B.A. Lloyd Michael McMurphy, M.B.A. Joseph Terence McNeice, M.B.A. Javish Raul Medina Gonzalez, M.B.A. Hannah Elizabeth Medley, M.B.A. Monique Danielle Miller, M.B.A. Shemaiah L. Mitchell, M.B.A. Thomas E. Mitchell, M.B.A. Chinere Lynn Mock, M.B.A. Dawn Keeley Moore, M.B.A. Don C. Moore, M.B.A. Kyle L. Moore, M.B.A. LaRon L. Moore, M.B.A. Monique Danelle Moore, M.B.A. Robert Clayton Moore, M.B.A. Jhoanna M. Mora, M.B.A. Diana Lizette Morris, M.B.A. Trista Melinda Morrison, M.B.A. Charlotte Morrow, M.B.A. William M. Morrow, M.B.A. Kelsey Anne Munck, M.B.A. Tara Lyn Murawski, M.B.A. James M. Murphy, M.B.A. Terence M. Murphy, M.B.A. Julius Andra Muse, M.B.A. Babak Namiranian, M.B.A. Sadeler Narcisse, M.B.A. Genevieve Navarro, M.B.A. Tiffany Monique Neely, M.B.A. Anitra Carmel Nesbitt, M.B.A. Kevin Lee New, M.B.A. Kristine Renee Zank, M.B.A. Marvis Telaine Nicholson, M.B.A. Benjamin Baboucar Njie, M.B.A. Joshua Cody Noblin, M.B.A. Javonna Rae Nordin, M.B.A. Khadijah Nuriddin, M.B.A. Adaku J. Obodoakor, M.B.A. Joab Odondi, M.B.A. Rashad Obinna Okezie, M.B.A. Rose Betty Okombo, M.B.A. Cheryl Olivier, M.B.A. Shanise Lynell Ollie, M.B.A. Jose Encanacion Ontiveros, M.B.A

32 Maria Delcarmen Orozco, M.B.A. Erik Justin Ortega, M.B.A. Charles Curtes Navarra Osbey, M.B.A. Alicia Michelle Owen, M.B.A. Diana Glendora Palmer, M.B.A. Blair Carmen Parella, Jr., M.B.A. Seth Stephan Parker, M.B.A. Shane Antonio Parker, M.B.A. Stephaney A. Parks, M.B.A. Kristin D. Patterson, M.B.A. Estella Latrice Patton, M.B.A. Vickie Rena Patton, M.B.A. Catherine Carol Pauley, M.B.A. Julia Joyce Penrod, M.B.A. Chamonica Peoples, M.B.A. Rosa Karina Perez, M.B.A. Nina Ann Perla, M.B.A. Julie Leis Peters, M.B.A. Amanda Marie Philmon, M.B.A. Sreedhar R. Pingili, M.B.A. Wanda M. Pinkney, M.B.A. Bernave Ponce, M.B.A. Kerinthia Michelle Poole, M.B.A. Stacie Porosky, M.B.A. Melissa M. Potter, M.B.A. Sheree Price, M.B.A. Kelly Joan Pugh, M.B.A. Clarissa Renee Pullen, M.B.A. Georgina Marie Q.uinlan, M.B.A. Sara Rahtz, M.B.A. Nicole Marie Reardon, M.B.A. Mary E. Rees, M.B.A. Trish Marie Reifenstahl, M.B.A. Bryana Sara Reuter, M.B.A. Timothy B. Rhodes, M.B.A. Gordon Keith Rhymes, Jr., M.B.A. Hannah C. Rice, M.B.A. Tara Deann Richards, M.B.A. Evelyn Ernestine Richardson, M.B.A. Raymond R. Rivera, M.B.A. Angela Brimm Roberts, M.B.A. Christina Joy Roberts, M.B.A. Valerie J. Roberts, M.B.A. Jeremy David Robertsen, M.B.A. Kimberly Robinson, M.B.A. Nicholas A. Robson, M.B.A. Ronald Rodriguez, M.B.A. Jesse Daniel Rojano, M.B.A. Adam James Rossiter, M.B.A. Derek Allen Rothenberger, M.B.A. David William Rousseau, M.B.A. Krystal L. Ruggiero, M.B.A. Christen Lynn Rush, M.B.A. Tiffany A. Rutledge, M.B.A. Deborah Marie Ryan, M.B.A. Kulnaree Sakulthep, M.B.A. Nicole Monica Sanchez, M.B.A. Jhazlyn Sanders, M.B.A. Andres Eduardo Santillana, M.B.A. Jose Javier Santos, M.B.A. Brittany Ann Scarberry, M.B.A. Michelle H. Schaal, M.B.A. Jerrold Cornelius Schinze, M.B.A. Cori Shannon Schmidt, M.B.A. Elizabeth Lynne Schwartz, M.B.A. Arianna Celena Scott, M.B.A. Christopher Bernard Scott, M.B.A. Lakshmi Seelam, M.B.A. Moonie Shin, M.B.A. Alicia Anne Shoemake, M.B.A. Tyler Michael Shoemaker, M.B.A. Steven Ray Short, M.B.A. Marat Shvartsman, M.B.A. Verna Lynne Kananionalani Silva-Pablo, M.B.A. Bryant L. Singleton, M.B.A. Ashleigh Taylor Sinram, M.B.A. Daniel Jordan Slater, M.B.A. Jessica Sledge, M.B.A. Chad Nelson Small, M.B.A. Eddie L. Smith, M.B.A. Keela Marie Smith, M.B.A. Paulette A. Smith, M.B.A. Ronald Edward Smith, M.B.A. Trang T. Snell, M.B.A. Khadija Latrice Solomon, M.B.A. Cesar Armando Sosa, M.B.A. Reginald Dixon Soules, M.B.A. Taneika Spence, M.B.A. Jeffrey Springer, Jr., M.B.A. Brandice Stanley, M.B.A. Gloria Stanley, M.B.A. Crista Lee Starkey, M.B.A. Nathan James Strebe, M.B.A. Monica Stubbins, M.B.A. Trenton Jay Sullivan, M.B.A. Dayne Sutherland, M.B.A. Darlene Anita Swanagan, M.B.A. Troy Anthony Swanson, M.B.A. Matthew Charles Sylvain, M.B.A. Sarah A. Tabak, M.B.A. Martin James Tall, M.B.A. Scott George Tanderup, M.B.A. Lakisha Tate, M.B.A. Jerneko L. Taylor, M.B.A. Tara C. Taylor, M.B.A. Randi D. Teem, M.B.A. Ross Terry, M.B.A. Jerri Rachelle Thomas, M.B.A. Sherin Thomas, M.B.A. Sophia Floren Thomas, M.B.A. Noleen Thomas-Leak, M.B.A. Brittany Nicole Thompson, M.B.A. Darlene Thompson, M.B.A. Marney Marie Jane Thompson, M.B.A. Samantha Renea Thompson, M.B.A. Amanda Dawn Thorn, M.B.A. Auston Till, M.B.A. Mitchell Allen Topping, M.B.A. Kristen Georgena Townsend, M.B.A. Jeanne Tran, M.B.A. Christine Rita Trejo, M.B.A. Matthew H. Trenholme, M.B.A. Anthony Michael Trombley, M.B.A. George Tunaru, M.B.A. Marcus Wayne Turner, M.B.A. Catherine Ann Van Emon, M.B.A. Tammy Sue Van Scyoc, M.B.A. Andrea L. Vanderhoff, M.B.A. Carrie Elizabeth Vardaman, M.B.A. Anush Vardanyan, M.B.A. Magdalena Vargas, M.B.A. Kerry Waylin Vault, M.B.A. Jessica Edith Velez, M.B.A. Victor Manuel Diaz Vidana, M.B.A. Rajesh Vijayan, M.B.A. Tanya Marie Wade, M.B.A. Michelle Waldron, M.B.A. Charlene Yvette Walker, M.B.A. Erica Walker, M.B.A. Joshua M. Walker, M.B.A. Karen Marie Waller, M.B.A. Tiffany Nicole Simpson Ware, M.B.A. Brandon Rasheem Washington, M.B.A. Cory Watts, M.B.A. Deaushay Lashawn Watts, M.B.A. Jill Elizabeth Weaver, M.B.A. Hannah L. Webb, M.B.A. Joan Welch, M.B.A. Joyleen G. Wels, M.B.A. Dessira Leeanne Werchadlo, M.B.A. Robert Anthony Wessel, M.B.A. Latonia S. White, M.B.A. Michael Anthony White, M.B.A. Morgan Harris White, M.B.A. Aaron Richard Whittington, M.B.A. Debra Wiarek, M.B.A. Urese Wiley, M.B.A. Eric C. Williams, M.B.A. Jaeisha Tenae Williams, M.B.A. Krystal Khalilah Williams, M.B.A. Lakisha Williams, M.B.A. Mary Moore Williams, M.B.A. Rosemarie S. Williams, M.B.A. Sylvester Williams, M.B.A. Tiffany Nicole Williams, M.B.A. Ashley Christophe Willis, M.B.A. Lisa Corlette Wilson, M.B.A. Eugene Artemus Wood, M.B.A. Mark N. Wood, M.B.A. Mandy Farris Woods, M.B.A. Nicole L. Woods, M.B.A. Tammy Jean Wynne, M.B.A. Prem Yadav, M.B.A. Jacklyn M. Ybarra, M.B.A. Aggie L. Young, M.B.A. Alex Yaubon Yu, M.B.A. Danielle G. Zarrella, M.B.A. Robert Richard Zasada II, M.B.A. Kraig Phillip Zebrowski, M.B.A. Nicole Dawn Zimmerman, M.B.A. Jasmine Shavon Zinnerman, M.B.A. Ted Garrison Zook, M.B.A. FORBES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CANDIDATES FOR MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION DEGREES John Akshar, M.P.A. Camille Arendt, M.P.A. Heather Lee Bauldree- Acree, M.P.A. Kimber Lee Beal, M.P.A. Gwendolyn D. Benton, M.P.A. Juliet Bilbrew, M.P.A. Jomo Dwayne Blair, M.P.A. Alison Alenthia Blake, M.P.A. Angela Gayle Blakley, M.P.A. Bonita Jean Bligh, M.P.A. Tim B. Bowles, M.P.A. Chayo Ervino Rayo Briggs, M.P.A. Chermaleta Aundrell Brown, M.P.A. Kellie Jo Brown, M.P.A. Nina K. Brown, M.P.A. Sonya Y. Brown, M.P.A. Yolanda Josephine Brown, M.P.A. Lorrie A. Burch, M.P.A. Kenya Burns, M.P.A. Jonathan Tyler Carpenter, M.P.A. Rebecca Lynn Carsey, M.P.A. Donna Faye Carter, M.P.A. Linda Carwell, M.P.A. Darren Neal Cecil, M.P.A. Nina Simone Chalmers, M.P.A. Danielle Chapman, M.P.A. Stacy Lauren Christianson, M.P.A. James Allen Clark, M.P.A. Armondo Ponfileo Cor-Dova, M.P.A. Ashley D. Crutcher, M.P.A. Nikita Alicia Cummings, M.P.A. Temeca Natrice DeCosey, M.P.A. Timothy Lee Deitrick, M.P.A. Kautouya Rheanette Dixon, M.P.A. Adam J. Dwyer, M.P.A. Erin Marie Elders, M.P.A. Cody Rae Engelhaupt, M.P.A. William Ray Felder, M.P.A. Ricardo D. Fierro, M.P.A. Adriel Gamez, M.P.A. Jimauis Deonte Glover, M.P.A. Terrence O Quin Gore, M.P.A. Michelle Renee Grate, M.P.A. Sallina V. Gray, M.P.A. Wanda Greene Grier, M.P.A. Ekaterina Gvatua, M.P.A. Lasherry Hall, M.P.A. Brandy Nicole Hamm, M.P.A. Ileana Maria Hernandez, M.P.A. Bianca D. Hill, M.P.A. Sadie Hill, M.P.A. Chad Michael Hoakison, M.P.A. Angela Marie Holliday, M.P.A. Kevin Richard Jackson, M.P.A. Kimberly Nicole Jackson, M.P.A. LaKeishia Jackson, M.P.A. Shakara Darrlyn Jenkins, M.P.A. Angela Jones-Brown, M.P.A. Laura Kathryn Kelly, M.P.A. Mark Edward King, M.P.A. Eric Michael Knowings, M.P.A. Kristy Deanne Kupski, M.P.A. Trevica Princess Lewis, M.P.A. Kristy Lee Longmire, M.P.A. Daniel J. Majnarich, M.P.A. Patrice B. Marshall, M.P.A. Rosa Crumpler McGee, M.P.A. Latoshia Renee McKoy, M.P.A. Shakiyla Montrice McLin, M.P.A. Crystal M. Meadors, M.P.A. Kimberly Sheree Mobley, M.P.A. Kamie Sherice Naughton, M.P.A. Janet Marie Obayomi, M.P.A. Mary Louise Oliver, M.P.A. Marla Christine Oswald, M.P.A. Shamika Parnell, M.P.A. Shane Chresma Penland, M.P.A. Dana Henry Pensado, M.P.A. Robert Francis Piccioli, Jr., M.P.A. Anthony L. Pyatt, M.P.A. Monique W. Q.uigley, M.P.A. Anantheshwara Kant Raju, M.P.A. Kailen Damon Reynolds, M.P.A. Tiffany Rivera, M.P.A. Morgan Desiree Robertson, M.P.A. Yolanda Louise Rountree, M.P.A. Jessica Leigh Sklenar, M.P.A. Samantha Sowell, M.P.A. Sarah Elizabeth Spekczynski, M.P.A. Sloane Spencer, M.P.A. Shaun-Michael K. St. Vincent, M.P.A. Veronica T. Stanford, M.P.A. Fatimah Rasheedah Stout, M.P.A. Gbote Oulote Tahyor, M.P.A. Felicia Fuqua Taylor, M.P.A. Geraldine Tolbert, M.P.A. Beatriz A. Vela, M.P.A. Rose C. Wheeler, M.P.A. Hermina Vilena Williams, M.P.A. John Cooley Williams, M.P.A. Julie Anne Wilson, M.P.A. Demarck Arrmon Wimberly, M.P.A. Diana Rae Winder, M.P.A. Debra Delores Woods, M.P.A. John Joseph Wright, M.P.A

33 ALUMNI ADDRESS Congratulations, graduates of Ashford University! It is an honor and privilege to welcome you into the Ashford University Alumni Association and your alumni community. All Ashford alumni share a common bond: the Ashford Experience. Your education, experiences, and friendships are the foundation of your lifelong connection with Ashford University. As alumni, you have a responsibility to ensure that those who come after you will find an institution that has been strengthened by your vision, your accomplishments, and your involvement. The mark of a truly great collegiate community is that all members applaud an institution that becomes far better with each generation. As you graduate, we encourage you to look back upon your fond memories of this special experience and look forward to a future made rich because of your personal investment. Maintain your connection with your alma mater. Share your successes, challenges, ideas, and thoughts with us at or online through our official social pages and groups. We are thrilled over your achievement, excited about your potential, and humbled by all the possible ways you will change the world and make our planet a better place to live. Enjoy this moment! You ve EARNED IT! 64 65

34 ASHFORD UNIVERSITY TIMELINE 1918 In 1918, the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa, founded Mount St The Durgin Educational Center was completed in April. The first Ashford University became accredited by the WASC Clare College (MSC) as a junior commencement ceremony was Senior College and University college for women. held there in May. Commission (WSCUC). Also, the College of Business and Professional Studies became the The College was first accredited In December 2002, MSC became Forbes School of Business due by the North Central Association The Franciscan University, and to the alliance formed between of Colleges and Schools and in May 2004 it conferred its first Ashford and Forbes Media. maintained it until being Master s degrees. accredited by the WASC 2014 Senior College and University 2005 San Diego, California hosted the Commission (WSCUC). Bridgepoint Education, Inc., a fall commencement ceremony higher education organization, for the first time at the San Diego s acquired the institution in 2005, Convention Center. Construction of a spacious and its name was changed to two-story library building was Ashford University completed. The St. Francis Both spring and fall Auditorium-Gymnasium was 2011 commencement ceremonies built, construction of Durham Ashford University partnered were held in San Diego at the Hall, a residence hall, was with the Clinton LumberKings Viejas Arena. Ashford University completed in 1962, and the (Midwest League affiliate of the also added a family celebration Science Building was built in Seattle Mariners) to rename day at the San Diego campus the historic Riverview Stadium as day before commencement. Ashford University Field MSC received approval to award 2012 baccalaureate degrees. The first Ashford University acquired degree offered was in Business a new logo, the badge of Administration. achievement. Also, Ashford launched a national advertising 1981 campaign promoting the First baccalaureate degree unique message, Technology conferred during graduation in Changes Everything. The spring May. commencement ceremony took place at the iwireless Center in Moline, IL. 67

Franklin County Circuit Court George Fraley ParkwayRm 157

Franklin County Circuit Court George Fraley ParkwayRm 157 User: PamAnderson Franklin County Circuit Court - 440 George Fraley ParkwayRm 157 Civil Winchester Court Docket Page 1 of 4 06/06/2017 09:00AM Judge JUSTIN C ANGEL 26CC1-2008-CV-94 NATASHA JOYCE ALLAN

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Hearing Type: Violation Hearing ST. of TN vs. TRAVIS WAYNE BRILEY (et. al)

Hearing Type: Violation Hearing ST. of TN vs. TRAVIS WAYNE BRILEY (et. al) Date: 02/09/2018 4:05PM Sumner County Circuit Court - Criminal Court Docket Page 1 of 5 02/12/2018 08:30AM 83CC1-2016-CR-242 83CC1-2017-CR-416 83CC1-2015-CR-686 83CC1-2015-CR-896 83CC1-2018-CR-4 83CC1-2016-CR-185

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WAL MART SUPERCENTER vs JENNIFER BELL Jennifer Bell THEFT OF MERCHANDISE - SHOPLIFTING Filing: 09/12/2016 Hearing Notes: VORP Date: 12/07/2016 2:03PM Cumberland Co General Sessions Court - Criminal Court Docket Page 1 of 8 12/12/2016 10:00AM Judge LARRY M WARNER 18GS1-2016-CR-3891 ST of TN vs ROBERT FRANCIS BELANGER Off: Elliot

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Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 12/12/2016 to 12/30/2016 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Monday, December 12, 2016

Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 12/12/2016 to 12/30/2016 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Monday, December 12, 2016 Monday, December 12, 2016 1 04DR0111 OSBORN, TONY vs Final hearing Plaintiff OSBORN, TONY Armintrout, George William Plaintiff OSBORN, LOUISE Stroop, Richele Marie 10:00 am 16DS0197 RUMER, KRISTINE ELIZABETH

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Catholic Church of Jennings County Liturgical Ministers Schedule September November 2017 September 2/3: Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Catholic Church of Jennings County Liturgical Ministers Schedule September November 2017 September 2/3: Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time September 2/3: Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time EMHC Iris Biehle Miranda Reitman Amber Elsner Tony Eder EMHC Sharlot Ertel *Weston Miller Alicia Pollert Kim Eder EMHC *Kent Biehle Katelyn Capes -

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Mohave County Superior Court

Mohave County Superior Court Courtroom B - 401 Spring Street, Kingman, AZ 86401 8:30:00AM S8015CR201500313 MICHAEL SIDNEY IORG HAMP, SHAWN BRIAN S8015CR201500633 JEFFERY MICHAEL BRANAM ZICKERMAN, ADAM K S8015CR201500665 DEFENSE COUNSEL

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GF Alternate Shot (L2) Final

GF Alternate Shot (L2) Final Division: F01 Mult Groves/Linton Groves, Elisabeth Grace Linton, Kaci Marie 60.00 points 1st Clack J.Jenson/Mason Jenson, Julia Jean 61.00 points 2nd Mason, Donna HD Woods/Adkins Adkins, Cynthia Ann 64.00

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Cross Bearer George Boggs Randy Higginbotham Edwin Olivera Ushers Don Stewart Sam Oldham Cathy Lott Lisa Kiser Karen Mullen Ed Stahl

Cross Bearer George Boggs Randy Higginbotham Edwin Olivera Ushers Don Stewart Sam Oldham Cathy Lott Lisa Kiser Karen Mullen Ed Stahl Ministry 4:00 PM 9:00 AM 10:30 AM 5:00 PM Sept 3/4 Lector Carolyn O'Connor Marlen Fulton Easter Kirby Dierdre Baker Extraordinary Lynda Gruber+ David Long + Cheryl Grannan + Ministers of Jeannette Fuchs

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Lectors, Altar Servers, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communions, Head Ushers and Mass Captains Jun 3 - Aug 27

Lectors, Altar Servers, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communions, Head Ushers and Mass Captains Jun 3 - Aug 27 s, s, s, s and s Jun 3 - Aug 27 June 3 - June 4 Saturday, Jun 3, 5:15 PM Stephen Cathcart (1) Veronica Murphy (2) Seamus Reilly (1) Tommy Sullivan (2) Maggie O'Brien (3) Payton Bryk (4) Sharon Murphy Melanie

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EM Leads and Eucharistic Ministers Sep 30 - Dec 17

EM Leads and Eucharistic Ministers Sep 30 - Dec 17 s and s Sep 30 - Dec 17 September 30 - October 1: Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Carol Cassidy Dave Cassidy Lois Karhoff Jim Myers George Sepelak Ann Stechschulte Marvin Stechschulte Charlene Wilkins

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5:00 PM Jan 3/4 Lector David Fuchs Hal Fulton Cecilia Stahl. Michael Allen Extraordinary Carolyn O Connor+ Don Mayer + Cathy Lott+

5:00 PM Jan 3/4 Lector David Fuchs Hal Fulton Cecilia Stahl. Michael Allen Extraordinary Carolyn O Connor+ Don Mayer + Cathy Lott+ Jan 3/4 Lector David Fuchs Hal Fulton Cecilia Stahl Michael Allen Extraordinary Carolyn O Connor+ Don Mayer + Cathy Lott+ Jennifer Pedigo+ Ministers of Rose Anne Hembree Marlen Fulton Carol Bigam Michaeline

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House of Representatives Committee Listing

House of Representatives Committee Listing House of Representatives Committee Listing Accountability, Efficiency,Transparency Jerry R. Turner, Chairman; Robert Foster, Vice-Chairman Members: William Tracy Arnold; Randy P. Boyd; Becky Currie; Tyrone

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NOTTINGHAMSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE AT NOVEMBER 2014 Strategy Committee Andy Wickham People and Wildlife Committee Fran Walker Council of Trustees Ian Johnston Resources & General Purposes Committee Bill Logan NUWS Committee Martin Willis Sites Committee

More information

Volunteer Schedule 2014

Volunteer Schedule 2014 September 7 Fall Communion Head Usher Sam Musolin 10:30 Terry Black Shirley Becker, Diane Alwine, Lois Fieni, Lynn Marsh, Terry Black Art Stephens September 14 September 21 September 28 Sue Van Skiver,,

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9:00 Winter UpStreet Volunteer Schedule Edit: 3/3/16

9:00 Winter UpStreet Volunteer Schedule Edit: 3/3/16 Jan. 3 Jan. 10 Jan. 17 Jan. 24 Jan. 31 Guest Welcome Lyn VanTol Cheryl Kallio Kysa Meigs Jennie Neusiis Lyn VanTol East Side Welcome Laura Derenne Courtney Stahl Abby Williams Elizabeth Wilgenburg Laura

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Weekend and Holy Days November 23 to December 31, 2017

Weekend and Holy Days November 23 to December 31, 2017 Weekend and Holy Days November 23 to December 31, 2017 November 23 Thursday, Nov 23, 9:00 AM Thanksgiving (Church) Bill JEROME - #1 Pur Host Jack MARKLEY - #2 Pur Cup Mary Pat REYNOLDS - #3 Cup Barbara

More information


MINISTRY SCHEDULE SUNDAY MASSES DECEMBER 2017 JANUARY 2018 December 2-3 Saturday 5 p.m. Patrick Mascari Andrew Dossman Joe Mogan Michael Theado* Joan Fontaine 1 David M. Crawford H Grace Elliott Wayne Fontaine - 2 Michelle Estel John Lake Anne Strawser* Susan

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All REPs - All Generations

All REPs - All Generations Personal Submitted Premium Personal Submitted Recruits 1 1YVWW REG Dawn Ecklar 12,283.68 Tim Thompson 7,117.08 Wallace & Gillia Murphy S. T. 3 LF447 REG Dayna Byrd-Mattress 6,567.24 Lee & Carol Hornbuckle

More information

March 5, :00 PM Mass

March 5, :00 PM Mass March 5, 2011 Ashley Jasinski C Kevin Schang Tim Jones Self-Scheduling Lindsey Jasinski Sherry Jasinski Jeane Jones Self-Scheduling by Markus Brown Devon Jones by Trevor Jones March 6, 2011 Joshua Cross

More information



More information

July 9, :00 PM Mass

July 9, :00 PM Mass July 9, 2011 Lindsay Jasinski C Beth Corwin Tim Jones Self-Scheduling Ashley Jasinski Sherry Jasinski Jeane Jones Self-Scheduling by Tyler de Beauclair Devon Jones by Trevor Jones July 10, 2011 Adam Flickema

More information

OS1st Big Game 4 Miler presented by SPORTSPORT Race: 4 Miler. 4 Miler Awards. Generated by Tim Rhodes. on Feb 5, :14:41pm EST

OS1st Big Game 4 Miler presented by SPORTSPORT Race: 4 Miler. 4 Miler Awards. Generated by Tim Rhodes. on Feb 5, :14:41pm EST OS1st Big Game 4 Miler presented by SPORTSPORT Race: 4 Miler 4 Miler Awards Generated by Tim Rhodes on Feb 5, 2017 1:14:41pm EST Female 1 TILDA HELGESSON Blowing Rock, NC F 19-24 00:24:01.46 06:01 1860

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Dispossessory - Pro SE (JOP) Magistrate Court Dispossessory. January 05, :30 AM JUDGE: COURTROOM 1B; JUDGE, PRESIDING

Dispossessory - Pro SE (JOP) Magistrate Court Dispossessory. January 05, :30 AM JUDGE: COURTROOM 1B; JUDGE, PRESIDING 1. EMBARCADERO CLUB APARTMENTS vs. LESLIE AKYRIAH, 16ED017682 Plaintiff: EMBARCADERO CLUB APARTMENTS 12/15/2016 LESLIE AKYRIAH Reginald Booker,Cynthia Booker vs. Tomorrow Barnard 2. 16ED015767 Plaintiff:

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End User Services. Director, EUS Deskside Services Webb,Nancy. Director, EUS Desktop Engineering Poertner,Larry

End User Services. Director, EUS Deskside Services Webb,Nancy. Director, EUS Desktop Engineering Poertner,Larry End User Executive Director, User Mantia,Jill Director, EUS Service Desk Bennett,Bernard Director, AV, Media, Incident Management Communications Arthur,Matthew Director, EUS Deskside Webb,Nancy Director,

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Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. DECEMBER 2017


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LUCAS HIGH SCHOOL LUCAS, IOWA GRADUATES: LUCAS HIGH SCHOOL LUCAS, IOWA GRADUATES: 1886-1959 This list of Lucas High School graduates and their spouses has been compiled from a variety of sources. It has been a work in progress for 40+ years and

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Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 11/8/2017 to 12/8/2017 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Monday, November 13, 2017

Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 11/8/2017 to 12/8/2017 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Monday, November 13, 2017 Monday, November 13, 2017 1 8:30 am 17DR0127 WALKER, KRISTIN H vs WALKER, DANIEL D 9:00 am Hearing on entry WALKER, KRISTIN H Grigsby, Stephanie Gunter WALKER, DANIEL D Evans, Scott Byron 17DS0174 BENDER,

More information

Preston Harriers Road Running Championship 2017

Preston Harriers Road Running Championship 2017 Towneley Park Blackpool Airshow Men Overall 1 Simon Collins M 52 52 52 45 47 44 292 2 Alan Appleby MV65 45 52 29 34 15 25 46 52 283 3 Andrew Tranter MV50 47 48 45 33 35 20 46 274 4 Rob Affleck MV45 52

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5:00 PM Jan 4/5 Lector David Fuchs Hal Fulton Paul Galluzzi. Deirdre Baker Extraordinary Carolyn O Connor+ Don Mayer + Cathy Lott+

5:00 PM Jan 4/5 Lector David Fuchs Hal Fulton Paul Galluzzi. Deirdre Baker Extraordinary Carolyn O Connor+ Don Mayer + Cathy Lott+ Jan 4/5 Lector David Fuchs Paul Galluzzi Deirdre Baker Extraordinary Carolyn O Connor+ Don Mayer + Cathy Lott+ Jennifer Pedigo+ Ministers of Rose Anne Hembree Marlen Fulton Carol Bigam Michaeline Ballard

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EUSPBA Competition Results Capital District Scottish Games 2017 Altamont NY 9/2/17

EUSPBA Competition Results Capital District Scottish Games 2017 Altamont NY 9/2/17 EUSPBA Competition Capital District Scottish Games 2017 Altamont NY 9/2/17 : Joe Brady Jr., Daniel Cole, Maureen E. Connor, Marc E. DuBois, Nancy C. Tunnicliffe, John Wassman, Drew Duthart, June P. Hanley,

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Finance and Business Intelligence Directorate

Finance and Business Intelligence Directorate Finance and Intelligence Directorate PA to Director of Finance Tracey Moss Director of Finance Simon Worthington Personal Secretary Joanne Norris Deputy Director of Finance Andrea Bennett PMO Associate

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Thunderbird District Cub Scout Pack Information (Boys: 1 st - 5 th Grade or 7 11 years old)

Thunderbird District Cub Scout Pack Information (Boys: 1 st - 5 th Grade or 7 11 years old) Bay Area Council Thunderbird www.bacbsa.org You can join any Scouting location. Phone: 409-744-5206 office District Executive: Warren Reed warren.reed@scouting.org Phone: (956)607-6295 District Chairman:

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Physician Directory.

Physician Directory. Physician Directory www.universityhealth.org Table of Contents Specialties 1 www.universityhealth.org i Zulfigat Ahmed, MD Summerville Internists 2316 Wrightsboro Road -6220 Phone: 706-733-3406 Fax:706-738-8757

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MODERATION Southern Venues: Claremont College and Guilford Young College (Glenorchy Campus) Friday 2 nd September

MODERATION Southern Venues: Claremont College and Guilford Young College (Glenorchy Campus) Friday 2 nd September MODERATION September table v1.1 MODERATION 2016 Southern Venues: and Guilford Young (Glenorchy Campus) Friday 2 nd September 9.30am 10.00am 10.00am 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.30pm 12.30pm 2.30pm Coffee/Networking

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ActionLine...Your Board Meeting Update

ActionLine...Your Board Meeting Update ActionLine...Your Board Meeting Update July 16, 2014 Staff assignments approved Aldine ISD Trustees approved a number of staff assignments during their July 15 meeting, and several new staff members were

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Bowling Center League or Competition Name Bowler's Name Date Bowled High Game - Games Under 200

Bowling Center League or Competition Name Bowler's Name Date Bowled High Game - Games Under 200 Brunswick Zone Deptford Oddballs Victoria Williams 10/14/2010 125 Game Magnet (100 Avg. or Less) Brunswick Zone Turnersville Kelgers Andrea Bannister 1/31/2011 125 Game Magnet (100 Avg. or Less) Laurel

More information

Vickie Wadley

Vickie Wadley 2017-2018 Swimming Schools by District **** indicates district coordinator for scheduling, etc. Red highlight indicates the school declared the previous year, however; has not declared for the current

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Alamo Chapter 1st Marine Division - INDIVIDUAL Team Name First Name Last Name Score

Alamo Chapter 1st Marine Division - INDIVIDUAL Team Name First Name Last Name Score Alamo Chapter 1st Marine Division - INDIVIDUAL JOE BROPHY Ralph Winingham 97 ANCIRA CHEVROLET Tricia Kocurek 96 JOE BROPHY Joe Brophy 95 INDIVIDUAL SHOOTERS Pat Murphy 95 MCBRIDES MISFITS Glen Cook 94

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Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 2/24/2014 to 3/31/2014 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Monday, February 24, 2014

Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 2/24/2014 to 3/31/2014 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Monday, February 24, 2014 Monday, February 24, 2014 1 13DR0193 MADDY, DENVER vs MADDY, MARY E Final hearing 2:00 pm 13DR0161 MADDY, DENVER Armintrout, George William MADDY, MARY E Rutledge, Ralph Ray SOWERS, BRITT MICHELLE vs SOWERS,

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Youth Exhibits K - 2 Name School Category Place Prize Singleton, Kaylnn Rollins Nature Craft 1st Place $10

Youth Exhibits K - 2 Name School Category Place Prize Singleton, Kaylnn Rollins Nature Craft 1st Place $10 Youth Exhibits K - 2 Singleton, Kaylnn Rollins Nature Craft 1st Place $10 Swindell, K. FT Gordon Nature Craft 2nd Place $7 Nature Craft 3rd Place $5 Staniszewski, Duncan St, Marys Woord Craft 1st Place

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Village Contact Information

Village Contact Information CARROLLTON VILLAGE MAYOR 80 Second St SW Carrollton, OH 44615 Office Phone: (330) 627-1414 WILLIAM J STONEMAN 827 THOMAS AVE NW CARROLLTON VILLAGE CLERK-TREASURER 80 Second St SW Carrollton, OH 44615 Office

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2014 MOUNTAIN MAGIC DANCE CONVENTION - Contest Results 2014 MOUNTAIN MAGIC DANCE CONVENTION - Contest Results WCS Novice J & J 1 Ryan Boz & Nataliya Tarbeeva 2 Chris Schulz & Tessa Greer 3 Gene Kashack & Kat Painter 4 Ryan Hargrove & Marina Mamshina 5 Danny

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St. Athanasius Worship Ministry Schedules September 2016 to November 2016

St. Athanasius Worship Ministry Schedules September 2016 to November 2016 St. Athanasius Worship Ministry Schedules September 2016 to November 2016 September 3 - September 4 Melissa Casella - host Martha J Grillo - host Julie Miller - cup Gilbert Pielin - cup Regina Boerio -

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More information

Wednesday 16-Jan-2013

Wednesday 16-Jan-2013 DOCKET REPORT Page No: 1 Wednesday 16-Jan-2013 Courtroom 1-2nd Floor VMW 08:30AM K-12-001949 State of Maryland vs Betty I Seidle Arraignment/Initial Appearance 1 of 1 Trostle 08:30AM K-13-000018 State

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Tahoe Donner Giving Fund

Tahoe Donner Giving Fund Tahoe Donner Giving Fund TAHOE DONNER ANNUAL MEETING JUNE 26, 2016 DICK GANDER, CO- CHAIR, TDGF OPERATING AND GRANT COMMITTEE TDGF Goal Tahoe Donner Association s Giving Fund announces $100,000 in grants

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Register Report for Miner Patterson

Register Report for Miner Patterson Generation 1 1. Miner Patterson-1. He was born on Dec 21, 1870 in He died on Apr 26, 1941. Ellen Myrick. She was born on Dec 15, 1878 in She died on Dec 20, 1954 in Knox County, Miner Patterson and Ellen

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June 2, ANNOUNCEMENTS. THIS WEEK S PROGRAM New Member Bios June 2, 2017 4 Keith Rohling, President THIS WEEK S PROGRAM New Member Bios ANNOUNCEMENTS Two Day Truck & Tractor Pull June 2 nd & 3 rd Board of Directors Meeting Monday June 5 th 5:30 RI Convention June

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Lamar Consolidated High School Swimming & Diving Top Ten Times (Est )

Lamar Consolidated High School Swimming & Diving Top Ten Times (Est ) Lamar Consolidated High School Swimming & Diving Top Ten Times 2007-2008 (Est. 1981-1982) Girls Boys 200 Medley Relay 200 Medley Relay 1. N. Vaiana, R. Billips, 1:55.74 2002 1. J. Hoffmann, E. Busby, 1:38.80

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Inside- Out at 20: The Power of Connection and Community October 19-21, 2017 Philadelphia

Inside- Out at 20: The Power of Connection and Community October 19-21, 2017 Philadelphia Inside- Out at 20: The Power of Connection and Community October 19-21, 2017 Philadelphia Thursday, October 19, 2017 Temple University Opening Reception 5:00 pm 8:30 pm Mitten Hall Speakers: Tyrone Werts

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Queen of Sales: Ann Conrath $1,211. Queen of Sharing: Mary Lynn Lewis 1 New Team Member. Queen of Wholeale: Patricia A. Mulloy $2,119.

Queen of Sales: Ann Conrath $1,211. Queen of Sharing: Mary Lynn Lewis 1 New Team Member. Queen of Wholeale: Patricia A. Mulloy $2,119. October 2016 June Newsletter, 2017 Newsletter, September May Results Ordering Deadlines June 30: Last day for orders, last day of month Seminar 2017 Registration deadline for Seminar 2017 is July 1. Register

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Carilloneurs. Lay Eucharistic. Flower Delivery Verger Children & Youth

Carilloneurs. Lay Eucharistic. Flower Delivery Verger Children & Youth Date Time Lectors / Chalicers Acolytes Ushers 30-Nov-14 8:00 AM L/C Sara Ferry A Alison LaRosa Jane Nash Jan Babbit Mary Fitz I Jim Ford Rick Nash Samantha Fitz C Alison LaRosa Gina Massetti CC: Jennifer

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Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart Office of the for Planning and Economic Development Organizational Chart Executive Assistant Ingrid P. Rios Chief of Staff Rich Nichols Deputy Chief of Staff Andrew Trueblood Legislative Great Streets

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Lectors, Host Ministers, Cup Ministers and Altar Servers Oct 10 - Nov 20

Lectors, Host Ministers, Cup Ministers and Altar Servers Oct 10 - Nov 20 Lectors, Host Ministers, Cup Ministers and Altar Servers Oct 10 - Nov 20 October 15 - October 16: Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time Brian McGrath (1) Leo Livecchi (2) Georgina Buzgo (2) Michael Garofalo

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ROSTER FOR THE PERIOD OCTOBER 1 DECEMBER ROSTER FOR THE PERIOD OCTOBER 1 DECEMBER 31 2014 NB: If you are unable to complete your roster, please arrange to swap with another person. A full list of volunteers is attached for your information. St

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Jean Koenigsknecht. Sat. Jan. 20, 4:30pm Carol Piggott Alan Ruhl Jerry & Mary Lee Klein Dale Feldpausch Charles Miller

Jean Koenigsknecht. Sat. Jan. 20, 4:30pm Carol Piggott Alan Ruhl Jerry & Mary Lee Klein Dale Feldpausch Charles Miller Jan. thru March 2018, Readers and Extra Ordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist Date & Time Reader Body of the Lord Precious Blood Sat. Jan. 6, 4:30pm Jill Feldpausch Dale Feldpausch Laurie Goerge Sun.

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VYC OFFICERS THRU THE YEARS 2014 Commodore...Larry Froehler Vice Commodore...Ray Asturias & Committee Rear Commodore...Rick Adams Fleet Captain Race...Steve Ledak Fleet Captain Cruise...Larry Froehler & Committee Treasurer...John

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FAGERNESS FAMILY TREE FAGERNESS FAMILY TREE LARS FAGERNESS Lars was born and raised on the Fagerness family farm on Lake Mojsa in Eidsvold, Norway. His firstborn was a son, Hans, who was Bennett s father. Hans was born on the

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MISSOURI JUDICIARY Franklin County Calendar For Honorable GAEL D. WOOD


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Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation

Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation ADAMS Charley G. 10/15/1938 5/1/1992 ADAMS Mable Lee 3/24/1947 5/3/1984 ADAMS Mark W. 10/20/1971 1/25/1992 ADAMS Willie Eugene 12/25/1930 2/7/1984 ATKINSON Jordan

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Tilden Middle School Summer Reading 2016

Tilden Middle School Summer Reading 2016 Tilden Middle School Summer Reading 2016 Why do we have summer reading requirements? Summer reading has been an expected practice in Montgomery County Public Schools since 1998. Research suggests that

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Bellbrae Cemetery : Burials Surname First Name Date Age Residence Denomination Comments Class and Grave

Bellbrae Cemetery : Burials Surname First Name Date Age Residence Denomination Comments Class and Grave Bellbrae Cemetery : Burials Surname First Name Date Age Residence Denomination Comments Class and Grave ALFORD Mrs M 09 Jul 1932 Mt Duneed Church of England Undertaker or representative: Munro Common ALFORD

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Descendants of Nathen Hawkins

Descendants of Nathen Hawkins Generation 1 1. Nathen Hawkins-1 was born on 18 November 1722 in Baltimore, Maryland. He died in 1802 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. Ruth Cole daughter of William Cole and Sarah White was born in 1724

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Mass Time Lector Altar Server Acolyte M of Com Cap M of Com Ushers Cap Ushers Greeter Cap Greeters & Date January 2015

Mass Time Lector Altar Server Acolyte M of Com Cap M of Com Ushers Cap Ushers Greeter Cap Greeters & Date January 2015 Sat 4:30 PM, 1/3/2015 Ned Guilbeau Annette Trahan Carol Duplechin Delores Stansbury 2 Russel LeJeune Maxie Crain Gerry Horaist 2 Sun 7:30 AM, 1/4/2015 Anne Bourgeois Ellie Broussard Scott Mitchell Richard

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JOHN M. MUEHL OTSEGO COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY JOHN M. MUEHL OTSEGO COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY 197 Main Street Cooperstown, New York 13326 (607) 547-4249 *(607) 547-4373 *Fax, not for service of legal papers. MICHAEL F. GETMAN Chief Assistant District

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Date: 12/18/2017 9:03AM Sumner Co General Sessions - P.O. Box 549 Gallatin, TN User: kathryn. Criminal Court Docket

Date: 12/18/2017 9:03AM Sumner Co General Sessions - P.O. Box 549 Gallatin, TN User: kathryn. Criminal Court Docket Date: 12/18/2017 9:03AM Sumner Co General Sessions - P.O. Box 549 Gallatin, TN 37066 User: kathryn Criminal Court Docket Page 1 of 6 12/18/2017 09:00AM 83GS1-2015-CR-1561 83GS1-2016-CR-6775 83GS1-2017-CR-8549

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Feral Swine Hunter and Trapper

Feral Swine Hunter and Trapper Feral Swine Hunter and Trapper Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry 2800 N. Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4298 Justin Roach Phone: 405-522-8396 www.ag.ok.gov Feral Swine Hunter

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Billy Blackburn. Lyndon Lockett

Billy Blackburn. Lyndon Lockett The Jenkinson Cup 2015 Round 1 Round 2 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Final Play by Play by Play by Play by Play by Play by To be played on Winner Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday 26th

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WEEKEND OF SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2017 4PM Vigil Mass SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2017 2. Terry Murano* A Jerry Venema* 3. ANY DEACON B Sr. Anna Mae Frenzik* 4. Marcie Staniewicz C Barbara Campbell 5. Pat Sugar (new) D Eugene Campbell 6. Jean Shelton

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User: Diane Carter Pages: 1 of 11 5/28/2015 1:44:11 PM

User: Diane Carter Pages: 1 of 11 5/28/2015 1:44:11 PM Type: CV-New Commercial 2015-00001697 Permit Issued DAVID BOWEN CONSTRUCTION VALDOSTA 0109B 147C $2,06000 04/07/2015 STATEN STATION LLC 3277 INNER PERIMETER RD $2,06000 VALDOSTA, GA 31602 Estimated Value:

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Virginia Bankers Association

Virginia Bankers Association Another Limited Rebellion Bank of Botetourt Bank of Clarke County Noah Scalin S Shay Stevens Kay F. Anderson Serena Bowen Wendy L. Dunn John E. Hudson Joanne C. Lloyd Bank of Floyd, a Division of Grayson

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ALASKANS SUPPORTING A SUSTAINABLE AND GROWING ECONOMY ALASKANS SUPPORTING A SUSTAINABLE AND GROWING ECONOMY The signers of this petition are asking lawmakers to continue the successful business partnership our state has with the oil and gas industry. The

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A B C D E F G H I J K L M. Bonuses Benefits Allowance Car Allowance Other Non Cash Compensation Total Compensation Explanation / Comments $ $ $ $ $ $

A B C D E F G H I J K L M. Bonuses Benefits Allowance Car Allowance Other Non Cash Compensation Total Compensation Explanation / Comments $ $ $ $ $ $ Kenneth Evans President Designated NonCash 65,945 0.00% 341,055 2.95% 407,000 2.95% NonSalary Benefits FY 2015 Bonuses Benefits Allowance Car Allowance Other NonCash Compensation Compensation Explanation

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Kennedy Space Center Connecting with Mid-Atlantic Region Space Grant Consortia

Kennedy Space Center Connecting with Mid-Atlantic Region Space Grant Consortia Kennedy Space Center Connecting with Mid-Atlantic Region Space Grant Consortia Gregg Buckingham, EdD Connecting Marshall Space Flight Center with Mid-Atlantic Space Grant Consortia Marshall Space Flight

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Qualifier #4 Hunterdon County BMX 07/14/07

Qualifier #4 Hunterdon County BMX 07/14/07 Qualifier 4 07/4/07 Age/Class Name Age/Class 5+ Expert Peter Wohlgemuth 8 Exp. 4 Craig Wilson 9 Exp. 4 4 4 Rich Farside 4 Exp. Anthony Brown 6 Exp. 5 5 5 5 Thomas McMurray 7 Exp. 0-4 Novice 5+ Novice 5-9

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December 1, 2016 BOARD MATTER D - 1. Lease Lessee Assignee County Acres/AUM SU-63 Casper Mountain Resort, LLC

December 1, 2016 BOARD MATTER D - 1. Lease Lessee Assignee County Acres/AUM SU-63 Casper Mountain Resort, LLC December 1, 2016 BOARD MATTER D - 1 ACTION: Consider Assignments of Grazing and Agricultural Lease and Special Use Lease AUTHORITY: W.S. 36-5-105(d); Board of Land Commissioners Rules and Regulations,

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Yancey Family Bible of Albemarle County, Virginia

Yancey Family Bible of Albemarle County, Virginia Yancey Family Bible of Albemarle County, Virginia 1 2 Marriages Marriages James H. Grinstead and Sarah Yancey Dec. 1 st 1830 Jechonias Yancey and Julia L. Winn July 3, 1833 Alexander K. Yancey and Sarah

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California Directory. IRS DIRECTORY for Practitioners

California Directory. IRS DIRECTORY for Practitioners Page 1 of 5 California Directory Small Business Self-Employed Stakeholder Liaison Division IRS Telephone DIRECTORY for Practitioners 1/3/2011 The purpose of the IRS Telephone Directory for Practitioners

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ANTOINE NATHAN WARFIELD, RC Minutes The Respiratory Care Advisory Committee of the Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision met on May 8, 2008 in accordance with the Open Meeting Act. The meeting was held at the office of the Board,

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Reykjavik Revisited Conference Participants

Reykjavik Revisited Conference Participants APPENDIX TWO: Reykjavik Revisited Conference Participants 1. General John Abizaid Distinguished Visiting Fellow 2. Richard Allen 3. Graham Allison Director of the Belfer Center for Science and International

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ARTS AND COMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING AND TECHNOLOGY. Digital/Multi-Media & Information Resources Design (11. ARTS AND COMMUNICATIONS Graphics Communications (10.0301) Horcha, Lori Lycos, Richard Rozario, Robin Schill, Harry Watkins, Edward BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING AND TECHNOLOGY Computer Programming/Programmer

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HOLE LADY RESULTS PAGE ALL play will be broken down into different flights based on an individuals handicap or team handicap all ties will be

HOLE LADY RESULTS PAGE ALL play will be broken down into different flights based on an individuals handicap or team handicap all ties will be 2012 9 HOLE LADY RESULTS PAGE ALL play will be broken down into different flights based on an individuals handicap or team handicap all ties will be broken by a score card playoff March 21, Throw out a

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Poplar Bluff Webb City Putnam Uel East Gate Keystone Mt. Nebo Harry D. Brown, Jr.

Poplar Bluff Webb City Putnam Uel East Gate Keystone Mt. Nebo Harry D. Brown, Jr. Chapter Chapter No. GGC Endowments Allowed Annual Return Exemptions St. Charles Missouri 001 9 4 Liberty 003 3 0 Lexington 010 1 0 Independence 012 4 0 Mitchell 014 1 0 Springfield 015 5 3 Columbia 017

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Business Name Mailing/Office Address Evaluator Name Services City Phone #/Contact. Tulsa, OK Dr. Bedwell

Business Name Mailing/Office Address Evaluator Name Services City Phone #/Contact. Tulsa, OK Dr. Bedwell Time: 16:27 As of January 1, 2018 Page: 1 Bedwell Mailing/Office Address Horace Wade Bedwell, psychological Tulsa Phone: (918)494-4945 Enterprises 7945 S Lakewood Ave Ph.D. evaluations Tulsa, OK 74136

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HOUSTON TEXANS STAFF Clare Alvarado Human Resources Connie Alvarez Employee Benefits Tina Anaya Accountant Roberta Anding Team Dietitian Jerry Angel Emmett Baylor Director of Security Derek Beeman Director of Ticket and Event

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Liturgical Ministers Schedule August 1-27, 2017

Liturgical Ministers Schedule August 1-27, 2017 Liturgical Ministers Schedule August 1-27, 2017 PLEASE NOTE: MINISTERS NEEDED FOR Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Vigil Mass, August 14 at 5:30pm Mass, August 15 at 7pm If you are able to serve for

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Bowling Green Woman's Club - Bowling Green, Kentucky (MSS 601)

Bowling Green Woman's Club - Bowling Green, Kentucky (MSS 601) Western Kentucky University TopSCHOLAR MSS Finding Aids Manuscripts 2-17-2017 Bowling Green Woman's Club - Bowling Green, Kentucky () Manuscripts & Folklife Archives Western Kentucky University, mssfa@wku.edu

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North Bethesda Camera Club STAR AWARDS

North Bethesda Camera Club STAR AWARDS North Bethesda Camera Club STAR AWARDS 2016-2017 The accumulated Star Awards system was realigned in 2011 to accommodate our ever-changing categories. The Stars recognize photographic excellence and competitive

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ADMINISTRATION OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF GREATER NJ OFFICE OF THE BISHOP Resident Bishop Bishop John R. Schol bishopjohnschol@gnjumc.org (732) 359-1010 Executive Assistant Nicola Mulligan nmulligan@gnjumc.org (732) 359-1052 Soomin Lee slee@gnjumc.org (732)

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Action for Blind People Structure

Action for Blind People Structure Action for Blind People Action for Blind People is a national charity with local reach, providing practical help and support to nearly 30,000 blind and partially sighted people of all ages. We listen,

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Stephanie Vighetti Executive Assistant to the CEO. Babette Racca Senior Advisor for Capital Assets. GSEP Board of Directors. Kim Fraites-Dow* CEO

Stephanie Vighetti Executive Assistant to the CEO. Babette Racca Senior Advisor for Capital Assets. GSEP Board of Directors. Kim Fraites-Dow* CEO GSEP Board of Directors Stephanie Vighetti Executive Assistant to the CEO Kim Fraites-Dow* CEO Keisha Jordan* Chief People Officer Stephanie Lim Capello* Chief Development Officer Michael Vanic* Chief

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Competition: Venue: Date Sportshall East Fun in Athletics Under 11 Girls HSV 22 Mar 2015

Competition: Venue: Date Sportshall East Fun in Athletics Under 11 Girls HSV 22 Mar 2015 Competition Results Ranking Team Colour Score OR 1+1 4x1 P6 OU HR GP MR 2+2 BT CP J SB SLJ STJ TT 1 Norfolk Sky 480 30 28 26 30 30 30 28 28 30 26 30 28 30 30 28 22 2 Herts Phoenix Black 478 28 26 28 28

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Denise Merrill Connecticut

Denise Merrill Connecticut PAST PRESIDENTS PAST PRESIDENTS OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SECRETARIES OF STATE 2017 2018 Connie Lawson Indiana 2016 2017 Denise Merrill Connecticut 2015 2016 Tom Schedler Louisiana 2015 Elaine Marshall

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