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1 Today: Our Choice for County Freeholder Post Weather Mostly sunny and mild today, high in low 60s. Increasing cloudiness tonight with chance of rain late tonight, low in upper 40s.' Rain likely tomorrow, high Sunday's outlook, partly cloudy and cool. THEDAILY i MONMOUTII COUNTY'S HOME NEWSPAPER FOR 89 YEARS -SEE EDITORIAL PAGE 6 HOME FINAL DIAL VOL. 90," NO. 92 RED BANK, N. J., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1967 «10c PER COPY PAGE ONE After Talk With Matawan Township Cop Robbery Suspect Yields SUSPECT AND CAPTOR Robert A. Fiolka, 23, of the Bronx, right, is escorted to a waiting car by Matawan Township Patrolman Thomas Wallace who talked him into surrendering after he reportedly held a woman teller hostage at the Farmers and Merchants National Bank in Cliffwood. Suspect Says Arrest Will Grieve Mom By NANCY J. KUBINSKI and ELLEN SHORE MATAWAN TOWNSHIP - An alleged bandit who held a woman teller hostage and who lamented that this "would break my mother's heart," surrendered quietly at noon yesterday after a two-hour talking session with a township patrol-, man in the Farmers and Merchants National Bank branch here. Robert A. Fiolka, 23, of the Bronx;, N. Y., was talked Into giving up his two revolvers by Patrolman Thomas E. Wallace, who entered the bank shortly after the alarm founded at 10:01 a.m. to talk and chain-smoke with the robbery suspect. Patrolman Wallace, nicknamed, "Father Wallace" for his talking ability, :sid the decision to surrender came as Fiolka finished a last cigarette from a pack supplied by one of 40 policemen surrounding the building. RANGE OF TOPICS The conversation, which rarely lapsed, according to the policeman, centered on several topics. At one point, Fiolka noticed the patrolman's wedding band; remarking that he was engaged and also had a mother. All during the session, a woman teller, Miss Ruth Pizzi, 27, held as a hostage by Fiolka, shivered on the floor behind the customer counter. '.. -.,. Patrolman Wallace-stressed thatthe suspect never showed ny inclination to shoot it out and only one shot was fired by policemen as Fiolka attempted his only escape. "It was just a question of him making up his.mind when he wanted to surrender," Patrolman Wallace said. ' (See SUSPECT, Pg. 3, Col. 4) t* ANXIOUS WIFE WAITS Barbara Wallace, wife of Matawan Township Patrolman Thomas Wallace, waits anxiously as her husband attempts to talk a man into surrendering after, police said, his abortive try at a holdup at the Farmers and Merchants National Bank in Cliffwood yesterday. Case Backs Howard Bill on Expressway WASHINGTON Sen. Clifford P. Case, R-N..T., will go along with a House bill that could solve the riddle of.the east-west kg oi the Central Jersey Expressway, he told T,he Daily Register last night. The bill, introduced by Rep. James J. Howard, D.-N.J. would add 410 miles to the national interstate highway system, allowing some states to shift the superhighway routes if they don't increase the cost. In New Jersey, such a law would allow federal funds to be switched from Interstate 278 in Union 'County lo a Trcnton-Shore expressway, which would be lonrj»fr but not as expensive. Sen. Case said he is in sympathy with the Democratic congressman's bill. "It's along the As it now stands, the measure the war in Vietnam continues. same lines I proposed myself," also continues for three years the he tow- The Daily, Register. program to aid school districts Previously, Sen. Case blocked which have swollen enrollments federal legislation to ; tjreak : thtr bceauicof local federal faciliexpressway impasse because it ties, did not provide free routes for local drivers in Union and Middlesex Counties, where the Garden itate Parkway proposed to start chnrging tolls at the same time it would build the north-south leg of the expressway system. A Case spokesmun pointed out yesterday that Rep. Howard's bill might provide for the Trenton-Shore road, but it wouldn't remove the senator's objections to the Garden State Park way plan. MATAWAN TOWNSHIP - Aert A. Fiofka, 23, is credited to the branch of $25,000 in April. similarities - between the two nd method of operations" of the managed to duck back inside the Bronx, N.Y., man, who allegedly Patrojrnah Thomas E. Wallace, Fiolka was charged with violation holdups. April bandit were similar to yes- bank still carrying an attache of the federal bank robbery. The April bandit wore a woman's terday's case. " held a woman teller hostage for wwtalked and smoked continuously case with about $5,000 in it. for two hours with the law and lodged in the Mercer stocking as a mask. So did Fiol- According to the manager of He. then grabbed a teller, Miss two hours yesterday'during f armed robbery at the Cliffwood suspect while 40 armed police- County Jail at Trenton after his ka yesterday before he spotted a the bank, Harold Weber, also involved in the robbery last spring, hind the teller's counter with a Ruth Ann Pizzi, 27, who was be- Branch of the Farmers and Merchants National Bank, is also a Cliffwood Avenue and Rt. 35. sioner David Goldstein at Asbury balik, they said. "Fiolka fits the description of woman customer. men surrounded the bank at arraignment before U.S. Commis- police net tightening around the prime suspect in a robbery of Police Chief Ralph E. Wallace Bark. He wat held under $100,- piierralptrwailacer notelalion to the patrolman, said "the According to police, Fiolka dis- Wallace, who was armed with a that-holdup man," _He was followed by Patrolman the same bank last spring. said Fiolka "fits the description 000 bond. The peaceful surrender of Rob- to a T," of the man who robbed Police said there were many general description of the man carded the mask after he spotted shotgun and his service revolver. heavily armed police responding Patrolman Wallace convinced Bishop Ahr Opposes to a silent bank alarm. It was Fiolka to release the customer at this point he attempted to es- but not Miss Pizzi. :ape by ordering Mr. Weber to A standoff developed with irecede him as a hostage. the police outside afraid to move Mr. Weber escaped by dropping to the ground after a patrol- to come out. in; and the gunman inside afraid man ordered the bandit to halt. Meanwhile as the patrolman One shot was fired, but Fiolka (See ROBBERY, Pg. 3, Col. 1). Bircher-Priest's Talk By BOB BRAMLEY EATONTOWN - When the Rev. Francis Fenton of Bridge-, port, Conn., speaks here Thursday, he will do so against the wishes of Bishop George W. Ahr, who heads the Catholic diocese of Trenton. Father Fenton, a member of the National Council of the John Birch Society, calls "the religious bodies of America, with rare exception. abject failures in the fight against communism." Lecturing nationwide for the past several years, he has scored ' churches of all denominations for their alleged failure to participate "in this life-and-death struggle of our day against the militant atheism that is communism." An official of the diocesan office in Trenton, who requests he remain unidentified, said yesterday there are three letters in the diocesan files from Monmouth County residents requesting Bishop Ahr's sanction of Father Fenton's appearance here. In each case, the bishop's answer states the priest's appearance is "inopportune," and declares that Father Fenton should "confine his talks to the diocese of Bridgeport, where he is assigned." Father Fenton's unsactioned appearance could lead to direct disciplinary action by Bishop Ahr, the official said, but it is more likely that the bishop of the Bridgeport diocese would be asked to take action. Father Fenton will speak Thursday in the Monmouth Shopping Center Civic Auditorium. He is also scheduled to appear Wednesday in Atlantic City and Friday in Pennsauken. For Ferjury, False Swearing Russo Indicted by Jury FREEHOLD Anthony "Little Pussy" Russo was released in $10,000 bail after being indicted yesterday by the Grand Jury which is investigating charges of police interference in Long Branch. The. indictments charge him with perjury and false swearing Prosecutor Vincent P. Keuper returned the indictments to Superior Court Judge Elvin R. Sirrimill, who issued the arrest warrant. John M. Gawler, chief of county detectives, then dis patched two members of his staff to Russo's home in Deal. They returned Russo here, in connection with his appearance -before the jurors on Tuesperior Court Judge Clarkson S. where he was fingerprinted. Suday. Fisher set bail of $5,000 on each charge. It was posted by a professional bondsman. Russo was described in a Sept 1 Life Magazine article as the former rackets boss of Monmouth County. He has denied the charges, explaining that he is president of Anthony Russo, Inc., a construction firm. Last Monday, Russo paid a $50 line in West Long Branch Municipal Court. The Donato-Russo En- Reds Push Prolonged Attack Behind a SMeld^f Civilians SAIGON (AP) Herding civilians in front of them as human shields, Communist. forces launched a prolonged attack today on Loc Ninh. The total number of enemy reported killed in six days of lighting for the district headquarters climbed past Under cover of a mortar barrage, the Viet Cong made a ground assault on newly arrived U.S. infantry reinforcements shortly after midnight, and spora- Jdic action was reported still going more than 12 hours later. Reports from the fighting today said three Communists Americans wounded. The fenders of Loc Ninh, grown to about 5,000 with arrival of a battalion from the'u.s. 25th Infantry Division, have reported a total of 11 Americans and 23 South Vietnamese killed and 66 Americans and 74 South Vietnamese wounded in the six-day battle. U.S. officers said the Commu nist tactic of sending civilians ahead of the attack -forces "naturaly restricted" the defenders' answering fire in the first stages of fighting today around the town, 72 miles north of Saigon near the Cambodian border. Americans and 28 But the defenders hit the enemy with artillery, air strikes were killed and 34 and Senate Unit Okays Education Act Bill WASHINGTON (AP) - A $14 billion bill extending for three more years the Elementary and Secondary Education Act has been approved unanimously by the Senate Labor Committee. The bill deals only with authorizations not actual money and there'is strong doubt all the money authorized will actually be spent on schools as,,long as The full committee endorsed earlier subcommittee action which modified or eliminated House-approved provisions in the area of civil rights and state control of education. One House provision, opposed Sunday Special Roast sirloin of beef, complete dinner $3.50. Stufft shrimp, complete dinner $3.50. Gifford's Inn 2 Ave. of 2 Rivers, Rumson. [Adv.) by the administration, would turn over to the states all federal aid under Title II of the act. This section provides for supple mental education centers and for experimental, innovative prc- [rams which-would be open to children attending private as well as public schools. The Senate committee moder ated this provision so that onethird of this money would go to state education agencies in 1969, one-half in 1970 and two-thirds in A House provision barring the no sign of heading back toward Health, Education and Welfare Cambodia." Intelligence "offidespite Cambodian Department from blocking aid to cers insist, school districts believed to be denials, that tlie Reds take repracticing racial segregation was eliminated by the Semite panel The bill will now be debated by the full Senate. Any differences between the Senate and House versions will be taken before a joint conference committee. Top Pcrmanents-Lcon's To half price, pighls Thursday (Adv.) Judge Morgan denied the request and said he would set another date for Russo's hearing. twin-engine C47 planes armed with rapid-firing gatling guns. Mr. Genovese then picked jip U.S. fighter-bombers flew a total of 1S2 missions against North ter and brought him to court. Russo at Monmouth Medical Cen- Vietnam yesterday, and the U.S. (See RUSSO, Pg. 3, Col. 4) Command said a Navy A4 Skyhawk was brought down by ground fire. The pilot was missing. Hanoi claimed two U.S. planes were shot down yesterday and another during a night raid Hanoi after midnight. on Marine pilots attacked the Yen Bai airfield, now used as a storage area, 65 miles northwest of Hanoi. Loc Ninh, hub of a rubber-producing area on the main route from Saigon to Cambodia, has some military and economic value, said Col. Frederick Krause of Fullerton, Calif., chief of staff of the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, 'Blind Determination' But he said the Communists' "seemingly blind determination" to take the town stems more from the political, psychological and propaganda value such a victory would have. "Our assumption is that this would.have been a propaganda victory if they had taken it just on the eve of the inauguration of a constitutional government in South Vietnam last Tuesday," he said. "I think their investment is so high that their troops have been told lo overrun one of the positions at all costs." One officer reported tram the field that the Viet Cong "shows fuge in Cambodia when the pressure on them becomes too great. l'lcnsc Help to Find "Lady" cherished pet of 7 year old boy. Lost Wednesday night vicinity of Campbell's Junction, Belford. Fawn color boxor, Ha-' white chest, left car tilts to left Little boy heartbroken. If any Information call Reward terprises corporation, of which h was. secretary - treasurer, was fined 1200 for failing to remi workmen's compensation ments to the state in 1965 and 1966, when it owned Joseph's Restaurant in West Long Branch The firm's other officers John Donato and Anthony Genta also paid $50 fines. Russo was riot" In Municipa" Court when that hearing began. The firm's accountant. Councilman Philip A. Genovese of Shrewsbury, asked Judge Charles L. Morgan if Russo could plead guilty by letter because he was undergoing medical treatment. Fr. Hafner Is Replaced By Fr. Kelty EATONTOWN - The Rev. Leo A. Kelty, former assistant pastor at St. Dorothea's Catholic Church here, has been tranfered to St. James Church <n Jamesburg. He is succeeded by the Rev. William Schneider, a former assistant in East Brunswick. Father Kelty, who taught religion at Red Bank Catholic High chool while assigned here, will succeed the Rev. George J. Hafner, who resigned to become chaplain oi the Christian Laymen's Experimental Organization CLEO). Bishop George W. Ahr of the Trenton diocese has said he will not consider Father Hafner's proposal to establish an experimenal parish in the diocese. The pastor of the Jamesburg church, Msgr. John E. Kelly, originally sided with Father Hafner in the dispute with the bishop. HOSTAGE Friends attempt to calm Miss Ruth Ann Pizzi. who was held hostage for almost two hours by a gunman who attempted to rob the Cliffwood branch of. the Farmers ajidmerchants National JJank yesterday,. County College Set To Seek President FREEHOLD Letters inviting applications from candidates for the post of president of Monmouth County College will be in the mail next weak. The Board of Trustees last night authorized the personnel committee to revise a list of qualifications for and then to seek applications from as many candidates as possible. The personnel committee chairman, Maj. Gen. W. Preston,Corderman, indicated that his com mittee will move quickly to revise its proposed qualifications in the light of comments made las night by Board members. The trustees declined to reveal the qualifications until the committee completes its work. Salary Undecided They also indicated that no decision has been made on the salary range for the post, although this has been discussed. Permanent organization of the board" will take place Monday, Nov. 27, at a meeting to be held in Monmouth College. At that '.ime, the trustees will elect a Today's Index Rumson Antiques Show opens Page 15 Red Bank braces for big one with Brick Page 18 Outdoorsmcn set sights on ducks Saturday Page 19 Page Allen-Scoit :, G Amusements 28, 29 Births 2 Jim Bishop 6 Bridge 27 Classified 21-2G Comics 27 Crossword Puzzle 27, 28 Editorials : '.. 8 llcrnlock Page James Kllpatrick 6 Movlo Timetable 28 Obituaries 4 Sylvia Porter 6 Religious Services 20 Sports..:...' '. 18, 19 Stock Mnrkct 30 Successful Investing 30 Teen 12, 20 Television 28, 29 (Adv.) [tfomo and Garden 13 Women's News H, is chairman, vice - chairman and treasurer. Mrs. Harry La Towsky, was elected last night to serve as temporary treasurer. At its last meeting the board elected Marvin A. Clark secretary. A special meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 13, to take action on a budget for The bud- (See COLLEGE, Pg. 3, Col. 2) Bishop Reiss Consecration Set Dec. 12 TRENTON The consecration of Bishop-elect John C. Reiss as auxiliary to Bishop George W. Ahr of Trenton and as titular bishop of Simidicca has been scheduled for Dec. 12. Bishop-elect Reiss' appointment by Pope Paul VI was made known Oct. 25. He was*"born~ in Red Bank and graduated from Red Bank Catholic High School in He completed his studies at Immaculate Conception Seminary, Darlinnton, and at. Catholic University, Washington, D. C. Bishop Ahr win be cansecrutor at the ceremony. Co-consecrafors will be Bishop Jamec J. Hosan of Altoona-Johnstown, Pa., whom Bishop-elect Reiss succeeds as the second auxiliary in the Trenton diocese, and Bishop Walter W. Curtis of Bridgeport, Conn. Archbishnp Thomas A. Boland of Newark will deliver the address.. Notice I will not be responsible for any debts other than contracted by. my self. t Mrs.,Sr.Capraun ; 13 North Shore St. ; Kealiburg, N. J. (Adv.);

2 2-Fr.div. Vm THF. DAILY Renewal Conference Set In Shrewsbury Township' Holmdel Candidates Planners OK Offer Their Platforms Design Delay Mr. Wadington, of, 7 Parkway For Sewers Weather FREEHOLD If the county, eussion of possible arrangements. RIVERVIEW HOLMDEL - A call for controlled growth has been made by Place, the incumbent township College "for the education of its last night that both the general college contracts with Monmouth Mr. Garrison told the trustees Red Bank SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP - non E. Field said last night. The HOWELL TOWNSHIP - The Charles Elin and Gerald Baroff, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Egnatoviclt (nee Pamela Ori), 491 taxes, he reported are $15.82 per the Republican candidates for and treasurer, served as first class, the students will be sub-educatioject to the same admissions stan- calaureate program at Monmouth program and the bao. Planning Board last night granted chairmen of the Shrewsbury $100 of assessed valuation and committee and clerk while Democratic opponents proposed an until his appointment to the clerk's dards and rules and regulations Colloge seem to conform reason- deputy.township clerk in a six-month extention to the Mon- Township Urban Renewal Corp., Palmer Ave., West Keansburg, the valuation of the Alfred Vail er Corp., developers of HoWell will meet with the Township Committee next Friday at 8 p.m. ship's only taxpayer is $750,000. son, yesterday. Mutual Association, the town- expansion" that would include [office. He had been a Board of as those in the private institution, ably to the types Of programs Park, Rt. 33, to design a sanitary Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Serpico teen and senior citizen rec- Health secretary and a* member the county college Board of Trustees indicated last night. in offering. the county college is interested sewer system that meets state, Harry Evans, attorney for the Committeeman Julius Frickel (nea Mary Ann McKenzie), 6 Jreational programs. of the Planning Board. county and local approval. township announced at last Dogwood Road, Middletown, estimated that the Hamiltonian j Republicans Warren E. Baumts a $2 million property. jgartn'er Igartner an and John P. Wadington, j children, Mr. Wadington is a tec- O'Hagen, West -Allenhurst, told students would be enrolled in thevan Note, Mr. Garrison said, Married and the father of three night's committee meeting that Attorney for the firm, William daughter, yesterday. The trustees explained that the, At his first meeting with Dr. the interview will take place at Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lee (nee The question of taxes also was candidates candidatcs for the Township i tion head, of the National Lead the board his client has been county college and would matriculate at Monmouth College. The tical data fen the enrollment pic- the request of Mr. Elin. Dolores King), 72 Hattie Court, they did not have enough statis- raised in a campaign statement Committee and township clerk, Co., in Sayreville. He also is a unable to get a definite plan from Middletown, son, yesterday. The Urban Renewal Corp., op- _,. i hasmember and past president of either the state or county on regional sewer proposals. (nee Marie DcMio), 34 Washing- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conte board now is considering a oneyear conliai't with Mumiiuulh trator of the Hamiltonian'Apart-JNagel, Democratic candidate forj ture at Mnnmouth College. an immediatp bearing on taxes, the Hazlet Fire Co., a life membcr and past president of the ton Ave., Keansburg, son, yescollege. Under the contractual arrange- ments, here, pays 15 per oelit of the seat held by Mayor Field. the number of school childien and gross rentals in lieu of taxes. The Mrs. Nagel said that the mayor the quality of education, property values and road, sewer and Association, a past chairman Monmouth County Firemen's terday. The temporary county college ment the state would pay half committee, smarting from a tax voted for the urban renewal project which she claims is the cause bill which went from $56,000 in Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schwarz chairman, Earl B. Garrison, will of the per-student cost of education, up to $600, and. the county 1965 to $113,000 in 1967, has called water requirements. of the Monmouth County Section (nee Linda Dolan), 9 Nevada meet today with Dr. William of- high taxes. for. a reconsideration of its agreement with the Hamiltonian. 'The. growth we've American Chemical Society, and Mayor Field recalled that Mrs. experienced in the past has been Ave., East Keansburg, daughter, G. Van Note, president of Monmouth College, for a second dis- querter. and student would each pay one- a member of the Special Librar Nagle, a regular attendant at yesterday. ies Association, "We pay the highest taxes in committee meetings, voiced ' no downright insignificant Mojimouth County," Mayor Ver- New Jersey: Mostly sunny and mild today, high Increasing cloudiness tonight with chance of rain late tonight, low in 40s. About 40 per cent chance of rain tomorrow, high in 50s, Authority. The purpose of the meeting will be examination of Outlook for Sunday, partly the authority's contract "and exchange of Ideas. cloudy and cool. High temperature at Monmouth' Beach yesterday 61. Low The repaying of Crawford St. will not be considered until next 53.? At «p.m. 61. Overnight low year following a recommendation by Engineer August Postel. end temperature at 7 am. today 51. Rainfall.32 inch Mr. Frickel voiced praise for MARINE the way Civil Defense Director Cape May to Block Small craft warnings discontinues. Westerly winds 10 to 15 knits today. Variable winds 10 kn<>ts or Jess tonight and southeasterly winds 10 to 15 knots tomorrow. Fair today. Increasing cloudiness tonight with chance of rain late tonight and tomorrow. Visibility one to three miles in rain otherwise better than five miles. Tides running abnormal' ly "high may cause some minor flooding thu morning. :«. TIDES Bright, deduct 10 minutes; Long BAnch, deduct 15 minutes; High' Iarjlj bridge, add 40 minutes. Be wise... open a icbeckmaster accounjjoday 6an we help you? ferric* hoar blggttt «s*el (HTML JERSEY BANK ^*jr> TRUVT COMZWNV objections to the renewal project when it was being discussed. In other business, Mr. Evans announced a meeting to be held Tuesday of attorneys representing the municipalities desiring to participate in the Northeast Monmouth County Regional Sewerage Island: James Hughes handled Halloween. Mr. Hughes recruited, youngsters to patrol the streets with walkie-talkies and rewarded their service with holiday snacks in his home. The result was almost no Halloween vandalism in the community, he said. 5 Penalized In Freehold FREEHOLD - James Potts, ;.' Sandy Hook Freehold, waif sentenced to 3Q. To work closely with water employed as a tool and die designer by Stonco Electric Prod- ase. 1IODAY - High «:M p.m. anddays jn the county jail by Munid' companies to expedite the extension of necessary mains. ucts of. Kenilworth. A former hit 2:36 p.m. pal Judge Alexander Levchuk TOMORROW - High 9 a.m. and Wednesday night on charges of Publish a regular newsletter. and Tinian and was decorated Marine, he saw action at Saipan 9:2(1 p.m. and low 2:42 a.m. andbeing under the influence of in- p.m. with the Purple Heart IAY-High 9:48 a.m. and lftas p.m. and low 3:36 a.m. and toxicating liquor and loitering at Enact multiple-acre zoning the bus station Oct wherever feasible. Enforce all ordinances. Willie Tyus, Throckmorton St., Bask and Rumson was sentenced to 10 days in Jail Democrats Charles R. Frechette and Charles F. Naab said two hours; Sea for being under the influence of the recreation center they pro-, liquor and loitering Nov. 1 on pose would be put on a self-paying basis through a bond issue to South St. John A. Liptak, 18, was sentenced ti one day in jail for be- be redeemed by nominal users' membership fees. ng under the age limit in a South Other major points in the Dem- St. poolroom. An ordinance requires persons to be 19. Howard Lee Jr., 149 throckmorton St., was fined $10, given suspended 30-day Jail term and placed" on probation for "two months for assaulting and striking his wife, Ethel, Oct! 16. Dr, Anthony T. Caruso, Belleville, was fined $10 for interfering and obstructing State Trooper John Logan who was directing traffic Sept. 16 at the Freehold Raceway. Chris Washington, Freehold, was fined $15 for not having a driver's license in his possession. industrial construction. Starting a Green Acres-type GAMES ARE STOLEN program to establish buffer RARITAN - Police reported zones between residential and a breaking and entry at Edward industrial areas. Gleason's Sunoco Gas Station, Maintain zoning flexibility with lots to be shaped to as- Rt. 38 and Poole Ave., resulted in the loss of four boxes of sure the most effective use of Sunny Dollars games valued at $ They said that entry was gained through a broken window sometime between a.m. Wednesday. 5:15 and 6 pared to what we can expect in the next few years, considering the present demand for housing and the pressures to downgrade zoning," their statement said. "To control the rate and method of growth" the Republicans have announced this 12-point platform: Establishment of an effective capital improvement program providing for long-range needs of roads, facilities, and equipment on a fiscally sound basis. Create a strong industrial committee to seek desirable industry. Update the master plan, en abling the adoption of an official map. Maintain orderly growth. Support a community core study with emphasis on adequate library and recreational facilities and offices consolidation. Establish a shade tree commission. Enact conflict of interst laws for officials. Work for comprehensive sfr nior citizen and teenage programs. ocrats' platform are: Hiring a township clerk to replace a part-time clerk and deputy clerk. Businesslike-administration, with appointments based on competence and performance, not politics. -Making a Civil Service Survey to assure the taxpayer effective public servants and employes fair compensation. Forming an industrial commission to attract desirable clean industry and correct imbalance between residential and land. Set up a new Township Hall and library. Make a complete traffic sur- Mr. Baumgartner of 2 Knollwood Road, the Republican candidate for Township Committee, now is secretary of the Zoning Board. Married and the father of four children, he is a director of advertising for the Philadelphia Electric Co. He helped organize Babe Ruth baseball in this area and managed the Holmdel team for four years." He also is a former director of the Holmdel Republican Club and a former chairman of the Veterans' Committee on Housing. The local Republican's' candidate for Township Assessor is John H. Mount. Mr. Frechette, 30, resides on Brook Lane with his wife and seven children. An expert in labor-management relations, he is on the staff of Owens-Illinois, Moonachie, He is active in the St. Catherine's Holy Name Society and the Knights of Columbus, Red Bank Council, and served for seven years with the National Guard and the Active Reserves. A resident of 8 Mayfflf Road, Mr. Naab,.45, has two children and two grandchildren". He is Jail Woman For Assault In Shooting Local candidates to be Introduced are: For mayor, incombent Frank H. Van Duzer; bury; Paul R. Regan, 23 Dellwood Lane, Eatontown; and Pam- for council, Sam Diggle Jr. and HOWELL TOWNSHIP - A 30- Lawrence R, Osgoodby; for Tax year old Wanamassa woman was ela R. Barnard, 170 Kingfisher Assessor, Ella A. Diggle. held in the Monmouth County Jail last night for arraignment County officials,and county can- this morning on atrocious assault: and battery charges arising -out of a shooting incident yesterday afternoon. Edith B. Stinnett, 1806 North Wanamassa Drive, will be charged with shooting Robert G. Lepre, 31, Belmar, owner of Pixie's Inn, Rt. 34, in the back with a.25 caliber pistol. State Police at the Howell Barracks said the incident occurred at about 2 p.m. yesterday following an argument between the two when Mr. Lepre turned his back momentarily. Detective George Kroll said the woman had worked in the inn as a waitress. Mr. Lepre was transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center, Neptune, then transfered to Monmouth Medical Center. Longll Branch where h'e is listed In fair 1 condition. He said the state requires only a secondary treatment plant while the local Board of Health wants a tertiary treatment facility. "This is an expensive proposition, especially If we will only have to abandon it in a few years when, and if the regional plan goes into effect," he said. Howell Park is a proposed 153 lot subdivision on 70 acres, or about 1-3 acre lot sizes. Men Admit Entry, Theft FREEHOLD Two Atlantic 1 Highlands men yesterday pleaded guilty to breaking and entering and larceny charges before Superior Court Judge Clarkson S. Fisher. William Hargrave, Oakland Ave., and Wilbert Thigpen, 235 First Ave., had been charged with breaking Into Tumen's De- partment Store, Rt. 36, Atlantic Highlands on July 16, and taking merchandise. Hargrave was represented by Albert T. Berich of the Public Defender's office, and Thigpen by Daniel J. Healy, Oakhurst, with Assistant Prosecutor Solomon Lautman presenting the state's Judge Fisher set sentencing for Dec. 8. Set GOP Rally SEA BRIGHT -The Sea Bright Republican Club will hold it's annual rally election eve, Monday, at Harry's' Lobster House. didates also will be introduced. A buffet supper will be served. MONMOUTH MEDICAL Long Branch Mr. and Mrs. Zenon Sanchez (nee Rody Garced), 114 Norwood Ave., Long Branch, daughter, yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Morver Wilkerson (nee Judith Riley), 136 Monmouth Ave., Long Branch, son, yesterday.,, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pulsonelli (nee Carolynn Rembis), 1449 Rustic Drive, Wanamasia, son, yesterday. 3 Injured In Accidents In Red Bank RED BANK - Mrs. Margaret E. Pavlak, 25 Patricia Ter.,» Easi Keansburg, was admitted to Riverview Hospital in fair condition after an accident at Maple Ave, and Leroy Place at 6:15 p.m yesterday. Police said her car collided with one driven by Max Safron, 30 Maple Ave., sending it out of control and into a utility pole Mrs. Pavlak suffered a neck in- jury- Two women were slightly hurt in a four-car chain reaction accident about an hour earlier. Miss Agnes T. Patterson, 233 Tinton Ave., Eatontown, came to a halt on Broad St at the railroad crossing as the,gates started down. In the chain reaction behind her were drivers Jennie Barberio, 19 North Park Ave., Shrews- Drive, Middletown. The first two drivers said they would see their physicians for possible neck injuries. Monmouth College Entry Followed by Count^ ENJOY FINE FOOD & IMPECCABLE SERVICE in an ATMOSPHERE of UNOBTRUSIVE ELEGANCE jor WEDDING RECEPTIONS CONFIRMATIONS BUSINESS SEMINARS PRIVATE PARTIES BANQUETS Seven Distinctive Rooms Accommodation* to 400 feoal $haftotoi>toolt SHREWSBURY, N. J. *r&!73f,0, Friends of Pat McGann Republicans for'mcgann KENNETH H. KIRGIN P«tf Pra*t MMRMUHI CO. Yang R«f ibllcsk JEAN F. RALSTON Part Vfcc-Chalrmai MWdlitswn Rtpiibllcai Municipal Commlttt* Democrats for.mcgann MARTIN V. LAWLOR JAMES R. SNYDER CMKllman, trough of AHmric H I J M M* RED BANK VOTERS Where are Your New Tax Bills? The revaluation of your property has been completed. Is notice of your new assessment being withheld until after the election by the Republican controlled council?. WHY? ri fuect THE MEN WHO WILL ^ ~ KEEP YOU INFORMED. VOTE DEMOCRATIC RE-ELECT CHARLES K. WOODWARD JR. ELECT EDWARD W. MULLIGAN, M.D. Paid for by Rod Bant Dfmocrvific Campaign Committ»8, Treasurer, D. J. O'Htrn, 141 Harding Road, Red Bank :-.- Independents for McGadk ' ".' - ' JOSEPH NELSON, UNCftOFT DR. GEORGE A. SHEEHAN, RUMSON DEAR FELLOW VOTER: There It a growing conviction among residents of Monmouth County that stltctlon of paople for public office should depend more on botlc and tested American principle* than on party labels. It Is our belief that what we need more than anything eke Is a representative of ability, Integrity and character. "Pat McGann" Is that kind of candidate. Lawyer former assemblyman delegate to the state constitutional convention.... Pat McGann believes In prudent government. His is jiot the philosophy of "rax and tax spend and spend." ' '... He supports the rights of the individual, but understands that these.rights have meaning only In a law-abiding community.... Pat McGann favors an expansion of state college facilities to accommodate the increase' Ing number of students.... He advocates Increasing penalties for assaults Or^policemen4nd firemen ln~the perform : mance of their duties., :,.. He would use excess state sales tax revenue to aid local municipalities to provide better equipment, training and salaries for policemen.,.. Pat supports legislation encouraging the growth of existing Indujtry as well os.amrw**-:^*! Ing new industry. We know Pat McGann Is the right selection for the next representative from our area to the state assembly. "WE ARE VOTING FOR PAT ON TUESDAY, NOV. 7. WE MOPE YOU DO, TOO" ( old tar by Robirf R. Nlmjn, Triaiur.r, rn Parkview Twroa, Llncroll, N. J.

3 f 2 Friday..V,v. 3, 1%1 THE DAILY REGfSTKR MIDDLETOWN-BAYSHORE EDITION Holmdel Candidates Raritan Residents Demand ^xx... TI. M '_ Offer Their»! */... Platforms Dfesian DelaviS Dlrtns Explanation for Deadline Mr. Wadington, of 7 Parkway For Sewers RARITAN TOWNSHIP - "We want specific reasons why the deadline cannot be extended" residents of Middle Road said yesterday. Not content that the,township Committee cited delays in the overall sidewalk program as the reason residents must put in sidewalks by Dec. 1 or be in eluded in the township contract the residents are calling for more explanations. The homeowners between Poole Ave. and Rt. 38 were given the option to Install the walks on their own after they expressed opposition early last month to being forced into the township program at higher costs. J The committee told the residents Wednesday the deadline Weather The residents maintain that and the pressures to downgrade contractors have warned against f } New Jersey: Mostly sunny and zoning," their statement said. sidewalk installation now because of the cold weather. V mild today, high Increas- "To control the rate and method of growth" the Republicans ' ; ing cloudiness tonight with chance ol rain late tonight, low They also contend that the installation, even if possible, is beform: have announced this 12-point plat- In 40s. About 40 per cent chance of rain tomorrow, high in 50s ing thwarted by the township 4 Outlook for Sunday, partly clerk and engineer. Establishment of an effective capital improvement program, cloudy and cool. Mrs. McDonald said the resi- providing for long-range needs of a High temperature at Mon- roads, facilities, and equipment mouth Beach yesterday 61. Low > 53. At t p.m. 61. Overnight low and temperature at 7 a.m. today SI. Rainfall.32 inch i "We were told the specifiin MARINE cations were the township Cape May to Block Island: clerk's office. There we were sent Small craft warnings discontinued. to the township engineer's office Westerly winds 10 to 15 in Perth Amboy, where we were knota today: Variable winds 10 told the plans had to be in the knots or leu tonight and south easterly winds 10 to 15 knots to clerk's office," she said. Can't See Specifications morrow. Fair today. Increasing "The price of the sidewalks cloudiness tonight with chance of cannot be determined without the specifications and we can't even rain late tonight and tomorrow. Visibility one to three miles in rain otherwise better than five miles. Tides running abnormally high may cause some minor flooding ttiis morning. TIDES Sandy Hook TODAY High 8:30 p.m. and low 2:36 p.m. TOMORROW - High 9 a.m. and 9:24 p.m. and low 2:42 a.m. and 3:24 p.m. SUNDAY High 9:48 a.m. and 1ft IS p.m. and low 3:35 a.m. and 4:18 p.m. For Red Bank and Rumson bridge, add two hours; Sea Bright, deduct 10 minutes; Long 'Branch, deduct 15 minutes; High' landg bridge, add 40 minutes. Be wise... open a Checkmaster accounttoday friririmn baton npind Sendee I* our biggest asset CENTRAL J RSE\ BANK MIMBUOFF.D.I.C. would not be extended after the residents complained time and weather were against them. "We cannot see how an extension into spring would hurt the sidewalk program," said Mrs. HOLMDEL A call for controlled growth has been jnade by the Republican candidates for committee and clerk while Democratic opponents proposed an expansion that would include teen and senior citizen recreational programs. Republicans Warren E. Baum- Helen McDonald of 1 Coach Drive. She owns property on Middle Road. gartner and John P. Wadington, Mrs. McDonald and the other candidates for the Township residents said they would sign Committee and township clerk, contracts for the sidewalk work, respectively said local growth has with promises of installation in an immediate bearing on taxes, the spring. the number of school children and "If the contrasts are shnwn to the quality -of education, property values and road, sewer and the township, with all specifications, the committee can still obtain bids excluding these areas," water requirements. Mrs. McDonald added. "The growth we've experienced in the past has been "We would even put up a bond downright insignificant compared to what we can expect in to the township to insure the work," she said. the next few years, considering Weather a Factor the present demand for housing dents have attempted to get specifications for the sidewalks but have been "shuttled from office to o/fice. see them." The specifications themselves are a matter o(p cbrttradication, the homeownerssaid. They said other areas of the township have been sidewalked to a depth of four inches: "The specifications for Middle Road indicate an eight-inch depth is employed as a tool and die de- Lautman presenting the state's signer by Stonco Electric Prod- case sion of necessary mains. ucts of Kenilworth. A former Judge Fisher set sentencing for required," said Mrs. Bridie Morrissey of 188 Middle Road. Publish a regular ter. newslet- Marine, he saw action at Saipan Dec 8. and Tinian and was decorated,. "We want to know why the Enact multiple-acre zoning with the Purple Heart. change, why the extra cost, why wherever feasible. Enforce all ordinances. RARITAN - Police reported GAMES ARE STOLEN no specifications and why no ex tension. And we want to know Democrats Charles R. Frechette and Charles F. Naab said a breaking and entry at Edward Strike Starts soon." she said. Gleason's Sunoco Gas Station, Praises Police On Halloween Vandal Control RARITAN TOWNSHIP - Nicholas Setteducato, police commissioner here, praised efforts of (he force and local civil defense units in a joint effort to keep vandalism and mischief to a minimum Monday and Tuesday nights. He said more than 13 cars were on the roads of the township mischief night and on Hal' loween, manned by regular and special police under the direction of Chief William Smith and civil defense police directed by Lawrence Zappulla. Mr. Setteducato also announced that the police station Is now equipped with a hookup to an emergency generator for use in case of a power failure. He said the unit was installed earlier this week with the help of civil defense. The hookup can be activated within seconds and has been successfully tested. on a fiscally sound basis. Create a strong industrial committee to seek desirable industry. Update the master plan, enabling the adoption of an official map. Maintain orderly growth. Support a community core study with emphasis on adequate library and recreational facilities and offices consolidation. Establish a shade tree commission. Enact conflict of interst laws for officials. Work for comprehensive senior citizen and teenage programs. To work closely with water companies to expedite the exten- the recreation center they propose would be put on a self-paying basis through a bond issue to be redeemed by nominal users' membership fees. Other major points in the Democrats' platform are: Hiring a township clerk to replace a part-time clerk and deputy clerk. Businesslike administration, with appointments based on competence and performance, not politics. Making a Civil Service Survey to assure the taxpayer effective public servants and employes fair compensation. Forming an industrial commission to attract desirable clean industry and correct imbalance between residential and industrial construction. Starting a Green Acres-type program to establish buffer zones between industrial areas., Maintain zoning flexibility with lots to be shaped to assure the most effective use of land. Set up a new Township Hall and library. Make a complete traffic survey. Place, the incumbent township clerk and treasurer, served as deputy township clerk in until his appointment to the clerk's office. He had been a Board of Health secretary and a member of the Planning Board. Married and the father of three children, Mr. Wadington is a section head, of the National Lead Co., in Sayreville. He also is a member and past president of the Hazlet File Co., a life member and past president of the Monmouth County Firemen's Association, a past chairman of the Monmouth County Section, American Chemical Society, and a member of the Special Libraries Association. Mr. Baumgartner of 2 Knollwood Road, the Republican candidate for Township Committee, now is secretary of the Zoning Board. Married and the father of four children, he is a director of advertising for the Philadelphia Electric Co. He helped organize Babe Ruth baseball in this area and managed the Holmdel team for four years. He also is a former director of the Holmdel Republican Club and a for mer chairman of the Veterans' Committee on Housing. The local Republican's' candidate for Township Assessor is John H. Mount. Mr. Frechette, 30, resides on Brook Lane with his wife and seven children. An expert in labor-management relations, he is on the staff of Owens-Illinois, Moonachie. He is active in the St. Catherine's Holy Name Society and the Knights of Columbus, Red Bank Council, and served for seven years with the National Guard and the Active Reserves. A resident of 8 MayAr Road, Mr. Naab, 45, has two children and two grandchildren. He is Second Day PERTH AMBOY (AP) - No Incidents were reported today as the strike of 1,100 steelworkers entered its second day at the sprawling Anaconda's International Smelting and Refining Co. plant here. The employees, members of Steelworkers Local 4985 walked out at midnight Wednesday in a drive to obtain a nationwide uniform wage and other local demands. They had voted Monday to authorize the strike if no agreement was reached. About 50 members picketed in the fog yesterday, but permitted clerical and supervisory personnel to enter the idled plant. W. R. McBride, plant manager, declined to specify how many employes were at work, but said residential and the staff was,the same as any other normal working day. Some 200 non-union salaried Workers are normally employed at the plant. Picketing has continued on an around-the-clock basis with II about half a dozen union members stationed at plant gates overnight. (Planners OK -- «-j Monmouth Grflege Entry HOWELL TOWNSHIP The Planning Board last night granted a six-month extention to the Monjer Corp., developers of Howell Park, Rt. 33, to design a sanitary sewer system that meets state, county and local approval. Attorney for the firm, William O'Hagen, West Allenhurst, told the board his client has been unable to get a definite plan from :ither the state or county on regional sewer proposals. He said the state requires only a secondary treatment plant while the local Board of Health wants a tertiary treatment facility. "This is an expensive proposition, especially if we will only have to abandon it in a few years when, and if the regional plan goes into effect," he said. Howell Park is a proposed 153 lot subdivision on 70 acres, or about 1-3 acre lot sizes. Men Admit Entry, Theft FREEHOLD Two Atlantic Highlands men yesterday pleaded guilty to breaking and entering and larceny charges before Superior Court Judge Cla/kson. S Fisher. William Hargrave, Oakland Ave., and Wilbert Thigpen, 235 First Ave., had been charged with breaking into Tumen's Department Store, Rt. 36, Atlantic Highlands on July 16, and taking merchandise. Hargrave was represented by Albert T. Berich of the Public Defender's office, and Thigpen by Daniel J. Healy, Oakhurst, with Assistant Prosecutor Solomon Rt. 35 and Poole Ave., resulted in the loss of four boxes' of Sunny Dollars games valued at $ They said that entry was gained through a broken window sometime between 5:15 and 6 a.m.. Wednesday. Hire skilled help with resultgetting Daily Register Classified Ads. Dial now! {Rules followed bv by County last night, that both the general Mr. and Mrs. Robert Egnatovich (nee Pamela Ori), 491 first class, the students will be sub-educatioject to the same admissions stancalaureate program at Monmouth program and the bac- Palmer Ave., West Keansburg, dards and rules and regulations College seem to conform reasonably to the types of programs son, yesterday. as those in the private institution, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Serpico the county college is 'interested (nee Mary Ann McKenzie), 6 in offering. Dogwood Road, Middletown, daughter, yesterday. At his first meeting with Dr. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lee (nee Dolores King), 72 Hattie Court, Middletown, son, yesterday. Van Note, Mr. Garrison said, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conle (nee Marie DeMio), 34 Washington Ave., Keansburg, son, yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schwarz (nee Linda Dolan), 9 Nevada Ave., East Keansburg, daughter, yesterday. MONMOUTH MEDICAL Long Branch Mr. and Mrs. Zenon Sanchez (nee Rody Garced), 114 Norwood Ave., Long Branch, daughter, yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Morver Wilkerson (nee Judith Riley), 136 Monmouth Ave., Long Branch, son, yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert IPulsonelli (nee Carolynn Rembis), 1449 Rustic Drive, Wonamassa, son, yesterday. Injured In Accidents In Red Bank RED BANK Mrs. Margaret E. Pavlak, 25,Patricia Tej., East Keansburg, was admitted io Riverview Hospital in fair condition after an accident at Maple Ave and Leroy Place at 6:15 p.m. yesterday. Police said 'her car collidad with one driven by Max Safron, 30 Maple Ave., sending it out of control and into a utility pole. Mrs. Pavlak suffered a neck injury. Two women were slightly hurt in a four-car chain'reaction accident about an hour earlier. Miss Agnes T. Patterson, 233 Tihton Ave., Eatontown, came to a halt on Broad St. at the railroad crossing as the gates started down. In the chain reaction behind her were drivers Jennie Barberio, 19 North Park Ave., Shrewsbury; Paul R. Regan, 23 Dellwood Lane, Eatontown; and Pamela-R. -Barnard, 170 Kingfisher Drive, Middletown. The first two drivers said they would see their physicians for possible neck injuries. FREEHOLD If the county college contracts with Monmouth College for the education of its ;he county college Board of Trustees indicated last night. The trustees explained that the students would be enrolled in the county college and would matriculate at Monmouth College. The board now is considering a oneyear contract with Monmouth College. The temporary county college chairman. Earl B. Garrison, will meet today with Dr. William G. Van Note, president of Monmouth College, for a second dis- cuision of possible arrangements. Mr. Garrison told the trustees they did not have enough statistical data on the enrollment picture at Monmouth College. Under the contractual arrangement the state would pay half of the per-student cost of education, up to $600, and the. county, and student would each pay onequarter. ENJOY FINE FOOD & IMPECCABLE SERVICE in an ATMOSPHERE of UNOBTRUSIVE ELEGAiNCE jor» WEDDING RECEPTIONS CONFIRMATIONS BUSINESS SEMINARS PRIVATE PARTIES BANQUETS Seven Distinctive Rooms Accommodations to 400 fo 5hauotoutook AKEUERMmrtMKWOff SHREWSBURY, N. J Friends of Pat McGann Republicans for McGann KENNETH H. KIRGIN Fast_* &, Meamoarii Co. Young Rtpabllcans JEAN F. RALSTON Pmf Vte'Chalmoii MhMlttow* Republican Municipal CommlrfM Democrats for McGann MARTIN V. LAWLOft Former MHdlercwn TWp. Commllwtman JAMES R. SNYDER Councilman, Borough of^ananhe Highlands RED BANK VOTERS Where are Your New Tax Bills? The revaluation of your property has been completed. Is notice of your new assessment being withheld until after the election by the Republican controlled council? WHY? ELECT THE MEN WHO WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED. VOTE DEMOCRATIC RE-ELECT CHARLES K. WOODWARD JR. ELECT EDWARD W. MULLIGAN, M.D. Paid (or by Rod Bank Democratic Campaign Commitlaa, Troaiurtr, D. J. O'Hern, Ml Harding Read, Rod Bank.. Independents for McGann ~. DEAR FELLOW VOTER: JOSEPH NELSON, LINCftOFT,:, - OR. GEORGE A. SHEEHAN, RUMSON Then is a growing eonvietion among residents of Monmouth County that selection of people for public office should depend more on basic and tested American principles than on party labels. It Is our belief that what we need more than anything else Is a representative of ability, integrity and character. "Pat McGann" is that kind of candidate. Lawyer former assemblyman delegate fo the state constitutional convention.... Pat McGann believes in prudent government. His is jiot the philosophy of "tax and tax spend and spend."... He supports the rights of the individual, but understands that those rights have meaning only In a law-abiding community.... Pat McGann favors an expansion of state college facilities to accommodate the Increasing number of students.... He advocates increasing penalties for assaults on policemen and firemen in the performance of their duties. q ',.. He would use excess state sales tax revenue to aid local municipalities to provide better equipment, training and salariet fer.pohcematv. > -*." ,.^^,.,,, * -"-» > -,,.. Pat supports legislation encouraging the growth of existing Industry as well as attract, ing new Industry.' ' '. We know Pat McGann is the right selection for the next representative from our area 10 the state assembly. "WE ARE VOTING FOR PAT ON TUESDAY, NOV. 7. WE HOPE YOU DO, TOO" paid lor by flowrl R. mmw, Trtnunr, 171 Porkvlcwi Ttfmct, Llncren, N. J.

4 Friikr, Nov. 3,f*57 TTfE DAfJ-Y HJKJ5TER Robbery (Continued) nicknamed "Father Wallace" by fellow officers for his gift of gab talked with Fiolka, the patrolman'* wife, Barbara, alternately looked through the bank window and wept. "He never showed any inclination to shoot it out," Patrolman Wallace told newsmen, "It was Just a question of him making up his mind when he wanted to surrender." The officer and holdup man worn separated by the teller's counter. They smoked continurtic'v _ an(] at we point police onti M e the bank even tossed in an»xtra pack. **"anwhi!e Miss Eizzi remained!v'-<» on the floor. F'nally, Patrolman Wallace M. he told Fiolka that the rh'pf outside was getting impat!f t and that he would have to ou't talking. He asked Fiolka to release Miss Pizzi and to take his own chances. After stalling for a few more tablishing a perimeter of police around the Farmers and Merchants National Bank minutes, Fiolka dropped his.38 in Cliffwood during yesterday's armed robbery. A bullet hole resulting from the and.357 magnum revolvers at Patrolman Wallace's directions, only shot fired marks the-tank window. (Register Staff Photo) and permitted himself to be handcuffed. Miss Pizzi, who was also in the bank during the April holdup, went Into seclusion at her home. Mr. Weber relumed to work. "When he stopped talking, I tarted talking," the policeman STATE TROOPERS KEEP WATCH Troopers William C. Matthews, left, and Joseph Kobylinski, both of the Keyport State Police Barracks, were among those es- Collegi (Continued) get, being prepared by Earl B. terest Garrison, a temporary chairman, must be approved by the Board said. Asked by newsmen if he was frightened, Patrolman Wallace replied, "Sure I was scared, ted to Trenton by Nov. 15. of School Estimate and submit- but not as scared as I am now." Board members expressed inin visiting other count colleges and named trusti Zuckerman to set up visits as feasible. Trus John L. Polhemus. w; chairman of a commi velop by-laws. THEY WILL FIGHT FOR YOU! Tote For These REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES TO THE JOSEPH AZZOLINA Capable Efficient Experienced CHESTER APY Continue Good Representation From Our County In The State Assembly By Electing these Outstanding Men" FOR THE BEST TEAM- VOTE REPUBLICAN COLUMN 2 TUES.. NOV. 7th Paid (or by Louli Scodulo, I N Hamllfonlon Drlve> Mlddlobwn, N. J. Ex-Writer Gives Talk On Sunday RUMSON - Robert L. Mayall, director of the Asian Information Service, Hong Kong, will be guest speaker at the Wst Men's Ciub breakfast in Bnai Israel synagogue here Sunday morning. Mr. Mayall directs a specialized news and feature service with agencies in major Asian and American cities. He is a former Baltimore Sun staff writer. He has served as, the United Nations and Washington correspondent of The Asia Magazine, Hong Kong, and his articles are printed in many publication! in the Far East. Educated at Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities, Mr. Mayall has also studied at Columbia University and the University of Hong Kong, specializing in political economics. He has served as an economic and trade consultant to the governments of Japan, Italy, India and Greece and American firms with international investments. Allan Rodman and Dr. Gilbert Cormick are chairmen of the event. Martin Luntoris ffie club's breakfast chairman. Suspect (Continued) The bank robbery was a repeal of history, as a holdup man, who according to police bears a resemblance to Fiolka, escaped with $25,000 from the same branch last April. Bank manager Harold Weber, who at one point in yesterday's drama was used as a shield by Fiolka, also was involved in the spring holdup. Mr. Weber said Fiolka was "very meticulous while he was inside the bank, but once the police came on the scene he became indecisive with no plans for escape." This Is Bad' He. added that the accused bandit..jtept^talking to him-j self repeating,' "this is bad, this is bad." Before police arrived, Fiolka was said to have managed to scoop up $19,152 into a flight bag which contained bis second gun, and into a bank bag. While bank officials, police and FBI agents counted the recovered money at the bank later in the afternoon, a second burglar alarm sounded at police headquarters sending several township police cars to the bank. Rather than another robbery, he alarm was accidentally activated by a man servicing the bank's automatic camera which records patrons as well as wouldbe bandits. The answering cars were turned back by Lt. Francis Cherny, who quickly rushed to a bank window and waved them away. Police said, in one ironic note, that Fiolka might have had a difficult escape even if police had not arrived. A tire on the white Oldsomobile, allegedly used by the accused bandit, apparently had a slow leak and was very flat when a patrol went to recover it shortly after Fiolka's apprehension. Russo (Continued) In his three public appearances :his week, Russo was casual in dress and manner. He appeared before the Grand Jury wearing a sweater. The Grand Jury.investigation arose out of complaints by Milton Garr, secretary of the Long Branch City Wide-CMc Assoc)an\ ion, that Long Branch Police Chief Thomas M. Pesano was handcuffed in the performance of his duties. To Address Group On Home Decoration HAZLET - St, Benedict's Church Altar-Rosary Society will hold its monthly meeting on Monday at 8:15 p.m. with Mrs. Florence Karnsik, of Florence Karnsik Associates; Rumson, as guest speaker. Driver Denies Guilt In Store Crash Case.. RED BANK - Mrs. Doris M. She was the driver of a sta-' Municipal Court Judge Francis cated before the impaired driving arotta of 47 Cliftwood Ave., tion wagon that jumped a curbj'x. Keniielly postponed the trial law was passed. ' J tontown, last night pleaded incent to a careless driving the National Shoes' Store onjmrs. Mary Orff of West Long dlesex was fined $30 for leaving and smashed into the front of for two weeks since a witness, Albert Coddington Jr. of Mld-» arge.., Broad Street Oct. 17. Branch who was knocked downthe scene of an accident.. '-,n the crash, is still hospitalized. Fined $30 each for careless. Willie J. Randolph, 26 W. Ber-idriving were Benjamin Brown of banners Again Delay ;en Place, was fined $205 and Brooklyn;, Herbert Cause, 91,. lost his license for two earsi Apple St., New Shrewsbury; and ijoseph P. Carloni, 102 Monmouth after a trial in which lie wasj Development Action pkwy^ r East KearLSburg. Mr, ound guilty of driving while his kmi also was fined $10 for failure ability was impaired by alcohol. MANALAPAN - Once again, over recreational land, to proe township Planning Board de- vide underground utilities and toj to answer his summotis on time,, Judge Kennelly said it was a and received a six-month license., yed action on a 74-lot housing make certain road repairs. second offense, the first having suspension because of his prior beep for driving while intoxi-l record. implex application by Kent The other would be an agreement whereby the firm evelopment Co. of New York would pay the township $800 for ty. each house completed when certificates The board has delayed action the proposal because it connds it lacks legal assurance that,e developer would provide for of occupancy were inoff of surface water so as not disturb nearby properties. The developer, represented by fflomttnj fflluh ominick Cerrato of Freehold, jwever, wanted a written listg of what the township wants >ne, so that the work could be inded. Agreements Sought While the board members uldn't agree what should be me, the board did instruct r. Cerrato to have two letters ritten. One would be an agreelent by the developer to deed ills' Staff to Respond 'o Election Complaints TRENTON (AP) - Atty. Gen. rthur J. Sills says members 1 his staff, will be.on duty fr a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday to anver any questions or complaints incerning the election law. Sills also requested that each junty prosecutor in the state iep his office staffed during the 3urs the polls are qpen to handle cal complaints. issued, "This is to help the school system out," said Taylor Palmer Jr., board chairman. The developer's secretary, Oscar Schachner, had agreed to these terms in a letter submitted to the board. Mr. Cerrato stated that this was the tliird time that the application has come up for final approval. * Theijboard continued its meeting until Thursday, Nov. 16, when it is expected to act on the proposal. LEGAL NQTICE NOTICE The Keansburg Board of Education la accepting sealed bids for the furnishing of fuel ol] for the school year until 4:0O. p.m. on Wednesday, November 15, 1967, and will Immed!' ately proceed to unseal the name in the preience OF the parties bidding or their agents, If such parties choose to be then and there present, in the Office of Uie Secretary. Francei Place, Keaiuburr, New Jersey,. A ^esiwlwf check In the amount OL $ snail accompany each bid. Spec, IficaUona may be obtained at the office of the Secretary, Frances Place, Keansburg,. N. J. The Board reserves ihe right to reject any and ail bids, award bids In whole or part and waive immaterial informauties if deemed to the Board's advantage to do so. DATED: November 3, 1967 MRS. GRACE M. DALY Secretary Nor. 2 IS.21 Public Dining In An Elegant Atmosphere Enjoy private catering in our New Gracious Banquet Room! With its second story high view overlooking the majestic 18- hole golf course. Completely self sufficient facilities rest room, bar and kitchen, fur personal, private banquets or wedding receptions without outside interference, onqmft a Specialty Port)*! W«ddingi Dinners Facilities for 300 Ffcnm MONMOUTH ROAD EATONTOWN PHONE , ASK FOR CHARLIE TRUAX IN LITTLE SILVER ROEMER Councilman AUGUST E. ROEMER Councilman Re-Elect -CHARIES-Wr- STEPHENS Mayor CHARLES W. STEPHENS Mayor Look at the Little Silver REPUBLICAN RECORD TAX RATE.. 8TH LOWEST IN THE COUNTY** BRAGAR Councilman PAUL BRAGAR Councilman BEJ»BE ATI/MJ EXPANDED PROGRAM NOW INCLUDES 1200 CHILDREN ACQUIRED K B U K E A T I U N... RIVERFRONT PROPERTY FOR A BOAT RAMP AND PLAY AREA. euedrcurv EMCKVCNUI PROVIDED HOME ALERT RADIOS FOR ALL FIREMEN AND FIRST AID... MEN. I IDD A D V OPENED NEW BUILDING, PLANS STARTED TO TRIPLE THE SIZE USING LJBKAKT FEDERAL AID. BOROUGH HALL PUBLIC SAFETY SIDEWALKS... POLICE. STREETS BUILT NEW 0FFICES AND MEETING ROOMS FOR ALL CIVIC INSTALLED TRAFFIC LIGHTS WHERE NECESSARY... WORK TO. BEGIN NEXT SPRING FOR NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN AT RAILROAD STATION. WORKED WITH P.T.A. TO DESIGN SIDEWALKS FOR CHILD SAFETY... CONSTRUCTION BEGINS SOON. v EXCELLENT DEPARTMENT HOUR PATROL. EQUIPMENT MODERNIZED... MORE EFFICIENT SERVICE. THE MUNICIPAL PURPOSES TAX RATE HAS DROPPED TWO CENTS SINCE 1962 WHILE THESE IMPROVEMENTS WERE BEING ACCOMPLISHED. AUGUST E. ROEMER Councilman RE-ELECT CHARLES W. STEPHENS Mayo PAUL BRAGAR Councilman VOTE YES-TENURE-CALVIN A. RQWE, TAX COLLECTOR Paid r<v by Ki. LIHIa Sltvw Rtoubllaon CommltlM

5 4 Friday. N^i-. 3, 1967 THE DAILY REGISTER Beadleston, Bedell Clash Over Unemployment Compensation ASBURY PARK - Republican Assemblyman Alfred N. Beadles- 'ton, and Democratic Freeholder Eugene Bedell, on opposing ticket* in the upcoming election, locked horns last'night over the new stale unemployment compensation law before an area meeting here on the Jaycees. The law has been a major issue in the campaign, in which Mr. Bedell is up for re-election, and Mr. Beadleslon is running for state senator in Monmouth County, r Mr. Beadleston charged the new law "is a bad law that wi benefit a handful and increas< the costs to the rest of the work ers." He.declared his dedication t Its repeal. More Strikes Seen He said tie provisions to com pensate striking workers at maximum weekly payment $62.50 "amounts to governmen taking one side in a labor-man agement dispute,- and will resul; i n longer and more costl; strikes." Mr. Bedell, in a separate report, stated that the law has been falsely called a "strike benefits law," since only a small pel cent of the ^funds-would Ego t compensate strikers,, "Of the $28 million a year i compensation payments," h( said, "$27 million will go to In creased benefits to emoloyees that have been put out of work "The maximum cost to an; worker in the state for strike benefits will be only three-fifths of a cent a week." We almys carry» wide selection of monuments and marten... beartim, permanent aid opwtty eareed. All ire guaranteed. Consult as wittnvt ottotkn. -Tht Umfyttl fiv* ~ VltM. JOHN VAN KIRK & SON 5 cooper RD., Nuaaittown oil Rl. IS % or Heaaon's Corner Convi Itnl Terms He charged Mr. Beadleston with having "a notorious anti-labor record in the state legislature, having voted against or abstained on all legislation that benefits organized labor." Policy 'Continuation' "His opposition to the new law is just a continuation of this antilabor policy," he said. Mr. Beadleston said the law will discourage new industry from coming into the state, and that industry that has already settled will be discouraged from expanding. Mr. Bedell, a labor union official, replied that other states that have strike compensation laws are not suffering from this. Mr. Bedell answered that the amount that would come from a strike compensation is a small part of the costs organized labor invests in improving labor conditions, and that all workers benefit from the gains of unions. Mr. Beadleston said that a protracted labor dispute such as the Ford Co. strike could rapidly reduce the state's unemployment fund, which he said now totals $366 million. Mr. Bedell denied this would Mr. Beadleston, a retired real A P ri. is an improvement over estate operator, charged that the law includes a "gimmick" to obtain additional funds by requiring payments from workers in small inherent in the federal tax law. offices and shops where strikes He explained companies are are very unlikely, entitled to tax relief for losses "These people will not get strike benefits, but they will still ed that in some cases companies have to foot the bill, and so will "more than wipe out their losses' their employers." because of this provision. Mrs. Nichols, First World War Nurse Obituaries WEST LONG BRANCH Mrs Elsie R. Nicholas, 77, of 369 Monmouth Road died Wednesday in Monmouth Convalescent Center, Long Branch. Mrs. Nichols was born In Me< tuchen, daughter of the late Oscar and Maria Ricklefesen. She had lived here 50 years. A retired nurse, she served overseas during World War I happen, and asked that the law with the first nurses' contingent be given a chance to operate under Gen. John J. Pershing and for a year before considering itsjwas cited for bravery while un- Council Bars Reissuance Of Stavola Mining Permit repeal. He said the law, in effect since jder fire. She was a graduate of the New York Post Graduate Medical former legislation, and that itjschool and Hospital, of the Manhelps correct an imbalance in:hattan Eye and Ear Hospital and government aid to management of Sloan's Hospital, New York City. Mrs. Nichols was a mem ber of Old First Methodist Church here and of the Post resulting froma strike, and add- Graduate Alumni Association, NEW SHREWSBURY The "Wait until Jan. I, when the permit expires at which time a new legality of stockpiling by the M.J. permit probably will not be issued to the operator." Stavola Co., Inc., of Hamilton Rd., was questioned at last night's! meeting of Borough Council. Harold H. Haynes of Drift Road, Pine Brook, asked council what steps it is taking to stop the operation. He had raised the same question at JasJLjnonth!s council meeting after the company was found not guilty of th< offense by Municipal Cou Judge Lawrence A. Carton 3rd The court ruled that the com' pany was innocent, since it he! mining permit issued by council. Last night, Mr. Haynes allegi that stockpiling" operations by'thi company involved a "changei use" of the land and needed sib plan approval by the Planning Board. He also alleged that application for such an approv; never had been filed. Explaining the situation, Milton A. Mausner, borough attorney, said the not guilty verdicl was-returned-by-the-court-sincf there was no intent by the company to violate the law. "The operator had a permit," Mr. Maus ner said, "even though such permit may have been issued the wrong way or should not ha' been issued at all." On Mr. Haynes question as what could be done to stop th operation, Mr. Mausner sai Worden Funeral Home 60 E. FRONT ST. RED BANK Day and Night Phone HARRY C. F. JAMES A. ROBERT F. FOR ANY OCCASION HONEY BEE FLOWERS RUSSELL T. HODSKISS BY WIRE ANYWHERE 464 BROAD ST. SHREWSBURY Reliable Slnct 1927 John E. Day FUNERAL HOME Council resolved that Jerome S. Reed, borough administrator, should not issue a new permit and that he should inform the company in writing of this fact id that operations should have to «ase-bytjanr4r5ite-plan-approval then would be required rn the basis of a changed use of land. i New York City. She also belonged to the Jane A. Delano Post 344, American Legion, New York City. Council granted a request from of 3855 Belle Vista Drive died Senior Girl Scout Troop 560, to paint house numbers for residents Wednesday afternoon at the on the curb, as a money making Palms project. Accepted with regret were the resignations of Robert L. McCarthy from the Planning Board; Alan A. Behr from the police department; and Arthur G. Rohrer from the recreation commission. of Pasadena Hospital, George W. Matthews Jr., was appointed to the Recreation Com fill _the unexpired term of Mrs. Elizabeth Nicholan. Approval was also given to Councilman Edmond J. Norris chairman of the road commission to forward engineering plans for the construction and reconstruction of Hope Road to the State Highway Department for approval. Parking Lot Delay Okayed by Zoners FAIR HAVEN - River Rats Inc. last night received a sixmonth extension from the Zoning Board to complete the parking lot at its property at the foot of IBattin Road. The sailing club had asked deferral until one year after the Northeast Monmouth County Regional Sewerage Authority lays sewer lines through the lot, but the board asked for a re-application if more time is needed after six months. Surviving are five daughters: Mrs. Margarethe Nichols of West Long Branch; Mrs. Eleanor Trowbridge of Milford, Conn.; Mrs. Marion Weavin of Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs. Dorothea Allen of Roseland and Mrs. Beatrice Holter of Erie, Pa.; one son, retired Col. Herbert B. Nichols of New Hampshire, and one sister, Miss Blanche Ricklefesen of West Long Branch. The funeral will be tomorrow at 11 a.m. in the Woolley Funeral Home, Long Branch. Burial, with full, military honors, will be in Glenwood Cemetery, West Long Branch. MRS. HELEN T. NEVIUS ST. PETERSBURG BEACH, Fla. - Mrs. Helen T. Nevius, 67, here, after a long illness. Mrs. Nevius was born in Red Bank, N. J., the daughter of the late Joseph H. and Mary D. Smith Turkington, and been a resident here seven years, formerly living in Lincroft, N. J. She was a member of the First Methodist Church of Red Bank, and of Red Bank Chapter, Or-j derof-eastern Starr She was the widow of Floyd Imlay, by a previous marriage, and of G. Harold Nevius. She is survived by a son, Walter T. Imlay of Lincroft; a grandson, Richard Imlay; brother, J. Leon Turkington of I this place, and two sisters, Mrs. Dorothy T. Plahn of Little Silver, N. J., and Mrs. Marian T. de la Reussille of this place. The funeral will be Sunday at p.m. at the Worden Funeral Home, Red Bank, with the Rev, Edward B. Cheney of the First Methodist Church officiating. Burial will be Monday at 10 a.m. in Fair View Cemetery, Middletown.,. CEDRIC S. JONES NEW SHREWSBURY - Cedric S. Jones of 73 Reeds Rd. died yesterday in Riverview Hospital, Red Bank, after a short illness. Arrangements are under the direction of the Worden Funeral Home, Red Bank. Better Pay for Jurors Proposed by Bonello Slain Office: EATONTOWN Richard L. 4O-U Braut St. Bed Bulk, N. I. tmol Bonello, Democratic candidate Brancb OlfleMS for state senator, today proposed n«rl. 35, Mldoletown, N. J. 30 East Main St., Freehold, N. 1. a legislative study into providing Y79 Broadway, Lonr Branch, N. J. a more equitable method of paying persons who are required to ElteblUhM la 18T8 by John H. Cook am Henry day FabUihed by The Red Bank BeiUtei serve on juries. Incorporated "Because of the varying Member, or the Associated Press The Associated Press Is entitled exuslvely to the use for republlcatlon ello said, "many jurors lose policies of employers," Mr. Bon- : all th< local news printed In this newspaper ai well as all AP news money unfairly and many other llsp&tches. prospective jurors look for ways Second clall postage pata at Red of avoiding jury duty." lank, N. J and at additional nailing offices. Published dally, Monday through Friday. ;ested that the legislature form The Democratic candidate sug- Subscription Prices In Advance i commission to review the entllnfl* copy at counter, 10 cents: by mall, 15 centa ;ire problem and consider raising the pay for petit month < months J12.50 months S months $23.00 jurors. MRS. FRANK G. CARHART EATONTOWN-Mrs. Anna Lorraine Carhart, 58,*of 120 First St, Pine Tree Trailer Park, died Wednesday in Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch. Mrs, Carhart was born in Atlantic Highlands, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kelly, and lived in Long Brancfi 25 years before moving here, She attended Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Long Branch. Surviving are her -husband, Frank G. Carhart, three nieces and two nephews, including Mrs. Doris Daughtry of West Long Branch and Mrs. Gertrude Mc- Rae of Neptune City. A Requiem Mass will be offered Monday at 9 a.m. in Star of the Sea Church. Burial, under the direction of the Flock Funeral Home of Long Branch, will be in Woodbine Cemetery, Oceanport. MRS. FRANK SIDORAK WOODBRIDGE - Mrs. Anna Sidorak, 71, mother of Mrs. William Waltsak of Red Bank, died Wednesday in Perth Amboy General Hospital. A native of Czechoslovakia, she lived in Newark before moving here seven years ago. She was a member of St. James Catholic Church, here. Also surviving are her husband, Frank Sidorak; two sisters, Mrs. Sophie Melcon of Perth Amboy and Mrs. Mary Cores of this place, and eight grandchildren. A Requiem Mass will be offered tomorrow at 9 a.m. in St. James Church. The Leon J. Gerity Funeral Home is in charge of Japanese Prints Are on Display WEST LONG BRANCH An exhibition of 25 Japaaese print*, assembled by the Newark Museum for the New Jersey Council on the Arts, is being displayed in the mezzanine of Woodrow Wilson Hall at Monmouth College until Nov. 14. Dr. Kenneth E. Kn»pp, chair nan of tbe college deputjaeat of fine arts, which is sponsoring the exhibition, said the public is Invited to see the display Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is free. LODGE SPEAKER KEYPORT mum ft. Hriwreen, ptfmtoi v& lotittfer <A '")!< JAurt Care," RldgeflefcL Will be the guest speaker before t$e, John F. Kennedy Centennial Lodge, Knighto of Pythia*. at the Odd Fellows Building, Main St., at 9 p.m. Monday. Don't Be Left "Holding the Bag" Don't be left holding an empty Chritfmai bag. "Ho, ho, ho"-yourself all the way to your favorite gift shop when Christmas arrives next year. It's easily done when you save through a Marine View Christmas club., JOIN ANY Weekly Payment S % PER ANNUM ON SAVINGS CERTIFICATES, FROM $5,000 ONE OF THESE CLUBS.. Total You Deposited Receive , ( ' DIVIDEND ON COMPLETED CLUBS 1/4 ANNUAL DIVIDEND COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY SAVINGS t LOAM ASSOCIATION, MIDOLETOWN I ATL HIGHLANDS I LINCROFT I OUR 1968 CHRISTMAS GIFT A BEAUTIFUL "SERVING TRAY" $5 Riverside Ave. C. SIDUN, Director The Adams-Memorial William J. Connelly, Mgr. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Red Bank Home I 310 BROAD ST. RED BANK W.'IBBBtl Broad St. and Queen Anne Dr., Shrewsbury 747-S5S5 Op*" dally» A.M. to 6 P.M.; Wed. and Frl. 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. Sundays 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. FLEXSCREENS by BENNETT IRELAND Custom made on our premises 48-hour delivery A pirwnallied monument carved of select Barn ftranlre, can say more than many words. See our display of Borre Guild Monuments, backed by the Industry's strongest monument guarantee. BARRE GUILD Monuments LONG BRANCH MONUMENT, CO., Inc. WALL S LOCUST, W. LONG BRANCH BRANCH OFFICD>\nd DISPLAY The Edward C. Roche, Jr., Family Our 10,000th electric heating customer The JCP&L/NJP&L Smart Award is just what it says it is. An award for being smart and choosin^-electric "' fieatirig: - *«««--»>.>.- : <' «.-,..... Electric heat is clean heat. No soot, smoke, mess, or fuss. No cleaning furnaces, ordering fuel, or being bothered. No one gets hot under 1 the collar. About the money it costs: for total electric homes Jersey Central Power& Light/New Jersey Power & Light its cost is competitive with other heating systems. *** Would you like to.ieamaboamte&ttebeatarrcrar it can do? If so, please call or write our nearest office We'd be happy to send you a free copy of our new electric heating booklet. Of course, our dream is for everyone to get smart. Like the Edward Roches of Parsippany, N.J.

6 IN BUSINESS at new office at Rt. 35 and New Monmouth Rd., Middletown, is the Shadow Lawn Savings and Loan Association. Pictured prior to Wednesday's opening re, left to right, Richard J. Salmon of West Long Branch, branch manager; John G. Lawley of West Long Branch, association president, and the directors, Fred Williamion, Jamet Davidheiser and Charette W. Horster, all of Leonardo. (Register Staff Photo) Dr. Sheekan Is Honored NEW YORK - Dr. George A. iheehan of Rumson, N. J., was he of 40 Manhattan College lumni honored at the annual residential. dinner given by Irother Gregory Nugent, presient of the college in the Waldorf istoria. The honored alumni were memiers of the Leadership group, an irganization of graduates who ive substantially to the college's lumni giving program. Dr. Sheehan, one of five brothrs who attended Manhattan, Is ilso a director of the Alumni So- :iety. One of his sons is a re- «nt, gradinaie anl.9npthex js,.jj muor English major at the Rivrdale campus. yyp Family-Type Farm Can Get Loan FPEEHOLD Jn spite of the! The real l estate loa/is for farrn-.'pirogrdm will eucoywj. j Final F pj large number of nisw Joa/i pro-jew may be used to purchase,iprovaj of the loan is made in the) grams assigned to the Farmers enlarge or develop family-type j local office.' Home Administration, loans to farms. The maximum real estate The agency's loan program to family-type farmers remain an loan is $60,000. The applications family-type farmers has made it important part of their lending are made at the Farmers Home possible for a large number of ictivity, according to John P. Administration office at 1 Courthouse' Square. This office serves them to continue their operation j )'Connor, county supervisor for in this area in the past 30 years. he agency. Monmouth County. Loans up to $35,000 are available to family-type farmers for operating purposes. They may be used to purchase feed, seed, fertilizer, equipment and refinance lebts. The amount of the loan ieeded and repayment terms are determined by a Farm and Home Plan made with the Ijprrower. After preliminary discussion with the applicant, a county committee of three farmers reviews the prospective borrower's qual- ELECTION DAY PARTY FREEHOLD A card party will be held by the Greater Freeificatiocis and certifies that he has hold Jaycce-Ettcs Tuesday in the enough experience to carry out; park Avenue Schoo,_ wj and the intended farm program, he^. can not secure his credit from hair l" eces ^own by normal isources at terms he canibam^rger's. Mrs. Ronald Japay and that in its opinion, thekelis is chairman. May I introduce Lane- Adams whom I have chosen fo be an associate of mine in evangelism. He will be ministering in your community during... NOV. 5th thru NOV. 19th I encourage you to pray and attend the crusade with your friends WI " LANEADAMS ASSOCIATE EVANGELIST WITH JIMMIE MCDONALD music director and soloist Featuring BILLY GRAHAM be TED CORNELL pianist SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5th thru SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19th 1 P.H. NIGHTLY CONVENTION HALL. ASBURY PARK THE DAILY REGISTER Friday, NOT. 3, rd ANNIVERSARY SPEC!At OFFER FREE MINT SETS with each new savings or each new checking account. (Minimum $100.00) Last Silver Mint Set Made Contains Kennedy Half Dollar MAIN OFFICE OPEN SAT. 9:30 A.M. TO 1 P.M. ALL BANKING FACILITIES [EIATONTOWN [NIATIONAL [B]ANK MAIN OFFICE: State Hwy. 35 and Wyekoff Rd., Eatontowii IRANCH OFFICE: Eotontown Shopping Center, Eatontewn PHONE MEMBER F.D.I.C. POSTMASTER DONATES Joseph J. McFadden, Red Bank pottmatter, was among the 50 members of the Red Bank Post Office donating blood for their members and families through the Blood Reserve Plan of the Monmouth County Blood Bank at New Shrewsbury. Left to right above are Mrs. Travis Opdyke, chief technician t the blood bank; Mr. McFadden, Mrs. Jessie Cook, R.N., and Dr. J. Berkeley Gordon, examining physician. Awards Given At Signal School FORT MONMOUTH A Dis tinguished Flying Cross, an Aii Medal and two Army Commen dation Medals were presentee to personnel of the Army Signa Center and School in recent cer emonies. Major Byrd Smith of Eaton town, executive officer of the Is Battalion at the Signal School was presented the Distinguishec Flying Cross for heroism- ir Vietnam while assigned to th< 1st Infantry Division. Maj- Smith was serving aj bis unit's air operations officei en a search and destroy missioi near So.ui Da. When he received word thai an element'of his unit had beer hit by intensive automatic weapons fire and human wave as faults from a numerically su perior Viet Cong force, Ma; Smith flew immediately to thi battle site in a light observatior helicopter. CANDIDATE'S CORNER THOMAS T. CONRAD REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR TOWNSHIP CLERK QUESTION: Is If trua that, If elected, your opponent might have a difficult time attending to the duties of Township Clerk, especially during tax season? MR. CONRAD: You ba ihe judge. Tho record shows thai in 1966 my opp'ontnt miisod all six Board of Health meetings during tax jea- HW'-MHJ in 1967 )> miind thret meetings held botween mid-february and lafo March. In all, of tho 45 mooting* conducted by the board since tho first of last year, ho has missod one out of evory fhree, including a molt important mooting with tho Sewer Authority. Voters must decide if they're willing to settle for having only two-thirds of their needs satisfied. Pold tor bv Campaign Committee, Joseph Azzolirta, Cholrman, 75 Her Drive, Middletown Upon reaching the scene of the battle, he instructed his pilot to fly at treetop level over the area so he could pinpoint the insurgent positions. Almost im mediately Maj. Smith's aircraft received a barrage of hostile ground fire which he disregarded until he had accurately determined the deployment of- the hostile force and had called for artillery fire and air strikes on the insurgents. He remained in the area for 6 hours, continually braving the hostile force's fire hi order to adjust the friendly artillery fire, direct air strikes on the Viet Cong, and guide a relief force through the dense jungle to the aid of the'embattled company. Maj. Smith's "courage and determination" was reported p have contributed significantly to the breaking of the Viet Cong attack and completly routing the insurgents. '... Maj. Michael A. Gabel of Oceanport, an instructor iri the Tactical Division of the Department of Command Communications at the Signal School, was presented the First Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal for service in Vietnam where he served as an adviser. He received the award for participat ing in more than 25 aerial missions over hostile territory, where he was cited for his outstanding degree of professionalism and devotion to duty. Captain Thomas M. Jones of Neptune, a student in the Signal Officers Advanced Course at the Signal School, was presented the Army Commendation Medal for service in Vietnam. He was assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 69th Signal Battalion, and was cited for his initative and loyalty. Specialist 4 Michael Jarnvtoski, assigned to the Student Brigade at the Signal School, was presented the Army Commendation Medal for service in Vietnam. He served with the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), and was cited for his professional competence and devotion to duty. OFFICERS ELECTED EATONTOWN - Four officers were elected at n meeting of thfi PTA of the Fred G. Steelman School. They are Miss Bernadette Walsh, vice president; Mrs. F. G. Wilkins, recording secretary; Mrs. Peter Haglich, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. George Ahlcrs, treasurer. New chairmen ate Mrs. Charles Levene, refreshment:;; Mrs. Raymond Cass Jr., publicity, and Mrs. G. R. Locke and Mrs. John Dixon, program. Mrs. Fiore Corcione, Mrs. Joseph Alutius and Mrs. Charles Rish Will serve as nurses' assistants. The business meeting was fol lowed by an open house,.p:" gram. Parents toured classrooms and spoke with teachers. The PTA meets again Nov. 13. Apartments Made Issue In Campaign _ LITTLE SILVER Construc- )emocrats 'ledge; Mail Report ~ LITTLE SILVER-Demn andidates for mayor iugh Council, have o perform a pledge' thi, nade but not carried- < umbent GOP Mayor I tephens. Ce. GOP Candidates Decline Debate LITTLE SILVER Republi. de/j* < * v^*trieedsof] :an. Mayor Charles W. Stephens md Republican.< op Master Plan Action Urged ]y Democrats 1 LITTLE SILVER -. Demoatie candidates have criticized (ayor.charles Stephens' stand n the master plan, and enorsed the bid ix collector» obtain ten Mayoralty J. Litwin -a* andidates J tad W. n he mayor; m iftste Democrats Back Rowe For Tenure S^ES I,E SILVER The Demo- r mayor r \Democrats Ask Regional IDemocrats [Solutwn to Woes of RiverswScore GOP : Hie Dem-ldisappearing ftaishy wetj&ndshrv ' / Y r ssfte, "7. ^e «fe/ ; e^oi fefes for; * ^nwyorand 'wmch are the primary source 1UH \ya.yd3,& eratic urn* can 8tei formayorusi SidM Plan Big Im Little Silver IN THE HEADLINES ELECT COUNCILMAN GORDON LITWIN LITTLE SILVER MAYOR NOEL W. NILSON JOHN W. O'MflRA LITTLE SILVER COUNCIL VOTE FOR THE FUSION TICKET ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7th ELECT for Mayor Councilman it GORDON LITWIN For Council JOHN W. O'MARA I'or Council NOEL W. NILSON Paid for by LittU Silv»r Domocmlcc Campaign Committaa

7 Y JD Tp(^ T Q f/ T T 77 7 D "Nonsense I Have A Firm Grip On The Reins Established to 1878 Published by The Rtd Bank Register, laeorporwed M. HAROLD KELLY, Publisher Arthur Z. Kamin, Editor Thomas J. Bly, Executive Editor William F. Sandford, Associate Editor. Our Choice for Freeholder The freeholder race in the election campaign was, an many respects, overshadowed by the Senate and Assembly contests. And it was understandable. After all, this is the biggest legislative election in the state's history and the main interest has been centered on the futiire political complexion of the reapportioned legislature. Add to this the fact that the freeholder campaign between Democratic incumbent Eugene J. Bedell of Keansburg and Republican Albert E. Allen of Matawan Township never really got off the ground and you have another reason for the obvious lack of voter interest. When you come right down to it this has been a remarkable year for progress in Monmouth County. We have said this on many occasions. The Republican-dominated Board of Freeholders has approached its tasks with a new vigor and determination. And Mr. Bedell, elected in 1964, has definitely been a part of the progress even though he is the only Democrat on the board. He has worked constructively with the rest of the freeholders, seeking to make improvements in roads, welfare, libraries, planning, recreation, education, the county college, and finance and administration. Mr. Bedell has raised his voice in protest when necessary not to obstruct or hinder, but in what he has deemed to be in the best.interests of the county. And very often he has been right in the way, for example, that he and Republican Freeholder Benjamin H. Danskin vetoed the initial list of college board of trustees. As it turned out, their opposition brought forth a much better board and the result, we are certain, will be the type of outstanding college that so many residents want. Besides, we consider it healthy for any form of government to have twoparty representation. It keeps all the officials on their toes, anxious to improve their individual performance. Mr. Allen has been at a distinct disadvantage in his campaign. He certainly could not attack the Republican freeholders or the record they established. He praised them and rightly. so. But in so doing he indirectly was also praising Mr. Bedell, who has contributed to the freeholder board's accomplishments. It is a difficult posi-.. tion for any candidate to be in. We in no way want Ho take anything away from Mr. Allen's capabilities. He is a good candidate who, under a different set of election year circumstances, would be an able addition to the freeholder board.. Mr. Allen is a successful businessman and community-minded citizen - who has done a superb organizational job for the Republicans in the Bay-' shore area. But the same qualities, substituting Democrats for Republicans, also belong, to Bedell. Mr. Allen has not.made any case whatsoever as to why he instead of Mr, Bedell should serve on the Board of Freeholders. The type of campaign conducted thisyeartended only j to strengthen Mr. Bedell's position. Our support for the freeholder post must go to Mr. Bedell. The voters should permit him to continue serving Monmouth County. Advice From Senator Case TH uvs THE REPORTER They Win Just to Lose By JIM BISHOP NEW DELHI, India - The authorities cannot find Wally Lehmann and Gene Kroll. They have hopped a camel for Bangkok. Early today, they discovered that there is a place called the Delhi Race Club Ltd. Now Wally and Gene are oldtime Brooklynites, bom with a wise eye and prone to slap a few bob on a dog now and then. But this place runs horses, and the last time Kroll saw one was In "Ben Hur." SU1I, it was the best game in town, so they went. - They put up one rupee BISHOP apiece to get in, and found a grandstand which must have stretched a good 20 feet from end to Republican Senator Case, in a beautifully-timed statement, hopefully may is one of a number of expedients, largely temporary, which can be of end. Being wisenheimers, they thought they ought to case the joint a little carefully, and they were astonished to find that the track have put to rest any GOP and Democra^tta)Ugfcts^rpTelsTnglSe~ii nobt "segregation." His position'is a'fair and "How do we see the finish?" Wally said. Is not circular. It is shaped mare like tlte -handle-of-a-soup-ladler integration and busing issue in this objective one and should serve as a Gene curled his lip. "This dump must have election campaign. guide for the members of his party been laid out by the guy who built the pyramids," he said. They bought a program and New Jersey Republicans have tried as well as any Democrats who seek rule six stated: "Due to military and other to mount an attack against Education to continue to press, the sensitive constructions inside the Race Course it is not Commissioner Marburger's remarks on subject in the waning days of the campaign. possible to record the timing of all races." Rule Nine said that bookmakers may not seriously challenging existing school leave the premises until 30 minutes after the district and municipal boundaries in an Dr.- Marburger, as we have said last race. ' Number 18 warned that "No attempt to achieve integration in the here before, has raised a subject that Gymkhana or Riding Boy is permitted to bet." public schools. He was even asked to must be explored carefully. And it will The horses came out on the track for the first resign his post. be up to those connected with education as well as local, county, and state race and the crowd of 225 booed the number two jockey until he got off the horse. Senator Case viewed the controversy and courageously decided he officials to responsibly take up the raised and the nags disappeared in a beige Someone else got on and a flag was would let the political chips fall where question very soon. But to bring partisan cloud. "What's this mean," said Gene, pointthey politics into the problem is de- Ing 'where it says the horse is 'aged'?" "I may. He said this week the question of busing students to bring about plorable. duimo," said Wally/ "maybe it means he's «n in years." "Then what's he racing for?" school integration should not be a Senator Case has put the issue into 'Til go downstairs and take a look." matter of, "partisan politics." its proper perspective at a critical * - * * The* senator stressed that neighbor- time. The polititians seeking votes AFTER A LOT OF ;examining,_ during hood schools-are, and should remain, would be wise at this time to heed his the norm. But he added that "busing advice. INSIDE WASHINGTON Tribe Rejects Birth Control By PAUL SCOTT KING WILLIAM'S TOWN, South Africa - Here on the coast of the Indian Ocean, the all-black Ciskeian Territorial Authority, which is inching its way to self-government, showed ' its independence by bucking the world trend toward adopting birth control as a policy to limit growing populations. " The local assembly, which is composed of 26 chiefs and deputy chiefs, voted 23 to 3 against a proposal by the South African Sovernment that "a plan be found for birth control" f r this area's half'million black residents. The government propos- SCOTT al, offered by Chief J.S.L. Malefane, of the Khotla region, was the first attempt of South African authorities to get Africans located in the proposed Bantu nation-states to adopt birth control as their policy. The vote, which caught the South African officials who administer this area by surprise, followed a two-hour free-swinging debate similar to one in the U.S. Senate. Member after member of the assembly rose to denounce the proposal as being against the long tradition and culture of their tribes and against God's plan for their, development. The onslaught was led by Chief Z. P. Siwanl, of King William's Town region. Gesturing wildly with his hands as he talked, Chief Siwanl warned that any effort to force birth control on the black man in South Africa would bring disaster to the entire country. Another tribal-chief, who had left his wife to tend to his eight children and large herd of cattle while he practiced the wriite man's democracy, cautioned the assemblymen that their wives would lose respect for them if,,...they voted tot birth oc.bth>!»;-->. /.«JV.»:«., Cfiief T.'G. Ng'oma.of Nleuwe region, said the adoption of the proposal would be like inviting the devil to come and live within their villages. * * MAKING DEMOCRACY WORK - The 23 to 3 vote, which is of an advisory nature, will he forwarded to the South African Rovcrn incut in Pretoria by Commissioner General J. II. Abraham. Althouuji personally favoring the measure, Abraham will recommend that the wishes of the chiefs be respected. He says this action is necessary to continue to build up the trust between the blacks and the all-white South African government. A giant of a man, the 260-pound Abraham received a standing ovation from the chiefs when he addressed their final assem-^ bly sesfiion, stating: "This assembly meeting and your actions today- are another milestone in your long march toward sejf-government. All countries in Africa are watching your progress and many are jealous of the good relationship that exists between black and white men here. "While we guide you toward self-government, your views will be respected even when we may not agree with you." The development of an all black government in the Ciskeian region, one of nine areas being set aside by the South African government, will take another step forward next year. Many of the administrative positions, now held by whites, will be turned over to black leaders now being trained. Also, the present assembly will be given powers under a new constitution to pass their own laws. Religious leaders in this area say the development of self-government, although going ahead at a slow pace, has brought good relations between black and whites in the region. * * * THE WHITE PAPER - South Africa's determination-to hold on to South-West" Africa will be spelled out before the end of the year in a White' Paper that the Vorster government drafting.. - It is expected to deal with certain functions of the South-West Africa administrator that will bo taken over directly by the South African government. These are expected to include agriculture, mining and education as Perfecta. Just pick the finish I, 2, 3, and win a bundle. It was the Ratnagiri Plate so, instead of the usual 5-rupee bet, Gene figured that Wally knew something and he bet 10 rupees on 3, 5 and 6. The sixth horse, War Dance, was listed as "Big Aged." Wally came back up in time to see the Bangalore beauties go off in a rocking chair trot. They finished 3, 5 and , The Katzenjammer Kids made faster time to the cashier's window than the nags. The winning ticket was passed from clerk to boss to manager. It turned out to be a source of.embarrassment, because Kroll and Lehmann had the only winning ticket. This meant that they would get all the money, less 25 per cent tax for "The Fund." The winning horse only got $32, and the manager said he would have to send someone to the bank to get the Perfecta money. Our kids told the manager to take his time, they'd wait. They played Ambassador in the next race and won $12, and the manager-got cozy- and -asked what system-theywere using. "The winning one," Wally said, and the messenger came back with a suitcase full of rupees. * * * THE NEW LAW LARGELY eliminates this problem and goes beyond it.. It allows-. ^ in Xhe deczen cr.-piftvlquft agf^jsafcv. -.*,- *> ' Welles aevart) lesser department* *<Ma)ty of--- -}<eu;' twplienta; W%gt 6e - bttwwrydti 'who ficlala here believe the government's White should get the deduction for each of your children, Paper will set the stage for future annexation and the Treasury will honor your of most of this territory by South Africa. -No tribal clement In South-West Africa can speak as an authentic voice for the ter- agreement, Specifically: ritory. Progress In houslne,, education, and finding employment for blacks and eoloreds is much higher than in oilier African states. Political rights within areas being set aside for blacks and eoloreds are moving toward «nd in some carcas have reached self-government in proposed nation-state*. wfiich Wally learned that there were more horses than players, he found that some of the dandies, were pulling up^ame from walking.- So they bet Ganga Jamna, whose ancestors, were listed as "Unknown unknown," and he crossed the finish line in the next county fourth. '.' ".",.,' ' Wally went down to take another close look, and Gene remained in the stands waiting for the flash. Lehmann held up three fingers, then five, then six. Gene didn't understand the smoke signals, but he learned that there is something called a "Triple Nomination," which, translated, is a three-horse' POKi'KH THEY STUFFED IT in their trouser pockets, inside their Jackets, up their sleevcj and inside their shirts. "Aw," said Gene, let's give 'em a little bit back." So they bet on Little Tom in the Kalka Plate, and he ran as though he had Chinese firecrackers in his tail, They had no room left for more money, so they began passing it out to the poor. They left the Delhi Race Club Ltd. beaming like wise guys. Then Gene stopped suddenly as though he had sustained a heart attack. "Remember when we got off the plane?" he murmured. Wally nodded. "Well, the customs inspectors ask you how much money you have and how much you expect to spend. We can't leave the country without receipts tor every dime we have." "So we'll make up a few receipts," Wally said. _Gene JCroll *hookms head. "It can't be done, "kid. We're stuck. We can't explain where we got all this funny moolah." They strolled off the grounds, fat with cabbage. Then they began to approach pedestrians. "How would you like," Gene said in his most engaging manner, "to buy a little local money at half price. Just give me som,e American dollars and I'll give you enough to buy your own race track." "It ain't hot money," Wally said brightly. "It's like lukewarm." They found no. takes. When they departed for Bangkok tonight, they left behind the richest bellboys in' India. '. ' YOUR MONEY'S- WORTH How to Save on Taxes By SYLVIA PORTER If you are typical of America's divorced or separated parents, you have in the past had unpleasant arguments and even tax litigation aver, which one of you can take the MOO dependency deduction for your children. Now, as a result of a 1967 tax law change which has received virtually no national publicity, you will, with proper yearend tax strategy, be able to avoid this. The problem up to now has been the requirement that the husband or wife must have contributed more than "half of the child's total support for the year to be eligible for the dependency deduction. The husband knows how much he contributes for a child's support but he doesn't know how much 1 more his divorced or separated wife adds to the child's total* support for the year unless she tells hlnc'if, she refuses to tell him, then he has no way of proving to an Internal Revenue agent that he contributed more than half of the child's total support for the year and that he Is thus entitled to the dependency deduction. * * * The parent who has custody of the child for the greater part of the year (usually the mother) will-generally get the $600 dependency deduction, except that the other parent (usually the father) can have the deduction if either (1) he contributed at least $600 to the child's support during the year, and the divorce or separation decree or written agreement provides that he gota the deduction, or K (2) he contributed $1,200 or more for child support during the year (regardless of how many children) and the parent having cnitody (wife) doesn't prove that she contributed more.. If she claims she contributed more than he, each parent U entitled to the other's itemized statement of expenses. These new rules apply only where the parents together furnish more than half of a child's total support for the year (thus It wouldn't apply if grandparents contributed 75 per cent of the total) and the child is in the custody of one or both parents for more than half the year (thus it wouldn't apply if the child was in the custody of grandparents for seven months.) The change In the law takes effect in 1967 and opens the way to important year-end tax strategy steps. * * * IF YOU, THE DIVORCED or separated parents, can work out the dependency deductions..sensibly between you, then you can agree in writing which child or children the father can take. If you, the father, contribute at least $600 for each of the children during the year, you can take the dependency deductions without any trouble from the Treasury. This written agrement can be a separate new document and need not be incorporated 1 " " While the treasury hasn't yet issued Its official regulations on such details as whether an agreement made now will apply to all of '67, the likelihood Is the law will be liberally Interpreted so that you'll bo under the now rules even though you don't make your written agreement until after you have read this column. Before making any agreement about dependency deductions, you should be thoroughly aware that any medical expense deductions and child care deductions depend on who gels i the dependency deduction. FROM OUR READERS It's a Two-Party Library Point Rd. ' ' ' Little Silver, N. J. To the Editor: " ' I was most interested in a recent article in your paper where the Republican candidates of Little Silver declared "the library is one of our most important assets, and the'republlcan candidates always have worked to provide facilities to meet the need of our residents." It was only two years ago that I ran for office in Little Silver to support a two party system in the town so that more adequate facilities could be obtained. For some years prior to that time the Friends of the Library had worked extremely hard to get and keep a library in the town of Little Silver. When it was learned that it would be necessary to move from the borough hall, and even before, we^jiad pleaded with the Mayor and Council to consider apply-; ing" for federal money to build an adequate size library for the town. It could have been done then for a much more reasonable price, would not have involved tearing down a part of a, wall to enlarge, nor the inconvenience to the borrowers that will result. I am most happy that the prospects for additional facilities are forthcoming and appreciate all the recent effort that has been done to accomplish this. But let us not lose sight of the fact that if the Democrats had not brought the Issue into the open that the Republicans might not yet have realized that there were so many people interested for themselves and their children in having good library facilities. It only goes to show that a two-party system Is badly needed. Gordon Litwin has done a great job but with help of a two-party system even more could be accomplished. Eleanor D. Ingram Sees Crocodile Tears 194 Belmont Ave. Long Branch, N. J. To the Editor: ' It Is about time that someone placed Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina In proper perspective, even if it had to be Gov. Richard J. Hughes... Throughout bis campaign, Mr. Azzolina has been content Just to make wild allegations, for the most part never proven, but has never once talked of his own record during his tenure of office, and these are the reasons why: He belabors the Democrats for the increase in crime, and yet his record shows he voted against the Gun Control Act, and the Implied Consent Law, which is to help police keep persons under the influence of alcohol off the roads. In the area of protecting the consumer, he has cast a negative vote for the Expanding of the Consumer Fraud Act, the Registration of Securities, Firms and Officers Act, and the Milk Dating Act. All of these designed to protect the public^ He sheds crocodile tears over the plight of the state nurset at Marlboro, but when Gov. Hughes asked Mr. Azzolina if he would support a sales tax to provide money JOT the long overdue raises, Mr. Azzolina said he wouldn't - : And the nurses at Marlboro, who in my opinion are entitled to a raiie in salary, should also know that their "benefactor" not only vo*ed against the recently enacted Minimum Wage Law which provides $1.25 per hour, but also failed to lend a hand to increase State Aid to Communities for Mental Health Service. Must I aay more? Betty Yancy. Demagoguery Season?. 72 poplar Ave. ; * ~ Deal, N. J. To the Editor:. Ever since the present election campaign started, a touch of the ridiculous has been present in the way the COP is conducting their campaign.... With three incumbent legislators running for office, they < talk not of their accomplishments in Trenton, but sit back complacently and throw darts at the Hughes Administration. Mr. Beadleston, in particular, is one of the worst offenders. He keeps repeating that the Democrats have not made use of the sales tax revenue to ease our property taxes... After all, he has been a legislator for almost 16 years and it is high time that he knows how our tax money is being spent. Richard L. Bonello's (one of hi: opponents) answer to the charges was to the effect that "Mr. Beadleston, a an assemblyman, knows full well that 77 cents of every dollar'wras returned to the counties in direct aid for education and roads." He added that Mr. Beadleston's home town of Rumson was the recipient of $33,957 in extra school funds and $17,920 in extra road funds. Certainly, this amount of money must have eased the taxes somewhat.. To my knowledge, Mr. Beadleston has never publicly questioned the validity of Mrr-Bonello's figures, ioimubt assume they, are correct. I am surprised that Mr. Beadleston would stoop to political demagoguery in the conduct of his campaign.. Mrs, S, W. Earl Raritan's Fine Old Name '3 9 Annapolis Drive Hazlet, N. J. To the Editor: Please prmjhis letter to the voters of Raritan Townihlp. Here are a few historic facto why Raritan Township should remain Raritan Township and not be changed to Hazlet. Raritan Township is the northernmost township of the county, having Raritan Bay as it northern boundary. Otr the east It is bounded by Middletown Township; on the south by Holmdel Township; and on the'west and northwest by Matawan Township and Creek and Raritan Bay. Raritan Township was taken from Middletown in In 1857, a large portion of the territory of Raritan Township was taken to form the new townships of Matawan and Holmdel. Hazlet was a hamlet and way-station on the Pennsylvania Railroad. Today Hazlet, North Centerville and West Keansburg are sections of Raritan Township. Who are we, who moved here from other cities in New York, New Jersey, etc., to come down here and change a name which has been with the township for 119 years. It was In Raritan Townahlp that we purchased our homes and moved into. It has been said some of our town folks are sick of living In a town with a confused name. The definition of the word confused is mixed up, bewildered. Maybe they were before they moved down here. So let's not change the name of an old established town. Mrs. Beatrice M. Coburn "I knew It would happen one day «- no photographers, no TV coverage, no police,\nd fun!" 6- FRIDAY,'NOVEMBER 3, 1067

8 Long Branch Man Held for Grand Jury FAIR HAVEN - WiJJl«n E. Htrrigw, 188 Chelsea. Ave., I«ag Branch, yesterday wu held io $500 ball for grand Jury action on a charge that he failed to return a vehicle leased from the Fair Haven Esso station. FENCING? FREE ESTIMATE «FREE PLANNING! TOP-QUALITY MATERIALS and INSTALLATION DIAL ManmoiHi Shopping Ctnter Eaton-row* Circle Opea Mllr H A.M. Illl»:M P.M. Bedell Urges State Takeover Of Jersey Commuter Railroads RUMSON - Freeholder Eugen J. Bedell urged a state takeover of commuter railroads in Nev Jersey. "I'm not one who favors pub lie ownership over private enter prise, but I think the dreary his tory of ailing commuting 'servici in this state dictates no othe: course." Pointing to the millions of do lars in state subsidies given fa the railroads since 1960, Bede said, "In that six-year period passengers have dwindled, ser vice has been abandoned, ralei have spiralled, and the bulk o over-age equipment remains Subsidies in themselves are no the answer. Time has proven tha the railroads' appetite for public handouts is insatiable," he said The freeholder stressed thi need for immediate action to af feet not only today's needs bu the long-range demands for pub lie transportation. "We cannot divorce rail fron road travel since each profound ly influences the other. Existin metropolitan arteries are alread carrying well beyond their de signed capacity. "If the trains stop running to morrow, it would be a sheer im unusual fireplaces WE CAN SCREEN THEM! Whatever Irs she or shape, we can supply built your custom screens for fireplace. Wide selection of styles and finishes. W. fcovt kod btairifil mrhm wtatktr, bit Id n«wliter b» Ms way «4 It's!«Hm* to light a Are! Hut fir* (71 flrv place. It It irndf wilt «good Sef-T rote? W«cany am cmon irake tfce flan? IIWH of fiidplam aqalpmt. If mcmai, wky wt km* Mr*. Hag. wbk her 12 yton of Mperiowt, wmnra oad Mp yoe ttlect rte proper fialsh aed rtyle to awttb roar fcono d«cor. All Krwn, bchdlaa tfc«beautiful elaufyn icnm an available h bran. ioue,.. polished o»d.- nriqae; -alt* brot». copper, ilckd end black. Ye*, wt trill toy, "It tains a fumaco to warn riw body, bat fireplace to worm tto heart." Wo «ba kew wall decor, door knocker* ceadletridu, eoajet. feaoks, pott tjgmd. Alto coitmoaraiy aid period hardware. Come la oad Yei'll be glad yaa did. decorator HEARTH & HOME Inc. «69 HIGHWAY 35 Oft. HOUSE OF LIGHT MIDDLETOWN possibility to put all the displaced commuters on the roads. "It is not difficult to forsee the enormous increase in surface traffic we can anticipate considering the 30 per cent populati ncrease forecast for the metropolitan area in the next 20 years." In termg of economics, Bedell said the proliferation of super highways is not an adequate answer to this problem. "Rail transit," he said, "is the only mode of transportaion able to cope economically with mass passenger conveyance. One 10- coach train can carry the equivalent of a mile of three-lane expressway. "I think the direction of public policy is clear. The state needs a viable modern rail system to satisfy the accelerating requirements of its increasingly unbanzed society. "Under private ownership, railroading has not progressed technically beyond the days of the Depression. The massive problem cannot be resolved.with anything less than a healthy transfusion of public funds under public stewardship. "We can draw liberally from practical reality in Japan and Western Europe where they are years ahead of us in rapid rail service. I'm convinced that only under public direction can we hope to see a strong network of short and medium range, high speed passenger trains-of Japan's Visit Schools, Voters Urged FAIR HAVEN Visit" is the Election Day slogan for local schools Tuesday. The school staffs and students are inviting all local residents to visit the schools when they come to vote. In an effort to reach people who do not have children in school, student guides at each school will greet voters as they leave the polls and invite them to tour the buildings and visit classes in session. Parents of children in many of the lower, grade classes are being invited by individual letters written by their children, and by flyers sent from the school offices. At the Willow Street School, Mrs. Ella Strassburger, sixth grade teacher, has organized a group of student guides with Peter Cruikshank and Geoffrey Kieburtz as chairman. At the Knollwood School, student guides have been organized through the seventh and eighth grade Student Advisory Council. The program.has been set up as part of the observance of American Education Week, for which the theme is, "How Good Are Your Schools?" Adult visitors will be especially welcome between 9 and 11:30 a.m. and between 1 and 2:30 p.m. Preschool children cannot be ac- Tokaido Lines-genre come Into being. Unless we are prepared to take this vital step. New Jersey, the corridor state, will surely become the closeted state.' Farm Loan Funds Still Available FREEHOLD It appears that ample loan funds are available to meet the immediate needs for operating loans to farmers In Monmouth County, according to John P. O'Connor, county supervisor for the Farmers Home Ad ministration. Loan funds are allocated to each state at the beginning of the fiscal year. Although the amount allocated for operating loans to Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey is currently adequate, it is likely to be exhausted by iarly spring, Mr. O'Connor said. Farmers in Monmouth County who are anticipating utilizing the FHA operating loans should bear this in mind, he said. The loans may be used to finance current operating expenses, purchase livestock, equipment, feed, seed, fertilizer and refinancing of debts in some cases. The maximum loan Is $35,000 and the interest rate on the loan is 5 per cent. A farm and home plan is pre pared with each applicant for a loan. The amount of the loan and the repayment terms are based upon this plan, Mr. O'Connor pointed out. Install Officers Of College Club WANAMASSA - Three new of- Loans for current operating expenses are usually repayable "Vote and within a year, while loans for ficers were installed at a meeting other purposes may be scheduled here of the Monmouth County over a period of up to seven Area Club of St. Joseph College, years. Emmitsburg, Md. They are Mrs. William Dowling, Interlaken, secretary; Mrs. Vincent Magrini, Each loan Is reviewed by a County Committee of three Avon, vice president, and Mrs. farmers who determine that the John Holian, Red Bank, treasurer. The group met in the home applicant is eligible and that he is operating a family-type farm. of the president, Mrs. Paul Bixler. They determine that the opera' tion is : likely to be a success and that he cannot secure his needed financing from his bank or cooperative lending Institution, Farmers Home Administration loans for Monmouth County are processed through the Farmers Home Administration office at 1 Court House Square, Freehold. Youth Ticketed After Accident In Orchestra On Queen's Last Guise MATAWAN - A Matawan man has been commissioned to play with the Meyer Davis orchestra on the final cruise of the Queen Mary. James Kennedy, nephew of Misses Celeste and Rose Wenzel, resident of New Brunswick Ave., left by plane Sunday with the orchestra for South Hampton, England, to board the Queen Mary which departed Tuesday. The six-week cruise will stop at Portugal, Rio de Janeiro, Chile, Peru, Panama, Mexico and California, where the ship will become a museum. Mr. Kennedy will leave with the orchestra by plane from California to return to other commitments on the East Coast. Jury Convicts Man for Theft FREEHOLD Thomas A. Lamp, 20, of 17 Leory Place, Keansburg, yesterday was con victed of petty larceny by a jury before Monmouth County Judge M. Raymond McGowan. Lamp had been charged with taking several fingerprint cards and throwing them out the window of a police car on Aug. 20, He was represented by William Gearty of the public defenders' office. Assistant Prosecutor John A. Petillo presented the state's case. Judge McGowan tencing for Dec. 8. members. Police said LONG BRANCH - Scott D. Rogge, 19, of 2705 Revere Blvd., Brigantine, yesterday about 6:20 p.m. was ticketed for careless driving on Brighton Ave. The Rogge youth reportedly struck a car, owned by Edith R. Riley of 459 Florence Ave., parked in front of 220 Brighton Ave. Patrolman George Huhn insured the summons. Low-wage salesmen for your business: The Daily Register Classified Ads Dial now. Fair Haven Republicans ask for your support mmalta every effort to improve tax ratable* in the community wkile maintaining tha character of tha Borough. The Candidates pledge to support the objective* of Mayor Buckley and Coundl - -. while seeking, together with them, new avenues to continued good government. They pledge to: Support a continued improvemanr and baatitification of tha Borough to anhanca tha value of aeh citiian'i property by aliminating unsightly conditions, improving tha commercial araa and preserving tha natural beauty of the community. # 91 T*» continued eperal " tion of the Borough in accordance; with the practices of sound business and with tha principlat of good government. IA1 Constantly seek ways * " * to improve tna esien- Hal borough servicei upon which all tilt clrixeni depend. set ten- A cocktail party for. members and guests will take place Saturday, Dec. 2, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Stump, Rumson. Mrs. Brian Maloney, Lincroft, and Mrs. John Regan, Fair Haven, are in charge of reservations. Recent graduates of the college, Misses Peggy Clark, Red Bnkr Judy Hylahd, KeansbufgT and Kathleen Natwin, Long Branch, were welcomed as new Pleads Guilty To Assault FrWay, Nov. 3, THE DAILY REGISTER! FREEHOLD J?/A*rt Grew, Green had fce*n rjiargtd witfi Monmo,uth Park defenders' office repr»eom Club, attacking Bradford Konisbtrg, Oceanport, yesterday pleaded Green, with assistant pfotecutj Juniper Lane, Eatontown, with a guilty to a disorderly person and John A. Petilto sitting in tor tft pitch fork, on July 23, at th; assault charge before Monmouth state. County Judge M. Raymond Mc- track. Judge McGowan set sentencing Gowan. William Gearty of the public for Nov. 22. '-. BE READY FOR "GANG" AFTER THE GAME! WE ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL YOUR PARTY NEEDS! FREE DELIVERY ANY ORDER PLACED, WILL RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION and IMMEDIATE DELIVERY HIGHWAY 35, CORNER HEADDEN'S CORNER MIDDLETOWN Middle town To was Up Voters ELECT THE BEST MEN ROBERT P. McCUTCHEON TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE FOR Middletown THOMAS T. CONRAD TOWNSHIP CLERK EXPERIENCED and QUALIFIED BOB McCUTCHEON TOM CONRAD William R. Kiely. Jr., local buiineisman and Councilman, is seeking re-election. He it preiently serving on several of the Council's Committees and ii representative to tha Zoning Board and Recreation Commission. Mr.. Kiely has been instrumental in affecting improvements at McCarter'i Pond and at the Youth Center playing field. He is a member of the coaching staff of the local Pop Warner football team. Dr. Edward R. Scheffer, research supervisor for a New Jersey firm, is seeking election to the Council. He was formerly president of the local school board and presently is alternate member of the Zoning Board of Adjustments. He served on the Citizens Committee on Distribution of Students in the Local School, Parent-Teacher Association Panel on Acceleration and Grouping, 'PTA Liaison Committee to the Board and its program committee. James A. Robottcm, a partner in a New Jersey law firm, It seeking re-election. He is presently serving on the Sanitation and Health, Public Safety and Finance and Administration Committees and is representative to the Library and Local Assistance Boards. Mr. Robottom served six years on the Library Board and served on a special fact-finding committee for the local library. MELVIN P. STOUT, tax collector since l 43, is seeking re-election. Ha attended Rutgers University and holds two certificates on the Principles of Municipal Tax Collection. Mr. Stout is a member of the Volunteer Fire Company and is president of the local Fire Police. He is local Civil Defense Director and a member of tha Executive Council of New Jersey Civil Defense and Disaster Control Committee* VOTE REPUBLICAN COLUMN 2 ON NOVEMBER 7th Kiely - Scheffer and Robottom for Council Si-out for Tax Collector 1 Paid (or by Fair Haven Republican Finance Committee OCCUPATION Assistant Manager, Purchasing Division Western Electric, 18 yean service. EDUCATION Bachelors Degree In Business Administration University of Miami. VETERAN World War II U. S. Army Air Force V/i years and recalled during Korean conflict, staff sergeant. AGE 42 married two children. Residing at 17 Bowtell Court, Dcepdale section of Middletown. GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE Vice president Board of Health Charter member served four years. MEMBER Christ Episcopal Church Middletown. Has been active In Middletown Youth Athletic Association, political organisations, etc. OCCUPATION Manager of Bell Finance Office of Middletown, N. J. Worked 17 yean In the field of finance. EDUCATION Attended Seton Hall Unlverslry majoring In education, municipal clerk and management training at Rutgen. VETERAN World War II U. S. Army 10th Mountain Division Ski Troopers in Italy, received bronie star and purple heart with cluster. AGE 41 Married two children, residing at 469 East Road, Belford section of Middletown. GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE Township Clerk for three years trained at Rutgers. MEMBER St. Mary's Church New Monmouth. Has been active In political, scouting, civic, school and other youth organiiations. McCUTCHEON and CONRAD FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT VOTE REPUBLICAN COLUMN 2 TUESDAY, NOV. 7, M d tor by Mlddktmn Rapublloon Compolgn Commllue- Joetph Airollna, Owlmwn, 71 liar Drive, Middletown, N. J.

9 '., BoneUo Calls GOP Pleas j Quail Hill Reservation To Open Tomorrow mtn for Monmowh Council HWyW*. til the council's moos tain jut* a p y/efcttos cajjp am For Highways Insincere wilj be a big fay for Boy Sajute, E&id the ca/np would earn, _ L. time sharply criticize the Etemo-1 County,? Boy Scouting. Bonellb, EATONTOWN Democratic Richard candidat' :ratic administration for spendng money. for state senator, has attacked That's when the first three his Republican opponents for being insincere in their pleas for troops hike into the new Quail "If Mr. Stout or Mr. (Assemblyman Alfred N.) Beadleston Hill Scout Reservation to officially start the camping program. a better highway system for Monmouth County. "We've all heard plenty of criticism The camp was purchased in 1964 and dedicated Oct. 7. Ed- from en. (Richard R.) win M. Ambler, camping chair- Stout aboul the lack of highway Construction," Mr. Bonello said, "but what does he say or do Chairman when it comes time to get t money to build these highways In a speech before the Shrew Announced bury Democratic Club, Mr. Boi ello said the Republicans clam for more roads and at the sarr AUTHORIZED INSURANCE REPLACEMENTS ATLANTIC GLASS RED BANK 21 Mople Ave MATAWAN 38 Lower Main St BELMAR 1813 Hwy CANDIDATE'S CORNER ROBERT P. McCUTCHEON REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE QUESTION: Can you offer an explanation of why tho Middletown election campaign hal bsen relatively quiet in comparison to recent years 7 MR. McCUTCHEON: I think tha type of administration Middletown has enjoyed under the Republican Township Committee makes it difficult my opponent to raise any important issues. The committee has met "each niw challenge nd problem, with confidence and competence, providing solutions which best respond to the needi and wishes of the residents of Middletown. This type of government doein't just happen; it comet from experience municipal affairs and real dedication to conducting local government on a day-by-day businesslike baii«while planning for the months a n d years ahead. Paid for by Campolon Commrttte, J f c Anollnar qmhmiun. 75 Her Drive, Middletown have a plan for building a highway system, I'm sure we'd all like to know what it is," Mr. Bonello stated. Wants Bond Issue In contrast to the lack of action on the part of the Republicans, Mr. Bonello said he would propose a statewide bond issue to improve the highway situation. Mr. Bonello reiterated a report by the consulting firm for the state that estimated it will cost more than $811 million to correct present deffciencies in the road situation., The only way to raise this amount of money is through 4 ow-interest bond issue and this should be dorie now, and not discussed adding: to death," he said, "Every year we wait, the cost of road construction rises five to six per cent. * 'Can Save Money' "Clearly we can save money by building our needed highways now and not In 10 years when the situation will have become unbearable." The Eatontown attorney noted that a bond issue for road construction would cost from 3 and per cent to 4 per cent as compared to the 5 to 6 percent rise in annual construction costs. "Not only would we be saving dollars," he asserted,-"but we would be saving lives and encouraging the many economic benefits which come from adequate highways. x "But this will never become a reality until we elect people to the state legislature who can face the reality that roads, and all improvements, cost money. Until do, all we can be sure of is more and more talk and less and [ess action." Unit Opens Hospital Fund Drive FREEHOLD The advance jifts division for the Greater reehold Area Hospital building Mrs. Joseph jampaign held its kick-off meetng last night as the 63 volun- Women for eers prepared to raise their goal )f $650,000. Al Goldfine, division chairman, aid the group in the American Hotel here that their goal "has :o be reached during the next tour weeks. The success of this campaign depends upon the results of this committee's effort." Frank Wheeler, campaign director, said that the volunteers will be contacting about 700 prospects from business, industry and individuals. Each unit in the proposed hospital has been priced for sale, he said, as a "living memorial." Leonard J. Conway, acting postmaster here, was named as group leader for this project. NEW CHAIRMAN UNION BEACH Mrs. Allen Dutschke was introduced as the lew character and spiritual ihairman of the Parent-Teach- >r Association at an executive jommittee meeting. Announcement was made by vlrs. James Tracey that the Satirday movies will be shown bejlnning in November. It was voted that the PTA would purchase a supply llshes for the Florence Avenue School. The PTA will hold a cake sale Election Day, Nov. 7, with Mrs. Louis Riccardi as chairman. OPEN your passbook savings account here and sample a generous helping of earnings. You'll find the "goal-reaching" flavor grows on you. CURRENT DIVIDEND 4V2% YEAR PER AND LOAN ASSOCIATION NOW LOCATED AT BROAD ST. and BERGEN PL., RED BANK "Where You Save I)tn\ Make a hijjcrcneel" FREEHOLD-Mrs. Paul Nolan, grand- regent, announced committee chairmen at the first fall meeting of Court St. Rose of of approximately 400 scouts a Lima, Catholic Daughters of weekend. The camp will be open America, in the Knights of Columbus Home. Mrs. John Maziekien, was chairman of a luncheon at the Battleground Country Club. Mrs. Albert Bennett was chairman of a fashion show presented by the La Rae Shoppe, Freehold. The Christmas party will be held in the school hall Dec. 12 with Mrs. Robert Beck as chairman. A covered dish supper is Branch and Asbury Park areas, planned for Nov. 3 in the school Thomas P. Kiely, shore area hall to honor birthdays for the president, has announced. second-half dhlf off the year. Mrs. The drive will start with a charge. g Mrs. kickoff dinner Nov. 21 and will Lawrence Lippllert will assume end with a victory dinner Dec. the Ave Maria chairmanship for 5, Mr. Kiely said Co-chairmen for the drive are Mrs. Ernest Potter Jr. will arrange the New Year's Eve dance; Mrs. Carl Cordasco, banquent; Mrs. Bennett, convention club and bus trips; Mrs. Robert Peque, outside court banquets; Mrs. George " Dock, hospitality; Mrs. Lester Fritz, Communion Day and breakfast, May 19; Mrs. Joseph DePugh, benevolence; Mrs. Walter Crisanto, bulletin; Mrs. Potter, civil defense. Education, Mrs. William Sweetnam; gift donations for nuns, Mrs. Dominiok Panepinto; legislationsocial action, Mrs. Thaddeuj Szymanski, membership, Mrs. Leonard Eteen; posters, Mrs. James Higgins; public relations, Mrs. Eugene McDonald; relief for peace, Mrs. Henry Goldman; Rosary, Mrs. Emil Heumiller; share the faith, Mrs. Raymond Sheehan; retreats, Mrs. Bernard Pfeifer; special project, Mrs. Victor Giglio; social welfare, Mrs. Bernard Guinter; telephone, Schoeneburger; Decency, Mrs. Barbara Andres, and world mislions, Mrs. Lindsey LeMoine. EGAL NOTICE NOTICE MONMOUTH COUNTY SURROGATE'S COURT >otlce to Creditor* to Present Clnlmi Aialnit Eetate ESTATE OF ELIOT W. COLIMAN, DECEASED. Pursuant to tlie order or DONALD J. CUNN1NOHAM, Surrogate ot the County ot Monmoulh, thtfl liay made, on tlie application of the undersigned, Dorothea M. Colcman. and The Chaae Manhattan Bank, National Allocation, the Executon of the citate of th«said Eliot W. Coleman deceased, notice is hereby given to the creditors ol said deceased to present to the aald Executors their claims under oath within six months Irom this dat«. Dated: October 13th, 1M7 DOROTHEA M. COLEMAN Blackpolnt Horseshoe, Rumson, New Jersey and THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION (By: RALPH K. PULIB, Vice-President) 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York, New York Executors, Arnold Tulp/^Bsqi T 103 Bast Front street Red Bank, New Jersey Attorney Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3, ID W3.M NOTICE MONMOUTH COUNTY SURROGATE'S COURT Notice to Creditors to I'resenl Claims AgnlnM Kstutp ESTATE OF LYNN CALLAHAN, DEiEASBD Pursuant to the order of DONALD J. CUNNINGHAM. Surrogate, of the County of Monmouth, this d^y made,, on the application o! the undersigned, OI John V. Crowell, Sole Executor ot the estate of the said Lynn Callahan, decetisd, notice Is hereby given to the creditor! of said deceased to present to the sata Bole Executor their claims under Data within six months from this date. DATED: October 20, 1067 JOHN V. CROWELL, Rlverdale Avenue, ' New Shrewsbury. N. J.. Sole Executor Messrs. Crowell & Crowell, 14 Mechanic Street, Red Bank, N. J. Attorneys Oct. 27, Nov. 3, 10, )T NOTICE TO ABSENT l.kfkndants SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY CHANCBBY DIVISION NO. lmoh-f-7 State of New Jeraey to FLORENCE H. DULBTO, her heirs, devisees and personal representatives, and her, their or any nf their successors, J: right, title and Interest; ADOLPH DULBTO, his heirs, devisees and personal representatives, and hii, their or any of their successor!. In right, title and Interest; and MRS. ADOLPH DULETO. You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon JAMES R. MIN- OGUK, ESQUIRE, attorney for the plaintiff whose address Is 5 Leonardvllle Hoad, Mltidlelown, New Jersey, an answer to the complaint Tiled In a ivil action, In which MARY 8OPON * plaintiff and FLORENCE H. DU- LETO, her heirs, devisees and personal rcpreientatlves, ot al. are defendants, ponding In the Superior Court of New Jersey, within thirty-five days after November 10, 1967, exclusive ot luch dutc. If you fall BO to do, the relief demanded in the complaint will be taken against you by default. You shall file your answer and proof of service In duplicate with the Clerk of the Superior Court, State House Annex, Trenton, New jersey, In "accordance with the rules of civil practice and procedure. This action has been Instituted for the purpose of foreclosing four certificates of tax sale, affecting lands I the Township ot Middletown, County of Monmouth and Btate of New tcrsey, known as Lot 211 on "Map of ots at Naveslnk, New Jerapy, belonging to tho BnmiwL>ll Amlrcw Estate" situate on the westerly side of Meadow Brook Avenue, which certificates were executed by the Tax Collector of the T-ownflhtp of Middletown January 10th, 1062, January, ft I 1063, January 2ml, 1064 and Dcceni ber 31it, IBM respectively and recorded In the Monmouth County Clerk's Olflce on January 18th, 1B02 and March 1st, 10R7 respectively in Book 2278 of Mortgage! at page 1.19; Book 2611 of Mortgages nl pflkt 1 6'Jfi; Hook 2641 of MortRHRfs nl \m$e fi'-u find Book 2 of Mortgage* at page 626 rrn ipctl ly; ami to bar the equity of redemption therein find to reform said tax attle c*suftm**3 to correct the dsiterlpt ol the lantla and premises being foreclosed. You and each nf you fire made d fendants In tho above entitled action because you tmve or may uluim t have some right, title, lien - or other interest affecting the real estate being foreclosed, by virtue of ownership, Inncc, dcsci'nl. Intestacy, devise, ilower, curtray, mortuare, deed or coneyane*, entry of Judgment or other legal or lawful rlgnt. Tha nature of lh and the reuson that you and uf yuti lire Joined «.i licfriklnritt* t furih will, jmrtlcularly In (lie jlaliit, a I'ojiy of which will be iirnlnhril you on irqurm addressed to \(- ftunrnvy i>( the plaintiff Rt (he»>vr menti'nu'd address. DATKM: October liotli, 'lf)67 MORTIMER a. NEWMAN, JR. Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3, 10 $82.50 tot rip at H/restburg, N. "I., buljlo-year-ofct scouts UTA their H- remein in operation year-round thai,t it would be helpful in train- thers during the summer and from here on in. ng younger scouts pcipr to their early fall season. Each troop will Fall and winter camping for ;oing up for a week at a time put in two hours on conservation experienced troops is becoming n New York state. projects during the weekend quite popular, he said. The new camp will also oper- camping trip. Scheduled to start the operations are Troop 48, sponsored by the West End PTA, Elberon; Troop 17, First Methodist Church, Red Bank, and Troop 8, St. James Catholic Church, Red Bank. Mr. Ambler said the limit had been set for three troops until more facilities are added. The camping committee hopes to add three campsites a month for a total of 12, which will take care 50 weekends a year and a special summer schedule is planned. Mr. Ambler said the new camp was not intended to take the Shore Area YMCA To Have United Drive LONG BRANCH - The Shore Area YMCA 1968 membership contribution campaign will be a, United Drive in the greater Long Col. Francis E. Bierstadt and James E. Carr. Anyone interested in heloing the drive is aske;d to apply«mhe YMCA at 404 Broadway. MONMOUTH COLLEGE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PRESENTS FRIDAY. NOV. 17, :30 P.M. GYMNASIUM Prices $3.00 $4.00 J5.00 FOR INFORMATION CALL EXT. 284 Nov. 3, 1963 THE DAILY REGISTER PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK of Monmouth County INSTALLMENT LOAN DEPARTMENT WILL OPEN EVENINGS BEGINNING NOV. 6 FOR ALL YOUR BORROWING NEEDS MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY 6:30 to 8 P.M. at the AIRPORT PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER HWY. 36 HAZLET, N. J. Phone VOTE REPUBLICAN ELECT JOSEPH AZZOLINA 6L CHESTER APY TO THE ASSEMBLY ON A RECORD OF PERFORMANCE A PROGRAM FOR PROGRESS 00^ THE RECORD JOE AZZOLINA AS A LAWMAKER in th* 1967 union of 4h«iigiilitur*, sponior«d 13 bills and co-ipontored 29 othtn. Including maaiuns to protact contunwri; control narcotics; aiiurt qualify school construction; m* of salts tax dollars to radge* local property iaxet; imp'rovtd commutar sarvica; and commuttr taxation by Naw York; provide recreation for itnlor cltlxiifsj protect tha Civil Service system from being used as a spoils system; increase municipal appropriatiom for volunteer fire companies and a host of other disjects. AS A FIGHTER FOR YOUR RIGHTS he has never hesitatad to take on any state official, including iha govarnor, when tha rights of even a tingle Monmouth County resident were endangered. THE PROGRAM CAPABLE EFFICIENT EXPERIENCED JOE AZZOLINA and CHET APY HAVI A GREAT PROGRAM FOR PROGRESS Covering 23 major points and several minor ones, it is a program supported by the entire Monmouth County Republican slate of candidates. It starts with assurance to you that their votes will be cast with independence^ committed only to serving the best interests of Monmouth County residents, It moves on to include'a pledge to us* the sales tax funds as you expected them to be used: for educetion, institutions and to halt skyrocketing local property taxes. ' ' Fiscal responsibility Is pledged to end the pet spending schemes designed to lure votes from special "interest groups. Spending will cover essential needs and will be conducted on a basil of sound priorities, featuring quality in education, highway conitrustioni-m»is transportation^ state institutions and water pollution, Public safety is stressed in a program designed to improve our state police force In every senia of th* ward, Joe Anolina hai bean your repraienmlve, tha man II county reiidenh could call upon for help, rejardlen of their political affiliation.. ' In addition to vigorously; promoting the above legislation, he.hai also waged battles for quality school construction, Improved commuter service, in end to unjuit commuter taxation by New York, batter highways, protection of tha Unemployment Compensation Fund, ravitaliiatlon of our fading shellfish industry, protection of water resource!, decent treatment of nurses and pitlents at our itatt hospitals and for quality porformanca from stale officials. and keep drug peddlari and sex offender! under leek and Icay. Strike paymanli must be repealed for the benefit of th* overwhelming majority of our citiieni. This will enable unemployment benefits to be increased io a realistic level of $70 weakly. Comtruction of tha Central Jersey Expressway mult be started immediately to and costly delays. A Bayihoro motor vehicle inspection station Is Headed. Other points covered include protection of natural resources; court expansion; 10 to- Troao" aid,to counties and municipalities; narcotics control; consumer protection laws; senior citiien recreation; aid to end commuter taxation and establishment of negotiation procedures for public employees..i.-, Finally, moving in where the administration has feared to tread, they will ttleat the challenge of financing our share of Medicare. WHY WAIT 'TIL 68? VOTE REPUBLICAN NOW! _^JELfCT A TEAM THAT WILL FIGHTJt?ORPBjOGRES^*, ~ ~''~~~*~~ELECT A TEAM THAT WILL FIGHT FOR YOU ELECT JOE AZZOLINA and CHET APY VOTE COLUMN 2 - TUESDAY NOV. 7 P«id for fcy Louii Scaduto - Hamiltonisn Dr., Middlarown, N. J.

10 Family Team Volunteers Are a Riverview Tradition RED BANK - It's all in the family at Riverview Hospital. Volunteer«carry On a tradition of hospital service from mother to daughter, and even grandparents and granddaughters have the same happy gift of giving of themselves to help others. One such combination i s Mrs. William Presson of Fair Haven, a volunteer since 1961 at Riverview who has given more than 1,500 hours, and granddaughter, Karen McLean. Karen has volunteered every summer, beginning in 1963, and now after graduation from Cedar Crest College is teaching third grade at the Navesink School, MIddletown. Another grandparent is Carl Singer of Red Bank who helps in the stationery and printing department at Riverview. Ruth Sing er, his granddaughter, is a junior volunteer serving through the nursing department as a River teen. Mrs, Charles E, Moraller of Fair Haven Is a long-time coffee shop volunteer and her granddaughter, Patty Moraller of Shrewsbury, helps In the dietary department by serving trays to patients, as does Maureen Minoque of Middletown. Maureen's grandmother, Mrs. William J. Donnelly of Red Bank, is a volunteer at the information desk. The coffee shop is also the as-, signed area for both Mrs. Lee Van Wagnenen and daughter, Vicky, Little Silver; Mrs. G. F. Net ties of Rumson whose two daughters, Christy and Patricia, are junior volunteers, and Mrs. Benjamin Rassas, Red Bank, mo'^-r of Beth Rassas, who is employed at Riverview as an administrative trainee. The coffee shop has the distinction of having a father, daughter, and father-in-law as a volunteer trio. They are Henry Pope Sr., Mrs. Henry Pope Jr.,"and George Inman, all of Little Sil- Mrs. Pope's assignment Is taking the gift cart to patients' bedsides, and she is also treaiurer of the. Red Bank Auxiliary to Riverview, Riverview's only volunteer husband and wife team are Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Einbeck of Rum- Mr. Einbeck assists in the public relations department, and Mrs. Einbeck serves at the information desk and delivers patients' mail. Nurses' daughters are following in mothers' footsteps. Among them are Mary Ann Sunr of Red Bank, daughter of Mrs. Barbara Suhr, nursing supervisor, 3 to 11 shift; Carolyn Ellery, Riverside Heights, daughter of Mrs. Helen Ellery, and Ruth Ann Albrecht, Red Bank, whose mother is Mrs. Anna Albrecht. Both of these nurses are employed- in the ma ternity department. Intensive care unit nurse, Mrs. Rosemary Badalaty of Belford, is the mother of Madeline, a Riverteen. Other nurses, and daughters who volunteer include Mrs. Dorothy McConnell, and Kathy of Union Beach; Mrs. Mary Mazzucca and Rita Ann, Red Bank; Mrs. Nancy Laskey and Cathy, Fair Haven- residents. A former nurse, Mrs. Helen Thompson, is now a volunteer on the pediatric floor, and Gail, her daughter, helps in central sterile supply. Other Riverview personnel have stimulated interest in the hospital field in their daughters. They include Middletown residents, Mrs. Doris Blomquist, business office, and Lynnda, a coffee shop helper; and Mrs. Mary La Montagne, a switchboard operator, and Paula, a dietary volunteer. The La Montagnes live in New Monmouth. Other members of the Riverview family from New Monmouth are Mrs. William Hotchkiss and daughter Bonnie, also a dietary volunteer. Riverview board of governors' wives and daughters, too, are community minded citizens. Mrs. Frank F. Blaisdell, Middletown Township, whose husband is board president, has volunteered for many years in the nursery. Susan Blaisdell helped in the linen room this summer. Others include Mrs, Richard Scudder of Navesink, also a nursery volunteer, and Carolyn, who was a summer dietary junior volunteer. The like - mother - like. daughter group includes Mrs. E. R. Monier, Middletown, a volunteer in the EKG department and daughter Wendy, a Riverteen; and Mrs. W. J. Roggeman, Hazlet, a physical, therapy department helper and daughter, Lynn. It's not all girls in the Riverview family. Medical explorers (youu&men volunteers) are Peter Hartung, son of Mrs. Philip Hartung, Rumson, a long-time coffee shop volunteer; and Timothy McCosker, whose mother is Mrs. Jane McCosker, public relations director at Riverview. Fort Electronics Experts Participate in Conference I If i true that twimmtn ormcll >ir,k-ir, the GttU Salt L«i*, but WASHINGTON A <tasen r*p- ( technical h pp>grs«committees '/{'branch, ' served on the sl*<> wood, U. True, Wara- I they do risk ctoldiig fcr fl* resentative* of the Army Eleo the cottference and tre responsi-jt'm tube program subcommittee! missa, and FAmrd V. Edwards,jwtter is eight timei saltier tfctn tronics Command at Ft. Mon- and chaired a session We for conducting various sessions. A number of others will Nitride High Power Duplexing devoted Wall Township, entitled "Boron the ocean. mouth, N;J., took part in the to crossed-field devices International Electron Devices Conference in the Sheratonpresent technical papers based on Irving Reingold of Deal, chief Device," was presented by Mr. Park hotel here. their research activities. All pa* of the pickup, display and storage devices branch, was on the Mortimer Zinn, West Long DeCamp. ON MINIMUM WAG.ticipants are members of the The meeting was sponsored by HOW DID THEY VOTE? Electronic Components Laboratory's electron tubes divison. committee and served as a^ authored with George W. Taylor, image and display program'sub- Branch, presented a paper co- the group on electron devices of Senator Stout, "NO VOTE" the Institute of Electrical and Assemblyman Beadleshm, "No" organizer of one of the sessions. Electronics Engineers, and was Brielle, and Metro M. Chrepta, attended by more than 1,000 scientists and engineers engaged In Heights, presented a paper co- Electrode Material on High Volt. Joseph McGowan, Spring Lake tfeptune, entitled "Influence of electron device research and development. authored with John Carter of,age Vacuum Breakdown." Personnel of the command's Electronic Components Laboratory have been active in the Harold J. Hersh of Freehold, chief of the microwave tubes branch, was chairman of the electron tube program subcommittee and was responsible for seven sessions of the conference. Nelson J. Wilson of Asbury Park, a member of the microwave tubes *********+*******<* *** WEST FURNITURE CO. Keyport features... ^ "LA-Z-BOY" J CHAIRS J EST Opera Mon. and Fri. evenings 'til 9 Belmar, entitled "Ferritc-Varactor Limiter Characteristics." Another paper coauthored by Tired paying rent? Find the home you've been dreaming of Edward E. DeCamp Jr., Lake- In today's Classified Ads, The Place to go for the brands you know! BOTANY 500 PETROCELLI CLIPPER CRAFT TIMELY CLOTHES PALM BEACH JOHN DANIELS 50 BROAD ST. RED BANK f, Opm Wednesday and Friday Nlghn tilt 9:00 CHARGE IT 30, 60, 90 DAYS I U fc DICK BONELLO Democratic Candidate (or State Senate says this law raises the living standard for thousands to oppose It It morally wrong. Nov. 7th Vote Him In! He'll Say Yes fo the Future Pild lor by Independent! tor Bonello, Dr. John Geiualdl, Treas., 103 Hollywood Ave., West Long Branch, N. J. FAMILY TEAMS working oj volunteers at Riverviaw Hospital includ* 16-year-old Ruth Singer and her grandfather, Carl Singer, 78,.both of Rsd Bank. Ruth Is a Riverteen and Mr. Singer assists in the printing department. (Register Staff Photo) Club Planning Testimonial For Ex-State ABC Official LONG BRANCH Christophe Columbus Club members wi honor fellow member John F Tomaini, formerly the district ai CMJDIDATFS CORNER ROBERT P. MeCUTCHEON REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE QUESTION: Would you support th» colt of full-time Townihip Enginttring Dopt. «t thii time? MR. MeCUTCHEON: Definitely not. In 1965, our engineering services cost ui bout $27,BOO. This year, we have budgeted $2 3,000. Thn coit of retaining evon» single MUta»«.«is3»r, tvi» jl»h, of four or five pgople he would require, trie neceisary equipment and expenses would re* qulrs an Appropriation of nearly $50,000. And we would still have only on* engineer even though Middletown requires the services of different types of engineers at varioui times. The present method of.paying for engineering servicei only when wi need them Is far more oconomica!. Paid '(Jr by Comtwlfin Commltlee. Joscpti Aiwlna, Chairman, 75 Her. Drlvt, Mlddlelown ministrator of the state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Cohtrb here 33 years, with a testimonial dinner on Thursday, Nov. 9, at 7 p.m: in Price's Fountain Motel, Ocean Ave. ' Born here, Mr. Tomaini was graduated from and was a fourletter athlete at Chattle High School. He is a Georgetown University graduate. Mr. Tomaini won All-American football mention as an end at Georgetown and was recently nominated to the university's "Hall of Fame. 1 Rocco N. Bonforte, club president, reported state ABC Director Joseph P. Lordi will be the dinner's principal speaker, Monmouth County Sheriff Paul Kiernan, the toastmaster, and Joseph M. Pingitore Jr., the general chairman. Edward F. Juska will be in charge of arrangements. Tickets may be obtained from the committee members: Peter J. Pingitore, chairman; Detective John J. Perri; Joseph Sestito; Vincent Miller; Paul De- Mucci; William Colton; Anthony Esposito; Henry Lombardi; Jack Moran; Bruce Woolley; Anthony S. Sirianni; Joseph Schibell; Carlo Sestito; John F. Cittadino; Irving Kaye; Benson Gold; John Angerio, and Commander Frank Aschettino. LEGAL NOTICE NOTIOR MONMOUTH COUNTY stiimonate's cnont Notice. to Creditors to Presflns Clatmi AKalnst Entntn ESTATE OF FItANKLIN F. HURD,' DECEASED Pursuant to the order of.donald CUNNINGHAM; Emittfa)*- «= County of MonmouUi, this day made, in tlie application of the undersigned, The Central Jersey Bank and Trust Homriany, Adrnlnlntrator with Will anloxcd of the estmo of the said. Frank- In V, Kurd, deccahcd, notice Is here* iy given to the creditors nf aatd deyiiflcd to pri'flonl to the Bald Adminstrator with will annexed their claims indcr natli wltliln six months irora tils date. Dated: October 13, 1007 THE CENTRAL JERSEY BANK AND TIUT8T COMPANY (By: DONALD W. PEPPLBR, VluiM'rrilrfent anil Trust Officer) I WeHt Mnln Street, FrePhold, N. J. Administrator with Will annexeit Vincent C. llcmnln, Esq. IS) Mnln Street. MftlllWHIl, N. J. Atltirney Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3, 10 '' ti 1.32.SJ 12x136 fiber b? Monuoto Save $4yd Fabulous breathtakmgly beautiful... luxurious high-loop pile of 70% Acrifan, 30% Modacryl-c thats as easy fo care for as it is to look at...we bought the famous mill s entire stock and bring you the sayings... while it lasts Room Size Rugs I?xl6' SHOP AT HOME... USE YOUR PHONE J _ 196 A representative will bring samples to your home, will measure and estimate. No obligation, of course. If you've been looking for a hard-wearing, Wifnl tweed carpet as the perfect background to your modern or early American or Provincial setting that will take the punishment thaiany family can give it, look no further! This broadloom is a tightly woven knit and will maintain its newness even under the stress of the hardest wear and concentrated traffic. Elegant decorator colors to choose from: R ega l Red, Mediterranean Blue/Green, Golden Grain, Briar Brown, Sienna Spice, Temple Gems. The price includes deluxe Tackless Installation over heavy waffle pad by Huffman & Boyle's own craftsmen. DcLuxe Tackless Installation Heavy Waffle Pad Firth Acrilan Carpet Completely Installed Regularly $14.95 Budget your purchase if you wish! a 30 8q. yd. area carpeted wall-to-wall is just $32.50 down and $14,68 per month for 24 month,. HUFFMAN & BOYLE ROUTE 35. EATON TOWN Other Stores In: Springfield, Livingston, Hackensack, Ramsey, Pompton Plains; Nanuet, N. Y,

11 HEAR MRS. NrVEN UN'IW BEACH - Mrs. J. J.,enoe Av*. School; bujieijn Wiven, feeding amiinnun 'A bos/ij l/j k* trfcclaj wume.of the Iocs] schools, was guest; tifemo/uj Sitool for use in anspeaker tt a recent meeting juf^mundrig the Parent-Teachers Association held at Memorial School. Announcement was made by Mrs. Robert Kline, president, that the Monmouth County CouniBil will hold its fall meeting on Nov. 15 at the Bayview School, Belford, from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Mrs. James Barry, membership chairman, announced that 203 members have been signed to date. r/jmiiig events; 8x4 a sum of money to be given to each teacher who will decide what is needed, in her classroom. A bookmobile Book Fair is being planned for Dec The annual Election Day cake sale wil] be held Nov. 7 Anyone wishing to have a cake picked up may contact Mrs, Louis Riccardi, Mrs. Vincent Lamano or Mrs. Kline. Eugene Freiburg explained Leo Fallon, superintendent of plans for a basketball league schools, reported that the follow- and the possibility of PTA sponing recommendations were suggested for the year: $100 to be used toward equipment for the sorship. Funds realized would be used to purchase books for Flor- school. NEW TREATMENT FOR HAIR LOSS He Did Not;Have Male Frank Moran Shows He Regrovv Hair. Pattern Baldness. ERICKSON HAIR CONSULTANT WILL EXPLAIN HAIR PROBLEMS FREE AT THE MOLLY PITCHER INN, RED BANK, N. J. MONDAY, NOV. 6, 1967 HOURS 1 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. Chicago, 111., Nov. 3, Now Is the time to act on this great opportunity. Every hair-worried person (man or woman) should take advantage of this FREE CONSULTATION. Many users have reported not only stopping their hair from thinning... but are really growing more hair. GUARANTEED You will be given a written guarantee on a pro-rated basis from the beginning to the end. Naturally we-.,could not give you such a guarantee if it didn't work. CAN'T HELP Male pattern baldness is the cause of a great majority of cases of baldness and excessive hair loss, for which no method is effective. Erickson Hair Specialists cannot help those who are slick bald after years of gradual hair loss. But, if you are not already slick bald, how can you be sure what is actually causing your hair loss? Even if baldness seems to "run in the family," this is certainly no proof of the cause of your hair loss. Many conditions can cause hair loss. No matter which one is causing your hair loss, if you wait until you are slick Bald md your hair roots are dead you are beyond help. So, if you still have hajr on top of your head, and would like to stop air- loss and grow more hair... low is the time to do something about it before it's too late. FREE CONSULTATION Just take a fen minutes of your time on Monday, Nov. 6, 1967, and go to the Molly Pitcher Inn, Rt. 33, in Red Bank between 1 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and ask the Desk Clerk for D. W. Erickson, room number. There is no charge or obligation... all consultations are private, you will not be embarrassed in any way. Member of Chicago Chamber of Commerce Other Nearby Locations: Perth Ambov, Hotel Packer, 62 Smith St., Mon., Nov. 6** 10 Friday, NOT. 3, 1967 THE DAILY HLG1.STKR Democratic Tom Set Tomorrow MANALAPAN The Mana lapan Democratic Club will holi township wide motorcade for it wo candidates for local office omorrow. The candidates are incumben ^ommitteeman Waiter J. Cycal ind James A. Flanagan for taj :ollector. The motorcade will form a Gordons Corner Rd. and Yort town Dr. at 12 p.m. A pep rail; is planned afterward in th lome of Mr. Cycak on Taylor* ill Road. Co-chairman of the event ar vlrs. Margaret Weber, and Pa "ick Madigan, The job you want is probabl; isted in today's HelD Wantei Kds. Check now! CANDIDATE'S CORNER ROBERT P. McCUTCHEON - REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE QUESTION: Do you feel you will be luecesiful in your recently announced plans to seek Board of Education approval for use of* school facilities for after-school township recreation purposes? MR. McCUTCHEON: I am very optimistic that maximum cooperation between township. and school officials will succeed in resolving the many difficulties which have prohibited such a program in the past. I am convinced that Middletown is moving into a new era, one that will find us out in front as pacesetters in a great many new programs. I welcome the opportunity to help bring about this new era and it is only fitting that the first step be in the field of recreation where the principle beneficiaries wilt be our youngsters and teen agers. Pold for by Compolgn Committee, Joseph Azzollna, chakmon, 75 Her Drive, Mlddletown VFW SCRIPT COMPETITION "Freedom 1! Challenge" is the theme of this year's Veterans of Foreign Wars voice of democracy script writing contest. VFW Post 438 in Red Bank is sponsoring the contest in the top three grades at Red Bank and Monmouth Regional High Schools. Commander James McSoldrick, left, and speech instructor John H. Mackenzie help 16-year-old Joan Ranson tape an entry at Red Bank High. Winners of school competition will be sponsored in state competition by the VFW, and state winners will be flown to Washington for a five-day tour and compstition for $13,500 worth of scholarships. Deadline locally is Dec. II. (Register Staff Photo I Freedom's Challenge' Contestants RED BANK Post 438, Ve erans of Foreign Wars, is offe ing a $50 savings bond to thi Red Bank High School winner 0 the VFW Voice of Democracy contest, according to Commande: James McGoldrick, The national contest calls upo 10th, 11th and 12th grade students to submit three to five minut taped scripts on the theme "Free' dom's Challenge." The effort is to be coordinated at Red Bank High through th( cooperation of speech instructo John H. McKenzie. Fort Monmouth has agreed to assist con testants at the high school level in taping their entries, Mr. Mo Goldrick said. In addition to the $50 savings bond, the local VFW "will award medals to the top three winners at the high school level. At dis trict (county) level, there will be ON PTO COMMITTEES HAZLET The committei chairmen for the Middle Road School Parent-Teacher Organiza tion have been announced bj Charles Galicia, president: > John Bradford and Mrs. John Brady, ways and means; Mrs. James Blaney and Mrs. Robe Tremaine, hospitality; Mrs. Ro ert Gardner, Mrs. Joseph Lejdi and Mrs. Peter Higgins, library; Mr. and Mrs. James Elliott, membership; Mrs. Thomas Bloxham, Joint Council; and Mr: Charles Galicia oublicitv a $50 bond, a $25 bond and three plaques for the top three, Mr. Mc- Goldrick said. At area (central New Jersey) level, the prizes will be a $100 bond, a $75 bond, and a $50 bond, and at state level the prizes will 1 be $1,000, $500 and $300 In cash. Each state winner will get a free five-day trip to Washington, and a chance to compete for the national prizes, which are $5,000, $3,500, $2,500, $1,500 and $1,000 in cash. Mr. McGoldrick said he or Mr. McKenzie will supply contest information on request. 3 more! jnamed PTA Life Member NEW SHREWSBURY Mrs. Harry G. Reid, Shafto and Shark River Roads, was presented a life membership in the New Jersey Congress of Parents and Teachers by the Tinton Falls Schools PTA in recognition of her services to youth. Mrs. Reid has been active in PTA activities for 13 years. She has been president of the local chapter for two years, vice president for one and treasurer for three years. On the Monmouth County Council she has been audio-visual services chairman for four years and has also served on various county committees. She is a member of the Hamilton Methodist Church and a past den mother for Cub Scout Pack 100. She also taught Sunday school. SERVING EM VIETNAM Air Force T-Sgt. Robert M. Simmons, son of Mrs. Katheryn F. Simmons of 168 Theresa Ave., Keyport, N.J., is dental clinic supervisor at Phu Cat Air Force Base in Vietnam. He is a member of a volunteer team which provides medical and dental care for needy Vietnamese during off-duty hours. A veteran of the Korean conflict, He has served 16 years in the Air Force. What is the fastest way to get extra money when you need it? Loan-a-malic CHECKING Devi, fir Ml lnfanutln rmurol BOOTX Systeaa/ndcral Deposit Iranac* Corp. good reasons to Mrs. Harry G. Reid Featured In Nowmbcr's MECHANICS ILLUSTRATED SWIMPOOL SERVICES SUPPLIES, INC. S04 SHREWSBURY NEW SHMWSIURT PHONE Vote Democratic! AVL END BACKROOM GOVERNMENT IN... MATAWAN TOWNSHIP ELECT... iffiusbrml. Daplorw the U» of School Issue in Campaign ByRONAMSUUWMl TOanorToct 31-untted States Senator Clifford P. Cue split with New Jersey W,in S once again today wl denlored their we of the fcnool fisonls.u.tothelegi.1* tive election campalp [_ Ttir p ' m "' HANS H. FROEHLICH GEORGE B. BRENON MARK BECK STANLEY PIANKC Matawan Township Needs Their Leadership To Progress and Take Its Proper Place In Monmouth County FROEHLICH - BRENON - BECK - PIANKO a statement of Principle We Pledge to work for you... It's Y,pur Government I. Dynamic action by Republican leadership will put life into fn«planning Board, the Zoning Board of Ad uilment and trtt Industrial Commisiion. Wa will bring attractive- induitrial and commercial ratables to Matawan Townihlp, thill reducing our local tax burden. ' ' 2, Appointment of only competent,' dedicated parsoni, regardlen of political nffiliation!, race, creed or color. The qualification! of "all appointees will be made public. 3. To condutt ail caucus meeting! in the presence of all members of the presi and public who wiih to attend. 5. That we<fu*e*<q«ittoriy*. nportv.-on th«. activities 'of f 5Hi4tt*rtfi J h(i>'bis»«l* 1 *i\d eommissionj. ** '-'. :i. -o*>aanj'i-.»>u«.«-: * 6. To appoint ciliien adviiory committees to help solve special neighborhood and. township-wide problems. Sovernment belongs to (he residents. We welcome and w^ll -scel residont participation in government. 7. To develop, on a priority basis, all township recreation facilities and to establish leisure-time programs for all aga groups. 8. To initiate full cooperation with the Regional Board of Educati on to put ichool facilities to usa for maximum recreation purposes. 9. To cooperate with neighboring comrnunitiei to deal effectively with all common interests and problems. VOTE ffiwxjtt BEF0RMI GETS WORSE Paid for by M.'!,iw,in Township Ropublican Committee Alfred E. Allen, Chairman, 357 Willow Avo., Matawan T Goheen Politics should By KLW Parian, Gross: busing not mix BySANDBAClUSTON Staff Writer ATLAMTIC CITY -. 'sed forcibly across district as long as he is governor 'Pledge was mada j n ' a i-i-'vli m which ],o rip. %ubh cans /or ra, ; «ho JL"?.^'" 5."Responsible ernor l«h annual workshop of r wa Federation of Dij. of Education heri««as referring to So m e B b^ d ands "" t Marburger ««8n because of his stand on urban school dosegration, nwhic was being %hes, referring to fh^eno. to politi al Keep politics out of education! The Democratic Legislature The courage to do what is right. Paid for jy p«mocr«tlc Stain Committal / Robert Burkrurdr, Chairman / Trenton, W. J. a

12 TRENTON (AS) -, can State jtymman Webster B. Todd filed an unfair campaign practices complaint yesterday calling a brochure distributed on behalf of a Democratic Assembly candidate "gutter level campaigning." The brochure distributed on behalf of Eugehe E. McNany, Board Pushes Immunization For Measles KEYPORT The Board of Health announced last night that it will put all its force behind the proposed measles vaccine program for the borough. In cooperation wilh the Board of Education, a target date of. Saturday, "Nov, 18, is being sought for the Immunization of all borough children from the ages of six months to nine years. Probable site for the Inoculations will be Central School. There will be no fee for these shots. Board President Chester P. Bausis said that he; thinks this is an excellent urges all residents to get behind the program. Sanitarian Joseph P. Quail an nounced that he will meet with state health officials for an onlocation inspection of the sanitary iandfilr. He reported that there is some conflict in the t ratings of the sanitary landfill operation at the foot of Walnut Street. "At any, rate, it will be re solved tomorrow," he stated. The board will send a letter to all members of Borough Coun cil requesting that they act upon the matter of drawing up a didates, Walter S. Dunn and George T. Lucas, maintained that i their opponents have refused to discuss the issues and instead have embarked on a "campaign of confusion and criticism." The Purpose and Principle coalition does not recommend five lots per acre, they said, it never recommended mass housing developments. It has favored zoning requirements for one-half acre lots, they said. Brochure Called Racist by Todd Assembly duididate in southwestern Essex County, was called "an appeal to racism," by A. Conover Spencer, executive director of the Republican State Committee. Todd quoted the brochure as saying: "Help... to fight state Education Commissioner Carl L. Marburgcr's plan of forced introduction of Newark pupils into our school system and the forced busing of our children into the city." Last week Democratic State Chairman Robert J. Burkhardt filed an unfair campaign practices charge against Todd and the Republicans for failing to condemn a newspaper advertisement which suggested that Democrats favored busing students acroes dintrict Unet to achieve racial balance in the schools. Burkhardt called the ad "an appeal to racism." Informed of the brochure for McNany Wednesday, Burkhardt said: "I deplore this type of campaigning, regardless of who does it." But Todd, in a letter to the Fair Campaign Practices Committee in Washington, D. C, said Burkhardt, "who just a few days ago was piously preaching of his party's alleged adherence to the fair campaign practices code, has not seen fit to condemn the tactics of his own candidate." The GOP chairman said the brochure "conveys to all the gutter level of campaigning indulged in by Democrat candi- Convict Pair In Larcenies FREEHOLD - A New York Defenders office and David Resvoman and her male accomplice nikoff, Long Branch, respectively. were convicted yesterday by a Assistant Prosecutor Solomon jury before Superior Court Judge Lautman presented the state's Clarkson S. Fisher on two lar-case. Judge Fisher set sentenc ceny charges. ing for Dec. 8. Myrtle Moise had been charged with taking four U. S. Savings Bonds totaling $3,000 and $57 inghetto Rebellions cash from Elsie Schubert, manager of Shehadi Rugs, Rt. 35, Ea- Topic of Panelists program and tontown, on Dec. 2. Her accomplice, Joseph Welsh, was convicted of aiding and abetting the thefts. ' The pair were represented by Albert T. Berich of the Public Levitt Plan Is Classified As Major MANALAPAN - The township Planning Board last night classified a Levitt and Sons Inc. oneacre housing complex as a major delay. Dial 'frl-6900 now. certificate of occupancy ordinance which they originally requested last April. Levitt plans to build 155 homes subdivision. "We have enough problems on a 174-acre tract off Rt. 9 without getting into overcrowding and north of Symmes Drive to be conditions," Mr. BausU said. called Monmouth Heights Esstates. The proposal indicatesthat three lots were classified as reserved. Slate Scores At the urging of Charles Matthews, a board member, Abe Citizens' Unit Magid, another board member, abstained from voting on the application. Mr. Matthews charged For ^Confusion' that there could possibly be a MARLBORO The three Purpose tnd Principle candidates Magid is employed by ITT. conflict of interest since Mr. j' have charged their opponents, ITT Is negotiating with Levitt, the Citizens Committee, with "de- an international home builder, in ; ceit and hypocrisy." which Levitt is expected to become a subsidiary of the firm.. The candidates, incumbent Councilman Charles McCue runi ning for mayor, and council can-he maintained that he should Mr. Magid reluctantly agreed. be able to vote and to discuss the application because "this is something many of us in the township have wanted for years."^ He considered the one-acre development as an asset to the township. ' Man Draws 90-Day Term RED BANK The Cause and Cure of Ghetto Rebellions will be the topic of discussion at to- accomplishments." morrow night's meeting in Calvary Baptist Church, Bridge St., Mr. Magid had nothing to do Mr. Cycak maintained that here. with bringing in an aluminum Rev. R. P. Ball, pastor, will be company to the township. "The spark which Mr. Magid claims to Ihe panel moderator. Panelists are representatives of labor organizations and anti-dis- have brought to the township Industriacrimination groups. The event is to be sponsored by the Betterment Committee of Red Bank. Committee," con- Selling your store? Classified Ads reach hot prospects without He added, however, that the Republicans feel the issue of inter-district busing was "a fair subject for free and open discussion." The (S6ue was raised after Marburger said in a Sept. 28 speech that traditional municipal and school district lines would have to be "seriously challenged" if racial balance is to be achieved in New Jersey public schools. Cycak Says Magid Hits Tank Button' MANALAPAN Incumbent township Committeeman Walter J. Cycak has charged that his opponent, Abe Magid, an independent candidate for committee, "has pressed the panic button." Judging from the barrage of brochures released to the public during this past weekend, he said, it is obvious that Mr. Magid is attempting to hit all the buttons using "his usual cheap scare tactics and offering the voters nothing but a facade of dubious tended Mr. Cycak, "was really nothing but a faint flicker." Mr. Flanagan warned residents to disregard statements that se nior; citizens were not required to pay real estate taxes. Some Republicans reacted by \ibjotnu w fcng u fee is guver-l U. S. S«. Clifford P. Case, warning g vottr* oi a "Democrats Gov.' Richard 1. Hu;&«,»\u,i. He charged Republicifl*;R-fV./., said Tuesday Ji«frowned l " fo Democrat, stated flatly therewith e a/i tppeel to "white badtr )d upon using the h jjssue in i thu h current legislative campaign. plan" for coropuoscfly busing would b«no forced busing ofilasb." students between city and WHAT DOES CHARLEY REALLY WANT? FIRST, HE SAID HE WAS A DEMOCRAT AND HE WANTED TO BE A CONGRESSMAN. LAST YEAR, HE SAID HE WAS AN INDEPENDENT AND HE WANTED TO BE A TOWNSHIP COMMITTEEMAN. THIS YEAR. HE SAYS HE'S A DEMOCRAT AGAIN AND HE WANTS TO BE A TOWNSHIP CLERK. What Will He Want Next Year? Sounds Like The Credibility Gap Has Come To Middletown ELECT THE BEST MAN FOR MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP CLERK ELECT TOM CONRAD FOR THE BEST M*H VOTE REPUBLICAN COLUMN 2 TUESDAY. NOV. 7 THOMAS T. CONRAD Paid for by Middlrtown Republican Compaq committee Joseph Aiiollno, Ch airman, 75 Her Drlvt., Mlddletown, N. J. FROM THE MART FURNITURE GALLERIES TO YOU on all fronts Is the goal of Purpose and Principle coalition they said. County Nature Gub Meets Wednesday Judge Seymour R. Klienberg EATONTOWN - The Monleveled 40 days of the sentence mouth Nature Club will meei on a charge of falsifying an application for a motor vehicle H. Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. In thi New Jersey room of the Moncense and a total of 50 days on mouth Shopping Center at Eaton town. The speaker will be C! Bertram Shaughency, who wi present unusual films on thi wildlife of Trinidad and Tobago CANDIDATE'S CORNER THOMAS T. CONRAD TOWNSHIP CANDIDATE FOR REPUBLICAN CLERK QUESTION: How do you feel about the campaign now that It Ii coming to an end? MR. CONRAD: Frankly, although IV* been campaigning long and hard, I often have to remind myself that I do have «n opponent. Except for a tw cartoons, which even give my children a few chuckles, he hain't had a thing to say about the responsibilities of a TownlMp Cleric. Of courie, most Middlotown rosidonfs rocall Ihat^at one time he wanted to be a Democrat Congressman, then lait year he ran ai an Independent for Township Committee, to very few people are suro ho'i really made up hil mind about boinq either 4 Democrat or Township Clork. Thon, the too, hli poor attendance record on the Board of Health doein't give him much to talk about, don It? Po'd for by Compolon Committee, Joscpli Axzollna, Cholrman, 75 Her brlv MIDDLETOWN - Leon E. Smith, of 219 Pearl St, Red Bank, was sentenced to 90 days in the county, jail in lieu of $455 in fines on five charges. four counts of issuing worthless checks. Frank G. Brennan, of Morgan, was given a $50 suspended sentence on a charge of malicious mischief and paid. $10 in court costs. Four men were fined on separate assault charges. They included: Ronald Andrews, of 269 Sunrise Place, Belford, $25; William Johnson, 14 Hartshome Place, $50; Arthur GreenwaMt, of 98 Ocean Ave., East Keansburg, $100, and Jonathan T. Warrington, of Navesink, $200. Will Offer Borough Plot At Auction OCEANPORT '' - Borough Council last night tentatively approved.a $1,500 offer by Stanley J. Butkus of Belmar for a tract at Bradley and Sea Girt Aves. The plot will be offered for sale at next month's borough meeting. A subdivision application by Mrs. Mattie McCorniack, Wolfhill Ave., which was recommended by the local Planning Board, received final council approval. Mayor Edward C. Wilson said he will name replacements at next month's session for Edward J. McGrath, police dispatcher, and William J. Connelly, former Planning Bnnrd member, who have resigned. Council also agreed to reapply for riparian rights to an underwater borough-owned tract adjacent to community property on Blackberry Creek. Council had applied for the rights in the pnst and the application has expired. PARTY SLATED MATAWAN TOWNSHIP - The public has been Invited to attend a demonstration party Nov. 6 for benefit of the Bayshoro Community Hospital. The affair, sponsored by the Auxiliary, will be at the home of Mrs. Joseph F. McCoy Jr., 17 Jubilee Circle, at 8:30 p.m. Mrs. McCoy may be contacted for more Information. ETHAN ALLEN YOUNG UNITED FOR THE COMING HOLIDAYS AT AMAZINGLY LOW, LOW SALE PRICES Get set for the festive season and year round elegance with one of these richly detailed dining room.groupings at fabulous sale prices! Master dining tables that seat up to stately, comfortable chairs... magnificent breakfront-chinas... your choice of.provincial, Mediterranean, Colonial or Contemporary stylings in Cherry, Pecan, Walnut and other beautiful, handcrafted woods. If you order now, you can get marvelous savings plus delivery in time for the holiday season! Come to THE MART FURNITURE GALLERIES today and assure your family a festive dining mood for the holidays and every mealtime hour! llfclltcn UNIIEU Mediterranean l-pc. will In rich Regularly J1OJJ.O0 pecan wood* with magnificent _ breckfront» OOO NOW $ TOO. A MEDINA kl *" PCi CounlrY SP<"lsh dining room In dark distressed Cherry.» L1O AMEKIwAn Regularly %mm NOW * 0/7. DACCCTT pc - OHtd Walnut lulls In imart contemporary deilgn with high back chairs, e A1O DA39CI I Regularly $ NOW * * Ml. ribcvci!pc - Contemporary dining room with Mediterranean Influences In mw sand- (MlaC UKCACL tone finish with upholstered tiott and holiest chairs. Regularly SUM.W NOW? I I 70. fedcu/ Authentic i-pc Early American dining room in genuine Cherry Maturing plaitlctop & A&e UKEVY taste. Regularly W70.00 : - NOW $ 409. >PC DCUU Ji**Ti*MVI "* '" >ieav '' " tre " Bd pl wlttl "' high-back plush seat tf /ij DCFININ.WIUW chairs. Regularly MJ7.00 NOW > OOO. M A P I C 4 "P C ' 0 roup "milling ol round tabu, four spindle back ff 4gn lylmrle choirs and china, Regularly JJ4B.00 NOW? *T7«e-pc. Italian Provincial dining room In Cherry and Burl woods that are C199O expertly crafted Into a Classic design. Regularly 11514,00 NOW 9 ' ' v > Dramatic Modern 8-pc. suite In walnul finish with black accents. C HO Regularly»moo _..._., _ NOW * #40. 8-PC' Suite In Olcil Wolnut finish and featuring high-back ctialri.» y QO Regularly tlll.oo '...'. _.., ".....:,: -...NOW * *177. HeVI A/* IICTA Distinctive 8-pc. Spanlih suite with rich carvings and high, cane-back g QO U N A V U 9 I A ctialri. Regularly J7W.M NOW * OTO. degon! ipc. French Provincial suite In warm Cherry finish. Regularly IUP » _..., -..,-,.N0W Vie Our Convenient Charge Plans FURNI ROUTE 35. MIDDLETOWN, N. J. ( E J. L. METZ LANE OPEN EVERY WTE "TIL 9:30. SATURDAY 'TIL 6 GALEERIES ROUTE 22, UNION, N. J. MU

13 12-FriAsy. NOT. 3, 1067 THE DAILY REGISTER Teen Page Sue Strohmenger Is Cheerleading Captain WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. - Strohmenger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Strohmenger, 174 Winding Way South, Little Silver, is captain of the cheerleading squad at Lycoming College. ^ A junior, Sue was among 130 girls from various sections of the country to attend Camp All American at Silver Bay, N. Y., this summer. A camp specifically for cheerleaders, it is located on scenic Lake George. There she participated in special classes where she received instruction in jumping, in cheerleading, chanting, and in various routines. During her stay at flie camp she won a third place award. Sue has been directing sports fans since she. was a sixth grade student. Until her graduation Sue from the Red Bank High School in 1965, she served as hea<! cheerleader. On the Lycomin campus, ifce has been on thi cheering squad since her sopho more year and last spring wai named captain. She began whipping her squad into shape in early September. Each day a workout is held in the college gym. Sue does not confine her extracurricular interests to cheerleading alone, however. She i treasurer of the junior class, chairman of the intercollegiat relations- committee of the Student Union Board, and a member of the Woman's Athletic Association. She served also as student adviser during the summer orientation period. A history major, the,comely coed plans a career in teaching at the elementary school level. On Campus Stephen Stomber, son of Mr and Mrs. James F. Stomber, 137 Grange Ave., Fair_Haven, and George M. Ruddy, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Ruddy, 27 Pine Dr., Little Silver, started classes Sept. 14 as freshmen at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa., after completing a tour-day orientation program. Stephen is an alumnus of Rum son-fair Haven Regional -High School, and George, of Red Bank High School. Tours Colleges. LONG BRANCH 1 - Miss John Brown,- Gordon's Corner Theodora Apostolacus, director Rq"., Freehold; Richard Nowell, of guidance at Long Branch High Holmdel Rd., Holmdel; Rob- School, attended the Association rt Berman, 90 Kings Rd., Little Silver; David Thompson, 50 of College Admissions Counselors Convention in Minneapolis. She Handyboy Ct, Middletown; John also made an intensive tour of Hemphill, 87 Rumson Rd., Rum several midwestern colleges. son, and Peter Kennedy Jr., 2167 Eighth Ave., Sea Girt. Her tour will be supplemented by college visits by the school's three other counselors. Partially financed thprogh the National Defense Education Act funds7 the program enables guidance department members to confer directly with college admission officials to gain the latest information concerning college application, entrance and achievement; tour the various campuses and observe classes, living quarters, and recreational areas to gain firsthand views of the life of the college; and talk with Long Branch High School alumni to determine their success in college and to gain their suggestions for the improvement of the Long Branch college preparatory program. The first of a series of meet- Ings for parents to hear a "Report from the Campus" will be held Wednesday. AT JFK COLLEGE MIDDLETOWN Daniel" Murphy, 178 Geary Dr., is a member of the freshman class at John F. Kennedy College, Wahoo, Neb. < i Area students in the,600-memoer freshman class at Niagara (N.Y.) Universtiy are Thomas B. Barham, 63 River Ave., Monmouth Beach, and Kerry P. Carton, River Front, Neptune City. Thomas is a candidate for a bachelor of arts degree in business and Kerry, a bachelor of science degree in nursing. Lafayette College's 477. freshman class includes the following area students; Ruselle Robinson, 1009 Bangs Ave., Asbury Park; Robert Donofrio, 3 Acapulco Dr., R Township;-Carl-Vecchione, 58 Hathaway Ave., Deal; Alan Lakin, 2 Hope Rd., Eatontown; Miss Deane Fiala, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fiala Jr., New Shrewsbury, is enrolled as junior at George Washington University, Washington, D. C, where she is majoring in political science. Recently she was the house guest of Miss Susan Dynes of Washington. Glenn D. Campanella, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Campanella, 19 Sherwood Rd., Little Silver, has begun studies at Champlain College, Burlington, Vt., as a member of the freshman class t* 362. Mrs. John A. Prlchard, Matawan; Mrs. Stanley Finkel, Rumson, and Mrs. Philip Gauntt, 71 Conover La., Middletown, returned to the campus of Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pa., to attend the recent Alumnae Council meetings. Mrs. Finkel serves as first vice president of the Alumnae Association. Mrs. Gauntt is president of the Jer sey Shore Alumnae Club and Mrs. Prichard, treasurer. Suede leather pile lined jacket, Mao collar, Young Men's Shop, J. Kridel I Healthier Youth Is Aim of Publisher BALANCED EDUCATION Ron Orlick studies the weight of the task he has set before him. Ron is the publisher of a national publication devoted to health, strength and physical education, geared to high school students. Here he looks at proofs of the first edition published in Atlantic Highlands. (Register Staff Photo) 'Nurse of the Year 9 LONG BRANCH - Miss Maria fardella of Rumson was the Monmouth Medical Center School of Nursing candidate for New Jersey's Student Nurse of the Year, chosen at the Berkeley Carteret Hotel in Asbury Park. Attractive, dark-haired Miss Gardella is the 22-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gardella of Hartshorne Lane. A senior in the medical center's two year nursing course,, she represented not only Monmouth Medical Center, but all nursing schools in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties. She competed against six other candidates during the three-day annual convention of the Jersey State Student Nurses Association. Miss Gardella delivered an adlress on "Goals in Nursing" and ubmitted to personal interviews. A 1963 graduate of Rumsonr air Haven Regional High School,.liss Gardella received an assoiate in arts degree from Mt. 'emon Junior College, Washingm, in ity Student aptures UN i ) oster Prize RED BANK - Miss June Pacitof Atlantic Ave., Long Branch, student at Holy Trinity School in that city, has won first prize Selection Miss Maria Gardella Blue Jeans Set Kickoff Dance KEANSBURG - The Blue Jeans will hold a fall kickoff dance tomorrow in Veterans of 'oreign Wars Hall. Vincent Butka and Patsy Acconza are cochairmen. Refreshments will be donated and served by ladies of the Blue Jeans auxiliary. Committee members include Mrs. Rita Ka- For Student Journalists EATONTOWN Student journalists from public and'parochial gram, now in its 31st year, colosis, other respiratory diseases here, is part of a nationwide pro- :ies from the fields of tubercu- schools in Monmouth County will sponsored by the Columbia and health careers, will discuss participate in a High School Scholastic Press and the National Tuberculosis Associations. essions. the various aspects of their pro- Press. Conference sponsored by the TB-Respiratory Disease Association of Central New Jersey to alert young people to their 'actual background The objective of the program is The discussions will provide information a tri-county organization serving Monmouth, Union and Hud- their neighbor's health; to en- sponsibility for their own and son Counties next Tuesday afternoon. The conference, to be held 3:30 p.m. in the Monmouth Shopping Center Auditorium, minski, Mrs. Rose Hengartner, W. Williams of 135 Comanche last week for the benefit of the Mrs. Kathy Oleski, Mrs. Marilyn Drive, Oceanport, has reported Muscular Dystrophy Association in a United Nations Week poster Carpenter, <. Mrs. Eileen Taylor, for duty with Headquarters and of America which netted $150. :ontest sponsored by the Joint Mrs. Noreen Burke, Mrs. June Maintenance Squadron-32, a unit Rhinehard Jaenisch, Woodman Ihambers of * Commerce. * Her ~ Lacey, Mrs. Myrtle Dangle, Mrs. of Marine Aircraft Group-32 at PL, Matawan, was school committee chairman for the fund- irize was a $100 savings bond. Nancy Bozis, Mrs. Joan Paolicelli and Mrs. Charlotte Ruby. Beaufort, S. C. raising event. the Marine Corps Air Station, The Joint Chambers representing Red Bank, Eatontown, Freehold, Long. Brancli_and_Middletown judged posters drawn in public and parochial schools throughout most of the county. The posters depicted impressions of the U.N. of school children in all grades. The awards are scheduled to be presented Saturday at Ft. Monmouth by Brig. Gen. Paul A. Feyereisen. OCEAN TOWNSHIP - The Anne Wiseman and Christine acter, leadership and service by Second prize, a $50 bond, was Ocean Township High School Ziegler. a faculty committee, Mr. Fred- won by Miss.Susan Campbell of chapter of the National Honor Society held induction ceremonies Mrs. Rita Friedman and Joel Forker, National Honericks and. the society's advisors, Knollwood Road, Hazlet, a stu- Mrs. dent at Indian Hill School, and third, a $25 bond, was won by Miss Teresa Covert of South Laurel Ave., West Keansburg, a student School. at Mater Dei High Moliere Play At LBHS LONG BRANCH This weekwill have a star-studded end's student production of Moliere's "The Imaginary Invalid" Greenspan, Donna Hamernick, Penelope Jones, Robert cast, the Westwood Players, Klein, Phyllis La Bella, Barbara Long Branch High School dramatic group, announces-. Levine, Nancy McClellan, Jeffrey Mandel, Linda Packet, Radia Perlman, Marilyn Pohl, Ther- Eric Irving, a senior, and June Fletcher, a junior, will play the esa Stevens, Kevin White, Mary lead roles. Both are two-star members of the National Thespian Society. Other society members in supporting roles are Roxanna Turner, Teri Lander Anita Garr,- Alan Kalish, Steven Cooper and Alphonso Devivo. Also in supporting roles are Ray Karasic, Michael Kaabe Carolyn Condon and Steven Music. The performances tonight and Saturday evening -at the high school will be directed by Miss Patricia Becker, faculty adviser, assisted by Alan Kallsh. Fran Bailey is production manager. CBA Program ' UNCROFT -"Brother Stephen, principal of 1 Christian Brothers Academy, has announced that the school will hold open house Sunday from 2 to p.m. All boys interested in attending CBA next September, = and their families, are invited. = Brothers and Student Council E,members will greet guests and g conduct a guided tour of the rrjl academy. Si High school placement test information may be obtained Sunday or by contacting the school administration office. ', By LEE STARNES ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS - Ronald J. Orlick, 24, of 12 Prospect Ave. intends to help build a healthier, stronger young generation. In the process he might revolutionize some educational standards. In any case, Mr. Orlick could make physical education more fun for the student and less work for 30,000 instructors throughout the country. He \%. publisher of a new magazine, Student Athlete. The pocket-sized publication is for, and about, high school youth. For now, Mr. Orlick says, its greatest benefit will be for boys,.13 to 18 years old. The former national gymnastic champion, who is also working for his master's degree in education at Monmoutb College, West Long Branch, said he hopes- to Jill a longstanding need. 'The youth of this country just hasn't been able to keep up with today's demands," he said. "Physical education teachers and coaches have for a long time needed an extra pair of eyes and hands to get the message over." Press Conference Set courage responsible citizenship and knowledge of the community, at and to raise the standards of high school journalism. A panel composed of authori- Service Salute Walter J. Cloud 3d, 26, whose parents live at 8 Lennox Ave., Rumson, N. J., was commissioned an Army second lieutenant upon graduation from Transportation Officer Candidate School at Ft. Eustis, Va. Glen D. Bates, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert K. Bates, 20 Irwin PI., Hazlet, was recently promoted to lance corporal. He is serving with the 1st Division, 7th Marines in Vietnam. Cpl. Bates is a 1966 graduate of Raritan Township High. He arrived in Vietnam in May. Cadet Third Class Edmund F. Labuda Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Labuda Sr. of 28 Bel- shaw Ave., Shrewsbury Township, has entered his second year of study at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn. Marine Capt. Alexander Kirk, son of Mr. and Mrs. William V. Kirk of 170 Shore Blvd., Keansburg, has reported for duty at Marine Corps Air Facility, Jacksonville, N. C. e is assigned to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron (HMM) 161, one of nine squadrons that comprise Marine Aircraft Group (MAG) 26, the largest Marine helicopter group in the world. Participating panelists include Dr. Donald M. Sickler, N.J. Department of Health, Dr. Alan N. lacobs, U.S. Public Health Service, and Alston Beekman Jr., a ember of the board of direcors of the TB-Respiratory Dis- ;ase Association of Central New ersey, who will be moderator. In addition, there will also be a iresentation by Mrs. Helene Moore, women's page editor of The Daily Register, who will outline the procedures for writng, editing and preparing a lews article for publication. Students attending the session ill be requested to give journal.stic coverage to such topics as luberculosis its prevention, :radication and relation to pover ly and other respiratory dis- Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kor nek, 4 Marie St., Highlands, have eases, including the specific received word from the U.S. Naval Air Station at Virginia problems of air pollution and cigarette smoking. Beach, Va., that their son, Airman William A. Kornek was The TB-Respiratory Disease Private first class Larry M. ssociation will, present an engraved plaque to the school sub- named plane captain of the Thompson 22, completed an autonatic data processing auxiliary month. He was selected on the mitting the best article. All entries must be received by the as basis of his performance of duty, equipment, course at the Army knowledge of the aircraft, military courtesy and attitude. He sociation by Dec. 22. The winning entry will be forwarded to Signal School, Ft. Monmouth. His wife, Francis, lives at 41 is a graduati of the Henry Hudson Regional High School. ind Health Association the Lafayette St., Rumson, N. J. New Jersey Tuberculosis for Navy Lt. Wayne Curtis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Asher P. Curtis of 107 Lovett Ave., Little Silver, is serving with Attack Squadron-196 aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Constellation off the coast of North Vietnam. Marine Lance Cpl. Thomas Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hullabaloo Unit Plans a Benefit MIDDLETOWN - TV Hullabaloo Scene will sponsor a teen dance for the benefit ol the United States Olympic Committee Wednesday, Nov. 8, in the Hullabaloo club, McGuire's Grove, Rt. 35. Proceeds will be used to help defray the cost of U.S. participation in the Olympic Winter Games this year in Mexico City. Tickets are available from Hullabaloo Key Council members. The club sponsored a dance 34 Ocean High Students Enter the Honor Society for 34 juniors and seniors. A program was held for the parents of the new chapter members. Seniors inducted were Kim Bruno, Donna Ellis, Gary Fox, anet Green, Gary Johnson, Margaret Macksey, David Martocci, Norman Solowey, and Debrah Ann Vitale. The new junior members are Barbara Adler, Susan Arm, Ronna Berman, John Bickart, Rebecca Binder, Brian Bowne, Kathleen Brand, Ira Byock, John Covino, Stuart Dangler, Robert or Society president, Opened "the program and lit "the candle of scholarship" from "the eternal candle of knowledge". Susan Garber, secretary, lit a candle nior> posite average of 4.0 and any jucomes eligible _'«t _II_I_ for > the it.. society. ;-i a 45 composite score, bepanraeontinirepresenting "character," "/'haraetni* " AAorlr Mark Grebenau; treasurer, one for The society planned the induction ceremony and has establish- "leadership" and Jeanne Fisher, vice-president, one for "service." ed a tutoring service within the Douglas Fredericks, Ocean school. Township High School principal, explained the selection method Its members have been granted certain privileges by the and introduced the new members. school's administration, as they are allowed freedom of move- Members are selected on four qualifying principles: scholarship, character, leadership and service. Every junior or senior having an honors academic point average of 3.0 automatically is considered for election. Each candidate is then rated on a scale from one to five on char- Elise Kent. Any senior who attains a com- ment within the school building to do independent research when they do not have any shceduled classes. Seniors, who retain an "A' average in an academic subject for the year, may be excused from taking final examinations. JOINS HONOR SOCIETY Ocoan Township High School sonicr Janet Green of Oakhurst, inductod into tho high school's National Honor Socioty chaptor, rocoivos a pin from Douglas Fredericks, high school principal, right. Looking on are Gary Fox, of West Allenhurst, left, another of the seniors who was Inducted, and Charles A. Scott, superintendent of schools. The ceremonies at which 34 juniors and seniors were honored. (Register Staff Photo) 'or the student-journalists, who ill be asked to write news and eature articles for their respecive school publications. udging in the state competition, the winner of which will receive the Stephen Crane Award. After selecting the state winler, the New Jersey State Asociation will submit the article a national contest sponsored iy the Scholastic Press and the ational Tuberculosis Associaions. For further information interested educators and students are invited to call the TB-Respiratory Disease Association on any busiless day. "IF YOU'RE ON THE SO, I hava tip for you. Ui* Embargo for tha bait daedorant / nti-pahpiranf action you'va avar hid. You'll b> f lad you did baetuo Embargo raally worlu." Enbarqa is a Daodorant. Embargo it an Anti-Parspirant. Embargo Ii a product for paopla en-iha-go. It'i a naw product that will giva you lurar, tangar-ulting protection. Spillad backwards, Embargo layi, O Grab Ma. Makai it aaiy to raroambar tha nama. AvailabU at Drug Storas only.. Phata by Pota Peta sanka. Had tank Mr. Orlick, who looks like Madison Avenue executive, says,"we can supply the extras needed with our publication." Comments of the staff backs up his claim. Of the 27-member staff, two persons, other than Publisher- Advertising Manager Orlick, are members of his family. One is his brother Terrance and the other "is their father, E. M. Orlick, who holds five earned academic degrees. The senior Mr. Orlick has been physical education instructor at Springfield College and McGill University and coach of the Canadian Olympic team. Tcrrance, like hie brother, is a dedicated sports fan and participant. "Terry won the Outstanding Athlete Award at Syracuse," Ron said, "and right now he, too, is working on his master's. He is pursuing special education at William and Mary." If the Orlick name is lamiliar In publishing circles it is for good reason. Ron's father, in addition to writing several instructional boks, was editor,of Wrestling Review, Boxing Illustrated and All American Athlete. High on the staff's popularity list is the illustrator for Student Athlete. "Thomas Beecham i«one of the finest in the field," Ron said; "he is an artist whose work must have reached around the world." One of the feature* of tha 10-month-a-year publication is a profile of "The Student of the Month." "This will bring teenager* an inspiring, true-life "story of an outstanding student-athlete who has achieved recognition" for both academic and athletic achievements." Ron said nothing like thi ha* ever been done before. "This series will provide high school students' worthwhile goals to strive for," he said, Other features are: "Y<kl Are What You Eat," "Yoijr Amazing Body," "Build Your Own Sports Equipment" ' and "Know the Rules." "Know the Rules, we hope, will increase sports participation as well as build spectator attendance," Ron said. "It is almost Impossible for physical education teachers to' take the time to teach all the' facets of all the games where rules and theory are needed. "A lot of kids don't participate because they are embarrassed when they don't know exactly how the game is. played. This section will be. illustrated and accurate as* well as easy to understand".! It will cover every high school sport." DaniM U Muro MOTflWQ ^ ^ Hljh Sdioal You're "sitting pretty" when you serve TRUE FLAVORS NO DEPOSIT - (a subsidiary of) NO RETURN BOTTLES CRATE'S BEVERAGES 20 N. BRIDGE AVE. DIAL RED BANK P. GENOVESE and SON PROP.

14 "County Realtor Board To Dfoie «n Tbundty FREEHOLD The Monmotrth County Board of Realtor! will meet Thursday in Shadowbroolc Shrewsbury. Merritt R. Lamson jr, is program chairman. The board'» annual Christmas party will also be held at Shadowbroolc on Friday, Dec. 15. Recently accepted by the board for membership are Ruth H. Bailey, Sterling Thompson Associates, Middletown; Joseph J. Cap ne. McGowan Agency, Red Bank; Virginia Hogarty, Ken Twyman, Sea Girt; Esther W. Zucker, George Vowteras Agency, Allenhurst; James N. Chakolas, Harry S. Rowland Sr., Eatontown; Roberta M. Chase, Curtln Agency, New Shrewsbury; John H. Dlsbrow, Disbrow and Neaves, West Long Branch, and Gloria Jensen, Marie Cox Agency, Oceanport. DESIGNER TO SPEAK HAZLET St. Benedict's Rosary-Altar Society will hold its monthly meeting Monday at 8:15 p.m. beginning with recitation of the Rosary in the church. Mr». Florence Karaslk, Rumeon interior decorator, will show slides and present layouts and illustrations for home decoration. A question and answer period will follow. Joseph K. Screen With Hall FAIR HAVEN - Hall Brotl ers Realtors, 813 River Roa< has announced the addition c Joseph K. Screen to its expan ing residential and commercl real estate department. Mr. Screen attended Niagan University and has been mana_ ing a family business in Nev York. He has resided in Monmoutl County since 1947, and now re sides with his family at 4 Nanimsunk St., Rumson. He Is an officer with Red Bank Council, Knights of Columbus. CANNEL COAL.WIKOFFCO. 234 MAPLE AVE. RED BANK 0 ^ CUSTOM KITCHEN Let n help yoa plai lilt Idtcken or bortroom of your chelct. The btoitihl detail and handiome) workmanship < these) fine cabinets will enhance the beauty and value of any home. FREE ESTIMATES CALL CUSTOM BY KITCHENS BRICKLE INC. 432 BROAD ST SHREWSBURY 2$ Residential Sales Are Recorded MIDDLETOWN -Realtors o: Northern Monmouth Multipl Listing Service report the passing of title on 28 residential sale In the northern Monmouth Coun ty area. Nine of the sales reported were effected through Applebrook K% ency, which maintains offices I Middletown, Matawau and Rum son. Mrs. Theresa Martin of thi Matawan office of Applebroo arranged the sale of the colonial home of Mr. and Mm. Franci Snowden at 9 Infield Lane in th Strathmore section of Matawan, Dr. and Mrs, Braja Mookerjee, who had resided at Keyport Gardens, Keyport, are the purchai ers. Dr. Mookerjee Is associated with International Flavors and Fragrances. Mr. and Mrs. Snow den are residents of Bayside.N.Y They listed their home with thi Holmdel Office of Walker am Walker. Also sold through Mrs. Martin was the home of Mrs. Catherine Mackin at 93 Tindall Road, dletown, to Mr. end Mrs. Geral Jensen, who have moved her from Holmdel Dr. Jensen is supervisor with M & T Chemicals. Miss Beverly Bova of Paul P. Bova, Middletown, listed th house for Mrs. Mackin. Listed and sold through Eugen A. Fitzpatrlck of Walker and Walker, Holmdel, within a week of listing was the split level house of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Frock at 11 Eldridge Ave., Middletown. Purchasers are Mr. and Mrs. Norman Noe, who formerly lived on New Monmouth Road, Middletown. Both Mr. Noe and Mr. son Jr., listed the house with Walker and Walker, Holmdel office, and are residing in North Frock are associated with Bell Telephone Laboratories. Mr. andjersey. Mrs. Frock have been transferred out of state. ter, who have moved here from Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Shap- Mr. and Mrs. James Bainbridge and three children have one child, are residing in the England and are the parents of moved from Essex St., Wes house they purchased at 63 Keansburg, to the house they Leonardville Road, Leonaardo. purchased at 2J Hudson Ave. Charles A. Wingate of The Curtin Agency, Leonardo, effected West Keansburg. Mr. Bainbridge is with R&S Auto Stores in Union. the purchase for Mr. and Mrs. The purchase was handled by Shapter. The former owner is Mrs. Joan Titsworth of Casey's Mrs. Estelle Muzzy, who moved Agency, Hazlet. to Connecticut. Mr. and Mrs. George R. Peterson have sold their house at Mrs. George Elgrim Sr. at 45 The ranch house of Mr. and 5 Niles Ave., Middletown Clark St., Hazlet, has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. John through Harry Leighton of The Klrwan Company, Belford office Polack. William Holden of Walk- and Walker, Holmdel, and moved to Lincoln St., Mid-er trans- dletown. Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence O'Connell, the new owners, moved from Staten Island, N.Y., with their two daughters and son. Mr. O'Connell is associated with the brokerage firm of Ladenburg Duttkin of The Curtin Agency, Leonardo, listed the house for sale. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Maxwell have taken occupancy of the colonial house they purchased a 2 Marc Drive, Matawan, through Mario E. Cilli of Applebrook Agency, Matawan office. They DOORS All of our handsome doors corns complete with two glass Inserts, two screen inserts, storm chain, automatic closer, complete weather stripping around the framing. "OLD RELIABLE" ThouMndi of folks have been happy.with this fine door. Nothing fancy, usr good old time value. Strong too. $0095 WHITE 29 Inst. opt opt. COLONIAL SCALLOP SERE ARE 0VST A FEW Iff Something unuual In the low piles door field. Our Big-M Door Is ANODIZED, hai welded corners, hollew een. ter bar (found only on higher priced doors). Comes with FREE H", aluminum gillie., $OQ95 Inst. opt. WHITE Inst opt Threa tauitkul <*yl*lfto.,choqk>.a fomwttb avlngi. They are the CROSS SOCK. CAS. RIAGE DOOR and the EAGLE DOOR. If you want to sea some unusual decorative doors, please stop In to see us... ALSO AVAILABLE ARE INSULATED CROSS BUCK. BLACK and WHITE SPOKE DOOR and KAREY WILLIAMSBURG SERIES. 32 JIROAD ST. RED BANK "OUR BESr Karey (In a clan of Its own). 8 gauge hinge wall, o gauge face wall. Really unuiually heavy duty. Alia comes with a FREE U-lneh grille. 69 Installed BEAUTIFUL 7O»5 WHITE... * * Initalleal Reg NOW INSTALLED 95 THREE CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE Budget Easy Charge frown's Credit Dally and Saturday 8 A.M.-5:30 P.M. Wednesday and Friday 'til 9 P.M. Free Delivery Mr. Maxwell it associated with the U.S. Justice Department. The house was listed through Waltei T. Blaine of Van's Agency, Matawan, by the former owner«, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Aube. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Chilesky are the purchasers of the house of Mrs. Elsie Rockette 0 the northeast side of Oceanview Ave., Highlands. Mrs. Rockette Is the widow of Murphy Rockette, who was Iightouse keepei at Twinllghta for many years, Her house was sold through Mrs, Catherine Guiney of Cornelius J, Guiney Jr., Highlands. Mr. and Mrs. Chllesky have moved here from Miami, Fla., where Mr. Chilesky was administrator of La Posado Convalescent Home anc Mrs. Chllesky was a real estate broker. The randh house of Mr. an Mrs. Gilbert W. Kendrick at 32 Irongate Lane, Matawan, has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Rlgg from Linden. Ronald Romanowch of Apfected the sale. The house was bers of Red Bank Area MLS, efplebrook Agency, Matawan office, arranged purchase of the house, which has been listed with Philip Lorberfeld of Sterling Thompson and Associates, Matawan office. Mr. Rigg Is an airline pilot. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Rousell have come from Miami, Fla., and are occupying the q>lit level house they purchased at 20 Miller Ave., Holmdel. The sale wa» handled through William D. Ryan of The McGowan Agency, Red Bank. The former owners, Mr. and Mrs. William H. John- acted the sale. The house was listed through Joseph J. Howard of the same office. Mr. and Mrs. Polack, parents of one house for sale. child, are former residents ol The ranch house at 568 Hopping Road, Belford,. has been Paterson. Mr. Polack is manager of General Electric Credit Thalman. Mrs. Alice purchased by Mrs. Antoinette Corporation, BloomCeld. Mr. Elgrim is retired and he and hi wife have moved to an apartment. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dovidi. have purchased the split level is with the Pennsylvania Rail house at 10 June Ter., New Mon-roadmouth, through Harden L. Craw- through Charles Wingate of The The sale was effected ford of Applebrook Agency, Curtin Agency, Leonardo. It Middletown. Geret H, Conove had been listed for sale through of the same agency listed (be Calvin G. R. Ohlsen of Naveslnk house for sale. Mr. and Mrs. Do-Associates, Middletown. vidlo formerly resided In Yonkers, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Mc- Gulrl and their four children have moved from North Bergen to the home which they purchased at 85 Highland Ave., Leonardo. Mr. McGuirl Is employed in Newark as a trailer truck driver. Thomas McDonald and Hurry Leighton of The Klrwan Company, Belford, handled the purchase for Mr. and Mrs. McGuirl. The former owners, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Marsh, and:their two boys have moved to a new house In New Shrewsbury. They listed their house tiirough Charles A. Wingate of The Curtin Agency, Leonardo. Mr. Marsh is owner of a truck- Ing firm In Newark. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Maxwell from Copperstown, N. Y., have purchased the bi-level house at 33 Zerman Drive, New Monmouth, through Harry W. Keely of Applebrook Agency, Middletown. Mr. Maxwell is associated with A.T & T. in the field of data systems. Joseph J. Howard of Walker and Walker, Holmdel, listed the house for the former owners, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pompliano, who have moved to North Jersey. Mr. and Mrs. Byron C. Weaver and their two children have moved from Parkview at Madison Township to the bl-levcl house they purchased at 15 Lake Ave., Hazlet. The former owners, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Taranto Jr., are residents of Baldwin, Miss. Arrangements for the purchase were handled by Mrs. Olga Snoddy of Walker and Walker, Holmdel. John Rodger of The Kirwan Company, Airport 'laza, listed the house. Mr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Beairsto have sold their colonial house at 14 Cork Place, Raritan Township, and moved to Saranac, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Donald \.. Brownell purchased rtho house ihrough Walter Knittol of Cornolus J. Guiney Jr., Highlands. Mr. and Mrs, Brownell have come here from Waldwlck. Mr. Brownell is wlthalderney-purlaycees Slate Census <*or School Board MANALAPAN TOWNSHIP - The Greater Manalapan Juycces will mail out questionnaires to 20 )er cent ol the Mannlapan-Enjllshtown area Friday, Nov. 10, 0 collect census figures for the Joard of Education. Jack Frew, chairman of the community survey committee said the Information will be kept confidential. He added flint the forms are to be returned by-nov. 8. tan Dairy, Perth Amboy. The house was listed through Philip Lorberfeld of Sterling Thompson and Associates, Matawan office. The colonial house of Mr. and Mrs. George Kinkade at 14 Winding Brook Way, Holmdel, has bean purchased by Mr. and Mrs. William Wirigfelder; through Mrs. Mary Jane Harper of Walker and Walker, Shrewsbury office. Mr. and Mrs. Wingfelder formerly resided in Fayetteville, N. Y. Mr. Wingfelder is a sales engineer with General Electric Corporation. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Paro have come from Wilton, Conn., to occupy the colonial style bi-level house they purchased at 24 Tulip Lane, Colts Neck. Mr. Paro Is associated with Best Foods, Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rau, former owners, moved to Imperial Point, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. James J. Costello of Charles H. Tindall Agency, Red Bank mem- listed with Mrs. Gloria Nilson of Walker and Walker, Shrewsbury. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hanlon are the purchasers of the ranch house at 299 Edgemoor Rd., Belford, formerly owned by Mr. and Mrs. John Teutsch, who have moved to Belleville. Mr. and Mrs. Hanlon had previously resided on Claridge Ave., Middle town. Mr. Hanlon is a warrant officer in the U.S. Army. The purchase was transacted through Harry Leighton of The Kirwan Company, Belford, the same day it was listed through Thomas Mc- Donald of the same office. The new owners of the colonial house at 97 Idolstone Lane in the Strathmore section of Matawan are Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Friedman from Perth Amboy. Mr. and Mrs. Friedman arranged the purchase of their home through Mrs. Theresa S. Martin of Applebrook Agency, Matawan office. The property had been listed for sale with Frank A. Miller of Van's Agency, Matawan. Ronald Romanowich of The Matawan office of Applebrook Agency handled the sale of the Cape Cod house of Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Rademacher at 14 Monterey Drive, Hazlet. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Schade, formerly of Atlantic Highlands, are the purchasers. Mr. Schade is in the carpentry business. Mario E. Cilli of the same office listed the Irving, who formerly lived on Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Highlands. Mr. and Mrs. Robert "Behllng, the previous owners, are residing in Maplewood. Mr. Behling Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sweet have sold their split level house at 500 East Road, Belford, and orth Jersey. It was purchased Y Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morin, ho moved "here from Willingoro. Mr. and Mrs. Morln are Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. O pone have moved from Lakewoc to the split level house they pu chased at 19 Orchard Ave parents of four children, Holmdel. William D. Ryan of Tl mging in age from 3 to 13. McGowan Agency, Red Ban: [r. Morin is an engineer specilist with Control Data Corp., owners, Mr. and Mrs. Dona handled the sale for the formi lewark. The purchase was arwged through Thomas Largey Blackwood. The home had be Poneleit, who have moved ' the Raritan office of The Klr-listean Company. Harry Leighton Romanowich of Applebroi for sale through Rona the same agency listed the Agency, Matawan. ouse for sale. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Domenick 'ho rented a house on Ocean Marmorato have moved from lvd., Atlantic Highlands, pur- apartment in Parlin to the : hased the home of Mr. and Mrs. level house they purchased oseph G. Dinicola on Beverout 230 Main St., Port Monmout lace, Atlantic Highlands. Mr. Mr. Marmorato is with Sea Lai nd Mrs. Butler are parents of Service, Elizabeth. Eugene Fitzpatrick of Walker and Wa vo sons, both of whom are stuents at Henry Hudson Regional er, Holmdel, effected the sale the house, which was former ligh School. Mr. Butler is asiciated with E. I. Dupont de Wolf, who now reside in R owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jo :emours, Parlin. Mr. and Mrs. Bank. It was listed through Tl inicola are residing in El Paso, Kirwan Company, Belford. ex. Mrs. Guiney of Cornelius J. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Wai uiney Jr., Highlands, arranged er from Keyport have purchas te purchase for Mr. and Mrs. the Cape Cod house of Mr. a utler. Mrs. Roger Dowdell at 71 I YOUR PROJECT CENTER VJS. PLYWOOD WELPWOOD Paneling HEADQUARTERS Autumn Pecan VA" thick - 4'x8' sheer Yes won't believe year eyei when yoa" % our fantastic selection of pawling... Hmdredt of kinds te choom from* ^" ALSO IN STOCK AT RIASONAfill PRICK Scotti Lawn Prodoetf Sokrete Shetterettei Polnti (lack aid Decker Took Flagstone Stop In and Get the "Red Carpet Treatment" little Silver LUMBER 11 STCAMOU AW., irmi SILVER Ne Ckarae fer Dellrerlet ~ Ask for Dick, Hobble er Tom Monday tb**gk Friday 7:30-5; Saturday 7:30-3 P.M. Colts Neck Road, Freehold, N.J. On your first visit to Colts Glen, you may be pleasantly surprised at the marvelous polished and "finished" look It already has. ' Most people are, Each custom designed home, set on a lot In excess of Vi acre, Is Individually graded and landscaped to preserve the rolling terrain and the peach and apple trees Colts Glen is blessed with. Visit us this week and see how "small town" friendliness Is blended with suburban luxury. Incidentally full air conditioning Is Included In the purchase price of every home as are city water and sewers. Find out why we say that Colts Glen is an established community... all it needs is you. $ 23,990 $ 31,990 $ 175 *229 10% DOWN (to qualified buyers) Only Mi homn on 141 ccru-lio olrrady soldi SO Mini. From Newark via Commuter Bui! DIRECTIONS: Route 35 to County Route 537 (Tinton Ave.); turn weit and follow Rt. 537 (becomei Colti Neck Rd.) toward Freehold to Colts Glen entrance. Model Phone: (201) Friday, Nov. 3, THE M1LY- WXJSTER grant Circle in the Strahmore section of Matawan. Mrs. Theresa S. Martin of Applebrook Agency, Matawan, listed the house and arranged its sale. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sheehand, who sold their house at 12 Appleton Drive, Hazlet, through Northern Monmouth MLS, purchased the colonial house at 21 Lafayette Drive, Hazlet, through C. J. Casey of Casey's Agency, Hazlet. The previous owners are Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morgan, who have movcii to Middletown. Mr. Morgan is associated with New York Bell Telephone Co. The Belford office of The Kirwan Company was the listing agency. If the Ihought of moving seems like an almost unbearable load, wa understand. We've men it happen so often that we know exactly what to do about it. When you want to unburden yourself of all those worries, give ui a call. Wa't! go out of our way to ' lighten your load, and we'll move your things as if we owned them. Remember, we move families... not just furniture. ANDERSON BROS. fnc. MOVING and STORAGE MECHANIC ST. RED BANK CALL

15 I4- Friday. Nov. 3, J%7 THE UAILy HLGISTfcR BIRDS EYE Famous Names Yes, they make quite a pair. Yes, they stand for quality. Yes Pay Less for Brand Names with ' "BIG W" Discount Prices I THIS KITCHEN FEATURES CALORIC BUILT-IN GAS OVEN and RANGE fkeansburg Ceremony KEANSBURG Miss Pauline Alice Delaney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester'E. Delaney, 418 Prospect Ave., CWfwood Beach, became the bride of Gregory Albert Eaggau, son of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Saggau, 18 Dalby St., East Keansburg, Sunday. The Rev. Marion Gwynn officiated at the ceremony in St. Mark's Episcopal Church. The bride wore a floor-length gown of white satin with a lace bodice, lace chapel train and lace jacket. Miss Kathleen Weldon, Cliffwood Beach, was maid of honor and Miss Margaret Frenchman, Keyport, was bridesmaid. Frank Puglisci, Keansburg, was best man. Allan Frenchman, Keyport, served as usher. The bride attended Matawan Regional High School and is employed by Jonathan Logan, Matawan. The bridegroom was graduated from Middletown Township High School and is employed by Carlton Decorators, Middletown. Kitchen!.. you can still purchase your kitchen cabinets in time for the holidays! ILLUSTRATED Gelco's "Barn Red" Colonial Kitchen- One of the many...can you ask?i! s ol7, B? for anything more! Visit our Kitchen Designing Center a selection ef Kitchens on display to delight the most discriminating homeowner. Manufactured and designed by Gelco right here In Wanamassa. Call today for free estimate, financing arranged. Factory tours arranged on request. e Distributor for all name brand built-in appliances. It's "Smart" to buy a Gelco Kitchen AN OPPORTUNITY TO BUY DIRECT SAVE UP TO 30% (One mil* north ol Asbury Circle) PHONE HWY. 35 WANAMASSA Miss Gauthier Married To Fred Limeberger HIGHLANDS - St. Andrew's Episcopal Church was the setting here Saturday for the marriage 0 Miss Leona Gauthier, daughter o Mrs. Florence Gauthier, 9 Fifth St., to Fred John Limeberger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Charles Limeberger, 69 Laurel Drive. The Rev. William D. Loring officiated. Daniel Hartsgrove, Highlands gave his njece in marriage. She wore a long-sleeved gown of imported peau de soie trimmed with Alencon lace. Miss Darlene Gauthier was Mrs. Fred J. Llmeberg&r maid of honor for her sister (The h former Leona Gauthier) Bridesmaid was Miss Dawn Keeping Posted LITTLE SILVER - Members of the American home department of the Woman's Club will go on an evening shopping tour of the Tea Taster Shop and the Epicurious gourmet shop, which is next door on River Road, Fair Haven, on Wednesday. ENGLISHTOWN The Rosary Altar Society of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church will sponsor a bus trip to Smithville Inn Sunday, leaving from the church at 1:15 p.m. Mrs. John O'Neill is reservation chairman. The society meets Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. In the church hall. FREEHOLD The Women's Missionary Society of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Mrs. Robert Stein will be in charge ot the program. FAIR HAVEN A pancake supper will be held Nov. 11 from 5 to 7 p.m. hi Christ Church Methodist, Ridge Road. The event is sponsored by the Methodist Youth Fellowship under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Durning. WAREHOUSE SALE EXTENDED off on nationally famous gift lines - Holt-Howard Christmas ceramics John Wright Early Americana Imported Christmas Cards McGraw- Hill books and "Matchbox" for the children and man/ many others. BUY NOW FOR For the Home BUSINESS GIFTS CLUB PRIZES ASSOCIATES, INC. FAIR HAVEN - A card party will be held by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Masonic Temple Association of the Red Bank Area Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the temple, 786 River Rd. Tickets may be purchased at the door or from auxiliary members. MATAWAN TOWNSHIP - The Matawan Chapter of Hadassah will hold its annual paid-up membership meeting Thursday in the home of Mrs. Fred Gates, 221 Deerfield Lane. Mrs. Elsie Mannes, Keyport Interior decorator, will provide the entertainment.' Mrs. Nat Gold, 78 Fordham Drive, is in charge of reservations. HAZLET - Bnal Brlth Women, Central New Jersey Council, will sponsor a "Sunday in Lakewood" on Sunday, Nov. 12, beginning at 3 p.m., at the New Irvlngton Hotel, Lakewood. Swimming, ice skating, entertainment and dinner will be included. Reservations may be made with Mrs. Rhoda Goldstein or Mrs. Aaron Silverman, both of Highland Park. BALL COMMITTEE for the Monmouth Symphony League meeh to complete plans for the annual event tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. in the Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank. Standing are Mrs. Milton Conford, left, Hberon, co-chairman, and Mrs. Harry Roman, Shrewsbury, chairman. Seated, Mrs. George Chertoff, left, league president, Monmouth Beach, and Mrs. Nathan Witkind, Deal, cochairman. Marty Ames and his orchestra will play for dancing and a musical interlude will be provided by Frederick Hand, classical guitarist. Week Days thru Nov. 11 Mi, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays fill 9:00 p.m. How to find us I 35 HADDON AVE SHREWSBURY Hartsgrove, Highlands, cousin of the bride, and LeAiin Coleman, Highlands, the bride's niece, was flower girl. Ring bearer was Michael Nilan of Kenilworth, godchild of the bridegroom. Fred Bertha, Sea Bright, was best man, and ushers were John Rowan, Fair Haven, and Kalph Newman, Wanamassa. The bride was graduated in June from Henry Hudson Regional School, and Mr. Limeberger was graduated in 1962 from Atlantic Highlands High School. He served for three years in the U.S. Army, stationed in the states and in Korea. He is employed as a service man with New Jersey Natural Gas Company, Atlantic Highlands. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Beam Diamond Anniversary Celebrated at Party Mark's Evangelist Catholic PORT MONMOUTH - Mr. anclate Thomas and Selina Banks ol Church in Manhattan. They Mrs. Edwin C. Beam, 12 Sun-Newarkset Ave., were honored Sundaj the late William and Anna,Beam Mr. Beam's parents are celebrated their golden anniversary with a Mass at Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Mount at a party given on the occasion of Denville. Vernon. of their 60th wedding anniversary here in the fire house by their three children Fred L. Beam, Claries Mark Mrs. Edward Bryk and Robert J. Beam, all of this place. Some ENROLL 200 friends and relatives gathered Anniversary FOR FALL CLASSES from Florida, Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and LONG BRANCH - Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. C. Clark, 239 New Jersey to honor the couple, Liberty St., are quietly observing who were married Oct. 28, 1907 ir their 60th wedding anniversary the Marble Collegiate Church today. They were both born here New York City by the Rev. John and have lived in their Liberty S. Allen. Mr. Beam was custodian of thf street home all of their married life. Port Monmouth school for 21 They were married Nov. 3, years before his retirement 1( 1907, in the bride's home on Lippincott Ave, by the late Rev. years ago. His wife is associatet with the primary department o: John G. Lovell, a former pastor the Sunday School of Belforc of the Long Branch First Presbyterian Church. Methodist Church, where she is member. She is a life member ol the auxiliary of the iport Mon Mrs. Clark is the former Lona mouth Fire Company and for several years was Republican committeewoman of the sixth voting district. There are eight grandchildren; Mrs. Edward Elia, Belford; Mrs. Robert Schellar, Oakhurst; Fred E. Down and Douglas and Fred W. Beam, Port Monmouth; Mrs. Robert Renard, Norfolk, Va., and Mrs. Francis Haley, Quonset Point, R.I. An enduring gift from Guerlain. Chant d'aromes, the fragrance of delicate spring flowers, now is captured in a spray of antique porcelain design. Eaude toilette for the dressing table: $7.50. Perfume for the purse: $8. Both rcfillable, of course. LITTLE SILVER Family Pharmacy PROSPECT AVE. and CHURCH ST., LITTLE SILVER McLain, daughter of the late Thomas Letson and Lillian D. Wortman McLain. Mr. Clark, who is at present a patient at the Monmouth Medical Center after suffering a stroke Oct. 20, was born in the house at 237 Liberty St next door to their present home; He is a son of the late Charles H. C. and Rachel Hopper lark. Both are active members of the First Presbyterian Church here. There are 10 great-grandchildren: Timothy, Leilla and Long Branch Woman's Club and Mrs. Clark is a member of the 'red T. Haley; Nadine, Robert Mr. Clark is a member of the Jr.- and James Renard; Fred Long Branch Old Guard. He was employed for many years by the W. Beam Jr., and Diane, Shari New York & Long Branch Rail-1 and Nicholas Elia. road at its Long Branch section Mrs. Beam is the former and at the time of his retirement 15 years ago was employed by Jane L. Batiks, daughter of the e Monmouth Consolidated water Company. At one time he also was assistant overseer of the poor of Long Branch. Mrs. Harry C. F. Worden, 72 Woodland Drive, Middletown, the former Virginia Lillian Clark, is he couple's only child. They lave one granddaughter, Mrs. itephen M. Popper, the former :arole Joyce Worden, who is at iresent living in Fort Rucker, ila. Her husband, a Vietnam eteran, is a warrant officer with he U. S. Army Aviation School is an instructor. Mr. and Mrs. -lark also are great-grandparents if Darryl Harry and Christopher Vorden Popper, twin boys, and of Mr. and Mrs. George Reulbach TO ATTEND MEETOMJ RED BANK - Mies Mollae Mama, 9M Es/ik, pnti^ml ol the. Momnoiitb Shore Buefneu and Professional Women's Club, will represent the group at the state board meeting of BPW Nov. 18 in East Orange. Others who will attend are Miss Louise J. Tomaint, Long Branch, and Mrs. Kay De Chicchio, Red Bank. Get your share of service business with a "Business Services" Ad in Classified. Dial today. Couple Wed 60 Years BRICK TOWNSHIP Mr. and Mrs. George Reulbach of Mount Vcrnon, N.Y., were honored on their 60th wedding anniversary Lovely Gifts... at a surprise dinner party here in the home of their grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. John Talty. Potted Plants Among the family guests attend ing were 14, of the couple's 16 grandchildren and 16 of their 19 great-grandchildren. The party was hosted by the couple's two sons and daughtersin-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reulbach of New Monmouth, and Mr. and Mrs. John Reulbach, Mount Vernon. Co-hosts were the couple's grandchildren, John Talty, Raymond Tally and Miss Veronica Talty, Brick Township; Mrs. Grace Durante, Yonkers, and Donald Reulbach, Rumson. Mr. and Mrs. Reulbach were married Oct. 12, 1907, in St. Special clasies for thre«to fiva>year*olds. Partnti invited lo obierve. TAP BALLET TOE Acrobatic * Discotheque DOROTHY TOLAND DANCE STUDIOS 201 E. Borgan PI. Red Bank f\a MCE Tonight.**. U A H W C Special Wed. Hightstown Country Club Tonight Andy Welli' 10-pc. band. Mark Hllburn Sat, night Joe Mucha coming Wed., Nov. frolic dance, all agei. Continuous from 8:30. Mark Hllburn and Joe Mucha. It's the "Danes o< the Month." Fun, either alone or couplet. That memorable day is even more so when you send floral gifts. Call us for suggestions. VISIT OUR CHRISTMAS IDEA ROOM W«have a Urge lelictlon of ccenori«l for miking floral arrangemanti. Artificial Chriitmat Novelty Itemi Velvet ribbons PHONE of course OCEANPORT AVENUE LITTLE SILVER 26 MONMOUTH ST. RED BANK serving Monmouth County Since 1897 Curls! Curhl Curb! A revolutionary nw discovery h bdr strlbo;, now allows you to km»oer kalr beaatifiily curled ''electrically." It requires less rime, It's longer lasting and moro comfortable. MONDAY TUESDAY FRIDAY IY APPOINTMENT ONLY JOHN'S SSS, 139 BROAD ST RED BANK HOME DECORATING at its finest M. Silberstein Inc. CONSULTING ASSISTANCE" Rugs Slipcovers Lamps Draperies Wallpaper Tables Furniture Bedspreads MECHANIC ST RED BANK OUR 47th YEAR

16 Miques Shined, Buffed and Polished A Tempting Array in Rumson By ELEANOR MARKO RL'MSON The Rumson An- Cqucs Show which is continuing today from noon to JO p.m. and 10 a.m. to 4 P-rn. tomorrow, has a rich assortment of collectors' items, shined, buffed and polished, to tempt the sophisticated buyer.. But the fhow itself, staged in Holy Cross School auditorium and classrooms, Rumson Road, i» a good idea of a spectator 6port especially for a rainy day. Whether one buys anything or not, the dealers have done everything they can to put the temptation there. Even at "curtain time" at noon yesterday, some 350 visitors were drawn to the annual major 1 P a r e n t-teacher Association benefit. An early timeout was spent in the kindergarten room where luncheon is served by a cast of talented kitchen helpers. Sunny flower arrangements in the room were <40ated by Mrs. Oliver A. Vietor and Mrs. Niels Johnsen of Rumson Garden Club for the tables and fireplace mantel, which mate up for the missing sun. Attractions fn the show are Individual. Old maps, books, furniture, glass, lamps, dishes, decoys, dolls and paintings are' in the endless list. Old Jewelry Perhaps 1ne most personal of Items is the antique jewelry. Billie Serner of Red Bank, has a hand made gold cross with Oriental pe ar ' s > atld old jade and coral bracelets and necklaces which charmed the weaker sex centuries ago. Reva Levitt's collection of antique French enamels fashioned into stickpins from what were once buttons and plaques, charmed at least one reporter from this century. (Her downfall was «n 1S80 Italian mosaic.) Ticking clocks were everywhere.- Thomas Stratford of Bound Brook is willing to part with two Bristol gallery clocks made-in England in 1885; an American schoolhouse clock, dited 1900, and a Spanish mission clock made by Sessioni Ir 1900 in America. D->v : d Clare of Princeton has, i-'i 1780 French Provincial grandfather's clock that strikes each quarter hour, and repeats the hour strike. Mr. Clare told us that is for those of us that begin to count the bongs only after they have begun. Wouldn't you know the French would think about a repeat performance seconds after the first? A baroque figure of a child of bronzed white metal holds a smaller porcelain faced session clock. This also is a striking (the pun is unintentional) collector's item that Mr. Clare has never seen duplicated. For Crab Hunters If you collect crabs, 'thera's a heavy bronze plaque of the crustacean signed by Stanford White, the architect, and Saint Gaudens, the sculptor. This is in the collection of Carmela Hughes of Elizabeth. She also has an extremely rare twicesigned Tiffany desk lamp fashioned with a bronze arm balance and stand. The shade when lighted resembles oldfashioned pongee. For those who are looking for soft (tomping grounds, the collection of Perclan and Indian rugs from Elias Fahmie of Point Pleasant, includes hand carved hand woven Bengali rugs. The ultimate in c however, is a superb collection of Chinese ; es owned by Sister Virgine of Red Bank Catholic High School Shown with other items, the 20-pi«ce ivory figures in mahogany curio cabinet with bow glass front, Is being disposed of with other fine furniture',and linens the inherited from her family. MM. Murray P. McHeffey is general chairman of the event. Prizes Awarded At WADS Party ASBURY PARK - Prize win Rers in a costume competito held at the Halloween party o the Without-A-Doubt Society were Donald Jarvis, Miss Marjorl 'ryor and Joseph Valenti. Musi was by the Actionaires teen band 'arty arrangements were mad by Miss Gertrude Reznik, pro ram chairman. NOW OPENING IN THE MONMOUTH AREA BEL CANTO VOCAL STUDIO... offering private lessons in the I TECHNIQUE OF BEL CANTO SINGING For Optra, Ceictrt or Maslcol Csmedy CWtlh Opporttaity for Public Pwformcrac*) by on bmritkcd Optra aid Concert Singer of Earop* and America, Alw HeMhg Mattel's Dtgrtt! Veto ad Opera.. CALL ITS OUR 1st ANNIVERSARY... but in badtm by over 10 tun el umrftnet In oil phaui el dry cleaning and as former manager of one of Ins iron's larwt dry cleaning plants. W* can expertly dry clean ond finish any article In. eluding knlti, formal gowns, etc All illki hand finished... DO YOU HAVE A DINT CLEANING PROBLEM? DRAPERIES A SPECIALTY 1AO/ IU /O All orders of $5 or men. Offer expires Sot, Nov. 18. FREE PICK-UP ond DELIVERY CALL 741 -*M T MIL-LEE CLEANERS LEROY JONES, MANAGER 104 SHREWSBURY AVE. (Next to Pest Office Sub Station) THANKSGIVING Paper Party Things and Decorations... at PARTY LINE POSTERS and BUTTONS are here RENT ANY PARTY NEEDS We Are Party Specialists! RED BANK 315 Hwy. 35 V: Mile South, Eatonrown Circle- r ««>rui itf (IS li' i If s tune-up time! Only s] $075 SINGER toni coma to your home and tune-up any mikt or mo til nwlnz mtchlni! Call tidayl 7-POINT HOME TUNE-UP ^ J 1 Adjust, balance tensions. 4. Adjust belt tansion. P^Jj 2 Adjiistfabrichaadlingmcchanism. 5. Check wiling lor safely. %H * 3 De-lint thread handling mechanism. G. Lubricate machine. 7. Inspect and lubricate motor. 69 BROAD ST. 1 RED BANK SINGER U n & which this year has added many new features to the annual benefit. There is a collection of paintings by local artists hung gallery-fashion in Ann Landers the hallway to the classrooms where the various dealers are located. It adds a pretty the indoor spectacular anyone can play. A Sure Cure? Dear Ann Landers: A neighbor of mine (a young father in his early twenties) came home from work last week- and his 2M-year-old son ran out gleefully to meet him. The father ignored the boy and headed for the refrigerator to get himself a beer. The youngster who adores his dad felt very hurt and grabbed his dad around the leg and bit him. The father howled with pain, grabbed the child, threw him to the kitchen floor and bit him on the thigh. This was six days ago and the father's teeth marks are still clearly visible. The man's wife believes this was an act of brutality on the part of the father and she told him (and everyone else on the block) that he was a beast. The father insists his method of dealing with the problem is a sure-fire way to break a child of biting. What do you think? FLABBER GASTED Dear Flab: If the father's teeth marks are sail visible after six days, I would say he bit the kid much too hard, and shame on him. You may be surprised to know that many experts agree that a good way to cure a child of biting is to bite him back but not too hard. Dear Ann Landers: I am a 24- year-old girl who recently met a fellow 23. Brian was unusually mature for his age and I was attracted to him. We spent four evenings together and then I went ahead and ruined everything. I think. On our fourth date I was sure I was in Iovs with Brian and that he felt the same way about me. He spoke about marriage. When he asked me to spend the night at his place I said yes. He didn't try to con me. It was something we both wanted and I was confident he would not think less of me for it. We had a beautiful time and Brian promised to call the following day. I don't remember ever having been so happy in my entire life. That was six days ago and I haven't heard from him. Right now I am sick with fear that I ruined what might have been the most meaningful relationship of my life. How can I get this guy back? I want him so much I could die. I am not a tramp, Ann, I really cars for this man. I need your advice. - THE QUEEN OF FOOLS Dear Queen: I wish I could Golden Wedding COLTS NECK Mr. and Mrs. William E. Thompson Sr., E. Larchmont Drive, Clover Hill Estates, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at an open house Saturday. They were married Oct. 28, 1917, in the parsonage of the Reformed Church, Freehold, by ths Rev. John E. Mertz. They have six children, Mrs. James Matthews, Freehold; Mrs. Ludwig C. Niehaus Jr., Ccntrcville, Md.; Mrs. William H. Schlcchtweg Jr., Freehold; Mrs. Emil Passolil Jr., Gurrclt R. Thompson and William E. Thompson Jr., all ot Colts Neck. There arc 14 grandchildren. The Ice Age altered America's topography moro quickly than it was altered at any other time. come up with some encouraging words but I'd be lying if I told you I thought you had a chance to get the guy back. The magic has vanished. In his book you are just another dame with round heels. This experience need not be a total disaster if you will learn from it. Resolve never again to kid yourself into (believing that falling into bed is'a short cut to the cltar. Confidential to Over The Hill To The Poorhouse: Money can be a weapon. It sounds as if your wife spends money foolishly to get even with you for real or imagined injustices. Close all charge accounts and take over the job of paying the bills yourself. Give "Spend- A-Million Millie" a reasonable allowance and insist that she live on it. "The Bride's Guide," Ann Landers' booklet, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about weddings. To receive your copy of this comprehensive guide, write to Ann Landers, in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long, selfaddressed, stamped envelope and 35 cents in coin. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed enve- FASHION SHOW SET MATAWAN - The local first aid squad auxiliary will sponsor a Beeline fashion show Thursday at 8 p.m. in squad headquarters, Little St. Refreshments will be served. The public is Invited to attend. PTA CAKE SALE HAZLET - The Cove Road School will benefit from a cake sale to be held by the Parent- Teacher Organization Tuesday, Election Day, on the school grounds starting at 10 a.m. Mrs. Gerald Hughes, 3 Cove Road, is chairman. Ready-Made and Custom BED- SPREADS Nttd 4 king size tprsad for a queen size bed? We havs if]... or can male* it. Corns In and i«a how you can a id an extra touch to your bedroom with spread from our collection. SHREWSBURY 468 BROAD ST. Call Rumson Reading Institute (Associated with the Ranney School) Intensive Fall Program NOV. 1 - JAN. 27 READING. ENGLISH, STUDY SKILLS Saturday morning or weekday evenings. This course it offered at all levels from 7th grade through college, with students grouped according to ability. It helps students to read with speed and comprehension, to write grammatically and logically, to spell accurately, and to increase vocabulary. This course it popular with serious students who want to improve school grades and to prepare for college boards or other exams. We have classes to meet the needs of the fastest students. READING for children in grades 1-6 Two I'/j -hour meetings a week after school. This course emphasizes phonics and sight vocabulary, paragraph comprehonsion, phrase reading. The children meet in small groups according to reading ability. MATHEMATICS Courses at all levels from basic.arithmetic through advanced algebra and analytics. All courses are planned to develop a logical approach to problemsolving and to develop facility in applying mathematical processes accurately. All cquftos wa%\ ihft. direction»f., RUSSELL G. RANNEY, formerly Associate Director, NYU Reading Institute SEND FOR BULLETIN Rumson Reading Institute NOW AT 235 HOPE RD., NEW SHREWSBURY PAST GENERATION OF DOLLS Looking as part and pretty today as in their own generation are the antique dolls in the collec- Now Brunswick, one of the tion of Agnes Sheehan of exhibiting dealers at the Rumson Antiques Show which opened yesterday In Holy Cross School. RARE STEMWARE by Heijey is examined by, left to right, Mrs, Murray^. Mc- Heffey, general chairman; Mrs. Robert Ready, art aide, and Mrs. Thomas G. Smith, art director, in the Red Bank Antiques Center booth. {Register Photos by Don Lord!) FLORIST TO SPEAK ELBERON George Juska.lNov. 28 at 11:30,a.m. in the )akhurst florist, will present a'temple. irogram on flower arranging at.. i luncheon meeting of the Siserhood of Temple Beth Miriam Friday, Nov. 3, IF IT'S DUALITY YOU'RE LOOKING FOR HARRIS CATERERS BUFFET every Sat. and Sun. ALL YOU CAN EAT Office Parf'es House Parties Wedding Receptions Church Functions TWO DINING ROOMS Seating 250 and 100 at the HARBOR RESTAURANT Atl. Highlands Yacht Basin 29T-2404 Friday and Saturday Only} MACHINE WASHABLE «FAST COLOR FULL CUT SPECIAL PURCHASE LADIES' DUSTERS NEEDS NO IRONING NOW ONLY Solids and prints to choose from. Two collar styles to choose from. SIZES S-M-L-XL Downtown Red Bank SPECIAL PURCHASE 150 NYLON SHELLS ASSORTED SOLID COLORS NOW ONLY WHILE THEY LAST SIZES 34 TO 40 Lovely selection of solid colors just right for todayl SPECIAL PURCHASE LADIES" SLACKS NOW ONLY DRY CLEAN 100% COLORAY RAYON

17 WHY WAIT TIL 68? VOTE REPUBLICAN FOR STATE SENATE NOW! FOR STATE SENATE RICHARD R. STOUT Republicans believe that promises should be kept! Your Republican candidates believe that every voter has the right to expect this. On the other hand, the Democratic administration has rolled up a record of promise after promise*... all unfulfilled! Monmouth County was promised 1. An east-west expressway. 2. A $30 million rail improvement program. 3. Lower property taxes, if we paid a sales tax. THESE PROMISES HAVE NOT BEEN KEPT! Your Republican candidates believe they should be! In addition, they believe in stiff punishment for vicious criminals, motesters of women and children, and they believe in the repeal of the disgraceful Bill S-400 which finances the striking employee better than the sick worker! Republicans everywhere believe we cannot afford to wait. VOTE REPUBLICAN NOW! ALFRED N. BEADLESTON FOR STATE ASSEMBLY FOR STATE ASSEMBLY FOR STATE ASSEMBLY FOR STATE ASSEMBLY FOR FREEHOLDER 9- JAMES M. COLEMAN, Jr. LOUIS R. A1K1NS JOSEPH AZZOUNA SOUTHERN DISTRICT SOUTHERN DISTRICT NORTHERN DISTRICT CHESTER APY NORTHERN DISTRICT ALBERT L AUJN VOTE COLUMN #2 VOTE THE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET IN YOUR COMMUNITY Here Are the Republican Candidates Who Appear On Your Ballot Tuesday ALLENTOWN BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) NELSON E. WILBUR Councilmen (Full Term) ' ROBERT B. PEPPLER HOWARD W. STONEBACK Tax.Assessor (Full Term) JOHN W. HAVENS Tax Collector (Full Term) H. MARIE DAVISON. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) EDWARD G. WALDER Councilmen.(Full Term) ALFRED F. KATZ PAUL F. MUIR Tax Collector (Full Term) JESSAMINE A. BARKER BRIELLE BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) JESSE G. COLLINSON Councilmen (Full Term) HAROLD L. DIETRICHSON EDWARD T. SMITH COLTS NECK TOWNSHIP Township Committeeman (Full Term) ALFRED E. RUPPEL EATONTOWN BOROUGH Councilmen (Full Term), LEON B. SMOCK, JR. ROBERT C 5TIH.WAG0N _1 ENGLISHTOWN BOROUGH Moyor (Full Term) JACOB GOLDFINE Counellmen (Full Term) JOSEPH SOKOL - EDNA L. HAMILTON FAIR HAVEN BOROUGH Councilmen (Full Term) * EDWARD R. SCHEFFER JAMES A. R0B0TTOM Councilman (Unexpired Term One Year) WILLIAM- Rr-KIELY-r-JR : Tax Collector (Full Term) MELVIN P. STOUT FARMINGDALE BOROUGH Moyor (Full Term) FRED ROHM Councilman (Full Term) MARSHALL H. RITTER FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP Township Commiteemen (Full Term) CHARLES E. BLATCHLEY PATRICK V. FULLAM HOLMDEL TOWNSHIP N Township Committeeman (Full Term) ' WARREN E. BAUMGARTNER Township Clerk (Full Term) JOHN P. WADINGTON,. Tax Assessor (Full Term) i JOHN H. MOUNT HOWELL TOWNSHIP Township Committeeman LAURENCE MiCHNEVICH Tox Assessor (Unexpired Term Two Years) FRED R. WITTENBERG, JR.. INTERLAKEN BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) ROSS B. CAMERON Counoilmen (Full Term) LESTER R. WELLER, 3rd EDWARD M. MAUTNER KEYPORT BOROUGH CoutWilmen (Full Term) JAMES E. CAHILL EARL V. HALLAM LITTLE SILVER BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) CHARLES STEPHENS >. Councilmen (Full Term) PAUL BRAGER \ AUGUST ROEMER MANALAPAN TOWNSHIP Township Committeeman' (Full Term) JOHN J. COUGHLIN v Tax Collector. (Full Term) - MARTIN G. ROVER, JR. MANASQUAN BOROUGH Moyor (Full Term) AXEL B. CARLSON, JR. Councilmen (Full Term) CHESTER L. MORGAN OWEN P. MCCARTHY MARLBORO TOWNSHIP Moyor (Full Term) FRANK S. GRAZIANO Councilmen (Full Term)- «= JOHN NARZOWICH _, JULIUS KUROWSKY.., MATAWAN BOROUGH Moyor.(Full Term) EDWARD E. HY-RNE Councilmen (Full Term) STEVENSON M. ENTERLINE HOWARD A. HENDERSON,To»0»MjtouuA^i«^*^- MARY M. GERAN MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP Township Committeeman (Full Term) ROBERT P, McCUTCH EON Township Clerk (Full Tirm)^ V v: :,. THOMAS T. CONRAD MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP Township Committeeman (Full Term) J. LESTER MOUNT NEPTUNE CITY BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) WILLIAM A. OLIVER Councilmen (Full Term) SIDNEY MEGIU, JR. RICHARD M. KING NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP. Township Commttteemen (Full Term) JOHN J. RIZZO JOSEPH WARDELL NEW SHREWSBURY BOROUGH Councilmen (Full Term) A. JOHN ERLACHER DALE H. SHICK OCEANPORT BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term). EDWARD C. WILSON, SR. Councilmen (Full Term) EDWARD H. URION S. THOMAS GAGLIANO Tax Collector (Full Term) ^ L. VAN NOTE ' RARITAN TOWNSHIP Township Committecmen (Full Term) EUGENE S. DOMBROWSKI VINCENT G. RAINE RED BANK BOROUGH Councilmen (Full Term) -' WILLIAM S. ANDERSON PETER R. HOFFMAN RUMSON BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) JOHN O, TEETER Councilmen (Full Term) W. D1NSMORE BANKS JOHN H. DILL a^^-tt*^.;* -, S A V firtghtt Moyor (Full Term) FRANK H. VAN DUZER Councilman (Full Term) SAMUEL L. DIGGLE, JR. LAWRENCE R. OSGOODBY SEA GIRT BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term). ' - <- ±- JOHN & ROOGEM A Councilmen (Full Term) - ; >^ = - ==-s^= THOMAS BLACK X ELBERT L. SCHOONOVER "SHREWSBURY BOROUGH Councilmen (Full Term) RICHARD J. DOEtOER, JR. ROBERT C. NEFF SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP Township Committeeman (Full Term). VERNON E. FIELD SOUTH BELMAR BOROUGH Councilmen (Full Term) PERCY KEYNTON, SR. JOSEPH C. WITTE Councilman (Unexpired Term One Year) DORIS STERLING KELLER SPRING LAKE BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) EDWARD J. HEINE Councilmen (Full Term) WALTER F. JUDGI ANDREW P. RAFFETTO SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) JOSEPH E. ROBERTSON Councilmen (Full Term) JOSEPH C. FENTON THOMAS J. MULLEN UNION BEACH BOROUGH Mayor (Full Term) HARRY JOSEPH Councilmen (Full Term) : HAROLD J. ELLIS RICHARD M. FLYNN UPPER FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP Township Committeeman (Full Term) WALTER E.POLH EMUS Tax Collector (Full Term) CHARLES S. BULLOCK WALL TOWNSHIP Township Committeeman (Full Term) GRIFFITH A. BATES Tox Collector (Full Term) Moyor (Full Term) JOHN I. DAWES MATAWAN TOWNSHIP WEST LONG BRANCH BOROUGH Councilmen (Full TerVn) Councllmen-ot-Large (Full Term) Councilmen (Full Term) - WALTER J. BAILLIE, JR. HANS H. FROEHLICH RALPH ARDOLINO, JR. DAVID W. BLACKBURN GEORGE B. BRENON ROBERT M. SHIRVANIAN Tax Collector (Full Term) MARK BECK Tax Assessor (Unexpired Term Three Years) GEORGE F. RANDOLPH STANLEY B. PIANKO 1 Councilman (Unexpired Term One Year) ELLA A. DIGGLE WALTER S. LERMER GENERAL ELECTION TUESDAY NOV t Paid tor by J. Russell Woolley, County Chairman, West Long Branch, N. J,

18 line Our Want Ads For Quick Results Dial DAY OR NIGHT REGISTER SECOND NEWS SECTION HOME DELIVERY RAIN OR SHINE 45c PER WEEK RED BANK, N. J., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, c PER COPY How Reapportionment Alters Political Lineup By WILLIAM J. ZAORSKI FREEHOLD - The first general election under the statewide reapportionment plan will be this Tuesday., What this means to Monmouth County voters is that they'll be picking two senators, instead of one, and will not be selecting the same Assembly candidates. Residents in district 5-S, south and west Monmouth will vote for two assemblymen and those in 5-B, north and bayshore Monmouth will select two different ones. The county now has three assemblymen, Why the change? The U.S. Supreme court ruled June 3, 1964, in Reynolds vs. Sims, that representation in state legislatures must be based on population only, and not on areas. The court wanted a one man or one vote system. This is the second time that the state assembly has undergone reapportionment. On Feb. 1, 1961, changes were made on the basis of the 1960 census. Three seats each were taken from Hudson and Essex counties because of reduced populations, with Camden, Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth, Bergen and Union Counties eac h getting one more. Under the new system, the state Senate will have 40 members from 15 districts made up of single counties or groups of counties, based on their aggregate population. Monmouth County, previously with Ocean County, had comprised the fifth Senate district but now technically is the fifth district. Each of the state's 21 counties had one senator, regardless of population. But now we will have two. The Assembly will have 80. seats, with two.. assemblymen elected from each of 40 districts. These are subdistricts of the Senate ones. The system, a compromise be- " tween Democrats and Republicans, is the product of a 17-week constitutional convention held last year. / ' While there -wa/little public enthusiasm over the referendum, the New Jersey League of Women Voters called it a "political compromise to protect county party organizations." It has been predicted that this system will give the Democrats continued control of the Senate and the Republicans a good chance of regaining the Assembly. Monmouth County voters had approved it by 61,769 to 33,420 last year. This reapportionment will enlarge the state legislature for the first time since In the Senate race are Republicans, incumbent state Sen..Richard R. Stout and Assemblyman Alfred N. Beadleston against Democrats Paul J. Smith and Richard L. Bonello. Assembly candidates for district 5-S are the Republicans, incumbent James M. Coleman Jr. and Louis Aikins against Democrats, Albert J. Villapiano and John W. Beekman. For district 5-B are Republicans, incumbent Joseph Azzolina and Chester Apy against Democrats Walter H. Gehricke and Patrick J. McGann Jr. New Assistant County Prosecutor Sees a Challenge in Public Defender System Thomas J. Smith Jr. Council May Ask Photos On Licenses LONG BRANCH - City Council will ask for state legislation to require all New Jersey driver's licenses to carry photographs of licensees, if a resolution proposed by Councilman Elliot L. Katz is adopted next Wednesday. Aside from other advantages of positive identification, Mr. -Katr^eelsthe photos'wouldjprb^ tect tavern owners against minors who present false credentials to prove their age.. The Friendly Cafe, 149 Brighton Ave., was given a five-day liquor license suspension by council Oct. 25 after pleading non vult to serving a minor who presented another man's driver's license to show he was 21. Council will consider a letter from the Long Branch Chamber of Commerce requesting more in city-owned parking lots. Action may be. taken on an ordi' nance which would back up May or Paul Nastasio's executive decisions on such regulations, Councilman Amedeo V. Ippolito, council president, said yesterday. Also coming up for council action is an'ordinance revising salaries of four employes of the department of public works. Resolutions to be considered dude authorization of advertisement for bids on two new police cars, approval of a list of special policemen submitted by Police Chief Thomas M. Pesano, and appointing two inspectors for the Plumbing Board, to be headed by Samuel De Bartolis, building inspector. A resolution of condolence to the family of John E. Schulz, late director of the Housing Authority, will be adopted, Mr, Ippolito said. A Zoning Board recommends tion for a use variance permitting John Cittadino to erect a gasoline service station at Second Avenue and West End Court will be referred to the Planning Board for an opinion. Bids will be received on an automobile for the department of health. By PETER G. OLIVOLA FREEHOLD-Monmouth County's newest assistant prosecutor sees a strong challenge coming from the state's newest agency, he Office of the Public defender. Thomas J. Smith Jr., appointed to the post Sept. 26 by the Board of Freeholders, thinks the prosecutors' job will become more difficult now lhat indigent defendants have a full-time staff to handle their cases. "They have their"own investi gator, and a permanent legal staff whose growing experience should make quite a difference," he said. * Under the old system of appointing counsel, the attorney was Episcopal Church Asks For Approval to Build FAIR HAVEN - The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion hopes to start construction of a new building before the ground freezes this fall. The Rev. Frederick E. Preuss, rector, applied last night to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a special exception to the zoning ordinance, a requirement any time a church is built. The board reached no decision, but set a special meeting for Nov. 9 to aid the church in its race with winter. Father Preuss showed the board preliminary sketches for 50- by 80-foot frame structure with a peaked roof and steeple. It would be built at River Road and Church St. where its predecessor stood for 83 years before its demolition last March. It was condemned due to damage by termites, beetles and rot. - Rites In Parish Hall Services are being held in th parish hall on the same site, but Father Preuss predicted, "I this parish doesn't get" a church very soon it will cease, to exist." He said he hoped contractors could pour footings for a new structure before the frost sets in. In answer to board question! about traffic, Father Preuss sai the church investigated the pos sibility of moving to another site, but the cost and unavailability of land prohibit it'. Also, he said, there is a reverter clause in the deed unde which the church's property was given to the parish. It require that the property be used fo; church services. Father Preuss said detailed plans have not been completed, Anti-War Rally Set at College WEST, LONG BRANCH Rumors of a student antiwar and anti-draft demonstration io be staged next week when Array and Air Force recruiters visit MonmoutJi College were confirmed last night. -Leonard Hurley andjuvenal Andres" reported student leaders of the demonstration would give no details of their plans by telephone last sight, but agreed to meet newsmen today in the college Student Union. Kenneth N. Trend of Atlantic Ave., Long Branch, formerly a member of the philosophy faculty of the college, said the student leaders zae( with college administrators yesterday in accordance with an administration policy statement which appeared yesterday in the Outlook, student newspaper. RIGHT RECOGNIZED The administration declared in its statement that "Monmoutfo College recognizes the right of its students to use legitimate forms of protest, but it cautions possible dissenters to respect the freedom and rights of those who disagree with their course... When protest demonstrations become imminent, student groups are encouraged to notify college officials of their intent so that precautionary measures may be taken to protect the rights and safety of all." Mr. Trend, who said he will take no part in next week's demonstrations, but acts as advisor to bhe student leaders, told The Register the protest group includes a number of students who attended the recent peace demonstration at the Pentagon in Washington. The demonstrators, he added, may set up a booth giving information to aid those contemplating conscientious objection to military service. A recruiting team from the Army will be on campus Monday and Tuesday; the Air Force recruiters will appear Thursday and Friday. Says Town Hduses Will Fill Definite Area Housing Need LONG BRANCH Harbor ing mortgage, maintenance and city school system Town Houses, the 41-unit pro- other common services. Real posed development at Second and estate taxes on each unit will run Cedar Aves., will (ill a definite about $700 to $800 yearly, the need in the area's housing picture, Bernard Gorcey, local de- about $32,000 annually into city developer estimated, putting veloper, said. coffers. Mr. Gorcey envisions the 5 Designs for instance, in garden town houses attached singlefamily dwellings with private designs contain the 41 living Eight buildings in five different yards as providing housing for units. Also provided are 30 garages and 57 car spaces. Ten- the middle-aged family whose children are either grown up or ants share a swimming pool and nearly so. The town house combines the sense of ownership of a and walks, and landscaping. recreation area, interior drives private dwelling with the con- Grounds maintenance except for should be slight, Mr^ Gorcey said, since the units are designed for olde: families with upper middle level incomes. Since tenants purchasi their living units, turnover o tenants will be much lower than, apart' ments, he explained. Developed Center Mr. Gorcey, who developed the Monmouth Convalescent Cente at 229 Bath Ave., is also a wellknown local plumbing and heat ing contractor. A usj variance permitting con! ^vewfnce of ttairiknance-by the private yards Is done 'by thv structicn of the town house proj project's management corporation, he explained. care of exterior painting of the City Council by the Zoning management, which also takes ect had been recommended t< Units in the Harbor Town dwelling units. Board, which received the ap Houses complex will sell for $26,- The two-story units have plication from Silvio Erminl, il 000, Mr. Gorcey said, with financing arranged in "package and half-bath on the first floor, City Council will meet in spc kitchen, living room, dining room present property owner. deal" monthly payments cover- with two bedrooms and a bqlh cial session tonight at 7:30 on the second. All units have full Uniform Sale discuss the town house concept cellars containing washers and Now in progress pg at the Shirley in Long Branch, The present zon- Shnp, h dryers. Kitchens arc furnished Red Bank. (Adv.) S-ig ordinance makes no provision with dishwashers and the units for this type housing, but town are air-conditioned throughout. houses would be permitted in a Served Friday, Saturday ana All electrical wiring, will be revised zoning ordinance expect Sunday. $3.50* Harry's Lobster underground, the developer said. ed to be submitted soon to ci House, Sea Bri&ht. (Adv.) The project's impact on the dl by the Planning Board. and he was not certain what the exterior surface of the new church would be. In an effort to expedite the matter, the board accepted the preliminary plans and forwarded them to the Planning Board which must make a recommendation in a special exception case Chairman Tyra M. Boyd asked for final plans by the time of the special meeting. Meet Next Week The Planning Board will meet next Wednesday, and the special Zoning BoardTireetfBg"~wiII"6eThT following night. The new gas station proposal also were adjourned to special meetings. The Sun Oil Co., which applied in October for a variance to permit construction of a new servic station on the site of an existing Sunoco station at River Road am Cedar Ave., was back again. The company plans a three-bay brick colonial building estimated to cost $50,000 to $60,000. After asking a few questions, the board held the application for further study and a decision at the meeting next Thursday. It was assured there would be no major repairs permitted, that the company had no objection to placing low planters along the River Road and Cedar Ave. "sides of the lot, and that the company would be willing to separate-itself from an adjacent residential property with a wooden fence. The company also agreed to the dedication of 12 feet of its lot on the east side of Cedar Ave. to permit the future widening of that thoroughfare to 30 feet. Delay Application An application by Texaco Inc. was postponed to a Dec. 12 meeting at the request of the applicant's attorney, Benedict R. Nicosia of Red Bank. Texaco has a subdivision, but needs a variance, for construction of a 48-by-4Moot service station at 517 River Road, adjacent to the firehouse property. The board granted two variances for additions to dwellings. One allows Mrs. Ruth A. Mo Guire, 165 Third St., to add a 12- y-i6-foot bedroom. The other permits.vincent J. Robinson, 50 Tyson Drive, to add a 20-by-22- ;oot wing to his house. A request by Christian Bertell' Jr., 703 River Road, for permis ion to add to a garage was held over to next week's meeting. Legislature Hopefuls Back Abortion Survey NEWARK (AP) Ninety-two per cent of state legislature candidates responding to a poll support the creation of a legislative commission to study abortion law reform, the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey declared yesterday. Of the 103 candidates who responded, there were 21 Republican, 31 Democratic and 11 Independent candidates from the state assembly and 10 Republican, 15 Democratic and 11 Independent candidates from the Senate. Notice Due li). Election Day, the. next regular meeting of the Middletown Township Board of Health will bo held on Wednesday, November 8, 19G7 at 8:30 p.m. at the township hall.,, Marc Krohn, M.D., H.O, i Secretary (Adv.) Public Auction Snlc Complete household including lifetime collection of nntiques at the Nelson Totld residence, Old Kings Hwy. East, Chapel Hill, Mlddletown. Sat., Nov. 4, 10 a.m. Adults only. Bring your luncli, responsible for preparing the entire defense, including investigation. The new assistant prosecutor limself has been handling civil negligence cases, and views his lew position as quite a challenge. "It's interesting. You have to change your whole way of thinking. For years I've been defending people," he said. Despite the political nature of i appointment to the prosecutor's staff Mr. Smith said he has no real political ambitions. Can't Be Both "Ted (Theodore D.) Parsons Sr. told me a long time ago, 'You can't be a good lawyer and a good politician you have to make up your mini,' " he said. Mr. Smith, 39, agrees with another young defense attorney, F. Lee Bailey, that the key to being a good lawyer is preparation. "It's difficult, at best, to present a case if you don't know what you have to work with. I find I have to take files home the week before we start a case if I want to be prepared," he said, The assistant prosecutor's outside activities include membership in a white-water canoeing group with the unlikely sounding name of the Trini Lopez Canoe Club. "We were sitting around' organizing committees one night," he said with a smile, "When Joe (Attorney Joseph N.) Dempsey suggested it would be a good idea to have a name. - "There was a Trini Lopez record on the juke-box I think it was "Lemon Tree" and that's how the club got its name. We even wrote him a letter," Other members of the club include Mr. Dempsey, *> Superior Court Judge Francis X. Crahay, Red Bank attorneys Theodore J. Labrecque Jr., and Theodore Parsons Jr H and Assistant Prosecutor Thomas Yaccarino. Club outings are usually to the Delaware Water Gap to shoot the rapids of the Delaware River. Last summer,- five families, totaling 30 people, went on a camping tour of Canada's Gaspe Peninsula. The group also makes outings to Yankee Stadium for New York Giants home football games. Depite the legal backround in HONOR TRUSTEE The board of governors of Jersey Shore Medical Center, Neptune, honored J. Marshall Booker, right, of Middlerown, at a dinner at the Deal Golf and Country Club on his retirement as chairman of the board of the hospital. Left to right are John G. Hewitt of Deal, treasurer; Dr. Louis F. Albrigjit'pf % pring Lake, toastmaster; Mrs. John T. Rosa of Deal, secretary; Mrs. Booker (and Mr. Booker. his family his father is Monmouth County Court Judge Thomas J. Smith Sr. the new assistant prosecutor started on a newspaper career. "When I was 15, I started as a copy boy with the Asbury Park Press, and worked Saturdays and summers while I was in school. Before I left I was putting put the Sunday sport section every other week." He received his bachelor's degree in English from Villanova College, then went to Rutgers, Newark, for his law degree. "I took English in college because I still wanted to be in newspaper work, but I found out in law schooyt didn't do any harm. In fact, it gave me "a good general backround in many areas." Mr. Smith has been honored in his profession by an appointment to the ethics committee of the Monmouth County Bar Association by the New Jersey Supreme Court. He is currently serving a three-year term on the committee ' which hears complaints against attorneys. The Supreme Court makes all appointments, to the six-member group... and no one is permitted to succeed himself. Community activities also find ;ime in the Smith household. Until his "appointment as assistant prosecutor, Mr. Smith was a member of the Colts Neck Board ol Education, resigning from the public office to avoid any possible conflict of interest. He is also a member and past president of Colts Neck Fire Co. No. 1, and served with the Fair Haven Fire Department before moving to Colts Neck. Mr. Smith lives on Rt. 537 at Bucks Mill Road with his wife Jeanne, and five children, Peggy, 13, Theresa, II, Thomas 3d, 9, Kathleen, 6, and Mary Susan, Measure Going to State, Federal Authorities Push Airport Safety Fence Code NEW SHREWSBURY - At long last an airport ordinance was inroduced at last night's session of Borough Council. The ordinance and specifications for a safety barrier were unanimously approved by council on a motion by Councilman Edmond J. Norris. The text and specifications now will be orwarded to state and other authorities with jurisdiction over the matter, before the ordinance is officially adopted by council. In a lengthy discussion on the code, Stanley Fox of 25 Mulberry Lane, questioned council on what It was doing to prevent the recurrence of some accident at the airport. Mr. Fox'pointed out that the question of safety barriers at the airport had been under discussion for many years but that nothing definite had materialized. "An answer to this situation," he said, "must be found soon before another tragedy occurs." Milton A. Mausner, borough attorney, noted that many experts ' had been consulted on the matter but there was no unanimity on measures to be taken. "If experts cannot agree," he said, "on specifications for safety barriers, how can a lay body such as the council come to a firm decision on the matter? Without Fair Haven PTA Sets Open 'Town Meeting' FAIR HAVEN A town meeting has been scheduled by the Fair Haven PTA for Nov. 14 at 8:15 p.m. in the Willow Street Ichool. This first open meeting is designed to expand the goal of the PTA, the clairification of channels of communication between citizens and policy makers. A letter has been mailed inviting all resi dents to attend and including i questionnaire listing six topics to be considered for discussion. PTA co-presidents Mr. i Mrs. George Boslet state that three of the six topics will be chosen by residents, who are asked to return their preferences Deadline For Candidates In an effort to provide full and Impartial coverage of contests In Tuesday's general election, The Dpily Register has sot a deadline of 5 o'clock tonight for statements and press releases of candidates. Every effort will be mnde to publish both sides of controversies In Monday's newspaper. by Nov. 7 either by mail or directly to the schools. The open forum format will give everyone a chance to be heard, it is felt. Items presented for consideration have been chosen jointly by the Board of Education, school administrators and PTA officers. They encompass: The establishment of facilities for industrial and mechanical arts and home economjes; the employment of a second librarian; the expansion of specific services for deprived or handicapped children in conjunction with schools outside the township; the acquisition of a supervisory assistant to Robert Chartier, and the exploration of ths feasibility-of securing' grants from major foundations to conduct pilot programs. Additional suggestions for consideration are invited. The aim of (he meeting, according to Mrs. Boslet, it tn target subjects of greatest priority and to stimulate meaningful thought and action. The Rare Bird Antiques Start your gift buying now with our unique and charming things, from trifles to treasures. 772 River Road, Fair Haven (Adv.) unanimity on such specifications, the ordinance which is already in draft form, cannot be adopted." Councilman Francis L. Cooper remarked that despite the many experts consulted, nothing concrete has prevailed, and added: "The council, all of us, the experts themselves, are all knocking ourselves out to find a solution. It seems that the only unconcerned parties are the operators of the airport. Why cannot the Public Safety Commission pass an ordinance and put the burden on the owners? I have here just such a draft ordinance which I propose to present to the council." Mr., Norris suggested drafting an ordinance requiring the erection of some sort of fence at the end of the airport property to prevent aircraft from rolling onto the public streets. Type Suggested A. John Erlacher, chairman of the Planning Board, speaking from the audience, stated that "from thegn^ineering point of view a-ctlam link fence would be the best solution. "Such a fence," he added, "would provide sufficient elasticity and through this, entanglement, to stop an air craft from rolling onto the roads." Mr. Erlacher further suggested that a row of three chain link fences spaced five feet apart and some six to eight feet high would stop an^ aircraft which wns rolling on the ground. Police Chief James A. Herring said that on his own observation of the last three or four Incidents when aircraft rolled off tl runway, such n fence could have stopped it with ease. Henry F. Labrecque, borough engineer, agreed that the chain link fence solution seemed to be the best safeguard under the circumstances. The text of tho ordinance rends: "No person, firm or corporation shall maintain or operate any airport within the Borough of New Shrewsbury, In which an airplane or other aircraft lands or takes off from a runway which is located less than 200 fpet from any public road, street or highway, unless barricades of the type hereinafter described shall have been erected, constructed and maintained at the ends of said runway and approved by the Borough Council." Under the specifications for such barriers it is stipulated that they will consist of "Two steel chain link, plastic covered yellow or orange high visibility fences; parallel to each other and five feet apart; not less than six feet high; well anchored at each end and installed parallel to the adjacent public roads. "The fences will be of such a length whereby the one nearest the public road shall have a length of 100 feet on either side of the center line of the runway for a total of 200 feet; and the inner fepce shall extend 50 feet from the centerline, for a total of 100 feet" Performance Of Cop Gted NEW SHREWSBURY Patrolman Charles O'Connor of the Borough Police Department received two commendations last night for "the excellent way in which he performed his duties." Mayor John E. Lemon Jr., read the (wo commendations and extended his personal and the council's, congratulations to the officer. The first commendation from Chief James. A. Herring commended Mr. O'Conner for his prompt and efficient action following art'-a^metf«iobbery in Mat-.- awan on Oct. 9. Patrolman O'Connor was instrumental in a speedy arrest and recovery'of a stolen car and the money from the robbery. The second was from Police Chief Raymond Mass of Shrewsbury who also praised Patrolman O'Connor for his prompt nnd efficient aclion in apprehending two suspects of a gas station.robbery around Oct. 11 in Shrewsbury. Despite the meager dcstription of the suspects he detained th.-m and they later confessed to the crime.

19 1R-Fr.d«i. Nov. 3, 1%7 THF. DAILY KrXJSTtR Red Bank Braces for Brick yp; Conference mad-hat races in two divisions thie year give a touch of past National League baseball races and the American League's torrid 1967 scramble. The most hectic division has been the Shore Conference "A," and Red Bank High School i6 right in the thick of the race. The Buccos are in the circuit, and is the only undefeated team. Last week's 6-6 tie with Middletown brought the only blot on the record. Over-all, Red Bank is Last week's deadlock applied more pressure to Red Bank than one of those machines that flatten out old automobiles. Brick Township and Neptune are tied for first place, and the Bucs have to face the leaders, Brick composed of seniors, with anther 11 senior^ also listed on the club. The Bucs' senior line is as good, if not the bast', of any on the Shore. Moss Dudley, at left end, is. He top pass receiver. When Joe :onlon was hurt on the other ide, Milt Moore took over, and las been playing fine ball. At the tackles, there are two ugged individuals in Ray Slusarz in the left side, and Tony Mazza on the right. Bill Schindler and Dan Herbert are at guards, and to find a guard as talented as Schindler, it would take a considerable amount of searching. Red Bank's center is Kevin Knecht, backed up by Tom Galatro and Bob Morse. Division next year, Rod Bank certainly will be leaving the "Big Jim Mottine generals the backfield, and when he throws, his A 1 ' with as much of a roar as passes are ax accurate as any New York'*- racing plant when quarterback in the Shore. In fact, 65,000 are screaming home a tomorrow and Neptune the following he can throw the bomb, too. - winner. Speedy, Shifty Backs Boro is 5-0, and has a 6-0 record The Man Behind the Buccaneers* Halfbacks Al Griffin and Raritan Township's major upset of Matawan Regional last In other "A" action, Neptune ;oing for the season. full Red Bank team in many a Charles (C. B.) Carter, are two speedy and shifty runners. Grifin has been tile strong runner chatter in two counties. The Saturday is still the coffee break should be able to handle Monon its home Seven days before the opening game of the 1967 high school football season, Bob moon. Morris learned he wti the new vanity coach at Red" Bank, replacing Tom Karlo who J,? J? ^ a^xr^hewili mouth Regional on the end sweeps this seasons. Rockets dumped the Huskies, 7- grounds, while Long Branch suddenly announced hit resignation. Seven weeks and six games later, Morris has have to toss a coin, here is the Fullback Gary Sergeant) who was 6, in the torrid Shore Conference might have a much rougher time the Buccaneers undefeated, once tied anii ready for tomorrow's crucial Shore Con- situation. Brick defeated Middle- rugged carrier last year, has 'B" Division race. attempting to tame the dancing -.,, j. ((r,. IT i < c L c i J tx town, 20-13, 2013 and this was a ques- Improved this season and is one Tomorrow, Ocean Township Invades Raritan Township and the Ireen Wave gridiron. Indiana of Toms River on the terence A Division test against invading^bnck Township, each Saturday afternoon (j onaiji e g ame it appeared luck the best ground gainers in for two hours Morris roams the sidelines with one thought in his mind a Red ran out on the Lions when the counties. Rockets will be attempting to Rounding out Saturday's (late Adding to the top eleven, Coach give the Spartans the same treat- Red Bank Catholic will mee Bank victory and how to achieve it. He expr concern Heft), shouts encourage- opportunity ond guessers was still there. saythe sec- ',,. i i i i i nn town " Pi'PssftM flubbed this shll one. sav middle- Register Staff Forecast ment (center) and obtains strategy from his assistants high in the press box via the field telephone. (Register Staff Photos by Don Lordi) Hawaiian Open Leader Weiskopf Shoots 68 HONOLULU <AP) - Tom Weuliopf, a.flop in tfiii tournament u a bridegroom iart year, shot a solid 68 as a married man of one year and took the first round lead of the $100,000 Hawaiian Open yesterday. Weiskopfs lead held up when pre-tournament, favorite Arnold Palmer tried what he called a pair of "fancy pants" trap shots that failed and wound up with n even par 72 ov«r the Walalae course on the slopes of Diamond Head. Two little known prog shared p Jim Grant of Weathersfield, Conn., playing only his second tour tournament, and John Felus of Portage, Pa., smallest man in the field, at 5-foot-4. They had 69s. Slender George Archer, always contender here, managed a 70, as did the New Zealand left-hand er Bob Charles. Brisk trade winds sent many Pop Warner Title on Line OCEAN TOWNSHIP - The over-all "B" Division championghip of the Jersey Shore Pop Warner Football League will be _at_stake_sunday -afternoon with two games being played at Ocean Township High School - River Plaza, which won all eight of its regular season games to capture the "B" Northern Division crown, will meet host Ocean Township, which took the "B" Southern Division title with a 7-1 record, for the varsity championshid. The winner wll' meet undefeated Brick Town ship (8-0), the "A" Division champion, the following Sunday for the over-all league crown. The Pee-Wee title will also he decided with Fair Haven, (7-1) chamoion of the "B" Northern Division, meeting Manasauan- Bridle (8-0) of the "B" Southern Division. The Pee-Wee tilt will start at 1 p.m., with the varsity contest following at 2 p.m. YOUR CHOICE Somesn Coral Jamoon Willow Iqmotn (law Rtg Georgia GENUINE ANTIQUE BIRCH., Full'A'Vthle. Fre-flnltlwd 4i8 $ scores soaring. Chi Chi Rodriguez shot 79, Ken Still of Tacoma oared to 7B. So did defending champion Ted Makalena, who had an eight on the first hole where he chopped the ball from bunker to bunker.. Bill Casper, ranked with Palmer on the favorite list, was three strokes back with-71, along with Bert Yancey, Bruce Cudd, Kermit Zarley, Larry Ziegler and Jack McGowan, Deane Beman, Tommy Bolt, _ and Ray Floyd were among those tied with Palmer at 72. Weiakopf~ani»h8d-out-ofmoney in the Hawaiian Open last year when he was, on his honeymoon. But now he posted what he called a "gopd, steady roundnothing spectacular." Palmer, trailing his enormous army, blrdled the 14th hole from On the other hand, Middletown was the winner over Neptune, 15-13, and this game was the second en the schedule, Sept. 30. No matter how you slice' it, Brick and Neptune are on top of the "A" Division with 4-1 records, while Middletown is Red Bank is now in the posl : tion of being the."untangle" club, that is, if the Bucs come through with victories over Brick, Nep- knock off of Long BrancrT^oh.Thanksgiving Day. A tremendous football chore for any club' to handle. Bucs Have Momentum Can Red Bank do it? If the momentum of the Middletown game is continued, the answer is yes. Red Bank, although the Mid- eight feet to go three under par dletown game slipped through its and it looked as if he was set to 1mndJi piayed gn outstanding charge for the lead. football game. If Brick scouts FRIDAY NIGHT MgterDel-St. Anthony's SATURDAY Red Bank-Brick Twp. Freehold-Matawan Rumson-So. Brunswick Long Branch-Toms River Rariran Ocean By HY CUNNINGHAM were present, they received an Bob Morris has Charley Taylor It's getting down to the time eyeful. who auo can run, but probably where football and the quest for Red Bank's starting line up is is the best blocker on the squad. team honors starts separating Peter Galatro, fullback, fills' in the men from the boya. for Sergeant, and along with lug- Local gridders in the Store ging the pigskin, he is a fine defensive player. Mixing up the players, Morris haj. 21 sophomores and when he reaches into the sophomore barrel, he comes up with ta. enled material. Coach Warren Wolf, producer of champions at Brick Township, also hai a fine football team and he'll oome into Red Bank at full strength. The Green Dragons are healthy without an injury on the club, wolf says the team seems to be "up" for the game. "Time will only tell," said Wolf last night. Dropping down into the "B" Raritan 21-7 Middletown-So. Plolnfield Middletown 21-0 Monmouth Reg.-Neptune Neptune 34.7 Asbury Park-Franklin Twp. Asbury Park Keyport-Pc-inr Beach Point Beach 26-7 RJ. Catholic-Point Bero Point Boro 24-7 Shore Reg-Wall Twp. Se. Freehold-Jackion Central Reg.-Lokewood ^ NJSIAAAdds Members, Changes Classes ment they accorded Matawan. Ocean Township has been tough club to figune out with^i up and down showing this se sen. The Spartans are 2-2 in th circuit, while Raritan is 4-1. Ove; all, Raritan is 5-1, and Ocea Township is not far behind wit its 4-2 record. In «lx games, Ocean hsa rack ed up 91 point* 1, while Rarjta has chalked up 61, but the way high school ball goes, this doesn't mean much. On the other hand, Ocean's opponents has scored 82 points, while Raritan'* 1 were held to 25. The only other "B" Division game is Central Regional at Lakewood. ' There are only two contests in the "C" Division and they ar unimportant in the title race Point Beach is at Keyport, an* Shore Regional will invade Wai: Township. Wall Township it the closest to undefeated Point Pleasant Boro with a 4-1 record. In the loop, HY CUNNINGHAM BILL PURDEY CHUCK TRIILEHORN ( ) ( ) ( ) Mater Dei l?-0 Mater Dei Mater Del 27-4 Red Bank 13-7 Matawan 21-6 Rumi«i20.0 LongBranch Wall Twp So. Freehold Central Reg Brick Twp Matawan 41-7 Rumson 20«Q Long Branch 19-6 Raritan 4-0 Middletown 18-6 Neptune 28.0 Atbury Park 13-6 Point Beach 27-6 Point Bora 27.0 Wall Twp Five Shore Schools Jump A Notch TRENTON -The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association announced today the addition of eight new high schools, four junior highs and three independent schools, as well as a change in the group classification of 39 others. The NJSIAA now shows a record membership of 343 public and parochial senior high schools. Five Shore area schools are among those which received new classifications. Long Branch and Southern Freehold Regional have been switched from Group III to Group IV status; - Wall Township from II to III; Point Pleasant Boro from I to II, and St. Joseph's of Toms River from Parochial "C" to "B". As a result of their changes, Long Branch and Southern Freehold also shift from the Central Jersey to the South Jersey section. Neptune Junior High School is one of the new memberships. Record Membership The NJSIAA now shows a record membership of 343 public and parochial senior high schools. The changes became effective after the high schools submitted their total enrollment figures as of Sept. 30, to the State Department of Education. Public schools are divided into Groups I, II, III and IV on the basis of their male pupil population-in-grades 1042 jhe^paip--. chial high schools are subdivided Into Classes "A," "B" and "C" according to the total boys in grades The new members: Group IV-Colomia. Group II Highlands Regional, Warren Hills. Group I Gateway Regional, Whippany Park, Bridgewater - Raritan East. Parochial A Paramus Cath. olic, Pope Paul VI. Independent Carteret School, Neumann Prep, Saddle River Country Day School. Junior Highs Neptune, Warren Hills, Pennsauken, Delran. Highlands Regional replaces Triton Blue and Warren Hills replaces Washington. In addition, Triton Red has been changed too Triton Regional while Divine Seminary _ of Iqrdentpwn and Mother of Savior of Blackwood have dropped from the Parochial school membership. The group changes are as follows Group IV to Group III-Cliffside Park. Maple Leafs in 9-3 Rout of Red Wings DETROIT (AP) Georgeltwice as the Stanley Cup Cham- Armstrong scored twice and as pion Leafs ran up their second sifted on two goals last" night lopsided score in BE many nights. to pace the Toronto Maple Leafs to a 9-3 National Hockey League route over the Detroit Red Wings. Brian Conacher thntt Pacific also scored RIPPLEWOOD CEILING PANELS Prt-flltllh.d tquarm Full 8' sheer Reg. 2?e Rtg tq. It. ft. " " Sq. ft 1 99 We invite you to Inspect our stock of pre-flnished paneling the largest on tht 4«B ceiflst priced from ihtet IARINEJJIMBERJCO, MAHOGANY, TEAK, OXKandMARINE PLYWOODS,11390cean/Wc.^2_ j355 Sea Open daily 8 A.M. to 5:30 P.M., Sar. 0 A.M. to 5 P.M. ATTENTION BOATMEN! OPEN SUNDAYS 9 TO NOON Toronto whipped Montreal, 5-0, Wednesday night. The Leafs played their best game of the season and they did it without leading scorer Frank Mahovlich, left in a Toronto hospital suffering from "depression and tension." The Leafs said he will be out of action at least two weeks. Rookie Wayne Carleton, a 6- foot-3, 223-pounder, took Dave Keon's line and scored one goal and assisted on both o Armstrong's. Conacher, Ron El is alnd Mike Walton gave Toronto a 3-0 lead before Gordie Howe scored the first of his two goals for the Wings Howe has eight goals in 10 games but Toronto added another for a 4-1 lead before the first period ended. Pete Stemkowski, Armstrong and Carelton scored in the second period as Toronto constantly overpowered Detroit and Arm- Mahovlich's left wing spot onjstrong made it 8-1 in the third Hawk Sailors Tested WEST LONG BRANCH - Monmouth College's sailing team will face one of its sternest tests this weekend when it competes in the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association's fall team Racing Championships at Navy. The Seahawks qualified for the championships by defeating their area foes, Drcxel Institute in the quarter-finals and Rutgers in the semi-finals at Monmouth. WORLD'S LARGEST TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS 193 E. Newman Sprlngi Road. RED BANK Railroad Avenue ASBURY PARK OPEN DAILY 0-5 Monmouth's competition will be area champions Navy, Cornell and New York Maritime. Oach Vincent G. T. O'Connell has indicated his three crews for the races will be Curt Delano, skipper, and Bob Johnson, crew; Bob Allen, skipper, and Bob Markey, crew, and Bill Bogardus, skipper, and Elizabeth Bogardus, Group III to Group IV-Berkeley Heights, Huhterdpn Central, Clark, Long Branch, Morris Hills, Ramapo Regional, Southern Freehold, Edison Township and West New York Memorial. Group III to Group II Morris Knolls, Roselle, Union Hill, Woodbury. Group II to Group 111,^ Pennington, Lodi, Madison, Metuchen, Pascack Hills, Pascack Valley, Riverside, Roxbury, Saddle Brook, Wall Township, Wayne Hills, Westwobd. Group II to Group I Bogota, Hackettstgwn._ Group I to Group II Cedar Grove, Dunellen, Franklin, Haibrouck Heights, Lawrence, Point Pleasant Boro, Ridge, Rutherford, West Mllford. Parochial "B",to Parochial C St. Aloyiius, Jersey City. Turkey Bowl RED BANK - period before Howe got his second goal. Boat Club will hold its 18th annual Turkey Bowl Regatta Simlay on the Nayesink River. Toronto's fourth victory five games snapped Detroit': The event, restricted to the four-game winning streak, bu Penguin class, will have five the Wings remained In seconc races. A skippers' meeting will place in the NHL's Eastern Divi be held at 11:30 a.m., and the sion. first race will start at noon. No races will start after 3 p.m. Toronto advanced to a third place tie with Montreal. PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Tin Minnesota North Stars their first road victory scoret in th National Hockey League lasi night, defeating the Phlladelphl Flyers, 3-1, on goals by Wayne Connelly and Ted Taylor. HAWKS NIP KINGS LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Chicago Black Hawks scored three second-period goals las night, then fought off the Los Angeles Kings to post a 3-1 National Hockey League victory, :heir second of the year. The Hawks, whose only othc victory this season was over thi Minnesota North Stars, anothe ixpansion team, came to lifi after a sluggish opening period Despite the loss, the Kings remain atop the NHL's West Divi sion with 10 points and a ecord. Bobby Hull scored his 10th goal of the season on a tip-in deflected off defenseman Piem Pilote's shot from the blue line. t came at 1:58 of the second Warner Switch MIDDLETOWN - Sunday's Pop Warner football game between Middletown Eagles and the Point Pleasant Rams will be olnyed nt the Mater Dei High School Athletic Field, Chcrrvtrec F" r»i Rood, Now Monmouth. I'lie Riime previously was schf(!" pd nt the Bnyshore Junior lifjh School field. Game timo is 1 p.m. for the 'cc-wee club, and the varsity contifit will begin at 2:30 p.m. Brick Twp Matawan 20-7 Rumjon21'0 Lang Branch Raritan 13*6 So.Plalnfieldl4.7 Neptune 13-0 Franklin 21-7 Point Beach 21-7 Point Bero 35.0 Wall Twp So. Freehold So. Freehold Central Reg Central Reg The Monmouth Schoolboy Standings A" HIVIMOX Tomorrow'* uaiijei (rick al V.H Bank MoMnoaUi at Neptune Temi River at Lonr Branca STANDINGS n«d n»nk (soi) Nrvluu (5-1), Brick Twp. (4-!) m U-l-D - Long Branch <«) Tome Kivar 4&4) Monrnouth Rtg. (0-5-1) KreduU Uet. (IM) B" DIVIflON Tomorrow's (Jftnw Oecjin Twp.! lurilm T Central Beff. at Lakewood STANDINGS RsriUn Tm. (S-l) Mtan Mttawan (f1) (f-1) _ ManaiqwM <Jl <J-lt>. 1 Ocean Twp. (4-3) 1 Central hef. (S-4) ~ Ji So. Freehold u-4).._ 0 takwood (M-ll, * "C" DIVISION Tomorrow'! (iatnoa H. Beach >t Kwport Wall Twp. at Short Boi. It. Bora <M> WAND1N0I JftSSJ&V ==:-* Khora Mtt. (Ml) t outturn ]t«f. (14) 1 Jackaon Twp. (M-t) 0 Kejporl (04.1) % t L 1! ii! li Tonlint'i <ian» St. AMhmy'a jtrealoa) a Maler Del (8 p.»i.) Tomonvw'q Garnet II. B. Catholic at PI. Bon Freehold Rtf. at Matawu South Braawll Broni»lt... t B_.. rrwiklln Twp. at Athwr Park MlddlMswn Twp. al kvnta rumuu Jackion Twp. at So. FretlwM feature Bef. at U»( CaM Ma» Stuulay'i Gunt I. Jotroh'i (TH) at 81. JeiMh'l (lummonkm) VKCORM W I. T...» RffnMH.rH <M In OaC) QIC).._ Jt Asbury rark...1 Creydni Hall WORKS BONDERS IN ANY ROOM 4x8 AUTUMN BROWN x8 GOLDEN DENARRA x8 AUTUMN BLEND x8 NUT WOOD : x8 ANTIQUE BIRCH x8 ESPRESSO ELM...; x8 TAWNY BIRCH x8 CHERRY 9.95 STOP IN. and S5E OV8R 45 MNWINO 5TUES ON DiSfLAYi RED BANK LUMBER & SUPPLY CO. Call Cor. Pcgrl and Wall, Red Bonk Op.ii Dally 7.30 A.M. r«5:30 F.M.; Sat A.M. to S P.M. lint Boro; Freehold ^ at Matgwan; Rumson-Fair iven Regional is at ' home ainst South Brunswick; Asbury irk takes on Franklin Township t home; Middletown Township 'ill travel to South Plainfield nd Jackson Township will be at iouthern Freehold. Mater Dei will tihoot for their 'Ifth straight victory after two 'eeses tenlght when St. Anthony's if Trenton comes to New Monmouth. Game time U 8 p.m. GSC Meet Scheduled NEW BRUNSWICK - Cqach Bob Lozak'a Highland Park High School harriers are favored, to win the second annual Garden State Conference Cross-Country Championships this afternoon at Buccletich Park here. The Owls, undefeated In five dual meets, are expected to get tiff opposition from Metuchen, -1 in dual competition, and pe - sibly South Brunswick, 3-3. Roselle (3-2), Carteret (1-3), Rurruon-Fair Haven (1-5) end Roselle Park (0-5) round out the SC entries. Defending champion of Roselle, who is aiming to lower his record of 13:01, is the individual meet favorite, while Bill Criu and Kein Ross of Highland Park, John McDuffle and Jim McKale of Metuchen, Jim Bryskl of Rmelle 'ark and Bob Griggj of South Brunswick also are expected to shine. The meet, which will begin «t i:45 p.m., i» directed by Jay Dakeiman, Highland Park athletic director. John Ragoni, New Brunswick High School athletic director, U chief judge. Lloyd Sharp T TVrj toss NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Substitute Jeaie Branson dropped in 30 points to spark the New Orleans Buccaneers to a Americans In the American Basketball Association last night. Branson started' the second, quarter and scored 20 of his 30 points to enable the Bues to take a TUB lead at Intermlsiion ». Bob Lloyd was the spark In the New Jersey attack with 21 Mints. Lloyd connected on five of II attempts from the floor and ad a perfect night at the free :hrow line with 11-oML TRIPS AROUND THE CAR Newest Most exciting car wash in town I open 24 hours I stay in your car it's automatic it takes only two minutei! (use 2 quarters). Highway 35 MIDDLETOWN South of Howard Johnton'i

20 FOUR-YEAR MEN Seniors, left to right, Manny Jomok of Long Branch, Barry Nathanson of Teaneck and Tom Hopwood of Eatontown, are four-year veterans of the Monmouth College varsity soccer team which will travel north to tangle with Montclair State tomorrow at noon. The trio will wind up their careers Wednesday igainit Nyack Missionary College, Nyaclc, N. Y. Jomok tnd Nathanson also are top players with tha Monmouth varsity tennis turn. Few Tigers BreatEe for Brown Breather By HERSCHEL NISSENSON Associated Press Sports Writer At the start of the season, Princeton considered the Brown game a breather. That game comes up tomorrow and things have changed, mainly because so few Princeton players are breathing. Coach Dick Colman lists 21 injuries more serious than the usual bumps and bruises, "by far the most in my 30 years of coaching." Offensive linemen Freschi and Bruce Eckman and defensive back Mike Manzo are sidelined as a result of last week's victory over Penn. Tailback Bob Weber and defensive end Tom Hutchinson are question marks, while defensive back Bruce Wayne and offensive guard Bohdan Stefkiwsky were injured two weeks ago. There is a chance will play. Stefkiwsky While the Tigers (4-1) are entertaining Brown (1-4), Rutgers (2-3) will be trying to snap a two-game losing streak at Lafayete (2-4). Montclair State visits Trenton State to renew New Jersey's second oldest college football rivalry, which dates back to 1929, Only the Princeton-Rutgers series Is older and that was the one that kicked off the sport in the first place. Upsala (3 ; 2) returns to action after a week's layoff and wil try to make it four straight vie tories in the Blue-Gray Trophy game with Moravian at Bethle hem, Pa. Glassbbro State (3-3) travels to Frostburg, Md. Warnings Sounded Princeton's coaches have been issuing warnings all week abou looking ahead to Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth and possibly tak ing Brown too lightly. "Brown had the ball for 105 plays two weeks ago against one of the strongest defenses in the Ivy League Dartmouth," re ported scout Bob Pflug. "That's an amazing total." And Colman noted that onlj Yale has been able to move up the middle against Brown, If Weber, who has been some thing special all season, can't make it Saturday, the tailback position wil! be shared by Dick Bracken sophomore and Scott MacBean. Neither should embar rass Princeton. Brown also has injury problems. "The offense was able to move the ball through the air consistently for the first time when we beat Colgate last week, 1 Surf, Field and Stream Eager Hunters Punt Ducks Into Flight By DICK RIKER The duck season gets under way tomorrow morning one half hour before sunrise. Local rivers undoubtedly will be over-otwded. This docs not mean that there will be no (hooting, however. Birds will be on the move all day looking for a quiet body of water to rest on, and the little ponds in Rumson end Fair Haven should be loaded with birds attempting to escape the barrage. The Shrewsbury River Anti-Aircraft Brigade will open the season at their customary starting time of 5:30 a.m.. The SRAAB is composed primarily of overanxious gunners who cannot wait for the legal starting time of one half hour before sunrise. They are especially noted for their _,lack of patience and^'dom allow, a duck to get within a 1,000'feet-of them before opening fire. At this range, anti-aircraft guru would be much more effective. With local waters crowded, where can ^i soattergunner go tomorrow to find elbowroom? It means a bit of traveling, but South Jersey, especially the Tuckahoe area, looks very good. A call Thursday afternoon to the Rlker marshes of Cape May brought out die information that tremendous flights of brant arrived there Monday. With the population building rapidly on Lakes, Skull and Reeds Bay, shooting should be excellent. In addition, the area is loaded with black ducks. This seems to be true from Manahawkin all the way down to Tuckahoe. Absecon and Brigantine marshes have heavy concentrations of blacks; heavier, in fact, than I can remember in years. There was a tremendous raft of broadbills in Raritan Bay the other day, and there have not been any northerly winds to break up the raft If bay shooting is your cup of tea, and you have enough broadbill stools to make a go of it, you might try the Raritan. If enough gunners work over the broadbills, the chances are that some of them will move into the rivers and provide shooting for those not equipped for deep water shooting. A quick.check of the rivers Thursday afternoon found some blacks in Pleasure Bay, but, in general, the rivers were too quiet With the basic bag limit remaining at three ducka daily, gunners must remember the special restrictions on blacks, woodies and canvasbacks are still in effect. Your dally bag may not include more than two blacks or two wood ducks or one canvasback. The special restriction on hooded mergs remain the same with a limit of one daily. The law says you can take 10 coots each day this year, but since I would not eat a coot, I wouldn't shoot one. The season winds up on Dec. 23, to be followed by me special scaup or broadbill season starting Christmas Day. We certainly will have more, days of gunning than we have had in many a year. STRIPER RUN ERRATIC This fall's striper run is progressing in fits and starts. The fish are in, the problem is that the anglers cannot get at them often enough. This week has been an almost total loss. Surfcasters who fished early in the week were taking their lives in their hands. At Sandy Hook, three jetty jocks were washed off the rocks by strong surf and high moon tides. Fortunately, all three were retrieved by fellow anglers. Certainly those watching learned a lesson but I'm not sure all three of the victims did. For one of (hose three it was the second time in a week he took an involuntary bath. Thursday the surf calmed down enough to fish the beaches, and even though the wash was dirty, there was a handful of bass taken. Monmouth Beach seemed to be one of the better spots. Bob Hansen of Long Branch beached a 7% pound striper, while George Chandler, Fair Haven, hooked a five-pounder. Further up the beach, George Hamilton, also Fair Haven, snaffled a 22-pound, 8-ounce striper on a Vfa inch Rebel plug. The forecast for today is southeast winds knots which will probably put another crimp in the fishing. H the winds do not get that strong, there just might be some decent fishing over the weekend. Driver, 65, Registers Pair at Freehold FREEHOLD C. Peirce Chap- yesterday, pell, 65-year-old driver of Pemberton, checked in with a pair of victories at Freehold Raceway Results 1ST Pact: l-m.i U,M>: T.-M1.1 Claudia Kid IKachel) t.m> l.«mayi Boot (Cardani) 19.60» so dq-prlochabiancha - Benny Jlroolt Judy (Uarrlll)""^^"* dq-flnlibed 3rd wa< diagramed, Tin. IND Pice: 1-m.; : T.-2:10.3. with Sarah Smith in the featured $1,800 Essex County Pace. The six-year-old mare registered for the partnership of O.Y. Yager and W. J. Walsh, won the feature with an easy four lengths 1ST Mo.I i F*ee-N/W"M Alton Volo (Huooard) S-May Vo (Ebennack) 4-ittdges Boy (Tagarlello) Dutch Bomber (Ch'pp'll) «0 3-Butler Tape scotch (Oeranty) S-Adlos Delight (Gale) T» J (Qulnn) 3.10!.M 4-Ruth BeU (Young) Sfjohnny Reb (Mecouch) Kwni Dlreccta (Tnomaa) 3.(0 2-Qo Molly oo (PlnU) AE-Mlchael Laird (No Driver) s< Dallj Double <M) Paid J98.M 1-Peggya Queen (Santero) AE-Idle Man (Dunckley) «7-Fly With Me (Hugglns Jr.) 6TH 1-m.; (2.500; IVt-F. t M.; 3-up. 6 )RI>-~Pace; 1-m.; 11,000; T.-2: Dyn&,,~, Yellow Brook._ (Manzlano) 2-Mlss Banks (Morgan) 3-] S-: Duraa Fury (Cotton! ( Jims Corulr (Paradli) Maryellen Hanover (Pullen) Billy Knight rwanderllch) r~ - j Jl.roo; ~ Pace-Clmi.i Ham. 3-Palm Reward (Cardana) 9*: P T Entur (Mazza). 5.(0 8-Mlu ClemenUne (Muntl) 3 3-Blacklea Pride (Jaeger! 5-1TH Pace: 1-m.; tl.500: T.-2: Yankee Gal (Luchento) 4. 7-CapUiiu Daughter (Chappell) 6- J M Win (Lamb) Vlckle Marie (Splno) D-: fl-balenzano (Myer) 8-: Ko Tam (Howard) Uchlnver Judy (Kucla) 5-: 6-MI Bloomer (DeMore) 10-: tut Bridie [Belote) 3.SO 6-Eirly Bird Bertha (Consol) Eucta (1-3) Paid SH.M 7-Homestretch Beth (Smith) 6 1-Rene Carpenter (Dunckley) 12-: STH Pace: 1-m.; 11,400; T.-2:lt,l. 2-8hadydaie 8u Yan (Forman) 8-: 7TH 1-m.: $3,000; Trot-Wlnnen of moi T G Connie (Howard) 28.BO Dalea Lady (Weeks) 10- than S4,000. THE UNION COUNTV 12-3-Wlndy Lightning (Jones) J Gypsy Gene (MaUbaahka) AE-Lawde Diamond (Romano) Boomt 6TH Pace: Girl (Muntz) 1-m.;»l,800; T.-2: RD l-m.i t-leppo Hanover»1,HM:(Webster) Pace-N/W of l!,00o, 2-: Bpeedy Quick (Qulnnl Ramona Wick (Vlrag) Jet Dancer (Marnelt) TroaIas Son (Ebenhack) JJMtlnct Yatej (Oliver Jr.) 2. 5-WIscomlco Lady (Young) Exact* (7-3) Paid S36.SO " Quick Dillon (WadsworUl) TTH Pace; 1-m.; *l,800; T.-2:10.«. Zeke Adlos (Fleming) (irahsmlih (Chappell) Gayrenla (Hugging Jr.) BlyUie Victor (Muntz) Gareya Dottle TGarey) Wlnied Star (Qulnnl TII 1-m.: JMOO: Face-Clmr. 8TH Pace; 1-m.; Jl.BOO: T Vlctory Dlnle (Boyd) VountAin Ab (Smith) Dlamond Creed ino Driver) O*y Vie (Wagner) Hal Oregon (Riddlck) launch Car Llth (Field) 2.B0 7-F C Oregon (Myen EMCU 1S-0) Paid Wl.tO 2-Oak Lane Roscy (El. Myer) STH Pace; 1-m.; $1,400; T.-2: Mountain ipaul (Lorentl) Buster Greer (MunUl) Bye Bye Pick (Tagarlello) Old MoDonald (Taylor) 5-3tlmulua (Prestandrla) AE-Lads Jo Ann (No Driver) Prince Varalty (Thomas) TH Pace; 1-m.,- SI,400: T.-2:lt.l. AE-Lleutenant Don (No Driver). Dancing Yankee (Staff'd) BTII-l-m.; II.SO0: Pace-N/W of K.500 Teeny Bits (Howard) Paul Nancher (Beede) 2- Runnymede Brook (Uallbashka) Llvely Momzer (Cormier) 3- Ziact* (1-8) Paid Ez Along (Paradls) 4- ACT.; 3,848 HANDLE: «3!5,363 "Yankee Guy (Browne) 5- NEW AMF 4 H.P. self-propelled HUSKY 'Clear*» 50-ft.ffrfVet*a)"frfa law Minutes! This powerful new 2-stage snow blower starts in- drive with fingertip controls. ^ stantly in coldest weather, \ Is so easy to operate any- UNLY one can run it. Powers through deep, heavy snow BECKER HARDWARE Shrewsbury Avenue, Red Bank, N. J. including a victory victory in the mile event. Sarah Victor which edged out Winged Smith had an easy time when the Star in a photo decision. The opposition disentegrated as a result winner returned $6.80, $4.60 II of locked wheels on the part of Miss Pauline P. and Runnymede Deacon. Second in the race was Blythe Freehold Entries 3-: 4-: 5-: : 12 <:, : without stalling. Backs up with ease. Clears a 26-inch wide path, blows snow up to 30 feet away. Performance* proven 4-speed orbit disc Phone J & J SWIMPOOL SERVICES SUPPLIES. INC. 504 Shrewsbury Ave., New Shrewsbury, N. J. Phone WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR: GARDEN STATE FARM SUPPLY CO., INC., BELVIDERE, N. J. i 1-Qulnn Add (Gross) 3 8-Hadleys Boy (McCee) 4 2-ScotonJa (Paradls) 5-. Royal Smokey (Collins) 5-7-Mlss Bomb (Taylor) 6-: 4-Blg Question (Spcrendl) ti-cir.dys Tag (Bildaclilno) 10-: AE-My Own Key (Cote) trril-lm.; (2.6U0; l'»ce-f.*m.; 3-up. 3-Apache Wick (Webster) 3-: 1-lllu Bel Lion (Ebcnhack) 4-: 8-Shadydale Show Oft (TagaileUo) 6-ilutha Dream (Qulnn) 5-: 7-Janlta (Cormier) 5-: j-gay Beauty (Morgan) 4-symphony Melody (Rlddlck) 2-Coaut Lady (Beede) 10-] ST11 1-m.;»I,M«; Yrot-Hdcp.; Clmi. 7-Jerf K (Rodgers Jr.) 3-: 6-Again Once (Smith) 4-: 5-Fedor Herbert (No Driver) i 9-: 4-Land Lord (Field) 5. 2-Llttle Miriam (Dunckley) (>-: 8-Leslle Diamond (Qulnn) - 6-: 1-Spcclallst (Smith Jr.) Ga!lant Adloa (Wadsworth) 10-. AE-Supcr Date (Gagllardl) 10Tll-l-m.; $1,200; l'ace- lmg. 5-Scotch Note (Nebel) 3-1 Linn c (Popflngcr) 4-1 Fabering (Dauplalse) Josedale On Top (ParadlB) S-GU Primrose (Rolla) Early Bird Breezy (Wagner) Arabro Flash (Bmlth) -Roper (Beede) AE-Flyer Wynblough (Napoll) A -Feggys Adloa Ouy (OagllardJ) Selections 1 Peirys Queen, Jlay Vo, Butler Tape Scotch -Miss Clementine, Yankee Gal, Lochlnver Judy 3 Ittimona Wick, Leppo Hanover, Zoke Adlos 4 Victory Dinle, Diamond Creed, Oak hnnn lumy 6 Paul Nancher. Llvply MoniEfr, Ei and $3. Blythe Victor paid $7.40 for place and $4.60 for show. Winged Star, the show horse, returned $3.40. The slow time of 2:10.4 was due to showers. Sarah Smith moved to thejl front at the outset and was under restraint at the quarter-mile jiilpoint where Runnymede Deacon took over the lead. Sarah Smith came on "again at the half-mile juncture to overhaul beacon) and open a two lengths advan- [ tage. Sarah Smith maintained the ad- vantage without difficulty when I Pauline P., which was moving up at the three-quarter pole, locked wheels with Runnymede' Deacon. It was just a question of how far for Sarah Smith after her main rival was eliminated. Chappell, who celebrated his 65th birthday on Oct. 26, was the winning driver of the second race with Dutch Bomber. Claudia Kid accounted for the opening event and the 3-8 winning daily double combination returned $ Shore A. C. Swimmers KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. - The Shore Aquatic Club of Asbury Park, N. J. captured a first, a second and three third place ribbons in the All-Relay Swim Meet, sponsored by the Upper Merion Aquatic Club. Katie and Kelly Galvin, Jane Brahney and Barbie King took a first In the 200-yard freestyle relay in 2:12.7. The Galvin sisters, plus Meg Dciss and Miss King finished second in the 200-yard breaststroke relay in 3:03.3. The Butterfly relay team of Kathy and Terri Miller, Along 6 Maryellen Hnnover, IMtsi Hanks, Itene Cnn>pnter 1 Hndlcyo Boy, Windy Llghtnlnir, <( ill mi Add Miira Brahney nnd Miss King 8 Khadydnlo Show Off, Araclie Vlclt. was third in the 200-yard event (Iny Brnuty ff Aftnln Once, IJtHn Mlrlim, Jclf K n 2:37.2, as were the Galvin and " -Unit C, Bcolch Note, Joscdalo On Miller sisters in the 200-yard I Top Bent Hot Pniil Nanchpr backstroke (2:46.7). COMPLETE FARM SERVICE Frank Porter's Bank Tire Co. SHREWSBURY AVE Open Mon. thru Fri. 8 to 6 p.m.; Sat. to 3 p.m. eported Coach Len Jardine, 'and I thought we were set until luarterback Hal Phillips sprained lis ankle. Now we're in trouble." Phillips, a junior from River Edge, N. J., completed 15 passes against Dartmouth and 12 of 25, Jersey Shore Pop Warner "A" DIVISION Sunday's Gaznef 1't. PIpaHant at Mlddletoun I-'IIIK Hnincli at Raritan-llolmdel Xeptune at >i>w Shrewsbury Lakewood at l'omn Hirer STANDINGS IV rirk Twp 8 llddh-ttmn 5 l and then shifted from quarterback to halfback, may return to his original spot. "We're slowly building an offense and the team of Phillips at quarterback and Maznicki at halfback worked for about 60 including a 42-yard touchdown j yards off the option against Colpass, in the 7-0 triumph over gate," Jardine said. "You can Colgate. Mike Maznicki, who had see how having to shift Maznicki >een hurt earlier in the season back again would hurt us in more ways than one. l "We've got to throw to beat Princeton, and that all depends on the quarterback." It's been 13 years since Brown defeated Princeton and 19 years since they did it in Palmer Stadium. Rutgers, meanwhile, returns to Easton, Pa., scene of one of its The division was won by Good Game ridden by Jorge Velasquez. Yes Sir finished second and!sub-par against Columbia but Go Go Windy with Howard Grant (both should have recovered from in the irons third, but the stewards reversed them, disqualifying rl iknee ailments by Saturday. "- most embarrassing moments. JijTwo 16 years ago, a 54-yard pass Yes Sir to third place after the THE DAILY HKCISTER * with 38 seconds to play sent Rutsjgers down to defeat. A victory stretch. Friday, Nov. 3, horse bore out badly in the J: this time will cljnch another Mid- 4 die Three crown for the Scarlet Knights, who already have beaten Lehigh. rltan-uolmdrl iskewood 4 3 A omi River...!.._ <eiv Shrewsbury 2 fi 0 ft. Plriuant \tobg Branch B" NORTHERN DIVISION FINAL STANDINGS 'ver Pb» 3 *O 1i Rutgers played its best game air Haven g 2 0 IS of the season in the loss to Army Uimton & ' 2 11 tlanllc Highland! "two weeks ago and then "rebounded" with its worst, a Ft. JUonmonth X 1 0 setback last Saturday by Columbia. "B" SOCTHEEN DIVISION Three interceptions, two FINAl STANDINGS j fumbles, missed blocks and unexecuted defensive assignments leean Twp _ ' 7 J* % Hanuquan-Brlelle -ZI^JS 3 0 I. Jmeph'i (TR) elmar _ Pert Umt Branch [ack.on Twp..{? J.0 proved Rutgers' undoing. "Any team can beat you on any day if you stand around and watch," said coach John Bateman. "Mistakes, whether they be physical or mental, lose football games and the team making the fewest mistakes usually wins. "What scares me about Lafayette is that they can go for broke Ycaza Again CHERRY HILL (AP)-Jockey Manuel.Ycaza was suspended yesterday for five days starting Nov. 4 for his Wednesday handling of Yes Sir in the second division of the Gardenia Trial at Garden State Park. and have a lot of sophomores i who will feel that there is everything to gain and nothing to lose in our game. "We must establish our running and hope that we can improve our passing to keep them honest. And we've got to pla ' tough, honest defense.,if we get back to that, we'll be okay." Rutgers has its own list of walking wounded. The bi" e«'t loss is tailback Bryant Mitchell, the leading ground-gainer even though he was hurt against Army and did not face Columbia. Quar'erback Pete Savino and tailback Bruce Van Ness were RENT A CAR CM- TRUCK from HERTZ U-DRIVE.,. Call , , NOW OPEN IN MIDDLETOWN FOR UNBEATABLE WINTER TRACTION m Guaranteed to Go 1 through ice, mud & snow 91 w PAY It t wj j Our guarantee extends to new Firestone Town & Country tires, on drive wheels of passenger cars, for the entire life of the original tread design. Claims paid by dealer or store issuing guarantee certificate. YOU MAY EASY CHARGE YOUR PURCHASES! NOW AVAILABLE WITH ICE GRIP STUDS When icy roads are the problem, Firestone Town & Country tires with ice ffrip studs really get you going:... keep you straight... nnd let you stop safely. 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21 20 Fnd.y. Nov. 3, )%7 THE DAILY WX1STER CATHOLIC YOUTH WEEK Red Bank Mayor John P. Arnone signs a proclamation for Cttholic Youth Week. With him are, from left, Red Bank High School students, representing St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Marie Cerrone, 16, secretary of Student Council, and Carol Sakowirz; and representing Red Bank Catholic High School, Sf* James Parish, Martin McCue, 16, president of the Student Council, and Donald' Sedlik, 17, president of the Monmouth County CYO. (Register Staff Photo) Drill Team at Nursing Home MATAWAN - Sixteen teem aged member* of the Shrewsbury Girls Drill Team recently performed for the aged and convalescing.guests at Emery Manor Home, here. The seventh and eight graders In colorful uniforms demonstrated their marching and drill routines and "then mingled with the guests during a refreshment hour. The Shrewsbury Girls Drill Team, established five years ago, is under the leadership of Mrs. John Greely of Shrewsbury, who had been a drill sergeant in the Women's Marine Corps. They participate in many parades and civic events throughout the year end have received honors from The VFW, Marine Corps League and other organizations. Emery Manor provides a ^ Study' Interviews Are Being Held MIDDLETOWN Candidates for the Americans Abroad Program are being interviewed this month by the selection committee of the township chapter of the American Field Service. Juniors and seniors at the high school who have applied to the.program may qualify for a year's tudy in a foreign school. Mrs. T. B. Crawford Is chairman of the committee. Serving with her are Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bergh, Mrs. J. B. Sheean Jr., Mrs. M. C. Kampf, Joseph Marian, Guerin Olivola and T. B. Crawford. Former successful candidates from-the high school are Carol Adams, who lived In Germany for a year and is now at Radcliffe College, and Barbara Croken, who studied in Italy and Is a freshman at Douglass Col lege. The American Field Service Club at the high school is selling Christmas cards as a fundraising project. Yolande Lanni Joins Sorority WASHINGTON, D.C. - Miss Yolande Louise Lanni, daughter or Mr. and Mrs. 0. L. Lanni, 60 E. Roosevelt Circle, Middletown, has pledged the Alpha Pi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. She Is a freshman at George Washington University. A 1967 graduate of Middletown Township High School, she was a member of student council, senior executive board, Na- "-'tlonal Honor Society, Girls Ath letic Association, Yearbook, American Field service and was secretary of the Math Honor Society. variety of recreational activities and visiting entertainers for its guests, said Mrs. Ruth Eisenbeis, activities director. "This is the start of a period of festivities which will continue at a busy pace until after the New Year," Mrs. Eisenbeis said. On the agenda are a Hallowee party with a Matawan Brownii troop, a musicale by the Colera; Brothers of Middletown who were recent County Fair first prizewinners, and a concert by Th Glee Club of the Convent of Th Good Shepherd of Marlboro. BOOK WEEK At Willow Street School in Fair Haven, all eyes are on the library-this week. Colorful mosaics of crushed (tone, created by last year's sixth graders, depict characters from favorite books. Pictured are, left to right, Edward Brett, 39 McCarter Ave., Mrs. Regina Magnotta, art teacher in charge of the project, and Susan Moran, 33 South Woodland Drive, showing off a King Arthur panel. (Register Staff Photo) HONORED Members of the Atlantic Highlands Senior Citizens Club have been honored by the Monmouth County Chapter, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, for work dona for MS patients. Sen. Richard Church Hall Calendar "* Music Festival Sunday Night MATAWAN An All Sain Music Festival will be presentg by the choir of Cross of GloT> Lutheran Church on Sunday 8:30 p.m. at the church on Car bridge Drive. Walter L. Born is director the choir. A varied program be offered. The festival is ope: to the public. PLAN SKATING PARTY HAZLET Members of S John's Methodist Church hav scheduled a family gating parl for Monday in the Belvedei Arena, Keansburg. The rink open from 7 to 10 p.m. and th program will include a commi nity sing and a brief religioi drama. Music will be providi by Frederick Bopp. WELCOME MEMBERS MIDDLETOWN At a recei coffee hour, the following members were welcomed int King ol Kings Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Martin Brunswicl Mrs. F. J. Currans, Mr. and Mr: Wayne Griffith, Mr. and Mr: Richard Guilioz, Mrs. William Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Joh: son, Mr. and Mrs. William M ter, Mrs. Doris Melenowsl Craig Pokorny, Mr. and Ml Ralph E. Purpur, Mr. and Mi Robert Reid, Jr., Mr. and Mi Peter Spickenagel, Miss Nan Spickenagel, Ronald Spickenagi and Frederick Wagner. OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY COLTS NECK Court Marian Catholic Daughters of Americ observed its 13th anniversary dinner recently in Van's Free hold Inn. More than 100 person attended, including representa tives of 13 courts in the surround ing area. Mrs. Raymond Rogers, grand regent, was the recipient of the annual Ave Maria award for outstanding contribution of time and leadership. Miss Mary C. Kanane, national lecond vice regent was the speak ir, telling of the European tour taken by New Jersey CDA units INTRODUCE MEMBERS JKEYPORT Mrs. Joseph Car roll, membership chairman of th< Columbian Auxiliary of St. Jo Drawings On Exhibit RUMSON A collection drawings by 11 artists is on e: hibition In the main corridor Rumson-Fair Haven High Schoc or.the month of November Sponsored by the Visual Art Committee of the high school, t exhibit was staged by the Guil of Creative Art, 620 Broad St. Shrewsbury. It is the first of twc exhibitions requested by the committee from the gallery during the current school year. The drawings, representing wide range of style, technique nd media, are by William As man, Hella Bailin, Helen Bach, Ruth Caruso. Howard Chan sky, Cecily Craver, Daniel Gfeason, Ceil Grayer, Betty Hart, Mary Sheean and Clara Gee Kastner Stamaty, all exhibltlnj artist members of the guild. Cooperating in staging the exilbit were decorators Jack Stei berg and Arthur Leaman of Thi Unicorn, Shrewsbury. The exhi bltion is open to public view dui ng school hours. ets Scholarship At Monmouth WEST LONG BRANCH - vtonmouth College has awarded the James A. Errlckson Memorial Scholarship for the academic year to Russell M. Cottrell, Neptune, senior at Mon mouth, majoring in government, Mr. Cottrell Is S Monmoutl Icholar; president of the politi :al science honorary, Pi Sigrm icta; and a member of Lambde iigma Tau, the college's hlghes ionor society; and of the Sim ill Pre-Legal Society. He also as served on the judicial coun 1 of "the Student Governmenl ssoclation. He plans to become lawyer. In her Junior year, Yolande R. Stout, second from right, holds a merit citation for The James A. Errickson Me was a delegate to Jersey Girls the Atlantic Highlands unit. Left to right are Councilman Leon Smock, Eatontown, where the presentation by the Monmouth College morlal Scholarship is contribu State and an alternate to Citizenship Institute..lumnl Association in memory She is majoring in International economic affairs. She Is ter president; Mrs. Florence Carroll, rviiddletown, and 1938, a former president of the was made; Mrs. Alvin Campbell, Middletown, MS chap- James A. Errickson, class volunteer member of Serve, Mrs. Walter Halloran, Atlantic Highlands, chairman of issoclation. Mr. Cottrell also re a campus-tutoring service, and ceived a partial grant from this of the Young Democrats. a $200 fund raising program for MS. scholarship fund last year. It's Homecoming Weekend NEW MONMOUTH - The halls Of Mater Dei High School havi b M t -whh" -talkabout Homecominfi Weekend. Thi activities will begin today with a pep rally. The highlight of the rally will be the crowning of Homecoming Queen and the prssentalion of her court. To elect the queen and her court the students follow this procedure: the seniors elect a queen from four candidates representing each senior homeroom. The junior, sophomore, and freshmen classes Ihcn elect one girl from, each grade and the girls then choose their escorts. of commendation for the Nation Night Game al Merit, Scholarship Tests at fcd^{maefp«j;ttsaeinbly :Jaiat«eefc. its seccina night fiame of the sea-[sister Maryrose, principal, preson, will play host, to St. An-sented the awards to Mary Calumny's, Trenton. Adding to the laghan, Rosemary Cassidy, Robexcitement of the game, the ert Gough, Mark Meyer, and queen and her court will parade Kathy Miller. These letters, dearound the field on a float dur- noting outstanding ability, put ing half time. these seniors in tho top two per Tomorrow Ihe Decoration Com- cent of all students expected to mitlee, headed by l-d Varno, will graduate next June, be adding Insl minute touches to Three colleges of each sill he decorations lor Ihe bir dance dent's choice will he notified of mnrrmv night, The dance is their exceptional achievement, semi-formal and music' will be I A religious vocation day was provided by "The Source". held in the school last week for Five seniors were given Iettergjtho purpose of acquainting the students of the school with th various religious orders of. (hi Catholic Cntrrehw The entire program was simple. After an assembly of the whole student, body, sisters, priests, and brothers, visited the students in their classes throughout the day. Lectures were given on the purpose of Individual religious orders and the people, problems, and situations which have confronted them whilo doing their work. Get it fast with a Classified Ad! Let a "Wanted" ad go to work for you. Dial now, seph's Knights of Columbus Council, introduced two new members, Mrs. Ralph Trolian and Mrs.-Richard Healy, at a recent meeting. Mrs. William Hardy, president, announced the auxiliary will sponsor a square dance Saturday, Nov. 25, in the Council Home. Mrs. James Wines has arranged a wine demonstration for the Nov. 16 meeting at 8:30 p.m. PUBLIC INVITED NEW SHREWSBURY - The public is invited to attend a meeting Sunday of the Monmouth County Ethical Culture Society at 11 a.m. in the Ranney School, Hope Road. Howard Box, Ethical Culture Society leader of Brooklyn and a'member ot the advisory committee on civil rights of metropolitan New York, will speak on Riot." "The Anatomy of a Atlantic Highland! EMVA.VCAL BAPTIST Atlantic Highlands Moraine worship service will be 11 o'clock and the, evening service 7:3a FIRST METHOD!*! Atlantic Highlands Horning worihlp will be.held 11 s-m. FIRST PBE5BYTERIAK AUmtlc Highlands Sunday services wul be held 9:30 tod 11 a.m. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCTETO Atlantic Highlands Sunday services win be held at a.ra. The lmon - sermon Is cntltl 'Everlasting Punishment," CENTRAL BAPTIST Atlantic Highlands Sunday services will be al II t. and 7:30 p.m. Monthly Communion >ivl» Rev. Harry W. Kraft will weak on "Adam and Fallen Man." r 'H baklcui, Ood or F-elth." ST. AGNES CATHOLIC AtlanUc Highland! Sunday Massei axe at 6:30, 7:45, 10, 11 and noon. Rev. Michael J. Lean Is pastor. Cliffwood Beach BA1TVTEW nucsbitjehur ClUfwood Beach Sunday worship services will b_ 11 a.m. Rev. Donald I* Buocl, pasloi will officiate. Colts Neck REFORMED Colts Neck The Sunday service will be at _. a.m. and 11 a.m. Rev. Samuel C Li Fenta will preach on the text Ephesla 5. CHRISTIAN CHURCH Colts Neck Homing worship service win be at a m. and Evening worship service 1 p.m. Rev. Larry (3. Calhoon, mlnlst*: will officiate. Eatontown FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Eatontown Rev. Robert W. Reed Is pastor. The Sunday service will De at U a.m- JESUS CHRIST OP LATTEB DAY SAINTS (Mormon) Eatontown Service! will tie the Priesthood me tng at B a.m. and the sacrament mee' Ing at B:00 p.m. Bishop Bruce Savag will officiate. UETBODISI Eatontown flund&y Worship Service will be 10:15 a-m. with Pastor William Joi Wright officiating. ST. JAMES MEMORIAL EPISCOPAL Bauntovn Holy Eucharist will bs at t and s-m. The Rev. H. Holly Knight, vlca will officiate. MONMOCTII BAPTIST (Southern Baptist Convention) Zatontown Worship services will be at 8: _.m., 14 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. wil Rev. H. K. Hairs, putor, preaching. Fair Haven 1SH CHAPEL A.M.E. Fair Haven The Sunday service will be at ' a,m. with Bev. Floyd Black ofllclatln CHRIST CHURCH METHODIST Fair Haven Tbe Sunday service will be at 1 _,m. The Rev. Charles G. Hsjiktns will preach on "Th* Ark of the Con< vent.' 1 - HOLT COMMUNION EPISCOPAL Fair Haven Sunday services will be at I and 1,m. Rev. Frederick E. Preuss, recto will preach at 10 s.m. services. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES RED BANK CONOKEOATION (Kingdom Hall) Fair Haven "Following Faithful Shepherds with Life In View" will be studied from the Watohtower Sunday at 10 s-ei Nine-year-old Olen Orfanldes will give his first public Bible sermon Thursda; at Ministry School at 7:» p.m. Freehold OBACE LUTHERAN Worship service at 8 and 11:30 a.m. 'astor David a. VolK will officiate. ioly Communion will be administered. FIRST PBE3BVTEBIAN Freehold Morning worship will be at 8:30 I the new auditorium and at 11 a.m. lc the Sanctuary. Pastor James R. Memmott will deliver a sermon. HOPE LUTHERAN Freehold Workshop services will be at»:30 _... rtev. Albert w. Gibson will preach or The Virtue ot PaUence Holy Com'.union. LMMANUEL BAPTIST Freehold Morning worship will be at 11 a.m, md evening service at 7 p.m., both In the Y11CA. Rev Frank C. Morse, pastor, will bring the message "With he Risen Ohflst In Fear." Highlands ST. ANDREW'S EPISCOPAL Highland! 400 fihurches Sponsor 3-County United Crusade ASBURY PARK The Central Jersey United Crusade, which it sponsored by 400 churches In Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Counties, will open Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in Convention Hall here. The crusade will be conducted nightly through Nov.. 19 with the cooperation of the Billy Graham Evangelistic' Association. Speaker will be the Rev. Lane Adams, of Knoxville, Tenn., an associate evangelist with the Billy Graham team. Months of preparation by local ministers and congregations have gone into the preparation of the crusade. Serving on the executive committee are the Rev. Robert Bonham, William Walling and the Rev. v Homer Tricules, Long Branch; the Rev. Irving Meier, Neptune; the Rev. Richard Anderson, Atlantic Highlands; the Rev. John Merwin, Ocean Grove: the Rev. Theodore Muller, Hazlet; William Roberts, New Monmouth; Maj. Stanley Wright, Asbury Park; the Rev. George Starsmeare, Sea Bright; the Rev. Marvin Haire and the Rev. Robert Reed, Eatontown. The crusade is a concerted effort by Chriitiuu in ipecifled areas to bring the Gospel to the attention of every person In that area. Ushers and choir members from various congregations will participate. Special youth night meetings are planned. All seats are free, and the public is Invited to all sessions. To Dedicate Parsonage MIDDLETOWN The parsonage of the Middletown Methodist Church will be dedicated on Sunday during the 10 a.m. worship service. The service will be held in the Nut Swamp School, where the church is meeting temporarily The Rev. Paul A. Fricdrich, superintendent of the New Brunswick district, will speak on "The Meaning of Love In These Days." The service will be led by Lewis Coalter, lay worship leader, and the Rev. William A. Abrams, pastor. '* Ceremonies will conclude with an open, house at the parsonage, which it- at 141 Marcshlre Drive. Services in County Churches The Holy Eucharist will be eele< Worship Service at 10 a.m. In Th' rated this Sunday at 8 and 10 a.m. Tut Swamp School. Rev. Wllllai vllh Matins at 0:30 a.m. and Evanong at 7 p.m. Itcv. Wm. D. Lorlng, mst Hl'IItlTliAI. OF DIVINE ROSE ibrams Is minister. lcar, will prepich at both celebratlom FIRST METHODIST Bolford HlKtllands The Bunday service will be hold Worship Vllllam J. HcCullough 1" PMlor. Hoi Jommunlon. Holmdcl IIOLMDEI, OIIUIIOII Hoimdel The Sunday service wilt be at 1.m. with tho pastor. Rev. John W. /&I/lr.(V? oltlcllttng,. * Kcnnshtirg ST. AN.N'n CATIIDI.IO Keansburg Sunday Msflflos will be at 7, S, t, I, 11 and noon. DAY HllOItK COMMUNITY ICast KcsnsburK Sunday services v*h be held al 11 it.m. ev. RIohard Bchwartz will officiate id rreaoli on "Die Invlnlbln Lflttrr." ils will be a Communltm service. FII1ST Mr.TIIOllIST Keansbtirs; Fluniluy service will be at n:30 ntlrt at 11 n. in. Kov. Newton W. drier Is pastor. Holy Communion at a.m. service. ST. JVAItK'H EriFSCOIML Kcanibiirg* lunitay sorvlces win be: Holy Comnihh B a.m.; Parlih JSucharlst and mwi, 9:30 a.m. Keyport OHRSEMANE LUTHERAN Kevport Sunday services will be at 1:30,» «and st 11 a.m. WI. JOSEPH'S OATBOUO Slated Sunday RED BANK - The Ministry of Music and Fine Arts of the First Methodist Church will present Herbert Burtit in an organ recital of French music Sunday at 8 p.m. The program will open with the Suite du Deuxieme Ton by Louis-Nicolas Cierambault: Plein Jeu, Duo, Trio, Basse de Cromorne, Flutes, Recit de Nazard, and Caprice sur les Grands Jeux Mr. Burtis then will play two movements from the Second Organ Symphony of Louis Vierne: Allegro and Scherzo. The Kyrie Eleispn from Eric Satie'i Messe des Pauvres will follow and the recital will conclude with the playing of the Roger-Ducasse Pastorale. This season marks Mr. Burtis' tenth year as minister of music and fine arts at First Methodist. He assumed the position in the fall of Prior to coming here he had served for six years as Assistant University organist and choirmaster at Columbia University, and for three years as organist and choirmaster of the Community. Congregational Church of Short HMJ. Rev. William Carr will speak on "Tbeand 11 a.ra. with Rev. Harold Bomber* Missel win b!"at I:JO and 7:31 Welcome Ouest." Toe Lord's Suppe ger, pastor, officiating. a-m. and 13:11 p.m. Is the church; will be observed. 1:3ft t:ts and n sum. In the school. R. ANTHONY'S OATBOUO ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL Red Bank IT. HART'S EPISCOPAL Navtslnk lunday Masses MU be eetobtatsa at Keyport Sunday services are as follows: r, I, S, 10, 11 sum. and BOOB wlta Sunday serrlcei inrlces will be: 7:49 a.m. a.m.. Holy Communion; 0:30 Family Msgr. lalvatoie TJ1 Lorenzo, vaster,! Morning _._.. Prayer; -.ayer; I a.m. Holy ComService 11 «-m. Holy Communion wit munlon; 0 a.m. family semes and sermon by the rector. Rev. H. R. Sorenson. U a.m. Holy Communion. FOIST BAPTIST BETHEL BIBLE CHAPEL Keyport Middletown Morning worship service at 10:43 Services Sunday will begin with wor- m. The Rev. Eugene F. Gregory Is pas lor. Little Silver ST. JOHN'S EPISCOrAL Little Mlver Sunday services will be Holy Com' munlon at 8 and 10 a-m. with sermon by the rector. Rev. Canon Staun r. Out. EMBURY METHODIST Little silver Rer.'sanford M. Haney' will officiate and preach at' the morning worship service at 11 e-m. Holy Communion will be observed. Long Branch 009PEL BALL Long Branch Services will be held Sunday at»:30 a m A Gospel Service will lo t"ld at 7 D.m. ST. JAMES EPISCOPAL Long Branch Low Mass at 8 a-m. Sung Mass and address at 10 a.m. Rev. JsJne«iMurchlson Duncan, rector. FIRST BAPTIST Long Branch The Sunday services will be held al 11 a.m. and 7rl5 p.m. ST. LUKE'S METHODIST Long Branch The Sunday service will be at 11 sum. Key. i. Courtney Hayward will preach. Marlboro BIBLE FB0TE3TA.NT Roberts vine The Sunday service will be at 11 a.m. Rev. Edwin P. Spencer will speak Q "Revelation." Communion servlcu THE OLD BRICK REFORMED CHURCH Marlboro 8unday morning services will be -he! _t LI a.m. Rev. John^Haxt will delate. Morning Evening worship Is at 7:30 Pastor JL Klnney will officiate In the church' new. building on Lloyd Rd. TRINITY EPISCOPAL Matawan Sunday services will be x Matins ani Holy Communion at the church at 7:4 a.m.; Family Eucharist at the Ravli Driving School at S:1B a.m.; 'Hoi Eucharist at the church at 11 a.m. Re' Carroll B. Hall Is rector. CROSS OP GLORY LUTHERAN Worship service at" and 11 a,. Rev. Richard A. Weeden will official FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Matawan Morning Worship at 10 a.m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Matawan Worship services at 9:15 and 11 a.nt lev. Chuter A. Oilloway Is pastor. Sermon Topic: "The First Mile." ST. CLEMENT'S CATHOLIC Mala wan-marlboro Sunday Masses and Holy Communion will be held at 7, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 and It a.m. In the auditorium of Mata* wan High School, Broad St. Rev. J seph Rucinskl Is pastor. FIRST METHODIST Matawan Divine Worship service at 1:30 am 11a.m. when Rev. Donald T. Phillips Sr. will administer the Sacrament ol Holy Communion. CUFFWOUD METHODIST Matawan Township Morning worship service will begl at 9 a.m. with the pastor, Rev. V Wlnlleld West speaking on "Ood Faith In Man." Middletown FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF MONM0UTI1 COUNTY Llncroft Sunday'services will the held at 10:30 a.m. Rev. Harold R. Dean will speak on "Crisis In Black and White stage Two. REFORMED Middletown The Bunday service will be held 11 a.m. Rev. E-arl D. Compton wil preach on "Sail On O Bhlp of Slate.' GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN Holmdel-Mlddletown The Sunday SBrvlce will be hel U 10:«a.m. at tho Thompson School Bev. Oeorge J. Frank Jr. Is pastor. RINO OP KINGS LUTHERAN Mlddlctown Sunday services will be at a an 10:45 a.m. Rev. William A. Hanim will preach at both services. Holy Com munton observed nt both services. METHODIST Middletown service at 11 a.m. Rev:15 p.m. with Rev. Phoebe Dalley, isjtor, officiating, NEW MO.VMOUTII BAPTIST New Monmouth Sundity worship services will bfl lid t 10:«Mm. Rov. Donald W. Bcofloli vlli speak ĊHRIST CHURCH Middletown Services will ho Holy Communion 8 (now church;) mornlnff prnye?a -«e"n\tm ht-b:lrj '(new church; [ornlng Prayer and sermon at 11 a.m >ld church.) Hcrmnnn by Ihe rector, Robert E. Lenjrler. SAINT CLEMENT'S EPISCOPAL Hclfnrd Biindfly schedule: 7H0 a.m. Matins: A.m. Holy Ellcharlet and sermon; ;30 a.m. sung Ktiehnrlst and sermon ilemn procession. METHODIST Helford The Sunday service will be nt 11 m.. WESTMINSTER I'HKMHVl ICIIIAN MMiilclown Sunday services will ha at t):in a.m. nd 10:15 n in. Elder Wllllnm c. wcency will npoak on "You Are DOMIwith doil." UNITED I'RKSnYTEIllAN Llncrofl The Sunday sorvloe will bs et 10:30 s.m. Herraon by nev. acorge M, Wit- on. 4.1 OCEAN VIEW COMMUNITY Leonardo Morning worship service at 11 < evening service at 7:30. LEONARDO BAPTIST Leonardo Sunday services will be at U am. New Sbrewibnrv REFORMED Vew Shrewsbury The evening service will be at :». Sunday service will be at»:» andevangelist Donald Wood will preach at 10:10 a.m. Rev. Isaac C. Rottenberg will preach on "ChrtsUans and Their Personality Cults." ETHICAL CULTURE FELLO1TSBIP ' New Shrewsbury Sunday msetlng at 10:13 a.m. In the Ranney school, Hope Road. Howard Box win speak on The Anatomr of Oakhurst FIRST METHODIST Oakhurst Services at t:30 and 11 a- Ocean port CALVARY BAPTIST Oceanport The Sunday service will be at 11 a.m Rev. Paul H. Smith will speak at the services. Centaral Jersey crusade In Ajbury Park In the evening. Old Bridge LUTHERAN OOOD SHEPHERD Old Bridge Matawan stt. LCKE'S A.M.E. Family Bible hour win be Sunday CALVARY BAPTIST at»:u a.m. Worship service will Sea Bright 1 The Sunday ssrrtct Matawan >e at 10:30 a.m.. Rsv. Harley E wm be ail MI when Her. Fiord If. Black will preach, Meyer will officiate. worship Is at 11 a.m «T. AMBROSE CATHOLIC Shrewsbury Old Bridge Sunday Mass will be. at 1:30. 7:80. FUST ASSXMBLT OF OOD 1:45, 10, 11:19 am. and 12:30 p.m. Barewsbury Rev. Bernard A. Coen will officiate. CROSS OF QLORY LUTHERAN Old Bridge The Sunday service win be at 10:» m,. Raritan Township JTAITH «CFORHID Hailet sacrament of the Lord's Supper will Sunday servlcee will be hell al 1:10ba oelebrated at both sjervlcae. and 11 a.m. Rev. Theodore C. Muller RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS will preach on "Be Born Again." Shrewsbury CALVARY BAPTIST Sundsy meeting Is held at 11 ta Hallst Sunday senloes will be held at 11 CHRIST EPISCOPAL a-m. and at 7 p.m. Rev. Osorge J. Shrewsbury tuolt Is pastor. All services this Sunday will be Hlebratlons of the Holy Eucharist, ST. Jowl's METHODIST conducted by the Rev. Ronald GV-, Hulet Albury. The first, at 8 a.m., will, not Sunday lervtces will be hell at 1:90Include a sermon. Both the 0 a-m. and 11 sum. Rev. Normtn Norman R. Rlley, pastor, will spesjc ' on "Wby Attend " Church?" Red Bank THE FIRST METHODIST Red Bank 8:S0 s_m. Service of Holy Communion GRACE MBTHODUT _. Union Beach The Sunday service will be at 1:30.. n Squire. Chapel 9:30 and 11 a.m..nd 11 s.m. Rev. Franklin H. Bird Services of Worship. Rev. Soward B. pastor. Sermon topic: "Divine Imperatives." Evening fellowship service Cheney will preach on "A WlUiels In Stewardship." at 7:30 p.m. BAPTIST Red Bank Sunday worship services will t% at 1 a.m. Rev. Stanley E. Mugrldge will _. Kiraci Red Bank Th* Sunday service win be si t HOLT TRDOTT VANQELICAL LUTHEEAH Red Bank Sunday services will be held at 1:11 A.M.E. DON Red Bank Sunday wrplcej at 11 s_m. Bar, Alfred g. IParker Is putor. TRINITY EPISCOPAL ship at B:30 a.m. at Carpenter and Red Bank ApplegaU Sl«. Family Bible hour at Sunday services will be Holy Eucharist at 8 and Morning Prayer at I:1S 11 a.m. The lesson win be on "Noah Built the Ark.' Evening service al and Morning prayer and sermon at 11 a.m. Rer,.. Canon Charl«t.H.,Bnt-U rector. OLD PmsT CHURCH AMERICAN. BAPTIST CONVENTION PRESBYTERIAN UNITED CHURCH OF CHBUT Red Bark Ulddletown Worship services will be observes Worship service at 11 a.m. wlmat 0 and 11 a.m. with Her. Charles I. Holy Communion. Dr. Arthur Dodelson will speak on "Revealing Remem* brtnoes.' Webster speajtsof on "Would It Really Matter to You Were the Chorea to Clow IK DOOM?" CHURCH or CHRIIT Red Bank Sunday services will be at 11 am. both services. ST. NICHOLAS RUSSIAN EAUZR3 ORTHODOX LUTHER MEMORIAL LUTHERAN Red Bank (Missouri Syaod) The Divine Liturgy will be celebrated at B a.m. on Sundays and Holy Days New Shrewsbury of Obligation. Evening services precedng Sundays ar" nd "" Holy ' " Days of Oblllf Morning services at 10:30 em Rev. Donald d Brtgo Is putor. The Order Uon at < p.m.. Father Xmlllan Kajko, of f Hl Holy l Communion. putor. ST. JAMES CATHOLIC Red Bsnk Sunday Masses will be at «, 7:30. I, 10:30 a.m. and 12 noon in the Church; at I, 9:30, 11 a-m. and 12:13 In the Peters Piece auditorium, and at 5:39 p.m. In the church. Msgr. Emmett Mooahan Is pastor. Runuon preaoh on "Life's Meaning _ Pur- Sunday services will be held at 0:11 pose." Tho Lord's Supper 'Ill be md 11 a.m. Rev. w. Robert Oswald observed, v Oenleral Jersey United will preach al both services with Holy 'rusarie, Asbury Park, at 8 p.m. Communion. T. OEOBOE'S-BY-THE-EIVES EFLSCOFAL Rumson Sunday services will be Holy Corr munlon H 8 0:30 and 11 a.m. Sermons by the Rev. o. P. Melllck Belsbaw. REST FKESBYTEB1AN Rumson Morning worship service at 0:30 and 11 s.m. In the Sanctuary. Rev. Harry c. Doule. it., pastor, ytv. preach orj "The Church's Stance In the World." Reformation Sunday, Sea Bright Worship service and Communion will ba at 11 s-m. XvancelUUo Service) at 7 p.m. Rev. Patrick O. llolao* I pastor. PRESBYTERIAN Shrewsbury. Th* morning services of ironnlp will be tt 0:30 a-m. sad U e_rn. The Rev. James K. Sleele will speak on "8o, Who's The Wise OuyF 1b» Family Eucharist and the 11:15 s.m. worship will have the rector preschlnf n "Thoughts Also Count" Union Beach West Long Branch REFORMATION LUTHERAN West Long Branch Documented in an inspiring new book One hundred years of healing through prayer This book presents an impressive record of.authenticated cases of outstanding physical.healings and spiritual regeneration through Christian prayer. It is a timely response to today's renewed interest in spiritual healing. The reader will find many instances where the individuals explain the spiritual awakening which brought about those healings. This book commemorates the Centennial of the discovery of Christian Science in 1866 by Mary Baker Eddy. It is offered In a spirit of sharing the hope and joy of ordinary lives deeply touched by the Christ. Now available at the Christian Science Reading Room $5.00 Open Every Afternoon 209 BROAD ST., RED BANK or BORROW AT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY

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'63 RAMBLER Station Wagon, One Owner '63 CHEVROLET Door Sedan, Loaded '61 CHEVROLET Cation WaQon, Extra Clean, 6 ;yl.. New Rubber, Must Se«$799 $ ^^^w^wv LARGEST SELECTION OF NEW ENGLISH FORDS GJ/t-AUTO-STD. STATION WGNS., ETC. HURRY! HURRY! '63 RAMBLER Sedan, Extra Clean '61 CORVAIR Monza, Automatic '61 FORD Galoxie 500, Country Squire, Wagon, V-8, Automatic, Power '61 FORD Falcon Station Wagiin '60 FORD Country Squlrs Station Wagon '67 FORD TRUCKS V-8. V-8, F-3S0 F-350 Slake, 51c Radio, Rack, W»sl n Coast Mirrors, Etc. '68 FORD Vi ton pickup. 8' box, Loaded, new, '68 FORD Vi ton pickup. Now, $ $299 $ '63 ECONOLINE $009 Window Indow Von, Von, Reol Reol 077 Clean, One Owner, Low Mileage toga $199 '54 Internot'al Van, Hcntrr Defrosters

23 2.2-i f / THK IJA/L'I IJOST AND FOUND LOST AND FOUND LOST AM) FOUND AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE CLEAN No Down Payment on P er INCLUDES * INSURANCE TAX PLATES F u l l P r i c e 7 M U S T A N O _. «W S C o u p e, p o w e r * r e d. U C A D I L L A C.. J J W S C o u p e D e V l l l e, a i r c o n d i t i o n e d. «O L D S M O B I L E -, O 2 H " 9 8 " c o u p e, a i r c o n d i t i o n e d. ' U P O N T I A C _ S B o r j n e v i i l e 2 - d o o r h a r d t o p. i i C H E V R O L E T J I W i I m p o l a 2 - d o o r h a r d t o p. U F O R D L _.. _. $ 1 W I G a l a x l i " " h a r d t o p c o u p e. I I, i i. U R V E R A J O T S C o u p e a i r c o n d t o n e d 'u FORD. sun C o o n t r y S q u i r t 9 p a s s, w a g o n. ' U P O N T I A C «!» S V e r r f u n a h a r e f l o p, a i r c o n d,,!** * * I Hi I I, i i. I l. Full Prln U C A D L L A C _. S J C o u p s D e V H e a i r c o n d t o n e d M CHEVROLET. SI»5 m p a a h a r c f t o p c o u p e U P O N T I A C S H J 5 Bonneville 4-door hardtop. M CHEVROLET % WS, Station wagon. U FORD _., 4I«B Country Squire. 'M PONTIAC : $1293 GTO 4-speed. 'MFORD.J1W5»% Galoxl "500" XC convertible. '44 MERCURY.SI395 * Colony Park wogon.! ] 'U FALCON J12»5 < i So,ulr«Jtotlon wooon, V-8. 1 * * M -k *. * * F u l l P r i c e I ' J S C A D I L L A C. S C o u p e D e V i l l e, a i r c o n d i t i o n e d. is PONTIAC.;%xm Bonnevlile coupe. a CHEVROLET JUM I m p a l o h a r d t o p c o u p e. 4 1 M U S T A N G» 1 4 «C o u p e, a i r c o n d i t i o n e d. a BUICK _ sins W i l d c a t c o u p e. «C H E V R O L E T» 1 1» 5 M a l l b u c o u p e. ' «P O N T I A C t W S Bonneville convertible, yellow. C F O R D J 1 5 H G a l o x l e c o n v e r t i b l e, r t d. B O L D S M O B I L E J 1 J M ' 8 8 " 2 - d o o r h a r d t o p. k ** -> F u l l p r i c e ' O C A D I L L A C $ 4» S C o u p e D e V I I I e, a i r c o n d i t i o n e d. a C H E V R O L E T J B M I m p a l a 2 - d o o r h o r d l o p. 17 P O N T I A C S 2 3 H C a r o l i n a 4 - d o o r h a ' r d t o p. U B U I C K S 2 1 H L e S a b r e 4 - d o o r h o r d f o p. l \ P O N T I A C.:.» 1» W G r o n P r i x, a r e e f i. if FORD - :$m$ Country Squire 6 pass. U CHEVROLET..._, JI7«Impala station wagon; M FORD - _ '.% m C o u n t r y S q u i r e 6 p a s s. ' e l C H E V R O L E T * 1 0 B I m p o l a 2 - d o o r h o r d t o p. 100 SELECTED Al USED CARS AT ALL TIMES HOMEOWNERS 100% FINANCING UP TO 5 YEARS /nancjng olf who qualify '39 ^c'nh, "44 Toyota Stdon 42 OkHmobil. "M" Coupa H OldimoblH. "98" Coupe 43 Plymo"* Hordtop 42 Ponriac Bonneville HT. 42 Chevrolet Impola HT. 63 Po«rfoe Catallna HT.- 42 Bulek Skylark Conv. 42 Chevrolet Sta. W Rambler 2-dr. Hardtop 42 Comet Station Waao. 42 Mercury Meteor HT. 43 Falcon Squire 41 Cornel Hardtop 41 Thurderblrd Coupe Rambler Station Wagon 43 Comet Fo"ur-0oer 43 Rambler Four-Door So -V(ce men T1ST DRIVE A BETTER CAR TODAY AT NEW/1AH SPRINGS R0. RED BANktra NEWOR USED Go FIRST CLASS and Save with BUICK by It's So Easy To Own! We Talk Your Language l i i, i i i l i l i i i, i 1967 BUICK E e c t r o C u s t o m 4 d o o r H o r d t o p L o o d e d 1967 BUICK R v e r a C u s t o m a i r c o n d t o n e d V n y t o p, o i l e q u p m e n t 1966 BUICK E e c t r o A d o o r s e d a n A r c o n d t o n p o w e r w n d o w s 1966 BUICK E l e c t s 2 2 S < d o o r H. T., a i r c o n d l. P o w e r w n d o v r t a n d s e e l 1966 BUICK L e S a b r e A d o o r s e d o n, a i r c o n d l, 1966 BUICK L e S a b r e i d o o r, H. T., a i r c o n d l. V i n y l t o p, p o w e r w i n d o w s & s e a t 1966 CHEVROLET M a l i b u c o n v e r t i b l e, b u c k e t s e a t s 1966 BUICK ~ S k y l e r r k 2 d o o r, O U I D t r a n s., r a d i o FORD M m t o f i g 2 d o o r s p o r i c o u p e A u t o m a t i c t r a n s m i s s i o n, r a d i o 1966 CHRYSLER " 3 ( 0 "! d o o r h o rtop, a i r c o n d i. V i n y l l o p 1965 BUICK E l e e l r a U S 7 d o o r h o r d t o p V i n y l l o p, A i r c o n d i t i o n - wudcol 1 door <oupe 1965 BUICK R i v i e r a " G S ", l o a d e d 1965 BUICK L e S o b r c 4 d o o r ' s e d a n 1965 BUICK R i v e r a I d o o r i p o r t, l o a d e d 1965 BUICK S p o r t W a g o n, 9 p o s s e n g e r 1965 FORD G o l o x l e " " 4 d o o r h a r d t o p 1965 CHEVROLET I m p a l a 4 d o o r h a r d t o p 1965 CHEVROLET ' A t o n p i c k u p t r u c k 1964 BUICK E l e c t r o d o o r h a r d t o p A i r c o n d i t i o n 1964 FORD Falcon Deluxe station waoon 1964 BUICK L c S o b r e 4 d o o r r i t i r d t o p A i r c o n d l l i o n, p o w e r w i n d o w s 1964 BUICK C u s t o c L e 5 n b r e 2 d o o r H, T RAMBLER i ;' d o o r h a r d t o p 1963 BUICK Riyvo 2 door jport, ": l. I96J BUICK i-t~ S p t c t a t. 4 c d c a / :.. l d 0 n,. a u l a t r a n s. R a d i o BUICK-OPEL "Tri» doalorship wlioro the customor!s important!" 1963 CHEVROLET C o r v a l r M o n z a c o n v e r t i b l e c o u p e A u t o m a t i c t r a n s m i s s i o n, r a d i o 1962 CHEVROLET I m p a f a 2 d o o r h a r d t o p 1962 FORD C o u n t r y S e d a n s t a t i o n w a g o n 9 p a s s e n g e r 1961 BUICK S p e c i a l 4 d o o r s e d a n 1960 FORD T - B I r d s p o r t c o u p * 1960 CHEVROLET C o r v a l r 4 d o o r s e d a n 1960 BUICK E l e c t r a A d o o r h o d r o p 1960 MERCURY 2 door season 1954 CADILLAC 2 d o o r h a r d f o p i i l, i i i i i l l 1964 OLDSMOBILE S t a r f r e 2 d o o r c o n v e r t b e b u c k e t s 1966 CHRYSLER N e w Y o r k e r s t a t o n w o g o n A r d o m n o n 1964 BUICK S p e c o D e u e s p o r t c o u p e B u c k e t : s e a t s,.. Bel Air 4 door sedan HWY. 35 {'/i-mile South of Parkw.iy Exit 117) KEYPORT //ST PUBLIC NOTICE *100 FOR INFORMATION Leading to arreet of Individual who took my medical sign for Information lead- Ing to arrest of those who burned BucKfl M11L Strictest confidence. C. Malcolm Oilman, M.D. AUTOS FOR SALE TRADE UP TO A BETTER CAR AT... PUBLIC NOTICE - THE K6OGH LAW CMS «.t».o us. to 1!!, Ui 4t«per ye«.r to the w-;f--»mp:oyto. -JCgf!w Uier liilormttlon, call Don Vitelli.TI 5906 or S... WHO HAS THB HIOHT HALF - Tleerama? 1 have lett tor»l,oo AUTOS FOR SALE Top Quality USED CARS BUHLER & BITTER 1966 PLYMOUTH V.I.P. 4-door hardtop, full power, gray VALIANT V-100, Station Wagon, brown with automatic trasaiitston PONTIAC 2 plus 2, sport hardtop. 423 engine, 4<speed trans DODGE Dart convertible, mauve with black top, "225" angina. 6-cyl., automatic transmiuion CHEVROLET 6'Cyl., 4*door Station Wagon, yellow with auto, transmission PLYMOUTH Fury, Staton Wagon, 9-pasi., black with full power MGB RoadiUr, wire whaefi and tonnaau cover, white. FouT'tpted transmission CHEVROLET Impala convertible, blue with full power PLYMOUTH 2-door Station Wagon, blue with automatic transmission. Air conditioned MERCEDES-BENZ 190 Dieiel 4-door ndan. 4-sp«id transmission, fray. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM Bufiler & Bitter ESTABLISHED 1925 TWO LOCATIONS HWY. 35 oopcilti itoti Pallet Borrodu HAZLET 89 BROAD ST. KEYPORT RATCLIFFE PONTIAC NEW CAR TRADE-INS '67 Pontiac SOOOC _.Bonneville 3 Door JJJTH Hordtop. Executive W»#W Cor, Looded, Air Conditioned, Power Windows, Etc. '66 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door Hardtop. Automatic '2695 tranemlsslofl, power steering. Air condlflond. A sleek silver beauty. '66 Ponriac Catallna Ventura 2 door hardtop, '66 Plymouth S a t o l l t e. V e r y c l e a n. N i c e t y e q u i p p e d. B l u e. '66 Pontiac Catallna 4 dr. sedan. Automatic, power tearing. Gold.. '2295 automatic, P.S. redwltti black vinyl top. L e M a n t 2 d o o r h a r d - t o p, i i p M d f o r t t i i y o u n g a t h e a r t. '66 Chevrolet BM Air 1 door sedan. 6-cyllnder> automatic. '2195 '2195 '1995 Balance of new oar warranty. '1895 '1995 '66 Tempest Convertible. 6 cylinder, automatic power steering miles balance gf new COT warranty. '65 Buick S1Q0C Skylark t cylinder lf]73 l w l w Coupe. Automatic transmission, air conditioned. Pur* white., - 65 CheveUe Mallbu 2 don- Super Sport. V* automatic, '1795 power steering. Silver wfttt block top. 65 Mustang! 2 d o o r h a r d t o p. 6 - c y l l n d e r w l t t i s t a n d a r d 1595 s h i f t. E x t r a c l e a n. '65 Plymouth Fury III 2-door hordtop. V-8 auto* '1895 matte* power steering. Exceptionally clean. '65 Chevelle M a l l b u 2 - d o o r t i o r d - t o p. V - 8 a u t o m o t l c, '1795 p o w t r g r e e t i n g. E x c e p t i o n a l l y c l e a n '64 Pontiac G r a n d P r i x. A b l o c k b e a u t y. '1595 '64 Chevelle Mallbu 4 door 6- cyimder. Standard '1195 transmission. A beautiful turquoise. '64 Pontiac C a t a l l n a 1 d o o r h a r d - t o p. A u t o m a t i c t r o r *. r n i u t o n w l t t i p o w e r s t e e r i n g. '64 Buick E l o a t r a 2 2 5, 4 d o o r w i t h p o w e r s t e e r i n g. W h i l e a n d b e a u t i f u l. i, i, i, l..., "64 Ford C o u n t r y S q u r e S t a - t o n W a g o n V - & a u t o m a t c p o w e r c e a n.... '64 Tempest 7 - d o o r s e d a n, 6 - c y l l n d e r, i r o n d a n r J s h i f t. T u r q u o i s e. '1095 $ 16?5 ttjs E x t r a! 995 '63 Temptst Two-oV, Economical 4-cytinder engine with automotlc transmission, '63 Pontiac Bonn«viil«4-door hardtop. Automatic '1195 wltti power steeling, A lovtly turquoise. '63 Oldsmobile 4 door hardtop. Automatic transmission r power steadng. Gold. '63 Falcon Squire. Wagon. 6- cytlnder, automatic. A stytlah rex) beauty. '63 Tempest L e M a n s 2 O r, C o u p e, V * 3 - s p e «d, t t l c k o n f l o o r. '63 Valiant Signet 1 door hardtop. Red, '62 Olds Storfire convcrttblt. White. l. i, i i l i i i.. '62 Ford S t o t o n W o g o n W h t e f n e u t t y a n d t r a n s p o r t a t o n a t p r c e ' '1095 '695 '795 '695 '62 Corvair 4 door Monza. Standard transmission. Light biut. '495 Economical. '62 Comet A 5-cyHnder Moor oar In a beautiful gold color. '62 Pontiac Cotallra Mm sedan. V-e automatic. White. '62 Chrysler 4-door. V-l with automatic trawnlsdon '495 '795 '695 and power steering, whin) and nice. '62 Pontiac Catallna 4 door sedan. V-6, automatic, power steering. Green. '61 Corvair Monza 2 door hardtop. Gold, l l i l. i, '61 Pontiac C o t a n a c o n v e r t b e A u t o m a t c p o w e r s t e e r i n g. A b e o u t l f u l m a r o o n. '495 '445 '695 $ 495 '61 Chevrolet Blscayne 4 door 6 cylinder with automatic transmission. A nlct green. "AS IS" SPECIALS! '61 Rambler 4 d o o r, 6 c y l i n d e r. A u t o m o t l c.. '58 Pontiac 2 d o o r S e d a n. N o t b o d.. '395 '73 RATCLIFFE PONTIAC, INC. USED CAR CENTER ROUTE 36 at MONMOUTH RD. WEST LONG BRANCH Hew Car Showroom 29V Broadway Long Branch (Next to the Garfleld-Grant) Tel Open Eventnai 'ill 9:00 P.M. TRAVEL TRANSPORT AT7ON erwetft rjf/w tfa U'J*. '& tltu AUTOMOTIVE AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE murrt kj ma m i *»»il»me. tw Mum* Out, Ivt ft liwte, lt Tom t * Oeuuti Dotte, m-tlix BUICK Super, eltfit cjllnoe, (75;, Call PONTIAC BcnnevtUe red converi 9S3 FORD FALCON Two-door. Bed. Ible. Full power. Many eitra«. Loi Standard stltft. New clutch. Call 767- mileage. Factorr warrant*! remalnlo J25. $2M5. Call 2M-3808 after t pm 960 MERCURY MONTEREY Autonatlc trammlflelon, power iteerln. dto. Cluan. Asking»l«O0. Call evenlngi Wt AUSTIN HBALBY Red. R lean. «398. Call after g p.m AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE, BOB WHITE BUICK-OPEL TALKS EVERYONE'S LANGUAGE WHEN IT COMES TO A BARGAIN! BUICKS PRICED AS LOW AS: $ 2395 SPECIAL TWO- DOOR COUPE /\BCI V/rCL PRICED AS LOW AS 1785 MONMOUTH COUNTY'S LARGEST BUICK DEALER Shrewsbury Ave Ntw Shrewsbury AUTOS FOB SALE FINArCLOSEOUT tnnd New 1967 OLDSMOBILE 98 Convertible SAVE MORE THAN $1100.hia luxury car has & gleaming white exterior flnlmli wlui a black top and a rich, red Interior. It'«eijulpptd with jwtr steering, bralcea and seat lor r:actlcally effortleil driving. Other extras included are white walls, front and mr seat belt/!, and lane-cimngliiff dl- ;ctional algnalo. LIST PRICE $ CLOSEOUT PRICE $3750 Cish In on Uie BIO SAVINGS on ttii >ne of i> kind deal a.1... RUSSELL OLDSMOBILE. CADILLAC CO. 100 Nfwman Bpringi R<i., Red Banlc MT AUITIN HEAI.EY New pilot idd lof, 19M tnlu-.t. Beat orftr. Olll (More Classified Ads On The Nat Page) TRUCKS FOR SALE NEED A USED TRUCK? I've Got 'Em (3) PICKUPS (1) WINDOW VAN (1) STAKE BODY (1) CARRYALL See Lou Bruff at TOM'S FORD 200 HWY. 35 KEYPORT AUTOS FOR SALE COMPARE THESE PRICES WITH THOSE ASKED FOR THE SAME CARS IN OTHER ADS. YOU'LL SEE WHY IT PAYS TO SHOP US! 3-WAY GUARANTEE '61 GALAXIE $ 395 Four-door Hardtop. '64 CALIENTE $1150 Conv»rtible, 8-cylindtr. Power Steering. '63 MERCURY $1195 Colony Park Wagon, Air Conditioned. '65 FORD $1395 Custom 500, Four-Door; '65 MOHTCLAIR $ dr. hardtop. Full power, air conditioned. '(6 MUSTANG $1795 Cruiiomatic, Power Steering. Factory Warranty. '65 MERCURY $1995 Colony Park Wagon. '66 LTD $2095 Two-door hardtop, full power, '66 MERCURY $2295 Four-Door Hardtop, Factory Warranty.. '67 MUSTANG $2495 Executive Car. 8-cyl. Crafiematie. Power steering. '67 GALAXIE 500 $2595 Two-Door, Four-Door Hard> tops, Factory Warranty. '67 LTD $2795 Two-door hardtop, full power. Air conditioned. '65 LINCOLN $3295 Continental, Air Conditioned. Factory Warranty. '66 LINCOLN $3995 Continental, Air Conditioned. Factory Warranty., '67 LINCOLN $4795 Continental, Air Conditioned. Factory Warranty. WE INVITE YOU TO TEST DRIVE THE EXCITING NEW '68 FORD MOUNT-ENGLISH SINCE 1904 MONMOUTH & MAPLE AVES.. RED BANK JK^-WJ" i^y?* ^^v v ^r~> vrv'-ry Kitson Chevrolet '66 CHEVELLE ^1995 Malibu V-8 sport coupa, automatic transmission, radio, heater, power steering. '65 CHEVELLE Malibu V-8 two-door hardtop, automatic transmission, radio, heater, power steering. '64 CHEVROLET Impala V-8 sport coupe, two-door hardtop. Automatic transmission, radio, heater. Power steering. '66 CORVAIR Monza four-door hardtop. Automatic transmission, radio, heater. '64 CHEVROLET V-8 Impala four-door hardtop, automatic transmission, radio, heater, 1 power steering. '64 CHEVROLET Impala V.8 convertible, automatic tranimiiiion, radio, heater, power iteering. '64 BUICK Wilcjcat convertible, automatic transmission. Radio, heater, power iteering, buclcet seats. '62 CHEVROLET 5995 Impala V-8 convertible, automatic frammiiiion, radio, heater, power steering. '63 FALCON 5595 Two-door..dan, itandard traniminion. Radio, heater. '60 LINCOLN 5495 Two-door hardtop, automatic tranimiiiion. Radio, heater, power steering, pcw» biftltu,., OK USED TRUCKS '65 CHEVROLET $1IOC I *58 CHEVROLET $QQC V» n - # «# I I'/i ton utility body. ##V KITSON CHEVROLET (NEXT TO MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION STATION) HWY EATONTOWN

24 AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FO8 SAI-E AUTOS FOB SAD? Will AH Utfl IX IHvit. i n iivm fllutuj: UTATIOH W>'iOW AUTOS FOR SALE DART CORONET POLARA Excellent condition. CiUl between 5 Ip.m. 7< AUTOS FOR SALE 68 DODGES $20 Down $20 Down $20 Down AT BOB RAGO'S $54.53 Mo. $58.27 Mo. $67.56 Mo. TOWN & COUNTRY DODGE 60 MAIN ST MAT A WAN GO BETTER GO SAFER IN A USED CAR FROM MONMOUTH COUNTY'S IMPORT LEADER IMPORTS T947 TOYOTA Station Wagon, ncellent condition $1, SPITFIRE, red miles. Take over payments...$ FIAT 1500 Super Sport Convertible $1, JAGUAR XKE Convertible, mint condition $2, VOLKSWAGEN, itm roof, immaculate $825 I960 HGA Roadster, radio, neater _ J 7«S 1960 JAGUAR 3.4 Sedan, automatic '.."j, M I95» PEUGEOT 403, nice ear }1«5 DOMESTIC 196* FORD FAIRLANE GTA... SI 995 Convertible. Red. One owner. All power! ' FORD Galaxie 500 $1 i n Two-Ooof ho.d-top. Full power. Out owner." '" ' 1965 MARUN two-door Hardtop $1 595 All-power V4. AM/FM. radio. " 19*8 FORD Custom two-door Sedan $1,195 Automatic. Six-cylinder. One owner. 1*65 CHEVROLET four-door Sedan, lei Air... $1,395 Slx-cyllrWe'. Automatic. O«owner. 196S OLD1MOIIU Cutlass $1 795 Two-door hord-iop. All power. ' 1961 RAMILER 660 Cross Country S tori on Wagon $750.,.. One owner. Red Bank Auto Imports MONMOUTH COUNTY'S IMPORT LEADER 119 E. Newman Springs Rd Red Bank ON DOUBLE CHECKED USED CARS '65 BUICK $2495 Bronte, air RIvTara. :ondifionftd. 19,000 miles. '63 BUICK $1345 LeSibre convertible, gold. Whtta fop, automatic transmission. Power steering. '64 BUICK $1495 Wildcat four-door hardtop. Platinum, automatic transmission, power steering, excellent condition. '65 BUICK $1995 LeSabre convertible. Powder blue, white top. Immaculate. "65 CHEVROLET $1845 '- Impdla jport,. coupe. Silver blue, automatic transmission, power steering,.harp. '64 BUICK $3195 Riviera, powder blue. 17,000 miles, like new. '66 BUICK $3095 Electra four-door hardtop. Powder blue, air conditioned, full power. '63 OLDS $ convertible, black. Red interior, full power. Extra Special 1964 BUICK SKYLARK Four-door. Navy Blue, V-8, automatic transmission. Power staering. THESE PLUS MANY MORE DOUBLE CHECKED USED CARS ARE READY TO MOVE FAST!!! COME TO MONMOUTH COUNTY'S LARGEST BUICK DEALER! BOB WHITE BU.CK-OPEL Shrewsbury Avc Shrewsbury 1963 DODGE DART GT I'LYMOIJTH VM2Belvedere, or» via n. OrlRin! owner. Air >nffl. Til rtin, hua.1 er, automatic > wer ' rliik- G condition. i V> ~>0 (irrn. 741-&11S* lifter <J.aj - gbowrovm n*w! HOT ' lc dowo. Bant will llnance tna, only WHO weekly. Call OASIS. Rt. 9, Sayranlle, PA , for quick credit ok. OORVAIK 1962 Monza (ouf-door «. peed. Zelbart rmt prool. {Excellent condition CHEVROLET I960 Bljcayne twotone. Samllewood and crtam top Ratill, litaur, wlilte walln. Excellent: Klmt SHOO. Call S65 BEi0E~V0LKSWAGEN Sedan. Excellent condition. Asking SUM). 6T1- four- condf- Bhlft, 75,0«fl:30 JM9 FOKD Six cylinder, stick shift. Five n«w tires. Good condition., $140, IJOIJOE 10C6 VAN Six cylinder. Windows on all el den, rs. SlfJ.IO SKI CHEVROLET Two door Elx ylinder stick. New front end antl ra- Iliilor M2-0.1M l'ontiac WAGONV orlles. Automatic transmission. Two unow Urea. J3M) CORVAIIt MONZA Call a 1963 OLDSMOBILE BTARKIBE Full power. $1175. Call CONVERTIBLE CORVETTE 7,000 miles, $4,000 firm. Call OLDSMOBILE Super 68 hardtop. Power steering, power brakes, automatic MU8TANG FASTBACK 2 plus J!- 1 Console selectomatlc. Fold down ratir leati. Gold. Beit offer. Call tluum RENAULT Four-door Perfect condition. Call AUTOS FOR SALE THE FAMILY CIRCUS "Shall I puf on my short-sleeved pants today or my long-sleeved ones?" " AUTOS FOR SAtE I960 CHEVROLET IMPALA AU made V-8. Full price RASS. PONTIAC, 385 Bro»4 St., Red Bai 1965 VOLKSWAGEN Deluxe coll WhltewaU Urei. Good shape, AUTOS FOR SALE SAVE NOW BUG DISCOUNTS BRAND NEW FACTORY FRESH 1968s Factory Frwli o8'«valiants Plymouth* Chryslers Wagons Sole Price $1950 $2150 $2895 $ CHRYSLER New Yorker 4 Dr. Hdtp. 66 PLYMOUTH 2 Door Hardtop. 66 PONTIAC Catalina 2 Dr. Hdtp. 66 FORD Country Squire Sta, Wgn. 65 PLYMOUTH Fury 4 Door Hardtop. 64 CHEVROLET Imp a! a 2 Door Hardtop. Pay Down N O N E Pay Monthly $46.58 $51.36 $69.84 $ CHEVROLET Impala Super Sport, 66 CHRYSLER Newport 4 Door Sedan. 66 CHEVROLET Impels 4 Dr. Ste. Wgn. 65 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4 Door Seden. 65 CHRYSLER New Yorker 4 Dr. Sedan. 64 PLYMOUTH Fury 4 Door Hardtop, FULL FINANCING EVEN IF YOU HAVE 2 LOANS WE WILL PAY OFF OLD BALANCE 5 YEARS TO PAY NO MONEY DOWN BAYSHORE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH FIRST AYE. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS MULI.ER QUALITY '67 ALPINE $2100 Roodsicr, l,m original miles. "Bond box condition." '67 VOLKSWAGEN $2495 Completely equipped lor camping. "Like new." 66 FALCON' SH95 Fulura»6<ylinder, sport coupe. Fully equipped. Red ond white. '66 MUSTANG $1795 S'X cylinder. Standard transmission. Radio and heater. 46 CHEVROLET $1795 Bel Air, two-door coupe. Six cylinder, fully equipped, white. '66 CHEVELLE $1995 Super Sport Mallbu sport coupe. Fully equipped, maroon. 66 CHEVELLE $1995 Molibt) sport convertible. Fully equipped/ bronze.' '66 CHEVELLE $1795 Four-door sedan. Fully equipped, blue. '66 CHEVROLET $1895 Piscayne wagon, eight-cylinder. Fully equipped, ton. '66 CHEVROLET S2I9S Impala sport coupe, V-fl. Air-condition.. Fully equipped. Power steering. Yellow. '66 CHEVY II $1895 Nova sport coup*. Fully equipped, bhje. '65 BUICK $1995 Wildest convertible. Fully equipped. Full/ powered. '65 CHEVROLET $1295 Six-cylinder, Btecayne sedan, standard transmission, radio and heater. '45 CHEVROLET $1795 Conve tible, eight-cylinder. Fully equipped. P.S., orchid. '65 CHEVROLET $1895 tmpala V-8 sport sedan.. R;lly equipped) power steering. Air condition. "65 RAMBLER $1095 American four-door. Fu'ly equipped, -oreen. USED CARS '64 FORD $795 Sport ccwpe, four-speedf black. As Is. '64 CHCVELLE $ , tour-door. Fully equipped, green. 64 RAMBLER $695 pour-door redon. Six cylinder. Green. 64 CADILLAC $1995 DeVllle lodan, fully equipped. Air condltl oned, turquoise, blue. 64 CHRYSLER $1495 New V'orker, four-door. Fully ei nipped, 1 P.S., oroy. '64 CORVAIR $995 Monza cnupe, fully equipped. Turquoise. '64 CHEVROLET $1295 Bel Air, two-door. Fully equipped, tan. 63 CHEVROLET $1295 V-8, ImpaOo, 4-door hardtop. Fully equipped, power steering. "Mint condition." '63 CHEW II $795 Two-door sedan, standard trpftsmlssloti, radio ond heater. '63 FALCOtM $595 Two-door. Fully equipped. 63 OLDSMOBILE $895. Two-door setian, fully equipped. '63 PONTIAC $1295 Bonnevll e sport coupe: Fully equipp ed, fully powered. 63VJ FORD $1195 Gafaxle hardtop. Fully equipped. Power steering. Blue. '63 FALCON $695 fwo-^oor. Standard. Black. '63 CHEVROLET $995 Bel Air, two-door. Six cylinder. Fully equl pped. Blue, '63 CHEVROLET $1295 \ - Bel Air sttshon wagon. Fully equipped. '62 PONTIAC $795 Tempest UiAAant coupe, Fully equipped. White. '61 BUICK $795 Convertible, "showroom condition," origliol wlilte--finish, red Irrlenliir, power. MANY MORE TO CHOOSE P R O M- NO MONEY DOWN EASY CREDIT \muheir RT. 34 CORNER ATLANTIC AVE. TEL By Bil Keone! AUTOS FOB SALE BUSINESS NOTICES AUTOS FOR SALE 1367 FORD Falrlane, V8. Crtfianml drive. Vinyl top. Full. power and conditioning. Like new U. IMS THUNDERBIRD CONVERTIBLE- Air conditioning, power windows vents; power antenna, AM-FA1 and dining «cat. $ ( MO-B IBM White roadster; Wl wheels, Mlch^ltp X. Torine&u cove Original owner. 32,000 mll l. Must seen. Asking J Call a( 6 p.m OLDSMOBILE 88 convertlbl Very clean, low mileage. Reasonabl TEMPEST CUSTOM V8. Vi good condition. Many extras. Automi Ic CHEVELLE 1865 Two-door, Jlx-cylli der, standard shift, leather bucket seats. Excellent condition. $885 firm Call alter 6 p.m VOLKSWAGEN Gulf blue, wh«upholstery. Very clean, flew white wall lifts or Ask for Don. FORD 1083 FalrlanB Country Squlr Low mileage. NO money down. Ban will llnance W93, only *3.6O weekl bank payments. Call OA815, lit. Bayrevllle, PA for phone crei O.K. CLASSIC 1932 CHEVROLET SEDAN- Partly restored extra engine and tranj mission. Other parts lor Chevrolet an other old can. Call after 5 p.i 1961 CHEVROLET WAGON Au matlc Six. Full price {250. RASS PONTIAC. 395 Broad St., Red rani CHEVROLET station wagon, cylinder, standard transmission. Go* condition FORD four-door hardtop. Autom lc V-8. Full price J200. RAS8AS PONT; AC, 395 Broad St., Red Bank COMET 1962 Black station wag' Perfect condition. Brand new sn< tlrei. Radio. Winterized. *700. Call 7' 1L05 after 6 p.m. MUSTANG 1988 convertible, V- automatic, power steering. Showroc: new. NO money down. Bank will ( nance (1,495, only (14.80 weekly. Ca CASIS. Rt. 9 Sayrevllle. PA It fast credit O.K MUSTANG miles. (130 Call days. After 7 p.m., 71 ooo«. BUICK 1963 Riviera. Automatl power steering and brakes, power wii 200 Hwy Keyport CASHIER Part-time. Call for appointment, Newman Spring dows, whltewalla. Radio and Heate 20 Bridge Ave. Red Market, M Newman Springs Rd., Rod white leather Interior, "Mint"! N Hank. FULL AND PART-TIME openings lor money down. $1595, only $44.80 week] BOATS AND ACCESSORIES Janitors, Monday through Friday. Call payments. Call MARGOL Ford, Rout DENTAL ASSISTANT School tralne< Madison Township, '^-mlle south BARGAIN 1959 ChrU Cralt 21' cabin or experienced. Must live within 8 to 1 Sayrewoods Shopping Center crulaer, 60 h.p. Excellent. Beit olfei miles of-red Bank area. Salary open, SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT - :or credit O.K. over $ hrs. per week. No evenings. Age am. to 9 p.m., six daya a week. 40 years. Call Overtime paid. Must have good qualifications and character references. Call 1960 FORD tudor automatic six. FulCABIN SLOOP Wood 20'. Head, dacs, price $100. BASSAS PONTIAC, 39 Seagull outboard. Very good condition. CHAMBERMAIDS Full-time posi S6O, between 8 a.m. 6 p.m. Broad St., Red Bank. 741-S or tions available, year y round. Apply duri ing day d before bf 4 a p.m. No phone ppy calls. BUICK 1963 LeSabre. AIR COI28" CABIN BOAT Sleeps two. Needs HOWARD JOHNSON, ON Motor Mt Lodge, Ld Rt. DITIONED. Full power. "Tip-top" co: work on six-cylinder engine. $400. Call ditlon! NOT lc down. Bank will H. 35, Middletown. nance $765, only $8.40 weekly. ( OPERATOR For draperies. Experienced or will train. Full or part time, OASIS, Rl- 9 Sayrsvllle, PA fi 1959 THOMPSON. 18' h.p. hp. John-J quick credit approval. Ctibl Convertible top. t Fll Fully equipped id BELFORD FABRICS, CHEVROLET 1864 Impala statli wason. V-8. automatic, power steerl anil brakes, radio and heater, whi walls. A real beauty! NO money dowi J1595 or S14.8O weekly payments. Ca! MARGOL Ford. Route 9, Madison Towi ihlp, %-mlie»outh ol Sayrewocrt Shopping Center, tor credit Of 1S63 RENAULT Full 'price $39: RASSAS PONTIAC, 395 Broad St., R( Bank CHEVROLET 1964 Impala two-doc hardtop. Automatic. V-8, radio an heater. Like new! rjot'lc aown. will finance $1095. only (10.80 per weel Call OA9IS, Rt. 9, Bayrevllle, PA quick credit O.K. LOW MILEAGE Country Squli 196). Baautllul black V8 automat Power steering, power brakes, rad! healer, white sldewalu. 100% thirty d guarantee. Come In and ask for Rus, Rudolph, TOM'S FORD, Hwy. 35, Key port CHRYSLER NEWPORT Goc condition. Must bo seen, $395. C; MINT CONDITION 1966 Mlistani candy apple red. VB, automatic. Radl' white sldewalls. 100% thirty day guarai tee. Come in and ask for Russ Rudolph, TOM'B FORD, Hwy. 35, Keyport BUICK WILDCAT Excetli condition. Ha! everything. One owner Price reasonable. R. Grant, 741-3O26 FOUR SPEED 1967 FAIRLANE 289" V8 engine.' Yellow Is the color. Llki :w la the condition. 100% thirty da: j&rantee. Come in and ask for Rusi Rudolph, TOM'S FDRD, Hwy. 35, Key port CADILLAC Low mileage, lik lew. Fully equipped, air condltlonli :est ofier CHEVROLET Four-door ha! :op. VS, automatic, power steering. Beautiful silver blue. Guaranteed ste: stern. Ask for Harry at TOM FORD FORD Cortlnas. Immediate di livery. Standard transmission or auti matlc. From $1875. Theae are ne cars. Ask for Chick or Harry at TO&I': FORD, VOLKSWAGEN SEDAN (423. Call 'LYMOUTH 1957.' Standard transmission. $65. Call MUSTANG Hardtop Vi Autc iatlc Power steering. One for the autlous buyer. Radio, heater, $1975. uk for Chick Ludwlck at TOM'E 'ORD BUICK RIVIERA Fully equipped Must sell, won new car. Call or MUSTANG natic. A for Harry 'ORD Convertible V8 auto- Fall Bargain. $1695. Immlng at TOM' 962 CHEVROLET IMPALA.CON. ERTIBLE 283 cu. in. enuine wit tutomntic transmission,, power steel ng, radio and heater. Two new Urea ^w rear window. Excellent contlltlo Inside and out. Call C6. >'OR TllE FAMILY MAN Ka on station wagon. Radio, heati-r, rool ack. Six-cylinder standard transmis. ion. Remainder of 50,000 mile guaran en. Dnrgaln at $1975. ABk for Hal I TOM'S FORD, IHKVROLET 1560 Slatlon wagon.utomatic. Excellent condition. $450 or cst offer. 787-COH1. 'NE WAS I.EI'T OUT! ncalltlful Jalaxlo "BOO" twotloor harilt/ip. Rer «i>.iiifttf,. V8, auvomnut..powtr«_.. nnd alt tllo BoodloB. Ask Tor Chick Iwlck at TOM'3 FOUD (12 Four-door. 1'iit trannrnli^ion' pump ;i2r> or olltt. Call AUTO RENTALS LEASE A NEW FORD MERCURY OR CONTINENTAL! ENGLISH MOTORS Mapla Av« Red Bank lent condition. 19,000 miles. 51, : E Newman Sl>rinK3 Rii., Red Bh TKKKS CUT IKJW.N AND HAULEI 842-2HW. AWAY. abjft rates ami frife es Umatc U. 19SO «1IC VAN' '2-ton, IV body. E* fait Tll-G*»88 bt;lween S:30-5:3O cellent fyjnrlitlrjn. $1500. In'iulre Corn M & K BASEMENT WATERPROOFING - gan's, 127 Oakland St., Red Bank, O CO. y free HOUSEWIVES - MOTHERS Earn call $24 tor 8 hours, local sales, full or parttime. Write Box M-196, The Dally male. 92">-rifJ! INTERNATIONAL SCOUT JTWNT, f)(i <K IN MY HOME Ai Regioter, Red Bank. plete with anow plow. S235O. WALT'I work done on electric typewriter. Tic CHEVRON STATION, up and return f> CHEVROLET Sport van. $l,3-'io PAT KEELEN'S AUTO SALES EMPLOYMENT 50 Hwy. 36., Keansburg HELP WANTED-FEMALE 1955 FIVE-TON DODCIE TRUCK Large bwly. Good condition. Very goorl BEAUTICIAN WANTED Full o tires. AskrnOJ2E~103 Port Monmoutr Rd.. Port Monmouth FORD F250»i ton pick-up wit top camper and six wheels. Call MOTORCYCLES JAWA 250 cc Sport, $175. Call MOBILE HOMES x47 Two bedrooms. Excellent condition. $200 down. Assume $43 monthly payment Must sell due to Illness. 10 Hazlet Trailer Court Hwy. 36, Hazlet ' FOOTBALL FANS l Tha "In" way to go" Score a >b!g game with Schlffman': football special 14' of pure enjoyment eatlng-sleeplm and traveling at Its best-and it can be parked at the stadium. The money you save wit! this touch-down special will more thai pay for your seasons tickets. Get in a huddle with Your crowd for $1,495 SCHIFFMAN'S 46 Oceanport Ave., W. Long Branch TRACTORS TRACTOR International, Super A-l, Very good conditioa Cultivator!, two 16" plows, furrowing sled, $ , after 6 p.m LARGE OLTVER TRACTOR - With scoop. Good condition. Sacrifice, 'Port Monmoutii Rd., Monmouth WANTED AUTOMOTIVE Port JUNK CARS REMOVED FREE DAY OR NIGHT JUNK CARS BOUGHT Twlnbrook Auto Wrecking Eatontown JUNK CARS WANTED LPN SHORE AUTO WRECKERS 544 RS person, GET CASH FOR YOUR FOREIGN AMERICAN AND SPORTS CARS AT MONMOUTH MOTORS, INC., Hwy. 35, Eatontown AUTO RENTALS TOM'S FORD RENT A CAR Call ' cabin cruiser, partially rebuilt. $350 and \o\ it away ' SLOOP Wood hull, dacron sails Sleeps three. Head, galley.?2,995. Call ' ZOBEL, 215 Interceptor. Flying bridge, outriggers. Top condition. $3000. M2-O314. CT4EAN CELLARS, YARDS, OARAGES Have truck. Lljht hauling. Call after p.m IHTERIOR-EXTERIOR DECORATING ACKHOE BULLDOZING Mowlne, plowing, pumping, laterals. All aeptlo ank work. BEN BRYAN. 6I1-058J. PAINTING Interior-exterior Free estimates RUBBER STAMPB Made to order Fast efficient service. Use at home or business. Call or GENERAL CONTRACTING URNITURE MOVING Attics and sellars cleaned. Frea estimates. Call T EXPERT WATCH, Clock and jewelry -epalrlng. Year's guarantee, work done >n premises. H, Rosin, Jeweler, IB W.?ront St., Red Bank. FrMay, Nm THh I-MJI.V MJAsThH nyi i. t.u''*. zjj-.'n'jh wy ( > T.KI, fjti - 1W~ Vi.nn.*, tv-.i. V.. t. fajfl. 1'AA'ji. vu'.tjt eltijfcwailj I-'/J'' winy /Uy g'i*.n.tme. f>afj* la ej/. HELP WANTED FEMALE 1*1. tor Ji'.'SS fivmvb, T9Wi V<r Hwy. 36, Keypr/rt. 2M-16OX WAJTRESSES Experienced. Full *cd WINDOWS WASHED - Business and part-time, day work. Appjy Cararor) TRUCKS FQR SALE residential. Free estimates. Call 566- Restaurant, 29 Broad St., Red Bank BANK Experienced proof" jnachlne SEPTIC TANK TRUCK Very goofl HOHE IMPROVEMENTS Painting, operator, IBM or NCR. Contact IV. condition. 1,000 gal. Best offer. For paneling, sheet rock. Floors and glass Devrle3, N. J. National Bank, 174 Broadway, Long Branch. details call after 5 J p.m. installed after 5: CHEVROLET Corvalr half-tor CUSTOM MADE HUTCHES In CLERK-TYPIST* For admitting off!ce, weekenda and holidays, from 4 pickup. Excellent condition. $795. Cat tlque finishes, any size ). p.m. tn 12 midnight. Call Rtverview K&Jt TREE ANU POLE CO. Free 1965 Oilc ^ ton pick-up. Helpt: estimates. Clothes pole3. Trees trimmed. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Experienced wireri and aolderers APPLY IN PERSON ELECTRONIC ASSISTANCE CORP. 20 Bridge Ave. Red Ban! WOMAN WANTED Full time, foi two-girl office. Diversified duties. Must be reliable-and s-willing worker. Apply between 1-4 p.m. J.J. NEW- BERRY, Broad St., Red Bank, COUNTER HELP WANTED Apply Top Hat Cleaners, Hwy. 35, Middletown. TWO EXPERIENCED BEAUTICIANS Full or part-time. Call KELI"""" BEAUTY SALON, 787-2X31, WAITRESS WANTED 5 to 12 p.m. Apply In person. The Pub., Hwy, 35, Middletown., SEAMSTRESS OR WOMAN TAILOR WANTED Apply 5 to 6 p.m., STAR CLEANERS, 132 Myrtle Ave., Long MATURE WOMAN IN GOOD HEALTH Three children. Can cook, clean house. Complete charge of household, sleep In WAITRESS Experienced, tray service. Must be 21 years ot age or over Open evenings only, Sun. to Thurs., 6 to 10 p.m. Frl., Sat. 6 p.m. to mid' night. Phone for Interview after 6 p.m The Rumaon Hotel, 10 Waterman Ave. Rumson WOMAN For candy stand in theatre, Must be neat and reliable. Hours 6:3 to 10::iO, Men. to Frl. Sat. Sun. \:.\ to 10:30 p.m. Town Theatre Hwy. 35 at Palmer Avc., Middletown. to 3 and 3 to 11. Apply In Monmouth Convalt C ter, 229 Bath Ave.; Long Branch. NURSES' AIDES And housekeeper. Call for appointment, HOLMDEL NURSING HOME, ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER Knowledge of machine bookkeeping desirable. Full time. Salary open according to experience. MIHM CORP., 3"" Ocean Ave., Sea Bright FULL AND PART-TIME Liquidator b C l L I l WOMAN To work on sandwich ' oard. 11 to 2. Five days a week. Holmdel area. Call OPERATORS FOR MILITARY CLOTH ING Single needle, double needle, spe dais. High wages, good benefits, excel lent working conditions. ABATE CLOTHING MFGBS., West A Willow Long Branch. ^^ Hospital , Ext RESPONSIBLE GENERAL HOUSE- WORKER To live in. Must have refurenct-s. Call DAY WORKER Two days a week at yo;ir cunvenience. Hours 9:30-4 p.m.- APPLICATIONS Now being accepted for part-time, evenings and days. Apply Ladies' Department, Atlai lc Superma. AVON CALLLNG CHItfSTWAS SELLING IN FULL SWING. Yes, our Representatives are enjoying big weekly Income? )arl-tlm<;, experiencud. Tiara Beaut right now. You' too can join and Salon, Hwy. 35, Hazlet. 2G insure a Merry Christmas for your SALESLADIES For ChrlstmaH sea family. Call Avon, or 4'2- In deluxe' store. Pull time. Appl 3377 or write J. Blrchall, P.O. Box with references to Box A-143, The Dail' 788, Port Monmouth. ReRlutcr, Red Bank. NURSES' AIDES All shifts, five dhy week- Paid holidays. Apply In person, QUALITY ASSURANCE Brookdale Nursing Home, 3325 Hwy. 35, Hazlet. DEPARTMENT. MATURE WOMAN Part-time to answer office telephone and da light o'- fice work. One whole day and thri > VlBual-Mechaatcal assembly Inspector! half days. Call Mrs. McAHster, :-' for electrical sub-assemblies and com' ponenu. LApY To work in liquor store. Apply In person, Patterson Liquor Wiring and soldering inspectors to Store, Hwy. 36 and Florence Ave., components mounted on chassis. Keyport. ' SAU>3PERSON Stationery, 'office DENTAL ASSISTANT No experie 21* LUHRS Cabin. Head. Full canvas 200 Gray marine. Excellent condl- be considered. Write Box Z'100, The necessary. Only complete resume - Ion. In water. Call Dally Register, Red Bank. MOfVTNG 13' fiberglass 35 h.p. 'SALESWOMEN PuH~or- part time Evlnrude. Trailer. J450. Call Apply In"" person, Fashion - Fair, 8'.fter 5 p.m Broad St., Red Bank. BUS DRIVER For local school district. $2.10 per hour. 10 month position. STORAGE and SERVICE Pension and hospltallzatlon. Apply In ARMSTRONG CORK CO. person, 171P.A Union Ave., Hazlet. Secretary's office. No experience necea- t*era and Francis Sts. Keyport Have your outboard motor wlnterlzei and stored at y, will train. An equal opportunity employer THE BOATMAN'S SHOP HOUSEKEEPER y- Part-time. Call between 4 and 5 p.m. Little Silver area. ger lor dry cleaning plant. Excellent YOUNG MAN As assistant mana- New Jersey's Largest Marine Supply House, 24 Wharf Ave., Red Bank. Three days, 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. opportunity to learn good paying trade. 7U-578O Vacation with pay, paid holidays, Blue OR RETAIL STORE Full and BUSINESS NOTICES iart-time. Branch Brook Company. Call Ul A SECRETARIAL POSITION Ikillcd, well rounded Individual needed '.or research department. tfust be bright, personable, have Inltla Jve and ability to accept responsibility. lend complete resume to Personnel lepartment..mining. Apply ATCO CERAMICS LP., Hwy. 35, Koyport. N Kor driving and general work. CITGO r ull or [iiirt-tlme. Permanent position. Vpply Norwood Distributors, Inc., 626 Cities Service Oil Company nuktivay, Long Branch, and see Mr. 'iscnjio. Product & Process Research irawer 2 Cranbury, N. J, An Equal Opportunity Employer CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY supplies. Full time position. Exp«i i- ience. helpful but not essential. Apply in person 9-11 a.m. or 3-5 p.m. Tetley'S, 17 Brood St.. Red Bank, WOMAN WANTED To work in outof-town bachelor's modern-home. Separate living quarters. Little cooking References required. Call A. Kozlcky HOUSEWORKER Full time. No cooking. Experienced. References. Call after 6 p.m BEAUTICIAN Red Bank Shop, established alncs 1933 Full or part time. Call , 8:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. RELIABLE WOMAN To take care of Infant. Must have own transportation. Permanent position. Call before 2 p.m. DENTAL HYQIEN18T To-work In Red Bank area. Full or part time. Write Box E-148, The-Dally Register, Red. Bank. HELP WANTED-MALE EXPERIENCED PUNCH PRESS OP- ERATOR Looking for Bteady work with overtime. Apply tn person, Eatey Metal Products, 1 Catherine St., Red Bank. ST CONTROL OPERATOR To K at a well-established local f rm In Red Bank. Experience.required and references. Liberal benefits. Please rite P.O. Box 700, Red Bank. CAR WASHERS PART-TIME, WEEK- ENDS ONLY. Minimum age 16. Only men. conditioned hard work need apply. Training In detailing, vacuuming, steaming, etc. Country Sudser Car Wash, Rt. 35, Middletown. QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT Visual-Mechanical assembly Inspectors for electrical sub-assemblies and components. MACHINE SHOP Experience 1st, 2na and 3rd class machines. APPLY IN PERSON -ELECTRONIC- ASSISTANCE CORP. SEMI-RETIRED MAN Needed for cleaning and deliveries In retail store. Full time, steady employment. Apply, with references, to Box A-142, 'The Dilly Register, Red Bank. SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT - Full time. days. Married and experienced. Apply In person, Llncrott Ssso, Newman Springs Rd. CLERK TYPIST To work In dispatching office. Apply In person. Nappl Trucking Corp., Rte 34, MatawAn.. PLUMBER Experienced only. Steady year round work. Call PRODUCTION EMPLOYEES - Good- atartlns.salary Excellent bcnerit program. {{capitalization Life insurance ^, Retirement Cross. Apply mornings, Top Hat Clean- Hwy. 35, Middletown. DISHWASHERS Night shift open. Apply in porson, Shore Manor Diner, Hwy 35, Keyport. DELIVERY Call Suburban Pharmacy SHIFT WORKERS Work part or full time. Earn MO for ten to twelve hours. Commission. Call FACTORY WORKERS Full time employment. Hospltallzatlon, paid holidays and other benefits. Some ot>s paying incentive rates after short (More Classified Ads On The Next Page) A HANDY GUIDE OF BUSINESS SERVICES TO SUIT YOUR MANY NEEDS! Adding Machines Typewriter! ADDING MACHINES Typewrlteri sold, rented, repaired. 8erplco'a 101 Monmouth St., Red Bank, Asphalt Paving GENERAL ASPHALT PAVING ING Blacktop driveways and parking lots. Call for free estimatcb Ceramic Tile Contractors ORRAMIO TH.11 Would you like a modern ceramlo tile bath or kitchen? AH work guaranteed, Vrco estimates, Call 2C Diamonds Bought or Restyled Lot us buy tho. diamonds you don'l wear or let us rentylo tliem for 1 you persons])/. JltfiujrHlW, 36 'Broad Si. Draperies Upliolatfiring, Draperloa, New Furniture, Bedspreads, Slipcovers, Hods, Foam Rubber. Custom Or Heady Made Goldon Touch Decorators 177 Broad at., Red Bank, J Next To Now Post Offico. Entertainment Tlckoti avaliahlo for latest Broad* way shows and Major Sports Events, 17a Monmouth at., lied Bank. General Contractors CARPENTRY Remodeling, nanelins, steps, sidewalks, pailos. Reasonable rates. B42-43&5, WORKING MAN'S CONTRACTOR Alterations. Repairs. Masonry. Small jobs, too. SD1-97I4. CARPENTRY, cabinetry, Formica work and odd JOIIH *8 after 5 p.m, Free estimates' reasonable. Insulation & Siding INSULATION A 3IDIN0 COIIP "- Also windows, roofs, gutters, etc year guarantee. Day or night 775-8*07. Adam Llnzmayer ! Odd Jobs YARDS, OEL.LAR8, garages, stores cleaned up. Have truck. Free estlmatca. U1-2U9 after 3 p.rn. Painting and Decorating U U. HILL Painter Intarlor ami exterior. No jobs ton largo or too imn.ll. Very rensonabto. Call INTERIOiR AND EXTERIOR painting. Also decorating- Our prices aro cheaper than theirs. Call Stack Painting Co. for free estimates.,,741-4e>:>0. PAINTIN Cr And~wiLTr~p npcringi Lawn acrvioo nnil window cleniilnc. Immoiliato fren esllmntu nnri iiorvlen, Fully tnsurrd. FAIR HAVEN HOMH SUPPLY, Hi2-l!>7;t»r 71M;B,I(). THOMAS 31,ATE Fieo Eallm.-itRa Painting and Decorating Fully tnnurcd 74 Fainting and Decorating CARL B. JONES - Painting and wallpapering. Fully Insured..For free estimates, call 7* * PAINTING-PAPER HANGING-PLAS- TER REPAIRS - Rooms S23 and up. Clean work, Pearl and Bead Restringtag Expertly on braided nylon. $1.50 a strand. Sterling clasps from 75c. REUSSILLES-, 36 Broad St., Red Bank. Plumbing and Heating PLUMBING Heating and bathroom remodeling. CORRIGAN'S Oakland St., Red Bank Roofing, Siding & Insulation - Of.S'R'.V *o6> INC. RooTlng; airtlngtx insulation InntaUcd nnd guaranteed for 10 yenrd. 77.J-O70.I BIDING - Al.'ien, Uiipont Tedlar and Alcoa. Work Kiifintntoed. PROWN'S 32 SI. Hi-ii nank 7U-T50O Sower Cleaning JAdK'B SKWKIt OI.EANINP. With lolrutrli; ut'w<-r Hooter, All liou:it>lii>lil ilnilnn. pipes anil sswir ll Window Cleaning AAA WINDOW Ol.F.ANlNci COMMERCIAL AND INDUg'l'IUAL 7I7-5543

25 24 -Kndav Vx.l WA.STKD -.MALE THr. DAILY 1U.U-1I.H BLSI.VF.SS OPPORTUNITIES hi, A. 1, l/.-.'-ily kit-. r'.ilfr FOR SALE HELP WANTED - MALE Jujisj^a iuto &><3y, VJX 'i, S/tulii /jr.- toy, «.;. or e«u in-xm. AUTO GLASS.MAN Expertenced- Good pay. Apply Morris Plate Glass, 10 Maple Ave., Red Bank. MECHANIC Truck equipment C*ll Mr. Gray MAN For progressive newspaper, relief driver and assist mailroom. Fine future foi right man. 5-day week, fu company benefits. Call , Ext. 32 fo appointment. ACCOUNTANT/ ACCOUNTING STUDENT Part-time (15 to 20 hou weekly) Assist In accounting and sta tlstlcal assignments In hospital controller's department. Hours are flexible. Call Mr. Miner, , Ext. T'.4, a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon. through Fr 10 MEN Mechanically Inclined, to - start Inv mediately. Good starting pay. Call 7* FULL TIME PORTER Over IS. Please call or BAKER Experienced. Full or parttime. Day work. Call WAREHOUSE MAN Experience preferred. Good benefits. Six-day week. Flease call Mrs, Foster for Interview BOY OR MAN For gardening work. Call after I:U CARPET MECHANIC'S WANTED Experienced perlenced. Call EXPERIENCED.8PRAT PAINTER - Apply In person at 119 Chestnut tied. Bank. DETAILED DRAFTSMAN 8mal crowing: company, shore area, requires xperlenced detailed draftsman. Mln lmum three years experience, electro- Mechanical field. A permanent poll' lion - over 80% of company buslnesi is non government Send resume to Box 1000, Red Bank, GROCERY CLERK Night trew. Top.xperlenced man wanted. Apply FOOD- TOWN, MaUwan. TELEVISION ' APPLIANCE SERVICEMEN Full time and part-time Yull time permanent positions Available for qualified men 40 hour rive day week Part-time bench positions Available evenings. 4 to 5 hours & night Excellent company benefit program Apply Personnel Office 9:30-6:30 Monday through Saturday SEARS, ROEBUCK and Co, 1500 Hwy. 35, Mlddletown, N, J. ROAD DRIVER Must Be Experienced Driving Diesel Tractors In Addition To Over the Road Experience. Apply:, " AAA TRUCKING. CORP QUAKER BRIDGE RD. ' TRENTON Vn Equal Opportunity Employe! CUSTODIAN Ultle Silver Schools. Responsible tor good housekeeping, main* i. tenance and minor repairs. Applications \ may be bbtalned at tile office o! the Llt- \ tie Silver Board of Education, Mark-. I ham PI., Little Silver. / SINGERS Basi, Baritone, Liturgical Service. Remuneration. Call M2-O5M RECEIVING CLERK-Full time, permanent day pobltion with full fringe benefits. Experience helplul. Call Personnel OfMce, Rlvervlew Hospital, , Ext PART-TIME MAN For evenings and Saturday to work In store In Drug Dept. Experience In retailing helpfii but not necessary, S1- WAMJHOUSE MEN WANTED Some schooling required. Steady employment. Apply In person, Waterford Glass, 15 Bouth Seventh Ave., Long Branch. EXCELLENT SALES OPPORTUNITY IF YOU QUALIFY, BE YOUR OWN BOSS AS SALES REPRESENTATIVE WITH LARGE MULTI-BILLION DOL- LAR FIRM. OPPORTUNITY FOR MANAGEMENT. EXCELLENT FOR THE PERSON WITH ABILITY TO MEET AND TALK WITH PEOPLE, BEGIN WITH SALARY PLUS COM- MISSIONS, COMPREHENSIVE TRAIN- ING PROGRAM. LIBERAL FRINGE BENEFITS, CALL MB-7587, FOR AP. POINTMENT. An -equal opportunity employer M/F EXPERIENCED AUTOMOBILE ME- CHANIC Apply I.lncroft Gulf Scr- Vice, 687 Newman Springs Rd., Llncroft. KENNEL MAN Must be fond of anlmala. Good salary and' working condl' tlons. Must hava New Jersey driver's license. Call Morimotith County SPCA, between'1 and 5 p.m. Ask for Mr.s. Sneddon. ODD JOES Around estate grounds. 6 art time. Apply after 10 a.m. 138 Iain St., Oceanport. SALES CLERK For phnto store. 18 to 25 years. Duties also Include stock control anl housekeeping. Previous eamera sties not a requirement. Contact Mr. Russell, HORN'S PHOTO IHOP, INC.. is Wallace St., Red Bank. MAINTENANCE MAN pflraonabls, industrious, physically fit. Will be trained. Apply In person at MCDONALD'S DRIVE-IN 925 Hwy. y,, Mlddlotown CARPENTERS And helpers. Mid ritetown, Cooper Rd., (Caruso Con- Uructlon), or call nights, 3ft3-*742. TRAILER DRIVERS ExperlpnceiTli. handling household puods. Apply In per #on, Anderson Rros.( inc Mechanic St., Red Bank. ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN To work In production test (ipparimcnt. Elcctronlo experience necessary. Advancement opportunity (or Individual with initiative. Apply In person in Mr. H. Risen, Wlnalow Tele-.mints Inc., 1005 First Ave., Asbiiry P;irk. CARPENTER'S HELPERS Somr experience. Steady work. Call 787-0M5 nr TS7-721D. AIRCRAFT CLEANER~ANTJ' l'.efuel,- Eft Over 18. Full tlmr, rlnys. AIR TAXI CO., Rrrt Plunk Airport, Rod B«-'n. Contact l>;ive Rnrry. TECHNICIAN JUN.OR~~To assist tnplni'i'rs with di'ctrirn! and environmcniii! testing, rcpurtlnk tint a urn hull(!ing samples. Intcri-Mlng work m latest devclopmenla in cleetronii v/ituhlng. Requires basic clrdrfra knnwiedgc and fnmlllarlty with lah test eiliilnment. Excellent ccnipensatl«m p (tram Includes profit sharing. S-U wo'f. R n.m. to 4:"1 p.m. Ploasr> aji t WHEELOCK SIGNALS, INC., B:»n.hport Ave. Lfinp Branch NBW CAR AST) USED~('Alf~<Vl,EA*T UP And get-irmly men. Apply to JI SCHWARTZ ft SONS" 141-QVMl Af'rGRE^siVE AMniTlOL*8 MAN " Fr-r tnlerpstlng retail npenitimi- Will In 1 to loam. Also full anl juirt-thm help for CtirlahnHs sejisnn. nrancli P')OKKEK I 1 KR~~K 1 ve '"<hvy"(i!~tut'r(lu> ; through flaiurrtiiy. rprnianrnt Plrasanl office. Aabury Park vlclnfty. flnmo rxpprlrnco payroll, acoiunin pnyahlf, Wrltf full deuils, salitry dcslre.l, P.O. B"X 217. AllfntuirBt. N X MECHANICS Maintenance "nil construction, mbenin- «ry and hiilldtnga. Machinist*; millwrights, auto mechanic a, ploctrlrlnna and other trades. Versatility deslrn'.'.r Interviewing (or HIJ grarica, men who want pennnnt'nt Job! close to >if>mp ATCO CERAMICS CORP. u i en o w A v E "f ECii N i < ; i A N B TESTERS Ixperlencf on clectm merhdhlrnl e ponenti de«inimf\ b jl will irnln wlui proper backfirnund. Mi h -35::.'i fim and field foreman Mi-CftM. lvnrk in Ttrrt Rnnk arc'i. fall HMj-Httl,, R to R. Mnnrlay tlirnufch Kri'l/n 1. (EXPERIENCED) GOING NO PLACE IN YOUR PRESENT JOB? MARKING TIME WITH Dlrv PROSPECTS FOR THE FU. TURE? IF YOU HAVE WHA" TAILOR WANTED Apply 5 to 6 p. m " - c u r. DDITC U l STAR CLEANERS, 132 Myrtle Ave., IT TAKES SHOP-RITE HA! ""* Bwulch -. I A SPOT FOR YOU. COM CAR WASHERS MEN OVER " i ".,..,,Xr cvn»mci/-1 IMMEDIATE FULL TIME EMPLOY-iPANY WIDE EXPANSIO MENT. Learn techniques of vacuuming, j ikltcdmai D D A U r teaming, detailing, etc. Good wages. I AND INTERNAL PKOML nt't issffiwn 8 " 11 "" car ' Was " TION HAS CREATED SEV ERAL OPENINGS. TAKE THI FIRST STEP NOW ON TH ROAD TO CHALLENGINC WORK AND A GUARAN TEED FUTURE BY APPLYING OR PHONING THE: PERSONNEL OFFICE SHOP-RITE FOODARAMA SOUTH ST. &. RT. 9 FREEHOLD, N. J An equol opportunity employer GROCERY MEN^C^HH PART-TIME BENCH HAN Must perlenced In T.V. repair. Call YOUNG MAN To work in decoratlni store, full or part-time. Calt MASON'S HELPER To start lm mediately. Must have car. Call % 8462 alter 6 p.m. YOUNG MAN For retail aalea to aasiat In office. Permanent positio Apply Atlantic Glass Co., 21 Map Ave., Red Bank. TRAINEE CHEMICAL OPERATOR To be trained In the production microblal enzymes so he may take a more responsible position in our n< facilities which will be ready within month. A background of at least high school chemistry desired but not neceiiary. Call Anne DeLuUe, , Ex W0ETHINOT0N BIOCHEMICAL COR1 Rt. 9 Freehoi DELIVERY DRIVER For auto part distributor. Opportunity for future. Sal ary, benents. Contact Naylor's At Parts. 291-HH. TANK CLEANING SUPERVISOR Third Bhift. Must have prior supervisory experience In manufacturing, o maintenance. Liberal company beneflta. Apply In person, Nappl Trucking Corp., Rt. U, Matawan. CARETAKER For farm. Littla painting and repairs. Living quarters sup* piled. Couple or single. References. Jail A. KozlcKy, T0CKMAN Delivery truck driver. :ust bb over 18. Apply In person. Caroll's Stationers, 28 Brood St., Red )ank. EtECTRONKT ASSISTANCE CORP. HAS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS FOB MACHINIST FIRST AND SECOND DL.AS9, WITH ALL AROUND EXPERIENCE IN SET- TING UP AND OPERATINd MA- CHINE SHOP-EQUIPMENT. INSPECTORS INCOMING INSPECTORS WITH ME- CHANICAL ABILITY. LINE INSPEC- TORS FOR VISUAL-MECHANICAL AS- SEMBLY INSPECTION. Excellent Company Benefits APPLY IN PERSON io BRIDOE AVE. RED BAK HELP WANTED-Male - Pemale ASSEMBLERS Wire and Solder ELECTRONIC TESTERS Experienced DRAFTSMEN Junior and Senior INCOMING INSPECTOR Electro-mechanical MATERIAL HANDLERS 'ennanent positions. Day shift. Pal iospitaliza.tlon, Major Medical and IK naurance, LAVOIE LABORATORIES Division SPEDCOR It. 79 Morsanvlll An equal opportunity employer 7 Interesting and pleasant work. Oui Christmas selling has started. Earnings :o H per hour. Call B19, i , 'ACTORY PERSONNEL FlMt and econd shifts. Apply Ballard Advert!: R 133 1st St., Keyport. IKAL ESTATE SALESPERSON Rod iank area, $,n& member office, needs ilr. Brown. ART-TIME SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS Itcady. Sppnlnl need for afternoon driv- s. $2 >.T hr. J. J. MURPHY, Mlddl iwn WANTED LICENSED REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON (nr Newly relocated office PAUL P. BOYA 35 Cherry Tree Farm Rd. New Monmoilth Call or write for appointment ihoe SALESMAN Experienced y. Salary CQinmenstirnic with fixpl nee. Portn.inpnt rnaltinn. Good work conditions. Please call Personnel or Appointment. STEINHACH CO Ha lank. 741*000.lATl'ItE -MOTHHU Wlxhea to car' r children In ray home, Little Silver it-nun. ITUATIONS WANTED - Female EM'AL ASSISTANT IIti CCIK] references, inr [nwitifin. CHII 2^. Experienced refjulres part AItY^^U'i^hT«to return to iri lime. WrlU' Box 0-127, The cfcisuv,. Tlnl Bank. ADY Wishes to rare (or newborn " or prp'ruhnnl child 3 inoniinca v " "a arici - re or children In her homo. Wfti also isril l( iifslrwl. Call FINANCIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES REAL ESTATE SALESMAN KHVII'K STATMN luil linuk lm.,lri«\s* - Mnjur MI,,,,:,, v l'"»lt 1-EAfcK -- in-ii. Tlirog bnya. Kxcellcnt n i inr- *'l rippmtor. Cull 'trnccrl Brli-tip rnffwir nml " " " " lncdltk' Momei. Jt'-ply tn Hex M-lUT,' R\'< 'KLLKNT riltok'n'fnjty - pvi'vpf Thfl Dally ReglaUt, in-ri BnnK, Matinit,.sl.-ip for rent rent Mirl.iu. experience, referencea. Confidential. Jid >mi Laurel Ave lift-lot '.-(I. Ki. tj/1 t, 6m. Vtr'.Ct H'JX'M-I&5. TIM JJBIIS 1 ister. Red Bank, INSTRUCTION FREE CAREER TEST Is computer programming the profi aion for you? Take Hie free EC! Career Test Call M2-280O or visit EC! at 265 Moamouth Park Hwy., W. Loi Branch. TUTOR NYC licensed teacher w: tutor til Junior and senior high echo social BUldlea In my Shrewsbury horn TUTORING All subjects and languages taught your home. CAMnRIDGE, ENROLL NOW IBM Keypunch Computer Programming Office Automation Day or evening classes Free pla'( ment service. NORTHEAST BUSINESS MACHINES SCHOOL M Broad St. Red Bal APPROVED FOR VETERANS PIANO IiESSONS (or beginners ovi seven years old. In yoi& home mine. Call T MERCHANDISE FOR SALE HAMMOND ORGAN OF ASBURY PARK Corner of Main St. "4 Mltllson Ave. THE LARGEST ORGAN AND PIAN DISPLAY IN THE SHORE AREA Open dally 'til I p.m. Sat- 'til 6 p.m. Factory Authorized Special Offer New Hammond Spinet Organ $595 Coma In for a free demonstration Limited time only TYPEWRITERS, ADDING machines. All makes new or used. Guaranteed. Low as $23. Serplco's, 101 Monmou BL Next to theater DESKS $15 up FILES, tables, chain adding machines, typewriters, offic equipment, etc., at bargala prices. Ne* or used. AAC DESK OUTLET. BL 35, Oakhurst USED PIANOS AND ORGANS from $25. Pianos bought, sold, repalrei moved. By appointment-freehold Mus! Center, 4f- RENT A TV Color or black and white. Day, wech or month. Low rates.' BAYSHORE TV 16 Church St, Xeansburg FOR THIS PERFECT WEDDING iown Bridesmaid dresses and Lccessorles with Individual personal ser. rice. Call Virginia. Klmball, Freehold. [ SINGER ZltQ ZIS CONSOLE MODEL >nly four months old. Does everything. 3alance only $57 or $7 monthly. Guaranteed. Credit Dept M: KITCHEN CHAIRS RECOVERED Dinette sets and bar stools. Monmouth Dinette, 118 Monmouth EL, Red Bank CALIFORNIA WINE GRAPE Call FACTORY CLOSEOUTS Bedroom pieces, maple and walnu finished, chests, 4 drawers, $25. E drawers $30. Single dresser $25. Double, triple-dressers-$35.- Single-beds--$15. Bookcase beds $25. Make up a bedrooi as low as $65. IRWIN'S FINE FURNITURE 27 Montnoutti St Red Bai POOL TABLES Brand new, dell ered direct from factory. Genuine alati beds. 7', $260; 8', $315, including $6i in accessories. Valued at f700 to $1000 Private, call FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHER'S COURSl -Complete sot of booho. Call < mornings Tues., Wed., Thura. CARPET Save money, up to 309 off. First Quality. For convenient shop at home service call Paul, HEIRLOOM TREASURES for Hollda: OlftB. Special lay-a-way plan. EA3 HOUSE ANTIQUES, Hwy 36 at Sean Ave., Atlantic Highlands FOR SALE!!! Complete U. S. Scbool of Music plam course. S25 Call before 1:30 p.m SOUND PEDESTAL, TABLE Perfect for floor lenglh table cloth. 30 CHRISTMAS TR B~-and-decoratlonB, Complete Trlm-a-Tree Bhop & ChristmaB Oallery, S21 Throckmorton fit. Freeholdr-< Open 7 Days. ANTIQUES Drastic reductions. DIL solving 'partnership. 59 Brighton Ave., Long Branch BRIGG3 OF BOSTON GRAND t'2" Rensonable. Freehold Music Center, 8 South St., Freehold USED 6' GRAND PIANO Very reasonable. Call after HAMMOND SPINET ORGAN Mode] 102, $650. Call 787-5M7, LEAKY GUTTERS re damaging. Call for free estlmati ind low, low prices on white, high luallty ALUMINUM GUTTERS. PROWN'S 12 Broad St. Red Bank C IEWEY; WEBBER SURF BOARD oood condition. Call S INE COLONIAL STYLE SOFA D" long, green tweed upliolstery, and me swivel platform rocker, patchvork upholstery. Call after 7 EAUTIFUL ANTIQUE gold leaf mlr- *>r, S30. Small oval antique mirror,15. Call !!" SUPER CROSLEY TV-22" 3" wide, swivel table, $" ' EARS Automatic wastior 1S lodel, three speed. Excellent condl nn. ST5. Sacrifice REFRIGERATOR 6 cu. It. aero! np freozer. Like new. Frlglilalre. iquare»hai>e. $ FDI'R I'PHOLSTEREP BOOTHS lth three table!, SI5. Call 2S SAWS SHARPENED n nnffr nnd more efftctont to m arp saw blade or hand saw. Yea, we sharpen bolh. Or select a new blade Torn our large stock of wood, metal stonocultlrib blades. RED BANK LUMBER Pearl and Wall, Tied Bank (1 "We repair anything and everything" MACHINE SHOP-NO JOB TOO SMALL Rainbow, 175 Broad, TWO STEAM RADIATORS S20 each. II burner, llki" now, J5O. Wardrobe runk D0. TABLE STEREO-PIIONOGRAPT Removable -,peaker«. Sollil Htate transistorized fi months old. Cost $120. lell S ine U.S. DIVER'S BCI'BA TANK Tested Juno 19IHJ. One Sportaway waterhmg rpgulntor, Juat overhnuleil (50. Cnll 747-9!48. WOOD SAW. CaT B p.m. L ^ ' after WHITE ALUMINUM the tiisob See Hie MOM white Inmlnnm cnmhlniitlnn window Only 4 or 564 INSTALLED. Ynu will never ea a value like this ANYWHERE. PROWN'S AND CARVED ANTIQUE FURNI 'URE Can ba seen at Max's Tusl, North St., Highlands. 87MO82. OUIINP, WHEEL CHAIR - Chrom Intnl. (loorl condition, Larise wlicct ie!f_push[ng. S25. 7R7-G180. AN COAT Tall. Practically new KTINCC, 741-ritm rvrnlnka. ; tmszk'si;mi 1 "I : OMi'-" jtrnr-i' r 7THta illllit, *IW. ItAKAUER POLAR Grand Piano. iod rnndltlon. s;ioo or neareiit offer. MI move. Call evenings.. Utt^S YOU NO LONGER, NEED OR USE V/ILL... SELL FAST WITH A QUICK ACTION LOW-COST DAILY REGISTER FAMILY AD 3 LINES - 5 DAYS $ 2.00 FOR JUST Available for Merchandise For Sale on 1 Article must originate from a. housel and may not exceed a Kale price JTJO.OO per article. Price MUST be advertised. Each &d< tlonal line $1.00. No copy changes mi be made and no discounts or returi will be made It ad It canceled beio. expiration. To Place Your Daily Register FAMILY AD, CALL Hour Service NOVEMBER CLEARANCE Thre room outfit left with UB lor resal youra for me unpaid balance of $ weekly. Modern-elshl-plece llvln room with accessories, eight-piece be< room with double dresser plus a Ilv< piece chrome dinette. Loaded with e: i. FIELD FURNITURE, 7-11 Front St., Keyport Opi Tuea., Wei., Thura, & Sat. 9 a.m. t 5 p.m. Mon. & Frl. 9 a,m. to 9 WOODEN STORM SASH-Tr>re ", lour 28"x47", two 28"x39", thri 2S"x38", two 24"i55". In perfect coi dltlon. $2 ea. Aluminum screens. $2 Call S. STORM WINDOW SALE now at PROWN'S 32 Broad St. Red Bank 741-T5C NURSERY STOCK Small sizes. T< us Capltata (upright yew). Co]orad< Blue Spruce. Blue Atlas Cedar. Shad and ornamental trees. T. J. McMAHOlt 142 Lexington Ave., Fair Haven, Sat. and Sun., 1&6 p.m. BEDROOM SET SIX-PIECE. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS, 51.6O PER WEEK. NO MONEY DOWN. FREE LAMP! INSTANT CREDIT. CALL MR. DON AT GROSSMAN, UTILITY TRAILER Large talu closed with custom boat canvas top. Mounted spare wheel and tire. Rugged, pleasant appearance. Smooth towing. Inspected MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Fartlsl ouble keyboard with adapter box. Wai &900 new. dne year old, will sell loi One single Fender Showman, Lan< ling speaker and covera.?2t5. Guild louble pickup hollow-body guitar, sun' mrst finish, like new. Lists for»00, low will sell for $150. For information :all Norman Seldln daytime o ( evenings. BEST TOP SOIL Good fill dirt, blue stone, road ttvtt sand, etc. Bulldozing and backhoe serrice. Eckel's Trucking, MorgunrUle, 591- TREES DIG YOUR OWN 51 a fool Birch, dogwood, spmce, others. Locust area iining ROOM SUITE Wurlltzei iplnet organ. Bird cages and doll col' lection. Call SOFA-BED Refrigerator, sectional couch, crib, stroller, baby articles. Keel mower, compressor, desk. Other clcs. Reasonable STUDIO COUCH Good condition. $25 Call MAPLE SOFA-BED Pumpkin brown tweed. $45. Floor type bird cage, 110. Call after 5 p.m , UNPAINTED FURNITURE ON OUR 2nd\T& 3rd FLOORS Largest stock on the New Jersey Shon and at 25% orr manufacturer's list roi cash and carry. Also chairs galore. 'lease stop In. RED BANK LUMBER Peart and Wall, Red Bank WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA Yearly supplements. $60. Two tforelco electric razors, $7.60 and $1 Kent electric guitar and accessorle S55. Call TELEVISIONS USED. One eolol 21", two black and white. 19" and 81' ery reasonable. Call CONTENTS OF HOME SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 2-5 P.M. 741-S973 23" MAONAVOX Walnut consok Cabinet and set In good condition. $70 Call GARAOE SALE - 8 Hemlock Courl Mlddletown,' (Applebrook III), Nov. 4, 9-4 p.m THREE-ROOM OUTFIT MUST Gi Brand new. Must make room for nei shipments. Save up to 40% off on this eight-piece contemporary living room with lamps, tables, etc. Eight-piece modern -bedroom-.with--douhle..jdreb3er and 44-pIece dinette Including glass /are. Only 5399 or $3 a week. Instant iredit. FIELD FURNITURE, "7-11 E.?ront St., Keyport ope rues., Wed., Thurs. A Sat. 9 a.m. to Mon. & Frl. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 'RIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATOR $30 ill :EST BUYS Adding machine, $35. 'ortable typewriter, $15. Accordion, $35. ivalnut twin bed, complete, $ Nlte able. S4.75. Three-piece small kitchen it, SIS 50. Single drawer letter files, Youth bed. $ More and nore. RUSCIL'S, 25 E. Front St., Red lank ittic SALE From 12 noon Saturay until 6 p.m. Sunday. Trunks, areas- TS, bookcase-headboard, tables, foot ilgh chess set. Odds and ends. 28 Icventh Ave., Atlantic Highlands. IELTONE FOLK nuitar Excel snt for beginner, $15. Call OE REFRIGERATOR {45 Call arter 6 p.m JAONAVOX TV Cabinet style, $40. IE vacuum, canister style, $12. Call.OVESEAT 50". Good lllpcover Included. $25. Call BROKEN GLASS IN STORM WINDOWS? LET US REPLACE PROWN'S 1 Broad St. Red Bank M BICYCLE English baby RRB 58. dehumltllller $15, two 30" [ollywoort bed?. Sift ea. Foam Blab ouch, 515. Electric edger 52. Baby car >cd $2. All excellent condition. Rum on RCA TELEVISION CONSOLE picture tube. Best olfer. Cal, ' UlL'NIl I'EDESTAX* OAK TABLE 3Lx, buffel ami china closet Pool able, $15. Five-piece maple dinette, $33. Slectrlc sewinr macliine, $19.- 9x12 Linerlcnn oriental Chinese tug, $41). ecreinry ilesk, $(ifl,f)0. Typewriter ofdi'slc. $1\ Miscellaneous householi iffects of nil drseriptlpn. RUSCIL'S,!5 B. Frnnt St., Red Bank. WOOD SHINGLE SALE andarrl 16'.' cedar ntilnglca now only per bundle which covers about "i aq, ft. of wall -fthi" exposure. Don' las out on this deal. RED BANK LUMBER 'earl and Wall, Red Bank SARLY AMERICAN slop table and ocktftll 'tublc. J30 for both. Early American bookcase, $ M&O. 'A SYSTEM Llko now. Including togen 100-watt amplifier and two cf>iitnns containing six 8" BOBCII apeak- $450. Call S8. LUB CHAIR with ottoman, fan back hair. Lamp table, mnrblo top'. Drum.bin ROWSE IN PLEASANT ' ATMOS> '[IKRE Choice antlciurs am! fine hi nn, cut Klnfls, olil Jowolry, mlacrl neotis Klfts Dial last. Also finis (in»ltraditional furniture, oln.. finis fim etc. Vli l.'s BYCAMOHK OKUKNS, Bjca iru Ave., MttlB Silver IM II.1)1! 'l'v's KEI l OSSES8H[> AND KH'. NO MONEY DOWN, $ 'Rlt KKi; I'llKR ANTENNA, INSTANT rai.i. nit. JIKAKK, :;T:II:I;:!II. rinuo'i.'oijcii ~$iorii7iby'7 "HWIIIBin.itlc, J^. Old dprtk, W, rhlfrcrnlii',, Karly.American T.V., JKll, Jtltchcn Lie, two chllrs, T APABTME.VTS. trwlctl» records from Wi, 30's am 40's. $W. Chair,»20. 7B Episode v#7 THE CASE OF THE AG1NO BEAUTY She was a beautiful chalr In her da but now she «as safcgy. lumpy railed. Was ner heauty pone forcve No! Golden Touch reljullt her frsrn replaced her p"ad(l:ng, covered her wl lovely new fabric and made her you and beautiful again. If there's an agl beauty In yeur home, call Golden Touch Decorators 177 Droad St., Red Hank P.9., custom made, hand sewn dra erics will add character to every In your home. See nelt Friday's Issue for the episode of the cages solved by the supi sleuths from Golden Touch. <* CE-IXAR AND POECH SALE To morrow only, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. HOUHS h')m Hems, washing macliine, dlnln table. Uunlt beds, drainers. Electrl train*. ClotheB. Persian rug. Lota etc. 29 Brown PI., Red Bank. FODR-PIBOE SET "iidwis drum; Zlldilan cymbols stand, iilsrli hat. Fou months old. Stiver snarkles. Orlglnn cost over J100. Will sell lor (2X1. Cal ELECTRONIC ENGINE ANALYZER Sun Model 0020, like new. Must sel MAN'S TWEED OVERCOAT Llk new. Teawagon, two night tables, roc - Nearly new. sacrifice , 24" NGIRL'8 BICYCLE LlkB ner JIB. Two-way radio, ejtlzen band, J3S. Oall SEWINO MACHINE fls66 portatlll stralglit needle, llxe new, (90. chei white Formloa top, front, side, 6 dra' ens, *4O. Call after 5, Z THREE ROOMS OF PURNTTUHE - Good condttton. Oall «Ker 3, ^8. OAS STOVE White, all years old. 31" width with timer, clock and grii die. Good condition. 747-fifll8. GA11AGE SALS Bedspreads (twin: drapes, (25. Firture,»8. Che«t-of.<iraw ersr»1o. Bric-a-brac, 200 to 15. B DINING ROOM SET Laree tawi six choirs, coins, closet, i>uffel Call GDNUINB SLACK SBAli COAT»50 Bmall elze. Also floor polisher scrubber, >10. M HORSE MANURE FREE CAIiL " PHIU» TEU1VIBION maple, cab net, $ pleca ruby imported stem; eriio. Call alter 6, GARAOB BALE Decorated milk cans, brlc-a-brac, elothlng. 511 \V. Front St., River Plira, 0 a.m. to, Saturday. TWIN BEDS Foam *B0. Alumlnoj ot S3. Gateleg table «12. Oval cofle able S9. Glass-top table, four chain llfi. Tea wagon *JP. 741^ MATERNITY OUTFITS Fall an winter woar. Size 11J2. $15. Singer upright vacuum cleaner, Ocly needs b-ntt $ NEWLY WED In college. Must. : precision V.O.M. «0 guitar. $ target rifle, $25, 2S TWO 30 GAL. glass lined automatic gas water heaters. Excellent condl Mon. 25 each, Call MOVING Bar and three stools. SB, three-piece recreation room furniture, $35, two refrlgeraton, $25 each. Dn/er $15, kitchen set, $ ilght^piece DANISH WAUTOT Kim. IK room net. Good condition. $190. tcall 747-SH1 after 0, H21M139. _ BELL AND HOWELI, 38.1A 8 mm7frc eclnr. Zoom lens ani Blow motion. 'Ca KALLICRAFTER S.X. 110,»75.,Alto.xophone, JUW. Call 291-tKTM old 74' BALDWIN ORGAN One year ' Cherry frultwood. $850. Call FREEZER 13 cu. ft. frost-freei O.E. upright. Perfect- condllion. *12S. -Aftei S call B43-47B7. GARAGE SALE Saturday. td, mangle, drop-lea! table, Wing <halr, mlsocllanfi<>u3. 3 Ttumson Rd., it limson. BOOKS AND HAGAZmZS "IOC UP. Collector's stamps, packets and ulbums, 15c up. Excellent clothing for tl»e family ll)c un. Many household itfjrw lot up. 7 Birch Ave., Hazlet, :Mi MACHINERY FOR SAJ3E!A8E CRAWLER LOADER -.Model 300 S ' FERGUSON WHEEL LOADER/ With Itch, $800. Both In good opera'wig con- Itlon. Call 58C-6S6S. Evenings, ^ SHERMAN BACKHOE And. Wagnel loader with Ford tractor, fcfo extra buckets. Good condition. $1500., g71-00o2. MERCHANDISE WANJTED ANTIQUES Tiffany items, toys, furniture, china, paintings, sutuaity, coins, lighting fixtures.. Carved oall dining -oorn pieces. Copper Kettle Antiques, JakhursL or ' JOLLKCTOR Wants old lay trahu, diti P h r 'Ull trade: JOLLKCTOR iny condition. Pay eajh or " o tadardgau trahu trade 4^3710 K.O., 027, 0, jtandard-gaugo ROUND oak tables;, picture Bi, glassware, desks, etct 117 Main 5t., Port Monmouth. 3UNS All types o! guns bought Now Is the time to laid lell. Top prices tld FURNITURE Aritl'ruel, China, glassware, art objects and toric-a-brac, mmedlate cash for anythlmp and everyhlng. Ruicll'l East Front at., 741.NTIQUES Paintings, 11. J. Atlas, ifltates purchased and apnralsed M3. The Hudson Shop, lno-s HI Broad it. Shrewsbury. WAR SOUVENIRS ' Or mil ry Items, one piece or Ma collection, ill af after 5, 'AVE YOU AN ELECTRIC EXER- YCLE you no longer us t end wish to Bell? If' so, phone 842-O14r! or evenings S42-O78O. PETS AND tyyestock AKC MLNIATURE POODLE AT STUD 8( 'OODLES AKO registered, champion ledlgree. nine weeks oldi, sliver mlnia uros; brown toy. Health guaranteed Ml IOGS TATTOOED Mlonday evenlnf [ov. 6. Phone Vanessa, ] OY FOX TERRIER purples $3i. DDES 10 up. Chihuahua doga and puppies, olh coats, (609) IEAGLE PUPPIES.AKC. Excellent ledlgree, Champion bloodline. Bred tor ispositlon " ; CIITUNG! AKC Gerrjnan ahspherd upplea. Eight weeks ojd. Your choice sex and color. No hidden costs, ormed and Inoculated, plus gift pack-?e. Call D2. IBAUTIFUL BEAGL'E PUPS Fenalcs. Ten weeks old. AKC registered. Ihota. $35. Call OODLE CLIPPING $7. $8, and $9. vlilte miniature at staid. Call IN PROFESSIONAL DOG OROOM MO All breeds, poodles our speclal- Formerly Canine 'Chateau now un -. management or Country Squire ct Shop. AKC pupplrss for sale. Hwy. Eatontown. r>42-623, 1ERMAN 8HEPHEE.D PUPPIES - llret by Champion -Immtr""V«n De Ischbaoiier Kllppen. Black- and allvel ijky,_ 7B " 1ERMAN SHE^HBItD PUPPIES 'our weeks old, blnck and silver. $50. N-5R6'. IORSES HOARDED Box atalls. Intruotion and supervision lor children. lall 462-S485. OLIJE _ Male, sable, AKC, Blue Vinner, mother llch. will lire to qual- Ird timnjn, pick on litter, no lee mornings, evranlngs. ERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY AKC iglstered. Obedient. ShoH. House alned. $is. 74M«;o. EAOI.E I'liPS Six weeks old. AKC Wte 1 BiH -fcitcthrttonrt.'- 81C ERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS AKC >KlKtereil. Privately bred. Frv>d Iftmrament. Black, aable and silver IBS. ScTPKTunuo IMIPPIEB E"X~ Ili'tit pi'illcrci'il -c-hamiilon blnoil line, enkfi nkl.,'tr,lul:iturp. Hllver. Cull 12 p.m. 2i;ii.r>i;i(i 11EB"' KliTKNH " TO (1O0I) IIOMW CAM, IODLE I'tipFii:s uiacii, AKCTcF- :cred. Call afteir.'1. fj.l]-7c:is. A*tA - 1 mim from B.1H1 L*. GREEN GROVE GARDENS FOUR ROOMS -$115 (OMB BEOROOMt i P. -k Five Room» (Two Bedroomil $140 I Efficiency I2'/J Rooms) $ 95 SWIM CLUB FOR TENANTS FRI3E HEAT, COOKING CAS, HOTWATER AND AIR CONDITIONING T.V. oral ptiont outlets, \2 cu. n. rbfrloerotors, porting ore) wolk-ln ttoroc* rtcllllllrt. Spodoui room, largg clnen. Walk lo shopping plozo, bum ond Olia=CTIONS: Gonjen Hole cilt 117 to X, em! on M to Airport Shopping Plmil, turn left, then two blocks to model aportmenf. From IS, (J. IK. Flirl^.l) to Hcjlet Avt.. turn left on Mlddls Rood., straight oheod, Y, Phone JETS AND LIVESTOCK MI.^tlATURE FRENCH POOI>LE Sli-, AKC. Six months. House broken. Munt sell W1I.IE FOX TERRIER PUPPIE3 ElKlit weeks old. AKC registered. Call 747-!.S0H. THE, BAYSHORE COMPANION DOG CLUB, Inc. will start obedience classes for beginners on November 8. JTlce $lfi. Call S6 or H. "Jo ISS TIMBKJtLEK" ~ Nlno-yearold 1HI;J- mare hands. Sound. Very wc»l I mannered pushbutton horse for Junior or small womsji. Ready to show anywhero right now. Being hunted regu'to.rly. $1400. Call lor appointment Sat., d Sun., weekdays evening* except I'OMERANIAN PUPPY AKO registered. Male. Very small. Call POODLE PUPS Miniature. Seven '««ck». AKC. Quality peu. Blacks or illdvers. Females &3. APARTMENTS STUDIO APARTMENT - Private entrance 'iuid bath. Electric kllchtn. All utllltlrs Included. Adults 'inly. Inquire at J**7 Urldga Ave., lied Hank, betwe-en 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. 2ii ROOM farnl»)n«i"«i>arlra«:ntrsix.w"- tr, separate fnlr.ince. $75 a m(/nui pays all. Call HOOM I'M-'KNIKHI 1 ;]-) apt. Complete privacy, Acron-< from Ft. MnnmouU] Hiisjiltal. 138 Main Bt.MJceaJiporl. PORT MOrJMOirfii"-- FiirnlIhed~Ui"rT.o lar(,'e rooms. LIVIIIK room, bedroo kllt!hen, bath. Separate entrance. 7i 5 HOUSF.S FOB RENT MOUU/JIJTH;h - bt/iroov uxiim boii**, titvnj Vf'H'M U'j'm ka-tfi. Jr.'tulr* port. rvmt 4 St., Key- KEANSBURO Threo-room bungalow. All utilities Included. $95 monthly THHKE BEIJROOMB SI1O. Two t.ftd"- mom«,.«!«. EDWIN S. ETARK, HEAL- Uuiitlni incluilh. 190 per month. Call 2&1-MI9 or atlj-27irt>. WAOTED TO RENT MINIMUM FOim HEDROOMB, den, hanement. Prefer launriry facliltlei OS Krniuy! flfior Alfl'i prefer location ID rural ur larmlng district Call 2i9-850ft Mr.i, Ktraiia, H:l'.l) to 5 p.m., llor.. te Frl. i VV'E~HAVE an overflow or bona fldl prospecti looking for two or four bsdronmn. Call ui [or fast action to luvl your Iwrno rented. THE BERG AGEt* CY, lit. 35,.Mldiletown U00. > FURNISHED ROOMS! S! li. Flisj PBlVATEKoOM With batli. j floor, Private entrance. Gentleman pre» ferrcd I HIOHLANDS Thn $70 Th ms and I lh $ $70. Three rooms and bath, «6. FI. LAY HEAL E8TATE AGENCr, b; O100. ATLANTIC HIOHLANDS Th] rnoms furnljhed, hath. All utilities eluded. Call after 12 noon. 2S1-3A BTIEE TO OOOD HOME AdoraHle, l( ived, housebred kitten. 7* OEEBIL3 Call evening* after OT92 REAL ESTATE FOR RENT APARTMENTS KEAN5BURO THREE-ROOM GAR- DEN APARTMENT. CLEAN, QUIET, AIR-CONDITIONED. SCIENCE KITCH- JIN. WALK TO BUSES, SHOPPING, OWNER MAINTAINED. $105 MOCJTa AVAILABLE NOV THREE KOOMB Clean and btautl fully furnished. Convenient location. Appointment only. Call KEYPORT 3 ROOM GARDEN APART- MENT. AIR CONDITIONED - POOL. BETSY ROSS APARTMENTS, CLARK BT. AT RT. 35. TWIN GABLES 36 Riverside Ave., Red Bank. 3% large modern rooms, unfurnished. Elevator. Very desirable. $129. Call S or apply Alt CLIFFWOOD Beautiful furnished apartment one-half block from shopping center and all buses. Near Ajnerlcan Can, off Hwy. 35, across from Carvel. Central Park Apartments, Office 10, FREEHOLD Furnished apartment. All utilities, heat. One furnished *f- Ilciency. T.V. 4S2-UM. RED BANK Riverside Gardens, 10 W. Front "BL. overlooking river. One li-room apartment. Available lmmedl-.tely. Cross ventilation. Near shopping,nd transportation. See Supt on premies, or call 741-3(91. COMMERCIAL RENTALS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED In brand new modern office space, w located la the center of Red Bsnk, ci tract use for further Information. ~ DOWSTRA AOENCY DEBIRABL.E RIVE11 FRONT suitefirst floor In the Tullej Building. Ci 3500 SiJ. FT. LIGHT ma: loft for lease. Call EXECUTIVE SUITE - Conslsilnj 756 iq. ft. Modern office building ne: to First Merchants Bank, 2} Reekie: PI., Red Bank.- Call , betwi 9 and o. SEPARATE BUILDING FOR LEABi 3000 fa., ft. ground floor plus base ment, loading dock. Light manufactur tag. Call MIDDLETOWN NEW MONMOUTi area sq. ft., two-story offlc building,» Leonardvllle ltd. Call (7: ELECTRONICS FIRM Opening n glonal sales office In Eatontown, w space-available, desires Individual share facilities including full time lei retary. Cost to be negotiated. Prival office available. Call BHRHWSBUR Y Newman Springs Jld Approximately 8,000 si. ft. AUTO BOD SHOP available for lease WEA NEMETH AGENCY, (Owners), UNFURNISHED Four-room a'par ment First floor. Inquire at 124 Six! Ave., Long Branch, MALL APARTMENT Adults only. No peu. Rumson. Call FURNISHED APARTMENT All utilities Included. One mile from Lily Tulip. Must b«seen to appreciate. Call 787- BIX-ROOM APARTMENT - Furnished UNCROFT Four * * hlaijta fl A I > I I j jr unfurnished. Heat and electric supplied. Keansburg F THREE ROOMS Heat supplied. Conveniently located. Reasonable. Call quired. By appointment. THE McGOW AN AGENCY, 258 Newman Springs Rd. Red Bank O0. 3Vi ROOMS T.Ie kitchen and hath, clean. Near town. Quiet, mature builness woman bedrooma, h fi THREE KOOM3 UNFUILV1BHED First floor. All utilities, Private _ tnnce. Red Eajik Call MODERN FURNISHED APARTMENT Me* and cleaa» Herbert Bt, Red k KEANBBURO Two rooms furnished. Hot water. All utilities supplied. ~~ lohneon Lane. Keaiuburg HUMSON Waterfront studio aiiartment for single. Furnished. J95 month' y. Lease. Call S MODERN 3 -room lurniahed apartment, utilities Included. Business couple only or TWO AND THREE ROOMS EfElcency apartments with all utilities. Mala St., Keanaburg. Call SEA BRIGHT LOVELY COLONIAL ARMS 1201 Ocean Avenue Magnificent all electric one and two bedroom apartments. Centrally air conditioned. Dlahwaahers, dliposali, combination clothes waahen and dry era. private swimming pool, beach, boardwalk and parking. All electricity Included. Rentals of J1W-J215. Superintendent's apartment TS or telephone FO UK-ROOMS First floor. SM month. Furnished-or unfurnished. Inuire 20 Bayvlew Ave., Keansburg. KEANSBURO Modern furnfthed four -room apartment Private entrance. All utilities Included THREE LARGE ROOMS And battt. Good location. Utilities supplied. Furnished or unfurnished. Immediate oc- :upany. Reasonable rent ONE SEVEN-ROOM APARTMENT Threa room apartments. 199 Port Mon* iouth Rd.. Port Monmouth. NEWLY DECORATED Modern apartment. Four rooma and bath,-~s& CenttflTXve,, Keannburg OC. UNFURNISHED FOUR-ROOM APART- MENT One block Newark-New York buellne and beach. Oas hot water faaae* (ward heat supplied. Immediate occupancy INFURNISHED CANNON POINT VH** JARGE Apartments. 239 Spring; St., [led Bank. 3 and 3W rooms, Total elec* rlc. See manager. Apt. E-9. \Vt ROOMS Furnished. Niwly decorated- and clean. Adults. No pets. B0 1 Linden Ave., Weat Long Branch. HOUSES FOR RENT RENTALS SEASONAL YEAJU,' ELLA WILTSHIRE, Realtor WO Ocean Ave., (es. Brlint 842-O0C TWO AND THHEEBEDROOM HOME! For rent or aale, I12A to SUO i monlli. THE KIBWAN CO., REAL. TORS, Bellord, 7I7-5MO. W. Ktuuburg, 7»7«00. Hunt 2M-7IOa ~ *>H* place, Security and quired B it bedrooms, fta references YEARLY LEASE-OAK HIU, - Thr bedro 2^ bh f l baths, family room, 2^ batha. family roo porch, fireplace, ba«menl Two-car gn rage. Available Nov. 1, 528S per month unfurnished. TED HALL AOENCY, 7J River lid., Fair Haven. 8* HIGHLANDB - UnrurnllBM " houu, three bedroonu. Security required. 26 Bayside Dr. Or call WIDE SELECTION OF RENTALS Furnished and unfurnished. Immedtil occupuncr. SAMUEL TEICHTB AOBf CY, OceaoporL Ave., Oceuiport 6i 3M0. fk In»2W> Ptr Month THE BEP.a AOK.NCY ' Mlddletown I71-1CKX) NEWLY nemodelei) COTTAGE Highlands. Ideal for couple. Avallabl Nov. 15th M or 7( ONE FAMILY HOU8E-FOUT roomi Big cellar, porch, PrU'ate beach. 10[ pay own utilities, Highlands. 89 Portland Ed. KEANSBURO Four-room house, ffl month, no utilities. Call ). EAST RIVER RD., RUMSON - TW( bedroom house. Small separate cottaeji *180. 8* or RENTALS F. A OEHLHAUO, Rtal Estate Hwy. 39 Leonardo ! THREE-BEDROOM RANCH. RPC. tioa rwmi, enclosed porch. Convenle locution,...iurmo.1,. FOUR-BEDROOM HOUBE Lnlui nlsned, In Hazlct. Yearly \mt,. tecur ty. $130 per monlh. PAUL BUAGA: AQENCY * ATLANTIC HIOHLANDS Scenl< Hpad. House with beiulllul ocean view Three bedrooms, two tile bains kite n, large llvins-dlnlng thedral ceilings and Full basement. J1S5. One month fecui lty 2ll9G5 r with _ flreplac LAROE ranch type home, brand ne* Three bedrooms. Oceanport. J200 pei month. Immediate occupancy Call E Flledner or R. Schalert, RUMSON Winter rental, furnished four rooms, two bedrooms, plpeless gas heat; Until June 15, No nets Couple or small family, Lease 8130 i DENNIS K, BYRNE, Realtor! «River Bd., Rumson WEST KEAN3BUR3 Four rooms and bath, unfurnished. 95, Call 787' IB65. HEATED EFFICIENCY APARTMENT Shrewsbury Ave, Apply Max Benovltz, Agent, 87 Maple Ave., Red Bank. 'EBT KEANSBURG Four-room apart ment. 185 a month, heat Included. See owner. 93 Bay Ave.. Atlantic Highlands. THREE-ROOM FURNISHED APART- MENT Excellent location. $100. QUAL- ITY REALTY ASSOC. Hwy 38 * HomB- Btead Ave., Leonardo or :INO JAMES APARTMENTS Valley Drive, Route 38, Atlantic Highlands. Three miles from Sandy Hook state Park. One and two bedroom units. Furnished or unfurnished. Swimming tool and recreation area. Patio or baliony, each unit. Rent from»13j, ln- :luding heat and hot water LONG BRANCH RED BANK AREA NEW QARDEN APARTMENTS FURNISHED 315 ROOMS J135 i'/i ROOMS Slli') UNFURNIBHED 3S4 ROOMS $110 4% ROOMS $135 HEAT, HOT WATER. COOKINO OAS SUPPLIED OALL OR JATAWAN BOROUGH SVi and oom air conditioned garden aimri ments from IM0 mo. (Net rent) for January or February occupancy. Prl- /nto swim club. MARC HAMPTON WPTS., Mfttawan Ave., Lelween Ravine Dr. and Aberdeen R<\. Phono BLUX ) two-bedroom furnished tijur nent. Avftllnblo for alx months, $175 nonth. Adults only TTKACTIVE Fully runtlthcd fonroom ftpnrtmort. All utllltlc.i, Rt. 521 ifnr Artrlphlii. Per to/iclierfl or prooslonal people, 'HREB ROOMS AND BATH rnlnlml. Hetit iuid water Biipnll vjulablo Nov. X, Cn l. 22?-30B7. Un- APARTMENTS *^A^AA / ArWg'f^asHsagg A NEW HIGH IN OCEAN APT. LIVING Luxury 10-itory apartment with breathtaking viaws of Sandy Hook Bay and N. Y. Harbor from your own open terrace. Marina next door. Juir 55 mini, from N«w York, 45 from Newark. STUDIO and 1 BR APIS. From $140 Ind. utilities, cenlrcl olr conditioning, heat, parking,* swim pool. Also; 2-Br. (2 Balril), ond 3-Br. (2</i Both]). Highlandia 10 Ocean Boulevard Atlantic Highlands, N. J. Call (201) ES for appointment or Information. Rental agent on duty Sot., Sun. 12 to 6. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCYI I SI ft I I IU 1 EXTRA BIG, BRIGHT* AIRY I 2 FULL I BEDROOM J 1 0 C ONLY A FEW LEFT: FULL I BEDROOM LUXURY APTS.. FOR SALE HICKORY HILL FURNITURE COUNTRY FURNITURE IM A COUNTRY SETTING COUNTRY PRICES TOO I I I ALSO MODEL HOME FJRNITURE SALE 9-9. Go wmt of Freehold on Rt. 3), left or light, our signs. Open Clrclo FULL I BEDROOM % I CORNER APTS I» rite KMI, KOMMIEI. «H towhiokike. 0>F SHEET fuuktl «PHHIE IKIIAICISI. IIAMK titchchsr tnwi loons! * cum SHCt (AIOHI * IMD BIIIIS'. fhhh Sw» ( mcaunoa CLUBI. I scnoots»c«oss m J1HEEI1. tuu ID SHOPPHS J IUSUI I cwriwnuthikmimim<n»ri I HrmoM-p/iyifsjAT 1 Keyport Gardens 2ii iruwnc ST, UUPDIT- PHOHE DIRECTIONS: Rl. II norlh to HI. U, Ksvpori. Follow Rt. U 10 3rd Ironic light and make U- TURN, Ptocmd back on Rl. Ii lo ill traffic light ond turn right on Atlantic St, Is Kiyport Gardsfii, RED BANK Furalihed rooral 00 ground floor and second floor, wit? prlvitte entrance, sitting room. KitchlB privileged Women only. Inquire at 43 Pctcrs_fM. : VVNE"ROOM I'almer Art., betwein Hwy. all md M. Cill 7H7-95T3 TWO FURNISHED IIOOBS 69 Wlllaue at., lied Bank. 711M31 FURNISHED ROOMS Comfortable) Ilessonable. Employed,lentlemen. C»D 7<771 ROOM FOR RENT Lady or gentleman H Chestnut St., Bed Bant. mjb!nb88 OR RETIRED WOMAN - Wlihlnf room with privacy and pleiiiftt aiirroundlngs. 17 Branch Ave., R«4 Bank, INOLB ROOKS Clean. comforuuf reasonable. Gentleman preferred* n Wallace Bt, 7I1-83W. Oaraie. HIGHLANDS Rooms. Light hotim> keeping. Near all bui lines. Call 872* MATURE REFINED BUSWIW WOU' AS Furnlihcd room In widow*! prlvitfl home. Near llontdouth Shop* ping Center. M2-60S). 20 WAVERLY PL., RED SANK *- Room for buslneas man. R«4rlc«rator, GARAGES FOR RENT LAROE OARAflE _ Ctmnl bulldlat Good for storslte. Could be converu4 tor shop. Central RM Bank. e71-37». UAL ESTATE FOR SALE HOUSES FOR SALE RED BANK Income property in excellent central location. Duplex with four bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen uij bath on each side. An excellent buy at $25,000. SHREWSBURY - Three bedroom rancher. Centrally air conditioned, ' Full basement with finished game. room. Offered at $19,990. WEART-NEMETH < AGENCY REALTOR ' 102 WEST FRONT ST. ' Member of Red Bank Multiple Luting Service Drop in for free area map WHY? Transferred owneri want to know whj thfir Colonial hasn't sold. Located Ir istoric Colti Neck on one acra ol ground, four master-size bedroomi, JM tile baths, baiement and two-car f* are. See It today. OWNER WANTS ALL OFFERS Sterling Thompson & Aisoc. REALTOR HWY. Z\ MIDDLETOWN (Adjacent to Cobbleilonei) SOUTHERN COLONIAL Brick (ron L with columni. 14 wooded aerei. Prlrai L ocation. ElKht rooms. 2H bathi. 4 Ireanj of a home. Priced right at ft43,< OQ..Call.Builder, HV23SL , INTERLAKEW one family, in finest community, btrw [axes. Six rooms, two bathi, c&rti«. Carpet and drapes. 30x100. Owner mow. Ing. Priced to iel1. Ginsberg, Broker, MA Brokers solicited. (More Classified Ads On The Next Page) COMMERCIAL RENTALS DISTINGUISHED OFFICE SPACE Loc&ted tn center of Ht4 Bank Duslntu district All theie femtures prorutdi Central air coaduloaj&f Self urrles ilmtor Private parking spae* Complete jamiarial uniu Individual UiiinuMtmtlomllr ontrolled heat earpatlu Call [or appointment to M Broad Rt Red Buk APARTMENTS MONMOUTH BEACH PRIVATE MARINA! CABANA CLUBI Individual Terracatl Prlvor* Ocnn Club! Juif 10 minutei from downtown Red Bank. Luxurious appointment! in aver/ apartment. I '/t baths. Individually controlled heat and air conditioning. Teenage recreation room, plui adult party room. 4. & 5-ROOM APTS. FROM 135 Including heat, hot water, air conditioning and off-itreet parking. HAMILTONIAN AT MONMOUTH OFF OCEAN AVE., MONMOUTH BEACH DIRECTIONS. Eait on RumwarRoad (County -R+.iBSOI 1 lo Ocean Ave., Sea Bright; right (iouth) to Park Road, Monmouth Qeach; right to Hamiltonian at Monmouth apartments. Agent: THE BRITE AGENCY Phone: Model Apt.:

26 HOUSES FOB SAJJE HOUSES FOR SJU.E HOUSES FOR SALE HOUSES FOR SALE mjoy CHRISTMAS, wivrt ru-.i ~~ 1 IN YOURNEW HOME j ^ M S T "*»**"* «j Toy t»/j»>( In this cptcfcw LJWe fll->wo -6KT>ft00W MO7>KP.lf -*AWCHI ver ColooltJ lo time to tffttrtain the N *ar " *"* ( ftmlly over the holmays. Charmi^ location ciuon MM tfm-llned _ strict. trict, _Cloie lo to QUAUTY REALTY ASSOC. Hwy. 3 ft Homestead Ave., Leonardo atorei»nd trs,niportatlon. Four tine bedrooms, l'/s baths, attache*] K&raEifull basement, Moye-in condition New listing. Ottered at 128,800. HALL BROS., Realtors >3 River lid. 7<1-76M Fair Haven Htmber Multiple Lining Service HOUSES FOR SALE INL-Xt to Mermaid Dlncri George A. Pel/Jrme, Realtor FREEHOLD Nine-room h^use. Two Two blocks from Courthouse. Newjy painted. Call HOUSES FOR SALE WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR LISTINGS CUSTOM BUILT - QUALITY AND VALUE Immediate occupancy. RUMSON COLONIAL: River rights. Gracious throughout. Fivt badroomi, two dftns, porch, living room, dining room, 27-ft. f.mily-kiich.n. $67,600. MONMOUTH HILLS RANCH: Woodtd two acrei. Low mainttnanci. Idtal for retirement or family Reading Irt-lawr apartrnent. THREE firopl«c«> in living room, Ititchan-family room and paneled dan. Larga dining room. Roomy laundry room. Four btdroomi, $55,300. pplebrook Agency 112 Ave. ef Two Riviri RUMSON Trees Trees Trees at... OAKWOOD PARK Only 22 homes will be constructed and we intend to preserve the natural beauty of the heavily wooded lots. Country-style living in a quiet community. Oak wood Park is located on Leonardville and Chapel Hill Rds., Middlefown and features bi-levels, splits and Colonials with "thrssnsncl four bedrooms from $2*3,900. It's another planned community by STANAT CONSTRUCTION CO. For additional information call... MULLANEY REALTY WHY DO PEOPLE BUY A HOME? Niarly qnv-haff of them mphaiix* ihtvaluvas «Investment Thirty-two.p«r cant enioy»ni appr*. data rh» security of owntnhip. Tan par cant fatal rant piymanh art too high. The INFORMED HOME1UYER DEALS WITH A REALTOR* WHO SELLS ' RED BANK AREA MULTIPLE LISTINGS 'Realtor Ii a registered collactiva service mark. All brokers ara not Realtors. ILLMENSEE AGENCY RT COLTS NECK Oldest Rual Estate Firm in Colts Neck Whan buying or telling in Colts Neck For quick results call the Realtor" who knows the area. COLTS NECK COMPLETELY RESTORED Three-bedroom, two-story older home..completely restored from cellar to attic. Every room has been improved, plus new kitchen and family room. Low taxes. Shade trees. And many more features loo numerous to mention. Asking $27,500. COLTS NECK IDEAL FOR HORSES Three-bedroom Cape Cod with many barns and outbuildings. Over fi^1 aeras^ltsi"shade"tsos'-aroiinil house: Excellent location. Reduced to $33,192. COLTS NECK EXCELLENT VALUE Four-bedroom, 2J4-bath ranch. Large living room wilili fireplace, separate dining room. One-acre lot, nice location. Like new condition. $35,000. COLTS NECK SHADE TREES, BROOK rhrcc-bedroom Colonial wit(i 2!/ 2 acres and bnrok. Many shade trees. Non developrrfcht. $41,000., HOLMDEL tttaitqivjia, two-hu>ry home, Good tree*. Exceileot owerfflk at 125,000. LARGE FOUR-BEDROOM ALL ELECTRIC TWO-STORY COLONIAl/ Thre«'ull and two % baths. Bun derk over JalouBled porch. Overlooking woods. Over hree acres of quiet Jiving. Original cost t72,w0. Owner very anxious to sell. Asklnjt ttf.000. HOLMDEL AIIEA Small farm with approximately 22 acres. Historic fouroom Colonial home. Two nice harms. Good trea.m. Ideal for horses or an :xcellent Investment, Asking $75,000. MARLBORO Nicely re furbish ed older farm typf, home. Four' bedrooms, 'ater heat, Modest taxes. Asking 12^500. CARL F. ZELLERS, REALTOR ;orner Old Mill Rd. & Rt. 520 HOUSES FOR SALE CHARH AT BARGAIN PRICE. This he Dowsfra Agency I Ea»t Front Sf., F»ir Haven IECLUDED Majnlflcett views. 'lne-roora brlclc ranch. Two fireplace,. kerronl. Aaklnl $67,000. 8( Jjsjg,e 1% $.r.r* VA. i baths, oil hot HOUSES FOR SALE Holmdel $16,500 SEVEN ROOMS - I Vi BATHS ell located brick front Colonial has Thli home li a lot for l(ttle, with three!5' paneled living room, formal dining large bedrooms, recreation room, formal dining room, full basement. Also oom, larga kitchen. Four bedrooms, detached garage. Located on a U acre lot. Convenient to everything. Must be ", baths. Full baiement, semi-finished, Hold quickly to settle estate. Vein no down, approximately 1138 monthly. eautiful shape with many, many ezraa. Going lo sell fast. 129, Others $500 down, approximately $144 monthly. Don't wait, call now. KIRWAN COMPANY HOUSES FOR SALE Campbells Junction, Belford Licensed Real Estate Broker Subject to qualified buyer OCEANPORT TVo-bedroom, flve-roon home. New heating unit, bath and us range. Oarage. Kear buses, shopping and Fort Monmouth. Taxes {220. Aato Ing 112, S5W. MIDDLETOWN Dead-end itreel Four-bedroom split level. Sewers. Nea schools and bus lines. Large lot Ex CDllcnt neighborhood. $20,500. «71-573I HOUSES FOR SALE THE CURTIN AGENCY REALTORS. INSURORS ARE YOU JEALOUS ttwt your friends hove lovely harm? Wl ham ons to oui do Ihem. It hat taw bedroom, levefy large kitchen, living room, game room, den, loundry room, m baths. All In Imrnoculate condition. FHA app&vnl ot $11,700. Only MOO down~3 y«or mortoooe. Low low taxes. & «/91-180O. Sub ect to VA end FHA approval. LINCROFT LovHy three-bedroom ranch nestled on large wooded lot. Deaa-end street. Uvlng room wittl fireplace; dining room; kitchen, sen. Hot water healer* tun basement, two-. cot fforag*. Just a few blocks to ~ shopping, schools and transportation. Priced at S27.0O0. 741J5OO II the number to coll for an oppolru- EXCELLENT VALUE FAIR HAVEN TwKtory home with large friendly fomlry Idtcrwn wild an otunbonc* ol oabloot m m Dining mm, living room, two full baths, two bedrooms.. ja third could bt addad easily. Garage, full basement. C ^ r t l i! tlve tree shaded lot. Corrvenlent to everything. All this for only SB.SO0. Coll 741-1SO0 for appointment. ATLANTIC HIGHLANPS Urge family needed for this S bedroom colonial. Living room wilh fireplace, kitchen, dining room, two full bams, larga gom* room. Very secluded orea. Asking J24,ax> will consider oil offers. Coll 2H-1800 for more derails SEND FOR OUR FREE BROCHURE SHREWSBURY AVE. HWY THOMPSON AVE NEW SHREWSBURY LEONARDO All od» <ub ect to VA & FHA opproval. DELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT LENAPE HOMES AT COLTS NECK FEATURING MAINTENANCE FREE EXTERIORS CUSTOM TWO STORY AND RANCHES FINEST LOCATION Two sfoty, four bedroom, ZVi bonts. Large beamed family room wlln fireplace. Kitchen *<fri bay window. Many unusual features. J40.M0 See our Country Squire Ranch Outstanding Snowploce. $46,000 CONRAD WISSEL III (From Uncroft Center lake Phalanx Rd. West to first right turn (Rlchdoli Rd.) to holies.) REALTORS INSURORS APPRAISERS SHREWSBURY OFFICE HOUSES FOB SALE HOUSF.S FOR SAJJ. I THE DAILY REGISTER Fri/ky, Nov. 3, HEDGEFIELD THE ROLLS ROYCE OF-HOUSING IN COLTS NECK I N S P E C T and C O M P A R E : INCLUDING... KITCHEN AID DISHWASHER G. E. SELF CLEANING OVEN AMERICAN OLEAN TILE SELECT OAK FLOORS AMERICAN STANDARD CLIMATE CONTROL HEAT STEEL GIRDERS 6" INSULATION St. Leo's Parish Convenient To Lincroft-Eatontown Area. Directions: Corner Rt. 537 and Swimming River Rd., west to Lakeside Ave. PHONE P. T. LAHIFF * HOUSES FOR SALE RUMSON Choice living locale. Modern Colonial split level. Fireplace in living room, formal dining room, kitchen, paneled den, our bedrooms, 2'/ 2 baths. Hot air jil heat. Attached two-car garage. 1% acre plot. $52,500. RUMSON Desirable residential irea. Interesting Colonial. Living oom has fireplace, dining area, janeled den, kitchen. Three bedrooms, V/i baths. Basement. Steam oil heat. Attached one-car»arage. Attractive grounds. $39, FAIR HAVEN Compact bunga ow. Living room, dining room, dtchen, three bedrooms, bath. Full basement. Hot water n r,culator. Oil heat. Double lot $18,500. DENNIS K. BYRNE REALTOR-INSUROR West River Road Rumson Phone MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING LOO BURNING Everyone love* a flreplice, and thlo three-bedroom ranch offers one. It also has a 19x12 Jiving room, formal rllniaf rootn, 38x12 enclosed porch basement and yamgg^-ji_a.eifc.plot^a! neigh bo rh<5dotfi<t'ctsbe u> north Jersey sommuung. "ACT "NOW! $24,990 Sterling Thompson & Assoc. REALTOR HWY. 35, MIDDL.ETOWN (Adjacent to Cobblestones) p CALL ANYTIME i EDNA M. NETTER Realtor! 'ARKS HOMES INDUSTRIAL SITES H0LMDKU-C0LT8 NECK MARLBORO FREEHOLD AREAS Dutch Lane Rd., RD 1, Marlboro P.O. Box 325. Freehold Evening! RIGHT IN RUMbON HOUSES FOR SALE ARE YOU A SHOPPER? BEST BUY8 FEATURINO quality, PREST1OE, ECONOMY WOULD YOU BELIEVBT lli-acre lot In Bellord with Uir««.t«aroom home. Full basement. Low, low prlte of J FOUR-BEDROOM SPLIT IN 8T. MARY'S PARISH With recreation room, \Vi baths and basement. 120,000. LINCROFT Throe bedrooma, fireplace, full basement. Half-acre lot. 422.SOO. Subject tc appraisals and qualifications. APPLEBROOK RANCH Featuring stately trees and a warm Iircplace, wall-to-wall carpeting In living room and dining room. Two (possibly threej bedrooms, full basement *2500 $15,900 - Is the price of this three-bedroom, 1*4 bath split owlth luxury paneling. Brant new stove ID kitchen, mosaic tiled, walls. Veterans hurry to sea this on a no-down basis. FIVE BEDROOM SPLIT In superb condition lor the low, low price of $17,900. EDWIN S. STARK Realtor - Insuror 1355 Hwy. 31, Hazlct Blue-afld Whltp R-- ""ermlnal BIdg Evening* uii-0974 FREEHOLD TOWUSHIP. - GRACIOUS AND IMMACULATE NEARLY ONE ACRE. Custom bull rancher. * Three master size bedrooms. two ceramic Baths. Spacious livltif room with full wall fireplace. Formal 'dining room. Eat-In kitchen. Hugf paneled ramily room. Hot water base board heat Two-car garage. Nothing u compare at 927,500. LEWINSER AGENCY REALTORS 30 E. Main St. Freehold Eves, ft Sun or Sunday 11-4 Jechided - -plantyiff_ of ipeclmen trccrrl m a-ny ex tras^-18*24 living- room wttft O K~HIEL""iREA~~KANOH ' Three -Ike new Colonial. Lovely neighborhood. I fireplace, dining room, den and three bedrooms, living room, dining moni, «" paneled den. 2H tiled batha. Fireilace. Dry basement, and many, man; excellent bedrooms. Two baths, two urea outsat s. good return. Aaklnc $17,- kitchen, two baths, basement, carage. patios, garage and carport. Carpeting >, acre. i%\b0o rxtraa. One of our best listings. Aaklni f39««f39,«. RAY VAN HORN, Realtors J04 RIVER RD., FAIR HAVEN 747-il ALL. THE L13TING8 PRIVACY PLUS CONVENIENCE New Monmouth. All brick Colonial years oh. Four bedrooms, 2 _ baths. Storeroom. 14x25 living T0?m with fireplace. Formal ' dining room. Eat-In kitchen. Jalousled breezeway!arge patio, full basement Amid ta* irees on quiet dead end street. Con 'enient* to schools, shops, transporta^ ;ion Cal! GAtONTOWN Beautiful wooded lo /1th city sewers, Four bedrooms, jathb, large eat-in kitchen with ap iliances, huije family room with fireplace, laundry room with dryer. Ca" milder, HOUSES FOR SALE Freehold Areo HORSE MINDED? NEW tl ROOM CCMJNTRY COLONIAL 5W ACRES This ocqimfte home feoiupes three (ireploces, itato entry, three zone hot-wc*er beet. Outside dining balcony/ many new and luxurious Ideas. Choice of swimming pool or two-stall hone bam. The kind of home you would expect to be cri least $20,000 mot* ttian the (55,000 price fog. Okfe Tetmeni Builders ^104 OLDE SHREWSBURY All brick, 6 bedroom, 2 bath hom«. Large living and dining roomi, tcienca litchen, ipacioui bedroomi; 2 car garage with 3 bedrooms and bath apartment. Basement. Call, (or appointment. Asking $47,900.. FOUR BEDROOM COLONIAL Excellent area, exceptionally convenient location. Wooded lection. Can walk to all necesiitlei. Formal dining room. Baiemsnt. f.h.a. appraisal applied for; possession 30 days, Shocking surprise! Asking $29, YEARS OLD '. On '/i acre; Bi-level or raised Ranch. 4 bedrooms, 2'/i baths, cheerful living room and dining room, up-to-date kitchen, spacious family room with raised fireplace. 2 car garage. Weil landscaped. Excellent buy. Asking $31, BROAD ST. SHREWSBURY, N. J.. Open 7 Days Trade-ins REALTORS - INSUROfeS APPRAISERS- MIDDLETOWN OFFICF HOMES (Custom Built) Ranchoi, Split Levoli, Bi-Iavali and Colonials, built io your Individual needi. Wooded toh available, Bost areas. Pticed ta fit your budgat. Call now for choice Ictil Priced at $23,900 to $31,000. "'.- ' - '-'i."-. *"-. -.r.,-v ". ;. *.-. :".(,-vvyi.' - ^trtf'ri'^rv-dw^yit^b-.i.iuv.jjte'i.*- CUSTOM RANCH ' MiddloJov/n, 4 bedroomi, full dining room, 2 bath* and enclosod 24 ft. porch. Located on tall ihodo trco back ground for privacy. Waifier, dryer, diihwaihar, 2 air-condihonori and awn- Ings for windows includod. 6'xlO' tool r6om, No«r to school!, churchos shopping and transportation. Call for appointment. Lilted at $29,500. IMMACULATE OLDER HOME 4 Dodroomi, 2 full beiths, alio 2 kitchens, can bo utilized as In com o proper)/ or for a large family. Noar schools, busos and shopping. Call Now] Asking $22, HWY. 35 MIDDLETOWN, N. J. Opon 7 Days Trade-ins FAIR HAVEN COLONIAL TREE SHADED SETTING Thlfi Interesting Colonial Cape in Fair Haven's finest location has a wealth of and air conditioners included, first time offered 538,900. HALL BROS.. Realtors 813 River Rd Fair Havei Member Multiple Listing Service THINKING OF BUYING A HOUSE? WHY NOT A NEW 0NE7 We have many listed. All areaa-au prices. Also improved lots To build your own Call EDWIN H. MARTLV Broker RIVERFRONT Fatr Haven. Five bedrooms, 2!i baths. Sit on heated porch and enjoy MAG NIFICB.NT VIEW. Tie your boat al your. jown dodt. Convenient -location. Excellent schools. Asking H RUSSELL M. BORUS AGENCY 600 River Rd. Fair Haven HIGHLANDS Lovely two-bedroom home -ID-mint"condition/ LSrSe Dfaull'Ul living room, dining room, modern kitchen and bath. Ample closets. Hot wate baseboard heat. And you can movi right in.»12,500. FINLAY REAL ESTATE A5JNCY Evenings and Sundays, OCEANPORT $14,800 Outstanding buy In an Immaculate completely restored Colonial with three bedrooms, two full baths. Oil-fired steam Heat Nice neighborhood. $MX down, low monthly payments to quail I fled buyer. THE MEISTRICH AGENCY 244 Broad Bt. Red Bank Member of Multiple Listing Service OLDE SHREWSBURY Attractive Caps Cod In pretty setting, Three lovely bedrooms and tiled bath, lovely living room with fireplace, formal dining room, eat-in family style kitchen, recreation room with bar. Basement. Excellent condition. Lots ol extras. *22.30O. McALlSTER AGENCY, REALTORS, 109 B. River Rd., Rumaon ,RED BANK Cape Cod. Charmlnj setting. Two bedrooms, one bath. Din i ing room. Full, dry basement. Sun room, expansion attic. Fruit trees.. Beautifully (scrubbed corner property 124x103. Many extras, Asking J CHAS. H. TINDALL. Realtor 7U STRATHMORE RESALES Ranches. the loir 2(Ta. Our office located In the heart of Slrathmore, on Hwy. 34. Call ua whether telling or buying. 7 days, 24 hr. service. Call anytime.! APPLEBROOK OF MATAWAN, Real- tors. RUMSON Cape Cod, one level. Three bedrooms, two hat ha. Living room with fireplace. Modern kitchen. ' Paneled basement room. Expansion attic. Much desired neighborhood. Beautiful oaks. Three blocks from river. $20, THREE-BEDROOM RANCH Uvlng room, large kitchen, finished cellar, screened patio. Close to Little Silver commuter station JUSTOM DESIGNED Ranch home on 1(4 acre. Corner lot. Landscaped. Six 1 yenrs' residence. One mjnutt 1 to New York bust-8. Three bedrooma, two batha. Largo 28' living room. Dining room. US' kitchen. Two-car KEirnge. 48xlB i»wl. {Hedwooil frncrxl yard. An.iumc ft'4% mortr.ike. 530,000. Call 462-2A17. NEWLY CONSTRUCTED Tl..,-.-.«-, - room ranch, Largn Itvlnc room, dfulnp, kitchen, laumfry mid Iwtli. I-'ull huarment and nttnrhnl ftnrarp. On larfie wooilorl plot, 100x115'. Priced M 21,6O(). Terms can bo nrranged. Call between p.m KKANHIUItO Three,bf>drfi(»rn», Jtvlnfi room, *\L\icftetif Tiidh" rvfttt- t>v*.'r.i'h(i*fl pararf.' Att/icheil l.hrt!p-room uimrtmcnt on nicely landicnriod-lot, Good Tor older couple. Mnny xtraw. flail («r nni'nlntnu'nt. 7B7J ktlddlktywn - Split "level. Corner ol. Seven roimih, two biitliu, garnrc,,valltn-wull i:fii[iiflliik. Many extrnn. Hlk'nt cnmlitliii). Pliono [or appointment. 741-R4!K). HUM SON ANTIQUE lofl- COLONIAL. Excellent comlltlon. Il^flt cat Inn. LnrRf 'loop lol. 5.19,000. HTH3RLINO TIlOMPHON & AflROC;. Ren Hunt, 4Ii W. River Rd., Rumaon. "'1T-0!)00. HOUSES FOR 8AIJS HOUSES FVM-4A1&. "ENGLISH TUDOR A charming home in a beautiful location- Three 'toaster bedrooms, maid's room. Modem kitchen. Large screened porch. Extra saleable lot is included. A wonderfuft buy at $37,900 SPICK & SPAN inside and out. Three bedrooms, one bath. Attached garage. Gas heat. Minimum upkeep. $22,000 ELLEN S. HAZELTON West River Rd. Realtor Rumson MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE HOUSES FOR SALE REDDEN AGENCY Realtors - Insurors Member of Red Bsnk Multiple Listing Service BANDBOX RANCH In Shrews ;bury. Three bedrooms, gameroom Central air conditioning. Excellent home for young family. $19, 990. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY in this Fair Haven Ranch. Beautifully landscaped grounds. Fireplace in living room. Dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bath, basement-gameroom, patio. $25,700. breezeway NEW SHREWSBURY Fourbedroom Colonial in "like-new" condition. Large living room, din ing room. 16x13 kitchen. Paneled den, 2'/j baths. Full basement. Two-car garage. Baseboard heat. Vacant - ready for new owners, Today's best buy, $29,000. ATTENTION ANTIQUE LOVERS CenturyVld home in historic Shrewsbury. Family room with fireplace, gameroom. Forma! liv i f l J i l J K i t h en with breakfast area. FourBeH^f rooms, two baths. A charming home for $32,500, Rt. 35, 301 Maple Ave. Corner Bergen PI. RED BANK Evenings and Sundays INCOME. Very fine up and down Red Bsnlc two lamlly home. Four roonw, LUXURIOUS LIVING AT COUNTRY SQUIRE ESTATES 8% spacious rooms, four bedroomi, 2',4 btthi, huge living room, formal dining room, Bpacfoua paneled family room. The ultimate In kitchen denl jn Including dryer, dlihwaahei, range oven with Island hood. Natural woodwork, ull basement, two-car garage. u > acre ot. All utilities. Excellent financing available UT qualified buyer. Price SCHANCK AGENCY REALTOR The Dowsfra Agency 91 East Front St., Fair Haven MONMOUTH BEACH Lagoon front wttti dock. Four bedroom, 2'/4 baths, two-story home. View o! river from living»nd dining rooms. Kitchen "with dishwasher. Wonderful location for boat minded family. Out of town owner sacrificing fur $29,800. DISBROW & NEAVES REALTOR MEMBER BMLS 280 Norwood, W, Long Branch Ailer 5 p.m. 22M417 BREEZY POINT STEitfle Silver" NEW HOMES From J47.5OO LOCATED at Bllrerilde - Ave., (Near! Seven Bridge Rd.) LltUe Silver RED BANK DUPLEX Centrally located, top ares. Each side living room, dlnlne room, kitchen, four bedrooms, bath, basement and sttlc. Two-car garage. Wonderful income potential. Move-In condition. To settle Resltorltuuror, estate, asking $25,000. THE McGOIVVAN AGENCY, Realtor).. 2^8 Newman Sprlngsi Uti., Red Bank THREE ACRES - HOLMDEL Three year old custom Colonial, Four bedrooms, five batha, living room, 18' dining room, 27* kitchen, den, <0' game room. Wooded area, pond. Immediate possession. Asking $59,000. CROWKLL AGENCY, Realtors, 63 Rfverlda Ave., Evpfl, COTTON RIDGE HOMES Custom built. Price 32,500 and up. % acra lots. City water, ildewalki, i&s and electricity, AUo built according to your plans and specifications. Nutswamp Rd,, River Plaza, Ulddlitowo, Finest residential area. Four-bedroom 7i7-i385, M2-11Q0, Colonia.1 home. Nine years young. 25* living room, formal dining return, lainlly SAVE fruttlen hours of searching by kitchen, full basement, attaclied garage. Price 129,800. THE McGOWAN sending for our free comprehensive; catalog; modest homes; palatial Rumson estates, waterfront*, larms. Mul- Rd,, Red Sank AGENCY, Realtors, 23B Newman Springs Capes, Colonials starting In tiple Liatlnss. RAY STILLMAN, Realtor "Our 49th Year" 648 Hwy. 35 Shrewsbury 741-sflM MIDDLETOWN VILLAGE Four-year-old, nine-room custom built Colonial split. 2Vi baths. In lovely wooded section. Newly redecorated. Oneacre landscnpcd lot with bridge over brook. Many extras. $35,000. Call 671- wo;. :OLONIAL8 AND RANCHES Flvo years old. No closing cost, no points. Mortgage assumption. Three mlnutea to Parkway Kxli 81, Lnfcewood. Immediate occupancy. 919,090. PAUL RRAG- AG AGENCY. Shrewsbury, CHARMING ENGLISH TUDOR Elcellent condition. 10x24 pandect family room with bath on ground floor. Wnll. lo-wall carpeting In living room, formal dining room and aunroom. Wood 'mrn!ng fireplace, four bedrooms, 2^ uithn, full hnaimdont. In.tulalcd attic. Lovely wooded grounds, Convpnlrnt ti) station, parkwuy nnd nchoola. Low taxen. Asking 32,0fl0. /741-7C37. UNCItOI'T Threo-bcrlroom aplll Giirneroorn, nttactieil Karaso. tsoxlod lot, 21' awlmmlrik pool. Cull iftcr 12 noon. FAMILY HOME Kour jfirro bed; ooins, mnflter 17it2[>, Living room, (UpninMy room, Two fireplaces. 3',i liftthn, 'liree-rur Kfirnfrs. Tlirco plug acron, IGxcclInnt rmidltion. Real value at $ftf», W0. JOSEPH O. McCUK, ItKAI.TOH, 30 IlldRo 1M., Rtimson M. IIUMSON For the bofltsm;in. Wutnrronl, rloop wntcr, bulklioad nnd dock. Jtiuaiifil modorn G',4 batti home. Lnrpo vine room with fireplace, built-in two- :nr KirnfiH, lurgw dry bairiiipnt Ifully lii.nrlscnpoil erouml.t. J^fl.TKiO. ficn it now. HOLHTON WATBIIRIJRY, Ilrnlr. 10 W- front Bt., Reit Hntik. 7*7- inoo..ccehf) TO HlVIOIt ~- Hpllt level [IA NCI I Just completed. 140x160' lot, onii'. KlBlit ro'htin, threr baliin, two Threo tifilnioins, living room, dining 'lri»plncob, twn-cnr K'iraRO. Owner nnm, pnnotoil ilcn, two tiled batha. Iniiiflforrcd. MnvMn ciindftlon. W7.WKI. IM.WI0. I'AUL BIUOAR AGENCY, 747- OSBrit O. McCUB, UKALTOR, 3tt Rd., Rumson. HI Mi ill. ' HOUSES FOR SALE QUARTARO CONTRACTORS INC or 3S Model open for Inspection at Meadowbrook Lane and Longvlew Ave., off Rt. 537, Freehold Township. Take Parkway lo Ht fl.-go South. Bear left at Rt. 34 to Rt. 037, Make right. Approximately 4 miles on left. BEACH AGENCY We bar* several.government and bank repossessions. Three and four bedrooms. All modern improvements. Easy FHA and VA. FOUR-BEDROOM Immaculate bl-ievel. Eight large rooms. Two tiled baths. Oaraie. UOxlSO lot. Excellent area. J Easy FHA terms. BEACH AGENCY BROKER 191 Hfghwar 36 Mlddletown, N. J. Open 7 days or Eves: Mrs. Vera Keya 281-1T97 AH paymenu an approilmate and tub. Ject lo FHA-VA approval PRIVATE ESTATES Ntslled behind tall liedees, stalely trees, winding drive, secluded, yet convenient. (H.500 and 146,900 LOCATED on SUverslde Avenue be* tween Rtveredge Drive and Carr!ag» House Lane, Little Silver Builders at Breezy Point YOUNO FOUR-BEDROOM HOME Large plot Living room, dining room, kitchen, fireplace In Bameroom, 2'^ baths, double garage. Hot waler heat Excellent area. $31, Linden PI Red Bank Eves: SS $115 MONTHLY Tliree fcedrooms, lft batha. Formal dining 1 room. Large gameroom. Garage. Wall-to-wall carpeting and much mere. Walk to schooll, shopping and com- 'mater norvice NO DOWN PAYMENT VETS, LOW DOWN PAYMENT NON- VETS or assume G%% mortgage at fld.soo. 6ubjeot to government approval Call 5U now. VAN'S AGENCY, REALTOR Hwy. 31 and Main 31,, Matawan RUMSON COLONIAL Mint condition-just coined. Three bed* rooms, ltt baths, family room, sundeck, full basement. (24,990. A. FRED MAFFEO AGENCY REALTOR 569 River Rd. Fair Haven LEKSIOFT SEVEN^ROOM RANCH irea bedrooms, 2',-i baths. Fully. equipped kitchen, 22' paneled den. Over- lied screened porch. Wall-to-wall car* " Large treed lot FOR SALE BY 0W^^ER Low 30*1 Call FAIR HAVEN COLONIAL Seven excellent rooma, two full baths, Perfect home for growing (amity, Three bedrooms, pine-pan el ed family room. Living room, separate dining room. Oversized garage. Fenced-tn lot We have the bey. Offered at $18,900. HALL BROS., Realtors 613 River Rd. 7«*7686 Fair Haven Member Multiple Listing; Service _,OVELY DWELLING - Privately built, two-story. Four bedrooms, Il-i full tiled bath*. Wai]-to-wall carpeting, large high cellar. Oil Heat. Unclosed heated breezeway. Four-car garage." Vicinity Freehold High Ecnool. Exclusive. 125,000. By appointment. Meyer Morrill, Broker CM Park. Ave., Rt. 33, Freehold ' 4C2-&S27 LITTLE SILVER COLONIAL Big House Needs Children Assume 5% mortgage on this lovely three-bedroom home with VJ% batha. Top location. Low taxes. Near, all schools. Asking $19,900. Call SNYDER AGENCY, Realtors MUdletown Flva Cornera RUMSON RANCH New listing In Park Avenue area. Living room, two bedrooms, eat-in kitchen, 'ull basement, garage. To uettlu rotate. $20,000 MeALISTBH AGENCY, REAL- TOR3, 109 B. River Rd., Rumaon TlJUEE-BEDnoOM RANCH. 2V~tiv^ ng rodiii, formal dining room, cuuntjfiy iltcfien plus panelod den, recreation' room and kltcncn In bfuement. Hot water heat. Screened porch, fenced van]. Sewers. Asking 923,500. CRO- VHUi AGENCY, Realtors, 63 River* Me Ave.f 7* Eves M«i. For a large-young family In a neighborhood of younp families - A fipaclous eight-room home featuring a family room,, n full tiinitik room, four bedroom. 1 ), 1M, batha. Includes a Vireplace, new buscboard hot witer heat. Two blocks'to river, four blocks lo ocean. Asking $25,501). WILLIAM II. HINTELMANN (Firm) 23 Hldge ltd, Runison. Hi'J-tWOO. M.-mtier of the Altiltiple Uatlns Service. 'AIR..HAVHK -^,VDU7bp,Jftv>jji J?oinfill. Urnclmiii liomu. Ixjvi-ly lunilu:u it-d e rounds overlooklnji pond. pa living ruom wlih firt?i>liu'c, full llnlnk room, panclr.l il,-n, IIHHUTII kltth- n, LJ'.i biitlia. Full finished t'ast'ment vllli.n-creatlon ruoin. LarKi) acr^muvl itoruli. Two-rur atti.elk'd;o. Dish- WHslicr, wfill-lo-wall carpetinff. ("nnv.-ni- cnt Incntn.n. Only H'i.VOU. KOLSTUM WATtKMUHY WATt-KMUHY, Kinltcr:, Knltcr: III W W. Fr Fnt lipnu-!t., 747-:irnm. MI1H1LMTOWH 512,000 lirpi'-biiilroom niiht tionif. Dining [ out, piaster wnll.f. liow taxon, Llttla uali iifi'il.'il. THK BKtKI AtiKNTV, ;f.:ilu.rh. Hwy. 3S, MhldliMnwn. B71-IUHP. (More Classified Ads On The Next Page)

27 26 Friday, Nov.?,. }%7 THE'DAiLV KhCII-.UH BOUSES FOR 8A.LE PAUL P. BOVA Realtor - Insurer 35 Cherry Tree Farm Hd New Mdrimouth AUTUMN LEAVES Of all colors lend scenic charm tn t!" eustom built Middletown home on i acre. From the [our bedrooms to I living room, formal (lining room, you find the rooms arc rxtra spacious - p: rfi-gp, 11x25 enclosed aluminum pat full dry cellar, aluminum sldinp on I house plus central air conditioning - a only a tew extras. Asking 5X5,01)0. LOVELY Leave The Financing Tn Vs Trade Your House In Open 7 Days Member Multiple Listing SPACIOUS SMALL HOMi WAITING FOR A YOUNG COUPLi Living room, kitchen, (our bedroom one b&th. Area roughed In for secom bath. Partially finished gameroom, an< full basement. Garage. Convenient Ii c*tlon. A real young married nelghbo, hood special J17.5OO. The Dowstra Agenc 91 East Front St., Fair H*vei BEAUTIFUL NEW FOUR BEDROOM COLONIAL RANCH 1W haths. Hot water bas&board heal Attached garage. H-acre of land, S25, BEACHFRONT PROPERTY. I25'X204' Beautiful three-bed room ranch. T batha. Hot water heat Fireplace, wall to-wall carpeting. Full basement apar ment.. Large Florida room with indoo: barbecue. Bulkheaded bathing beach with bath-house. Excellent condition. For particulars call THE BROOK AGENCY Realtor Bank Building. Atlantic Highland! New Community RUMSON On the aouthtrn»hor» Of th«shrewsbury Rim New Homes Exclusive deilfn By Foiwood^KsULtM^. Five-Six bedroom Colonial Keady for occupancy $62,500 Located at Tuxedo Road, off Rumson Road (Just past Blngham Avemw) Iniormation available 7* RUMSON SNUG HARBOR li acre water front, deep water bulk' head. Contemporary split, seven over ilied rooms, three full baths. 20x24 den, 18x21 living room, two fireplaces, Huge covered porch with barbecue. Basement and two-car garage. Excel' lent location. Early oocupancy. Offered at $48, HALL BROS., Realtors ^-RlveyJld^ Fair Have Member Multiple Listing Service RUMSON $18,500 Three-bedroom ranch ityle home. Llv Ing room, formal dining room, moder Kitcticn, (nil basement. Taxes only $J81. GI and FHA term a available. $18,500. THE McQOWAN AGENCY, Realtor!, 258 Newman Springi Rd., Red Bank ' JUST IMAGINE! You can buy this big rancher In a to] neighborhood for only $22,500. HaJf acn Witt! lovely planting. Fireplace. Basi ment. Taxes $620. RAY VAN HORN, Realtors 101 RIVER RD,, FAIR HAVEN ALL THE LISTINGS RUMSON Park Avenue area. Two bedrooms am bahy'a room, living room, dining roor and kitchen. Full baaement. New heat Ing Playroom. $21,500. McALISTER AGENCY, REALTORS, 109 E. River Ril., Rum son. &42-I894 RUMSON. IDEAL FOR RETIREMENT Some elderly couple should surely be pleased with this tidy home. Livtnf room, dlfiing room, new Kitchen. Tw< bedroom^,- small den. New heating sysr iem. Basemrnt. Taxes J42O. Kt.SCO LAWRENCE J. SCHILLING. REALTOR MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING INTERESTED PARTIES ONLY Ranch, three bqdrooma, fireplace, bo - water heal. Plastered walla, \% Tilths, lull cellar, attached Rarage RAMBLING} REMODELED FARM HOUSE Historic Shrewsbury. Circ J86O. Four bedrooms, two baths, firejrtaco in family room, a friendly house boasting original wide pine floors cenlor hall, library. Tree shsfip<i plot. Of fered at $32,500. E,A. ARMSTRONG Realtor, 555 Prospect Aye., LiUle vpr (1. JIIDDLETOWN - Three or four bed rooms. & acre lot located on dead-i street. " Paneled gameroom, jrarngp, jmlio, dishwasher, dryer. Convenient tr Fhripplng and transportation. S22.0O0 IIULLANEY REALTY. 671-M51. BRAND NEW, Colonial with four bed nyirns. 2H hath*, ninlng room, rie famoroom. Country location. Good coi tructjon. Appoint rrienlft with charac tcr. Gond rinanefng. Sil.flOO. LAWRENCK J. SCHILLING REALTOR MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING LITTLE SILVER Move right I January, No decorating npcrssary. bfdroom spilt, nituatpd in a nmsl dorlrfthle area. Paneled living room wllh fireplace, dining mom, kltchc family room, garage HnK aerr In f28.s(io. Evenings or weekends, 6 North Vale Ave. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS --- $18,0011 T'lrce bed rooms, den. sewing ronm Htt-watrr heat, oil Nred. Urpe art! sfi can he converted to extra mnmn C'ty sewers. ImnicMlale Possession Mj'U/ANEY REALTY", 671 -S1 SI. PACING NAVES!NK RIVER ~I!orr7 of unusual charm. Stone find shako? two-strjry Pntcinlal. with thrc<> vrr la run hi»»i rooms, 2 1 * batli:'. ina?tfr' (nilt> with 'Ircsfllnjc room, den ami?nn' room, firfphec In^ living room; fnrmn 1 dining room. R;i.icment. Two-par en r;ine. O'ferpd nt $14.Mm. E.A. ARM STItONfJ. Rpiillnr, 555 ProfipM Avp IJlllf Silver. 7H-l. r )im, THREE WOOOEH"ACRKS IN EATO.V TOWN -i WllU Itt'fi rentpd HOUHCH Bit fruntaiw. riiy watnr, Estate wanis nf tn. IMHOU) UNDEMANN riroker Van W-nJcte Marine Bid*., Ealrmtmvn IWU9M J M7J? WE NEED Five or six, 2-3 bedroom Incomes, furnlihed or unfurnished, from (S5 to $175 per month for Incoming personnel. THE BBKG AGENCY, Kt. 35, Mlddletown URGENTLY NEEDED Two and three-bedroom homes Mlddletown, Haz* et vicinity. We have buyers waiting. THE KIRWAN CO. 7B HEJLP ACTION' HELP us: our 12 salespeople need listing on your home. ACTION is our motto professional service* are just a phone'call away, -Trade-ins Exchanges lommerclftl and Investment properties lember Two Multiple Listing Services WALKER A WALKER Realtors rnvkop.tabl^e Jwo-brdj-ourn'r KWxlOO corner lot.,i>rHat, usine.1.4 in New Jersey and, patlsfficocol ptne.y'. Full i*ricf jn.,llht f'rinlr '^y "Hi "tlife''"tffwrihfilp"'"iflohirin11lets to ip rffei-t that RHUI Surely Company JS'Mi iidwn. Owner will hdh nv ill fnrtiiah a hand for the bidder, If P"nrlpPls only, Call *1. wnnlnl the Tontrnct, nnd a Cert I- 1,' 'IT I. K f 1 LV ElI. J t' ST~A~ BTROLL from uti-ms. irhnnix u l.azy cd rinmh, iirnwn to the,orrtrr- of- thr it 1,11, IVmnsliii. Trrnntirer for not ICBJI tlmn Three hfmr<i..m mnrh. Kxrf lc»,. en [ntcrnt (\(K i of the amount bid tlon. ifik.yl FOK."TAFlTlNfi FAMILY In Bizi 1 in*i tie delivered Ht the place anil on ami nnri- J'L' nnn iir atmvp mentioned. The Sinn- LAWRENCE J. SCHIUJNn ropohnt fnrms wlu *be furnlshid laxos have been lain on account of each parcel for undald taxes are as followa REALTOR 7( i.]iiiitn»n tn the Township Clerk. Nnmr Blk. Mi-Hrrlptlon Year Amount MEMBER. MI'LTIPLB UHTI.VI. 1. nw;ird :>f HJP Contract for this Denarah : J. Richardson nrli will nut In Allen St. mi S 7fS4 turnip until the nee- Mary Kllrn Austin Cedar Ave.. ATLANTIC Jnr;Hl7AN"liS~"Tv.(7-yainirv.1MB [6& ][!*s in fin the work ha Mary Ellen Austin 31 house. 10 mam*. Two-tar gjtrflijr $''.-"- U^hir 1..JSitH St Uie ToWnshlp in 0(» OH -'Ol-L'Difi, Clarence Blanton "3T - fio rtdar Ave if Mary, f " B3 Fair Haven-; Tin' T 1 Illfd halh. NICP lol Taxrs nrily }17 V*r ypar. K-IKV Iprms fnr nil THK BBRO AGENCY Kpilmrj llwv 2':' IjfltliH, riifllk- pfl l ilrn with rnlkm lienrth firfplacp. nrn tnc\n*t>il portti, in^fifrn rlf]u«f i-in kitchen. Ifparatft dlnlnc n^iii. 2T llvlnf; rik.m AliiifJht nrw. ^"]L ḥ (Wl KA AT!M' STHON(i, llcillor, S.' Pi'mi'51-t Avp., Lllllr fiilypr. 7II-CWI Korme! QinUijr. ruuu,. Tvcwur V.S-m4.e. E.A. ARMSTRONG. Rfallor. fis5 Proapect 'Ave., Little Silver. T4M500. REALLY TW'O HOMES IN ONE-Luxurious ifidoor living now -and carefree nutrinor hdh»italiiy arnurd Uie swimming pool and barbecue path in SprlnR. FiHir rjcdniemj-, "J 1 - iiatb.--. Den. Game* room. H7.%0. U\WHENCE J. SHHILLlNr. REALTOR MEMBER Ml'LTlPLE LISTING L1TT LK'^ Tile hath, Threat room ~~" kitehrn. ^7' :1 purch, at- B. S2O.WX). G71-(JO*>2. LOTS AND ACREAGE BEAI.'TIFULLY LANDSCAPED LOT 128' frontage x 127' deep. Finest Fair Haven residential area. Asking $12,000. ROLSTON WATERBUKY, REALTOR 16 W, Front St., Red Bank FROM ONE LOT TO lou" ~AT^RE3~ Either commercial or residential Call MULLANEY REALTY TWO PRIME LOTS Located on Rlvei Rd., in Red l >Bank, suitable for eithoi professional offices or private dwelling! Contact L. B. WelnstPin, 2L'9-:i772. BEAUTIFULLY TREED LOT In Pnrtatjpeck. 120x100'. $6600. PAUL BRAGAR AGENCY, BUILDING LOT Ready to go for two-family home Chapin Avenue, Red Bank. SILVERMINT 141-J200 RUMSON 114 ACRE WOODED LOT Choice location OD high ilgh ground. N excellent schools. Pries *17,500, Call 64M178.or, 8* NEW MONMOUTH Half acre, centrally located, Ideal neighborhood. Call after 6 p.m. COLTS NECK Choice acre on hill in excellent location. View and trees HOLMDEL Eight one-acre woode_ lots for sale tn Holmdel Township. BTANLBT STILWELL, Real Esme Broker, Holmdel, HOLMDEL Nino and one-quarter acres In Holmdel Township. Open ground. (30,000. STANLEY BTItWELL, Real Estate Broker, Holmdel EIGHT" BLOCKS TO RIVER An. eight blocks to ocean, 75'zlOO' wlui trees. West Belmar. S CEMETERY LOTS TWO PLOTS Four space* each. Shoreland Memorial Gardens, Keyport. Choice mention. Sacrifice. 477-O19L COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MIDDLErOWN TWP. Commercial property along Hwy. 35 or 36. From 175' to 10 acres MULLANEY REAL- TY REAL ESTATE WANTED NEED VACANT LAND Small 'lot or large tracts, cm MUL- "E* KEALTT OPEN LISTINGS fntiependent broker desires open list- Ings on residential properties, MlSdletown, Holmdel, Colts Neck. LINCROFT ASSOCIATES Inc. '05 Hwy. 33 Mlddletown (opposite Howard Johnson) Evenings Democrats, Republicans Busy Pushing Bells 2 Parties Vying for Red Bank Control NOTICE OF SKTTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT ESTATE OF WILLIAM LANZER, JR., DECEASED Notice. H hereby given that the accounts of the subscriber, Administratrix of the estate o( said 1 Deceased will be audited and stated by (he Surrogate of the County of Monmouth and reported^ for settlement to The Monmoulh County Court, Probate Division ori-thursday, the 30th day otwjo- VEMBER, A.D., 1987, at 9:30 o'clock a.m., at the County Court House, Monument and Court Streets, Freehold, New Jersey, at which time Application will be made for the allowance of Commlsalons and Counsel reea. "Dated October 30th, A.D ELIZABETH M. LANZER, 23 Alamcda Court, Shrewsbury, N. j. Administratrix. Messrs. Parsons, Canzona, Blair * Warren, Counsellors at Law. 18 Wallace Street, 1 Red Bunk, N. J. Nov. 3, 10, 17, H Shrewsbury Middle town-holmdel 681 Broad 8L 206 Hwy. 35 WHEREAS, It appears to my satli 'action, by duly authenticated record of the proceedings for the voluntary HELP dissolution thereof by the unantmou! LUtlnga ivante*} etrathmore, Lakerldgt, consent of alt the stock holders, de Holmdel, Colts Neck, surrounding communities. Members of two area listing INC. a corporation of this State, whos^ posited In my office, that PERCO, services and two nationwide home find- principal office la situated at ND. 34 Ing referral services. Remember, In Broad Street, in the Borough of Red "READY BUYERS" NEED HOMES From Rumson thru.incroft. From $18,000 to 5100,000: "Service and expert knowledge is my HOUSE FOR SALE Tr> settle «Bta'e. 70 Main St.,- Oceanport. Call 671- calling ^ard". Call Adam holders.thereof, which said consent and Owner, 'ADAMS AGENCY, 31 Howard the record of the, proceedings afore- Ave., New Shrewsbury or R. "24 Hour Service," Member Red ank Area Multiple Listing Service. MTTI.K FJI,V Kini'li «.i WATKItFJ.nNT EGAL NOTICE SURROGATE'S COVRT MONMOUTH COUNTY Notice to Creditors lo Present Claims Ajcalnflt Estate ESTATE OP HELEN C. TURNBULL; DECEASED Pursuant to thr order or DONALD J. CUNNINGHAM, Surrogate of the County of Monmouth, the application of the undersigned, Catherine Turnbull, the Sole Executrix of Hit? estate of the sairl Helen C Tunibull, deceased, notice Is hereby Riven to the creditors of said deceased to present o the Bald Sole Executrix tliclr claims under oath 'Ithln six months from this date. Dated: Octoher 18th, Ifi67 CATHERINE TURNBULL 130 Kumson Road Little Silver. New Jersey Sole Executrix Messrs. Reekman and Porter 10 Broad Street Red Bank, New Jersey Attorneys Oct. 27, N*>v. 3, 10, 17 (Hunt.hPHt, ThTr fcl.nest Cull 7.1-W"fi n i A NOTICK' MllHH.EI'OWN TOWNSHIP MONMOl'TH C'Ol'NTY, KKW JKRSKY Notice la hereby given that sealed bids will he received by the Mayor anil Township Committee of Mldrileown Township f(ir the Construction f Sidewalks Along Cliaprl Hill Road ft Other Work incidental Thereto from Janeinar Drive to Tllton Road in tlie By WILLIAM L. HAGEMAN RED BANK An importanl political race is in progress here, but a change in tactics by the runners has made it one of the quietest campaigns in years. Democrats and Republican alike are exercising their bel! pushing fingers more than thei vocal cords. Person -to- person contact is in, and mass mailings, press releases and speeches are passe. Both sides say the system works and the reaction is good. Two Seats Available With two three-year council seats available in a town where Republicans are strong in numbers but Democrats always a chance,,each party has pu forth an incumbent with a record of high vote-getting and a politi cal newcomer. Republicans are running Coun cilman ivilliam S. Anderson, high man on the ballot last year, and Peter R. Hoffman, a former newsman turned public relations assistant. Democrats are going gg with Councilman Charles K. Wood-d ward, the most experienced man on the ballot, and Dr. Edward W. Mulligan, a general practi tioner on the borough's Westside, Arnone Tie-Breaker Council is now 'split, 3-3, with GOP Mayor John P, Arnone holding the tie-breaking vote. If both incumbents keep their seats, the makeup of the governing body will remain unchanged and there will be another year in which both parties vote togeth er on almost ev^ry' issue with the usual exception of appointments. If the Democrats take two, they'll regain control but have to EGAL NOTICE NOTICE^ KTAT.E OF NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OP STATE. CERTIFICATE OF DISSOLUTION To all to whom these presents may come, Oreeting; buying and selling, ApplebrooK of Mata- Bank County of Monmouth State of g wan, Raltr Realtors, Hwy. 3i, Matawan. New Jersey {Milton A. Mausner being the agent therein and In charge there Phone or, upon whom process may be served!, has' compiled with the WE'RE HARD t)p! quirements of Title H, Corporat for listings --all hinds all prices. We General, of Revised Statutes of New have qualified buyers. Try our professional approach to Real Estate Sales. this Certificate of Dissolution. ersey, preliminary to the issuing of THE McGOWAN AGENCY, Realtors, NOW THEREFORE, I, th.e Secretary of State of the Slate of New 158 Newman Springs Rd., Red Bank Jersey, Do Hereby Certify that the said corporation did on the 29lh day of September, 1967, file In my office duly executed and..attested consent writing to the dissolution of said corporation, executled by all the stock- said are now on file In my said office as provided by law. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand and and affixed my official seal, at SEAL Trenton, this 20th day of Sep. tfmher A.D., one thousand nine hundred- and sixty-seven. ROBERT J. BURKHARDT Secretary of State. Oct. 20, 27. Nov. 3 $33.81 PROPOSAL Notice la hereby given that sealed bids will be received In the Reception thin day made, on Room of the Office of the Director, filvlslon of Purchase and Property, 2nd flnor, Room 232-2, Slate House, Trenton, New Jersey OS62S, on November 16, 1867 at 2:00 P.M. and will be opened and read Immediately thereafter, for the following: ACOUSTICAL TILE AcmKtlnil Oiling Tile Service Building, Kitchen A Kmiilnyees' Dlnlnir Room. N.J. State Hospital,-.Marlboro, Interests of the State to do so. The successful bidder will he required to Township t>r Middletown RIIC! opened and read In public fit the Township Hall, Midiiletnwn Township, N. J. on Tuesday. November 14, 198? at 8:00,M. Prevailing Time. Drawings* a PPI:1 Cleat lens and fi nf tilth, 1,'nntrnrt and Hond (or the ir» ii)si>( work, prt'iareil ny Richard M. Schulz, Township Engineer have been filed In the office of the Town ihlp Clerk nt Die Municipal Building VIIIRS Highway, Mlildletown, N. J,, anrt may be inspected by prospective bidders'during buhlncns hours. Bidders will he furnished with a copy of the drawings and specifications by the Township Clerk upon proper notice, ami 'ityment for the coat thereof. Bids be made on tlie Standard ' 1 Kiirrrm In the manner riefllpiitcd therein and.required by the Spr :- k'htlona, inuat be enclospd in staled nvelopps hearlnn tli? name iind arlresn "of the bidder and nnme of tlie, p [.r). nn the outside, acldrcsaed IJ the Committee, Mldrilciown K. J. and miint be accomiiinled by a Consent of Surety from a fit ret y (Jomi'nny.diity.nmhorlaerltQ io r> rlfilil in also -eor All bids or to rs wlirre nui'h In tn the henl Mil", The rljjtil ii case fir dncrcacp THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OP THE BOROUGH OF KEANSBURG, KEANSBURG, NEW JERSEY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that blda win be received by the Housing Authority of the Borough of Keana- N.I. NMite Hospital, Marlhiiro, N..I. burs for the furnishing of No. A fuel Bids must be il> rnade on the stanlard proposal fnrm,' )2> enclosed In the thority building located at the corner oil for the use of the Housing Au- ;pednl addressed envelope, (3> accomtanlert hy a certified check drawn to Borough of Keansburg, and opened of Main and Church Street*, In the the order nf the Treasurer of the nnd read In public at a meetlnff to $37.60 State of New Jersey, or a bid bond, be held at the railroad ticket office, any of which shall he in the amount Depot Place and Church' Street, nf 5 r n of the bid, and (4i delivered Keanaburg, New Jersey, on Tuesday, at the annve place on or before the the UUi day of November, 1567, at hour named as nn bid will be ac ;epte'i after ttio hour specified. Bldi not so aubmltlrd will be considered informal and will be rejected. The Di rector reserves the right to reject any and all bids and lo award contract In part or whole if deemed to the beat lurnlsh surety hond in the full amount ot the contract, of a company authorized tn dn biminera In the State of New Jersey, Plans and specifications;, form of hid, contrflct and none] for the proposed work are on file and may he obtained npnn fippllcation to tlie Director, I- vlsion of Purchase and Property. State Mouse, Trenton, New Jersey ( on deposit of twenty-rive (jz.i.ixn fnr each aei. tills amount to bi* refunded to the bidder upon return of BUCII documents In ROOII condition within,11) days after the award of the contract. DKIV.RTMKNT (IF THE-TREASURY IHvlnlnn of Fiirrhasp nnd Properly CHAItLKK P. SlI I.IVW, Hire,'lor Nov. 3, 10 $26.68 Charles K. Woodward Jr. defend it again next year when The Democrat criticized his this week. example, we sent out invitations Councilmen Daniel J. O'Hern and GOP rival for telling the public The Republicans, according to to 24 committeemen nd women one-year unexpired council term Theodore J. Labrecque, both his work came before his mu-mayonicipal duties. Mr. Woodward man, are fulfilling last year's quarters, and we got nearly 100 Mr. Woodward is president of Arnone, who is their chair- for the opening of party head- last year. * J Democrats, will have seats at stake. contends Mr. Anderson attended platform of "Economy, Progress, people." the Woodward Construction Co. K the GOP takes two. they'll only four out of 10 Parks and Equality, Direction" and are continuing it this year with the slo- be in for two years. The only Recreation Committee meetings Mr. Hoffman is campaigning en and a Planning Board member. seat they could lose would be and five out of 25 Library Board gan, "Continued Progress and his knowledge of municipal government, and Mr. Anderson on and, at 35, is a member of the He seeks his second full term the mayor's, also at stake next meetings during his membership Good Government." year, but they would keep the on both. his knowledge of Red Bank. Westside Hose Co., Chamber of Asked, after nearly a year in Commerce, Juvenile Conference council majority. Another point in the Democratic campaign is that, while counpublican victory, why this year's years for The Daily Register and Mr. Hoffman, 32, the son of a office following a landslide Re- Mr. Hoffman was a reporter 10 Committee and Elks. Taxes Big Issue Both slates predict they will cil usually remains aloof from campaign is so quiet, the mayor the Asbury Park Press, and in former borough building inspector, is a public relations assistant have hit 1,000 doorbells by the end school affairs, "we will do everything in our power to keep complain about." he added of council and board meetings replied, "They have nothing to that capacity attended hundreds with the Bell Telephone Co.. in Shrewsbury and Little Silver as "We're the incumbents for a here and in surrounding towns. Newark. He is the youngest man sending districts to the high changed "I've probably attended more on the ballot, and its only com-' of the weekend, and when asked what issue is mentioned most on the doorstep, both say taxes. Their answers are similar too. Both are claiming credit for the current boom in high rise and school." 'Big Kalian Family' meetings in 10 years than all themuter. Sees Weak Platform And asked how the Arnone or- so successful last he said. "I have an insight into tices on Shrewsburyy He Is other candidates put together," Dr. Mulligan resides and prac- Mr. Woodward said the GOPganization, commercial construction theplatform last year was weak, and year, works, the mayor cited municipal government and know 55 and has been practicing med- for 25 years.. He is the Republicans because it got offthis year hasn't been expanded. word of mouth communication. its problems. There are no paticine the ground in this, a GOP year, He thinks his campaign is going "We'-re a big Italian family. My solutions, but I'd like a try at school physician at Shrewsbury and the Democrats because it well and is optimistic. Demo- grandmother had 13 children and them from the other side of theschool and Red Bank Catholic was approved during the previous crats sent out their first mailing we know a lot of people. For table." High School. administration when they were in power. The fiscal argument continues. Democrats say they reduced the local purposes tax rate from 84 to 79 cents between 1964 and Progress With Republicans point to the Demoratic platform and say it calls 'or economy and spending at the same time. Besides controlled spending, Experience in he Democratic platform calls for paid life insurance for firemen, eeping the railroad station in Red Bank, recognition of the Municipal Employees Association, improved traffic flow and higher police salaries. KITTLE SILVER Cities Agreement 'TVooawaraiays^ hettutt councilman, was instrumental In negotiating a three - year pay package with the employes' association; although Republicans note occurred during their administration. Mr. Woodward voted against this year's budget because pay increases were not what he considered commensu^ rate with the escalating cost of living. -LEGAL NOTICE XOTICB MONMOUTH COUNTY BliHROUATE'8 COURT Notice to Creditors to rresent Claims Against Estate ESTATE OP LOUIS J. MORAN, DE- 1EASED. Pursuant-to the order of DONALD J. CUNNINGHAM, Surrogate of the County of Monmouth, this day rnade, on the application of the undersigned. Charlotte Moran, Sole Executrix of the estate of the said Louis J. Moran deceased, notice Is hereby given to the creditors of said deceased to present to the said Sole Executrix their claims under oath within six months from this date. Dated: October 18th CHARLOTTE MORAN 222 Harding Road Red Bank, New Jersey.^ Sole Executrix.' Messrs. Bllder, Bllder, Sliver & McCurley m Park Place Newark 2. New Jersey Attorneys Oct. 21, Nov. 3, V>, 17 (28.52 NOT1CE TO BIDDERS!:30 P.M. Complete specification* &nd form of ild Tor the supplying of said fuel oil have hc?n filed at the office of the Housing Authority at Church and Main Streets, Keansburg, New Jeraey. Cop- (a may be received by prospective ildders upon application. Blda must be lade on standard proposal form In the manner designated therein and required by the specifications, must be nclosed in envelopes bearing the name,tnl address nf the bidder, addressed to the Housing Authority of the Bor- Migh of Keansburg, and must be accompanied by a certified check drawn the-order or the Housing Authority the Borough of Keansburg For not leas than 10ft of the amount hid. Contractor must furnish surety bond the amount of the contract price. Rlpht la reserved to reject any and ill blrla If deemed In the interest of ihe Housing Authority of (ha Borough ' Keansburg to do so. CHARLES R LAW Executive Director ov. 3. $11.04 TAX SALE NOTICE nf- RPRI Estate In the Borough of Fair Haven for Non-Payment ot Taxea and ' ip»siiipn!8. Public notice ia hereby (riven that I, Mclvln P Stout, Collector of-taxei of the Borough nf Fnlr Ilnvon. Monmouth County, New Jersey will sell at pub«lie auction on the 1st day or December, 1967, at 10:0(1 A. M. In" lha Municipal Building, 748 River Road, Fair Haven, New Jersey the hereinafter, described Jand.i..... Said lands will be sold to make DIP mnounl of municipal Uen.i chargeable attalnst the amne nn Die 31st day of Prcomher IMS an cbrtputed in the tax lint, tokdlicr wtlh Inlcrent on said amount Iiom the Urst day of July 1967 to tlie date of MIIP and the enst.i of salo, al public vendur to such Dersons is will purchase Die same subject tn redemption at the lowest rate of Interest, but In no easn In I*XWH or right pcreeht-w annum. This aaln is made under thp jirovulnnn of Article i, Chapter fl, Title M, of the Revised Statutes of New Jersey 1!U7, entitled "Sale of Real Properly to Knfnrce Uen.i," and acts supplementary thereto and amendatory thereof. Tlifi said lands to be sold and the names of persona aralnat whom said Surali npfvey Ent. Edward Bhomo Est 1EIG-5 U lladdon. Pa loir tin Park RoHd lflsfl 163,.12 [I 37. lift" Parker Ave, River Hond River Road A River Road I in II S3 21B 844 River Road 19'fl ' Third St. 11) Ifi William St. 170,95 H 7V76 22 William St. 10G6 AMIED ASSESSMENTM 423: ID lfl Hftdtlon Tnrk irififi JUR i p plnr.f,, pnymnn! y nf nil inxen or mn,, conts routs and alvftinrp HlniPone Wlipn the Hale I e p.ilii by the piirclinsrr bo/ore the conclunion nf tho idle, olher \V\RC the jfr f >rfrty will be hiimrdlatrly rrnotfl. A! itny liiiir licfnrp the mile, the rollci'lnr will rrcplvn pnymont of ihn amniint I HI\ hir-'ilifr " Mil Intci'PRt nnd costs Inrnrrerl tn the dntb o( payment Wilness my hnnd and JP,I1 lltla 2nd day 'if Nnvpmber If)i7, J1FJLVIN P. STOUT ' Collector Nov. 3, 10, 17, :4. W7,fl2 William S. Anderson PAUL BRAGAR Councilman Peter R. Hoffman Dr. Edward W. Mulligan RE-ELECT CHARLES W. STEPHENS Mayor The fftrmer n&wtm&n said hi* chief irif-erest is b keeping R*/ ifiatfk a (fitf\m*.iriaj center, ITS oaa w&y to fa that h by irr. proving traffic flow wfrjj w;l< projects as the Hudson Ave. ertension. Vacant storei are beginning to fill up, he noted, but there is stiil a whittling away-of assessments on commercial properties through appeals to the -nunty Board of Taxation. Besides sending out two mailings and making a number of personal appearances, Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Anderson have been devoting most of their time to home visits. They have continued despite an accident in which Mr. Anderson, on a rainy evening three weeks ago, slipped on some wet leaves while approaching a house on Harding Road. He is still making t the rounds, a short step-at a time, with a fractured coccyx, which is the lower tip of the spine. Owns Funeral H^me Mr. Anderson, 51, is the owner of the William S. Anderson Funeral Home. His is a former Planning Board member, a 28-year fireman, and was elected to a AUGUST E. ROEMER Councilman LOOK AT THE LITTLE SILVER REPUBLICAN RECORD * A stable tax rate EIGHTH lowest in the county. * A new library opened plans under way for an addition. * Leadership in creating the Northeast Monmouth County Regional Sewer Authority., * Modem communications for the police, firemen and first aid squad. * A new, borough h a l l... Meeting rooms for all civic groups. * Expanded recreation programs, now includes 1,200 children. ^Riverfront property acquired for a boat ramp and play area. YOUR REPUBtlCATI CANDIDATES HAVE 34 YEARS OF PUBLLCSERVICE TLE SILVER. KEEP AN EXPERIENCED TEAM WORKING FOR YOU. RE-ELECT MAYOR CHARLES W, STEPHENS AND BOROUGH COUNCILMEN AUGUST E. ROEMER AND PAUL BRAGAR. Pold (or by Lltllt Sllvir Republican Commutes

28 BLONDIE MARY WORTH AFTEK OVERHEARING THE CONVERSATION ETWEEN DUNCAN AMD MILLIE, EVE SITS BCSIDL AN EW77 SUITCASE- ANDY CAPP THE WIZARD OF ID Hew RELIABLE IS THAT- TrllNS W PREPICTIN6 ELECT1CN RESULTS? SNUFFY SMITH BALLS O FIRE!! I NEVER DONE SO MflNV HOUSEHOLD CHORES IN ALL My BORNED DAVS / A 4 DOZBJDO, mo4v US STICK IT OUT; GIRL TEE/MUST E SOME G00O IN VE DON'T KNOW WHffT CHORES ARE. JUGHA1P --WAIT'lt TH' NEW BABV V GITS HERE jvnomjioom HEARTS WTHERISHT PLACE. I'M 6OH6 TO 6IV& %t» OHE» I LOST MY WHISTLE, SO I BROUGHT MY TUBA INSTEAD, P,,i liy CHARLES M. SCHVM By Chic Young LUCKY HE DOE6N'Tl PLAY THE v PIPE ORSAM I By ALLEN SAUNDERS and KEN ERNST r SUPPOSE" AN», OPTIMIST THEN VE CAN L'ARN HOWTO PIN ON THEM THREE-CORNERED BRITCHES TMAT$TUPIP TREMOR... THflTWflSNO EARTHQUAKEr By REG SMYTHE AN* THEN AGAIN, I) UPPOSE I COUL&< K OFF MB ROCKER/ By PARKER and HART NO ELECTION. "7^ By FRED LASSWELL Bridge Advice By ALFRED SHEDVWOLD A thoughtful declarer may se the wheels going around insid your head and make his contrac by means of an "inferior" lin of play. This happened in to day's hand, played in the recent Team Selection Tournament in Atlantic City, N.J. Six diamonds would have been a far better contract than si: spades. Send your objections ti Lew Mathe, leading Los Angele: expert, and Ron Von der Porten, of San Francisco, but don't quar rel too much with success. West opened the ace of clubs, Von der Portert ruffed in dummy, and East signaled encouragement with the ten of clubs. Declarer drew a round of trump; with the king, got to his hanc with the king of hearts and led the ace of trumps. When East dropped the queen, declarer', sigh of relief made the window rattle. Von der Porten continued with TOK DAILY 39 Girl: si. three more rounds of trumps, enthusiasm for hearts, you cai40 Out of the discarding low diamonds from later raise diamonds, show thi way. dummy. East discarded a low clubs or even try notrump ovei 41 Maxim. f diamond and two low clubs-. a rebid in spades. 42 Entices. Von der Porten next cashed (A Pocket Guide to Bridge is 43 Indian tent. dummy's top hearts. When Wes available. Get your copy by 44 Suits. showed out, declarer ruffed the sending 50 cents,to (Red Bank 45 Sleeping fourth heart with his last trump. Daily Register, Inc.), Box 3318, visions. South had planned a diamond Grand Central Station, New York 'inesse as his last chance for then.y ) slam, but now had second thoughts. It was clear that East still had the king of clubs (he should have thrown it away), and it seemed that East still had K-x of diamonds. With any other diamond holding East would not have discarded a diamond earlier. Instead of taking a diamond finesse, therefore, Von der Porten led his low club. East ad to win with the king of lubs, and then, had to lead diamonds, thus giving declarer a free finesse and his alam contract. DAILY QUESTION Partner opens with one. dia Mrsr Carolyn-Kasky MCAP volunteer coordinator, said the mond, and the next player orientation sessions are a part passes. You hold: Spades Qof the program's screening process to insure the individual's Hearts J Diamonds - K.fl 5. Clubs - K Q suitability for his new role. What do you say? These sessions will be conducted Answer: Bid one heart Show bi-weekly, on Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, and have been the major suit (even such a weak 4-card holding) first. If arranged by themonmouth County Mental Health partner fails to show any real Association. Scout Council Slates Classes for Adults EATONTOWN Monmouth Council of Boy Scouts, continuing its training for adult leaders, has announced that these training sessions will be held in the "New Fersey Room" at Monmouth hopping Center, Eatontown: Advancement, for adults workng with boys' troops, under an instruction team led by Dommick Cerrato of Freehold, Tuesday; and "Boy Behavior," with George embree of Little Silver as chief nstructor, Saturday, Nov. 11. The Hand North dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 4 K6 <O AQ6 3 O AJ1O8432 4, None WEST EAST > 1054 * Q V J O K95 AI KQ107 SOUTH 4 AJ9872 V K94 OQ«+ 64 North East South West t O Pass 1 Pass 2 <? Pass 3 4 Pass 6 4 All Pass Opening lead - + A ie Brother Program To Be Launched LONG BRANCH The Monmouth Community Action Program (MCAP) will launch its Big Brother-Big Sister program next Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. with an orientation session for volunteers in the Neighborhood Service Center here. She added that six 90-minute meetings are planned. Other participating agencies in the program are the Children's Psychiatric Center of Eatontown, the Pollak Clinic of Long Branch and the New Jersey Bureau of Mdren's Services. Mrs. Kasky said, "The determination of a volunteer's fitness for this type of relationship i' extremely important. The first ;roup of applicants is being interviewed. The orientation will be of value to the volunteer and will also aid in the selection of Friday, Nov. 3, I the right people for the program." She reported the matching of the child and the volunteei second vice president and chair- Aubrey B. Hamilton, national 3oth will start at 8 p.m. Know me thrill of easy money Outdoor training will be con-willucted Nov. 11 and 12 at the mittee, comprised of professiontee, said: "The national merri- ances with Classified.. Ads. Dial be done by a selection comman of the membership commit- making. Sell good used appli- Juail Hill Scout Reservation, als from the participating agen- bership committee joins me in today. tlanalapan Township. DENNIS THE MENACE By Hank Ketcham PUZZLE By M. ACROSS 1 Blacksmith's block. 6 Modify. 11 Lever. 14 Eeeny, 15 Large fishing net. 16 Hasten: poet. 17 Seriousness. 19 Bib. king. 20 Cunning. 21 Excavations. 22 Relieves. 24 Stimulus. 26 Apprehend., 27 Drenched. 30 Slice meat. 32 Leg bone. 33 Armistice. 34 Actor Mineo. 37 Lighted. 38 Molars. 48 Steer meat 49 Musical show. Victor 50,Field. 52 Large tank. 55 Mr. Harriman's nickname. 56 Study of.coins. 60 Coop. 61 In a (momentarily. 62 Play. 63 Overhead railways. 64 Assault. 65 Fisherman. DOWN 1 Iowa town. 2 Oscar winning actress, 3 Highly. 4 Public house., 5 Soap ingredient. 6 In motion. 7 Fasting period. 8 Dead heats. 9 Printer's measures. 10 Modesty. 11 Aspect. 12 Elevates. 13 Fermenting agent. 18 Potato: colloq. 23 Have being. 24 Part of 49 across. 25 Pod vegetable. 26 Gaily mischievous. 27 Dagger stroke. 28 Greasy. 29 He had an Irish rose. 30 Greek island. 31 Pertaining to self: comb. 33 French head. 34 Indian dress. 35 Give support to. 36 Smaller quantity. form. toy*, 39 Light yel- ' low. 41 Souvenir. 42 Songstress Peggy. 43 Greek letter. 44 Ray; 45 Curtain. 46 Carouse. 47 Levels. 48 Attack from all sides. 50 French friends. 51 Oriental food staple. 52 Small bottle. 53 Zenith. 54 Peter, e.g. 57 Pedestaled vase. 58 Orange drink. 59 Italian numeral. FRIDAY NOVEMBER J Solution to Yesterday's Puzzle Fraternity--Cites Monmouth-Uiiit WEST LONG BRANCH wishing you and your chapter continued success both this Monmouth College Omicron Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, year and in the years ahead. We national service fratnerky, is onesincerely appreciate the fine effort of all of your chapter mem- of 13 chapters that will be recognized in "Torch and Trefoil," national publication of of leadership and service that bers in demonstrating the quality APO, as one of the pacesetter has enabled Alpha Phi Omega to chapters in the academic make a substantial contribution year. to the welfare of others." "ASTRO-GUIDE" Saturday, November 4 By Ceean Present For You and Yours... Tnis is a good home and family da/. A trip to a museum or other place of interest that will aid youngsters in their studies will be entertaining and profitable. Return home before anybody gets overtired and boisterous. Flan to attend church as a family group tomorrow. The Day Under Your Sign THE PHANTOM HAS SOMETHING HAPPENEP TO REX? NUBBIN WHY ISN'T HE HERETO MEET ME?. KATEENA IS HERE. WHERE IS JOCWBA THE ELEPHANT* l'p ferret SAVE THIS PAPER.,.SHE MISHT WANTfO SEB IT/ IS REX AWAY ) HE WAS. ON JOOMBA?/ BUT HE OWE BACK. BUTJOOMBA IS AWAY- REX IS HIDING SOMEWHERE. HE'S AFRAIP TO SEE'YOU. HE'S ASHAMED. By LEE FALK By JIM BURNETT and GEORGE CRENSHAW VA WANNA W0W SCWEWIM',6RAW%?Y0O'(2 THE ONLY Bid PEOPLE I KNOW WHO LIKES ID 6BT UPgAJUY!' BEETLE BAILEY FOR A MOMENT. 'S IMPORTANT I'LL M A MESSAGE ViM. Born M«r.2t fa Apr. If Concentrate «l pleliure only after taking care»f your re* MOiuibflitiK. Taurui. April ibmo May 20 Someone you've known for t lontr time may disappoint, you hy Jiis or her actions. Gemini. May 21 to Jun. 21 Dreamers lose ground,.while doers make headway. Keep your ^.wits about you. Cancar. Jun» 22 to July 21 Decipher ambiguous remark* to iliticoter what the speaker really had En mind. Lto. July 22 to Aug. 21 Good aspects for Rithtrinf Libra. Sept. 23 to Oct. 22 Stick to your own age group when making social planf# other* wise you'll be bored. Scorpio. Oct. 23 to Kw. 21 fie reilittic tnd Pursue only worthwhile goal*. There ate opportunities galore! Sagittarius. Nov.22 to P M.2 1 Be on the lookout far good lead*.if you ire thinking of changing careers. Ca prleern. Dae. 22 to Jan. 20 Clear the atnuxphere and lurt fresh. Forgive tnd forget for all time. Aquarius. Jan. 21 to F«b. 19 Avoid impulsiveness as it could knowledge about a subject in Qprove costly. Some embarrassment indicated.. which you are interested* Virgo. Aug. 22 to Sipt. 22 Fiini. Ftb. 20 to March 20 Take orders with pood Brace Tie up loon ends so lint you even, though yjti trm inr< ent start next veelc with a. clean authority. slate PuttMtera-Hall Syndicate By MORT WALKER THE SNACK BAR JJST GOT IN TWO SAaONS OF TUTTI-FRUTTI HI and LOIS By MORT WALKER and DIK BROWNE EVERYBODY UKE5 TO EMTERTA1U A BftiBY. J POGO YOU CALL r/mt SHORT- HAND AN' ereep IZ&APIN'ff By WALT KELLY If WAS SHOpf MAIKY IT? AN- sfigepy? 0ESIDE&, CAT "10 AS PAR Ae J SOT IN

29 28 Friday, \ w E DAILY ULCISTLR- Complete Program Listings Cfc. 1 ; tfcbs-tv Ch. 4..._ WNBC-TV Ch. 5 WNEW-TV Ch. 7 WABC-TV Ch. S WOR-TV Ch. 11 _ WPLX-TV Ch. 15 WNDT TV FRIDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 *-4-twt Of Life Color 4~Jecpandy Color 7 Everybody's Talking Gome 9 News John Winoale, Mary McPhUllps Color. 11 Bozo Carl oon Color 13 Classroom EduoorloiY 12:25 3 News Joe Benll Color 12:30 3 Seardi For Tomorrow Serial- Color 4 Eye Guess Color 5 Tralfo Or Consequences Gome- Colon 7 Dofina Reed Comedy 9 Journey To Adventure Color II Popeye Cartoon Color 12:45 2 Guiding Light Color 12:S5 4 News Newman Color 1: At One Interviews Color 4 PDQ Game Color S New Yorkers Color 7 Fugitive Drama 9 Continental Cookery Color 11 Continental Miniatures 1:10 J As Ttie World Turns Seriol Color 4 Lef'«Make A Deal Garner-Color 9 Fireside Theater Drama 11 Film In This Comer Scott Brady-1 hr., 25 mln. I ALPINE MANOR Hwy. 36, Highlands THE BEST IN FOOD and MUSIC DANCING FRIDAY & SATURDAY JOLLY CHOLLY MANN AND THE "MERRIMEN" featuring the Shore's Loveliest Vocalist "CARLA" "AL MELE" at the piano week nltes FOOD AT LATE HOUR Serving to 2:00 A.M. BANQUET FACILITIES (Closed Tuesday) 2:00 2 Love Is A Mony Splendored Thing Scrtol Color I Days Ot Our Lives^-Serlal Color 7 NowlyweC Gome Color 9 Outrageous Opinions Color 2:30 2 House Party-Color 4 pojors-serial-color 7 Dream Giri Color 9 Loretto Young- Drama 7 News ponders Color H-Arrrazing Three Color 2 Tell Tlie Troth Color 4-Anoltier World-Color 7_Generol Hosplwl-Senlol Color 9_Flim_THe Boys from syracuse- Allon Jones 90 mln. 31 Amorlcon Literature 3:25 j_news-edwords Color Il Elghth Man-Cartoon-Color 2-Edoe 01 Nl*t"-C»'«4_You Don't soyl-gome-color 5-Morlne Boy-Cartoon Color 7-Dork Shadow* Color 31_Film Feature. 4:00 2 Secret Storm-Color 4_ftr\atch Game Color 5-Sondv Becker-Color 7-Dotlng Gome-color. 11 stingray Cartoon Color 31_Around The Clock 4_News-K.alt»r-Color 2 Film The Incredible Shrtnklnfl Mon-Gnaret WHHtms-90 mln. 4-Flhn-aiWrah, the Thrw-Heoded Monster-Yosulw Nc*sukl-4I> mln. Color 7 It's Your Move Color 9-Mlke Douglas Variety-Color 11 Little Rascals Color 31-Wlngs To Tlie World 5:00 5 Paul WlncheH Color 7 Local News Color,. 11 Three Stooges Color 13 Cortoons-Oilldrw 31 Films From France 13 Friendly Giant-Children 5:25 7 Weottier-Antolne-Color 47-Newj 5:10 1 lsupeflmona 13-Mtsterogens C(ilWr«n : 31 Infinite Hortions Medicine 47 fohow The Sun Adventure EVENINS «:00 3 News Jim Jensen Color i News Lew Wood-Color 5 Fllntstones Color Im Mysterious island Mldrael Crolg 90 mfn. Color 9 Make Room For Daddy 11 Speed Racer Color 13 What's New Children 31 Film Feature- <:30 5-A/laHole's Navy Comedy 9 ailloan'j Islond Comedy Color 11 Munsrtens Comedy 13 TV High School Education 31 Film Short ' 47 Youth Club Donee <:45 11 News Paul Monacher 7:00 2 News Cnon kite-color 4 News-Chet HurnHey, Dovld Brlnkley Color 5 1 Love Lucy Comedy 9 TwIHght Zone Drama 1 F Troop Comedy. I3-Senotor Williams-Report U Return To Nursing 7:30 2-Wlld Wild West-Color the CobbleSidnes Restaurant DINNERS BANQUETS Route MIDDLE1WN "the highest point on the Atlantic Coast..." KARmVAL SCENIC DRIVE DANCE CLUB FOR TEENAGERS HIGHWAY 35 to be held on the 10th, 11th ond 12th of Nov. ENTERTAINMENT by World's Fair Beer Garden Bond, Joachim Schroeder (Singer and Yodeler) Bavarian Schuplatter (Dancing Group) For Reservations Call Open Year 'Round, closed Tuts. "THE FRIDAY SHADOWS" SATURDAY "THE 5 OLD MEN" 8:00 to 11:30 Admission MIDDLETOWN Membership Application Formi Availabli at tht Club Benjamin Britten and His Aldeburgh Festival 4 Torron Adventure Color 5 Truth Or Consequences Gome 7 Off To See The Wizard Color H Party DuKe Comedy 13 Dissenters Interview 31 Brookl/n College 47 Stadium 47 Spons n 47 Sports Fousto Miranda B:00 * Haiel Comedy Color 9_Filrn Kiss Me Deadly- Ralph Meekfrr 2 hrs. 11 P asswora Oonte Col or 13 Washington: Week In Review- News Analysis 31 Survey 01 Tlie Arb 47_Film Retomo a la Juvervtud- Emtque Rambal 2 hr». 8:30 2 Gomer Pyle-USMC-Color 4 Star Trek Drama Color 5 Merv Griffin Color 7 Hondo Western Color n Honeymoonens Comedy 13 NET Playhouse Drama Color 31 Consultants At Large 9:01 S Film MoLlntockl John Wayne 2 hrs., 10 mln. Color 1 I Perry Moson Mystery 31 Sight And Sound Music»:M 4 Accidental Family Color 7 Guns Of Will Sonnett Color 11 Film Short 9:45 13 To Bo Announced 31 News^HerterTBOIand - 10:00 4 Bell Teleohone Hour Color 5-News Bill Jorgensen^-Color 7 J udd Drama Color 9-Ttw Scene Interview* Color 11-Pot Boooe-Vanlety Color 13 Newsfnont Mltoheti Knaust 31 Penol Low Discussion 47 Spanish Dromo SerkH 10:15 47 Weather Jose I. Lanza 10:M 5-Akxi Burke Color 31 Your Rloht To Say II 47 News Arturo Rodriguei 10:35 47 fumorelo Vorlety 11:00. 4-Newi Jim Hard Color 7 News Bill Beutel Color 9 -Ftlm Room ot 1he Top Launenca Honevy 2 his.. 30 mlli 13-Sponl 01 The Wee* 11:10 2-^ews Tom Dunn Color 4 WeotMP-Frai* Hekt Color 7-Weoawr-Antolme Cotor 11:15 4-News J<m HOrtz-Color 5-Woody Woodbury Color 7 Local News Beuiel Color : '11:15 4 Sports Kyle Rote Color. 11:10 4 Johnny Corson Color 7-Joey Blshop-VoN«ty-Color II Newt Color 11:35 47 News Arturo Rodriguez 11:40 1 'Film Ttie Clown- Red Skertav-1 hr.. 45 mln. 11:55 1 Racket Squod Police 12:25 Il-Code Tnree-Pollce 12:45 5-Newj 1:00 4-News Jim Collins Color 7 FUm Chamber of Horrors LIU F>almer-I hr., 35 mln. 1:15 4 Film The Ghost and AArs. Mulr Gen«Tlerneiy 1 hr., 45 mln. 1:25 I-News-Color l:j0 J-Fllm-Ponoora did itw Flylno Otitchmon Ava Gordnep 2 hr». Color» News And Weoitier 3:30 2 Film House, of Wax Vincent Price 1 hr., 45 mln. Color SATURDAY MORN INS f.x 2 Sunrise Semester Color 4 Modem Former ' :50 7 News 7:00 2-«ave You Read... Color 7-Davey And Golloth-Color 7:30 2 Shape UD Exercise Color 4 Acnoss The Fence color. 5-Paul Wlndielt-Color 7 Cartoons Chi Wren Color 7:55 9 News And Weather 8:00 2 Captain Kanooroo Color 4 Col. Bleep-Cartoons Color o-whlnlytjinds-adventum. 1:15 Il-Dovey And Golloth-Color 1:30 5-Well> Fargo-Westem 9 Cantoons-Chl Idren Il-Ttilsls The Lite Rellfllon 9:00 2 FnankenstHn Jr. Color 4 Super o Color 5-FIIm-Poppy-. W. C. Flekte-oo mln. 7 Casper Cantoons Color 9 Film Godzlllo Raymond Burr 90 mln.,, II Jon Gnogy^ Art 13 Calculus And Geometry 9:30 2 Hepculoids Cartoons Color 4 Super President Color 7 Fantastic Fou- Color Il-Locol Issue Color 10:00 2 Shanont Cartoons Color 4 F li ntstones Col or 7 splderwlon Color 11 It Is Written Tolk-KUIor 10:30 2 Space Ghost Color 4 Samson & Goliath Cartoons Color 5-Howoll Oolls-Tnavel-Color 7 Journey To The Center of ttte Eortii Cartoons coror 9-Mlghry Thor-<olor II Word Of Life Color 11:00 2-Moby Dick-Color 4 'Blrxftnon Color 5-Oplnlon: Washlnottn-Newi Anolysls Color 7 Kino Kona Cartoons Coter 9 Film Operation Bottleneck Ron Foste^-90 rrrfn. ll-high Srriool- Football I3-Humonltfes-Educotion 11:30 J Supemwn/Aquomao Corfoons Color 4-Ant/5qutnre)-Color 5 Upbeot Musk Color '-George Of Tti«Junglfr-Contoont Color 3 American Lttenatune AFTERNOON 12:00 Too Cat Cartoon Color ' Beotles Color I To Be Announced 12:30 2 Jonny Quest Color iool McCool Color S^ Film Jalopy Leo Gorcoy 60 mln. Amerlcon Bondstand~Color -Film-Kiss Me Deadly-. Ralph Meeker-2 h. In a picturesque English fishing villaiio, composer- Conductor-pianist BenjnrnirvRntten 'hnsts^rin internationally acclaimed festival. -With Sviatoslav Richter, the Vienna Choir Boy, Juhnn Bream, Peter Pears, Heather Harper, the i.-il.r,h Opera Company King's College Chapel Choir, ll lf. English Chamber Orchestra and Donald Voorhees On Uj^ Bell Telephone Hour, Friday, 10:00 P.M. on NBC Channel 4. In color. Ira Runnw Cotor IJ.S.A..-COIW 7 Rifleman Western ll-gome Of TH«Week-Color 13-Americon Hillary 2 News Korry Arouh Color 4 Children Explore Color 7 Wide World 01 Sports Coior 11 Inside Giants Football Color J:05 J Many Voices One World Color 2 Gateway Dramo Color 4 Survival In The City 5 Film Wake Island Brian Donlevy 2 hra. 9 Filnvr-Let't Get Tough- Leo Gorcey $0 mln. 11 Springtime In Florence 9:00 3 Tmnsoorrratlon Report Color 4 Research Pro ect Color 11 Frontier Circus Drama 31 Report.To Dentists 2-Dlol M For Music Color 4 Fltm-JRIse ond Shine Jaak Oakle 90 mln. 7 NCAA PnM3ome Show-Foolball-, Color 13 Latin Amenloo History 31 PortfOrlo-DIscusslon 3:45 7 CoHeoe Football Army vs. Air Force Color 4:00 2 Opportunity Line Color Film Kiss Me Deadly Ralph Meeker 2 hnl. 11 Horse Race Aqueduct Color 31 Film Feature 4:10 2 Fllm-OpenaNon Pettlcoat- --Cory Gnont 2 hns. Colon 5 Mister Roberts Comedy Color II Rlpcord Adventure-Color 13 Humanities Education 31 Flhns From France 5:00 4-TU=L WahHoht*-<Foorball-Color 5 My Mother, The Cur Color 11 Murray The K Variety Color 31 Survey Of The Arts 47 Senator Williams Report 5:30 4 G-E College Bowl Colw 5-McHole's Novy Comedy 31 Lee Graham Interview 47 Dlsc-O-Teen Zochertey EVENINS 4 New York Illustrated 5 Thunrerblrds Color 9 Ulttaman-Color 31 American Prfnfmokeri 2 News Reid Collins, Sat imordilano-color 4-«oM Tournament-Color 9 Film The Human Monster Beta Lugojl po mln. 11 Cloy Cole-HMuslc-Colbr 31 Italian Panorama 47 Brtdrt Worid-lntortnatlen 7-Soorti Him 31-Neiw-Dovld HouensrWn 7:00 2 News Roger Mudd Color 5-JCombatl Dromo Color 7 Hove Gun will* Travel 31-Cornmunrty Action 47 La TrUwna Hlsponrj 7:31 2 JgcWi Gleason Comedy-Color 4 Mayo Adventure Cotor 7-DaHng Gome-Color 11 F Troop Comedy 31 Ot) The Job Fire Deot. 47-<Fllm-Medlo Million Por Una Muler^-Enrlque Serrano 90 mln. 1:00 5_nim The Big Knife Jock Potance 2 hrs. 7-Ne*lywed Gome Color. o-marshot DIHon Western 11-Amailno Ounnlnger Color 31 Film Feature 1:30 2 My Three sons Comdy Color 4-Get Smont-Comedy Color 7-Lowrenc«Welk Mus(c-Color 9-JeU Huddle-Football-Color 11-Hey LondlorcH-Comedy-Color 31 Cosper citron Interviews r.n 2-+logon's Heroes Comedy-Color HJn>rMomie= Sean Connery 2 hi».. <S tnln. 9 Pro Hockey Rangers Color 11 Password Gome Color 31 Big P.lcwre Army 47 Fllm-rMonos Sudas Amodeo Nauorl 90 mln. *:M 1 Petticoat Junction-Color 7 Ira onmeh We«7 Iron Horse ^Western-Color 11-Hurdy Gundy-Music-Color 31 Film Featvna 18:00 2-Monnlx Mystery color S-News-Solionneii-Color 11-NFL TWs Week Foolboll-Colx 31 Film Features 10:M 5 Alfred Hrlohcock Drama 7 Toke It Off Documentory Color 47 eoxlno Newark 11:00 2-News-Reld Collins, Sal MarcHrono color 5 AKm Burke Color 7-News Kelfh nwbee-color 11 Inllde Glonts Football Color 11:10 o-outdoor World-Color 11:11 7 Local News Color 9-VUIIw Dougkw-varletv 11:30 l-fllm-touan of Evil Chartton Heston 1 hr., 50 mln. 7-Fllm LI'I Abner^- Peter Pahner 2 hr». 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ACROSS 1 Clapped. 10 Wireless. 15 Percussion instrument. 16 Overturn. 17 Impotence. 18 Bathed. 19 Solidified.!0 High note. 21 Changes. 22 Welsh murder penalty. 23 Character, ized by absence of tonality. 25 Frightening. 23 Caustic. 2r Hat of a dervish, 32 Nosegay. 33 Announcement. 34 Regret. 35 Abyssinian prince. 36 Seaman. 37 Turkish mountain range. 38 Paris summer. 39 Pointed arches. 40 Check. 41 Curve. fm 07 it It 1 Ik.42 Demolishes. 43 Library statuary. 44 Fragrances. 46 Decad. 47 Helen Hunt Jackson novel. 49 Expression of contempt. 50 Damage. 53 Couer-de- Geoffrey Home 2 hr». Color 2 Camera Three Color 4-Dlrect Llne-OlscuKlon-Color 7 Butlwlnkle-Color 11:30 2-WCBS-News-Speekrt-Color 5-Flln»1ones Color 7 Discovery '67 Children-Color 11-Game Of The Week Color AFTERNOON 12:00 4-Speaklng Freely Interview Color I Film Dig that Uranium ' Leo Gorcey 60 mirt. 7 New York, New YorX-Color 11 Notre Dame Football Color li 12:25 2 News Harry Arouh Color I2:N 2-Fronk Glfford Color 9 Film Pay or Die Ernest BorgrHne 2 hrs. 12:45 2 NFL Pn^Game Show^Footbnll Color 11:55 4-News-Jfcn CoMls-Color,, 1:00 4 Meet The Press Color 5-Fllm AdvHttu-w of Robin Hood- Enrol Flytin 2 hm. color 1:15 2 Pro Football Cardinals vs. ReoVcIra Color 4-Etemol Llotrt-Color 11-M Squod Police 1:00 4-Pro Foorboll-Jets Color 7-ABC Scope-Vietnam Report Color 11 Adventures In Po^odlse' 7 Poge One Interview Shirley Temple Drama 3:00 5 Film The Search Montgomery Cliff I hns. 7-Yourh Wants To Know 11-Wacklest SMp Comedy Color 31 Infinite Horizons Medicine 1:30 7 Rlflemon Western 9-Gllllgon'i island Comedy-Color 31-Slght And Sound-Music 47-Fllii Short-Color 7 Beagles Cartoon Color 9VRIm Town Without Pity Kirk Douglas 2 tin. $y 31 Consultanta At Loroe 47 Panorama Newsreel 4:U. 3-Pro FootbolKSIonts Color 47 Hlm-^eddllna In Soclety^- Anna Mognanl n mln. 4:30 7-Uogilla Gorilla-Color 13 New Jersey Speaks Report 31 Your Right To Say It 5:00 4 Flylna Ftenermon Color 5 Secret Arjent Mystery 7 Him Genghis Khan Omor Shorlf 2 hrj.-color 11 Hawaiian Eye-Mysrtery 13 4=rench Chef Cooking 31 Film Features '5:30 4 Franfc MoGee Report Color 13 London Une Report 5:45 I3-Moglc Flute-Concerl 47 News Ertoerto Londl EVENING 4:00 4 Golf Tournament Color S Film The night of trie Hunter- Robert Mltdium-2 firs. KSovenwr of Algiers. U A kind nt Baden wine. 11 TTireebanded armadillo. 12 Acts of mischief. 13 Poison for arrows. 14 Dispute. 21 Utters. 22 Hue's companion. 23 Army regulars. 24 Trinities. 25 Drunken carousal. 26 Layers of paint. 54 Spy. 57 Trousers. 58 Regenerated. 27 Evaluation. 59 Western 28 A verb tense, park. 60 Banality. DOWN 1 Spotted deer of India. 2 English organistcomposer. 3 Town site map. 4 Lazy toss. of a ball. 5 Bee colony. 6 Abalone currency of California Indians. 7 A whit. 8 Agency Allaire Benefit Is Monday ALLAIRE The General Store at the Historic Howell Works, Allaire State Park, will be the setting for the auxiliary's dessert card party Monday at 12:30 p.m. Proceeds will benefit the continuing restoration of the village which was a thriving bog iron industry 100 years ago. Mrs. Kenneth Schneider and Mrs. Edward Molteni, Mana squan, are In charge of ticket res ervations for the event, which vuu.bcin Ehrlstmiis theme. T>rizts hand made by the members.' Committee aides arc Mrs. Russell Walkinson, Oakhurst, dessert, and Mrs. Lawrence Young, Belmar, awards. TO PICK UP PAPERS EATONTOWN - The Royalcs, formerly lh<> Entontown Drum and Bugle Corps, will mnke its monthly newspaper pick-up throughout the borough Sunday. Bocough residents are asked to bundle their old newspapers and leava^them at tha curb. ' 3! pants. 23 Uvfc5t//dt 36 Quality of being more. 40 Check. 43 Comport. 45 French short story. 46 Italian playing card. 47 Pomace of grapes, 48 Alackaday. 49 Nigerian. 50 Twentieth of a grain. 51 Birds. 52 Communists. 54 Worthless scraps. 38 Examination 55 Apiece, of the books. 56 Sun brown. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4 Solution to Yesterday's Puzzle J-Burke'i Low Mystery II Perry Ma»on-Myctery 31 Human Rights Forvm 47 Film Dnrjma Serfol 31 London Llns Report - 47-SporO-Fllppo Crtsahjlll 4:45 31 News John Corr 4 Itolkm Miniatures Mustc 2 News Harry Anoun Color 7:00 2-Lossle Adventure Color 7 Voyage Adventure Color»-Oeom Volley Days D-omo Color»l-12'O'clxV HUjtt-Drama 31 Big Picture Army 47 Film Retomo a la Juventud Enrique Rombol 2 hrs. 7:30 2 Gentle Ben Adventure Color 4-Wott Disney's World Color o Film Invasion of the Body.Snotohers-ICevIn McCorihy 2 hrs. 31 Focus On Books Interview 1:00 2 Ed Sullivan Variety Color S David Sussklnd Olscvjslen Color 7 FBI Droroo Color 11 Rawhide Western 31-Amerlaan Prlntmakera 1:30 4-Molhers-ln-Low-Color 13-PBL-News ond the Arts-Color 31 Survey Of The Arts 2 Smothers Brothers Color 4-Bononio-We>tem-Color 7 Fl»n The Leoporo Burl Lananter 3 hr«., IS mln. Color. 11-n;wentletri Century 31-Man And The Universe 47 Festival 01 Comedy»:30 -Him Feature-Color '. 11 Victory At Sea Documentary J1 Film Features 10:0* 2 Mission: Impossible Color. 4-4lloti Chopomrl-Odor S News Soharmen Color -From The Bitter End-Color II Dr. KIMore Drama ATLANTIC! AJImHe Hlaklmd * " NOW THRU TUESDAY Plus Elvis Preilay "EASY COME EASY GO' STRAN NOW PLAYING 2 TOP ADULT HITS "DEAR JOHN" plus "MY SISTER, MY LOVE" Lota Show Frl. & Sat. Night* Kiddie Show Sal. 1 Sun. 2:00 HELD OVER 2ND BOLD WEEK1 At the Movies Tamlng ol the Shrew 2:00: 7:00; 8:20. BAT. Taming of tlie Shrew 2:00; 5:«; 8:00; 10:05. Sl'N - Taming of tlie S!\rew 2:00; 4:20; 6:40; 9:00. EATONTOWN RED BANK CAJH-TON- COMMUNITY- To Sir With Luve 2:15: ':»; W' SAT. -- To Sir With Love 2:15; 4:10 6:10; 8:10; 10:Oj. BUN - T(i Si With I-ove 2:00; 3:50 5:45; 7.10; 0:35. DRJVEIN- FRI i SAT. Cartoon* 7 00: Ilmj of Gun 7:50; 11:50; The Way Wets B:l(). SUN Hour of Gjlri 6:10; 10:15 Tho Way West 8:10. FREEHOLD FREEHOLD The Long Duel 7:10; B;35. SAT. Tiie Long Duel 2:15; 5:05 7:30; 9:40. BUN. -- Gnome MoMle 2:00; 5:15' Hour of the Gun 7:00; 10:35; Funny 8:30; Chuka 3:20; 6:40: 9:55. ASBURY PARK LYRIC- UlynesB 2:00; 7:30; 9:45. BAT. & SUN -- ulyaees 2:00; 4:03 6:15; 8:20; 10:10: MAYFAIR- Morc Tliania Miracle 2:15; 7:20: 9:25. SAT. * SUN. - More Than 1 Mlricl. 2:00; 3:55; 5:50; 7:55; 10:00. NEPTUNE CITY NEPTUNE- The Long Duel 7:10; 6:33. SAT. The Loni Duel 2:10; 8:05 7:30;»:«>. SUN. The Gnome-Moolle 2:00; 6:15 8:30; CMika 3:20; 9:40; 9:W. MANASQUAN ALGONQUIN- FRI. & SAT. - Up the Down Btilr ca»e 2:00; 7:10; 6:20... SUN. - Up the Down ttalrcue 2:30 4:50; 7:00; 8:15. BRICKTOWN BRICK PLAZA- * The Long Duel 7:30; 9:33. BAT. - Tlie Loni Duel 2:20; 4;35 7:10; 8:45. SUN. -. Bonnie * Clyde 2:20; 4:35 7:03; 8:35. LAURELTON DRIVE-IN- PBI. * SAT. More Than a Miracle 7:00; 10:45; Gunn 8:10. BUN. More Thin a Mlrjcle «:00 8:45; Ouiui 8:10. TOMS RIVER DOVER- More man a Miracle 7:20: t:30. SAT. Kiddle Show: Frankenstein Con<ju«r«the World 2:00: More Than a Miracle 4:19; 6:05: >:0S; 10:05. SUN. More Than a Miracle 2:15; 4;55; 7:05;»:». North of Red Bank MIDDLETOWN T0WN- To Sir With Love 7:25; 9:40. SAT. To Sir Wllh Love 2:10: 5:55; «:08; 10:15. SUN. To Sir. With Love 2:10; 5:23; 7:35; 9:10. 10:10 S-Allred Hitchcock oromo 31 Report To The PtlyVlcton Ceure Oonovo 90 mm. 11:0) 2-Newt Reosoner Color 4-News-Boo Teooue Color S Joe Pyne Dtsonsion Color»-Fllm The Sands o( Beeretiebo Dtane Baker 1 hr., 55 mln. 11-Word 01 Life Coir 11:10 4-Wnntier Hemn-Cotor 11:11 J News ReiO coihns color 4 Local News Teooue Color 11:21 STARTS SUNDAY! Carl Reltwr'i ENTER, IAUGHWJG "^ In tolof Jose FERRER Shelley WINTERS ROD TAYLOR ERNEST IORGNINE JOHN MILLS in "CHUKA" In color STARTS SUNDAY! WALT DISNEY'S "THE GNOME- MOBILE" With Walttr Brannan la color AT ALL THEATRES FRH SMOKING SECTIONSI ACRES OF FREE FARKINGI LAST TIMES Tonight and Tomorrow ar all three theatres. "THE LONG DUEL" with YUL BRYNNER HAZUTt PLAZA The Long Duel 7:25; 0:35. SAT. The Long Duel 2:40: 6:05; 7:30; S:40. SUN. -- Enter Lsughing 2:00; 1:40; D:20; Chuka 3:50; 7:30, ROUTE 35 DRIVE-IN- KBI. * SAT. Cartooni 7:00: I. a Woman 7:20; 10:10; EnrlleflB Bummer Dear John 7:15; 10:40; My Slater My l,ove 9:10. SAT. - Klfldle Show 2:00; Dear John 7:15; 10:40; My Sister My Love 9:10. sl.'n. Dear Joim <l:40: 10:15; My Slsltr My Love 8:42; Kiddle Bliow EAST BRUNSWICK, B:00 Si;,N I, a Woman 6:30; 8:40; End- ICHS Summer 8:10, KEYPORT STRAND- TURNPIKE- OUTDOOR - rar.. SAT. * SUN. - Thing Happened on the Way to the Korum 9:00. INDOOR Hour of the Gun 7:30: 11:03; Funny Thing Happened on the Way lo tlie Korum 9:30. BAT. & SUN. / Hour of tile Gun 3:45; 7:30; lljtt; Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 2:00; 5:30; 9:30, V PERTH AMBOV AMBOYS DRIVE-IN- FRI. * SAT. CartooM 7:00; To Sir Wllh Love 7:18; 11:15; Who'l Oot the Action 9:32. SUN. Cartooiu «:13; To Sir Wllh Love «33; 10:25; Who'! CJot lh» Action 8:47. MENU) PARK CINEMA FRI., BAT. 4 BUN. More Than a Miracle 2:O0; 3:50; 5:60; 7:00; tx ranlan K0IAK TOWN Motlnee Todoy 1I:4J Evenln«7:to-t:N SAT. l:10-s:sm: 10-10: II He teaches London's turned-on teens to cool it and call him "Sir"! SIDNEY POITIER. JUIC5 CUvms mcmte«of "TO SIR, WITH LOVE". TECHNICOLOR iv JAMESES? JJSiROBlnS "HOUR DFTHB PAHAVlSlOrl COLOR CO-HIT 'THE WAY WEST" FREE IN CAR HEATERS. EARLY BIRD SHOW EVERY SUNDAY AT DRIVE-IN BOX OFFICE OPENS 5:30 FIRST SHOW 6:00 "MORE THAN A MIRACLE" Sophia Loren and Omar Sharif IN COLOR B MORE DAYS TO SEE "ULYSSES"! fst TIME AT REGULAR PRICES DAILY 2:00.7:30-9:45 "BRILLIANT, FORCEFUL CINEMA ART." -8oil«y Cio»lh.r. Kt» You T.HW "... A RARE EXPERIENCE." -Wind* Hlle, NiwYork Diily N«wt c lyric *" ASBUR ASBURY PARK

30 PIANO CLASS Dr. Ralph D, Lambert, Monmouth College professor of music in the Department of Fine Arts, teaches a eourie in group piano at the college. He is ihown at far right in one of three classes being held M the college. College Offers Piano Course WEST LONG BRANCH - Music Area of the Department of Fine Arts at Monmouth College is offering a two-credit The of course in group piano for the student who wishes to develop general keyboard facility and establish contact with form, style, harmonic analysis and technique. An additional two-credit course will be offered in the academic year. The first class in group piano was held at the college in the summer of It was taught by Dr. Ralph D. Lambert, professor fry and find us GIFFORD'S music, who pioneered in th teaching of piano in groups whi he was an instructor and assii tant to Dr. Raymond Burrow: ^iano chairman at Teachers Co 1 lege, Columbia University. There are three classes at Moi mouth College with a total of ' students taking the piano coura Seven additional classroom p: anos have been purchased by th college in the past two years. Dr. Lambert believes group ir struction is the single most im portant development in the fieli of music education in the last 2 INN 42 AVENUE-OF-TWO-RIVERS RUMSON, N. J. TELEPHONE 842 > 9820 Holf-Mlle Norrt of Riimun Public Library On the Avenue el Two divert, kwnion Formerly Mayer's Inn Established? Delicious food strved by courteous waiters in a beautiful dining room with mood music and soft lights. Magnificent cocktiil lounge with easy chairs and cheerful fireplace. Leng bar and Urge dance floor. CompUta menu and five different charbroiled steaks to choose from; finest wines and liquors served. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER SPECIAL SERVED FROM 2 P.M. TO 7 P.M. ROAST SIRLOIN OF BEEF 2 Vegetables Hef Rolls, Tub lumef, Soup, Salad, Dessert. Coffe* STUFFED SHRIMP (SHRIMP PATRACIAN) Hot Rolls and Tub Butter Twa Vegetables, Soup, Solad, Dessert, Coffee 3.50 Children Under 12 Years of Age the QUAY SEA BRIGHT... is pleased to announce the return of.., the "CHRIS LOWEII" TRIO EVERY FRI., SAT. and SUN. Fall Favorites Our Sunday Brunch and Popular Buffets CllUniV DDIIUfU~ A popular woy ta spwid Sunday with your junlfal DnUntn choices of steak and >gci and your rovorlli dishes. Served from II a.m. ta 1 p.m. Eaf all you want. Only $2.50 far adults, children. TIIECIUV UICUT RIIFPPT" Eot ( " artv (rwn "»uptr-ddicious luuual nlunl DUrrCI itlsdlon of imfoods and glorlaui roasts, qnd lain ttiose who make TuejoMy their flnnt night out. Served from 4:30 to 9 p.m. Only $4 per person. hlllv CEAEAAII nilfpft HAIL I JtAlUw DUrrCI this dolly repast wllh dozens ol diolces for you to make from the lavish board. Served from noon U 3 p.m. Only $2.50 lor adults, ll.w children. JACK BAKER'S loister MTV and On scenic Channel Drive overlooking the Manasquan Inlet POINT PLEASANT BEACH, N. J. Telephone: w years, and that the opportunity for the study of the piano should be offered to any person on the campus. He explains, "Since the piano is an instrument which combines the three elements of musicmelody, harmony and rhythm t is a basic instrument on which to present (he fundamentals of music, thus building a solid foundation for music in any line. Class piano Instruction offers opportunity to all, fosters the group spirit, arouses and holds the interest of the student in piano study, cultivates musical understanding, and develops the lesthetic sense." Aside from the acquirement of pianistlc skills, Or. Lambert believes that the piano class "contributes to the discovery of musical talent, and, on the part of the individual, to his increased personal enjoyment, individual growth, fullness of living, employment of leisure time, and an understanding and appreciation of musical literature and the performance of others." The study of piano, whether done in class or privately, is, according to Dr. Lambert, a necessary and fundamental background for the study of other instruments and the voice. DrTTSmBerl Monmouth College.faculty in 1965, is a composer as well as a concert pianist. He has given recitals in New York's Stein way and Town Halls, 'at Monmouth College and in other communities in New Jersey. H«performed on radio and. television.and is a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music and Columbia University. He has bachelor of science, master of arts, specialist in music education and doctor of education degrees. AAUW Panel To Examine Arts' Impact SHREWSBURY - An "Arts Hydra" will attack the. question "How do music, painting, architecture and literature reflfct today'i society?" at a meeting of the Northern Monmouth County Branch of the American Association of University Women Monday at Presbyterian Church House. i (The hydra was the manyheaded serpent of Greek mythology.) Three local artists will give their views on the subject, with Felix Molzer, director of the Monmouth Conservatory of Music, joining Mrs, Francis M. Taylor, teacher of English and creative writing at Middletown Township High School, and Mrs. Karl Houser, artist, on the panel. After speaking, each panel member will answer questions from the floor. The meeting; open to the public, both men and women, Is the first to be devoted,o the topic "Society's Reflection In the Arts," one of two topics chosen for study by the branch this year. Mrs. Julian Livingston of Englishtown is chairman. Mrs. Marc Leon of Middletown, study group coordinator, has announced the formation of a new evening literature study group, under the leadership of Mrs. Anthony Cove of Middletown. Also planned is a parliamentary procedure group to begin in January, led by Miss Elisabeth Keley of Red Bank. The new Evening Literature group will meet for the first time on Thursday, Nov. 9, at 8 p.m. In Mrs. Cove's home, 1075 Middletown-Lincroft Road, Mlddletown<4d hear a recording and participate in a discussion of "The Rime of the An cient Mariner." Get your share of service busl ness with a "Business, Services" Ad in Classified. Dial D0 today. DAILY SPECIAL! LOBSTER DINNER $375 Wi Atwayi Hayi Steams.*! Jumbo Cocktatli Served DOR'S 'N ED'S 3» Share Dr., Highland! Dinners tarved till midnight. CLOSED TUEJDAYI Season's First Concert Saturday By takewood Civic Symphony LAKEWOOD - The Lakewood Civic Symphony Orchestra will give its first concert of the season tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. in the high school. The soloist will be Americanborn Theodore Lettvin, fast-rising star on the musical scene. A pianist, he will play Rachmaninoff's "Second Piano Concerto." Mr. Lettvin has concertized in North America, Europe and Africa. He gave solo recitals, and nan appeared with almost every major symphony orchestra. In Buffalo, N. Y., he played with Organist Guild Meets Monday RED BANK Monmouth Chapter, American Guild of Organitts, is in the midst of a challenging year. Led by Herbert Burtis, minister of music and fine arts of the First Methodist Church, as its dean, the chapter o( 60 members meets the first Monday of each month. The First Presbyterian Church of- Freehold will host the guild Monday at 8 p.m. for a meeting on contemporary sacred music. Local church choirs will present examples of this form of music as used in worship experiences. The choir of St. Mark's Catholic Church in Sea Girt, directed by Ruth Dodd, will perform Peloquin's "Mass of Joy." "Five Hymns in Popular Style" by John Gardner are to be presented by the Chancel Choir of the First Methodist Church, Red Bank. The youth choir of this 'church will also appear, singing sacred folk songs accompanied by guitars, Following the presentations, a panel discussion will be held. Speaking will be the Rev. Fldrian Call of St. James Catholic Church, Red Bank, the Rev. James Memmot, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Freehold,.and the Rev. H. Har ris, associate pastor of the First Methodist Church of Red Bank. The public may attend. the Buffalo Symphony, and has been apprentice conductor under Willem Steinberg. Mr. Lettvin's TV appearances have been mainly on "Voice of Firestone." This past summer he played the Rachmaninoff concerto at Tanglewood. In the months he is not on tour, Mr..ettvin resides in Cleveland, where he is head of the piano department at the Cleveland Music Ichool Settlement. He received his own musical education at the Curtis Institute of Philadelphia. The orchestra will play Handel's "Royal Fireworks Music," ichubert's "Tragic Symphony" nd Beethoven's "Fidelio" overture. Rehearsals have been going on under the baton of conductor Murray Glass since the Thursday after Labor Day. Car on your mind? {fee today's Classified Ads for big values in all makes, models. DISTINCTIVE DINING Bill Hagen Carnival' Man HAZLET Bill Hagen is cast' as Schlegel, the conniving carnival owner,, in New Horizons' production of "Carnival." It will be presented at the Union Avenue School Dec. 1, 2 and 3. Ticket information may be obtained by (contacting James Carl. EXCELLENT CUISINE Luncheon * Dinner BANQUETS WE0DIN6S HWY. 35 * EATONTOWN loppoiite Fort MonmeuHi) 7HI. JJAIJ.Y friday, 'Sov. 3, GJIAIW RE-OPENINO Family Recreation Center (7 WATERWICH AVENUE, HIGHLANDS Pool Tobies - Pinball IT'S OUR ID ANNIVERSARY AND SINCE OUR OPENING... WE HAVE SERVED OVER. Machinei Saturday Evening, November 4 Entertal«me ly flie "BLUE VELVETS" Featured at the New York World's Fair, Palisades Amusement- Park Aquadome. Old Fashioned Custom "SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH" An elegant leisurely brunch $050 served from noon to 3 p.m. O Children Half Price ENTERTAINMENT WEEKENDS Luncheon, Dinner, Cocktails Private Banquet Facilities STATE HWY. S6, HIGHLANDS 2 Blocks North of Highlands Bridge Dial DINERS CLUB AMERICAN EXPRESS SIRLOIN STRIP STEAK DINNERS AT ONLY I 59 (OUR POPULAR NO. 1) ISN'T IT TIME YOU TRIED ONE? THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE OUR TASTY SEAFOOD DINNERS, CHUCK WAGON CHICKEN OR TEXAS SIZE HAMBURGERS BONANZA SIRLOIN PIT "World's Biggest Steak Buy!" HIGHWAY 35 MIDDLETOWN OPEN 11:30 A.M. TO 8:30 P.M.

31 Local Securities First State Ocean County Keansburg-Middletown Middletown Banking Co. Monmouth County Nationil Rights.08 Bid.10 Asked N. J. National Bank Ocean County National Peoples Nat'l Bank of Monmouth Peoples National Bank of Lakewood Sea Bright National (xx).18 (x) Trust Co. of Ocean County.50 plus 4% INDUSTRIAL Aerological Research, Alkon Industries Brockway Buck Engineering Electronic Associates Electronic Assistance Foodarama Laird, ' Monmouth Capital Monmouth Electric Monmouth Park N. J. Natural Gas Rowan Controller ',. Servomation. '. Spiral Metal '."' '- U.S. Homes» " J - United Telecontrol Electronics Walter Reade - Sterling Winslow Tel. (x) Dividend Thomas L. McNaraara (xx) Plus Stock 19 * Iff % 26%. Expires Nov. Richard B. Valine Ebsco Industries uergen Schroeter, treasurer. SHREWSBURY - Ebsco Industries has expanded its opera- university, government, industrial Miss Marsha Eisenberg, the iodical subscriptions of school, club's delegate to Douglas College Citizenship Institute, retions in this area with the open- and institutional libraries, listing Ing of two new divisions, accord- approximately 25,000 American and foreign periodicals. Ing to W. Alex McCIendon, senior vice president and general manager. Directional Advertising Services places leading magazines, binders and racks in reception The Subscription Service u>. and waiting areas with an advertiser's ad on the front of theaddresses Auxiliary Director of MCOSS opened with Richard B. Valine as its district sales manager, binders. RUMSON - Miss Winona E. and the Directional Advertising Mr. Valine, who resides Darrah, executive director of Services Division started in this Rumson with his wife, Cynthia, Monmouth County Organization area with Thomas L. McNamara is a graduate of Minneapolis for Social Service, was the speaker at the October meeting of Na- as its sales manager, Mr. Mcschools and Macalester Colleg CIendon said. in St. Paul, Minn. varumsunk Auxiliary of"the Family and Children's Service. The Subscription Service Co. Mr. McNamara and his family specializes in servicing the' pe- Miss Darrah explained the role reside in Matawan. He has of MCOSS in the county and served Ebsco as sales representative for the-past three years pointed out that more than.10,000 persons were aided by the agency in Stock Market in this area. Yesterday's closing stocks: Mr. McCIendon called the new Mrs. Samuel V. Gilman Jr., Ind I-T-E CM Brit 54% divisions the first major steps Adams Ex J John, Man 54* jn Ebsc0 expamion Air, Prod Jones ft L 54 program^ Fair Haven, is in charge of the Air' Reduc Joy Mfi fall fund-raising project. Mrs Atleg Cp Kaiser Al He added that sales in all divisions from this region are ex Howard J. Dutcher, Fair Haven, Alleg Lud!4 Kennecfttt.Alleg Pow 21% Koppers was appointed to "head the nominating committee, assisted by Allied eh 3»'i Kresge, 8S ceeding the records of all pre- 80% Allla Cbal 37% Kroger 21 «i vious years. Alcoa Leh Port C Mrs. B.A. Cruikshank,. also of Am Alrlln 29H Leh Val Ind i:vi Am Can Fair Haven, and Mrs. Robert 49V4 LOP Glass Am cyan 1 27% Lib McN*L i* Bernard, Rumson. Am M Fdy Am Motors Am Smelt jmn Sid 62% 2911 Tel 4 Tel KH4 Ani-Tob AMP In; Anaconda Armco SU Armour Armat ck Ashl Oil Alchlson AU RIcMld Avco Corp Habcoclt W Bayuk Clg Bell * How Hendlx Beth Steel Boeing - Eorden Sorg Warn Brunawk Bucy Erie Eulovn Hurl Ind Case, JI Cater Trac Celanese Chcs <k Oh Chrysler Cities Sv Coca Cola Colg Palm Colum Has Coml Bolv Con Edls Con Can Corn Prod Corning o Cm Zcll Cruc Stl Curtlsi Wr Deere Del * Hud Dent Sup Dow Chem Dress Ind du Pont Dun u East Kod End John Erie Lack Firestone FMC Cp Ford Mot Gen Aicept Gen Clg fien ljynam Gen Elcc Gen Fda Gen Motors Gon Puu lit G Tel 4 Tel Otn Tire Ga Pac Cp Gillette Glen Aid Goodrich.Goodyear at Ail' 33 Vi 44U I Merck COVt I MOM 34% ' eih % V. 46V 32V H 10 30% 29% (4 43H li 50% Llgg & My Litton Ind Lukens stl Magnavox Marath Oil Martin M Masonlte Minn M4M Mo Pac A Moblloll Mont Ward Nat Else N Cash Reg Nat Dslry Nat Distill Nat Gyps Nat Steel NY Central Nla M Pow No Am Hock Nor Pac Nwst Alrlln Norwich Ph Outb Mar Owens 111 Pan Am Wld Penney, JC Pa Pw A Lt Pa RR Pepsi Co 45% Perkln Elm 124 Pfizer 39% Phil El 2J% Phill Pet 33>/i Pit Steel 32% Pub Sv E4Q 49% Pullman 39 RCA 3 8 Reading Co 42% Reputj Stl 23% Revlon 2«' Reyn Met % Reyn Tob 3114 Rob Controls Vice President 14 SO with some savings, and I am being urged to invest part of these in the stock market. I have been advised to start with Bristol-Myers and RCA. Are these good growth stocks for a young person or could you suggest some low-priced stocks I should consider? J.H. Manalapan Women Hear District Officer MANALAPAN - An autumn motif complete with pumpkins, corn shucks, and cider, wel- :omed members and guests of the Manalapan Woman's Club at its October meeting in the Cld Tennent Church chapel. Mrs. Melvin A. Philo, fifth dis- :rict vice president of the New (ersey Federation of Women's :iubs, spoke on the history and projects of the federation. A film and recording enuuedj-'unj 1 Diversity"^ was~shown By Mrs. parted on the week she spent at the college in June. Mrs. Frank Herbert was elected corresponding secretary. Promise your child a pet? Find the one you want jn today's Classified Ads. Successful Investing By Roger E. Spear p q^tppray S p.m. yesterday from NASD. Prices *J not tbclude retail markup, markdown or commission. BANKS Div. Bid Asked Belmar-Wall National Central Jersey Bank (xx).30 12l/4 Eatontown National Bank Farmers & Merchants.05 5</2 Spear First-Merch. Nat'l Bank (X) (xx).28 S'/s 9>/2 First National Bank of Spring Lake 1.60 Q I am a young schoolteacher apartment building which we 60 First Nat'l Bank of Toms River (xx).76 could buy with a fairly substantial equity. Do you think we 31 (x) 10% should do this? A.R 34'i 'Scars Roeb 117 i Shell OH 2fl 7 ; ' Sinclair 1307a I Smith. AO 25 j Sou Pac 1% 1 Sou Ry 46}«I sperry Rd 3U; j std Brand 4B'i! 8til oil Cal 29'*! Std Oil NJ 21 '.4! Studehaker *iin» Tpxato 10(J»i ] Tex 0 Sul 69»i I Textron 79'4 1 Transumer SI'k I I'n Partlae '- 41 \ I tin Par 26'.i ) I'n.Tank c 60 I Unlroyal 5."iH I Unit Alrc H',i I Unlteil Cp US Lines US Plywood US' Bntelt Ciulf Oil 73S H&mm Pap 211 I Wn Un Tel Here ]nc 46^4 I Westg El III Cent Ind 70'i Wlilto Mot Ing Rund 42 I VVltcn Chern Int Bus Men 582'i I Woolwth Int Hnrv 331; 1 Xerox Int Nick lo r j% 1 Yngit Bh A T Int Paper 2.1S I In) Til St Tel 117'-, I Cdn Marr Crtott I'll (SHI PIVM'll Jm[> oil Kill Ait Oil American 614 I Molybdenum 3H I'lioenlx Stl Mi ' Pren Hall 4 14 lltollllii Inc ft'i Technlctjl m\ I i;uh iii e 6 v 23'-. 0 '1 29', 54-. M\ 80S 5 1 ' 5BK 11". 3lii 4"'» 01N 17% 4J 70', 4 42'i 4i'*!Seitz. 27" 277, 46>. 31', M'.i Daniel W. Seitz NEW YORK - Daniel of Hartshorne Road, I J cust, N. J., has been elected vice president of the interrlation' al banking department of Bank ers Trust Co. Mr. Seitz is in charge of coird'natiri" the bank's 6verseas offices and affiliates. He- joined th bank in 1956 and was appointed an assistant treasurer In the national banking department central division in.1961.'the following year he was transferred to Kdn ' e Acl 121'" of the in- 1 A graduate of Phillips Exeter i and Harvard College, he served 'n the Army Signal Corps.'Mr. Seitz is a member of the Middletown Township Public Health Association and the Sea Bright (N.J.) Beach Club. i 23S 301,4 For quick action use Classified Ads to sell sporting goods to cash buyers. Dial now. A If you have some knowledge of real-estate valuts, has acquired a new National Schwartz & Sons Leasing Corp. believe rental property is a Rental Car System franchise for sound investment under present Red Bank, N.J., it was announced today by William B. circumstances. There are two conditions to be predetermined. McKinstry, president of National. You should be certain that you The rent-a-car sales office is proposed investment is, in a A I agree fully with your advisers and I believe you are well and that net return on your in- at 141 W. Front St. in Red Bank. good and growing neighborhood National is one of the nation's three largest car rental companies and has more than 1,200 situated to initiate a stock program, Unless you need income, vestment will be at least 6 per cent, after allowance for possible vacancies. If your property company-operated and franohised which apparently you do not car rental stations throughout the qualifies on both counts, 1 believe that sharply rising cost you should buy stocks with the United States. sole object of making money and for new buildings will enhanci Tired paying rent? Find the increasing your capital over a the value of your investmenl home you've been dreaming of period of time. Money in sav-oveings is safe but static, as the the next 10 years. in today's Classified Ads. dollar has been dropping in purchasing power since World War II. For most investors high-qual ity issues which have been.gaining in value at a rate equal to or faster than the decline in the dollar offer the best opportunity to protect their capital. Both stocks you mention are in this category and their strong records seem likely to continue. I advise you to buy these. And I would forget about low-priced stocks which in many instances have been bid up disproportionately solely because of this factor. " Q I plan to retire in 10 years. We have been looking at an \KovSitfky Named Financial Manager NEW YORK, N.Y. Michael E. Kovarsky, 149 Jumping Brook Road, Lincroft, N.J. has been appointed financial manager on the accounting staff of R. J. Reynold.? Foods, Inc. Mr. Kovarsky was with Price Waterhouse & Company as senior accountant since He is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylchooses a. Zip-lined Coat Off she goes on her merry way in a colorful Dacron* polyester and cotton Zepel treated raincoat. If it's specially cold... iip-in -the-dyajl-to-match-orlon pile lining. Pink or Turquoise. Girls' sizei 7-to-l 4» Stock Prices 'Served? At Restaurant ipaip. HAVEN T- j minute stock prices are being served up at the Lock Stock and Barrel, the new restaurant on Fair Haven Road. A teletype machine has been installed a few feet from the Gets Rental Car Franchise MINNEAPOLIS Maurice stainbacvs girls' ihoppt all stores COMPANY MII MO MHK laid tow* Exclusive Mink Showing of Full Length Coats Now you can own a luxurious Mink Coat... a full-length coat of plump let-out male skins with double fur collar styling. We have them in Pastel or Ranch Mink, and you'll find our pries one of the lowest around town... yes, now you can own luxurious Mink, lined handsomely and monogrammed your own initials. with See our exquisite collection of stoles, bubble capes and jackets. Other fulllength coats are available priced up to PABK HIO IANK MICK T6WH bar Bit's, ti'jm the mnnfri (he stock exchange opens on Well Street the grey metal machine taps out figures and periodically gives news bulletins. Is it just a curio... one more in an atmosphere laden with curios to delight the customer? Not at all. Manager Gary Allers of Fair Haven reports the machine is checked daily by "a number of businessmen in the area who play the stock market." When the paiper roll listing stock sales gets too long, Mr. Alters clipe It, posting the entire fay's transactions on the wall. "The commuters who stop In on their way home take the clipboards down," he said, "and study them over a drink." This is the second teletype to be installed in a restaurant owned by partners Peter de- Lamas and David Monier. The first one went into their Jolly Trolley in Westfield, where some men reportedly "come at 11:30 a.m. and stay until the market closes." y/l-friity, NOT. 3, 1967 THE DAILY H GJSTER Help dew away dry skin lines hours a day Helena Rubinstein ONCE-A-YEAR SKEV DEW SALE Save 5.00 Give your skin the day and night moisture it craves Daytime, us* SKIN DEW MOISTURIZING EMULSION, an invisible beauty treatment you wear under make-up to keep your skin dewyfresh. Its effective moisturizing ingredients help make tiny lines disappear, and keep 1 your make-up looking morning fresh... all-day. Nights or nap-time, SKIN DEW MOISTURE CREAM helps fight wrinkles! Moisturizers and emollients soften, smooth, redew dry skin. And only SKIN DEW CREAM gives you Collagen Protein (an exclusive natural substance comparable to the proteins of young skin.) Also available: 6.50 value, new only 3.50 (you ttve 3.00) st«inb«ch't coim»ticir-«ll itorn COMPANY r <SIUirMU-W IAN* HIC«DISTINCTIVE LABELS FROM OUR MEN'S SHOP Great Western introduces The Baird < Luxury outerwear of 100% pure virgin wool with warm acrylic p!l«lining. Woven for warmth and wear, this superbly deta'!ad coat offers the split rag- >WWV f ) >W j..jajfl..cemfort,.c.onj.bijfl, Cocoa, Brown in sizes 36 to Open Wednesday and Friday 'til 9 Naturalaire the uncopyable suit by H. Freeman and Son This is probably the most famous natural shoulder model in America. Many have sought to copy it... none have succeeded. And the moment you try one on, you will understand the reasons for its fame. In a wide variety of outstanding fabrics to it«inb«ch'j mcn'i shop all stores COMPANY r A»IU«V JAUK. HID (AHK., CK

AU PAIR NEW ZEALAND Au Pair - Family Contract

AU PAIR NEW ZEALAND Au Pair - Family Contract AU PAIR NEW ZEALAND Au Pair - Family Contract Codes of Conduct for Au Pairs and Host Families Au Pair Agreement (Please sign each individual page) 1. I (full name of the au pair), confirm that I have read

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Judge Patricia L. West

Judge Patricia L. West Judge Patricia L. West Career History Chief Deputy Attorney General Office of the Attorney General, Richmond, Virginia 2012 -Present Oversee the legal and administrative operations of the Commonwealth's

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Columbus Board of Education October 1, 2013

Columbus Board of Education October 1, 2013 Columbus Board of Education October 1, 2013 The Board of Education of the City School District of Columbus, Ohio, met in a regular session on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, at 5:46 p.m. in the Assembly Room

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SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY AND SSI BENEFITS HEARINGS SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY AND SSI BENEFITS HEARINGS 1. WHEN AND WHERE WILL THE HEARING BE? Usually (but not always) it takes Social Security several months to set a hearing date. Social Security will

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Directed Writing 1123/01

Directed Writing 1123/01 1123/01 Directed Writing 1123/01 ENGLISH LANGUAGE RIZWAN JAVED Contents: Account writing 2 Formal Letters 6 Informal Letters 11 Newspaper and Magazine Articles 14 Report Writing 16 Speech Writing 19 Page

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Thomas F. Shebell, Jr.

Thomas F. Shebell, Jr. Thomas F. Shebell, Jr. Born in Asbury Park, N.J., Judge Shebell received his B.A., an LL.B. and J.D. from Rutgers University, where he was President of the Student Bar Association and President of Phi

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the largest single institution held by First Financial Corporation, a Vigo County based

the largest single institution held by First Financial Corporation, a Vigo County based Terre Haute First National Bank Founded: 1834 Location: Second State Bank line: Memorial Hall, south side of Ohio Street, Terre Haute (1834 67); Fifth Street and Wabash Avenue (1867 1927); 643 645 Wabash

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19th Annual Holiday Craft Fair

19th Annual Holiday Craft Fair 19th Annual Holiday Craft Fair Friday, November 18th, 2pm to 6pm Saturday, November 19 th, 8am to 3pm --- Craft Vendor Application Form --- The OVparks would like to cordially invite you to participate

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LAPORTE COUNTY COUNCIL MINUTES. February 27, 2012 LAPORTE COUNTY COUNCIL MINUTES February 27, 2012 (PLEASE TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES) The LaPorte County Council Meeting was held on Monday, February 27, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. in the Assembly Room of the LaPorte

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Supervision of Outside Business Activities (OBAs) and Private Securities Transactions Wednesday, November 9 3:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m.

Supervision of Outside Business Activities (OBAs) and Private Securities Transactions Wednesday, November 9 3:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Supervision of Outside Business Activities (OBAs) and Private Securities Transactions Wednesday, November 9 3:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Outside business activities (OBAs) and private securities transactions (PSTs)

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Theodore Roosevelt Leads America Into the 20th Century

Theodore Roosevelt Leads America Into the 20th Century Theodore Roosevelt Leads America Into the 20th Century Written by Frank Beardsley 11 January 2006 THE MAKING OF A NATION -- a program in Special English by the Voice of America. In September, nineteen-oh-one,

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DRAFT. SPECIAL SELECTBOARD Meeting Minutes Tuesday, January 24, 2017

DRAFT. SPECIAL SELECTBOARD Meeting Minutes Tuesday, January 24, 2017 DRAFT SPECIAL SELECTBOARD Meeting Minutes Tuesday, January 24, 2017 PRESENT : Patty McGrath Chris Bianchi Ken Lee ALSO PRESENT: Deborah Schwartz (Town Manager, the Manager ); Chet Hagenbarth (Director

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Alison N. Davis. Focus Areas. Overview

Alison N. Davis. Focus Areas. Overview Office Managing Shareholder 815 Connecticut Avenue NW Suite 400 20006 main: (202) 842-3400 direct: (202) 772-2533 fax: (202) 842-0011 Focus Areas Discrimination and Harassment Training

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December 10, 2002 No. 11

December 10, 2002 No. 11 December 10, 2002 No. 11 The North Liberty City Council met in regular session in Council Chambers. Mayor Mekota called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Council members present: Bahl, Bandy, Dorst, Gardiner

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The Tri-State Transit Authority

The Tri-State Transit Authority The Tri-State Transit Authority Finding Creative Pockets for Funding By: Paul Davis, General Manager and CEO 8/11/2016 Tri-State Transit Authority 1 Goals 1. Give SUN attendees history of TTA & overview

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David M. Wirtz. Focus Areas. Overview

David M. Wirtz. Focus Areas. Overview Shareholder 900 Third Avenue 10022 main: (212) 583-9600 direct: (212) 583-2699 fax: (212) 832-2719 Focus Areas Litigation and Trials Discrimination and Harassment Policies, Procedures

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CHOOSING A JOB A First Step to Success


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CLIFT FAMILY PAPERS ca State of Tennessee Department of State Tennessee State Library and Archives 403 Seventh Avenue North Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0312 CLIFT FAMILY PAPERS ca. 1820-1968 Processed by: Jean B. Waggener Archival

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Developer sues parish president over lost project

Developer sues parish president over lost project Developer sues parish president over lost project By Alice Dowty Posted: Thursday, April 7, 2011 9:43 pm LIVINGSTON - The Parish Council and the Parish President are being sued for $1 million by a businessman

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Government of Alberta News Release

Government of Alberta News Release Government of Alberta News Release "Education is a serious issue, and as Minister I need to do everything I can to ensure it is dealt with in a serious and professional manner." August 19, 1999 Dr. Lyle

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ST. JOHNS RIVER STATE COLLEGE DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES Palatka, Florida. Budget Workshop June 4, 2014 ST. JOHNS RIVER STATE COLLEGE DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES Palatka, Florida Budget Workshop June 4, 2014 MEMBERS PRESENT: Ms. Denise M. Bramlitt, Putnam County, Chairperson Mr. Ronald Coleman, Clay County,

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The session began with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of silence.

The session began with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of silence. Sanford \ Town Council Town Council, Meeting Minutes January 30, 2007 The Sanford Town Council met at 7:00 p.m. in the Chambers of the Sanford Town Hall Annex on Tuesday, January 30, 2007. Those present

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JANUARY. DATE ACTIVITY ORC Reference NOTES 1st day of January after election

JANUARY. DATE ACTIVITY ORC Reference NOTES 1st day of January after election JANUARY 1st day of January after election January Terms of newly elected board members begin The terms of office of members of each board of education shall begin on the first day of January after their

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January 10, Dear Mr. Tse:

January 10, Dear Mr. Tse: January 10, 2018 The Honorable Alex G. Tse Acting U.S. Attorney, Northern District of California Federal Courthouse, 11th Floor 450 Golden Gate Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102 Dear Mr. Tse: I am writing

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1997 Annual Surveys of Journalism & Mass Communication Survey of Enrollments Survey of Graduates

1997 Annual Surveys of Journalism & Mass Communication Survey of Enrollments Survey of Graduates 1997 Annual Surveys of Journalism & Mass Communication Survey of Enrollments Survey of Graduates Sponsors: AEJMC, ASJMC Council of Affiliates of AEJMC The Freedom Forum National Association of Broadcasters

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OCBA YOUNG LAWYERS SECTION ELECTION AT-LARGE BOARD CANDIDATES (5 SEATS AVAILABLE) STEPHANIE N. ALCALDE Stephanie Alcalde, formerly known as Stephanie Rensch, attended the University of Central Florida, where she graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in legal studies and a minor in

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A Department of the Recorder s Division, Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office

A Department of the Recorder s Division, Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office A Department of the Recorder s Division, Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office 1261 Superior Avenue, 2 nd Floor Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Tel: 216-698-6442 Fax: 216-443-8909 PROBLEM? SOLUTION!! Many agencies are storing

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STATISTICS ACT NO. 4 OF 2006 STATISTICS (CENSUS OF POPULATION) ORDER, 2008 SUBSIDIARY LEGISLATION. List of Subsidiary Legislation. NO. 4 OF 2006 STATISTICS ACT SUBSIDIARY LEGISLATION Page List of Subsidiary Legislation 1. Statistics (Census of Population) Order, 2008... S18 21 STATISTICS (CENSUS OF POPULATION) ORDER, 2008 [L.N. 107/2008.]

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TOWN OF CLAVERACK PLANNING BOARD Minutes: December 2, 2013 DRAFT COPY TOWN OF CLAVERACK PLANNING BOARD Minutes: December 2, 2013 Motion to allow Brian Goodrich to act as Chairman for the December 2, 2013 meeting was made by Judy Zink with a second from Scott Cole.

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Meeting Minutes of October 1, 2009 Board of Supervisors

Meeting Minutes of October 1, 2009 Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes of October 1, 2009 Board of Supervisors Chairman Obernier called the Board of Supervisors meeting of October 1, 2009 to order at 7:30 p.m. and then led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

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SECTION IV. Tennessee Regulatory Authority

SECTION IV. Tennessee Regulatory Authority SECTION IV Tennessee Regulatory Authority TENNESSEE REGULATORY AUTHORITY 460 James Robertson Parkway Nashville, TN 37243-0505 (615) 741-2904 or (800) 342-8359 Sara Kyle, Director

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Lewis & Clark Library Board of Trustees Meeting Lewis & Clark Library Augusta Branch August 16, 2016 MINUTES

Lewis & Clark Library Board of Trustees Meeting Lewis & Clark Library Augusta Branch August 16, 2016 MINUTES Lewis & Clark Library Board of Trustees Meeting Lewis & Clark Library Augusta Branch August 16, 2016 MINUTES BOARD MEMBERS: Jesse Franzen, Helen McCaffrey, Niki Whearty, Ron Waterman. STAFF MEMBERS: John

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oce20617 Universal Credit Artwork - About UC A5.qxp 23/10/ :32 Page 1 About Universal Credit

oce20617 Universal Credit Artwork - About UC A5.qxp 23/10/ :32 Page 1 About Universal Credit oce20617 Artwork - About UC A5.qxp 23/10/2015 11:32 Page 1 About November 2015 March 2016 oce20617 Artwork - About UC A5.qxp 23/10/2015 11:32 Page 2 Introduction is a new benefit for single people, couples

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VOORHEES FIRE DISTRICT BOARD OF FIRE COMMISSIONERS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES. June 20, 2013 TIME PRESENT ABSENT 8:00 p.m. Robert Caruso, Robert Dougherty, Barbara Silary, Vaughn Vandegrift, Chief James J. Pacifico and Solicitor Richard Tavani Thomas Hanney FLAG SALUTE Chairman Dougherty led the

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They say they were legally entitled to the money as severance for their being forced out. The company's

They say they were legally entitled to the money as severance for their being forced out. The company's Financial Post The Delgratia Mining files: Two former executives of the Vancouver mining company claim they were forced out over a disagreement about a Nevada gold property. Delgratia's successor company

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A MAN IS NOT A PLAN ON BEING A SELF-RELIANT, FINANCIALLY SECURE WOMAN. Or how I saved my own financial future, and you can, too.

A MAN IS NOT A PLAN ON BEING A SELF-RELIANT, FINANCIALLY SECURE WOMAN. Or how I saved my own financial future, and you can, too. A MAN IS NOT A PLAN ON BEING A SELF-RELIANT, FINANCIALLY SECURE WOMAN Or how I saved my own financial future, and you can, too. MY STORY MY STORY My name is Kathy Fish. I am a woman, a wife, a mother,

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ORDINANCE LIST ORDINANCE LIST 1 ORDINANCE LIST ORDINANCE LIST 1 WINSLOW, INDIANA ORDINANCE LISTING 1907 Ord. No. 56 Sept. 2, 1907 Construction of sidewalks on Lafayette, East, Center, North, Jefferson, Walnut, and Mill Streets 1908 Ord.

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Senator Tarryl L. Clark

Senator Tarryl L. Clark E-News Volume 2007 Issue 12 Senator Tarryl L. Clark Senate Assistant Majority Leader July 31, 2007 Events Serving St. Cloud, St. Augusta, Waite Park, Rockville and Haven Township Thursday, August 2, 10-11:30

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Town of Richmond, Rhode Island Zoning Board of Review. Wednesday, May 20, :30 pm Richmond Town Hall 5 Richmond Townhouse Rd., Wyoming, RI 02898

Town of Richmond, Rhode Island Zoning Board of Review. Wednesday, May 20, :30 pm Richmond Town Hall 5 Richmond Townhouse Rd., Wyoming, RI 02898 Town of Richmond, Rhode Island Town Hall, Wyoming, RI 02898 Town of Richmond, Rhode Island Zoning Board of Review Wednesday, May 20, 2009-7:30 pm Richmond Town Hall 5 Richmond Townhouse Rd., Wyoming, RI

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34th European Club Cup 23rd European Club Cup for Women Porto Carras (Greece), October 2018

34th European Club Cup 23rd European Club Cup for Women Porto Carras (Greece), October 2018 34th European Club Cup 23rd European Club Cup for Women Porto Carras (Greece), 11-19 October 2018 GENERAL REGULATIONS 1. Invitation This is the official invitation to all European Chess Federations affiliated

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Dori K. Stibolt Partner

Dori K. Stibolt Partner Dori K. Stibolt Partner West Palm Beach, FL Tel: 561.804.4417 Fax: 561.835.9602 Dori is a skilled litigator whose practice centers on labor and employment claims, trust and estate

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Willow Creek Property Owners Association Board of Directors Meeting

Willow Creek Property Owners Association Board of Directors Meeting Willow Creek Property Owners Association Board of Directors Meeting Time and Date: 11:00 PM September 2, 2017 Location: Russell Residence 2932 N. Skylight Dr. Kingman, AZ Unit 9-294 Board Members Present:

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THE GOLF CLUB AT REDMOND RIDGE CLUB CARD PLAN No Initiation Fee and One Low Monthly Price for Year-Around Golf

THE GOLF CLUB AT REDMOND RIDGE CLUB CARD PLAN No Initiation Fee and One Low Monthly Price for Year-Around Golf THE GOLF CLUB AT REDMOND RIDGE CLUB CARD PLAN No Initiation Fee and One Low Monthly Price for Year-Around Golf BENEFITS: Year-round golf at The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge Mon-Fri Anytime and Saturday,

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Gentry, Jr., James v. Danny Roberts Const.

Gentry, Jr., James v. Danny Roberts Const. University of Tennessee, Knoxville Trace: Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange Tennessee Court of Workers' Compensation Claims and Workers' Compensation Appeals Board Law 8-1-2017 Gentry, Jr., James

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261 Gorham Road South Portland, ME Company Profile

261 Gorham Road South Portland, ME Company Profile Company Profile Preservation Management, Inc. (PMI) has been providing comprehensive residential and commercial property management services since 1990. Over the last two decades PMI has grown to manage

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Minutes of the Southborough Board of Health

Minutes of the Southborough Board of Health Minutes of the Southborough Board of Health Meeting Minutes June 19, 2013 Present Chairman/Members Dr. Louis Fazen, III; Nancy Sacco and Mary Lou Woodford; Public Health Director, Paul C. Pisinski and

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WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER: Pickens County Council Planning Retreat March 10, 2018 8:30 AM County Council met for a planning retreat at the Pickens County Airport, with Chairman Roy Costner presiding. Agendas, bearing date, time,

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What To Do If A Death Has Occurred

What To Do If A Death Has Occurred What To Do If A Death Has Occurred Since most deaths occur in health care institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes, the attending staff may provide you with some preliminary information. If the

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In many ways Hurricane Sandy was unexpected. While we had been warned, we never realized or believed how bad it was going to be. I think this was the

In many ways Hurricane Sandy was unexpected. While we had been warned, we never realized or believed how bad it was going to be. I think this was the In many ways Hurricane Sandy was unexpected. While we had been warned, we never realized or believed how bad it was going to be. I think this was the case in the towns on the bayshore of Monmouth County.

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Math 227 Elementary Statistics. Bluman 5 th edition

Math 227 Elementary Statistics. Bluman 5 th edition Math 227 Elementary Statistics Bluman 5 th edition CHAPTER 4 Probability and Counting Rules 2 Objectives Determine sample spaces and find the probability of an event using classical probability or empirical

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Meeting Preparation Checklist

Meeting Preparation Checklist The Gerard Alexander Consulting Group, Inc. Ybor Square 1300 E. 8 th Avenue Suite S-180 Tampa, FL 33605 Phone: (813) 248-3377 Fax: (813) 248-3388 Meeting Preparation Checklist Properly preparing individuals

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Kate F. O Connor Suffragist Businesswoman Activist

Kate F. O Connor Suffragist Businesswoman Activist Kate F. O Connor Suffragist Businesswoman Activist Highlight Timeline: June 1, 1863 Kate F. O Connor born in Rockford, IL to Irish immigrants Cornelius and Mary O Malley O Connor. She was the youngest

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Talking Pro Bono: Marc Kadish Interviews Jim Holzhauer

Talking Pro Bono: Marc Kadish Interviews Jim Holzhauer Talking Pro Bono: Marc Kadish Interviews Jim Holzhauer On February 25, 2008, Marc Kadish sat down with Jim Holzhauer to discuss the firm s pro bono program and the recent changes to the US pro bono policy

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VILLAGE OF ITASCA COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE MEETING MINUTES VILLAGE OF ITASCA COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE MEETING MINUTES September 5, 2017 Immediately Following Village Board Meeting Call to Order: Roll Call: Mayor Jeff Pruyn called the meeting to order at 7:36 p.m.

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Software Failures. Dr. James A. Bednar. Dr. David Robertson

Software Failures. Dr. James A. Bednar.  Dr. David Robertson Software Failures Dr. James A. Bednar Dr. David Robertson SEOC2 Spring 2005: Failures

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GREENVILLE-SPARTANBURG AIRPORT COMMISSION MINUTES April 11, 2011 GREENVILLE-SPARTANBURG AIRPORT COMMISSION MINUTES April 11, 2011 The Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Commission met for a Special meeting on April 11, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. in the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport

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Minutes NASHVILLE METROPOLITAN TRANSIT AUTHORITY BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING. February 23, 2017 Minutes NASHVILLE METROPOLITAN TRANSIT AUTHORITY BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING February 23, 2017 I. CALL TO ORDER: The regular meeting of the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority Board of Directors was

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Yancey Family Bible of Albemarle County, Virginia

Yancey Family Bible of Albemarle County, Virginia Yancey Family Bible of Albemarle County, Virginia 1 2 Marriages Marriages James H. Grinstead and Sarah Yancey Dec. 1 st 1830 Jechonias Yancey and Julia L. Winn July 3, 1833 Alexander K. Yancey and Sarah

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL There was a meeting of the Indian River County (IRC) Economic Development Council (EDC) on Tuesday, January 17, 2006, at 4:00 p.m. in the First Floor Conference Room A of the

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Become a Motivational Speaker

Become a Motivational Speaker Get paid to speak! FabJob Guide to Become a Motivational Speaker Tag Goulet and Clayton Warholm Visit Contents About the Authors...9 Acknowledgements...10 1. Introduction...11 1.1 What Is

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ENGLISH TEXT SUMMARY NOTES Dear America- Letters Home from Vietnam

ENGLISH TEXT SUMMARY NOTES Dear America- Letters Home from Vietnam ENGLISH TEXT SUMMARY NOTES Dear America- Letters Home from Vietnam Text guide by: Hannah Young Dear America Letters Home from Vietnam 2 Copyright TSSM 2010 TSSM ACN 099 422 670 ABN 54 099 422 670 A: Level

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January 31, Hon. Joel I. Klein Chancellor New York City Public Schools Department of Education 52 Chambers Street, Room 314 New York, NY 10007

January 31, Hon. Joel I. Klein Chancellor New York City Public Schools Department of Education 52 Chambers Street, Room 314 New York, NY 10007 January 31, 2007 Hon. Joel I. Klein Chancellor New York City Public Schools Department of Education 52 Chambers Street, Room 314 New York, NY 10007 Re: John Donaldson Valerie Straughn-Kall SCI Case #2005-2952

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BRITISH AU PAIRS AGENCY BRITISH AU PAIRS AGENCY 31 Critchley Avenue, West Hill Dartford Kent DA1 2GF Tel: 01313221260 &01322270588 (EST.1990) 24 hr.-tel: 07960826968 E-mail: Dear Family, Au Pair /Mothers

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BOARD OF REVIEW Philip Freeburg, J.D.

BOARD OF REVIEW Philip Freeburg, J.D. Version 5.3 BOARD OF REVIEW 2017 By Philip Freeburg, J.D. UW-Extension Local Government Center Madison, Wisconsin (608) 262-5103 CHARACTERS The Board of Review: Members: JOAN,

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A Conversation with the Utility Commission Chairs

A Conversation with the Utility Commission Chairs PA & OH PUC Session A Conversation with the Utility Commission Chairs Speakers: Terrence J. Murphy Government Affairs Counselor, K&L Gates, Pittsburgh (Moderator) Hon. Robert F. Powelson Chairman, Pennsylvania

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European Chess Union (ECU) Romanian Chess Federation EUROPEAN YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP. under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

European Chess Union (ECU) Romanian Chess Federation EUROPEAN YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP. under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 European Chess Union (ECU) Romanian Chess Federation EUROPEAN YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 Mamaia, September 4 th 15 th, 2017 GENERAL REGULATIONS 1. Invitation Romanian Chess Federation,

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The 2010 Census: Count Question Resolution Program

The 2010 Census: Count Question Resolution Program The 2010 Census: Count Question Resolution Program Jennifer D. Williams Specialist in American National Government December 7, 2012 CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress

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President Schupek led the Village Board and attending public in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


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AAPFA- Australian Au Pair Families Association

AAPFA- Australian Au Pair Families Association AAPFA- Australian Au Pair Families Association Code of Conduct The AAPFA is an independent advocate to represent the Au Pair industry in Australia. Our service is free to all Au Pairs staying with Host

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M I N U T E S LOWER SWATARA TOWNSHIP MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY JANUARY 25, 2010 M I N U T E S LOWER SWATARA TOWNSHIP MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY JANUARY 25, 2010 Vice Chairman Brokenshire called the Regular Meeting of the Lower Swatara Township Municipal Authority to order at 7:00 P.M. The

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The Unexpectedly Large Census Count in 2000 and Its Implications

The Unexpectedly Large Census Count in 2000 and Its Implications 1 The Unexpectedly Large Census Count in 2000 and Its Implications Reynolds Farley Population Studies Center Institute for Social Research University of Michigan 426 Thompson Street Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248

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Census Response Rate, 1970 to 1990, and Projected Response Rate in 2000

Census Response Rate, 1970 to 1990, and Projected Response Rate in 2000 Figure 1.1 Census Response Rate, 1970 to 1990, and Projected Response Rate in 2000 80% 78 75% 75 Response Rate 70% 65% 65 2000 Projected 60% 61 0% 1970 1980 Census Year 1990 2000 Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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اإلتحادية الجزائرية للشطرنج Algerian Chess Federation

اإلتحادية الجزائرية للشطرنج Algerian Chess Federation اإلتحادية الجزائرية للشطرنج Algerian Chess Federation 2017 African Individual Chess Championships Venue: Hotel Liberty Oran, Algeria Dates: July 1 July 13, 2017 INVITATION Under the auspices of the African

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GENESEE COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION BOARD MEETING JANUARY 10, 2017 MINUTES GENESEE COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION BOARD MEETING JANUARY 10, 2017 MINUTES CALL TO ORDER Chairperson Arceo called the meeting of the Genesee County Board of Road Commissioners to order at 10:03 a.m. The meeting

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INTERVIEWING AND POST-INTERVIEW CORRESPONDENCE GUIDE INTERVIEWING AND POST-INTERVIEW CORRESPONDENCE GUIDE Naropa University Career Services Sarah Steward, career services coordinator Arapahoe Campus ~ Allen Ginsberg Library 6210, second floor 303.245.4863

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Fleet Engagement. Mission Objective. Winning. Mission Special Rules. Set Up. Game Length

Fleet Engagement. Mission Objective. Winning. Mission Special Rules. Set Up. Game Length Fleet Engagement Mission Objective Your forces have found the enemy and they are yours! Man battle stations, clear for action!!! Mission Special Rules None Set Up velocity up to three times their thrust

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Finding Aid to The HistoryMakers Video Oral History with Hon. Todd Stroger

Finding Aid to The HistoryMakers Video Oral History with Hon. Todd Stroger Finding Aid to The HistoryMakers Video Oral History with Hon. Todd Stroger Overview of the Collection Repository: The HistoryMakers 1900 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60616

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Date. Probability. Chapter

Date. Probability. Chapter Date Probability Contests, lotteries, and games offer the chance to win just about anything. You can win a cup of coffee. Even better, you can win cars, houses, vacations, or millions of dollars. Games

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Gambling a horrible addiction

Gambling a horrible addiction Gambling a horrible addiction By Olivier Uyttebrouck / Journal Staff Writer Published: Saturday, September 5th, 2015 at 11:25pm Updated: Sunday, September 6th, 2015 at 12:02am Many private business embezzlement

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Warsaw Planning Commission Public Hearing June 5, :00 P. M. Council Chambers 78 Belle Ville Lane Warsaw, Va

Warsaw Planning Commission Public Hearing June 5, :00 P. M. Council Chambers 78 Belle Ville Lane Warsaw, Va Warsaw Planning Commission Public Hearing June 5, 2014 7:00 P. M. Council Chambers 78 Belle Ville Lane Warsaw, Va. 22572 Chairman Lowery called the June 5, 2014 meeting of the Warsaw Planning Commission

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Pismo Beach Public Art Program Outline

Pismo Beach Public Art Program Outline Pismo Beach Public Art Program Outline What is the Pismo Beach Public Art Program? The Pismo Beach Public Art Program is a means to incorporate art within new and existing developments or publically owned

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Chapter 12, Section 1 The Industrial Revolution in America

Chapter 12, Section 1 The Industrial Revolution in America Chapter 12, Section 1 The Industrial Revolution in America Pages 384-389 In the early 1700s making goods depended on the hard work of humans and animals. It had been that way for hundreds of years. Then

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2016 Scholarship Form

2016 Scholarship Form Mose Lewis III 2016 Scholarship Form BIOGRAPHY OF MOSE LEWIS III FORMER ATTORNEY of SEIU LOCAL 400 PG Mose Lewis III was born on July 11, 1938 in Natchez, Mississippi. In his youth, Mr. Lewis was involved

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Hull Board of Selectmen. Minutes. December 18, 2007

Hull Board of Selectmen. Minutes. December 18, 2007 Hull Board of Selectmen Minutes December 18, 2007 The meeting of the Hull Board of Selectmen was called to order at 7:37-pm on Tuesday evening, December 18, 2007 at the Hull Municipal Building, 253 Atlantic

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I-95 GAMERS. Domination Missions

I-95 GAMERS. Domination Missions I-95 GAMERS Domination Missions I-95 GAMERS Domination Missions Design notes Domination special rules Domination Frontline Domination Blind Domination Blitzkrieg Domination Early war Blitzkrieg Domination

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WORLD SCHOOL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 for school chess champions in categories OPEN U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17 / GIRLS U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17

WORLD SCHOOL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 for school chess champions in categories OPEN U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17 / GIRLS U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17 WORLD SCHOOL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 for school chess champions in categories OPEN U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17 / GIRLS U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17 2-12 December 2016, Sochi, RUSSIA

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