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1 basketball Page 44 THE FIRST ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAILY IN FREE KUWAIT Established in 1977 / TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017 / SHAABAN 6, 1438 AH emergency number 112 NO PAGES 150 FILS MONEY WILL MOVE UNDERGROUND, SKEW MARKET, INCUR COST Firm CB no to expat remittance tax Save our beautiful language by Sheikha Dr Suad Al-Sabah See Pages 19 & 20 Opinion Israeli Brotherhood and Egypt the victim By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times THERE is an international agreement for fighting terrorism and drying up its financial sources. Even Israel, which is practicing a system of various standards, has declared its commitment to this agreement. Nonetheless, it is known through leaked documents by various non-arab bodies about an indirect cooperation between the Muslim Brotherhood Group, which is classified as a terrorist group by various countries, and Israel. It is known that political schemes were discussed between the two sides. From this perspective, it is possible to look at the ruling issued by the Swiss court which fined Egypt $2 billion in favor of Israel due to the halt in the process of pumping gas from Egypt to Israel because of the explosions perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood Group before or after Through this, the identity of the engine behind terrorism will become clear. The ruling issued on Egypt affirms the terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, the fact that it is a hired gun, and how its military wing in the Gaza Strip the Hamas Movement - is in harmony with the plans of Israel. This is what the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke about at length in her biography. Therefore, there is no need for any observer to go through the trouble of discovering the level of Israeli hostility against Egypt, despite the existence of a peace treaty between Tel Aviv and Cairo. Historically, the Israeli leadership never hid their determination to destroy Egypt. This was revealed in the statement of the former Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion, during the opening of the Dimona Nuclear Plant in 1963, concerning tearing apart three countries which pose direct threat to the existence of the Zionist entity. These three countries he was talking about were Egypt, Iraq and Syria. It is not possible to also forget what former Defense Minister of Israel Moshe Dayan said in this regard. Old British documents revealed the cooperation between Muslim Brotherhood Group and Britain and Zionist agency in ensuring success of the plan for establishing Israel on the Palestinian land. It is currently necessary to bring these historic facts into the mind of every international decision-maker if they are really serious about fighting terrorism. Hence, the major countries that are allies of Israel should first work seriously on drying up the financial sources of the Muslim Brotherhood Group by confiscating their money and assets, and paying the fine that Egypt cannot bear, even though the gas-related agreement is governed by the international law. In fact, if there is a serious and sincere international intention to eradicate terrorism, the responsibility should be placed firstly on the shoulders of Israel because it was the one that made the Muslim Brotherhood do what it did. It is important to remember that, in the past years, all the attacks on the Egypt-Israel gas pipeline coincided with the Muslim Brotherhood Group s campaign, whether against the agreement or calling for suspension of pumping of gas to Israel in solidarity with Hamas Group in Gaza Strip. This was fabricated by Israel in order to further agitate the situation. Therefore, it is naïve for the people of Egypt to be forced to pay fines imposed on them as a result of the terrorist operations perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood Group based on orders from Israel. The entire drama is saggy with a weak scenario, poor production, and even bad casting. Follow me on: Newswatch TEHRAN, Iran: Iran on Monday acknowledged that the fate of detained Iranian-American dual nationals came up during its first face-to-face meeting with the Trump administration, with an official saying there have been positive results for prisoner trades in the past. The comments by Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi mark the first official government confirmation it discussed prisoners with the US at a recent meeting in Vienna over the nuclear deal. Continued on Page 37 Skirts IMF obligations KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) Governor Dr Mohammad Al- Hashel said imposing taxes or fees on expatriates remittances is not part of suitable measures to increase non-oil revenues, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting parliamentary analysts. He confirmed at the same time that the Central Bank is not in charge of studying taxes and fees or putting a mechanism for remittances. In a letter addressed to Finance Minister Anas Al-Saleh in response to the question that MP Khalil Al-Saleh forwarded to the minister, Al-Hashel stressed the Central Bank does not support the idea of imposing taxes on expatriates remittances because the negative consequences on the economy far outweigh the projected revenues. He asserted the rate of transfers circulated by social media was blown out of proportion as the cost of operation and administration will be considered in imposing tax. He said using several other channels for foreign transfers to avoid payment of US$/KD /35 Euro/KD Yen/KD British /KD KSE pts at 21:55 May 2 See Page 35 Dow pts at 21:55 May 2 See Page 36 Nasdaq pts at 21:55 May 2 FTSE pts at closing April 28 Nikkei pts at closing May 2 Gold $1, per oz (London) Photo by Rizk Taufiq Some of the students who took part in the 4th Student Parliament Session pose with the Speaker of Parliament and Minister of Education. School curriculum hit... cumbersome, futile Praise for youth as students take Parliament By Abubakar A. Ibrahim NYMEX crude $48.84 pb Brent crude $51.54 pb 3-month $ LIBOR rate 1.172% Arab Times Staff HH the Amir with the visiting Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. tax will lead to a decline in the amount of tax collected far below expectations. He added imposing tax on transfers for the import of goods will reflect on the cost of goods and consumers will bear the consequence. He enumerated other negative aspects of such a step, if implemented, like unorganized transfers which are beyond the scope of official market in banks and money exchange offices. This is done by KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Parliament Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim said Monday that the student Parliament concept is advanced and important, while affirming the sincerity and perseverance of its members. Al-Ghanim made the statement during the opening of the 4th Student Parliament Session with Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammed Al- Faris, Minister of Commerce and Industry and acting State Minister for Youth Affairs Khaled Al-Raudan and a number of ministerial officials in attendance. He pointed out the student Parliament is an opportunity for students to present their views, ideas and visions in accordance with the Constitution. We believe in the student Parliament and we look forward to its session every year. We are open to every new idea that aims to develop parliamentary practice, he added. He stated the Parliament is keen on having a dialogue with a larger number of youths who have dreams and aspirations, as well as unfulfilled hopes. He said the youths constitute the largest sector and they will enter the labor market within few years, so they define the future of the country. He asserted, Everyone should be aware that these students are mature despite their young age and they are adults despite attempts to keep them small. He also emphasized importance of openness to the idea that practices are susceptible to change; hence, the need for mental readiness to discuss and address flaws. He disclosed the Parliament is currently contemplating on the inclusion of students in private schools to ensure the student Parliament represents the entire student population in the country. Meanwhile, Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammad Al-Faris considers the student Parliament a cultural requirement for students to take the initiative and interact positively as part of the democratic process. He affirmed the Kuwaiti society fully supports the educational sector as it is one of the essential elements This April 30, 2017 photo provided by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), shows a fighter from the SDF carrying weapons as he looks toward the northern town of Tabqa, Syria. US-backed opposition fighters led by Syrian Kurdish forces captured more territory from the Islamic State group in the northern town of Tabqa on Monday, pushing the extremists to northern neighborhoods, close to one of Syria s largest dams. (AP) KUNA photo Amir receives Italian premier KUWAIT CITY, May 1, (KUNA): His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received Monday at Bayan Palace Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and his accompanying delegation, with the attendance of His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al- Jaber Al-Sabah. The two sides discussed deep-rooted relations between the two countries and ways of enhancing them as well using illegitimate channels and methods, possibly by dealing with multiple exchange rates. Imposing tax might prompt expatriates to take out Kuwaiti dinar and foreign currencies through State borders while using citizens to do the transfers. This is an unacceptable phenomenon with a lot of negative implications. Effects of this situation can be related to the level of Kuwait s representation, membership at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as regards to articles of agreement with the fund, he added. He warned this tax will negatively affect expatriates with low income and it might also affect the reputation of Kuwait, especially its credit classification by relevant international organizations. He argued this step is contrary to the vision of transforming the country into an international financial and commercial Continued on Page 37 in national development. He explained such kind of support encourages students to be more loyal to their motherland. He said the application of democracy through the student Parliament helps participants develop their skills in dealing with issues and expressing their views objectively. He sees this as the best way to promote democratic principles among the students; indicating the student Parliament is a venue for spotlighting the significance of dialogue and proper exchange of views. He confirmed all sectors of the ministry will take into consideration the students proposals, adding that he is proud of the citizens due to their interest in developing the educational sector. On the other hand, members of the student Parliament said the problems in the educational sector should not be attributed to an individual a student, teacher or minister because it is an integrated system in which problems are solved through the concerted efforts of everyone. They underscored the need to pay more attention to US-backed SDF fighters corner IS in Syria city TABQA, Syria, May 1, (AFP): US-backed fighters cornered the Islamic State group in a last part of Tabqa on Monday, after tearing down a huge jihadist flag that had fluttered over the northern Syrian city. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters, were in control of all but a fifth of Tabqa as of early Monday, a monitor said. The city sits on a strategic supply route about 55 kms (35 miles) west of IS s main Syrian stronghold Raqa and served as a key IS command base. The SDF broke into Tabqa from the south a week ago and steadily advanced north, squeezing IS in three contiguous neighbourhoods on the bank of the Euphrates River. Continued on Page 37 Continued on Page 37 At dawn on Monday, IS fighters withdrew from the westernmost district towards the other two neighbourhoods, said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group. The SDF now controls more than 80 percent of Tabqa, Abdel Rahman said, with IS only holding the two northern neighbourhoods of Hurriyah and Wahdah. A total of 35 IS fighters were killed in 24 hours of clashes and air strikes in Tabqa, the Observatory said on Monday. It had no immediate information on casualties among SDF fighters. In the aptly named Flag Roundabout in Tabqa s west, an AFP correspondent on Sunday saw an SDF fighter climb a Continued on Page 37

2 LOCAL 2 KUNA photo Left: His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah with Dr Jamal Al-Harbi and board members of Kuwait Surgical Association. Right: Amir with Al-Roudhan and members of National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). His Highness the Amir s audiences His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received Kuwait s Health Minister Dr Jamal Al-Harbi and Chairman of #Kuwait Surgical Association Sheikh Dr Salman Khalifa Al-Sabah and board members on the occasion of the formation of the new board. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs Sheikh Ali Jarrah Al-Sabah. His Highness the Amir later received Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting Minister of State for Youth Affairs Khaled Al-Roudan and Chairman of the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Fund Abdullah Al- Joaan and board members on the occasion of the formation of the new board. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs Sheikh Ali Jarrah Al-Sabah. His Highness also received Advisor of King Abdullah II of #Jordan and Rapporteur of the national policies council Abdullah Saleh Wreikat on the occasion of his visiting to the country. (KUNA) CSC rejects proposal to hike incentives for MoE employees Employment applicants waiting list touches 17,000 By Rana Salem Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies KUWAIT CITY, May 1: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has rejected the proposal to increase incentives for Ministry of Education employees according Kuwaiti writer Latifa Butti being honored with Sheikh Zayed Book Award. Buti wins Sheikh Zayed Book Award Kuwaiti writer Latifa Buti, who won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Children s Literature, dedicated her win to His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and to the people of Kuwait. She said this during the honoring ceremony of the 11th Sheikh Zayed Book Award 2016/2017 for various fields related to literature, translation, art, culture, publishing and children s literature. The ceremony was held on April 30 during the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair at the International Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In her statement, Buti expressed her overwhelming joy in representing Kuwait in this award and being the only woman among her male counterparts who won to the second and third contracts without giving reasons for rejection. Undersecretary Dr Haitham Al-Athari sent a letter to the CSC and Al-Seyassah daily got a copy of the letter in which he enquired about the reasons for rejecting the proposal. However, the CSC stressed in its reply that the disapproval decision was taken during its Meeting No. 11/2016 without mentioning the reasons. Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary for Development and Educational Activities Sector Faisal Meqaised announced the temporary suspension of afternoon school activities for boys and girls starting from April 30, 2017 as the students need to prepare for the final exams. The decision excludes specialized clubs or school teams such as the Robot Club, Special Needs Club for Boys and Girls, bowling halls for boys and girls, swimming academies for boys and girls, theaters for boys and girls, debates for boys and girls, and orchestras for boys and girls. The decision is not applicable as well to activities of the Supreme Committee for School Teams, Administrative Committee at the Diwan of the Ministry KUNA photo other awards. She also expressed her pride over her winning book Bila Qubba a (Hatless), which has an imaginative and inspiring storyline, adopts higher values of mutual coexistence and acceptance of differences with other human beings and the surrounding natural settings in a way that unleashes children s thought process and ignites their creativity. of Education, Financial Committee and Public Service Committee. Meanwhile, CSC revealed that the number of applicants in the employment waiting list has reached 17,000. Most of them are Kuwaiti women of different specializations and ages, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to CSC statistics, the number of female applicants is approximately 13,000 and the number of male applicants is about 4,000, most of who have intermediate-low level of qualifications. A photo from the conference on Sharia sciences. Sound Sharia sciences Conference calls for to focus on heritage of Kuwaiti ulama KUWAIT CITY, May 1, (KUNA): A conference on Sharia sciences on Monday called for further attention and interest in the heritage of Kuwait s ulama (senior religious scholars) and reprinting their works. The conference was organized by the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, at the Kuwait University, under patronage of Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr Mohammad Abdulatif Al-Fares. Participants recommended the college to adopt researches and MA and PhD theses that seek to highlight the scientific, religious, political and educational efforts of the Kuwaiti ulama. They also stressed the importance of preparing a comprehensive scientific work on their biographies, and KUNA photo including them in schools curricula, in addition to a media program on their efforts for their nation. The one-day conference was important to shed light on those scholars who were beacons of sound Sharia sciences apart from extremism, said Kuwait University Director, Dr Hussein Al-Ansari. He added that the event aimed to honor them and recall their works and efforts, to offer model examples for students. Dean of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies Dr Fahd Al-Rashidi said that Kuwait had embraced numerous scholars who adopted rational approaches in all fields of life, especially in Sharia. He referred to their role for promoting the society with all its aspects thanks to their comprehensive religious view of life. News in Brief New KIA to cater to 13m visitors: Approval of the main contract for the expansion of Kuwait International Airport resulted in the awarding of contracts to the construction market in 2016 with a total estimated value of $12.2 billion, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting sources. Sources revealed the new terminal at the airport will cater to 13 million passengers, adding the maximum number of passengers annually is expected to reach 25 million while the current terminal caters to eight million passengers higher than its capacity of six million passengers. 18 months to construct : Official Spokesperson of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) Eng Ibrahim Al-Nashi has unveiled the authority s plan to adopt a strategy for the construction of a public services building and power stations for supplying electricity to new housing projects, reports Al-Anba daily. Al-Nashi revealed it will take 18 months to construct the building that will serve the new housing projects. Panel formed to probe fish kill: Ministry of Electricity and Water Undersecretary Mohammad Bushahri said the formation of an investigative panel to determine causes of the recent fish kill is a manifestation of the concerned authorities keenness to ensure transparency in addressing the issue, reports Al-Anba daily. He affirmed the ministry s commitment in protecting the environment by complying with the regulations of the Environment Public Authority (EPA). He added the ministry spares no effort in ensuring proper implementation of these regulations in its stations. Panel completes report: A number of ministerial committees have completed their reports on the transfer of management of warehouses in borders from Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) to the Interior Ministry, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources. Sources said the ministry will start receiving laws on the establishment of warehouses in borders by the beginning of May. Arts college students donate: The female students of the College of Arts at Kuwait University, as a good gesture and initiative that reflects the generosity of the people of Kuwait, devised a new way of doing good and giving charity to the poor, reports Al-Rai daily.

3 LOCAL 3 Luxurious environment kills ambitions, says Al Mulla Women issues are not among the priorities of current Assembly KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Chairperson of Women Cultural and Social Society Lulwa Al-Mulla revealed her disappointment over the fact that issues related to women are not among the priorities of the current parliament, reports Al-Nahar daily. She stressed the nemesis of women who are given financial allowance to stay at home and not work at the expense of their education and hard work, which has been killing ambitions and participation of women. In an interview with the daily, Al-Mulla affirmed that the luxurious environment kills ambitions, wondering why students receive monthly allowance from state coffers when some of them do not need them considering the free education provided by the state. She explained that the society has submitted three petitions at the Constitutional Court for ensuring equality between men and women as per the provisions of the Constitution which does not differentiate between them. These petitions included the right of Kuwaiti women married to non-kuwaitis for housing, the right of their children for inheritance, and the right of unmarried women and divorced women for housing welfare. Al-Mulla lamented that womenrelated issues are not a priority for the parliament despite the several studies and proposals that the society had presented the parliament over the years, adding, Since the passing of the oneman-one vote system, it has been difficult for women to be elected into the parliament. Combating smuggling and fighting illegal goods top priority: Al Fahad Kuwaiti youths volunteer to repair roads Some of Kuwaiti youths seen volunteering to repair roads Other Voices France... Presidential elections & variations By Fowzia Abul OUTCOME of the first round of French presidential elections has affirmed that change in status quo will happen at the party and leadership levels regardless of the result of the second round on May 7. Candidates who will vie in the second round are far-rightist Marine Le Pen and moderate Emmanuel Macron. The variation is exemplified in the elimination of two major parties Republican and Socialist from the race for the first time in French history. Republican Party candidate Francois Fillon lost woefully even as he hoped to give Le Pen Fowzia Abul and Macron a good fight. Socialist Party candidate Benoit Hamon could not muster beyond eight percent of the votes. Majority of analysts anticipated that Le Pen will come out with landslide victory during the first round, considering reactions to the bloody attack of a policeman at Champs-Elysees in Paris. However, several voters were able to control their minds beyond extremism logic, so Le Pen closely trailed Macron (21.7 percent against 23.7 percent). What happened was French voters later decided that logic of the mind should override logic of propagandas and paroxysm against membership of the European Union and those who were consistently campaigning against immigrants from the Arab World. This is the reason why Le Pen could not achieve landslide victory during the first round. Meanwhile, as Le Pen failed woefully in exploiting exaggerated terror and security obsession, her opponent Macron benefitted from conviction on the need to be open towards Europe (and Muslims). He also gained from the bogus jobs scandal which dashed the presidential hope of Francois Fillon and as such, his supporters waned (he was accused of employing his relatives unlawfully). Macron stands as the symbol of rising fortune for the centrist party En Marche by benefitting from low performance of Socialists and De Gaullists. Far-left party candidate Jean- Luc Melenchon also failed despite his determination towards rocket ascension. The most significant reasons behind the poor performance of the two mainstream parties include the weak economy, higher number of jobless people or those who were affected by tax payment and others. This is in addition to corruption which remains a major point of discussion and resentment. Prices of fish remain high People still patronizing fish market KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Consumers are consistent in patronizing fish markets without any plan to stop fish consumption due to complaints and pictures posted on social media concerning the recent massive fish kill, reports Al-Rai daily. Board member and Public Relations Director at Kuwait Fishermen Union Jalal Al-Shammari disclosed that prices of fish remain high. He affirmed customers continue to buy fish as they don t believe rumors and despite the reaction of concerned government departments which News in Brief KRS aid to Iraq: Kuwait Relief Society (KRS) launched Sunday a new project aimed at providing care for Iraqi orphans by allocating monthly wages, train them skills to get jobs and teach them the Holy Quran. Iraq s medical society for relief and development, the local partner of KRS, said the project, part of Kuwait By Your Side campaign, was executed under supervision of Kuwait s Ambassador in Baghdad Salem Al-Zamanan and the Iraqi Premiership. Dr Ahmad Al-Heeti, society chief, said the project aimed at taking care of 2,000 orphans from Baghdad, Salahuddine, Anbar and Nineveh. He told KUNA the project would provide $50 monthly wages for nine months, starting April. The project includes teaching the orphans to memorize the Holy Quran as well as on using computers and swimming. The Kuwaiti campaign had already built schools and medical centers, in addition to providing food to the displaced Iraqis. (KUNA) Engineering students win: The Computer Engineering Department of the College of Computing Sciences and have yet to reveal causes of the massive fish kill. He added people still patronize fish markets, even purchasing fish at high prices as indicated on the board in Souq Sharq. The current prices of imported fish are as follows: KD 4.5 for a kilogram of Al-Hamour, KD 6 for Al-Baloul and Al-Sha am, KD 7.5 for Al-Zubaidi and KD4 for Al-Naqrour. One kilogram of locally produced fish is sold at KD 12 for Al-Zoubaidi, KD 5 for Al-Hamour, KD 6 for Al-Baloul, and KD 4 for Al-Sha am, Al-Nuwaibi and Al-Naqrour. Engineering at Kuwait University won the Best Scientific Poster Award during the poster day for scientific colleges which was organized by the Researches Sector of Kuwait University. Prank costs contract: In a case sent to a labor tribunal, a South Shore company that makes armored vehicles detailed how it lost a lucrative contract with the Kuwaiti military because of a shop floor prank by an employee, reports Al-Jarida. The daily quoting La Presse said last October, some Kuwaiti military personnel were touring the plant in Saint-Jeansur-Richelieu when the worker decided to pop a plastic bottle filled with compressed air. The explosion was very loud and the startled Kuwaitis thought a bomb had gone off. They took cover around the ranking officer, their hands on their holsters. After their abrupt departure, the company never heard anything more about the 100 armored vehicles they d intended to buy, a contract that would have created 50 jobs at the plant. The worker was fired and although he protested he was just trying to make a joke, an arbitrator has now ruled that his dismissal is justified. KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Deputy Director General of General Customs Department Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al-Fahad says combating the phenomenon of smuggling, and confronting the trade of illegal goods are among the top priorities of the department, reports Al-Rai daily. He stressed the need to fight commercial fraud and counterfeiting, and to uphold intellectual property rights in the country. Al-Fahad said this during a training course organized on Sunday by the department for its employees, with the cooperation of Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, concerning the effects of counterfeit products and goods. Control He revealed that the department has developed a strategy to control these goods through the three entry points - land, sea and air ports - in coordination with all security services in order to counter all smuggling attempts. Al-Fahad stressed the keenness of the department to organize training courses based on its firm belief about the importance of training as the basis for the work of customs officers, adding that it contributes to increasing the inspectors efficiency and their awareness about the difference between counterfeit and fake goods and their damages to society. He affirmed that the customs teams represent the first line of defense and the safety valve for protecting the homeland from all damages that could threaten its security. He explained that the damage that can result from counterfeiting may contribute to the possibility of injuries or even deaths, besides financial losses incurred by manufacturers as a result of the smuggling of these goods. Repair Meanwhile, due to the widespread corruption in Ministry of Public Works and its inability to deal with problems witnessed on the roads due to their bad quality, a number of Kuwaiti youths have volunteered to repair the roads and remove the dangerous potholes, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting an informed source. He explained that the volunteers have divided themselves into different groups. Some will identify the roads and locations that require repair works while others will collect donations for carrying out the repair works. The source revealed that the state had allocated large sums of money for the repair of roads but that money was stolen instead of being used for the intended purpose. He stressed the need to question some officials of Ministry of Public Works concerning the bad conditions of many roads. Group photo with Dr Al-Shimmari Al-Khulaifi honors competition winners Dean of College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University Prof Abdullatif Al-Khulaifi honored the students who emerged winners of the GCC Scientific Research Competition which was held in Kuwait. The winners are students from College of Engineering and Oil Nour Al-Otaibi, Shahed Al-Sa adoun and Mariam Al-Zafairi who participated in the competition with their graduation project related to the production in an oil field that was suspended in They used a chemical method that produced 300 barrels of oil per day which covered the project s cost within the first few hours of operation. The project was supervised by Dr Jalal Farhan Al-Shimmari from the College of Engineering and Petroleum and Eng Hamad Al-Rasheedi from Kuwait Oil Company.

4 LOCAL 4 KPC working on modality to solve lapses in oil sector appointments Oil revenues for the month of April reach $4.5 bln The Municipal Council during Monday s session. Council OKs allocation of Khaitan blocks The Municipal Council approved the allocation of Khaitan Block 3 and 4 to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) during a meeting convened on Monday, May 1. The State Minister for Municipal Affairs and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Mohammed Al-Jabri disclosed that he approved the council s proceedings, stressing that the decision to hand over the two blocks in Khaitan to PAHW is aimed at contributing in helping to solve the housing problems, as the country gives much importance to providing housing for citizens. Photo by Mohammad Morsi The project will include 1,200 residential units of 400 square meters per plot. During the meeting, the vacant fi ve seats were announced, following the resignation of former members who participated in the last parliamentary elections. MoH to hand over primary health centers KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) will soon carry out some amendments to the appointments and competitions in its subsidiaries. New staff will be distributed within KPC and its subsidiary companies because the amendments will assist in focusing on graduates of engineering and other oil sector relevant specialties, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting an informed source. KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Ministry of Health is on the verge of completing and handing over some primary health centers, which were designed based on advanced international specifications, in some health zones, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting an informed source. He said some health centers were renovated by the Engineering and Projects Affairs Sector of the ministry, in collaboration with the construction works execution authorities. The source explained that Ahmadi Health Zone will inaugurate Fahaheel and Qurain centers within the second half of this year. Those health centers will contain various specialized clinics such as general medicine, dentistry, birth and death registration, and expatriate workers examination clinics in Fahaheel along with primary health care services. He stressed that efforts are ongoing to improve the information systems as part of the primary health care service by activating electronic filing and automation system in the health centers where references can be found and other health centers. He added that this is to ensure obstacles against patients and visitors are overcome, which is especially essential for patients whose cases require referral to public hospitals or specialized centers. He explained that KPC has been working on a plan to solve lapses in the oil sector appointments. Kuwait is producing large number of engineers due to which a modality must be worked out to motivate the private sector to employ those graduates, in coordination with the National Enterprises Fund as well as the Manpower Restructuring and Government Program. The source revealed that KPC plans to employ 1,200 university degree holders and those who obtained technical diplomas. He indicated that the number of employees in KPC have multiplied within the past few years, stressing that 50 percent of the vacant positions will be allocated to bachelor degree holders, 30 percent for technicians who obtained diplomas and 20 percent for other specialties. The source affirmed that over 2,000 Kuwaitis will be employed during 2017/2018 fiscal year, revealing that KPC and its subsidiaries are considering appointing 7,851 Kuwaitis to fill new positions as a part of the fiveyear action plan until 2019/2020 fiscal year. He explained that 3,743 vacant positions will be allocated to fresh Kuwaiti graduates, while experienced Kuwaitis will be prioritized for 4,108 positions and expatriates will only be employed in positions for which Kuwaitis are not available. Kuwait s oil revenues for the month of April reached $ 4.5 billion after the average oil prices increased to above $ 50 per barrel and the daily production reached 2.7 million barrels per day, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting sources. They said, If the oil prices remain above $ 50 per barrel, it will result in increased revenues in the budget to KD 14.8 billion, which will represent an increase of KD 1.5 billion from the target put forward by Ministry of Finance in the current budget of 2017/2018, thereby reaching up to KD 13.3 billion. KUNA photo His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah received Monday Italy s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and his accompanying delegation on the occasion of their official two-day visit to the country. (KUNA) I By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi argue with them in the best manner Almighty Allah says in Quran 16:125 n any community, there is always a sideline of freedom which is populated by people who would fish for faults and mistakes. Such people are usually seeking fame, which is often fake and temporary. Majority of them do not exactly comprehend what they are opposing. To them, their faultfishing has nothing to do with reforms; instead, it is all about seeking fame. Unfortunately, there are those who find such behaviors easy on them. There are those who encourage them. In fact, there are lawyers who have failed in their careers and, in a bid to compensate their failures, they troll on any mistake Other Voices Fault-fi shing diseases Al-Azmi or any controversial word used, for instance, during a television interview. Surprisingly, such people with their trolling demeanor have reached high ranks such as becoming a parliamentarian, thanks to his/her background to take advantage of for any error committed. It is said that, after more than fifty years of democracy and higher reasonable margin of freedom, there are people who have mastered the art of provocation and trolling. In fact, very few have accepted the existence of alternative opinion. Many people tend to ignore this fact; or else, how would you explain the clamor which follows every time someone makes a mistake during a television interview? Where is the concept of an argument versus an argument, or a fact versus a fact? Where is the calm strong expert opinion? Frankly, it is rare to find. Indeed, we witness weird opinions which sometimes cast doubts even on someone s religious stance. To deal with such opinions ideally, the concept of an argument versus an argument should be applied by experts who are known for their knowledge. Through this, all might benefit, instead of using the approach of aggravation and provocation which benefits very few. When we follow up the names of people who are known for their trolling approach (fishing for mistakes of others with the intention of becoming famous), we will find that majority of them use trolling as an expected norm in their election campaigns and advertisements that target some nice but naïve people who could be oblivious to the actual reason behind it. This means, we are always faced with issues that are related to merely elections most of the time, or facing fame-seekers apart from very few who are sincere in pinning down the mistakes with the aim of rectification and reform. I completely support taking up misleading ideas or misconceptions related to religious issues and discussions. I consider it as the means for ensuring social reforms and mending mistakes. However, it should be in a manner that preserves the rights of the involved parties and protects then within a clear legal framework through which public interest is achieved. Who knows, this calm approach could perhaps be the reason for guiding many people and rectifying their errors. A kind word can bring people closer; however, aggravation and clamor will never solve anything but instead pull people apart. Here I affirm the role played by Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and its concerned departments in activating the responsibility of educating the society on religious matters and recruiting trustable clerics whose priorities should not be aligned with their sects. This is necessary for ensuring spread of tolerance and kindness, and for teaching people to avoid evil and wickedness. All these should be done in a manner that preserves the reverence of the state, enhances the desired freedom and contributes to increased efforts for confronting skewed ideas through calm argument and good ideas. Here is when those fishing on others mistakes to feed their fame-seeking lust will be left in a limbo, as they will not find anything to feed on. Virtue and evil are not equal. If you replace evil habits with virtuous ones, you will certainly fi nd that your enemies will become your intimate friends - Quran 41:34.

5 LOCAL 5 Youth are symbol of Kuwait s success: Al-Roudhan Group photo at the closing ceremony of 5th Kuwait Science, Engineering competition. Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting State Minister for Youth Affairs Khaled Al-Roudhan attended the closing ceremony of the Fifth Science and Engineering Competition organized by Kuwait Science Club. He affirmed that Kuwaiti youth are a symbol of success and progress and are the basis for all progress achieved through their creations and achievements. The minister revealed that 1,248 students benefited from this competition, thanking the organizers particularly Kuwait Science Club for its vital role in encouraging young people in various scientific fi elds and providing necessary scientific environment to invest their creations. He stressed that the State Ministry for Youth Affairs is waiting for more of such competitions. Meanwhile, Chairman of Kuwait Science Club Talal Al-Kharafi said the closing ceremony marked two important events conclusion of the science and engineering program and honoring of the winners, and the start of an integrated program through which the club will introduce more modern concepts to stay in par with the developments occurring worldwide. (KUNA) No backtracking on financial reforms: Al-Saleh Kuwait looking at alternative means to raise finance Some of the students who took part in the 4th Student Parliament Session pose with speaker of Parliament and Education minister. gram has started to yield positive results, such as $3.6 billion in savings from budgeted to actual expenditure for the last fiscal year, according to the Ministry of Finance. Kuwait has cut electricity, water and fuel subsidies as part of its reform plan, including hiking the cost of petrol by up to 80 percent. Kuwait has also begun looking at alternative means of raising finance, such as its $ 8 billion debut international bond issue in March, for which orders totalled a reported $29 billion. Despite such progress, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in November that Kuwait would need $114 billion to finance its deficit over the next six years. Al-Saleh is now preparing to publish a revised version of the FES in the next few weeks, in what he hopes would achieve further efficiencies and improve the business environment. The new FES version would focus on achieving greater efficiencies within government - tightening belts within the house rather than touching the pockets of citizens, Al-Saleh made it clair. There are no plans to extend controversial subsidy cuts, he said; instead, government entities will face tighter fiscal constraints, such as a ban on signing leases for new office space. I am saying to departments, it s top-to-bottom now, this is your budget, give me your priorities, Al- Saleh stated. The program also includes measures to help grow the private sector, particularly through public-privatepartnerships (PPPs), such as the Az- Zour North power plant last year. Three more PPPs are planned for 2017, including the Az-Zour North Plant II, Umm Al Hayman wastewater treatment plant, and a solid waste management plant in Kabd. Kuwait is also embarking on a nationwide privatisation strategy. Al-Saleh noted that the privatization touched three state assets - Kuwait International Airport, Sabiya power plant and the country s fixed telecoms network - is expected to commence this year. The government also plans to sell minority stakes in several units of state oil producer Kuwait Petroleum. Other reforms are aimed at improving business environment, with a long-awaited insolvency law to be passed in the coming weeks; an amendment enacted this month to remove capital requirements for new businesses; and a decision to slash fees for corporate licensing renewals. We are doing everything possible to enhance our ranking in the World Bank s Ease of Doing Business report, Al-Saleh stressed. The revised plan is intended to help close the deficit tremendously, shrinking shortfall by at least $ 3 billion annually over the next five years, with a targeted budget ceiling of $65.7 billion each year to 2020, Al- Saleh pointed out. The plan is expected to support the New Kuwait 2035 economic diversification plan while maintaining the country s Aa2 sovereign credit rating. The privatization of government assets, which include Kuwait Airways and Sabiya power plant, are expected to begin this year. Despite his concern over Kuwait s long-term fiscal sustainability, the minister insists in his interview he is not panicking. Our reserves have given us a strong backbone to face the headwinds coming in..., he said. He argued Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) s investments - made overseas for prudency and diversification - further temper his anxiety about the budget shortfall and support his reasoning that there is no need to impose further cuts on the general public. Our reserves are just over $500 billion and KIA has been (generating) average annual growth of 6.9 percent. If it does only three percent, I will still pay my deficit in the next five years, Al-Saleh explained. Having said that, we don t want to rely on (that income stream). We want to benefit from the drop in oil KUWAIT CITY, May 1, (KUNA): Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anas Al-Saleh has vowed to forge ahead with game-changing reforms to address financial imbalances and diversify national economy, even if oil prices surged again to $100 per barrel. I have been very firm in saying there can be no backtracking, the reforms are going ahead, Al-Saleh said in an interview with the Arabian Business magazine. Al-Saleh has devised a package of fiscal reforms he hopes would change Kuwait s economic make-up for good. He mentioned two main challenges. The first is the short-term challenge, to close down the deficit, and the other is the medium to long-term one, diversifying the economy. On the first, we are doing well. We have a set of reforms we are now revamping to be more efficient. We ve been in contact with industry associations from accounting, law, economics and other sectors to take long-term views on what is required, because we have to build up a consensus that reforms are necessary. He stressed that previous limp efforts to reduce oil dependence must be sharpened and, finally, brought to fruition. We still have 90 percent of our revenues coming from oil. Like many GCC states, we are oil dependent and this is definitely not sustainable. But we are dealing with it now and we are dealing with it even if the oil price goes back up to $100 per barrel.... The first version of the National Program for Fiscal and Economic Sustainability (FES) was published in March 2016 and includes measures such as subsidy cuts, which had already been partially implemented. The five-year plan to 2021 sets out reforms categorised into four areas: improving government efficiency by cutting public spending while prioritising capital spending; reducing expenditure by capping departmental budgets and rationalising subsidies; shrinking the public sector wage bill; and diversifying public revenues by growing the private sector. The proprices and use it to implement reforms for sustainability. The minister is also optimistic about foreign investor interest in Kuwait - total foreign direct investment was $1.18 billion last year, a 29 percent increase from $920 million in High levels of demand for Kuwait s recent bond sale is further evidence of investor interest, Al-Saleh said. We were overwhelmed with demand from quality names and the book quickly filled up. We got a spread (calculation) of 75 (basis points) over five years - unheard of in the GCC. Kuwait is drafting a law to permit the issuance of longer-term bonds - up to 30 years compared to the five- and 10-year debt issued in March. Al-Saleh reveals such a bond could be issued in 2018, at a smaller scale, possibly with some Islamic instruments, too. Our plan is to be a rational prudent borrower and continue to be in the market over the coming years, even after we close our deficit. We want to build up a proper sovereign yield curve and help corporates back home to benefit from that, he said. We also want to explore new financing instruments for our budget rather than financing it from our reserves. Under the proposals, the legislation will permit the government to borrow up to $65.7 billion over 20 years; the current ceiling is $32.8 billion. Al-Saleh added other planned legislation such as the insolvency law would encourage businesses to set up in Kuwait. However, he admited he has shelved plans to introduce corporation tax, fearing it could place Kuwait at a competitive disadvantage unless all of the GCC states impose it simultaneously. That is what the GCC is doing with a value-added tax (VAT) due to be implemented from January 1, Al-Saleh cautioned against presuming the VAT will bring about significant fiscal change in Kuwait. He said his present focus is topdown government rationalisation. I wouldn t lean on (VAT) too much. There is so much tightening we can do within the system that would pay us more. The procedures we are issuing in the new plan include more efficient tightening that will not hurt our tummies too much, but hopefully make sure we do not overeat. News in Brief Motorist on the run: Police are looking for a hit-andrun motorist for running over a traffic policeman, reports Al-Anba daily. The incident took place in a suburb of Salem Al- Mubarak when the policeman affiliated to the Hawalli governorate stopped a motorist for violating traffic laws. The policeman got out of his vehicle to issue a citation and the motorist hit him with his vehicle and escaped. The policeman has been admitted to the ICU of the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital with fractures and other injuries. Police hunt arsonist: Police are still looking for an unidentified person for setting fire to 8 garbage bins in Jahra, reports Al-Rai daily. However, it was reported earlier that a GCC citizen and a bedoun accomplice were taken into custody for setting fire to 30 dumpsters. GCC citizen flat raided: Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department raided an apartment of a GCC citizen in the suburb of Sa ad Al-Abdullah and arrested him in possession of meth and heroin, in addition to a stun gun and handcuffs, reports Al-Anba daily. 48 Palestinian teachers sign deal Building of new colleges rumors denied KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Vice-President for Scientific Affairs in Kuwait University Dr Essam Al-Awadi has denied rumors on the establishment of new colleges, indicating the last decree in this regard was issued in 2013 leading to the creation of the College of Public Health which has yet to start accepting students, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Awadi explained approval of the College of Public Health was based on market demand studies; pointing out the output of this college shall cover demands for medical care, behavioral sciences and biological statistics. He added that spatial capacity is the reason behind limited places offered to medical faculties in recent years, not for scientific reasons. He affirmed the procedures for obtaining local accreditation for the College of Medicine from the Academic Accreditation Authority are ongoing. He went on to say the College of Pharmacology is exerting tremendous efforts to obtain Academic Accreditation from the Canadian Council while the conditions of the College of Dentistry are being studied to know the extent of its readiness to acquire local or international accreditation. He disclosed many students pursue educational specializations more than any other field. He stressed that most students Dr Al-Awadi prefer Kuwait University because of its good reputation. Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education Affairs in the Education Ministry and head of the team tasked to hire Palestinian teachers Fatma Al-Kandari has confirmed signing contracts with 48 Palestinian teachers, reports Al-Anba daily. In a telephone call with the daily from Ram Allah, Palestine; Al-Kandari disclosed there were 144 applicants and 71 of them passed the interview. She said the ministry needs teachers for Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Geology and Chemistry. She added the applicants faced difficulties during the interview due to military barriers and Israeli occupiers procedures. Al-Kandari went on to say the team will return to the country on Tuesday, upon completion of the recruitment process. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education has instructed school principals to treat teachers fairly, especially in terms of their annual performance evaluation which should be done according to bylaws, terms and conditions instead of linking it with performance in school activities, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting educational sector sources.

6 LOCAL 6 DIWANIYA A DIGEST OF PUBLIC OPINION HH the Amir receives Guinea Bissau s Minister of Internal Administration Botche Cande. Amir receives letter from Guinea-Bissau s president Need to boost awareness on environment & biodiversity KISR organizes workshop Al-Seyassah photos Editor-in-Chief of the Arab Times and Al-Seyassah newspapers and Dean of Journalism Ahmed Al-Jarallah was invited to the diwaniya of Eng AbdulMohsen Al-Zakri in Al-Riyadh recently, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The gathering takes place after Friday prayers weekly with ministers, businessmen, thinkers and elite of Saudi society in attendance. Al-Zakri leads discussions on various social issues among experts and thinkers in his diwaniya every week. Labor rights embedded in Kuwaiti Constitution: minister KUWAIT CITY, May 1, (KUNA): Kuwait is eager to safeguard workers rights and keep social justice intact, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh said on Monday. In a statement to the press to mark International Workers Day, which falls on Monday (today) Al-Sabeeh remarked that Kuwait has emerged from years of rigid tradition to enact legislation for the protection of labor rights. Moreover, she noted that efforts to protect workers rights in Kuwait began in earnest in the 1950s, adding that the Kuwaiti Constitution has made employment obligatory. Al-Sabeeh also spoke of numerous International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions endorsed by Kuwait over the years, chief among them a convention concerning forced or compulsory labor. Similarly, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor pointed out that Kuwait is among His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received Monday at Bayan Palace Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah, as well as Guinea Bissau s Minister of Internal Administration, in charge of Hajj affairs Botche Cande. Cande handed His Highness a letter from president of Guinea- Bissau, tackling bilateral ties between both nations and means of enhancing them in various fi elds. the signatories of the Child Labor Convention, which aims to exterminate a practice that deprives juveniles of their childhood. Al-Sabeeh congratulated laborers in Kuwait on the occasion of International Worker s Day, assuring them of fullfledged rights. Meanwhile, Kuwait Trade Union Federation (KTUF) has renewed its calls to declare May 1 as an official paid holiday similar to other countries around the world, reports Al Seyassah daily. In a statement, the federation conveyed warmest salutations to all unions, laborers and employees working in various sectors in the country. It explained that the political and security challenges occurring in the region require mobilization of all manpower towards development. The economic, social and human resources development in the country also needs all constructive efforts to be exerted for achieving success. KUNA photo The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs Sheikh Ali Jarrah Al-Sabah and the Interior Ministry s Undersecretary Major General Mahmoud Al-Dosari. (KUNA) KUWAIT CITY, May 1, (KUNA): Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil Sheikh Talal Al- Athbi Al-Sabah has stressed the necessity of disseminating environmental awareness and educating decision makers on the importance of biodiversity. Kuwait is going through a huge process of environment treatment of biodiversity, Sheikh Talal told a workshop on Monday organized by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) on behalf of Minister of Oil, and Minister of Electricity and Water, Essam Al-Marzouq. The event is themed biodiversity of animal organisms in Kuwait s tidal areas. He explained that biodiversity is connected to climate change, and it is exposed to tremendous pressures in Kuwait. Part of this biodiversity is dying out. Sheikh Talal stressed the dire need for a swift and effective action through scientific research and planning as well as strict laws and policies to remedy the situation. Since 2013, KISR has been carrying out the project on the biodiversity and the distribution of animal organisms in Kuwait s tidal areas, Executive Director of KISR s Environment and Life Sciences Research Center Dr Faiza Al-Yamani told the workshop. The workshop aims to review the outcome and the recommendations of the project, Al-Yamani told the event on behalf of KISR s Director General Dr Samira Omar. Kuwait s coast, extending over 500 kms long from north to south is home to rich and unique biodiversity, which plays an important role for environmental integration and balance in this distinct sea environment, she said. The project data sheds light on the hard efforts exerted by Kuwaiti researchers, experts, and technicians as well as international consultants, which will be of great benefit to government bodies when drawing up national plans for the preservation of the natural resources in Kuwait, Al-YamanI noted. Since the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment (ROPME) was established, it has been keen on organizing and supporting such projects in the region, especially in Kuwait, ROPME Executive Secretary Abdulrahman Al-Awadhi said. KCB inks deal with a US firm KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Kuwait Credit Bank is set to sign a contract with American McKinsey Company, a worldwide management consultancy firm to study the structure of the bank s financing of real estate, reports Al-Nahar daily. A notification letter has been sent to Ministry of Commerce and Industry in that regard. The bank said the study comes in preparation to confront the sudden increase in loan requests amid quick distributions of housing units by the Public Authority for Housing Welfare. It expressed keenness to find innovative and developed solutions to guarantee sustainability of housing welfare for citizens. Bloodshed of poor common scenario in Syria, Iraq Stop hasty grilling requests AFTER the fall of Mosul and major Iraqi cities, we accused the former Iraqi prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki and the Iraqi army saying they deliberately made way for the Islamic State or the so-called DAESH to occupy major Iraqi cities and take control of Baghdad to strengthen the position of the then ruling regime, columnist Mohammad Al-Mulla wrote for Al-Shahed daily. However, the Islamic Party in Iraq, that is to say the party close to senior Iraqi politicians and loyal to Iran, secretly participated in this scenario. The Islamic Party is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Iraq. If we look back in history, we will see that the thought of the Muslim Brotherhood disseminated in Iraq through an Egyptian teacher Abdel Hamid Ahmed, who traveled to Iraq and promoted this thought among the Iraqi students in The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt dedicated space in the media to publish social, religious and political aspects about the life of the people of Iraq. Dr Hussein Eddin Kamal, another member of the Brotherhood continued to promote the thought of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq and remained in touch with the Muslim Brotherhood elite from Kuwait who funded and supported him. In 1960, during the reign of the Iraqi president AbdulKarim Qasem, the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq announced the establishment of a political party under the name The Iraqi Islamic Party, however it found itself in conflict with the successive governments in Iraq over the years, and only revived under the leadership of Iyad Al-Samarrai after the overthrow of the regime of the Saddam Hussein. Today, the Iraqi Islamic Party is one of the most powerful militias and religious institutions in Iraq. This party participated in the Iraqi Governing Council under the administration of Paul Bremer, the administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority of Iraq in 2003, who helped in the passage of the Iraqi Constitution. The party also participated in the establishment of a resistance battalion called the Hamas of Iraq and carried out terrorist operations in the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala, Al-Tamim and Nineveh. Tareq Al-Hashemi was the secretary-general of the Islamic Party of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq, and was close to the Bush administration and was praised by George Bush Jr more than once. Bush had confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood will be an ally in the war against Islamic militants. The Muslim Brotherhood was partner of the Americans in all operations in Iraq and an Iraqi court even convicted Al-Hashemi for killing one of the security officials and one of the lawyers. There is much evidence of a great relationship between the Muslim Al-Mulla Brotherhood and DAESH in Iraq and in the Levant. This group provides protection and money to ISIS, the so-called Islamic State. The World Tribune newspaper, quoting Egyptian intelligence, said the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq had established strong relations with DAESH, in Syria and Iraq. In this sense, the Brotherhood supports terrorist operations in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. Khaled Al-Zaafarani, a defector from the Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed that a large number of Egyptians who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood defend DAESH. Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper published a report which said the Muslim Brotherhood party in Iraq has formed a military alliance with the popular Shiite mobilization forces for the battle of Samarra. Today, Salim al-jubouri is the president of the Iraqi Parliament and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is the one who supports the Islamic Brotherhood party, or the so-called the Da awa party, the Sadrist movement, Badr, the Iraqi Hezbollah, and many currents and all militias who sell their homeland for political interests. Unfortunately, all the militias in Iraq work for their personal interests and the biggest losers are the poor and helpless people who suffer because of the intervention of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the International Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, some Arab countries, America and Russia. Syria and Iraq are lands where the bloodshed of poor Muslims is a common scenario. Also: It looks like many MPs will cause us to lose our temperament because they bank on playing with the interpellation tool against every stubborn minister who does not obey, columnist Waleed Al-Ahmad wrote for Al-Rai daily. Is it possible to see four interpellations being filed in four months during the 15th legislative term at a rate of one interpellation a month? The first interpellation led to the resignation of the minister of information, the second and the third are filed against the Prime Minister and the fourth against the minister of housing, which was submitted last week by MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri who has also expressed his intention to file two other grilling requests in a space of two weeks against two ministers for failing to perform their duties. Two question and exclamation marks hang over the manner of how our lawmakers deal with the government. It is seen as an escalation and hasty behavior other than careful. They are driving cars which have no brakes. The political scenario in the National Assembly is sadly reminiscent of creative chaos, which suggests that many MPs fail to coordinate with others and then one of them ends up in filing a grilling request and look for support. Who told you that the government is not deficient or it has clean hands and is not involved in corruption, nepotism or does not commit mistakes? Who told you that we are defending the government, when it is crystal clear that most of us against corruption? Let us also ask: Who told you that making haste to file interpellation requests will solve the problem and end corruption or even reduce it? We cannot correct the mistakes of the government by using the constitutional tool in a hasty manner so as not to lose its prestige on one hand and its effectiveness on the other. What is happening today is that any MP who is angry with a minister suddenly turns the interrogation weapon without convincing reasons as if this questioning is a magic solution to fulfill his demands, although he is fully aware that his anger will not solve the problem and will not benefit society. It is a problem, a big problem if the MPs feel they are sitting on a hot plate or rather to say they are unsure of the fate of the Assembly. In short, if this Assembly is dissolved, we do not believe that the next will be better in terms of opposition. Stay away from chaotic interrogations. We are fed up and frustrated of the performance of the government and also of many MPs. Kuwait continues its decline in the index of freedom of the press, according to Reporters Without Borders, which has placed Kuwait at 104 this year after it was 103 last year. Congratulations! Talks about sanitation and pollution-free environment continue to wax stronger each passing day. It has even become an international issue that concerns people of all nationalities and governments in this vast world, Abdulmohsen Yousef Jamal wrote for Al-Qabas daily. Allah has blessed Kuwait with beautiful sea and expansive desert, which need committed people who will take care of them. The pollution in the sea from time to time leads to death of fish in a manner that challenges officials and committed citizens to step up and get rid of the pollution. The same thing applies in the deserts which are polluted by human beings, especially during the spring camping season. The campers leave behind waste materials without removing them before leaving the locations. Even though several Kuwaiti and expatriate teams have been volunteering to maintain hygiene in the environment by cleaning the places at regular intervals, there has been series of lackluster attitude upon which awareness campaigns should be organized to sensitize citizens and expatriates. Sometimes in diwaniyas, people ask about the reasons why sectarian issues have been widespread in the past few years. Several politicians and social critics respond by attributing it to the government, while at times they claim that the leadership or ruling family activated and encouraged it, Ahmad Baqer wrote for Aljarida daily. When a question is asked about the increasing tribal and family influence in political activities, the response is also pointed at the government or leadership for known reasons. Anytime some lawmakers ask questions to make populist recommendations detrimental to the country s financial and economic status, why don t other lawmakers stand firm against it? They will respond quickly by attributing it to the government, saying the government plays with public funds. The role of lawmakers, politicians and other opinion leaders in any country across the world is to stand firm against the errors committed by the government and lead the public towards the right path. They should not mislead people in order to become popular, because the price, God forbid, will be too much to bear, just like what we saw in some neighboring states. The focus should always be on national unity and stability. The parliament is supposed to be the authority responsible for curbing corruption in other state bodies, especially since corruption is rampant in almost all state bodies. It is clear that everyone is complaining of the corruption and chaos that is harming the image of this country and pulling it backwards, Abdulmohsen Al- Husseini wrote for Al-Shahed daily. Chaos is everywhere violations of regulations and laws, and infringement of people s rights and freedoms. For example, the random appointment of undeserving people in state institutions while those deserving appointments are rejected. There are violations in the naturalization of individuals, a matter which is tearing apart the fabric of this nation. The use of wasta has reached unpleasant levels; even some MPs have gone far in making sure they please their electorate bases by completing their transactions without taking into regard the need for equality and justice among citizens. As for developing the country, we are not moving an inch in the right direction, as some of the most important developmental projects with gigantic budgets are awarded to close circles. What is sickening is that the contractors are corruptly handpicked through backdoors and are failing to complete the projects after draining the state coffers. Even when they fail to deliver, they get off scot-free. They are neither punished nor held accountable. I think it is high time for the public to stand up and confront these violations and corruption. Will the people s representatives (MPs) play a role in fighting corruption? There is no doubt that the government has a way of dealing with the interpellation request which have been submitted against the Prime Minister if the National Assembly has a strong position in the area of monitoring, columnist Dr Hassan Abdullah Jowhar wrote for Al- Jaridah daily. The successful early grilling of the Minister of Information and outcome of voting on the laws are instances in that regard. This shows that the parliamentary opposition groups have remained united until now, although the number could be only a little above average of the elected lawmakers. For this, the government did not welcome the grilling requests as was the situation during the last two sessions, possibly due to its difficult political positions. There is a possibility that the government may buy time to manipulate the last two grilling inquests against the Prime Minister. This can be done through postponement or referral to the Constitutional Court to challenge the constitutionality of the request in the hope the National Assembly will be nullified as early as next month. The government hopes for nullification instead of the dissolution. Turkey is taking amazing steps towards advancement and development facing all international and local obstacles, Dr Homoud Al-Hattab wrote for Al-Seyassah daily. It has been reported that the cash reserve of Turkey reached $27.5 billion in 2003 and rose to $120 billion in Turkish exports in 2003 were valued at $36 billion and increased to $143 billion in Former Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister Ana Palacio asserted one only needs to look at the map to know that Turkey is in the center of energy as it lies in the middle of a region which produces 80 percent of the world s energy namely Iraq, Iran and Russia. She added Turkey has a skillful diplomat who maintains relations even with unfriendly countries, indicating that Turkey faces the same troubles which Spain encountered in joining the European Union. Palacio also pointed out that Turkey enjoys NATO protection and Europe knows it well. World Bank Vice- President Laura Tuck predicted Turkey will be one of the countries with the highest rate of citizens income and its present rate is $10,500 per year. Middle East countries are asking to enhance their relations with Turkey as a way of exchanging benefits especially the economic ones. Turkish production is really high in quality. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was once quoted assaying that he will make the Turkish flag a quality mark. Compiled by Zaki Taleb

7 LOCAL 7 KU s Dr Zaid chosen as part of panel of judges for global education awards program Kuwait s IBS joins forces with top British banking institute KUWAIT CITY, May 1, (Agencies): Kuwait s Institute of Banking Studies (IBS) signed on Monday an agreement for cooperation with the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) in a bid to restore credibility to courses offered by IBS. Speaking to the press, IBS Director-General Yaqoub Al-Refaei hailed the deal with a venerable institution such as LIBF, as he underscored the need for an overhaul of the IBS training courses, given the prowess the institute possesses. Moreover, he added that no effort has been spared to facilitate the learning process for pupils and that the deal with LIBF could be instrumental in propelling the banking sector in Kuwait to new heights. Meanwhile, CEO of LIBF Alex Fraser said that is imperative to support the IBS, pointing to a correlation between the institute and the needs of the banking sector. Fraser also applauded IBS outstanding contributions to Kuwait s financial sector. Since its inception in 1970, IBS has worked closely with Kuwait s financial sector, providing extensive training and educational courses to prop up the country s banking sector. Meanwhile, educational expert, member of the teaching staff in the College of Education at Kuwait University and founder of systematic learning theory Dr Zaid Al-Zaid has been chosen as part of the panel of judges for global education awards program and elite educational forum Reimagine Education, reports Al-Anba daily. The Reimagine Education Conference and Awards will be organized from Dec 3-5, 2017 by Wharton School at the University Kuwait Today Prayer Timings Fajr... 03:40 Sunrise... 05:06 Zohr... 11:45 Asr...15:21 Maghrib... 18:25 Isha... 19:48 Weather Expected weather for the next 24 hours: By Night: Partly cloudy with light to moderate freshening gradually at times south easterly wind, with speed of km/h. By Day: Cloudy to partly cloudy with light to moderate freshening gradually at times south easterly wind, with speed of km/h with suspended dust over some areas and a chance for scattered light rain.. Station Max Min Exp Rec Kuwait City Kuwait Airport Abdaly Bubyan Jahra Failaka Island Salmiya Ahmadi Nuwaisib Wafra Salmy days forecast - Weather Tuesday, May 2 Expected weather...partly cloudy + rising dust over open areas Max Temp C Min Temp C Wind Direction... SE Wind Speed km/h Wednesday, May 3 Expected weather Partly cloudy + scattered rain Max Temp C Min Temp C Wind Direction... NE-SE Wind Speed km/h Thursday, May 4 Expected weather Partly cloudy + scattered rain Max Temp C Min Temp C Wind Direction...VRB-SE Wind Speed km/h Friday, May 5 Expected weather Partly cloudy + scattered rain Max Temp C Min Temp C Wind Direction... NE-SE Wind Speed km/h Marine Forecast Station Max Min Sea Today s Exp Rec Surf Waves Ht Direction South Dolphin ft NW Umm Mudayrah ft NW Beacon M ft NW Beacon N ft NW Qaruh Island ft NW Umm Al-Maradim ft NW A photo from the sixth annual forum for the disabled and handicapped. Annual forum depicts struggles of disabled: MoH official The Ministry of Health s (MoH) support of the disabled will ultimately thrust this segment of society into the global spotlight, said an official on Monday. Speaking to KUNA on the sidelines of the sixth annual forum for the Disabled and Handicapped, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Dr Majda Al-Qattan said of Pennsylvania, which is ranked fourth in the US and 13th globally. This is in partnership with Legion of Honor France honors Sheikh Mubarak Al-Abdullah with highest medal KUWAIT CITY, May 1, (KUNA): France has honored Sheikh Mubarak Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah with France s highest medal, the knights of the Legion of Honor. Established 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte, the Legion of Honor is the highest award presented to non-french citizens in recognition of military, cultural, scientific, or social contributions to France. deaths Ambassador of France to Kuwait Christian Nakhla will award Sheikh Mubarak with the French Legion of Honor Medal in a ceremony Wednesday evening. As Founder and Non-Executive Chairman of Action Hotels, Sheikh Mubarak has spearheaded the growth of economy and mid-market hotels in the Middle East and broken new ground internationally. Sea Island Buo Salmiya ft NW 4 days forecast - Marine Tuesday, May 2 Expected weather... Partly cloudy + rising dust over open areas Sea state... Moderate to rough at times Wave height ft Max Temp...39 C Min Temp...27 C Wind Direction...SE Wind Speed km/h Wednesday, May 3 Expected weather Partly cloudy + scattered rain Sea state... Slight to moderate Wave height ft Max Temp...37 C Min Temp...25 C Wind Direction...NE-SE Wind Speed km/h Thursday, May 4 Expected weather Partly cloudy + scattered rain Sea state...slight Wave height ft Max Temp...35 C Min Temp...26 C Wind Direction... VRB-SE Wind Speed km/h Friday, May 5 Expected weather Partly cloudy + scattered rain Sea state... Slight to moderate Wave height ft Max Temp...34 C Min Temp...25 C Wind Direction...NE-SE Wind Speed km/h Tide times at Shuwaikh Port 1st high tide:...14:31 2nd high tide:...04:55 1st low tide:...08:57 2nd low tide:...19:33 Sunrise:...05:07 Sunset:...18:24 Recorded yesterday at Kuwait Airport Max temp...38 C Min temp...28 C Max Rh... 44% Min Rh... 14% Max Wind... S 43 km/h Total Rainfall in 24 hrs...0 mm Recorded yesterday at South Dolphin Min/Max/ Air Temp...26/33 C Min/Max Rel Hum... 27/72% Wind Direction/Wind Speed...SE/37 km/h Prev Wave Dir/Max Wave Ht...N/3 ft Min/Max Sea Surface Temp... -/- C Sea Current... Beginning of Downdraft Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Meteorological Dept. Mohammad Miteb Obaid Al Shelahi, 46 years old, buried on Monday. Condolences: (Men) Esheliya, Block 3, Street 315, House 35, Diwan sons of Mohammad Al Shelahi, Tel: (Women) Eshbeliya, Block 3, Street 315, House 29, Tel: ; Abdullah Husein Abdullah Twainah, 28 years old, buried on Monday. Condolences: (Men) Rumaithiya, Block 1, Street 17, House 7, Tel: (Women) Rumaithiya, Block 10, Abu Hanifa Street Avenue 101, House 16, Tel: ; Yousef Hamed Kehail Al Otaibi, 11 years old, buried on Monday. Condolences: (Men) Sabah Al Nasser, Block 9, Street 4, Avenue 11, House 46, Tel: (Women) Salwa, Block 12, Street 4, House 95, Tel: ; Mohammad Darwish Yousef Al Khaldi, 78 years old, buried on Monday. Condolences: (Men) Omariya, Diwan Al Afrawi, Block 5, Jordan Street, Opp Farwaniya, Tel: ; Isa Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Othman, 94 years old to be buried on Tuesday at 9.00 am. Condolences: (Men) Khaldiya, Diwan Al Nokhtha Isa Al Othman, Block 1, Opp Airport Street, (Journalist Street) Tel: (Women) Khaldiya, Al Haj Isa Al Othman/29 House, Block 1, Abudl Latif Mohammad Al Barjes Street, Tel: ; Hamza Abbas Alam Dar Mohammad, 69 years old, buried on Monday. Condolences: Jabriya, Huseiniyat Al Balosh, Block 11, Street 108, Tel: May 1, 2017 that the forum aims to shine light on the plight of the disabled. Moreover, she said that the event would also bring to public attention some of the perennial challenges facing disabled people, who comprise an integral component of society and are worthy of support. Al-Qattan chronicled a plethora of Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) which is involved in the ranking of universities. projects initiated by the MoH to cater to the needs of the disabled, which she said was a testament to how much the ministry prioritizes issues germane to this segment of society. Meanwhile, honorary President of Kuwait Disabled Sports Club (KDSC) Sheikha Sheikha Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah told KUNA that the forum features a plethora Reimagine Education is a prestigious international competition rewarding innovative initiatives KUNA photo of activities that will reveal the ambitions of disabled people. Similarly, Deputy Director General of the Public Authority for Disabled Affairs (PADA) Health Services Dr. Nadia Abul underscored how instrumental this forum has been in displaying some of the hurdles that disabled people have had to overcome. (KUNA) aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes and employability. It culminates in a global conference for those seeking to shape the future of education. The award is sponsored by global companies such as Google, Microsoft, University of Sydney, Global Economics Forum and other universities. In a press statement, Al-Zaid explained the main objective of this forum is to acknowledge and reward the most successful in creating transformational educational initiatives, enhancing student learning outcomes and employability; indicating that the competition is divided into various fields. Among these fields are teaching, learning assessment, education evaluation, sustainability, ethical leadership, nurturing employability, technology and e-learning, Al-Zaid added. He affirmed the evaluation process aims to ensure that innovative educational programs and their contents are applied and achieved with the system used in accordance with pioneering educational initiatives, as well as to guarantee circulation and application in primary, secondary and higher academic levels. He said the most important element in the assessment process is the effectiveness of educational projects on learning in a manner that reflects positively on the academic outputs in schools and higher learning institutions. Reimagine Education comes in two forms one is the yearly Reimagine Education competition to ensure great ideas are given the global audience they deserve. The competition also offers the best contribution of $50,000 in funding either the assistance needed for a vision to become reality or as reward for a well-executed idea. Jordanian couple posing as Emiratis arrested for begging Accused claims running into financial problems, asking for KD 50 KUWAIT CITY, May 1: A Jordanian couple was arrested for begging money from Kuwaiti shoppers by claiming they are Emirati nationals who needed the money to fill their car with petrol and drive to UAE, reports Al-Rai daily. According to sources, the couple was seen with a child, standing next to their car which had a UAE number plate. The man approached Kuwaiti shoppers and spoke in Emirati dialect when he told them that he ran into some financial problems and asked them for KD 50 to fill his car and return to UAE, promising to return the money back to them as soon he reached UAE. Many of the people he approached were moved by his story and gave him the requested money under the belief that he will return the money after he reached UAE. However, some shoppers became suspicious and informed securitymen about the situation. Securitymen launched investigations during which they kept a tab on the couple. Eventually they discovered that the couple was not Emiratis but Jordanians. The couple was arrested and referred to the concerned authorities for further investigations. In most cases, expatriate beggars are deported after they are caught and convicted. About 22 male and female beggars of Asian and Arab nationalities were arrested and deported in April 2015 after they were caught harassing shoppers for money. Some of them were in violation of the residency law. Some men were even caught wearing abayas, which covered their faces and bodies, and begging money from people who generally have more sympathy towards women in need. One such case was when an expatriate man who was arrested in 2012 after he disguised himself as a woman and begged for money in Salmiya. After he was arrested, he confessed that he used to earn up to KD 25 per day. Another such case was discovered in Saudi Arabia where a man disguised as a woman and begged for five months before he was caught. He revealed that he earned about KD 20 per day and more on Fridays. All member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council Kuwait, Photo by Rizk Taufiq A ceremony was held Sunday to celebrate the first Kuwait deaf day, as part of the 42nd Arab Deaf Week. Surveillance cameras to be installed around mosques Process of withdrawing farmlands ongoing according to PAAAFR plan KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and State Minister for Municipality Affairs Muhammad Al-Jabri said the process of withdrawing farmlands is ongoing according to a plan laid down by the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR), reports Al-Qabas daily. He affirmed the relevant departments have been instructed to follow up the issue and submit reports on actions that will be taken against those found to have violated regulations. In another development, Al-Jabri said Kuwaiti graduates from the Faculty of Sharia are not interested in working as Muezins and Imams despite the privileges offered to them. He attributed this to the required level of preparedness and personality for such jobs in addition to the work load including the obligation to be at the mosque five times a day. On the monitoring of mosques, Al-Jabri confirmed the Ministry of Awqaf will install surveillance Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have legally banned beggary. This phenomenon is cameras inside and outside the mosques for security reasons. He added Zain Company offered 3,000 surveillance cameras for this purpose; indicating the ministry will soon buy 5,000 surveillance cameras which will be installed in mosques in different governorates. Talking about the unregistered mosques, Al-Jabri confirmed the ministry is closely following up the issue and the necessary action will be taken once violations are uncovered. On appointing women to senior positions at the ministry, Al-Jabri clarified that appointments are done according to the Civil Service Commission which nominates applicants to vacant posts. He stressed that he supports women considering they constitute half of the society and they have the right to serve their country. Meanwhile, Head of the Emergency Team at Capital Municipality Zaid Al-Enezi affirmed that the municipality will not be lenient to those who particularly prevalent during the month of Ramadan when people usually tend to be more charitable. transgress state properties, asserting that the law is clear and will be applied on everyone without any exception, reports Al Nahar daily. Al-Enezi revealed that about 289 warnings were given in a month and 225 violating structures were removed in Jaber Al Ahmad, Block 6, as well as in North West Sulaibikhat Block 2. He indicated that some segments of citizens have been very cooperative with the teams while others were not. Al-Enezi explained that a fine of KD 500 will be imposed on those who exploit state lands unlawfully especially owners of governmental houses and plots who exploit state properties by setting up gardens and walls. They will bear all expenses for the machinery and tools used for dismantling these structures. He added that the team has been coordinating with Ministry of Interior to make sure everything is done in an orderly manner. In Saudi Arabia, 85 percent of the beggars are expatriates, majority of whom are of African origin.

8 LOCAL 8 Other Voices Authority fails to achieve goals The gagging machine By Ahmed Al-Sarraf SIX years ago the government established the Public Authority for Caring and Printing and Publication of the Holy Quran, Sunna and their Sciences. Since everyone has several copies of the Holy Quran, and the Kuwaiti market is basically small, the distribution should have been diverted to foreign countries. However, many countries ban the entry of the Holy Quran including Saudi Arabia. In this regard, according to the report of the Budget Committee of the National Assembly, the final account of the authority, it has not printed Al-Sarraf a single Holy Quran since its establishment. The report also found that the expenditure of the authority for fiscal 2015/2016 was KD million, and that similar money was spent over the previous years, while the authority had not achieved any of the goals the authority was formed for. The report showed the budget of the authority is witnessed superabundance in all sections except in terms of salaries, bonuses, conferences and external missions. The budget of this very item is a 100 percent rate. Furthermore, the salaries item increased by 330 percent and this might be considered as one of the achievements of the authority. Since there is a similar and much News in Brief 33,985 motorists booked: A total of 33,985 various traffic citations were issued, 566 vehicles and five motorbikes were seized, 46 individuals were detained in traffic custody, two expatriates were referred for deportation for driving without driving license and five wanted vehicles were discovered during traffic campaigns launched in all governorates from April 15 to April 22. In a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the General Department of Public Relations and Media Security urged road users to abide by the traffic rules and regulations, affirming that traffic awareness campaigns will continue to be held through all media including social media. Egyptian assaulted: Police are looking for three Egyptians for assaulting a compatriot in public in front of a café in Nugra, reports Al-Rai daily. larger body in Saudi Arabia that carries out the same functions as this authority, there is no doubt that the diversion is the main reason behind the establishment of such an authority in Kuwait. Therefore, it must be covered by the austerity program and canceled because it is not needed especially after the former minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yaqoub Al-Sane e had referred a number of the employees of the authority to the Public Prosecutor citing financial irregularities. This also can be said about the other non-functional entity that is called the Supreme Permanent Committee for Islamization of the Laws. Over the past quarter of a century of its establishment, and the disbursement hundreds of millions of dinars the committee has failed to write one line on any subject that it was assigned for. Or what it chose to entrust itself with, or provided for in its contract of establishment. The problem does not lie in the employees of that committee who have received their salaries every month for 25 years without doing any work. The problem indeed lies in the government that has remained silent before that extravagant expenditure of the public money. That committee would be needed for only one week in order to silence those who call for amending Article Two of the Kuwaiti Constitution. Since the voices of those who called for this amendment have faded why the gagging machine is still active? MoI photo Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Mahmoud Al-Dousari received in his office the Director of Following-up Cases Department from the General Department of Legal Affairs Colonel Anwar Al-Khodar. Colonel Al-Khodar presented Lieutenant General Al-Dousari with a copy of his doctorate thesis titled, Comparative study on the demonstration rights between the Islamic Jurisprudence and the Administration Law. Lieutenant General Al-Dousari praised the efforts exerted by Colonel Al-Khodar in his academic research, affirming the keen interest of the supreme police leadership for academic researches and researchers among its members, especially when they are related to the security aspect and serve justice and law. Court acquits inmate of drug use Former NCCAL official ordered to pay Sheikh Mazen KD 3,000 By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff KUWAIT CITY, May 1: The Misdemeanor Court has ordered the former secretary-general of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters to pay a fine of KD 3,000 for offending Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah through a post on his Facebook account. The Public Prosecution had filed charges against the former secretarygeneral of tarnishing the reputation of Sheikh Mazen as a public figure and an employee with the role of Undersecretary of Citizenship and Passport Affairs at Ministry of Interior. In a case filed by Lawyer Hussain Al- Asfour on behalf of his client, the lawyer affirmed that the suspect abused his client through libel and slander with the aim of tarnishing his image as a public employee. He said the suspect violated Article 6 from Law No. 63/2015 related to cybercrimes. Case postponed to June 19: The Misdemeanor Court has adjourned to June 19 the case filed against 13 Kuwaiti citizens and two Asians for hiding former MP Musallam Al-Barrak in order to prevent securitymen from arresting him. General Department of Public Relations and Media Security of Ministry of Interior explained that the first item of Article 132 of the Penal Code stipulates that those who directly or indirectly shelter someone against whom an arrest order has been issued or who is a fugitive, and those who helped a culprit escape from the judiciary can face punishment of two-year imprisonment and/ or a fine of up to KD 2,000. Inmate acquitted of drug use: The Criminal Court acquitted an inmate of the Central Jail from consuming drugs inside his prison cell. According to the testimony given by the arresting officer, he was carrying out routine inspection of the cells when he saw the suspect showing signs of fear while attempting to hide some items, which were later recognized to be tools used for consuming drugs. The defense counsel Lawyer Fahad Al-Saeed insisted that the charges were leveled against his client maliciously due to an existing dispute between his client and the arresting officer, stressing the illegal procedures taken by the officers without first obtaining necessary documentation. He also disqualified the result of the blood sample taken from his client which contained drugs, insisting that his client could have been sniffed the narcotic substance from another inmate. The daily added, the suspects and the victim were involved in an argument which later developed into a fight. When police called the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior, the suspects escaped from the scene leaving behind the bleeding man.the victim has been admitted to the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital. Woman insults citizen: A 25-yearold Kuwaiti has filed a complaint with the Maidan Hawally accusing a bedoun woman of same age of insulting him and intentionally colliding with his vehicle and taking picture with her mobile phone, reports Al-Anba daily. She then reportedly called a male Kuwaiti companion and he escorted her to a police station. She reportedly shouted at the investigator and the latter realized she was abnormal. Major General Al-Tarrah with the seven honored officers and others. Maj-Gen Al-Tarrah honors 7 non-commissioned officers Acting Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Affairs Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah honored several non-commissioned officers from Jahra Security Command in appreciation for their hard work, diligence and sincerity in executing their duties. In his speech, Major General Al-Tarrah conveyed greetings from the supreme police leadership to the honored officers for their distinguished performance in executing their duties with diligence. He affirmed the keenness of the leadership to honor and reward hardworking personnel in serving the security and order of the nation. MoI photo Major General Al-Tarrah concluded by wishing them more success in the execution of their duties. Present during the ceremony were the Head of Jahra Security Command Major General Ali Madhi, Head of Jahra Rescue Police Department Colonel Khaled Hamad Al-Ajmi. Egyptian involved in rape case arrested trying to flee country 15 drunk Lankans held for disturbing neighbors face deportation KUWAIT CITY May 1: Personnel from Security Supervision in Al-Salmi borders have arrested an Egyptian for attempting to leave the country illegally and forging the departure seal by using razors and red ink, reports Al-Rai daily. During the search operation, the police found Arabian and foreign currencies worth KD 45,000. When he was asked about the source of these currencies, he admitted that he had collected them over his service years in Kuwait. During investigation, he confessed also that his friend helped him to leave the country in return for $ 2,900. During checking the details of the suspect, the police discovered that he is wanted by law in three cases and he had been sentenced in absentia for kidnapping and raping a woman as well as travel ban was registered against him. The suspect was referred to the concerned authorities for legal action. Lankans to be deported: Fifteen Sri Lankan men have been arrested for drinking alcohol and disturbing neighbors, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the arrest came after several neighbors complained to the police about the irresponsible behavior of the drunkards. According to security sources the men who are detained at the Nugra police station are expected to be deported for violating the laws of the country. Man dies, woman seriously hurt: One man died and a Kuwaiti woman was seriously injured following a dual collision of cars in Mina Abdullah, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily without going into details said the remains of the unidentified motorist have been referred to Forensics, while paramedics rushed the Kuwaiti woman to the intensive care unit of the Adan Hospital. Embassy car involved in accident: Interior Ministry has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about an accident caused by a motorist driving a car with a diplomatic numbers plate, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the motorist reportedly hit an Egyptian pedestrian, pulled over the car, waited for some time and then drove off. The victim has been admitted to the Farwaniya Hospital. In the meantime, initial investigations reveal the car belongs to an Arab embassy. The victim is suffering from fractures and bruises. KD 80,000 financial case: Police have arrested a Kuwaiti who was want- Photos by Rizk Tawfiq Top: Thousands of mourners lay the body of late Al-Shalahi to rest, and (above), bereaved family members receiving condolences. Slain Kuwaiti businessman laid to rest Kuwaiti businessman Mohammad Metab Al-Shalahi was Monday laid to rest at the Sulaibikhat Graveyard. Thousands of mourners attended the burial procession and offered their condolences to the family of late Al-Shalahi. Al-Shalahi and his business partner Saeed Karimian, who is an exiled Iranian opposition member, were killed by a masked man in ed by law in a financial case worth KD 80,000, reports Al-Rai daily. The man was had been sentenced in absentia, was arrested in Riqqa. He reportedly showed him ID to police but tried in vain to escape on foot. He was chased and arrested and handed over to the Sentences Enforcement Department. Woman held for shoplifting: An unidentified bedoun woman has been the upscale Maslak neighborhood of north Istanbul on Saturday night. The Kuwaiti consul in Istanbul Mohammad Al-Mohammad affirmed that the Kuwaiti Consulate has been closely coordinating with the concerned Turkish authority to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident, and followup the investigations. He said the consulate had arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution for stealing cosmetics perfumes and lingerie from a wellknown shop, reports Al- Anba daily. According to security sources when the salesman suspected the woman of committing the theft he called the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior. A female police force sent to the shop caught the woman and seized from her items worth KD 210 which were hidden in her undergarments. Campaign also organizes forums, seminars worked round the clock to ensure Al-Shalahi s body was returned back to Kuwait as soon as possible for burial. Al-Mohammad indicated about a parliamentary demand for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the concerned authorities concerning the need for disclosing the details related to the assassination of Al-Shalahi, which is being considered as a political crime. During interrogation the 23-yearold woman said this is not the first time that she had stolen from the shop. KD 1,500 stolen from chalet: A Kuwaiti has filed a complaint with Taima Police Station accusing an unidentified person of stealing KD 1,500 from his chalet, in addition to electronics, laptop and a television set, reports Al- Anba daily. 25 tons of dead fish removed from Umm Namil Island KUWAIT CITY, May 1: A national campaign organized for cleaning Kuwaiti Bay has resulted in the removal of about 25 tons of dead fish from Umm Namil Island with the participation of employees from Kuwait Municipality, reports Al-Rai daily. The dead fish mixed up with algae and seaweed had been producing unpleasant smell. Chairman of the campaign Abdulaziz Al-Shatti said The island is a natural habitat due to which all natural habitats must be protected and entry to them must be restricted. However, we noticed a number of youths and cars frequenting the island to fish therein. Concerned authorities should prevent this from happening. He indicated that the campaign seeks to not only clean the beaches and islands but also organize forums and seminars to discuss issues relating to the death of fish especially at the Kuwaiti Bay. Meanwhile, some MPs are planning to forward a request to the National Assembly to convene a special session for discussing the phenomenon of floating algae and dead fish in the Kuwaiti Bay and other environmental hazards in general, reports Al Shahed daily. According to parliamentary sources, the disaster related to the death of a large number of fish requires discussion to explore the causes. At the same time, relevant procedures must be taken by the government, represented by Environment Public Authority (EPA) and Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR). They stressed the need to review the huge budget allotted to EPA and some concerned government authorities because it is not reasonable to waste government funds when nothing is being done to prevent the environmental disasters that the country faces now and then.

9 LOCAL/GULF 9 Kuwait lauds UAE effort to bring Arab media figures under one umbrella Arab League able to serve nation if given chance: Abul-Gheit DUBAI, May 1, (KUNA): The Arab League is capable of serving the nation if it offered the opportunity to work more, Secretary General Ahmed Abul-Gheit said on Monday. Abul-Gheit made the statement at the opening session of 16th Arab Media Forum (AMF) themed Civil Dialogue and sponsored by Crown Prince of Dubai, and Chairman of the Executive Council for Dubai Government Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, amid broad Arab media and diplomatic participation. Amid the status quo in the region, it is inevitable for the Arab states to coordinate more under the umbrella of the Arab League, he said. The League s performance is a reflection of our present conditions, and we have to handle our causes more effectively, the secretary general said. Interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries is a major challenge facing the Arab World, Abul- Gheit said. This prompts an Arab joint and sustainable action, especially for fighting terrorism. He stressed the crucial role of the media in the war on terror, together with military confrontation. This edition of the AMF has to come out with an obvious vision for promoting the Arab media for educating the Arab societies on terrorism, he said, calling for a common Arab system for countering the phenomenon. Addressing the AMF second session, the UAE s Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs Noura Al Kaabi stressed the importance of the media for disseminating a meaningful civil dialogue, revealing facts and handling matters positively and objectively. She added that the challenges the Arab nation is experiencing, throw huge responsibility on the media, to be more professional and neutral, freeing itself from interests that could make it deviate from the right path. Al Kaabi noted that the region is in a bad need for a balanced and a moderate media discourse that upholds values of integrity, neutrality and objectivity, apart from personal interests and goals. Talking to KUNA after attending the opening of the 16th AMF, Kuwait s General Consul in Dubai and Northern Emirates Thiab Al-Rashidi lauded the UAE s efforts for bringing together the Arab media figures under one umbrella to discuss the developments and the challenges on the Arab scene. The AMF has come to be a landmark media event to discuss and exchange views on the causes of the nation through a meaningful media perspective. Meanwhile AFP reported that Abul Gheit warned Monday that Iran and Israel were the main beneficiaries of turmoil across the Arab world, which he described as the worst he has ever seen. I have never seen anything worse than what we are now seeing, Abul Gheit said at the Arab Media Forum in Dubai. Iran is enjoying what the Arab world is going through. There are those in Iran who are watching and waiting for us to destroy ourselves. Ties between Iran and Arab states have grown increasingly tense in recent years, with Tehran backing Syrian President Bashar al-assad, Yemen s Shiite Huthi rebels and armed Shiite groups in Iraq. Arab governments largely back Syrian opposition groups. Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have for the past two years battled the Houthis, who control the capital and strategic ports along the Red Sea coastline. Israel also stood to benefit from conflicts across the region, Abul Gheit said. Israel was under enormous pressure to find a solution with the Palestinians, he said. If I were the prime minister... I would have thought these were the happiest days for Israel. Long-stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have been overshadowed by global concerns over the Syrian war and Islamic State group jihadists. Merkel, Sheikh Al Nahyan discuss economic & security cooperation GCC, EU can complete free trade pact: Germany Al-Zour a project of vision 35 The new Al-Zour refi nery project is considered one of the most prominent strategic projects of Kuwait 2035 vision. The project is a signifi cant edifi ce that would place Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) amongst the top global refining companies in terms of refining capacity and producing environmentally-friendly fuel that meets all international environment Top and above, the Al-Zour refinery. conditions. The new refi nery is an essential part of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation & KNPC s strategy to increase the refining capacity of Kuwait up to 1.41 million bpd, from the current 615,000 bpd, including 225,000 bpd of low-sulfur fuel oil to meet the requirements of power generating stations in Kuwait, which will highly reduce the environmental impacts, too. (KUNA). Eye on digital business and innovation KUNA photos Regions decision makers to attend fi fth ArabNet summit News in Brief Provide financial statements: Kuwait s Public Authority for Sports (PAS) pressed all Olympic councils and unions on Monday to provide their financial disclosure statements before the deadline for submission elapses. PAS is eager to ensure increased cooperation among all public bodies, a statement by PAS noted. Moreover, the statement called for commitment to the deadline for the submission of financial disclosure forms, which is around the middle of the month, adding that all those who fail to adhere to the deadline will be penalized. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Anti- Corruption Authority Abdulrahman Al-Nimesh told KUNA that all parties should submit their financial disclosure statements before May 14th. He pointed out that all those required to provide their financial disclosure forms are encouraged to visit to complete the process of submission. (KUNA) DUBAI, May 1: The region s key decision makers will gather for the fifth edition of the ArabNet Digital Summit the region s most influential conference for digital business and innovation on May 16-17, at the Madinat Jumeirah Conference and Events Center in Dubai. For the first time this year, the Summit is spread across 4 separate Forums: AdTech, Smart Economy, Digital Commerce, and Innovation & Investment and will bring together 80 speakers, 50 exhibitors, attendees, over 50 international and regional investors, as well as 35+ key talks and sessions. Trends The AdTech Forum on May 16 will feature two full tracks covering the latest trends in digital media and advertising, including the AdTech Showcase a convergence of new advertising and media technologies from around the world to improve the impact and efficiency of campaigns, and help publishers maximize revenues. Speakers include some of the best in the sector such as Scott Lamb, Vice President of International at BuzzFeed; Lauren Maillian, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author; Tim Wolfs, Chief Digital Officer at Altavia Group; as well as John Stoneman, General Manager Europe at Triplelift. On the same day, the Digital Commerce Forum will explore the emerging trends and opportunities in e-commerce, e-retail and payments in MENA, as well as the digital transformations taking place in the banking sector, and the fintech innovations changing the financial services industry. Experts include Faisal Khan, Banking & Payments Consultant and FinTech Scout for VCs/PE; Alpesh Doshi, Founder and CEO at Fintricity; Matthew Gardiner, Founder at Catch London; Rasool Hujair, CEO at Najm; and Ronit Ghose, Managing Director Global Banks Sector Head at Citi Research. On May 17, the Innovation & Investment Forum will feature a full track for investors, with high-level discussions that include LPs, private equity investors and family offices. It will also feature a full track where the most successful startups will share their experience highlighting cross border growth, raising capital, acquisition, and building teams. Investors/innovator speakers include Nabil Borhanu, President and Managing Member at Graphene Ventures; Chris Adelsbach, Managing Director at Techstars; Jeff Lynn, CEO at Seedrs; Luke Krueger, President at VA Angels International; and Ovais Naqvi, Managing Director at Abraaj Group. Finally, the Summit will feature the ArabNet Startup Championship, powered by PepsiCo, with pitches from 18 of the most promising startups from across MENA, hand-picked through local pitching rounds. Enterprise Simultaneously, the Smart Economy Forum will cover smart cities, smart governments, the future of cars and transportation, and the digital enterprise as well as the blockchain and machine learning technologies that are driving this transformation. Global experts who will be speaking include Simon Sylvester-Chaudhuri, Managing Director at Smart Cities NYC; Tim Lea, CEO at; Ussal Øahbaz, Innovation Leader Turkey at GE; and Todd OBrien, Managing Director at Startup Bootcamp. The Digital Summit will also be hosting for the second consecutive year, the Smartpreneur Competition final pitches and awards ceremony, organized by Dubai Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Smart Dubai Office, to support the transformation of Dubai into a Smart City. Moody s team visits Kuwait: National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim met on Monday with a contingent from American business and financial services company Moody s Corporation. The meeting was attended by MPs Safaa Al-Hashem, Dr Khalil Abul and Abdullah Al-Enezi. (KUNA) KU organises workshops: Administrative Affairs Department of Kuwait University recently organized a workshop on the mechanism of implementing online application for permission and fingerprint input in the self-service oracle. The event was held in the presence of Assistant Secretary General for Administrative Affairs Engineer Yousef Al-Mazroue. Other officials in attendance included the Director of Administrative Affairs Ali Al-Ostadh, Assistant Director of Administrative Affairs for Support Services, General Registrar Amina Al-Bishr, and administrative managers from all faculties. ABU DHABI, May 1, (Agencies): German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan in the United Arab Emirates Monday for talks on economic and security issues. Talks covered bilateral political and economic relations... the crises in Syria, Libya and Yemen as well as efforts by the two countries to combat extremism, state news agency WAM reported. WAM has reported the UAE is Germany s main trading partner in the Gulf, with annual trade worth around $16 billion (14.67 billion euros). German investments in the United Arab Emirates stand at around 2.4 billion euros ($2.6 billion), according to German government sources. Merkel s UAE visit comes after meetings Sunday with top Saudi officials in Jeddah, where the German chancellor signed a string of draft agreements with King Salman covering industry, economic relations and security. Germany has offered diplomatic help to try to end the war in Yemen, Merkel said on Monday as she ended a two-nation Gulf tour taking in the Arab world s largest economies with a stop in the United Arab Emirates. Merkel arrived in the sevenstate federation following a visit to neighboring Saudi Arabia, where she held talks with King Salman and other senior leaders that touched on regional conflicts as well as women s inequality and other human rights issues. She said Berlin is offering diplomatic support aimed at resolving the Yemen conflict and has been in contact with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres about its proposal, according to a transcript of her remarks provided by her office. Germany has offered to support this UN process with its own diplomatic possibilities, she was quoted as saying. That has met with the approval of Saudi Arabia. We will now move ahead with the necessary coordination with the UN secretarygeneral. A Saudi-led coalition backed by significant Emirati support has been bombing and battling Yemeni rebels for more than two years in support of the impoverished country s internationally recognized government. Shiite powerhouse Iran supports the rebels, known as Houthis, and the Sunni-ruled Gulf states view the fight as a way to limit Iran s involvement in their backyard. Solution While in Saudi Arabia, Merkel had said she does not believe there can be a military solution to the war, which has killed more than 10,000 civilians and created a humanitarian crisis in what was already the Arab world s poorest country. The UN recently said some 18.8 million people in the country need humanitarian help or protection. The German leader was greeted by Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan upon her arrival on Monday in the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi. The crown prince is the half-brother of the country s ailing president and his presumed successor. Emirati officials did not allow foreign journalists based in the country to witness Merkel s visit. German officials have said Merkel would press Gulf rulers to do German chancellor Angela Merkel (left), is received by Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-nahayan in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates during her visit to Dubai on May 1. (AP) Arab Parliament reiterates solidarity with Palestinian inmates Al-Otaibi CAIRO, May 1, (KUNA): Arab Parliament reaffirmed Sunday full solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, Kuwaiti lawmaker Khaled Al-Otaibi affirmed Sunday. Al-Otaibi, also Arab Parliament s member, made his remarks in press statements after conclusion of the fifth meeting of the first sitting for the second legislative session of the Arab Parliament in Cairo. Today s session focused on the recent developments of the Palestinian cause, he said, noting that the Parliament has also reiterated demands for reviving the Arab peace initiative and recognition of the State of Palestine. The session also discussed ways to combat terrorism, eradicate its root, and disclose reasons behind financing terrorist groups, said the Kuwaiti lawmaker. Meanwhile, more to take in refugees and provide humanitarian relief for those fleeing conflict in Muslim-majority countries. Germany has provided refuge to hundreds of thousands of people from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years. Trade is high on Merkel s agenda too. Her delegation includes prominent German business leaders looking to strengthen ties with the country s two largest trading partners in the Middle East. Her meetings in the Emirates, which includes the Mideast commercial hub of Dubai, would include discussion of a free-trade agreement between the Gulf states in the European Union and how we can move ahead and intensify our economic relations still further, she said. Merkel said on Monday she hopes the European Union and the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries can finally complete a free trade agreement and that she would discuss the issue with Abu Dhabi s crown prince. Germany, which relies on foreign trade for half its gross domestic product, fears that the protectionism backed by US President Donald GCC, IGAD sign cooperation MoU Kuwaiti MP Ali Al-Deqbasi, also Arab Parliament s member, urged Arab League to discuss unprecedented measures to aid least developed Arab countries, especially since they suffer severe famine. The Kuwaiti Parliamentary delegation has succeeded in submitting a proposal to the Arab Parliament regarding famine in Somalia, Al- Deqbasi stated to KUNA, adding that the proposal received a major support to discuss the issue and ways to provide aid and support through an Arab action to relief the Somali people. Meanwhile, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) signed, in Riyadh on Sunday, a memorandum of understanding with the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) for East Africa. The MoU was signed by GCC Trump and the fallout from Britain s vote to leave the EU posed global economic risks. I ll be talking with Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-nahyan about this question, Merkel said on Monday before her meeting. The issue at hand is how to intensify the economic relations between the two regions. On a trip to Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, Merkel told reporters that the economic relations between the two regions needed to be strengthened. She said she had also discussed the issue on Sunday on her visit to Saudi Arabia. Interest I made it clear that a free trade agreement with the Gulf states would be of great interest from a European point of view, Merkel said during her visit to Jeddah on Sunday. She noted that the EU had made a new offer for an agreement but that the GCC states had not yet responded. Merkel said she had talked to King Salman about the issue on Sunday evening. Trade between the EU and GCC amounted to 138 billion euros in Secretary General Abdullateef Al- Zayani and Dr SJ Munyua, Director of IGAD s Center For Pastoral Areas And Livestock Development. The MoU affirms desire of the GCC and IGAD to develop cooperation in many domains, Al-Zayani said in a statement following the signing ceremony. The GCC countries, he added, have always sought to develop cooperation with regional and international organizations. The MoU calls, among other things, for cooperation in cultural domain. The GCC consists of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. IGAD comprises Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda. 2016, according to the EU. Exports from EU countries to the GCC were worth 100 billion euros and imports to the EU were worth 38 billion. Two-way trade has been growing steadily in the last decade. The EU-GCC talks date back some 20 years. Little progress has been made lately. In response to scepticism about free trade from President Trump, Germany has been urging the EU to speed agreements to open trade. Talks are underway with the GCC, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. In March, Gulf officials said the six GCC states were pressing for an early agreement on free trade with Britain to secure preferential arrangements after Brexit and could have a draft agreement ready within months. GCC states are trying to diversify their economies and boost non-oil trade after more than two years of low global oil prices that have hurt their finances. They export mainly oil, gas and related products to Western economies while importing a wide range of goods and services.

10 INTERNATIONAL 10 World News Roundup Members of the Lorenzo Mosso family living on different sides of the US-Mexico border are briefly reunited during the Opening the Door of Hope event at the border fence gate in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico on April 30. (Inset): Deported migrant Sonia Lopez (center) reacts as the border gate closes after she and her daughter were allowed to meet during the Opening the Door of Hope event at the US-Mexico border fence gate in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. (AFP) Immigration March against Trump Deportation fear hits track workers LOUSILLE, Ky, May 1, (AP): The backside of Churchill Downs hums with activity as workers clean stalls, bathe horses and lead the muscular animals on strolls to cool them down after workouts. The quiet is broken when they speak to each other and the horses in Spanish. Though they do their work a world away from the grandstand and Millionaire s Row, where fans will sip mint juleps, don fancy hats and cheer for their Kentucky Derby favorites on the first Saturday in May, immigrants have become indispensable at Churchill Downs and other tracks, people in the industry say. Now, fear is spreading that a Trump administration crackdown on immigration will be a calamity both for the tracks and for many of their workers. While there s widespread acknowledgement that some jobs go to undocumented workers, many trainers rely on the H-2B visa program to supply immigrant workers legally, and the tightening of that Trump program has contributed to a worker shortage. Some argue that the presence of foreign workers has a downward drag on everybody else s income. But Dale Romans, the second-winningest trainer in Churchill s history, says he can t find American workers to do the jobs. This is definitely a business that survives on an immigrant workforce, Romans said. Without it, I don t know what we would do. The apprehension on the backside has been stoked by the election of Donald Trump, who staked out a role as an immigration hard-liner during the campaign and referred to some Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers. I wouldn t say it s an extreme fear, but there is nervousness among Churchill s immigrant workers, track chaplain Joseph del Rosario said. There s fear they re going to get kicked out just because they re not citizens. Said one 53-year-old backside hand who has worked at racetracks across the country: I m scared. Because one day, I don t know, they catch me and send me to Mexico. The man, who agreed to an interview only on the condition his name not be used because he fears being exposed to immigration authorities, said his visa expired a couple of years ago but he has kept working, moving up the ranks in the barns where he works. His family has made a life in the United States; if he had to return to Mexico, he said, he d probably toil in the avocado fields. Even workers here legally on visas worry about the threat of immigration crackdowns. Also: NEW YORK: Immigrant and union groups were to march in cities across the United States on Monday to mark May Day and protest against President Donald Trump s efforts to boost deportations. Tens of thousands of immigrants and their allies were expected to rally in cities such as New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles. Demonstrations also were planned for dozens of smaller cities from Ft Lauderdale, Florida, to Portland, Oregon. In many places, activists are urging people to skip work, school and shopping to show the importance of immigrants in American communities. Kimberly Chandler stands by her destroyed truck and debris from her home in Canton, Texas, on April 30. Tornadoes hit several small towns in East Texas, killing several people. A few people were killed by fl ooding and winds in Arkansas, with officials saying a couple more people are missing. Rushing water swept away a car, drowning at least one woman in Missouri; and a death was reported in Sunday morning storms that raked Mississippi. (AP) Hurst North America Parker Killing drives anchorman: The tipping point for Chris Hurst came last fall while reporting on a shooting at a rail car factory. When the camera turned off, he wept. Just more than a year earlier, the 29-year-old s reporter girlfriend was gunned down while conducting an interview on live TV. Now, Hurst was using the same truck that Alison Parker had used the last day of her life to report live from the scene of another shooting. Hurst realized he needed a drastic life change. The former TV anchor is now running for political office, challenging a National Rifle Association-backed candidate for a competitive Virginia state House seat in a firearm friendly part of the state. Hurst sees it as a way to honor the memory of the woman he thought he d marry and to give back to the community that helped him through his darkest days. When we understand that life is fragile, does that mean we give up and say life ain t worth it? No, Hurst said at a local Democratic committee meeting in March. That s when we say it is worth it, and we do what we can when we re here to try to help another person. Hurst was living with Parker when she and cameraman Adam Ward were fatally shot while reporting for WDBJ-TV in August The gunman, Vester Flanagan, posted video of the attack online and killed himself hours later. (AP) 1 victim, gunman die: A man gunned Weather US Midwest, South hammered Deadly storms claim 14 ATLANTA, May 1, (AP): Parts of the Midwest and the South were recovering Monday after a weekend round of storms, winds, hail and isolated tornadoes killed at least 14 people. And a chance remained for more severe weather in the South. Parts of the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi could be affected by severe thunderstorms, according to the National Weather Service. Tornadoes hit several small towns in East Texas, killing four people. Flooding and winds killed five people in Arkansas, including a fire chief who was struck by a vehicle while working during the storm. Two deaths were reported in Missouri, including a woman who drowned after rushing water swept away a car. One of two deaths in Mississippi included a 7-year-old who died by electric shock and a 2-year-old girl died in Tennessee after being struck by a soccer goal post thrown by heavy winds. The storms rolled through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama on Sunday with strong winds causing isolated pockets of damage. In Durant in central Mississippi, one person died in the storms. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency didn t give details. Later Sunday the agency reported the death of a child from Rankin County, 20 miles (32 kms) east of Jackson, who died from electric shock in flood waters. down seven people at a birthday pool party in an apartment complex near the University of California, San Diego, killing one woman before officers shot and killed him, authorities said. Police said the suspect, Peter Selis, 49, shot four black women, two black men and one Latino man Sunday. Investigators don t yet know why Selis, who was white, opened fire, Chief Shelley Zimmerman told reporters. Several victims underwent surgery, and others were in critical condition late Sunday, she said. One man was taken to the hospital after he broke his arm running away. Rikky Galiendes, 27, heard gunshots Police officers stand guard in front a La Jolla apartment building after a shooting on April 30, in San Diego. Police shot and killed a 49-year-old man suspected of shooting several people Sunday at a birthday pool party in an apartment complex near the University of California, San Diego, authorities said. (AP) The Rankin County Sherriff s Department reported that a 7-year-old boy had unplugged an electric golf cart and dropped the cord in water on the ground and was shocked. Alexa Haik went to bed Saturday night expecting just rain, but heard the sirens Sunday morning and turned on the television to see the tornado warning. She rounded up her pets and hid in a hallway with her family, then was stunned to emerge to trees down in her neighborhood in Clinton, Mississippi, about 20 miles (32 kms) west of Jackson. A trip up the road showed how isolated the worst of the storms were. I really thought when we got out of our neighborhood, there would be damage everywhere. But our little subdivision was the only one hit, Haik said. Struck A 2-year-old girl in Tennessee died after being struck by a heavy, metal soccer goal post that was blown over by high winds, The Metro Nashville Police Department posted on its Twitter page Sunday evening. Melanie Espinoza Rodriguez was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead, according to a second post from the department. Middle Tennessee was hit by a strong line of storms that knocked down trees and power lines earlier Sunday. Rescuers in northwest Arkansas continued Sunday to look for an 18-month-old girl and a 4-year-old boy who were in a vehicle swept off a bridge by floodwaters in Hindsville, the Madison County Sheriff s Office said. In northwest Arkansas, a 10-yearold girl drowned in Springdale and the body of a woman who disappeared riding an inner tube Saturday was found in a creek in Eureka Springs. Also, a 65-year-old woman in DeWitt in the eastern part of the state was struck and killed in her home by a falling tree, officials said. An Arkansas volunteer fire department chief was killed while working during storms in north-central Arkansas, state police said. Cove Creek/Pearson Fire Chief Doug Decker died shortly before 4 a.m. Sunday after being struck by a vehicle while checking water levels on Highway 25 near Quitman, about 40 miles (64 kms) north of Little Rock, Trooper Liz Chapman said. It wasn t known if he will be included as a storm-related death, she said. Flooding closed part of Interstate 44 near Hazelgreen, Missouri, and officials expected it would be at least a day before the highway reopened. Interstate 70 in western Kansas was closed because crews were waiting for snow falling at 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 centimeters) an hour being blown by 35 mph (56 kph) winds to subside. around 6 p.m. and went to look outside his sixth-story apartment. He spotted a man bleeding and running near the pool below. Galiendes said he called out to ask if the man needed help when his roommate grabbed him, yanked him down and pointed toward a man sitting in a chair with a gun. When we looked over the balcony, he was just sitting down with a gun on his lap, Galiendes said. He was calm, you know. I mean from my perspective, the guy was ready to do whatever he was going to do. He shot at people having a good time and having a party. Galiendes and his roommate ran back inside and called police. (AP) Quake hits Canada, Alaska corner: The US Geological Survey says a magnitude-6.2 earthquake has rattled the corner of British Columbia, near the boundary with Alaska. Geophysicist Amy Vaughan says the shallow quake struck around 4:30 am Alaska time about 30 miles northwest of the tiny Alaska town of Mosquito Lake and about 83 miles southwest of Whitehorse, Canada. At least three aftershocks have been recorded. She says this type of quake has the potential to cause damage but that the location and infrastructure in the area dropped the chances of major problems. Vaughan says it would have jarred people awake and knocked items off shelves. (AP)

11 INTERNATIONAL 11 In this April 4, 2017 fi le photo, the Capitol is seen at dawn in Washington. Top Capitol Hill negotiators are reporting progress toward a long-sought agreement on a massive $1 trillion-plus spending bill that would fund the dayto-day operations of virtually every federal agency through Oct 1. The House and Senate have until Friday at midnight to pass the measure to avert a government shutdown. (AP) Education Texas resisting School vouchers rise in many GOP states AUSTIN, Texas, May 1, (AP): Gary VanDeaver describes himself as a conservative less than a minute into many conversations. The Texas state representative blames unelected federal judges for imposing gay marriage on America and has been endorsed by anti-abortion groups and the National Rifle Association. But when it comes to one centerpiece conservative initiative allowing tax-subsidized vouchers for students to enroll in private schools VanDeaver says absolutely no way. In my district, public school is the community, said VanDeaver, of New Boston, a town about 25 miles from the Arkansas border where the Lions high school football stadium has 3,500 seats, nearly enough for every resident. If we do anything to pull those students away, then we re harming those communities, said VanDeaver, 58, after joining an overwhelming majority of the GOP-dominated state House this month to reject school vouchers. With Republicans controlling two-thirds of state legislatures, as well as the White House and Congress, expectations among VanDeaver conservatives are soaring that the time for a school choice revolution has finally arrived that vouchers will become available widely rather than only in limited experiments. President Donald Trump even included $1.4 billion in federal funding for school choice in his proposed budget. Nationally, 27 states now permit public money to flow to private schools, and expansive proposals are making headway in many statehouses. Arizona recently approved them for all students, which supporters say will force schools to be more competitive and give families more freedom. But Texas is resisting, not only dragging its feet but actively combatting the movement. The House has defeated voucher plans in the last three sessions and helped derail 50-plus since the 1990s. Texas is one of just seven states with Republicancontrolled Legislatures and governorships that have stonewalled private school choice and many others are small and rural, such as North Dakota and Wyoming. Rebuff Leaders of the school choice movement are stumped by the rebuff since Texas usually leads the nation in driving the conservative agenda. They have vowed to spend money and recruit primary challengers to defeat antischool choice legislators. Texas is hailed to be this conservative, deep red state but you look across the country where we have school choice programs and it s places like Indiana and Ohio and Wisconsin, said Randan Steinhauser, co-founder of the pro-school choice group Texans for Education Opportunity. It s really frustrating. Steinhauser worked in Washington for Betsy De- Vos, the outspoken school choice advocate who is now Trump s education secretary. She thought she could advance the cause after returning to her native state four years ago: I was kind of naive thinking, Oh yeah, we ll get it done, no problem, Steinhauser said. I was shocked. The issue lays bare the ideological split between a high-profile tier of conservative activists and more traditional Republicans seeking to safeguard heartland values. Republicans from rural districts are worried about the dwindling of many small towns, and fearful of undermining public schools that are top employers and the social and cultural lifeblood of community life. On school choice votes, they join forces with Democrats supporting public teachers unions. School choice advocates say they understand that vouchers will be a tougher sell in rural states and communities where there are few private school options. But Texas is less rural than stereotypes suggest, with around 80 percent of the population now living in metropolitan areas. In this April 27 photo, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, of NY, speaks to reporters during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington. Schumer says the $1 trillion plan funding the government through September is a good agreement for the American people, and takes the threat of a government shutdown off the table. (AP) America China could have hacked s : President Donald Trump said China may have hacked the s of Democratic officials to meddle with the 2016 presidential election, countering the view of US intelligence officials who have said Moscow orchestrated the hacks. In an interview transcript published on Sunday, Trump gave no evidence backing his allegation, first made on the eve of the Nov. 8 presidential election, that China could have hacked the s of his rivals. If you don t catch a hacker, okay, in the act, it s very hard to say who did the hacking, the president said in an interview with CBS Face the Nation. (It) could have been China, could have been a lot of different groups. The hackers roiled the presidential campaign by making public embarrassing s sent by Democratic operatives and aides to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. One showed party leaders favoring Clinton over her rival in the campaign for the party s internal nomination contest. (RTRS) Puzzling claim about Jackson: President Donald Trump makes a puzzling claim about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War in an interview. Speaking to The Washington Examiner, Trump wonders why issues could not have been worked out in order to prevent the bloody conflict. Trump praises the accomplishments of Jackson, the populist president he has cited as a role model. He makes the puzzling claim that Jackson was really angry that he saw what was happening in regard to the Civil War. But Jackson died in 1845, and the Civil War didn t begin until 16 years later, in Trump then says, People don t ask the question, but why was there the Civil War? The war was decades in the making, stemming from disputes between the North and South about slavery and states rights. (AP) NY lawmakers hatch plan: New York Democrats have hatched a plan to get a look at Donald Trump s tax records by crafting a piece of legislation designed to get at his state returns that does everything but mention the Republican president by name. The bill introduced this month in New York s Senate and Assembly would require the state to release five years of state tax information for any president or vice president who files a New York state return. While Trump s state return wouldn t include all the details from his federal return, it would offer the public much more information about the president s potential conflicts of interest or how his finances Politics None for border wall, more military funds Lawmakers settle on $1 trln plan WASHINGTON, May 1, (AP): Lawmakers on Monday unveiled a huge $1 trillion-plus spending bill that would fund most government operations through September but would deny President Donald Trump money for a border wall and rejects his proposed cuts to popular domestic programs. The 1,665-page bill agreed to on Sunday is the product of weeks of negotiations. It was made public in the predawn hours Monday and is tentatively scheduled for a House vote on Wednesday. The catchall spending bill would be the first major piece of bipartisan legislation to advance during Trump s short tenure in the White House. While losing on funding for the wall along the US-Mexico border, Trump won a $15 billion down payment on his request to strengthen the military, though that too fell short of what he requested. Vice President Mike Pence said the administration couldn t be more pleased and noted that it would include a boost in military spending, a down payment on border security and provide money for health benefits for coal miners. It will avert a government shutdown but more important than that, it s going to be a significant increase in military spending, Pence said in an interview with CBS This Morning. He called it a budget deal that s a bipartisan win for the American people. The measure funds the remainder of the 2017 budget year, through Sept 30, rejecting cuts to popular domestic programs targeted by Trump such as medical research, the Environmental Protection Agency, and infrastructure grants. Contrast The omnibus (spending bill) is in sharp contrast to President Trump s dangerous plans to steal billions from lifesaving research, instead increasing funding for the NIH (National Institutes of Health) by $2 billion, said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California. Successful votes later this week would also clear away any remaining threat of a government shutdown at least until the Oct 1 start of the 2018 budget year. Trump has submitted a partial 2018 budget promising a whopping $54 billion, 10 percent increase for the Pentagon from current levels, financed by cutting to foreign aid, the EPA, and other nondefense programs by an equal amount. Negotiators on the pending measure, however, rejected a smaller $18 billion package of cuts and instead slightly increased funding for domestic programs. Democrats were quick to praise the would be impacted by his own tax cut proposal, according to supporters. Democrats in New York and more than two dozen states have crafted bills that would require presidential candidates to release their federal returns in order to appear on that state s ballot. None of those, however, would require Trump to release old returns. New York state is in a unique position to change the national conversation, according to Democratic Sen. Brad WH promotes new health care proposal with lower premiums deal. This agreement is a good agreement for the American people, and takes the threat of a government shutdown off the table, said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., a key force in the talks. The bill ensures taxpayer dollars aren t used to fund an ineffective border wall, excludes poison pill riders, and increases investments in programs that the middle class relies on, like medical research, education and infrastructure. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., praised the bill as well, saying it acts on President Trump s commitment to rebuild our military for the 21st century and bolster our nation s border security to protect our homeland. Some Republican conservatives, however, were wary. I think you re going to see conservatives have some real concerns with this legislation, Rep. Jim Trump Clinton WASHINGTON, May 1, (AP): The White House is promoting a new health care proposal that the president insists will lower premiums and guarantee people with pre-existing conditions will get insurance coverage, even though some medical groups said they aren t so sure. Gary Cohn, chairman of Trump s economic council, said the overhaul appears to have enough votes to pass. This is going to be a great week, Cohn told CBS This Morning. We re going to get the health care bill to the fl oor of the House, I m very confi dent. The president has spent much of his fi rst 100 days in offi ce reckoning with the realities of governing, even with a Republican-led Congress. While health care negotiations continue to prove a challenge, negotiators reached agreement Sunday on a $1 trillion-plus spending bill that would fund the day-to-day operations of virtually every federal agency to Oct 1. Still, the failure of the original health care bill was a heavy blow in the early days of the Trump administration. Under White House pressure, Republicans recently recast the bill. During an interview with Face the Nation on CBS that aired Sunday, Trump said: Pre-existing conditions are in the bill. And I mandate it. I said, Has to be. Trump added that the measure has a clause that guarantees that people with pre-existing conditions will be covered. But while the bill says people with pre-existing conditions will have access, it does not address affordability. The legislation would let states opt out of the requirement for standard premiums, under certain conditions. If a state maintains protections such as a high-risk pool, it can allow insurers to use health status as a factor in setting premiums for people who have had a break in coverage and are trying to get a new individual policy. Last week, the American Medical Association said the Republican protections may be illusory and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network expressed concern that the plan could return the US to a patchwork system that drives up insurance costs for the sick. Asked to explain Trump s statements, spokesman Sean Spicer said Sunday that under the current version people with pre-existing conditions who maintain coverage will not be impacted. He said waivers would change how states could treat those who don t maintain insurance and they could find ways to incentivize people to obtain coverage before they fall ill. He also said states would need to have highrisk pools to get waivers. Trump also said during the interview that if he s unable to renegotiate a long-standing free trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, then he ll terminate the pact. He also spoke about tensions with North Korea. Asked about the failure of several North Korean missile tests recently, Trump said he d rather not discuss it. But perhaps they re just not very good missiles. Jordan of Ohio said on CNN, citing domestic spending obtained by Democrats and other issues. We told (voters) we were going to do a short-term spending bill that was going to come due at the end of April so that we could fight on these very issues, and now it looks like we re not going to do that. Trump said at nearly every campaign stop last year that Mexico would pay for the 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) border wall, a claim Mexican leaders have repeatedly rejected. The administration sought some $1.4 billion in US taxpayer dollars for the wall and related costs in the spending bill, but Trump later relented and said the issue could wait until September. Trump, however, obtained $1.5 billion for border security measures such as 5,000 additional detention beds, an upgrade in border infrastructure and technologies such as surveillance. Hoylman, of Manhattan, because the president is a native New Yorker. This is drawing a line in the sand: Are you for transparency or not? Hoylman said. This is an issue of national security. The Democrat-led state Assembly is likely to support the measure but not the Senate, where Republicans are in charge. This sounds like a P.R. stunt, said Scott Reif, a spokesman for the Senate GOP. (AP)

12 INTERNATIONAL 12 World News Roundup Missing Case a mystery Girl disappearance haunts resort town PRAIA DA LUZ, Portugal, May 1, (AFP): Scarred by Madeleine McCann s disappearance 10 years ago, the seaside resort town of Praia da Luz in southern Portugal is struggling to shake off the mystery surrounding the British toddler. The residents are all fed up years later we want to forget all this. It s a shame that this case shed a bad light on this lovely place, it s totally unfair, says Ron Clark, a 68-year-old retired British soldier. Praia da Luz doesn t deserve this. There has been too much fake news, said David S. Jones, 72, a writer from London who has lived there for 45 years. Many British expatriates in the city gather in the shady courtyard of the Baptista supermarket, spending mornings buried in British newspapers and drinking tea. But the subject of Maddie rouses the group, interrupting the calm routine. About 200 metres away (650 feet), the blinds of apartment 5A at the Ocean Madeleine Club hotel complex are closed. Madeleine disappeared from one of the apartment s rooms on May 3, 2007, days before her fourth birthday, while her parents were having dinner with friends in a nearby restaurant. Was it a kidnapping? An accidental death? Homicide? After ten years, hundreds of hours of questioning and numerous searches, the case remains a mystery to Portuguese police and Scotland Yard. The girl s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, say they are convinced their daughter was kidnapped and have vowed to do whatever it takes to find her. British police scaled back their search in 2015 after launching a new investigation in Scotland Yard said this month that they were still pursuing critical lines of inquiry. The tenth anniversary of her disappearance is a horrible marker of time, stolen time, Kate Mc- Cann wrote on Facebook. There are no more photos of the blonde girl on Praia da Luz s cobblestone streets or near the whitewashed church frequented by the McCanns. We haven t forgotten her. We still pray for Maddie every Sunday as we do for all missing children, says John Payne, 76, a member of the Anglican parish. Frustrations The only visible trace is on some traffic signs, where STOP McCann circus is spray-painted in stencilled white letters, reflecting the frustrations of many in the city. The McCanns seem to have few supporters in the ancient fishing village in Portugal s southern region of Algarve. It is a slice of paradise for the overwhelmingly British population, which makes up two-thirds of the town s 3,500 inhabitants. The huge amount of media attention spooked vacationers, especially families with young children, in the years after the girl s disappearance. The hotel sector suffered for three or four years. The Ocean Club lost a lot of clients, which had a ricochet effect on other hotels too, says the town s deputy mayor Nuno Luz. The Ocean Club laid off workers, Luz said, paring staff levels back to just 20 employees from 400. But meanwhile, tourism has returned to normal levels, he said. Holiday-makers stroll along the palm-lined promenade that borders a sandy beach where children play on a cloudy day ahead of the high tourist season. It s a safe place. I have been coming here regularly with my children aged of seven, five and two years, says Jo White, a 38-year-old Briton with a big smile. There are some tourists, however, who want to know more about the mystery. One British resident in his sixties is engrossed by the story, and offers guided tours for the curious. It s not a tourist tour but I am showing places of interest to experts of the Maddie case, says the man, who declines to give his name but says he does not accept any money for the tours. His tour starts in front of the apartment where the McCanns had been staying, and continues along the street where a man was reportedly seen carrying a child the night of the disappearance. It eventually leads to scrubland surrounded by villas and apartments where police searched for the child s body in Horses graze there today. Facing criticism over his tours, which strike many as morbid, the guide stands his ground. I would like to help to resolve the case, he says. Anniversary Earlier story, the parents of Madeleine have vowed to do whatever it takes to find their daughter as they prepare to mark the 10th anniversary of her disappearance. It might not be as quick as we want, but there s real progress being made and I think we need to take heart from that, and we just have to go with the process and follow it through whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, mother Kate Mc- Cann told the BBC in an interview aired Sunday. Wednesday marks the 10th anniversary since Madeleine, then aged three, went missing from her parents holiday apartment in Praia da Luz resort in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. My hope for Madeleine being out there is no less than it was almost 10 years ago, said her mother. Since the Metropolitan Police actually started their investigation, it has taken a huge pressure off us, individually and as a family, said father Gerry McCann. After the initial Portuguese investigation closed, essentially, no-one, no-one else was actually doing anything proactively to try and find Madeleine. The couple promised to continue their legal battle against former detective Goncalo Amaral, who alleged that Madeleine had died accidently and the parents had concealed the body. Kate McCann, 49, posted a Facebook message this week saying the couple and their two children were bracing ourselves for the next couple of weeks. Most days are similar to the rest another day. May 3rd 2017 another day. But ten years a horrible marker of time, stolen time, she wrote. A handout picture released by Kensington Palace and Britain s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on May 1, 2017 and taken by the Duchess shows Princess Charlotte of Cambridge at Anmer Hall in the village of Anmer in Norfolk, eastern England, in April, Four new photographs of Britain s Princess Charlotte playing In this file photograph taken on July 6, 2016, former prime minister Tony Blair addresses a news conference in London following the outcome of the Iraq Inquiry report. Former British prime minister Tony Blair announced May 1, 2017, he was returning to domestic politics to fight Brexit while admitting he remains a divisive figure whose contribution may not be welcomed. (AFP) William Britain Kate Princess Charlotte turns 2: Prince William and his wife Kate have released a photo of Princess Charlotte ahead of her 2nd birthday. The photo taken by the Duchess of Cambridge was distributed Monday, one day before Charlotte turns two. It shows Charlotte on the grounds of Anmer Hall, the family s country home, wearing a yellow cardigan sweater decorated with images of sheep. The family is expected to spend more time in London in the coming years. Their London base is at Kensington Palace. Charlotte s older brother Prince George, 3, plans to attend a London school in September. (AP) Social media criticised: Social media were heavily criticised by a committee of British lawmakers on Monday for failing to do enough to remove illegal and extremist material posted on their sites, and for not preventing it appearing in the first place. Platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook has been criticised over their moderation policies after high-profile cases in which violent or abusive material has been posted online and, in some cases, not been removed even after they were notified. The committee s report said it had found repeated examples of extremist material, including from banned jihadist and neo-nazi groups not being removed, even after it had been reported. Social media companies failure to deal with illegal and dangerous material online is a disgrace, said Yvette Cooper, chairwoman of parliament s Home Affairs Select Committee. They have been asked repeatedly to come up with better systems to remove illegal material such as terrorist recruitment or online child abuse. Yet repeatedly they have failed to do so. It is shameful. The committee said the govern- Britain at her family s country home were released by the royal family to mark her first birthday which falls on May 2. The photographs were taken by her mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in April 2016 at Anmer Hall, the secluded house in Norfolk, eastern England, where the family spends much of its time. (AFP) Former PM to fight Brexit Blair announces return to politics LONDON, May 1, (Agencies): Former British prime minister Tony Blair said Monday he was plunging back into domestic politics in order to fight against Brexit. Blair, who led the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007, will not be standing in the June 8 general election. But he said he wanted to build a political movement to shape the policy debate as Britain starts its negotiations to leave the European Union. Blair, 63, who was prime minister for a decade from 1997 and whose legacy has been defined by the Iraq war, said he knew he would face intense criticism for doing so. But the ardent Europhile, who has largely been working on Middle East and African issues since leaving office, still wanted to get his hands dirty and re-enter the fray, saying voters should have the chance to change their mind once the final EU exit deal becomes clear. This Brexit thing has given me a direct motivation to get more involved in the politics, he told the Daily Mirror newspaper. You need to get your hands dirty and I will. I know the moment I stick my head out the door I ll get a bucket of wotsit poured all over me, but I really do feel passionate about this. I don t want to be in the situation where we pass through this moment of history and I hadn t said anything because that would mean I didn t care about this country. I do. I am not sure I can turn something into a political movement but I think there is a body of ideas out there people would support. He said his push was not about defying the vote to leave the European Union. Relegating He said leaving the European single market and seeking a free trade agreement, as is Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May s intention, would be relegating ourselves from the top order. Opinion polls put the Conservatives far ahead of Labour, a few weeks out from the general election. Blair, who won three straight general elections as Labour leader, was from the most centrist strain of the party, while current leader Jeremy Corbyn is from its strident leftist wing that reviles Blairite politics. Unless you are providing answers for the future you are not going to win, Blair warned. Meanwhile, Britain on Monday rejected an account of a difficult meeting between May and the head of the European Commission that was reported by German newspaper FAS, reiterating that the meeting had gone well. May and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker met on Wednesday for dinner, ahead of talks over Britain s departure from the European Union that are expected to begin in June. Both sides said the meeting had been constructive. But Juncker was quoted on Sunday by Germany s FAS newspaper as saying he was leaving Downing Street 10 times more sceptical than I was before. We do not recognise this account, a government spokesman said in a statement. As the Prime Minister and Jean-Claude Juncker made clear, this was a constructive meeting ahead of the negotiations formally getting underway. ment needed to strengthen the laws regarding publishing such material and called on social media companies to pay for the cost of policing online content and publicly report details of their moderating. (RTRS) Oxford marks May Day: Revellers in the English university city of Oxford took part in the annual May Morning festival on Monday an event famous for its centuries-old cultural traditions, as well as some rowdier modern ones. The festival features traditional music and dancing and frequently attracts crowds in the tens of thousands. It s the tradition. My dad came Britain s Liberal Democrats leader, Tim Farron shakes hands with supporters at the start of his battle bus tour, in Kingston, south west London on May 1. (AFP) In related news, British Prime Minister Theresa May expects divorce talks with the European Union to be tough, she said on Sunday after EU leaders agreed stiff terms and voiced alarm at illusions in London that may wreck a deal. What this shows, and what some of the other comments we ve seen coming from European leaders shows, is that there are going to be times when these negotiations are going to be tough, May told the BBC a day after her EU peers agreed on demands they want met to avoid chaos when Britain leaves the bloc in At Saturday s Brussels summit of the 27 other EU states, EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker accused unnamed pro-brexit figures of underestimating the complexity of the task and German Chancellor Angela Merkel repeated her concern that London still harboured illusions about negotiating a quick free-trade pact. May, who has called an election for June 8 in the hope of strengthening her position, repeated her insistence that no deal would be better than a bad deal a position many in Brussels view as bluff, arguing that the legal void that would dawn on March 30, 2019, would hurt Britain much more than the others. Fears But Juncker, quoted on Sunday by Germany s FAS newspaper, highlighted growing fears that the two sides are talking past each other, raising a significant risk of negotiations collapsing. I m leaving Downing Street 10 times more sceptical than I was before, the Frankfurt paper quoted the European Commission president as saying after he and chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier met May in London over dinner on Wednesday. Juncker had arrived hefting two weighty EU treaties last year s 1,600-page CETA free-trade pact with Canada and the 2012 EU accession of the bloc s newest member, Croatia (population 4.2 million). They were props to convince May of the complexity of unwinding 46 years of EU membership and keeping trade open. So alarmed was he at what he said on Saturday were British officials who underestimate the technical difficulties that he alerted Merkel, the EU s main power broker, in an early morning call to Berlin on Thursday. She then used a speech in parliament to warn against British illusions that it could retain much of the benefits of EU membership after Brexit. Brussels is also concerned about the level of preparedness in London for talks that are due to start after the June 8 vote and which Barnier says need to be essentially wound up within 16 months to ensure ratification ahead of Brexit in March Barnier briefed leaders on his concerns, Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern told reporters. The Commission and Barnier... have really done their homework well, Kern said. One can say that the British have not done so with the same intensity. EU officials said they were still unsure who would conduct the negotiations with Barnier s team, saying that May had told Juncker that she herself would be in charge. That, EU officials said, left it unclear who would actually be taking the many decisions required during months of day-in, day-out talks in Brussels over the coming two years. British Brexit Secretary David Davis has been expected to take a lead. Asked about her insistence that no deal would be better than a bad one, May told ITV television: I wouldn t have said it if I didn t believe that. here when he was young and now I m a student I can go too, Constance Holstead, a 21-year-old from West Yorkshire who studies at Oxford told Reuters. But it does feel a bit busier and more choreographed than when I am came when I was much younger. The ceremony that begins the festival, featuring the choir from 3 women held in terror probe LONDON, May 1, (RTRS): Three young women were arrested under anti-terrorism laws in east London on Monday in connection with a security operation in the capital last week, police said. The two 18-year-old and one 19-year-old women were held on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of terrorist acts, the Metropolitan Police force said. Magdalen College performing Hymnus Eucharisticus goes back some 500 years, the college says. Following the performance, which sees choristers sing from atop a church tower, bells ring out across the city of for 20 minutes and then festivities, including traditional Morris dancing, begin across the city. The event has attracted unwelcome attention in recent decades, as revellers, often fuelled by alcohol, pushed to take part in a comparatively new tradition of leaping into the Cherwell river from the city s Magdalen Bridge. After 40 people were injured jumping into the river in 2005, local authorities installed crash barriers and hired security guards to prevent people jumping from the bridge. Despite the forced end of bridge-jumping, the event still maintains a party spirit. Gemma Bryant, 20, an Oxford student from Bristol, told Reuters I ve been at a ball all night, and now I m off to have my second breakfast, and then write an essay. (RTRS)

13 INTERNATIONAL 13 French presidential election candidate for the En Marche! movement Emmanuel Macron stands next to Said Bouarram (left), son of Brahim Bouarram, a Moroccan who drowned in 1995 when right-wing extremists threw him from a bridge after a National Front rally, during a tribute ceremony on the banks of the Seine River in Paris, France on May 1. (AFP) Italy New mandate Renzi bounces back with big primary win ROME, May 1, (Agencies): Former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi has bounced back to the forefront of national politics with a resounding primary election win to regain leadership of the ruling Democratic Party (PD). Renzi won percent of votes in a internal party ballot of 1.85 million people, according to final tallies Monday. This represented an emphatic victory for the 42-year-old, although turnout was well down on the 2.8 million who voted in his successful campaign of 2013 and also below the three million of previous primary contests. Renzi s rivals Justice Minister Andrea Orlando and Michele Emiliano, governor of the southern region of Puglia, both from the party s left wing, garnered 19.5 percent and 10.4 percent respectively. It is a huge responsibility. I thank from the bottom of my heart those men and women who believe in Italy, tweeted Renzi after it became clear he Renzi had won handsomely. Renzi resigned as prime minister in December after Italians overwhelmingly rejected a constitutional referendum aimed at streamlining the parliamentary system. In February he quit the leadership of the centre-left PD and sought a new mandate in the teeth of internal opposition. Elections Armed with his new mandate, he will now go much strengthened into parliamentary elections due by early next year at the latest, insisting his win is the beginning of a completely new story. Italian media predicted Renzi would push for an earlier election, in October, seeking to surf on what he hopes will be pro-eu wave both in France this weekend and then in Germany. However, an early vote first requires MPs to agree on electoral reforms. In office, Renzi managed to deliver significant labour market reforms and modest growth, while legally recognising gay relationships for the first time. But the recovery was not strong enough to pay any real political dividends and he alienated many on his party s far-left, who broke away in February to form the Progressive and Democratic Movement (DP). Rivals In a solitary television debate with his rivals before the vote, Renzi vowed to bring back energy, momentum and vigour to the country, railing against stagnation that seems to be blocking political and institutional life since the referendum. The debate highlighted key differences over national politics, including on a wealth tax which he opposes. Renzi, who has often cited the Yes we can slogan of former US president Barack Obama, is also a supporter of French centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, who quit the Socialist Party to found his own centrist movement En Marche (On the Move). Macron on Monday tweeted congratulations to the Italian. Bravo to Matteo Renzi, likewise on the move. Let s change Europe together with all progressives, wrote the French presidential favourite. Thank you dear Emmanuel! We are with you. Vive la France, vive l Europe (which we are going to change together), Renzi replied in French. Should the upcoming legislative election require the formation of a coalition, Orlando and Emiliano say they would seek to govern with left-wing defectors or other parties on the left. Russian Trade Unions members holding balloons and flags parade on Red Square during their May Day demonstration in Moscow on May 1. (AFP) Ursula Europe De Maiziere Sweden probes arson attack : Sweden s largest Shiite Muslim mosque was badly damaged overnight in a suspected arson attack, police said Monday. Flames were engulfing the outer facade of the Imam Ali Islamic Centre in the northern Stockholm suburb of Jakobsberg, a police spokesman said, although there were no reports of any injuries. It seems it was set ablaze from the outside, the TT news agency quoted police spokesman Lars Bystrom as saying, adding an investigation was under way to determine if the motive was political. This is Sweden s largest Shia mosque with thousands of faithful... They are really concerned, mosque spokesman Akil Zahari told broadcaster SVT. Several mosques in Sweden have been the target of arson attacks in recent years but few perpetrators have been caught. In April last year, a 31-year-old man identified through CCTV footage was jailed for three years for racially-aggravated arson after admitting setting fire to a mosque in the southwestern town of Boras. (AFP) 3 die in plane crash: Three German nationals died when the small plane they were travelling in crashed in southern Spain at the weekend, authorities said Monday. They were flying from the southeastern town of Muchamiel to Granada in southern Andalucia on Saturday afternoon, and crashed in a mountainous area some 80 kms (50 miles) from their final destination. Initial identification via their ID indicates they were German, but authorities are in contact with the consulate, said a spokeswoman for the central government s representative office in Malaga province, where the accident happened. She did not know whether they were tourists or residents in Spain, adding that authorities were investigating the accident, including whether the plane was forced to deviate its course due to high winds. (AFP) France Crucial election enters final week Rivals exchange May Day blows PARIS, May 1, (Agencies): Centrist presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron and his far-right rival Marine Le Pen traded campaign blows across Paris on May Day, as France s most crucial election in decades entered its final week. Macron sought for a third successive day to paint National Front (FN) candidate Le Pen as an extremist, while she portrayed him as a clone of unpopular outgoing Socialist President Francois Hollande, under whom he served as economy minister from 2014 to The latest opinion poll showed Macron leading Le Pen by 61 percent to 39 ahead of Sunday s election, which offers France a choice between his vision of closer integration with a modernised European Union and her calls to cut immigration and take the country out of the euro. Fight I will fight up until the very last second not only against her programme but also her idea of what constitutes democracy and the French Republic, said Macron, an independent backed by a new party, En Marche! (Onwards!), which he set up himself a year ago. He was speaking after paying tribute to a young Moroccan man who drowned in the River Seine in Paris 22 years ago after being pushed into the water by skinheads on the fringes of a May Day rally by the FN, then led by Le Pen s father Jean-Marie. Campaigning in Villepinte, a suburb north of the capital, Marine Le Pen told a rally: Emmanuel Macron is just Francois Hollande who wants to stay and who is hanging on to power like a barnacle. Since taking over the party, she has worked hard to cleanse it of xenophobic and anti-semitic associations and Poland detains Austrian: An Austrian suspected of killing prisoners and wounded soldiers in eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed separatists are fighting pro-ukrainian forces, has been detained in Poland, the Polish border police said Sunday. make it more appealing to a wider electorate. She said at the weekend she had no more contact with her father and was not responsible for his unacceptable comments. Le Pen senior gave his own traditional May Day speech at a statue of French mediaeval heroine Joan of Arc, just a few hundred yards (metres) from where Macron commemorated the death of young Moroccan Brahim Bouarram. Tour Emmanuel Macron is doing a tour of graveyards. It s a bad sign for him, he said. The bitterly contested election has polarised France, exposing some of the same sense of anger with globalisation and political elites that brought Donald Trump to presidential power in the United States, and caused Britons to vote for a divorce from the EU. The vote in the world s fifth largest economy, a key member of the NATO defence alliance, will be the first to elect a president who is from neither of the main political groupings: the candidates of the Socialists and conservative party The Republicans were knocked out in the first round on April 23. Between them Le Pen and Macron gathered only 45 percent of votes in that round, which eliminated nine other candidates. The second round will take place in the middle of a weekend extended by a public holiday. That has fed speculation that a high abstention rate could favour Le Pen, whose supporters typically tell pollsters they are staunchly committed to their candidate. In recent days, Le Pen has sought to play down the importance of an exit from the euro the part of her campaign platform that is the least popular The 25-year-old man, who was sought by the Austrian authorities, was detained at the Polish border post of Dorohusk as he was trying to cross over into Ukraine, the border police said in a statement. He is suspected of having taken part in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and Parts of the Imam Ali Mosque lay destroyed by fire in Jarfalla north of Stockholm, Sweden, early Monday on May 1. Swedish police say they are investigating the fire which started late Sunday, causing major damage to a mosque near Stockholm as possible arson. (AP) with voters. In her speech lasting nearly an hour on Monday, she made no reference to the single currency, devoting most of it to slamming her centrist rival and billing him as the candidate of the establishment. I want France to get its independence back by negotiating with Brussels the return of our sovereignty, she said. Referring to her plan to hold a referendum on whether France should remain in the EU, she said: The French people will decide. Macron was due to speak at a rally in Paris later on Monday. France s powerful unions also staged traditional May Day marches but the demonstrations underscored the conspicuous absence of the united front they showed in 2002 when Le Pen s father Jean-Marie shocked the country by reaching the run-off. On this day 15 years ago, some 1.3 million people took to the streets of France in union-led demonstrations to protest against the founder of the National Front (FN), including 400,000 in Paris. That show of force, coupled with a political closing of ranks, helped centre-right Jacques Chirac inflict a crushing defeat on Le Pen senior. This time, unions are divided over the choice between his 48-year-old daughter and 39-year-old Macron. Two, the CFDT and Unsa, have called for their members to back Macron on Sunday. But while three other more leftwing unions including the biggest, the CGT, have called for a demonstration against Marine Le Pen s vision of French identity and opposition to immigration, they have stopped short of backing Macron. killing prisoners and wounded fighters, it said. Austrian prosecutors said there was a European arrest warrant for the man for suspected war crimes, adding that they believed he was fighting on the Ukrainian side. However, Dariusz Sienicki, a spokesman for the Polish border police, had told AFP earlier that the man was a member of a separatist group. (AFP) Scandal widens over plot: Germany s defence minister on Sunday vowed zero tolerance for far-right extremists in the military amid a widening scandal over a soldier who allegedly plotted an attack which he planned to blame on refugees. We can tolerate many things, but not political extremism, right-wing or religiously motivated extremism, the minister, Ursula von der Leyen, told public broadcaster ZDF. She was reacting to the strange case of a 28-year-old army lieutenant, named by German media as Franco A, who led what prosecutors called a double life pretending to be a Syrian refugee. She and Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, in charge of immigration and refugee issues, have vowed to clear up the embarrassing case, which has led one Social Democrat member to label them a security risk for Germany. (AFP)

14 INTERNATIONAL 14 World News Roundup Mideast Hamas to soften Israel stance Trump plans for first meeting with Abbas RAMALLAH, May 1, (Agencies): US President Donald Trump meets Mahmud Abbas Wednesday for their first face-to-face talks, with the Palestinian leader hoping the billionaire businessman s unpredictable approach can inject life into long-stalled peace efforts. Abbas makes the trip to Washington while politically unpopular back home, but hoping Trump can pressure Israel into concessions he believes are necessary to salvage a two-state solution to one of the world s oldest conflicts. Palestinian officials have seen their cause overshadowed by global concerns such as the Syrian war and Islamic State group jihadists, and want Trump s White House to bring it back to the forefront. Palestinians are hoping that Trump s unpredictability might play in their favour, one Jerusalem-based European official told AFP on condition of anonymity. They are going to be very disappointed. They can t be sure of anything. Examples were seen early on, with Trump backing away from the US commitment to the two-state solution when he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Febru- Trump ary. He said he would support a single state if it led to peace, delighting Israeli right-wingers who want to see their country annex most of the occupied West Bank. Trump also vowed to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the disputed city of Jerusalem, a prospect that alarmed Palestinians but which has been put on the back burner for now. At the same time, he urged Israel to hold back on settlement building in the West Bank, a longstanding concern of Palestinians and much of the world. Ranging One of Trump s top advisers, Jason Greenblatt, held wide-ranging talks with both Israelis and Palestinians during a visit in March. Abbas and Trump spoke by phone on March 11. Trump s unpredictability is far from Abbas s only concern, with polls suggesting most Palestinians want the 82-year-old to resign. Abbas s term was meant to expire in 2009, but he has remained in office with no elections held. The bitter split between Abbas s Fatah party, based in the West Bank, and Hamas, the Islamist movement that runs the Gaza Strip, has also taken a new turn in recent days. Some analysts say it seems Abbas is seeking to increase pressure on Hamas in the impoverished strip, but he risks being blamed for worsening conditions in the enclave of two million people. Israeli officials say the Palestinian Authority dominated by Abbas s Fatah has begun refusing to pay Israel for electricity it supplies to Gaza. Rights activists say exacerbating an already severe power shortage in the strip under an Israeli blockade for 10 years could be catastrophic. The reported move comes after the PA announced earlier in April it would temporarily cut stipends to its Gaza civil servants. The PA said it was forced into cutbacks by falling foreign aid, but others alleged it could be aimed at stirring discontent in Gaza and destabilising the Hamas administration there. With those difficulties in mind, Abbas may face demands from Trump that could be political suicide for him to implement, the European official said. Such demands may include stopping payments to families of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel, a policy heavily criticised by Netanyahu as encouraging further violence. Hamas to soften stance on Israel: The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas will remove a call for Israel s destruction and drop its association with the Muslim Brotherhood in a new policy document to be issued on Monday, Gulf Arab sources said. Hamas s move appears aimed at improving relations with Gulf Arab states and Egypt, which label the Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation, as well as with Western countries, many of which classify Hamas as a terrorist group over its hostility to Israel. The sources said Hamas, which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, will say in the document that it agrees to a transitional Palestinian state along the borders from 1967, when Israel captured Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem in a war with Arab states. Israel withdrew from Gaza in A future state encompassing Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem along 1967 borders is the goal of Hamas main political rival, the Fatah movement led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. His Palestinian Authority has engaged in peace talks with Israel on that basis, although the last, US-mediated round collapsed three years ago. The revised Hamas political document, to be announced later on Monday, will still reject Israel s right to exist and back armed struggle against it, the Gulf Arab sources told Reuters. Abbas urged to stop funding killers: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marked the country s annual Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terror on Monday by calling on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to cease doling out payment to the killers of Israelis, beseeching him to fund peace and not murder. At a ceremony at Israel s Har Herzl national cemetery in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said Palestinian killers nursed incitement against our people with their mother s milk and were regarded as heroes in their society for carrying out heinous attacks against Israelis. Netanyahu also accused the Palestinian Authority of Abbas, who is scheduled to meet President Donald Trump this week, of compensating the attackers to the tune of $300 million a year. How can you talk about peace with Israel while you simultaneously fund murderers that are shedding the blood of innocent Israelis everywhere? Netanyahu said. Cancel payments to the murderers. Cancel the law that requires payments to these murderers. Fund peace and not murder. The Palestinian martyrs fund makes monthly payments to about 35,000 families of Palestinians killed and wounded in the long-running conflict with Israel, and says the money amounts to welfare payments to help victims of Israel s occupation. Israel has long said the payments glorify terrorism and provide an incentive to kill. People demonstrate to defy a ban and march on Taksim Square to celebrate May Day in Istanbul on May 1. Turkish police on Monday used tear-gas to disperse a group of protesters as they sought to defy a ban and march to Istanbul s Taksim Square to celebrate May Day. Police tried to stop around 200 protesters in the Gayrettepe district on the European side of Istanbul who wanted to walk to the famous square in spite of the ban by city authorities. (AFP) Supporters of the Lebanese Communist party take part in a May Day rally as they mark International Workers Day in Beirut on May 1. (AFP) Al-Hussein Mideast El-Sisi UN rights chief slams Egypt: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra ad al-hussein said on Monday that heavy-handed security measures by Egypt were fostering the very radicalisation it was looking to curb. Egypt last month was shaken by one of the bloodiest attacks in years when Islamic State suicide bombers targeted two Christian churches, killing 45 and marking the latest assault on a religious minority increasingly targeted by Islamist militants. President Abdel Fattah el-sisi declared a three-month state of emergency just hours after the attacks. Zeid condemned the church attacks at a news conference in Geneva but said that Egypt s approach to combating Islamist militants was exacerbating the problem.... a state of emergency, the massive numbers of detentions, reports of torture, and continued arbitrary arrests all of this we believe facilitates radicalisation in prisons, Zeid said.... And abetted by the crackdown on civil society through travel bans, freezing orders, anti-protest laws, this is in our opinion is not the way to fight terror. (RTRS) Tunisian historian Talbi dies: Mohamed Talbi, a prominent Tunisian academic and specialist on Islam, died early Monday aged 95, the country s culture ministry said. Talbi, who was born in Tunis in 1921, was one of the founders of the modern Tunisian university and a great intellectual figure, the ministry said in a statement. Having studied Arabic literature, he went on to earn a doctorate degree in history from the prestigious Sorbonne in Paris and later became the first dean to head the faculty of literature at University of Tunis. Talbi penned around 30 books and 100 articles in Arabic and French in which he challenged rigid interpretations of Islam and called for a fresh view of Islamic thought. Sharia law is a human product that has nothing to do with Islam, he told French newspaper Le Monde in (AFP) 300 inmates end hunger strike: An Israeli minister said Sunday that 300 Palestinians have agreed to end an almost twoweek-old hunger strike launched in protest at the conditions of their detention. However, the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian NGO the Palestinian Prisoners Club said 1,500 inmates were keeping up their fast in Israeli jails. Three hundred hunger strikers have agreed to take food without having ob- Turkey UN rights chief voices deep concern on mass arrests May Day protesters clash with police ISTANBUL, May 1, (Agencies): Police in Istanbul fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a group of May Day demonstrators on Monday, a Reuters witness said, as authorities detained more than 200 people at protests around the city. Protests for May Day, the international workers holiday, are an annual occurrence in Turkey and have in the past been characterised by widespread police actions against demonstrators. Protests were expected to be more subdued this year after unions said they would not attempt to march on Taksim Square, a traditional rallying point for anti-government protests that has been declared off-limits for demonstrators. Police presence was heavy across the city, with helicopters buzzing overhead. Tensions are particularly high after President Tayyip Erdogan narrowly won a referendum last month giving him sweeping new powers. Police in the Mecidiyekoy neighbourhood used tear gas and rubber bullets on a group of protesters who were attempting to march towards Taksim Square. They were shouting Taksim is ours and it will remain ours. Detained The square became the focal point for weeks of anti-erdogan demonstrations in Two demonstrators who managed to reach it were detained shortly after they unfurled a banner, Dogan news agency said. In the Besiktas neighbourhood, where two years ago police used water cannon on stone-throwing May Day demonstrators, dozens of people were rounded up for attempting to make their way to Taksim. A total of 207 people have been detained, the Istanbul governor s office said in a statement, adding that some 40 Molotov cocktails, 17 hand grenades and 176 fireworks had been confiscated. Illegal posters were also seized, it said. Rights groups and some of Turkey s Western allies say Ankara has sharply curtailed freedom of speech and other tained any of their demands, Israel s internal security minister, Gilad Erdan, told army radio. Negotiations are out of the question, he said, adding that 920 Palestinian prisoners remained on hunger strike. But the head of the Palestinian NGO, Qadura Fares, said the prison service is trying to negotiate with some of the prisoners and had moved a number of hunger strikers to a jail in northern Israel for that purpose. (AFP) basic rights in the crackdown that followed a failed coup last year. Since his referendum win, Erdogan has conducted two further purges, targeting the police, civil service and military. Over the weekend, 3,900 people were removed from the civil service and the armed forces, while authorities blocked access to online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, citing a law allowing the banning of access to websites deemed obscene or a threat to national security. Erdogan says the measures are necessary given the security threats faced by Turkey. Some 30,000 police were on duty in Istanbul alone, with the governor s office urging citizens not to heed calls for protests in non-official areas. Police checked tourists and citizens passing through Taksim and all streets leading to the square were cordoned off with iron barricades. Metro Metro lines did not stop at Taksim square, which was a rallying ground for May Day celebrations until 1977, when at least 34 people were killed during demonstrations. Authorities later opened up the square for celebrations but it was shut down again after it played host to antigovernment protests in 2013 targeting Erdogan, then prime minister. Our people were massacred on May Day in 1977, workers were massacred, a women protester who gave her name as Sevim told AFP. We are going to Taksim square because it is a meaningful place for the working class, she said shortly before the police intervention in Gayrettepe. This year s May Day celebrations also come after the Yes camp won last month s referendum with percent of the vote against percent for the No camp. The opposition have alleged major irregularities but its complaints were thrown out by the election commission and a top court. Tunisian PM replaces finmin: Tunisia s Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on Sunday replaced his finance minister after she had faced criticism from political opponents over the sharp fall in the dinar currency and slow progress in economic reforms. Chahed s spokesman said the premier had replaced Finance Minister Lamia Zribi with Minister of Investment Fadhel Abd Kefi, without giving a reason for the dismissal. Six years after its uprising ended Zine Two Israeli soldiers salute as they observe two minutes of silence as an air raid sirens sound, in Latrun, Israel on May 1. Israelis came to a two-minute standstill to remember fallen soldiers and victims of terror as the country marked Memorial Day, one of the most somber days on its calendar. (AP) Yunus Ozgur, another demonstrator, said he wanted to march to Taksim square to protest irregularities during the referendum. We are frustrated, he said. Taksim has a political meaning. They (authorities) are scared of this. Taksim is ours. In the meantime, several thousand people and unions attended celebrations in an officially sanctioned rally in the Bakirkoy district near the international airport on the city s western side. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights voiced deep concern in Geneva on Monday at mass arrests and sackings of public employees in Turkey and the renewed state of emergency there, saying a climate of fear now reigned. Zeid Ra ad al-hussein told a news conference in Geneva that Ankara had to respond to violent attacks but must not violate human rights while doing so. Turkey expelled more than 3,900 people from the civil service and military as threats to national security on Saturday, in the second major purge since President Tayyip Erdogan won sweeping new powers in a referendum last month. Last Wednesday, more than 9,000 police were suspended and another 1,000 detained for alleged links to the network of the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara blames for a coup attempt last July. He has denied any involvement. Freedom Erdogan has repeatedly said his government does not limit freedom of speech and that security measures are necessary given the gravity of the threats facing Turkey. With such a large number, it is highly unlikely that the suspensions and detentions will have met due process standards, Zeid told journalists. Yes, the terror attacks need to be tackled but not at expense of human rights, he said. El-Abidine Ben Ali s autocratic rule, Tunisia is praised for its progress to democracy. But successive governments failed to push through some of the painful reforms needed to overhaul public spending. The International Monetary Fund earlier this month agreed to pay out a delayed $320-million second tranche of Tunisia s loan programme after talks to agree on reform priorities. It had been delayed from December over a lack of progress on reforms. (RTRS) Polisario ready for talks: The Algiersbacked Polisario Front independence movement said Monday it was prepared to embark on negotiations with Morocco on the disputed territory of Western Sahara. The Polisario is ready to hold negotiations with Morocco on the basis of the right of Sahrawis to self-determination, senior official Mhamed Khadad told a news conference in the Algerian capital. He said the African Union and United Nations should both be involved in the peace process in which the Polisario would aim for freedom and national independence. On Friday, the United Nations set its sights on restarting political talks on the territory after the Polisario pulled back fighters from a tense zone on the border with Mauritania. UN military observers confirmed that the Polisario forces carried out the withdrawal from the Guerguerat area on Thursday and Friday. This action should improve the prospects of creating an environment... to relaunch the negotiating process with a new dynamic and a new spirit, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said. (AFP)

15 INTERNATIONAL 15 Former Japanese prime minister Yasuhiro Nakasone makes a speech as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (seated left), listens to him during the annual rally on revising Japan s constitution organized by ruling party lawmakers in Tokyo on May 1. Abe has pledged to initiate debate in parliament on revising the country s US-drafted constitution. The democratic and pacifist charter took effect 70 years ago on May 3. (AP) Hong Kong Xi July 1 visit expected HK pulls out stops to mark 20th China rule HONG KONG, May 1, (AFP): A multi-million dollar programme of events in Hong Kong will mark 20 years since the city was handed back to China by colonial ruler Britain, but critics say the show is out of step with political tensions. The large-scale celebrations come despite increased concerns over Beijing meddling in the semi-autonomous city and deep political divisions between Hong Kong s pro-democracy and pro-china camps. China s President Xi Jinping is expected to visit for the July 1 anniversary, with security exercises under way in preparation. Hundreds of events, from art exhibitions to sports tournaments, will take place between now and the end of the year as part of the festivities, with the government proposing to spend HK$640 million ($82 million). Coloured lights and rainbow posters already adorn local neighbourhoods under the slogan Together, Progress, Xi Opportunity. An official video of Canto pop stars performing a new song Hong Kong, our home is frequently broadcast on television networks. Engage The city s unpopular outgoing leader Leung Chunying said the celebrations reflected the city s vision of tomorrow, and aimed to engage all residents. The handover to me is historically significant and worth commemorating because Hong Kong is originally a part of China, a 51-year-old resident who gave his name as Michael said. Retiree Ah Yu, 76, agreed. The (anniversary) is important for Hong Kong because we are all Chinese, he said. But others were sceptical. Are we celebrating the fact that we don t have freedom and have no democracy? 67-year-old Ales Li asked. Why don t they use all these resources to mend divisions? The agreement made between Britain and China in 1997 was designed to secure Hong Kong s semiautonomous status, protecting its freedoms and way of life for 50 years. But Beijing stands accused of undermining the deal, triggering protests and a fledgling independence movement. Some young residents told AFP they felt the celebrations were simply a stunt. It isn t really helpful towards anyone, said university student Miranda Yeung, 20. Campaign It s a great publicity campaign and it looks very exciting for a tourist, but it doesn t really mean that much. Others said the amount of money being spent was a waste in a city with a yawning wealth gap. Frustration over a lack of political reform despite mass pro-democracy protests in 2014 has led to the emergence of groups demanding selfdetermination for Hong Kong or even a full split from China. That has sparked a backlash from Beijing, with Chinese authorities intervening to effectively bar two democratically elected pro-independence lawmakers from taking up their parliamentary seats in Hong Kong last year. The pair are now facing criminal charges over their behaviour in parliament. There are also concerns Beijing is interfering in other areas, from media to education. Those fears were heightened by the disappearance of five Hong Kong booksellers known for publishing salacious titles about Chinese leaders in All five resurfaced on the mainland. Japan s helicopter carrier JS Izumo (foreground), sails by a US supply ship (top), at anchor in the waters off Yokosuka after the Japanese destroyer departed Yokosuka port, south of Tokyo on May 1. Japan s navy has dispatched its largest destroyer reportedly tasked with escorting US military ships off the Japanese coast, a first-time mission under new security legislation that allows Japan s military a greater role overseas, amid heightened tension on the Korean Peninsula. The Izumo started to escort the US supply ship after the two vessels met up in the waters off the Boso Peninsula, south of Tokyo, later in the day. (AP) Asia China deports US woman: An American woman held for more than two years by China has been deported to the United States after being convicted of espionage, the US State Department confirmed on Sunday. Sandy Phan-Gillis was detained in March 2015 at the Macau border after visiting mainland China with a trade delegation from the Texas oil capital Houston. She was accused of espionage, stealing state secrets and allegedly passing on intelligence to a third party. She was sentenced Wednesday to three and a half years in prison and deportation. We are aware that Chinese authorities deported Ms Phan-Gillis back to the United States, a State Department official said. The United States welcomes her home. A human rights group based in San Francisco, Dui Hua, said Phan-Gillis was deported on Friday and arrived home the same day in Los Angeles. She was met upon arrival by her husband and members of her family, the group said in a statement. Her return to the US comes three weeks after Chinese President Xi Jinping met US President Donald Trump in Florida, amid a warming of ties between the two countries. Since that first face-to-face meeting, the two presidents have been in constant touch with each other, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said Friday. (AFP) Taiwan says US ties solid: Taiwan s US ties are solid with regular contacts, its foreign minister said on Monday, as the government came under opposition criticism over US President Donald Trump s cool response to the possibility of a phone call with Taiwan s president. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen told Reuters in an interview on Thursday that if the need arose, she would not rule out talking directly again to the US president, when asked about such a possibility. But later in the day, Trump brushed aside the suggestion, saying he did not want to create problems for Chinese President Xi Jinping when Beijing appears to be helping with efforts to rein in North Korea. The island s foreign minister, David Lee, responding in a regular parliamentary North Korea CIA chief in S. Korea amid heightened tension N. Korea hints at N-test SEOUL, May 1, (Agencies): North Korea warned Monday that it will carry out a nuclear test at any time and at any location set by its leadership, in the latest rhetoric to fuel jitters in the region. Tensions on the Korean peninsula have been running high for weeks, with signs that the North might be preparing a long-range missile launch or a sixth nuclear test and with Washington refusing to rule out a military strike in response. A spokesman for the North s foreign ministry said Pyongyang was fully ready to respond to any option taken by the US. The regime will continue bolstering its preemptive nuclear attack capabilities unless Washington scrapped its hostile policies, he said in a statement carried by the state-run KCNA news agency. The DPRK s measures for bolstering the nuclear force to the maximum will be taken in a consecutive and successive way at any moment and any place decided by its supreme leadership, the spokesman added, apparently referring to a sixth nuclear test and using the North s official name, the Democratic Republic of Korea. The North has carried out five nuclear tests in the last 11 years and is widely believed to be making progress towards its dream of building a missile capable of delivering a warhead to the continental United States. Conflict It raises the tone of its warnings every spring, when Washington and Seoul carry out joint exercises it condemns as rehearsals for invasion, but this time fears of conflict have been fuelled by a cycle of threats from both sides. The joint drills have just ended, but naval exercises are continuing in the Sea of Japan (East Sea) with a US strike group led by the aircraft carrier US Carl Vinson. The Pyongyang foreign ministry spokesman said if the North was not armed with the powerful nuclear force, Washington would have committed without hesitation the same brigandish aggression act in Korea as what it committed against other countries. The statement reasserts the North s long-running rhetoric on its military capabilities. Seoul also regularly warns that Pyongyang can carry out a test whenever it decides to do so. Pyongyang s latest attempted show of force was a failed missile test on Saturday that came just hours after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson pressed the UN Security Council to do session to opposition references to Trump s comments, said relations with the United States were good. The outlook for Taiwan-US relations is very optimistic, Lee told lawmakers. (RTRS) Crane collapse kills 6 workers: Samsung Heavy Industries say a crane has collapsed at its shipyard in South Korea, killing six workers and injuring 22. Fears of missile in Japan: Whatever will be, will be FUSSA, Japan, May 1, (AP): Residents living near US military bases in Japan are facing a fresh reality: Their neighborhoods are on the front-line of North Korea s dispute with America and if Pyongyang were to attack they would have just minutes to shelter from incoming missiles. It s impossible. There is no way we can run away from it, said Seijiro Kurosawa, a 58-year-old taxi driver in Fussa, near Yokota Air Base. We don t have bunkers, shelters or anything like that. His company recently instructed drivers to park their cabs and take immediate refuge in the event of an attack, but he isn t sure where he could go. All we can do is run into a department store perhaps, he said. A possible missile strike and what to do about it have dominated TV talk shows and other media in Japan in recent weeks as regional tension has spiked, with the North Korean regime continuing to testfire rockets and President Donald Trump sending an aircraft carrier to nearby waters in a show of force. North Korea has yet to meet its goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile that can reach the US mainland, but analysts believe its current arsenal is capable of striking the 50,000 US troops stationed across Japan. The government Phan-Gillis Tsai raised caution levels in March after Pyongyang said four ballistic missiles that landed a few hundred kilometers (miles) off Japan s coast were meant to simulate a nuclear strike on US bases there. While Japanese tabloids and television programs have reported on nuclear shelters ordered by a handful of rich people or touted gas masks as a more affordable option, it s largely business as usual in Fussa, a town of 58,000 people in Tokyo s western suburbs. Whatever will be, will be, said 34-year-old Jumpei Takemiya, who runs a shoe repair shop across from Yokota Air Base. Just think calmly about it. Is Yokota really going to be the first one to be hit? I doubt it, and frankly I m not so nervous, he said. Looking out his shop window, he added: As you can see, there is no heightened security or any other unusual development around here. For 75-year-old Yoshio Takagi, the talk of North Korean missiles brings back memories of World War II, when he had to temporarily relocate to a rural village to avoid American bombs falling in and around Tokyo that killed his two older brothers. He remains opposed to the use of weapons, but is also realistic about current circumstances. more to push the North into abandoning its weapons programme. Warned Meanwhile, South Korean media on Monday warned of a Trump risk threatening the alliance between Washington and Seoul amid high tensions over the North s weapons ambitions. The two countries are bound by a defence pact and 28,500 US troops are stationed in the South. But the new US president has said in recent interviews that Seoul should pay for a billion-dollar US missile defence system being deployed in the South to guard against threats from the nuclear-armed North. He has also pushed for renegotiation of what he called a horrible bilateral free trade pact that went into effect five years ago, calling it an unacceptable... deal made by Hillary. In related news, America s CIA director is making an unannounced visit to South Korea, the US Embassy in Seoul confirmed Monday, amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula. An embassy official said Mike Pompeo and his wife were in the South Korean capital on Monday, but wouldn t say for how long. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. South Korean media reports said the CIA chief arrived in South Korea over the weekend for meetings with the head of South Korea s National Intelligence Service and high-level officials in the presidential office. The US official, however, wouldn t confirm any meetings beyond ones with officials at US Forces in Korea and the US Embassy. The South Korean shipbuilder, the world s third-largest, said rescuers were searching for people trapped under debris after the 32-ton crane fell on a ship Monday at its shipyard on Geoje island. The company said the crane collided with another crane before it collapsed onto the ship. All of those killed were workers hired by various subcontractors at Samsung. Three of those hurt suffered severe injuries. (AP)

16 INTERNATIONAL 16 World News Roundup Subcontinent Pakistan killed 2 Indian soldiers Nepal suspends SC chief justice KATHMANDU, Nepal, May 1, (Agencies): Nepal s first female Supreme Court chief justice was suspended after an impeachment motion was filed in Parliament accusing her of bias and interfering with executive powers. Sushila Karki, who held one of the highest positions ever held by a woman in Nepal, was suspended automatically after the motion signed by nearly half the members in Parliament was registered, Supreme Court spokesman Mahendra Nath Upadhaya said Monday. Deputy Prime Minister Bimalendra Nidhi resigned in protest of the impeachment motion, an absence likely to cause problems because crucial municipal and district elections are planned in two weeks. Nidhi was also the home minister tasked with arranging security for the polls. Nidhi handed in his resignation because he disagrees with the motion filed against the chief justice that would bring further distance between the legislature and judiciary, his press adviser Ramjee Dahal said. There was no discussion on Karki the issue within the party, Dahal said. Nidhi is from the Nepali Congress party, one of the two ruling parties whose members signed the motion. Karki was accused of interfering with executive powers and issuing biased decisions. The motion cited the court s order overturning the government s appointment of the police chief. The motion, filed late Sunday, would have to first be debated in Parliament and then would require twothirds of votes in the 601-seat Parliament for it to be approved. Karki was known for zero tolerance against corruption. She was appointed chief justice in April 2016 and was due to retire next month. 2 Indian soldiers killed: Pakistani troops killed two Indian soldiers in disputed Kashmir on Monday and mutilated their bodies, India s army said, calling it a despicable act. In a statement, the army said Pakistan s border force attacked a patrol operating between two border posts on the de facto frontier known as the Line of Control in the remote Himalayan region. In an unsoldierly act by the Pak Army the bodies of two of our soldiers in the patrol were mutilated, the statement said, warning of an appropriate response. It also accused Pakistan of what it called unprovoked rocket and mortar firing across the heavily militarised Line of Control but gave no further details. Kashmir has been divided between India and Pakistan since the end of British rule in 1947 but both lay claim to the entire territory. The incident is likely to further raise tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals, who have fought two of their three wars over control of the territory. The two sides have accused each other in the past of mutilating the bodies of each other s soldiers. Army spokesman N. N. Joshi said the victims were a junior officer and a border guard. Another guard from India s Border Security Force was injured in the initial firing from Pakistan, Joshi said. Mob in India lynches 2: A mob in India beat to death two Muslims who were accused of trying to steal cows for slaughter, police said on Monday, the latest incident in a surge of violence blamed on hardline Hindu groups. Some Hindu groups are demanding a ban on the slaughter of cows, which many Hindus regard as sacred. Activists have been making their demands more vociferously since Prime Minister Narendra Modi, of the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, came to power in Police said the latest attack happened on Sunday in a village in the northeastern state of Assam. About 20 people attacked the two Muslim youths, beating them with sticks, after they were accused of plotting to steal cows. When the first police team reached the spot we found the two youths in critical condition after being severely beaten, district police chief Debaraj Upadhay told Reuters by telephone. Some television pictures showed the two victims with their hands tied. The parents of one of the youths had lodged a complaint and police were investigating. No arrests had been made, Upadhay said. Organ trade ring busted: A Pakistani official says authorities have uncovered an illegal organ trade ring, arresting two doctors and their three associates. Mohammad Hammad, from the federal investigation agency, says the doctors ran an illegal clinic from a house in the eastern city of Lahore. He says the suspects appeared before a court on Monday. He says they were arrested during a Sunday raid on the clinic, where a donor and a recipient waiting for a kidney transplant were also detained. Hammad says the recipient had paid 5 million rupees ($47,170) while the donor was to receive only 130,000 rupees ($1,226) for giving up a kidney. Pakistan has introduced strict laws to curb organ trade. Media reports have suggested scores of people sell their kidneys each year, usually to pay off debts. Fighting takes heavy toll: Afghan security forces were killed at a shockingly high rate during what historically has been a winter lull in fighting against the Taleban, a US watchdog said in a report Monday. According to the US government s Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), 807 troops from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces died between January 1 and February 24. Afghanistan remains in the grip of a deadly war. Casualties suffered by (ANDSF) in the fight against the Taleban and other insurgents continue to be shockingly high, the report noted. Levels of violence have traditionally dipped over Afghanistan s cold winter months, but this year the Taleban continued to battle government forces, most successfully in a horrific April 19 attack on a military base outside the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. The massacre saw insurgents armed with guns and suicide bombs slaughter at least 144 recruits, a US official told AFP, though multiple sources have claimed the toll was higher still. The Afghan Taleban launched their spring offensive Friday, heralding fresh fighting the group said would include conventional attacks, guerrilla warfare, complex martyrdom attacks (and) insider attacks. Afghan police and army units in 2015 took over from NATO the task of providing security for the country. According to SIGAR, 6,785 Afghan soldiers and police officers were killed between January 1 and Nov 12, 2016, with another 11,777 wounded. Bahrain s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa (second left), inspects a Royal Malay Regiment guard of honour as Malaysian Prime minister Najib Razak (center), looks on during a welcoming ceremony at the Parliament in Kuala Lumpur on May 1. (AFP) This handout photo taken and released on May 1, by the Presidential Photographers Division (PPD) shows Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (center), posing for Cambodian workers hold placards and banners as they shout slogans during a May Day, or International Workers Day, in Phnom Penh on May 1. Activists around the world mark May Day with marches demanding better working conditions, more jobs and higher wages. (AFP) Asia Turbulence injures 27: Passengers on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Thailand were slammed into the ceiling after their aircraft hit a patch of severe turbulence injuring 27 people, some of them suffering fractured bones, witnesses and officials said Monday. The terrifying ordeal occurred when the plane flew through a pocket of clean air turbulence so-called because there is no cloud warning of its presence shortly before landing in Bangkok after midnight, the airline said. Denis Antonyuk, an official at Russia s embassy in Bangkok said 24 Russian nationals and three Thais were injured. Fifteen Russians and two Thais are still in hospital, he told AFP, adding the rest had been discharged. Passenger phone footage broadcast by Rossiya 24 state television channel showed a scene of chaos inside the cabin, with injured passengers on the floor, smears of blood on luggage racks and oxygen masks hanging down. (AFP) Thai junta chief accepts WH invite: Thailand s junta chief has accepted an invitation to visit the White House from President Donald Trump, his spokesman said Monday, the latest autocrat to be embraced by the US leader. The offer came during a phone conversation on Sunday night, part of a flurry of calls Trump made to Southeast Asian leaders over the weekend trying to shore up regional support over the troubled Korean peninsula. On Sunday he extended a White House invitation to Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte, whose brutal anti-drugs campaign has claimed thousands of lives and led to warnings from rights groups about possible crimes against humanity. The Prime Minister thanked and accepted President Trump s invitation to visit photos with Chinese sailors while visiting the guided missile frigate Changchun berthed at the Davao international port on May 1. (AFP) Philippines Filipino leader hesitant on US visit Duterte warm on China DAVAO, Philippines, May 1, (Agencies): Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Monday he may turn down an invitation by Donald Trump to visit the United States, as he welcomed three Chinese warships to his home town. Duterte, who has loosened the Philippines long alliance with the United States while strengthening ties with China and Russia, said he could not commit to the American president because of a busy schedule that included a trip to Moscow. I am tied up. I cannot make any definite promise. I am supposed to go to Russia, I am supposed to go to Israel, he told reporters when asked about Trump s invitation made in a telephone call on Saturday. Duterte expressed concerns about not being able to fit in a visit to Trump even though no firm date has yet been proposed for it. Nevertheless, Duterte said relations with the United States were improving now that Trump had taken over from Barack Obama, who criticised the Philippine president for his anti-drug war that has claimed thousands of lives. Rights groups have warned Duterte may be orchestrating a crime against humanity, with police and vigilantes committing mass murder. But Duterte insists his security forces are not breaking any laws. The United States is the Philippines former colonial ruler and the nations are bound by a mutual defence treaty. Duterte said Monday that his efforts to loosen the alliance were only a response to the drug war criticism. It was not a distancing (of relations) but it was rather a rift between me and the (US) State Department and Mr Obama, who spoke openly against me, he said. Things have changed, there is a new leadership. He wants to make friends, he says we are friends so why the United States, junta spokesman Major General Werachon Sukhonhapatipak said in a statement, adding that the offer to visit had been reciprocated by Bangkok. Thailand s former army chief Prayut Trump Prayut should we pick a fight? Duterte s comments came shortly after he visited three Chinese warships visiting his home town, the southern city of Davao on Mindanao island. This is part of confidence-building and goodwill and to show we are friends and that is why I welcome them, he said. Duterte has pursued closer relations with the Chinese government even though Beijing has taken control of a fishing shoal and built artificial islands in parts of the South China Sea that are within the Philippines exclusive economic zone. In related news, the White House on Sunday defended President Donald Trump s decision to invite Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to Washington, saying his cooperation was needed to counter North Korea, even as the administration faced human rights criticism for its overture to Manila. Meanwhile, a US-based human rights group says President Donald Trump should not roll out the White House red carpet for Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte, whom it accused of being a mastermind of mass murder because of his anti-drug crackdown in which thousands have died. Human Rights Watch and other critics reacted with alarm Monday at Trump s invitation to Duterte to visit the White House. In a telephone call, Trump also affirmed America s alliance and friendship with the Philippines and its president, who has maintained an antagonistic stance toward US security policies. The US and other countries close to the Philippines have an obligation to urge accountability for the victims of Duterte s abusive drug war, rather than offer to roll out the red carpet for official state visits with its mastermind, said Phelim Kine, HRW s deputy director for Asia. Chan-O-Cha seized power three years ago, anointing himself prime minister and ushering in the kingdom s most autocratic government in a generation. (AFP) Uber suspends driver: Uber has suspended a driver in Australia while police investigate allegations that he told a passenger he led an organization related to the Islamic State movement and planned to blow up Parliament House, the ride-hailing company said Monday. The passenger, a woman who declined to be identified out of fear for her safety, said on Monday she was heading home from downtown Canberra after a night out with friends when she caught an Uber early Sunday morning. (AP) Diamond Surat lures migrants Diamond City keeps sparkle BANGKOK, May 1, (RTRS): With a booming trade in diamond cutting and textile manufacturing, the port city of Surat in India s western state of Gujarat is a melting pot for migrants from across the country seeking work and business opportunities. Kamlesh Yagnik was one of them. In his early 30s, the Mumbai native moved to the Diamond City, as Surat is known locally because it handles 90 percent of the world s rough diamond cutting and polishing. In the two decades since, the engineer has set up a technology consultancy and a clean energy management firm, raised a family, and come to regard Surat as home. Yagnik Now he is the city s first chief resilience officer, tasked with making the industrial hub cohesive, robust and sustainable. It will not be an easy task. Surat, home to nearly 6 million people, is one of the world s fastestgrowing cities. Up to the 1960s, it occupied 8.2 square kilometres (3.17 square miles) of land on the bank of the Tapi River. By 2009, it had expanded to square km. It has a limited public transport system and insufficient affordable housing for the throngs of people that continue to arrive, betting their future on the city. Quality The Tapi River is the city s main water source but its quality is deteriorating. Surat also faces the threat of sea-level rise, while flooding and saltwater intrusion are already a problem. Meanwhile the industries that made Surat s name could lead to its undoing, experts warn. This city is thriving, and it s only because of the growth of diamonds and textiles, Yagnik told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview. But the raw materials are not produced in India with much of Surat s diamond supply coming from Africa and that makes the city highly vulnerable to outside shocks, he emphasised. Economic resilience is a prime pillar for us, said the former head of the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Two weeks ago, Surat unveiled a document outlining how to achieve its vision of healthy, just, economically viable and environmentally sound communities. The strategy explores how the city can diversify its economy, to bolster it against any downturn in diamonds and textiles, by developing policies to support its IT industry, promoting smaller businesses, and providing skills training. The strategy was developed under the Rockefeller Foundation s 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) initiative, which helps cities around the world prepare for climate change and other pressures. Surat is the first Indian city to publish its strategy, which Yagnik hopes will serve as a model for others, including three Chennai, Pune and Jaipur in the 100RC network. The strategy, which took 18 months to complete, identifies seven key areas for action: connectivity and mobility, affordable housing, water availability and quality, employment, environment and ecosystems, social cohesion and public health. Making These are broken down into 63 projects more than half new that last from one to eight years each, aimed at making Surat more resilient to environmental, economic and social stresses. They range from developing an integrated transport system to adapting buildings for low energy consumption and providing housing insurance and soft loans to encourage home ownership. There are also programmes to promote recycling, research groundwater, and design heritage walks for locals and tourists. In the short term, Yagnik is hoping to make progress on monitoring the Tapi River s water quality and developing non-motorised transport in areas with particularly bad traffic. The city is also looking to work with the private sector, think tanks and development groups. For example, it is partnering with Pricewaterhouse- Coopers on housing, and aid agency Save the Children on public health. This city has grown on the principle of PPP (public-private partnership), said Yagnik, who is confident local entrepreneurs and businesses will provide financing to overcome the gap in resources Indian governments have long struggled with. Neither is pioneering Surat a stranger to climate action, as a core member of the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network, another Rockefeller initiative which began in 2008.

17 INTERNATIONAL 17 Africa France op kills over 20 militants: France has killed more than 20 militants hiding in a forest near the border between the West African countries of Mali and Burkina Faso this weekend, its regional force said in a statement. The operation followed the death of a French soldier nearby earlier this month. It involved both air and ground strikes, the statement said. It did not identify the militant group. Mali has been regularly hit by Islamist militant violence, despite a 2013 French-led operation to drive them out of key northern cities they had seized. It extended a state of emergency by six months this weekend. (RTRS) Nigerian emir facing graft probe: One of Nigeria s most prominent Muslim leaders is under investigation on suspicion of embezzlement, fuelling rumours that some want him removed after he made a series of comments about the need for social reforms. Anti-corruption investigators are looking into the accounts of the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, following allegations of gross mismanagement of royal finances. We have gone far in the investigation... to safeguard the honour and prestige of the emirate council, the head of the anticorruption unit in the northern state of Kano, Muhyi Magaji, told AFP. The treasurer and secretary of the state-funded royal court have been summoned for questioning on Tuesday, he added. A source familiar with the investigation said the probe centred on the use of six billion naira ($19 million, 17 million euros) of palace funds to pay for luxury cars, chartered flights, phone and internet bills as well as other personal expenses. (AFP) UN airlifts aid for DRC asylum seekers: The United Nations refugee agency on Sunday airlifted its first batch of relief supplies to the more than 11,000 people on Angola s northern border fleeing the latest violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The UN said that more than a million civilians have been displaced inside the DRC since a brutal conflict broke out in the Kasai region in mid-2016, with about 25,000 asylum seekers crossing into Angola. (RTRS) Brazil s President Michel Temer (sixth right), and Japan s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso (fi fth right), take part in the inauguration of the Japan House in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 30. Japan Houses are also scheduled to be established in London and Los Angeles with the aim of celebrating the best of Japanese culture, from architecture and design to food and fashion. (AFP) Lat/Am Maduro hikes minimum wage: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hiked wages and handed out hundreds of free homes Sunday amid his efforts to counter a strengthening protest movement seeking his removal. On his regular television show, Sundays with Maduro, the president ordered a 60 percent increase in the country s minimum wage starting Monday. It was the third pay increase the socialist leader has ordered this year and the 15th since he became president in It is small solace to workers who seen the buying power of their earnings eroded by a sinking currency and the world s highest inflation forecast to accelerate to 2,000 percent next year, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). With the latest wage increase and mandatory food subsidies, the minimum take home pay for millions of Venezuelans now stands at 200,000 bolivars a month or less than $50 at the widely used black market rate. We re here to take care of the workers, those who are most humble, and not the privileges of the oligarchs, Maduro said. In addition to the pay hike, he announced a special economic war bonus to retirees to make up for what he says are attempts by the opposition to sabotage the economy. Meanwhile, Maduro on Sunday welcomed an offer by Pope Francis for Vatican mediation in crisis-torn Venezuela but opposition leaders rebuffed the overture. The pope s call for a negotiated solution came in response to waves of protests by Venezuelans demanding new elections to pull the country out of a downward spiral. At least 28 people have died in protests since they began April, and hundreds have been arrested. (Agencies) 7 killed in Mexico shootout: Authorities in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua say an army patrol was attacked by gunfire, setting off a shootout that killed seven armed men in their 20s. The state prosecutor s office says the shootout occurred Saturday afternoon in the remote town of La Grulla in western Chihuahua. In a Sunday statement, prosecutors say 15 soldiers riding in two vehicles took fire in rugged terrain. It says rifles and a pistol, as well as bullet-proof vests, were recovered at the scene. The statement doesn t say if any soldiers were wounded. (AP) Australian claims set-up: A young Australian woman is facing 25 years in one of Colombia s most squalid prisons on drug trafficking charges that her family Monday claimed was a set-up. Cassie Sainsbury, 22, was arrested on April 12 at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota on her way back to Adelaide with 5.8 kgs (12 pounds 13 ounces) of cocaine in her suitcase, her sister Khala said on an online fundraising site. Her mother Lisa claimed her naive daughter told her in an hysterical phone call she was given several packages that she believed contained headphones she had bought as gifts, and put them in her luggage without checking. She claimed she was set up by a Colombian man she befriended while on a working holiday. He had been helping her all week, taking her around and showing her places and just being a nice guy, her mother told KIIS FM commercial radio. (AFP)

18 INTERNATIONAL 18 World News Roundup SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches from pad 39A on May 1, in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The rocket is delivering a classified payload to orbit for the National Reconnaissance offi ce. (AFP) Archaeology Making art accessible Quest to hand down prehistoric secrets Collado CÁCERES, Spain, May 1, (Agencies): It s dark and surprisingly warm in a cave in western Spain that hides our most intimate connection to the prehistoric past hand silhouettes painted tens of thousands of years ago. Archaeologist Hipolito Collado and his team had not entered the Maltravieso Cave in the city of Caceres for close to a year to avoid damaging the 57 faded hands that adorn the walls, precious remnants of a farflung piece of history we know little about. Why did our ancestors or distant relatives paint hands in caves? Was it merely to make their mark, or part of a ritual to commune with spirits? Do they tell us anything about the role of women during the Paleolithic era that ended some 10,000 years ago? And why are some fingers missing? In a bid to unlock some of these mysteries, Collado, head of archaeology for the government of the Extremadura region where Caceres is located, has set out to catalogue all of Europe s prehistoric painted hands. Crouching under low hanging rocks or abseiling down crags, he and other archaeologists have been going from cave to cave, taking scans and high-resolution photos of all the hands they encounter. They then post them in detailed, 3D format in a free-touse online database, as part of an EU-funded project called Handpas. The idea is for researchers anywhere in the world to be able to examine them all in one place without having to visit every cave or gain access to those closed for conservation, in the hope of producing a breakthrough. It s about making inaccessible art accessible, says Collado, as he checks sensors for any change in CO2 levels, temperature or humidity since he last visited the meandering, cramped cave. Surrounded by high rises in what was a poor neighbourhood of Caceres, the cave was discovered in 1951 in a quarry but left neglected for decades, squatted by thrill-seekers, junkies and others until authorities put up a wrought-iron gate barring the entrance in the mid-1980s. According to Collado, a Spaniard who is also head of the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations, painted hands have been found in 36 caves in Europe all in France, Spain and Italy. Some also contain animal drawings and fossils but his project focuses only on hands. Further afield, hands have also been discovered in South America, Australia and Indonesia, where recent research revealed that a hand silhouette in a cave on Sulawesi island was 40,000 years old the world s oldest. That was around the time when Homo sapiens the first modern humans arrived in Europe after having emerged in Africa and lived in parts of Asia. Theories abound about what the hands mean, but with no written records, much of it is conjecture. Researchers have tried to determine whether they were male or female, and why in some cases fingers are missing. Was this a ritual? Did they lose them in freezing cold weather? Or as is more commonly believed did they simply fold some fingers over when painting in some sort of sign language? What if scientists were able to determine for certain that all hands in one area were done by women? It could mean a matriarchal society, says Collado s colleague Jose Ramon Bello Rodrigo. And did Homo sapiens or possibly Neanderthals before them merely wander into a cave and casually leave their hand imprint as a form of ancient I woz ere? In this handout photo taken on Feb 24, 2017, and released by HANDPAS project shows a prehistoric hand painting on a wall of the Paintings Hall in the Maltravieso cave in Caceres. (AFP) Musk Discovery Trump Musk teases future plans: Elon Musk paused while chatting about his series of potentially world-changing endeavors to say he isn t in it to provide salvation. It was during a talk on Friday at a prestigious TED Conference in Vancouver, where the tech entrepreneur was discussing his ventures building electric cars and trucks, rockets, a newly launched tunnelboring company and even dabbling with super-fast mass transit. I m not trying to be anyone s savior, Musk said while discussing colonizing Mars and other dreams. I am just trying to think about the future and not be sad. You ll tell me if it ever starts getting genuinely insane, right? the Silicon Valley star known for turning his passions into visionary enterprises added playfully. Musk went on to tease the audience with a photo of a self-driving truck that his company Tesla Motors is adding to its line of electric cars. Describing the vehicle as powerful enough to tow a regular big rig up a hill, he said it would handle like a sports car. When I was driving the test prototype for the first truck, it was really weird, he said. I thought, This is crazy! driving this large truck and it s doing these amazing maneuvers. A founder of the PayPal online payment system as well as Tesla and SpaceX the maker and launcher of rockets and spacecraft Musk is also working on building tunnels more efficiently at his aptly named Boring company. Describing traffic jams as soulcrushing, he said they could be eliminated by building multi-level tunnel networks for cars. His company is already trying to bore tunnels under Los Angeles, he said. The Boring company has a pet snail named Gary that inches along far faster than the current machines used to create tunnels, he added. His machines would build small-bore tunnels faster than Gary, in what he said would be a major, cost-saving advance. Musk also shrugged off criticism for agreeing to take part in advisory councils to US President Donald Trump. (AFP) Stricter limits on pollutants: Power Space SpaceX lands booster for recycling Top-secret US spy sat launched MIAMI, May 1, (AFP): SpaceX on Monday blasted off a secretive US government satellite, known only as NROL-76, marking the first military launch for the California-based aerospace company headed by billionaire tycoon Elon Musk. The payload for the National Reconnaissance Office, which makes and operates spy satellites for the United States, soared into the sky atop a Falcon 9 rocket at 7:15 am (1115 GMT). About 10 minutes after launch, the scorched first stage of the rocket came back to Earth and landed upright at Cape Canaveral, marking the fourth successful solid ground landing for SpaceX. And we have touchdown, a SpaceX commentator said on a live webcast as cheers broke out at mission control. The first stage has landed back at Landing Zone 1. Another good day for us at SpaceX. A beautiful sight to see. Live video of the launch showed the first and second stages of the rocket separating about two and a half minutes into the flight. The larger portion of the rocket, known as the first stage, made a gentle arc and powered its nitrogen thrusters to guide it back to Earth. plants in the European Union will have to cut the amount of toxic pollutants they emit such as nitrogen oxides under new rules approved by EU member states on Friday and widely applauded by environmental groups. The decision imposes stricter limits on emissions of pollutants like nitrogen oxide, After a fiery entry burn, the rocket set itself down steadily in the center of the 300-foot (91-meter) circular landing zone. Musk is leading an effort in the rocket industry to re-use costly parts rather than jettison them into the ocean after each launch. SpaceX has already made multiple successful landings -- some on land and others on floating ocean platforms, known as drone ships. The launch was initially planned for Sunday, but was postponed in the last seconds before liftoff due to a sensor issue with the rocket, SpaceX said. The sensor in question was replaced ahead of Monday s attempt. Payload Little was known about the payload, which a SpaceX commentator described only as a satellite, due to its classified nature. As a matter of policy and because of classification, NRO does not provide information about our contracts, an NRO spokeswoman told AFP. Until now, the US military has spent billions per year exclusively with United Launch Alliance, a joint operation of aerospace giants Boeing and Lockheed Martin, to launch government satel- sulphur dioxide, mercury and particulate matter from large combustion plants in Europe. Air pollution is the prime environmental cause of premature death in the European Union, said Enrico Brivio, a spokesman for the European Commission. This file photo an iceberg floats in the Atlantic Ocean on April 26, 2017 off the coast of Port Kirwan, Newfoundland, Canada. Icebergs break off from Baffin Island and Greenland every spring and drift down the stretch of water along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador known as Iceberg Alley. According to media reports, the higher number of icebergs this season can be attributed to uncommonly strong counter-clockwise winds that draw the icebergs south and possibly global warming, which could be making Greenland s ice sheet melt faster. (AFP) lites. SpaceX in 2014 protested the US Air Force s practice of using only ULA, saying it unfairly awarded billions of dollars to a single company for national security launches. SpaceX to was selected to launch NROL-76 after a competition, said the NRO spokeswoman. She said she did not know when the contract was awarded. The contract was first announced last year. SpaceX also has a pair of launch contracts coming up for the Air Force to send GPS satellites into orbit. SpaceX regularly launches unmanned cargo ships to the International Space Station, and is working on a crew capsule that could carry humans into orbit as early as next year. Musk said via Twitter that both the launch and landing were good. But the upper-level wind at liftoff was unusually high. Tough call, as high altitude wind shear was at 98.6 percent of the theoretical load limit, he said in a tweet. Earlier in the morning, he noted about the wind, Worrying, but not a showstopper. Sunday s launch attempt was foiled at the last minute by a bad sensor. Large combustion plants account for a big share of air pollutant emissions across the EU: 46 percent of sulphur dioxide, 18 percent of nitrogen oxide, 39 percent of mercury and 4 percent of dust, he added. NGOs say the new rules could save more than 20,000 lives every year by reducing pollution from coal-fired power plants alone. The EU s Industrial Emissions Directive, its main instrument regulating pollutant emissions from industrial plants, entered into force in (RTRS) EPA site undergoes makeover: The website of the US Environmental Protection Agency,, is getting a makeover to reflect the views of President Donald Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, the agency said on Friday. As EPA renews its commitment to human health and clean air, land and water, our website needs to reflect the views of the leadership of the agency, it said in a statement. Trump, a climate change doubter, campaigned on a pledge to boost the US oil and gas drilling and coal mining industries by slashing regulation. He also promised to pull Washington out of a global pact to fight climate change. The first page to be updated is one that reflects Trump s executive order on energy independence, which calls for a review of the Clean Power Plan put into place by his predecessor, president Barack Obama, the statement said. (RTRS)

19 19 SPECIAL REPORT Save our beautiful language by Sheikha Dr Suad Al-Sabah Buds of Arabic Literature GLITTERING EVENING FROM FUTURE POETS By Bader Abu Raghabah Al-Otaibi Special to the Arab Times The first edition of Suad Al-Sabah Festival for the Buds of Arabic Literature concluded with an evening devoted to students recitation and awards presentation on Wednesday, April 19, at Sheikha Dr Suad Al- Sabah Theatre s auditorium in Al-Adailiyah area. The event which was held at Kuwait Writers Association (KWA) premises under the patronage of Sheikha Dr Suad Al-Sabah, began with some verses of the Holy Quran recited by Muhammad Mussa, a student, at 7:30 pm, and went on for over two hours. At the beginning of the programme, Abeer Wael, who was the presenter of the ceremony welcomed the participants, dignitaries and audience. Then, Ali Al-Masoudi, Managing Director of Dar Al-Otaibi By Sheikha Dr Suad Al-Sabah Translated by Bader Abu Raghabah Al-Otaibi have accidentally found the Arabic language crying on the side of the road, be- I cause it saw some children who were asked by the broadcaster about the name of an animal in Arabic, and no one knew it. The incident shocked me, and I thought I would do something. In this world polluted by technology, the mother tongue remains the forest under which we sleep and dream of the future. Children are like trees, when we take care of them, they fill the orchards of home with good and joy. But they live in a climate that is culturally, socially and nationally polluted, lost and broken psychologically. They can not express their vocations in their mother tongue, so you see them shaking and they are stormed by other languages as a feather in the wind. I feel that Arab children are orphans, their mother tongue is alive and I feel that they do not find the guide who shows them the treasures of this language, flopping in the unknown as a ship without a captain. There are houses where speech is stopped and dialogue is broken, where the children find themselves exiled out of place and time. And the national dissociation reflects on the social and family situation where the children no longer have a national, cultural or educational beacon to guide them. The Arabic language is in trouble. Children live outside the boundaries of language whether in their countries or those who left the homeland. Arab children are born out of the language of the Holy Quran in their home countries, growing up helpless as well as aliens, and will be without affiliation. Suad Al-Sabah for Publishing and Distribution read out the speech on behalf of patron Sheikha Dr Suad Al-Sabah who could not attend the function due to unavoidable circumstances. Her speech was as follows: Welcome to you in the niche of Arabic language and the rug of its majestic sanctity in its spectacular spring. The real reason behind the launch of this festival is that the Arabic language has become strange among its people at this time. They tried to slay it according to the electronic canon, and tried to slaughter its skin, but it was always stronger than its executioner. I chose to be in the front lines in the battle of Arabic. I took the white weapon and fought with my pen, my voice, my books, my thoughts and my efforts to let the Arabic language remain the lady of the place and the time, and the identity of its people, which adorns the poetry and uplifts the literature, and by which we are proud as a nation that carried the torches of guidance and light with the Holy Quran, ethics, morals and the good of saying that the language of Dhad (Arabic) had mastered the language of the people of Heaven. As I launched this festival today for the buds of Arab literature, I do not want to plant shrubs under the shade, to grow and offer the sweetest fruit. I can not describe my happiness when I see these children and grandchildren who participate in this festival, and we picked and chose these beautiful roses from them. Ali Al-Masoudi who coordinated the function, thanked some of the teachers who were in attendance that evening, for their cooperation in making the Festival of Suad Al-Sabah for the Buds of Arabic Literature a successful event, and on behalf of Dar Suad Al-Sabah for Publishing and Distribution, he later felicitated some media personalities, namely: Save our beautiful language The brochure of the Festival of Suad Al-Sabah for the Buds of Arabic Literature Kamel Abduljaleel, Saad Al-Fandi, Salah Al- Ilaj, Meshaal Al-Sulaili, Hani Al-Shammeri, Midhhat Allam and Mirvat Abduldaem. After that, Dr Hassan Al-Taiyan, Head of the Department of Arabic Language at the Arab Open University delivered an address in which he said that the Arabic language is a language of beauty and splendor as well as eloquence, but it is today in distress and in danger, and those who did not sense this danger are not aware about this danger. He stressed the importance of such festivals in the face of the dangers which confront our Arabic language and pointed out that those I ring the danger bell, because I consider that Arab children are the backbone of the Arab future, and the Arab child will draw the image of the Arab man, who will determine the features of the future. If we fail to pump the blood of patriotism and belonging as well as attachment to spiritual values, land and heritage, upcoming generations will be alien to the homeland and history, and will fall into the teeth of the storm of Westernization. Childhood is the good land in which we can plant all dreams. The Arabic language is the national uniform, and as Arabs we must wear our language in order to interact positively with our society and our surroundings. The language is the blood type, and all people identify with their blood type, and the language like the tree is leafing up, flowering, blooming and fruiting when we take care of it. Language is that rain which falls on man, and that sun which shines on the window of the rich and the poor, as well as the white and the black, so the human glows with wellness and pride, as well as the dreams and ambitions which flow. The language of the Holy Quran which is the language of our greatest prophet (PBUH) faces challenges, including the influence of foreign languages and the technological attack with its alien vocabulary. But I am a believer that what is going through the Arabic language is a temporary situation. It is important that the nation s spirit is not broken and its morale lost. This is the task of every individual in us. We are the guards of our language and the defenders of our heritage as well as our spiritual values. Written on the occasion of the Festival of Suad Al-Sabah for the Buds of Arabic Literature who would save Arabic language are these good buds, and we should feed our children with Arabic texts to raise them early, he added. The next presenter, student Abeer Wael Continued on Page 20 language

20 20 SPECIAL REPORT Buds of Arabic Literature Sheikha Omniya Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah and her sister Sheikha Shaymaa Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah with the participants in Suad Al-Sabah Festival for the Buds of Arabic Literature on the dais. Sheikha Dr Suad Al-Sabah with some buds of her Arabic literary festival Continued from Page 19 recited a poem Om Zamaneha (Mother Of Her Time) by her father, the Syrian poet Wael Hamzah. Thirty students from various schools, public and private across the country, as well as from age 5 to 15 years participated in the festival where they had been trained since January 2017, and memorized some of the gems from classical and contemporary Arabic poems by heart to recite them at this glittering ceremony. The first participant at that function was the student Muhammad Madhi who recited a poem of a great poet Almutanabi ( ) titled Sahbu Alnass (Accompany People) and revolves around wisdom. Then, Hamzah Wael and his sister Noor Al-Huda recited Alhamraa, one of modern poems by Syrian poet Nizar Ghabanni ( ), and revolves around the loss of Al-Andalus. The wellknown pre-islamic era s sermon of Ghoss Ibn Saaedah Al-Iyadi (died in 600) was the only prose which had been presented at that evening by Muhammad Masoud and Jood Al- Jeeran. Next, Abdulrahman Ibraheem recited one of the princes of poetry, Egyptian poet Ahmad Shawghi ( ) poems named Telka Altabeeah (That Nature). One of pre- Islamic age poems by ancient poet Antarah Ibn Shaddad ( ) titled La Yahmelu Alheghda (Doesn t Bear The Grudge) was recited by students Afnan Hisham, Ahmad Issam, Osamah Muhammad, Aatef Saber and Ali Al-Anssari. Then, Marwan Jamal recited the famous Andalusian poem named Le Kolli Shaiyen Itha Ma Tamma Noghsanon (For Everything Even If It Is Completed Diminution) by medieval era poet Abu Al-Bghaa Al-Randi ( ) whose poem revolves around the loss of Al-Andalus. A few extracts from suspended ode, Mu allaghat s Fakhron Arabi (An Arabian Pride) of pre-islamic age poet Amru Ibn Kalthoom ( ) recited by Abdullah Al-Mulla. Another poem of Almutanabi titled Itha Ghamarta Fi Sharafen Maroomen (If You Are Adventured In A Desired Honor) was recited by Abdulrahman Al-Zuebi and Ahmad Al-Khateeb. After that, Nooran Ihab recited a poem Hiya Alakhalagh (It Is Morals) by Iraqi poet Maaroof Al-Ressafi ( ). Aaynaia Jooda (O My Two Eyes Be Lavish) of veteran poetess Al-Khansaa ( ) who lived in two ages, pre-islamic and Islamic era as well, and lamented over the loss of her brother Sakhr in this elegiac poem which was recited by student Iman Ahmad. Afterward, the two students Abdulrahman Ali and Muhammad Ali recited the glorified poem Banat Suad (Suad Came Into View) of ancient poet Kaab Ibn Zuhair (died in 664) who libeled our greatest prophet Muhammad, the messenger of ALLAH Peace Be Upon Him and then repented as well as praised him after converting to Islam. A poem Daae Alaiyama (Let The Days), one of the most famous poems by Imam Al-Shafei ( ) about wisdom and was recited by students Ahmad Jamal, Sadeel Njaeh, Tasneem Sameer, Muhammad Nayef and Ariyam Nayef. The patron, poetess Sheikha Dr Suad Al- Sabah was also present there through her two poems, the patriotic lyric Nahnhu Baghoona Huna (We Still Remain Here) which was recited by Moodhi Mutlagh Al-Saeedi and her brother Abdullah with teacher Salah Al-Ramadhan, as well as poem Waladi Fi Almadrasah (My Son In The School) which revolves around her motherhood and childhood memory of her late son Sheikh Mubarak who had just started his primary education in those days, and the poem was recited by students Muhammad Mussa, Muhammad Al-Kasrawi and Amru Ihab. At the end of programme, Sheikha Omniya Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah and her sister Sheikha Shaymaa Abdullah Al- Mubarak Al-Sabah on behalf of their mother, the patron Sheikha Dr Suad Muhammad Al-Sabah, presented the awards to this distinguished group of gifted students who had been selected to participate in the first edition of Suad Al-Sabah Festival for the Buds of Arabic Literature. The thirty little participants who adorned the dais of Sheikha Dr Suad Al-Sabah Theatre were felicitated with certificates, medals and cash prizes. In his vote of thanks, Ali Al-Masoudi expressed his gratitude on behalf of Dar Suad Al-Sabah for Publishing and Distribution towards all participants, students and teachers who had helped them to make this event a grand success and also towards Kuwait Writers Association (KWA) and audience as well. A galaxy of dignitaries who were present on that occasion included His Excellency Maher Al-Khair, the Lebanese Ambassador to Kuwait who is also an acclaimed Arabic poet, Dr Abdulmohsen Al-Huwailah, the Assistant Undersecretary for Private and Qualitative Education in the Ministry of Education, Dr Suad Abdulwahab, the Dean of Faculty of Arts at Kuwait University, Talal Al-Rumaidhi, the General Secretary of Kuwait Writers Association (KWA) and Mrs Dalal Al-Ghanim. The event was also well attended by litterateurs, writers, journalists and Arabic poetry lovers. The event was covered prominently in print and electronic media. language

21 Theater Musical offers potent messages for Trump s America Baghdaddy : New York turns Iraq war into musical NEW YORK, May 1, (AFP): The Iraq war may not sound like musical comedy, but an Off-Broadway revival is spinning intelligence failures and tragedy into a farce that offers potent messages for Donald Trump s America. Baghdaddy officially opens on Monday, telling the true story of an Iraqi defector, code named Curveball, whose claims about weapons of mass destruction became justification for the US-led invasion in If you put Hamilton and The Office in a blender you would have this show, says producer Charlie Fink of the Broadway smash hit about American founding father Alexander and the US television sitcom. The plot opens in the present day with disgraced CIA spies gathering at a support group think Spooks Anonymous as they seek understanding and redemption for mistakes that haunt them years later. The action then switches back in time to Frankfurt airport, where the informant offers to trade apparent secrets about Saddam Hussein s presumed bio-weapons program for political asylum. German intelligence consults the CIA, where analysts driven by ambition, office crushes and intransigent bosses see Curveball as a ticket out of everyday routine and a fast-track to promotion. But the growing farce quickly gives way to the 9/11 attacks, swapping comedy for tragedy and the onset of a war still being fought today, 14 years after an invasion found no weapons of mass destruction. It s a fast-paced script woven into a tight score that blends traditional musical theater and camp dancing with hip-hop tracks that carry a stark warning that history should not repeat itself. Conflict Fink says it is more relevant than ever in today s climate of fake news and alternative facts as some fear that Trump could drag the country into another conflict, if not in Syria then over North Korea. It has an immediacy that it didn t have in 2015 and a sense that we re doing this all again, says Fink, referring to a short run two years ago. It feels like a time when rules are being rewritten and authority is listening to its instincts, rather than listening to facts and analysis. And that s scary, says Fink. The first preview on April 6 coincided with the day that the president ordered a cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase, the first direct US action against the Syrian regime. Low budget and in the works for 10 years, there are just eight actors playing six main roles. Baghdaddy returns at the height of the Broadway season, competing with more than a dozen other new shows. It also spreads responsibility for the 2003 invasion far and wide, not just at the door of then president George W. Bush or the US government but the country as a whole and its Western allies in general. We all messed up, says Marshall Pailet, director, co-writer and composer. Far from seeing comedy as inappropriate, he says it s a great vehicle to get New York theater-goers thinking. Because we open up their minds and their hearts with comedy, we re able to slip in substance, story, character and a lesson. A.D. Penedo, who wrote the lyrics and co-wrote the book, admits it was daunting to turn the subject into a musical that both entertains and sends people away with a clear message. We want them to be entertained and moved, he said. But we want them to take away... that even though you feel like you don t matter, you really do, and there s ramifications for your actions. The show is scheduled to run until June 18 at St Luke s Theatre, a basement venue just steps from Times Square. But never does the show laugh at war itself. More than 4,500 US troops have died in Iraq since Some estimates for the number of civilians to have perished range from 173,916 to nearly half a million. We all own it, says Fink. A wound in the world that is not going to be healed with tears or laughter. Variety Features TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017 LOS ANGELES: The eighth Fast and Furious movie is officially a billionaire. After taking into account Saturday night s grosses, Universal s Fate of the Furious has achieved the $1 billion milestone. $867.6 million of the film s earnings have come from the international box office, while domestically the high-octane actioner has made $192.7 million. Fate shot out the gate to the largest global opening of all time with $542 million ($443.2 million international, and $98.8 million domestic). Directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Chris Morgan, the film s insane stunts and diverse ensemble cast including Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Ludacris Bridges, Scott Eastwood and Charlize Theron has proven big box office success for the studio. In fact, of the four other movies from Universal to become billionaires, Furious 7 sits in second place with $1.52 billion. (RTRS) NEW YORK: A South India sensation, a Hispanic-focused comedy and the highest-grossing film ever directed by an African American made up the top three films in North America on a culturally diverse box office weekend. As expected, it was another runaway weekend for The Fate of the Furious, which took No. 1 for the third straight week with $19.4 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. The Universal Pictures release also throttled past $1 billion globally, and passed its predecessor, Furious 7, to become the highest-grossing imported film in China with $361 million. The Fast and the Furious franchise, the latest of which is helmed by F. Gary Gray, has always been held up as a model of the diverse blockbuster, given its cast led by Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. But the smaller films that trailed it over the weekend also reflected the box-office might of often underserved audiences. In second domestically with $12 million and drawing an overwhelmingly Hispanic crowd was Eugenio Derbez s comedy, How to Be a Latin Lover. (AP) LOS ANGELES: Mandy Moore dives into shark-infested waters in this summer s open ocean survival This image released by Universal Pictures shows Charlize Theron (left), and Vin Diesel in The Fate of the Furious which crossed $1 bn at worldwide box office. (AP) horror, 47 Meters Down. There have been trailers for Johannes Roberts take on the classic deepsea scenario floating around, but a fresh sneak peek just washed ashore this weekend. In this trailer, we get an even more in-depth look at Moore s Lisa as she and sister Kate (Claire Holt of H2O: Just Add Water and The Originals ) attempt to go Film Film takes full measure of tragedy in Syria Terror behind terror in Hell on Earth By Owen Gleiberman The radical terror army known as ISIS operates far less in the shadows than the underground rebels of Al-Qaeda. Yet for most Westerners, the image of the Islamic State remains that of an abstract and rather murky cult of hooligan warriors. Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS, a powerful and important documentary directed by Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested, is a movie of multiple achievements, and one of them is that it lets you look right into the face of this hydra-headed paramilitary beast. We see footage of ISIS fighters coming into Aleppo, a city already decimated by violence, but the newly arrived soldiers, from the start, have a goon-squad fearsomeness that announces itself as beyond the law. At the risk of sounding like I m trivializing real-world atrocity, it s very much like that moment in The Road Warrior where the Lord Humungus and his brigade of biker sociopaths first roll in, the recklessness coming off them in waves. The movie shows us disquieting footage of a public execution that culminates in an Islamic State soldier bringing down his sword to slice off the head of a civilian (the film cuts away before the carnage). We re shown an image of what happens to the bodies they are hung, upside down and headless, for three days, all to send a message to the people. The message is: This is the new law. Yet even as you re recoiling from the horror, Junger and Quested make a point of providing a historical context for it. They show us etchings, from centuries ago, of men being drawn and quartered by the British government, plus photographs of ritual executions in Communist China and of lynchings in America (which, of course, were an integral part of the Southern system of enforcement, and were even treated as public entertainment). Not to mention the lyrics of the French National Anthem ( Let an impure blood soak our fields! ), so redolent of the guillotine. The point is that a force of destruction like ISIS doesn t necessarily represent a new spirit in the world. In many ways, it represents the return of an old spirit. Ever since 9/11, we ve heard the formulation that a movement like radical Islam emerges out of desperation, out of people who feel like they have few other options and no other hope an impotence that is then transmuted into rage. (That doesn t defend it; but it does Rodriguez help to explain it.) Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS colors in how that dynamic emerges and operates. The movie chronicles, with mortifying humanity, the terror behind the terror in this case, the war declared by Bashar al-assad, the dictator of Syria, on his own people. According to the movie, Assad, who presides over a government of looters and criminals, looked around in 2011, during the brief insurrection of the Arab Spring, and when he saw the toppling of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, he realized he could be next. He knew there was no compromising with the spirit of revolution; if he agreed to reforms, that would just weaken his hold. So his strategy became one of ultimate crackdown: sending soldiers into the streets to murder any citizen who defied his decrees. Transformed We all know the death toll (400,000 Syrians killed), but Hell on Earth takes the full measure of the tragedy, and how it has transformed Syria into the chaotic center of a newly evolving global instability. We meet a man named Marwan, cloistered away in a dingy bunker with his wife and four children, where he tries, each day, to shield those children from fear. He is deeply articulate about his misery, his desire to live an ordinary life, and how it has been destroyed. Hell on Earth portrays the Syrian citizens, who live in a morass of civil war, with an emotional directness we can t turn away from, to the point that it s no longer possible to think of those citizens as them. They are us, or could be. The movie chronicles how the Islamic State moved into this situation like a group of militant mobsters. With ISIS, it was always about profit, going back to when they arose out of the ashes of postwar Iraq and, emboldened by the missteps of US policy (the de- Baathification that further de-stabilized an already catastrophic situation), were able to seize control of many of the nation s oil wells, and to loot and sell antiquities: anything to fuel the fortunes of their own power. In Syria, ISIS treated the country as a host body for its parasitical brew of greed, slaughter, and ideological purity. Hell on Earth has a remarkable timeliness that could, and should, be taken advantage of by National Geographic, which produced it, and by any potential distribution partner. Junger and Quested took 39 trips to Syria to make this movie, shooting close to 1,000 Moore cage-diving while on vacation in Mexico. That is, until their equipment malfunctions, stranding them you guessed it 47 meters underwater, with limited oxygen and bloodthirsty Great White sharks swimming overhead. (RTRS) SHANGHAI: China s box office sales grew at their fastest pace in hours of footage, and apart from the staggering bravery involved in such an endeavor, the dogged diligence of their mission results in something essential. Junger, the fabled author and journalist ( The Perfect Storm ), has become a much better filmmaker since Restrepo (2010), able to weave issues and shattering action into a fluid whole. He and Quested look back at the Obama administration s response to the Syrian crisis, pinpointing how Obama committed a calamitous moral mistake in making his red line statement about the use of chemical weapons pledging an America response if the line was crossed only to renege on that promise. (Many Syrians had defected from the Army based on his words.) Yet President Trump s Check out my new military toy! decision to bomb a Syrian airfield in response to Assad s use of chemical weapons was the fake version of a bolder policy. The film shows us the aftermath of the earlier chemical-weapons attack, and it is indeed gruesome. Junger and Quested, however, summon the ethical courage to suggest that there s something stunted about the notion that murdering masses of civilians with sarin gas is something the US led by Trump or Obama should draw a line in the sand about, but murdering masses of civilians with barrel bombs is simply accepted as business as usual. Chemical weapons, of course, have a special cruelty that s only heightened by their historical associations, yet Hell on Earth says that the whole red-line thing has become a convoluted excuse for America to look the other way. You might expect a movie like this one to be depressing, yet Hell on Earth explains how the power of ISIS, even as it feeds on the fire of the Syrian crisis, is now in retreat, and may have peaked. Peter Bergen, the great reporter-analyst of terrorism, is interviewed in the film and compares ISIS to Napoleon, whom he says was the greatest general of his time yet sowed the seeds of his own defeat by making enemies of everyone. ISIS, Bergen claims, has done the same thing, exposing itself to so much global wrath that it s now shrinking in power. Yet the ideology it represents is clearly not going anywhere. Junger and Quested mix in clips of ISIS recruitment videos, which at this point look like they were made for MTV, along with their signature chilling videos of beheadings (once again, the filmmakers stop short of showing actual carnage), which create a specter of warning. (RTRS) over a year in April, driven by the US action movie The Fate of the Furious, the eighth instalment of the high-octane fast car franchise. Monthly ticket sales jumped nearly 57 percent from the same period a year ago to 4.9 billion yuan ($707.5 million), data from box office tracker EntGroup showed, the largest monthly growth since February last year. China s box office, a magnet for Hollywood producers, saw growth stall last year amid a crackdown on subsidies and a weak slate of movies. Ticket sales grew under 4 percent in 2016, down sharply from around 50-percent growth the year before. After a stronger start this year, China ticket sales slid again in February and March. (RTRS)

22 NEWS/FEATURES 22 People & Places Film Opportunity knocks Cult star Russell enjoying revival LOS ANGELES, May 1, (Agencies): If not for Kurt Russell s mainstream, boyish good looks, the phrase cult star would work for this unpredictable actor whose career includes some of history s best-loved box office flops. Picture the 66-year-old s performances in comedy crime caper Big Trouble in Little China, sci-fi horror film The Thing or buddy cop movie Tango and, and it s easy to see why he has just about attained national treasure status. In truth, these movies, like many of his bestknown roles, made no significant money during their theatrical runs, and each was panned by critics before enjoying a second lease on life in the home video market. I ve done things that I loved that didn t get a very good release or were ill-timed or that people didn t want to see, but then got found and became cult movies, Russell told AFP in an interview in Los Angeles. The Thing was not Russell at the time well received. Now it s considered one of the great horror movies... Big Trouble in Little China was a movie that was completely misunderstood by a lot of people, loved by some. It really has a big cult following. This month sees Russell as the common denominator in two of 2017 s biggest blockbusters, with The Fate of the Furious having broken worldwide box office records and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 expected to be one of the largest domestic openings of all time. Settling When that happens, it s nice. It s just nice to have the moment happen where two of them go boom boom, the actor said, settling into his chair in a West Hollywood hotel. Sitting firmly to the right of the political spectrum he calls himself a libertarian Russell is a passionate supporter of gun ownership rights and enjoys hunting elk at the Colorado ranch he shares with his partner of 34 years, the actress Goldie Hawn. A Tinseltown outsider in almost every respect even his LA home is an hour s drive to the coast from Hollywood Boulevard he has never won a major acting prize, doesn t go to many showbiz parties and is not even a member of the Academy. His first movie was a two-week shoot with Elvis Presley in It Happened at the World s Fair (1963), but he made his name as a young teen on a series of family-friendly live-action Disney movies. He became friendly with Walt Disney and has often recounted how, shortly after the mogul s death in 1966, he was shown a sheet of paper on which the great man had scrawled his last written words: Kirt Russell. Disney took his plans for the young actor and the reason for the odd spelling to the grave but it was not the last time opportunity knocked briefly for Russell before being snatched, or pushed, away. In 1976 he auditioned for the parts of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in a promising if farfetchedsounding space Western called Star Wars. He dropped out, though, as filmmaker George Lucas dithered over which part would be most suitable and as NBC came in with a rival job offer on a Western series. That NBC show, The Quest, was canceled amid poor ratings after 11 episodes while Star Wars has arguably done rather better. Still, Russell is circumspect about his choices. If you do movies for 54 years you re going to get lots of them out there that you could have done, didn t do, didn t get, whatever. That s what an actor does, he said with an insouciant shrug. Russell met up-and-coming director John Carpenter when they made an unlikely success out of TV movie Elvis (1979), and the pair reunited for the dystopian Escape From New York (1981), The Thing (1982) and Big Trouble in Little China (1986). Russell s half-century career comes full circle on May 5 with Disney s release of Marvel s Guardians 2, in which he plays Ego the Living Planet opposite Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana. My whole career has been genre-jumping, and having the fun of being in all those different genres, he said. Russell, as it happens, isn t much of a sci-fi guy; he hadn t even seen the original Guardians when he was being talked up for the sequel. I know of them, I ve seen a few Iron Mans, I ve seen a couple of Spider-Mans, Batmans and Supermans. There s a portion of it that doesn t draw me, he says, tailing off, as if suddenly unsure how to pluralize superheroes names. Guardians of the Galaxy I was the right audience for that. That one works for me. Also: LOS ANGELES: Val Kilmer finally confirmed numerous reports that he was battling cancer during a recent AMA on Reddit. The actor had never acknowledged the rumors as legitimate, but now confirms that he has had a healing of cancer. Michael Douglas first revealed Kilmer s oral cancer diagnosis on Halloween last year when speaking to Jonathan Ross about the pair s film The Ghost and the Darkness. Douglas claimed his co-star had not been seen in public recently due to Kilmer dealing with exactly what I had, and things don t look too good for him. (Douglas was previously diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer in 2010, but was declared cancer-free following treatment in 2011). Despite originally denying Douglas claims as well as reports involving a possible tumor back in October of 2015 Kilmer was forthright with a fan during his Reddit AMA on Wednesday. He was probably trying to help me cause press probably asked where I was these days, and I did have a healing of cancer, Kilmer replied. But my tongue is still swollen altho healing all the time. Because I don t sound my normal self yet people think I may still be under the weather. While a healing of cancer is somewhat unclear clinically, the level of honesty seems to suggest a clean bill of health for the veteran actor. Gina Tognoni, winner of the award for outstanding lead actress in a drama series for The Young and the Restless poses in the press room at the 44th annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Pasadena Civic Center on April 30 in Pasadena, Calif. (AP) See Page 28 Scott Clifton accepts the award for outstanding lead actor in a drama series for The Bold and the Beautiful at the 44th annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Pasadena Civic Center on April 30, in Pasadena, Calif. (AP) Michael Variety Legend LONDON: George Michael fans on Sunday paid their last respects to the late British pop star at a public memorial service they organised themselves. Hundreds of fans from around the world attended the service at a church in Bushey, on the northwest edge of London, where Michael went to secondary school and met his Wham! bandmate Andrew Ridgeley. The service featured some of his best-known hits including to a Child and Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. It was followed by a wake at The Three Crowns pub, where Wham! were formed. The singer was found dead at his home on Dec 25. He was 53. His funeral took place in private on March 29 at Highgate Cemetery in north London and was not announced to fans until it was over. (AFP) SALEM, Mass: John Legend is expected on a Massachusetts college campus this week to receive a social justice award. The singer-songwriter becomes the first recipient of the Salem Advocate for Social Justice award when he accepts the honor Tuesday at Salem State University. Legend is to perform and also discuss his work on criminal justice, education and other issues. The Salem Award Foundation for Human Rights and Social Justice bestows the award to recognize those who champion social justice issues and advocate for people who are underrepresented. This is the first year the award Emmys General Hospital wins best daytime drama DeGeneres, Harvey among top winners LOS ANGELES, May 1, (Agencies): The Ellen DeGeneres Show won the Daytime Emmy Award for best entertainment talk show Sunday, 20 years to the day that her character came out as gay on the sitcom Ellen. She did it because it was the right thing to do, said Mary Connelly, Ellen executive producer, of DeGeneres decision to be open about her sexuality and do the same for her character in DeGeneres was absent and Connelly accepted the award. General Hospital was honored as best daytime drama, with top acting awards going to Scott Clifton for The Bold and the Beautiful and Gina Tognoni for The Young and the Restless. Clifton became the first actor to receive Daytime Emmys in the categories of best younger, supporting and lead actor in his career. Steve Harvey skipped the ceremony but was a double winner. He was named best game show host for Family Feud and best host of an informative talk show for Steve Harvey. Good Morning America won the best morning program trophy, while The Dr. Oz Show claimed the best informative talk show award. Jeopardy! was honored as best game show. Sheryl Underwood, host with Mario Lopez of the live-streamed ceremony, also accepted the best entertainment talk show host award with fellow The Talk hosts including Sara Gilbert. Entertainment Tonight was named best entertainment news program, and former ET anchor Mary Hart accepted a lifetime achievement award. Hart recounted the skepticism that greeted ET in the early 1980s when it launched TV s now-flourishing Hollywood news magazine genre. We are not fluff, she recalled saying at the time. Had I known what was coming, I would have said, We are not fake news. Hart also asked that people, whether on college campuses or in government, make an effort to listen to other points of view. Gaby Natale, who was honored as best talent in a Spanish-language program for SuperLatina with Gaby Natale, issued her own plea. She dedicated her award to the people who are resisting inequality, misogyny, xenophobia and the rise of intolerance. Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise: diversity is beautiful. The ceremony was held as negotiators for the Writers Guild of America and producers attempted to reach a deal on a new contract will be given. (AP) NEW YORK: A Metallica cover band distraught after its equipment was stolen has been able to return to stage after a gift from surprise benefactors the metal legends themselves. Blistered Earth, a four-piece band from Spokane, Washington that covers Metallica classics and emulates the group s headbanging look, said a trailer with all its gear was snatched after a show last week in Portland, Oregon. After two days, the band which lost three guitars, two bass guitars and a drum-kit plus an array of amplifiers and pedals said everything had been replaced. Sometimes when bad things Cast members (left to right), Brandon Espinoza, Claire Neumann, and Joe Joseph of the Musical comedy Baghdaddy perform a scene during a dress rehearsal at the St Luke s Theater in New York on April 27. (AFP) and avert a strike that could disrupt daytime and prime-time TV shows and movie production. The existing contract expires Monday night. CBS topped the night with seven trophies, while ABC went home with five. General Hospital triumphed with four overall, followed by The Young and the Restless with three and The Bold and the Beautiful with two. At the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Friday, the top winners included Netflix s animated comedy Trollhunters and NBC s Days of Our Lives. List of winners in the major categories: Outstanding Morning Program: Good Morning America (ABC) Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts: The Talk (CBS) Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series: Steve Burton, The Young and the Restless (CBS) Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series: Kate Mansi, Days of Our Lives (CBS) Outstanding Younger Actor In A Drama Series: Bryan Craig, General Hospital (ABC) Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series: Lexi Ainsworth, General Hospital (ABC) Outstanding Game Show: Jeopardy Outstanding Informative Talk Show: The Dr. Oz Show (Syndicated) Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host: Steve Harvey (Syndicated) Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syndicated) Outstanding Game Show Host: Steve Harvey, Family Feud Outstanding Entertainment News Program: Entertainment Tonight (CBS) Outstanding Drama Series: General Hospital (ABC) Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series: Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series: Gina Tognoni, The Young and the Restless (CBS) Outstanding Culinary Program: Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse (Amazon) happen it really brings out the best in people, Blistered Earth wrote on Facebook. (AFP) LONDON: British acting star Damian Lewis on Sunday revealed that former US president Barack Obama had offered him advice in playing a charismatic hedge fund manager in hit television series Eminem takes NZ ruling party to court WELLINGTON, New Zealand, May 1, (AP): They may not have lost themselves in the music or the moment but a judge and nine lawyers in a New Zealand courtroom did listen politely to Eminem s Lose Yourself as a copyright trial involving the country s ruling political party began Monday. The Detroit-based music publishers for Eminem are suing New Zealand s conservative National Party, alleging the rapper s acclaimed 2002 song was copied in the party s soundtrack for a TV ad aired during its successful 2014 election campaign. Billions. When asked by the BBC s Andrew Marr if his character Bobby Axe Axelrod glamorised Wall Street bosses, Lewis replied: I m going to drop a name here and I m going to enjoy it enormously. The (then) president of the United States Barack Obama did say to me a few months ago, I m loving Billions, I m loving your character in it, I m loving Bobby, the only problem is hedge fund managers aren t that cool. (AFP) NEW YORK: Ryan Seacrest is becoming a regular on morning television, adding his name to Kelly Ripa s on the chat show Live with Kelly. He was announced on Monday, a year after Michael Strahan exited the show for Good Morning America. The way Strahan s departure was handled so annoyed Ripa that she skipped the show for two days in protest. She has worked with guest co-hosts like Jerry O Connell, Fred Savage and Andy Cohen since then, a stretch of uncertainty that led some to wonder with Ripa really wanted to go it along. But it s a big get: Seacrest is a major star, whose television presence had diminished since American Idol ended on Fox. (AP)

23 23 In this Aug 29, 2016 photo, downtown Pittsburgh is seen through the window of the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, Penn. The incline opened in 1877 and was restored in (AP) In this Aug 26, 2016 photo, a truck approaches the Sgt James P. Hunter Memorial Bridge in Birmingham, Ohio. Hunter, an army photojournalist was killed in Afghanistan on June 18, (AP) In this Aug 21, 2016 photo, trees surround the covered bridge in Newfield Hamlet, New York. The bridge was completed in 1853 and is less than ten miles from Ithaca, New York. (AP) By Jonathan Elderfield Road trip season is around the corner. Does that fill you with memories of painful car trips stuck between siblings in the backseat? Or do you relish the idea of hitting the road, maybe with your own kids? I took a 10-day road trip last summer with my sons Max and Henry, then 14 and 10. There were ups and downs as we headed from the Philadelphia suburbs through Western New York to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, then back home through Ohio. Overall we had fun but some stops were more enjoyable than others. Here are some takeaways. Sometimes simple is best The highlight of the trip might just have been one of our first stops: the Circle Drive-In movie theater in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where we watched a double feature from the station wagon while eating candy and drinking soda. From there, we had a rainy visit to a state park in Watkins Glen, New York, and lunch in nearby Ithaca with a friend. Next was a biggie: Niagara Falls. But it turned out to be a bit of a letdown. The falls impressed, but the street photographer in me cared more about the crowds oohing and aahing at the sights. My kids just weren t that interested. I guess video games can take the wow out of the natural world. Later in the trip, we visited Pittsburgh, where I d gone to college. The Duquesne Incline, an old-fashioned riverfront funicular, and the sandwiches at Primanti Bros., which have French fries and coleslaw between the bread, were bigger hits with the boys than the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Takeaways: Don t feel obliged to see touristy places and museums if the kids don t care. Look for unique sites and shorter excursions. Food, lodging and serendipity I had my first taste of poutine, the Quebecois dish of French fries, cheese curds and gravy, in Canada. But most area restaurants we saw were chains, which I try to avoid. On the spur of the moment we drove to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Video games can take the wow out of natural world Simple is best, other lessons from road trip with kids a picturesque town filled with coffee shops, galleries and real restaurants, for a stroll and genuine meal. Some of our stops were planned, including tickets for a Columbus Crew soccer match, but I also relied on serendipity and web searches for things to do on the fly. Sophia s, in Buffalo, New York, was an impromptu find for a hearty breakfast on the day of our longest drive from Canada to Ohio. I limited the kids screen time on each leg to encourage sightseeing out the window, but I also had some meditative driving time to myself with music cranked as Max and Henry kept their heads bowed to the almighty small screen. As sole driver, though, I didn t want to spend every minute behind the wheel. This was my vacation, too. So I built in a respite from the road at an Airbnb cottage in Vermillion, Ohio, on the south shore of Lake Erie. We swam, explored small lakeshore towns, and checked off some classic pastimes: soft-serve ice cream from a roadside stand, flattening pennies on freight train tracks and a barbecue. In this Aug 22, 2016 photo, a plume of mist rises as water plummets over Niagara Falls, as seen from the Canadian side, in Niagara Falls, Canada. More than 700,000 gallons of water go over the falls per second. (AP) Driving through farmland and fields, we stopped for lunch in Oberlin, Ohio, and ended up in Columbus for two nights with a friend and his family. The planned soccer game, a few meals out and a trip to the amazing and immense Book Loft book store in German Village and we were ready to head back to Pennsylvania. I love Gettysburg. The history of the battlefields and the majestic landscape is something I can t get enough of. One kid helped me re-enact a famous Civil War photograph at Devil s Den; the photograph itself was a set-up by Alexander Gardner so it was only fitting that I did the same. We drove and walked at sunset and dawn, enjoying the best light and avoiding midday heat before starting for home. Takeaways: Don t eat every meal in a restaurant and don t spend every night in a hotel. Find opportunities for fresh food, whether picnics or home cooking. Aim for a few nights in a vacation rental or with friends or family along the way. But bring a blow-up mattress and bedding in case fold-out beds or other makeshift accommodations aren t up to snuff. The balancing act We had our ups and downs on the trip, the boys and me. I felt like I was constantly asking them to pay attention to the world around them and get off their screens. On the other hand, I was also glad they had a distraction when I lacked plans for dinner. Simple things were often the best, like the drive-in or the Pittsburgh incline rather than museums or touristy Niagara Falls. Another big hit: the motel pool. It s a great way to refresh after hours of driving, and you won t have to drag your children off their devices if there s a pool to play in. A few other pointers: Bring some balls or games. We kicked the soccer ball during a few highway stops. And break up the trip. Instead of highways, take smaller roads, like the one where we saw a covered bridge. Buy tickets and plan for important events, but be spontaneous too. Everyone in the car will be happier if they feel their opinion is being heard. (AP)

24 24 Arts An iron rice bowl no more Opera troupe tours rural China defending dying art YUXIAN, China, May 1, (AFP): For the 50-year-old Chinese opera performer, every aspect of the dimly-lit backstage room was a reminder that things had changed. The elaborate costumes carelessly thrown aside, the young troupe members playing with their smartphones, the half-eaten noodles abandoned in the corner all were tokens of disorder that made Li Zhiguo grimace in his blue and gold cap. I get angry sometimes watching my students perform, because their heart isn t in it, Li said. But when they ask me if rehearsing diligently will guarantee them a good living, I have nothing to say. When Li joined the Yu County Jin Opera Troupe in northern Hebei province 35 years ago, he and his fellow teenage recruits believed that they had secured stable futures as the public guardians of a traditional art. But policy reforms in 2005 turned their government-sponsored project into a private venture without a concrete business strategy, gutting the performers salaries and threatening the future of an early Qing Dynasty opera form. Jin opera, which is characterised by upbeat songs and wooden clapper instruments, originated in the northern Shanxi province bordering Yu county. From the Spring Festival to the end of March, the troupe travels from village to village in Hebei, performing on ramshackle rural stages to mostly elderly crowds. Despite their new business designation, they DAI Events This picture taken on March 30, 2017, shows a Jin opera performer using her mobile to take a picture backstage before a show at an outdoor theatre in Yu county, or Yuxian, in northern Hebei province. (AFP) still rarely charge for performances most attendees wouldn t pay and rely heavily on support from local governments. Backstage at one of their last shows of the season, Li sighed as he recounted all the departures in recent years. Many of his students had left the troupe after struggling to support their families. If it s about the art, I ll tell them to stay, said Li. If it s about survival, I ll tell them: go. The group of 90 has been active since 1985, drawing its members from auditions held across Yu county. The performers join when they are between 13 and 15 years old; those who stay have known each other their entire adult lives. Liu Donghai, a former actor who now helps manage the troupe, recalled that being chosen from among more than a thousand kids had felt like winning the lottery. His parents were thrilled because, being a state institution at the time, the troupe offered him an iron rice bowl the Chinese parlance for a secure job. Since they were stripped of their public status, however, some performers have started driving pedicabs between shows for supplementary income. Even the most senior members of the troupe make less than 2,500 yuan ($363) a month, while the average actor makes closer to 1,500 yuan ($217) in a district where the minimum monthly wage is 1,590 yuan ($231). Over the 23 years that Liu, 36, has been with the group, he has seen his cohort shrink. But a sense of loyalty has kept him from leaving. This is my family, he said. Our troupe leader is like a father to me. Whatever he says, I ll do. Sometimes that means singing in negative degree Celsius weather, or dancing while snow settles on his elaborate costumes. But as Geng Liping, a 30-year-old actress, said, When you re on stage you never feel cold. Jin opera recounts ancient Shanxi history, with storylines soaked in nostalgia for the province s imperial past. Modern audiences have different tastes, said Wang Jia, founder of the China Jin Opera Network. Even our notion of beauty has changed, so everything from the costumes to the dialogue is being adapted for contemporary viewing, Wang said. The greatest problem they face now is attracting young recruits willing to endure the nomadic life of an actor, a life without financial guarantees. Most of them don t have health insurance, Wang said. The question of whether their basic needs will be met is like a sword dangling over their heads. At a March performance in Yu county s Baocao village, there were no chairs in the viewing area, but some attendees had brought their own. Others watched from inside their cars, or found perches along a crumbling brick fence as a harsh wind blew around them. More people used to come, the performers said, before the county s coal plants closed and the migrants left. Now there were about 50 mostly elderly locals, some with babies in their arms. They heard about the show through word of mouth. One of the few young people, 20-year-old Zhang Zehui, had attended several performances with her grandmother. It s lively and interesting, but I don t really understand it, Zhang said. Garbed in a colourful robe, Li stood backstage, awaiting his cue. Has it been worth it? he asked as he looked out at the crowd. That s a big question mark in my heart. click Alcoholics Anonymous: If you know someone who can t stop drinking and would like to help them please check us out and we promise to try to help at There are no fees. This is a genuine public service. Drinking problem?: Friends of Bill W. are available to help. Totally confidential. Narcotics Anonymous: NA can help with addiction problems. Totally confidential: English/Arabic. Cancer online support group: If you are Cancer patient or family member fighting with this deadly disease, come join our online support group. Best way of dealing with this disease is providing support and share our experience with each other. There are lot of things which even doctors can t tell so be member of this website and start sharing your experiences which may help others. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NB- CAM). The primary purpose is to promote self examination and screening mammography as the most effective way to save lives by detecting breast cancer at early stage. For more information visit: Latest Invitation to Grand Mosque: The Visits Department is pleased to invite you to visit the Grand Mosque, which is one of Kuwait s most treasured religious and cultural landmarks to discover the beauty of Islamic arts and architecture. Free guided tours are available all year round on official working days between (9-11 am) and (5-7 pm), within a special tour program designed to cater to the needs of different age groups. The program is as follows: Reception; Auditorium show; (according to age group); Touring the Mosque; Q & A; Art workshops; (according to age group between 5 and 18 years old); Snack break; Distribution of the Grand Mosque publications and souvenirs; End of tour. According to these age groups: Age group: 5 to 9 years old: Morning: 60 visitors max; Evening: 20; 10 to 15 years: Morning: 100 visitors max; Evening: 45; 16 and above: Morning: 140 visitors max, Evening: 105: Tour language: Arabic- English- French; Arabic (English upon prior request); Arabic- Food Flyers of the events. It s time for fresh, light meals Salmon with polenta, tomato vinaigrette By Katie Workman As Mother Nature nudges spring along, it s time to dream of the fresh, light meals that go hand in hand with this time of year. How about a bright, rich pink piece of salmon perched atop a bed of polenta, piled with a mound of roasted cherry tomatoes, collapsed into their own sweetness? Well, all right then, we re on the same page. When I want my filets of fish to look perfect, I like to start them in a hot pan and then transfer them to the oven to finish cooking, rather than flipping them in the pan. That way, they stay intact and beautiful. If you decide to use salmon with the skin on, starting them skin down in a hot pan also ensures that delicious crispiness. You could add any number of things to the topping here: chopped olives, different herbs, capers, and maybe a few curls of Parmesan cheese for an extra special presentation. Salmon with polenta with warm tomato vinaigrette Serves 4 Start to finish: 30 minutes 1 1/2 cups chicken broth; 2 1/2 cups whole milk; 1 cup cornmeal or polenta; Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper English- French; Arabic (English upon prior request); Arabic- English- French: Arabic (English upon prior request) Rules and Regulations: Please arrive in time for your visit. All visitors are kindly required to abide by the mosque s dress code. Male visitors should wear long pants. Shorts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Female visitors: should wear head cover and long loose clothing (available at the mosque). Foods and drinks are not allowed inside the prayer halls. For school visits, teachers are responsible for their students and are required to cooperate with the staff members of the Grand Mosque. Photography is allowed inside the Grand Mosque (please note that disrespectful poses are strictly prohibited). If you would like to book a tour, please contact us: Tel: / / to taste; 3 tablespoons olive oil, divided; 1 shallot, chopped; 1 pint multi-colored cherry tomatoes, halved; 1 tablespoon chopped fresh oregano leaves; 1 tablespoon vinegar; 4 (6 to 8-ounce) salmon filets, with skin if desired; 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese; 2 tablespoons unsalted butter. Preheat the oven to 450 F. In a heavy Dutch oven or large (4-quart) saucepan, bring the broth and milk to a simmer over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat, sprinkle in the polenta, whisking all the while, and keep adjusting the This February 2017 photo shows salmon with polenta and warm tomato vinaigrette in New York. Fax: heat so the mixture stays at a gentle simmer. Season with salt and pepper. Continue to simmer and whisk semi-frequently until the mixture has thickened and become creamy, about 20 minutes. While the polenta is cooking, heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in a large skillet, preferably nonstick, over medium heat. Add the shallot and saute for 2 minutes, then add the tomatoes and oregano and saute for another 4 minutes or so, until the tomatoes have collapsed slightly. the tomatoes to a bowl, stir in the vinegar, and tent with foil to keep warm. Return the pan to medium high heat and heat the remaining tablespoon of oil. Season the salmon with salt and pepper. Place the salmon skin side down (if applicable) in the hot pan and sear for 4 minutes. the pan to the oven and roast the fish for about 5 minutes, until cooked to your liking. Meanwhile, when the polenta has finished cooking, remove it from the heat and whisk in the Parmesan and the butter. Taste, and add pepper and additional salt if needed. Divide the polenta among 4 plates. Use a metal spatula to transfer the salmon filets on top of the polenta, and spoon some of the tomato vinaigrette over it. Serve hot. (AP) May 3 YMCA Kuwait Ecumenical Quiz: YMCA Kuwait is conducting the 5th Annual Bible Quiz for the members from all the churches in Kuwait on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at Light House Church, NECK from 6:30pm onwards. The sections of the Bible based on which the quiz is going to be conducted are all Chapters from book of Genesis, Zachariah, Luke and Revelation. The first three winners will be presented with ever rolling trophies and medals. First winner Mariam Ever Rolling Trophy, second winner Dr A.T. Varghese and Family Ever Rolling Trophy and third winner Mathew Eapen and Family Ever Rolling Trophy. YMCA Kuwait cordially invites all members and families to attend the program. For more information please contact Mathew Varkey (Convener) Mob# May 5 KDNA Babuka Kelkkan : To promote and continue the charity activities of KDNA, organizing a Ghazal Night Babukka Kelkkan by Grand Daughter of M.S. Baburaj Miss. Nimisha Saleem on May 5th 2017 at Abbasiya Community Hall at 6.00 pm onwards. Famous Music Director Berny (Berny-Ignatius) and Akbar Malappuram (Tabla) will also perform along with Miss Nimisha Saleem. Free entry for all music lovers in Kuwait. Legendary Music Composer M.S. Baburaj was born in Kozhikode and his greatest achievements was the introduction of Hindustani strains into Malayalam popular music. He successfully composed melodies based on Hindustani Ragas and blended Malayalam lyrics into them. Most of the lyrics were written by eminent Malayalam poets like P. Bhaskaran and Vayalar and most of his classic duets sung by K.J. Yesudas & S. Janaki. BAIA to present Bugsy Malone: Audiences can enjoy a foaming frenzy at BAIA s performances of Bugsy Malone on May 5 & 6. It is 1920 s New York and life on the streets is tough. It s a dark night and mobster, Roxy Robinson, finds himself in the middle of the war for new turf! Fat Sam, who runs the most popular club in town, is at loggerheads with his arch rival, the dapper Dandy Dan who has manufactured a new weapon the Spurge Gun! Armed with this new style machine-gun that has never before been seen before on the streets, Dan and his hoodlums are spreading fear and destruction wherever they go. Only the penniless, ex-boxer, Bugsy Malone can halt this havoc but can he do so without being splurged himself. Whatever happens, Bugsy knows it s going to take a lot more than custard pies to defeat the rival mob and protect Fat Sam s Grand Slam! A fantastic fun filled show with great songs and plenty of messy splurge where the cast of over 40 children have great fun playing all the adult parts. A show not to be missed so book your tickets now! May 6 DAI Experience Science: Scientists from the Islamic world helped build the foundation of today s science. In biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, optics, and math, Muslim scholars like Ibn Haythem, Ibn Hayyan, Al-Fazari, and others, made significant contributions to their fields. Experience Science is a special programme led by Dr B (Dr Bahareh Azizi), who s planned some pretty cool experiments that include strawberry DNA, Oreo moon phases, and bending light! Designed for children ages 10-13, each Experience Science 90 minute session (3:30-5 pm), which will be held at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre, includes a look at the role of Muslim scientists in a specific field, what s happening in that field today and a couple of hands-on experiments. Week Four (May 6): Optics and Physics Week Six (May 13): Family Day at Amricani To register your year-old for this programme, please visit the museum shop at either the Yarmouk or Amricani cultural centres. Spaces are limited; to register, May 10 IEI Kuwait announces AGM: IEI Kuwait Chapter is pleased to announce seminar on Creativity at Workplace by Engr Afzal Ali and 23rd AGM for the year Details are as follows: Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017, Time: 6.30 pm Venue: KSE Auditorium, Bneid Al Gar Kuwait This meeting will be followed by Election proceedings for Electing the Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and 9 EC Members for the year All interested IEI Corporate Members are requested to submit their Nomination Form at IEI Kuwait Chapter Office or mail to For any question please call at the Chapter s office between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm at Extn 314 or contact Engr Mohandas Kamath (Mob: ) / Engr Sudhir Menghani (Mob: ) May 12 Nanma free medical camp: Nanma Kuwait Malayalee Association is conducting free medical camp in association with Indian Doctors Forum on Friday, May 12, 2017 at 8am at Indian Community Sr School Auditorium, Salmiya. Free Consultation will available. Kindly register your name on or before April 10, For registration form and other details kindly contact any one of the following officials. Madhu Appukuttan (Convener) Mob # , Kalanjoor RadhaKrishnan (President) Mob # , Parimanam Manoj (General Secretary) Mob # , Noushad Vytilapally (Treasurer), Mob #

25 25 Somethin different gardening This undated photo shows Golden Bantam corn in New Paltz, NY. (AP) By Lee Reich You re rummaging in the attic, in great grandma s steamer trunk, and you come upon a dusty old packet of garden balsam seeds. An heirloom! This heirloom s probably more valuable for the picture on the packet than for the seeds, which probably have lost their vitality. You could, though, if you wanted, get your hands on heirloom plants that would grow. Heirloom plants are those that have been handed down from generation to generation as saved seeds or pieces of stems or roots. These varieties produce nostalgia for bygone times and the plants particular qualities. Colors of heirloom flowers, for example, often are soft, as subdued as those in old-fashioned, hand-colored photos. The muted colors of heirloom plants are counterbalanced in many cases by bold fragrances and flavors. Modern sweet peas may sport flashy and abundant blooms, but are almost scentless compared with the honeysweet sprays of Black Knight sweet peas, introduced in Of course, bold scents or flavors are not for everyone. You might not like the spicy, tart flavor of a Spitzenburg apple. No matter: Choose from among thousands of other heirloom apple varieties and flavors. Modern varieties of fruits and vegetables generally have been bred for mild flavors that appeal a little to everyone but not strongly to anyone. With a more casual growth habit than modern hybrids, heirlooms won t give the ordered look of a brigade of soldiers when planted en masse. Plant-to-plant variations of heirloom flowers may be subtle, as in the almost uniform stand of blue flowers from a seed packet of Blue Boy bachelor s buttons a variety grown by Thomas Jefferson. Or the variations may be more dramatic, as in the occasional orange flower popping up among the reds from a packet of Gift zinnias, an heirloom variety from Russia. In some styles of garden, a blowsy look is preferred to rigid uniformity. Heirloom plants also don t march in step like soldiers. Plants from a packet of Golden Bantam corn, a delectable variety dating back to 1902, ripen over the course of more than a week. But plan on picking over a planting of modern Early Sunglow Hybrid corn in just a couple of days or you ll miss peak flavor. Most plants offered in garden centers and through the mail are not heirlooms and will never become one, not even in a hundred years. Plant Snowball Hybrid marigolds or Double Feature Hybrid cucumbers, let a few flowers and fruits mature seeds, then plant those seeds, and what do you get? Not Snowball Hybrid marigolds and Double Feature Hybrid cucumbers. Hybrid seeds are made by bringing together pollen and egg cells from two specially chosen parents. Unless you or I grow those parents and provide for pollination, we cannot perpetuate hybrid varieties. And even if not hybrids, many of today s plants could not be passed along the generations because they are patented. As such, it is illegal to propagate and then distribute them. Every year, fewer and fewer heirlooms are offered for sale. More money is to be made on hybrids and patented plants. They sell for more and appeal to a wider audience, even if some heirlooms have dedicated regional followings. My neighbor once told me of a variety of curly kale that was very popular among gardeners where she used to live in Delaware. Still, heirlooms are available. Seed Savers Exchange ( and the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants ( are among mail-order specialists in heirloom flowers and vegetables. Trees of Antiquity ( Greenmantle Nursery ( com), and Cummins Nursery ( are among nurseries offering old-time fruit varieties. So plant some heirlooms and bring a bit of the past into your garden. Pass along some cuttings of your favorite old fruits, trees, shrubs, and perennials to your neighbors and to your children. Save some seeds of favorite old varieties of vegetables and annual flowers, and pass them along too. You can never tell when they might no longer be available commercially. (AP) Kuwait A marvellous and spectacular sunset image. (Ghazi Qafaf KUNA) New Look Heroes of classic past fascinated him Sea and desert: Seif Marzook s two great loves This is the first in a series of articles on Seif Marzook Al Shamlan, Kuwaiti historian and writer. Editor By Lidia Qattan Special to the Arab Times The historian and writer Seif Marzook Al Shamlan was born and educated in an atmosphere of intellectual and cultural transition. He was the descendent of a noble and influential family whose genealogy is traceable to the great Aniza tribe inhabiting the desert of Nejd in the Arabia Peninsula. Early in the eighteenth century, during a period of persistent drought, a group of families of the Aniza tribe emigrated out of their territory; among them was Al Shamlan family. After an odyssey that lasted over fifty years, during which they spent about fifty years in Qatar, they learned and mastered the art of ship-building and sea-faring. With their ships they began engaging in commerce along the Indian coast, in gaining prosperity they left Qatar in search of a land of their own. Destiny took them to the shore that is now Kuwait around , through commerce by land and sea their prosperity grew, within few decades their settlement expanded into a town of about 10,000 people; it was then that they felt imperative to choose a leader among themselves. In 1756 the choice fell on Sheikh Sabah Bin Jaber for his good leadership qualities: temperance, wisdom, fairness, generosity and resoluteness in taking action when action was needed. With the election of a leader the state of Kuwait was born: Kuwait is a nick-name derived from the little arsenal that stood prominent on the shore and became a landmark to passing ships sailing through the Gulf. In one of his books Seif Marzook wrote a biographical account of his ancient family; in it he highlights its prominent stand in the social and economic affairs of Kuwait in the past. Soon after settling in the area many of the Shamlan family members became prominent merchants and traders extending their activity to faraway lands. One of his uncles, Ali Seif Al Shamlan met his fate in the battle of Jahra fought in October Of all the distinguished men of his family, his grandfather, Shamlan Ali Seif inspired him with the deepest reverence and admiration. He writes... Grandfather, Shamlan Ali Seif was a very generous, compassionate man, and he loved to help people. He was particularly concerned with the welfare of needy children, so he opened a private Lidia Qattan school for them, the first of its kind with a wide curriculum. In it 200 students received free education and free meals. To prevent poor people suffering from thirst he put at their disposal a tanker-ship, Rankoo, which he made sure it was always filled with water. Seif Marzook Shamlan Ali Seif was born in 1926 in an old district of Kuwait town called Al Shamlan after his family. He received his first education at the hands of a Mullah in one of the traditional Katateeb, and continued in a government school. As soon as he could read fluently, Seif developed a strong passion for classic literature and history. He was particularly fascinated by the great heroes of the classic past, which the intellectual atmosphere of his days, fanned by the storm and stress of world events, was bringing forth in a genuine effort of reviving the ancient spirit. The intellectual atmosphere in which Seif grew up instilled in him a strong reverence for the past which developed into a lasting passion. In school, besides history, poetry and literature were his favorite subjects; he didn t care for Algebra or for the English language, indeed he was bunking class during those subjects, happy to spend his time on the shore lost in reveries till it was time to go home. Inevitably he failed that year; after the fourth failure he decided to leave school altogether to dedicate his time to his favorite pursuit: delving into the vast riches of men s thoughts and exciting experiences, and broadening his mental horizon on life and on historical events. When he felt confident in his own ability, Seif Marzook he started writing books on history and on folklore. Seif Marzook had two great loves: the desert and the sea. The desert nurtured him with the heroic glow of its ancient past, the sea fascinated him with the adventurous life of his people which was brightened by the deeds and stories of heroism and hardship he was hearing from sailors at their return home after nine months of sailing the traditional trade route. Extremely fond of open spaces his happiest days were those spent camping near the Messila natural harbor, where his grandfather had a piece of land. The desert in spring with its luscious greenery inspired him to express in poetry the miracle of rebirth. Wild life was then plentiful and varied, wolves were common and birds of many species were a delight to be seen during their seasonal migration through the area. For children and adults their arrival was an opportunity to use their ingenuity in making traps for capturing many of them; there was a ready market for their catch. The memories of those days remained indelible in Seif s mind, spurring him to keep pigeons of rare breeds, which he personally took care of. In his book Al Badya (The Desert) the nostalgic scenes of desert life are projected in vivid colors, special attention being given to the sport that engaged every lad in those far gone days; explaining in minute details how children were constructing their traps, each type for a specific kind of bird. The same subject-matter persists in another book on folklore, describing popular games. As the desert captivated Seif Marzook with its enchantment of early spring, the sea fascinated him with the heroic challenge it forced upon men voyaging over its waters, or delving its deep for oysters. While in his childhood the adventurous tales of sailors were nurturing his wildest dreams, when he grew older he was eager to know the hard facts of that life: the hardships those brave men had to endure, and the dangers they were facing, in order to capture that human portent in them that inspired poets to sing in praise of their heroic endurance. To be concluded

26 26 Passengers to benefit from morning, evening departures and shorter transit time Kuwait Airways doubles Mumbai service to twice daily KUWAIT CITY, May 1: After recently concluding an agreement with the civil aviation authorities in India, Kuwait Airways has today confirmed that, from May 10, 2017, it will operate a twice daily (14 times per week) service to Mumbai. According to industry data, Kuwait Airways, the official national carrier of the State of Kuwait, already has the largest market share of any single airline serving the Mumbai-Kuwait route; however, the latest figures indicate that this was further increased, by four percentile points, in Undoubtedly, a twice daily service will provide more flexibility to passengers travelling to and from India s commercial New innovative center in Bayan to enhance customer convenience NBK launches digital solutions branch U19 Boys Volleyball voted team of the year KES holds Sports Awards Ceremony 2017 KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Kuwait English School s annual Sports Awards Ceremony was held on April 23rd at the school hall, where over 120 staff, pupils and honorable guests came together to celebrate all of the KES sporting achievements for this academic year, culminating in the presentation of Sports Personality for each age group and team of the year. The guest of honor, Miss Najla Al Jeraiwi, No. 1 female triathlete from Kuwait, helped present the awards. All of the following teams were crowned as ISACK Champions in their Photos from the event Photos from the event categories: U19 Boys Volleyball, U13 Boys 5-a-side Football, U19 Boys Table Tennis, U19 Girls Table Tennis, U13 Girls Football, U19 Girls Football, U13 Girls Swimming, U15 Girls Swimming, U19 Girls Swimming, U19 Boys Swimming and overall ISACK Swimming champions. Throughout the evening those in attendance voted for their sports personality of the year awards: Team of the year: U19 Boys Volleyball U13 Sports Personality of the Year: David Jacob and Haya Bakdounes Mumbai U15 Sports Personality of the Year: Mahmoud Chaalan and Haneen El Din U19 Sports Personality of the Year: Marcus Reid and Reem Kombar Outstanding contribution to sport outside of KES: Arnav Kabra and Abhishek Brindhaban It was a fantastic evening throughout and the PE department would like to thank Miss Najla Al Jeraiwi, Muhmood, General Manager, Mrs Muhmood, School Director and the Senior Management Mrs Carew, Lynskey and Mrs Marchant for all of their support and attendance at the evening. capital; however, transit passengers will also benefit from shorter connection times to Cairo, Jeddah and other GCC and Levant-based destinations, on Kuwait Airways network. According to the airline, its two outbound flights to Mumbai will depart at 05:50hrs and 21:40hrs (Kuwait time), with the two inbound flights departing at 05:25hrs and 13:25hrs (Mumbai time) respectively. The travel time between Kuwait and Mumbai is approximately four hours. As part of today s announcement, Kuwait Airways also confirmed that its Mumbai destination will only be served by its Airbus A320ceo and Boeing KUWAIT CITY, May 1: National Bank of Kuwait opens another fully digital customer care center in Bayan area. The innovative banking branch provides a range of customer care using the latest innovative digital and technological solutions aimed at enhancing customer convenience and ease of completing transactions. The official opening of the new branch in Bayan was done in the presence Hawalli Governor, Shaikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, NBK CEO Salah Al-Fulaij and Mohammed Al-Othman Deputy General Manager at NBK s Consumer Banking Group. Customers can use ipads to browse information on about NBK offers, access information about NBK products and services as well as access NBK Online Banking etc. Highly trained staff will assist customers in registering for NBK Mobile and Online Banking using these ipads and guide customers through the user experience in becoming comfortable with the service available through these digital channels. Customers further have the option of using these ipads to conduct dayto-day transactions. NBK is the only bank in Kuwait to provide its customers with the option of PIN retrieval for credit cards via NBK Online Banking. Moreover, visually impaired customers will now have access to spoken terms and conditions to help them fully understand all product and service offerings. This text to speech functionality is available in English and Arabic. Digital solutions reinforce NBK s safe and secure banking strategy are implemented throughout the branch, which will offer access to banking services for to corporates, small business customers and individual accounts. NBK adopts the latest cutting edge technology but always reinforces its safety-first protocols, explains Mohammed Al Othman, Deputy General Manager, National Bank of Kuwait. We align customers needs and lifestyle especially in this digital age of smart phones and social media to their banking requirements without sacrificing security or safety. National Bank of Kuwait has been listed among the 50 safest banks in the world by Global Finance magazine for 11 consecutive times. It was also named Best Bank in Kuwait in 2016 by the Banker, Euromoney and Global Finance. NBK also has the largest branch network of any bank in Kuwait, with 68 branches, 266 ATMs (184 ATMs and 82 CDM) ER aircraft; therefore, passengers on this route will be travelling on some of the airline s latest additions to its fleet. While standard on Kuwait Airways new fleet of Boeing ER-s, Kuwait Airways has confirmed that all its A320ceo aircraft, serving the Mumbai route, will also guarantee Wi-Fi on-board. Commenting on the additional services being added to and from Mumbai, Kuwait Airways Deputy CEO, Kamil Alawadhi, said: Traffic between Mumbai and Kuwait has seen a significant increase in demand over the last few years and Kuwait Airways has been working hard, with all the concerned parties, to ensure the airline 2-day workshop on May Master art of facilitative leadership, management at Knowledge Club 17 Photos from the event 12 new destinations can cater to this growth. We are delighted to have now secured an agreement with the Indian civil aviation authorities to increase our services to this important city destination and we would like to extend our thanks to everyone responsible for helping us to achieve this, Alawadhi added. Kuwait Airways is also pleased to announce that by deploying some of the latest additions to our fleet on this route, passengers flying between Mumbai and Kuwait will be some of the first to appreciate the new products and services we have been enhancing and introducing all across our network, he concluded. Qatar Airways marks another successful year at ATM 2017 KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Qatar Airways brought its participation in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2017, the region s largest travel show, to a successful conclusion by revealing a host of new destinations, showcasing product innovations and displaying the airline s new Business Class Qsuite for the first time in the Middle East. A number of exciting announcements were made by Qatar Airways at ATM, including the launch of the new high-speed broadband partnership with Inmarsat (GX Aviation), as well as plans to introduce a fifth daily non-stop service from Doha to Bangkok, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) signed to boost tourism between both nations, and the launch of the airline s redesigned website set to go live in May. Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Akbar Al Baker said: The Arabian Travel KUWAIT CITY, May 1: How do leaders engage their staff, develop problem solvers and decrease their own stress so that everyone is able to work most effectively? What s required of leaders to nurture and grow quality workplaces. The Knowledge Club 2017 brings to Kuwait an illuminating 2-day workshop: Facilitative leadership Skills which will provide attendees with the key strategies of performance and process tools that they can embed into their day-today service and operations ensuring high performing, high functioning and efficiency within their teams & organizations. During the workshop, attendees will understand the difference between leadership, management and facilitative leadership. Leaders will learn to facilitate staff work through the analysis and improvement of day-to-day work processes using LEAN process analysis as well as build one s own plan for facilitative leadership. The highly informative workshop will be conducted by Kathrina Loeffler, founder and executive director of Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success (FICS) and Christian Vulpe, certified professional facilitator and general manager at FICS and has been design for top level management and leaders who are responsible to lead people in organizations of any kind. Kathrina Loeffler has been the Director of Learning and Development at Accreditation Canada where she turned an at-risk department into the highest functioning and most satisfied department in the organization using facilitative leadership strategies. For over 30 years she has been working with leaders to develop practical, action-oriented operational plans for their organizations. She is also a Certified LEAN Practitioner, Licensed LEADS Facilitator & Certified John Maxwell affiliate member. Christian Vulpe is a certified professional facilitator who graduated from McGill University with a Master of Education in Educational Psychology. He is a gifted presenter and natural facilitator who leads the work of Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success (FICS) with finesse. His areas of focus at McGill University was studying happiness at work and he has been nominated as one of 30 under 30 representatives at the Learning 2016 Masie Conference in Orlando, Florida. The Facilitative Leadership skills workshop will be held on May 16 & 17 at Hilton Resort, Mangaf Burgan Meeting room from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and is organized by Vigor Events & Co-Organized by ALGAS Events Company. Members of the Knowledge Club this year includes Hadi Clinic as Gold Member, Warba Bank as Silver Member, Kuwait Oil Company & Platinum Gym as Corporate members and media support from the International Advertising Association (Kuwait Chapter). Market has always been one of our most anticipated events of the year for the opportunities it brings, and 2017 proved to be no exception. We are delighted with the outcome of our participation at the Arabian Travel Market, where we demonstrated our continued commitment to innovation and growth, and showcased our ground-breaking Business Class Qsuite, reinforcing Qatar Airways leading position to the global travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Significantly, HE Al Baker also revealed a host of new destinations the airline will launch in 2018: San Francisco, US; Cardiff, United Kingdom; Utapao, Thailand; Chittagong, Bangladesh; Mykonos, Greece; Málaga, Spain; Accra, Ghana; Lisbon, Portugal; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Prague, Czech Republic; Kiev, Ukraine, and Mombasa, Kenya. On day one of ATM, HE Al Baker hosted a packed press conference followed by an unveiling ceremony that revealed the highly-acclaimed new Business Class Qsuite for the first time in the Middle East before international media, travel trade leaders, industry representatives and VIP guests. Tour HE Al Baker welcomed and gave a tour of the Qsuite to industry leaders and dignitaries including His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ruler of Dubai and His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai. Thousands of visitors experienced Qatar Airways renowned hospitality at its impressive two-storey stand, while exploring the potential to travel the world through the airline s network of more than 150 destinations. Qatar Airways was named Airline with the Best Business Class, and the Airline with the Best Cabin Crew on the eve of Arabian Travel Market at the prestigious Business Traveller Middle East Awards The awards are based on votes submitted by the readers of Business Traveller Middle East, and add to the international recognition and the growing list of accolades the carrier has received. The airline currently holds the title of World s Best Business Class as awarded by Skytrax in 2016, and its Doha hub, Hamad International Airport (HIA) was also recently honoured with five stars at the Skytrax World Airport Awards and was ranked Sixth Best Airport in the World. Qatar Airways is the national carrier of the State of Qatar, and is one of the fastest growing airlines operating one of the youngest fleets in the world. Qatar Airways has a modern fleet of 195 aircraft flying to more than 150 key business and leisure destinations across six continents.

27 27 h o r o s c o p e By Jacqueline Bigar Happy birthday for Tuesday, May 2, 2017: This year you could be looking at a change in your priorities. You are likely to throw yourself into a project that might cost a lot more than you had anticipated; nevertheless, it will feel worthwhile. If you are single, many people fantasize about how it would feel to be yours. You will need to decide who knocks your socks off. If you are attached, the two of you create an even stronger foundation. Your home and domestic life soar in importance. LEO pushes you in a charming kind of way. The Stars Show the Kind of Day You ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult Capricorn - (Dec 22 - Jan 19) **** Deal with others on a one-on-one level. Your caring attitude is likely to open a door for you, but you might not be prepared for what comes through it. Unfortunately, you won t be able to undo this action. Make more time for a partner. Tonight: Respond to a friendly overture. Aquarius - (Jan 20 - Feb 18) **** Defer to others right now. You will see many new opportunities surrounding you. Your creativity emerges, which allows you to explore different options. Express your caring in a way that allows a child or loved one to see it. Don t play it too cool. Tonight: Time for some fun. Pisces - (Feb 19 - Mar 20) **** Pace yourself, and come to an understanding with a close friend or associate. This person has expectations that you might not be able to meet. Do not let your temper interfere with a conversation. Schedule an important appointment today. Tonight: Wind down slowly. Aries - (Mar 21 - Apr 19) **** You are full of energy. Others are drawn to you because of your vivaciousness. A friend might come down hard on you, but only because he or she is jealous and doesn t realize it. Tension builds between you and someone else. Tonight: Loosen up and enjoy the moment. Taurus - (Apr 20 - May 20) ***** You could be overwhelmed by the many choices you have. As a result, you might want to cocoon and avoid any unneeded tension. You seem to be in the mood to do some impulsive shopping. Save the receipts, in case you change your mind. Tonight: Take a walk to relieve stress. Gemini - (May 21 - June 20) *** You push hard to accomplish what you want. You could become argumentative if others get in your way. Try to ease up a little with the understanding that you are a whirlwind of energy. Not everyone is in the same headspace as you are. Tension builds. Tonight: Return calls. Cancer - (June 21 - July 22) **** You display sensitivity to others. Find a physical outlet that you enjoy; it can even be vacuuming the house. You will feel better once you release all of your pent-up frustration. Your feelings are close to the surface, but their cause might be hidden. Tonight: Make it your treat. Leo - (July 23 - Aug 22) **** Others greet you with a big smile today. A friend might be touchy and overly assertive. You know how to ignore this person or talk him or her down. By all means, follow through -- for your sake and others. Tonight: Whatever makes you happy. Virgo - (Aug 23 - Sept 22): *** A lot seems to be going on behind the scenes right now. You easily could be overwhelmed by what is happening. You might not feel confident about finding out what isn t working. You are likely to get some odd feedback. Tonight: Avoid someone who is throwing a tantrum. Libra - (Sept 23 - Oct 22) **** You could be exhausted and might seek out a different solution, one that you feel will be more workable than your current one. Don t push someone away, even if he or she challenges your thinking. Share more of where you are coming from. Tonight: Relax to a good movie. Scorpio - (Oct 23 - Nov 21) **** You need to think before you take action. A loved one might be pushing you in a certain direction. Your gentler ways will win out in the end. Just keep any sarcasm under wraps for now. You don t want to push this person away even more. Tonight: Binge-watch a favorite TV series. Sagittarius - (Nov 22 - Dec 21) **** You might decide to sign up for a workshop or class to enhance your knowledge. Others could be unusually assertive, which will irritate you. You ll want to pull back and find out what is bothering them. First, stop and ask yourself what is bothering you. Tonight: Feed your mind. Born today: Actor Dwayne Johnson (1972), singer/songwriter Lily Allen (1985), actress Ellie Kemper (1980) home decor indoor gardening beauty tips taste buds curtain illusion grape ivy aloe vera for hair fall mushrooms paprikash Introduce a rental to luxury with gorgeous drapes. Hanging several sets of drapes along a wall is an apartment-approved way to give your walls personality without the permanency of wallpaper or paint. It also gives the illusion that there are windows hidden behind the drapes, rather than just an expanse of blank walls and one tiny window. Dear Abby Ellen Danica, the variety of grape ivy pictured here is often called oakleaf ivy because its leaves are more deeply cut than other types of grape ivy. Regardless of the variety, grape ivy is a vine with tendrils that readily cling to a trellis or stake. It offers shiny, deep green leaves that create a very nice texture. Why We Love It: Even though it s a vine, grape ivy has more of a mounding habit - so it s a perfect choice for lush, tidy-looking hanging baskets. Name: Cissus rhombifolia Growing Conditions: Medium light; degrees F.; keep evenly moist Size: To 6 feet as a vine Hair fall is an ever existent problem in out lives. And it constantly captures our attention! We are unable to think of anything. Aloe Vera is a perfect for healing the scalp and bringing the ph balance to normal. It also has cleansing properties that cleans the pores out. Blend aloe vera gel with 1/2 tsp. lemon juice Add 2tbsp. coconut oil. Mix it and apply on your scalp and hair. Wash your hair as usual after 20 min. Ingredients: 1/2 tsp caraway seed, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 onion, sliced, 300g cup mushrooms, 1 large green pepper, deseeded and cut into chunks, 2 tsp sweet smoked paprika, 400g tomatoes, 1 vegetable stock cube, 4 tbsp soured cream, pasta, microwave jacket potato or crusty garlic bread Method: Heat a large sauté pan or wok, add the caraway seeds and lightly toast over the heat for a few seconds. Add the oil, then tip in the onion, mushrooms and pepper, and season well (salt will help draw the moisture from the mushrooms). Cook, stirring frequently, for about 6-8 mins until the vegetables are softened and the onion is starting to turn golden. Stir the paprika into the vegetables, tip in the tomatoes, stock and half a can of water, and leave to cook for 5 mins. Top portions with the soured cream and parsley, if using, and serve with pasta, jacket potatoes, or garlic bread. Lost tooth leads to a surprise attraction By Abigail Van Buren Dear Abby: A year ago, I lost a tooth. I m a 56-year-old woman on disability, short on funds to rectify the problem, so I visited my local hospital s dental clinic. I hadn t visited a dentist in years, so I was quite fearful. The clinic allows a dental resident to work on your issue under the supervision of a practiced dentist. The work I needed was performed every two weeks for about four months. What I did not count on was becoming seriously attracted to a 29-year-old resident I ll call Justin. At first, I couldn t believe it was possible, given the fact that I m old enough to be his mother and my exhusband is a doctor. I was a teacher and I know all the rules. In fairness, in NO WAY did Justin or I do or say anything inappropriate. Still, certain Abigail Van Buren circumstances led me to believe that he felt the same about me. Neither of us acted on this. My question: The work has been over for months, but some days the memories are so intense, I can t get him out of my mind. I don t know how to handle this. Please help. Unexpected in New York Dear unexpected: The rules you referred to are a code of ethics that professionals are expected to adhere to. The way to handle your feelings would be to consider that if Justin were to act on the feelings you think he shared with you, he could lose his job, and the future he has worked so hard to build would be destroyed. If you care about him at all beyond your attraction, you will not pursue this further. Dear Abby: I am writing about how to proceed with expressing sympathy for an old friend. My husband and I were very close friends with a couple for about eight years. We moved away, but continued to see each other occasionally. We kept in touch, and in the past few years have been able to visit more frequently. When we were in their city six months ago, we saw them a few times and they mentioned that they had no friends. I know she has no siblings or parents left. Her husband died suddenly of a stroke five months ago. They were together for 50 years. I sent her a formal sympathy note and three more casual follow-ups. I also wrote a poem in his memory. It may seem excessive, but I remember how bereft she felt when her sister died, and she felt that sympathy was not sufficiently extended (I don t think she was pointing the finger at me). Abby, I don t want her to think that we aren t feeling a lot of sympathy for her. Yet her silence indicates that either our overtures are unwanted or that her condition is so bad that she s emotionally overwhelmed. When does an old friend stop reaching out? Bewildered in Ohio Dear bewildered: Call the woman and ask her how she s doing. Explain that because you haven t heard from her, you have been concerned. You are a caring friend, but there is only so much anyone can do via long distance. It s possible that because her husband s death was unexpected, she has had her hands full learning how to take care of the details that he managed while he was alive. If she s not doing well, suggest she join a support group so she won t be isolated in her grief. And recognize that, as much as you wish to support her, she will have to forge her own way through her heartache. Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Universal Uclick) MGM Alumni Kuwait Chapter elects new officials Kuwait Chapter of MGM Higher Secondary School (MGMHSSAAKC),Tirvuallla a prestigious educational institution in central Travancore held its Annual General Body meeting on March 31, at United Indian School Abbasiya. Alumni Secretary Manoj Abraham presented the detailed Annual Report and Treasurer Jose P. Joseph presented the financial report in the meeting. Alumni Patron K.S. Varughese offered felicitation speech and Vice- President Ms Susan Soniya Mathew delivered the vote of thanks. Newly elected officials for the year Shibu Johnny (President), Renju Vengal George (Secretary), Anup Thomas Koshy (Treasurer), Deepak Alex Panicker and Ms Susan Soniya Mathew (Vice-Presidents), Sanil John Cheriyil (Joint Secretary), Alex A. Chacko what s on today emergency Site for checking travel ban Abdullah Al Otaibi s expo: Dar Al Funoon showcasing The Area of Presence and Absence by Abdullah Al Otaibi through the 15th of May Born in Kuwait 1983 Abdullah acquired a diploma in Information Technology at the Public Authority for Applied Education and training. His passion for arts led him to participate in numerous workshops and courses in Kuwait and other Arab countries. Since 2007 Abdullah started participating in group exhibitions and received awards at Al-Khoradi International Biennale for Arab contemporary Art in 2010 and Public Authority for Youth and Sports in Abdullah s canvases are black and white with many shades of gray. His fi g- ures are human masses casting shadows on white planes. The bright colors and the light brush strokes brighten the paintings and subtly echo the determination of fi nding new destinations. Gallery Hours Sunday to Thursday: 10 am - 1 pm & 4-8 pm Saturday by appointment. Getting to the Gallery Al-Watiah, Behbehani Compound, House No 28. For further information call TIES Center events: TIES Center announces following events Tajweed and Recitation: Learn and practice the art of reciting the Holy Quran (tajweed). The instructor will also answer questions related to the meaning of the Arabic words and verses. Every Sunday & 10 11:30am; every 5-6:30pm. The TIES Center is the social and educational hub for English Speaking expats in Kuwait. For more information, please call or or visit IPC Islamic Courses: Say: O my Lord, let me grow in knowledge. IPC is A photo from the event. offering Islamic courses in English (for ladies only). Muslims and non-muslims are welcome. 1. Tilawa Surah Ar-Rad and Surah Ibrahim Sundays at 5:30-7:00 pm; 2. Principles of Tafsir (part 2) - Sundays at 7:00-8:30 pm; 3. Tajweed 3 - Tuesday, at 5:30-7:00 pm; 4. Jesus in Surah Mariam (part 2) - Tuesdays at 7:00-8:30 pm. Instructor: Sr Zeinab Hassan Ashry Left: Happy birthday Taher Azad. May you have many more birthdays to celebrate. Best regards from the Yaaro K. Yaar team. Right: Dear Paul, rejoice for this is the day the Lord has made; we shall rejoice and be glad in it! As you celebrate your B day, I look back at the years of your life that wasn t always smooth, but you preserved with great courage and strength. I thank you for everything you have done to me. I pray that God bless you with happiness, good health and everything life has to offer today and always. Love you forever. B day wishes from your loving friend Jan. (Joint Treasurer) Executive Committee Members: Thomas Varghese, Susil Chacko, Mathew V. Thomas, Joji V. Alex, Aby V. Kattapuram, Rinu T. Zachariah, Arun John Koshy, Jose P. Joseph, Vigi K. George, Varghese Abraham, Pradeep Varkey Thomas, Sujith Abraham, Biju Ooman, Manoj Abraham (Ex- Officio), Sunil Idicula and Sunil Abraham (Auditors). number 112 Civil ID info: Items for the What s On page can be sent directly to the Arab Times, P.O. Box 2270, 13023, Safat or faxed to or to All items on this page are published as a courtesy to the public. These announcements can include birthday greetings, weddings, social functions or any other non-commercial events. Photographs of all events are welcome. Place: IPC - Women Section Al-Rawdah, Area 3, Street 30, House 12, opp 4th Ring Road. Telephone: Redeemed Christian Church: The Redeemed Christian Church of God (HOD Parish) worship in English. Celebration Service: Friday 9 am 11 am; Divine encounter: Sunday, 6:30 pm 8:30 pm; Digging Deep (Bible studies): Tuesday, 6:30 pm 8:30 pm; Night vigil every last Friday of the month from 10 pm. Venue: New Mishref. For more information and direction please call ,

28 28 Fox News of India? Controversial Indian TV anchor to launch nationalist channel MUMBAI, May 1, (AFP): India s most brash and controversial TV news anchor Arnab Goswami, renowned for his hectoring style, is about to launch a new channel and he s unapologetic about what viewers should expect. I m patriotic and nationalistic and so will the channel be, the 43-year-old tells AFP in a mellow tone drastically different from his manner on-screen where he regularly shouts at guests. Goswami known simply in India as Arnab, such is his celebrity status will launch Republic TV within the next fortnight, six months after quitting Times Now where he hosted a nightly news show. The journalist is adored by many Indians for his jingoistic, anti- Pakistan views but is Goswami Couch slouch equally loathed by others, often on the left, who accuse him of noisily trumpeting a rightwing agenda. Commentators also criticise him for promoting a biased approach to covering news, but Goswami is unrepentant, rejecting any notion that journalists reporting should be balanced and impartial. Perspective When a Pakistani terrorist group kills my soldier, I shall not try to look at it through this distilled lens of objectivity and say I must understand the perspective of the militant terrorist and call him a militant or a gunman, he says. I would say he was a terrorist and he has killed my country s soldier. If that violates a few rules of journalism then I would like to violate a few more rules of journalism. I don t believe in this fake objectivity. I m an Indian and I will be on the side of India. The Oxford University graduate started his career at the Kolkata-based Telegraph in 1994 before joining NDTV. In 2006 he help set up Times Now where he anchored The Newshour before leaving in November. Goswami has built up a team of around 300 full-time journalists and commercial staff in just four months at Republic TV s shiny new newsroom and studio in central Mumbai. He has big plans for his new venture. Goswami is confident of defeating what he calls the Indian media cabal operating out of Delhi by making Republic TV the mostwatched English-language news channel in India. Then he will set his sights on media giants in the West. I believe that the hegemony of the Western media has to end, says Goswami, wearing black-rimmed glasses. There has been too much of a Western dominance over English news media in the world. In the course of the next three or four years I am certain that I will correct it and I think the challenge to organisations like the BBC or CNN can only come from a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, vibrant, growing democracy like India. Criticised Goswami criticised Western media coverage of Donald Trump, saying it was almost embarrassing to see some American media outlets fight a battle with the US president. But he denied claims he wants to make Republic TV the Fox News of India. It s the losers in the Indian media market who call us the Fox News. I ve never seen Fox News so I don t seek any inspiration from it. Goswami s shows are high-decibel affairs, usually featuring half a dozen panellists on the screen, all trying to get a word in at the same time as the anchor barks questions. I shout because in India if you don t shout you re not going to be heard, he said, describing more sober news shows as boring. I would request all the Western audiences to loosen up, roll up their sleeves, have a cup of coffee and wake up when they re doing the news because some of the news channels abroad put me to sleep, Goswami added. He insists he will continue to use the catchphrase nation wants to know despite his previous employer filing a legal notice against him trying to stop him from doing so, claiming it is their intellectual property. Detractors say Republic TV has the backing of investors sympathetic to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party but Goswami insists he has no party political interest. He supported the government s decision to scrap high-denomination banknotes, its fight for a single goods and services tax and surgical strikes on Pakistan but wants it to be tougher on militants in Kashmir and Maoist insurgents. Goswami describes himself as a liberal nationalist, saying he supports secularism, greater inclusion, has championed women and LGBT rights, and also questioned both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalism. tv highlights Mary Hart, winner of the lifetime achievement award, poses in the press room at the 44th annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Pasadena Civic Center on April 30, in Pasadena, Calif. (AP) Sara Gilbert (from left), Sharon Osbourne and Aisha Tyler, winners of the award for outstanding entertainment talk show for The Talk pose in the press room. (AP) The cast and crew accept the award for outstanding informative talk show for The Dr Oz Show. (AP) Lexi Ainsworth accepts the award for younger actress in a drama series for General Hospital. (AP) Bryan Craig accepts the award for outstanding younger actor in a drama series for General Hospital. (AP) Kate Mansi accepts the award for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series for Days of Our Lives. (AP) Cinema Cinema programme from Thursday 27/04/2017 to Wednesday 03/05/2017 The Boss Baby Sharqia 1 12:00 (No Fri) 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 Sharqia 2 11:30 (No Fri) 13:30 (Thu) Muhalab 3 12:00, 14:00 (No Fri) 16:00 (No Thu, Fri) Fanar 2 13:00 (No Fri) 15:00, 17:00, 19:00 Fanar 4 11:30 (No Fri) 13:30 (Thu) Marina 3 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 Avenues 2 11:45 (No Fri) 14:00, 16:15, 18:30 Avenues 5 13:45 (No Sun) 15:45 18:00 (No Thu) Avenues 11 12:30 (No Fri) 14:45, 17:00, 19: :30 (No Fri) 13:45, 16:00, 18:15, 20:30, 22: :45, 16:45, 19: :30 (Thu, Sat) 14:45 (Thu, Fri, Sat) 17:00 (No Mon) :00, 17:15, 19:30 Al-Kout 3 14:45, 16:45, 18:45 Bairaq 1 12:00 (No Fri) 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00 Laila 18:15 20:15 (No Thu, Fri) Grand Hamra 3 14:15, 16:15, 18:15, 20:15, 22:30 Grand Gate 2 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00 Monolith Sharqia 1 20:00, 22:00, 00:05 Fanar 3 17:00, 18:45, 20:30, 22:15, 00:05 Avenues 1 13:00 (No Fri) 15:00 (No Thu, Fri) 17:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00, 01: :15 (No Fri) 14:15, 16:15, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00, 00:05 Al-Kout 4 12:00 (No Fri) 13:45, 15:30, 17:15, 19:00, 20:45, 22:30, 00:15 Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (Telugu Film) Sharqia 2 13:30 (Fri) 16:45 (Thu, Fri) 23:15 (Thu) Muhalab 1 13:45 (Fri) Muhalab 3 16:00, 19:15, 22:30 (Thu) 15:00 (Fri) 18:30, 21:45 (No Thu) Fanar 4 13:30 (Fri) 16:45, 20:00 Fanar 5 22:00 Avenues 3 14:30 (Fri) 17:45 (Thu, Fri) Avenues 6 15:30 (No Thu) 18:45, 22:00 Al-Kout 2 14:30 (Fri) 17:45, 21:00 Ajial 2 16:00, 19:15, 22:30 (Thu) Ajial 4 15:45, 19:00, 22:15 (No Thu) 19:15, 22:30 (Thu) Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (Hindi Film) Sharqia 2 13:30, 16:45 (No Thu, Fri) 20:00 23:15 (No Thu) Muhalab 1 13:45 (No Thu, Fri) 19:00 Fanar 4 13:30 (No Thu, Fri) 23:15 Fanar 5 15:30 (No Thu) 18:45 Avenues 3 14:30, 17:45 (No Thu, Fri) 21:00 (No Thu) 00:15 Avenues 4 14:00 (No Thu) 17:15 (No Thu, Fri) 20:30, 23: :15, 15:30 (No Thu) 18:45, 22: :30 (No Thu) 16:45, 20:00, 23: :30 (No Thu) 17:45, 21:00, 00:15, 22:45 (No Sun) Bairaq 3 19:00 Ajial 2 15:15, 18:30, 21:45 (No Thu) Baahubali 2: The Conclusion Grand Hamra 4 14:30, 18:30, 22:30 Grand Gate 3 14:00, 17:45, 21:30 Free Fire Sharqia 3 12:00 (No Fri) 14:00, 16:15, 23:00, 01:00 Muhalab 1 11:45 (No Fri) 13:45 (Thu) 17:00, 22:15, 00:15 Muhalab 3 01:00 (No Thu) Fanar 2 21:00, 23:00, 01:00 Fanar 3 12:45 (No Fri) 14:45 Marina 2 13:30 (Fri) Marina 3 12:00 (No Fri) 20:00, 22:00, 00:05 Avenues 5 11:45 (No Fri) Avenues 10 12:00 (No Fri) 18:30, 20:30, 22:30, 00: : :30 (No Fri) 13:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:30, 21:30, 23: :15, 16:00 (Thu) 01:15 Al-Kout 3 12:45 (No Fri) 20:45, 22:45, 00:45 The Lost City Of Z Sharqia 3 18:15 Muhalab 2 13:15 (No Fri) Marina 1 16:00, 00:15 12:15 (No Fri) 15:00, 00:30 Marina 2 18:00 Avenues 8 13:30, 18:45, 00: :45 (No Fri) 15:45 (No Thu, Fri) 18:30, 21:30, 00: :15 Al-Kout 2 12:15, 15:00 (No Fri) 00:15 Bairaq 2 12:45 (No Fri) 21:00, 23:45 Grand Hamra 1 01:00 (Thu, Fri) Grand Hamra 2 14:00, 16:45, 19:30, 22:30 Grand Gate 5 14:15, 17:00, 19:45, 22:30 Mousem Al Nisyan (Oblivion Season) Sharqia 3 21:00 Fanar 1 20:30, 22:30 Avenues 7 14:30, 19: :45, 22:00, 00:15 Bairaq 3 13:00 (No Fri) 22:15, 00:15 Fast & Furious 8 Muhalab 2 13:30 (Fri) 18:45, 21:30 Fanar 1 12:15 (No Fri) 15:00, 17:45, 00:30 Marina 2 12:30 (No Fri) 15:15, 20:45, 23:30 Avenues 2 21:15, 00:05 Avenues 3 11:30 (No Fri) 14:30 (Thu) Avenues 4 11:30 (No Fri) 14:00 (Thu) Avenues 5 20:15, 23:00 Avenues 9 12:30 (No Fri) 15:15, 18:00, 23:15 Avenues 11 21:30, 00: :45 (No Sat) 00: :45, 16:30, 19:15, 22:00, 00: :45 (No Fri) 14:30 (Thu) :15 (No Fri) Al-Kout 1 Bairaq 1 00:05 21:45, 00:30 11:30 (No Fri) 16:15, 19:00, 21:45, 00:30 How to find us Bairaq 2 15:30, 18:15 Laila 15:30, 22:30 Grand Hamra 1 14:15, 16:45, 19:30, 22:15 Grand Hamra 5 14:00, 16:30, 19:15, 22:00 Grand Gate 4 14:45, 18:00, 21:00 23:45 (Thu, Fri) Grand Gate 7 14:00, 16:45, 19:30, 22:15 The Circle Grand Hamra 6 14:45, 17:15, 19:45, 22:15 00:45 (Thu, Fri) Grand Hamra GC 15:00, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30 01:00 (Thu, Fri) Grand Gate 1 14:15, 16:30, 19:00, 21:15 23:30 (Thu, Fri) Grand Gate GC 15:00, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30 01:00 (Thu, Fri) Mine Fanar 5 13:00 (No Fri) 01:15 Avenues 7 12:00 (No Fri) :45, 00:45 Smurfs: The Lost Village (Arabic Film) Fanar 5 13:30 (Fri) 16:00 (Thu) :00 Bairaq 2 13:30 (Fri) Welaane (Lebanese Film) Marina 1 17:45, 20:00, 22:15 Avenues 7 16:45, 21:15, 23: :00, 20:15, 22:30 Laila 20:15 (Thu, Fri) Safra 5 Njoom (Arabic Film) Avenues 1 15:00 (Thu, Fri) :45 (Thu, Fri) Grand Gate 8 14:30, 16:30, 18:30, 20:30, 22: Zahra a Area, South Surra, 6th Ring Road, corner of King Faisal Highway 2. Ajial Ajial Complex, Fahaheel 3. Al Bairaq Between Jaber Al Ali East & Al Agalia West 4. Al Fanar Al Fanar Complex, Salem Al Mubarak Street, near Sultan Center, Salmiya 5. Al Kout Al-Kout Complex, at the end of the Coastal Road, Fahaheel 6. Al Muhalab Al Muhalab Complex, Behind Hawally Clinic, Hawally 7. Al Sharqiya Arabian Gulf Street, Souq Sharq, near the Amiri Hospital 8. Laila Gallery Salem Al Mubarak Street, near Sultan Center, Salmiya 9. Marina Marina Mall, Between Salem Al Mubarak Street & Arabian Gulf Street, Salmiya 10. Metro Metro Complex, Farwaniya, near Crowne Plaza Hotel & Farwaniya Garden 11. Plaza Salem Al Mubarak Street, near Sultan Center, Salmiya 12. The Avenues The Avenues Mall, Al Reggai near Al Rai, 5th Ring Road & Ghazali Road Intersection NB: Friday no show before 1:30 pm Regular show KD3:000; 3D-Digital KD3.500; VIP show KD On Monday, price is KD1.500 except Digital movies. Cinescape cinema movies inquiries and Fax Back hotline The Scientific Center IMAX Opp Holiday Inn, Salmiya, Gulf Road 14. Grand Al-Hamra Grand Al-Hamra, tel: , 15. Grand Gate Grand Gate, tel: , 00:45 (Thu, Fri) Colossal Avenues 6 13:00 (No Fri) 16:00 (Thu) 01: :30 Smurfs: The Lost Village Avenues 8 11:30 (No Fri) Avenues 10 16: :00 (No Fri) 17:00, 19: :30 (No Fri) 13:30 (Thu) Al-Kout 1 14:15 Bairaq 3 15:00, 17:00 Grand Gate 6 14:15, 16:15, 18:15, 20:15, 22:15 Headshot Avenues 8 16:30, 21: : :00, 23:15 Ghost In The Shell Avenues 9 20: : :00 (No Fri) 15:15, 17: :30 (No Fri) Grand Hamra 7 15:30, 17:45, 20:00, 22:00 00:30 (Thu, Fri) Bisteri Rajel (Arabic Film) Avenues 10 14: :15, 23:45 Unforgettable :00 (No Fri) 16:00 (Thu) Grand Hamra 8 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 23:00 (Thu, Fri) Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (Tamil Film) :15 (No Thu) 21:45 Plaza 15:15 (No Thu) 21:45 Ajial 1 15:30 (No Thu) 18:45, 22:00 Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (Malayalam Film) :30 Plaza 18:30 Ajial 3 15:15 (No Thu) 18:30, 21:45 The Great Father (Malayalam Film) Plaza 15:30 (Thu) Ajial 3 15:30 (Thu) Ajial 1 Noor (Hindi Film) 15:30 (Thu) IMAX Imax film programme at The Scientific Center Sunday Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am Flying Monsters 3D 10:30 am 07:30 pm A Beautiful Planet 3D 11:30 am 06:30 pm, 09:30 pm Journey to Space 3D 12:30 pm Humpback Whales 3D 05:30 pm Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 08:30 pm Monday Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am A Beautiful Planet 3D 10:30 am 05:30 pm, 07:30 pm Humpback Whales 3D 11:30 am 09:30 pm Flying Monsters 3D 12:30 pm, 06:30 pm Journey to Space 3D 08:30 pm Tuesday Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am Journey to Space 3D 10:30 am 04:30 pm Flying Monsters 3D 11:30 am 09:30 pm A Beautiful Planet 3D 12:30 pm, 02:30 pm, 05:30 pm, 08:30 pm Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 01:30 pm Humpback Whales 3D 03:30 pm, 06:30 pm Secret Ocean 3D 07:30 pm Wednesday Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am Flying Monsters 3D 10:30 am 05:30 pm A Beautiful Planet 3D 11:30 am 06:30 pm, 09:30 pm Humpback Whales 3D 12:30 pm Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 07:30 pm Journey to Space 3D 08:30 pm Thursday Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am A Beautiful Planet 3D 10:30 am 07:30 pm Flying Monsters 3D 11:30 am 06:30 pm, 09:30 pm Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 12:30 pm Journey to Space 3D 05:30 pm Humpback Whales 3D 08:30 pm Friday A Beautiful Planet 3D 02:30 pm, 06:30 pm, 09:30 pm Journey to Space 3D 03:30 pm Humpback Whales 3D 04:30 pm Secret Ocean 3D 05:30 pm Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 07:30 pm Flying Monsters 3D 08:30 pm Saturday Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am Flying Monsters 3D 10:30 am 05:30 pm, 07:30 pm A Beautiful Planet 3D 11:30 am 03:30 pm, 08:30 pm Journey to Space 3D 12:30 pm, 06:30 pm, 09:30 pm Humpback Whales 3D 01:30 pm Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 02:30 pm Secret Ocean 3D 04:30 pm Notes: All films are in Arabic. For English, headsets are available upon request. Film schedule is subject to changes without notice. For information call or visit

29 HEALTH 29 Utah launches campaign to fight opioid abuse, overdose Noninvasive scan accurate in ruling out kidney cancer NEW YORK, May 1, (Agencies): The latest in a series of studies led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine shows that addition of a widely available, noninvasive imaging test called 99mTc-sestamibi SPECT/CT to CT or MRI increases the accuracy of kidney tumor classification. The research team reports that the potential improvement in diagnostic accuracy will spare thousands of patients each year in the United States alone from having to undergo unnecessary surgery. In a recent report on ongoing work to improve kidney tumor classification, published in the April issue of the journal Clinical Nuclear Medicine, the team reports that the sestamibi SPECT/CT test-short for 99mTc-sestamibi single-photon emission computed tomography/ computed tomography(ct) adds additional diagnostic information in conjunction with conventional CTs and MRI and improves physicians ability to differentiate between benign and malignant kidney tumors. Sestamibi SPECT/CT lets radiologists and urologists see the most common benign kidney tumor, something CT and MRI have not succeeded in doing alone, says Mohamad E. Allaf, M.D., MEA Endowed Professor of Urology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. This noninvasive scan may prevent patients with a potentially benign kidney tumor from having to undergo a surgery to remove the tumor or potentially the entire kidney, along with its associated risks and high costs. At Johns Hopkins, use of this test has already spared a number of our patients from unnecessary surgery and unnecessary removal of a kidney that would require them to be on dialysis. These results are hugely encouraging, but we need to do more studies. For this study, 48 patients who were diagnosed with a kidney tumor on conventional CT or MRI were imaged with sestamibi SPECT/CT at Johns Hopkins prior to surgery. Radiologists, Novartis leukemia therapy approved US OKs Takeda s lung cancer drug NEW YORK, May 1, (RTRS): Japan s Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd said on Friday that the US Food and Drug Administration approved its lung cancer drug, almost three months after the company acquired the drug s developer, Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. The drug, Alunbrig, is approved as a second-line treatment for patients with anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive (ALK+) metastatic non-small cell lung cancer, who have progressed on or are intolerant to Pfizer s crizotinib, the standard initial treatment for the disease. Alunbrig was approved under the FDA s accelerated approval program, which allows for quicker approval of drugs that fill an unmet medical need. When a drug wins accelerated approval, the company must provide further evidence of its benefit, failing which the approval can be revoked. Takeda in mid-february completed its acquisition of Ariad for $5.20 billion, undertaken to beef up its oncology pipeline. who were not allowed to talk to each other or know the results of the surgeries, graded the conventional and sestamibi SPECT/CT images benign or malignant using a 5-point scale (1 = definitely benign, 5 = definitely cancerous). Following surgery, similarly blinded pathologists analyzed the tumors without knowing the radiologists imaging results. Pathology results of surgically removed tumors showed that 8 of the 48 were benign. The remaining 40 Also: NEW YORK: The US Food and Drug Administration approved Novartis AG s Rydapt as an initial treatment for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) as well as certain other blood disorders, the agency said on Friday. AML is a cancer that originates in the bone marrow and progresses rapidly, resulting in an abnormal increase in white blood cells. Rydapt is approved to be used along with chemotherapy to treat adults newly diagnosed with AML and carrying a specific genetic mutation called FLT3, the FDA said. It is to be used along with a companion diagnostic designed to detect the mutation. Data has shown that using Rydapt as part of the treatment regimen for FLT3-mutated AML patients resulted in a 23 percent reduction in the risk of death, Novartis said. Rydapt will be available from Monday, with the price depending on the indication and the dose, said Julie Masow, a spokeswoman for the Swiss drugmaker. were classified as a variety of other tumor types, including malignant renal cell carcinomas. Reviewing sestamibi SPECT/CT scan results in conjunction with CT or MRI changed the initial rating levels from cancerous (score 3, 4, 5) toward benign (score 1 and 2) in 9 cases, and changed reviewers score from likely cancerous (score 4) to definitely cancerous (score 5) in 5 cases, or about 10 percent of all cases. The addition of sestamibi SPECT/CT increased the Use of sestamibi SPECT/CT scan could spare patients with benign kidney tumors from unneeded surgery. Credit: istock reviewers diagnostic certainty in 14 of the 48 patients, or in nearly 30 percent of all cases. Overall, the investigators said, adding sestamibi SPECT/CT helped identify 7 of 9 benign tumors, and conventional imaging with added sestamibi SPECT/CT outperformed conventional imaging alone, as measured by a statistical analysis that measures tradeoffs between sensitivity and specificity. On this measure, a value of 0.50 indicates that a diagnostic test is no better than chance. Conventional imaging combined with sestamibi SPECT/CT had a value of 0.85, while conventional imaging alone had a value of Even for patients whose tumors were not reclassified, the addition of sestamibi SPECT/CT increased physicians ability to more confidently classify malignant tumors, which reduces the risk of misdiagnosis and unnecessary surgery for all patients, the researchers say. Radiologists and urologists have been frustrated for decades by the inability of conventional imaging tests, such as CT and MRI, to distinguish benign from malignant kidney tumors. At Johns Hopkins, multispecialty teams work together to determine the best care for patients and as partners on research innovations and quality improvement initiatives. This collaborative venue enabled two then-residents [Drs. Michael Gorin and Steven Rowe] from different departments and specialties to design a clinical trial based on a few reports in the literature suggesting a potential role for sestamibi SPECT/CT in this diagnostic conundrum, and their hypothesis proved correct, says Mehrbod Som Javadi, MD, assistant professor of radiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the senior author on the paper. Also: SALT LAKE CITY: Utah pharmacists will start putting red stickers on bottles of opioids that warn patients about the risk of overdose and addiction as part of a new awareness campaign to combat painkiller abuses and deaths. The Utah Department of Health s monthlong campaign kicks off Monday and is meant to encourage dialogue between pharmacists and patients about opioid risks. The rate of prescription opioids dispensed in Utah grew 30 percent from 2002 to 2015, statistics from the department show. Nearly 300 Utah residents died of opioid overdoses in 2015, according to the latest data available from the department. Given the high number of deaths associated with prescription opioids, understanding the risks of opioids is vital to patient safety. said Angela Dunn, deputy state epidemiologist for the health department.

30 RBS-backed Saudi bank says has nearly doubled share of retail market UAE March inflation edges up Saudi Arabia s Alawwal Bank, partly owned by Royal Bank of Scotland, has roughly doubled its market share within retail banking thanks to its expansion in the last three years, despite a difficult economic environment, its chief executive said on Monday. Retail banking has been strong throughout, Soren Kring Nikolajsen told Reuters. Our retail market share is around 3 to 5 percent. We have taken a fair bit of market share. Banks in the kingdom have faced a sluggish economy in the past year or two, with lending slipping by 0.1 percent in March as companies and consumers stall investment decisions in the face of low oil prices and concern over government austerity policy. Despite the difficult operating conditions, Alawwal Bank, which is in merger talks with Saudi British Bank, has expanded its branch network by 50 percent in the past three years to 69 and doubled its number of ATMs. The retail bank now accounts for about 20 percent of the bank s business, roughly doubling over the same period. Nikolajsen was speaking at the bank s new digital branch, a windowless open-plan site inside one of Riyadh s largest shopping malls, where customers can drink coffee while using terminals to conduct their online banking transactions. You have to find products for a young and tech-savvy population, he said, referring to the fact that around two thirds of the Saudi population is under the age of 30. Internet banking is now used by around two thirds of retail customers, with usage growing by around 30 percent annually. Speaking of the kingdom s overall banking market, Nikolajsen said flat loan growth for 2017 would be a decent result. Activity right now is slower than we would like it to be generally across the board and that s a follow-through from the lower activity levels we saw at the back end of last year, he said. (RTRS) The United Arab Emirates National Bureau of Statistics released the following March consumer price data. UAE Consumer Infl ation 03/17 02/17 pct change month/month pct change year/year Note: The statistics authority changed the base year for the consumer price index to 2014 from 2007 starting in October 2016, and changed the weights for basket components. For example, the weight of housing and utilities fell to 34.1 percent from 39.3 percent. Housing and utility costs rose 1.7 percent from a year ago in March. Food and soft drink prices, which account for 14.3 percent of the new basket, fell 0.4 percent while transport costs jumped 14.0 percent after domestic fuel prices were hiked. (RTRS) Market Movements Change Closing pts JAPAN - Nikkei , Change Closing pts INDIA - Sensex , AUSTRALIA - All Ordinaries , HONG KONG - Hang Seng , PHILIPPINES - All Shares , S. KOREA - KRX , GERMANY - DAX , FRANCE - CAC , EUROPE - Euro Stoxx , Business Boursa Kuwait monthly report Bayan Investment Co Price index records 2.65 pct drop during April Boursa Kuwait ended the first month of the second quarter with a grouped loss to the three indices, affected by the continued correction action witnessed by the Boursa during the period since February and up to date, after the large gains recorded in January, which caused the three indices gains recorded since the beginning of the year to shrink rapidly. Moreover, the Price Index ended April s trading recording a decrease of 2.65% after closing at 6, point, while the Weighted Index lost 1.20% after closing at point level, and KSX-15 Index closed the month s trading at point, down by 1.55%. For the annual performance, the Price Index ended last month recording 19.05% annual gain compared to its closing in 2016, while the Weighted Index increased by 7.42%, and the KSX-15 recorded 3.88% growth. The market capitalization reached by the end of April around KD billion, down by 0.13% compared to its level on March, where it was approximately KD On an annual level, the increase of the market cap for the listed companies reached 6.58% from its value at end of 2016, where it was then around KD billion. The Boursa witnessed such performance in light of a continued absence of the positive motivators, especially the ones related to the local economy, where such motivators may contribute in improving the traders morale and push the market upward and increase its liquidity to enhance the listed companies positions and positively be reflected on its stocks performance in the Boursa, as it is considered to be the real mirror that reflects the economy of any country. Also, the Boursa witnessed such performance amid a noticeable decrease in liquidity, where the total cash liquidity dropped during the month by 20.80% to reach KD million, while the volume declined to reach 5.91 billion stock, down by 16.86%. Such decrease came in light of a weak purchasing operations in the market due to the traders watch for the listed companies results for the first quarter of the current year, where only 25 companies have disclosed its results out of 177 listed company in the primary market, realizing around KD million net profit, and up by 13.34% compared to the same companies results for the same period of 2016, whereas its profits reached KD million. Returning to Boursa Kuwait performance during the month of April, the three indices ended the month s trading in the red zone affected by the selling trend that targeted many stocks being traded over the month, especially the ones that witnessed clear increases since the beginning of the year as a result to the awakening state witnessed by the Boursa. The Boursa recorded its losses in light of a decreased trading indicators during the month, on both levels, the volume and the value, compared to its levels in the previous month, where the value dropped by 12.88% reaching KD million, and the volume decreased by 8.55% reaching million stock. Price Index The Price Index witnessed a fluctuated performance with downward trend during the daily sessions of the month of April, where it decreased in 12 days out of 20 trading day of the month. The Index initiated the month s trading recording slight losses in the first two sessions, within 0.5%, breaking the 7,000 point level down, before it could increase in the next two sessions to compensate its thousand level once again, and closing at 7, point on 5th April session, its highest level during the month. However, the Index witnessed during the period from 6th April to 19th April a performance with down trend, losing during such period its Saudi Aramco to boost its oil loading capacity Kingdom cuts June Arab Light OSP to Asia DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia, May 1, (RTRS): State oil giant Saudi Aramco plans to launch its overhauled Muajjiz oil terminal on the Red Sea next year, lifting its total loading and export capacity to as much as 15 million barrels per day, Saudi officials said. Located on the Red Sea, Muajjiz had been used as an export terminal for Iraqi crude through the Iraqi Pipeline in Saudi Arabia (IPSA), but it has not carried Iraqi crude since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in The pipeline was confiscated by Saudi Arabia in 2001 as compensation for debts owed by Baghdad. Saudi Arabia had used the IPSA pipeline to transport gas to power plants in the west of the country for years before test opening it in 2012, giving Riyadh scope to export more of its crude should Iran try to block the Strait of Hormuz. Saudi s arch-rival has in the past threatened to block the Hormuz shipping channel, through which 40 percent of the world s seaborne oil exports pass, in retaliation for sanctions placed on its crude exports by Western powers in Bringing Muajjiz terminal online next year would boost the kingdom s total oil handling capacity to 15 million barrels per day (bpd) from 11.5 million bpd currently, Mohammed al-qahtani, Aramco s senior vice president for upstream, told Reuters in an interview at the company s headquarters in Dhahran. The additional capacity from Muajjiz, which will be integrated into the Yanbu crude oil terminal, will accommodate the increased volumes of fuel oil and supplies of Arabian Heavy crude oil to the Yasref, Jazan, and Jiddah local refineries. The move will boost Aramco s ability to meet its commitments to customers and maintain its export capability from the kingdom s west coast. Flexibility Restoring operations at al-muajjiz will offer Saudi Aramco more flexibility in terms of its crude oil and product sales, and traffic configuration out of the Red Sea without affecting its intense operations out of the Arabian Gulf, which are largely dedicated to the Asian markets, said Sadad al-husseini, a former Aramco senior executive and now an energy consultant. Saudi Arabia has three primary oil export terminals, including the port of Ras Tanura on the Gulf, with an average capacity of around 3.4 million bpd and which handles most of Saudi Arabia s Trump mulls breaking up large banks NEW YORK, May 1, (AFP): President Donald Trump is reviewing a possible breakup of large US banks, according to a published interview Monday. Trump told Bloomberg News that he was considering a 21st century version of the 1933 Glass-Steagall law that separated consumer lending and investment banking and was repealed in 1999 by President Bill Clinton. I m looking at that right now, Trump said in an Oval Office interview with Bloomberg. There s some people that want to go back to the old system, right? So we re going to look at that. Trump s comments are his first on the subject and follow other statements from administration officials such as National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin expressing broad support for the idea. Several liberal Democrats, including Senator Bernie Sanders, have also supported a breakup of the biggest banks. However, the Trump administration has not released details about what an eventual breakup plan might look like. exports, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). The Ras al-ju aymah facility on the Gulf has an average handling capacity of about 3 million bpd and can accommodate the largest oil tankers for crude loadings. The Yanbu terminal on the Red Sea, from which most of the remaining volumes are exported, has an average handling capacity of 1.3 million bpd. Saudi Arabia has cut the June price for its Arab Light crude oil grade for Asian customers by $0.40 a barrel compared with May, to a discount of $0.85 a barrel to the Oman/Dubai average, Saudi Aramco said on Monday, in-line with market expectations. Saudi Aramco was expected to cut the price by cents a barrel in June to the lowest level in nine months, according to a Reuters survey. The survery showed that official selling prices are expected to fall across the board for Saudi crudes sold to Asia in June, after a fall in the Middle East benchmark Dubai crude due to ample supplies. The company said it has raised its Arab Light OSP to Northwest Europe by $0.90 a barrel for June from the previous month, to a discount of $3.45 a barrel to the Brent Weighted Average (BWAVE). The Arab Light OSP to the United States was set at a premium of $0.60 a barrel to the Argus Sour Crude Index (ASCI) for June, up $0.10 a barrel from the previous month, Aramco said. 7,000 point level once again, to close at 6, point, its lowest closing level during the month, where its monthly losses reached 3.43%. Moreover, the Index was able during the rest of the month s sessions to compensate part of its losses to end April with monthly loss of 2.65%. Weighted Index The Weighted Index performance during April was weak in general, whereas it recorded losses in 11 days out of 20 trading day of the month. The Index witnessed positive performance during the first third of the month which enabled it to realize good gains until 11th April session, which ended it at point level, its highest closing level during the month, reaching 2.11% monthly gains. However, the Index witnessed a noticeable decline wave during the period from 12th April to 25th April, losing all its gains recorded since the beginning of the month to close at point, its lowest closing level of the month. Moreover, the Index was able to increase during the last two sessions of the month, compensating a small part of its monthly losses which reached by the end of the month 1.20%. KSX-15 Index The KSX-15 Index s performance did not differ much from its peers, as it declined in 12 sessions out of 20 sessions witnessed during the month. The Index initiated April s trading with an upward direction that continued until 9th April session to end it at point, its highest level of the month. However, the decline wave started during the period of 10th April until one session before the end of the month, affected by the profit collection operations executed on most of the heavy stocks that the Index is composed of, to end the session of 26th April at point, its lowest level of the month. The Index was able thereafter to record good increase in the last session of the month, compensating a part of its monthly losses, which reached by the end of April to around 1.55%. Sectors Indices Three of KSE s sectors ended last month in the green zone, while the other Nine recorded decreases. Last month s highest gainer was the Oil & Gas sector, achieving 11.62% growth rate as its index closed at 1, points. Whereas, in the second place, the Banks sector s index closed at points recording 0.48% increase. The Industrial sector was the least growing as its index closed at 1, points with a 0.26% increase. On the other hand, Technology sector headed the losers list as its index declined by 12.98% to end the month s activity at points. The Health Care sector was second on the losers list, which index declined by 11.86%, closing at 1, points, followed by the Real Estate sector, as its index closed at points at a loss of 6.97%. The Consumer Services sector was the least declining as its index closed at points with a 1.96% decrease. Sectors Activity The Real Estate sector dominated a total trade volume during the last month of 2.40 billion shares changing hands, representing 40.65% of the total market trading volume. The Financial Services sector was second in terms of trading volume as the sector s traded shares were 34.86% of last month s total trading volume, with a total of 2.06 billion shares On the other hand, the Financial Services sector s stocks were the highest traded in terms of value; with a turnover of KD million or 27.31% of last month s total market trading value. The Real Estate sector took the second place as the sector s last month turnover of KD million representing 26.80% of the total market trading value. For further details, please visit our website: Kuwait real estate market National Bank of Kuwait Prices remain relatively stable Residential sector boosts market The real estate market ended the first quarter on a positive note, with total sales breaching the KD 200 million mark in March amid continued price stability. Real estate sales totalled KD 590 million by the end of 1Q17, down 17 percent compared to the first quarter of last year despite a slight pickup in transaction volumes, which rose by 3 percent year-on-year (y/y). However, March alone saw sales up by 9 percent y/y to KD 255 million, supported by a jump in residential sales. The month saw continued stabilization in prices across both the residential and the investment sectors. The residential sector was the main driver behind the pick-up in activity in March. Sales reached KD 175 million during the month, on 358 transactions. Of these, 185 were land sales with a heavy concentration in Abu Ftaira and Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City. Interest in residential land has been low for the last two years, with 90 land sales per month on average in 2016 compared to 300 land sales in 2014 as speculative trading was dominating the market. Residential real estate prices retreated slightly in March, but continued to show a stabilizing trend. The NBK residential home price index stood at point, down 0.6 percent for the month. Retreated The index has been in the vicinity of points for the seven months, though it is down 13.2 percent y/y. The NBK residential land price index retreated slightly in March to points. This index was down 10.2 percent y/y, although it remained relatively stable for ten months. Investment sector activity softened in March. Sales came in at KD 60 million, down 27 percent y/y. The number of transactions lagged as well, dropping by 30 percent from previous year. The number of less expensive single investment apartments continued to be the sector s main driver. The shift in the composition of the investment sales towards more single-apartments than buildings resulted in a 30 percent decline in quarterly KD sales from a year ago, while the number of transactions declined by 3 percent y/y in 1Q17. Investment building prices were flat in March. The NBK investment building price index stood at points, up 0.3 percentage point for the month. Though the index is down 15.1 percent y/y, it appears also to have bottomed out in tandem with prices in the residential sector; the index has hovered around similar levels for four months. Commercial sector activity was weak during the first quarter of the year with only 25 transactions. Sales for the quarter totalled only KD 77 million, down 56 percent compared to 1Q16; some softness was expected as the commercial sector saw an exceptionally strong The sector recorded sales of KD 20 million in March, including a KD 8.3 million transaction for a building in Salmiya.

31 BUSINESS 31 Dish loses 143,000 TV customers in Q1 as revenue, earnings Breitling sold to private equity firm Charlie Ergen s Dish Network posted declines in earnings and revenue for the fi rst three months of 2017, as the No. 2 satcaster saw more subscribers cancel their service than expected. In the fi rst quarter, Dish s net pay-tv subscribers which include the Sling TV over-the-top service dropped by 143,000 in the fi rst quarter, compared to a decline of 23,000 in Q1 of Dish s core satellite TV numbers likely bore the brunt of the losses, as the Sling TV skinny bundles have been gaining traction with lower price points. Wall Street analysts had projected Dish would lose a net 72,000 subscribers in Q1, according to FactSet. Revenue of $3.68 billion for the quarter ended March 31 was down 3.9% year over year, while earnings of 76 cents per share dropped by 6% (versus EPS of 86 cents in the year-ago quarter). Analysts had expected earnings of 69 cents per share on revenue of $3.78 billion, per Thomson Reuters. The company ended March with million pay-tv subs, down 2.5% compared to million a year earlier. The decline in Q1 comes after Dish added a net 28,000 pay-tv subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2016, the fi rst time in more than two years it had shown overall sub growth in the TV segment. Contributing to Dish s Q1 subscriber losses: an extended blackout of Hearst Television s 31 local stations that began in early March, before the parties resolved the standoff last week. (RTRS) Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling, whose sought-after timepieces are worn by celebrities including David Beckham and John Travolta, has been sold to CVC Partners, the private equity group revealed. CVC announced in a statement in London that it will purchase a majority 80-percent stake in Breitling from Theodore Schneider, who will hold 20 percent after completion of the transaction. The private equity giant did not give a price but Bloomberg News estimated the deal was worth in excess of 800 million euros ($870 million). Breitling one of the few remaining Swiss watch brands to be independently owned was founded in 1884 when Leon Breitling opened up a workshop in the Jura mountains. The Swiss company now employs 900 people and is headquartered in Grenchen in Switzerland. It has two manufacturing facilities, in Grenchen and La Chaux-de-Fonds. I am convinced CVC is the right partner to elevate Breitling to the next level, said Theodore Schneider in the statement. (AFP) Indices trade within tight range in April GCC indices traded within a tight range during April-17 as lack of any major catalyst left the markets without any direction bias. The 3% decline in oil price with relatively higher volatility during the month on the back of talks of extended production cuts also had minimal impact on GCC markets. Two out of the seven GCC markets closed the month in the positive zone with Abu Dhabi witnessing a gain of 1.8% followed by 0.2% for Saudi Arabia. The gain seen in Abu Dhabi was primarily on the back of the Banking index that surged 5.3% after the merger of First Gulf Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi to create First Abu Dhabi Bank sent positive signal across the sector, although the performance of banks were mixed in the rest of the GCC markets. On the decliners chart, Qatar topped the list with a monthly decline of 3.1% followed by Dubai at 1.9% and Bahrain at -1.5%. The merger of NBAD and FGB garnered significant attention in the GCC after several other combinations failed in the recent past. The combined synergy augurs well to deal with the current economic situation with low oil prices and diversification on cards. In Saudi Arabia, a potential merger is being discussed between Alawwal Bank and Saudi British Bank that could create a sector behemoth with almost USD 80 Bn worth of assets, third largest in Saudi Arabia after NCB and Al Rajhi Bank and seventh largest in the GCC. Trading activity continued to decline for the third consecutive month with total value traded witnessing a steep decline 31.2% as well m-o-m to reach AED 6.6 Bn. to reach 4.9 Bn shares, while value traded was down close to of 21% to reach USD 23 Bn. The decline was seen in all the GCC markets with Qatar seeing the biggest month-on-month fall of 55% primarily due to a high base effect as liquidity during March-17 was one of the highest in almost two years. Saudi Arabia s decline in value traded was the smallest during April-17 that partially offset the higher decline in other markets. Volume traded on the GCC exchanges also declined month-on-month by 14% to 16.2 Bn shares. Boursa Kuwait Stocks continued to slide in Kuwait during April-17 as reflected in the declines recorded by all the three benchmark indices. After a positive performance during March-17, the Kuwait Price Index witnessed the steepest monthly decline of 2.7% and traded below the critical 7,000 mark to reach 6, points by month end. The Weighted Index declined by 1.2% and traded above the 400 mark to close at points, while the Kuwait 15 Index declined by 1.5% to reach points. Nevertheless, despite the weak monthly performance in April-17, Kuwait continues to record the best YTD-17 performance in the GCC with a return of 19% for the Price index, 7.4% for the Weighted Index and 3.9% for the Kuwait 15 Index. Trading activity on the exchange declined in line with the rest of the GCC markets with monthly volumes down by 16.9% to reach 5.9 Bn shares as compared to 7.1 Bn shares traded during March-17. The monthly value traded declined by a higher 20.8% to reach KD 517 Mn as compared to KD 653 Mn during the previous month. The average daily volume and value traded during the month also declined by 8.5% and 12.9%, respectively. The monthly volume chart was topped by Al Tameer Real Estate Investment with 393 Mn shares traded during the month followed by Ithmaar Bank and Manazel at 362 Mn and 340 Mn traded shares, respectively. On the monthly value chart, Kuwait Finance House (-5.7%) topped the list with KD 39.4 Mn worth of shares traded during the month followed by KD 38.1 Mn for Alimtiaz Investment (-6.7%) and KD 25.5 Mn worth of shares for Zain (-2.2%). In terms of sector performance, the Oil & Gas index recorded the highest monthly return of 9.8% on the back of 26% surge in shares of NAPESCO, the best performing stock during the month, after the company recorded 63% increase in Q1-17 net profits. Shares of The Energy House also surged by 22.7% followed by 7.1% gains in shares of Burgan Co. for Drilling that more than offset decline in shares of the remaining companies in the sector. The Industrial and the Banking indices recorded marginally positive returns during the month. The gain of 0.3% for the Banking index primarily reflected 4.5% returns for NBK that was almost completely offset by 5.7% decline in shares of KFH despite the latter reporting the highest growth in quarterly earnings for Q1-17 at 13.1%. Moreover, quarterly earnings for banks shows positive y-o-y growth for the six banks that reported Q1-17 earnings. The monthly gainers chart also included Humansoft with a gain of 23% as the company reported 15% increase in net profits for Q1-17. On the decliners side, the Technology index witnessed the steepest decline during the month recorded at 13.0% after all three constituents companies in the index declined. Shares of REAM topped the monthly decliners list recording a fall of 52.5% followed by Nafais Holding and NCCI with monthly declines of 34.8% and 34.6%, respectively. The monthly market breadth was strongly skewed towards decliners that included 96 companies while advancers included 53 companies. Prices of 28 companies remained unchanged. Saudi Arabia (Tadawul) The flatfish trend in TASI continued for the second consecutive month with the benchmark index closing April-17 with a marginal gain of 0.2% to reach 7,013.5 points. The index managed to close slightly above the support level of 7,000 points after trading below this level for a large part of the second half of the month. Index performance was almost equally split between gainers and losers with large-cap Banks and Telecom indices recording marginal declines of 0.9% and 0.7% that were offset by 10.7% gains for the newly established REIT index followed by 4.0% gains for Retailing index and 3.4% gains for the Energy index. The Pharma index recorded the steepest decline during the month at 4.4% followed by the Diversified Financials index at -4.0% and Consumer Durable index at -3.8%. Banking sector remained the focus during the later part of the month after talks of a merger between Alawwal Bank and SABB emerged. The combined company would be the third biggest in the sector with an asset base of almost USD 80 Bn. This is also said to benefit both the banks by way of operational synergies, as seen in the case of the recently completed merger of FGB and NBAD. In addition, as the Kingdom looks are opening the market and diversifying the economy, smaller banking players would find it difficult to compete with new players. These newer players includes Citigroup which recently obtained a license to conduct capital market activity in Saudi Arabia as well as ENBD s plans to expand its base in the Kingdom oeer the next year. In addition, other regional banks are also eyeing expanding in Saudi Arabia and would find it easy to do so as the markets open up and foreign investment regulations are relaxed. Monthly trading activity declined in April-17 albeit at a much lower rate as compared to the rest of the GCC markets. Monthly volume declined by 4.6% to 3.5 Bn shares as compared to 3.6 Bn shares during the previous month. Dar Al Arkan topped the monthly volume chart with Mn shares changing hands followed by Alinma Bank and Saudi Kayan with Mn and Mn shares traded during the month. Monthly value traded also declined at a slightly higher pace of 10.1% to reach SAR 65.2 Bn in April-17 as compared to SAR 72.5 Bn during the previous month. SABIC topped the monthly value chart recording SAR 7.5 Bn in value traded followed by Alinma Bank and Dar Al Arkan with trades worth SAR 7.1 Bn and SAR 3.8 Bn, respectively. Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange The ADX index bucked broad GCC market cues and moved higher in April-17, after closing lower in the previous month. The index was the best performing index for the current month and moved up by 1.8% m-o-m, to close at points. Banks were able to buoy the broader index higher, on general optimism in the sector and potential for further possible consolidation in the sector, which resulted in the sector moving higher by 5.3% m-o-m. Energy index was the best performing index, gaining by 8.2% m-o-m, as Abu Dhabi National Energy moved up by over 28%, as compared to the previous month. Telecoms was the worst performing index as it declined by 3.3% m-om, followed by the Consumer Goods index & Services index as each of the indices went down by 3.1% respectively. The Real Estate index also moved down by 2.3% m-o-m, as Aldar Properties receded by 4.4% for the month of April-17. Trading trends dropped in April-17, as traded volumes & value declined by over 11.6% and 25.9%, respectively. Total volumes receded to 1.55 Bn shares (March: 1.7 Bn) while value traded during April-17 declined to AED 3.3 Bn (March: AED 4.4 Bn). Umm Al Quwain General Investment led the gainers list with a monthly return of 87.4%, followed by TAQA and Abu Dhabi National Co for Bldg Materials, which went up by 28.3% and 22.0% respectively. Prominent decliners included International Fish Farming with a monthly share price decline of 20.0%, followed by Fujeriah Cement and Emirates Drieing, as they saw their stock prices erode by 19.5% & 15.6% respectively. Dubai Financial Market DFM continued its declining trends from the previous two months into April-17 as well, and was the second worst performing market in the GCC. For April-17, DFM was down by 1.9% and closed at points as sectorial trends were mixed. Telecoms declined by 8.4% as DU and Hits Telecom fell by 8.4% and 6.4% respectively for the month of April-17. Financials and Investment Services index was amongst the main laggards as well, as the index plunged by 7.9% m-om in April-17, as Dubai Investment & DFM stocks fell by 12.7% and 8% respectively. Indices, which witnessed higher levels, were led by Transportation, which was up 2.8% m- o-m, followed by Insurance, which also moved higher by 2.6% as compared to the previous month. Banks were also amongst the gainers, although marginally up for the month, driven by Dubai Islamic bank which gained by 3.6% for the month of April-17, while most other major banks receded. National General Insurance was the top performing stock in the index for the month, as its share price surged by 10.1% in April-17. Marka followed along with Aramex, as their stock prices moved up by 9.5% and 6.9% respectively. On the other hand, shares of Emirates Islamic Bank led the monthly losers chart as its share price declined by 32.3% m- o-m. Dubai Investment and Damac Properties followed with declines of 12.7% and 10.6% respectively for the month. Gulf Finance House (GFH) was the most actively traded stock yet again on the exchange as AED 1.2 Bn worth of stock was traded, followed by Arabtec with value traded of AED 0.7 Bn. Market breadth was weak as well, as 12 stocks moved up while 28 stocks lost ground during the month of April-17. Overall activity on the exchange on a monthly basis dropped, as volumes traded declined by 14% m-o-m from March -17 GCC markets monthly report KAMCO Research Qatar Exchange The QE 20 index continued to decline in April-17 recording the worst performance in the GCC. The index was down 3.1% in April-17 and closed at 10, points. The Qatar All Share index also dropped by 2.0%, as most sectoral indices were down as compared to March-17. Indices such as Transportation, Consumer Goods & Services and Industrials were among the main laggards for the month of April-17. Transportation index receded the most as Qatar Navigation receded by 8.5% m-o-m followed by Qatar Gas Transport, which went down by 6.5% m-o-m. Qatar Fuel and Al Meera Consumer Goods were most responsible for the Consumer Goods & Services sectorial index decline, as the stocks receded by 8.7% and 6.9% respectively. The only index that gained during the month was the Telecoms index, reversing trends from March-17, and gained by 6.7% m-o-m for the current month buoyed by Ooredoo, which went up by 7.5% m-o-m. Trading activity on the index was negative as well, as value traded during April-17 decreased by 54.6% to reach QAR 4.7 Bn, while traded volumes declined by 36.7% m- o-m to reach 181 Mn shares. In terms of trading activity, Vodafone Qatar topped the monthly value traded chart with QAR 0.5 Bn worth of shares traded, followed by Masraf Al Rayan and Ezdan Holding recording QAR Mn and QAR Mn in monthly value traded. In terms of volumes traded Vodafone Qatar led all stocks with traded volumes of 52.8 Mn shares. Ezdan holding and Mazaya Qatar followed with traded volumes of 22.4 Mn shares and 12.6 Mn shares respectively. Qatar Cinema & Film Distribution was the top performing stock in the index for the month as its share price surged by 19.7%. Dlala Brokerage followed along with Ooredoo, which their stock prices moved up by 11.4% and 7.5% respectively. On the other hand, shares of Zad Holding led the monthly losers chart with its stock losing 15.2% m-om. National Leasing Holding and Qatar International Islamic Bank followed with declines of 12.6% and 9.8% respectively for the month. Bahrain Bourse The Bahrain All Share Index, which was one of the best performing markets up until March-17, reversed trends in April-17 to close 1.5% lower in April-17. Sectorial performance was mixed, as there were indices which gained and receded. Market breadth for the index was even, as 14 stocks gained ground, while 14 stocks witnessed declines in their share prices. Commercial Banks were down 1.2% m-o-m as compared to March-17 as Ahli United Bank declined by 2.1% m-o-m. The Investment sector was the worst performing index dropping by 3.8% m-o-m, as GFH and Arab Banking Corporation declined by 3.6% and 12.5% respectively by the end of April-17. Insurance was the other key laggard declining by 3.0% m-o-m as the entire Financials pack came under pressure during the month. The Industrials and Services sectors performed better and gained by 2.9% and 1.1% respectively in April-17. The exchange s figures of value and volumes traded in April-17 exhibited mixed trends on an m-o-m basis, as compared to the previous month. Volumes traded in the exchange reached 141 Mn and moved up by over 46.7% m-om as compared to 96 Mn shares in March-17. Value traded however declined by over 18% in the exchange to reach BHD 20.7 Mn in April -17, as compared to BHD 24 Mn in March-17. Furthermore, the number of trades made in the exchange decreased to 1,684 trades, a 9.7% m-o-m drop from March-17. Ahli United Bank was the most actively traded stock in March-17 with BHD 4.7 Mn worth of its shares traded on the exchange. Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait and Aluminum Bahrain followed with BHD 3.1 Mn and BHD 2.9 Mn worth of shares traded on the exchange. Bahrain Middle East Bank topped the gainers list for the month of April -17, as it witnessed a m-o-m increase of 85.2%, followed by Inoeest BSc and Nass Corporation with monthly gains of 20.0% and 15.3% respectively as compared to March-17. Muscat Securities Market Oman recorded one of the smallest monthly declines in the GCC during April-17 amid low trading activity. The benchmark MSM30 index declined by 0.7% to close at 5, points after a gain of 2.8% for the Financial index was more than offset by declines of 2.2% and 4.5% recorded in the Services and Industrial indices, respectively. Gains in the Financial index largely represented the positive earnings reported by banks that pushed bank stocks higher. Shares of Bank Muscat, which reported 1.1% increase in Q1-17 net profits, surged 4.7% during the month featuring fourth in the monthly top performers list. Shares of NBO also surged 2.7% despite the bank reporting 1% decline in quarterly profits due to a fall in income from lending activities. Sohar Bank, one of the smaller lenders in the Sultanate, reported a 50% surge in Q1-17 net profits that reached OMR 6 Mn, pushing its shares higher by 10.4% during the month, the third highest performer in the regular market. Meanwhile, the decline in the Industrial index was broadbased as except for the shares of Al Jazeera Steel Products that surged 16.5%, all the other stocks in the sector declined. Shares of the steel product manufacturer topped the monthly gainers chart after it reported 66% increase in Q1-17 net profits. On the other hand, Raysut Cement, the largest company in the sector by market cap, recorded the biggest monthly decline in the sector and on the exchange at -14.8% after the company s quarterly profits plunged 62%. Other prominent decliners included Oman Cement (-8.4%) and Oman able Industry (-2.9%) both recording weak earnings for Q1-17. The performance of the Services sector was similar to the industrial sector with Oman Investment and Finance Co. (+2.3%) being the lone positive performing stock. Telecom stocks led the decline in the sector with shares of Omantel plunging 7% while Ooredoo declined 4.4% after both the telcos reported steep decline in Q1-17 earnings (31.6% and 44.6%, respectively). Trading activity during the month declined to the lowest monthly leeel since the start of the year. Monthly volume of share traded declining by 21% to Mn shares as compared to Mn shares during the previous month, while value traded declined by a much higher 38.4% to OMR 45.2 Mn as compared to OMR 73.4 Mn during March-17. Bank Muscat topped the monthly value traded chart for the second consecutive month with OMR 8.1 Mn worth of shares traded during April-17 followed by Al Anwar Holding and Ooredoo recording OMR 5.4 Mn and OMR 5.0 Mn worth of shares changing hands. In terms of volume, Al Madina Takaful topped the chart with 35.4 Mn shares followed by Al Madina Investment Co. and Bank Sohar recording 27.6 Mn shares and 26.1 Mn shares traded, respectively.

32 BUSINESS 32 profit leaps 80 pct at Saudi s SABIC in Q1 Arab Bank reports Q1 net profit of $218.2 mln Net profit at Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC), one of the world s biggest petrochemical producers, jumped 80 percent from a year earlier in the first quarter of 2017 on the back of higher sales prices for its products. SABIC, which is majority stateowned, made a net profit of 5.24 billion riyals ($1.40 billion) in the three months to March 31, up from 2.91 billion riyals in the year-earlier period, the company said in a bourse statement on Monday. That was in line with the forecasts of analysts polled by Reuters, who had on average predicted that SABIC would make a quarterly profit of 5.35 billion riyals. Gross sales for the first quarter totalled billion riyals, up 10 percent from billion riyals a year ago. The company s results are closely tied to oil prices and global economic growth because its products plastics, fertilisers and metals are used extensively in construction, agriculture, industry and consumer goods manufacturing. Like other Saudi companies, SABIC began reporting its results under international IFRS accounting standards this year, so some of its figures for the first quarter of 2016 were restated. Last year, it reported a net profit of 3.41 billion riyals for the quarter. (RTRS) Arab Bank Group, Jordan s largest lender, on Monday reported a first-quarter net profit of $218.2 million, little changed from $218.3 million a year earlier. Its loan book and overall operations grew despite exchange rate fluctuations, the bank said in a statement. Total loans were up 3 percent to $24.4 billion as of the end of March, while deposits were unchanged at $33 billion. One of the Middle East s major financial institutions, Arab Bank operates in 30 countries on five continents, and owns 40 percent of Saudi Arabia s Arab National Bank ANB. Chairman Sabih al-masri said the first-quarter results reflected the bank s well-diversified activities and sources of income, alongside its geographical spread. CEO Nemeh Sabbagh said the bank s non-performing loans had over 100 percent coverage at the end of March. Liquidity continued to be robust with a loan-to-deposit ratio of 68.4 percent. (RTRS) GCC economic outlook Bank of America Merill Lynch Kuwait boasts of strong balance sheet in GCC We hold a Marketweight recommendation on external debt. In our view, Kuwait has one of the strongest balance sheets in the GCC region thanks to very low leverage yet large foreign assets in the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA). However, the fiscal deficit (excluding investment income) is among the largest in the GCC region and likely implies a repeated large issuance of international bonds. Fiscal reforms are thus necessary to reduce imbalances and support a narrowing of the risk premium going forward. Authorities have a medium-term fiscal consolidation plan and political leadership has endorsed a deficit ceiling as the target is to bring the non-oil fiscal deficit to nonoil GDP ratio from c88% to 78% over the next three years. Parliament is unlikely to allow sharp consolidation in our view and we expect continued structural tensions between Cabinet and Parliament. We expect reforms to proceed gradually and in a non-disruptive fashion overall. UAE: Still soft-landing Our recent meetings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai suggest that the UAE has managed a soft landing, with a less pronounced cycle than in We expect non-oil real GDP growth to have bottomed out as the fiscal drag eases and infrastructure activity picks up. The still supportive external financing backdrop and improved domestic liquidity supports refinancing of Dubai government-related entities (GREs). Aggregate Dubai public sector debt appears to have stabilized in nominal terms, although it remains at elevated levels. We remain MarketWeight EXD for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Over time, we expect greater market differentiation for Abu Dhabi versus other GCC credits as its high-grade high-quality value is cemented. Scarcity value, the ability to post budget surpluses at US$50/ bbl and the lack of external issuance going forward should support and tighten spreads, especially versus GCC peers such as Qatar. We expect overall UAE real GDP growth of 0.9% in 2017, from 2.2% likely in The headline figure masks a likely contraction in the oil sector due to the OPEC deal, but we see non-hydrocarbon real GDP growth picking up to 2.7% in 2017, from 2.3% in Over the medium-term, we expect non-oil growth to increase to 3-3.5% on the back of greater Expo 2020 projects. After averaging 10% annual growth from and a slump in 2009, Dubai real GDP growth was 4.1% in 2015, slowing to 2.5% in 9m16. Growth remains broad based although the construction sector is the laggard. The fastest growing sectors are restaurants and hotels, electricity, gas & water, transport and real estate. The key sectors in real GDP are whole and retail trade (c30% of real GDP), real estate and construction (a combined c22%), transport and communication (c15%), finance (c12%) and manufacturing (c12%). In Abu Dhabi, fiscal consolidation has slowed down nonoil real GDP growth materially, but we expect the drag to fade. Abu Dhabi real GDP growth grew by 2.8% in 2016, from 5.0% in Non-oil real GDP growth slowed to just 2.8% in 2016, from 8.6% in The slowdown was broad-based, although it was most pronounced in the public administration sector which contracted by 0.7%yoy in The Dubai government is likely to record a small budget surplus in Still, we expect the fiscal balance to shift to modest deficits (1-2% GDP) from 2017 onwards as capex associated with the new airport, new metro lines and Expo 2020 come on line. The Dubai 2017 budget projects a deficit of US$0.6bn (0.6% of GDP) but we think the presentation excludes interest payments on the ENBD loan. We thus expect external debt issuance to pick-up consequently, noting US$0.6bn sukuk rollover needs in May Authorities have suggested they could tap the market by end-1h17 depending on fiscal outturns. Dubai fiscal outturns have been outperforming expectations over the past two years on the back of prudent spending and strong revenues. Given the pencilled in higher budgeted spending levels, delivering on fiscal revenue targets will be essential as any slowdown in economic activity is likely to drive slower growth in government fee income receipts. This could lead to wider deficits and greater external borrowing. The Abu Dhabi government could record a fiscal surplus this year at oil prices around US$50/ bbl. The 2017 budget does not include the impact of OPEC-mandated cuts but is based on an oil price assumption of US$50/bbl (versus US$40/bbl in 2016). The central government now receives a portion of ADIA s investment income. This has helped to narrow the financing gap. Efforts to obtain greater dividends from GREs are continuing as dividends from ADIA, ADIC (in turn, from bank holdings), ADWEA, ADNOC and ADX were upstreamed to the sovereign. The 2015 fiscal deficit was thus revised down from AED32bn (US$8.7bn or 4.1% of GDP) to AED18bn (US$4.9bn or 2.3% of GDP). The 2016 deficit appears to have stood at AED29.1bn (US$7.9bn; 4.0% of GDP), with spending reaching AED287.9bn and revenues reaching AED258.9bn. The 2017 budget assumes a surplus of AED15bn (US$4.1bn; 1.9% of GDP) on revenue projections of AED285bn and spending targets of AED270bn. Further hikes to administered utility and energy prices (electricity, water and gas) are planned this year. The approaching completion of major infrastructure projects (airport, in particular) should help keep a lid on capex spending as it peaks over Over the next five years to 2022, authorities are planning to anchor spending at a flat level of AED- 250bn and target revenues (including some investment income from ADIA) increasing through the passage of a VAT, crude oil production increases (as ADNOC targets capacity at 4.0mn bpd by 2022) and oil stabilizing at US$50/bbl. Expenditures have been rationalized and have dropped versus the 2014 peak. This has so far taken place principally through a reduction in subsidies and cutbacks in domestic loans and equity investments (loans and transfers to Abu Dhabi quasisovereign corporate entities), although the 2016 budget, drawn with a US$40/bbl assumption, suggests more emphasis on current spending rationalization. The government has been proactive in terms of fiscal consolidation and has scaled back the net equity loans and transfers it provides to its GREs. Only the Airport and Nuclear Authorities are benefiting from net equity loans and transfers now. We would expect the bulk of spending rationalization to focus on subsidies, foreign grants, net loans and grants to GREs, federal transfers and non-essential capital spending. Authorities do not plan to return to international markets over the coming years. Issuance of domestic debt could take place this year, although the goal would be more building a domestic yield curve than for financing purposes. AED10bn is planned for issuance annually over 2017 and An initiative to improve transparency and publish budget data is being pursued. Aims to accelerate Mideast digital transformation with global partners Qatar: External debt issuance not to be excluded Our meetings suggested improvement on the fiscal front but that a further external debt issuance is not be excluded this year. As market expectations have been guided towards no issuance this year, a large external issuance may push Kuwait EXD to trade tighter than Qatari EXD, in our view. A strategic decision has been taken not to tap the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) foreign assets. This is in part due to the rate of return on QIA assets being greater than the cost of borrowing and as it allows QIA s investment income to be reinvested. It may also in our view reflect the lower liquidity profile of QIA although it appears QIA is now looking at increasing exposure to passive investments. Authorities guided that they would decide in June or September whether to issue an international bond or not. It was suggested that enough external financing was raised last year to pre-finance a portion of fiscal needs this year. If an external issuance takes place, it was suggested that a large bond could be raised, in line with historical precedents. In part, this may serve in our view to alleviate domestic liquidity. The recent uptick in government deposits in the banking sector suggests that a portion of external bond proceeds were deposited locally. The 2017 budget is based on oil prices at US$45/ bbl and pencils in a deficit of QAR28.3bn (US$7.8bn; 4.5% of GDP). Given the likely revenue outperformance, much will depend on spending discipline as spending is budgeted flat to last year s budget (current spending down, capex spending up). Bahrain: Under pressure, but supported Our meetings suggest that the USD peg continues to be under pressure but that GCC support remains firm. Still, we anticipate that over time, the GCC is likely to require greater reforms from Bahrain to restore sustainability. As the lack of a passage of a budget prevents a return to international bond markets, we anticipate that technicals will remain supportive of EXD spreads over the coming months. The risk is if authorities decide to tap again an existing bond issuance as external financing needs remain large. Real GDP growth stood at 3.0% in 2016, marginally higher than the 2.9% rate recorded in Economic diversification has helped as the key main sectors leading economic activity have been construction, real estate and onshore financial institutions while hospitality and manufacturing slowed down. Private consumption has likely been resilient (after a minor contraction in 2015), while a third consecutive year of import contraction is likely to have boosted net exports. Major projects such as the new 400k bpd Saudi- Bahrain pipeline, the Sitra oil refinery, Aluminum Bahrain and Bahrain International Airport expansions are proceeding ahead and will support activity going forward. The disbursement of GCC development funds likely helped support project and construction activity, allowing for on-budget capex rationalization. Government fixed capital formation has been contracting since A key catalyst going forward could be the approval of the 2017 and 2018 budgets. Authorities are currently debating the extent of fiscal consolidation with parliament. This has delayed approval. In 2015, the two-year budget was passed in early July with a sixmonth delay. While the dialogue continues, the usual 1/12th spending rule applies. The budgets are likely to be based on an oil price assumption of US$50/bbl. Domestic issuance was halted for the past 4 months, contributing to an improvement in domestic liquidity (alongside weak credit growth).domestic debt issuance is likely to resume soon. Authorities plan to return to the international debt markets after the budget is passed. The 2028 US$0.6bn bond tap appears to have originated from a reverse enquiry. It would also serve to pre-fund the rollover of BH- D260mn in local debt expiring in July, according to authorities. With government debt at BHD8.9bn, there is still room to borrow within the current debt ceiling of BHD10bn. Publication of monetary statistics has resumed. Fx reserves dropped by US$170mn between June and November 2016 to US$2.6bn and stood in January at US$1.9bn. However, this came despite the issuance of US$2bn in international bonds in October This suggests that external headwinds remain. The government has highlighted it is implementing measures that could yield fiscal savings of cus$1.1bn annually (c3% of GDP), but given the wide starting budget deficit position, we think government debt is unlikely to stabilize in the absence of reforms and increase in oil prices. Our impression is that fiscal consolidation remains socially challenging. Authorities highlight that a target of bringing the fiscal accounts to balance within three budget cycles (6 years) starting from However, this medium-term plan does not appear to be well articulated. Fiscal consolidation appears broadly planned to take place through rationalization of current spending (mostly control of the wage bill through hiring freezes), capex cuts and subsidy reform. The guiding principle for the subsidy reform appears to be that further adjustments have to be accompanied by means-tested allowances for nationals while expatriates would pay services at cost. Building a safety net could take time, in our view, while fiscal consolidation needs are pressing. Furthermore, as the fiscal consolidation is to be implemented through budget laws, it will have to be debated and approved in parliament. This could cause delays or watering down of budgetary targets. An IMF program is not being considered. The government s foreign savings remain low. Future Generations Reserve Fund (FGRF) holds US$ bn (with US$1/bbl deposited when oil prices are above US$40/bbl). FGRF balances are not held at the CBB and have not been tapped yet. The central government maintains general accounts at the CBB, both in local- and hard-currency. The general government further holds foreign assets through its SWF, Mumtalakat, and through the Pension Fund Authority (PFA). Assets of Nogaholding, Bahrain s holding company for oil and gas assets, and of Edamah, Bahrain s real estate investment company, appear domestic-based. However, Mumtalakat holds mostly strategic domestic assets, has no plans to distribute dividends to the government and its liquid external portfolio stands at cus$0.3bn. The recent Gulf tour of Bahrain s Crown Prince Salman Al Khalifa to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE over February-March is positive in view of securing continued support. However, Qatar financial support appears unlikely as highlighted by the fact that Bahrain is in negotiations to buy LNG from Russian producers. We understand that, in August 2016, the UAE deposited a US$1bn at the CBB. This appears to be pre-funding for GCC development fund projects and may need to be fully repaid by At present, there is no such scheme being discussed with other GCC countries. Huawei s OpenLab Dubai officially starts operation Alaa ElShimy, Managing Director & Vice-President Huawei Enterprise Business Middle East (center), and Ms Xijang Lin, Director of Middle East Solution Development Center, Huawei EBG (right), with partners from Zenith, Esri NeA and Smart IOT LLC as they signed strategic cooperation agreements to mark the opening of the OpenLab Dubai. KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, today announced the launch of its OpenLab Dubai, its first to serve customers and partners in the Middle East, and an important part of Huawei s Global OpenLab program. Huawei plans to add seven new OpenLabs across the world in 2017, and in the next three years will invest US$ 200 million and nearly 1,000 people globally, bringing the total number of OpenLabs to 20 by the year OpenLab Dubai is committed to providing innovative solutions for IoT, cloud computing, large data, intelligent analysis, elte, converged communications and other new technologies to build public safety, smart city, oil and gas solutions, and has attracted YITU, Zenith, Walkbase, 7G, IOmniscient, Nedap, Richfit and more than 20 other partners. With the Platform + Ecosystem, accelerate the Middle East digital transformation of the industry, OpenLab Dubai brings together partners and customers from around the world to discuss the importance of collaboration in the development of a local digital ecosystem. At the launch ceremony, Fan Siyong, President of Public Sector, Huawei, said, The digital transformation is causing disruption across every industry. Huawei has established OpenLabs across the world with the theme platform + ecosystem, and is committed to working with global multi-specialty and industry partners to build customercentric, innovative industry solutions to promote digital transformation and promote ecosystem development through the creation of an open, flexible and safe platform that fully supports the ecosystem. Huawei is committed to helping governments and enterprises in the Middle East to rely on new ICT technology and applications to maintain steady growth, achieve excellence and enhance the competitiveness of the ICT industry in the region. Huawei s OpenLab Dubai was built based on local market demands, talents, and technologies, and will focus on cooperation between enterprises, services, partners and customers in Middle East. The special climate, resources, culture and industry in the Middle East pose different challenges compared to other regions, said Xijiang Lin, Director of Middle East Solution Development Center, Huawei EBG. OpenLab Dubai will aggregate the world s best resources to meet local digital transformation needs, and continuously enhance the ICT platform capabilities and development of local ecosystems. Open- Lab Dubai is focused on building capabilities to easily apply technical solutions in the actual network environment; developing competitive, commercially viable and industryoriented solutions; empowering innovation capabilities, rapid response to market demand; achieving industrial chain value aggregation and a customer/partner/vendor win-winwin situation. OpenLab Dubai has been jointly launched with more than 30 solutions and over 20 partners in Public Safety, Smart city and Digital Oil & Gas. OpenLab Dubai gives customers a hands-on experience of public safety, smart city, oil and gas solutions: Public safety sector: Based on Huawei s strong infrastructure of, wireless network, elte-litra, cloud computing, large data technology integration, Dubai OpenLab is working with YITU, Zenith and other partners, for face and license plate recognition, population density analysis, public opinion analysis solutions, working towards creating a harmonious and safe social environment Smart City: Huawei combines low-power, wide-coverage NB-IoT/ elte-iot, Smart Gateway, cloud computing and large data, working with Honeywell, Nedap, Johnson Controls, and other partners. Huawei is also working with Esri in data management to jointly build intelligent parking, intelligent buildings, smart meters, intelligent lights and many other smart solutions. Oil and Gas: Huawei will combine 4G wireless broadband network elte with Honeywell and Emerson s various oilfield sensing devices to provide digital field-wide connection solutions to solve realtime communication problems in oil fields, help oilfield visualization production, improve oil recovery and reduce security risks. As part of Huawei s commitment to innovation, OpenLab Dubai will be connected to Huawei s global OpenLab network, to promote new business models, market demand and technical solutions for the exchange. At the opening ceremony, esri, Zenith, Honeywell shared their solutions in public safety, smart city and oil and gas sectors, and their involvement with Huawei s OpenLab Dubai aiming for a successful digital transformation trend. At the opening, Huawei also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zenith, Esri NeA and Smart IOT LLC. To establish longterm solutions partnerships, aimed at providing customers with industryleading solutions.

33 BUSINESS 33 Fox News owner 21st Century Fox and a New York investment fi rm are in talks to buy TV station operator Tribune Media, according to several reports. A successful bid would keep Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., another TV station operator that is also reportedly pursuing the company, from snatching up Tribune. Blackstone, a private equity fi rm, is said to be putting cash toward creating a joint venture, while 21st Century Fox would contribute some TV stations, according to the reports. 21st Century Fox owns and operates the Fox network, FX cable channel and 28 TV Fox News owner joins race to buy Tribune media: reports stations. Adding Tribune would give 21st Century Fox control over more local TV stations, most of them in major cities. Tribune owns or operates 42 stations across the nation, including WPIX in New York, KTLA in Los Angeles and WGN in Chicago. It also has stakes in the Food Network and job-search website CareerBuilder. Several of the stations that Tribune owns are affi liated with Fox and air the network s primetime shows such as Empire and The Simpsons. Tribune, Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. and Blackstone declined to comment Monday. The possible deal was fi rst reported by the Financial Times. Reports of a potential bid from Sinclair, based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, emerged a month after proposals to dial back regulations that kept a lid on such deals were fl oated by Ajit Pai, the chairman appointed by Trump to head the Federal Communications Commission. All the big media companies want to get bigger, said Jeffrey McCall, a media studies professor at DePauw University. 21st Century Fox wants to enter more markets around the country and drive its revenue higher, McCall said. (AP) The WGN Radio sign appears on the side of Tribune Tower, May 1, in downtown Chicago. TV station operator Tribune Media is at the center of a possible bidding war, following reports that Fox News owner 21st Century Fox and investment firm Blackstone may make a joint takeover bid for the company. (AP) US factory activity slows in April Inflation pressures subside WASHINGTON, May 1, (RTRS): US factory activity slowed in April while consumer spending was unchanged in March and a key inflation measure recorded its first monthly drop since 2001, but economists still expect an interest rate increase in June as the labor market tightens. The weak reports on Monday came ahead of the Federal Reserve s two-day policy meeting on Tuesday. The US central bank is not expected to raise interest rates at the end of the meeting on Wednesday. The reports did little to change expectations of a rate hike in June. We don t expect that will prevent the Fed from hiking interest rates again at the June meeting, at least not as long as employment growth rebounds in April and May, said Paul Ashworth, chief US economist at Capital Economics in Toronto. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said its index of national factory activity dropped to a reading of 54.8 last month, the weakest reading since December, from 57.2 in March. A reading above 50 indicates an expansion in manufacturing, which accounts for about 12 percent of the US economy. The ISM index had risen since last November, scaling a 2-1/2-year high in February, amid optimism over President Donald Trump s pro-business policy proposals. It has declined in the last two months and some economists say the retreat probably reflects caution among business as they await implementation of the proposals. The Trump administration last week proposed a tax plan that includes cutting the corporate income tax rate to 15 percent from 35 percent, but offered no details. The manufacturing recovery is being supported by the energy sector as steady increases in crude oil prices boost drilling activity. The government reported on Friday that spending on mining exploration, wells and shafts surged at a record rate of 449 percent in the first quarter. Last month, the ISM survey s new orders sub-index fell to its lowest level since November and a measure of factory employment fell to a six-month low. Prices for US government bonds were trading lower, while the dollar was marginally lower. US stocks were little changed. The Fed lifted its overnight interest rate by a quarter of a percentage point in March and has forecast two more hikes this year. The consumer spending data was included in last Friday s first-quarter gross domestic product report, which showed consumer spending increasing at a 0.3 percent annual rate - the slowest Fed likely to leave rates alone but signal more hikes coming WASHINGTON, May 1, (AP): With the US economy on solid footing and unemployment at a near-decade low, the Federal Reserve remains in the midst of a campaign to gradually raise interest rates from ultra-lows. But this week, it s all but sure to take a pause. The Fed is widely expected to keep its key short-term rate unchanged after having raised it in March for the second time in three months. Most analysts foresee the Fed raising its key rate again at least twice more before year s end, a testament to the durability of the US economic recovery and a more stable global picture. One reason for the Fed to stand pat this week is that even though the job market has shown steady strength, the economy itself is still growing in fits and starts. On Friday, the government pace since the fourth quarter of Consumer spending accounts for more than two-thirds of US economic activity. The economy grew at a 0.7 percent rate in the first quarter, the worst performance in three years. The personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index excluding food and energy slipped 0.1 percent, the first and largest drop since September 2001, after increasing 0.2 percent in February. In the 12 months through March, the socalled core PCE price index increased 1.6 percent, the smallest gain since last estimated that the economy, as gauged by the gross domestic product, grew at a tepid 0.7 percent annual rate in the January-March quarter. It was the poorest quarterly performance in three years. Though some temporary factors probably held back growth last quarter and may have overstated the weakness, the poor showing underscored that key pockets of the economy consumer spending and manufacturing, for example remain sluggish. On Monday, the government said US consumer spending stalled in March for a second straight month. And the Institute for Supply Management reported a drop in factory activity. Given all the uncertainties they still face and especially with growth coming in so weak, the less the Fed says at this meeting, the better, said Diane Swonk, July, after advancing 1.8 percent in February. The core PCE is the Fed s preferred inflation measure. The US central bank has a 2 percent target. We view the drop in the core PCE price index in March as an aberration and we expect the core inflation rate to creep upwards over the coming months, said John Ryding, chief economist at RDQ Economics in New York. The overall PCE price index fell 0.2 percent in March. That was the first decline since February 2016 and the biggest drop since January In the 12 months through March the PCE price index increased 1.8 percent after rising 2.1 percent in February. With price pressures subsiding, inflation-adjusted consumer spending increased 0.3 percent in March, ending two straight months of decline. March s increase in real consumer spending sets it up for an acceleration in the second quarter. Consumption will likely be supported by a pick-up in wage growth. A report on Friday showed private sector wages recorded their biggest increase in 10 years in the first quarter. chief economist at DS Economics. Most economists have expressed optimism that the economy is strengthening in the current April-June quarter, fueled by job growth, higher consumer confidence and stock-market records. Many think that annualized growth could accelerate to around 3 percent and that the Fed will feel more confident to resume raising rates at its June meeting. The Fed will probably say in their statement that they expect the economy to rebound in the second quarter, said Sung Won Sohn, an economics professor at the Martin Smith School of Business at California State University. It isn t just the Fed s short-term rate a benchmark for other borrowing costs throughout the economy that will likely occupy attention at this week s meeting. Officials will also likely discuss how and when to start paring their extraordinary large $4.5 trillion portfolio of Treasurys and mortgage bonds. The Fed amassed its portfolio commonly called its balance sheet in the years after the financial crisis erupted in 2008, when it bought long-term bonds to help keep mortgage and other borrowing rates low and support a frail economy. At the time, the Fed had already cut its short-term rate to a record low. The balance sheet is now about five times its size before the financial crisis hit. The Fed stopped buying new bonds in 2014 but has kept its balance sheet high by reinvesting the proceeds of maturing bonds. The Fed s thinking has been that reducing the balance sheet could send long-term rates up and work against its goals of fortifying the economy. Overall consumer spending in March was constrained by a 0.7 percent drop in purchases of long-lasting goods such as automobiles. A cold snap boosted demand for heating, lifting spending on services by 0.4 percent. Personal income gained 0.2 percent in March after rising 0.3 percent in February. Income at the disposal of households after accounting for inflation increased 0.5 percent, the biggest gain since December Savings increased to a one-year high of $849.1 billion from $819.0 billion in February. Volatile behaviour pose risk How the investors are sabotaging their returns NEW YORK, May 1, (AP): The stock market has raced to record highs this year, but your portfolio may not show it. In some ways, that s to be expected: A balanced portfolio won t post the same returns as the Dow Jones industrial average or the Standard & Poor s 500, nor should it. You would have to be 100% invested in stocks to mirror the market s performance, and that kind of aggressive allocation may not be appropriate for your risk tolerance or time horizon. But generally speaking, if the market is having a good year, your portfolio should be, too. If it s not, you may want to point a finger toward yourself. The greatest risk is not the volatility of the market but the volatility of your own behavior, says Daniel Crosby, a behavioral finance expert and founder of the investment management firm Nocturne Capital. Crosby says psychologists have identified behaviors that can hurt the way we invest. Here are three that are most likely to drag down your returns, along with strategies to counteract them. The vast majority of long-term investors shouldn t trade frequently; those who do open themselves up not just to more risk but also to increased transaction fees and tax consequences, both of which can drag down returns. One of the reasons investors trade more than they should is that they think they know more than they do, says Terrance Odean, a professor of finance at the University of California, Berkeley, who researches investor behavior. They think they have more ability than they have, they end up trading more than they should, and that hurts their returns. If you tend to keep an enthusiastic finger on the buy or sell button, stay away from individual stocks and their volatility, which can tempt you to make frequent trades. Instead, invest through index funds, which passively track a segment of the market. These funds are low-cost and well-diversified, and they frequently edge out even professional investors, like those at the helm of actively managed mutual funds. According to Morningstar s most recent Active/Passive Barometer, which measures the performance of actively managed funds against their passive counterparts, the average dollar in passive funds typically outperforms the average dollar in actively managed funds. We hate loss more than twice as much as we like comparably sized gains. Win $50 at a casino and it s kind of meh but lose $50 out of your wallet and it ruins your night, Crosby says. Because of that, we may hold on to poor investments longer than we should to put off recognizing a loss, or flee to cash at any sign of a downturn. When the market is trending down, it s reasonable to expect your portfolio to do the same and it s wise to stick it out. On the other hand, it s worth regularly evaluating and potentially letting go of market outliers that are suffering sustained losses or investments that no longer fit your longterm plan. To temper a fear of loss, set a long-term strategy and then try dollar-cost averaging, which involves dribbling a set amount of money into your investments at regular intervals. If you contribute to a 401(k) or make scheduled transfers into an individual retirement account, you already do this. Because you re always investing the same dollar amount, you re buying more shares when prices are low and fewer when prices are high. The former can take some of the pain out of a falling market, since you re getting what feels like a discount on subsequent purchases. Investing according to a predetermined plan like this also takes emotion out of the game. If you re excited, it s a bad idea, Crosby says. Anonymous app Yik Yak shuts down WASHINGTON, May 1, (AFP): Yik Yak, a mobile application which gained popularity for allowing users to make anonymous comments and which sparked debate on cyber bullying, has shut down. The app launched in 2013 and gained a following among high school and college students, pushing its valuation by investors to an estimated $400 million at one point, according to some reports. The company, which had raised $73 million, said in a statement over the weekend that we ll begin winding down the Yik Yak app over the coming week as we start tinkering around with what s ahead for our brand, our technology, and ourselves. The statement offered no reason for the shutdown, but its rapid rise and fall highlights the fast-moving nature of social media applications. In 2015, another anonymous app called Secret was shuttered after reaching an estimated $100 million value, while drawing complaints about its use for harassment. The mobile payments startup Square, led by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, indicated in a regulatory filing that it would pay $1 million for certain intellectual property of Yik Yak. Yik Yak said that as part of its shutdown a few members of the Yik Yak team will be joining the Square family here in Atlanta. Yik Yak and similar apps gained momentum as young users became attracted to the notion of anonymous comments about teachers and students. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (right), and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan take part in a joint press conference during an exchange of agreements in New Delhi on May 1. Erdogan is on a two days state visit to India. (AFP) India s Modi discusses trade, ties with Turkey s Erdogan Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Monday that India and Turkey should strengthen their already warm business and political ties, as he welcomed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to New Delhi. Erdogan arrived late Sunday evening. He was accompanied by several Cabinet ministers and a 150-member business delegation, according to India s Ministry of External Affairs. Modi said trade between the two countries has more than doubled since Erdogan last visited India in 2008, and there is a huge potential for more growth. Trade between the two countries currently stands at $6.4 billion. Modi said both countries have Ruling over oil rigs claim shown remarkable economic stability in a volatile global scenario. Modi was speaking at an India- Turkey Business Summit organized by India s main industry organizations. The two countries are expected to sign agreements to expand trade in infrastructure development, renewable energy and tourism. (AP) US Supreme Court sides with Venezuela WASHINGTON, May 1, (RTRS): The US Supreme Court on Monday tossed out a lower court s ruling that had allowed an American oil drilling company to sue Venezuela over the seizure of 11 drilling rigs in 2010 but allowed the business another chance to press its claims. Siding with Venezuela, the justices ruled 8-0 that a lower court that had given the go-ahead for the suit must reconsider whether claims made by Oklahoma-based Helmerich & Payne International Drilling Company can proceed. Writing for the court, Justice Stephen Breyer said the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 2015 used the wrong standard in denying Venezuela immunity from the lawsuit. Helmerich & Payne shares fell about 2 percent in midday trading after the ruling. The company sued both the Venezuelan government and state-owned oil companies under a US law called the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, saying among other things that the property seizure violated international law. The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act allows for foreign governments to be sued in US courts under certain circumstances, including when private property is seized. On Monday, the justices said the appeals court wrongly allowed claims to Trump won t trade US jobs for China s help on N. Korea WASHINGTON, May 1, (RTRS): President Donald Trump does not intend to trade away US jobs for China s help on North Korea, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Monday, adding that there were constructive talks with Beijing underway on trade issues. In an interview with CNBC, Ross rowed back from Trump s comments in a CBS interview on Saturday that China s help on North Korea trumps trade. Asked if the need for China s help to contain threats from North Korea had made it more difficult to be tough with move forward merely because a company had presented a nonfrivolous case against a foreign government. Breyer called that too low a bar to allow a suit against Venezuela. The lower court must decide whether any property had been taken in violation of international law. For present purposes, it is important to keep in mind that the Court of Appeals did not decide on the basis of the stipulated facts that the plaintiffs allegations are sufficient to show their Beijing on trade issues, Ross said he did not think so. We ve been having some very constructive discussions on trade with the Chinese in parallel to discussions on North Korea, Ross told CNBC. I think what the president was trying to say is that we re trying to have an overall constructive relationship with China on a variety of topics, the most pressing of which, because it directly involves human lives, is the North Korea situation. I don t think he meant to indicate at all that he intends to trade away American jobs just for help on North Korea, Ross said. property was taken in violation of international law, Breyer added. Helmerich & Payne had long provided drilling services for the Venezuelan government. The company disassembled its rigs in 2009 after Venezuela failed to pay $100 million in bills. In response, Venezuela s government in 2010, assisted by armed soldiers, seized the property. Then- President Hugo Chavez ordered the seizure, saying the rigs could be used by government-owned companies. Move away Go nuclear on repaying debt NEW YORK, May 1, (AP): Ken Ilgunas paid off $32,000 in student loans two and a half years after graduation starting with a $9-an-hour job. With zero job offers in his chosen field of journalism, he instead moved from Wheatfield, New York, to Coldfoot, Alaska, a truck stop and tourist camp north of the Arctic Circle, so he could put every possible dollar toward his debt. Every possible dollar meant virtually every dollar. His job as cook, maintenance worker and tour guide provided room and board. What Coldfoot (population 10) didn t provide was places to spend what little he was making. I had literally no bills other than my student loan payments, Ilgunas says. I was able to send $18,000 toward my debt that first year. People who are passionate about paying off debt find plenty of ways to do it that go well beyond clipping coupons, turning down the air conditioner and consolidating their debts. Some free up money by tackling most households biggest expense: the cost of shelter. After the tourist camp job, Ilgunas lived in a tent for a while as a ranger for the Gates of the Arctic National Park. He paid off his debt two and half years after his 2006 graduation. I wanted a really free and adventurous life, and I knew I couldn t have that life with debt, says Ilgunas, 33. His experiments in rent-free living went so well that he moved into a van so he could attend graduate school without taking out more loans and then wrote a book about it, Walden on Wheels. Ilgunas, now a seasonal park ranger, lives in a house in Stokes County, North Carolina, with electricity and Wi-Fi and everything. You can t get cheaper than free. But when a relative offered Chicago residents Aja and Kelvin McClanahan a home he had inherited and didn t want, they turned it down initially because it was in one of the city s most dangerous neighborhoods, Englewood. If you looked at the statistics, Englewood was at the top. Extreme poverty, urban blight, homicides, teen pregnancy, tuberculosis, all of it, says Aja McClanahan, 37. The McClanahans had made progress in paying off $120,000 in student loans, medical bills, credit card debt and a car loan mostly while living rent-free in Aja s mother s home. This fi le photo provided by Nerd- Wallet shows Liz Weston, a columnist for personal fi nance website (AP)

34 BUSINESS 34 Electrolux profits rise Electrolux, the world s second-largest maker of household appliances, says profit for the three months ending March 31 rose to 1.08 billion kronor ($120 million), up 24 percent from the same period a year earlier. The Swedish company says its sales in the first quarter increased slightly by 2.7 percent to 29 billion kronor ($3.29 billion) as it saw an improvement across all of its businesses. Electrolux, based in Stockholm, saw its shares rise 8.5 percent to kronor after the first quarter results were published. (AP) Name: Kuwait Sharia Compatible Indices Providers: Al Madar Finance & Investment Co. Description: Index of Sharia compatible companies traded on the KSE Website: Bloomberg Today s Today s closing Prev closing % 1-week 3-month YTD 12-month 24-month Index name ticker value as of value value change change change change change change Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Composite AMIC May 1, % -0.06% -8.68% 4.03% 13.01% -7.80% Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Kuwait Only AMIC May 1, % -0.41% -8.71% 3.25% 10.71% -9.84% Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Active AMIC May 1, % -0.53% % 17.67% 29.68% -4.10% Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Banking Sector AMIC May 1, % 0.12% % -2.04% 4.10% % Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Investment Sector AMIC May 1, % 0.30% % 19.05% 18.07% % Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Insurance Sector AMIC May 1, % -2.90% -1.23% 37.33% 34.17% % Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Real Estate Sector AMIC May 1, % -0.28% % 3.58% 4.55% -9.95% Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Industrial Sector AMIC May 1, % -2.55% 0.19% 19.77% 20.38% 1.99% Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Services Sector AMIC May 1, % 0.34% -6.13% 7.04% 20.57% -1.89% Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Food Sector AMIC May 1, % -2.41% -8.60% -7.48% -0.41% -9.63% Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Islamic Sector AMIC May 1, % 0.36% % 2.24% 11.95% % Kuwait Sharia Compatible Index - Non Kuwaiti Sector AMIC May 1, % 5.31% -8.24% 19.01% 73.66% 61.25% Kuwait Stock Exchange Index - Price KWSEIDX May 1, , , % -0.56% -0.57% 18.18% 25.72% 6.52% S&P 500 SPX April 30, , , % 1.51% 4.53% 6.49% 14.86% 13.09% DJ Islamic Index. DJIM April 30, , , % 1.50% 6.94% 9.70% 11.75% 6.16% Move could result in rising food prices, especially for poor, economists, experts warn In threat to food security, Bangladesh moves to burn grain for fuel DHAKA, May 1, (RTRS): Bangladesh plans to begin turning some of the grain it produces into ethanol to make its fuel greener but economists and experts warn the move could hurt food security in a country that is already a grain importer. Energy ministry officials said in a gazette notification early this year that the country will begin using maize, broken rice grains and molasses to produce ethanol to mix with petrol fuel at a 5 percent ratio. But in a heavily populated country that produces relatively little in the way of climate-changing emissions and that already relies on imports of maize and other grains, the result could be rising food prices, especially for the poor, economists, business leaders and environmental experts warned. Moshiur Rahman, who convenes the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Coordination Committee, called the move to begin using grain for fuel suicidal. Much of Bangaldesh s maize is used to feed animals, including chickens. But the country grows only half of the maize it needs, importing the rest from the United States and Brazil, he said, which means rising demand could mean rising prices. Maize prices will go up if it is used for ethanol production. The price of eggs and chicken will go beyond the reach of common people, Rahman warned. He said growing concerns about food security have led other countries including China to stop giving permission for new biofuel projects. According to a study by Bangladesh s energy ministry, the country could produce 18 million liters of ethanol a year, or about 75,000 liters each working day. That would require 60,000 tonnes of broken rice each year about 3.5 percent of the country s total production. Alternately Alternately the county could produce the ethanol with 62,000 tonnes of maize (2.8 percent of production) or 97,000 tonnes of molasses (nearly all of the country s production). The study warned that if the government scales up ethanol production beyond those levels, it will raise demand for grain to the point that it could hurt food security. But junior energy minister Nasrul Hamid told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by telephone that Bangladesh needs to go for greener and more varied fuels in the future, like other nations. So, we are exploring the possibility of using bio-ethanol with other fuels. You can t remain out from the global trend of energy use, he said. He confirmed the ministry plans to give permission for ethanol production, and then would judge from early experience whether to scale up the experiment. Yes, we are going to give permission for bio-fuel soon. Let s see what happens first. Its impact on food security will be considered than, Hamid said. But others warn that Bangladesh has decided to burn food grains to produce ethanol without taking into consideration the food security of its 160 million people. That is a particular worry in a low-lying country that faces severe climate change threats, including loss of crops and crop land to worsening salt-water intrusion, droughts, floods, storms, sea level rise and erosion. Already many people face daily hunger and can manage meals only once or twice a day, experts say. Last year, Bangladesh ranked in the top 25 percent of the world s most hungry countries, according to the Global Hunger Index of the International Food Policy Research Institute. Produces Bangladesh today produces about 1.8 million tonnes of broken rice, about 100,000 tonnes of molasses and less than half the 6 million tonnes of maize it needs each year, according to the country s Energy Ministry. Besides being used as livestock food, maize is eaten by poorer people, mixed with flour as a cereal or made into biscuits. Lower-income people also eat broken rice for breakfast and make it into cakes. But prices for the grains are rising. A kilogram of coarse rice is now being sold at 42 taka (50 cents) in Dhaka, up 25 percent in price from a year ago, according to the government Trading Corporation of Bangladesh. Rising food prices are a major concern, with a growing portion of people s earnings now being spent on food. The country s food inflation rate in February was 6.8 percent, up from a record low of 3.8 percent a year ago. About 13 percent of Bangladesh s people fall below the national poverty line of $2 per day, according to World Bank data. The country produces about enough rice to meet demand but imported 4.5 million tonnes of wheat last year to meet demand for that grain, according to the country s food ministry. Despite rising demand for food, Khan Md Aftabuddin, managing director of Sunipun Organics Ltd the company that first applied for government permission for ethanol production said turning grain into fuel would not pose any threat to food security for Bangladesh. He said the byproducts of ethanol production could be used as poultry or fish food, and that more maize could be grown on delta islands if demand for it rises. Maize If needed, we will produce maize in char lands of the country as raw material for our plant, Aftabuddin said. Bangladesh needs to turn to renewable energy to keep its environment clean, he said. But Mohammad Moinuddin Abdullah, secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, said creating fuel using maize which is increasingly being imported to make up for rice and wheat shortfalls doesn t seem to make sense. I do not see any valid reason for using maize and broken rice for ethanol production, he said. M. Asaduzzaman, a fellow of the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies and a member of the country s climate change negotiations team, said he also disagreed with the move toward producing ethanol from grain. We have tremendous difficulties in livestock nutrition. If maize is now used to produce ethanol, the cost of livestock production will go further up causing further animal protein deficiency, said Asaduzzaman, also a former vice chairman of the International Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change. This is a wrong-headed decision, he said. Bangladesh s per capita carbon emissions are tiny compared to those of more developed countries, and should not be as great a concern as protecting food security, he said. When we can t meet basic nutritional need, we don t need to go for clean energy, he said. Khondaker Golam Moazzem, a research director at the Centre for Policy Dialogue, a Dhaka-based think tank, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that he is concerned that ethanol production, once started, could be scaled up in the future, particularly if oil prices eventually rise. That could lead to more demand for maize and for land to grow it. Then, staple food production will be hampered since Bangladesh suffers from acute farmland scarcity, he warned. A view of Elaine, a 7-bedroom Victorian mansion located on the waterfront in the suburb of Point Piper in Sydney on May 1. The harbourside home was sold by the Fairfax family of media fame to Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar for 56 million USD, a report said on April 28, 2017, breaking the national house price record. (AFP) Tech billionaire buys Sydney mansion for record price Tech billionaire Scott Farquhar has bought a Sydney waterfront mansion for an Australian record Aus $75 million ($56 million), a report said Monday, after the owners resisted selling the 1863-built home to developers. The co-founder of Australian software giant Atlassian, which floated in the United States in late 2015, snapped up the iconic Elaine from John Brehmer Fairfax, whose family formerly owned the Sydney Morning Herald. The estate, which stretches down to a harbour beach in Sydney s prestigious Point Piper, had been in the Fairfax family since 1891 when it was bought for 2,100 pounds. It features horse stables, a tennis court and a ballroom. Fairfax reportedly resisted larger offers from developers to subdivide the land. We re thrilled with the purchase and honoured to take over the Elaine estate in its entirety from the Fairfax family, Farquhar, 37, told Fairfax Media. It would have been a great loss to see this rare property sold to developers and carved up. When we heard of the plans, we just couldn t let this beautiful piece of Australian history be turned into a development site. The price tag set a record for residential property in Australia, the Australian Financial Review said. It topped the previous Aus $70 million in 2015 when mogul James Packer, who runs worldwide gambling empire Crown, sold his Sydney home to Australian-Chinese billionaire businessman Chau Chak Wing. (AFP) Brazil joblessness hits record 13.7 percent RIO DE JANEIRO, May 1, (AFP): Brazil s jobless rate hit another consecutive record, with more than 14 million people out of work, government statistics showed. The quarterly jobless rate covering January through March was 13.7 percent, up from 13.2 percent in the last quarter, which itself showed a rise of half a point from the previous quarter. The increase in the numbers of the unemployed was 14.2 percent, adding more than 1.8 million people, the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute (IBGE) said. The rising unemployment rate mirrors Brazil s struggle to exit a two-year recession. Unpopular President Michel Temer says that austerity reforms are needed to hoist the economy out of its prolonged slump, but leftwing opposition is growing. Unions and other opposition groups called for a nationwide strike Friday and had succeeded in paralyzing much of the transport for Sao Paulo, the country s biggest city and financial hub. Brazil s economy shrank 3.8 percent in 2015 and is expected to have contracted a further 3.5 percent in 2016, the most painful recession in a century. However, the government and central bank forecast a modest return to growth in investment funds Funds Fund Manager Valuation Valued date Currency Net Asset Prev NAV Prev NAV Dated Value (NAV) National Bank of Kuwait Money Market Funds Watani KD Money Market Fund II NBK Capital Weekly April 11, 2017 KD March 28, 2017 Watani USD Money Market Fund NBK Global Asset Management Co. Ltd. Weekly April 11, 2017 USD March 28, 2017 Watani KD Money Market Fund (Acc to Islamic Shariah principles) II NBK Global Asset Management Co. Ltd. Weekly April 11, 2017 KD March 28, 2017 Watani USD Money Market Fund (Acc to Islamic Shariah principles) II NBK Global Asset Management Co. Ltd. Weekly April 11, 2017 USD March 28, 2017 NBK Kuwait Equity Fund Watani Investment Co. Weekly March 23, 2017 KD Gulf Equity Investment Fund Watani Investment Co. Weekly March 23, 2017 USD Gulf Bank Al Basha er GCC Equity Fund Kwt. Fin. & Inv. Co. & Gulf Fin. House Monthly March 28, 2017 USD Feb 28, 2017 Coast Fund Coast Investment & Dev. Co. Monthly March 28, 2017 KD Feb 28, 2017 Sanaya Dow Jones Kuwait Index Fund Industrial & Financial Investment Co. Weekly Jan 26, 2017 KD Dec 30, 2016 Markaz Capital Preservation Program 1 Monthly Feb 28, 2017 KD Dec 31, 2016 Markaz Capital Preservation Program 2 Monthly Feb 28, 2017 KD Dec 31, 2016 Markaz Gulf Real Estate Fund Bi-annual Feb 28, 2017 KD Jan 31, 2017 Al Ahli Bank Al Ahli Gulf Fund Al Ahli Bank Monthly March 31, 2017 KD Feb 28, 2017 Al Ahli Kuwaiti Fund Al Ahli Bank Monthly March 31, 2017 KD Feb 28, 2017 Burgan Bank Burgan Equity Fund Burgan Bank Monthly March 26, 2017 KD Feb 26, 2017 Boubyan Bank Boubyan KD Money Market Fund Boubyan Bank Weekly March 28, 2017 KD Feb 28, 2017 Boubyan KD Money Market Fund II Boubyan Bank Weekly March 28, 2017 KD Feb 28, 2017 Boubyan Capital Investment Co. 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Co. Al Rou yah Fund KMEFIC Monthly March 31, 2017 KD Feb 28, 2017 Gulf Gate Fund KMEFIC Monthly Oct 31, 2016 KD Sept 30, 2016 Global Investment House Funds Fund Manager Valuation Valued date Currency Net Asset Prev NAV Prev NAV Dated Value (NAV) Index Funds GCC Large Cap Index Fund Global Weekly April 13, 2017 KD April 6, 2017 Equity Funds Al-Mamoun Fund A Global Weekly April 13, 2017 KD April 6, 2017 Al-Mamoun Fund B Global Weekly April 13, 2017 KD April 6, 2017 GCC Large Cap Fund Global Bi-weekly April 11, 2017 USD April 4, 2017 Al-Noor Fund Global Bi-weekly Jan 31, 2017 SAR Jan 24, 2017 Global Saudi Equity Fund Global Bi-weekly April 11, 2017 SAR April 4, 2017 Money Market Funds Global Money Market Fund Global Weekly Nov 20, 2016 USD Sectoral Funds EPADI Fund Global Weekly April 11, 2017 USD April 4, 2017 Islamic Funds Global GCC Islamic Fund Global Weekly April 11, 2017 USD April 4, 2017 Al-Durra Islamic Fund Global Monthly April 13, 2017 KD April 6, 2017 Kuwait Finance & Investment Co (KFIC) Al Wasm Fund KFIC Weekly March 16, 2017 KD Feb 15, 2017 Al Basha er GCC Equity Fund KFIC Monthly Feb 28, 2017 USD Dec 31, 2016 KAMCO KAMCO Investment Fund KAMCO Monthly Jan 31, 2017 KD Nov 30, 2016 KAMCO GCC Opportunities Fund KAMCO Monthly July 31, 2016 USD Feb 29, 2016 KAMCO MENA Plus Fixed Income Fund KAMCO March 31, 2017 USD Jan 31, 2017 KAMCO Real Estate Yield Fund KAMCO March 31, 2017 USD Jan 31, 2017 Kuwait Education Fund KAMCO Quartely Sept 30, 2016 KD Wafra International Investment Co. Wafra Equity Fund Wafra Co. Monthly Feb 28, 2017 KD Jan 31, 2017 Wafra Bond Fund Wafra Co. Monthly Feb 28, 2017 KD Jan 31, 2017 Masaref Investment Fund ISKAN Weekly Feb 28, 2017 KD Jan 31, 2017 Fajir Islamic Fund Wafra Co. Monthly Feb 28, 2017 KD Jan 31, 2017 Shuaa Capital Co. Emirates Gateway Fund Shuaa Capital Weekly Feb 7, 2017 AED Jan 31, 2017 The Arab Gateway Fund Shuaa Capital Weekly Feb 7, 2017 USD Jan 31, 2017 Al Aman Investment Al Aman Islamic Fund Al Aman Investment Weekly Dec 31, 2016 KD Nov 1, 2016 Tharwa Investment Co. 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Noor Islamic Fund Noor Financial Investment Co Monthly Feb 29, 2016 KD Dec 31, 2015 Al Zumorroda Investment Co. Zumorroda GCC Fund Al Zumorroda Investment Co Monthly Jan 31, 2016 KD Dec 31, 2015 KFH Capital Investment Co. Muthanna Islamic Index Fund (MUDX) KFH Capital Investment Company Daily Feb 28, 2017 KD Jan 31, 2017 Muthanna GCC Islamic Banks Fund KFH Capital Investment Company Daily Feb 28, 2017 KD Jan 31, 2017 Baitak GCC Fund KFH Capital Investment Company Weekly Feb 28, 2017 KD Jan 31, 2017 CapCorp Investment Co. CapCorp Local Fund CapCorp Investment Company Weekly March 30, 2017 KD Feb 28, 2017

35 BUSINESS 35 SEC in talks with banks for dollar sukuk issue State-controlled utility Saudi Electricity Co is in talks with regional and international banks about issuing a US dollar-denominated sukuk, banking sources said on Monday. The company is close to appointing banks to arrange the transaction which, according to one of the sources, is likely to exceed $1 billion. A company spokesman did not respond to a request for comment. A number of companies in the kingdom are considering replenishing their coffers through domestic and international bonds to offset a decline in revenues due to lower oil prices. Oil giant Saudi Aramco issued a debut $3 billion-equivalent sukuk in the Saudi local market in April, while ACWA Power, another Saudi utility, is expected to issue an international bond of at least $600 million this week, bankers said. Saudi Electricity issued $2.5 billion in sukuk in 2014, split between a $1.5 billion sukuk maturing in 2024 and $1 billion due in Deutsche Bank, HSBC and JP Morgan were the lead banks on that deal. The company recently repaid a $500 million five-year sukuk it issued in (RTRS) Kuwait stocks kick off month with downswing NBK falls 10 fils; Napesco rebounds By John Mathews Arab Times Staff KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Kuwait stocks swung lower on Monday to kick off the month on a dour note. The bourse, after trading sideways for most part of the session, slid pts to 6, points as sentiment turned dour. Some of the middle caps however shone on bargain buying. The KSX 15 gauge dropped 6.62 pts to points while weighted index gave up 2.96 pts. The volume turnover meanwhile fell sharply to hit a fresh multi-month low. Over 116 million shares changed hands a 33.5 pct dip from Sunday. The sectors closed mostly in the red. Basic materials outshone the rest with 0.99 pct gain whereas technology dived 1.84 percent, the biggest loser of the day. In terms of volume, financial services garnered the highest market share of pct and real estate followed with percent contribution. Among day s notable losers, National Bank of Kuwait dropped 10 fils to 680 fils after trading over 1 million and Boubyan Bank followed suit to wind up at 405 fils. Kuwait National Cinema Co tumbled 80 fils to KD and Kuwait Cement Co shed 25 fils. Zain was unchanged at 445 fils while Kuwait Telecommunications Co (VIVA) slipped 10 fils to 830 fils. Ooredoo climbed 20 fils to KD and Agility stood pat at 630 fils off early lows after gaining 40 fils during April. The market opened firm but slipped into red in early trade. The main index drifted listlessly well past the mid-session as investors toed caution in absence of catalysts. It headed south thereafter and plumbed the day s lowest level of 6, points in the final minutes before paring back some of the losses at close. Top gainer of the day, Kuwait Foundry Co jumped 6.9 percent to 310 fils and Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Co climbed 6.45 pct to stand close behind. Educational Holding Group dived 7.9 percent, the steepest decliner of the day and Ithmaar Bank topped the volume with 27.2 million shares. Mirroring the day s downswing, the market spread was heavily skewed towards the losers. 23 stocks advanced whereas 83 closed lower. 3,140 deals worth KD million were transacted a 39.9 pct drop in value from the day before. National Industries Group fell 2 fils to 118 fils whereas Gulf Cable was unchanged at 440 fils. Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding Co gave up 4 fils to settle at 226 fils and Contracting and Marine Services Co inched 1 fil into red. Jazeera Airways shed 30 fils extending Sunday s fall while ALAF- CO and OSOS were down 6 fils each to close at 244 fils and 130 fils respectively. Yiaco paused at 200 fils and PAPCO slipped 8 fils to 102 fils. NAPESCO gained 40 fils partly recouping last session s losses. Humansoft Holding Co rebounded 100 fils after two-day slide and Shuaiba Paper Industries Co was down 15 fils at 300 fils. Metal and Recycling Co fell 5 fils and ACICO Industries was unchanged at 290 fils. Kuwait Portland Cement Co dropped 10 fils to 870 fils while Automated Systems Co added 5 fils. Boubyan Petrochemical Co slipped 10 fils whereas Al Qurain Petrochemical Co held ground at 330 fils. Burgan Well Drilling Co clipped 2 fils. Food Kuwait Food Co (Americana) was unchanged at KD after retreating 80 fils during April and Combined Group Contracting Co fell 10 fils. NCCI gave up 5 fils whereas KBMMC and NICBM were down 10 fils each. Mezzan Holding Co stagnated at 990 fils whereas Zimah Holding inched 1 fil into green. KGL Logistics Co rose 3 fils on back of 5.8 million shares and Al Rai Media Group slipped 10 fils. In the banking sector Kuwait Finance House fell 5 fils to 495 fils and Ahli United Bank paused at 435 fils. The bank s first quarter profit rose 2.6% to KD million as against KD million in Q1 of The operating stood at KD million. Burgan Bank and Gulf Bank stood pat at 310 fils and 248 fils respectively while Kuwait International Bank dialed down 2 fils. Al Ahli Bank was not traded during the session. Commercial Bank of Kuwait fell 5 fils to 385 fils and Warba Bank stood pat at 246 fils. KIPCO and National Investment Co were unchanged at 415 fils and 104 fils respectively while International Financial Advisors inched 1 fil into red after trading over 5 million shares. Kuwait Investment Co was flat at 100 fils while Securities House Co and Aayan eased 0.5 fil each. Securities Group Co and Bayan Investment Co stagnated at 99 fils and 51 fils respectively while KMEFIC gave up 2.5 fils. KAMCO tripped 1 fil to close at 94 fils and Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz) was down 7 fils at 99 fils. Osoul Investment Co fell 2 fils and Sokouk Investment Co inched 1 fil lower with a volume of 2.6 million. Noor Investment Co took in 1 fil and Tamdeen Investment Co shed 10 fils. KFIC eased 0.5 fils to 47.5 fils and Al Imtiaz rose 4 fils. Kuwait Insurance Co slipped 10 fils to 238 fils and Ahleia Insurance Co added 5 fils. Kuwait Real Estate Co and National Real Estate Co were flat at 58 fils and 104 fils respectively whereas Mabanee Co gained 10 fils. Mazaya Holding paused at 120 fils and Argan shed 10 fils. The market has been trending lower so far during the week and has shed 54 points in last two sessions. It had slid 188 points during whole of April and is trading pct higher year-to-date. KSE, with 208 listed companies, is the second largest bourse in the region. In the bourse related news, Injazzat Real Estate Development has recorded a 71.5% surge in the first quarter of 2017 to KD 2.35 million from KD 1.37 million in Q1 of The earnings were boosted by the sale of one of the company s assets at a profit of KD 1.97 million. In 2016 the profit was up 2.9% at KD 3.2 mln. Al Mazaya Holding net profits soared 31.7 pct to KD 2.59 million in last quarter of 2016 while profits rose 10 pct to KD million during the fiscal year of The board has recommended an annual cash dividend of 8% or 8 fils per share. Gulf Glass Manufacturing Co s fourth quarter net profit dipped to 64% in KD 14,000 from KD 39,000 in same period last year. During the fiscal year of 2016, profits were down 48 percent to KD 1.21 million from KD 2.34 mln in the previous year. Ajial Real Estate Entertainment Company (AREEC) net losses narrowed by 22.7 pct to KD 888,620 from KD 1.15 million in Q4 of The annual profits in 2016 clocked KD 1.5 million and the board has recommended the distribution of cash dividends at 5% of capital. Mideast Stocks Amanat dominates Dubai trading Most Gulf markets close higher DUBAI, May 1, (RTRS): Most Gulf stock markets rose on Monday, with shares in healthcare and education investment company Amanat Holdings accounting for more than 40 percent of Dubai s market volume with a 4.5 percent rise. The Dubai index rose 0.8 percent with Amanat, the most active stock, seeing its heaviest trade since November. The low-priced stock, which is sometimes the target of short-term speculation, will go exdividend on May 4. Shares in Aramex lost 1.5 percent after the courier reported a 5 percent fall in quarterly profit due to a rise in provisions related to its incentive scheme. Profit was 91.8 million dirhams; EFG Hermes and SICO Bahrain had forecast million dirhams and million dirhams. But Union Properties closed 3.9 percent higher, with a tussle over membership of the company s board resulting in volatile trading. The company said on Sunday that chairman Khalid Jassim bin Kalban and other directors had been replaced after stepping down, in the wake of a shareholder vote to ban board members from holding positions at competitors; bin Kalban is managing director at Dubai Investments. But Union Properties then released a statement quoting the securities regulator as saying bin Kalban and the other directors denied they had resigned. The company did not explain the contradiction with its earlier statements. Dubai Investments, which has a joint venture with Union Properties, closed flat. In Abu Dhabi, the index gained 0.8 percent as Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank added 1.5 percent. It posted an 8 percent rise in first-quarter profit to 1.11 billion dirhams; analysts polled by Reuters had on average forecast million dirhams. Arkan Building Materials surged 3.0 percent after the al-bayan newspaper quoted chairman Jamal Salem al-dhaheri as saying it was studying a merger with other companies, which he did not name. The Saudi Arabian index edged down 0.1 percent as Saudi Kayan Petrochemical, which had soared to its 10 percent daily limit on Sunday after reporting better-than-expected quarterly earnings, fell back 4.1 percent. Top petrochemical producer Saudi Basic Industries gained 1.0 percent, however; it was expected to release earnings after the close. Saudi Industrial Development, another producer, rose 0.4 percent after saying it had swung to a small net profit from a year-earlier loss. Retailer Fawaz Abulaziz Alhokair climbed 3.1 percent to riyals after it appointed a new chief executive, veteran Coca-Cola executive Atul Singh. Also, EFG Hermes raised its rating of the stock to buy from neutral, lifting its price target to 44 riyals from 27. Qatar s index rose 0.5 percent as real estate firm Ezdan Holding jumped 6.0 percent after reporting a 62 percent surge in first-quarter net profit. Petrochemical and metals producer Industries Qatar dropped 1.3 percent, however. Markets in Egypt and Bahrain were closed for public holidays. Saudi Arabia The index edged down 0.1 percent to 7,004 points. Dubai The index rose 0.8 percent to 3,441 points. Abu Dhabi The index gained 0.8 percent to 4,558 points. Qatar The index climbed 0.5 percent to 10,110 points. Kuwait The index fell 0.7 percent to 6,793 points. Oman The index rose 0.3 percent to 5,529 points.

36 BUSINESS 36 Apple in talks to launch money-transfer service aluminum co promises to hire 550 Apple Inc has held talks with payments industry partners about launching a money-transfer service, technology news website Recode reported on Thursday. The service will allow iphone owners to transfer money digitally to other iphone users, Recode reported, citing sources familiar with the talks. Apple will announce the new service later this year, one source told Recode, while another told the website an announcement and launch date may not yet be set. The service, if launched, would compete with digital money transfer services such as PayPal s Venmo offering, Square Inc s Square, as well as services from big banks. Apple was also in talks with payments network operator Visa Inc to create its own pre-paid cards to run on the Visa debit network, and tied to the new peer-to-peer service, the Recode report said. Apple is looking for ways to boost usage of Apple Pay, its mobile payments service, and the debit card could be one way to do that, Recode reported. Apple Pay usage has been lighterthan-expected since its launch two and a half years ago, the website reported, citing sources from big US banks. Apple declined to comment on the report, while Visa could not immediately be reached for comment. (RTRS) An aluminum company says it will build a $1.3 billion plant in the heart of Appalachia, promising to hire 550 people and pay them nearly twice the average household income of an area devastated by the loss of coal and manufacturing jobs. Braidy Industries Inc. says the planned 2.5 million-square-foot facility in South Shore, not far from where Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia meet on the Ohio River, will produce 370,000 tons of aluminum for the automotive and aerospace industries. In three years, CEO Craig Bouchard said 20 percent of cars on the road would have sheet aluminum from the facility in Greenup County. In the past decade, 8,000 coal jobs have disappeared from eastern Kentucky. In nearby Ashland, more than 600 people lost their jobs last year when AK Steel idled its plant on the Ohio River. The mountainous region s labor force has dropped by 20 percent in the past decade as people have fl ed to fi nd work. But Wednesday, as a pianist softly played the theme from The Sound of Music declaring the hills are alive, Bouchard said he believes the bad times are over. I ve had a bunch of successful companies. That s not what I m after anymore. I want to make a difference, he said. (AP) Seeks foothold in EU Banks to decide within two wks on Brexit moves FRANKFURT/LONDON, May 1, (RTRS): As Britain prepares to negotiate its EU departure, a number of banks are likely to decide within two months where to set up new continental bases to make sure they can keep serving clients in the bloc after Brexit. The European Central Bank said it will host a meeting of banks on May 4 at its offices in Frankfurt. It will spell out in detail what those moving some of their operations out of London must do to apply successfully for a licence. Talks with financial authorities have been underway for several months but the banks are expected to make up their minds imminently on where to move staff and operations. We are in the hot phase. In the next six to eight weeks there will be a series of decisions, Felix Hufeld, head of Germany s Bafin financial regulator, told Reuters. Ireland s central bank will hold a similar gathering next month to advise groups considering a move to Dublin, which along with Frankfurt, Paris and other centres is competing to offer the banks a second base that remains in the European Union. A spokeswoman for the Irish central bank added that it had regular contact with the industry concerning the potential consequences of Brexit. Authorities expect potentially dozens of international banking groups, currently operating their eurozone business out of London, to move some operations and staff to the 19-member eurozone. They are likely to shift several thousand staff out of London, as banks based in Europe s biggest financial centre will lose automatic passporting rights to sell services across the EU when Britain is no longer a member state. Predicted Hufeld predicted Frankfurt would play an important role in this process, although he said other cities would also gain. Bankers also say Frankfurt is set to win the most business following a discreet but concerted German campaign to promote the financial centre of Europe s biggest economy. German politicians have been reluctant to lobby publicly for big global banks to move to the country. Federal elections will be held in September and some voters remain suspicious of the financial industry after several German banks were forced to seek taxpayer-funded bailouts during the global crisis. However, they have held a series of meetings with bank executives. Finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and politicians from the state of Hesse, home to Frankfurt, have met Wall Street powerbrokers in the United States and Germany in recent months, according to several sources familiar with the matter. As far back as October, Schaeuble met Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein in Berlin and discussed its post-brexit plans, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Goldman Sachs is considering moving some operations to Frankfurt. James Gorman, the chief executive of one of the world s biggest banks, Morgan Stanley, recently visited Frankfurt where he met local regulators, one person familiar with the matter said. Morgan Stanley intends to move jobs from London to cities such as Frankfurt, people involved in the process have said. A spokesman for Schaeuble declined to comment, as did both banks. Pushing France is still pushing for banks to move to Paris and HSBC has a big presence in the city. But many of its peers are reluctant to move to the city, where rents are high and they would face a special tax on wages in the financial sector. Hufeld s comments and the regulators meetings show how banks are rapidly advancing towards a move. Last month Prime Minister Theresa May formally declared Britain s intention to leave the EU, opening a two-year period for both side to negotiate the divorce. Talks are expected to begin in June, although May s surprise calling of an election for June 8 has added to the uncertainty. Given the tight Brexit timetable, bankers are keen to get cracking. March 2019 is not far away and we are running out of time, said Lutz Raettig, president of Frankfurt Main Finance, a group that promotes the city. The time for making decisions is soon. People want to know for sure what direction they are taking by the summer, said Raettig, who is also chairman of Morgan Stanley s supervisory board in Germany. They can wait a little longer but not much more. The ECB, which takes the final decision on granting a bank licence, has said they should allow at least six months to get one. However, Barclays Chief Executive Jes Staley said on Wednesday that obtaining a licence to trade on the continent and changing financial contracts to another jurisdiction takes a year to 18 months. Initially, banks had hoped that the immediate impact of Brexit would be softened by a so-called transition arrangement to delay the full effect. But Hufeld, who also sits on the ECB s supervisory board, said this offered little consolation. Even if there were to be transition arrangements, they would come at such short notice, he said. If they come four weeks ahead of time, then that does nothing for you. Wall Street closes higher as tech gains offset weak economic data NEW YORK, May 1, (Agencies): Wall Street was higher in early afternoon trading on Monday as gains in technology stocks, led by Apple, more than offset weak economic data and pushed the Nasdaq to another record high. Apple shares jumped as much as 2.1 percent to a record high of $146.68, boosting all the three major Wall Street indexes. Apple is due to report its results on Tuesday. The S&P 500 technology index was up 0.66 percent, with Microsoft and Facebook also hitting all-time highs. Including the tech sector, five of the 11 major S&P 500 sectors were higher. The other sectors were kept in check by weak construction spending and manufacturing data that came on the heels of weak first-quarter GDP data on Friday and ahead of the monthly jobs data at the end of this week. US Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin said it could take up to two years to have economic growth reach three percent and that tax cuts and regulatory relief would help get there. Construction spending unexpectedly fell in March amid a pause in private construction investment after five straight months of increases. Other data showed the ISM manufacturing activity index fell to its lowest level since December, while consumer spending was unchanged for a second straight month in March and a key inflation measure recorded its first monthly drop since The industrials and materials indexes were little changed. The economic data today is causing some investor nervousness ahead of the jobs report this Friday, said Matt Miskin, senior capital markets research analyst at John Hancock Investments in Boston. While we re starting the week of on a bit of weak economic news, the markets may turn back to corporate fundamentals as corporate earnings are still coming in strong. At 12:30 p.m. ET (1630 GMT) the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up points, or 0.07 percent, at 20,954.86, dragged down by a one percent fall in Boeing. The S&P 500 was up 6.5 points, or 0.27 percent, at 2,390.7 and the Nasdaq Composite was up points, or 0.62 percent, at 6, Trading volume is expected to be light, with many markets in Asia and Europe closed for Labor Day, but will pick up through the week as major earnings reports and economic data pour in. Oil slips below $52 as US drilling, China worries weigh People walk past an electronic stock indicator of a securities firm in Tokyo, on May 1. Asian shares were mostly higher Monday despite worries over regional tensions after North Korea carried out a missile test over the weekend. Many markets in Asia and Europe were closed for Labor Day. (AP) Overall, profit at S&P 500 companies are estimated to have risen 13.6 percent in the first quarter, the most since 2011, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Tribune Media jumped 5.2 percent to $38.40 after Reuters reported Twenty-First Century Fox is in talks with Blackstone to buy the television station operator. Fox shares were down 0.7 percent at $ Diamond Offshore Drilling fell 2.9 percent to $14 after reporting a lower quarterly profit. Advancing issues outnumbered decliners on the NYSE by 1,535 to 1,255. On the Nasdaq, 1,545 issues rose and 1,204 fell. The S&P 500 index showed 38 new 52-week highs and 10 new lows, while the Nasdaq recorded 110 new highs and 43 new lows. Asia Asian stocks shook off a sluggish start and edged up on Monday, with Japan outperforming on upbeat earnings, while the dollar regained traction as the US government looked likely to avoid a shutdown. MSCI s broadest index of Asia- Pacific shares outside Japan added 0.1 percent. Japan s Nikkei climbed 0.4 percent, with high-tech blue chips gaining on strong earnings. Asian shares initially took their cue from Wall Street, which dipped on Friday after data showed the US economy grew at its weakest pace in three years in the first quarter. The mood brightened slightly, however, on news that US congressional negotiators hammered out a bipartisan agreement on a spending package to keep the federal government funded through Sept. 30, thus averting a government shutdown. Pointing to a higher open for the main market later in the day, S&P mini futures gained about 0.1 percent while the safe-haven US 10-year Treasury yield rose after three successive days of declines. Overall reaction was still limited as many markets in Asia and Europe are closed for Labour Day. It is hard for markets to make big moves with holidays in so many places today, and people are just waiting for more information to come out, said Harumi Taguchi, principal economist at IHS Markit in Tokyo. The main focus of the broader markets this week will be on the United States, with the Fed s May 2-3 policy meeting and the jobs report on Friday, said Masahiro Ichikawa, senior strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management in Tokyo. While many of the indicators in the first quarter were weak, the jobs data could confirm that labour market conditions continue to improve and lift the dollar and US yields. Asian markets were little fazed by China s official manufacturing survey on Sunday which showed growth in the country s factories slowed more than expected in April to a sixmonth low. As trading resumed on Monday the safe-haven yen initially rose against the dollar in response to Saturday s missile test by North Korea. But the dollar gradually regained traction after the knee-jerk reaction to the missile test faded. The greenback was up 0.1 percent at yen, edging back towards a four-week peak of scaled last week when Emmanuel Macron s victory against anti-euro nationalist Marine Le Pen in the first round of France s presidential elections reduced demand for the safe-haven currency. The runoff vote is on May 7. The euro handed back earlier modest gains and was flat at $ The common currency had been lifted on Friday after euro zone inflation data rose more than expected and returned to the European Central Bank s target. The euro was still in range of the 5-1/2-month high of $ struck early last week on relief over the first round of the French presidential elections. The pound was 0.3 percent lower at $ after climbing to a sevenmonth high of $ on Friday, when traders were seen to have closed off bets against the pound ahead of Britain s long bank holiday weekend. The dollar index against a basket of major currencies rose 0.1 percent to The Australian and New Zealand dollars were slightly lower at $ and $0.6856, respectively. Oil Oil edged below $52 a barrel on Monday as rising crude output and drilling in the United States countered OPEC-led production cuts aimed at clearing a supply glut. US drillers added nine oil rigs in the week to April 28, bringing the count to the most since April 2015, energy services company Baker Hughes said on Friday. Crude output in the United States has hit its highest since August 2015, government data shows. The US rig count indicates that there is plenty more to come, analysts at JBC Energy said in a report, referring to the outlook for US production. Global benchmark Brent crude for July was down 50 cents at $51.55 a barrel by 1403 GMT. US crude for June was down 44 cents at $48.89 a barrel. Prices also came under pressure after an official survey showed on Sunday that growth in Chinese manufacturing slowed faster than expected in April, potentially weighing on the outlook for oil demand. The moderation in the China PMI (purchasing managers index) could see commodity prices come under some modest pressure, ANZ bank said in a note. US output gains are limiting the impact of efforts led by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to cut output by almost 1.8 million barrels per day for six months until June to banish a persistent glut. OPEC and participating non- OPEC countries meet on May 25 to discuss whether to extend the reduction. Given that inventories remain high and prices are half their mid level, OPEC members including top exporter Saudi Arabia support prolonging the curbs. Iran s oil minister said on Saturday that OPEC and non-opec producers had given positive signals for an extension of output cuts, which Tehran would back. BEC Muzaini Dollarco Commercial Bank Gulf Bank NBK Burgan Bank ABK KFH KBE BEC Muzaini Dollarco Commercial Bank Gulf Bank NBK Burgan Bank ABK KFH KBE BEC Muzaini Dollarco Gulf Bank ABK KFH KBE exchange rates May 1 Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy US dollar Danish krone Cyprus pound Sterling pound Indian rupee Yemeni riyal travellers cheques US dollar Sterling Euro local gold BEC Commercial Bank Gulf Bank Al-Ahli Bank BEC Muzaini Exchange Euro Pakistani rupee Thai baht Japanese yen Sri Lanka rupee South African rand Swiss franc Bangladesh taka Korean won Gold 999 kg 12, Canadian dollar Philippine peso Syrian pound Gold tola 1, Gold ounce Swedish krona Australian dollar Iranian Riyal Gold gm 22k Saudi riyal Gold gm 21k Hong Kong dollar Lebanese pound Gold gm 18k UAE dirham Singapore dollar Malaysian ringgit gm Bahraini dinar gm Jordanian dinar Indonesian rupiah Omani riyal Egyptian pound New Zealand dollar All rates in KD per unit of foreign currency

37 INTERNATIONAL 37 Praise for Amir receives Firm CB US-backed Continued from Page 1 schools and develop them to become attractive and comfortable learning venues for students. They called on the Ministry of Education to improve the curricula which they consider cumbersome and futile. They explained the current curricula do not satisfy the needs of students, whereas there is no balance between scientific and literary materials. Continued from Page 1 as issues of common interest. The meeting was attended by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al- Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al- Hamad Al-Sabah, Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs Sheikh Ali Al- Jarrah Al-Sabah, Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Anas Al-Saleh, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Sulaiman Al-Jarallah, Head of the accompanying Mission of Honor, Advisor at Highness the Prime Minister s Diwan Sheikh Dr Salem Jaber Al-Ahmad Al- Sabah. Continued from Page 1 center that attracts foreign investment. He disclosed the amount of money transfers by expatriates reached KD billion in 2015 and increased to KD billion in He said the amount of money transfers by expatriates might be exaggerated according to some money exchange companies which revealed some citizens transfer money under the names of their expatriate representatives ( mandoubs ), in addition to transfer for trading purposes as the price of goods that enter Kuwait is paid through money transfer by expatriate mandoubs of Kuwaiti traders. He went on to say, Since the issuance of Law Number 106/2013 on money laundering and financing terrorism, the Ministry of Interior has not released security reports on suspicious money transfers by expatriates. On the other hand, Al-Saleh found himself the subject of parliamentary and public outrage due to what he was quoted as saying in his interview with UAE s Arabian Business Magazine recently, prompting him to clarify that phrases published on the cover do not represent the interview in detail. He explained that what he meant by sustainability is financial sustainability, not sovereignty because Kuwait s sustainability will continue under its powerful political system and the strength of its constitutional institutions. He added taking words out of context up to the point of criticism is not worth pondering. Continued from Page 1 ladder propped on a huge flagpole. He triumphantly pulled down an enormous black IS flag, dropping it to the rubble-littered street as fellow fighters cheered and took pictures. We ve brought down DAESH s flag and we ll hang our own the flag of the Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF fighter Zaghros Kobane told AFP, using the Arabic acronym for IS. Other IS propaganda could still be seen around the city, including a billboard of a balaclava-wearing jihadist with three warplanes behind him. We will be victorious despite the global coalition, the billboard read. Tabqa is home to an estimated 85,000 people, including IS fighters from other areas. Many families have fled the incoming offensive, lugging jerry cans, packed suitcases and blankets as they marched out of the city. But other civilians have stayed on in neighbourhoods newly seized by the SDF, and AFP s correspondent saw women and toddlers timidly peering out at SDF fighters from behind the gates of their front yards. The city is also adjacent to the strategic Tabqa dam, which remains under IS control. The SDF said their hard-fought advance had seen jihadists surrendering in large numbers. Tabqa is the toughest battle we ve ever waged, said SDF commander Jako Zerkeh, nicknamed The Wolf. Zerkeh said the SDF had used new tactics including the waterway supply line and an airlift behind enemy lines in late March to kickstart the offensive. These were a huge surprise to them (IS) and shattered their morale... Dozens of DAESH fighters have surrendered. There were more surrenders here than any other town, he told AFP. In an online statement Monday, the SDF said its fighters had seized three IS tanks as well as a bomb-making factory in Tabqa. The assault on Tabqa began in late March when SDF forces and their USled coalition allies were airlifted behind IS lines. The SDF surrounded Tabqa in early April before pushing into the city on April 24, as part of their flagship offensive for Raqa further east. That assault, dubbed Wrath of the Euphrates, was launched in November and has seen SDF fighters capture swathes of countryside around the city. More than 320,000 people have been killed in Syria since the country s war began with anti-government protests in March The US-led coalition bombing IS in Syria and Iraq said on Sunday that its strikes had unintentionally killed 352 civilians since the intervention began US-led strikes against IS have killed 352 civilians WASHINGTON, May 1, (AFP): US-led strikes aimed against the Islamic State group have unintentionally killed 352 civilians since the offensive began in 2014, according to the US military. The tally from the Combined Joint Task Force did not include findings from an investigation the coalition said it had launched into one allegedly particularly deadly strike on March 17 in west Mosul. US General Stephen Townsend had said coalition forces probably had a role in those casualties. The statement released Sunday by Operation Inherent Resolve the coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria said 42 reports of civilian fatalities were still under review. From November 2016 to March 9, 2017, coalition strikes killed 45 civilians, the statement said. Three separate strikes near Mosul in early March of this year left 26 civilians dead. The statement said the coalition had in February and March finished an audit of its civilian casualty report tracking. Casualties The Pentagon said 80 civilian casualties caused by US-led strikes in Iraq and Syria from August 2014 to date had not previously been publicly announced. Two civilian deaths that had previously been reported were found not to be attributable to the coalition, the statement said. Critics, including monitoring groups, say the real total number of civilian casualties is much higher than the official tally reported by the US military. The coalition insists the IS group has targeted civilians and used them as human shields, making it difficult to avoid civilian casualties despite its state-of-the-art technology. The US-led coalition has come under increasing scrutiny by monitoring groups regarding civilian casualties in the fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq, a turn that is worrying some in the country s political leadership who fear the destruction and loss of life could complicate hopes of reconciliation with the country s minority Sunnis. The Pentagon acknowledged over the weekend that at least 352 civilians have been killed by coalition strikes in Iraq and Syria since the start of the air campaign against IS in However, activists and monitoring groups say the number is much higher. The coalition argues that casualties are inevitable in urban warfare with irregulars mixing with civilians and determined to stage a last stand. But critics see a degree of recklessness and excess that aligns with the heavyhanded rule of the Sunni areas by the Shiite dominated Iraqi government. Here s a look at some aspects of the situation. A devastating mistake Last month, the Pentagon launched an investigation into an incident in which Mosul residents say a single airstrike killed more than 100 civilians sheltering in a house in the western part of the Iraqi city that was also being used by IS fighters. While both Iraqi and coalition planes are active in the skies above Mosul, the US acknowledged coalition planes conducted a strike at the location corresponding to allegations of civilian casualties, but did not confirm the number of casualties inflicted or the circumstances of the event. The incident sparked outrage in Iraq and beyond with calls from local government officials as well as the United Nations for greater restraint in the fight against IS for Mosul. Despite the allegations surrounding the March 17 strike, the spokesman for the US-led coalition Col. John Dorrian told The Associated Press that the coalition s anti-is operations remain the most precise air campaign in history. But all the tactics, techniques and procedures and plans that we have, all these things are executed by people, he said, and what that means is, it s not going to be perfect, it s going to be as good as we can possibly make it. More than a month since the incident, Dorrian declined to specify when the investigation the most extensive single investigation into civilian deaths undertaken by the coalition since the fight against IS began would be complete. Why it s happening Civilian deaths in the nearly threeyear battle against IS spiked as Iraqi forces pushed into Mosul, undertaking some of the toughest fighting yet. The battle space, with its narrow streets, is claustrophobic and the Islamic State group is holding hundreds of thousands of civilians in the city as human in From November to early March, coalition strikes killed 45 civilians, it said. Critics say the real total number of civilian deaths is much higher than the tally reported by the US military. The coalition says IS s use of human shields makes it difficult to avoid some civilian casualties. Toll could complicate Iraqi reconciliation Women and children queue up at a mobile clinic in West Mosul on April 25. Men, women and children stand in separate lines in the scorching sun baking west Mosul s Baghdad Square for a turn in one of the two white mobile clinics. For these Iraqis, displaced by fierce fighting as government forces close in on the Old City where Islamic State group jihadists are still entrenched, free medical care is a godsend. (AFP) shields. Since Iraqi forces pushed into western Mosul in February, the fighting has killed and wounded more than 4,000 civilians, according to the United Nations, a number that only counts civilians who reached a trauma hospital for treatment. In the most recent report, the Pentagon announced on Sunday that investigations conducted during the month of March show that coalition airstrikes killed 45 civilians, mostly in and around Mosul. In each incident, the Pentagon said all feasible precautions were taken, but the strikes still resulted in unintentional loss of civilian life. The report came days after President Donald Trump gave the Pentagon greater flexibility to determine the number of US troops in Iraq and Syria. The Pentagon had already been making quiet, incremental additions to the troop levels in both countries in recent months. A look at the numbers The Pentagon acknowledged over the weekend that at least 352 civilians have been killed by coalition strikes in Iraq and Syria since the start of the air campaign against IS. Activists and monitoring groups put the number much higher, with London-based monitoring group Airwars reporting coalition strikes have killed more than 3,000 civilians in Iraq and Syria since The Pentagon s Sunday statement also included the findings of an audit begun in March that inspected the way the US-led coalition reports and tracks civilian casualties in the fight against Ankara says YPG terror outfit Erdogan eyes stern message to Trump ISTANBUL, May 1, (AFP): By launching air strikes against Syrian Kurdish fighters and threatening more action, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seeking to send a tough message to Donald Trump in the hope of bringing about a major U-turn in US Syria policy. Turkey last week bombed targets of the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, earning the wrath of its NATO ally Washington and on Sunday Erdogan warned more action could be imminent. We can come unexpectedly in the night, said Erdogan. We are not going to tip off the terror groups and the Turkish Armed Forces could come at any moment. The YPG has been seen by the United States as the best ally on the ground in the fight against Islamic State (IS) group jihadists in Syria and Trump has inherited a policy from Barack Obama of actively supporting the group. But Ankara says the YPG is a terror outfit and the Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), who have waged an insurgency since 1984 inside Turkey that has left tens of thousands dead. Analysts say the dispute will be the number one issue when Erdogan meets Trump for the first time as president on May 16 in the United States. Failing to resolve the problem could seriously harm US efforts to destroy IS in Syria. The strikes are manifestly a sign of impatience by Turkey and part of a long line of appeals telling the US to stop supporting the YPG, said Jean Marcou, professor at Sciences Po Grenoble and associate researcher at the French Institute of Anatolian Studies. Since Trump s election, Turkey had indicated it wanted a change in US policy on the YPG support. But in reality Erdogan has obtained nothing for now, he said. The cooperation between Washington and the YPG, which saw the United States send a limited number of forces to work with the group, led to bitter tensions between Ankara and Washington in the dying months of the Obama administration. The US backed the formation of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), dominated by the YPG but also including Arab fighters, yet Ankara contends it is merely a front from the Kurdish group. Prevent In an unusual move after days of border clashes between the Turkish army and YPG that followed the air strikes, the US sent military vehicles to the Syrian side of the frontier to carry out patrols in an apparent bid to prevent further fighting. Erdogan said the sight of American flags in the convoy alongside YPG insignia had seriously saddened Turkey. The Turkish president, fresh from winning the controversial April 16 referendum on enhancing his powers, has indicated that the rewards for Washington in breaking up with the YPG could be high by spurring Turkish involvement in a joint operation to take the IS fiefdom of Raqa. Together the United States can turn Raqa into a graveyard for Daesh (IS), Erdogan said on Saturday. But Ankara has made clear it will have nothing to do with any operation involving the YPG and analysts IS. The statement said the audit found that 80 civilian deaths caused by coalition airstrikes had not been previously publicly reported and two civilian deaths previously reported were found to have not been caused by the coalition. Some in Iraq s political leadership have expressed concern that the levels of damage and loss of human life in Mosul will make reconciliation with the country s minority Sunni population more difficult after a military defeat of IS. What it means for post-war governance Iraq s Parliament speaker, Salim al-jabouri, one of the highest ranking Sunni government officials, has said that reports of increased civilian casualties in western Mosul are of great concern. When Haider al-abadi took office in 2014, he promised reforms that would hold corrupt Iraqi leadership accountable and allocate more of a political stake to the country s Sunnis. Al-Abadi has handed more control over to Iraq s regional leadership and appointed a Sunni to lead the Ministry of Defense. But some Iraqis are warning the outcome of the Mosul operation could be pivotal for how the country s Sunnis view Baghdad s Shiite-dominated government. Iraq s foreign minister has warned such a massive reconciliation effort will need funding and support akin to the Marshall Plan that helped western Europe recover from the devastation of World War II. Syrian government forces used deadly nerve gas in Khan Sheikhun and in three other recent attacks, Human Rights Watch said Monday, describing a clear pattern of chemical weapons use that could amount to crimes against humanity. President Bashar al-assad s forces are also stepping up chlorine gas attacks and have begun using surfacefired rockets filled with chlorine in fighting near Damascus, the US-based rights group said in a new report. The government s use of nerve agents is a deadly escalation and a part of a clear pattern, said Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch. In the last six months, the government has used warplanes, helicopters, say Turkey could even be a threat to a Raqa operation if it is not included. Washington was reluctant to launch the Raqa operation before Turkey s April 16 referendum to avoid potential complications with Ankara, said Aykan Erdemir, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He said the Turkish air strikes which were combined with strikes against the PKK in Iraq brought another unanticipated challenge to coalition efforts against the jihadists. Tensions among coalition members have been one of the key factors for the Islamic State s continued survival, he said. The International Crisis Group (ICG) said in its latest report on the Syria crisis that the US had a singular dilemma on the future of its relationship with the YPG It said the YPG is indispensable to defeat IS but there is also no avoiding the fact that the US is backing a force led by PKK-trained cadres in Syria while the PKK itself continues an insurgency against a NATO ally. It said that Turkey had pressed ahead with the air strikes despite US objections and this should serve as a warning for what could lie in store. But it said while the YPG was counting on American and also Russian support as a bulwark against Turkey, the importance of the country will mean Trump will have an ear for Erdogan s concerns. Ultimately Washington will likely view relations with Turkey a NATO member and critical ally as more important to its broader strategic interests, it said. In order for Iraq s military gains to stick, the international community needs to present assistance to Iraqis and support development and overcome the effect of war against DAESH terrorist gangs, Jaafari said in a statement released by his office. DAESH is an Arabic name for IS. Roots of is support When the Islamic State group rampaged through northwestern Iraq in 2014, the extremists were welcomed by some Sunnis who thought IS represented a Sunni revolution that would deliver them from the country s Shiitedominated government in Baghdad. Under former Prime Minister Nouri al-maliki, many of Iraq s Sunnis began to view the country s security forces as an occupying force. Police and military units often swept through Sunni communities detaining all militaryaged males in an attempt to quell dissent, filling the country s prisons with men arrested on trumped-up terrorism charges. Baghdad has not yet presented a comprehensive plan for the governance of Nineveh province once the fight for Mosul is concluded and plans for an Iraqi national guard that would give greater control of local security to regional leaders have languished in Parliament. The United Nations reports more than 800,000 civilians have returned to Anbar province after much of that territory was retaken from IS last year, but rebuilding there is mostly being financed with private money as Iraq is still battling an economic crisis sparked in part by the worldwide drop in oil prices. and ground forces to deliver chlorine and sarin in Damascus, Hama, Idlib and Aleppo. That s widespread and systematic use of chemical weapons, he said. Human Rights Watch interviewed 60 witnesses and collected photos and videos providing information on the suspected chemical attack in Khan Sheikhun on April 4 and on three other alleged uses of nerve gases in December 2016 and March At least 92 people including 30 children died in the suspected sarin gas attack in Khan Sheikhun on April 4, according to local residents and activists. Hundreds more were injured. Residents said a first bomb believed to be carrying the deadly agent sarin was dropped near the town s central bakery and was followed by three or four high-explosive bombs a few minutes later. Dozens of photos and videos provided by residents of a crater from the first bomb showed a green-colored metal fragment that Human Rights Watch said was likely the Soviet-produced KhAB-250 bomb. Human Rights Watch said 64 people died from exposure to nerve agents after warplanes attacked territory controlled by the Islamic State in eastern Hama on Dec 11 and Dec 12. Activists and local residents provided names of the victims, while Human Rights Watch interviewed four witnesses and two medical personnel about the alleged attack. A third suspected nerve agent attack in northern Hama on March 30 caused no deaths but injured dozens of civilians and combatants, according to residents and medical personnel, the report said. All four suspected nerve agent attacks were in areas where anti-government fighters were threatening government military air bases, according to Human Rights Watch. The alleged attacks were systematic and in some cases directed against civilians, which would meet the legal criteria to be characterized as crimes against humanity, the rights group said. Last month, Assad told AFP in an interview that the suspected sarin attack in Khan Sheikhun was 100 percent fabricated, serving as a pretext for US missile strikes on a Syrian air field. The rights group said the string of suspected attacks cast doubt over Syrian and Russian claims that toxic agents were released in Khan Sheikhun after a bomb struck a chemical weapons depot on the ground. It would not be plausible that conventional bombs struck chemical caches repeatedly across the country, said in the report titled Death by Chemicals. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is investigating allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria along with the joint UN-OPCW panel (JIM) which is tasked with assigning responsibility for the attacks. Citing mounting evidence of repeated chemical weapons use, Human Rights Watch said the UN Security Council should once again ask the International Criminal Court to open a war crimes investigation. Such a move by the council in 2014 was blocked by Russia, Assad s top ally, and China. Newswatch Continued from Page 1 While falling far short of signaling any sort of movement on freeing those with Western ties held in Iran, Ghasemi s acknowledgement fits the pattern of past prisoner negotiations with the Islamic Republic. It signals more behind-the-scene negotiations could be possible if the Trump administration, already skeptical of Iranian intentions, is willing to deal. (AP) GENEVA: The United Nations is continuing to receive signals that the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen could attack the key port of Hodeidah, causing humanitarian suffering and loss of life, UN human rights chief Zeid Ra ad al Hussein said on Monday. A Saudi-led military coalition backing the internationallyrecognised government in its war against the Houthi rebels has been preparing an assault on Hodeidah. (RTRS) CAIRO: The leader of al-qaeda branch in Yemen said that his militants have often fought alongside Yemeni government factions remarks that could embarrass the US-backed coalition fighting the impoverished Arab country s Shiite rebels. Qasim al-rimi leads the group known as al-qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, considered by Washington to be the most dangerous offshoot of the global terror network. He succeeded Nasir al-wuhayshi, who was killed in a US drone strike nearly two years ago. (AP) TEHRAN: A minibus carrying German tourists overturned in south Iran on Monday, leaving two dead and at least 17 injured, Iranian media reported. One of the tourists in critical condition was transferred to hospital in Shiraz by helicopter, Mizan Online website reported, quoting the head of Iran s emergency services. Some 10 ambulances and a bus were dispatched to the scene to ferry the others to hospital, it said. (AFP) DALLAS: Authorities say a Dallas paramedic has been shot while responding to a shooting call and that the scene remains active. The City of Dallas released a statement Monday saying officers were responding to a shooting around 11:30 am when a Dallas Fire-Rescue EMT Unit was struck. The city says a paramedic was hit, transported to Baylor Hospital and is undergoing surgery. (AP)

38 LEISURE Sherman s Lagoon By J.P. Toomey N E W Y O R K T I M E S CROSSWORD 38 Mutts By Patrick McDonnell Hagar The Horrible By Chris Browne Beetle Bailey By Mort Walker Garfield By Jim Davis Baby Blues By Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott Conceptis Sudoku The grid must be so completed that every row, column and 3x3 box has every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive Answer to yesterday s puzzle Challenger DIRECTIONS: Fill each square with a number, one through nine. Horizontal squares should add to totals on right. Vertical squares should add to totals on bottom. Diagonal squares through center should add to total in upper and lower right. THERE MAY BE MORE THAN ONE SOLUTION. Today s Challenge Time 5 Minutes 39 Seconds Your Working Time Minutes Seconds Word by Word Yesterday s solution Tokyo gold jeweler Ginza Tanaka s gold mask of Darth Vader at the jewelry shop in Tokyo on May 1. The life-size mask of Star Wars villain Darth Vader will be up for sale for a hefty price of 154 million yen ($1.38 million). The 24-karat mask was created by the gold jeweler to mark the 40th anniversary since the release of the fi rst Star Wars film. (AP) contract bridge By Steve Becker Scratch pad odds n ends BISMARCK, ND: North Dakota could become the latest state to allow the killing of North American river otters, an animal that was once nearly wiped out in parts of the US by unregulated harvests. Experts say the otter population is thriving thanks in part to managed harvests but animal welfare groups worry the expansion of trapping in the US and Canada in recent decades isn t sustainable. They re fi ghting in at least one state, Vermont. Trappers in North Dakota for years have pressed state wildlife offi cials to allow otter trapping as the animals have moved into the eastern part of the state from Minnesota, where the member of the furred weasel family is more established. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department in July will recommend that Gov. Doug Burgum make the state the 34th to allow trapping. The agency is suggesting a four-month season, with no more than 15 animals killed, said agency furbearer biologist Stephanie Tucker. She said the population has grown enough to justify a limited harvest. Anytime you have a new opportunity there for someone to enjoy a new recreational opportunity, it s our responsibility to look at that and offer that... if the data supports it, Tucker said. Burgum will carefully consider the proposal, spokesman Mike Nowatzki said. River otters were once abundant throughout North America, but unregulated trapping, water pollution and habitat loss had depleted populations by the early 1900s, according to the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. The animals rebounded with improvements in water quality, reintroduction programs in many states and regulated harvests. (AP) CAMP PENDLETON, Calif: A shark attacked a woman wading in the ocean with friends, tearing away part of her upper thigh off a popular Southern California beach, authorities and witnesses said Sunday. The attack occurred Saturday near San Onofre State Beach in northern San Diego County. All of the back of her leg was kind of missing, Thomas Williams, one of several witnesses who pulled the woman ashore, told the Orange County Register. If she didn t receive immediate care, it was lifethreatening. Williams said the woman was conscious and talking while onlookers used a rubber surfboard leash as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. She was not calm, of course, he said. But she was coherent. (AP) Manners Akhlaq Manners make the man. Al akhlaq tassnai al rajol. Numbers 7545 Seven thousand five hundred forty five Sabat alaf wa khamso maah wa khamsa wa arbaoun

39 SPORTS 39 MLB Scoreboard WASHINGTON, May 1, (Agencies): Results from the MLB games on Sunday. Boston 6 Chicago Cubs 2 Arizona 2 Colorado (13 innings) 0 LA Dodgers 5 Philadelphia 3 San Diego 5 S Francisco (12 innings) 2 LA Angels 5 Texas 2 Cincinnati 5 St Louis 4 American League Eastern Division W L PCT GB Baltimore NY Yankees Boston /2 Tampa Bay /2 Toronto Central Division W L PCT GB Cleveland Chicago W Sox /2 Minnesota /2 Detroit Kansas City /2 Western Division W L PCT GB Houston LA Angels Oakland Texas Seattle /2 American League Seattle Cleveland x De Jong, Fien (3), Overton (4) and Ruiz; Tomlin, Logan (6), Goody (6), Shaw (8), McAllister (9) and R. Perez. W-Tomlin 2-3. L-De Jong 0-2. HRs-Seattle, Cruz. Cleveland, Lindor, Brantley. Tampa Bay Toronto x Archer, Colome (8), Farquhar (8) and D. Norris; A. Sanchez, Tepera (2), Loup (5), Leone (7), Smith (8), Howell (8), R. Osuna (9) and Martin. W-Howell 1-1. L-Colome 0-2. Sv-R. Osuna (3). Chicago Detroit x Mi. Gonzalez, Beck (7) and Soto; Zimmermann, B. Hardy (6), Greene (7), Wilson (8), F. Rodriguez (9) and Avila. W-Zimmermann 3-1. L-Mi. Gonzalez 3-1. HRs-Chicago, Frazier. Detroit, Upton. Oakland Houston x Hahn, Hendriks (7), Montas (8) and Phegley; Keuchel, Gregerson (8), Peacock (9), Giles (9) and McCann. W- Keuchel 5-0. L-Hahn 1-2. Sv-Giles (6). HRs-Houston, Gonzalez. Minnesota Kansas City Hughes, Pressly (6), Rogers (7), Belisle (8), Kintzler (9) and J. Castro; Hammel, Minor (4), Moylan (6), Strahm (6), Alexander (8), K. Herrera (9) and S. Perez. W-Hughes 4-1. L-Hammel 0-3. Sv-Kintzler (7). HRs-Minnesota, Sano. Kansas City, Cain, Merrifield. Baltimore New York (11 innings) Miley, Givens (6), Brach (8), O Day (9), Hart (9), Verrett (10) and Castillo; Montgomery, Holder (6), Clippard (7), Betances (8), Mitchell (9), Chapman (10), Mitchell (11) and Higashioka, Romine. W-Verrett 1-0. L-Mitchell 1-1. HRs-New York, Holliday. Los Angeles Texas J. Ramirez, Alvarez (6), Parker (7), B.Norris (8) and Maldonado; M. Perez, Jeffress (6), S. Dyson (8) and Chirinos. W-J. Ramirez 3-2. L-M. Perez 1-4. Sv- B. Norris (5). HRs-Los Angeles, Calhoun, Marte. Texas, Choo. Interleague Chicago Boston x Hendricks, Edwards (7), Uehara (8), Strop (8), Duensing (8) and Contreras; E. Rodriguez, Kelly (7), Scott (7), Barnes (8), Kimbrel (9) and Vazquez. W-Barnes 3-0. L-Uehara 0-2. HRs-Chicago, Bryant. Boston, Ramirez. American League BATTING: Garcia, Chicago,.368; Trout, Los Angeles,.364; Castro, New York,.352; Haniger, Seattle,.342; Souza Jr, Tampa Bay,.330; Ramirez, Cleveland,.330; Dickerson, Tampa Bay,.330; Gurriel, Houston,.329; Altuve, Houston,.326; Benintendi, Boston,.326; 1 tied at.317. RUNS: Judge, New York, 23; Haniger, Seattle, 20; Lindor, Cleveland, 20; Davis, Oakland, 18; Kinsler, Detroit, 18; Trout, Los Angeles, 18; Headley, New York, 17; Sano, Minnesota, 17; Gallo, Texas, 16; Springer, Houston, 16; 5 tied at 15. RBI: Sano, Minnesota, 25; Cruz, Seattle, 23; Pujols, Los Angeles, 22; Ramirez, Cleveland, 21; Garcia, Chicago, 20; Judge, New York, 20; Cano, Seattle, 18; Mazara, Texas, 18; Trout, Los Angeles, 18; 4 tied at 17. HITS: Trout, Los Angeles, 36; Castro, New York, 32; Garcia, Chicago, 32; Pillar, Toronto, 31; Souza Jr, Tampa Bay, 31; Ramirez, Cleveland, 30; Altuve, Houston, 29; Dickerson, Tampa Bay, 29; Jones, Baltimore, 29; Lindor, Cleveland, 29; 2 tied at 28. DOUBLES: Moreland, Boston, 12; Dickerson, Tampa Bay, 9; Trout, Los Angeles, 9; Lindor, Cleveland, 8; CSantana, Cleveland, 8; 6 tied at 7. TRIPLES: Castellanos, Detroit, 3; Miller, Tampa Bay, 3; Beckham, Tampa Bay, 2; Garcia, Chicago, 2; Trout, Los Angeles, 2; 20 tied at 1. HOME RUNS: Davis, Oakland, 10; Judge, New York, 10; Cruz, Seattle, 7; Gallo, Texas, 7; Lindor, Cleveland, 7; Moustakas, Kansas City, 7; Sano, Minnesota, 7; Springer, Houston, 7; Trout, Los Angeles, 7; 3 tied at 6. STOLEN BASES: Dyson, Seattle, 8; Altuve, Houston, 7; Cain, Kansas City, 6; Ellsbury, New York, 6; Andrus, Texas, 5; DeShields, Texas, 5; Dozier, Minnesota, 5; Gardner, New York, 5; Mondesi, Kansas City, 5; Trout, Los Angeles, 5; 5 tied at 4. PITCHING: Keuchel, Houston, 5-0; Hughes, Minnesota, 4-1; ESantana, Minnesota, 4-0; Triggs, Oakland, 4-1; 12 tied at 3-1. ERA: ESantana, Minnesota, 0.77; Sale, Boston, 1.20; Keuchel, Houston, 1.21; Paxton, Seattle, 1.39; Vargas, Kansas City, 1.40; Bundy, Baltimore, 1.65; Triggs, Oakland, 1.84; Carrasco, Cleveland, 2.04; Holland, Chicago, 2.17; 2 tied at STRIKEOUTS: Sale, Boston, 52; Salazar, Cleveland, 42; Darvish, Texas, 41; Paxton, Seattle, 39; Miley, Baltimore, 38; Archer, Tampa Bay, 37; Kluber, Cleveland, 37; Pineda, New York, 37; Keuchel, Houston, 36; McCullers, Houston, 36; 1 tied at 34. National League BATTING: Zimmerman, Washington,.421; Turner, Los Angeles,.405; Harper, Washington,.391; Freeman, Atlanta,.381; Phillips, Atlanta,.355; Cozart, Minnesota 7 Kansas City 5 Milwaukee 4 Atlanta 3 Houston 7 Oakland 2 Washington 23 NY Mets 5 Detroit 7 Chicago W Sox 3 Miami 10 Pittsburgh 3 Cleveland 12 Seattle 4 Toronto 3 Tampa Bay 1 Baltimore 7 Yankees (11 innings) 4 National League Eastern Division W L PCT GB Washington Miami Philadelphia Atlanta NY Mets /2 Central Division W L PCT GB Chicago Cubs Milwaukee St Louis Cincinnati Pittsburgh Western Division W L PCT GB Colorado Arizona /2 LA Dodgers San Diego /2 San Francisco National League Atlanta Milwaukee x Foltynewicz, Collmenter (7) and K. Suzuki; Garza, Knebel (7), Feliz (9) and Bandy, Pina. W-Garza 1-0. L- Foltynewicz 0-3. Sv-Feliz (6). HRs-Atlanta, Freeman. Milwaukee, Santana 2. Pittsburgh Miami x Kuhl, Williams (5), Nicasio (5), Rivero (6), Hudson (7), Barbato (7) and Stewart; Koehler, McGowan (5), Phelps (6), Barraclough (7), Ziegler (8), J. Garcia (9) and Ellis. W-McGowan 1-0. L-Williams 1-1. HRs-Pittsburgh, Bell. Miami, Bour. New York Washington x Syndergaard, Salas (5), Smoker (6), Plawecki (7) and R. Rivera; Ross, Albers (5), O. Perez (7), Blanton (8), Treinen (9) and Wieters. W-Albers 1-0. L-Syndergaard 1-2. HRs-New York, Rivera, Bruce. Washington, Lind, Wieters 2, Rendon 3, Harper. Cincinnati St Louis B. Arroyo, Lorenzen (5), Storen (6), W.Peralta (7), R. Iglesias (8) and Barnhart, Mesoraco; Leake, Bowman (7), Cecil (7), Rosenthal (8), J. Broxton (9) and Molina. W-W. Peralta 1-0. L- Rosenthal 0-1. Sv-R. Iglesias (4). Philadelphia Los Angeles x Pivetta, J. Gomez (6), Ramos (8) and Rupp; Ryu, Romo (6), Avilan (7), Baez (8), Dayton (9), Jansen (9) and Grandal. W-Ryu 1-4. L-Pivetta 0-1. Sv-Jansen (7). HRs-Philadelphia, Herrera. Los Angeles, Taylor, Toles. San Diego San Francisco (12 innings) Richard, Hand (6), Maurer (8), Buchter (10), Torres (12) and Hedges; Blach, Law (8), Melancon (9), Strickland (10), Kontos (11) and Posey. W-Buchter 2-1. L-Kontos 0-2. Sv-Torres (1). HRs-San Diego, Sanchez, Myers. Colorado Arizona (13 innings) Marquez, Oberg (7), Ottavino (8), Rusin (10), Lyles (12) and Garneau; Corbin, Hoover (7), De La Rosa (8), Bradley (9), Wilhelmsen (10), Chafi n (10), Delgado (11) and Iannetta. W-Delgado 1-0. L-Lyles 0-1. HRs-Arizona, Descalso. Cincinnati,.352; Thames, Milwaukee,.345; Murphy, Washington,.343; Realmuto, Miami,.342; Suarez, Cincinnati,.329; 1 tied at.326. RUNS: Harper, Washington, 32; Thames, Milwaukee, 28; Eaton, Washington, 24; Freeman, Atlanta, 22; Zimmerman, Washington, 22; Goldschmidt, Arizona, 21; Hernandez, Philadelphia, 20; Yelich, Miami, 20; 3 tied at 19. RBI: Zimmerman, Washington, 29; Harper, Washington, 26; Murphy, Washington, 26; Blackmon, Colorado, 24; Reynolds, Colorado, 23; Franco, Philadelphia, 21; Lamb, Arizona, 21; Ozuna, Miami, 21; Myers, San Diego, 20; Tomas, Arizona, 20; 4 tied at 19. HITS: Zimmerman, Washington, 37; Harper, Washington, 36; Murphy, Washington, 36; Turner, Los Angeles, 36; Myers, San Diego, 35; Pollock, Arizona, 34; Freeman, Atlanta, 32; Blackmon, Colorado, 31; Hernandez, Philadelphia, 31; DPeralta, Arizona, 30; 5 tied at 29. DOUBLES: Turner, Los Angeles, 11; Bryant, Chicago, 10; Arenado, Colorado, 9; Murphy, Washington, 9; Pollock, Arizona, 9; Harper, Washington, 8; Shaw, Milwaukee, 8; Tomas, Arizona, 8; Zimmerman, Washington, 8; 8 tied at 7. TRIPLES: Cozart, Cincinnati, 4; Blackmon, Colorado, 3; Galvis, Philadelphia, 2; Gordon, Miami, 2; Hernandez, Philadelphia, 2; Myers, San Diego, 2; Osuna, Pittsburgh, 2; Perez, Milwaukee, 2; Wong, St Louis, 2; 16 tied at 1. HOME RUNS: Thames, Milwaukee, 11; Zimmerman, Washington, 11; Freeman, Atlanta, 9; Harper, Washington, 9; Reynolds, Colorado, 8; Schebler, Cincinnati, 8; Votto, Cincinnati, 8; 7 tied at 7. STOLEN BASES: Hamilton, Cincinnati, 10; Pollock, Arizona, 10; Goldschmidt, Arizona, 7; Inciarte, Atlanta, 7; Nunez, San Francisco, 7; Owings, Arizona, 7; Peraza, Cincinnati, 7; Broxton, Milwaukee, 6; 3 tied at 5. PITCHING: Hellickson, Philadelphia, 4-0; Kershaw, Los Angeles, 4-1; WPeralta, Milwaukee, 4-1; Robles, New York, 4-0; 15 tied at 3-0. ERA: Leake, St Louis, 1.35; Nova, Pittsburgh, 1.50; Gonzalez, Washington, 1.62; Hellickson, Philadelphia, 1.80; Taillon, Pittsburgh, 2.08; Anderson, Milwaukee, 2.10; Corbin, Arizona, 2.29; Kershaw, Los Angeles, 2.29; Cain, San Francisco, 2.31; Lynn, St Louis, 2.46; 1 tied at STRIKEOUTS: degrom, New York, 44; Greinke, Arizona, 40; Scherzer, Washington, 40; Kershaw, Los Angeles, 39; Martinez, St Louis, 39; Ray, Arizona, 39; Samardzija, San Francisco, 35; Arrieta, Chicago, 34; Walker, Arizona, 33; Syndergaard, New York, 32; 1 tied at 31. USA s Rhode takes silver as Sutiya of Thailand claims bronze Meng steals show in Larnaka, wins women s Skeet fi nal MLB Standings MLB Linescores MLB Leaders LARNAKA, Cyprus, May 1: Wei Meng of the People s Republic of China, 27, won today s Skeet Women final at the ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Larnaka, Cyprus. The 27-year-old shooter scored 54 targets in the final to beat USA s 6-time Olympic medalist Kimberly Rhode, who finished in second with 52 hits. Wei had passed through the qualifications with 71 hits, and survived a Winners celebrate on the podium during the Skeet Women s fi nal at the ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Larnaka, Cyprus. BASEBALL shoot-off scoring +13 and +10 targets to advance to the final match. There she shot solidly, missing just 6 targets out of 60 to end up on the highest step of the podium. Wei had won a world cup silver in Tucson (USA) in 2014 and a bronze in Acapulco (MEX) in Through today s victory she qualified for the 2017 ISSF World Cup Final, that will be held in New Delhi in October, when she hopes to improve her SHOOTING records (she won two world cup final silver medals in 2014 and 2016). The Chinese winner stole the show to Kimberly Rhode, who arrived here in Larnaka as the favorite after winning the 2016 ISSF World Cup Final and the first two ISSF World Cup Stages of the season in New Delhi and Acapulco. The 37-year-old 6-time Olympic medalist took today s Silver as she missed 8 targets in the final, in spite of qualifying with the highest score (73 hits out of 75 targets) this morning. Following Rhode, it was the Relief pitcher Randall Delgado #48 of the Arizona Diamondbacks pitches against the Colorado Rockies during the 12th inning of the MLB game at Chase Field on April 30, in Phoenix, Arizona. (AFP) 2010 Asian Champion Sutiya Jiewchaloemmit of Thailand, ranked fourth in the world, who claimed today s Bronze medal with 41 hits. The 30-year-old shooter missed her chances to finish upon the second step of the podium as she dropped a fatal target on station 5. The two Italian finalists Simona Scocchetti and Chiara Cainero ended up in 4th and 5th places with 30 and 22 hits, respectively. Rhode s teammate Dania Jo Vizzi took place 6 with 15 hits while making her first appearance in a world cup final round. Over 400 athletes from 61 countries are competing in the ISSF Shotgun World Cup in Larnaka, the last shotgun stage of the year. The competition will continue tomorrow, with the men s Skeet final, scheduled at (UTC+3). The final match will be streamed live on the ISSF website, on the Federation s Livestream channel and on its official Facebook page. Live results of the competition, news and updates about the competition are available on the ISSF website and on its social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Weibo and Youku. Nationals maul Mets as Bosox top Chicago Cubs WASHINGTON, May 1, (AP): Anthony Rendon had 10 RBIs, three home runs and six hits as the Washington Nationals took advantage of Noah Syndergaard s injury and mauled the New York Mets 23-5 on Sunday to set a franchise scoring record. Rendon went a career-best 6 for 6 and scored five times while breaking the club mark for RBIs. He became the 13th player in major league history to drive in 10 or more runs in a game the first since Garret Anderson did it for the Angels in Matt Wieters added two homers, a single and two walks as the Nationals salvaged the finale of a three-game series between NL East rivals. Adam Lind and Bryce Harper also homered while Harper scored four times to set a major league record for runs in April with 32. Washington finished with a seasonhigh 23 hits and scored the most runs in the history of the Expos/ Nationals franchise. The Nationals seven homers were their most since the team moved from Montreal to Washington in Rendon, who began the day with no homers and five RBIs this season, raised his batting average from.226 to.278. He capped his incredible performance with a solo home run off Mets backup catcher Kevin Plawecki in the eighth. Harper and Lind went deep against Plawecki earlier in the inning. It was a miserable day all-around for the Mets, who won the first two games of the series after losing six straight. They gave up 17 consecutive runs after trailing 6-5 in the fourth. Syndergaard (1-2), the team s hardthrowing ace, left in the second inning with what the club called a possible right lat strain and was on his way back to New York for an MRI on Monday morning. Red Sox 6, Cubs 2 In Boston, Marco Hernandez scored the go-ahead run on Pedro Strop s wild pitch in Boston s four-run eighth inning. The Red Sox took two of three in the lively weekend series that featured a strong showing for Cubs fans and the World Series trophies that ended long title droughts for the once-frustrated franchises. Hanley Ramirez hit a two-run homer for Boston and Matt Barnes (3-0) worked one scoreless inning after completing his four-game suspension for throwing behind the head of Baltimore s Manny Machado. Kris Bryant hit a solo homer for Chicago, extending his hitting streak to 11 games. Koji Uehara (0-2) got the loss. Padres 5, Giants 2, 12 Innings In San Francisco, Wil Myers hit a three-run homer in the top of the 12th inning to send San Diego past San Francisco. Myers seventh home run and second in two games came off reliever George Kontos (0-2). Cory Spangenberg singled against Kontos leading off the inning and Erick Aybar singled two batters later. Hector Sanchez, who played parts of five seasons with the Giants, had a pinch-hit, two-run homer off San Francisco closer Mark Melancon in the ninth to send the game to extra innings. Sanchez s first home run of the season handed Melancon his second blown save in seven chances. Sanchez represented the tying run after shortstop Eduardo Nunez booted Luis Sardinas leadoff grounder for an error. Indians 12, Mariners 4 In Cleveland, Michael Brantley homered and Francisco Lindor had a two-run double as Cleveland scored eight times in the third inning against weary Seattle. Toles leads Dodgers past Phillies for sweep Anthony Rendon #6 of the Washington Nationals follows through on a solo home run during the eighth inning against the New York Mets at Nationals Park on April 30, in Washington, DC. (AFP) Brantley led off the big inning with a single and capped it with a two-run homer. Lindor, who had three RBIs, hit a solo homer in the third and preceded Brantley s homer with his double. Josh Tomlin (2-3) allowed four runs in five-plus innings for the win. The Mariners began the sixth with six straight hits and scored three times but Nick Goody worked out of a bases-loaded, none-out jam. Chase De Jong (0-2), making his first major league start, gave up six runs and nine hits in 2-2/3 innings. Nelson Cruz homered for the Mariners, who finished 4-6 on their 11-day road trip. Roberto Perez had three hits and drove in three runs for the defending AL champions, who have won nine of 12. Marlins 10, Pirates 3 In Miami, Justin Bour drove in six runs with four hits, both career highs, as Miami rallied from a three-run deficit to end a four-game losing streak by beating Pittsburgh. Bour had an RBI double in the second, an RBI single in the fourth, a two-run single off Trevor Williams (1-1) in the fifth and a two-run homer in Miami s six-run seventh. Josh Bell hit a two-run homer for the Pirates but they were shut out over the final 8 2/3 innings. Angels 5, Rangers 2 In Arlington, Texas, JC Ramirez got his first win as a starter on his fourth try after 111 career relief appearances while Jefry Marte homered and hit a tiebreaking, two-run single to help Los Angeles beat Texas. Ramirez (3-2) matched his career high from two starts earlier with nine strikeouts in 5-1/3 innings. Marte had a solo homer in the ninth. Kole Calhoun also connected for the Angels and Shin-Soo Choo homered for Texas. Orioles 7, Yankees 4, 11 Innings In New York, Mark Trumbo hit a go-ahead single in a three-run 11th off Bryan Mitchell, who returned to the mound after an unusual inning at first base, as Baltimore rebounded from another blown late lead. Didi Gregorius hit a two-out, two-run single in the New York ninth that made it 4-all. Logan Verrett (1-0), making his Orioles debut, escaped a bases-loaded, one-out jam in the 10th. Joey Ricard singled with one out in the 11th against Mitchell (1-1), stole second and later scored on Trumbo s twoout single. Blue Jays 3, Rays 1 In Toronto, Russell Martin hit a go- ahead single during a three-run rally in the eighth inning as Toronto posted back-to-back wins for the first time this year. The Blue Jays started the day at 7-17, the worst record in the majors. A loss would ve left them with the poorest winning percentage in March/April in team history. Toronto then lost starter Aaron Sanchez, the AL ERA leader last year, after just one inning because of a split fingernail. Six Toronto relievers combined to limit the Rays to one run in eight innings. J.P. Howell (1-1) got one out and Roberto Osuna finished for his third save. Reds 5, Cardinals 4 In St Louis, Joey Votto hit a tiebreaking single in the eighth inning and Adam Duvall doubled three times and singled for Cincinnati. The Reds had lost eight of their previous nine games. Wandy Peralta (1-0) pitched a scoreless seventh. Closer Raisel Iglesias threw two innings to record his fourth save in as many chances. Brewers 4, Braves 3 In Milwaukee, Domingo Santana homered twice and drove in four runs as Milwaukee ended Atlanta s four-game winning streak. Santana hit a solo shot in the fifth then added a three-run drive in the sixth inning. He has five homers this season, including three in the three-game series against Atlanta. Freddie Freeman hit his ninth home run for the Braves. Tigers 7, White Sox 3 In Detroit, Jose Iglesias doubled and drove in three runs to help Detroit stop a four-game losing streak. Jordan Zimmermann (3-1) picked up a sloppy victory, allowing three runs in five-plus innings. Todd Frazier homered for the White Sox, who had won six in a row. Miguel Gonzalez (3-1) allowed seven runs and a career-high 14 hits in six innings. Justin Upton went deep for the Tigers and Alex Avila had three hits. Astros 7, Athletics 2 In Houston, Dallas Keuchel threw 7-2/3 solid innings and Marwin Gonzalez hit a three-run homer to lead Houston to the victory. Keuchel (5-0) struck out nine while allowing one run and three hits. The left-hander became the second pitcher in Astros history to get five wins in April, joining Roger Clemens in Ken Giles earned his sixth save after getting Yonder Alonso to fly out with the bases loaded. Twins 7, Royals 5 In Kansas City, Missouri, Miguel Sano homered and drove in five runs to helpthe Twins hand the Royals their ninth straight loss. Sano posted his fourth consecutive multihit game. He has 11 hits in his last 16 at-bats. Sano connected in the third after Jason Hammel (0-3) walked Byron Buxton and Max Kepler. He added runproducing singles in the fourth and sixth innings. Minnesota right-hander Phil Hughes (4-1) got the win despite allowing 10 hits and four runs in 5-2/3 innings. Brandon Kintzler yielded Whit Merrifield s twoout homer in the ninth before finishing for his seventh save. Dodgers 5, Phillies 3 In Los Angeles, Andrew Toles hit a three-run homer and Hyun-Jin Ryu pitched 5-1/3 solid innings to help Los Angeles complete the three-game sweep. Ryu (1-4) earned his first victory of the season in his second consecutive strong start. The veteran left-hander struck out nine and allowed one run. Odubel Herrera hit a two-run homer for Philadelphia in the ninth. Kenley Jansen then came in and struck out Cesar Hernandez for his seventh save. Diamondbacks 2, Rockies 0, 13 Innings In Phoenix, Daniel Descalso hit a two-run homer into the Chase Field swimming pool in the 13th inning to lift Arizona to the victory. Descalso s drive off Jordan Lyles (0-1) salvaged the finale of the weekend series for the Diamondbacks and ended the longest scoreless game in Chase Field history. Seven pitchers, led by Patrick Corbin s 6-1/3 innings, combined to shut out the Rockies on five hits. Randall Delgado (1-0) pitched the final two innings to get the victory, finishing a 6-4 homestand for Arizona.

40 SPORTS 40 Nerazzurri have not given up hope on Europa spot Napoli sight second after Callejon winner at Inter MILAN, May 1, (AFP): A first-half winner from Jose Callejon handed Napoli the points from a 1-0 win at Inter Milan that closed the gap on Roma in second to a point. Maurizio Sarri s men travelled to the San Siro buoyed by Roma s earlier 3-1 derby defeat to Lazio that left the capital contenders nine points adrift of leaders Juventus. By the end of a San Siro sizzler that saw Stefano Pioli s outplayed hosts stage a brief, second-half comeback, Callejon s 43rd minute opener proved the difference to a win that put Napoli in firm contention for the second automatic Champions League qualifying place. Roma remain second at nine points behind Juventus with four games to play but Luciano Spalletti s men are now just one point ahead of Napoli, who remain seven points ahead of Lazio, in fourth. Yet coach Maurizio Sarri said his side s fate lies with their opponents, telling Premium Sport: I ve never made predictions and I m not about to start now. The situation is determined by our rivals, who, if they all win, will give us no chance of fighting our way back. Inter s fourth defeat in a six-match winless run, meanwhile, left the Nerazzurri in seventh, but now three points behind city rivals AC Milan and eight behind fifth-placed Atalanta. But Pioli hasn t given up hope of a Europa League place, hoping they can finish sixth to claim the Italian Cup winner s allocation that, in all likelihood, will be vacated by finalists Juventus and Lazio. At the moment, the results are negative but we can still finish sixth in the table. That s our objective, said Pioli. It wasn t all negative tonight. I SOCCER think we played well given the calibre of the side we played. They controlled the ball better than us, and our passing was off at times. Earlier, Milan spurned the chance to steal a march, suffering a second league setback since their takeover by a Chinese consortium. Milan travelled to relegation-haunted Crotone looking to make up for a shock 2-1 San Siro defeat to struggling Empoli last week. But for the second game in succession since the Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux bought the seven-time European champions from long-time owner Silvio Berlusconi, Vincenzo Montella s side disappointed in a 1-1 UN hails Muntari for walk-off over racist chants, urges action GENEVA, May 1, (RTRS): The United Nations top human rights offi cial hailed Pescara s Ghanaian midfi elder Sulley Muntari as an inspiration on Monday for leaving the pitch in protest after the player said he was booked for complaining about racist chanting. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra ad al-hussein said FIFA needed to pay greater attention to the persistent problem of racism at games - and that his offi ce had been in touch with soccer s governing body. Muntari said he had complained draw. We should be disappointed and angry for the result, Montella told Mediaset Premium. In the June 2 Cup final, Juventus, set for a Champions League spot, face Lazio who look set to finish fourth and book a spot in Europe s second tier club competition. We still believe we can reach the Europa League, added Montella. We ve still to face Atalanta and sixth place still offers a way in. In the fight to secure the second that parts of the crowd, including a group of children, had hurled racist insults at him from the start of his Italian team s game at Cagliari in Serie A on Sunday. The player said the referee then told him to stop talking to the crowd and ended up showing him the yellow card for dissent in the 90th minute. Zeid called Muntari an inspiration to all of us here at the UN human rights offi ce for taking a stand. The persistent problem of racism at games required added attention automatic Champions League spot, Roma blundered. Keita Balde struck twice, either side of a Dusan Basta strike and Daniele De Rossi s goal for Roma, as a dominant Lazio ruined Francesco Totti s final derby to give Napoli a pre-game boost. Elsewhere, former Roma striker Mattia Destro struck in either half to complete a brace as Bologna secured their top flight survival with a comprehensive 4-0 win over Udinese. It gave Roberto Donadoni s men a 13-point lead over third-from-bottom or deepened attention by FIFA, he told reporters in Geneva. His offi ce had been in touch with the organisation, he said without saying when, and he planned to attend an international match in about six weeks time to spread the message that racism and expressions of bigotry should not be tolerated at major sporting events. Zeid recalled another deeply alarming match, in Ukraine, where Dynamo Kiev fans wore Ku Klux Klan outfi ts and swastikas. Italy and other countries have struggled to stamp out racist chants Crotone and Bologna forward Simone Verdi said: We ve deserved to stay up this season, so it s only right we celebrate. Genoa and Empoli, however, face a nervous end to the season after defeats to Chievo and Sassuolo respectively left them just above the drop zone. While rock-bottom Pescara s relegation last week was hammered home on Sunday by a 1-0 defeat away to Cagliari, fellow strugglers Crotone and Palermo can dream of top-flight survival for another week. at games. In 2013, the AC Milan team left the pitch during a friendly in the town of Busto Arsizio after home fans insulted midfi elder Kevin-Prince Boateng, another Ghanaian. Under guidelines introduced following that incident, the referee is supposed to alert the fourth offi cial who should in turn contact authorities policing games. FIFA last week fi ned Argentina, Mexico and Brazil for their fans homophobic chants - sign of a growing crackdown on the insults often hurled at opposing goalkeepers. A point from their draw with Milan left Crotone third from bottom but now just four points behind Empoli. But Crotone coach Davide Nicola remains unconvinced, saying: We re neither closer, nor further away (from safety). Palermo saw goals from Alessandro Diamanti and Haitam Aleesami, at the death, secure a 2-0 home win over 10- man Fiorentina only their fourth of the season. It left the Sicilians second from bottom and 10 points behind Empoli. PSG suffer a huge blow Napoli s Dries Mertens (left), challenges for the ball with Inter Milan s Jeison Murillo during the Serie A soccer match between Inter Milan and Napoli at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy on April 30. (AP) British Soccer Roundup West Ham game crucial for Spurs title push Conte warns Chelsea against complacency LIVERPOOL, May 1, (Agencies): Antonio Conte warned Chelsea not to take the Premier League title for granted after the leaders cleared a major hurdle with a 3-0 win at Everton. Conte s side consolidated their position on top of the table thanks to a steely display at Goodison Park on Sunday, but second placed Tottenham remain hot on their heels. Pedro s brilliant strike and goals from Gary Cahill and Willian secured Chelsea s fourth win in their last five league games, sparking jubilant celebrations from Conte and his players. Cavorting in front of Chelsea s travelling fans, Conte had the look of a man who felt his team had just delivered a decisive blow in the title race. But while the Blues made their way back to London, Tottenham were securing a crucial victory over Arsenal that keeps them firmly in the hunt. With four games remaining, Chelsea have a four point advantage over Tottenham and Mauricio Pochettino s side can temporarily trim that gap to one point if they win at West Ham on Friday, before the leaders host Middlesbrough on Monday. Conte knows it would only take one slip to give Tottenham real hope of overhauling them and he cautioned his players against thinking the race is over, even if they do have an easier run-in than Spurs. It is a great win but at this part of the season every win is a great win for us, he said. For this reason we must celebrate in the right way, with my players, with the staff, with our fans. We have to have great enthusiasm and great patience because we are having a great season but to become a fantastic season we must win (the title). The message to the players was not words. Only hugs and enthusiasm. Conte tried his best not to look too far ahead, but even the cautious Italian couldn t completely hide his joy at a result that moved Chelsea a step closer to being crowned champions in his first season. For sure it s a great result for us. To win at Everton is not easy. My players showed me great patience to wait for the right moment to hit, Conte said. It was important to keep the cleansheet after a few games without one. That s good for our confidence. We finished a crucial week very well. We all know there is this part of the season that is more important. Tottenham Hotspur must win their Premier League game against West Ham United on Friday to cut the lead at the top and put pressure on leaders Chelsea, manager Mauricio Pochettino has said. Tottenham, who beat rivals Arsenal 2-0 on Sunday, are four points behind Chelsea in second but can dreduce the deficit to one point if they win against West Ham and Chelsea fail to beat relegation-threatened Middlesbrough on Monday. Manchester United s English striker Marcus Rashford (right), goes down uner a challenge from Swansea City s Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski (left), to earn a penalty during the English Premier League football match between Manchester United and Swansea City at Old Trafford in Manchester, north west England, on April 30. (AFP) We have reduced the gap to Chelsea again. And now we have to be focused because we have on Friday a very important game against West Ham, Pochettino told reporters. We will have the chance to play before. It will be a tough game and a difficult game and if we are able to win we will see what happens. It could be (important). The race for the title is down to four points and we will see what will happen. Tottenham s victory over Arsenal extended their home league winning streak to 13 matches and they can equal the club record for consecutive home wins when they host fifth-placed Manchester United on May 14 in their final home game of the season. Manchester City s hopes of finishing in the top four hinges on their three remaining home games in the Premier League, manager Pep Guardiola said after Sunday s 2-2 draw with secondbottom Middlesbrough. Fourth-placed City are level on points with third-placed Liverpool and are a point ahead of Manchester United, who also drew against a relegation-threatened side Swansea City on Sunday. City have lost just one league game at home this season and play three of their four remaining league games at the Etihad Stadium. Our qualification depends in our home at the Etihad with the three games that we have, Guardiola said. We have tough games. Everybody has tough games so it s game by game. City host a resurgent Crystal Palace, who defeated three of the league s top six in April, on Saturday before visits by champions Leicester City and eighth-placed West Bromwich Albion. They end their season at Watford on May 21. Jose Mourinho described Manchester United s jammed-packed schedule as not human after a growing injury list threatened to wreck hopes of a place in next season s Champions League. A 1-1 draw with Swansea on Sunday was a sixth stalemate in eight games at Old Trafford and harmed hopes of finishing in the top four. To make matters worse for United, Luke Shaw and Eric Bailly also suffered game-ending injuries, leaving Mourinho with a major personnel crisis ahead of Thursday s Europa League first leg semifinal visit to Celta Vigo. The pair joined fellow defenders Chris Smalling and Phil Jones, who have been out since late-march, on the injury list and their absence means United will travel to Spain without a recognised centre-back. I don t know about the injuries, said gloomy United manager Mourinho. I think Luke Shaw s must be a big injury, because to leave the pitch after 10 minutes I am expecting a very big injury, added the Portuguese boss, who has publicly criticised the left back several times this season. Arsenal s manager Arsene Wenger won t give up on a top-four finish this season despite a 2-0 defeat by Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday that ensured they will finish below their local rivals for the first time in his 21 years at the club. Draws for Manchester City and Manchester United in the Premier League earlier on Sunday took them six and five points respectively above Wenger s side, who have a game in hand, in the race for Champions League football next season. Next weekend Arsenal, who have reached an FA Cup final against league leaders Chelsea, play at home to United and must win to keep up their hopes of a place in the top four. It will be very difficult but we have to fight, Wenger told reporters after Sunday s loss at White Hart Lane. We have a cup final and the chance to get in the top four. Balottelli gives Monaco big helping hand PARIS, May 1, (AFP): Mario Balotelli hit his 14th league goal of the season and Ricardo Pereira scored a cracker as Nice blew a big hole in Paris Saint Germain s title defence with a 3-1 win. PSG are chasing a third consecutive sweep of domestic honours but finished the weekend three points behind Ligue 1 leaders Monaco, who also have a game in hand, and played the last moments in Nice with only nine men after they Balotelli had two men sent off in quick succession. Nice s Brazilian defender Dalbert Henrique (right), vies with Paris Saint- Germain s Brazilian midfielder Lucas Moura (left), during the French L1 football match Nice (OGCN) vs Paris Saint Germain (PSG) on April 30, at the Allianz Riviera Stadium in Nice, southeastern France. (AFP) Underdogs Aizawl FC crowned I-League champions NEW DELHI, May 1, (AFP): Aizawl FC have clinched the I-League title to become the first club from the India s north-east region to win the country top flight after a Leicester City-like fairytale season. Aizawl s championship win, which SOCCER was sealed with a 1-1 draw against Shillong Lajong on Sunday, has drawn comparisons in India with Leicester s escape from relegation in to winning the English Premier League last year. Coached by Khalid Jamil, the Kuwait-born former India player, Aizawl were given a lifeline to be reinstated Nice, still unbeaten at home this season, stay third but are now just three points behind PSG and both have only three games left to play. Wayward Italian striker Balotelli, restored to Nice s starting line-up after a typically sticky spell of injury and suspension, prodded over from close range on 20 minutes after PSG s offside trap failed. He should have done better and six minutes later he did, shrugging off a weak challenge before unleashing an unstoppable strike from the edge of the box that whistled into the bottom corner. Unai Emery s PSG, who came into the top-of-the-table encounter on an excellent unbeaten run since their Champions League collapse at Barcelona early last month, enjoyed plenty of the ball in the first half but did little with it. If Balotelli s strike was good, Pereira s just minutes after half time was even better, as the Portuguese winger curled the ball beautifully into the top corner. The reigning champions appeared down and out and the game turned increasingly ugly, with several skirmishes breaking out. Balotelli, 26, appearing to enjoy his football again after poor spells at Liverpool and Milan, was never far from the thick of it. He was in a running row with PSG striker Edinson Cavani, the league s top poacher with 31 goals this season, and then his attempts at showboating with the ball came to an abrupt end when Blaise Matuidi cut him down and SOCCER was booked. PSG were in danger of losing their heads as well as their title, but out of nowhere grabbed a lifeline when defender Marquinhos helped in a header from his fellow Brazilian Thiago Silva after a corner sparked disarray in the Nice box on 64 minutes. It was now all PSG, but Nice were hanging on and after Thiago Motta was sent off for violent conduct for the visitors in the 90th minute, Nice went up the other end and made it 3-1 with a close-range Anastasios Donis header. In the dying minutes winger Angel Di Maria became the second PSG player to see red when he dived in deliberately and recklessly on Nice midfielder Arnaud Souquet. Monaco, who face Juventus in a Champions League semi-final first leg on Wednesday, beat Toulouse 3-1 on Saturday with teenage striking sensation Kylian Mbappe again among the goals. Prolific Monaco they average nearly three goals a game in the league are pursuing a first French league crown since into the top-flight competition this season by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) despite being relegated in The Mizoram-based club s superb showing in the domestic Federation Cup where they twice beat last year s I-League champions Bengaluru FC was the main reason for their re-entry. Aizawl had the odds stacked against them this season with West Bengal giants Mohun Bagan pushing them all the way but eventually coming up one point short despite a 2-1 win against Chennai FC in their last match. Aizawl FC s triumph unfurls a new chapter in Indian Football history, AIFF president Praful Patel said in a statement.

41 SPORTS 41 Kings XI Punjab sweep 10-wicket victory over bottom-place Delhi Daredevils Warner century earns Sunrisers big win over Knight Riders HYDERABAD, India, May 1, (AP): A blistering 126 off 59 balls from David Warner carried defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad to an emphatic 48-run victory over Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League on Sunday. The Sunrisers captain hit 10 fours and eight sixes in his team s imposing total of 209-3, after Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir had won the toss and opted to field first. In reply, Knight Riders could only score after rain interrupted their run-chase for nearly 45 minutes. Robin Uthappa top-scored with 53 before he holed out at long off to Warner. Seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar (2-29) took his wickets tally in the tournament to 20, as Knight Riders chase never got going. It was outstanding, we generally look to bat first and set the tone with a positive intent from ball one, Warner said. We managed to maintain the run rate of 10 an over, which was amazing. Despite the loss, Knight Riders lead the table with 14 points on better run-rate than Mumbai Indians, who also have 14 points, but have played a game less than Knight Riders 10. Sunrisers follow the two with 13 points. Warner cut loose from the onset, but also profited from three dropped catches on 13, 86 and 110 with Chris Woakes missing two of the chances. Warner was so dominant that he raised his fifty off 20 balls in only the fifth over, smashing Sunil Narine for a reverse sweep six. He brought up his century in the 11th over off 43 balls with seven fours and eight sixes, driving seamer Umesh Yadav to midwicket and scampering for two runs. Woakes made some amends when he found Warner s leading edge off a slower delivery in the 17th over, but by that time the Australian had done enough damage. At Mohali, Kings XI Punjab swept to a comfortable a 10-wicket victory over bottom-place Delhi Daredevils in a mere 7.5 overs. Daredevils top order batsmen were outfoxed by Sandeep Sharma s 4-20 on a slow wicket to get bowled out for 67 in 17.1 overs the thirdlowest total in the IPL s 10-year history. Martin Guptill (50) then blazed an unbeaten half century off just 27 deliveries and steered Kings XI to Guptill s maiden half-century in IPL included six fours and three CRICKET towering sixes. The last few games have been frustrating, Kings XI captain Glenn Maxwell said. The pitch played a lot slower than I thought it would. Kings XI now have eight points from four victories in nine matches and are fifth in the points table. Sharma grabbed a wicket each in his first three overs, including a brilliant left-handed low return catch to dismiss Shreyas Iyer and leave Daredevils on 22-3 in five overs. Axar Patel clean bowled stand-in captain Karun Nair off his first delivery and then Chris Morris offered a tame return catch to the left-arm spinner. Corey Anderson (18) got Daredevils past Royal Challengers Bangalore s lowest ever IPL total of 49 made against Kolkata Knight Riders last week before he played on to Varun Aron. Sharma completed his fourwicket haul at his home ground when Kagiso Rabada holed out at long on and Mohit Sharma completed the rout by dismissing last man Shahbaz Nadeem, caught and bowled. The ongoing cricket matches for the NSH Empower Trophy 2017 witnessed the tough fight, and the Mahbulla Lions find the way over the Jackals Team. Though the heartbeats went high, captain Shaji showed patience and led the team joyous. Other matches won thunderous applause. The Mangaf Donz defeated the Tigers; and captain Sarath s organised technique helped Al Zour Team chase away the Fahaheel. Matches are ongoing. (Top and above: photos of participating teams) I don t think there was anything strange in the wicket, it was maybe a little slow, but definitely not a 67 all-out wicket, said Nair, who captained Daredevils for the first time after Zaheer Khan failed to recover from a hamstring injury sustained last Friday against Knight Riders. We lost too many wickets at the start, Nair said. What s done is done, we need to pull up our socks and move on. Nomura outlasts Kerr to win LPGA Texas Shootout Madsen rallies to beat Stackhouse in Symetra Classic Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner plays a shot during the 2017 Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 cricket match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders at The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad on April 30. (AFP) BCCI meets, Champions Trophy pullout unlikely ICC to consider expelling US Cricket Associations CRICKET DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 1, (Agencies): The International Cricket Council will consider expelling the US federation at a meeting in June following a failed two-year process to unify the running of the game in America. The ICC board on Monday said it had decided the full council should consider expelling the USACA and a resolution to that effect will go before the entire membership in June. The USACA is a second-tier Associate member of the ICC but has been under suspension since 2015, its third suspension in 12 years. The board... does not believe USACA genuinely exercises authority over the sport in the USA and that it instead, for a variety of reasons, presides over a severely fractured community with only a small number of cricket leagues subscribing to its membership and the vast majority not choosing to join the federation, the ICC said in a statement. The sport has been fractured in the United States for some considerable time and the board had previously determined that this was unacceptable and needed to be remedied. The ICC said it established an advisory group to work with cricket administrators in America but the USACA had failed to engage in the process and failed to put an ICC approved constitution to its membership. Our focus throughout this two-year process has been on the unification of the USA cricket community behind USACA to grow and develop the sport, but it has become clear that this is just not possible, ICC chief executive David Richardson said in the statement, adding that the board thought the only remaining option was expulsion. Richardson said the USACA would remain a member of the ICC until the June meeting, but would remain under suspension. The ICC statement was published less than two weeks after India-born US national cricket team player Timil Kaushik Patel became a naturalized American citizen a move he hoped would help bolster his new country s team. The 33-year-old Kaushik moved to the US from India seven years ago and is vice-captain of the US team after qualifying on residency rules. The bulk of players in the representative team are originally from countries such as India, Pakistan and around the Caribbean that are among the traditional powers in cricket. On its website, the USACA says it has 32,066 players participating in senior and junior cricket at 1,100 clubs and with 488 cricket grounds. Meanwhile, the Indian cricket board (BCCI) will meet on Sunday to consider an additional revenue offer from the game s world governing body but regardless of what decision they come to, a Champions Trophy pullout by the holders looks unlikely. Unaccustomed Richardson to being snubbed at the International Cricket Council (ICC) meetings, the BCCI was outvoted 13-1 last week in its bid to stall a new revenue model which considerably slashes India s share from global events in the cycle. Unimpressed by the $293 million forecast, down from the $570 million it would have received under the 2014 arrangement, the BCCI responded by refusing to name the squad for next month s Champions Trophy before the April 25 deadline. ICC president Shashank Manohar, a former BCCI chief, has tabled an additional $100 million and the India board will discuss the offer at Sunday s special general body meeting. The operations of the BCCI are currently being supervised by four courtappointed administrators and the head of the committee, Vinod Rai, told Reuters last week that it was too early to comment on a possible pullout Champions Trophy. LOS ANGELES, May 1, (Agencies): Japan s Haru Nomura birdied the sixth hole of a sudden-death playoff to beat Cristie Kerr on Sunday for the LPGA Texas Shootout title in suburban Dallas. Nomura was the last woman standing on a brutally windy day that turned into even more of a marathon as she and Kerr both parred the first five playoff holes all played at Las Colinas Country Club s par-five 18th hole. As they returned for one more time before darkness fell, Nomura gave herself an eagle chance and tapped in from inches for the birdie. She then watched as Kerr s birdie attempt from outside 10 feet slid by. I m so happy to win again. I m so excited, said Nomura, who captured her third LPGA crown, to go with the Women s Australian Open and Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic titles she won last year. She had to dig deep to do so on a day when the scoring average was more than five strokes over par GOLF thanks to winds gusting up to 40 mph (64.37 Km/h). Nomura started the day with a two-stroke lead and did well in the conditions to finish the front nine in even par after one bogey and one birdie. She led by five heading into the back nine, but she bogeyed 10 and 11, and dropped two more shots at 14 and 16. She made a 12-footer to salvage a double-bogey at 17, but that left her a stroke behind Kerr who had made the only birdie of the day at the parthree 17th. After Kerr had completed her three-over 74 for a three-under par total of 281, Nomura birdied the 18th for a five-over 76 that forced the playoff. I had a great comeback to even get into the playoff, Kerr said. I had her on that second playoff hole when I was behind the green, and I just made an error and you can t do that in playoffs. You have to take advantage of when you have the chance, and I didn t do that, so I lost. The top two finished regulation two strokes in front of American Jessica Korda, whose two-over 73 gave her a one-under total of 283 the only other under par total for the week. Haru Nomura of Japan poses with the champion s trophy following her playoff victory over Cristie Kerr in the final round of the Volunteers of America North Texas Shootout at Las Colinas Country Club on April 30, in Irving, Texas. (AFP) South Korea s Park Sung-Hyun was fourth after a 74 for 284. World number two Ryu So-Yeon had the best weekend (68-75) of anyone in the field but her share of ninth didn t come close to the first or second place finish she needed to have a chance of toppling Lydia Ko from the number one ranking. Third-ranked Ariya Jutanugarn of Thailand also had a shot at unseating Ko with a victory this week, but finished alongside Ryu on 286 neither player able to take advantage after Ko withdrew from the tournament on Saturday with an eye infection. Meanwhile, Nanna Koerstz Madsen rallied to beat former Stanford star Mariah Stackhouse on Sunday in the Symetra Classic. Koerstz Madsen, the 22-year-old Danish player ranked 79th in the world, closed with a 4-under 68 at Atlanta National Golf Club to beat Stackhouse (72) and Ecuador s Daniela Darquea (67) by two strokes. Koerstz Madsen earned $22,500 to jump from 17th to third on the money list with $30,325 in four starts. The top 10 at the end of the season will earn LPGA Tour cards. Koerstz Madsen finished at 11-under 205. She won the Ladies European Tour s event in the Czech Republic last year and represented Denmark in the Rio Olympics. Stackhouse, the tour rookie from Riverdale, Georgia, took a twostroke lead into the final round. She had a one-shot lead after a par on the 13th hole, but made three bogeys over the final five holes. Munoz finishes second Atkins captures El Bosque Mexico Championship title LEON, Mexico, May 1, (AP): Matt Atkins won the El Bosque Mexico Championship on Sunday for his first Tour title, closing with a 4-under 68 for a three-stroke victory. Atkins finished at 17-under 271 at El Bosque Country Club and earned $117,000 to jump from a tie for 87th to sixth on GOLF the money list with $127,625. The top 25 at the end of the regular season will earn PGA Tour cards. I don t even know how to put it in words, said Atkins, the 26-year-old former South Carolina-Aiken player from Aston, Pennsylvania. It s just such an honor to win in general. The fans were great and I love coming here. Just to be the champion feels awesome. Colombia s Sebastian Munoz Bridge Results RESULTS of the bi-weekly Bridge tournament played on Sunday April 23, 2017 evening. First: Abdul Salam Ibrahim, Roula Akil; Second: Ebrahim Al Qattan, Abdel Aziz Dashti; Third: Rana Anabtawi, Reema Al-Kalouti; Fourth: Mustafa Saad, Nabeel M. Al Hussaini; Fifth: Ahmed Alruaweh, Bader Al Refaee; Sixth: Mark Madeley, Siobhan Doran. We conduct duplicate Bridge tournament every Sunday and Wednesday at hours at the Graduates Club, next to Kuwait Engineering Society. Interested Bridge pairs or individual players are requested to contact Mohammed Merchant, Tel Nos: was second after a 70. Ted Potter Jr. (66), Roger Sloan (67) and Austin Cook (67) tied for third at 13 under, and ninetime PGA Tour winner Stuart Appleby (69) was another stroke back. Atkins birdied three of the final five holes Saturday to take a onestroke lead over Munoz into the final round. On Atkins Sunday, the winner closed his bogey-free round with a birdie on the par-5 18th. I m excited for the rest of the year, Atkins said. This puts me in a really good spot. I still have a ways to go to lock up my card and I want to finish as high on the money list as I can. This is awesome, but there is still plenty of work to do.

42 SPORTS 42 Keselowski settles for second Joey Logano pulls away to win NASCAR race at Richmond A member of Kuwait Karate Federation Ahmad Bin Yousef (right), with other officials after the election. Ahmad elected as member of Board of Directors of AKF KUWAIT CITY, May 1: A member of the Kuwait Karate Federation Ahmad bin Yousef has been elected as member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Karate Federation for the new term during the elections held on April 30 at Sharjah, United Arab Emirates in the presence of Head of Arab Sports Council and President of the Union of Arab National Olympic Committee His Royal Highness Prince Talal bin Bader Al-Saud, and President of Arab Karate Federation Brigadier Khaled Al Attia. Secretary General of Kuwait Karate Federation Emad Behbehani represented the federation at the event. The elections resulted in the selection of the current President Khaled Al-Attia, a member of the Board of Directors of Egyptian Karate Federation Mohammed Abdulaziz, President of the Saudi Karate Federation Ibrahim Al-Qanas, President of the Union of Jordan Committee Maen LONDON, May 1, (AFP): Nottingham Forest and Blackburn Rovers, both once leading clubs, enter the final round of the season on the brink of relegation to the third tier in England. Forest s 2-0 defeat by Queens Park Rangers at the weekend, allied to wins for Blackburn (1-0) against Aston Villa and Birmingham (2-0) against Huddersfield, left the Midlands club one place above the Championship drop zone and ahead of Rovers on goal difference alone. Now Forest, who are at home to Ipswich on Sunday, must at least match Rovers result at Brentford if they are to stay in the second-tier Championship. It s an honest group of players we ve got, said Forest manager Mark Warburton, himself controversially sacked by Scottish giants Rangers earlier this season. They have a responsibility to themselves, their families, the supporters and the club we all do. It is all a far cry from Forest s glory days of the late 1970s when, under inspirational manager Brian Clough, the club were promoted from the old Al Faouri, president of the Iraqi Karate Federation Dr Adel Idan as vice presidents. Ahmad Bin Yousef (Kuwait), Abdullah Saleh (Lebanon), Ahmad Abdul Aziz Al-Khayat (Bahrain), and Mohammed Burhan Al Bakri (Palestine) have been elected as members along with international vice presidents Major General Nasser Al-Razouqi (UAE), Bashir Al-Cherif (Tunisia) and Taher Musbahi (Algeria). Fakhruddin Abdulmajid (UAE) has been elected as secretary-general and Mohammed Al-Bakri as deputy secretary-general. Emad Behbehani congratulated the Kuwaiti sports in general particularly the karate sector for attaining membership in the Arab Karate Federation. Forest, Rovers in third-tier peril SOCCER KARATE Second Division and twice won the European Cup all within three years. Forest went up in 1977 and, remarkably, took the old First Division title the very next season in a league featuring perhaps the best of all the Liverpool teams that between them won five European Cups and 18 domestic Championships. Yet what happened next was just as extraordinary, with Forest winning back-to-back European Cups in 1979 and 1980 as the team built by Clough and assistant Peter Taylor, featuring a mix of world-class players such as England goalkeeper Peter Shilton and previously underachieving journeymen including winger John Robertson, stunned the football world. Clough, later beset by alcoholism, arguably stayed too long and his 18 years at the City Ground ended with Forest s relegation from the inaugural Premier League in There was a brief return before, in 2004, the club became the first former European champions to descend into their domestic third tier. Forest returned to the Championship and had become established in the division by the time the Kuwaitbased Al-Hasawi family bought the club in RICHMOND, Va, May 1, (AP): Joey Logano smiled as if he d stolen something and got away with it, and that wasn t far from the truth. Logano passed distracted and dominant Penske Racing teammate Brad Keselowski on one restart and then pulled away on another with about 20 laps to go to win the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Richmond International Raceway on Sunday. We were just fast enough to break through and kind of steal a win, Logano said. We had a decent car. We were in the lead when the caution came out there and we looked like we were in pretty good shape, and then, obviously, to have the good pit stops and all that, I don t know if you d call that stealing. We didn t get lucky. We were able to just do what we know how to do. Logano, who qualified fifth but had to start 37th after making a transmission change, grabbed the lead when Keselowski had to make a defensive move to keep Kyle Busch from passing him on the inside. His 18th career victory came in his 300th career start. I was driving my guts out out there, Logano said in Victory Lane. That s all I had. We won with a car that may not have been a winning car, so that s something to be very proud of as a team. That means the execution was there and we were able to put ourselves in position to race there hard at the end. Brad was the fastest car. He was so fast. Keselowski got stuck behind some slower cars on the final restart, letting Logano pull away by nearly 2 seconds. I think what we needed was about 10 more laps, Keselowski said. He led six times for 110 laps. On the final restart, Logano had to get around Kyle Larson and five others who stayed on the track when everyone else pitted. He made quick work of that challenge and pulled away while Keselowski and Denny Hamlin got caught in traffic dueling for the second position. That s part of how this racing deal works, and the fastest car doesn t always win, Keselowski said. Keselowski, who had the dominant car for the second half of the race, held on for second, followed by Hamlin, Ricky Stenhouse Jr and Kevin Harvick. Dale Earnhardt Jr, in his first race since announcing he will retire at the end of the season, finished 30th. We just didn t have the speed that the other cars had, a frustrated Hamlin said. We finished right where we should have. Ryan Newman, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr all took a chance when the rest of the field started making green-flag stop with about 80 laps to go. The three stayed out hoping for a caution flag that would allow them to get new tires and remain up front. Johnson eventually pitted, and then he brought about the caution when he side-swiped Earnhardt into the wall in the backstretch, making the gamble pay off for Newman, who was likely to be passed shortly thereafter by the hardcharging Keselowski. I just have to try to figure out if I just didn t hear it being told to me or if it wasn t told to me, Johnson said. I just feel terrible, obviously. Man, I m surprised our cars even kept rolling after that because I just body slammed him into the wall and I could have easily not heard the clear or something else happened. I don t know, but that s the last A piece of Viennese history will disappear thing you want to have happen with a teammate. Newman couldn t cash in, however, failing to be a factor at the end and finishing 7th. Pole-sitter Matt Kenseth led the first 163 laps, winning Stage 1, and raced in the top 10 until a flat tire with 35 laps to go. Kyle Busch was fuming after NAS- CAR flagged him for a commitment line violation with 22 laps to go, dropping him to the back of the field. It was his second penalty of the day following an earlier one for speeding entering the pits. That also put him to the back of the field, and he d finally made it back into contention when the second one ruined his day. He finished 16th. Richmond moved the race from its typical Saturday night start time to Sunday afternoon, with mixed results. The day race changes this track dramatically, and I think it makes it really racy, Keselowski said. I think it s great. I think some of the best racing here is during the day, but it s hot and I know it s hard for some of the fans to be up in the stands and go through all that. With temperatures in the low 90s, the crowd was sparse. Austria s oldest club, founded by Brits, face final whistle Pliskova knocked out: Top-seeded Karolina Pliskova was eliminated from the Prague Open on Monday, losing to unseeded Camila Giorgi 7-6 (6), 6-2 in the first round. It was the first victory for the 90th-ranked Italian over the world No. 3 in four matchups, and a blow to Czech chances in their home event. It was the earliest loss for Pliskova, the US Open finalist, since June. Giorgi will next face Qiang Wang of China, who defeated Maria Sakkari of Greece 6-1, 4-6, 6-2. Also, wild card Marketa Vondrousova of the Czech Republic beat Carina Witthoeft of Germany 6-7 (6), 7-5, 6-2, and Oceane Dodin of France advance by topping Annika Beck of Germany 7-5, 6-4. (AP) Vitesse win first trophy: Vitesse Arnhem collected a major trophy for the first time in its 125-year existence by beating AZ Alkmaar in the Dutch Cup final on Sunday. Striker Ricky van Wolfswinkel CAR RACING VIENNA, May 1, (AFP): Vienna til I die! chanted the fans, in accented English, at a recent rainy match, testament to the British roots of Austria s oldest football club: the once-mighty First Vienna FC But while the few hundred diehard supporters give it their all week in week out, the now dilapidated terraces of what was once continental Europe s biggest stadium may soon fall silent for ever. In March the 123-year-old club, which even under the Nazis was allowed to keep its English name Vienna, declared itself insolvent and is trying to hammer out a survival plan. The players haven t been paid since December and automatic relegation looms from Austria s already lowly third division, the Austrian Regional League Best of the Rest Pliskova East, making finding new sponsors even harder. If it all ends, it will be the end of an era, sighed Robert Haidinger, head of the supporters club, as he charged five euros ($5.50) for the trickle of cars arriving for the evening match. A piece of Viennese history would disappear, he told AFP. Like elsewhere in Europe and beyond in the late 19th century, British immigrants were a major driving force in the birth of Austrian football. The Vienna was founded, in a pub, in 1894 by British gardeners together with locals smitten with this exotic new combination of exercise and gentlemanly fair play. scored twice in the final 10 minutes to seal the victory for a club which is owned by Russian businessman Alexander Chigirinsky. Vitesse, which is sixth in the Dutch standings, has now qualified for the Europa League next season. The club has close links with Chelsea and three players from the Premier League leaders featured in the final: Midfielders Lewis Baker and Nathan, and defender Matt Miazga. (AP) UEFA to consider rights records for host: The host nation of Euro 2024 must meet certain criteria relating to the respect of human rights, UEFA said on Monday as they prepare to choose between the candidacies of Germany and Turkey. The countries are the only two to have submitted declarations of interest in hosting the competition and UEFA will decide between the two in September For the first time ever, these bid requirements contain specific criteria relating to the respect of human rights, UEFA said in a statement. The criteria are based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other UN conventions.criteria regarding compliance and anticorruption measures have also been included as requirements. (AFP) Sudan FA holds election: Members of Sudan s football association on Sunday began voting for electing a new board, despite the sport s world governing body FIFA asking for postponing the vote, an AFP correspondent reported. The election for a new 21-member board for Sudan Football Association was being held at a stadium in Khartoum and not at the federation s headquarters. The voting was held despite FIFA asking for a postponement after allegations surfaced that senior government officials had interfered in the election process. An AFP correspondent reported that before the voting commenced, the election committee showed a letter from FIFA asking the Sudanese association to postpone Sunday s vote. (AFP) Ninkovic wins award: Sydney FC playmaker Milos Ninkovic has won the Australian A-League s player of the season award. The 32-year-old ex-serbia international tallied 44 points to hold off Perth Glory s Diego Castro by seven and Western Sydney s Nico Martinez by 15. Ninkovic scored nine goals and had 11 assists in his second A-League season, helping Sydney FC to advance to this weekend s grand final against Melbourne Victory. In other awards announced Monday, Sydney FC manager Graham Arnold took the top honors among the coaches, while Victory striker Besart Berisha shared the golden boot (19 goals) with Brisbane Roar s Jamie Maclaren, who was also voted the younger player of the season. Socceroos veteran Tim Cahill won the goal of the year award for his 35-meter strike in the second round for Melbourne City. Samantha Kerr won the women s player of the year and the women s goal of the year awards. (AP) Advocaat set to return: Dick Advocaat is poised to return as Netherlands coach amid public disapproval of such an appointement and media criticism of the process of finding a replacement for Danny Blind, who was sacked last month after a run of poor results. A new coach is expected to be named next week as the Dutch bid to revive their World Cup qualification hopes after a shocking run since finishing third at the 2014 finals in Brazil. (RTRS) The club quickly became an all-austrian affair but its three-legged logo, the triskelion, still survives in tribute to the homeland of one of the founders, William Beale from the Isle of Man. To this day many of the chants on the terraces are in English. Hey ho let s go, says a sign, in English, on the way out of the ground. To hear lots of voices singing all together something like Come on Vienna is, well, it gives you goosebumps, said Josef Keglevic, a lifelong fan. Vienna used to be a force to be reckoned with not only in domestic football but internationally too. Visiting Spain in 1925, they thrashed Barcelona 4-1. Its Hohe Warte stadium, the biggest in Europe outside Britain when it opened in 1921, was also the home ground for Austria s legendary national Wunderteam. As many as 85,000 supporters watched trainer Hugo Meisl s men -- slayers of allcomers and unlucky favourites for the 1934 World Cup -- play Italy here in When Hitler, no fan of football, annexed his native Austria into the Third Reich in 1938, the club s many Jewish SOCCER players and functionaries were quickly expelled. Rudolf Spitzer, who took part in the club s first official match in 1894, was one of several people associated with the club murdered in the Holocaust. But from a sporting point of view the Nazi era went well for the Viennese. In 1943 they won the Tschammerpokal cup at the since-renamed Adolf-Hitler-Kampfbahn stadium in Stuttgart. It was one of most successful teams in World War II, historian Alexander Juraske, author of a book on the club s history, told AFP. After 1945, once Austria was reestablished and life returned to normal, the club remained highly successful and in 1955 won the Austrian championship for the sixth and, so far, final time.

43 SPORTS 43 Kisner and Brown squandered birdie puffs on the 18th Smith holds nerve to claim maiden win with Blixt Winners, officials & guests pose for a group photo after the awarding ceremony of the recently held late Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Shooting Championship. Late Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Shooting Champ ship honors winners The late Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Shooting Championship concluded at Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Olympics Shooting Complex with the honoring of the winners of the championship on the final day. In a statement issued during the ceremony, the Director General of Directorate General for Civil Aviation and Honorary Chairman of Kuwait Shooting Club Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud praised the distinguished work of the club s board council in the management of the shooting sport, which has achieved many accomplishments for the Kuwaiti sports sector. Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud congratulated the head, members and affiliates of the club for the lifting of the ban that was imposed on the Kuwaiti shooting sports. He wished them further success and victories in the upcoming shooting tournaments so that Kuwaitis can raise the flag high during prominent international, continental and regional games. The three-day shooting championship involved top-class Kuwaiti shooters of both genders. Abdullah Al-Tureiqi Al-Rashidi came first in the men s skeet category, Talal Al-Rashidi came first in the men s trap category and Saad Al-Mutairi took first place in the men s double trap category. The shooter Abdullah Al-Harbi came first in the men s ten-meter air rifle category, Hamad Al-Namshan took first place in the men s ten-meter pistol category and Faisal Al-Rashidi took first place in the Olympic archery category. Majed Al-Dhufairi came first in the men s 50-meter prone rifle category, Abdullah Al-Harbi came first in the 50-meter rifle (three positions) category and Hamad Al-Namshan won the 50-meter pistol category. Meanwhile, Shahad Al-Hawal won first place in the women s trap category, Afrah Adel won the women s skeet category, Munira Al-Anjeri won the women s air rifle category, and Yasmine Al-Tamimi won the women s air pistol category. GOLF MIAMI, May 1, (AFP): Australia s Cameron Smith clinched his maiden PGA Tour title on Monday, rolling in a birdie putt on the fourth hole of sudden death to clinch victory with partner Jonas Blixt in the Zurich Classic. Smith, who had earlier missed a birdie putt to win on the opening playoff hole, made no mistake at the second opportunity to seal a win over Kevin Kisner and Scott Brown at the TPC Louisiana in New Orleans. The Brisbane-born Smith, who earned a PGA Tour exemption through to 2019 with the victory, was lost for words immediately after his triumph. I can t even talk, Smith told a television reporter on the green, his eyes brimming with tears. It was left to partner Blixt to pay tribute to the 23-year-old, who signalled his promise with a fourthplace finish at the 2015 US Open after reaching the event through qualifying. I feel like I had the best partner here, Blixt said of Smith. He s been playing great all week. He s going to be a superstar one day. I m very proud of him. Having seen the way he plays golf, the sky s the limit for him, Blixt added. The play-off had gone to a fourth hole after players on both sides fluffed chances to win on the opening three holes of sudden death. Kisner and Brown both squandered birdie putts on the 18th to open with a pair of pars, leaving Smith with his first opportunity to roll in a birdie putt for the win. But the Australian s nerves got Jonas Blixt of Sweden and Cameron Smith of Australia pose with the trophy after winning in a suddendeath playoff during a continuation of the fi nal round of the Zurich Classic at TPC Louisiana on May 1 in Avondale, Louisiana. (AFP) the better of him and he sent his shot just wide, grazing the lip of the cup on the way. It was Kisner s turn to miss a birdie putt to win on the second hole of sudden death, again on the 18th. That sent the group to a third hole, the par-three ninth. After Kisner and Brown hit tee shots onto the green but far from the pin, Blixt seemed to have seized control with a superb five-iron which rolled up six feet short of the flag. But once again with victory begging, nerves struck again, the Swede s putt trickling past to send it back to the 18th for the fourth playoff hole and Smith s chance for redemption. Kisner and Brown had forced the playoff after a sensational finale to Sunday s fourth round which saw Kisner hole out for an eagle in near-darkness on the 18th to deprive Smith and Blixt of the win. Silfverberg nets twice, Ducks cut Oilers lead McLeod shines as Predators top Blues 3-1 Goalie Cam Talbot #33 of the Edmonton Oilers guards the net against Jakob Silfverberg #33 of the Anaheim Ducks in Game Three of the Western Conference Second Round during the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place on April 30 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (AFP) NFL Roundup Bills fire GM Whaley Tossing ex-nfl star s murder conviction seen as a reward BOSTON, May 1, (Agencies): Prosecutors have asked a judge to reject a request by attorneys for ex-nfl star Aaron Hernandez to dismiss his murder conviction. In court documents filed Monday, prosecutors argue that dismissing the conviction would reward Hernandez for his conscious, deliberate and voluntary act of killing semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder in Lloyd s 2013 killing. The former New England Patriots tight end died of an apparent suicide in prison last month, five days after being acquitted in a separate double slaying in Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley was fired Sunday, one day after the seven-round NFL ended. Whaley spent four years as GM and helped owner Terry Pegula hire a head coach in January, landing Sean McDermott to replace Rex Ryan. Pegula said McDermott took a more active role in draft decisions, including the Bills moving out of their original first-round slot -- No in a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chicago Bears will not pick up the fifth-year option on former first-round cornerback Kyle Fuller s rookie contract. General manager Ryan Pace told reporters of the team s decision on Saturday that will allow Fuller to become a free agent in Shortly after the NFL ended, the Indianapolis Colts signed undrafted free agent wide receiver Trey Griffey, son of Hall of Fame baseball player Ken Griffey Jr. The 6-foot-3, 209-pound Griffey had 23 receptions for 382 yards and two touchdowns with the Arizona Wildcats in 2016 and was an All-Pac 12 honorable mention selection in his senior season. EDMONTON, Alberta, May 1, (AP): Jakob Silfverberg scored twice to lead the Anaheim Ducks to a 6-3 victory over Edmonton on Sunday night, cutting the Oilers series lead to 2-1. Ryan Getzlaf had a goal and an assist while Rickard Rakell, Chris Wagner and Ryan Kesler also scored for Anaheim, which lost the first two games at home. John Gibson stopped 24 shots. Connor McDavid scored his first of the series for Edmonton. Patrick Maroon and Anton Slepychev also scored and Kris Russell had two assists. Cam Talbot finished with 22 saves. Wagner scored the tiebreaking goal midway through the second period, firing a shot that deflected off Talbot s arm and in. Silfverberg knocked in a feed from Josh Manson at 4:56 of the third to make it 5-3. The Oilers challenged the play for offside but the goal stood after a video review. ICE HOCKEY Kesler swept in a rebound with 9-1/2 minutes left to cap the scoring. Game 4 is Wednesday night. Predators 3, Blues 1 In Nashville, Tennessee, Cody McLeod scored the game-winner early in the second period as Nashville grabbed a 2-1 lead in the Western Conference semifinal. Defensemen Ryan Ellis and Roman Josi also scored while Colton Sissons added two assists. The Predators outshot St. Louis and they now have won seven straight playoff games on home ice, including all three this postseason. Alexander Steen scored for the Blues, who lost for the first time on the road this postseason. Blues goalie Jake Allen kept St Louis in this game before being pulled by coach Mike Yeo for the extra attacker with more than 4 minutes remaining and took his timeout with 1:25 left. Nashville goalie Pekka Rinne finished with 22 saves, including a flurry of stops to preserve the win. Game 3 is Tuesday night. A photo taken from the event. KUNA photo A photo taken after the stallion Khaled Al-Hamad won the golden cup at an international horse show in The Netherlands. Kuwait wins gold medal at int l horse show in Netherlands The stallion Khaled Al-Hamad owned by Sheikh Hamad Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Malik Al-Sabah has won the golden cup at an international horse show in the Netherlands. The two-day annual show Tulip Cup Holland for Pure-Bred Arabians was held at the National Equine Federation Center in Ermelo, 50 kms south east of Amsterdam. The results were announced Sunday night. Khaled Al-Hamad competed in the class for 4-6 years stallion. He was fi rst in his class with the highest score. In a statement to KUNA, Sheikh Hamad expressed his happiness for winning and representing Kuwait in the European Championship. He hoped for more positive results for Kuwaiti breeders, who proved to the world that Kuwaiti horses have the best standards in the world. On his part, counsellor at Kuwait Embassy in the Netherlands Ali Salem Al-Thaidi, congratulated Sheikh Hamad on this remarkable international achievement. The Tulip Cup is the event that traditionally starts the international horse show season in Europe. The horses were judged for conformation, beauty and movement by a panel consisting of four international experts. (KUNA) Ban will be applied to attackers: Handball Association Players can play in local league By Khalid Al-Anzi Al-Seyassah Staff KUWAIT CITY, May 1: Chairman of the Handball Association retired Lieutenant General Nasser Saleh Bo Marzouq stressed that the decision to ban certain players from participating in the Army League or Ministries League will not be applied in the local league unless the players attack referees. HANDBALL Marzouq made the statement in the recent meeting of the association s board of directors in the Martyr Fahd Al-Ahmed Center during which the results of 2016/2017 competitions and points of the excellence cup for the same season were approved. He added the board decided to hold a general meeting on June 18, 2017 to approve the financial and administra- Son of Evander Holyfield arrested LOS ANGELES, May 1, (AFP): University of Georgia running back Elijah Holyfi eld was arrested on drugs charges on Monday after being found in possession of marijuana, justice offi cials said. Holyfi eld, the son of former world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfi eld, was detained early Monday by campus police, records from Athens- Clarke County Jail showed. tive reports as well as the basic unified system endorsed in the extraordinary meeting on April 20, He said the board decided as well to ban journalists or sports commentators who offended referees, indicating they will not be allowed to enter the premises of the association. He affirmed the Ministry of Information will be contacted regarding this issue. He also disclosed that the board agreed on allowing junior players below 17 years old to join the senior team in the inclusion matches, Premier League and First Division League clarifying that these players will only participate in the Handball Association Cup competitions. Lastly, the board approved the report on the association s expenditures as at April 30, 2017 which was reviewed by the assistant treasurer. Double Oly champ Murray retires The 20-year-old was found with less than one ounce of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, according to his arrest sheet. Reports said the 20-year-old faces a one-game suspension under University of Georgia rules for any marijuana-related arrests. Holyfield played in five games as a freshman last season, and rushed for 41 yards and a touchdown in Georgia s recent spring game. WELLINGTON, New Zealand, May 1, (AP): Two-time Olympic champion Eric Murray has announced his retirement from rowing, ending a partnership with Hamish Bond that became the most successful in the sport s history. Murray and Bond were members of New Zealand s world championshipwinning four in 2007 before joining forces as a pair in They were unbeaten over the next eight years in 69 races over 24 regattas, winning six world championship titles and Olympic gold medals in 2012 at London and in 2016 at Rio de Janeiro. The pair took a break from competitive rowing after the last Olympics, and the 34-year-old Murray has decided to make it permanent. Bond is now pursuing a career in cycling. We got to the point where we were always winning, but it was playing on our minds and wearing us down, Murray said. We didn t get that elation any more. Everyone expected us to win, so when we won, we just met the expectation.

44 PRIME TIME tuesday (all times are kuwait local) 08:00 dortmund vs cologne... bein sports 5hd 09:30 betis vs deportivo... bein sports 3hd 10:30 barcelona vs kiel... bein sports 9hd 13:30 toronto vs cleveland... bein sports 8hd 14:45 crystal vs burnley... bein sports 2hd 15:30 italy vs mexico... bein sports 7hd 17:25 wta istanbul cup... bein sports 13hd 21:15 bremen vs hertha... bein sports 5hd 44 Sports Latest sports scores at Jazz flatten Clippers, win 1st-round series Thomas 33, Celtics 3s too much for Wizards Los Angeles Clippers guard Austin Rivers (center), shoots as Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward (left), and forward Derrick Favors defend during the fi rst half in Game 7 of an NBA basketball fi rst-round playoff series on April 30, in Los Angeles. (AP) Atletico have injury worries No Real edge for Madrid showdown MADRID, May 1, (AFP): Past Champions League glory over Atletico Madrid is of no advantage to Real Madrid for Tuesday s semifinal, first leg between the pair, Real boss Zinedine Zidane claimed on Monday. Real have beaten Atletico in each of the past three seasons in the Champions League, including twice in the final in agonising circumstances for the red and white part of Madrid in 2014 and What happened in the past is in the past, we can t rely on that now, said Zidane on Monday. It has been positive for us, but now it is a completely different tie and they will be doing their upmost to go through as well. The extra motivation comes from it being a Champions League semifinal. Both sides are seeking historic firsts as Real eye a 12th European crown in Cardiff on May 3 by becoming the first side to retain the trophy in the Champions League era. Meanwhile, Atletico are still seeking their first ever Champions League win and are sure to be fired up by the chance to finally avenge their European heartbreak against their fiercest rivals. Atletico led until the 93rd minute of the 2014 final when Sergio Ramos s header sparked a Real fightback as they went onto win 4-1 in extra-time. A year later Javier Hernandez got the only goal of a bad-tempered tie as Real progressed 1-0 on aggregate in the quarter-finals. And in last season s final, Real emerged victorious in a penalty shootout in Milan after a 1-1 draw. It was the most stressful moment in my entire career, Madrid playmaker Isco said of the shootout. I ve been in Madrid for four years and in each of the four we ve faced them in the Champions League. Hopefully the outcome will be the same as in previous years. They ll be desperate to beat us after the two Champions Leagues that we ve won. Gareth Bale and central defender Pepe are Real s only injury absentees. Isco is expected to take Bale s place, whilst the fit again Raphael Varane will replace Pepe in the only two changes Zidane is likely to make from the side that started a 1-1 La Liga draw against Atletico at the Bernabeu just over three weeks ago. Atletico have more injury worries as Jose Maria Gimenez suffered a groin problem in Saturday s 5-0 Real vs Atletico bein SPORTS 1HD, 11HD 21:45 local thrashing of Las Palmas to join right-backs Juanfran and Sime Vrsaljko on the sidelines. Diego Simeone will therefore be forced into a defensive reshuffle with Stefan Savic, a centre-back by trade, moved to right-back with Lucas Hernandez partnering Diego Godin at the heart of the defence. Yannick Carrasco is also a major doubt after the Belgian winger suffered a collarbone injury in last week s 1-0 defeat to Villarreal. The return of Kevin Gameiro, though, was a huge boost for Simeone as the French international scored twice in his first start for six weeks at the weekend. And Zidane expects another tightly contested battle between the two most consistent sides in the Champions League over the past four years. In the past four or five years they have been a very good side that has improved every year, added the Frenchman. They always gives us a hard game. The strength they have is that they never give up, no matter what happens. They fight, battle, they know their strengths and use them as best they can. LOS ANGELES, May 1, (AP): The young Utah Jazz have grown up quickly. Gordon Hayward scored 26 points as the Jazz eliminated the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday with a victory, closing out the first-round series 4-3 to earn the franchise s first postseason victory since We ve been through some pretty hard downs, said Hayward, a seventhyear veteran. It definitely feels really good to go from 25 wins to where we were this year making the playoffs, winning a series. In the most closely contested series of the first round and the only to go seven games the Clippers came up strangely flat with their season on the line. J.J. Redick didn t hit his first 3-pointer until the game s final 3-ó minutes, drawing the Clippers within eight. He couldn t muster any of his fourth-quarter magic, either. Paul went scoreless with three assists in the period after tweaking an ankle in the third. In the fourth, the Jazz were well in command, ahead by 17 points and hardly feeling pressured by foul trouble for Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors, who both fouled out after scoring 17 points apiece. The first six games between the fourth-seeded Clippers and No. 5 Utah were decided by eight points or less with Los Angeles outscoring Utah 98.8 points to 98.0 points. The teams had identical records in the regular season. But this one was all Utah in the second half. The Jazz opened the third on a 23-9 run, extending their lead to largest in the series. Boris Diaw had eight points, Hayward added six and George Hill four as the Jazz had three three-point plays. The Clippers got bogged down with a shot-clock turnover, a delay of game warning and Redick s airball on a 3-point attempt while the home crowd went silent. This time, the Jazz didn t need the big-shot heroics of Joe Johnson or the presence of Gobert. Washington Wizards Bradley Beal (3) drives past Boston Celtics Avery Bradley (0) during the third quarter of a second-round NBA playoff series basketball game on April 30, in Boston. (AP) The Clippers, whose only lead was one point minutes into the game, shot 44 percent, and were outscored in the paint and 12-9 on fast-break points. Nothing it seems can stop Isaiah Thomas this postseason be it pains big or small. The All-Star led the Celtics to a first-round win over Chicago in a haze after learning the day before that series began that his younger sister, Chyna Thomas, had died in a car accident outside of his native Tacoma, Washington. That pain persisted on the eve of Boston s second-round pairing with the Washington Wizards, when he flew cross-country to attend her funeral. BASKETBALL Then Sunday s game brought the latest dose of adversity, when he had one of his front teeth dislodged after an early game collision. But as he s done all postseason, he continued to find a way to push through it. Thomas had 33 points and nine assists as the Celtics made 19 3-pointers to beat the Wizards and take a 1-0 lead in their Eastern Conference semifinal matchup. The Celtics star flew to the funeral with Boston president of basketball operations Danny Ainge and assistant coach Jerome Allen. During player introductions, Thomas pointed to the TD Garden rafters when his name was called. Joshua backed to replicate Woods effect LONDON, May 1, (AFP): Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua can be a flagbearer for boxing in the way Tiger Woods was for golf, according to one of Britain s top sports promoters. Joshua was widely acclaimed for his stunning 11th-round stoppage of Wladimir Klitschko in a world heavyweight title bout at London s Wembley Stadium on Saturday. The former Olympic champion victory s was soon heralded as a boxing classic, with the 27-year-old Briton now holding several versions of the world heavyweight title. All sports need flagbearers, said Barry Hearn, the chairman of Matchroom Sport, an agency whose boxing division, headed up by his son Eddie, manages Joshua. The Joshua effect is very similar to the Tiger Woods effect in golf, where people who are not so interested suddenly become interested, where young people become aspirational to follow in someone s footsteps, added the 69-year-old Barry Hearn, who made his name managing snooker star Steve Davis before branching out into boxing and darts. THE FIRST ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAILY IN FREE KUWAIT Published by: Arab Times Publishing House Editor-in-Chief AHMED AL JARALLAH Editorial Office: Airport Road, Shuwaikh P.O. Box 2270, Safat, Kuwait Telephone: & Fax: Advertising: Tel: Ext: 175 Fax: Annual Subscriptions: Individuals KD 45/- Companies and Official Departments KD 75 Airmail charges extra for overseas Tel: Fax:

FRAMEWORK ACT ON MARINE FISHERY DEVELOPMENT. [Enforcement Date: Nov. 28, 2009] [Act No. 9717, May 27, 2009, Other Laws and Regulations Amended]

FRAMEWORK ACT ON MARINE FISHERY DEVELOPMENT. [Enforcement Date: Nov. 28, 2009] [Act No. 9717, May 27, 2009, Other Laws and Regulations Amended] The English version is translated and uploaded only for the purpose of no other than PR, and thereby, Framework Act on Marine Fishery Development in the Korean language will prevail regarding authorization

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Fiscal 2007 Environmental Technology Verification Pilot Program Implementation Guidelines

Fiscal 2007 Environmental Technology Verification Pilot Program Implementation Guidelines Fifth Edition Fiscal 2007 Environmental Technology Verification Pilot Program Implementation Guidelines April 2007 Ministry of the Environment, Japan First Edition: June 2003 Second Edition: May 2004 Third

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Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Frequently Asked Questions

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Frequently Asked Questions EUROPEAN COMMISSION MEMO Brussels/Strasbourg, 1 July 2014 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Frequently Asked Questions See also IP/14/760 I. EU Action Plan on enforcement of Intellectual Property

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A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology (Fourth edition) by Sara Baase. Term Paper Sample Topics

A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology (Fourth edition) by Sara Baase. Term Paper Sample Topics A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology (Fourth edition) by Sara Baase Term Paper Sample Topics Your topic does not have to come from this list. These are suggestions.

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The Omani Economic Association Sixth Conference on: Sustainable Development and Equity; Between Planning and Reality

The Omani Economic Association Sixth Conference on: Sustainable Development and Equity; Between Planning and Reality The Omani Economic Association Sixth Conference on: Sustainable Development and Equity; Between Planning and Reality Muscat, Sultanate of Oman Saturday Sunday 16 17 February 2013 Introduction From the

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Canada s Support for Research & Development. Suggestions to Improve the Return on Investment (ROI)

Canada s Support for Research & Development. Suggestions to Improve the Return on Investment (ROI) Canada s Support for Research & Development Suggestions to Improve the Return on Investment (ROI) As Canada s business development bank, BDC works with close to 29,000 clients. It does this through a network

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Information Technology Policy

Information Technology Policy Vision Information Technology Policy "To place Nepal on the global map of information technology within the next five years." Background The world's least developed countries including Nepal have availed

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Speech by Lars Renström, President and CEO AGM Ladies and gentlemen, shareholders and co-workers,

Speech by Lars Renström, President and CEO AGM Ladies and gentlemen, shareholders and co-workers, AGM 2015 Ladies and gentlemen, shareholders and co-workers, A good year for oil, gas and marine 2014 began with an optimistic view of the global economy, although this optimism successively waned as the

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Iran's Nuclear Talks with July A framework for comprehensive and targeted dialogue. for long term cooperation among 7 countries

Iran's Nuclear Talks with July A framework for comprehensive and targeted dialogue. for long term cooperation among 7 countries Some Facts regarding Iran's Nuclear Talks with 5+1 3 July 2012 In the Name of ALLAH~ the Most Compassionate~ the Most Merciful A framework for comprehensive and targeted dialogue A. Guiding Principles

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Korea s Industries in the World Market (Shares and Ranking)

Korea s Industries in the World Market (Shares and Ranking) - 1 - - 2 - The Industrial Leader from an Unknown LDC in the 1960s Many think that HCI policies in the 70s established the basis of current Manufacturing-strong economy and HCI industries. Korea s Industries

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the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa (CIPC)

the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa (CIPC) organized by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa (CIPC) the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) the

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A Multitude of A Layering of An Integrated

A Multitude of A Layering of An Integrated Ahli United Bank (AUB) has a clear and focused vision for the future based on integrating people, resources and markets to enhance value, identifying markets with potential, embracing change to fuel growth,

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Role of Knowledge Economics as a Driving Force in Global World

Role of Knowledge Economics as a Driving Force in Global World American International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Available online at ISSN (Print): 2328-3734, ISSN (Online): 2328-3696, ISSN (CD-ROM): 2328-3688 AIJRHASS

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MANAGING PEOPLE, NOT JUST R&D: FIVE COMPANIES EXPERIENCES 61-03-61 MANAGING PEOPLE, NOT JUST R&D: FIVE COMPANIES EXPERIENCES Robert Szakonyi Over the last several decades, many books and articles about improving the management of R&D have focused on managing

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Negotiating Essentials

Negotiating Essentials Negotiating Essentials 1 Negotiating Essentials How to negotiate with your landlord about problems Being a tenant is not always easy for everyone. It is a situation that you sometimes have to deal with

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FSIC FRANCHISE. Frequently asked questions

FSIC FRANCHISE. Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions FSIC FRANCHISE 1. What are the details of the announced transaction? FS Investments ( FS ) and KKR Credit ( KKR ) announced an agreement to form a partnership to provide investment

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ORDER OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA ORDER OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA No. 68 The Law of the People's Republic of China on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, adopted at the 19th

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The Trustees and the Director present the National Gallery s Corporate Plan

The Trustees and the Director present the National Gallery s Corporate Plan The National Gallery Corporate Plan 2013 The Trustees and the Director present the National Gallery s Corporate Plan MARK GETTY CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES NICHOLAS PENNY DIRECTOR AND ACCOUNTING

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ADCED, the first Abu Dhabi entity to receive R4E Certification from EFQM

ADCED, the first Abu Dhabi entity to receive R4E Certification from EFQM ADCED is a government advisory agency that provides a platform for government and private sectors to work together to achieve economic diversification and sustainable growth The ADCED Quarterly Newsletter

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National Innovation System of Mongolia

National Innovation System of Mongolia National Innovation System of Mongolia Academician Enkhtuvshin B. Mongolians are people with rich tradition of knowledge. When the Great Mongolian Empire was established in the heart of Asia, Chinggis

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Government of Alberta News Release

Government of Alberta News Release Government of Alberta News Release "Education is a serious issue, and as Minister I need to do everything I can to ensure it is dealt with in a serious and professional manner." August 19, 1999 Dr. Lyle

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Media and Information Literacy - Policies and Practices. Introduction to the research report Albania

Media and Information Literacy - Policies and Practices. Introduction to the research report Albania Media and Information Literacy - Policies and Practices Introduction to the research report Regional conference Novi Sad, 23 November 2018 This paper has been produced with the financial assistance of

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Draft executive summaries to target groups on industrial energy efficiency and material substitution in carbonintensive

Draft executive summaries to target groups on industrial energy efficiency and material substitution in carbonintensive Technology Executive Committee 29 August 2017 Fifteenth meeting Bonn, Germany, 12 15 September 2017 Draft executive summaries to target groups on industrial energy efficiency and material substitution

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MUSEUM SERVICE ACT I. BASIC PROVISIONS Pursuant to Article 82, paragraph 1, item 2 and Article 91, paragraph 1, of the Constitution of Montenegro, the 24 th Convocation of the Assembly of Montenegro, at its 10 th session of the first regular

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Voters Attitudes toward Science and Technology Research and the Role of the Federal Government

Voters Attitudes toward Science and Technology Research and the Role of the Federal Government Voters Attitudes toward Science and Technology Research and the Role of the Federal Government Key findings from online national survey among 1,500 registered voters conducted September 28 to October 8,

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Under the Patronage of His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Ali Al Said Minister for National Heritage and Culture

Under the Patronage of His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Ali Al Said Minister for National Heritage and Culture ORIGINAL: English DATE: February 1999 E SULTANATE OF OMAN WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION Under the Patronage of His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Ali Al Said Minister for National Heritage and Culture

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Coaching Questions From Coaching Skills Camp 2017

Coaching Questions From Coaching Skills Camp 2017 Coaching Questions From Coaching Skills Camp 2017 1) Assumptive Questions: These questions assume something a. Why are your listings selling so fast? b. What makes you a great recruiter? 2) Indirect Questions:

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Reaction of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts to the European Commission s proposal for the EU future budget

Reaction of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts to the European Commission s proposal for the EU future budget Reaction of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts to the European Commission s proposal for the EU future budget Brussels, 18 June 2018 The Alliance argues for a long-term, considerable and balanced

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MISSISSAUGA LIBRARY COLLECTION POLICY (Revised June 10, 2015, Approved by the Board June 17, 2015)

MISSISSAUGA LIBRARY COLLECTION POLICY (Revised June 10, 2015, Approved by the Board June 17, 2015) MISSISSAUGA LIBRARY COLLECTION POLICY (Revised June 10, 2015, Approved by the Board June 17, 2015) PURPOSE To provide library customers and staff with a statement of philosophy and the key objectives respecting

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Meeting Preparation Checklist

Meeting Preparation Checklist The Gerard Alexander Consulting Group, Inc. Ybor Square 1300 E. 8 th Avenue Suite S-180 Tampa, FL 33605 Phone: (813) 248-3377 Fax: (813) 248-3388 Meeting Preparation Checklist Properly preparing individuals

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How will your attendance at Saudi Qualex 2018 boost your business

How will your attendance at Saudi Qualex 2018 boost your business How will your attendance at Saudi Qualex 2018 boost your business Keeping abreast of the latest updates in quality, testing, inspection and calibration, as well as being aware of the latest editions of

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Opinion-based essays: prompts and sample answers

Opinion-based essays: prompts and sample answers Opinion-based essays: prompts and sample answers 1. Health and Education Prompt Recent research shows that the consumption of junk food is a major factor in poor diet and this is detrimental to health.

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COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. Brussels, 9 December 2008 (16.12) (OR. fr) 16767/08 RECH 410 COMPET 550

COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. Brussels, 9 December 2008 (16.12) (OR. fr) 16767/08 RECH 410 COMPET 550 COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION Brussels, 9 December 2008 (16.12) (OR. fr) 16767/08 RECH 410 COMPET 550 OUTCOME OF PROCEEDINGS of: Competitiveness Council on 1 and 2 December 2008 No. prev. doc. 16012/08

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Higher Education for Science, Technology and Innovation. Accelerating Africa s Aspirations. Communique. Kigali, Rwanda.

Higher Education for Science, Technology and Innovation. Accelerating Africa s Aspirations. Communique. Kigali, Rwanda. Higher Education for Science, Technology and Innovation Accelerating Africa s Aspirations Communique Kigali, Rwanda March 13, 2014 We, the Governments here represented Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal,

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Summary Remarks By David A. Olive. WITSA Public Policy Chairman. November 3, 2009

Summary Remarks By David A. Olive. WITSA Public Policy Chairman. November 3, 2009 Summary Remarks By David A. Olive WITSA Public Policy Chairman November 3, 2009 I was asked to do a wrap up of the sessions that we have had for two days. And I would ask you not to rate me with your electronic

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Franco German press release. following the interview between Ministers Le Maire and Altmaier, 18 December.

Franco German press release. following the interview between Ministers Le Maire and Altmaier, 18 December. Franco German press release following the interview between Ministers Le Maire and Altmaier, 18 December. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, met with Peter Altmaier, German Federal Minister

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Academic Vocabulary Test 1:

Academic Vocabulary Test 1: Academic Vocabulary Test 1: How Well Do You Know the 1st Half of the AWL? Take this academic vocabulary test to see how well you have learned the vocabulary from the Academic Word List that has been practiced

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They all say it is about the economy. It is more than ratio s, percentages, and growth; it is about the Lives of people

They all say it is about the economy. It is more than ratio s, percentages, and growth; it is about the Lives of people They all say it is about the economy It is more than ratio s, percentages, and growth; it is about the Lives of people Let me share my version of that vision based on the belief that Curaçao Connects Communities

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EQUITY STRUCTURES FOR HIGH GROWTH ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURES I. Introduction EQUITY STRUCTURES FOR HIGH GROWTH ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURES Authored By Philip N. Krause Two categories of entrepreneurial ventures: Revenue Model Growth Model this is what we are discussing

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The Commission authorises the acquisition of Edison by EDF and AEM

The Commission authorises the acquisition of Edison by EDF and AEM The Commission authorises the acquisition of Edison by EDF and AEM The European Commission has authorised the proposed acquisition of the Italian electricity company Edison by the French company EDF and

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50 Tough Interview Questions (Revised 2003)

50 Tough Interview Questions (Revised 2003) Page 1 of 15 You and Your Accomplishments 50 Tough Interview Questions (Revised 2003) 1. Tell me a little about yourself. Because this is often the opening question, be careful that you don t run off at

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MIDLANDS STATE UNIVERSITY RESEARCH BOARD MIDLANDS STATE UNIVERSITY RESEARCH BOARD RESEARCH POLICY 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 The University Research Board Research at the Midlands State University comes under the auspices of the University Research

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2017 Report from St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Cultural Diversity 2005 Convention

2017 Report from St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Cultural Diversity 2005 Convention 1 2017 Report from St. Vincent & the Grenadines Cultural Diversity 2005 Convention Prepared by Anthony Theobalds Chief Cultural Officer -SVG February 2017 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is an outcome

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Lewis-Clark State College No Date 2/87 Rev. Policy and Procedures Manual Page 1 of 7

Lewis-Clark State College No Date 2/87 Rev. Policy and Procedures Manual Page 1 of 7 Policy and Procedures Manual Page 1 of 7 1.0 Policy Statement 1.1 As a state supported public institution, Lewis-Clark State College's primary mission is teaching, research, and public service. The College

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Overview of Intellectual Property Policy and Law of China in 2017

Overview of Intellectual Property Policy and Law of China in 2017 CPI s Asia Column Presents: Overview of Intellectual Property Policy and Law of China in 2017 By LIU Chuntian 1 & WANG Jiajia 2 (Renmin University of China) October 2018 As China s economic development

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The Future of Growth and the Energy Industry

The Future of Growth and the Energy Industry The Future of Growth and the Energy Industry July 20, 2017 Grant Thornton LLP. All rights reserved. 1 Our Speakers Steve Toon Editor in Chief Oil and Gas Investor Kevin Schroeder National Managing Partner,

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2018 MSCA Officer Election. Certified Candidates

2018 MSCA Officer Election. Certified Candidates 2018 MSCA Officer Election Certified Candidates Office President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Name of Candidate Christopher J. O Donnell Robert L. Donohue Mark L. Love Nancy George Christopher J.

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PLAN OF DEVELOPMENT: ASPECT ON THE GOVERNMENTAL POLICY PLAN OF DEVELOPMENT: ASPECT ON THE GOVERNMENTAL POLICY By: SARYONO HADIWIDJOYO Head Sub Directorate Exploration & Exploitation Development Directorate of Exploration & Exploitation Directorate General

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BLUEKNIGHT ENERGY PARTNERS, L.P. BLUEKNIGHT ENERGY PARTNERS, L.P. FORM 8-K (Current report filing) Filed 09/19/12 for the Period Ending 09/13/12 Address 201 NW 10TH, SUITE 200 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, 73103 Telephone (405) 278-6400 CIK 0001392091

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Census Response Rate, 1970 to 1990, and Projected Response Rate in 2000

Census Response Rate, 1970 to 1990, and Projected Response Rate in 2000 Figure 1.1 Census Response Rate, 1970 to 1990, and Projected Response Rate in 2000 80% 78 75% 75 Response Rate 70% 65% 65 2000 Projected 60% 61 0% 1970 1980 Census Year 1990 2000 Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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An introduction to the concept of Science Shops and to the Science Shop at The Technical University of Denmark

An introduction to the concept of Science Shops and to the Science Shop at The Technical University of Denmark An introduction to the concept of Science Shops and to the Science Shop at The Technical University of Denmark September 2005 Michael Søgaard Jørgensen (associate professor, co-ordinator), The Science

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The Contribution of the Social Sciences to the Energy Challenge

The Contribution of the Social Sciences to the Energy Challenge Hearings: Subcommittee on Research & Science Education September 25, 2007 The Contribution of the Social Sciences to the Energy Challenge U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

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EL PASO COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROCEDURE For information, contact Institutional Effectiveness: (915) 831-6740 EL PASO COMMUNITY COLLEGE PROCEDURE Intellectual Property APPROVED: March 10, 1988 REVISED: May 3, 2013 Year of last review:

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Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP)

Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) E CDIP/13/8 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH DATE: MAY 2, 2014 Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) Thirteenth Session Geneva, May 19 to 23, 2014 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND TOURISM: SUPPORTING DEVELOPMENT

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MYERS INDUSTRIES INC MYERS INDUSTRIES INC FORM 8-K (Current report filing) Filed 03/18/15 for the Period Ending 03/13/15 Address 1293 S MAIN ST AKRON, OH 44301 Telephone 330-253-5592 CIK 0000069488 Symbol MYE SIC Code 3089

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In this first of a series of MVision Insights, we commissioned research from the London Business School into the participation of women in the US

In this first of a series of MVision Insights, we commissioned research from the London Business School into the participation of women in the US In this first of a series of MVision Insights, we commissioned research from the London Business School into the participation of women in the US venture capital business. Our aim is to stimulate a debate

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CODE OF CONDUCT. STATUS : December 1, 2015 DES C R I P T I O N. Internal Document Date : 01/12/2015. Revision : 02

CODE OF CONDUCT. STATUS : December 1, 2015 DES C R I P T I O N. Internal Document Date : 01/12/2015. Revision : 02 STATUS : December 1, 2015 DES C R I P T I O N Type : Internal Document Date : 01/12/2015 Revision : 02 CODE OF CONDUCT. Page 2/7 MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN AND THE CEO Dear all, The world is continually

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Unit 1: The Economic Fundamentals Weeks How does scarcity impact the decisions individuals and societies must make?

Unit 1: The Economic Fundamentals Weeks How does scarcity impact the decisions individuals and societies must make? Economics Teacher: Vida Unit 1: The Economic Fundamentals Weeks 1-4 Essential Questions 1. How does scarcity impact the decisions individuals and societies must make? 2. What roles do individuals and businesses

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LAW ON TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER 1998 LAW ON TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER 1998 LAW ON TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER May 7, 1998 Ulaanbaatar city CHAPTER ONE COMMON PROVISIONS Article 1. Purpose of the law The purpose of this law is to regulate relationships

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MARKET REPORT. Welcome to UAE The fastest growing healthcare Tourism destination in the world. Arab International Dental Conference & Exhibition

MARKET REPORT. Welcome to UAE The fastest growing healthcare Tourism destination in the world. Arab International Dental Conference & Exhibition MARKET REPORT Welcome to UAE The fastest growing healthcare Tourism destination in the world Middle East- the fastest growing Dental Markets in the world Abu Dhabi the Capital of UAE plays a pivotal role!

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Science, technology and engineering for innovation and capacity-building in education and research UNCTAD Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Science, technology and engineering for innovation and capacity-building in education and research UNCTAD Wednesday, 28 November 2007 Science, technology and engineering for innovation and capacity-building in education and research UNCTAD Wednesday, 28 November 2007 I am honored to have this opportunity to present to you the first issues

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COUNTRY REPORT: TURKEY COUNTRY REPORT: TURKEY (a) Why Economic Census? - Under what circumstances the Economic Census is conducted in your country. Why the economic census is necessary? - What are the goals, scope and coverage

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SUSTAINABILITY MATERIALITY OVERVIEW SUSTAINABILITY MATERIALITY OVERVIEW EMC undertakes materiality assessments to identify and prioritize sustainability factors for the purposes of deciding where to focus our resources, setting goals, and

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Tennessee Technological University Policy No. 732 Intellectual Property Effective Date: July 1January 1, 20198 Formatted: Highlight Formatted: Highlight Formatted: Highlight Policy No.: 732 Policy Name:

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General Assembly. United Nations A/63/411. Information and communication technologies for development. I. Introduction. Report of the Second Committee

General Assembly. United Nations A/63/411. Information and communication technologies for development. I. Introduction. Report of the Second Committee United Nations General Assembly Distr.: General 2 December 2008 Original: Arabic Sixty-third session Agenda item 46 Information and communication technologies for development Report of the Second Committee

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Sustainable Development Education, Research and Innovation

Sustainable Development Education, Research and Innovation Sustainable Development Education, Research and Innovation Vision for Knowledge Economy Professor Maged Al-Sherbiny Assistant Minister for Scientific Research Towards Science, Technology and Innovation

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Women into Engineering: An interview with Kim Cave-Ayland

Women into Engineering: An interview with Kim Cave-Ayland ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING EDITORIAL Women into Engineering: An interview with Kim Cave-Ayland Kim Cave-Ayland* *Corresponding author: Kim Cave-Ayland UK Atomic Energy Authority, Plasma Control

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Ping Xu, Qiushi Zhang, Zhihong Zhu. Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing, China

Ping Xu, Qiushi Zhang, Zhihong Zhu. Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing, China Journal of US-China Public Administration, June 2015, Vol. 12, No. 6, 454-459 doi: 10.17265/1548-6591/2015.06.003 D DAVID PUBLISHING Factor Analysis and Construction of Resource-Based Cities IUR Cooperative

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2012 IELTS test in Australia Writing part (General Training)

2012 IELTS test in Australia Writing part (General Training) 01.12 2012 IELTS test in Australia Writing part (General Training) You went to a museum with your elderly friend last week. However he/she found it difficult to walk around the museum. Write a letter to

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BIOGRAPHY. Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim El-Kuwaiz

BIOGRAPHY. Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim El-Kuwaiz BIOGRAPHY Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim El-Kuwaiz Career History: 1959 1981 : Ministry of Finance and National Economy of Saudi Arabia in different Capacities, Economic Analyst, Economic Expert, Economic Advisor,

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WHEN NATIONS NEED TO GO BEYOND OIL. Gulf states put new emphasis on growing local industries

WHEN NATIONS NEED TO GO BEYOND OIL. Gulf states put new emphasis on growing local industries WHEN NATIONS NEED TO GO BEYOND OIL Gulf states put new emphasis on growing local industries Bruno Sousa, Volker Weber, Saji Sam, and Bernhard Hartmann 1 TRANSFORMATION There s a certain symbolism in the

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Accenture plc (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

Accenture plc (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter) UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Washington, DC 20549 Form 8-K CURRENT REPORT Pursuant to Section 13 OR 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Date of Report (Date of earliest event

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The Policy Content and Process in an SDG Context: Objectives, Instruments, Capabilities and Stages

The Policy Content and Process in an SDG Context: Objectives, Instruments, Capabilities and Stages The Policy Content and Process in an SDG Context: Objectives, Instruments, Capabilities and Stages Ludovico Alcorta UNU-MERIT Agenda Formulating STI policy STI policy/instrument

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From here on? Important telephone numbers. Information for victims of human trafficking. ImmIgratIon and naturalisation service

From here on? Important telephone numbers. Information for victims of human trafficking. ImmIgratIon and naturalisation service Important telephone numbers CoMensha 033 448 11 86 Police 0900 88 44 ImmIgratIon and naturalisation service 088 043 0430 royal dutch marechaussee 0800 1814 This brochure was created by the Anti-Trafficking

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A STRATEGY TO IMPROVE CANADA S MINERAL EXPLORATION INVESTMENT CLIMATE A STRATEGY TO IMPROVE CANADA S MINERAL EXPLORATION INVESTMENT CLIMATE Submission by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) to the House Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations

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Guidelines to Promote National Integrated Circuit Industry Development : Unofficial Translation

Guidelines to Promote National Integrated Circuit Industry Development : Unofficial Translation Guidelines to Promote National Integrated Circuit Industry Development : Unofficial Translation Ministry of Industry and Information Technology National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Finance

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Edward Sunna. Curriculum Vitae. Contents

Edward Sunna. Curriculum Vitae. Contents Edward Sunna Curriculum Vitae Contents 1. Personal Details... 2 2. Areas of Practice... 2 3. Relevant admission and membership details... 2 4. Academic Qualifications / Education... 3 5. Current Employment,

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Executive Summary. Introduction:

Executive Summary. Introduction: Recommendations for British Columbia s 2013 Budget AME BC s Pre-Budget Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services - October 18, 2012 Introduction: Executive Summary

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CACI INTERNATIONAL INC /DE/ CACI INTERNATIONAL INC /DE/ FORM 8-K (Unscheduled Material Events) Filed 8/8/2005 For Period Ending 8/8/2005 Address 1100 N GLEBE ST ARLINGTON, Virginia 22201 Telephone 703-841-7800 CIK 0000016058 Industry

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INQUESTS A FACTSHEET FOR FAMILIES INQUESTS A FACTSHEET FOR FAMILIES This is a brief introduction as to what to expect at an Inquest and designed to give an overview about the purpose and process of a Coroner's Inquest. More detailed information

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China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom, By TIM ARANGO and CLIFFORD KRAUSS

China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom, By TIM ARANGO and CLIFFORD KRAUSS China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom, By TIM ARANGO and CLIFFORD KRAUSS BAGHDAD Since the American-led invasion of 2003, Iraq has become one of the world s top oil producers, and China is

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Canada : Innovation and Inclusion in the Network Age

Canada : Innovation and Inclusion in the Network Age Canada : Innovation and Inclusion in the Network Age Michael Binder Assistant Deputy Minister, Spectrum Information Technologies and Telecommunications Industry Canada 300 Slater Street Ottawa, Ontario

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Institute for Public Diplomacy & Global Communication

Institute for Public Diplomacy & Global Communication Institute for Public Diplomacy & Global Communication Annual Report 2015-2016 The George Washington University 1 Table of Contents Overview Events Other Activities Engaging Students Digital Development

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SASKATOON CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION LIMITED NOMINATION FOR DIRECTOR POSITION 82 ND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING CANDIDATE GORD BEDIENT Membership # 62450 Gord is seeking to be re-elected to the Board of Directors of Saskatoon Co-op. His wife Shari and he have four children and four grandchildren with one child still

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Latin-American non-state actor dialogue on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Latin-American non-state actor dialogue on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement Latin-American non-state actor dialogue on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement Summary Report Organized by: Regional Collaboration Centre (RCC), Bogota 14 July 2016 Supported by: Background The Latin-American

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SAMPLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS SAMPLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Tell me about your best and worst hiring decisions? 2. How do you sell necessary change to your staff? 3. How do you make your opinion known when you disagree with your boss?

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Preventing harm from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas

Preventing harm from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas Preventing harm from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas Presentation by Richard Moyes, 1 International Network on Explosive Weapons, at the Oslo Conference on Reclaiming the Protection of

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1. Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ( )

1. Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ( ) 1. Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2007-2010) Gordon Brown served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labour Party from 2007 to 2010. Previously, Brown served

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Measures for the Administration of Securities Investment within the Borders of China by Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors

Measures for the Administration of Securities Investment within the Borders of China by Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors Measures for the Administration of Securities Investment within the Borders of China by Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors Promulgation date: 08-24-2006 Department: China Securities Regulatory Commission,

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CIS Manifesto - Big or small - Your children need you!

CIS Manifesto - Big or small - Your children need you! CIS Manifesto - Big or small - Your children need you! Are you big or are you small? Whichever you are, there is something here for you. If you are one of the world s largest federations, your budget may

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