LAWYERS CLUB NEWS. Equality DEMAND EQUALITY INSIDE. Inclusivity, Initiative, Industry, Intelligence and Integrity By Danna Cotman.

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1 LAWYERS CLUB NEWS July/August 2018 Danna Cotman is founder of the female-owned intellectual property boutique law firm ARC IP LAW, PC and president of Lawyers Club. President s Message to Members DEMAND EQUALITY Inclusivity, Initiative, Industry, Intelligence and Integrity By Danna Cotman Equality I am honored and humbled to be your next president. Lawyers Club members are the most dedicated and esteemed group of individuals with whom I have been associated, and the Lawyers Club founders and leaders before me have left an astonishing legacy. I will strive to carry forward the Lawyers Club mission to achieve equality and to advance the status of women in the law and society. In her inspirational speech at the recent Lawyers Club Annual Dinner, Loretta Lynch said, Women are not waiting to be appointed as leaders. We re stepping up, and I cannot thank you enough. My theme for the coming year is Demand Equality, and I hope that you will join me in demanding equality during my term as president and beyond. As individuals we must all take the initiative to advance, develop our intelligence through ongoing education, be industrious and work hard, and bring integrity to all that we do. Next year I will continue to elevate Lawyers Club within the community, to engage in important activities, initiatives, and advocacy, and to present fabulous member programs. I will strive to continue our work to build a strong and lasting foundation through nurturing and raising up those in the leadership pipeline, involving our male allies, recruiting, retaining and giving value to our sponsors, and developing a long term strategic plan. We will continue to develop milestones, measure our progress and achieve our goals as we head towards our next fifty years. Here s a taste of what s to come: In July we kick off the year with the Board/co-chair Leadership Retreat when we come together for a day of planning and training. During August, while there are generally no events, our Community Outreach Committee is working now with Casa Cornelia and Thomas Jefferson School of Law to put together an in depth MCLE training to assist the immigrant asylum seekers and children. In addition, our leadership team will be working behind the scenes to ramp up our committees and begin to plan out each program and event. Join a committee NOW to get involved! On September 20 we will start the year with an MCLE luncheon panel discussion on the recent SCOTUS decisions that limit individual freedoms. Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend this very informative session. Continued on page 3 INSIDE New Senate Pro Tempore Toni Atkins: Leading the Way See page 11

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3 President's Messsage - Demand Equality Continued from cover Lawyers Club News 3 In October we present the second of The Ask workshops to provide participants with additional in depth educational training and practice for asking for what they need to succeed in their practice and to be the best they can be. In addition, stay tuned for exciting details on the Diverse Womens Committee Luncheon also in October. In November we present the Leadership Summit to provide training for those wishing to rise into leadership roles. For our north county members, the Taste of North County planning is already under way. We will also be presenting programming to address bias interrupters where we will learn that diversity and inclusion result in greater value. Practical information will be shared about what can be done right now to disrupt our implicit biases to intelligently create and maintain an inclusive environment. We will have a particular emphasis on how our male allies can engage and support equality and how we can all be upstanders. Committees such as Bench Bar, Professional Advancement, Women s Advocacy, Trial Advocacy Task Force, Diverse Women, Reproductive Justice, LGBTQ, Community Outreach and Human Trafficking -- and more -- will hold substantive monthly meetings and engage members in helping others and combatting important issues in the community. Our judicial incubator task force is planning a program to help those seeking judicial appointments. These are just some of the many opportunities where you and your colleagues can engage. We will explore new ways to elevate our individual members to promote integrity within the profession while we demand equality. We need YOU -- members, sponsors, staff to engage and make this happen. It takes a village, a community the LEGAL community and each one of you plays an integral role regardless of your particular political party affiliation, religion, sexual preference identification, or other particular preferences. Reach out and let us help you find the committee that motivates you to engage and demand equality. As we take the initiative and intelligently evolve Lawyers Club over time to meet the needs of our members and those of advancing women in law and society, we will accomplish astonishing things. We will continue to be industrious and lead with integrity. We will be inclusive in this effort and incorporate these I s into our programming, recruitment, advocacy, and activities. You make this organization so powerful and allow us to accomplish so much. There are many initiatives underway, so please engage: join a committee, invite a friend or colleague to join us, and together let s demand equality in the year ahead. Danna Cotman is founder of the female-owned intellectual property boutique law firm ARC IP LAW, PC and president of Lawyers Club.

4 4 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018 Lawyers Club of San Diego 402 West Broadway, Suite 1260, San Diego, CA (619) phone (619) fax President Danna Cotman Vice Presidents Roxy Carter Elvira Cortez Renie Leakakos Carla Sanderson Rebecca Zipp Directors Kimberly Ahrens Yahairah Aristy Brigid Campo Amanda LoCurto Tracy Schimelfenig Maggie Schroedter Amanda Singer Megan Walker Arlene Yang Co-Editors Maggie Schroedter Suzanne Pollack Associate Editor Lauren Bushman Staff Articles Coordinator Dana Nassiri Park Executive Director Elaine Lawrence Administrative Coordinator Allison Troini Lawyers Club News is published monthly 11 times a year, with a combined July/August issue. Lawyers Club welcomes contributions to the newsletter, as well as your comments and suggestions regarding Lawyers Club News; contact Maggie Schroedter at The deadline for articles is the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication. Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word. The advertising deadline is the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication. For advertising information, contact Allison Troini at NORTH COUNTY CORNER At the North County Bar Association Dinner on June 21, 2018, at The Crossings in Carlsbad, Lawyers Club presented Danielle Moore with the 2018 Lawyers Club North County Community Service Award. Danielle Moore By Amanda Singer Moore is a partner at Fisher & Phillips, LLP, and co-chairs its firm-wide Women s Initiative and Leadership Council. She represents and counsels employers in all aspects of labor and employment law and litigates matters in state and federal courts. Moore regularly conducts management training and lectures on employment issues. She teaches an employment law course at San Diego State University and serves on the Human Resources Advisory Board for SDSU. Moore previously served on the Lawyers Club Board of Directors from 2013 through 2016, first as the North County representative to the board in her role as president of Lawyers Club s North County Chapter, and then as the North County Director of Lawyers Club. Lawyers Club s North County Community Service Award is presented to a member of Lawyers Club whose local community activities have served to improve the status of women and to promote equality. Within the community, Moore is a mentor, sponsor and member of Women for Women, an organization helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives. She is also active in the Trojan League Associates of San Diego and Trojan Club of San Diego as a University of Southern California alum. As a board member for Lawyers Club, she increased the membership, visibility and engagement of attorneys living and working in the area to become more involved. Congratulations, Danielle and thank you for your service! Amanda Singer is the co-owner and mediator of San Diego Family Mediation Center and is the membership coordinator for the North County committee.

5 Lawyers Club News 5 About Us Lawyers Club Members Making News By Kate Langmore Appointed: Janice Brown, Founder of Brown Law Group, was appointed as the Chair of the Board for the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation. On the Move Katie Parker was promoted to Chief of the Civil Division at the U.S. Attorney s Office. The Civil Division, which includes approximately 40 attorneys and staff, represents the United States and its agencies and officers in civil litigation in federal court in the Southern District of California. Julie Lopez was promoted to Partner at the firm of Tatro & Lopez, LLP, where she represents clients who have suffered personal injury, advises nonprofit and other business HAVE YOU... organizations, and handles business litigation and consumer class action matters. Have you spoken at a professional conference? Changed jobs? Won any recent awards? Don t be shy about sharing the good news! Submit news of your or your colleagues career accomplishments (awards, promotions, job changes, board appointments, published articles, presentations, etc.) to Kate Langmore at The deadline for each issue of Lawyers Club News is the first of the month. Kate Langmore is an associate with Cage & Miles, LLP and secretary for the Community Outreach Committee....changed jobs?...won any recent awards?...spoken at a professional conference? Don t be shy about sharing the good news! Submit news of your or your colleagues career accomplishments (awards, promotions, job changes, board appointments, published articles, presentations, etc.) to Kate Langmore at The deadline for each issue of Lawyers Club News is the first of the month. *Please include your headshot if you would like your picture to be featured. Janice Brown Julie Lopez Katie Parker The Roby Company Real Estate Brokerage is PROUD TO PARTNER with Lawyers Club of San Diego READY TO ASSIST YOU & YOUR CLIENTS EXPERTS SALES & ACQUISITION NETWORK We understand the ever-changing real estate market. We have more than 50 years of combined real estate experience and over $200 million in real estate transactions. We specialize in residential and commercial assets. Including expert negotiations in single family, multi-unit residential homes, strip malls, and office buildings. We have an extensive network of experts including: insurance, water restoration, financing, contracting and many other specialists. STACY ROBY Realtor CA DRE # ASSET DISPOSITION Bankruptcy Death Divorce Partnership Resolution Tax Basis PROPERTY MARKET EVALUATIONS Residential Multi-Units Strip Malls Office Building KEITH ROBY Broker CA DRE # Please do not hesitate to contact us for any real estate questions. We look forward to serving you Real People. Real Results.

6 6 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018 The world s leading immigration law firm, right here in San Diego. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE IN IMMIGRATION From visas and work permits to advisory services and corporate compliance, we work with each client to understand their business and immigration priorities. As the industry leader in immigration law, we re here in San Diego working with individuals, investors (EB-5), families, small start-ups, mid-size local companies and large corporations in the state s most prominent industries. FRAGOMEN, DEL REY, BERNSEN & LOEWY, LLP El Camino Real, Suite 100 San Diego, CA T Karine Wenger, Partner

7 Lawyers Club News 7 30 Years Ago Women Running for Office: Then and Now By Lizzette Herrera Castellanos In July 1988, the newsletter for Lawyers Club of San Diego highlighted several women holding prominent positions in both the local and statewide legal community. This included Hon. Susan Finlay who was elected presiding judge of the South Bay Municipal Court for , Ann Parode who was appointed to the City of San Diego s Advisory Board on Women, and Candace D. Cooper who was elected president of the California Judges Association the first African American woman to hold that position. The elected and appointed positions held by women in those years were often firsts for many women. In 2018, we have seen a noticeable increase in the number of women running for office. According to a recent New Yorker article, during the recent midterm elections, 472 women are running for the House and 57 women are running for the Senate. But this does not even out the playing field when there are so few women currently holding positions of power. More women are needed. As more women in this generation contemplate running for political office, it is essential for women to know what they are taking on. Nora Vargas, who serves as the vice president of community and government relations for Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, has run several campaigns at the state and local level. Vargas was elected to the Southwestern Community College District Governing Board. Most recently, she was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to serve on the 12-member California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS). Vargas also serves as a board member for the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) and a board member for Run Women Run. Vargas lent her substantial experience and answered questions about women running for office. What made you want to work on political campaigns? I have been involved in my community for over 25 years. I volunteered on numerous campaigns and have been a political consultant. I have had the privilege of leading the political and electoral work for Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest all before I actually ran for office myself. I learned very early on in my career that who we elect matters, so I taught myself how to run campaigns, did a couple of trainings and then was hired and became a professional political consultant. I love helping good people get elected into office. These are the people that advocate for progressive values and can therefore govern and implement those values. What is it like to run a campaign? What qualities does a candidate need to run a campaign? Running for office is not easy. Running a campaign and being a candidate are two different things. I would say running a campaign is exhilarating and intense. There is never a dull moment. I have been very fortunate to run campaigns for issues and candidates that I believe in, so it has not been hard to immerse myself completely on the campaign and give it my all. All sorts of people run for office. In my experience, candidates that are authentic, passionate, disciplined, and really care about communities are the ones that are the best candidates. They often work harder than anyone else and they inspire constituents to get on board and be part of the change. What is the most challenging aspect of running a campaign? One of the most challenging aspects of running a campaign is probably time. There are three components to a campaign: time, resources, and people. Time, you have to manage it well and it is key to a successful campaign. What advice would you give to women today in order to run a successful campaign? Anyone interested in running for office should do a really good gut check and make sure they are ready to give it 100%. Surround yourself by trusted confidants that will be honest and real with you and make sure you are ready to work hard and win. For women considering running for a political seat or position, what do you recommend they do now to prepare? Anyone thinking of running for office needs to make sure they have their rolodex and outlook updated as you will have to raise money there is no way around that. Volunteer on a campaign for a candidate or on an issue so that you can connect with the community and more importantly know why you want to run. What are you bringing to the table? Have thick skin and just do it. It is one of the best experiences and more importantly, once you get elected public service is truly humbling and an absolute honor. Lizzette Herrera Castellanos is a professor of paralegal and legal studies at Southwestern College and General Counsel for the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Scholarship Fund. She is also chair of the History and Archives Committee.

8 8 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018

9 Lawyers Club News 9 Judges and Lawyers Break Bread and Barriers to Gender Equality at Annual Bench Bar Luncheon By Shannon Finley Lawyers Club s Bench Bar Committee presented the Twelfth Annual Bench Bar Luncheon on May 10 at the Westin San Diego, generously sponsored by Aguirre Allen Law. This year, discussions between judges and counsel focused on how to address, respond to, and eliminate bias in the courtroom and beyond. Kristen Fritz and Shanna Pearce, co-chairs of the Bench Bar Committee, jointly emceed the luncheon. Hon. Marcella McLaughlin Hon. Lisa Rodriguez Hon. Cindy Davis Hon. Paula Rosenstein Hon. Margaret Mann Hon. Lorna Alksne Hon. Katherine Bacal The event was well-attended by the Bench, attorneys, and law students with multiple judges seated at each table. The table facilitator led the discussion, and participants engaged in thoughtful conversations about topics of mutual concern to the Bench and Bar including: the obligations of experienced members of the legal community to mentor new members; how to increase opportunities for new lawyers to appear in court; how to increase the number of female lead trial counsel; and advancing the status of women in the law. A member of the Bench then shared highlights of the each table s discussion with the rest of the group at the end of the program. Regarding the obligation of experienced members of the legal community to mentor new members, for example, one take-away was that not all individuals should be mentors those individuals know who they are. Mentorship programs can challenging because forced mentorship is artificial. Practitioners were reminded that it can be helpful to have mentors outside the firm, a mentor need not look or think like you, and that many attorneys have found success without the guidance of a mentor. Participants praised the so-called Moskowitz Rule as one way to increase opportunities for junior attorneys to participate in oral argument. Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz of the Southern District of California has a chambers rule which allows oral argument upon request for civil motions where the motion will be argued by attorneys with less than 5 years of admission to the bar on at least two opposing sides. While this may not be practicable in all courts, lead counsel at private firms should look for opportunities to give less-seasoned attorneys the opportunity to participate in oral argument. For example, Judge Katherine Bacal discussed a partner who assigned oral arguments to junior associates if he thought that the oral argument would be lost. Judge Bacal explained that the associates who actually wrote the motion are usually more familiar with the facts and arguments, it is a good training experience, and the client is less likely to complain that the partner on the case did not argue the motion under these circumstances. Participants discussed how in many ways the public sector is leading the way, and the lack of opportunities for young attorneys and female attorneys is much more prevalent in the private sector. The second discussion topic focused on What can the Bench do to serve the Bar better/more effectively? Is there a place for improved lines of communication between the Bench and Bar? If so, how should that be achieved? The most popular answer was to attend events like the Bench Bar Luncheon to continue an open dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Another widespread idea included having a mechanism or designated individual to handle complaints, possibly someone similar to a lawyer representative or ombudsman. The Bench and Bar shared the concern that there is a decline of civility among counsel, and many participants agreed that additional continuing legal education programs about civility with support from the Bench, participation in American Inns of Court, and having judges host training sessions on various topics for attorneys and law students would be helpful to remedying this increase in hostility in the profession. Erin Myers, a new member of Lawyers Club who recently moved to San Diego, thought the luncheon was a unique opportunity to have meaningful discussions with judges outside the courtroom in a casual setting. The Bench Bar Luncheon is always a treat and this year was no different commented Mikhak Ghorban, co-chair of the Law Student Outreach Committee. Ghorban was fortunate to dine with three distinct judges with great insight and experience, and flattered that the judges took the time to learn about each of the attorneys at the table, their area of practice, and what led them to that particular area of law. Lawyers Club is grateful to the members of the judiciary who continue to participate in this event each year, and provide our members the opportunity to speak with the Bench. Shannon Finley is an associate at Pettit Kohn Ingrassia Lutz & Dolin, member of the Bench Bar Committee, and co-chair of the Law Student Outreach Committee.

10 10 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018 Proud Sponsors of Lawyers Club of San Diego EXPERIENCE The Knowledge and Skill to Navigate Your Legal Needs SAN DIEGO ORANGE COUNTY LOS ANGELES SACRAMENTO Boyd Law is a woman owned law firm supporting Lawyers Club s mission to advance the status of women in law and society. Business Litigation Family Law Trust and Estate Litigation Entertainment Law Real Estate Litigation Bankruptcy N B L

11 Lawyers Club News 11 New Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins: Leading the Way By Holly Hanover March 21, 2018, marked an historic and momentous achievement for the Honorable Toni Atkins, for California, and for the LGBTQ community: It was the day the first woman and first openly gay person was sworn in to serve as president pro tempore of the California Senate. It s the first time. And it s about time, Atkins said. Women and the LGBTQ community weren t waiting they were working. Marching in streets. Battling in courtrooms. Speaking out. Stepping up. This ascension is their accomplishment, not mine. Atkins has a reputation as one of the hardest working politicians around, and she is not slowing down. A common thread flows through her platform equality. She has consistently worked toward achieving equality for the LGBTQ community, for women, and those needing healthcare and shelter. Atkins feels a special responsibility to the next generation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. She helped build the first LGBTQ youth housing project with San Diego s Gay and Lesbian Center for children who are homeless. Last year, she also created SB-179, which added a third gender marker and support for cisgender, transgender, and non-binary Californians. It s an equality issue and California continues to lead the way on equality for all people, Atkins remarked. The world has opened up for the transgender community and non-binary. We all have so much to learn on that. Atkins admits she too went through a learning curve, My straight Millennial friends had to teach me. I felt my age, every day of it, when I realized how much I didn t know and I needed to learn my own pronouns. The #Me Too movement also inspired Atkins to lead by example to change our culture. She has added sexual harassment and best practices training in the Capitol. We are not going to be treated this way anymore, Atkins said. She points out, however, that it is a pervasive issue that will take time to address. It isn t just in politics. It isn t just in Sacramento. It s in the media. It s in the movie industry and the film industry, Atkins commented. I think we have an opportunity to change the culture, but only if we stay focused and work on it. Affordable healthcare, even for the most vulnerable in California, is also a big priority for Atkins. She proposed bills this year that deal with reproductive rights, healthcare for low income women, and allowing nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and physician s assistants to handle first trimester abortions. Even California has an issue of accessibility for abortion services for women, Atkins said. I m going to continue to be focused on health care, expanding health care for people who don t have health care, including the undocumented residents who call California home. Atkins views are strongly influenced by her experience growing up in a poor family. It had a profound effect on her approach to poverty, homelessness, healthcare, and other issues. People looked down on me. They looked down on my parents. But I realized I can have a voice and I can make a difference for people like my family. She uses her experiences to fuel her efforts. If I had to face those costs, I would never have been able to afford college. The American dream would not have been possible for me, Atkins stated. California has some of the best colleges and universities in the world. We need to make sure that California kids can go. Atkins advice for us: I think, follow your heart and do the work you re supposed to do and maybe it takes care of itself. Holly Hanover is an attorney at The Law Offices of Holly S. Hanover. New Members Mr. Edward Chapin Ms. Sarah Gilbert Ms. Amy Serieys Mr. Anthony Zambrano Mr. Henry Angelino Jr Ms. Jessica Pride Mr. Dante Pride Ms. Shiva Irankhah Ms. Megan Willis Ms. Adrienne Conrad Ms. Diane Medina Ms. Yvonne Estime Ms. Caroline Emhardt Ms. Shay Dinata-Hanson Ms. Stephanie Smith Ms. Laura Evans Ms. Julie Marie Cepeda Ms. Stacy Dooley Mr. Christopher Schuster Ms. Madeleine Nadeau Ms. Samantha Baldwin Ms. Jennis Hemingway Ms. Jenny Dixon Ms. Sabrina Lim Ms. Olga Bryan Ms. Valerie Gragg Mrs. Kim Jones Mr. Matthew Brower Ms. Varinia Guzman Ms. Poline Pourmorady Ms. Brittany Lederman Ms. Summer Wynn Mr. Connor McNellis Mrs. Christina Kettmann Ms. Lila Gitesatani Ms. Diana Mondragon

12 12 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018 We Are Inspired to Rise Thank you and Congratulations to Award Recipients Former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch Hon. Randa Trapp Mehry Mohseni Johanna Schiavoni Dedicated to the Pursuit of Justice since 1947 SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY, MARITIME, AVIATION, PRODUCT LIABILITY, CLASS ACTION, MASS TORTS AND PHARMACEUTICAL LITIGATION San Diego North County

13 Lawyers Club News 13 A Big Turn Out for Red, White and Brew s Signature Event Marks Another Success for the Books By Stephenie Alexander In March, nearly three hundred guests gathered at 57 Degrees for Lawyers Club s sixth annual Red, White and Brew. This event, which has become a member favorite over the years, gathers those in the local business and legal communities to support a remarkable charitable cause, Fund for Justice, all while enjoying the best of San Diego s local brews, wines and cuisine. This year s event was no exception. Fund for Justice is the charitable foundation arm of Lawyers Club that reaches out to San Diego charitable organizations, which serve at-risk women and children. Since its inception, Fund for Justice has made over 130 grants to various non-profit organizations. Attendees were greeted with a glass of champagne before exploring each of the four pairing stations throughout the 16,000 square foot venue. Each station offered a select wine/ beer tasting paired with a complimentary culinary delight. After hours of sips and savories and networking fun, the evening concluded with the announcement of the winners of the prized gift baskets, which included an Oscar Themed Gift Basket, a Health and Wellness Gift Basket, a Scotch Gift Basket, a Culinary Gift Basket, a Gardening Gift Basket, as well as many others that were generously donated by local vendors, retailers, and firms. The Red White and Brew Committee would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to all who attended this year s festivities to make it such a success. In addition, the committee would like to recognize and thank all of the event s sponsors: (Title) Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP; (Red Level) Jackson Lewis, P.C., Casey Gerry Schenk Francavilla Blatt & Penfield LLP; (White Level) ANTONYAN MIRANDA, LLP, Boyd Law APC, Duane Morris LLP, Gomez Trial Attorneys; (Brew Level) Fisher & Phillips, LLP, Haeggquist & Eck, LLP, Klinedinst, PC, Litivate Reporting + Trial Services, Pokorny Mediations, Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch LLP, San Diego Family Mediation Center, Shustak Reynolds & Partners, P.C., Sullivan Hill Lewin Rez & Engel, Vantage Point Advisors, Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP; (Champagne Level) Brinig Taylor Zimmer, Inc., JAMS, KEENEY WAITE & STEVENS, Tatro & Lopez, LLP (Sweet Level) Durham- Newton Legal Nurse Consulting, Law Office of Stacie L. Patterson, Nexus Search Group, LLC, and San Diego Private Bank. The committee would also like to thank the numerous local businesses that donated items for the raffled gift baskets, including Litivate Reporting & Trial Services, Veritext, Imagine Reporting, Connie Page, Durham-Newton Legal Nurse Consulting, Smoothie Rider, Yoga Six, and CycleBar. Red, White & Brew Co-Chairs Amanda Singer and Kelly Gimelli Stephenie Alexander is an associate at Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP and a member of the Red White and Brew Committee. Board Member Megan Walker with Miranda Watkins and Becky O'Grady Joe Mayo, Danna Cotman, Olga Alvarez, Johanna Schiavoni and Arlene Yang

14 14 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018 Supporting the Endangered Class of Female Attorneys By Emilia Arutunian March was Women s History Month, a time in which we celebrate women s contributions to society and promote female empowerment. Empowering women in the legal profession is more important now than it has ever been. Notwithstanding the strides women have made in society and in the legal profession, women are abandoning the profession at an alarming rate. According to the American Bar Association, women enter the legal profession in equal numbers to men. After, however, a process of reduction occurs so that women make up just 23% of partners and 19% of equity partners. To put this reality into context, these women subjected themselves to four years of college; three years of law school; months of grueling bar preparation; followed by an expensive multi-day examination, and potentially, hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to achieve a law license. After surviving this torturous process, many women find careers in the law so dissatisfying that they voluntarily choose to walk away from the professions they worked so hard to achieve. The solution to the problem appears to be two-fold. First, we ought to inquire into what drives the difficulties women face in the legal profession. Secondly, we should evaluate and develop strategies law firms can implement that would alleviate these difficulties. It is imperative to recognize the importance of women in the professional arena. Women bring a unique worldview to the table, which is useful for companies in the diverse contemporary world. According to Business Insider (2017), companies with strong female leadership generated a Return on Equity of 10.1% versus the 7.4% generated by companies without female leadership. Despite these figures, working women face some of the following challenges: advocating for themselves (which inevitably drives the income gap between men and women); unconscious bias; and, the struggle to achieve a work-life balance. The Importance of Self-Advocacy Some of the factors driving women s inability to self-advocate are: perceived lack of opportunity, misunderstanding of their value, and a fear of asking. According to Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever s book, Women Don t Ask, women perceive their circumstances as more fixed than they really are, and often underestimate their own control over their circumstances. Further, women are more likely than men to think that working hard and doing a good job alone will lead to success and advancement. This notion may prevent them from asking for the advancement opportunities they deserve. To mitigate these problems, law firms should organize committees or task forces where women have the support of other women who have dealt with and overcome such situations. It is a well-known fact that you do not get what you do not ask for. It is crucial to train women to ask for advancement opportunities they deserve to maintain their salaries and positions proportionate to those of their male colleagues who may find it easier to make the asks necessary for advancement. Overcoming Gender Stereotypes Studies have shown that established gender roles and gender stereotypes lead women to believe they should be warm and nurturing, and that a tough personal style may be a disadvantage to their persona. According to Sheryl Sandberg s book, Lean In, women are often subject to the double-bind. For example, if they are too assertive, they are considered bossy, whereas if they are not assertive enough, they are considered too nice. It can be challenging to find a medium, especially for attorneys, whose job is to zealously advocate for their clients. It is important to note, these stereotypes are unconscious, and more often than not, women do not themselves understand how established gender roles are affecting their ability to advocate. To relieve this struggle, female attorneys should be given the education and tools to properly maneuver the double bind. Women should be trained not to see social behaviors as weakness. According to Andrea Kramer and Alton Harris book Breaking Through Bias, smiling can communicate confidence, and an optimistic attitude will help stay committed to the discussion and prevent early settlement. Further, Roger Fisher s book, Getting to Yes, finds keeping the tone collaborative rather than demanding can result in both sides of the discussion coming out feeling positively impacted. All of these strategies are, of course, much easier said than done, and women need training to learn to effectively utilize these approaches in the workplace. Overcoming the Myth of Work-Life Balance Another major issue female attorneys face is difficulty establishing a worklife balance. Inevitably, gender stereotypes continue to exist in many modern households. While husbands can help with children, at the end of the day, many moms find children still demand more attention from their mothers. Regardless of a woman s career, motherhood is a 24-7 job. Whether she likes it or not, there is not a second in the day when a mother doesn t have a subconscious thought about the well-being of her children. Similarly, the vast majority of attorney jobs go far beyond the standard eight-to-five job. The legal profession can be high stress and result in debilitating exhaustion and mental drainage. Balancing the two can be challenging. Women often search for a magical work-life balance and believe finding this balance may alleviate the struggle. The truth is, while work-life balance is an alluring theory, it is really just a myth. Life is like a teeter-totter. Some weeks we have more time for personal lives, while other weeks we require more time for our careers. One of the ways to alleviate this inability to balance is learning to ask for help and/or buy help. There is nothing wrong with accepting a helping hand every once in a while. Lastly, it is crucial to understand a true work-life balance may never exist. Accepting this reality and embracing the chaos which unavoidably trails may be the key to more effectively coping with the reality of the work-life dichotomy. We must recognize, in the context of history and modern society, women professionals are a social recency. Merely 100 years ago, women did not even have the right to vote. We are slowly digging our roots into the professional world and it is important to adapt to the social changes effectively, while embracing our natures, learning to mesh them with our professions and working around the difficulties which necessarily follow. Continued on page 13

15 Lawyers Club News 15 Supporting the Endangered Class of Female Attorneys Continued from page 12 How to Keep Women in the Legal Profession So how do we keep women in the legal profession? Organize processes which give them the tools to overcome the obstacles driving them out. For example, Tyson & Mendes Women s Initiative is an in-house organization where women of all ages, levels of experience and specialties within the firm can come together, get support, share stories and collaborate. This provides a safe forum for women and encourages those who would otherwise be intimidated to ask questions to get much-needed support for any issues they may be dealing with. The Tyson & Mendes, Women s Initiative provides a collective voice for women within the firm, and gives women the tools they need to succeed, including training on asking the difficult questions, advocating for themselves, and doing so effectively. We remind each other, we are all in this together, and there should be nothing and no one stopping us from reaching any goals we set for ourselves. Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. Ryunosuke Satoro. Emilia Arutunian is an associate at Tyson & Mendes. Fisher Phillips and WILC are proud of our tradition of inclusion and are eager to expand upon it. The Fisher Phillips Women s Initiative and Leadership Council supports the mission of Lawyers Club of San Diego and strives to advance women within the firm and within the legal community. 4747 Executive Drive, Suite 1000 San Diego, CA (858) Atlanta Baltimore Boston Charlotte Chicago Cleveland Columbia Columbus Dallas Denver Fort Lauderdale Gulfport Houston Irvine Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Louisville Memphis New Jersey New Orleans New York Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Sacramento San Diego San Francisco Seattle Tampa Washington, DC

16 16 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018 WOMEN S IMPACT NETWORK FOR SUCCESS DUANE MORRIS PROUDLY SUPPORTS LAWYERS CLUB OF SAN DIEGO We applaud Olga Álvarez on her service as President and warmly welcome Danna Cotman as incoming President Duane Morris LLP, a law firm with more than 800 attorneys in offices across the United States and internationally, is asked by a broad array of clients to provide innovative solutions to today s legal and business challenges. Duane Morris Firm and Affiliate Offices New York London Singapore Philadelphia Chicago Washington, D.C. San Francisco Silicon Valley San Diego Los Angeles Taiwan Boston Houston Austin Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City Shanghai Atlanta Baltimore Wilmington Miami Boca Raton Pittsburgh Newark Las Vegas Cherry Hill Lake Tahoe Myanmar Oman Duane Morris LLP A Delaware limited liability partnership For more information, please contact: PATRICIA P. HOLLENBECK, Partner Duane Morris LLP 750 B Street, Suite 2900 San Diego, CA P:

17 Lawyers Club News 17 The Ask Workshop: 3 Secrets to Asking for More (And Getting It) By Kaitlin Shelby Preston Decision makers typically perceive women as pushy and aggressive when asking for a raise, whereas they perceive the same behavior from men as strong and signs of a good negotiator, explained Lawyers Club president Olga Álvarez as she introduced the keynote speaker, Shavon Lindley, for The Ask Workshop: 3 Secrets to Asking for More (And Getting It). Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo PC graciously hosted this workshop at its office on May 22. The workshop s purpose was to address issues women face when applying for a promotion or asking for a raise. Shavon Lindley, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Mentoring Method, Women Evolution, and Inclusion 360, kicked off the program by revealing three key steps to take prior to asking for a promotion or raise. The secret to a promotion or raise lies within each one of you, Lindley explained. Lindley discussed biological differences between male and female brains and the differences between the genders in career development. In her view, women tend to look for rapport, tend to think about how to make a difference, and tend to undersell themselves. By contrast, men tend to look for ways to advance, tend to look for a better salary, and tend to oversell themselves. One result is that on average, women make 23% less than men do. Lindley suggested three strategies for participants to take ownership of their careers, align with their natural leadership abilities, and transform their career trajectories and career happiness. These strategies are: (1) Ask yourself, what will make me happy? This strategy requires taking the time to identify core values and identify whether the person is living those values. (2) Own your review. This strategy builds the case to prepare for The Ask. At least once per quarter, an attorney should write down all projects she has worked on, how she impacted the organizations goals, what she learned, and give credit to those who helped. When the time comes to ask for a raise or promotion, the attorney will already have prepared a detailed summary of her contributions and can even give it directly to the decisionmaker. (3) Ask for Support. This strategy requires creating a support system of diverse peers, both inside and outside the organization. Lindley suggested using this group to meet monthly. The room buzzed as Lindley challenged the attendees to determine their core values and share them. Attendees then broke into smaller groups, led by experienced attorneys including Gayle Blatt, Erika Hiramatsu, Virginia Nelson, Regina Petty, Jennifer Rubin, Kara Siegel, Mattheus Stephens, and Sherry Thompson-Taylor. Participants exchanged their experiences regarding what worked or did not work, brainstormed strategies to deal with specific situations, and practiced making their ask. Some groups focused entirely on the first step by identifying, what will make me happy?. It s helpful to hear other people s perspectives on how to best approach the difficult issue of asking for a raise or promotion, said Andrew McPartland. There were lots of helpful and creative suggestions. Lindley gifted a mentorship toolkit to the audience with a challenge to form groups of three or four people and meet for one hour a month for six months, to serve as peer mentors to continue the conversation, using her peer mentor guide. The event actually did double duty, said Kara Siegel, one of the mentors. Our group discussed ways to apply Shavon s great tools and insights to the particular challenge of making The Ask within the legal field. Working through these issues was also a great way to connect, or reconnect, with fellow Lawyers Club members and mentor one another. I learned a ton and look forward to meeting with my small-group members, said Siegel. As part of Olga Álvarez year-long initiative to focus on barriers to women s advancement in the legal profession, the Diverse Women s Committee, the LGBTQ Committee, and the Professional Advancement Committee joined together to plan this educational and interactive event, led by LGBTQ Committee chair Kimberly Ahrens. Kaitlin Shelby Preston is an associate at McCarthy & Holthus LLP, and a member of the Diverse Women s, LGBTQ, and the Professional Advancement Committees.

18 18 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018

19 Legislative Updates The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Title X By Rebecca Zipp Lawyers Club News 19 Although Russia, Iran, and North Korea dominated May s news cycles, for a two-day period, the media focused on a proposal for a new Title X regulation. Reproductive justice advocated fumed while antichoice activists cheered. But what did the regulation do? And what is Title X? Let s take a look. Part One: Conceiving Federally Funded Family Planning President Lyndon B. Johnson s War on Poverty created the first federal subsidies to assist low-income families to obtain birth control. Incredibly, this occurred the same year as the United States Supreme Court decided Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) 381 U.S Griswold held that Connecticut s ban on contraceptives violated the right to marital privacy. Six years later, Eisenstadt v. Baird (1971) 405 U.S. 438 extended Griswold when it overturned a conviction for distributing contraceptives to single persons. The Eisenstadt court held that absent a rational basis, dissimilar treatment based on marital status is unconstitutional. Birth control access was the law of the land. Part Two: Genesis of Title X A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, federally funded family planning enjoyed bipartisan support. President Richard M. Nixon, who noted that no American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic condition, signed Title X into law in 1970 as part of the Public Health Service Act. The smooth passage of Title X demonstrated an acknowledgement of several truths: that women with large families didn t necessarily want large families; in some cases, they simply lacked access to birth control; that poverty robbed women of the agency to determine how many children to have and when to have them. Then as now, socioeconomic conditions dictated a woman s control over her reproductive life. Title X, and the family planning assistance it provided, aimed to grant greater self-determination to poor women. Title X fell short of providing funding for complete reproductive health care; with rare exception, abortion is not paid for via Title X funds. Part III: Title X Grows Up By 2001, Title X had become part of America s social safety net. Title X-supported clinics allowed one million women to avoid an unwanted pregnancy each year. Over 90% of women served in Title X-supported clinics were poor, yet over three-quarters of these clients were not covered by Medicaid or other insurance. Title X s impact was immense, with poor women accessing screening for cancers, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility screening, pregnancy diagnosis and counseling, Pap smears, and mammograms. By 2008, approximately three-quarters of American counties had at least one Title X-funded clinic. While abortion care has never been covered by Title X (and, under the Hyde Amendment, is likewise not covered by Medicaid), clinics retain the ability to provide a poor client with a Title X-funded STI screening, and then provide abortion care in the same facility as long as that abortion care was funded through a separate source, like state funds, private donations, or via self-pay. Still, Title X s regulations require that a pregnant woman be offered information and counseling regarding all of her options, including prenatal care; adoption; foster care; and pregnancy termination. For women facing an unintended pregnancy, this counseling is offered so that the patient can decide how or if to proceed with her pregnancy. Part IV: The Death of Title X? In May, President Donald Trump announced a proposed regulation which would bar Title X recipients from providing or referring patients for abortions. The rule also seemingly abandons the longtime requirements that providers offer all options during pregnancy counseling. Critics of the new regulation dubbed it a domestic gag rule, as health care providers are no longer free to provide patients with information on the full range of reproductive options. This is potentially devastating to Planned Parenthood, which serves 41% of all Title X patients. Ultimately, the proposal s goal is to force abortion providers to stop providing abortions or lose this crucial source of government funding. As always, well-off women (who are unlikely receive care at Title X clinics) will be relatively unaffected if the proposed regulation is enacted. Young girls and poor women will suffer the consequences of a regulation intended to strip Title X funding from a multitude of clinics and place additional barriers between a woman and her constitutional right to obtain an abortion. Rebecca F. Zipp is a deputy district attorney at the San Diego District Attorney s Office, co-chair of the Women s Advocacy Committee, and a Lawyers Club Board Member.

20 20 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018 Haeggquist & Eck is proud to support Lawyers Club of San Diego for its dedication to elevating women in the field of law and society since Broadway, Suite 2050 San Diego, CA DEDICATED. FEARLESS. DRIVEN. San Diego s Employee and Consumer Rights Advocates Litigation is a journey. Let the experts guide the way from discovery through trial Trial Presentation Reporting E-Discovery Litigation Graphics

21 Lawyers Club News 21 Member Profile Chris Todd Chris Todd By: Lauren Bushman Chris Todd is a rare San Diego native and an even rarer attorney who has remained loyal to a single firm throughout his entire career. Todd has practiced defense litigation for over 31 years at Wingert Grebing Brubaker & Juskie, LLP, where he was hired as a law clerk during his first semester of his first year of law school. He is grateful to Charles Grebing for giving him a chance. Todd classifies his practice as 60% defense work, 30% plaintiff s work, and 10% pro bono. Todd met his wife of 28 years, Susan, at California Western School of Law; she enjoyed a career in municipal law up to the arrival of their first daughter. While Todd is a self-proclaimed late-comer to Lawyers Club, he is an active member who gives his time and talents through the Human Trafficking Collaborative ( HTC ). Todd first learned of the HTC, at that time called the Human Trafficking Task Force, while reading the San Diego Lawyer Magazine when HTC was in its early stages. Todd proactively reached out to former Lawyers Club President Jamie Quient. Todd is proud to assist the perseverant, hard-working women who hope to expunge their formal prostitution violations under the premise that such violations arose through coercion while they were being trafficked. Combined with his litigation experience, Todd was a natural fit to co-lead Lawyers Club s newest task force, the Trial Advocacy Task Force. When Todd is not practicing law, he enjoys family, golfing at Torrey Pines Golf Course, and reading. While he generally prefers non-fiction, his estrogenproducing side of his family insists he read fiction. Todd s favorite novel has to be To Kill A Mockingbird, and favorite biographies include Alexander Hamilton and Martin Luther King, Jr. He also read Lean In with care. Todd is a proud father of two successful daughters. His older daughter, Kendall, is an associate producer for a classical radio station in Boston, and his younger daughter, Delaney recently completed a semester studying geology while abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. Todd places importance in his life also through his commitments to The First United Methodist Church of San Diego. Lauren Bushman is an associate at TencerSherman LLP and the Member Profile Coordinator for the Lawyers Club Newsletter. Deborah Wolfe Deborah Wolfe By: Lauren Bushman Among the female pioneers of the San Diego Bar and Lawyers Club, Deborah Wolfe opened her own practice upon graduating law school in Wolfe aspired to be a trial attorney but at that time found there were not many jobs available for female attorneys. In her entrepreneurial spirit, Wolfe took matters into her own hands and rented out space in a building in what would become known as the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter. She was a selfproclaimed people s lawyer and helped whoever walked through her door. Wolfe has litigated a wide range of matters including personal injuries, child molestation cases, and medical, dental, and legal malpractice. After receiving several good results in malpractice cases, Wolfe began to focus her practice and earn her reputation as a premier malpractice attorney. Wolfe commented that she enjoys legal malpractice cases because they involve complex issues, and contribute to maintaining high standards of the profession. During her 37 years of practice, Wolfe has been named Trial Lawyer of the Year not once, but twice, by the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. Wolfe has been a firm partner and now again has her own firm, Wolfe Legal Group, PC. Wolfe also lectures on legal ethics topics, coaches and consults with other trial lawyers, and testifies as an expert witness. Wolfe, along with Lawyers Club member Chris Todd, also heads Lawyers Club s newest task force, the Trial Advocacy Task Force. When asked how she raised two successful children and ran her law practice, Wolfe reflects that she does not know when she slept. Wolfe credits her ability to attend Girl Scout meetings, gymnastic meets, and basketball and baseball games, to practicing in San Diego, as opposed to any other place. Wolfe noted that the San Diego trial bar and bench always goes the extra mile to find the motion and trial dates that work for all parties, and collegially cooperate with one another to litigate cases. After her oldest child graduated high school, Wolfe began taking watercolor classes. She went on to sell paintings and to display her art in San Diego s Art Walk at NTC, local galleries, and other events. Wolfe s artistic talents do not stop there. Wolfe is also a singer and flautist. Wolfe recently formed the jazz quartet, Women of Note with other local female musicians. On May 20, Women of Note held a fundraising concert to send a young woman to San Diego s own Young Lions Jazz Conservatory. Wolfe is proud to support women in jazz, a historically male-dominated category. Lauren Bushman is an associate at TencerSherman LLP and the Member Profile Coordinator for the Lawyers Club Newsletter.

22 22 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018

23 Lawyers Club News 23 Trial Advocacy Task Force BY: Deborah Wolfe and Christopher W. Todd Committee Profile Lawyers Club s newest task force, the Trial Advocacy Task Force, was born out of informal lunch gatherings. Olga Álvarez and Deb Wolfe began brainstorming the concepts at Broken Yolk last summer. The Task Force resumed during the holidays at Columbia Street Brewery. This is truly when the plan started to hatch. Mission Valley s Tender Greens was the next locale, and this time Sara Simmons, Álvarez, Wolfe, and Chris Todd shared a lunch to bring the idea to life. The Task Force has developed simple, non-rigid tenets, which include: (i) a friendly, friendship-making forum, (ii) soft mentoring without a requirement or goal, as the Task Force hopes this will happen organically, (iii) encouragement of any and all questions, (iv) sixty minute meetings, once per month, on the first Wednesday at noon, with a hard stop at 1:00 p.m., and (v) discussion of timely topics addressing courtroom form, focus, and function. The Task Force s inaugural meeting was April 4 at the Law Offices of Wingert Grebing Brubaker & Juskie, LLP, 600 West Broadway. Parisima Roshanzamir, Wolfe, and Todd presented on Making a Great First Appearance. The Task Force s second meeting in May was at the same location, and noted trial attorneys Ben Bunn and Ken Turek joined Todd to address Closing Arguments. The third meeting is on June 6 at Wingert, and focused on Voir Dire from the defendant s perspective. Future meetings will focus on Voir Dire from the plaintiff s perspective and Voir Dire from the jury consultant s perspective. The Task Force has had over 20 Lawyers Club members participate so far, and notably new members have joined Lawyers Club in order to be a part of the Task Force. The Task Force leaders have filled a very worthwhile need in Lawyers Club s outstanding programming. Please join the Task Force at its next meeting. The Task Force promises superb education, laughs and, yes a great lunch! Deborah Wolfe, of Wolfe Legal Group, PC, is co-chair of the Trial Advocacy Task Force. Christopher W. Todd, Partner at Wingert, Grebing, Brubaker & Juskie, LLP, is co-chair of the Trial Advocacy Task Force.

24 24 Lawyers Club News july/august 2018 Procopio applauds Lawyers Club of San Diego and encourages women to break down barriers and step outside their comfort zone. Still, like air, I rise." -Dr. Maya Angelou

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27 Lawyers Club News 27 Lawyers Club Calendar of Events Information for your calendar. All dates subject to change. For latest information, contact Lawyers Club at (619) or visit our website at July/August 2018 July/August 2018 Wednesday, 7/4/2018 Lawyers Club Office Closed Independence Day Saturday, 7/14/2018 March With us: 2018 San Diego Pride Parade Hillcrest Pride Flag, San Diego LAWYERS CLUB OF SAN DIEGO IS A STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA APPROVED MULTIPLE ACTIVITY PROVIDER (PROVIDER NO. 1401). (619)

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