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1 Rochester School Board Regular School Board Minutes April 10, 2014 City Council Chambers Members Present: Mr. Daniel Harkinson, Chair Mr. Paul Lynch Ms. Julie Brown Mrs. Patricia Carroll Mrs. Kathy Dunton Mr. Matthew Pappas Dr. Anthony Pastelis Mr. Raymond Turner Mrs. Jennifer Bryant Mrs. Karen Stokes Mrs. Audrey Stevens Mrs. Susan O Connor Members Absent: Also Present: Mr. Michael Hopkins, Superintendent Mrs. Mary Moriarty, Asst. Superintendent Ms. Linda Casey, Business Administrator Attorney Jerome Grossman Ms. Marilyn Martell Guest & Public Mr. Harkinson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. on a roll call with a quorum present. Members participated in the pledge of allegiance. Last Minutes Mr. Watson moved, second by Mrs. O Connor, the Board approve the minutes of the March 13, 2014 Regular School Board meeting and March 20, 2014 Special School Board meeting. The motion carried unanimously. Superintendent s Report Student Recognition Mrs. Mary Moriarty, Assistant Superintendent introduced AFJROTC Instructors Major Heeter and Sgt Kerrigan to assist in the recognition of the ROTC Drill Team Cadets who placed first in the Greater New England Drill League Competition. Drill Team members: Kyle Adrien, Justin Auclair, Colby Beckwith, Kris Belair, Anthony Bennett, Aiden Clough, Gabe Drapeau, Sheldon Gonthier, Tyler Jackson, Ian Rooney, Connor Schoonmaker, Amanda Silver, Brendaon White and Gaihj Young. Ms. Karrie Brady, SHS Math Team Leader introduced Abigail Kraines and Cole Rogers both student being recognized and congratulated for achieving a perfect score of 800 on the Mathematics SAT. Volunteer Recognition Mr. Tony Monetta, former SHS student and athlete received thanks on behalf of the student athletes he supports through his volunteerism as a Coach with multiple sports. He is an excellent example of good sportsmanship and a positive role model for students. Staff Recognition Mrs. Moriarty introduced April employee of the month recipients: Mrs. Leah Whitney, Para-Educator at School Street School; Mrs. Cynthia Kosko, Special Education Teacher at Rochester Middle School; Mr. Bryan Kelliher, Math Teacher at Bud Carlson Academy; and Mrs. Barbara Cascadden, District School Psychologist. Supplemental Request Mr. Hopkins reviewed the information presented to the Finance Committee related to the Supplemental Appropriation request being brought forward to the Board for consideration. He discussed the unanticipated costs affecting the increase in expenses. As in previous years we hope to send funds back to the

2 City. The request is to ensure we are able to pay all obligations in the current budget year. Archive Bid AREA Agreement School Reports Student Senate Public Comment Mr. Hopkins reported that the vendor recommended at the Finance Committee for the Archive Device bid did not meet the specifications; the second lowest bidder meets all specifications of the bid and is recommended. Mr. Hopkins provided feedback from the AREA Agreement Review Committee; noting that a request to increase the percentage of students from Wakefield to attend a school district other than Rochester from 10% to 15%. Mrs. Robin Brown, Maple Street Magnet School Principal provided a review of the importance of the Family-School Partnership. The focus on connecting with families and establishing a real sense of trust enhances the school experience for the student and their families. Families connect with the school via school events, activities, meetings, lunch or breakfast, and varying time options for activities to accommodate family schedules. Mrs. Brown extended thanks to the parents for helping make our school so successful. Mr. Adam Houghton, Rochester Middle School Assistant Principal reported that springtime is busy at RMS. The Drama Club is performing Guys and Dolls, Jr. at the SHS Auditorium for the next two weekends. Teams are busy studying about different countries in preparation for the Bi-Annual Olympic Competition that will take place the week of April 14 th. Under the leadership of four RMS Teachers, the faculty has been working to develop a new schedule for RMS, to better meet student needs in Competency-Based Learning model. Ms. Kathy Dubois, Bud Carlson Academy Director congratulated BCA Senior Trevor Hanson for winning the gold medal in the State SKILLS Competition in Plumbing. Trevor will be traveling to Kansas City to represent Rochester in the National SKILLS USA Competition. Two students have been recognized as Rising Starts by the Rochester Rotary for their growth and achievement. A strong connection with the community continues to develop; from community service projects to attending MacBeth at the Opera House to connect to their studies. Attending productions at the Opera House provide an incredible cultural experience for the students. Seniors are finishing course competencies with anticipation of graduation, which is scheduled for June 11 th at the Opera House look forward to seeing you there. Madison LeClair, Student Senate Vice-President reported that Quarter 3 is ending and the spring sports season has begun at Spaulding. There have been a number of scrimmages, games and meets as weather allows. The Music Department is busy with All-State Chorus, the Spring Band Concert and Elementary School Tour. The Spanish Honor Society will be holding a fundraiser at Dos Amigos next week; while the Interact Club raised $2,000 during their decathlon held to raise money for Zimbabwe. Key Club is coordinating Spirit Week activities next week with a culmination of the week s events at Pep Rally organized by the Senate. Amy Malone, asked the Board to approve the request for a RMS Baseball Team. She presented the support by parents and desire of the students to make the program a success; without added expense to the school budget. Page 2 of 11

3 Building Committee: Instruction Committee: Keagan, RMS student indicated that baseball is important to him and his friends; he is encouraged to get good grades so that he can play. Fundraising is going to be difficult, but everyone is willing to help out to get a school team. Damon Kondrup, presented two requests to the Board: to restore $2,000 that was cut from the Hockey Team this year it was an unfair cut when reviewing all sports; and consider including facility costs in the equation when calculating real costs of sports teams when developing the next budget. All sports teams should be funded equally. No action required. No action required. Personnel Committee: Retirement Resignations Mrs. Stevens moved, second by Mr. Watson, the Board accept the retirement of Joy Adler, Mathematics Teacher and Mary Costantino, Building Para-Educator. The motion carried unanimously. Mrs. Stevens moved, second by Mrs. O Connor, the Board accept the following resignations: Judith Dubois... Para-Educator Dean Schneider... Health Teacher Jennifer McDonald... Para-Educator Matthew Nevins... Special Education Teacher The motion carried unanimously. Co/Extra Curricular Evaluation System Mrs. Stevens moved, second by Mr. Lynch, the Board approve the following Co/Extra-Curricular nominations: Bill Young... Baseball, Varsity Assistant Coach Carissa Wells... ($1.00) Middle School Track Assistant Coach Michael Pare...($1.00) Tennis, Varsity Assistant Coach Justin Leonard... Spring Weight Room Supervisor Ronald Williams... Spring Weight Room Supervisor Robert Lang... ($1.00) Middle School (B) Lacrosse Assistant Coach Jerome Lachance...($1.00) Baseball Assistant Coach The motion carried unanimously. Mrs. Stevens moved, second by Mrs. O Connor, the Board approve second reading and adoption of the Principal Evaluation System. The motion carried by majority vote. Nominations 14/15 Mrs. Stevens moved, second by Mrs. Stokes, the Board approve the Teacher nominations as presented. First Year Teachers Rita Ciambra Valerie Cunha Lauren Demers Karen Kronenberg Jennifer Readel Jennifer Buinicky Sheena Donohue Josie Earle Annah Kelley Brandon Knox Stacey Libby Page 3 of 11

4 Braden Ott Benjamin Poulin Carrie DiBernardo Rebecca Duarte Lisa Forsley Robert Levin Robert Nienhouse Dina Allen Nathan Cutting Shea Harriman Jeremy Jason Second Year Teachers Lauren Barrett Christine Comeau Sarah Boyle Ian Culling Jennifer DeCost Alicia Hopkins Christopher Tebo Danielle Costanza Mary Cynthia Dodge-Hobson Third Year Teachers Donna Turner Darren Scopel Meredith Tansey Anthony Baker Chelsey Caudill Babbin Mary Else Nichole Ficken Amy Garland Wendy Iffland Emily Nasberg Michael Parker Sarah Quinn Laura Lewis Andrea Pastelis Peter Sajko Lee Sims Kathleen Tobin Crista Woolley Carl Krukoff Travers Desjardins Carla Jennison Nancy Peterson-Caton Kelly Shaw William David Murdoch Jessica Quinn Allison Wolfe Jennifer Warren Lisa Hernandez Parsell Robert Kelley Janice Tilton Katie Yavlinskiy Tiffany Adam Joanne Riker Judith Drake James Knowles Bailey Agakian Kaleigh Betke Melissa Cunliffe Shaune Shields William Wesley Karen Yates Carla Prince Courtney Goldstein Continued Contract Teachers Pamela McAdam-Silver Judith Robbins Linda Durant Elizabeth Gaudette Jaca Hussey Gwen Morrison Bonnie Mulcahy Dennis Emerson Patricia Crowe Patricia LeClair Donna Gagnon Kathryn Wright Georgia Blougouras Joanne Houston Heidi Mason Maureen LeFebvre Shelly Gingras Susan Abbiati Karen Carignan Kenneth Voss Tammy Melcher Gail Nelson Tina Amorim Thomas Power David Colson Kathy DeGrechie Gail Terra Michael Bergeron Page 4 of 11

5 Lynn Vail Karen Muzzey Marilyn Shepardson Richard Choate Carleen Riordan Monica Ferland Jennifer Strubinger Davita Fortier Karen Good Vicki O'Donnell Pamela Baxter Kristen Sturtevant Melissa Hunt Linda S. Stevens Katherine Grace Karen Lindsay Sheila Colson Debra Boynton Terese Dwyer Deborah Bostrom Frederick Apt, Jr. Michael Ann Case Nancy Ferguson Adam Black Cathi Cherry-Liston Susan Schuler Anne Smith Karen Walter Dorothy Sylvia Linda Davis Lisa Hevey Suzette Wilson Rachel Legard Claudia Watson Susan Printy Pamela Gelinas Raymond Poliquin Linda Crosby Marie Bahlert Nancy Wachowiak Paul George Frances Bauer Laura Smith Raeann Cossette-Clarke Eric Diamond Shirley Greer Patricia Glasson Steven Comita Mary Jo Snyder Deborah Bonsteel Clayton McKenney, II Julie Thompson Pahm Allard Michelle Bernier Andrea Lancey Nancy Graham Cheryl Hanscom Maryann Leahy Allison Leach Margaret Skafidas Abra Andrews Jennifer Daly Lawrence Smaracko Warren (Lex)Buzzell Jr. Clara Bolster Lisa Byrne Donna Gilbert Sara Toussaint Katherine Doherty Paula Kenyon Lori Thompson Robert Desjardins Robert Fortier Laura Harwood Susan Westfall Lynda Baita Susan Ernsting Carrie Feyler Kathleen Hicks Billi Joy Curtis Lalonde Lynn Murdough Kursla Robinson Terry Karnan Richard Poole Rosemarie Chagnon Christine Moss Lee Murphy Donna Ackerman George Ackerman, Jr. Julia Hart Cynthia Kosko John Simas Constance Studer Maureen Callaghan Jennifer Gilman Cheryl L. Richardson Jennifer Saucier Danielle Veno Christine Evans Gayle Gary Linda Cushman Marie Flesher Sean Kenney Caryn Costello Robin Hutchins Page 5 of 11

6 Stephen Hyzer Margaret Michaud Karen Jenkins Debra Marcotte Kelly Twombly-McMullen Karrie Brady Donna Egan Mary Mojica Janet Nickless Christina Rapoza Jennifer Cabral Victoria Asbury Eloisa Darcy Judith Drew Pamela Pedrick Lori Gilbert Vickie Carr Lea Marshall Kathleen Prewitt Nancy Rhoades Thomas Muzzey Sarah Reardon Raymond Pillsbury Kelly Gray Nancy Davis Valerie Knowles Carolann Simpson Bethann Welch Thomas Daly Mark Sampson Gail Corey Nancy Hay Alicia Goff Joan Ouellette Kelley Simpson Bronald (John) Vasalle Jennifer Anderson Melissa Arsenault Melissa Marcotte Caitlen McCarthy Timothy Shuffleton Nicole Bandera Linda Burks Maegan Jerr Barbara Kelly Susan Mann Kristen Truax Joanne Johnson Michael O'Brien Allen Spader Jason Talon Jennifer Cyr Danielle Dooley Karen Dunn Eric Maserati Nicole Merrigan Scott Prieto Mary Glidden Lee Sheedy Christie LeClair Amy Clark Brandon Albert Christine Ballentine Sandra Byrne Deborah Cooper Rosemarie Hoffmann Dianne Moses Sherrilynn Pedrick Adrienne Smith Beth Wiggins Kevin Boyle Breinne Famulari Virginia Farkas Shara Hughes Tracy Mitropoulos Heidi Zollman Erin Ferland Jessamyn Onufer Danarae Menzie Jason Eberl Gregory Riley Michele Gaulin Amy Hanssen (Applegate) Sonya Cusack McCafferty Robert Gee Susan Richman Jessica Shearn Susan Kelley Kimberly Behrens Sara Cantrell Donna Spaulding Christina Stokel Cassandra Sweatt Meghan Walkama Dawn Connelly Bonita Varney-Lachance Leovi Durand Katie Taylor Michael Gott Jacky LeHoullier Ann Casey-Leahy Kari Geisler Jennifer Hedman Michele Leahey Peggy Leary Sean Sullivan Page 6 of 11

7 Nanette Vaughan Anne Milne Stephen Nugent Dorothy Hardy Anne Lennig Jill Sinclair Cheryl Wisminiti Sierra Faist Carla Femino Audra Lurvey Laurie Tremblay Katherine Akridge Jennifer Ford Erin Kelly Jill Mahan Thomas Pearce Melinda Rousselle (Holdaway) Elizabeth Callahan Jacqueline Pelletier Amy Boyd Kathleen Cotton Lauren Despins Lorraine Barrows Erich Dietel Douglas Farquhar Shannon Caron Patricia Croteau Kimberly Desrochers Elizabeth Gouzoules-Walton Lisa Venezia Kristen White Joanne Allfrey Jennifer Brock Loren Peet Kirsten Gowdy Chris Turgeon Emily Carroll Elizabeth Lampron Tracy Smith Tracey Tibbetts Susan Zoller Kristy Croft Kimberly Terry Samantha Dowe Lisa Harrison Deborah Allard Richard Moore Steven Prescott Jonathan Rourke Daniel Saucier Jennifer Rourke Sally Stailey Erica Stofanak Courtney Clairwood Michael Cooper Christina Desjardins Paul Kuliga Paul Lewis Bianca Begin Sora Martindale Donald Betz, III Kathryn McWhirk Blaze Raber Monique Temple Jessica Burrows Jennifer Doherty Jessica Parker Ellen Bartley Jill Weeks Lori West Mark Blaisdell Kara Burton Margaret Doucet Ronald Goodwin Nancy Clark John Duplinsky Justin Tardif Jamie Thomas Kenneth Daynard Claudia Ferro Jennifer Jean Amanda Spellman Karen Malsbenden Sharon Ridley Sarah Howard Ryan Yelinko Judith Goodnow Monique Shutt Martin Wintje Stephanie McSharry Request for action on the motion to be deferred until after non-public session. R.O.T.C. Mrs. Stevens moved, second by Mrs. Stokes, the Board approve the ROTC nominations of Daniel Heeter and Joseph Kerrigan. The motion carried unanimously. Page 7 of 11

8 Administrators Mrs. Stevens moved, second by Mrs. O Connor, the Board approve the Administrator nominations as follows: Lynn Allen Christiane Allison Kelly Borish Robin Brown Linda Casey Kathleen Crosby Kathy Dubois Suzanne Filippone Lori Gay Kevin Hebert Jennifer Hersom Michael Hopkins Adam Houghton Jennifer Katz-Borrin Stephen LeClair The motion carried unanimously. Lorne Lucas Erin Mahoney Pamela Martin Michelle McAlister Valerie McKenney Mary Moriarty Maureen Oakman Gwen Rhodes David Robbins Justin Roy Charlene Shields Coby Troidl Peter Weaver David Yasenchock Special Services Committee: Baseball Club Ms. Brown moved, second by Mrs. Stokes, the Board approve a self-funded Middle School Baseball Club; with no coaching stipend. Lengthy discussion ensued regarding the sustainability of the program, benefits, and potential future costs. A roll call vote as requested follows: YES: Mrs. Bryant, Dr. Pastelis, Mrs. Dunton, Mrs. Stevens, Mr. Watson, Mrs. Stokes, Mr. Turner, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Pappas NO: Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. O Connor, Ms. Brown, Mr. Harkinson The motion carries with a vote of 9 to 4. Finance Committee: Supplemental Request Dr. Pastelis moved, second by Mrs. Stokes, the Board approve a Supplemental Appropriations request to City Council in the amount of $540,000. Mrs. Stevens moved, second by Dr. Pastelis, to amend the motion changing the requests amount to $240,000. The motion to amend carried unanimously. The motion on the floor as amended carried unanimously. Archive Back-Up Storage Dr. Pastelis moved, second by Mrs. Stokes, the Board approve the bid from RP Pro, LLC of Medina, OH in the amount of $12,198 for an Archive Device. The motion carried unanimously. Dr. Pastelis moved, second by Mr. Pappas, the Board approve the bid from CDW Government, LLC of Vernon Hills, IL in the amount of $12,145 for a Back-Up Storage Device. The motion carried unanimously. Stipends Dr. Pastelis moved, second by Ms. Brown, the Board approve the Title IIA funded stipend requests in the amount of $1,500 each to Jennifer Hersom, Page 8 of 11

9 Elementary Mentor Coordinator; Margaret Skafidas, Middle School Mentor Coordinator; and Caitlen McCarthy, High School Mentor Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously. Sod Installation Discipline Committee: Policy Committee: Second Reading Dr. Pastelis moved, second by Ms. Brown, the Board approve the bid from A.J. Cameron Sod Farms of Farmington, NH in the amount of $9,600 for sod installation on the SHS Field; with approval to work with the vendor at their square foot price up to the $15,000 budgeted for sod replacement. Mr. Watson moved, second by Mrs. Stevens, to table the motion until May. The motion carried unanimously. Mr. Harkinson moved, second by Mrs. Stokes, the Board accept the Committee s recommendations as set out in the backup* regarding cases heard at the March 17, 2014 and April 1, 2014 meetings. The motion carried unanimously. *(In accordance with the federal FERPA, 20 U.S.C (g) the backup materials are not part of the publicly available minutes.) Dr. Pastelis moved, second by Mrs. O Connor, the Board approve second reading and adoption of policy JGD-R3, Simple Assault Parental Notification. The motion carried unanimously. Dr. Pastelis moved, second by Mrs. O Connor, the Board approve second reading and adoption of policy GBCBA, Prohibition of Staff Use of Drugs and Alcohol. The motion carried unanimously. Dr. Pastelis moved, second by Mrs. O Connor, to table policy GCQB, Reduction in Certified Staff. The motion carried unanimously. First Reading The Committee recommends to the Board for first reading policy JICDD, Student Discipline: Out-of-School Actions for deletion. Committee Reports Special Committees Joint Building Committee AREA Agreement Review Committee Old Business New Business No action required. Dr. Pastelis provided a review of the March 10, 2014 meeting. Mr. Harkinson provided a review of the March 18, 2014 meeting. He indicated that the Wakefield Board wanted to send more than 10% of their students to schools other than Rochester; as was approved by this Board in March. No Rochester School Board Member moved to reconsider the Board s March action. None Goal-Setting/Reporting Mr. Turner presented an in-depth report and recommendations to establish structured methods to define schools strengths and weaknesses; utilizing established metrics. Page 9 of 11

10 Other Non-Public Session Public Session NHSBA Nominations Letter of Concern Mr. Turner moved, second by Mrs. Dunton, the Board approve forming an ad hoc committee to: develop a clear, comprehensive academic report card to be posted on the district website, which incorporates critical education milestones and key initiatives; sets performance goals for the upcoming school year(s); covers a 5+ year time horizon to highlight trends, updated at least annual; benchmarks Rochester performance vs. NH State averages; celebrates and propagates accomplishments and includes specific action plans for areas of under-performance; and will be implemented by the start of the school year. Revise Policy BA, Board Operational Goals to incorporate detailed reporting, planning and goal-setting requirements, to include: short-term and long-range operational measures, plans and goals; and formal project plans for new programs that include deliverables, exit criteria, schedules and measures of effectiveness. Board members discussed the merits of the proposal as presented; a consensus of the Board was to have time to review the material and have more in-depth discussion at the Committee level before formal approval. Mrs. Dunton withdrew her second; the presentation will be moved to the Instruction Committee for further review. None Dr. Pastelis moved, second by Mrs. Stokes, the Board enter non-public session at 8:43 p.m. in accordance with RSA 91-A:3, II (a) to discuss the dismissal, promotion, or compensation of any public employee or the disciplining of such employee, or the investigation of any charges against them. The roll call vote as follows: YES: NO: Ms. Brown, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Stokes, Mr. Watson, Mrs. Stevens, Mr. Harkinson, Dr. Pastelis, Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. O Connor, Mr. Pappas, Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Dunton None After a brief recess, the Board entered non-public session at 8:48 p.m. Mr. Lynch moved, second by Mrs. Stokes, the Board re-enter public session at 8:57 p.m. The motion carried unanimously. Dr. Pastelis updated Board members on the availability of a School Board Orientation and Chair Workshop sponsored by the NHSBA on April 29 th in Concord or May 1 st in Whitefield. The motion on the floor to approve the Teacher nominations carried unanimously. Mr. Harkinson was given a letter by a Rochester taxpayer who chose not to speak in public session due to the number of children present which addressed concerns regarding Board members interaction with one another at meetings. If a Board member has any concerns please let Mr. Harkinson or Mr. Hopkins know. Page 10 of 11

11 Adjournment Ms. Brown moved, second by Mrs. O Connor, to adjourn. On a unanimous vote, the Board adjourned at 9:00 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Michael L. Hopkins Board Secretary Page 11 of 11