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1 FAST, SAFE AND SECURE ONLINE MONEY TRANSFER NOW AVAILABLE ON THE BFC APP Monday, January 15, 2018 Issue No Fils newsofbahrain nob_bh Tel: x Bahrain-Saudi health cooperation Supreme Council for Health (SCH) Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have agreed to hold meetings and workshops and exchange expertise on the implementation of the health insurance programmes. This was revealed as Supreme Council for Health President Lieutenant-General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa and Health Minister Faeqa bint Said Al-Saleh received a Saudi delegation by Health Ministry Undersecretary for Planning. P 03 Gasoline price hike: MPs demand compensation P 06 Hawaii missile alert sparks anger Bahrain retains Islamic finance rankings DT News Network Bahrain has been ranked second globally and first in the MENA region in the fifth edition of the Islamic Finance Development Report and Indicator (IFDI) by Thomson Reuters and the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) the private sector development arm of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). This is the fifth consecutive year that Bahrain has retained its second place, following Malaysia in first position. As our region undergoes a dramatic economic transformation, the GCC presents exciting opportunities for international investors. Islamic Finance is a core pillar of our region s offering, said Khalid Hamad, Executive Director of Banking Supervision at the Central Bank of Bahrain. We also continue to see investments made in technology and these are making a tangible impact, unlocking innovation and entrepreneurship. We see huge potential in the connection between technology and Islamic finance; with technology being a disruptive force across so many industries, Bahrain is continually in a strong position to leverage the opportunities available. Islamic finance assets grew 7 per cent globally to US$2.2 trillion in 2016 and are projected to reach US$3.8 trillion by 2022, showing great momentum in the sector. With 24 Islamic banks holding assets valued at over US$25.7 billion, Bahrain is making great strides through the promotion of Islamic finance education and literacy. (Continued on Page 4) Kingdom maintained second place in global ranking in Islamic finance for fifth year in a row Kingdom also retained its first position in the MENA Nation making great strides in Islamic finance education and literacy Islamic finance assets grew 7pc globally to US$2.2 trillion in 2016 Global assets projected to reach US$3.8 trillion by 2022 P 02 Miraculous escape for passengers as plane skids off runway, get stuck on cliff edge

2 2 Monday, January 15, 2018 Plane skids off runway A passenger plane skidded off the runway at Trabzon Airport in Turkey Emergency service crews at the scene Trucks try to pull back the stuck aircraft at Trabzon Airport passenger plane skidded off a runway and A was left stuck precariously on the side of a cliff in northeast Turkey last night. All 162 passengers and crew on board the Pegasus Airlines Boeing miraculously escaped, with no serious injuries reported, following the incident at Trabzon Airport, on Turkey s Black Sea coast. Authorities are yet to establish what led to the budget airline plane to veer off the runway shortly after landing, with unverified reports suggesting the incident may have been caused by a bird strike. Photographs from the scene showed the plane, which departed from the Turkish capital of Ankara on Saturday evening, stuck on a frozen muddy slope with the nose of the aircraft just metres from the sea below. Data from flight tracking website RadarBox suggests the aircraft struggled to slow down on the runway, reporting the plane was travelling at a speed of 110 knots (204km/h) on the final third of the runway. Panicked passengers were evacuated from the aircraft early on Sunday after emergency service crews arrived at the scene. One unnamed passenger told Turkish media they waited inside the plane for at least 20 minutes waiting for help to arrive. There was a smell of fuel inside so we all thought the plane [would] explode, but thankfully it did not happen, they said. Another passenger, Fatma Gördü, said there anguish and people screaming on board after the plane landed in rainy conditions, adding the aircraft started shaking on the runway. We tilted to the side, the front was down while the plane s rear was up. There was panic. People shouting, screaming, she told state-run news agency Anadolu. Another passenger, Yüksel Gördü, said it was a miracle that they survived the ordeal. The plane could have caught fire or fell into the sea. I thank God it didn t. I feel like going crazy whenever I think about these moments, he said. Footage posted on social media showed at least one of the aircraft s windows had been smashed and another clip appeared to show one of the plane s engines in the water. Trabzon Governer Yucel Yavuz said the cause of the accident, which resulted in the airport being closed for several hours, is not yet known. We ve taken all necessary measures, he told Turkish media. We will reopen the airport to airport traffic as soon as possible. Pegasus Airlines said in a statement they were sorry to report that Flight PC 8622 had a runway excursion incident during landing. All 162 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 cabin crew have been disembarked safely from the aircraft. There has been no loss of life or injury to anyone on board, the statement said. Turkish Airlines said two inbound flights to Trabzon and a scheduled flight from the city to Istanbul were cancelled as a result of the incident. All services have now been resumed as normal. (The Telegraph) Miraculous escape for passengers

3 Monday, January 15, Gasoline price hike: MPs demand compensation Muhannad Mansour/DTNN MPs in the House of Representatives are seeking to compensate citizens for the sudden gasoline price hike that was implemented last week by the Government. Several committees in the House held their regular weekly meetings yesterday and postponed their work agenda to discuss the price increase enforced from last Monday. The majority of members of the council s Legislative and Legal Committee, Public Utilities and Environment Committee and Services Committee suggested a clear mechanism to compensate citizens should be put in place at the earliest. However, they didn t specify the compensation amounts. Their weekly work agendas were postponed and the gasoline price hike was exceptionally discussed, as per the instructions of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al Mulla, as part of the preparations for a government-parliamentary meeting that is scheduled to be held today to discuss the redirection of subsidies to only benefit citizens. The meeting follows the directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee Head MP Majid Interior Minister postpones hike in traffic services fees Al Majid, Public Utilities and Services Committee Head MP Mohsen Al Bakri and Services Committee Head MP Abbas Al Madhi all confirmed following their meetings that a suggestion to immediately stop the decision to hike gasoline prices was also discussed among committees members. As reported on DT News last Tuesday, the price of gasoline was suddenly increased at all fuel stations in the Kingdom. The price Jayyid fuel (91-octane) was increased to 140fils/litre after it was sold for 125fils/litre since the last price hike in January, Mumtaz fuel (95-octane) price was also increased from 160fils/litre to A mechanism has been suggested to compensate citizens 200fils/litre. This irked the MPs as they weren t consulted by the concerned authority before the prices were increased. They even threatened to suspend all of their weekly meetings until the decision is withdrawn and the old prices are implemented once again. It s worth mentioning that the latest edition of the Official Gazette was published on Thursday and mentioned that the price increase came as per Resolution 1 of 2018 of Oil Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa and that it comes into effect beginning January 8, In another development and similar to the MPs recommendation, MP Isa Al Kooheji submitted an urgent proposal to increase the antiinflation allowances granted by the government to citizens by BD100. The proposal stipulates that married Bahrainis earning BD300 or less a month should be granted BD200 instead of the existing BD100, while the two other categories earning BD301- BD700 and BD701-BD1,000 should be granted BD175 and BD150, respectively. Fire destroys Maatam in Malkiya Sheikh Al Asfoor (3rd from right) inspecting the damages caused by the fire DT News Network Interior Minister Lieutenant General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa yesterday postponed a ministerial order to increase certain fees in traffic services, a few hours after it was publicised in the Official Gazette. The Interior Ministry yesterday announced that the minister directed to postpone the ministerial order No (9) of 2018 of the fees for the services of the General Directorate of Traffic. The order included an increase in certain services provided by the directorate, such as driving license renewal, vehicle registration and other services. The increase went viral on social networks, especially that it comes within two weeks of imposing several taxes and increasing the prices of multiple products such as gasoline, and cinema and parking tickets. DT News Network fire destroyed the interior A of a Maatam (community and religious centre) in the Northern Governorate in the wee hours of yesterday without causing any casualties. According to Interior Ministry, the incident took place in Malkiya Village at around 1:15 am and it was caused by an electric short circuit. The ministry said its Civil Defence Directorate extinguished the fire and added that necessary procedures were taken. Jaffaria Waqf Directorate (JWD) in the Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry later confirmed that the incident occurred at Imam Al Redha Maatam in the village. JWD is the official authority in charge of Maatams and religious centres of the Jaffari sect. JWD President Sheikh Mohsen Al Asfoor visited the site and was briefed about the causes of the fire and the damages it caused. He instructed the concerned officials in the directorate to follow up on the matter and issue a report in coordination with the relevant authorities. The directorate is keen on taking care of mosques and maatams and always stresses the need to comply with all technical and safety requirements when building or expanding them, Sheikh Al Asfoor. On his part, Al Redha Maatam Head Sayed Mohammed explained that the fire was caused by an electric short circuit that occurred at the air-conditioners main switch. He added that the fire damaged the whole interior of facility but didn t cause any injuries.

4 4 Monday, January 15, 2018 Wali Al Ahad highway project 60% completed DT News Network Expansion works of Wali Al Ahad Highway in Riffa has attained 60 per cent completion. The BD1,969,265 project expands the highway into three lanes in each direction as well as revamps all its intersections. This was announced during a visit of Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning Essam Khalaf to the project s worksite between Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway flyover and the Clock Roundabout to the East. Roads Projects & Maintenance Director Sayyed Bader Alawi, Roads Planning & Design Director Kadhim Abdul Latif, Acting Communications Director Hafedh Abdulghaffar and a number of engineers from the Ministry accompanied the minister. In addition to the reconstruction works, the project focuses on constructing brick pavements, implementing a stormwater drainage network, lighting, signage and protecting the existing services. Explaining the work progress, Roads Construction Chief and Project Engineer Fathi Al Farei told the minister that they are currently implementing stormwater drainage network on both directions, as well as carrying out civil works, reclamation and laying of asphalt at some portion of the highway. Construction of side pavements and concrete wall along the central reservation is also ongoing, the minister was informed. Commenting on the project, the Minister said: The biggest challenge the Ministry faced was the transfer and protection of services, especially high voltage ground cables. The highway, the Minister pointed out, witnesses a traffic Islamic banking regulations praised From Page 1 Bahrain s Islamic regulatory environment, where the Kingdom was placed first globally in overall regulations and in Shariah governance, was also praised. The Central Bank of Bahrain, recently, released a new Shari ah Governance module which is significantly impacting the Shari a compliance and governance standards among Islamic banks in Bahrain, in an effort to set clear benchmarks for the global Islamic banking market. The Shari a Governance module sets higher standards of transparency, governance and competence, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the management and the Board of Directors towards Shari a compliance. Fundamental to the growth of all banks is the power of data. Supporting the development of its financial services industry, Bahrain has also just been announced as the regional The Minister with officials during the visit leader in ICT Development for the fourth year running, enabling other sectors to take advantage of the state-of-theart technology available in the Kingdom. With Bahrain s very high level of internet usage, we are capitalising on the development of the ICT sector, said John Kilmartin, Executive Director of ICT at the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB). Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the launch of its first Region in the Middle East based in Bahrain. This is an indicator of the sentiment around investment in ICT here. We are in a unique position to foster the growth of disruptive technologies and promote innovation in traditional industries. The index measures ICT development based on skills, access and usage, relying on quantitative data sources from UNESCO and ITU. Bahrain is leading the MENA region in Khalid Hamad the ICT Development Index, ranking 33 out of a total of 188 countries worldwide, and far ahead of the other players in the region. Furthermore, Bahrain s key strengths rest on an extremely high level of internet penetration, with 98% of the population being active internet users; this compares to an average of only 77.6% in European countries. It has amongst the highest levels of smartphone ownership, supporting a significant level of social media and online banking usage. John Thomas Kilmartin The Kingdom is supporting the disruptive power of technology and the growth of new industries by continuing with a policy of regulatory reform. This year saw the establishment of a regulatory sandbox, the introduction of Shari a-compliant and traditional crowdfunding regulations, and saw the launch of Bahrain Fintech Bay, the largest Fintech hub in the Middle East, creating the right framework for technology to disrupt traditional Islamic finance. volume of around 73,000 vehicles daily. It also contains a number of important facilities and institutions, on both sides, such as the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital, the Military Consumer Association, the Southern Governorate Security Police Sunny Kulathakal was sworn in as the President of Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO). Kulathakal who is actively involved with Gopio from 2004 served the Organisation as its Middle East Co-Ordinator, Executive Vice-President & Global Ambassador. This is also the first time, in the history of the 30-yearold New York-based global organisation, an Indian from Middle East region has been elected to handle the post, which all these years were enjoyed by Indians from the US and Europe. GOPIO, Kulathakal said, has many schemes in the pipeline including starting chapters in all part of the world as well as rehabilitation Department, the Supreme Council for Women, Wadi Al Sail Mall, Wadi Al Sail School, Wadi Al Sail Housing Project and other important establishments. The project is being carried out by Eastern Asphalt & Concrete. GOPIO names new president of Gulf returnees. President of the Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi, Indian politician and former diplomat Shashi Tharoor and entrepreneur Sam Pitroda congratulated Kulathakal.

5 Monday, January 15, Activists furious as stray dogs poisoned to death Harpreet Kaur/DTNN Animal activists have created a rage on social media as stray dogs continue to be poisoned to death in certain areas in the Capital. The five dogs that were living in the scrub area next to houses being built opposite Hamala Beach Resort were all there on Friday afternoon, when they were fed. The very next day around 8:00 am, I found that one of the dogs were poisoned, very close to the Hamala Beach Resort barrier, said Jacqui Starley, an animal welfare activist. I went looking for the other four dogs to find only one in their usual location. Later that day another one was spotted dead, next to the houses where they hang out. Further, the two others are missing and are feared dead, while the body of the second dead dog is still at the site with only one surviving, said Starley who was closely working with animal activist groups, providing aid to stray dogs, especially when they are in a critical or malnourished condition. Two days ago yet again two puppies were found dead after being poisoned in Tubli. There are still four puppies along with their canine mother in the area and we are afraid that something might happen to them too, said Tarek Jawad, another animal welfare activist. While Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) has advised pet owners to not allow their pets to eat anything on the ground or supplied in a container. They have also advised the public to report incidents of possible poisoning to the police. Animal welfare activists had called for immediate action against dog-killers after dozens of stray dogs were apparently poisoned in the Capital Governorate. Interior Ministry on the incident had tweeted that it s following up on the poisoning incidents. Capital Governorate Police is investigating the case of a circulated video through social media of dead dogs found in Tubli after they were poisoned, it was posted on the ministry s official Twitter page. Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry, which is in charge of municipalities in the Kingdom also commented: The ministry is implementing an effective strategy to tackle the stray dogs phenomenon within the frame of the law and animal welfare regulations. Any cases related to the matter could be reported to the ministry on A stray dog lying dead at Hamala

6 6 Monday, January 15, 2018 Hawaii missile alert sparks anger An emergency alert urging Hawaiians to seek immediate shelter rattled nerves and sowed confusion before it was confirmed to be a false alarm Honolulu Authorities faced anger and demands for answers yesterday after a false alarm about an incoming ballistic missile caused panic in Hawaii, a Pacific archipelago already on edge over fears of a North Korean attack. The notification was sent out just after 8:00 am (1800 GMT) on Saturday, lighting up phones with a disturbing alert urging people to seek immediate shelter. Emergency management officials later admitted the wrong button was pushed during a shift change. But it took nearly 40 minutes for a corrected message to be issued -- with Hawaii s governor saying there was no automatic way to cancel the false alarm, meaning it had to be done manually. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is responsible for standards, procedures and testing protocols for the Emergency Alert System that delivered the false alert, promised a full investigation. The alert, which read BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, sparked panic, with people rushing for safety whether in a bathtub, a basement, a manhole or cowering under mattresses. And after it was declared a false alarm and the panic had subsided, there was anger, with many asking how such an error could have happened. Terrified and angry Everyone in America needs to understand that if you had to go through this, you would be as angry as I am, Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii wrote on social media. We re terrified and angry. Called my parents. Called my sister. Husband and I were shaking, verge of tears. Waited 40 minutes for a correction. No confidence in this emergency alert system, photographer Aislinn Victoria said on Twitter. Adventurer Alison Teal called it the worst moment of my life. The erroneous message came after months of soaring tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, with North Korea claiming it had successfully tested ballistic missiles that could deliver atomic warheads to the United States, including Hawaii s chain of volcanic islands. We made a mistake I deeply apologize for the trouble and heartbreak that we caused today, said Vern Miyagi, administrator of Hawaii s Emergency Management Agency. We made a mistake, he acknowledged at a press conference. We ve spent the last few months trying to get ahead of this whole threat, so that we could provide as much notification and preparation to the public, he said, pledging to investigate what happened so that this doesn t happen again. As screenshots of the cell phone warning went viral on social media, Gabbard quickly tweeted that it was a FALSE ALARM with Hawaii s EMA confirming there is NO missile threat to Hawaii. US military spokesman David Benham later said US Pacific Command has detected no ballistic missile threat to Hawaii. Earlier message was sent in error. When a corrected message was eventually sent out, it read: There is no missile threat or danger to the state of Hawaii. What happened today was totally unacceptable, Hawaii Governor David Ige said. I m sorry for that pain and confusion that anyone might have experienced. The White House said President Donald Trump was briefed about the incident, calling the alert purely a state exercise. Terrifying Teal, the adventurer and Hawaiian native, said everyone was in a panic. Traveling the world as an extreme adventurer, I ve been in very scary situations from snowstorms to sharks to hot lava. Nothing as terrifying as a missile coming to kill everyone you know and love, she said. Lauren McGowan, who was on holiday in Maui with family and friends, was heading for breakfast when the alert came through. They returned to their hotel, where staff quickly took them to a basement cafeteria and distributed water and food, with the rush to the shelter causing confusion, particularly for the children in the group, she said. Writing on Twitter, Andy Priest said his parents thought they were going to die. My mom started to get up to go, and my Dad told her that if it was their time to go, he wanted to be looking at the ocean and enjoying the view, he wrote. Several golfers participating in the US PGA Tour s Sony Open in Honolulu were also caught up in the false alarm. Under mattresses in the bathtub with my wife, baby and inlaws, American golfer John Peterson tweeted. Please lord let this bomb threat not be real. Trump posturing The alert went out just a month after Hawaii tested its nuclear attack siren system for the first time since the Cold War era in a drill which will now be conducted monthly, an emergency management spokesperson said. Trump -- who has used bombastic rhetoric about Pyongyang and its leader Kim Jong-Un -- has yet to react to the false warning. He recently said he would be willing to speak directly with Kim, with whom he has traded sharp words over North Korea s missile and nuclear tests. But Gabbard accused Trump of posturing and not taking the North Korean nuclear threats seriously, urging him to begin direct talks with Pyongyang without preconditions. The people of Hawaii should never have had to go through this. The people of America should not be faced with this threat right now. We need peace -- not political bickering, the Democratic lawmaker tweeted. (AFP) This photo illustration screenshot shows emergency alert messages received on a cellphone in Honolulu Representative picture

7 Monday, January 15, Tamkeen awarded ISO certification (9001: 2015) Labour Fund Tamkeen has been awarded the latest ISO 9001: 2015 certification. The implementation of the best quality management standard, according to Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi Tamkeen s Chief Executive, puts Tamkeen among the first government organisations to adopt the highest standards of quality in performance. Obtaining ISO is not only a culmination of Tamkeen s efforts, but also the beginning of a new phase in which the quality system is monitored, measured and evaluated periodically under the full responsibility of senior management based on risk analysis, and to communicate at all levels about the organization s status and effectiveness, he added. Tamkeen is one of the first government organizations to obtain the latest version of this certificate, to improve the quality of services provided to customers as effectively as possible. The declaration of quality policies has been published clearly to all as it is one of the requirements of the ISO, which comes consistent with the transparency as one of Tamkeen s core values, Dr Janahi added. The certificate enables further development in supporting Individuals and Businesses, Dr Janahi Dr Janahi said that the launch of a new three-year strategy and developing its operational plan to increase its efficiency comes in line with the requirements of the advanced ISO standards. Saudi aims 100pc literacy Jeddah Saudi Arabia yesterday announced plans to eradicate illiteracy by According to government data released by Saudi Gazette illiteracy rate in the Kingdom was 60% in 1972, but in 2018 the illiteracy rate is less than 5.6%. The Kingdom has made great strides in adult education and literacy programmes over the years. In 1972, Saudi established the Adult Education and Literacy System and in the General Secretariat for Adult Education and Literacy. These moves paid dividends as the Kingdom won the King Sejong Prize for Literacy in 1986, the Unesco Prize for the Eradication of Cultural Illiteracy in 1996 and the Noma Literacy Prize in Saudi Arabia s Vision 2030 is now the driving force behind a number of education reforms. This year s budget allocated SR192 billion on the education sector. This year Saudi students will take part in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) for the first time. The test is issued every three years by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to 15-year-olds across the globe to measure reading, maths and science comprehension. On Jan. 8 of each year, the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) celebrates Arab Literacy Day, proclaimed by the Arab League in 1970 as part of its major projects designed to provide universal primary education, combat illiteracy. The proclamation of the Arab Literacy Day coincided with the establishment of a special literacy body called Regional Literacy Organization, whose name was changed into the Arab Literacy and Adult Education Organization. (Saudi Gazette) Tamkeen, Dr Janahi said, is focusing implementing the latest developments in addition to holding training courses for employees to enhance and develop their skills in this field. Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi

8 8 BUSINESS Monday, January 15, 2018 Top bankers from Bahrain and the Union of Arab Banks have pledged full support to Iraq in improving its stability and strengthening economic, trade and investment ties. This came during a recent visit of a high-level banking delegation including Adnan Ahmed Yousif, President and Chief Executive of Al Baraka Banking Group (ABG) and Chairman of the Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB), We look forward to supporting Iraq s stability and encouraging strengthening economic, trade and investment ties with Bahrain Bahraini, Arab banks to boost ties with Iraq ABG pledges full support to Iraqi banks to the Iraqi Capital, Baghdad. We look forward to supporting Iraq s stability and encouraging strengthening economic, trade and investment ties with Bahrain by opening banking financing and investment channels. We are ready to provide all banking services to Iraqi banks to achieve this goal, said Adnan Ahmed Yousif, commenting on the visit. He added: We received all the welcome and hospitality, and this is not strange to our people in Iraq, which has brotherly and historical ties with the Kingdom of Bahrain. The visit at the invitation of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks also included a delegation from the Union of Arab Banks, consisting of Wissam Fattouh, Secretary General of the Union and Raja Kammouny, Media Advisor to the Union. For his part, Wissam Fattouh, Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks expressed the Union s readiness to provide training and advice to banks and financial institutions in Iraq. Talks were held with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Dr. Ali Al-Alaq, Deputy Governor Dr. Munther Abdul Qader Al-Sheikhly, President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih Handal, general managers of the Iraqi private banks as well as a number of general managers of major government banks such as Rafidain Bank, Rasheed Bank and the heads of Islamic and traditional banks in Iraq. Egypt approves cabinet reshuffle Cairo Egypt s parliament approved yesterday a cabinet reshuffle including four new ministers, government sources said, two months ahead of a scheduled presidential election. The reshuffle included the appointment of Abu Bakr al-gendi as minister for local development, Rania al-mashat as tourism minister, Enas Abdeldayem as culture minister and Khaled Badawy as public enterprise minister. Two new ministry deputies were also appointed in the reshuffle. Housing Minister Mustafa Madbuly will continue to serve as interim prime minister while Prime Minister Sherif Ismail recovers from surgery, government sources said. Egypt is set to hold a presidential vote on March 26-28, with a run-off on April Candidates must register between Jan. 20 and 29. Egypt s last cabinet reshuffle was in February last year and included new investment and agriculture ministers. BBK held its monthly Day of Appreciation to announce the Gold & Silver Monthly Award winners within its Employee Recognition Programme for the months of November & December 2017 at its headquarters in. For all employees The programme, which recognizes and rewards all BBK employees, is aligned with the Bank s philosophy that a motivated and engaged workforce translates into a superior banking experience for its customers. Each month, different categories of Awards acknowledge high level of achievement. Gold Awards Reyadh Yousif Sater Chief Executive of BBK handed over the Gold Awards to: Noor Hassan from Financial Planning & Control and Srinivas Ganti from Risk, Credit and compliance. Silver Awards Silver Awards were handed over to Fatema Al Saad and Wael Karmustaji from Risk, Credit and compliance, Jawad Mandakar from Financial Control & Planning and Ahmed Janahi from Human Resources and Administration.

9 Monday, January 15, 2018 BUSINESS 9 Ebrahim K. Kanoo, the sole distributor of Toyota vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, launched the all-new 2018 Toyota Yaris hatchback at the Toyota showroom in Sitra. Value Beyond Belief The all-new Toyota Yaris hatchback is part of Toyota s Value Beyond Belief concept, featuring a class above fuel economy and dynamic performance along with the safety and durability that Toyota is known for. What is new? Increased comfort with major interior design modification Massive reduction in car noise with improved technology More spacious cabin with newly designed rear seats Increased shoulder and legroom Larger trunk capacity Enhanced control and handling stability For controlled and balanced driving experience: 7S Multi Drive Transmission Low Rolling-resistance Coefficient (RRC) tyres LED Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Ensuring safety: Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) Anti-Lock Brake System Tyre Pressure Monitoring System SRS airbags The all-new Toyota Yaris is now available at the Toyota showroom in Sitra. Interested customers can visit the Toyota Bahrain website on bh, call the showroom on or simply visit the showroom in Sitra. In 9 colours It is available in 9 colours that precisely accentuate the car s sporty look and identity. The Toyota Yaris has been a very successful model in Bahrain and the region since its introduction in It is the ideal compact, budget friendly car enjoyed by both corporate and personal drivers. The Toyota concept of Value Beyond Belief is especially visible here as customers get a lot more value for their money than before, -Ayman Shehadeh, Ebrahim K. Kanoo Senior Manager of Toyota Marketing Indonesia embassy postpones high level dialogue Indonesian embassy yesterday announced postponing a High Level Dialogue Building Bridges Between Bahrain & lndonesia Exploring Indonesia s Potential to be An Islamic Financial Hub until further notice. The event was scheduled on 15 January The embassy also said that due to unforeseen circumstances, Prof. Dr. Bambang P. S. Brodjonegoro, Minister of National Development Planning and Dr. Halim Alamsyah, Chairman of lndonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation who were respectively the keynote speaker and resource person at the aforementioned event regretfully are unable to attend the event. Further information will be provided in due course. Caracas Venezuela s oil production has increased to near 1.9 million barrels per day (bpd) after hitting a historic low last year, according to Manuel Quevedo, oil minister and head of state oil firm PDVSA, who vowed 2018 will see output rise to more than 2.4 million bpd. The OPEC country is facing an economic crisis, with millions suffering food and medicine shortages. Venezuela relies on oil for about 95 percent of export revenue though output has fallen significantly in recent years. The year 2018 will be one of recovery, after having touched a historic low. We are now near 1.9 million barrels of oil per day, thanks to the workers, said Quevedo, a military general, speaking in a television interview. He gave few details, sticking to general aims like eradicating corruption and placing power in workers hands as a means to revive Venezuela s oil industry. Venezuela told OPEC it produced million bpd in November, the lowest figure for the year so far. Quevedo implied that December s figure, to We are not supporting or calling for a second referendum; what we ve called for is a meaningful vote in parliament, -Jeremy Corbyn Britain s main opposition Labour Party leader on second referendum on EU membership Venezuela oil production nears 1.9m bpd: minister Islamabad Pakistan will try to privatise its national airline before general elections due this year, privatisation minister Daniyal Aziz said, as the ruling party seeks to restart sales of staterun businesses. PIA was among 68 stateowned companies earmaked for privatisation in return for a $6.7 billion International Monetary Fund package that helped Pakistan to stave off a default in Despite some initial success, the process stalled in 2016 after staff protests caused havoc with PIA operations and the government passed a law that effectively made it impossible to privatise the airline. But Aziz, chairman of the Privatisation Commission, told be published by OPEC on Thursday, would be higher. Analysts, however, expect the precipitous decline in output to continue, given the country s economic crisis. Quevedo blames U.S. sanctions and corruption for the problems, echoing President Nicolas Maduro who says Venezuela is suffering from an economic war waged by Washington. Critics blame a crumbling oil sector, tight and failing currency and price controls and an authoritarian government doubling down on a decade and a half of inept policy. (Reuters) Pakistan aims to sell national airline PIA Reuters that new plans have been drawn up to sell off PIA and he would take the proposals to the cabinet committee on privatisation, chaired by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. (Reuters)

10 10 BUSINESS Monday, January 15, 2018 Saudi market outperforms region COUNTRY/CURRENCIES BUY SELL AUSTRALIA BANGLADESH CANADA DENMARK EGYPT EURO HONGKONG INDIA INDONESIA IRAN TUMAN IRAQI DINAR JAPAN JORDAN KOREA KUWAIT MALAYSIA NEW ZEALAND NORWAY NEPAL OMAN PAKISTAN PHILIPPINES QATAR SAUDI ARABIA SINGAPORE SOUTH AFRICA SRI LANKA SWEDISH SWITZERLAND SYRIA TAIWAN THAILAND TURKEY UNITED KINGDOM UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UNITED STATES OF AMERICA YUAN Rates are for indication purpose only. For firm rates or for currencies not listed above please call Bahrain Financing Company. Telephone: , Website: COUNTRY 1 US DLR 1 UK STG 1 SFR 100 YEN BAHRAIN KUWAIT OMAN QATAR UAE SAUDI Dubai Signs of progress towards settling cases in Saudi Arabia s crackdown on corruption boosted its stock market yesterday. The Saudi index far outperformed the rest of the region as it rose 1.4 per cent to 7,440 points in active trade, rising above last September s peak of 7,429 points. Dozens of Saudi princes, officials and top businessmen - including owners of major stakes in some firms - were detained as part of the crackdown in early November. On Saturday, family-owned construction giant Saudi Binladin Group said some of its shareholders might transfer part of their holdings to the state in a settlement with authorities. The announcement boosted banking shares on Sunday with all 12 listed banks rising. Saudi British Bank jumped 4.6pc. A Saudi banker said the Binladin news appeared positive for the sector in the short term because state ownership might help the recovery of financially troubled Binladin. Meanwhile, shares in Kingdom Holding jumped 7.0pc in heavy trade to 9.31 riyals, their highest close since Nov. 5, when the detention of its chairman and owner Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was announced. A senior Saudi official told Reuters that Prince Alwaleed was negotiating a possible settlement with authorities, although he had so far not agreed on terms; he offered a certain figure but it doesn t meet the figure required from him, and until today the attorney-general hasn t approved it. Shares in Advanced Petrochemical, the first Saudi petrochemical producer to estimate whole-year 2017 earnings, dropped 2.4pc after saying that estimated annual Closing Bell SAUDI rose 1.4pc to 7,440 points. DUBAI rose 0.5pc to 3,513 points. ABU DHABI edged down 0.1pc to 4,585 points. QATAR gained 0.4pc to 9,175 points. EGYPT edged up 0.1pc to 15,255 points. KUWAIT rose 0.7pc to 6,607 points. BAHRAIN added 0.2pc to 1,319 points. OMAN edged up 0.04pc to 5,089 points. net profit fell to million riyals ($168.3 million) from million riyals because of higher feedstock prices. Elsewhere, Qatar s index added 0.4pc in heavy trade as a broad-based rally continued, with Qatar National Bank, the top lender, gaining 1.1pc ahead of its fourth-quarter earnings announcement on Tuesday. Dubai rose 0.5pc as real estate blue chip Emaar Properties rose 1.7pc. But Abu Dhabi edged down 0.1pc, despite a 2.6pc gain by Waha Capital in active trade. In Oman, ship repair and offshore services firm Renaissance Services sank 7.1pc after saying its net losses increased last year as revenues slipped. (Reuters) Bahrain Fintech Bay names new Chief Executive Officer Manager for the Bahrain the appointment of Khalid Saad The Fintech Consortium has Economic Development Board as CEO of Bahrain Fintech Bay. named Khalid Esam Saad for 8 years and has developed Khalid is the ideal person for as the Chief Executive Officer deep relationships with the role given his background (CEO) of Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB). Khalid Saad will work closely with the board of BFB to lead the development of Bahrain FinTech Bay s strategy; and oversee the implementation of its long and short-term industry and has been heavily involved in the development of the fintech ecosystem in Bahrain. Previously, he worked for Ernst & Young, where his work centered on conducting feasibility and market studies, and outstanding enthusiasm for all things fintech. We are confident that this appointment will only further strengthen the capabilities of BFB and the proposition it offers all of its stakeholders. Gerben Visser, Founder of objectives. operations plans, strategic the FinTech Consortium said: In addition, Khalid will documents and private I am delighted to have Khalid provide the senior leadership placement memorandums for come on board and believe required to coordinate and a wide array of clients. Prior to that his expertise network, communicate with the various Khalid Saad that, he was in SEI Investments knowledge and experience will stakeholders of BFB including partnerships, activities and in London. further accelerate Bahrain s founding partners, government management of the local team Maissan Al Maskati, position as a Regional FinTech bodies, local and international of Bahrain FinTech Bay. Chairman of FinTech Hub and contribute to the fintech firms, amongst others. Khalid was previously Consortium Bahrain said: I future-proofing of Bahrain s Khalid will also oversee all the a Business Development am pleased today to announce financial sector.

11 If you can t explain it simply, you don t understand it well enough, -Albert Einstein Monday, January 15, Breathe out exam stress with meditation: expert Yoga and meditation which goes a long way in improving students memory skills and concentration can boost their performance during the examination, Indian Embassy TIC Rudresh Kumar Singh said. He was addressing the Indian School students during a Stress- Free Studies Workshop for CBSE schools in Bahrain. The months of March and April, the season of CBSE board exams, come with a wave of anxiety for students of class 10 and 12. The most common woes of students include not being able to remember what they ve studied, loss of sleep and energy, lack of concentration and frightful nightmares related to the exams, Rudresh Kumar Singh said. He said the first and the most basic act of life is breathing. Breath is connected to the mind. When the mind is agitated the breathing is short, hot and faster. When the mind is relaxed the breathing is long and slow. Deeper the breath, more the intake of oxygen, more the supply of oxygen to the brain, it works more efficiently. According to him, practising any simple meditation for a few minutes just before starting studies will provide better results. It helps you learn fast, and retain longer, without getting distracted. The yogic practice of pranayama or deep breathing, he said, can be the ultimate stress buster. Whenever you feel scared or anxious during your exams, just close your eyes and take several long deep breaths. Make sure you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. You will find the nervousness getting dissipated in no time, he told the audience. There was a separate yoga session for ISB teachers as well. The session was attended by the staff of the Isa Town campus. Rudresh Kumar Singh Session for ISB teachers Yoga session at ISB Beach Cleaning at Busaiteen The Lions Club of Riffa from New Millennium The organisers provided through its charitable activities in coordination with School, British School and St. gloves, rakes and bags to towards social causes for more the Muharraq Municipality Christopher s school joined in clear the beach. Sanjay Gupta, than 22 years. We have been undertook a beach cleaning this event which was one of the President, Lions Club of Riffa regularly conducting such activity at Busaiteen Beach, Muharraq. More than 100 students largest such event promoting environmental consciousness in Bahrain. said: LoR is an organisation whose services are dedicated to the community in Bahrain events to spread environmental consciousness among students and young adults. Participants during a photocall Beach cleaning in progress

12 12 Monday, January 15, 2018 Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Mulla received IPI (International Peace Institute) President, Terje Rod-Larsen who lauded the progress witnessed by the Kingdom, under the leadership of HM the King, in various fields. The Speaker also valued highly Bahrain s efforts in promoting peace among countries and peoples. The Speaker expressed his appreciation of IPI s role, efforts and endeavours to strengthen the values of peace, tolerance and co-existence, in addition to its interest in sustainable development Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Ahme e ence of First Deputy Speaker, MP Ali Al-Aradi. Al - bilateral cooperation is progressing steadily in va National Assembly are constantly cooperating a during Asian and international parliamentary ga at Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani received Head of Al Ghad Group Hamid Fakhro accompanied by a number of group members, who are seeking to run BCCI elections for During the meeting, the Minister praised the role of BCCI in enhancing business activity and economic growth in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He also praised the efforts of all institutions working in investment field in and their active role in the economic growth of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The minister wished Al Ghad Group success in the elections and appreciated their efforts to serve Bahrain and its economy Minister of Sports Hesham bin Mohammed Al Jowder received Sudanese Ambassador to Bahrain Ibrahim Mohammed Al Hassan and discussed with him ways of boosting bilateral cooperation. He lauded deep-rooted fraternal relations between both countries and their commitment to foster pan- Arab work. The ambassador expressed appreciation of the fraternal ties binding Bahrain and Sudan. The two sides discussed ways of promoting cooperation mainly in the youth and sport field HM the King s Adviser for Media Affairs & Chairman of Bahrain Institute for Political De e (BIPD) Board of Trustees Nabeel Alhamer yesterday received the UAE Ambassador to B delridha Abdullah Khoury. They reviewed the deep-rooted fraternal cooperation ties a further boosting them in the interest of both countries and peoples, especially in the DT News Chief Editor Capt. Mahmood Al Mahmood and CEO, Abdul Jaleel Abdulla met the CEO of Takaful International Younis J Al Sayed and Deputy General Manager A. Aziz Al Othman and discussed corporate relations and business prospects

13 Monday, January 15, d bin Ibrahim Al-Mulla received the outgoing Pakistani Ambassador to Bahrain, Javed Malik, in the pres- Mulla - stressed the parliamentary support for efforts to enhance Bahraini-Pakistani relations, noting that arious fields and sectors. Al-Mulla pointed out that the Representatives Council in Bahrain and Pakistan s nd consulting on issues of shared interests through the Joint Friendship Committee, and coordinating therings Minister of Foreign Affairs Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa received the Chief Executive of the Economic Development Board (EDB), Khalid Al-Rumaihi. The minister praised EDB s achievements in supporting the national economy, diversifying sources of income and ensuring integration between various economic institutions. He affirmed the Ministry s keenness to reinforce cooperation with the Economic Development Board in order to enhance the competitiveness of the Kingdom of Bahrain at the regional and international levels Minister of Education Dr. Majid Al Nuaimi received yesterday a number of master s and doctorate degree holders in various disciplines. They presented the minister with copies of their theses, and briefed him about the themes of their master s and doctorate degrees as well as on the results they have reached. The Minister congratulated them on their degrees obtained from local and foreign universities, stressing the Higher Education Council s keenness on improving the outputs of higher education in Bahrain Supreme Council for Health (SCH) President Lieutenant-General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa and Minister of Health Faeqa bint Saeed Al Saleh received a Saudi delegation by Health Ministry Undersecretary for Planning Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Shaibani. Supreme Council for Health (SCH) Bahrain and Saudi Arabia agreed to hold coordination meetings and workshops and exchange expertise on the implementation of the health insurance programmes. The meeting was attended by Health Ministry Undersecretary Dr. Walid Al-Manea, SCH Secretary- General Ibrahim Al-Nawakhda, and Assistant Undersecretary for Primary Care Dr. Manal Al-Alawi and other senior officials velopment ahrain, Ab- ways of and media field Good Word Society Honorary President HH Shaikh Isa bin Ali bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa received Good Word Society Chairman Hassan Bouhaza a, who gave a brief update on programmes aimed at developing the Shaikh Isa bin Ali Award for Voluntary Work. Shaikh Isa stressed the importance of voluntary work as a religious, national and social value to be cultivated In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, the Bahrain Writers Circle (BWC) hosted the American Author Siobhan Fallon, who presented a fascinating insight into her journey of writing and read excerpts from her book, The Confusion of Languages

14 14 Monday, January 15, 2018 Demi Society demonizes food too much. Just remember, it s okay to eat things like cheese, flour and even sugar in moderation. #ihadwhitebreadtodayandlovedit ALos Angeles ctor Mark Wahlberg has donated $1.5 million to the Time s Up Legal Defence Fund in the name of his All the Money in the World co-star Michelle Williams. The donation comes in response to criticism over a gender pay gap for re-shoots of the movie All the Money in the World. Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for the re-shoot while Williams made just around $1,000, or $80 a day, reports Over the last few days my re-shoot fee for All the Money in the World has become an important topic of conversation, Wahlberg said in a statement. I 100 per cent support the fight for fair pay and I m donating the $1.5 million to the Time s Up Legal Defence Fund in Michelle Williams name. (IANS) Filmmaker James Cameron has praised actress Eliza Dushku s bravery for speaking up against stunt co-ordinator Joel Kramer for sexual misconduct. On Saturday, Dushku came forward with the allegations of sexual abuse by Kramer while she was working on one of her earliest roles as the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1994 film True Lies. Reportedly, Cameron, who wrote and directed True Lies, praised the bravery of the actress. Had I known about it, there would have been no mercy. Now, especially. I have daughters. There s really no mercy now, he said. (IANS) American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars broke out as a singer in 2010 with his hit Nothin on You. (thefactsite) G ame of Thrones star Carice Van Houten has joined the cast of The Glass Room. Reportedly, The film is an adaptation of Simon Mawer s 2009 novel on the love story between two women set in a house in Czechoslovakia, built by celebrity architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. According to source, Spanning more than 80 years, the story in the vein of The English Patient and Carol reflects the most dramatic events of the 20th century,. To be directed by Julius Sevcik, the film also features Hanna Alstrom, Karel Roden, Alexandra Borbely, Roland Moller and Claes Bang, among others. The Glass Room is produced by Rudolf Biermann along with Czech public. (PTI)

15 Monday, January 15, Los HAngeles ollywood actor Idris Elba had fun directing his first movie Yardie, but it was more difficult than he expected. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to direct this material, with which I can identify quite a bit. The story takes place in London and Jamaica, and it s based on the novel (Victor Headley s Yardie ), which was popular urban fiction in the 1980s and 1990s, Elba told Psychologies magazine, reports femalefirst. He added: It s been a lot of fun but the hardest thing I ve done. I never realised how difficult it was going to be, but I loved it and getting to spend time in Jamaica was phenomenal. (IANS) Pitbull January 15, 1981 Born Armando Perez, he gained fame for his 2009 album Rebelution and won the Billboard Music Award for Top Radio song for Give Me Everything in Actor Natalie Portman is in negotiations to step in for Reese Witherspoon in the Pale Blue Dot. Witherspoon left the role last year due to scheduling conflicts. Reportedly, she is, however, still on board the project as a producer along with Bruna Papandrea. The movie will be directed Noah Hawley from a script by Brian C Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi. The film is about a married astronaut who returns to Earth after a mission and begins an affair with a fellow astronaut. Pale Blue Dot will explore the theory that astronauts who spend long periods of time in space begin to lose their sense of reality when they return home. (PTI) ( American singer Selena Gomez in a clasp Proenza Schouler dress over a white Henley, black pumps, and orange cat eye sunglasses while out in London

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18 18 Monday, January 15, 2018 Across CROSSWORD 1- Dominate; 9- Haunt; 15- Confidence; 16- Elaborately adorned; 17- Unpublished; 18- Sacred place; 19- Non- Rx; 20- Hanoi holiday; 21- Raison ; 22- Stringed instrument; 24- Revolve; 28- Sot s sound; 29- Wears away; 31- Tu ( 70s hit); 32- Bambi s aunt; 33- go bragh!; 34- Shining; 36- Cloisterlike; 38- Mollify; 40- Belinda Carlisle s Should You In? ; 43- Lair; 44- Capital of Fiji; 45- Plant swellings; 47- Common Market abbr.; 48- Try to shred; 50- Talk wildly; 51- Firsttringers; 53- The Bells poet; 55- Dundee denial; 56- Like Saturn; 58- Grid; 60- Certifiable; 61- Crested; 62- Discharges; 63- Railway ties; BEETLE BAILEY R Down YESTERDAY S SOLUTION 1- New World songbird; 2- Risk; 3- Voter; 4- Unburden; 5- Can of worms?; 6- Goes in; 7- Vinegary prefix; 8- Roulette bet; 9- That s gotta hurt!; 10- Wedding attendant; 11- Dagger; 12- Made of baked clay; 13- Hoarding; 14- Nero s tutor; 23- Decree; 25- Communications satellite; 26- Narrow mountain ridge; 27- Drop of water expelled by the eye; 30- Enrollment; 34- Tropical fruit; 35- Less healthy; 37- Shivering fit; 38- Assembly; 39- Pleasant fragrance; 41- Flow out; 42- Scarlet bird; 43- Honeybunch; 45- Prima ballerina; 46- Spirited horses; 49- Month of showers; 52- Turkish titles; 54- Robert ; 57- Moines; 58- Some docs; 59- One circuit; YESTERDAY S SOLUTION How to play: Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. (Mar 21st - Apr 20th) (Apr 21st - May 21st) (May 22nd - Jun 21st) (June 22nd - July 23rd) (July 24th - Aug 23rd) (Aug 24th - Sep 23rd) (Sep 24th - Oct 23rd) Your star today Your logical mind might try to make rational (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) sense of the strange metaphysical ideas that are popping in and out of your head today. Some of them might be conclusions drawn from books you ve been reading, but others might actually be messages from the other side. Write down whatever insights come your way. (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) (Dec 22nd- Jan 20th) (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) (Feb 20th - Mar 20th) Group activities and social events excite your passions today. You ll meet lots of new people, take on some interesting new projects, and, if you haven t already, you might even fall in love. A number of fascinating ideas exchanged at these events might propel you into a new course of study. Some projects requiring a lot of thought, which you may have been working on for a long time, could well be completed today. Your efforts are definitely going to be appreciated by those who matter, and you might even receive public acknowledgment of some kind. A rise in income could be just over the horizon. Inspiration stemming from other places and other cultures might direct your passions to a new creative project of some kind. Your mind is quick and resourceful and your energy high, so you ll probably have a busy day. You could also be feeling especially romantic and sexy and desirous to share all you ve been doing with a love partner. Some images deriving from dreams or visions might provide inspiration for ideas to redecorate your house. You might spend some time perusing books in order to find ways to put your ideas to work for you. Then you ll embrace the task with a passion! Plans for social events to take place in your neighbourhood might have you spending a lot of time on the phone today. Or you might be running around in the car taking care of various errands. This could involve the healing profession in some way. Whatever it is, you feel especially strongly about it. A current love partner might also be involved with your project. New information regarding opportunities for career, business, and personal expansion might shake up your value system today. This is a positive development, although it may be a bit disconcerting for you right now. Your life could well take a different turn, starting today. An immediate desire for pleasure could be satisfied by scheduling a romantic dinner with a lover. New ideas that you have been studying over the past few days might have turned your mind in a different direction. Thus, you are shifting away from the concepts that you ve always accepted toward other ideas that you may have just learned. This could lead to projects of your own, perhaps involving writing or speaking. A growing sense of intimacy with a close friend or love partner is likely to stem from mutual interests. The two of you might even discuss taking a long trip together, perhaps to a distant state or foreign country. This isn t the time to hold back or be too cautious. Your life is very much on track. If you want to get away with this person, go for it. In the evening, get together with a lover! A powerful romantic attraction might lead to creative or artistic inspiration. You should be feeling especially passionate today, and your passions are likely to spill over not only into your relationships but into your work as well. Whatever you produce creatively is likely to be so inspired it impresses even you. Work done on the job should attract favourable attention from superiors. A project initiated by a group with which you re affiliated could keep you very busy today. You might have to spend a lot of time on the phone or running around in the car to libraries and bookstores obtaining information. A close friend might choose to accompany you. You re likely to be feeling very strongly about whatever you re doing, so expect a gratifying day. New ideas and concepts regarding the way you make your living might come your way today, which could cause a bit of a shakeup in your value system. You might decide to tackle an entirely new profession that you ve never considered before. Books on the subject could prove supportive and encouraging, as could those closest to you.

19 Monday, January 15, Burning oil tanker sinks after accident Beijing An Iranian oil tanker has sunk after burning for more than a week following a collision on Jan. 6 in the East China Sea, Chinese state media said yesterday, adding that large amounts of oil are burning in the surrounding waters. The stricken tanker, called the Sanchi, which had been adrift and on fire following the accident with the freighter CF Crystal, had suddenly ignited around noon (0400 GMT), China Central Television (CCTV) said. Currently it has already sunk, CCTV said, citing the Shanghai maritime search and rescue centre. It showed video of a tower of billowing black smoke that it said reached as high as 1,000 meters, and flames on the surface of the water. The ship sank before 5 p.m. (0900 GMT), the broadcaster said. China s State Oceanic Administration said that because the hull of the ship had detonated, a large amount of oil in surrounding waters was on fire, according to the official Xinhua news agency. The Administration said it would expand the scope of its monitoring and quickly ascertain the spread and drift of overflowing oil from the wrecked ship. A Chinese salvage team on Saturday recovered two bodies from the tanker. Another body, presumed to be one of the Sanchi s sailors, was found on Monday and brought to Shanghai for identification. The Sanchi s crew consisted of 30 Iranians and two Bangladeshis. Iranian officials said the remaining 29 crew members and passengers of the A rescue ship works to extinguish the fire on the stricken Iranian oil tanker Sanchi in the East China Sea (file) tanker were presumed dead. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani sent messages of condolence to the families of the crew and called for an investigation into the accident, Iranian state media reported. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi earlier told his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif by telephone that as long as there is 1 percent of hope, China will continue to make 100 percent effort to rescue and recover the crew. The tanker, owned by National Iranian Tanker Co, was carrying almost 1 million barrels of condensate, an ultra-light crude oil, to South Korea. It collided with the CF Crystal, which was carrying grain from the United States, about 160 nautical miles (184 km) off China s coast near Shanghai. (Reuters) Iraq Prime Minister to head new coalition in May vote a #PollToday South Korea and North Korea to hold working-level talks on Jan. 15. Do you think situation will start normalising after that? Yes No Cant Say We should work closely together to maintain and strengthen a rule of law-based international order on North Korea, which is now a threat to the global community, -Shinzo Abe, Japan Prime Minister People evacuated from Papua New Guinea island after volcano explodes About 1,500 people are being evacuated from an island off the northern coast of Papua New Guinea (PNG) after a nearby volcano erupted, the local Red Cross said on Sunday. Quake in S. Peru leaves two dead, 17 missing A strong magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck the coast of southern Peru on Sunday morning, leaving two dead, 17 missing and several dozen injured, while causing homes and roads to collapse. Bomb wounds Hamas official in Lebanon A bomb blast wounded a member of the Palestinian group Hamas in the Lebanese city of Sidon on Sunday, destroying his car as he was about to enter it. Netanyahu in India for first visit by Israeli PM Netanyahu and his wife Sara were welcomed at the international airport in New Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi New Delhi Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in New Delhi yesterday for the first visit by an Israeli leader to India in 15 years, promising closer ties with the regional power. Netanyahu and his wife Sara were welcomed at the international airport in New Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who made history in July when he became the first Indian leader to visit Israel. This visit is an opportunity to Johannesburg South Africa has protested to the U.S. embassy in Pretoria about reported remarks by U.S. President Donald Trump that some immigrants from Africa and Haiti come from shithole countries. South Africa s foreign ministry called the remarks, which sources said Trump made earlier this week during enhance cooperation with a global economic, security, technology and tourism power, Netanyahu said in a statement ahead of his visit. Modi -- who will accompany Netanyahu for large parts of his five-day tour -- embraced the Israeli prime minister on the tarmac before the pair set off to pay homage at a war memorial in the Indian capital. Netanyahu expects to sign new agreements in fields of energy, aviation and cinema production. South Africa protests to US Embassy over Trump remark a meeting on immigration legislation, crude and offensive and said Trump s subsequent denial was not categorical. Relations between South Africa and the United States, and between the rest of Africa and the United States, must be based on mutual respect and understanding, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Sunday. Jordan gets German military vehicles for border control Prime Minister Haider al-abadi announcing the end of a three-year war against the Islamic State jihadist group Baghdad Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-abadi announced plans Sunday to run for re-election in May at the head of a new coalition separate from key rival and Dawa party co-member Nuri al-maliki. Abadi said in a statement he set up the Victory Alliance coalition as a cross-sectarian list aimed at overcoming divisions and battling inequalities in the country. The coalition, the 65-yearold premier said, would strive to protect the victory and the sacrifices of the Iraqi people and to fight against corruption... (and for) the unity of Iraq. Abadi declared victory in December in the three-year war by Iraqi forces to expel the Islamic State jihadist group. Abadi had announced the previous month that election would be held on May 15, but the date was later changed to May 12. Nightclub ceiling collapses in Spain; 26 injured Spanish authorities say that 26 people have been injured when a ceiling collapsed at a Madrid nightclub. For more, catch us online at: /nobonline /newsofbahrain German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, stands next to an training plane at Marka airport, Amman Amman Germany s defense minister says her country is delivering millions of dollars worth of equipment to Jordan s military to improve the kingdom s border surveillance. Jordan borders Syria and Iraq, where Islamic State extremists held large areas until being pushed back in recent months by a U.S.-led military campaign. German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen attended a handover ceremony near Jordan s capital, Amman, on Sunday. Germany is providing two training planes and dozens of military support vehicles to Jordan.

20 20 Monday, January 15, 2018 Jason Roy hits record 180 SPORTS England beat Australia Melbourne Jason Roy hit the highest one-day international score by an England player with a sublime 180 to help the tourists beat Australia by five wickets in the first ODI at the MCG. Roy surpassed Alex Hales previous mark of 171 before the opener was caught late on as England eased to the highest successful run chase at Melbourne. Joe Root made 91 not out in a stand of 221 with Roy as England reached Aaron Finch s 107 saw the hosts post after being put in to bat. England started rapidly in reply, only to lose Jonny Bairstow and Alex Hales in quick succession, before Roy and Root rebuilt from 60-2 to dominate Australia s bowlers. Despite the late dismissals of Roy, captain Eoin Morgan and Jos Buttler, England calmly secured a 1-0 lead in the five-match series in an impressive start following the 4-0 defeat in the Ashes. Roy got England off to a dazzling start. Clearly relishing the pace of Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins, the England opener pulled anything short, drove powerfully down the ground and regularly hit over the top. He took just 32 balls to reach fifty, but the soft dismissals of opening partner Bairstow and number three Hales required him to play more cautiously alongside Root. The 27-year-old adapted tremendously, showing considerable nous to rotate the strike with the immaculate Root and keep England ahead of the rate, only to stall when approaching three figures. But after successfully reviewing on 91 when given out lbw to Adam Zampa - the ball striking the pad outside the line Centurion India captain Virat Kohli stood firm against a relentless South Africa bowling attack on an attritional second day of the second Test at SuperSport Park yesterday. Kohli made 85 not out as India reached at the close in reply to South Africa s first-innings total of 335. It was tough going for both batsmen and bowlers on a slow pitch on a hot day. Kohli made his runs off 130 balls with eight fours. South Africa s four fast bowlers operated in short spells while leftarm spinner Keshav Maharaj bowled a lengthy spell and broke the biggest partnership of the innings when he had - Roy hit the next delivery for six before reaching his fourth ODI century off 92 balls. Reaching his ton restored Roy s fluency and power as he surged to 150 off 126 balls before passing the record set by Hales against Pakistan in He also now has the record f o r the highest ODI score at the MCG, beating Mark Waugh s 173 against West Indies in (BBC) Kohli leads India s fightback Virat Kohli Murali Vijay caught behind for 46. Vijay and Kohli put on 79 for the third wicket after two wickets fell in two balls with the total on 28, with Lokesh Rahul falling to a sharp return catch to Morne Morkel and Cheteshwar Pujara being run out attempting a single off the first ball he faced. Pujara played Morkel to mid-on and set off for a run. New cap Lungi Ngidi made good ground, slid to pick up the ball and hit the stumps at the bowler s end from a prone position. The powerfully built Ngidi was one of four bowlers to take a wicket each. (AFP) F1 can t just rely on a budget cap London Formula 1 cannot just rely on a budget cap as the answer to bring down costs in grand prix racing, reckons FIA president Jean Todt. Although a defined limit on team spending is being pursued by F1 s owners as a key change for the future, Todt believes it would be a mistake to rely on it exclusively as a means of controlling expenditure. He thinks that a cost cap must go hand-in-hand with other regulations that help make F1 cheaper, otherwise there is a risk of the concept failing. We have been talking about cost control/cost cap for a while, said Todt. I believe it is a good move, but for me it has to be a combination. We need to make regulations which will have some impact on the actual costs. To simply say we are going make a cost cap, I don t think it will work. So far, any attempt has not worked. We have to be able to agree something that will be more sophisticated in order to achieve that. (Autosport) Jean Todt (file pic) BRIEF SCORES ENGLAND VS AUSTRALIA England 5 for 308 (Roy 180, Root 91*) beat Australia 8 for 304 (Finch 107, Stoinis 60, Marsh 50, Plunkett 3-71) by 5 wickets INDIA VS SOUTH AFRICA India 183 for 5 (Kohli 85*, Vijay 46) trail South Africa 335 (Markram 94, Amla 82, du Plessis 63) by 152 runs England s Jason Roy celebrates scoring a century (Picture courtesy: AP)

21 SPORTS Bournemouth see off Arsenal Monday, January 15, Real Madrid fighting to finish in top four Toni Kroos (file pic) Jordon Ibe of Bournemouth celebrates with his team-mates after scoring the winning goal against Arsenal (Picture courtesy: theguardian) Bournemouth Bournemouth scored twice in four minutes as they came from a goal down to see off Arsenal 2-1 at the Vitality Stadium for their first-ever win over the Gunners. The home side mustered the first attempt when Adam Smith fired wide early on, but after eight minutes Arsenal were within a whisker of breaking through. The chance came when Jack Wilshere, on loan at Bournemouth last season, linked with Alexandre Lacazette to find Ainsley Maitland-Niles, whose effort cannoned back off the bar. Alex Iwobi tested home keeper Asmir Begovic before Bournemouth midfielder Dan Gosling was booked after going to ground under a Shkodran Mustafi challenge when the Arsenal player appeared to have caught him. With 10 minutes to go until half-time, Arsenal were close to breaking through when Danny Welbeck evaded a Simon Francis challenge to force Begovic into more action, but back came Bournemouth and Ryan Fraser saw a dangerouslooking strike blocked. After a quiet start, the second half burst into life when Arsenal took the lead after 52 minutes, Hector Bellerin on target after Iwobi had put him through one-onone with Begovic, who got a hand to the strike but could not stop it. Iwobi and Lacazette linked up after 67 minutes only for the final ball from the former to go awry -- and within three minutes of that wasted opportunity Bournemouth had equalised. The goal came when Fraser and substitute Lys Mousset swapped passes down the right and Callum Wilson was in the right place to turn home the cross. Four minutes later, soon after Arsenal had brought on Aaron Ramsey to try and get themselves going again, the turnaround was complete when Wilson controlled a long pass forward and set up Jordon Ibe, whose shot went in off Cech. Wilshere had an effort blocked after making himself space with time running out, and soon afterwards Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe made a change, bringing off Ibe and replacing him with Marc Pugh. Wilson made way for Benik Afobe with time running out as Bournemouth held on for three vital points to lift them to 13th and further away from the danger zone. (espn) Madrid Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos said the Spanish champions cannot defend their title and are fighting to finish in La Liga s top four after their defeat to Villarreal on Saturday. Madrid are fourth in the table after their 1-0 home defeat, 16 points behind leaders and bitter rivals Barcelona. The gap could increase to 19 points if the Catalans triumph against Real Sociedad on Sunday. Zinedine Zidane s side have struggled this season and have won one game in their last five in all competitions, against third division Numancia in the King s Cup. We have to focus on qualifying for next season s Champions League, Kroos told BeIN Sports USA. I think this should be our goal for the rest of the season. Sixteen points is very far behind and it s not the moment to think about anything that is not the next game and returning to winning points to bring us close to Real Madrid s objective, which is to finish in the top four. The hosts created chances against Villarreal but were kept at bay by superb goalkeeping from Sergio Asenjo, before Pablo Fornals perfectly-executed chip consigned Zidane s side to defeat. (Reuters) Kane stars as Spurs thrash Everton Christian Eriksen finishes a dazzling team move to put Tottenham 4-0 ahead (Picture courtesy: theguardian) Wembley Harry Kane struck twice to become Tottenham Hotspur s all-time leading Premier League scorer as they beat Everton 4-0 at Wembley. England striker Kane took his Spurs total in the competition to 98, leaving him one clear of White Hart Lane legend Teddy Sheringham. After a bright opening spell had produced little in the way of clear chances, Spurs came close to the breakthrough when Christian Eriksen whipped in a free kick which Son Heung-Min headed over. With 22 minutes on the clock, the visitors thought they had taken the lead when new striker Cenk Tosun headed on a corner and Wayne Rooney pounced, only for him to be flagged for offside. But with 26 minutes gone, Son timed everything right when Serge Aurier s scuffed shot fizzed across the box and he steered the ball home from close range. Everton tried to find a way back into the match and, with five minutes remaining until the break, Tosun got down the left but produced a disappointing cutback with colleagues well placed. Shortly before half time, visiting defender Phil Jagielka was booked for a lunge on Dele Alli but Eriksen slammed the resulting free kick over the top. And soon after it Everton were undone when a superb turn from Son on the left enabled him to run into the area and cross low for Kane -- who appeared to be a fraction offside -- to steer home a low finish. Son was involved again as Alli had a chance to make it three with 53 minutes played but could only steer his attempted finish into the side netting. Kane then had a low strike beaten away by Jordan Pickford after Everton had given the ball away cheaply near their own penalty area. (espn)

22 22 Monday, January 15, 2018 SPORTS Australian Open I shouldn t favourite at age of 36 gets underway Melbourne The Australian Open gets underway with a bang today, with last year s finalist Venus Williams taking on resurgent Swiss talent Belinda Bencic in a much-anticipated clash of generations on Rod Laver Arena s centre court. In a sign of Williams s astonishing longevity, 20-yearold Bencic was just a toddler Nick Kyrgios (file pic) when the American won the first of her seven grand slam titles at Wimbledon in Williams continued her late-career flourish at Melbourne Park last year, reaching her first grand slam final in eight years before being stopped by her champion sister Serena. With new mum Serena absent this year and the women s tournament wide open, Venus may be as good a chance as any of her rivals to win her first grand slam since Wimbledon in But she will first need to get past the highly rated Bencic, who stormed into the top 10 as an 18-year-old before being sidelined for much of 2017 after wrist surgery. The injury saw Bencic Venus Williams (file pic) tumble out of the top 300 but she has quietly marched back up to 78 since returning to action in September. Like her 37-year-old opponent, Bencic packed a lot into her teenage years, reaching the 2014 U.S. Open quarter-finals when just 17 before claiming her first WTA title at Eastbourne the following year. (Reuters) Kyrgios can become global superstar Melbourne Australian maverick Nick Kyrgios is ready to win over his doubters and can become an international sporting superstar according to former world number one Boris Becker. No home player has won the Australian men s title since Mark Edmondson in 1976 but hopes are soaring that Kyrgios could end that long wait after his spectacular start to the year. The 22-year-old, ranked 17th in the world, won the Brisbane title in the build-up to his home slam and Becker says the man who divides opinion like no other in Australia is finally beginning to look like the real deal. There has never been a question mark over his talent but there was a question mark about his discipline, Becker said. But he s getting it together now. It would be wonderful to see him get to the quarters or semifinals. He has a huge following and is slowly getting it together. It s great. I am a huge fan of Nick. Kyrgios s antics and unruly behaviour have rightly attracted scorn. He was accused of tanking a match against Richard Gasquet at Wimbledon in 2015 and was booed by his own fans last year when he suffered a meltdown to lose to Andreas Seppi in five sets in the second round at Melbourne. (Reuters) Melbourne Roger Federer says a 36-year-old should not really be considered a favourite for the Australian Open, although when the man in question is himself, no one was taking him seriously. The Swiss breezed through his media duties yesterday with the same swagger he will take on court against Slovenia s Aljaz Bedene on Tuesday, when he kicks off the defence of the title he won against great rival Rafa Nadal last year. That unforgettable triumph ended a five-year hiatus in Federer s grand slam collection and a few months later, he took his tally to a record-extending 19 by winning Wimbledon. Few would bet against him becoming only the fourth tennis player to reach 20 in two weeks time, although Federer was reluctant to accept the favourite s tag. Federer says the likes of six-times champion Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka, both returning after lengthy injury breaks, could benefit from the same mindset he arrived with in Melbourne last year, when he was just back from a six-month hiatus. This year I hope to win the first few rounds and get rolling, whereas last year it was more of a let s see what happens kind of tournament, Federer, who is seeded second behind world number one Nadal, said. Despite being a year older Federer has higher expectations this year and says his build-up has been perfect. He won all his four singles matches as he and Belinda Bencic helped Switzerland lift the Hopman Cup in Perth. (Eurosport) Tomic slide continues with failure Roger Federer talks during the press conference Bernard Tomic Melbourne Bernard Tomic s slide down the ATP rankings is set to continue after he fell (5-7) 6-4 to Italy s Lorenzo Sonego in the final round of Australian Open qualifying yesterday. A former world number 17 but now ranked 142, Tomic will miss out on his home grand slam after 10 successive main draw appearances. The 25-year-old appeared crushed by the defeat and snapped sarcastically at reporters when asked where he would go from there. I just count money, that s all I do. I count my millions, said the former Wimbledon quarter-finalist, who reached the third round at Melbourne Park last year. You go do what I did (on court). Bye bye. (Reuters)

23 SPORTS Peter Sagan wins People s Choice Classic Monday, January 15, Bear signs with Peter Sagan celebrates Adelaide Peter Sagan (Bora- Hansgrohe) claimed his first win of the season with victory in the People s Choice Classics in Adelaide. The world champion beat Andre Greipel (Lotto Soudal) and Caleb Ewan (Mitchelton- Scott) to win the race and get off the mark for I am very happy, said Sagan. I was ok but after some guys came from the back they closed me a little bit but in the end it went very well. I am very happy for that and I didn t expect I could win today. There was a heavy fall for Kristoffer Halvorsen (Team Sky) with the rider crashing in the sprint. He was taken to hospital for checks on his right side and suffered numerous cuts. The 22-lap race, which totalled 50.6km in distance, saw the WorldTour teams assemble for the first time this season with the Tour Down Landa confirms Tour participation London Mikel Landa (Movistar) has confirmed that he will not be taking part in the Giro d Italia in 2018 and will instead return to the Tour de France, where he missed out on the podium last season by just one second. Speaking at the 2018 Vuelta a España route presentation in Estepona on Saturday, Landa confirmed that he wanted to go to the Tour de France in really top form and I think I have to sacrifice the Giro d Italia if I do that. The Vuelta a España, too, is very likely, particularly with a Worlds which is so demanding this year and which suits the climbers, and the Vuelta s good preparation for that, Landa continued. And I think it s good for me to do two Grand Under proper starting in two days time. It didn t take long for the attacks to start, with Bahrain- Merida the first squad to fire a rider up the road. EF-Education First Drapac Powered by Cannondale chased the move down but by the start of the third lap a group of three had move clear. At the front of Fumiyuki Beppu (Trek Segafredo), Tom Bohli (BMC Racing) and Zakkari Dempster (Uni- S-Ausrtralia) slipped clear, and they were soon joined by Timothy Roe (Uni-S- Ausrtralia), Jhonatan Restrepo (Katusha-Alpecin), Lachlan Morton (Dimension Data) and Manuele Boara (Bahrain- Merida). This group steadily built up a lead of around 45 seconds in the opening half of the race as Quick-Step Floors, Mitcheton Scott, Sunweb and Lotto Soudal monitored the front of the main field. (cyclingnews) Tours, so if I don t do the Giro, that makes the Vuelta more likely. Landa s increasing interest in the Tour, inspired by a top GC placing in 2017 despite working for Sky teammate Chris Froome, effectively confirms that Movistar will not race the Giro d Italia with any of their three GC leaders. (cyclingnews) Mikel Landa (file pic) David Bear (L) with Tahar Hadbi Brave Combat Federation has signed the latest prospect David Bear from France for the growing Welterweight division. Undefeated in seven professional bouts, Bear is a French citizen and trains alongside Welterweight contender Tahar Hadbi. Brave Combat Federation is the current largest dominating force in Mixed Martial Arts in the region after signing 139 athletes from 31 nations during the first year of operations. While his debut fight for the promotion hasn t been set, Bear admits he would like to appear in Brave Combat Federation at the earliest in the same event as Hadbi. David Bear has secured five submissions amongst his seven wins and had been an Brave active presence in the corner of Tahar Hadbi. Tahar Hadbi is set to take on Mohammad Fakhreddine in a rematch which is described as the biggest grudge match in the history of Mixed Martial Arts in the Middle East. (From Left) Anand Lobo, General Secretary of Bahrain Premier League, Mohammed Mansoor, President of Bahrain Premier League, Hari Bhagirath, Chief Creative Officer of KHK Sports and Valeria Lang, Chief Operations Officer of KHK Sports BPL: KHK Sports, Exelon conducts team launch after the player auction was Bahrain mall. Kingdom is nurtured by KHK Sports and Exelon held last month at the Armaan Mohammed Shahid, CEO the vision of His Highness conducted the official Hotel, Juffair segregating of KHK Sports, Mohammed Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad team launch for Coca-Cola players into respective teams. Mansoor, President of Al Khalifa. We need to Bahrain Premier League (BPL) Road map of the future Bahrain Premier League, thank the determination held under the patronage of events were announced Anand Lobo, General showcased by Mohammed His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. followed by the Team launch. Bahrain Premier League Secretary of Bahrain Premier League, Valeria Lang, Chief Shahid, CEO of KHK Sports and Mohammed Mansoor, The event is the first will organise a quiz show Operations Officer of KHK President of Exelon in franchise based T20 Cricket hosted by Charu Sharma Sports and Hari Bhagirath, making this taking this tournament held in Bahrain. with participation from Chief Creative Officer of project forward. Coca Cola BPL will take place on 26th major schools in Bahrain for KHK Sports presided the Bahrain Premier League January - 9th March at the students under the age of 16 official team launch ushers a new step in Isa Town cricket ground and on the 25th January at the The Kingdom of the growth of Cricket and yet will comprise of six franchise Indian School. Bahrain fosters a favourable again the Kingdom of Bahrain squads of 13 resident Also to be organised is environment for the is the focus of International cricketers. the BPL Queen contest and sustained growth of sports attention. said Hari The six teams were Harley Davidson Road Show media industry. The rapid Bhagirath, Chief Creative launched during the event on the 19th January at the growth of cricket in the Officer of KHK Sports.

24 24 Monday, January 15, 2018 P23 Bear signs with Brave SPORTS Liverpool end City run Liverpool Liverpool ended Manchester City s unbeaten Premier League record with a 4-3 win in a sensational game at Anfield, with City conceding three times in less than 10 minutes to go 4-1 down. The home side gave an early signal of their intent when Roberto Firmino put Sadio Mane and, although his control was poor, the ball came to Mohamed Salah, whose strike was blocked. But it took only nine minutes for their highoctane start to be rewarded, Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain getting away from Fernandinho before thumping home from 20 yards. Kevin De Bruyne tried to muster a fast response from the Premier League leaders but delayed his pass to former Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling, booed by the home fans throughout, who was offside. But the opening stages were being dominated by Jurgen Klopp s Liverpool and Salah shot wide after 15 minutes following a break before De Bruyne was again involved as his cross fizzed just beyond Sergio Aguero. City, however, began to hit their stride and came close when Leroy Sane s shot deflected wide and De Bruyne again looked for Aguero with a pass claimed by home keeper Loris Karius. With half an hour gone City had to take off Fabian Delph, who had a knee problem, replacing him with Danilo, and soon afterwards Firmino headed wide from an angle for Liverpool. But with four minutes remaining until the break Sane levelled for City, controlling a pass from Kyle Walker and getting away from Joe Gomez before firing an angled strike past Karius, who could have done better. City began the second half on the front foot and, after Aguero had a shot blocked, Nicolas Otamendi saw a header from a corner clip the Kop end crossbar on its way over. That, however, turned out to be the prelude to an astonishing spell of attacking that won the game for Liverpool. The home side led again after 59 minutes when Firmino got the better of John Stones and, one-on-one with keeper Ederson, clipped a superb finish over him and in off the post. After 62 minutes, with City rocking, it was 3-1 as Mane -- who had hit the outside of the post seconds earlier -- blasted home after the visitors had lost the ball in their own half and Salah found him on the edge of the area. Within five minutes a fourth goal had flown past the shell-shocked Ederson when his attempted clearance was stopped by Salah, 40 yards out, and he took one touch before lifting a stunning finish over the stranded keeper. Bernardo Silva replaced Sterling after 71 minutes and pulled a goal back for City with six minutes to go, smashing past Karius after a loose ball had fallen to him. (Espn) Mohamed Salah celebrates scoring Liverpool s fourth (Picture courtesy: theguardian)