Step into the Spotlight with your own one person show

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1 Step into the Spotlight with your own one person show Your name here Brenda Adelman's on-line step-by-step system to heal, inspire and live your purpose driven life Two Top Ways to Get Started Writing Your Story The One Quickest Way to Get Free Feedback on Your Writing

2 Without further ado... Welcome You've come to the right place to learn all you need to know to Create, Promote & Profit from Your Own One-Person Show. I've been performing, inspiring and profiting from my onewoman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, for over a decade. I want to give you all the tools in my toolbox plus some magic to help you create your masterpiece by sharing your personal story, healing yourself while inspiring others, making deep connections, traveling the world and making some extra money doing what you love. On the next pages you will find 3 exciting tools to get you started. Everything I offer you is based on my years of experience (which included a lot of trial and error in the beginning for sure!)

3 Quick Start Top 2 Exercises to Get Writing 1. Describe your 2 main characters in detail. Use all of your senses. Each description should be at least one page. Hint: Start with yourself since this is your story. Describe yourself in detail as if the person who is reading this doesn't know you. What do you look like? Do you wear a special fragrance? Do you smoke a cigar? Does the smell linger? What color lipstick does your character love? Is your skin smooth or rough? What are your core values? What was your biggest betrayal? What is your biggest joy? One of my acting teachers repeatedly said that God is in the details. I encourage you to be detailed in this exercise. I invite you to check in with me at 2. Take out a piece of paper. Use the following writing prompt exercise to get your imagination flowing. NO THINKING! Finish the sentences. 1. The scariest thing about being a teenager was I couldn't believe my father when he My biggest lesson happened when...this exercise is designed to free your imagination and show you where you might have a good starting place for your story.

4 #1 Way to Get Free Feedback on Your Writing Find a Meetup Group in your area, RSVP and show up. Meetups are in-person meetings that are often free and are offered on a variety of topics. Google 'Meetup Groups' in your area. Note your interest as 'Writing Groups' and then you will be notified where they are. I recently attended two groups to check them out. Based on scheduling, time commitment and proximity to my home I chose one and received immediate feedback on a new project I'm working memoir. (In my upcoming free video series I'll discuss the benefits of writing your one-person show vs a memoir and why it's taken me so long to get to my memoir.) If you can't find any local Meetups I suggest finding a writing accountability partner on social media. I did this when I wrote my first book. Not only did it help me get the writing done but my writing was better because I had a second eye to look over it and give me feedback.

5 Thank you so much for being here and showing up for yourself. Writing my own one-person show was the 1st step in a profound healing for me. By writing my story I got to know myself and the 'players' in my life in a much deeper way. That's my hope for you. Find out more about my upcoming video tips and programs at Brenda Adelman has performed her critically acclaimed oneperson show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, for over ten thousand people. She tours with her show internationally and speaks and leads workshops on the power of forgiveness (the theme of her show). Brenda is an award-winning actor, the recipient of a Hero of Forgiveness award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project, has a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology and is the creator of Step into The Spotlight: How to Create, Promote and Profit from Your Own One-Person Show.

6 What to do next! In the spotlight YOU! 1. Do the writing exercises 2. Join me on FB 3. Sign-up for my free video series More to come soon! I'll be posting info on the new free video series on my FB page. You can also me to be put on my VIP list at You don't want to miss this! I'm excited to bring you more writing and performance tips, action steps to help you selfpromote and find representation and how to make your story into your life's work through the creation of your own one-person show.