LA reorganize your head - it will affect you positively, & go away your inherited anger

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1 LA reorganize your head - it will affect you positively, & go away your inherited anger Idea of this Saturday classes is not to teach number one, second is not to invite you, less you come better it will be but I need those sincere people who want to learn the way tradition is, not the way you American wants to. If you want to learn the American way come Tuesday and Wednesday. You know I am obligated to teach, you are obligated to learn, there is no relationship and don t come here just for class, come here to learn, come here to experience, come here to become a human and fundamentally, I am very shocked this morning, there were about lot of people in the morning, I asked them, What do you mean by sell? Nobody could tell. I mean that much English you know, God bless you. What is happening in the West? I had a pretty good idea now after twenty-three years, you don t have any definition. I mean to say I worked for law and the Indian constitution got made and I was on it, in those days, there were one hundred twenty, fifty two constitutions. There all together we study. You know there is always a preamble, there is always a definition and there is a always statement of fact. You know those three things? Preamble what for, definition what is, statement of fact is how is going to work, what it s going to do. If you do not have these three things your life, you better walk on your four and raise your tail, somebody may feed you, you will be absolutely a wreck, there is nothing God Almighty in the form of fifty thousand hand like Shiva come you will never be happy. You can t learn happiness, it, it comes. Happiness is your birthright I can t give you happiness, you can t get from me anything. I can teach you science and art how to be and it s for you to let it be, there is no, no, place for a confused person. When you are confused, you will abuse the situation, that s what a confused person does. When circuits are short, he may spend fifty thousand dollar on a party, light goes off, party is gone and don t you think in your life same thing is happening? One thing which bothers me is that about twenty-three years and about a hundred day ago I came, I have achieved something, I can understand it. I can share with people. Today was a very confused statement, somebody asked me, when you give do you expect something? They should be fair justice judgment you know, I give you, you give me. Giving is absolutely not to expect. If you ever expect something never gives. Can you effort to do that? You can t, you buy misery. Love has no return because it has, it is infinity, love has no deal, love has no definition, love has no class, love has no jurisdiction. Infinity cannot be classified. I mean to say it s a simple word. You give with a condition; that s negotiation, that s a business. In love you expect something, it s a business. Anything which is a business in life has gain and loss, has a progress, has a destruction. Anything which has two polarities is unhappy, simple, may be happy, anxiety is there, you are worried, it is weird, it s the, you know, it s, it s a, it s a going on and you only live for pain. First you live for pain, you cause pain, then you work on avoiding pain, then you cause pain, it s such a catch twenty two, such a viscous circle in your life you do not, when you are going to learn to be human? When you are going to accept this is, this planet belongs to God, when you are going to learn it rotates on its axel without your touch, prayer, handle anything? Somebody once told me, Where is God Yogi Ji? You always say God. I said, Look on the mountain. He looked at the mountain. I said, How high it is? He said, Fourteen thousand feet from sea level. I said, Did you go there and plant those trees? He said, No. What do you mean? I said, I am asking question. Did you go on the top of this mountain and fourteen thousand feet and planted those trees? He said, No. Who did it? Forest department of California. Can you believe this? I said, Forest department of California top of this mountain and planted trees and comeback? You have no brain as a human, you can t even talk like a human, what are you talking about? Fourteen thousand feet of this, I think the range forester has never gone there, that idiot lives on the lower hut, beyond that there is no road. Yeah, who, who planted them? I said, Ask that question. Then I told him, How many miles this jeep of your does? He said, About fifteen miles a gallon. What is his weight? He knew it in the pounds even, speed, this much.

2 I said, How many gallons of gas you require a day to rotate the earth? And so undependable character of the human is, you can always find when sun will rise tomorrow, when sun will set, you always can find what weather is, give and take five percent changes, you cannot predict a person. Humans are very unpredictable and it should be because they don t know who they are. One moment you are happy next moment you are unhappy, one moment you are in love, the second moment you are in hatred. One minute you are sure, next moment you are doubtful. Where we are going? Just live sixty five, thirty five, twenty five, hundred twenty years, to do what? It s not that you are learning this thing just as a favor to yourself, this you must have learned the very first day. How to conduct yourself to experience life in perfection beyond duality so that the pair of opposite cannot affect you, so that you can be happy, doesn t matter what. You can sell your talent; never your personality, never your consciousness. The game on this planet is game of talent. You can be rich, poor, bad, good, make no difference, it s not what is required. You have to live as a learned. Place in this planet is for wisdom, it is not place for you, you are just fill in. Your total life can be summed up in four seconds, two seconds to breathe in, on average two second to breathe out and within three second you must decide what you are going to do. If your brain is, that s what Kundalini Yoga is all about. Thirty trillion megawatts, the neurons of the brain must in seven layers effectively act to decide within three seconds for the human to totally completely understand the situation, have the answer and must proceed. I mean, don t misunderstand Kundalini Yoga is for God, who cares for God. God can sit and rest and have fun. He doesn t need me to bathe Him in the morning, He doesn t need to make breakfast, what God has the problem? You guys have the problem, God has nothing to do with you. Artist took the wood, chopped it up, carved out, make an elephant out of it, then elephant has, what the elephant has to do with the artist? The problem with you is that your ego is in your way, you cannot learn, you cannot learn as a humble student. When I came United States longtime ago, I said, I will make. What you will do? I said, I will make you stu and take out your dents. That s what I started explaining as students. I talk very simple, I talk very straight. It s not that I am in trouble; I am in more trouble than you are because I see you have no reason to be in trouble. I see no chance for anybody to be unhappy. What you do? You drag each other, you lay number on each other, you lie to each other, you pull, push. You want territory, three things you have very common I think in the Western world, you are judgmental, you are territorial, can you believe those two things? You are judgmental, you are a territorial and you are neurotic. If your judgment and your territory is not satisfied you flip. Why we flip? Tonight that s what I am going to touch. Flip, now flip with me tonight, I will see how damn it. You can flip here. You don t know how to flip, flipping is a art too. Flipping is not a bad thing, once a while it is required to flip but do it artistically, not make face like monkey face. You look like you are. That s not what life is about. Life is whatever you do it must has a perfect effect. If you lie it should be a perfect lie. If you deceive it should be a perfect deception and if you can t do it, if you help, it should be a perfect help. If you are tolerant, it should be a perfect tolerance, don t do anything halfway, halfway is madness, sensitive, very sensitive. Or you can have a relationship. You should in one second put yourself in somebody s position and decide what, how that person is, feel, do and then comeback how you within two minutes, third second you should be acting. Do you ever care how the other person is? How much you know anybody? Nobody knows anybody. You have imagination, you have feeling, you have you sneak on each other to try to understand. You want to exert yourself, you are seeking control, you have two tacts, get depressed, act badly, play sympathy, apathy game or get mad, be aggressive, play neurotic drama. Now what is drama and trauma? Or depressed and miserable? These are the four common things which you use in, you should classify all your action, you will find one thing exact is other. You want to control somebody, control with your wisdom, not with your power. You want to love somebody? Elevate the person to the height of divinity, there is no loss. You will never lose. Anything which you reach to the perfection of infinity of the power of infinity, that is the cheapest thing for you to do and the infinity will come through, that s the beauty of it. The law of infinity is, when you rely on infinity, infinity works, whether you know the prayer or not, whether you have the character or not, whether you understand life or not, whether you are absolutely rotten egg but still it will hatch. You call it miracle, you call it God, you call it anything, secret of life is, when you act with the power of infinity, infinity takes over. You are just a instrument to relate to being to the infinity. You sit in a house, you have wireless telephone, isn t, goes to the satellite, satellite goes there, how much time it takes? There is no way to, at that wavelength even you can communicate. It s about two, three miles up there, two, three miles angular there. From here the distance is about three thousand miles. How much it takes to call New York? And then the other person is speaking, don t you understand that. You can call New York and you can speak to New York, you cannot go into inner York, you can t speak to your head, you can t speak to your heart, you can t

3 speak to your nervous system, you can t speak to your pain, you can t speak to your happiness, you can t communicate with anything which is yours. You want to communicate with the whole universe, you got to first learn to talk to you. All right, tonight we are going to do certain things all right. Please sit like this, these hands left under, right under, these are the basic exercise of communication, so don t try to, they are not bad. It s just like a weight, so put your shoulder up, chest out, that s how they do, this is for flexing, this is for being uptight. Well, this is just helpful uptight that s all. Now understand the sound current, I am teaching you first time something very funny, all right? You have to say it like this Ra, Ra Students: Ra.20,15 YB: Tea. Ra, R A, Ra, Tea, T E A, Tea, Tea. Ra Tea. Students: Ra Tea. YB: Rati, Roti, Reti. Students: Ra Tea, Roti, Rati. YB: Now I am teaching you first time Punjabi, the most ancient language of the Gypsies, the only language which man first spoke in communication is called expression language, so just go Ra Tea, Students: Ra Tea. YB: Roti. Students: Roti. Rati. YB: Rati. Student: What does that mean? YB: I will explain. Okay? You understand that? Student: ( ) YB: Ah? Student: ( ) YB: Hands, this left hand under, right hand over like this and they put on here and your shoulders just helped, just stretch out. It will do something to your diaphragm, if you just completely take a perfect posture, all right folks, close your eyes and just speak these three words Ra Tea Students: Ra Tea. YB: Roti. Students: Roti. YB: Rati. Students: Rati. YB: Ra Tea. Students: Ra Tea, Roti, Rati. (Students chant in the class) (Chanting stops) YB: Okay now you speak perfectly. Ra Tea. Students: Ra Tea. YB: Actually Ra Tea words by speaking will become Ratti, Rati means Lord. A man whose ego is like a king is called Ratti, Tu bada ratti bhai. Ra Tea words become Ratti but forget T Ratti. Roti means bread, Reti means file, you know iron file? You have a nail file, it s called Rati. Something which smoothes out even the iron, right? These are three sounds, forget about what they actually mean. I am telling you how the hypothalamus will start reacting in the head, all right folks, go. (Students chant Ra Tea, Roti, Rati in the class) (Chanting stops) Now imagine with this when you say Ra Tea you should be just like a king, like a queen of England going with six horses and in a buggy and millions of people, now, hypnotically now work it out, there is a million people you are going on route, there is a fifteen twenty horses in your buggy and you are sitting there waving when you say Ra Tea, all right? Understand? When you call Roti that means best, huge table, full of thirty six, number is thirty six, remember that, thirty six different eatables, beautiful, sizzling, smelling, all that stuff and third is what? Students: Rati. YB: Rati start nail something, something start cutting like using the file on something, imagine. Now these are three situation; one is imperial, one is, one is head, one is and one is, you know what I mean? No, no, listen to this, this is how man learnt. You didn t learn speaking because it fell from the tree. Your experience, your expression, the only first sound you ever called is Sa. First human sound was ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

4 That was man s sound and in danger it was ahh. These are the two sound you first originated Sa, ah. Now what is the difference between dog and you? Same thing. First sound you ever spoke when you straighted up, you were always not on four legs but two and half, that s how say, one of a time you developed to be on your four to two and you say, ah it means I did it, it s my totality, I have become something and ha means oh my God, it s horrible. So this is how the languages are and this is how the experience is. Now you have three imagination, one imagination is about the head, you are wearing a crown, you are a king, queen or whatever you are, I mean to say, I am not changing your gender and you are going about lot of horses and fanfare and people. It has to be imagined simultaneously by uttering the word, Ra Tea, Ra Tea. I am teaching you in your understandable language and the other word is Ro Ti, Roti. Roti means you imagine a big feast and you are the Lord of it. RATI You take Ajna, ROTI Heart, RETI Moolbandh From here, you have come here now. Third you are going down there and that is Rati, that s a physical intercourse, that is filing anything, that s cutting through, that is pistoning anything, is in action of yours. These are the three basic sounds. This way you cover first, the second and third. You take Ajna and you are using the sound current of Jalendar and you get to your hriday, heart and you get to your Moolbandh, Moolbandh, Udyanbandh and Jalendarbandh, three bandh, three locks makes you a basically Mahabandh, great lock. So we are now learning through the sound system, it s called Nad-Vidya or knowledge and science of the sound current, that once you start learning and perfecting, there is nothing tomorrow, yesterday, today, left, right, up, down, you won t understand, you will know, that is Beej mantar sarb ko giaan. That s the knowledge of the seed which knows what kind of tree it contains in it. At moment you are raw, you are seed, you got to sprout to become that. All right, sit that way with the, with this weight and chin in, chest out and help is from your hands and from the elbows and please imagine hypnotically true, true, though it is hypnotic, hypnotic is all what you imagine, true and utter those words please, go. (Students chant Rati, Roti, Reti. in the class) 3 minutes: YB (Talks over the chant): Great, delicious, cut. Stop. (Chanting stops) Now; these three words you never heard before. Some of you who are coming from India might have learnt word Roti or all that kind of stuff but normally you never learnt, but with these three words when you are giving a imagination and you started imagining, now they are stuck with you, is that true? When everybody say Ra Tea you will understand something imperial. When somebody say Roti you will imagine something food. When you say something Rati you will find like, like a file. You understand? That is how a definition in mind sits, by the experience.

5 And everybody s experience about a spoken word is personal, individual. So whatever you speak it s not absolutely necessary other person understand in the same way, that s why your language speaking way cannot create understanding, that s the problem in your life. That s why you fail in your love, you fail in business, fail everything because everybody has his own understanding the words. I love you, for me, it may be elevated, I love you, it may be I am very sexy and horny. I love you, I am just social call. Everybody uses love you for different connotation. It cannot be the same. That s why when you talk to somebody, next day you get a telephone, oh by the way we talked yesterday, some things are not clear to me. Oh my God! You promised, you said everything is fine, it s going to Oh no, I have come, I have a second thought. So you have a second thought, you have a third thought, you have a tenth thought and you are thought, thought, thought. Unfortunately as a human you are not supposed to think. Thinking is by your intellect, that s the only difference between you and animal, that you automatically, you keep on thinking. Thousand thought per wink of the eye you intellect releases to your mind. How much on the hell you want to think more? Thinking is not something you should be worried about but we normally say let me think, let me understand, let me know, let me, please tell me, you are anxious to curious to know others. You should never be anxious and curious to know others if you do not know who you are. There is no need. Something like this I will tell you how the energy moves right? See this hand, see what I am doing, my hands are like this, put your hand like this, like this, I am telling you my purpose today is to teach you flip-flop. Don t forget that, I know the subject. Put the hand like this and put it like this and put it like this, put it like this, put it like that, put it like this, put it like this, put it like this, put it like this, put it like this, put it like this, come on, keep on doing, just count how many times you do the mistakes. It s all right you have to do it, now that s okay. I said, Put it like this, put it like that, put it like this. You were all confused, you do not know where to put yourself, your arc line never took it. Now I say make your hands to be like this, on second motion. Now look, the same thing I am going to teach you if you will understand better. You have to learn to make other people understand, not what you want to say, that doesn t count in life. When you speak, you speak for others, you should never speak for yourself, it s time wasting, it s confusing, it create animosity, it create very big loss. Speak to make another person understand you, not that what you want to say. Okay keep your hand like this please, both left and right, open, flat upwards. Second motion is turn them down, third motion is turn them like this, fourth motion is meet them here, fifth motion is bring them here, sixth motion is do them like that, downwards like that, sixth motion is comeback, it s a six note reflection. Please practice your own without rhythm and creating a sound, so that you know what you have to do. Everybody understand six. 11 minutes: Clap 5 6 It s a kindergarten thing, it s nothing special, put your hand position one, right? See, still you are going to do wrong I am not, I can bet with you. I am telling you how your flip-flop works, it s not my fault, I know what it is. This is position one. Students: One. YB: Second position is? Students: ( ) YB: Two. Third? Students: ( ) YB: Fourth? Students: ( )

6 YB: Fifth? Students: ( ) YB: Sixth? Seventh. You know, this is how you communicate. Simple thing; either the numbers are wrong or the position is wrong or catering wrong or career is wrong, you will always have that reflection and then you want to rule the whole world, you want to talk to everybody, you want everybody to be convinced by you, you want to convince everybody. Basically you do not want to learn about you, you want everybody to learn about yourself, you live for convenience, not for living, that s the fundamental. If you live for living, your life will be perfectly happy because when you live for living God will live through you. There is no need to become infinity, divine, macho, big this, this is all unnecessary. This religious gimmick, do this, do that. How many things you have been doing for centuries, nothing works. There is a synagogue, there is a temple, there is a mosque, there is a Gurudwara, everything on every corner of the street, still you are miserable, because if you do not have self control, you cannot exercise control and self control, self discipline will make the environments to be under control. When environments are under control, the whole life will be under control. Position one, position two, position three, this is, this is, this is ticklish position, this you don t want it, this is one right? This is two, that you will do, this is three, that you do not have the break enough, that s where you will goof and this is four and again this is? Students: ( ) YB: Correct? Stay here, then and number one, accurate? Now you understand? All right, now please, position one, two, three, four, five, six, one, got it? Now do it yourself. Exercise this exercise, see what happens to you. You talk of God, I am talking of exactly six exercises. You talk of uniting the whole world, I am talking uniting this whole room in one sound and that is sound number four when two hands meet, now create that one sound everybody same, rhythm it and that s called harmony, let us see number wise and let s see whether you can do or not. Listen we will sit here whole night, we got to reorganize our brain and get rid of this garbage, this confusion, confusion is not outside folks, poverty is not outside, it s all in you. It is your flip-flop which messes you, nobody outside, you don t have a enemy, no not at all. If you are real enemy, it can take your breath of life, you will die, no, you have the whole environment universe friendly. Okay one, two, three, four. I didn t say five. Obey, obey, obey, obey, concentrate, learn, obey. The law of spirituality is, law of happiness is, law of prosperity is, law of power is everything you say is obey. Students: ( ) YB: This law I didn t make, I just followed it. This law I can t change, this is for thousands years sages have learnt, this is the only way the man can be happy come on, now one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five. One, one. You got to learn, you got to listen Suniyay Sidh, Pir Surnath. If you listen you become the perfect master, you can straighten out everything, hundred and eight elements you can straighten out. Suniyay Sidh, Pir. You become a messenger of God, Surnath, you can tune the entire universe as a master. These are three promises which come to those who know how to listen. One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, one, two, four. Are we going to sit till midnight tonight or we are going to concentrate? You know I asked to close your eyes meditate, it s so easy, you know whether you are going somewhere, now that s not it s going to work, you do not know how to meditate. Closing eye and doing all that it s not meditation, this is meditation, it s practical, it s effective, it is there, you have to exercise, you have to concentrate, you have to listen, you have to be. Question is, to be or not to be. One, two, three, six. Bhai, there are only six number I can speak and each number has one moment, is that true? Right? I am not asking you to bring planet earth to heavens and heaven to earth, it s nothing, I am not asking you produce God, I am not, I am saying alphabetically there are six position of the hand and each position has a number and when I speak that number, that it should be, correct? Right? And you have to totally produce that, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, one, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, now please do like a algebra in a angle and a triangle all right? Just like this one, two, three, four, five, six, and then one, use this

7 wrist as a tight control, all the meridians there will get the acupuncture and you will start feeling in the back of your head, can we do it right? Ah? After all we have come, we have wasting evening, we should go back totally learned, there is no use of going back confused, right? All right set one, two, it s just the karate chop, you know, those Chinese do? That kind of thing, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, eight. Don t mistrust anybody, don t trust anybody for nothing, it s the first principle, learn what you hear, act what it means, where you can learn this, you got to practice it. You have to reorganize this head. One, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three. No, no don t worry, we will do it. I am absolutely not upset you will do. This is what I am trying to prove, it s a practical, it s a workshop, on Saturday six o clock to eight, nine o clock it will be nothing but a workshop, it is something which will give us ourselves. We are going to gain it, it s not, don t worry, it s not a failure thing because with all our haphazard flip-flop we mess up our life. The exactness we cannot live and without exactness there is nothing exact to comeback. Action has a reaction equal and opposite. You be exactly positive reaction will be positive, you are half hearted, reaction will be half hearted. You don t have to ask for it. One, two, three, four, five, two, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, two, three, four, five, six, one, seven, nine, two. There can be a confusion in life but other unknown purposes but if you can hurt, act, alert, you will not be damaged and that s called self protection and who has to do it, you? No, this Kopda, this Shashra, this is meant to do it. It should be trying to do it, as A you wrote on four lines, then on three lines, then on two lines, then on one line, without line, then you just it out. That is practical. We made it all this whole basic science of training, potty training into religion to give it elevation and added God to it to squeeze some money out of you, that s all it is, it is no big deal, there is no truth in other than that and we have come to that frustration now, we don t want to learn anything. That s why because we don t want to learn, that s why we are all very confused. You understand? Will you do this exercise at home? You speak mentally your own number and produce your own effect and correct yourself? Remember there are only six. Numbers in it. Or you can think anything; two, four, eight, I won t move. Anything beyond six you won t move. It is off limit. You must be better than a bear, when he rubs his back to a tree that s his limit, that s his territory, that s his concept, that s his jurisdiction. He won t endanger himself beyond that. Why I chose six numbers? 6 minutes: You have five Tattvas, five Tattvas and sixth is the mind. So this is a training of your mind. You have to train your mind. Now for our resurrection, you know? Now do one thing. See, it s a simple exercise, do you feel any worried about it? Faster. No, you don t worry, look at the tip of your nose and move it fast, as fast as severely, honestly, truthfully you can do. If somebody says as many times you do, that many million dollars you will get. Just with that attitude. So you can earn lot, you have to act fast, nothing, these are five Tattvas, just let them touch the palm and get out, get back and get in fast. They call it milking the cow. OPEN & CLOSE THE TATWAS Fast, fast, fast, I am looking at the watch, don t worry, I will not overextend you, very simple exercise, it has nothing to worry about. In a minute and a half you will start getting irritated. Exactly. If not by now, another minute it happens because it takes two minutes to start irritating. Now when you do that moment you finish the time, then this is called stimulation, okay? Name of this exercise is Tattva s stimulation, it s not a small exercise, don t misunderstand and you have to make your all four finger touch your this hand like this and fast, watch how I do it. It s constant, it s continuous, it is opens, it is no cheating because I want to be healthy, your brain will hurt, your head will hurt, your neck will hurt, your heart will stimulate, you end up sweating, just a simple exercise. Open the hand

8 and close it open, close it, open, close it fast, that s all it needed. Not slow; total should take three seconds and in three second if you must do it complete three times, slowest is one second a stroke. Move, move fast, see what it does to you. Why do you want to go somewhere and get to all the paraphernalia, mystery, it s right simple. We have timed it and you have done it for half a minute. Yeah, yeah. It s there, keep doing, keep doing, we will not do long, it is, it is couple minutes. No, no, no, exercise, exercise, exercise, get rid of possibility of arthritis and all that depository situation but if by the way head starts hurting, stop it. There is a chance that your head will start hurting by doing this pure exercise. If there is a remote, remote chance. But if, come on, come on folks, well, well, well, keep doing, keep doing, feeling good? No, no, no, no moving, just straight, elbow straight, solid straight, nothing doing, all like this, keep doing, be miserable, that s fine. It s okay to be miserable, that helps. Self-cause misery is not a bad idea. When somebody causes you misery, that s worst. Come on, come on, come on, don t yawn, relax and you will like to sleep in few minutes. You know that we moved that Mala on the sun finger? You know what that does? That s what it does what you are doing. Everything is Sa ta Na ma meditation, actually to be very frank, it s a basic part of spiritual elevation. You can play a football but you can t do this. But it will change you, it will affect you positively. Come on, come on folks, there is a minute more to go. 5 minutes: I am trying to help you tonight by something to make practically a change in your life so you may not just All right now keep going, very good, here you go, inhale deep, now make your fingers like claws and do like this; now front teeth, front teeth, you know, you don t have to get anger out, your anger will be start eliminating, keep doing, front teeth, teeth now don t break the teeth, yeah and just get to, get to claws, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, fast, fast, really claw, claw the other person, claw the atmosphere, claw. Yeah get it, your inherited anger will go away. Come on, come on, come on, hey that anger, there is no other way to get it out, just teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth, front teeth. You will never find if you can do it at home you will never fight with anybody, five minutes of this can take care of you for the whole day. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Move fast, move fast, claw it, claw it as you are going through really the skin of another thing. Sat Kaur faster and heavy duty, don t be gentle. Come on little Niranjan, really this is your day honey. She loves to do that. Bhai, is it some therapy we are doing, it is just simple exercise, we are all trying putting our front teeth together and clawing through the atmosphere, that s all. Faster we do, better result will be, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, get this damn thing out. Oh God, hurry up. Why you are so shy, why can t you just not openly, honestly do it? You mean to tell me you are not angry inside, forget it. Everybody knows that.

9 Get the curse out man, get it, get it, get it, get it, well, you have thirty more seconds to go, do your best please. 8 minutes: Inhale now please lock your back molar tight and make a fist and punch forward and go ahead fast, tight molar, back teeth molars. Molar over molar lock it and punch forward with full force, Mohammad Ali, just that kind of force, force, hit powerful, back molars locked. Good if you have automatic winding watch take it off because spring will go berserk. Punch, punch, punch. Punch, punch, back molar locked totally, just watch what it does to you, don t ask me. Stunt punch, tremendous pressure on elbow required, take care of the digestive system and your inner biles, you know liver creates a bile, your other stuff, there are lot of things which help the digestive system. Punch, punch, punch, punch hard, harder you punch better it is. Lock the molars though, harder, harder, harder, if you don t do it harder you don t enjoy the Jupiter Kriya which comes after this. Punch, punch, punch, punch, lock the back molars, that s the only secret, harder, harder, elbow has to have pressure, there is a meridian two points there in elbow which are directly connected your pineal, hit hard with a sense of victory. Play knock out, back molar locked your power becomes hundred time. Don t be delicate, get the greatest image. Really toughies, get now being toughies. Harder you hit, molar you lock, best result you will get. Some of you very peaceful people right, come on, learn punching, don t punch card, punch time, get out, get out, get out really good, get out, really get, get, get, get, hey you guys, you got to do it right. Come on bravo, yeah, harder, harder. Very good Gobind Kaur, you are doing perfect keep doing, that s the best, get it out, that s very good, wow! This corner is pretty good, look at Nam Kaur look at her red face, God keep going though Perfect that s the way to go. Arey exercise is exercise, get result. Come on, come on, don t stop, don t stop, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. It s, I know it is difficult but it s very good, it s very healthy, it s going to make it perfect. Soram, you are doing punching very good, keep up though. Punch, punch Soram punch, what a Mahatma Gandhi he is. Punch man punch. Hit hard, hit hard, hit hard, hit hard. (YB s laugher) Lock the molars, hit hard. Hey you guys, all them exercises you talk about, you know, what are you doing now? You are really doing, some of you are doing marvelously better, there is no reason to disbelieve, you are successful, come on. Get to it, I am not going to call your name but for God sake, keep going. (YB s laugher) Cheating is not permissible. Okay now inhale, 24 minutes take this finger out, please lock your these three finger and put your hands like this and see the shoulders are out and fingers are just by the side of basic straight hands, look at the tip of your nose and breathe slowly. Four breath a minute, five second to breathe in, five second to hold, five second to breathe out, whatever you think second is. Straight fingers up, backward chest out, shoulder backward stretched. Hey that song, healing song of the walk, Jehovah, Hallelujah that stuff. Now this has to be steady, Performa has to be perfect, finger has to be, index finger, Jupiter finger has to be straight, hands must not be forward, see my watch, open your eyes, watch my hands. Just watch, with the shoulders, they are not forward, if you do this, don t do it, it s useless. If you do too much back, that s not good just right position, just like that as you know, this above here, just that position right there and just sit steady and breathe four breath a minute, five second in, five second hold, five second and don t forget, hands will come forward automatically, don t let them come forward, stick them in a posture, be there. It will create miracle now because the exercise you have

10 done, you have stir up the central nervous system, you have arouse Shushmana, now let the Kundalini travel, please help yourself, help me, help your own environments. I will be successful if you are successful. (Tape is played in the class) YB (Talks over the tape): Watch your hands be careful don t let them move forward. Index finger straight. Breathe four breath a minute. Do it correctly, it is very elevating. My God you will served cookies, see what meditation can do, birthday Dev Dharma Kaur s wow! Kaur s wow! Third birthday, we celebrate the day, go. Um? Very fresh what a. If you do it right, the posture is perfect, you will elevate. There is no reason to doubt. Index finger straight. Enter the status of a saint. Keep up, don t sleep, you are getting better and better by every second. Purify, divine yourself, just profile as a saint, status of a saint, saints are no different, they don t have a unicorn horn, they are just like you. It s all you, me and us. (Tape is played in the class) YB (Talks over the tape): Inhale deep hold the breath. (Tape stops) Let it go. Inhale again, let it go. Inhale again, now hold it tight and synchronize your body, relax. Okay move your shoulders and your body, just stretch out, oh play bountiful beautiful. Yeah just let circulation keep going. Little by little if we can change our inside, our outside will automatically change as a reaction to it. It s not necessary, you are all expecting. (Tape I am bountiful, blissful. is played in the class) YB (Talks over the tape): If the outside is changed then inside will change, that s actually vice versa. Cookies be served. Louder, louder, come on Dev Darshan, bring the cookies. Oh we are going where? All right, now. (Tape stops) You are all okay? Anybody develop any kind of headache? Ah? Well, if you anybody has develop headache it means there is a problem with circulation, it comes from constant phobia. Anybody had a pain in the shoulders. Students: Yeah. YB: Shoulder pain? Students: Yeah. YB: Stop eating junk food. That is stomach, anybody s elbow hurt? Elbows, you guys need exercise, bad circulation, anybody s index finger hurt? Students: ( ) YB: Um? Index finger, yeah you don t drink enough water. Next Saturday I think there is, I am going somewhere but we have class earlier, right? Something like that. So we will Student: ( ) YB: Yeah but these people where I should send them to? Cat house? We will meet one o clock, maybe teach a hour, two and then get away. Those who wants to come, that s what we want do. Then after that I perhaps, I have to go to Europe and I will be gone and then for summer I will be gone to Espanola, so then adios, next year. When after summer we start again. I mean to say, it s not that you have a problem in your life, you have problem in your life by your own insecurity, your own insensitivity, your own flip-flops and you know, as you tune up the car, you change the oils and you do all that, that s how you should do in your life too. Gear up and it s a learning process, it s not something you can take it for granted, you know, it s this is this, this is this, there is no this is this, it s everyday little bit better, little bit doing, little bit caring, enjoying discipline, dedication. Life has no meaning without reverence. If there is no reverence, there is no life. First of all reverence should be for yourself. Second reverence for all the environments, thirdly all projection should be just with reverence. All achievements meant to give you reverence. If you cannot create reverence the time will reverse on you, you will be victim of one thing or the other, there is nothing, it s just, it s just going through the pain. I mean, don t misunderstand, doesn t matter how much you have, who you belong to and what you are talking about, life without reverence is just reverse tragedy of self. There s absolute cut and dry rule in it either or. There is a one Persian philosopher and sage and wisest man, he wrote two books Gulistan and Bulustan and those two stories of Shaik Saadi have one thing very common; he says, Zaba Sheeri Mulgeri. If your language is sweet and reverence full, it is sweet and reverence full, you can have total world at your feet. Speak to your enemies with reverence, forget about Friends are never to be offended, otherwise don t have friend, don t, don t lie to anybody I am your friend, just understand the basic rule; once you somebody I am your friend, if you say somebody your student, don t let that person live with any dent, kick him left and right, beat him up and get everything straight. Do your job, it s a thankless, it s not a Job of a teacher and a friend is not easy job. The way you do lip service and you call it friendship, they are not friendship. There is no relationship, relationship with,

11 Thun Peyrehna Akhiyey Behanakatte Hovey, Ek Joth Doi Murthi Thun Par Kahiyeaso. Don t call them friends who sit together, chat together, live together, be together, they are not friends, there is a one soul and two bodies, they are great friends. Strategy and status and state, these three things should be just one, that s the trinity between friends. Any sometime you are just imperial, glorious, oh, here you go, Saturday they have only. Student: ( ) YB: One thirty, instead of well, you have, we are to depend on yoga center, whenever they give us a space we ll keep on hugging our way through with reverence. Yeah life, you, you, start with nothing, you born naked and you were innocent, so you have reverence, everybody has reverence for you, everybody revered you when you are little baby and you never talk harsh or rude or crude or didn t play games, you just say ah, uh, ah, sometime you smile, sometime you cry, sometime you say, nobody cared actually, everybody loved you, you got tons of love to start with. More you grow up, you lose your innocence, you become crook and you start slapping everybody left and right in the face, punch this, that and then you want to be loved. What the hell is this? You put your horn in somebody s stomach and you said he will kiss you? Where this comes from? Somebody talk to you, you say, I don t know. How it feels? Try to understand love of a master and love of a dog is the only reference in the book of reverence and there used to be gramophone company, first one, it used to say His Master Voice, there is a that big thing with a hole and dog is listening to. Listening is a very powerful art of prosperity of elevation, of spirit. It s not small thing. It s not, it s not my idea to teach on Saturdays a class like regular philosophy and just to give exercise and work it up, this class I want to teach as I feel like teaching. I want practical workshop, I want to change, I want to see, maybe one person come, I don t want you to all show up and feel miserable. These classes are to cut your miserably and misery is always cut by feeling super miserable. When you experience super miserability, then you get the ability of stamina that nothing is miserable to you and these are very technical exercises which will give you infinite stamina, quick intelligence, sharpest consciousness, totally computerized program of the brain will work at thirty trillion megawatt capacity and that s what Kundalini Yoga is, it s not a just stretching your legs and being this religion or that and this philosophy, this whole success in the universe cannot give you happiness, rich you are, richer are your problem, poor you are, poor are your problem. Problems are there, you have to live problem free. Physical problems come what, what physical? What Los Angeles can give you? It has no air, no water. What it can give you? Nothing. There was a article that day I was reading, the pollution in the air and water is enough to change the hormones of a person that a male feel he is a female and female feels is a male. Did you read that? Ah? It s medical, it s all, did you read it, oh come on, I will give copy, do you get that? Oh my God! It s a study latest. They have found out among the animals and among the birds and among the mammals, that pollution has created such a faculty of behavior change, it is unbelievable. You gave it to me that right? Who gave me that article? Student: I sir. YB: Oh you gave it? Yeah. Student: ( ) YB: It s a pretty good study but it s two, three pages only, that s all, not big deal. I think we should circulate that. Student: ( ) YB: Oh Guru Charan from Boston send it, oh yeah, he wrote a letter see you said in such and such date this happens, look at this, now they have spend all this money and I have studied because of pollution our hormone change and our clogged up system, we have no acknowledgment with our gender, forget about behavior, behavior is secondary thing, you know gender and they have experimented all along and this is what it happens. So please try to understand those who live in the city of angels have to make time to become angels. That s why I say to you, you have much more responsibility toward yourself. Learning is a process, it is progressive process, slowly, it s not, it s not something, it s not, even you take a hot potato, you burn your mouth. There is no, no, no need to be quick, to be fast, there is no price for wisdom and there is no power than reverence but funny part is, you have to, you will be acknowledged who you are in exactly, in exactly four seconds and don t worry, doesn t matter what you do the other person knows because your name as human is called Adami, A dum mi, one who takes the breath of life. So in one breath of life and by the other person taking one breath of life, both know who we are. So all this facade that nobody know me, everything is secret, everything is this, that, it s only one purpose that you don t want your irreverence to ruin you. Irreverence will ruin you, not anybody else. Like title you are, oh that s obnoxious, oh that person is insane, oh you are talking to a debauch, that person lies through teeth, forget it. Everybody has a behavior name and that you earn. Oh what was you, where were you going, oh I went to lunch, with who, so and so, oh that yoyo?

12 It s common expression, nobody feels it even. So whatever your name is and whatever you say you are and whatever you project you are and what you feel you are and whatever your status is, no, no, you are known by another name too. It s among the equal. As they perceive you and you don t want to admit. That s why you are irrational, you fight, you quarrel, you don t want to admit the truth that there is something wrong. Moment you admit there is something wrong, it will go away. Just by self-admission, not admit to anybody. The tragedy of the mind is that you know you are wrong and you don t want to admit it, not to me, not to anybody else, that s why in the Catholic church they made that come to the father and confess that confession because they thought that if you come and confess to the father, you get rid of the system and he made you to agree and that s it. It was the first psychological class for fifteen minutes, it used cost a gold coin. People come, handover the gold coin, go to the box, father, father, I have sinned, there maybe a monkey sitting but doesn t matter to him. Because he can t see anything, father, father, I have sinned, I went to my neighbor s wife and she made love to me, I made to love to him(her) and I have already done third time, I promise you all the time. He said, Go and do Hail Mary s. Because that person is habitual but once he admits it, he realize it, he feels it and he does thirty days, forty days, two thousand Hail Mary s, oh naturally for that time he won t do. It s not that he is not going to do, father knows it, the guy knows it, little bit process works. A Sikh does five banis, if you just do the banis and understand them your life will change in seconds. Each word is just a pearl of wisdom, each word, each line, say each Sutra, it s very classical. This entire religion you see the Sikhs turban clad people, it is very funny thing. Sometime I wonder, I have, I have done a comparative study religion, what was the necessity I feel when there are so many religion? It s a very new thing, it has, it actually is in our religion. Oh you know, there are eighteen million peoples where you got to protect one way or the other, give them some brand name, aspirin is aspiring. The entire philosophy of Sikhism is one Nam, Sat Nam, truth is my identity and what is the truth, God, creation and creature. I mean to say it s a God s word. In one line you can sum up the entire Sikh religion, where there is Thou there is no I, where there is no I, there is no Thou simple, isn t fascinating? Rest is all explanation, paraphernalia. No, God is God and you are part of that God, so you don t exist. God is in you, God is within you, God is around you, God is above you, God is below you, left you, right you and all is God, big and small, all is God. If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all, that s it. What is God now, you will ask one God, what is God? It is totality. Of whose? Yours, is God and that you cannot admit. The biggest lie on this planet with people is, they cannot admit God is within themselves, if you admit God is within yourself, nothing wrong can happen. Circumstances will go wrong, environments will go wrong, surroundings will go wrong, people will go wrong, nothing will attach you. Jeath mushkila baney, tohi koi na dey, lagoo hoye dushmana sathe baj kaley If enemies come marching on you and your relatives runaway and tremendous calamity touches you and all, all supports is already is gone and all hopes have vanished, I mean, that statement, nich tavey parabam, if you feel inside God is, you won t be touched. What a statement! Because when you feel God is inside, then God works, you are off the hook. Then the whole philosophy of Sikh dharma is you sin, sin, sin like pile of wood, if you put one match stick it all burns. The one moment if you think God is in you, like the children have that thing they right, right, right, moment they say it s all gone, that s simple philosophy. You can t always claim to be perfect because God is perfect, just feel God is inside you. That s why I put my gravestone. And I wrote that line which I believe on it. Ketia dookh bukh sad maar Eh bhe daat teree daataar. What is after that left? Ketia dookh bukh sad maar-ketia, Ketia means many, many, many, many, multiple, Ketia, uncountable. Dookh? Student: Pain. YB: Discomfort, pain, calamity, tragedy, bukh, hunger, there are many types of hunger, mental, spiritual, sexual, sensual, professional, God knows how many hungers are there. Ketia dookh bukh sad maar, hundred thousand time if it hits you. Eh bhe daat teree daataar. Oh God, that s one of your gift and what is Catch 22 in it? When you think tragedy is God s then it doesn t touch you. So long you feel tragedy and you or confronting you will lose, there will be no victory. This word Fateh, victory belongs to those, who do not confirmed and what is the yin-yang? If somebody attacks you by the force, elevated force, bypass it and will pass on his face. I have a tremendous experience in my life, once I was, we were patrolling a construction site, two hundred fifty men with me and there comes a blasting army of people fully armed and God knows they walk into the riverbed and we were sitting and