So let me start with a couple of questions, and I want you to take note of the answers that come to them, okay?...

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1 Hey, everyone. This is Christie Marie Sheldon, founder of the Unlimited Abundance Program. I am so excited that you've joined me today for this Unlimited Abundance energy clearing session. It's not every day that I get to share my gift with this many people at the same time. I am told that we have around 20,000 on the webinar right now and I am so happy to be doing this session again and I just want to acknowledge everyone who joined us in my previous sessions. I'm honored that you've decided to participate and contribute your energy again since we're going to be covering some extremely important new content. And there's a brand new energy clearing session that you're going to experience so you can reinvent your financial reality, starting today, and achieve the abundance, the bank balance, the opportunities, and the experience that you want. For those of you who don't know, I'm an intuitive life coach and transformation expert. I help people get out of their stuck, repetitive patterns that are stopping them from truly living a fulfilling life filled with everything their heart desires. And I do this by removing blocks and facilitating change in clients so that they can see new opportunities and abundance that they don't otherwise see. Over the past 15 years I've facilitated hundreds of thousands of people around the globe in clearing their blocks via appearances on top ten radio shows, telesummits, seminars, group coaching programs. And I've done over 20,000 private consultations for clients, and some of these are renowned authors or celebrities, political or business leaders, and even a Noble Prize winner. I have also appeared on stages with other respected authors in the personal growth industry, like Lisa Nichols or Marci Shimoff and John Assaraf and Dr. Norman Shealy and Janet Attwood and more. And what you're going to hear and experience today is going to cause a major shift in your life, especially in your willingness to receive new abundance. I'm sure you can't wait to get started, I am so excited, so let's begin because today you'll be going through a set of powerful clearing statements that will zap some of your major abundance blocks. Think of it like heavy weights that you keep carrying and unknowingly this hinders your progress in life. And you'll feel what it's like to be free again. The time has come for you to break free of the old and enjoy a new reality of freedom and abundance. Yes, a state of unlimited abundance and grace is possible for you. By the time you reach the end of this session you'll know exactly what you need to do to manifest abundance to make this year the best year you've ever had, and continue having even better years in the future. Now I'm not making this up, I've had people who've gone through my sessions who went on to create new businesses from scratch. Some were able to manifest significant raises and promotions that work and some others were able to identify insanely lucrative investments that they otherwise wouldn't have found. So if you haven't already, quickly grab a pen and a piece of paper, I'm sure there's going to be plenty of things to take note of today. And trust me, you're going to want to remember all of this stuff.

2 But first, let me explain what's in store for you today. Remember, the goal here is to remove any obstacles, energetic ones, that are stopping you from living a life that's truly, truly aligned with your dreams. Because I don't want you to postpone or even, God forbid, abandon your dreams. As I always say, my mission in life is to personally affect the lives of at least 1,000,000 people and to help them discover their full potential in life. I also just want to say that if you felt some sort of force driving you to take part in this event then you need to pay very close attention because there might be something here that you need to hear in this session, something that your soul wants you to know right now. Now I'm going to describe the agenda for the session but know that anything can happen. I'm going to be working on the collective energy fields and, for my experience, working with large groups of people often leads to profound and sometimes surprising results. I follow the energy so I don't really know what's going to happen for sure, I just know that it's going to be fun and it's going to be transformative. So I'm hoping that you witness a huge transformation in your abundance frequency before this webinar is even over. There are seven different sections that I'm going to be covering today and the energy clearing exercise is just one part. It will come in the second half of this session after I give you some important insider tips on energy work. All right? So stay tuned because you don't want to miss the energy clearing exercise. Okay, so some of the things I'm going to be covering today are the truth about money, so section one is the truth about money. And here I'm going to talk to you about the truth about money, I'm going to show you why money might not be what you think it is, and then I'll give you a short but very self-important reflection exercise. Section two I'm going to cover what are your abundance blocks, and the second section is extremely important. I'm going to tell you about the abundance blocks and why they're holding you back from wealth. Here I'm also going to share a couple of fascinating and maybe a little shocking stories about my clients and they completely turn their life around by overcoming their abundance blocks. And section three, how energy clearing blocks works. In the third section we'll look behind the scenes at energy work, how it works, why it works. And I'm going to be honest here, I was a little hesitant to share this at first because most energy healers never share their secrets. But I believe that you deserve to have this information because it will help you get even better results. In section four we're going to talk about the manifesting formula and creating your own reality. In this fourth section I will talk about my super-secret formula for manifesting, I'm going to explain in detail about the "I am" formula for manifesting, and I'm going to show you the exact steps to create your own reality. This formula is not just limited to your abundance, you can apply it to every area of your life, be it your health, you happiness, your relationships, your career, everything.

3 In section five is the abundance blocks clearing session. The fifth section is a one that you're going to be waiting for, an abundance block clearing session to help you make this year the best year ever. In this session you're going to use my gift to tap into your collective energy fields and elevate them for abundance for this year and beyond. I can't stress how valuable this is going to be for you because very few healers would do this kind of thing online. So no matter what, do not miss this session. And in section six, abundance blocks, the true cost of it. The sixth section is quite fascinating and it's called "How much are your abundance blocks costing you?" And here I'm going to give you a neat little tool that I made that will show you, in dollars and cents, how much you could be earning if you were liberated from your abundance blocks. In section seven, being open to receiving. The seventh and final section is, and this is going to be fun, I'm going to shatter your ceiling, your invisible ceiling that you have that limits your receiving of abundance. Most people don't even see that they have put a limit on their receiving. And this is going to be fun; I'm going to show you how just by asking the right questions you can explode your capability to receive true abundance, unlimited abundance, because true abundance has no limits. For many this is a real game-changer. And one last thing before we begin, I'm going to be giving you a very special invitation at the end of the session. So make sure you stay on the line all the way till the end, you don't want to miss it. So here's what you can expect, sometimes people manifest unexpected abundance in as little as a few hours. I get these crazy s and these crazy Facebook posts saying, "Oh my God, I did your energy clearing session, Christie, and here's what just happened." Or some people me or Facebook me and say, "Hey," a few months later, "Hey, we did that energy clearing session and you're not going to believe what happened. I just got a salary raise." And other people experience new abundance in the form of people or opportunities or crazy things showing up either immediately after the session or within a few months. So I can't wait to see what's going to happen for you. So let me start with a couple of questions, and I want you to take note of the answers that come to them, okay?... So what is abundance and money like for you? Is it easy to get? Is it hard to hold on to? Maybe money and abundance for you is only found on credit cards. Is money a nonissue in your life because you have plenty? For whatever reason that you're on this call I can tell you this, I have had thousands of clients who felt hindered in their ability to manifest abundance in the form of cash, wealth, or other things associated with material energy. They wanted these things so that they could have the freedom to experience life in a certain way for them, to love their children in a certain way. For instance, sending them to a good school or sharing cultures and traveling or loving them any way they wanted because they had the resources to do it.

4 For some people hearing the phrase, "The love of money is the root of all evil," became a program that they bought into and they think it's bad to have material wealth and money. But I see a lot of moneyed people doing philanthropy or doing good things for the planet. So money is just an energy that you use to do good things for you. Which might surprise you that I call money that way but if I had known what I'm going to teach you 20 years ago, my whole life and my whole world would be very different. Starting in my mid-twenties I manifested an abundance most people would only dream of. And I'm being conservative when I saw this because I don't like to brag, I don't like to talk about myself. I'm just giving you the information so that you know that I know what I'm talking about because I've lived a multimillionaire's lifestyle. I had the cars, the private plane, the multiple homes in three parts of the world, the five star vacations. I've done it all and I had a lot of fun doing it. I hung out with loads of rich people, I even hung out with celebrity rich people and I watched how they think and act with money. I learned that wealthy people think money is easy to get and they have no issue trying to figure out the whole game of it. It's an energy that they mastered and they got this energy by doing things that they loved. So I get what it takes to manifest a lot of money and I also have lived the other reality of being poor. I did the poor, broke, college kid thing, I had no cash, I worked my way with like two fulltime jobs and stuff putting my way through college. And I've done the full range of manifesting abundance so I also, in this current time, get to do what I love to do for a living. I've worked with well over 20,000 people one-on-one clearing their blocks to happiness. And these blocks include not only having enough prosperity and abundance but happiness and I think I have a Ph.D. in clearing blocks with people. Even Mother Teresa manifested millions of dollars with her abundance mindset, she attracted millions of dollars from other wealthy and abundant people and she used her energy and her resources to make herself an excellent magnet for abundance. You see, money is just an effect and the true cause of your money situation is your energy field and the abundance programming that you agreed and aligned with and bought and sold to yourself as true. So here's what I know, I think manifesting anything, including cash, money, less income, more income, experiences, is basically a sum total of all of your energy frequencies and the patterns that you have imprinted and received in your life. And these come in the form of your stories about money, your thoughts about money, your ideas, your judgments about abundance. And all of these energetic frequencies, the good and the bad, are made up of this energy and your decisions, choices, experiences, and realities about manifesting either create this big golden door being shut to abundance or the big golden door being open and flowing towards you with more and more and more abundance. And that's the truth about money from an energetic place; you have an energetic set point about money, cash, and things about abundance and life. So let's talk about abundance blocks and why they're holding you back from wealth. As you should know by now, abundance blocks are subconscious barriers that society and your family and friends have kind of implanted and imprinted in you. And silently behind the scenes they

5 sabotage your efforts to gain wealth. The abundance blocks could come from anywhere, your parents, your mentors, your friends, the media, the government. Well how do they come in? Well think about it like this. As a child, did you ever hear your parents complaining about greedy and unethical rich people? Or have you ever heard people suggest that the government always sides with these greedy unethical rich people instead of the masses? And did you ever hear that line from the Bible saying, "It's harder for a rich man to enter Heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle"? Or have you ever watched a movie, listened to a song, or read an article that says, "Money is the root of all evil"? In high school or college, were you ever told that working hard is the only key to success? All of these sound pretty insignificant, right? But silently and sneakily they kind of latch into your subconscious mind and create these layers and layers of abundance blocks that form around you. And the result of this influence is in plain sight. Many of you are saddled with subconscious fear towards because somewhere deep inside you relate to it as greed and evil and you want to be a good person. Some of us spend way too much time at work thinking that backbreaking hard work is somehow noble and it's the only way to success. And oftentimes you might overlook opportunities that might be abundant and easier. And the list goes on and on. Now I need you to understand this because it's important. Even having just one abundance block is enough to completely derail your life; I've seen it with my clients one-on-one. They could have one crazy abundance block and it's the thing that keeps hitting them and sabotaging their life and draining their resources. So let me just highlight a couple of the most common abundance blocks for you... Abundance block number one. What if you had an abundance block that causes you to believe that hard work equals success? You might become the kind of person who works 60, 70, even 80 hours a week. You might come home late every night; you might miss countless precious moments with your family and friends. And you may even over exert yourself, stress yourself out, we know stress creates a lot of health issues, and end up in the hospital or even worse. You see, when left unchecked, having even one single abundance block can ruin your life. And what I've found is that most people have at least a dozen abundance blocks that are affecting them at varying degrees. Basically you're living in a limited universe of your own making if you believe these things. Your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your ideas created this limited universe, you created your reality by believing and bringing into your energy field these barriers to your income. All right, what about abundance block number two, believing that money is the root of all evil? I want you to think for a moment, let's go back to the phrase that, "The love of money is the root of all evil." If you believe that from an energetic place, you become that vibration and feel guilty

6 about money. And that energy magnetizes all this kind of guilt and crappy realities and slams the door shut to abundance. Even if you think logically, "Well money is not evil," but you still have an energetic pattern of belief that is imprinted within you, that money is evil, you're still blocked. And that's why people sabotage money by spending it all and not saving or blowing it on stuff and filling up their homes with things that take away peace and happiness. This is a demonstration or an outpicturing of the vibration that you originally subconsciously believe that money is evil. Now you continue to sabotage yourself and you make that belief more strongly when you live with it and keep making it true for you. So look at this common sense-wise. You want to be a good person, right? So that means with this belief that you would have to spend or get rid of all your cash so you could not believe that you're evil. Kind of makes sense, right? So when you erase this story entirely, both your thoughts, your feelings, and your energy about it and totally eradicate it from your reality, then you'll believe that it is safe, right, and good to have money, love money, and keep money. You're going to treat your money like it's your best friend or your favorite pet or your baby and you're going to love it and keep it around. Personally, I think you actually have no choice but to erase these stories that ruin your life. A big light bulb should be going off for you right now. Everyone on this call and in the world should be thinking, "I have no excuse. I have to clear my energy so that I can manifest my true life purpose and live abundantly. I have to live abundantly and increase my value within myself so that I become more and more and more free. Your true divine nature is abundant and free because you all know what's going to happen if you don't fix this, right? The universe is loving and helpful and kind and wants you to show up as abundant, wealthy, and happy. So in order for the universe to help you, it's going to keep showing you your blocks over and over and over again until you clear them. I often say to my clients, they ask the question, "Why am I so broke?" But when you say that to the universe, "Why am I so broke?," it keeps showing you all the reasons why you're broke as a love gift so that you clear each and every one of these blocks and become more abundant. In my personal belief system, you are living a lie by not becoming free. You're living a lie by suffocating yourself and living in stress and fear about money. All it takes is a few simple tools to release you from your prison. In my experience people using quality tools create abundance more rapidly than those who don't know where to look and how to fix it. It's not your fault that you don't know what to do; nobody gave you the owner's manual. But I can show you how to clear these abundance blocks until they are gone. Again, I believe that you have no option but to clear these things because they're going to keep showing up in your life torturing you until you erase them and vanish them for good. If you have ever made a decision, for instance, to save money and then your car broke down or the washing machine went kaput, that's the universe sharing with you that your energy must be

7 cleared. That's why you have no choice but to fix your life in this area, otherwise you're going to keep manifesting the same stuff over and over again and that's what the majority of people do when they don't know why all these negative things keep happening to them. But that's why, they don't understand that they can change it very rapidly. But if you don't have the right know-how and how to fix these things and you don't know where to look to find these blocks, I can understand it's frustrating. In working with over 20,000 people, I know where to look to find your blocks and I know how to help you fix them quickly, even if you've been working on yourself for years. Okay, abundance block number three, treating your job as a source of your income. How many of you believe that your job is the source of your abundance? I actually think a job is a thing that you choose to do that creates value, you put value and energy into it, right? So does your current job add value to your life or deplete it? Okay, here's what I mean. A job is a choice that you put your life force in, people call it your livelihood, okay? So you put life force into it and then you know that it gives you money back. You know your life sometimes depends on it to give you back this money to live so in other words you give life to it and it gives your life back. Now for some of you though you are so unhappy in your jobs and your careers so you put your heart and soul into something that you don't prefer that doesn't give you back life or give you back livelihood, right? It zaps away your life; it becomes a magnet for pain and frustration. And there's pros and cons to living this way, obviously. Sometimes this is a fear-based work ethic that, "I have to stay in this job because this is the only one that I can have and I have to work hard at it," right? But it limits your happiness. If you're afraid to bust out and find a new career that fits for you, you're living in fear and fear is a lower vibration. Fear-based thinking closes the door to abundance; it closes the door on your happiness. Have you ever been in a space where you're truly happy and everything goes right? That's what you're career and job, the thing that you spend 40 hours a week doing, should feel like to you. It should feel happy and in the flow. So for those of you listening who are kind of in a job or career crisis or you might be overdrawn on your happiness at that point and you keep putting energy into something that doesn't give you anything back and you keep moving closer and closer to fear and anger and setback and constraints, all of these things are covering up what you're built for which is you are built for abundance. So underneath all of these is abundance and we just have to get to that layer. Okay? Because somewhere you've programmed yourself for lack, and I'm going to help show you where. So here's another example. If you keep thinking, "I want to retire and then I will be happy," but you hate your current job or your career, what you're saying is, "I will get happiness in the future. I will be happy when I retire in the future and I'm delaying my happiness until then." Do you really wish to live your life in that place?

8 I challenge you to really think, "Do I wish to live my life from living from these fear-based agendas that suck my life force away every day or do I want to live my life from a grateful place?" Like I do, I love what I get to do every day, I love that I get to help people solve puzzles and put people on the right path for themselves. It s great, it's amazing to me, it's fun, it's fulfilling. My favorite place is teaching clients how to do this for themselves. I want you to imagine for a moment this scale of 1 to 1,000, at the top is enlightenment and the bottom is close to death. And on the scale there are these factors that complement to your life. I call it "lover above energy" but basically you're living at this energy where you're living from love and joyfulness and gratefulness that's opening your life, right? Living abundantly. And there's these levels below 500 that are draining. I want you to think of something for a moment that you love more than anything. It could be a person you know, it could be a child, it could be a pet. It could be riding on your Harley- Davidson, right? Think of that energy though, that love energy. That is the kind of energy that you should be living from, that's the kind of energy that you deserve, that's the abundance energy. All right, now I want you to think of something that you hate more than anything, could be paying the bills, driving to work, it could be doing some other task, whatever it is. Okay, can you feel that clunk or that thud that just happened in your world? That's what abundance blocks are doing and I want to help you change that. You can change these blocks quickly if you have the right tools. I have a client, his name is Roman, and he changed his life in as little as 12 weeks by doing my abundance course. He was in a dead-end job, he was tired of it. And in clearing his blocks what he realized is he had cut off his abundance by thinking that this job was his only choice. So he cleared a bunch of beliefs around what was possible, in a moment you're going to do the same thing. But the very next thing you know, he started applying for different job options just to see what showed up. He made it happen and he got three job offers. He took one of them, got a raise, also got a $5,000 signing bonus, and make an extra $20,000 in under 12 weeks. That's amazingly quick, right? All he did was clear his stuck energy and fear realities and he chose to do something he loved. In changing your beliefs and clearing your blocks, things can happen this quickly. I had another client do my abundance course and in under 12 weeks, she was on welfare and she got off of welfare. Imagine how life-changing that was for her. I had another mom, Karen, and she was a stay-at-home mom and she was always in fear because her and her hubby and their five kids had very little savings. One thing could go wrong and, wow, that would be a big mess. I'm sure a lot of you are in the same situation where you don't know how long you can last just by scraping by. But Karen from the U.K. loved herself enough, took action, joined the Unlimited Abundance course, in under four weeks she said she doubled the family income in her to me. The first thing she accomplished was manifesting what she called her "dream job". By using

9 the tools and living in a more positive energy, within a very short amount of time, like a few weeks, she made her dream job happen. Then she kept getting more and more hours at her dream job because she became a magnet for abundance. She used these techniques to help her boss and her husband manifest more clients that showed up for both of them. And the boss got so inundated with new clients that Karen kept working from home one day a week and then moved into working at home four days a week doing something that she enjoyed and she got to stay home with the kids. She literally doubled the household income. She said in her to me, "You have to understand, Christie, things like this never happen to me, have never happened to me before. My family was barely making ends meet and now we have more than double that." Her abundant energy also took hold in her husband's life and he made more sales in his position at work, generating more income. So her energy was even changing the people around her as well. She wanted to help others and decided to work on her next dream job and she became one of my intuitive life coaches helping others achieve their dream and get their goals as well. So for her, these tools kept making her life better and better and better and better. Now I have had clients tell me that there are no jobs out there. I got an from another wife and she has said her husband had been out of work for two years and she was desperate for a change, she wanted to help him. She was just watching her husband, number one, be in a job that he didn't love for a very long time. And then he became out of work. And so she said, "Honey, use these tools." And he begrudgingly used the tools because he thought this energy stuff was a little weird. But he did it anyway, okay? There was a willingness. And in just under 12 weeks he got a job paying him more money than he had ever earned in his entire career and he had been out of work for two years and he was in his 50's. So is it a coincidence that as soon as he used the right tools for clearing, suddenly his job search manifested him his dream job? They don't live in fear anymore, that's for. If you really want something in your life and you're not receiving it, it might be because you have these patterns like they did. Locked into place, you don't even really know that they're there, but you can change these, you can get free. And here's the deal, I have discovered that there is thousands of ways that we block our wealth and abundance. We have unlimited stories, right? And programs about wealth abundance that can block the very thing that we're trying to create in our field of energy. In fact I believe that if everyone changed these stories, these blocks, these thoughts, these beliefs, these feelings, you would never ever, ever have a money issue again. And I can prove this even further. Let's go to thoughts are things. If I told you earlier that your love for money is good you knew it as your birthright, that to have it and energetically resonate with this thought, "Money and the love of it is good," then you're vibrating at love energy. Quantum physics suggests that if you look at something, you change how the energy behaves. So if you're looking at money from this

10 thought feeling of loving money is good then loving money acts like a magnet to bring you more money. But, and this is a big but, but there are thoughts all unconscious to you, realities from the quantum physics kind of level that are vibrating and there are thoughts and feelings that say, "Well I don't love money." And these get programmed into us energetically from mom, dad, society, teachers, authority figures, religious figures. And we have to clear these, okay? Because these are the programs that are zapping away our good. Seriously, I would have never known any of this until I worked with so many clients and their lives changes so dramatically by working and releasing all these strange and twisty stories that we tell ourselves that become true in our reality. Have you ever asked yourself the question, "What's wrong with me?" Well basically what's wrong with you is all the stories and ideas that you took in and made real and true for you. You should start questioning yourself, "Why am I telling myself this silly story? Why did I dream of this story, believe it, and make it real to myself?" So here are some of the abundance blocks that I have uncovered, and there are about 24 of them which I call the "main abundance blocks" that absolutely need to be cleared in order for you to start living in prosperity and freedom. If you think that source energy or God abandoned you and won't help you get what you want, that belief or that block is going to create a huge barrier because you basically feel shameful and fearful and unworthy, you think that the universe isn't going to support you, and that will block you. If you think money is the root of all evil, you're blocked because you want to be a good person. If you think, "I'm spiritual and I don't need money, all I need is source," you're blocked because you're source energy includes money, right? Okay, source energy and the love of money and the good vibration in money comes from source. If you think you cannot be spiritual and have money, you're blocked because money is a natural outflow of loving support from the universe. If you believe any of those things, you cut off the 99 billion possible ways that the universe can help you. If you believe that rich people are greedy and do bad things with money, you're blocked because you think you can't be rich because you don't want to be bad. I know hundreds of wealthy nice people, money just turns up the volume of who you already are. If you're a good person, money makes you still a good person, right? It doesn't change you. If you're a bad person, money just makes you more of that too. But it's the quality of who you are that just shows up more, it gets amplified. If you think that rich people only care about money, well I know hundreds of rich people who personally donate time and money and love to things that they care about, they get to be philanthropic. If you have the belief, "I can't make money quickly or I have to work really hard for my money," those beliefs block you. I've seen people in my abundance course manifest really cool things

11 rapidly just by changing these beliefs. And one person sent me an and his name is Chris, and he said in the , I'm going to just read it, "I am moving into a whole new life, I am grateful that you keep reminding us to play and have fun. My wife and I are building a dream house, it's a big project. I kept getting the feeling that it's not smart to do this in today's economy but I keep using the tools that you've given us. I had been asking to double and triple my income and to find new opportunities. I always wanted to pay off this house within five years. As of yesterday, we can totally pay for that house in cash that I want to. This was not expected and pretty unbelievable to me." Now I'll say that I cannot guarantee that everyone gets a result like this but the s that I've received from people truly show me that if you're in the right energy field with abundance and money, possibilities keep showing up. As Chris said, this was not expected. Imagine if he did no answer his soul's calling to be on a webinar just like you are today taking guided action in doing the course, imagine how his life would be different. Plus now he has tools that he cannot ever, ever take away, ever. It's in him, how to do this is in him and it's trainable. There's another belief, "I have to struggle to make money or money comes from hard work." These limit how much you can earn. And I used to have some of these beliefs myself and I changed my frequency to this higher vibration and I changed my beliefs to be I get paid for being me and everything in my life lovingly profits me in some way. And the profit can be not just even in the form of money but profitable exchanges, right? Like where I receive a really cool experience with another human being, all right? Like those things are priceless. I never look at my life like I have to work hard for everything yet I am always willing to do the work and go for something, right? But my willingness is always activated to do what it takes to get things done. But when I decided to get paid for doing Christie, then I had a lot of new exciting things open for me. I got to speak for to more people, I got to train more people, I got to help more people, and that just opens my heart. And I want those things for you as well. The good news is it's very possible to remove your abundance blocks but the challenge is that it's not something you can always do alone. Because even you know exactly what they are and even if you make a logically decision to break free from them, you're existing energetic frequency, these subconscious thought patterns, might block you from clearing your blocks. It might pull you back, back to square one, back to the same limiting beliefs and behaviors. And that's why the key to liberating yourself from them is go to the source energy, the part of the personal energetic field known as the abundance frequency, and that's where I come in. Using my unique gift for tapping into people's energy fields and using my intuition, I can access your abundance frequency and systematically help you remove all the blockages that are holding it back. It's liberating, it's exhilarating, and it's life changing. So how does it work? Well when I'm with a client I start by reading the client's energy field and sifting through all their life realities and what ages they bought and sold them to themselves. I get to look and find the things that are out of whack.

12 Then I connect to the abundance frequency, I release the sabotaging energies, and then I add the perfect abundance model and project it back into the client with all the positive beliefs and attributes. And the result is instant energetic transformation and the technique works both on individuals and also in groups. In fact, you're going to be experiencing it firsthand in the energy clearing session shortly. And speaking of groups, have you guys ever heard of the Maharishi Effect? It's a scientifically documented phenomenon in which large groups of people can more quickly and effectively spark positive changes by focusing on a common goal. In a number of fascinating case studies it's even been shown that when a group of people meditate on something, it can reduce crime rates in cities, decrease unemployment rates, and even increase stock prices. So imagine what it can do for you or for an individual's life. And the key is this collective consciousness. So when we're in a group, we're going to tap into each other's energy field and we're going to meditate and we're going to create this higher frequency energy to create this mass effect, okay? On eliminating each other's abundance blocks. And the result is that you're going to get miles beyond what you experienced if you're doing the work solo. So I've created a formula for manifesting anything in life, and I call it the "I am" formula. I, intention, plus A, action, equals a manifestation. So your intention is what you put out in the world, what you ask for. How many of you are a good asker? If you're not a good asker, that is an abundance block. Do you truly ask the universe for what you desire or do you secretly hope but never really ask because you think that, "The universe is not going to help me because it hasn't helped me so far," right? "Therefore I don't want to be disappointed anymore, therefore, oh screw it, I quit." And maybe you don't even intend or ask or even set goals anymore. So any breakthrough starts with an intention. And your intention could be, just like I hope it is, you re on this call, which is to have more abundance and live your life purpose and help your family and create a cool life for your kids and your friends, a life of value, a life that you deserve. Are you living in the energy of the possibility that your intention can manifest anything? So I don't know, what do you intend right now? Okay? So we're going to start with setting an intention, okay? And your intention should be more abundance. So that's the start. Then we go into the A, okay? The action part, the second part of the manifesting formula. And I think there's two parts to action, number one is massive action and number two is guided action. I like to think of it like this, if you have a strong intention then you complete the task and you do it no matter what. As Yoda says, "Do or not do, there is no try." So you have to take guided massive action to complete any task. And guided because I say a lot of clients say to me, "Christie, I've tried lots of things, nothing has worked for me." And upon furthering questioning I see that they had a breakdown in taking guided action. They're just doing something that doesn't actually give them the result, it's not guided, it's not the right action. Or some people don't take massive action, so they try something one or two times and they just quit because they say it doesn't work. Like losing weight, right? They know that they have to

13 work out and eat right for a longer period of time but they sabotage themselves and quit before they get the whole thing. So intention plus guided action and massive action equals manifestation. Another example is applying for jobs or starting a new business. Let's say you set the intent, "I want to double my yearly income." Well your intent is to double your yearly income so now you have to take some sort of action. But what a clients will do is they'll apply for one or two jobs and then they say, "Oh, this doesn't work for me." But maybe massive action meant you had to keep applying 20 jobs so that the universe had 20 invitations or doors that it could open for you so that you had some options. Believe me, I've heard every excuse that people do to sabotage themselves and never make things happen. And then you get what you want, which is manifestation. Now sometimes these hidden blocks will counteract your good work and get in the way of your intention or stop you in the flow of taking massive action or block you from getting the guidance that you need of what you should do or not do. Okay? So these are the things that we're going to clear today. Your reality is made up of all your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and the stories and ideas and all that stuff. So if you're not creating a new reality that's filled with this energy of the endless possibilities or unlimited possibilities, things are not going to change. You're limiting what kind of rewarding abundant life that can come into fruition. So by changing your reality by eliminating these blocks, doing the whole manifesting formula, and putting in new realities, new thoughts, new ideas, new stories, you change your living conditions internally. And this changes even what you intend even in the future. Like let me give you an example. If money was not a problem right now for you, what would your life look like? Would you be in different living conditions, would you have different material objects around you, would you have different people in your life, would you be living different experiences, would you be in the same career, would your happiness level be better? You see, once you actually start unblocking yourself, you open up to a whole other reality field and then you start changing your internal conditions, your thoughts, your feelings, and your stories and then it just keeps opening up more and more and more and more unlimited possibilities. And that's the really cool thing about it. So let's get started to my favorite part of the session, the energy clearing part of it, and I would like to help you clear some blocks today. I'm going to show you how to live from an expanded, abundant energy space versus this contracted fear-based space, and I'm going to show you where your blocks are. Remember, in working with over 20,000 people one-on-one, I really had to hunt for all the places that people hide things. And what I found was that most of these hidden blocks were imprinted before the age of seven. You're learning how to be a little people; you start mimicking all the energy around you from your parents because you want them to feed you and cloth you and love you and take care of you. And so you take that in so you become more like them. And that's good in some cases and

14 not so cool in others, right? If they had limited fear-based beliefs about money ad abundance and making things happen. And I'm going to share with you a few energy clearing statements that you can use to start the process of releasing these abundance blocks. And I use an energy clearing statement that deletes all the lower fear-based vibrations and adds the higher vibrational abundance state of being. So we're going to have some fun. So take your energy up 300 feet where you see, sense, or know the light. And this light is something you naturally connect to when you say, "Hey, I'm going to pray about something." So you take your energy up, you see, sense, or know the light. And some people get a vision of a light; some people just calm down and start breathing a little bit more naturally. And allow this light to start filtering into your body and filtering into the top of your head, and this is called your crown. And we're going to ask this light to start cleansing away all the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, concepts or lack and limit. We're going to allow this light to just kind of come in and, like a rain shower, just start washing away all your lack and limit. And then we're going to ask this light to come into your eyes, cleansing away everywhere you only see problems with money and abundance and debt, it's just going to wash all of those things away that are clouding your vision. And then we're going to allow this light, this higher vibrational cleansing light to clean your ears out so that you can get true guidance and true wisdom and answers so that you can open up your abundance and know what's blocking you. And allow this light to come into your voice and your throat, cleansing away anywhere you kind of lie to yourself or you don't speak the truth. Because the real truth is you're an unlimited being in a body and you deserve happiness and abundance. And allow this light to come into your heart, cleansing away anywhere you've kind of felt a loss of compassion for yourself or a commitment to change things in your life. So allow the light to come in and wash away anywhere you're kind of sad or you stopped yourself. And then allow the light to come into your abdomen area, cleansing away any blocked flows where you felt a little like sucker punched or you felt like the universe didn't support you. And then allow the light to come into your stomach area, cleansing away anywhere you feel powerless over your ability to overcome circumstances, where you gave up or you stopped yourself from going for it. And allows this light to come into your hip area, cleansing away anywhere you feel this lack or this sense of stepping into your power and going for it. And allow this light to also go through your legs and your knees and your calves and your feet, grounding you in a fresh new reality that's completely abundant and totally you.

15 And allow this light to go all the way into the ground, into the Earth, and I want you to just imagine that in the center of the planet there's this cool where it feels supportive or love, like you're bathed in mother's love and she's taking care of you. And once you kind of connect to that dimension or that light, just imagine it for those of you who are overthinking, just imagine that this light is here to help you. And once you've connected to it, as above, so below we want to bring this healing light up back into you, okay? So bring this supportive light, kind of like an elevator, up through the center of the planet and up through your feet and up through your knees and up through your legs and up through your stomach and right back up into your heart. You're bathed in light from above and below, you're connected to light above and below. And imagine this light radiating from your heart 360 degrees all the way around you filling your field of energy. And just imagine it expanding out three feet around you, and expanding out ten feet around you, and just kind of spilling over and filling you in 10, 20, 30 feet all the way around you. See, abundance is an expanded light; fear is a contracted energy where you don't let the light come in. So now you're connected to this higher vibrational abundance source energy. And I'm going to ask you some questions from this. Again, we cleaned out your awareness, your ears and your eyes, so just trust the answer that kind of pops in. Okay? So I want you to think of your last four years' income. Okay? And I want you add up how much you made over the last four years. Don't think too hard, just kind of estimate if you don't know for sure. Add up your last four years' income and divide it by four. Okay, that's your limit, that's how much money and cash you're willing to receive at this current moment. So let me ask this question about that number. Regarding this income, at what age did you start blocking your ability to receive more wealth and abundance? At what age did you start blocking your ability to receive more wealth and abundance? And whatever age pops in your head, just trust it. Okay? And did something happen around that time where you blocked you, did you pick that energy up from your mom, from your dad, from yourself, or from someone else? Okay, blocking your ability to receive more wealth. Did you start picking up that energy from your mom, from your dad, from yourself, or from someone else? Okay, so now we're going to do the energy clearing statement. We're going to delete and clear this across all time, dimension, space, and reality. We're going to delete and clear this across all time, dimension, space, and reality. And just imagine lights kind of coming in and just washing away every pattern that you have regarding your ability to receive more wealth and abundance. All right. So regarding your life in general, at what age did you decide that you cannot be rich or you can't be wealthy or you can't make a lot of money? At what age did you decide that you can't be rich, you can't be wealthy, you can't make a lot of money? And did you pick that energy up

16 from your mom, from your dad, from yourself, or from someone else? Okay, so whatever that energy is, will you please clear and delete it across all time, dimension, space, and reality. Please clear and delete it across all time, dimension, space, and reality. All right, so let's ask another question. It's kind of interesting, all this self-awareness, right? So if money is hard to get or you have to work hard for it, at what age did you tell yourself that money was hard to get and you had to work really hard for it? Okay, and did you pick up this story from your mom, dad, yourself, or someone else? Okay, so whatever this energy is, let's clear and delete it. Just imagine a lot of light coming in, okay? And just washing away, clearing and deleting, all the patterns related to this. And some of you might have some symptoms, like maybe you're yawning or maybe you're tired or maybe you're weepy, that's just energy leaving. Okay? So everything that is, clear and delete it across all time, dimension, space, and reality. Okay. So at what age is the first age did you decide that money is bad or evil or wrong? At what age is the first age that you decided money was bad, or evil, or wrong? And did you pick this energy up from your mom, dad, self, or someone else? Okay, everything that is, will you clear and delete it across all time, dimension, space, reality? Please clear and delete it across all time, dimension, space, and reality. So sometimes we talk ourselves out of going for it, okay? Or we tell ourselves "no" or "I quit" or "I can't", okay? At what age did you first decide, "No, I can't do it. No, I quit. No, I shouldn't really go it"? At what age did you start talking yourself out of what was good for you? Okay, did you pick that up from your mom, dad, yourself, or someone else? Who talked you out of going for it? Okay, so clear and delete that across all time, dimension, space, and reality. Okay, if you've ever been stressed out about money, if you worry about money, if you're anxious about money, did you learn this pattern from your mom, dad, or someone else? And at what age did this pattern take hold? Okay, so clear and delete that across all time, dimension, space, reality, all the worry and stress about money and whoever you picked it up from. Clear and delete it across all time, dimension, space, reality. Okay, when you think of your mom, what kind of story did your mom have about money? Easy to get, hard to get, never have it? Okay. At what age did you make her story real in your own life? Okay, so everything that is, will you please clear and delete it across all time, dimension, space, reality. Please clear and delete your mom's story about money across all time, dimension, space, and reality. Okay, what was your dad's story, or the father figure in your life, what was their story about money? And at what age did you make that real in your own life, what age did you kind of take in your dad's energy about money and make it real to you? Okay, so everything about that story and everywhere you made it real and part of your reality, please clear and delete it across all time, dimension, space, and reality. Please clear and delete it across all time, dimension, space, and reality.