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1 ALIGNING WITH ABUNDANCE! ACTION GUIDE Part of the Prosperity Power Pack 2010 By Sage Taylor Kingsley Goddard, CHT, RM Intuitive Law of Attraction HypnoCoach Excerpted from 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness All rights reserved.

2 Contents Welcome Message 3 The Prosperity Quiz 4 10 Tips for Empowering Your Affirmations Law of Attraction Prosperity Affirmations 17 Your 40 Day Tracking & Success Log 26 BONUS! The Right Livelihood Prayer 38 Re Sources for Creating Your Dream Life 39 About the Author 41 Prosperity Consciousness Is An Inside Job. The Author "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer 2

3 Welcome to your dream life! Congratulations! By purchasing The Prosperity Power Pack, you have taken an inspired action step truly a quantum leap - closer to living the life of your dreams. Your ultimate wealth-building kit, The Prosperity Power Pack will help you exponentially increase your PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS so you are aligned deep within with the positive beliefs you need to truly succeed, and with the joyous, balanced life you came here to live. If you use these tools daily and engage in the proven practices for your body, mind, heart and spirit, you will find that you become much more relaxed and comfortable with money, that your life is more filled with blessings, that your life purpose becomes clearer, and that new doors of possibility open for you. What makes this program unusual compared to most Law of Attraction techniques is that, in addition to focusing through imagery and doing your best to choose positive thoughts and words, you will also be creating this shift at the level of your subconscious mind and energy field! And because your innate sense of deservingness will be restored, so you can receive more blessings from the YOUniverse TM, you will be better able to attract money and abundance in many forms, and you will very likely be much more successful at keeping it and growing it as well. I suggest you begin with The Prosperity Quiz, then read through all of this material to get a clear picture of the entire program. And jump or leap - in! "We cannot rise higher than our thought of ourselves." -- Orison Swett Marden "As neuroscience is beginning to acknowledge, our thoughts matter and our thoughts literally become matter." -- Joe Dispenza "Let one therefore keep the mind pure, for what a man thinks, that he becomes." - The Upanishads "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." ~ Zig Ziglar 3

4 The Prosperity Quiz This quiz will help you assess to what degree you are already experiencing true prosperity, both within you via prosperity consciousness and around you, in living an abundant life. Be totally honest with yourself so your results are accurate. Consider how you are today and also the past 3 to 6 months, looking at patterns. Write 1 through 70 in the left margin on a new piece of paper or screen. Write My Prosperity Quiz and today s date at the top. KEEP TRACK IN YOUR JOURNAL OF EXACTLY WHICH QUESTIONS GOT WHICH SCORE AS YOU WILL NEED THIS DATA LATER. FASTEST METHOD: For each statement below, give yourself 1 point IF it is true for you 75% of the time or more. If you don t experience this 75% or more, you don t get the point. If it s iffy and you really have to think about it hard, do NOT give yourself the point. You only get the point if the quality described by the questions is really IN PLACE in your life. This will show you what areas of prosperity consciousness you need to focus on now. Remember, this is not about which of these affirmations do you like? or how do you want to be living. It s about How much does this already reflect your current situation? MORE IN DEPTH METHOD: If you want the most thorough assessment, so you can see the nuances and also track your progress best, I suggest you do the following: For each statement, on a scale from 0 (never) to 10 (always), record the number that best reflects how you think, feel and live now. Taking this quiz in this more precise spectrum oriented manner is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. THE GOOD NEWS: Regardless of what score you get or how many of these you discover Wow, I have some work to do on this, the not just good but great news is that this book, course and coaching program will help you put your transformation on warp speed! Everything can be healed, and when you make your shift at the deepest and highest levels (subconscious and energy field), you will create the positive change you desire much more consistently, joyfully and completely. So let s go! 4

5 The Prosperity Quiz 1. More and more of the time, I am allowing and attracting good experiences and people into my life. 2. I know that I am engaged in divine service & making a difference. 3. I am good at receiving from the Universe. Good things seem to just flow to me. 4. I unconditionally love myself. I know I am an amazing and wonderful person. 5. I feel I am successfully and consistently magnetizing more money to me. 6. I have friends with a lot of money. 7. It s easy for me to keep the good things I attract (home, loving relationships, money, close friends, etc.). 8. My bank balances and investments are steadily growing because I am in a positive spiral of golden light and wealth. 9. I have a clear vision for exactly where I want to be, the life I want to be living a year from now and 5 years from now. 10. People tell me I am a passionate, enthusiastic person. 11. I am connected with my life purpose. I know what I came here to do AND I make regular time for taking my life purpose to the next level. 12. I like the direction in which I am currently headed (in my outer life). 13. In a typical week or day, I have a good balance between work time, play time, and time to just BE. 14. I explore many ways to receive and feel pleasure. 15. My health is good to excellent, either stable or getting better all the time. 16. I take excellent care of ME and set healthy limits so I can recharge, relax, refill my spring. AND I get enough meditation, exercise, fun time, etc. 17. I have an attitude of gratitude and really notice all the blessings in my life. 18. I focus on the positive, with thoughts and beliefs that are usually uplifting. 5

6 19. I no longer experience erratic ups and downs or extremes in my finances, or a lot of drama/upheaval in my life in general. I am stable and building upon my success. 20. I absolutely know that I deserve all the treasures in life. 21. I am immune to all the fears about The Economy out there. That s not my economy! 22. I am already comfortable with my income and already implementing ways to increase it, that feel good to my soul. 23. My savings are intact and either stable or growing. AND I am comfortable with the amount I have saved up. 24. I can easily afford luxuries or treats such as travel, eating out, cultural events, massages, nice clothes, etc. And I treat myself to them in a balanced, healthy, enjoyable way. 25. What I do is in alignment with who I am. 26. I have one or more means of creative expression and I allocate enough or plenty of time to create (e.g. art, writing, dance, crafts, gourmet cooking, etc.). 27. I confidently and clearly express myself and stand up for my needs and what I believe in. I am done being a victim. I am empowered! 28. I am visible. People notice and respect me. 29. I feel supported by my family AND/OR friends. 30. I am either already satisfied with my food choices, exercise and weight, or I am actively engaged in improving these and getting results. 31. I am now the kind of person who is comfortable with financial matters, such as the checkbook, taxes, etc. 32. I have a good nest egg or investments that are doing well. 33. I am attuned to my deep desires. I give myself permission to desire and to enjoy beautiful things, pleasure, love, ecstasy 34. I honor my spiritual nature through prayer, meditation, ceremony, spiritual community. 35. I live in the present moment. 6

7 36. My life reflects a comfortable rhythm and pace. I move slowly when I need to, quickly when I need to, and just allow silence and stillness when I need to. 37. I graciously and gratefully accept compliments and gifts. (I don t internally or externally argue or diffuse the goodness that is being handed to me.) 38. I allow myself to explore new places and new experiences as often as I like. Life is full of adventures! 39. I feel a deep inner happiness and peace. 40. I pay myself first. 41. I place a high value on my time, and the amount I earn per hour reflects this. 42. I am generous and give away via donations, loving acts, tithing, gifts. 43. I can honestly say that I love money. 44. My home is wonderful, and I love it. I am in the right place for me right now. 45. I enjoy close, meaningful relationships. I am happy with the quality and quantity of friendships in my life now. 46. I have a supportive, compatible companion/life partner or I am very content on my own now AND my needs for emotional connection are met well through other intimate relationships. 47. It s easy for me to consistently make lots of money doing what I love. 48. I have a solid foundation upon which I am steadily building. I have gotten out of my own way so I can really succeed. 49. I have money to pay, to play, to save, and to give away. 50. I pay my bills on time AND with gratitude. 51. I feel and know that I am filled with divine light. 52. I feel lucky and blessed. 53. I absolutely know it s just a matter of time before my greatest, grandest vision manifests into reality. 54. I allow myself to dream big, really BIG. I know there are NO limits for me. 7

8 55. My priorities are clearly reflected in how I spend my time and energy. 56. My social network fully supports my vision. I am surrounded by kindred spirits with whom I feel great rapport, love and mutual support. 57. I am intuitively tuned in and feel clearly guided by Spirit. 58. I nurture and value the blessings I do have. Material things, people, etc. 59. I have a good track record for making wise choices: in work, love, health, home. 60. I help others on a regular basis, such as through my work, charitable donations, paying it forward, thoughtful gifts and words 61. I ask for what I want on the physical/social plane AND on the spiritual plane. 62. I set my intention on a daily basis. 63. I am comfortable with the amount of credit I am carrying, and I am paying it off steadily and in a timeframe that feels good to me. 64. My longer term Big Goals are clearly defined (and redefined as needed). 65. I see, hear, feel and really imagine my best life on a daily basis. I also use visual and verbal aids such as Vision Boards, affirmations, self hypnosis and/or other tools to help me keep this vision strong. 66. I see myself already operating within the global network of Lightworkers as we raise vibration of the planet. 67. Helping others succeed is the basis of my success. 68. I am a leader. 69. What I think, say, and do are all in harmony with who I am & my highest vision. 70. I m happy! 8

9 SCORING: Before we get into the nitty gritty of scoring, take a deep breath. Give yourself a hug, a pat on the back, a smile because you are right now, right here showing up for yourself, to really IMPROVE your life. Many people get a pretty low score on this the first time they take it, and that s ok. Together, through this program, you are going to really address and enhance these aspects of true prosperity, inner and outer. You will find that when you complete this course, if you do your best and really use the tools, your score will be higher. This quantifies the progress you have made and validates you for your efforts. And if you used the detailed, gradated spectrum scoring method, you will be able to see exactly in which areas you are improving and to what degree. You can then cycle through the course again, as many times as you need to, until your score but more importantly, your LIFE is really where you want and need it to be, and you are living your best life of prosperity, passion, purpose, love, joy and balance. You may want to read the summary for the categories just below and just above yours as some of those suggestions will resonate for you also. If your score is 0 to 25 (or 0 to 250 with IN DEPTH METHOD): SURVIVE MODE Remember, you are safe. And now it s time for your DEEP HEALING. Get the support you need and take this very seriously. Make yourself and your personal growth a TOP PRIORITY. "Happiness is available. Please help yourself to it." - Thich Nhat Hanh And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Anais Nin Deep breath. OK, you have some major work to do, my friend, and in many areas. Your core issues of deservingness and self love are not yet in place very much. You were guided to this work for a reason! The Radical Self Love Workbook is HIGHLY recommended for you, as well as some self love coaching. You are learning to set limits and the word NO needs to be more a part of your vocabulary, as well as the word YES! You have still been spinning in that negative spiral, just going down, feeling stuck. You re probably scared. And when you look at all the problems around you, you feel 9

10 you have good reason to be worried. It s time to turn that spiral around and get into the Light! The good news is: You were honest with yourself on this assessment, now you have a clear picture of the problem and can really focus your efforts. If you scored at this level, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you get some deep healing work in addition to doing this course. You need 1:1 support so reach out and get it. The old patterns and resistance still hold a lot of power over you so you definitely need some personal coaching to really successfully clear out the old energy and implement this program. Help is at hand! Hallelujah! You absolutely cannot keep going the way you have been. It is not sustainable. The frequency, duration and intensity of your struggles and stresses are to the degree that 1:1 support is crucial so you heal the underlying subconscious and energetic causes of your problems. You need heart and soul healing, energy clearing, soul retrieval, and possibly some past life (or childhood) healing. It s time to really look in the mirror and love yourself enough to make a sincere and 100% commitment to changing your life by changing your beliefs and do the healing at the levels of body, mind, heart and soul. Keep doing this course. It will help. But do be aware that you will very likely need to repeat it more two or more times to really get to where you want to be. Plan on getting this intensive support for 9 to 12 months or more. Hang in there and keep the faith. Now you have the tools and the support you need. And now is the time to use them and receive the help. So jump in and don t look back. Better times are ahead. You can do it! If your score is 26 to 45 (OR 260 TO 450 WITH IN DEPTH METHOD): ALIVE MODE but enough drama already! TWO STEPS FORWARD, ONE STEP BACK Remember, you are enough. And now it s time for GOING DEEPER AND HIGHER, time for taking your transformation to the next level, time for THE EASY WAY! "There are only two things over which you have complete dominion, authority, and control; your mind and your mouth." ~ Molefi Asante We have no ceiling on our potential, no expiration date on our dreams. The Author You ve already made a lot of progress, so give yourself credit for that! But, dear one, you ve been doing it the hard way. Enough struggling already! And you ve had so many ups and downs. So much drama but some successes, too. Now you re ready for the easy way! Faster, more steady progress and more fun, joy and pleasure, too. You 10

11 are really getting, more and more, that you DESERVE all the good stuff in life. You are feeling more alive, more aware than ever before. You are waking up. This gives you more perspective. You are not fearfully reacting as much as when you were in survive mode. You are learning to choose conscious loving action instead. Yet you ve reached a plateau, a point in life where you look, at your present circumstances and at patterns, you look backward and forward, and ask yourself, Now what? Why am I only at this point, after all this hard work? Where do I go from here? You see that in some life areas, things are going well and you feel content, but in others, the old patterns are still repeating and you are beginning to wonder: Am I EVER going to achieve my goals? Am I EVER going to get this right and receive my heart s desire? The reason you ve made the progress you have is that you have not let em get you down. You have picked yourself up by your bootstraps over and over and you have kept going. You are a survivor. And deep down, you believe in yourself, and you believe in a Higher Power. But sometimes you feel alone and are tired of the battle. Tired of having to work so hard for so little. You are done trying to push that rock up that hill. You just want flow and ease, comfort and grace, joy and peace. Your good news is that you now hold in your hands the program, the keys, the very tools that you can and will use to rebuild yourself and your life. This program is going to turbocharge your life! You may need to repeat this course more than once. Plan on at least 6 to 9 months for your prosperity immersion. It may be very helpful to get some group or 1:1 personal coaching to help you stay on track and optimize your results. If you have one or more major life areas in which you still feel stuck, getting some deep soul healing is important. (see above category). Intuitive connection with your Source is very important to develop at this stage, so keep building your spiritual practice. Daily meditation. Prayer. Divination. Signs. If you have a strong support system and a lot of motivation and discipline, if you are good at managing your time, you can totally succeed just through this course as long as you stay on track. Make sure you have at least one supportive buddy who knows about your immersion in prosperity consciousness course/program, who can check in with you often and nudge you back on track if you stray. You may need this accountability partner to be a paid coach/counselor such as the author, or you may have enough of this support through a partner, close friend or program buddy/mastermind group. 11

12 Your life is stable enough to where you can really focus your resources so you can do this course completely and do it right. Make this a priority and you will make amazing progress. If your score is 46 to 60 (OR 460 TO 600 WITH IN DEPTH METHOD): THRIVE! MODE Remember, you can do it! You ARE doing it! And now it s time for CLARIFYING, FINE TUNING & IMPLEMENTING. "One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar." Helen Keller At this level, you are most of the way there. Not only are you out of crisis mode, not only have you experienced some progress, you already have a lot of tools that you work with, and these tools work for you. But there are still some missing pieces You have done a HUGE amount of work on yourself, and the results are largely in place in your life but not in all areas and not as consistently as you would like. You may feel that you can attract and cocreate great things, but then things change and they slip away. You may feel like your life is pretty good most of the time, but you wonder: When am I ever going to be done with those old patterns? You have passion and purpose but they are just not as fired up as you d like them to be, or as clearly defined or implemented. Or perhaps you also feel some degree of floundering procrastinating or just plain wondering What am I supposed to be doing with the rest of my life? And how do I get there? At this point, you can really fine tune and hone in on exactly which beliefs have been holding you back. You are defining and redefining your vision and aligning with it! Doing the practices in this course including listening to the Prosperity Power Pack audios more CONSISTENTLY, for the 40 days in a row, will very likely catalyze that major QUANTUM LEAP you are so ready for. Connecting with other positive people who are conscious cocreators is also crucial at this stage, so being in a community that totally supports who you really are, nurturing friendships and business connections with other people of oneness and Light is so important. Make a list of people in your life who drain your energy. Now, either heal, scale back or delete those relationships! (Some relationships are not healable because one person is operating at a lower level. Every relationship can only operate at the level of the least developed party. This is Sage s Law of Least Common Denominators in Relationships.) You can try counseling and healing sessions, if they are willing to really participate, but if this is not an option, or it s too little too late, you need to 12

13 let go and move on. You can do healing within yourself and with the toxic person at the Higher Self level. (Let me know if you need any support with this.) Make another list of people whom you just love to be around. People who laugh and create and play. Reach out and spend more time with these beautiful beings. Create or participate joyfully in a group of kindred spirits. You may want several such circles, one that is spiritual community, one that focuses on your creative side (writers, artists, etc.), and one that is for your financial and business success. Or these may overlap foci. Coaching and masterminding are proven ways to make sure this synergistic support is built into your life. Keep doing what you ve been doing that works for you, keep looking in the mirror with love (literally and also figuratively, looking at your life, your thoughts, words and deeds) and taking it to the next level. Keep expanding your self love and spiritual practices and tap into all the re Sources that resonate for you. You are remembering more and more who you really ARE. Now it s time to really get lined up with that more powerfully so your vision is clearer, your dream bigger, your life fuller. Time to leap through your Golden Portal! If your score is 60 to 70 (OR 600 TO 700 WITH IN DEPTH METHOD): ARRIVE MODE SUCCESS! YOU HAVE ARRIVED! Remember Give thanks and give back! You are already living your dream life! Now it s time to keep building upon your success and find ways to have a greater impact, and enjoy life even more. Create, relate and celebrate! "Make a difference about something other than yourselves." - Toni Morrison Do it big, do it right, and do it with style. - Fred Astaire Hooray! You are so there! You did it! And you keep doing it. From woo woo to Woo hoo! You have made it all the way from survive to alive to thrive to arrive. Your dream life is already manifest all around you in nearly every way. You are so grateful and happy and are devoted to helping others achieve this joy now, too. Your focus with this course is on expanding your wealth and dreaming an even bigger dream. You already have the tools, you did the healing, you have the support, your results have shown up. You may have a few minor life areas that need improvement and you can focus your energy and resources on those. 13

14 Mainly, though, you are just focusing on service. Your cup is filled and overflowing with blessings. Health, wealth, love and happiness abound in your life. You are connected with your Creator and feel this sense of communion nearly always. You glow with an inner happiness. People are blessed just to be in your presence. You are an inspiration to others, and it feels so good to make a difference in their lives. You are also tremendously creative or you have this potential bubbling up just below the surface. You come up with brilliant ideas all the time and take (or are learning to take) inspired action to implement them. You attract great people and find that your circle of friends and peers keeps improving. It s like you have a higher quality of people in your life, in every way, because they can feel your amazing energy. Make sure you are scheduling abundant time for your creative and spiritual life. Networking, masterminding and mentoring support you now. Find people who are even farther along than you are and study with mentors. These are people who walk the talk and inspire YOU. A coach, mastermind group or Inner Circle that is either peer led or led by a brilliant, inspiring and compassionate leader is crucial for you. Now or very soon, you will be in a position to fulfill many of your wildest dreams. Make your Bucket List and allocate resources to doing what brings you incredible joy. Travel the world. Fill your home with art and beauty. Hire assistants so you can focus your time on what YOU LOVE. Build or buy your dream home. (Or turn your home into it.) You will also find yourself called to be in a position of leadership more and more often so go for it! You are here to shine, thrive and prosper. Your success is a great motivator and role model for others, so be sure to give back and teach. Share what you know and who you are with people who get who you are, who are committed to their growth, who show up for themselves and the work. Share your wealth of knowledge, loving energy, and wisdom. And be sure to charge what your work is worth but also be willing to have some free products, a sliding scale or some worktrades for select people if you are so guided so you can help people at all income levels. Your energy is so high, now it s time to just broaden your impact, keep creating, relating and celebrating! Congrats elations! Excerpted from 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness, By Sage Taylor Kingsley Goddard 14

15 10 Tips to Empower your Affirmations By Sage Taylor Kingsley Say, write, visualize your affirmations many times a day with ENERGY! Work with 3 at a time. Use those that resonate for you. Trust your inner guidance to modify them or just come up with your own (making sure they are 100% positive and either present tense or in ing form). 2. Post them in your home, car, checkbook, desk, everywhere! COOL TIP: Cover up those nasty warnings on your car visor with positive empowerment statements! 3. Purchase the Aligning with Abundance hypnomeditation audio and listen to it daily for 40 days IN A ROW. This will catalyze an incredible shift into prosperity consciousness from deep within you, and the results will start to show up in your life! You can listen to it while you sleep or enjoy a deep, Theta healing meditation. It is ESSENTIAL to listen 40 days in a row because it takes 30 to 40 days to reprogram the subconscious and change a habit. 4. Anchor them in your body and with breath, movement, color and aromatherapy. (The Aligning with Abundance audio also helps you do this.) 5. Time Travel: To the past remember a time when you felt this way, really tap in to the juicy energy. Feel it in your body as you declare your affirmation. To the future Imagine that you already have all you desire. Right here, right now. What does it look like, sound like, feel like? Who, what, when, where, how? 15

16 6. Do hypnosis to program your affirmations in at a deep subconscious level. You can do self hypnosis and/or work with a professional hypnotherapist. If you are encountering resistance, this indicates deep, core issues to heal. Work with a hypnotherapist who works holistically, ideally including energy healing & coaching in your sessions. (Sage specializes in this.) 7. Pray for total divine prosperity for everyone & all beings. 8. Find the Truth: Consider the ways in which you already have prosperity, health, love, etc. Focus on how full your cup already is. Focus on positivity and gratitude. Give thanks! 9. Replace any negative thought with a positive thought 3X immediately. 10. If the present tense affirmation creates an inner resistance ( No, it s not. No, I m not! ), put your affirmations in ing as a process of becoming such as I am opening to prosperity, I am becoming healthier & wealthier everyday. Other good process ing words include welcoming, learning, embracing, attracting, preparing, etc. Upgrade to the more powerful present tense I am prosperous, I have and I enjoy types of affirmations when it feels right. More techniques for overcoming resistance to affirmations and giving your affirmations muscle are in The Radical Self Love Workbook and 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness books. If you still want to catalyze an even faster shift, or you find you are not consistent with these practices, contact Sage about group or individual abundance coaching for creating your best life. Blessings! And I know this is so, and so it is. Thank you! Love & Abundance to You! Sage & Mark 16

17 147 Law of Attraction Prosperity Affirmations 2009 By Sage Taylor Kingsley, CHT, RM & Mark Goddard, CMT, RM I love life and I love me. I remember a time when I felt sooooo prosperous... And I breathe in this energy, this feeling of wealth into every part of my being. All that I desire exists right here right now and I embrace my perfect life. I have a great vision for making a great difference in the world. Through my work, my divinity touches infinity. The Universe supports my great vision through serendipities, divine connections and bounteous money miracles. When I share my vision, people get excited and involved to support it. They get who I am, they love it! Because I am a visionary, I am visible and vibrant. And I have many wonderful opportunities to share my gifts. I inspire hearts and minds everywhere I go. I am totally successful at all that I do. I love succeeding at my right livelihood. All my needs, including needs for drama, attention and miracles, are met through financial success from now on. And from this moment on, divine timing guides all my financial matters. 17

18 I create and receive divine wealth, now and forever. I am always an excellent manager of time, money, energy & resources. The more money I make, the greater the good I can do. Money is a good tool & I use it well, for the highest good of all. I 100%, on the level of mind, body, heart & spirit, deserve, desire & welcome Financial Freedom Now! I deserve and enjoy excellent health, prosperity & time to enjoy it all! The wrong doors close for me gracefully, and the right doors swing right open. And from this moment on, everything good comes my way. Because I am lucky and blessed. I follow the divine signs and pay attention to my intuition. Every time I see or imagine gold, I am filled with golden abundance. A line of golden light in my center, I am in total alignment with prosperity, joy and abundance. I listen to that still, small voice within & create abundance now. I take enlightened, empowered action. My heart and my household are filled with harmony, beauty, love and laughter. Every time I smile, I create joy, I create money, I create love. I am now receiving golden light in all the forms that are perfect for me. 18

19 And it feels so good! My perfect clients and work are magnetically attracted to me. And our work together brings us all joy. From now on, I have all the money I need, and then some. I always have plenty of money. All doubts and debts dissolve now. I have a positive net worth that is steadily increasing. My bank balances, my money are glowing and growing with divine golden light. It s fun watching my money grow. I am visible, and I am heard. I glow with light & charisma, attracting & inspiring the right people. I now receive a sudden influx of happy money, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, a blessing to all. I now easily attract and receive my heart s desire. Every time I see the color green, I breathe in health & money. I respect $, use money wisely and watch my $ grow. I take care of my money, and my money takes care of me. I am a wise and prudent money manager. I am divinely guided in investing and saving my money. 19

20 I enjoy a balanced, happy life. I have lots of vitality and energy. From now on, I manifest and enjoy a relaxed, prosperous lifestyle. Everything I say or do is infused with the light of love and the power of Spirit. I am good, whole and worthy of success, no matter what. I am so grateful and happy now that I am living the life of my dreams. My greatest dreams, my grandest visions are joyously unfolding. I naturally and easily manifest miracles of success, now and always. I am so peaceful, joyful and grateful now that my income is steadily, quickly increasing. Every time I see or imagine gold, I am filled with golden abundance. I have a financial safety net, a solid foundation. And I build my house of wealth upon it. I am seen, heard, appreciated and celebrated for who I really am. And I love it! My inner child is playful, safe and happy. So I enjoy life to the fullest. Every time I see the color green, I breathe in health & money. I easily connect with kindred spirits. And our relationships deepen with time. 20

21 I enjoy wonderful close relationships. I now easily attract all the right people who are wonderful to work and play with. I am centered and strong, grounded and healthy. I am also embraced and valued by other kind, wealthy people. Being rich just means I am comfortable running vast monetary energy for healing the world. I am aligned with abundance, inside and out. The more spiritual I am, the more I deserve and attract lots of money. Because I use money in ways that are full of love. I have all the resources I need to fulfill all my desires. I show up, get out of the way and fully shine! I am creating positive ripples of tremendous transformation that extend infinitely. I begin and end my day with heartful awareness. And I love the joy and energy this gives me. My creations inspire and bless everyone who experiences them. I love myself. And I love my life. Because my creative gifts are so full of light, I easily and joyously share them with the world. 21

22 I am manifesting miracles, always and in all ways. Money is my friend. I like money and money likes me. From my position of financial strength, I comfortably, responsibly manage grand sums of money, which grows and helps the world. I find having lots of $ to be very liberating and fun. Being rich gives me freedom, confidence and energy to achieve my soul s purpose. And it feels so good. I deserve to feel good. And I feel wonderful. I find myself smiling more and more, from a deep, inner happiness. My miraculous success inspires and helps many people. Many generations are positively supported by my success and wealthbuilding. I work efficiently, focused, accomplishing many things daily. And I enjoy my down time, feeling satisfied. The Universe is now paying me generously to do what I really love! My work is love in action. Money is good energy. Money is God loving me. 22

23 And God is good to me. I deserve all the best in life. My prosperity is growing by leaps and bounds. My professional success is taking off and I'm ready to fly! I now send out a soul cord to the right people who happily help me achieve my mission, in mutual blessing. Divine abundant prosperity flows to me. And I feel so lucky and blessed. And every time I see or imagine gold, I am filled with golden abundance. Because I deserve opulence and beauty, I dress and care for my body like the rich person I truly am. Having lots of $ supports my relationships because money equals more quality time together. My prosperity is a blessing to others and is a good model for success. I own and enjoy many beautiful and useful things. I deserve and enjoy my beautiful, reliable, comfortable, fun car. I love living in my dream home. My home is a healing haven for myself and others and is filled with good energy. I also enjoy fun travels, easily affording a wonderful lifestyle. I 100% deserve, desire and welcome total prosperity NOW. I magnetically attract and joyously accept total wealth, now and always. 23

24 My income keeps growing exponentially and far exceeds my expenses. Plenty of money comes to me now, easily flowing right into my hands and bank account. Steady blessings and sudden miracles support me in living my vision. I am completely prosperous. And I am so thankful for all the abundance already in my life. Thank you! In all dimensions, past, present and future, I am living my perfect life. I am always healthy, wealthy, wise and happy. My passion drives my success drives my money drives my passion, in a positive fiery spiral of golden energy. My money magnetically attracts more money. Arms open, I stand in the golden light of abundance and I breathe in money's golden light. Every time I see or imagine gold, I am filled with golden abundance. I choose success, prosperity & pleasure. I breathe prosperity into every cell. As I anchor abundance, I awaken the memory of how truly prosperous I always am. I dream abundant dreams. The Universe supports me and my mission completely, gifting me with delightful surprises to make my dreams come true. I always have plenty of time, plenty of energy, and plenty of money. 24

25 My life is a celebration! The more money I make, the greater the good I can do. Every time I see the color green, I breathe in health & money. My dream life is here right now. I see it, hear it, touch it, know it, taste it, feel it. I live it and I love it! I love my life! I am totally aligned with abundance, inside and out, from this moment on * * * "When you develop yourself to the point where your belief in yourself is so strong that you know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, your future will be unlimited." - Brian Tracy "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt Never separate the life you live from the words you speak. Paul Wellstone The search for the beloved is fulfilled when you fall in love with yourself. Alan Cohen Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. - Joseph Campbell We are Divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive. Wayne Dyer 25

26 Name: Starting Date: 40 Day Tracking & Success Log I AM PROSPEROUS! 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness & Abundance 2010 By Sage Taylor Kingsley, CHT, RM, Intuitive Life Transformation Coach Why 40 Days? Numerous psychological studies have found time and again that it takes 30 to 40 days to change a habit. This is true whether it is a behavioral habit, a habit of thought, feeling, or all of the above. Old habits are indeed hard to change if you are operating only at the level of conscious thought, intention and action. As we hypnotherapists say, Willpower becomes won t power. This is why 80% of dieters fail to keep off any weight they have lost, why it is difficult to quit smoking or change other habits. If your goal is to break free of scarcity thinking and living with struggle, financial crises and lack for good if you are done with that way of living, then you need to listen to the Aligning with Abundance audio EVERY NIGHT FOR 40 NIGHTS. The reason I recommend 40 is that the research has shown that, depending on what it is you are reprogramming and how much negativity and resistance you are releasing, there will be a magic number between 30 and 40 that is the number of actual days you need to consistently install your new choices before they are truly embedded in your subconscious. Given that no one can know ahead of time what your required number of days is, if you do the program for 40 days, you will definitely hit upon that number. Your pack and program contain multiple methods for reprogramming your new prosperity beliefs and creating your abundant lifestyle, including the audios, written material, affirmations, etc. If all you do some days is just listen to the Aligning with Abundance audio, that day will still count and you can advance toward your 40. Do as much as you can for optimal results. If you find, after several attempts, that you are simply not managing to consistently stay on track with your reprogramming and healing Alignign with Abundance audio, this indicates that you are getting in your own way. In this case, individual coaching and healing sessions with the author can help tremendously to get to the core issue, the original cause at the level of the soul and energy field, and unconscious mind. 26

27 Before You Begin Your 40 Day Count: Make sure you have everything in place: a good way to listen to your audios day and night, a journal (preferably a new one that makes you feel prosperous), index cards and/or sticky notes for affirmations, whatever other resources you are guided to include such as books, Internet groups, etc. Photocopy this chart because you may use it more than once. Choose an Official Starting Day that feels right to you and write it above. Now is a good time to take Sage s quizzes including The Prosperity Quiz and The Law of Attraction quiz. (The latter is sent to you as a download with your e zine subscription sign up, or check your s for access via the e zine.) Get support and stay connected! Line up at least one supportive person to either do the program with you, coach you through it, or at least encourage and check in with you often (daily would be ideal). This is your Accountability Partner or group. Sage offers 1:1 and group coaching to guide you through this program. Highly recommended: Join the author s Love, Spirit & Success Facebook Fan Page and read her inspirational s and blogs as well as any others that support you on this path to your prosperous, passionate life of purpose! Must Do Everyday: Listen to Aligning with Abundance TM (AWA) at night and/or while meditating. This reprogramming audio is the foundation of this program. If you miss a day, start over with Day 1. (Make a photocopy of this chart so you can cycle through as many times as you want to or need to.) Highly Recommended (do as many as you can): Affirmations. Happy Money! TM audio during the day as background prosperity boost. Journaling. Read, think, talk, immerse yourself in positive, abundance oriented beliefs, feelings and actions. Healing/coaching sessions, especially if you need help staying on track. For each day, write the date in the left margin. On the lines, at the end of each day, write what practices you did, how you feel, thoughts (including inspired ideas!), shifts you are noticing. Notice: What helps you stay in action? For example, many people find it helps to do certain practices in the same place or at the same time each day, or to have visual reminders posted, or to use your cell phone s alarm or reminder system. Also checking in with your partner/group/coach can make a huge difference. Notice what helps YOU. 27

28 To write for each day: Practices I did, such as AWA (must listen to everyday). Happy $ audio. Journal. Affirmations. Reading. Connecting with abundance oriented, positive community. Other. My thoughts, feelings, shifts, reminders. Day 1) Day 2) Day 3) Day 4) Day 5) Day 6) 28

29 Day 7) WEEK ONE SUMMARY: Overall, here s how I did this week, plus my ideas for going even deeper: Day 8) Day 9) Day 10) Day 11) 29

30 Day 12) Day 13) Day 14) WEEK TWO SUMMARY: Overall, here s how I did this week. Be my own cheerleader here! Day 15) Day 16) 30

31 Day 17) Day 18) Day 19) Day 20) Day 21) WEEK THREE SUMMARY: Overall, here s how I did this week. Abundance is on its way! 31

32 Day 22) Day 23) Day 24) Day 25) Day 26) Day 27) 32

33 Day 28) WEEK FOUR SUMMARY: Overall, here s how I did this week. What I RealEyes now is this: Day 29) Day 30) Day 31) Day 32) 33

34 Day 33) Day 34) Day 35) WEEK FIVE SUMMARY: I m doing great! Here s how I grew this week, and some inspired ideas for completing my program magnificently and creating my best life now: Day 36) Day 37) 34

35 Day 38) Day 39) Day 40) I DID IT!!!! AWESOME! I AM ABUNDANT! 35

36 Upon Completion of ALL 40 Days: By now you have already noticed significant changes in how you relate to money, your deservingness, your ability to receive, attract and manifest what you desire, the degree of balance and joy in your life. YES! Now take the two quizzes again and share your own evaluation of how you did, how you shifted. Write on the back of these pages or in your journal. What has changed? Is there anything needing more transformation? What s next for you? Do you need to cycle through this program again now, take some integration time first to just absorb it all, or are you complete with the intensive reprogramming and ready for a maintenance level? Maintenance level means doing all the practices PRN as needed. I recommend you listen to AWA at least 3X a week to maintain, and do as many of the other abundance practices as you feel you need. Is it time to get into outer action mode to make your new prosperity beliefs REAL and reflected in your life? If so, some Quantum Success Coaching with Sage can help you with this. Give yourself credit for this accomplishment and enjoy your wonderful JOurneY! Congratulations and blessings to you! My general reflections about my prosperity program: What I notice that has shifted deep within me: 36

37 What has already shifted in my outer life: My next steps (redo 40 day immersion, take some integration time then redo it on date, shift into maintenance mode, get success coaching, other ways to take it to the next level) What I now ABSOLUTELY KNOW: I AM PROSPEROUS! THANK YOU! 37

38 The Right Livelihood Prayer By Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard Loving Spirit: Let me be who I came here to be. Let me do what I came here to do. And let me have what I came here to have. Let me remember who I really am And let all that I do be filled with your Light. And I know it is so. Thank you. Amen. 38

39 MORE EMPOWERING RE SOURCES FOR MANIFESTING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS! * THE RADICAL SELF LOVE WORKBOOK & SELF LOVE HEALING & COACHING. More techniques for overcoming resistance to affirmations and giving your affirmations muscle are also found in The Radical Self Love Workbook. Healthy selflove is an absolute foundation for abundance because you need to really believe, feel and know not just in your head but in your entire being that you DESERVE success. You deserve pleasure and beauty. You deserve joy and fulfillment. YOU DESERVE TO RECEIVE FROM THE UNIVERSE. And, yes, you deserve MONEY. Because MONEY = ENERGY = FREEDOM to be who you really came here to be. You deserve to receive as much as you give, and to keep an ever growing amount of what you receive. You are worthy and good, and you deserve all the good stuff! Love, money, happiness, all the blessings in life. Go here or contact the author: * ALIGNING WITH ABUNDANCE REPROGRAMMING~ ENERGY HEALING AUDIO INCLUDED IN YOUR PROSPERITY POWER PACK! * Note to Busy People: This audio takes zero extra time. You listen to it while sleeping! AWA is the ONLY meditation audio on Planet Earth that actually aligns your aura and all major chakras with prosperity as well as happiness and a balanced life of love and divine purpose. Listen daily while sleeping or meditating so your prosperity beliefs are deeply embedded in your subconscious. Because prosperity consciousness is an inside job! * HAPPY MONEY! AFFIRMATIONS AUDIO * Note to Busy People: Also takes zero extra time because you listen to it while driving, working, exercising, anytime as your background instant prosperity boost! ALSO INCLUDED IN YOUR PROSPERITY POWER PACK! 39

40 * OMNIDIMENSIONAL HEALING MODALITY (OHM) Sessions with Sage If you could use some help healing your past, so you are empowered to create your best future, you may feel called to experience Omnidimensional Healing Modality, which facilitates deep healing on all levels: Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit, past, present, future. I am grateful to be a channel for this amazing process. OHM blends Shamanic Soul Retrieval with Reiki energy healing, regression work and inner child healing, as well as intuitively guided Higher Truth statements of prosperity knowingness. People have healed sexual abuse, grief and more in 1 to 3 sessions, and it can even be done by phone, anywhere in the world. OHM helps you turn your wounds into wisdom and really rewrite your past. This life changing healing method sets you free to be who you really came here to be and live your best life NOW. Call or the author for details. * QUANTUM SUCCESS INTUITIVE HYPNOCOACHING A Heart Centered, Spirit Guided Transformation Program Using the Law of Attraction, Mind Body & Energy Healing To Create Your Dream Life NOW! Benefit from working with a Personal Transformation & Success Coach who walks the talk, comes from the heart, and is also a hypnotherapist, Law of Attraction expert and professional intuitive with 16 years experience. Higher guidance integrated with practical action steps, structure, and accountability can support YOU on your own path. Call or Sage today to explore how you can take a quantum leap forward, through your Golden Portal, into the life of your dreams! * P3: PROSPERITY, PASSION, PURPOSE WOMEN S TRANSFORMATION CIRCLE The P3 Program catalyzes amazing success for motivated women committed to personal growth, spiritual awakening, planetary transformation and passionate, purpose driven prosperity. P3 is for women of inspired action with big visions! More than a typical success coaching group, P3 includes masterminding, life coaching, plus intuitive channeled messages for abundance and love, TelAttunement TM channeled meditations and energy healing, networking and sisterhood, the entire, life changing new 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness E course, members only discussion forum and an interactive resource rich website. A complete program for your success, relationships, personal development, life purpose and prosperity, P3 helps you align, attune and act to rebirth yourself into the light being you are! To ensure personal attention, P3 has limited enrollment, so contact the author for more information today. 40

41 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley Goddard, CHT, RM, CTC, BA is a personal transformation catalyst. Through intuitive coaching, energy healing, hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling & training, dynamic workshops and lectures, inspirational books, audios and other programs, she helps motivated create the life & and love of their dreams! Sage s uniquely holistic and empowering approach to personal growth emphasizes connection with Spirit and the importance of self love so you can receive more of the good stuff from the YOUniverse TM. An expert on Law of Attraction, conscious relationships, life purpose, spirituality and abundance, Sage has presented as a keynote speaker at T. Harv Eker s All Your Relations seminar and other venues. An intuitive channel since three near death experiences in 1994, Sage has the capability to read auras and chakras and channel higher guidance from Archangel Michael and divine masters. Her PSYCAM readings are considered the most complete intuitive readings available anywhere. A Third Degree Reiki Master, certified clinical hypnotherapist, ordained interfaith minister, and shamanic healer, her work integrates deep soul wisdom that is heart centered along with mind body reprogramming and practical steps so your inner fire is lit. She helps clients clarify their life purpose, get clear and get in gear! Sage s inspirational, transformational products include The Radical Self Love Workbook, 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness, and the Aligning with Abundance TM, Happy Money! TM, Heartlight Meditation TM, Manifesting My Dream Job TM, and Unconditional Self Love audios (the Sacred Portals TM audio series). Sage lives with her Twin Flame soulmate husband, Mark Goddard, who is a sacred artist, their sons, Forest and Sky, and their Husky Shepherd rescue dog, Maka ( Eyes of Heaven ) near Sacramento, California. Sage is also a mystic poet and songwriter. To enhance your life of love and abundance, kindly visit the author s websites at: Visit the author s blog and share your results with this program at: Friend Sage on Facebook and join her fan page: Love, Spirit & Success! Follow her: loveandspirit on Twitter Or Sage at Bright blessings! 41