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3 WELCOME TO BOOKAROO Putting together this year s Bookaroo is something we will not forget in a long, long time. It has been an extremely challenging for us. However, we discovered something extremely heartening too - that we have good friends all over the world, who came together to encourage us to not lose heart. We couldn t have done it without our friends, supporters and sponsors. The spread is the same and the venue a bit compact this time, but we are sure you will find the programme as delightful as in the past seven versions of Bookaroo. There is something new as well. Beginning this year, Bookaroo Delhi will focus on regional children s literature. This time it is Bangla. We will leave you to uncover the treasures inside. Also on display is an exhibition of cover artwork from unforgettable children s books in Bangla. As the festival moves from Delhi to Goa, Pune, Ahmedabad (yes, we have added two new cities) and Kuching, we hope to make more friends and reach out to as many children as possible. Walk in to your Weekend! Jo Williams Swati Roy M Venkatesh FEST IVAL PRODUCERS Bookaroo Trust Based in New Delhi, India, the Trust is committed to bringing good literature to children. Promoting book related events, Bookaroo works in tandem with renowned writers, illustrators, storytellers, theatre people, publishers, editors and schools. Eureka! Books A specialist, independent, children s online bookstore. Its mission is to bring children and books together. i All sessions with limited seats are on a first-come-first-served basis. If any indoor venue is full, visitors will not be allowed in.

4 VENUE FINDER Shankar's Cent re for Children Children's Book Trust Dr. Jose P. Rizal Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi Dr. Jose P. Rizal Marg SESSION VENUES along with page index 1 One Friday Think Tank pg 6 2 Scroll-a-thon pg 24 3 Crafty Corner pg 8 4 The Gallery pg 24 5 The Studio pg 10 6 The Auditorium pg 12 7 The Theatre pg 14 8 Doodle Wall pg 16 9 The Stage pg Amiown Kahani Tree pg 20

5 T he British School Entry from Shankar s Centre for Children NEED HELP? Spot any of our friendly volunteers for help. You will know them by their RED badges. SAFETY TIP Looking for first-aid? Spot our volunteers and they will do the rest. REQUEST Please do not carry cigarettes, lighters or any sharp instrument/material inside the venue. CHILDREN S LITERATURE FESTIVAL UT ILIT IES & OTHER AREAS Reception Sponsor Tent Food Court Bookshop Author Signing Area Toilets* * Toilets also available inside the Shankar s Centre for Children building.

6 6 28 NOV ONE FRIDAY THINK TANK ALL 30 JABA CHITRAKAR CREAT ING STORIES THROUGH ART Find out how you too can make story-songs in Patua style with artist Jaba Chitrakar. Bangla Supported by + English LYNETTE MORRISON AND LEE KOWLING THE WONDERFUL AND WHIMSICAL PITTODRIE PIRATES! Arrr have ye seen the mystical creature called the Blue Furry? On this story voyage, come journey to a strange island with lollipop trees and orange moss. Ye ll also learn to draw a pirate ship! Supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore SWATI SENGUPTA THE TALKING BIRD Be ready for mayhem, muddle, mischief and mishaps galore in the busy streets of Kolkata. Supported by Tulika Books SAMPURNA CHATTARJI WORDYGURDYBOOM Come discover what makes nonsense verse so pun-riddled and fun-fiddled, so exciting to write, and so delightful to read. Invent your own nonsense-character and write your very own brand of nonsense! Sponsored by the British School RANJIT LAL BRINGING UP GRANDPARENTS Are your Nana-Nani and Dada-Dadi the funniest and kindest people you know? Or are they a little bit nuts and you wonder how they will manage without you? Hear all about one nutcase Nana. Supported by Red Turtle

7 29 NOV 7 ANITA RAINA THAPAN SHIVA LOVES TO DANCE 4-6 Put on your dancing shoes, sharpen your pencils, have your yoga mat ready as you join Anita Raina Thapan for storytelling and more. Supported by Tota Books DEVIKA RANGACHARI WHERE HAVE ALL THE GIRLS GONE? What was it like to be a woman on the throne in the male-dominated Kashmir court in the 10th century? Discover all about Didda, Queen of Ice, and the challenges of writing gender-sensitive historical fiction. Supported by Duckbill ANNIE BESANT FUN WITH BEEPOP A story, a song, some poetry, some doodling it s 60 minutes of action-packed adventure in the magical, wondrous world of Beebop! But don t tell anyone because it s a secret world. Shh! Sponsored by HarperCollins India SUBHADRA SEN GUPTA UTTERLY MYSTERIOUS HISTORY What are khanjar and shamsher? What is the Indian name for chess? Join Subhadra Sen Gupta in her time machine and fly around various ages from India s history to find the answers. Supported by Red Turtle MEGHNA SINGHEE HOW TO PLOT A MURDER (WITHOUT KILLING ANYONE!) Aspiring writers and detectives, join Meghna Singhee as she shows you the tricks of the trade - both detection & writing! Sponsored by Puffin India

8 8 28 NOV CR AFT Y CORNER BANDANA TULACHAN ROCK FACE 6-8 Add eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth to your.. rock, what or who do you see? ANKON MITRA JUNGLE MEIN MOR NAACHA KISI NE NA DEKHA Origami ki baarish hote hi Mor jhoom uthe! Hindi ELIN GRIMSTAD MOONAROO Create your very own wonderland in this unique paper workshop. Supported by Norla BANDANA TULACHAN IN-ANIMATE Take pieces of junk from around you and transform them into characters out of your imagination BOL CHILD ST ITCHES THAT TELL STORIES Have you ever thought of sharing your craziest ideas? Now is your chance to weave them into a unique graphic story. Who knows where they will lead? Supported by BOL CHILD

9 29 NOV 9 LYNETTE MORRISON AND LEE KOWLING SPLENDID SPYGLASS A pirate is never without a spyglass to see all the exciting adventures waiting on the horizon! It could be a treasure ship or an enormous storm come on this spyglass adventure and make your own spyglass. Supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore AANCHAL BROCA KUMAR CARDBOARD CAPERS Supported by TERI Hindi + English Come and create a carnival of crazy creatures BANDANA TULACHAN MONSTER MASHUP Have you ever thought about strange creatures under your bed, stealing your socks or nice friendly beings who play with you when you are alone? Let's draw our best imaginary friends and the worst monsters you can dream of BOL CHILD ST ITCHES THAT TELL STORIES Have you ever thought of sharing your craziest ideas? Now is your chance to weave them into a unique graphic story. Who knows where they will lead? Supported by BOL CHILD BANDANA TULACHAN COOL COLLAGE Have a blast cutting, pasting and creating masterpieces.

10 10 28 NOV THE ST UDIO ELIN GRIMSTAD MOONAZING 4-6 Let Elin open your eyes to the mysteries and magic of the moon. Supported by Norla MICHAEL CAMILLERI DRAWING LIGHT, SHADE AND FACES Join Michael to discover the classic traditional secrets of drawing light and shadow. Start from basic shapes and work up to drawing someone s face! Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts KAMLA BHASIN AND BINA KAK NOOR AND SULTAN Follow Noor, the tigress, and her cub Sultan deep into the Ranthambore forests to discover the enduring ties of a mother and her son and their intriguing bond with a human being. Supported by Tulika Books PAYAL KAPADIA AN ADVENTURE IN THE WORLD'S MOST HORRID SCHOOL Imagine being principal of the world s most horrid school, or cooking up the most revolting recipes! Join award-winning author Payal Kapadia for a little bit of word-play and plenty of horridness! Sponsored by Puffin India PARNAB MUKHERJEE RAY REDUX Bangla + English A solo performance dedicated to the great Bangla film-maker and maestro of world cinema, Satyajit Ray. A unique opportunity to watch his forgotten film classic Two, a meditation on the aspirations of children. Soundscape - Sangat Haldar Supported by Best of Kolkata Campus

11 29 NOV 11 BOL CHILD THE MAGIC NEEDLE Watch as ideas, art and children s imagination meld and metamorphose before your eyes into a very special book. Supported by BOL CHILD ELIN GRIMSTAD SUNT ILLAT ING Watch and listen as Elin brings the moon, sun and stars to life. Supported by Norla MICHAEL CAMILLERI ONE MINUTE'S SILENCE Take an in-depth look behind-the-scenes to discover how the illustrations for this award-winning book on World War One were created. Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts ANIRUDDHA MUKHERJEE AND MAMTA NAINY T IME-T RAVELLING WITH TAGORE Hindi + English Notebook checked, pencil checked, suitcase checked, chocolates checked, chips checked we re all set to blast off to the times of the greatest writer that ever lived, Rabindranath Tagore. Hop on board WHIZZZ! BANG! WHOOSH! Supported by Mango Books MICHAEL CAMILLERI MAKE A COMIC Together with artist Michael Camilleri create a City of your wildest imaginings. Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts

12 12 28 NOV THE AUDITORIUM TEAM DK SPACEMANIA! Blast off into outer space with DK SPACEmania our interactive session for curious, would-be astronauts. Discover how a rocket flies, explore moons and planets, and find out what lies beyond our Solar System! Sponsored by DK India PARAS JOSHI MYTHS, IDEAS AND CHARACTERS Join Paras Joshi to discover the inside story on the complete writing process from ideation through creation to publication. Supported by Fingerprint AMAR CHITRA KATHA BRINGING STORIES TO LIFE Have you ever met a bottle that laughs when you fill it with water, or a pencil that dances as you write with it? Bring to life characters that you thought couldn't move or speak. Supported by Amar Chitra Katha VASANTI UNKA ST RIPES! NO SPOTS Tiger and Leopard disagree on who looks best. As the argument gets out of hand, the jungle turns to mayhem. Discover the clever twist and how to draw your own (not scary) tiger or leopard. Supported by the New Zealand High Commission and the New Zealand Book Council AMAR CHITRA KATHA FIND YOUR FOLKTALE Storytelling in India goes back thousands of years. Visit the vibrant world of Indian folklore with Amar Chitra Katha! Join the magical circle of wily jackals, brave lions, foolish pigeons, clever monkeys and the occasional human! Supported by ACK

13 29 NOV 13 MATHANGI SUBRAMANIAN DEAR WORLD: STORIES IN LETTERS If you could write a letter to anyone in the world, who would you write to and what would you say? Mathangi Subramanian talks about how one great letter can start an even better story. Supported by Young Zubaan AMAR CHITRA KATHA FIND YOUR FOLKTALE Storytelling in India goes back thousands of years. Visit the vibrant world of Indian folklore with Amar Chitra Katha! Join the magical circle of wily jackals, brave lions, foolish pigeons, clever monkeys and the occasional human! Supported by Amar Chitra Katha VANESSA OHRI PLAY IT RIGHT! Unleash that secret actor/director/playwright/costume designer lurking inside you! Discover how to put on a great production and be a star yourself! Supported by Scholastic India TINKLE TOON FACTORY Is there a budding artist or a writer inside you? Do you imagine words in dialogue bubbles and characters in the zaniest situations? Join the artists and writers of Tinkle to make your very own comic! Supported by Tinkle SWATI SENGUPTA EQUAL FOOT ING Are people around you biased about gender, class, money, religion and notions of beauty? Ever wondered why girls and boys can't play the same sport in the same team? Question, challenge, subvert!! Supported by Scholastic India

14 14 28 NOV THE THEAT RE SHARADA KOLLURU ONE DAY IN KAZIRANGA 6-8 What happens when an earthquake interrupts a celebration in the jungle of Kaziranga? VASANTI UNKA WORD PLAY! Just like you and me, words want to have adventures too! How can we set words free to have fun? Come and find out with Vasanti Unka. Supported by the New Zealand High Commission and the New Zealand Book Council BOORI MONTY PRYOR BOORI PRYOR PRESENTS SHAKE A LEG Join the charismatic Boori Monty Pryor for a laughter-filled hour of dance, digeridoo, stories and maybe even a visit from the Binna Binna Man! Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts NUPUR AWASTHI GAUR THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT Beige is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown, Blue needs a break from colouring in all that water. Green has no complaints, but Orange and Yellow are no longer speaking to each other.. Sponsored by HarperCollins India JYOTIN GOEL SUPERHERO You don't have to be born on Krypton. A radioactive spider needn't bite you. This session reveals clues hidden in superhero stories highlighting everyday qualities that hint at superpowers. You could be a superhero, too! Supported by Red Turtle

15 29 NOV 15 ROHINI CHOWDHURY INTO THE GARDEN OF THE DJINN 60 Have you ever met a Merlion? Or a Starsprite? Come fly with Rohini to magic lands, meet these and other fantastical creatures, listen to their stories and make up some of your own ROOPA PAI BY THE POWER OF THE BG Faced with evil cousins, as a king would you be able to destroy them in battle? No? Neither could the great warrior Arjuna. Find out how this might help in smaller personal battles. Sponsored by Hachette India FOUZIA AND VALENTINA TRIVEDI DASTAN GOOPI BAGHA KI Hindustani Join Goopi and Bagha - two of Satyajit Ray s most popular characters as they are transformed from simple village bumpkins to accomplished musicians. Meet kings, princesses, a sly magician, a wicked minister, music and magic BOORI MONTY PRYOR BOORI PRYOR PRESENTS SHAKE A LEG Join the charismatic Boori Monty Pryor for a laughter-filled hour of dance, digeridoo, stories and maybe even a visit from the Binna Binna Man! Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts TEAM DK RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE Meet the coolest creatures in the jungle and discover amazing facts about wild animals find out who eats who, what your furry friends' secret abilities are, how fast a cheetah can run, and much more! Sponsored by DK India

16 16 28 NOV DOODLE WALL TINKLE DOODLE YOUR DREAM Welcome to the wall...the wall of your dreams. Supported by Tinkle SATOMI ICHIKAWA GARDEN PARTY Come and create a magical kitchen garden! Supported by the French Book Office LYNETTE MORRISON AND LEE KOWLING THE MAGIC T REE Have ye seen a magic tree before? What can it do? What kind of fruits grow on the tree? Come to the Doodle Wall where you ll discover and draw the story of the magic tree! Supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore MICHAEL CAMILLERI CITYAROO Together with artist Michael Camilleri create the City of your wildest imaginings. Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts SATOMI ICHIKAWA ANIMAL KINGDOM Have you ever seen a bear in Africa? Giraffes in India? No? Seeing is believing. Supported by the French Book Office

17 29 NOV 17 BULBUL SHARMA THE MAGICAL STORY T REE Hindi + English Paint a magical tree, add your own weird and wonderful creatures to this special storytelling tree LYNETTE MORRISON AND LEE KOWLING FROM THE OCEAN S SURFACE TO THE DEEP SEA What lurks beneath the ocean s surface in the deep sea? Time to explore the mysteries of the sea from its surface to its very depths what will we find? Supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore SATOMI ICHIKAWA ANIMAL VOICES Mustafa s foreign language teachers are nothing ordinary What if a rooster taught you Hindi? Supported by the French Book Office ELIN GRIMSTAD MOONALICIOUS Take a patch of sky, catch a ray of falling sunlight, add a sprinkling of stars with a dash of moondust. Mix well for a mouthwatering moonscape. Supported by Norla SATOMI ICHIKAWA PANGOO THE PENGUIN Time to give your cuddly toys a little treat! Supported by the French Book Office

18 18 28 NOV THE STAGE PARVATI SHARMA AND URMIMALA NAG THE KING OF EXACT LY NOWHERE At 12, he was King of Fergana. At 15, he was King of Samarkand. And at 19, he had lost everything. Join Parvati Sharma and Urmimala Nag on the trail of the legendary Emperor, Babur. Sponsored by Puffin India ANUSHKA RAVISHANKAR, BIKRAM GHOSH, KATARINA GENAR, MARTIN WIDMARK, SAYONI BASU SLEUTHING SHERLOCK STYLE One magnifying glass. Two countries. Four sleuths. A century of mysteries. Time to don your deerstalkers! Supported by the Embassy of Sweden and Duckbill KETAKI KARNIK BE A CRIME BUSTER Find out whether you are an ace detective! Create your own trail from the crime scene. Identify the criminal from a line-up of suspects. Unearth tips from the Crime Busters League. Supported by Jaico Books ROOPA PAI THE BG AND YOUJI The Bhagavad Gita an old book for old people, right? Wrong! The Gita is a book for everyone, full of tips and tricks about everyday life-stuff like joy, anger, love, hate, disappointment, competition (even exams!). Sponsored by Hachette India BOORI MONTY PRYOR BOORI PRYOR PRESENTS SHAKE A LEG Join the charismatic Boori Monty Pryor for a laughter-filled hour of dance, digeridoo, stories and maybe even a visit from the Binna Binna Man! Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts

19 29 NOV 19 VASANTI UNKA JUNGLEE JINGLE 6-8 Animals live happily side by side, why can t we? Join Vasanti Unka in a peaceful but noisy, sing-song, jungle adventure! Supported by the New Zealand High Commission and the New Zealand Book Council BOORI MONTY PRYOR BOORI PRYOR PRESENTS SHAKE A LEG Join the charismatic Boori Monty Pryor for a laughter-filled hour of dance, digeridoo, stories and maybe even a visit from the Binna Binna Man! Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts ANUSHKA RAVISHANKAR, BIKRAM GHOSH, KATARINA GENAR, MARTIN WIDMARK, SAYONI BASU SLEUTHING SHERLOCK STYLE One magnifying glass. Two countries. Four sleuths. A century of mysteries. Time to don your deerstalkers! Supported by the Embassy of Sweden and Duckbill DEVENDRA MEWARI LAUTE HUE MUSAFIR Hindi Travel back and forth in time with Devendra Mewari ALL ANUSHKA RAVISHANKAR, BOORI MONTY PRYOR, SAMPURNA CHATTARJI, WENDY COOLING POET RY SLAM Sway with the poetry groove as Bookaroo's incredible speakers roll out funny, serious, happy and sometimes sad poems just for you. Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, Sponsored by the British School

20 20 28 NOV AMIOWN KAHANI T REE NG KOK KEONG ST RANGE TALES FROM THE CHINESE STUDIO Join Ng for a journey into the supernatural world with these tales from China. A monk, a magical pear, a fox-spirit, money falling from heaven are just some of the strange encounters which await you. Sponsored by the British School SANTANIL GANGULY WEIRD AND WONDERFUL Bangla + English Step into the thrilling and surprising world of Satyajit Ray where anything can and does! happen SAMPURNA CHATTARJI AND WENDY COOLING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE Join Alice on her journey down the rabbit hole into a fantastical world filled with wondrous characters. Sponsored by the British School RAZI GANDHI THE LONG AND THE SHORT OF IT! Be ready for some surprises in this hilarious tale about the Annual Haircut Day! Sponsored by Amiown SANTANIL GANGULY TALES OF BENGAL Bangla + English Drift lazily along the waterways with Santanil Ganguly to capture the sights and sounds of this rain-drenched land in days of yore.

21 21 JABA CHITRAKAR POTER GAAN - THE SONG OF THE SCROLL Get into the groove of the Poter Gaan in Bangla with Patua artist Jaba Chitrakar. Bangla Supported by + English NG KOK KEONG HOW AND WHY STORIES FROM MALAYSIA Ever wondered why the Malayan tapir has a patch of white? Why bamboo weakens snakes? Where does the catfish in paddy fields come from? Discover the answers with Ng. Sponsored by the British School VANDANA MATHUR TELL A TAIL Have you ever seen an animal without a tail? Are tails really important? Is there any use for them? Join Vandana to find out the answers. Sponsored by Amiown ANNIE BESANT PLAYT IME WITH BEEPOP Tickle your memory and dive into fantasy as you seek our characters hiding or simply unjumble the pieces of lovely pictures. Follow the path of the buzzzz of the Beebop! Sponsored by HarperCollins India BHARATI JAGANNATHAN THE ADVENTUROUS TOMATO Hindi "ल ल ह एक स र ख ल ल, ग ल-मट ल, जज ञ स टम टर. चल ल ल क स थ एक र म चक सफर पर और पत कर क क छ टम टर क य आर म स ब ठ ह नह सकत, और हम श ल ढक कर कह द र चल ज त ह."

22 22 29 NOV AMIOWN KAHANI T REE FOUZIA KAHANI, PATUA KI ZUBANI; KAHANI SANTHAL KI ZUBANI Hindi Stories from the brushes of the Patua and Magic Painters of Santhal SANTANIL GANGULY GHOST LY TALES Bangla + English Be ready to shake in your shoes with laughter! when you meet these strange spectres and spirits who, far from being scary, are easily scared and rather cheery ANUPA LAL CHALO CHALEIN Hindi Chalo Chalein Kahaniyon ki Ullat Pullat Duniya mein! NG KOK KEONG SABAH KADAZANDUSUN FOLKTALES Step into Sabah - the Land Below the Wind famous for its people, traditions and colourful culture - and be sure of an adventure or two. Sponsored by the British School SANTANIL GANGULY THE COMMON MAN Bangla + English A medley of myths from around the world to make you smile and ponder.

23 23 JABA CHITRAKAR POTER GAAN Supported by Bangla + English Get into the groove of the Poter Gaan in Bangla with Patua artist Jaba Chitrakar NG KOK KEONG THE MALAYSIAN T RICKSTER Follow the adventures of Kancil, the mousedeer trickster as he meets Sang Harimau, the most fearful tiger and Sang Belang, the cunning crocodile, in this journey deep into the rainforest of Borneo. Sponsored by the British School SIMI SRIVASTAVA STORY RIDE Join Simi Srivastava for the rollercoaster ride of your life, with thrills and spills galore! Supported by Vishv Books ANUPA LAL CHUP! AI KAHANI! Hindi Kahan Kahan Se Ai Kahani, Aap Ka Man Behelaney! PARNAB MUKHERJEE WHY, THIS INCREDIBLE COW, WHY? Be the first to enjoy this extra-ordinary premiere double bill. A solo performance weaving together two tails by legendary Bangla writer Mahasweta Devi, one old, one new. Soundscape - Sangat Haldar Supported by Tulika

24 NOV SCROLL-A-THON ALL DAY ALL AKKA BAKKA SCROLL-A-THON Hindi + English Help paint a giant scroll in the traditional Patua style of Bengal by re-interpreting some of your favourite books and characters. Let s stitch together a story as never before with this timeless art. Supported by Akka Bakka NOV THE GALLERY TO ALL Curated by PARNAB MUKHERJEE THE LETTER MOVES ON: BANGLA AS A MINDSCAPE An exhibition of 21 panels of defining illustrations, profiles, notes, drawings and book covers that left a mark in Bangla children's literature. Inspired from: Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay, Satyajit Ray and Nur Kamrun Nahar Participating image-makers: Sreedeep Bhattacharya and Baishampayan Saha Supported by Five Issues and Vadehra Art Gallery Bookstore


26 BOOKAROO SPEAKERS Aanchal Broca Kumar, a writer on subjects ranging from travel and tourism to child education, is a green warrior who believes that all waste on our planet can be recycled Reduce, Re-use, Recycle is her mantra. Akka Bakka is a fun venture founded to explore the creative and colourful world of art and literature, where children are encouraged to explore a visual, tactile, and aural world to create their own, unique stories. Founded in 1967, Amar Chitra Katha is a household name in India. It is the byword for exquisitely illustrated comics which bring alive the epics, mythology, folktales and the brave hearts of our multi-cultural nation. Aniruddha Mukherjee gets his ideas at the stroke of his really long beard. A painter, photographer, he spends his summers photographing riverbanks, collects long-playing records and secretly wishes to learn the sitar one day. Anita Raina Thapan dived into the ocean of Indian literature many years ago and has not ceased to discover wisdom, joy and wonderment. These she shares with great enthusiasm with the young generation. Ankon Mitra is an architect who loves the folded geometry hidden within plants, leaves and flowers. He calls himself a folder and folds everything he can get his hands on - paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric and metal! Annie Besant writes books and makes up things. Sometimes, she does those two things at the same time. She can also make you laugh. Anupa Lal* has written more than 20 books for children, but she enjoys telling stories much more than writing them. Anushka Ravishankar* has never met a monster or a crocodile. Disappointed at her boring and monster-deprived childhood, she decided to make life exciting by creating strange creatures - humans, animals and monsters - in her books. Bandana Tulachan, an Illustrator from Kathmandu, Nepal, graduated in graphic design from Kathmandu University, Center for Art and Design She likes drawing monsters, making picture books, taking long walks and daydreaming inside public vehicles. Bharati Jagannathan* teaches History at Miranda House and writes fiction and poetry. She is deeply interested in birds and trees and enjoys telling stories, particularly the Ramayana. Bikram Ghosh, founder and company manager of Tadpole Repertory theatre group is an actor, director and storyteller. He has never won any awards or prizes but is still not available for weddings or birtdhay parties. Bina Kak was Minister of Forests and Environment in Rajasthan when she became passionate about protecting forests and wildlife. An avid photographer, she lives in Jaipur, visiting forests whenever she can. The language of children aspires to capture and amplify their dreams, aspirations, ideas, opinions, and expressions through content made for them, by them. And Bol Child helps children do that. Boori Monty Pryor*, former Australian Children s Laureate, is a multi- talented performer who has worked in numerous industries including film, television, modelling, sport, music and theatre-in-education. An accomplished didjeridoo player he performed solo with the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra.

27 Bulbul Sharma is a writer, a painter and a bird-watcher who loves traveling to remote areas in search of birds and stories. Her grandchildren enjoy painting with her because they make a real mess together. Devendra Mewari* has been writing popular science for the last 45 years. He has over 10 articles and 17 books to his credit and has appeared on radio talks and written screenplays for science programmes on TV and won numerous awards. Dr Devika Rangachari* is an award-winning children's writer who is pursuing her post-doctoral research in Indian history. She is usually found wandering somewhere in the past, but can be brought back by many things, especially chocolate. DK* is the world s leading illustrated reference publisher of high-quality books and online resources for children and adults. Established in 1974 in London, DK produces content in over 87 countries, and in 62 languages. Elin Grimstad* is an illustrator, writer, and stop-motion animator. Her discovery that the moon above the Norwegian island where she was born, was not the only moon in the world has been her guiding light. Fouzia*, the first woman Dastango of modern times, brings the flavour of Old Delhi to her storytelling. She enjoys telling stories of quaint characters such as Chacha Chhakkan, Sheikh Chilli and Mullah Naseeruddin. Jaba Chitrakar is one of the leading women Patuas of Naya village whose soulful singing is world renowned. Jaba learned Patachitra painting from her childhood under the tutelage of Dukhushyam Chitrakar. No one knows this writer s secret identity. What s known is that he lives by the sea, understands Fishy (water creature speech) and translates the Septopus adventures from Fishy into English under the assumed name Jyotin Goel.

28 Kamla Bhasin s work with NGOs and women s groups has equipped her to write extensively on women s empowerment, rural development and sustainable agriculture. In addition She has written several books for children. Katarina Genar is the author of several critically acclaimed novels for children that are loved by young readers. Her stories contain several layers, both enigmatic and somewhat mysterious. Ketaki Karnik* is a top-secret detective investigating heinous heists and conspiracy theories. Even whilst masquerading as a corporate crony, she created the Crime Busters League. A sci-fi freak, she loves her guitar and chocolates. Lee Kowling* is a quirky softly spoken artist who has illustrated over 40 children s books. She has brought joy and laughter to countless children and adults, not to mention free tickets for flights of the imagination. Lynette Morrison* is a university lecturer by day and a pirate by night. She goes on voyages with the Pittodrie Pirates and has exciting adventures where she meets magical creatures and visits strange islands. Mamta Nainy spent some years in advertising before a rotten apple fell on her head while she was sitting under a mango tree. Now she writes for children, eats cupcakes, plays with a yo-yo. Martin Widmark is considered one of the giants of current children s fiction. His books are consistently on the best-seller lists and have been translated into more than 30 languages. Mathangi Subramanian loves rabbits, books, feminism, and books about feminist rabbits. When she is not writing stories starring feisty female heroines, she works in the field of peace education.

29 Meghna Singhee* is using Bookaroo as a platform to promote Grunt, her NGO to save the words from rampaging emoticons. She likes colour, blood, trampolines, murder mysteries, ideas that bang, crash, boom and writing. Michael Camilleri* is mad about making things: comics! picture books! puppets! theatre! paintings! drawings! it's non-stop. He was recently awarded the Best New Illustrator in the Children's Book Council of Australia Awards. Ng Kok Keong* is a School Principal by day but a tri-lingual storyteller by passion. He has been mesmerizing audiences all over Malayisa and the world with stories for the past nine years. With over a decade of teaching experience at a Delhi University college and in a leading school, Nupur Awasthi Gaur is an educator-communicator with special interests in environment education, storytelling, and creative writing. Paras Joshi is an Author, Modernite, Law Student, Procrastinator, Blogger, Wanderer, Traveller and Mentalist. A spoken word performer, independent media analyst, curator and a performance consultant by profession, Parnab Mukherjee* is one of the leading alternative theatre nomads of the sub-continent. Parvati Sharma spent every summer vacation during her teens writing and discarding drafts of her novel. Fifteen years after those attempts, her first book saw the light of day. Now, she has three. Payal Kapadia* is an award-winning writer who lives with one husband, two children and three imaginary friends. Payal was fed up of reading grim books about horrid children - her latest book is about horrid grown-ups instead! Ranjit Lal* has written over thirty books for both adults and children. He has written about birds and animals and tiger families and human families stranger than any found in the animal world. Razi Gandhi, an experienced teacher with Amiown Amity s Pre-School, is a passionate storyteller who is happiest when sharing her love of stories with children of all ages whenever and wherever! Rohini Chowdhury writes for children, and grown ups too. She loves to travel, hates flying, and is happiest when with a bar of chocolate and a book. Roopa Pai is a computer engineer who always knew she was going to write for children. She is currently hard at work trying to earn the right to this epitaph: She was often content. Sampurna Chattarji* began writing as a kid and never outgrew the habit! She has written novels and poetry for adults, young adults and children, and her translations include Sukumar Ray's poetry. Santanil Ganguly has been involved in all aspects of theatre for children in Kolkata for almost 20 years. He loves hajmi, chaats, candy... Satomi Ichikawa*, a writer and illustrator, moved to Paris from Japan, never imagining that she would stay forever, or that drawing would become her passion. A doll collector and dancer, she travels the world to stay inspired. Sayoni Basu is the director and primary platypus, at Duckbill, a publishing house for children and young adults. Sharada Kolluru is a film scriptwriter who enjoys painting. She feels strongly that each one of us has a story to tell, including herself. Korika was the book that gave her the title of author and was followed by more books. Simi Srivastava* is a master storyteller, founder of Kathashala, a life skills trainer, and a performing artist. She is professionally trained in theatre, creative music and movement, miming, puppetry and uses all these to narrate stories.

30 Subhadra Sen Gupta, awarded the Bal Sahitya Puraska in 2014, has written mysteries, adventures, comic books and books on history for children. She is waiting for a time machine to join Emperor Akbar for lunch. Swati Sengupta loves small towns, tea and the chirp of birds. After quitting full-time work as journalist, Swati now travels and researches her books. On weekends, she plays football with her husband and son. With characters such as Suppandi and Shambu and award-winning storytelling and art, Tinkle has been imparting learning with fun for over 35 years. A cartographer and illustrator, Urmimala Nag uses maps where others use words. The Illustrations and maps she conjures up speak a thousand stories. Valentina Trivedi*, an education consultant, is a merry squirrel who loves skipping off to explore new creative ideas. A leaf, a stick, a pencil, a crow - all inspire exciting tales in her mind. Vandana Mathur, a teacher at Amiown Amity s Pre- School, combines her two passions literature and teaching in storytelling. For Vanessa Ohri all the world's a stage, where she does an impressive juggling act - actor, director, writer, producer. She is now ready to let her collection of highly contagious theatre bugs loose on you... BEWARE! As a New Zealand born Indian, Vasanti Unka*, tried to be a good little Indian girl but her rotis were always misshaped so she gave up trying. Now she is a multi-award winning writer and illustrator. Wendy Cooling has been involved in a range of projects to promote rading not only in the UK but worldwide. A true Book Dabbler! * Also appeared for Bookaroo in the City,.

31 BOOKAROO IN THE CITY BiC, the outreach programme of Bookaroo, has become a round-the-year event. We feel that this will help the festival reach out to as many children as possible. Bhakti Mathur, writer, mother, banker and distance runner started the Amma Tell Me series in 2011 to introduce her kids to Indian festivals and mythology. Flavour of Art Foundation was set up in 2011 by alumni of the Delhi College of Art. Its mission is to unlock the creativity in everyone. Himanjali Sankar writes about superdogs and super-young-people who will eventually change the world as we know it. She was shortlisted for the Crossword Award for Children s Writing last year, which she suspects happened because she really is very short. Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida, a consultant, believes that a coach and teacher can see, touch and change the future for the creation of a better, just, egalitarian and responsible society. He is the founder of ICONGO. With a decade of experience in content creation in publication and film industry, Kavita Singh Kale has handled broadcast design, writings and illustration for picture books, music videos to short films. Kshitish Padhy is an award winning comic book scriptwriter who works on genres such as mythology, superhero fantasy and fiction for young adults. A volunteer driven, not for profit, NGO working for the empowerment of the disadvantaged young people in Delhi s Khan Market, Kutumb Foundation is committed to the creative arts, and theatre in particular. Meetali Khanna is a teacher in Dubai who has built on her experiences in the classroom to become a writer. She enjoys travelling and spending time with her two sons and dog, Leo. Payal Chaudhary followed her dream to become a professional storyteller with her own outfit, Tale Trunk, which conducts sessions for all kinds of occasions and uses stories for language development too. Rabani Garg designs reading programmes at schools and libraries, runs Reading Caterpillar and is a founding member of Thinkling, a children's magazine. Renu Chauhan is a social worker, environmentalist and writer of over 30 books. She has won several awards and runs her own NGO. As a picture book enthusiast, editor and writer Richa Jha has taken her passion to a new level by just turning publisher for these. Rituparna Ghosh caught the oral bug when she started telling stories to her son. In her past life she produced shows for a news network but having discovered the child in herself, has decided never to grow up. Robert Sullivan, Nga Puhi, is a former librarian turned poet and academic. He gives the Maori identity a new and passionate voice. His collections of Maori poetry and myths and legends have won several awards. Laughter, fun, tension and excitement follow the zany grandmother writer and storyteller Rosemarie Somaiah of the Asian Storytelling Network who shares stories with young, old and the in-between in Singapore and around the world. A storyteller and a trainer, Shalini Tayal grew up on a diet of tales and started cooking stories for her son, Ojas which she now serves to all, big or small. Shashi Shetye is a cartoonist, illustrator and calligrapher, who has won many prestigious awards. He runs his own independent design studio but his favourite challenge is illustrating children s books.

32 Shweta Mohapatra is an illustrator and animator and has worked in Gali Gali Sim Sim. She draws animals of all shapes and sizes and also fantasizes about time travel. Suvidha Mistry worked first as a graphic designer in media and advertising, then as a teacher. Now she is living her dream as an illustrator of children's books. Tanu Shree Singh is a lecturer in Psychology. When she is not teaching, she is writing, telling a story to children, or making things out of waste. Vandana Bist graduated from the College of Art, Delhi, writes and illustrates books. She has won the Noma award from Japan and the Katha award. Vinita Zutshi is excited about children and stories. She is lucky to have the ideal job, writing and telling stories for children and grown-ups. BOOKART Supported by Vadehra Art Gallery Bookstore Parnab Mukherjee is a leading alternative theatre director. As a curator he has worked on a range of subjects, four of his most important curatorial interventions include Loneliness of an Activist, Where is an Imphal? Africa in my Mind for Birla Academy of Art and Culture and Gandhi in Noakhali for Britto Art Space-Dhaka. Sreedeep Bhattacharya is an image-maker and poet. He has extensively published photo-essays on a range of isssues and has penned three collections of poems. Baishampayan Saha is an alumnus of Pathshala-Bangladesh and is currently working on a series of frames looking at Gandhi in South Asia.

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