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1 Lower Ure News Local News for Boroughbridge and The Lower Ure Valley Issue 32 November 2015 We will remember them THE WAR IS OVER The war is over, our sons are home again Their dreams forever coloured by the sights and sounds of war. We sent off boys, they came back men They ve fought the fight and done the deeds we asked The war is over, and now our sons are home They have to learn to live again, far from the noise of war. They faced their fears, they overcame But paid the price in loss and memories The war is over, the hard work now begins To heal the wounds and rebuild lives, to face new challenges. No easy task. No speedy fix. A time for understanding, love and care. The war is over, and life is moving on Our sons have lifelong friendships, forged on the stage of war. They give support. They share their lives. A special bond that we can never know. The war is over, some sons did not come home They lie forever sleeping, the casualties of war. They died for us, but still live on So sorely missed, and loved for evermore.

2 Index The war is Over Index Editorial The Library by John Helliwell Brighter Boroughbridge The Eclipse 5 Borougbbridge Feathers Badminton Club 6 Adverts 7 Events Diary 8 Events Diary 9 Events Diary 10 Events Diary 11 The Nuthatch Yore Film Society Bus News Ripon Cathedral Yore Events Area Photohraphic Exhibition Advertising Rates Hethertons Solicitors Christmas Fair Advertisement From the Editor: LUN coffee morning was very interesting. Roy Smith gave a presentation about the Locality Project that is ending now. He showed how other European countries have been working on their projects, as well as the Rugby match for mixed ability players. We recruited some new volunteers and were given ideas for what to include in the paper. I am very aware that we don t get any sports news. Let us know what you are doing. Please remember to send in your photos. We are hoping to publish the paper early at the end of November. Please can you let us have your news and views before November 15 if possible. News Items Events information Advertising Distribution Editor Website Phone / Address 1 Hall Square, Boroughbridge YO51 9AN Lower Ure News Copy and Publication Dates 2014 Month Copy Date Publication Date Every Month This edition has been supported by our advertisers and Yore Vision 2

3 Boroughbridge Library: to be or not to be, that is the question Public libraries in the UK date from the mid-nineteenth century and have been around for more than 150 years, but has their era now come to an end? 50 years ago the library was as central to the function of a town as the post office and local bank. Then, within the past decade, along came Google, Amazon, Kindle and a range of charity shops selling cheap books. Libraries were suddenly under threat. That threat (of closure) became a harsh reality when councils such as NYCC found themselves having to make swingeing budget cuts. Libraries were in the firing line: soft targets in the sights of the planners and politicians The fact is that the writing is on the proverbial wall for the library in Boroughbridge. Let s be clear: it will either become a so-called community library, managed and run by local volunteers, or it will close forever in 2017 If you think libraries are institutions of a bygone era, you won t care if our library closes. You can get along quite nicely with your Kindle for fiction and Google for reference. On the other hand, if you believe, as many do, that the library should continue to exist, albeit in a different form (see below), you may want to help prevent its closure. How could you do this? The answer is by volunteering to get involved. As an aside, volunteering is something we re all going to be challenged to do in the future. Gone are the days when we paid our council tax and expected NYCC and HBC personnel to provide a range of desirable services! The post-2017 Boroughbridge library needs trustees (committee people) and shop floor library volunteers: are you up for it? If so, contact John Helliwell ) By the way, the buzz words around the library are joint usage and shared space : the library, perhaps scaled down, sharing space with another local organisation to create (stand by for another buzz word) a community hub. It makes sense, doesn t it? 3

4 Brighter Boroughbridge and District is Thriving! The social evening at The Crown Hotel was an enjoyable and informative occasion. Sharon Longcroft organised it and insisted that her fun and vaguely horticultural quiz was educational! There was a serious side to the evening when Hazel announced that in the It s Your Neighbourhood section of Yorkshire in Maggie Bloom we had been awarded the second from highest grade of Thriving. She read the judges comments that were all very positive and ended with a suggestion that we should now consider competing in the small town category of Yorkshire in Bloom. This gave Hazel the opportunity to introduce the speaker, Kate Dawson from Harrogate Parks Department. Kate then explained what it would entail and gave everyone food for thought. There will be no more social evenings this year but they will begin again in the spring. Watch this space. The group worked hard on the following Saturday in the car park and then moved onto Chatsworth Grove. Both areas had become overgrown and, despite the lack of rain, full of weeds. There were ten people working happily together. It felt very companionable and so many people meant a huge difference made in a short period of time. Colleen If you would like to join this thriving group, no experience or expertise required, contact John Goss on Ros Did you see the Eclipse? Mist stopped many people from seeing the eclipse. Some hardy spirits braved the cold and late hour. Did the moon turn pink? If you have any photos please could you send them to us. Does anyone know of an Astronomical Society in Boroughbridge? If you do, please let us know. 4

5 Boroughbridge Feathers Badminton Club The new badminton club got off to good start last week with a visit from Lucy Sweirs from North Yorkshire Sport. She was interested in how the club had progressed since its start in December Lucy was hoping to add items of interest to the new North Yorkshire Sport website which has just been created. Picture 1 Players of all ages and abilities can come along to the club, have some fun and improve their badminton skills. Badminton England coach Margaret Taylor is there to offer help with those who would like some coaching. Junior club is from aged 8years upwards. Boroughbridge Feathers Badminton Club is a satellite club of The North Yorkshire Performance Centre and encourages young people to take up the sport of badminton. The club night is Thursdays during term time from 7pm. Junior Club is at 6pm to 7pm. The club venue is the Sports Centre at Boroughbridge High School YO51 9JX. Get in touch. Come and give it a try! Club rackets can be used and shuttlecocks are available. 1st photo Junior club: Back: Sam, Meghan, Bryn 5 Picture 2 Front: Jack, Gabriel and Harry 2nd photo: Sam, Harry and Jack Bennett attended the Yorkshire Training weekend at York RI in September. WANTED Do you have any spare leather pieces, old coats? Friends of Roman Aldborough are making Roman games for school parties visiting Aldborough Museum site. Any offers, please let the Secretary know on or ring

6 J. & L. MEATS Order early for Christmas We offer a delivery service to the local area 12 St James Square, Boroughbridge YO51 9AR T: Sing Carols Aldborough Village Hall Friday November pm Bring your voices and instruments! 6


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10 At the LUN coffee morning there were comments that not all events were included in the diary section of the paper. We can t print what we don t know!! Please send your events details to for free inclusion in this column. 10

11 The Nuthatch Photo by John Harding An article in BTO s Garden BirdWatch newsletter grabbed my attention recently, reporting that the number of Nuthatches in our gardens is at its highest for twenty years, and that seedeaters such as Siskins and Coal Tits are also more visible. Could this suggest a poor crop of beech mast and Sitka Spruce seeds? If so, are we in for another winter similar to that of 2012/3 when we had flocks of Redpolls and Waxwings around? Only time will tell, but keep your binoculars handy! If I were to sum up the Nuthatch in just three words, I would have to say striking, bold and grumpy! This is a bird full of character, a brash and often noisy interloper at the garden feeding station. Look for its black eye-stripe, steel-grey upper-parts, pinky buff underparts and daggerlike bill used to pry insects out of crevices. It has a distinctive mode of movement too, running down and around trees headfirst but very rarely running back up again. The Nuthatch has a patchy distribution, preferring gardens close to suitable breeding habitat as it is quite sedentary. This means that the chances of a Nuthatch visiting your garden will vary according to where you live and how close you are to a patch of deciduous or mixed woodland. GBW results show that around a third of us see them in our gardens at some point. Nuthatches are monogamous and maintain territories throughout the year, which is rare in small birds, providing the pair with an intimate understanding of where to find food at different times of the year, where to roost and where nesting opportunities may be found. They constantly patrol their territories, the female usually accompanying the male as he does his rounds. They maintain close contact through a series of soft, low calls. If one bird strays the other may become even more vocal, calling out for its mate. Interestingly, the male seems to take an active role in shepherding his female around, even to the degree of driving her back into the territory should she stray too close to its boundary. He is dominant outside the breeding season and she won t approach a bird feeder until he leaves it, (you might spot extra reddish brown markings down the flanks of the male bird, just under the wing) but during the early part of the breeding season, when the female builds the nest, the tables are turned and she is dominant over the male. 11

12 The nest is built by the female, usually in a cavity, the male only contributing by feeding her whilst she is laying and incubating. The principal material is mud, lots of it, mainly used to reduce the entrance size to about 30mm. If they chose to breed in your nest box on the other hand, you may find that they rapidly plaster around the entrance and between the box and its support; the lid may even be cemented shut too. You should be so lucky! If you find the lives of our garden birds to be of interest, and would like to join in and count the feathered occupants of your garden, please contact me or visit the BTO Garden BirdWatch website ( If you know of a local organisation who would like a talk on garden birds call: Mike Gray or Yore Film Society Coronation Hall Boroughbridge 8pm Tickets 4 Tea, Coffee, Bar 12

13 Good News from Harrogate Bus Company From John Goss. I would like to spread the word that the Harrogate Bus company are going to expand their service and include an hourly service to Harrogate via Boroughbridge and Kirby Hill. It will also call in at St James Retail Park in Knaresborough. Transdev will launch this service at 2.30 on Friday 23rd October at the Fountain. If you are interested you are invited to go along for the launch. Since John wrote this he has forwarded a.pdf file giving the timetable and routes. It would be impossible to read if it shrunk to fit one of these pages but you can download the file from the Yore Vision website or the Lower Ure News website New record for Ripon Cathedral Less than two months after the first bishop was consecrated at Ripon Cathedral since 1293, a new record was set at the cathedral on October 11 when 13 canons were installed on the same day. It was the first time that so many canons had been installed on a single day and they included the Right Reverend Paul Slater, who had been consecrated at the cathedral as Bishop of Richmond in mid-july. Three other bishops, of Wakefield, Huddersfield and Bradford, joined the Bishop of Richmond to be installed as honorary canons. Other honorary canons installed were the Archdeacon of Halifax, the Archdeacon of Pontefract, the Rector of Leeds and the Rector of Bolton Abbey. Dr Phyl Johnson, a co-leader of the SPACE spiritual retreat days run for the cathedral, and Dr Colin Harrison, a Director of the National Centre for Process Innovation which employs 250 technologists on Teesside and County Durham, were both installed as capitular canons. They have both become members of the chapter, the central governing body of the cathedral. Three honorary lay canons were also installed. They were Raymond Edwards, a founding director, and Simon Baldwin, a current director of the Leeds Board of 13

14 Diocesan Finance, and John Wood, head teacher of St Aidan s Church of England High School, Harrogate. The installation service was held on the feast day of St Wilfrid, one of the cathedral s two patron saints. The Dean of Ripon, The Very Reverend John Dobson told the congregation he could think of no better way to celebrate St Wilfrid s feast day than to install 13 new canons. November 27 Friday 2016 February April 23 June /July SING CAROLS A magical selection of carols from around the world Aldborough Village Hall. Do come along and join in. All musicians singers and instrumentalists, welcome. Just come and enjoy an evening of music and supper. CEILIDH/MUSIC EVENT Details to be announced PALM COURT 1930 S DANCE Book the date; get out your dancing shoes and your 1903 s dresses and suits. (You can come in modern dress) Victorian Picnic Concert in Aldborough Museum grounds 14

15 Photographic Exhibition 2016 Photo by Ken Harrison We are eagerly awaiting your photographs. It may seem very early to be asking for photos, but we want to make sure that we are able to produce the calendar in time to be in the shops by September 2016!! (Forward planning) The exhibition will be held on Easter Saturday, to coincide with the 3 rd Walking Festival. For more details, please see The closing date for entries is November 30, 2015 ADVERTISING RATES A reminder of the adverting rates and copy deadline. Ask for rates for a series of advertisements. Back Page 60 Full Page 50 Half Page 25 Quarter Page Front Page Banner 80 Sponsorship 250 Copy deadline 15 th of the month 15

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