m 354 Behwm Olossy and Wh* Ibtscs tn a rice ficld system tn South Central Cuba 1 Aoostq M, t Mugtca, C Mmna and X Rutz 1996 Resource parhttontng

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1 1 Aoostq M, t Mugtca, C Mmna and X Rutz 1996 Resource parhttontng Behwm Olossy and Wh* Ibtscs tn a rice ficld system tn South Central Cuba Colonlel Wot.rblrdc 19(1) Alfred, J R B andn c Nand Faunal Dtvcrs~ty In lndtan Wetlands ENURO - NEW 4(4&5) 3 Alfred, J R B, A Kurnar, P C Tak and J P Sat Waterbtrds of Northern lnd~a Rec Z S 1 Occ PaperNo 190 I-xx~v All, S 19% l?re Bmkoflndran Brrdr, Bombay Natural History Soc~ety, Mumba~ m AII, S and S D Rtpley 1987 Compact Hand Book of The Birds of lndra and Pakistan, Oxford Press Un~v Press, New Delh~ 6 Awn kumar, J P Satt and PC Tak, 2003 Checkl~st of Indian Waterbirds Buceros 8 (1) 7 Astan water btrd census, 2001, hnp I1 www wetland orgi and htlp //www ramsar orgl Downloaded on 25 November Baker, M C 1979 Morpholog~cal Correlates of habitat select~on In a commun~ty of shore blrds (Charadrttformes) Orbs Balachandran, S 1993 Conservatlon Status of waders In lndta Avian Conservatlon Proceedings of the workshop at Co~mbatore 3'* -5th August, Balachandran, S 1995 Shorebirds of Marme Nat~onal Park, Gulf of Mannar, Tam~lnadu JBombay Nut Hrsr Soc I I Balachandran, S A R Rahmanl and Sathlya Selvam, P (2003) Habrrat Evaluatron of Chrlka Lake wrih specral reference to bird as BIO-rndrcators Annual Report B N H S Mumba~ 12 Bhupathl, S, V S Vijayan and R Mathur 1998 Population Ecology of Migratory waterfowl In Keoladeo Nat~onal Park Bharapur JBombay Nai Hrst Soc 95(2) Bhupathy, S 1991 Population and Resource Urrlrzalron of Waterfowl rn Keoladeo Nat~onal Park Bhararpur, PhD Thesls In Unlvers~ty of Rajasthan, Jatpur 14 Blrd Ltfe International, 2001 ThrearenedBrrds ofasra The B~rd L~fe lnternat~onal Red Data book Cambr~dge U K 15 BNHS, 1998 Blrd Mtgratron Srudres rn Indra ( ) Flnal Report, 1998, pp Bruce H Pugesek, Kenneth B D~en and Carroll L Cordes 1999 Seasonal Movements, M~grat~on and Range sues of Subadult and Adult Bamforth Lake Cal~fornta Gulls Waterbrrds 22(1) Burger Jonna, 1981 Effects of Human Disturbance on Colon~al species, Parttcularly Gulls Colanral Warerbrrds Burger, J 1985 Habrtar selectron rn temperate marsh nesrrng brrds - Habrtat selecrron m brrdr (M Cody Ed ) Academtc Press, New York Pp Butler R W, R I G Marryson, Franstsco, S Delgado, R K Ross and G E John Smlth 1997 Hab~tat Assoclat~ons of Coastal B~rds In Panama Colonial Warerbrrds 20(3)

2 21 km c Mitat patithing in Ro&m and C-on Tms. 7 7 ~ A& 107: CUBUS, Point c.nmac Wild Life wd Bird Smctusry. Wildlife Wudcn. Tamilnsdu Forwt Dpmnart report 14th September, Chcko, P. Z.,I. G. Abnhun and R. Andal Report on the Survey fauna and fi-es ofthe Pulicst Me. Madras Stac, India, Contr Freshwater Fish Biol. Stst. Marlins. 24 Champion, H.G. and S.K. Seth A Revlscd Survey of the Forest types of Ind~a Oovt. of India. Pp Chapman, J. L. and M. J. Rc~ss 1999 Ecology - Prrncrples andapplrcatrons Camhdge Unimlty F'ress, U. K Pp Chcnna Kesavulu, M 2003 Exploranon Preservatron and Systematrc Evaluatron of Aquolrc and Wetland Ang~ospem Drversrry m Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Imira PhD Thes~s In Srt Knshna Devaraya Unlvcrs~ty, Anantapur, A P lndla 27 Cody, M L 1974 Competrrron andstructure ofthe Brrd Communrtres Princeton Unlv Press, Rtnceton 28 Collazo, J A 1985 Status andpopulatron ecology of the Brown Pelrcan on the Puerto Rrco Bank reglon, PhD Dlssertat~on Iowa State Unlvers~ty Ames, IA 29 Collazo, J A,Tundl Agardy, E Klass, Sllva J E and Judy Plerce 1998 An Inter decadal Comparison of Populat~on Parameters of Brown Pel~cans In Puerto Rlco and the U S Vlrgln Islands Colonral Waterbrrds 21(1) Dally G 1997 Nature 's Servrces Socrery Dependance on rvatura1 Ecosystems Washington D C Island Press 3 1 Dan~el, J C 2004 Potnt Callmere an Endangered Ramsar Wader Refuge Hornbrll July-Sep, Dept of Environment and Herltage Australla Govt 2004 www deh gov au/downloaded on november, Dimalexls A, M Pyrovetsr & S Sgardel~s 1997 Foraglng Ecology of the Grey Heron (Ardea crnerea), Great Egret (Ardea alba) and L~ttle Egret (Egrena garzetta) In Response to Hab~tat, at 2 Greck Wetlands Colonral Waterbrrds 20(2) DuBowry, P J 1988 Waterfowl communities and seasonal envrronments Temporal varlablllty In tnterspec~fic competltron Ecology Wilson. E The Drversrry oflfe Mass The Bclknop Press of Harvard Unlvers~ty Press Cambr~dge 36 Fasola, M 1986 Resource use of Foraglng Herons In Agr~cultural and Non agricultural Hab~tats In ltaly Colonral Waterbrrds 9(2) Fasola, M and G Bogl~an~, 1984 Habltat Select~on and D~str~but~on ofncstlng Common and Llttle Tcms on the Po Rlver (Italy) Colonral Waterbrrds Fltzpatrlck Susan and Bened~te Bouchaz, 998 Effects of recreat~onal d~sturbance on the foragrng behav~our of waders on a rocky beach BrrdStudy 45 (2) 39 Fleming W James, James A Rodgers, and Charles J Stafford, 1984 Contaminants In Wood Stork eggs and therr effects on reproduct~on Colonral Waterbrrds Fred I Bunnell, Dav~d Dunbar, L~ana Koya and Glen Ryder 1981 Effects of D~sturbance on the productlv~ty and Survlvorshlp of Wh~te Pel~cans In Br~tlsh Colurnb~a Colonral Waterbrrds l 41 Gokula, V 1988 Brrd Communrrres of the Thorn and Dry decrduous forests of Mudumalar Wrldl?fe Sanctuary South Indra PhD Thesls In Bharatlar Un~ers~ty, Co~mbatore

3 42 Ooprl R Fa&menrdrof W14rl#i -MU. haice ih~, AIW, lndir Oowrnmntt &In& C3.O. No. 944 (E) Dcpwtmmt of Envimt and F- Oovanrrlsatof lrdtdrrod, , 44 (khwt R, C. Iasltiep md I. hwpp 199(1. Btrda of% IndIm Subcontinens, Oxford Univasity Rx* Dclhi. 45 Guillraakq H. Frik Md N. Guillon Foraging Behaviwr and Habitat Choice of Wintering Nathem Shoveller in a Major Wintering Qwvta in Fnncc. Waterbirds 23(3): Halls, A. J. (ed) Wellondr, Bidiversily md the Ramm Convention: The Rok of Convention on Wellnndc in the Conservation and wise use of Biodiversity. Ramsar Convention Bum. Gland Suiaerland. 47 Hawkins, R. E Ewlopedia oflndian Natural History, Bombay Natural History Society. pp Heitmeyer. M. E. and L.H. Fredreickson Do wetland conditions in the Mississippi delta hardwood influence Mallard recruitment. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference 46: Hussain, Bird Migration Project. Annual Report Bombay Nat. Hist. SOC. Pp Hussain, Bird Migration Project. Annual Report Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc ICMAM, Digitisation of Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management, National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai, Report to Andhra Pradesh Forest Department. 52 Islam, M. 2, and A. R. Rahamani Important BirdAreas in Indio - Priority Sites for Conservation. IBCN: JBombay Nat.Hisr. Suc. Pp Isola, C. R Habitat use by foraging Waterbirds in the Grasslands of California northern San Joaquin Volley. M. S. Thesis. Humboidt State University, Arcata, CA. 54 lsola C. R., M. A. Colwell, 0. W. Talt and R. J. Safran Interspecific Differences in Habitat Use of Shorebirds and Waterfowl Foraging in Managed Wetlands of California's San Joaquin Valley. Waterbirds 23(2): IUCN, Red List of Threatened Species Downloaded on 26 January IUCNRTNEPIWWF Caring for the earth - A strategy for sustainable living. Government of India. Pp Jadav, A. and B.M. Parasharya Counts of Flamingos at some sites in Gujarat State, India. International Journal of WaterbirdBiolo~ 27(2). June, Jagtap, J. G Ecological studies in relation to the Mangrove environment along coast, India. PhD Thesis. Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India. 59 James A. Kushlan Feeding Ecology and Prey Selection in the White Ibis. The Cooper Ornithological Society, 1979, Counder 81: Janetos. A. 1997, "Do we still need nature? The Importance of Biodiversity". Consequences. Vol. I No John H. P., J. H. Hopson and C. V. Reeth. Biologv! - Bringing Science to Life (International Edition). McGraw-Hill Inc. 62 Kaliamurthy. M. (1974). Observations on the environmental characteristics of Pulicat Lake. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. India. 16(13): Kalsi. R.S. and Khera, S (1986). Some observations on breeding and displacement bchaviour of the Red-wattled Lapwing Vanellur indicus (Aves: Charadriidae) Res. Bull Punjab University, Sci. 37 :

4 64 Kmrisb, R. M. clad W. H. Rjna 1981 WImg duck rtivity md tbi-a&te ~to.qttlltlcrn8uoi(1vcitebnws Auk kf, 1976 WiIhhadbctwte~ habitat avian dkrsrty zn African lmdncohop~cal bird rdcornmmftks Ans Nai Kasappq R V (1991) Working Plan for theforests ofnellore drstrlcr ( ) Andhm Pradash Forest Department, Nellore 67 Kellehn, G and R Kmche~ngton 1991 Guidelines for Estsblishlng Mmnc and Protected Anas, IUCN,Gland, Switzerland 68 Kinnear Slr Nman, C B (1952) The History of Indian Mammalogy and Ornithology - Part I1 Bids J Bomby Nut Hls Sac 5 l(1) BUCEROS - Envrs Newsletter Avtan Ecology & Inland Werlandr 4(2), 1999 Pp Krebes. C J 1972 Ecologv - The Experrmental Analysis of drstr~bunon and Abundance Harpcr & Row Publlhsers, New York 70 Kushlan, J A 1979 Feeding Ecology and Prey selcct~on In the White Ib~s Condor Lack, D 1971 Ecolog~callsolatron rn Brds Blackwell Sc~entific publlcatlons Oxford 72 L'Arnvee Louls, Blokpocl, H 1988 Seasonal Distribution and S~te Fidefity In Great Lakes Caspian Terns Colon101 Worerbrrds 1 l(2) Leigh, E G, S J Wright, E A Herre and F E Putz 1993 The decline of tree diversity on newly Isolated troplcal Islands - A test of a null hypotheses and some lmpl~cat~ons Ewlutronory B~ology Lekuona, J M and E Campos, 1996 Seasonal Dynamlcs of Grey Herons on a Large River In Spaln Colonral Waterbrrds 19(2) Llnda R Wires and Francesea J Cuthbest, 2000 Trends in Caspian Tern Numbers and Dlstr~butcon in North Amerccan A review Colonral Waterbrrds 23(3) Ludwcg, P 1965 Bcology and Structure of the Casp~an Tern (Hydropogne caspra) Population of the great Lakes from Bird Banding Mac Arthur, R H J W Mac Arthur, 1961 On Bird Spec~es Diversity, Ecology Mac Arthur, R H 1971 Patterns Of Terrestrral Brrd Communrrres In Avran Brology (D S Forroer and J R King eds ), Academic Press, New York 79 Maccarine, A D and K C Parsons 1994 Factors Affect~ng the Use of Freshwater and Estuarine Foraging S~te by Egrets and Ib~ses Durlng the Breeding Season In New York City Colonial Waterbrrds 17(1) Manakadan R, S, Alagarrajan & J C Daniel, 1999, F~eld orn~thology In Independent lndia Buceros 4(2) Manakadan, R, 1992 Ecology of Warerbrrds ofpornt Calrmere Sanctuary with special reference ro salt works PhD Thesis In Bombay University 82 Manakadan, R and V Kannan, 2003 A Study of Spot-billed Pelican Pelecanus phrlrppenns In Southern lndia wlth special reference to ~ts conservation Final Report Bombay Nat His Soc Pp Manakadan, R and A Pittie, 2001 Standard~sed Common and Scientific Names of the Birds of the Ind~an subcontinent Buceros 6(1) I-IX 1-37

5 84 h&hur.mrfs. Sh&mw,m. S-ofwawr RdlRdtbqurricns t8arop b tkh&ala ldaq Nelk dwk& A. P, iadk N m kmr* Omi#holo* Melvtn, S. L., D. E. Gwltk md T. %R, Long arm Mowmnt patrrrns for Species of Wading Birds Colonral Wuterbrrdr 22(3): WWC D.E. A. MclcLrllhn aad An M.C. De Ruyok, 19!J2, Pa~titionlng of feeding hbhrts by White-- Plovas ChrPodnw rnmgf~hu at a Dud Breach Wmfaw. Oshrch 63(2&3): Mittion W Wclier, 1999 Wetland b1rd.s Habrtar Resources and Co~ewarron Impllcrrttonr Flmt Edition The Unlvcnsty of Cambridge, Unlted Krngdom 88 MuWleqcc, A K 1977 Food hablts of waterbrrds of the Openbtll Stork, Anartomus oscttmu (Bodacrt) in Southern Bmgal JBomboy Not Hrs Soc Mukhopadhyay, A (1980) Some obscrvatlons on the biology of the Openbill Stork Anartornus oscrtans in Southern Bengal JBombqv Nar HIS Soc Nagulu, V 1983 Feedmg andbreedrng Brology of Grey Pelrcan ar Nelopattu Brrd Sanctuary rn Andhm Prcrdesh. Indra PhD Thesls In Osmanla Unlverstty, Hyderabad 91 Nanda Kumar, N V 2001 Impact of Brakrsh water Aquaculrure on Coastal wetland Ecology andon the Avlfauno ofpulrcal Lake A P Forest Department 92 Narasimhulu, E 1995 Studres on rhe Ecology ofselected Coastal Wetlands of Andhra Pradesh Drstrrbutron of Mangroves and Associated Flora and Fauna with Special Reference to Comervatron Strategies PhD Thew In S V Unlversrty 93 Niimala S T 2002, Ecology of Birdcommunrtres m the Anaikatry htlls, Cormbarore, SACON Publrcatlon 94 Novitizki, R P Smlth and J D Fretwell, 2001 Resroratron Creatron andrecovery of WerlandF WetbndFunctrons. Values ondassessment Untted states Geological Survey water supply paper 2425 Downloaded on 27 January Odum, E P 1971 Fundamentals of Ecology W B Saunders, Toppan Company Ltd Tokyo, Japan 96 Oglllve, M 2004 Btrds of Britarn November, Parnell, J F, D G Alnley, H Blokpoel, B Cam, T W Cluster. J L Dusl, S Kress. J A Kushlan, W E Southern, L E Stenzael and B C Thompson 1988 Colonral Waterbrrd Management m North Amerrco 1 l(2) Phrll~ps, V E, 1992 Var~at~on in winter wrldfowl numbers on Gravel p~t Lake at Great Lmford Buckingham Shlre, and with particular reference to the effects of fish removal BrrdStudy 39(3) 99 Poysa, J 1983 Resource utilization pattern and gu~ld structure In waterfowl community Otkos Rakash Rao 1998 Brrd Communrtres In Troprcal Dry evergreen forests of Sriharikota PhD Thesis in Bombay Unlvers~ty 101 Raghavaiah, P S 2001 Management Plan for Pulrcar Brrd Sanctuary ( to ) A P Forest Department Pp Raghavalah, P S Management Plan of Nelapalru Btrd Sanctuary ( to ) A P Forest Department Pp Rajlv Gandh~ lnst~tute for Contemporary Stud~es 1995 Prolectrng Endangered Natro~l Park Project No 7 Rajiv Gandh~ lnstrtute for Contemporary Studles, New Delhi In collaboration wrth M S Swammathan Research Foundation, Madras Ramsar Conventron, 1971 http llwww ramsar orgi Downloaded on Ryder, R A 1971 Gulls In Colorado Their d~stribution, status and movements Proccedlngs of 1977 Conference of the Colonial Waterbird Group

6 106 Ryh k A. 1WP. Thdr didbutlm, aam md movements. of 1917 Colbrncs of& CdonlPl W- &up Cktober, Safw, C Fomging Habitat Partitioning in Rosatc llnd Common Terns. The A13 181: I08 Saftoh R. J., C. R, lsok 0. E. Wlliis md M. A. Colwell Benthic invatelwarn m foraging locbtions of ten Wnterbitd species in managed wetlands of the northern!3an Joaquin Valley, California. Werlund~ 17: Samant, J. S. and P. Rae (1996). An Ecological ims1igation of the avian cornmiry of 4iharikota I~lnnd. Final Report. Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai I10 Sampath Ecology of the altered and umltend habitats of the Vedarcmyom Salt Sumnp, Tamilnadu - An environmenlal impact Assessment. Proceedings of the Work Shop, Avian Conservation at Coimbatore 3" - 5', Augusf Sanjeeva Raj, P. J. and Jacobson, O.W The Birds of Pulicat. Madras Murings. December 16-31,2000: Sanjeeva Raj, P. J. ( ). Ecological and Economical Analysis of Biodiversity loss in Pulicat Lake. Center for Research on New International Economic Order, Madras. 113 Schoener, T. W Field Experiments on Interspecific Competition. American Naturalist 122: Scott L. Findholt, Status and Distribution of Herons, Ibises, and Related Species in Wyoming. Colonial Waterbirds 7: Sharma, P. K. and P. S. Raghavaiah, Effect of Rainfall on Grey Pelican (Pelecanasphilippensis) Arriving and Breeding at Nelapattu Bird sanctuary, The Indian Forester 128(10): Sharma, P. K. and P. S. Raghavaiah, Breeding of Painted Storks at Vedum Panu, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh: Co-Existence of man and wildlife. The Indian Forester 126(10) : Sridharan. U Comparative Ecology of Resident duck in Keoladeo National Pork. Bhararpur. PhD Thesis in Bombay University. 118 Stephen H. Benvick and V. B. Saharia, The Development ofinternationa1 Princcples and Practices of Wildlife Research and Management-Asian and American.4pproaches. Oxford University Press. pp Steve Portugal Birds ofdritain. November, Sugathan. R Some interesting aspects of the avifauna of the Point Calimere. Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu. J.Bomboy Nat Hist. Soc. 79: Suzann G. M. S. Alan, F. P. John and L. T. Dana, Temporal Variability in Abundance of Marbled Murrelets at sea in Southeast Aiska. Colonial Waterbirds 23(3): Toni L. De santo, James W. Johnson and Keith L. Bildstein Wetland Feeding site use by White Ibises (Eudocimus olbus) Breeding in Coastal South Carolina Colonial waterbirds 20(2): Vijayan, V. S Evaluation of Habitats of Keoladeo National Park. Final Report. 124 Weber.L. M. and S. M. Haig Shorebirds use of South Carolina Managed and Natural Coastal Wetlands. Journal hhagement 60: Weller, M. W Wetland birds: Habitat Resources and Conservation Implications. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Pp

7 126 W41614 D. V, Chip and M. Tidy Mym Seasma1 Flucttutions in Gull Numb O Calgary, Aha?& Cuud. mrd a Model for ernimnting their numbers. C o M Wacrbinlr4: Wcscloh, D. V., Steve Breohtel and R. D. Bums, Recent Population changes in Double - Crested Ccrmomnts and California and Ring-billed Gulls in Alberta, Canada. With a note on White Pelicans Colonial Waterbirds Conference of the Colonial Waterbird group ctak;r Willam P. Johnson and Frank.C. Rohwer Foraging Behaviout of Greenwinged Teal and Mallards m Tidal mudflats in Louisiana. Wetlandr 20(1): Wilson. E. 0. (cd.) Biodiversity (Washington): National Academy of SciencetSmithsonian Institution. 130 Workshop Minutes of the workshop on inland wetlands of India - Gujarat: February 2nd Ahmedabad. FLAMINGO News letter of the Bird Conservation Society. Gujarat l(2): Yoganand, 9. K. and Riya Daridar Habitat preferences and Distributional status of some forest Birds in Andaman Islands. JBombay Nut. Hist. Soc. 97 (3):