I was able to trace in the laboratory the further growth of the species. ie";ti "ff;

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1 LITHOCOLLETIS PASTORELLA Z. (LEPIDOPTERA. LITHOCOLLETIDAE) IN RUMANIA - ION DRAGHIA pn se.plepber_ 18, 1963 on leaves of. salis alba L. in Herdstrdu park (Bucharest).I_found a rather strong attack by mining larvae. o" ""amil"i"g the material I became convinced tihat the mines beionged to a species noi yet.-recorded from Rumania. ECATERINA DoBREe"Nu 121 a6s"rilej-" similar mine produced by Lithocolletis fp;, without, howevei, id";iifyi"; the species., I reared several adults in the lqlgrllqry, from larvae ana puiiael P,":*_gl.!he data published!y BC. DOBREANU izl ""a a. vr. GHERA_ Srttluv (4) and on the comparison of the adult specimens reared in the laborat-ory with those in,.he caradj.a collection, I identified the species u, t lit - colletis pastorella zeller, previously not recorde from the fauna of this country.. My determination of the adurt was confirmed by Dr A. popescu Gori and that of the mined plant by professor M. Hering. r"o lotn -y ri.riin"r*i are rendered here too. I was able to trace in the laboratory the further growth of the species and I shall describe it below. The mineis_in the shape of an oval g"6*irh white stigmatonom (fig. I A) with medial folding. As during ihe first'ero;ih stagesthe larva fo_odsbn the lacunary tissue th-e mine is visinte;;tt;;;h; inner face of the leaves. while gl-owing the larva eats the pati*adic-tissue p to the. hjsher- epidermis avoiiing, f,owever, the veins. fn"s trre mine Decomes vlsrble also on the upper side of the leaf which becomes marmorate. myking, the last. growth stage bf the rarva. Excrements ;" rph;rir;i ;;;;: spnerrcal' black rn colour, grouped toward the edge of the mine in an elon_ gate_cluster linked togethei bya fine tissue. In most instances-the mines grow between the main vein and the edee of the leaf. The size of the mines i'aries between 1.g and z i" "- ie";ti "ff; 0.8 to L cm in breadth. The attacked. reaves usually present singie and much scarcer 2 or 3 mines. The mined leaves met " at the ^il" base ""."-iriiu of the corona and less often in the middre portion oi trre tiee. *) Presented at the meeting of January 27, 1965

2 120 I. DR.IGIIIA 'a* =& Ris N- pastorella Z'; V-entral vrew oi cnrysarls Fis. t A: - Leaf ol Salix alba L. (inner face) mined by 4ithocolletis B 1 Last sf-age of larva of L. pastorella 2., -dorsal view; C of"same; D - Posterior end of clrrysalis; E - Cremasteron'

3 LITITOCOLLETIS PASTORELZI IN RUMANIA 127 o Fig.2. -LithocotletispastorellaZ.-L.6igenitalia;a:aedeagus;B_ggenitalia.

4 I. DRAGHIA At the date of collection (18.IX.1963) the insect- presented different stases of qrowth. On binocular examination of 100 mined leaves of. Salit alba l. ilo""f the following: in 32 per cent of the leaves tle galleries were empty.; go o.r "."t contained"chrysalids, t9 per cent contained larvae wilh chalci' aiiiii parasites, L2 per ceirt contained dead larvae by-unknown cause, 5.per ;;;";il;;d-h""dt"".r"e with Acarina parasites and I per cent contained ri"" r"t""r. From 30 chrysalids I reared -19 adults while 4 chrylalids died ;; i;;; farasitetl bybhabiaoiitae. I sent the.parasite-material obtained iro* tn. larvae and pripae to Ion Andriescu 1) (Agigga Zoological Station) ior-a.trt-ination identified it as the species Cirrospilus pictus (Ne,ss) 'ii:;;;-ii;;t-cnouiaoiaia), "ttdni a parasite often fbund in many mining moths' '"-"ifi;il;;rt gt"*ttr.tige thb larvae (fig. t B).bave lengths varving between a.f m-,"th. body'b[ing y-ellowish white. qead globular, h;;r;;;p.d, ""a-f 'or trre ""fo"*'otthe same colour as" the i6s1 of the b-ody' Thoracic. rings iil;;;;ffi tl" ones. Three pairs of legs. The abdominal rings, ton in number, pto"ij.a, "lio-i"al t*-tne iirst ring,ivit! sclerotized plate or ;hi;ilt;;h aoi*iff''""ji'""i.i1t'. """"pt The_ dorsal plales differ in size and shape irom the ventral ones, which are smaller' """^B;f;";-p"p;i"g it tn.?qit.t the.larva enters the so called postlarval stage when it stops"f."aittg'n"*ing this time it spines an o'al or circular il?;". i;ni. -6oo" cleai6d of exc"rements thelarva-pupates. The chrysalis and is reddish blown in colour' At the ifiel t 6, nl has 4.b tl..r,.;";;1" ttlgtl ;;?;ri; it n"r'" *tti"i it uses to perfor-ate-the leaf e.pidermis' ffr. *"f" "tia!.rrit"t "Lit-"- th; IXth segmerit white the anal orifice is on the Xth segment. "pj"t"""-it-;" Thecremaster(fig.tE)asaclutchingorganisposterio.rlysituatedonthe last abdominat s"g*eflt. It';*i.t- of 4 siorf, hooki with thick bases of which 2 are in the median'gi"" ;ilh iips outwardlv directed and a smaller one on each side. At the posterror marg_rn of the yljt! ring there is a-triangular ;il;tt";, pr"t"lfy'";;d f"t clut hing which is bordered with short acute ;;il;"1;;lt:j4. Uia"* laboratory coriditions the chrysalis staee lasts between 3 and b days. By sudde*_ *o.u.*r"ir tne cnrysatis pierces the lorver epidermis of the f.ri partially-emerges from the gillery'-the adult breaks ".ia chrvsalis Ior ;ir;;;i;;trt"ii-""r". altit ri"t"[i"g th"e moth rema-ins 19qr its- 2-b hours orrtil itte*ien;;;;e,iri'* its wings, after which.it begins to fly' The adulr "I Li;h";;it;ii pastoretla Z. is ot small size. Wing span.varying between 8 and g *;. S;;""fai-o"phism v-ery little accentu-ated,- thus it is verv difficult to separate sexes superficially." Forewing. with light ground ;ij"'"}il;il"# ;;;;;1y.p'i"r.rua'with gr"ey. The pittern resulting from the alternation of darkei and clearer patcf,es, rather-diffuse' Head covered with white and brown hairs. Anterrrr""-*hit" with base-of joints datk' Litho' colletis pastorella Z. ;;;"^ i" single generations annually;-it adpears in September- and hibern";;;;; "tt- "a'"ft.' I; th;-;;*t spring'it bieeds and the females die after laying the eggs' r) To whom many thanks are due.

5 LITHOCOLLET IS PASTORELZ. IN RUMANIA 123,. {g,lryenitalia (fiq.? A)._fh-e unc_us.cone-shaped with rounded apex provided with fine dense biistles. u-shiped vinculum vfii[ "o;;;[asat coi.neri. The ends of the sides are articulated - similarly as iu"-, "t tl. uncus - to the heart-s\aped- sacous.-yd,"".large,,roburt. gular-with tlick, "ira ry*-.tri""r *itn "p." tri*l pointed, inwi'rdty "or-r"d dfii;"i-;i,il; at inner side apical of bas_e there ii a tuft of Iong ".r*j"" n"i-f;; ili;;-flce of the valves there are 2 rows of shorr thick hiirs medially oi;hi"f;;;;ow higher bwards the margin and the other towaras ihe lo.iver marsi;. -- Aedeagus long with distal end curved i" tn,,nepe of a hook. -It'emate genitalia(iig.2b). D u c t u s b u I s a e portions,_ long, consistingof two a first larger, weli sclerotized one *ith l"d;--ii*t"ru bursae, of ostium the second o-ne'longer, slenderlr ;il "";.;;l?;uj."hu"." copuratrix sphg-lical with ovoid signud n'e.ar_rhg gpr"i"g;f-th;;;;;i, papillae 6ur."". The anar bean-shaped,-jymmetrical with'exter-nal_dense-ro{ rrairs. posteriores Afiit;;;; reachins the aperture of the ostium to ll3 b;r;;;;;p?ptyr* of anteriores the sclerolized pbrtion oi-tn"-au"tus bursae. Geograp-hical distrtbuiion. The-spec1"* ir r."o*" iroro the c""*any, Netherlands, Bergium, Norway, and Hirngary. <Gr. Antipa>, Museum of Natural Hisnry Bucharest LITHOCOLLETIS PASTORELLA Z. (LEPTDOPTERA-LTTHOCOLLETTDAE) ln ROMANTA REZUMAT se semnaleazd' pentru prir_na datd tn Romania prezen,ta lai Lithocolletis p.astorella 2., lle- cdrui larv6 mineazi frunzere a" sitii-ilil*1. uirr" este un stigmatonom inferior, iar excreme"tere in io.;d;;",ffiijou*u sint depuse la marginea minei. '-,- j:*: date^privind larva,- crisarida, coconur ce se produce mrner precum in interiorul gr asupra.parazi,tilor obfinuli, rarvere de iithocottrtx pariiiitti z. riind frecvent paiaziiate ai c;rriijiiis' pictui,s (N;rr)-i;; iinlatiii,liri doidea). De asemenea, s-a^stabilit cd gi la noi spegi-a are o singur[.ge-neralie pe an qi ierneazd ca adult..in desen_e oi"igi""i" r" dd armitura genrtara masculd si femeld gi foto privind aspectur *i"1ip" r""rr^r"'a"-i"ilt;b";:.rqvvs'iq rr LITHOCOLLETIS PASTORELLA Z. (LEPIDOPTERA-LITHOCO. LLETIDAE) B PYMbIHLII.I pearome flpr.rryrctbze BpeAureffi Lhhocoiletis Tnrtmella Mrlil{pyror - lmcrbfr. trbbr _ 2., Jrr{q[rrKa Roroporo Salix alba.l., ormevaercx BlepBbre 4la $mrurzu.

6 t24 I. DRIGHIA Mxsa [peacrabjiset co6qfi uuxcttufi Clur.uaToHoltt' npii qeu grckpefiehiai ortun- AbrBarcTcf lra Kparo ilurrbl a $opme KyqeK. flpnaogarcx AaHHbre o$rocgrejrbho JrHlrnHKI{, KyKoJrKrlr KoKoHa lraxoatrqerocf BIIyrp[ iliiihbr, a Tal(x(e rto IIoJIyqeIIHblM napa3lrtamr JII III4HKU itloml - tittnco{tei:s,astorello Z.,n."o 6rrea't sapdkehbi napasuro,' Ginospilus piaus (Ness) (Euiophidu - CMcitloidea). Eruro raxxte yctahobjieho, qto II y 11ag 9TOT BIII AaeT oaho IISKOJIeHIIe B roa rr sngyer Bo Bspoclrofi craanr. B opnnuraarhbrx plrcylrxax npeacrabji HbI rchll: TaJrlrr,r CaMIIa ll calt1xtt u QomrpaQ]rur qpeacrabjlflioul[e BUA MI{HrI HA ltllqlrflx Salix altu L. REFERENCES f. CARADJA, A Die Miffolepidopteren RumAniens. Bal. Soc. Sciences ile Bwa' - rest, to, l-2: lll DOBREANa, Ec: tgsl -. Contributiuni la studiul sistematic,- morfologie qi biologie al insectelor miniere din Romlnia, Buturepti: l-128' B. ECKSTEIN, K. rs-3e. - bi"- Schmetterlinge Deutschlands. Die Kleinschmetterlinge D-eutschlands. Lutz Yerlag Stuttgart, 6: 163' 4. GHERASIMOV, A. M Hicexomire ueuye*pbulble' Oayna CCCP, Axadenat mvx CCCP. l. 2 s.,l GOZMANY, :-195b.-Mlcrolepidoptera II, Fauna Hungafiae. Aka.ilimiai Kiad6, Budapest, lsr 3, 334, SPULER, L. -'rsio. bid sctrhetterlinge Europas, Stuttgafi, 2:' 418'