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2 LA FRENCH TECH AT CES 2018 It will be difficult to avoid the innovation and energy of La French Tech s startup movement at CES this year. Building on a record setting year in 2017, France will have 320+ exhibiting startups at this year s show, up from 260 a year ago. As with last year, only the US will have more startups at CES famed. The French contingent will be showcasing breakthrough innovation and creativity, and a total of 31 companies and 42 winning products have been honored with CES Innovation Awards for Two companies, Blue Frog Robotics and Lancey Energy Storage, were awarded the Best of Innovation classification. JOIN THE NEW FRENCH REVOLUTION No matter how you measure it, La French Tech is on fire. This exploding ecosystem of entrepreneurs, startups, investors and tech visionaries is re-drawing the tech heat map of the world and becoming a mecca for talent, innovation and success. Record setting investments fueling a new wave of game changing startups; business friendly infrastructure and support making it easier than ever to hit the ground running, no matter where you are from; and an infectious energy and enthusiasm sparking innovation across the country have transformed France in a revolutionary way. See for yourself at CES SUCCESS STORIES The French Tech presence at CES has grown to become an insurmountable force that has put the world on notice. Among the global leaders that have taken part over the past three years include: 2B More than $2B raised in venture capital in 2016 by startups Source: EY 3.5B $3.5B expected in 2017 Source: CBInsight Pioneer and leading innovator in the drone industry (CES Innovation Awards 2016, Market capitalization of $355M) Global cellular networks for IoT (CES exhibitor 2017, $150M round in 2016) Inventor of Phantom, the highestquality wireless speaker in the world (CES Best of Innovations 2012, $100M round in 2016) N 1 world s 5th biggest 1 st biggest startup IoT market campus: Station F in the world n 5 Connected health devices & apps (CES Innovation Awards 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 then acquired by Nokia for $190M) Autonomous and electric shuttles (CES exhibitor 2017 & 2018, Raised $40M in 2016) (CES exhibitor 2015 & 2016, raised $75M in 2017) The remote for everything (Best of Innovation Award 2017, $17M raised) Smart home pioneer (CES Innovation award 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017, $40M raised) The world s first full HD 360 camera (CES Innovation Award 2015, $4.5M raised) French Tech Visa, an accelerated procedure to obtain residence permits for startup founders, employees and investors. startups 3

3 FRANCE IS RISING AS A KEY DEEP TECH HUB IN EUROPE France s world-renowned expertise in math and science is a foundation for leadership in critical new and evolving areas of technology. So called Deep Tech areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and others are dramatically changing a wide range of industries and French companies and researchers are leading the way. France boasts more startups in these fields than any other EU country, world class research facilities, and investors have backed the ecosystem with nearly 500M euros in investments in It s a hotbed of startup activity that will be out in force at CES, and it s no wonder global leaders like Facebook, Google and Apple have set up their key AI research centers in France as well. Keen to discover the top Deep Tech French startups at CES 2018? Keep an eye out for Navya, Rythm, Snips, Chronocam, Hease Robotics The list goes on! WAVESTONE GLOBAL DEEP TECH INVESTOR SURVEY 2017 Wavestone conducted a global survey answered by more than 100 investors 1 mainly in Europe and the USA, interviewed entrepreneurs, corporates, research labs and dug into primary and secondary sources to understand this trend. 2 The full Deep Tech investor survey 2017 is available on 1. In Europe, since 2015, VC investments into Deep Tech are growing three times faster than overall tech startups. Deep Tech is leading since For investors, talent pool, scientific infrastructures, incentives and access to a large market are key foundations of success. Access to finance comes after. 3. France, Israel, and USA lead the pack in terms of talents. Pioneer in autonomous and electric shuttles. Q4 2017, launched Autonom Cab, the world s first autonomous, robotized production cab. Dreem, the headband that combines the most effective methods, from biofeedback to neuromodulation, to improve sleep. Founded by Hugo Mercier, awarded innovator under 35 by MIT Technology Review. In-device customizable AI voice assistant, guaranteeing user privacy. An end-to-end solution with Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding. Founded by Rand Hindi, awarded Innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review. 4. The UK leads in Europe for access to finance and investments. 5. Confidence is high in the USA, France, Israel and Germany % of investors rank France within their Top 5 investment destinations for Deep Tech. 7. France, for the very first time ever, leads in 2017 VC fundraising in Europe with 2.7 billion % of investors expect the growth to be stronger in France than in the rest of Europe. Unique, bio-inspired and self-adapting approach to the need for visual sensing and processing in autonomous vehicles, connected devices, security and surveillance systems. Heasy, the robot, is able to find and go by itself to the most suitable space to interact with the public. Manufacturer of service robots for the retail and hospitality industry. Suite of Intellectual Property, Algorithms and Engineering services to achieve mobile autonomy, advanced 3D perception and situation awareness. 9. France s outstanding strengths are Artificial Intelligence, BioTech and IoT. Wavestone is an international consultancy that provides connected thinking, insight and capability to industry leading organizations with a special focus on transformational change and innovation. The world s first AI-based solution that makes your smart devices autonomous. Ween learns your habits everywhere, adapting constantly to changes and recalculating every 10 mins to make the right decisions. An artificial pancreas to fight type 1 diabetes, composed of three different components to mimic as much as possible pancreas functions : a continuous glucose sensor that monitors the patient glycemia and sends data to a smartphone-like terminal, which controls a connected insulin pump by ordering the optimal amount of insulin to deliver. 1 Total respondents manage circa 33 billion euros investments. 2 Based on a panel of 15 countries: Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, The Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA. 4 5

4 EUREKA PARK IS SO FRENCH TECH! 270+ French exhibitors on BEST OF INNOVATION AWARDEES Food & Beverage Entrance Microsoft HONOREE AWARDEES ARK CLBC EYESEE Exhibitor Service Center Food & Beverage Startup Stage NEUSE PRO SOLABLE SOMFY R-PUR French startups French Tech corner 6 7

5 Startups Exhibitors List La French Tech is an unstoppable wave of innovation and energy, and you won t want to miss the excitement at CES. To help you navigate the sea of groundbreaking startups in Las Vegas, stop by La French Tech booth We can give you more insight into the forces shaping this dynamic ecosystem and maybe even find a spot for you in it. Snap a pic at our French Tech photobooth with the French startup Selfizee and be in for a chance to win amazing IoT prizes from the exhibiting French startups at CES this year. ACCESSORIES Westgate Instant counting solution for secure group exits. South Hall Stand: DRudder is a unique foot-based VR and gaming motion controller, designed for VR enthusiasts, serious FPS gamers, CAD designers and anyone in search of an intuitive way to get around in a 360-degree environment. Move intuitively, freeing your hands to maximize your experiences. Stand: Hap2U technology brings an additional sensorial dimension to any tactile surface: the sense of touch. Just by tapping or sliding your finger on the screen, you feel like you are turning a real knob, pushing a real cursor and perceiving various textures. Stand: The French startup PUP reinvents everyday objects by revamping them through technology and design. Their first product, PUP Scan, is a connected and mobile scanner that allows you to scan, store and share all your documents in one click. Stand: Octopus by JOY, the first icon-based watch that empowers kids by teaching good habits & the concept of time. Venetian Stand: Suite Muvit is about your mobile lifestyle, it s a world-class brand, with high quality accessories for Apple under the Made for iphone license program, and for Sony under the Made for Xperia license program. Stand: Lexip helps you build 3D scenes, navigate in space, move objects, cameras and control vehicle simulators. Stand: Ureach is a connected control bracelet for all your digital platforms, programmable, secured for a unique user. Stand: LoveBox is a French startup, developing connected objects creating happiness. Their first product is made of wood from Saint-Amour (yes, really, that s a little village in France), LoveBox allows you to send secret messages to your loved one. The heart spins when a message comes up, and until it s read. Energysquare is developing a new power by contact charging technology. The company has built a charging standard that can be integrated in every device shape and geometry, with no power limits. Stand: Smart toys for creative learning experiences. Stand: Go Touch VR presents VRTouch, a wearable ring that creates a real contact under the user s fingers. The coupling of virtual and real contact generates in the user the illusion of touching a real object in VR. We are an innovation design company made by haptic experts designing solutions for VR. SLICK Stand: Slick is simply the most optimized action camera stabilizer, compatible with GoPro, that lets you capture smooth videos hands-free. 8 9

6 AUDIO Stand: Limouzik is a Web App of Midi controller type, that transforms any connected object (computer, tablet, smartphone...) into a new live polyphonic musical instrument. OWI Stand: wi audio is born from the lack of quality in mobile music devices. At 0WI audio we decided to change this rule. We have built a battery powered mobile Music Box that re-introduces pure music back into day-to-day life and delivers true Human emotions. South Hall Silent Space is an active and connected sound masking solution dedicated to improve comfort and concentration of open-plan offices users. South Hall ACloud is an innovative & design solution that absorbs noice in busy environments. Saving data, it also alerts when environmental parameters deteriorate (noise level, temperature changes, occupancy rate, luminosity, etc.) Improving working environments, it is a strong actor of Wellness at work. Smart 360 noise-filtering earphones for your workplace wellbeing. With Tilde wireless earphones, listen to the sounds that matter and tune out the rest. Clearly improve your focus, well-being, and productivity in noisy workplaces. We provide reliable communication and safety solutions for professionals or off network activities. APPI-Wi is a smartphone app enabling off-network communication in conference mode for sport teams, tour guides, bikers or other users that want to communicate hands free anywhere, anytime! Central Hall Stand: Qobuz is an online music service that combines sound quality to a discerning music curation and exclusive editorial contents. It is the only service to offer over 1M tracks in Hi-Res quality. Qobuz works on Mac/PC/iOS/Android, and is integrated with all the most most prestigious Hi-Fi brands. Stand: Armor 3D: The #DOT project was born out of the desire of Armor 3D to combine the know-how of visionary designers with 3D printing technologies in order to create a high-tech, durable and aesthetic product. North Hall Stand: 8300 Shape your saxophone mouthpiece. Stand: Aurasens is an immersive full body musical experience unlike anything you have ever encountered. Our first product, the Voyager, diffuses vibrations from head to toe while you listen to music. The vibrations are artfully composed to add a new physical and emotional layer to what you hear. We make music social again. The first app to connect several bluetooth devices from your smartphone. Sync several Bluetooth speakers to create a nomad Sound- System or several Bluetooth headphone to create a wireless dual jack splitter. Stand: Cotral Communication presents Bionear, a smart, 100% custom-made earbud that enhances the ears capabilities in order to drive effectively the Factory 4.0.: communicate in noisy environment, Manage any connected device with the voice, Protect from the noise. COMPONENTS Stand: We wanted to push the limits of musical interaction, to create an interface that does not replace an instrument, but completes it, that is why we imagined Oria. Oria is a connected ring which translates motions into musical effects to allow artists to push the limits of their digital instrument. The geolocation system specialist that boasts impressive battery autonomy. Stand: International Audio Focused startup (France and California): Fueled by the passion for sound and high tech we create beautiful, and even smarter listening objects designed for the modern world. Our brand DEBUSSY Intelligent Sound Art will reveal the first Smart Autonomous Luxury Headphone at CES. Venetian Stand: Suite Chronocam develops biologically-inspired computer vision sensors and systems for autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, AR/VR, IoT and more. Its technology introduces a new computer vision paradigm based on how the human eye and brain work, significantly improving performance and power efficiency

7 LVCC - Central Plaza Stand: CP-5 We provide a suite of Intellectual Property, Algorithms and Engineering services to achieve mobile autonomy, advanced 3D perception and situation awareness. Design and sale of drones remote-pilot training aerial services Airborne Concept is the unique partner for all of your drone projects. We offer end-to-end solutions, ranging from flight training through to the design and production of your tailored drone. Geoflex is a new services operator to augment GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) for professional and mass market applications with an accuracy of 4 cm everywhere in the world (ground, sea, air), all the time, with only one receiver: Precision, Availability and Integrity. South Hall Stand: Climate City is the first global system dedicated to devising strategies for coping with local climate risks in the world s major cities. Stand: Rium is a low-cost, high-performances and small radioactivity detector, connected to a mobile application that everyone can easily use. Stand: The drone revolution for the amusement industry. Step into a new era of entertainment experiences. We are developing the next generation interactive attractions for theme and amusement parks based on the latest drone and AR technologies. Stand: Nahimic is a technology to boost the audio performance of computers, that offers immersive virtual 7.1 sound using standard stereo equipment, and features specially designed for gamers. Central Hall Helper is a French Tech startup created by a doctor and 2 engineers for saving lives by drones. Placed in the south west of France we developed our products with a skilled team to create: softwares, drones, medical... We want to expand our technologies around the world for assisting the rescuers. Stand: Newport-IMS develops Phebe, an autonomous vocal assistant offering an access to a wide set of products and services, thus simplifying your life in mobility. POWERUP North Hall Stand: Thanks to its smart chargers, PowerUp, doubles the life of Li-ion batteries and facilitates their predictive maintenance. Spin-off from CEA-LITEN, the startup is based on seven patents resulting from several years of research at CEA on the mechanisms of batteries degradation. Stand: Rifft is a French startup dedicated to technological innovation. Rifft presents a revolutionary new product called Wi Surf (Wireless Surface): the first customizable and wireless modular induction charger and power supply station. Stand: Skeyetech designs 100% autonomous and 24/7 operational customized drones. Thanks to its connected charging base, the drone does not need any human intervention. Making sense of noise. North Hall Stand: 8300 Promoting the potential of solar energy is one of the founding pillars of XSun. SolarXOne, first drone model designed and manufactured by XSun, is a realization of this marriage. DRONES ECOSYSTEM Stand: Air Space Drone created the first UAV Safety Control System: the Electronic Identification and Tracking System (real time tracking and recording), the Dynamic Geofencing System (prohibited zones avoidance) and the Anti-Collision System (collision avoidance between drones and aircraft). Stand: First dedicated hub to vr/ar in france Launched in November 2016, VR-Connection s strength lies in its concept: it groups together more than 60 French companies while, at the same time, maintaining individual independence. Our product : Hestia VR, the first VR station

8 ENTREPRISE Stand: Euveka is specialized in robotic technologies applied to morphology and biomimicry. The company develops smart connected mannequins using a custom software to support fashion, sport and medical professionals in prototyping and selling well-adjusted fit. Stand: Restructuring unstructured documents or how to make your data smarter with IA, Deep-learning, Data Mining and Ontology. Restructuring gives you the possibility to modify, increase or extract all the knowledge contained in these unstructured documents (PDF, PS, EMF, WMF, DXF, HPGL, IGES,...). Stand: WeShopping by Glowbl makes merchant websites completely collaborative based on video conferecing: shoppers can invite friends and family online to share in real time their shopping experience together, like they would do in real life: compare items, book a travel, choose clothes, pre-select a car... Stand: The Vocal Cookie, developed internally by the Allo-Media team, is a plug-and-play proprietary technology based on three pillars: telephony, voice recognition and deep semantic analysis based on Artificial Intelligence. It is a unique decisional tool for marketing, trades and client relationship. Stand: Happie designs and develops technologies for M2M dialogue interfaces including speech recognition, cognitive systems and dialogue management modules. The company has integrated this software in its social and cognitive robot Haapie-One, a versatile personal assistant. Harrah s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Stand: Eurotech Lounge Real-time communication for a digital world. Stand: The new way for Field Service Management, Twimm provides both an intelligent platform for contractors, who perform operations on building assets such as elevators or heaters, and for property managers who contract them. Twimm improves your productivity, revenue growth & customer satisfaction. We are here to save you 4 hours per week! Automate your reports by directly linking your data into a powerpoint presentation. Receive the update presentation right on time, and enjoy. Stand: FACIL iti is an individually customizable web service that enhances the accessibility of any existing website for senior citizens and people with disabilities, while preserving the original code of the pages. FACIL iti provides adaptations for various visual, cognitive or mobility impairments. Stand: is the leading keyboard-first chatbot builder with deep automation features. HR Converse is a product made with Botmatic. HR Converse is engaging candidates on messaging apps with chatbots. It is personal, automated and highly scalable. Kiplin brings health through games, adapted physical activity, data and conviviality. We develop health prevention to make it more accessible, more effective and we evaluate it. Stand: bziiit s objective is to help operators improve the profitability of their premises. bziiit automatically generates macro analyses, customer insights and even profiling. Stand: The first Artificial Intelligence-based assistant revolutionizing the way we work. Meeting Bot is an interactive meeting facilitator that turns teamwork into an active and collaborative experience. Stand: XP DIGIT presents KypSafe, a Plug-and-Play mobile and connected solution that identifies hazardous areas on construction or work sites, and locates and alerts workers on sites in real-time, when they re near danger. Based on microlocalization, KypSafe keeps workers aware and safe. Stand: A team of passionate experts dedicated to digital creations and consulting, My-Serious-Game is the leader in tailored, high-end and turn-key digital training solutions. Stand: EnjoyUp is the first mobile app to capture the best of your life, providing real-time group discussions and the ability to capture what you have said. Besides Joy, the AI is here to make sure you never lose a good idea anymore. Stand: NFCOM is an innovative solution designer agency. We are digital consultant, innovative mobile application developers and expert in new mobile technologies. In CES, we will show you our last innovation. KMaster is a universal mobile app to open automatically each kind of portals & gates

9 Stand: Norlande-Conseil is an engineering company whose project is to launch in January 2018 a high-end 4K intelligent Live Cam Service based on a revolutionary camera. HEALTH TECH Since 2007, Serious Factory is a tool and solution provider which develops a wide variety of simulations for any domain on 2 major axis of the elearning market: a tailor-made approach for Digital Learning projects and the development of its own authoring tool to democratise Serious Game. Stand: provides with its Cardionexion process complete solutions in the field of predictive medicine consisting in detecting diseases or medical issues (such as strokes, heart attacks, sleep apnea, flu, sudden child death, etc.) before symptoms appear. Stand: We allow you to control your whole environment with one motion thanks to our first hand free wireless controler designed for industrial applications. Stand: AIM is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of mechatronic solutions in the fields of health, industry and virtual reality. Stand: Our goal is to assist you in the study, implementation and monitoring of high valueadded IT solutions. Stand: Numii is the only IoT that adapts your factory to the exertion of the human body, and provides data that benefits the medical, scientific and industrial worlds. Our non-intrusive equipment captures effort in mouvement and allows you to produce viable results and measure improvements. Stand: Sonora Labs helps you reduce your environmental footprint on the Internet. Stand: Amedsu is dedicated in providing the best software and services for the medical field. Stand: Share your ideas and your creativity. Apitrak helps you keep track of any mobile asset within your buildings. Just in France, one billion dollars worth of assets is lost each year in hospitals. Our solution works on your existing Wifi infrastructure: you can get started in a few hours. Save time and money with Apitrak. FOODTECH Stand: Portable and simple-to-use, SmartEar listens to the sound in your home and workplace, and retransmits them instantly with flashes of light (Avert Flash) and notifications to your smartphone. You can visualise the sounds around you in real time! Stand: Aveine is the first digitally connected wine aerator. The smartphone app identifies the type of product being served via its label and the device automatically sets the right level of aeration needed (from 1 minute to 24 hours). North Hall Stand: 8300 BIOMODEX is a Medtech company that helps surgeons to validate their medical devices. The most gourmand way to learn French. Stand: We develop a unique revolutionary business solution for the footwear industry based on numerical tools. The mathematical application that we develop provides to shoemakers a software allowing to offer to their customers a product that combines seduction & comfort, with speed and accuracy

10 Stand: Bluetens is a fast growing startup company, that brought to the market the first connected healthcare device with a true effect through muscle electrotherapy, a well known technology for physiotherapists that was not accessible to non professionals. Stand: The e-vone revolution is hidden away inside the sole. An innovative electronic device captures the person s movements. This device includes a GSM (for autonomous communication in more than 120 countries) a GPS (for geolocalization), different movement sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, pressure sensors) and finally, a vibration point to inform and reassure the wearer. Stand: As a specialist of motion sickness, Boarding Ring introduces Boarding VAR, an add-on component ready to be built into any VR device, that creates a virtual horizontal plane in the user s field of view. It provides unique comfort and seamless immersive experience in virtual and augmented reality! Stand: Ellcie-Healthy is a French startup that designs smart connected eyewear that care for their wearer s health and prevent risks. Its 15 sensors collect physical, physiological and environmental data, that are processed in algorithms to detect abnormalities and prevent risks like drivers drowsiness. Bonetag conceives and commercialize connected RFID implantable devices, embedded into total knee arthroplasties. Stand: Eveia: Wellness technology - Customer-centered innovation - Elegance and quality. Stand: Cutii is an autonomous, benevolent, and devoted robot. Thanks to vocal commands, no learning curve is necessary to use Cutii. Controllable from a distance, he s reassuring to your close friends and family. His platform allows Cutii to connect you to the world. Stand: Our Digital Twin bio-models the effects and interactions of drugs within your body, based on your personal characteristics. It is the result of years of fundamental research. Easily leverage your health IoT and tune the best treatment in real time with our Medical Device! COVIRTUA offers a therapeutic software that offers an innovative solution for the treatment of cognitive disorders. It is intended for speech therapists, occupational therapists and neuropsychologists. Through virtual reality, COVIRTUA immerses the patient in situations of everyday life. Stand: Familink is a easy to use, plug-n-play, 3G photo frame for the older generation. Diabeloop is developing an integrated solution to better manage Type 1 Diabetes ( artificial pancreas ). Diabeloop has been founded in France in The system will be on market in Europe in the course of the first semester of Diabeloop has just raised 13.5 million in the summer of Stand: Fizimed is a startup developing EMY, an innovative connected medical device to stop urinary incontinence for women through pelvic floor reeducation. Stand: Domalys is the French leader in co-designing solutions for senior-specific needs, so that the elderly can remain independent. We are here in CES 2018 to unveil Aladin: a magic connected lamp with a genie inside, that saves elderly people s life. Stand: The Geo Sentinel solution offers the possibility to monitor in real time the physiological condition of your family members or patients. Stand: DreaminzZz provides the first connected hypnotic mask. Stand: Immersive Therapy: Our goal is to design and build fun therapeutic platforms, exploiting virtual and augmented realities and bringing a serious game vision to the medical world. Stand: The home retention kit for the fragile person, Pharmagest s solutions provides support and security for users in need of extra help at home. The kit monitors movements and tracks hygiene and health, with the goal of helping the user stay at home for at least 36 months before needing extra care. Stand: First connected health startup for the development of an international digital social security

11 Stand: Janasense is a connected service that empowers people to become active players of their own well-being and reassure their loved ones at the same time. Stand: mybrain Technologies, specializing in neurotechnologies, is launching Melomind: the brain-training solution for relaxation enhancement. Destined to corporates employees and wellness professionals clients, Melomind includes a brainmeasuring Bluetooth headset and a personalized coaching app. Stand: Come and discover our unique AI solutions in the health and medical technology fields. From enephro, a tool for the follow-up and management of CKD patients, to our predictive marketing tool, Sailendra, we are revolutionizing the field of health tech with our smart solutions and medical studies. Stand: The first connected and fully integrated mobile telemedicine solution for healthcare professionals. KINEQUANTUM Stand: KineQuantum is the first virtual reality evaluation and rehabilitation solution. Conceived by a physical therapist for physical therapists, KineQuantum provides a challenging and immersive experience to your patients, engaging them into their therapy. Stand: Thanks to our concept, your vital informations follows you everywhere. The emergency services have access to your DATA immediately. In case of fainting, a dizzy spell or an accident, it is now possible to know your personal data to allow more efficient medical care. Kolibree, the smart oral care company, is dedicated to innovation of connected solutions. The world s first connected electric toothbrush with 3D motion sensors, Kolibree helps your family prevent cavities and gum disease with the only smart toothbrush games for ios and Android. Stand: Quantmetry is a consulting company in Data Science with an expertise in fraud detection, predictive maintenance, customer insight and natural language processing. Quantmetry dedicate 20% of the time to R&D and develop today a medical IoT. Koovea is a dynamic and innovating startup specialized in the cold chain s tracking of thermosensitives medicines. Koovea has 3 engineers at various levels of skills and aims at becoming a reference for smart packaging of the tomorrow s medicines products. Stand: Regulsmoke has created and developped a connected case to help smokers to quit. Stand: LifeinaBox is the world s smallest fridge for the safe transport and storage of thermo-sensitive medication. Connected to a medication-management app, it allows users to travel anywhere, any time, with the peace of mind of knowing that their medication is always at exactly the right temperature. Stand: Dreem, the band that combines the most effective methods, from biofeedback to neuromodulation, to improve your daily sleep. Stand: Lili Smart is a smart all-in-one solution giving peace of mind to family carers, while empowering their loved one to maintain a certain level of autonomy and stay safe at all times, whether they are getting old, suffering from a neurodegenerative disease or living with a disability. The company launched its first solution: Phlebeelab. This software is created to secure biology samples taken outside of the lab. Stand: Meersens is a unique solution for consumers, testing in few sec., your immediate environment that may impact your health: wave, air, UV, pesticides, gluten, water... Meersens: Master your environment, enhance your health! SPARTAN is a stylish high-tech boxer brief that protects your health and fertility. Recent studies show that wireless radiation can decrease men fertility. SPARTAN boxers block over 99% of all cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation. SPARTAN are designed in Paris for ultimate comfort and an exceptional fit. Stand: Live your diabetes without thinking about the protocol. We created a new eye tracking system

12 Connectable watch for kids combining Fun, Health & Security. Kids create their own super-hero and use it in many games but, to do those activities, they have to do exercise & recharge hero s energy. They also have: allergy s check, reminders, localisation, text & more! 1st Health platform for kids. Stand: PayGreen is the only payment solution that allows you to cash online simply and value your brand by seeking the commitment of your customers. MOBILITY Stand: Paytweak turns the payment into a smart and an amazing customer experience by providing innovative payment services through Social networks, instant messaging applications, secured s and texts. North Plazza Stand: CP-5 ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies. South Hall Sensego is a software module that is easy to integrate into your mobile application. It allows you to perceive, interpret and act in real time thanks to the signals emitted by your customers. Stand: HEROZ is a smartbutton created for big companies. The smartbutton can adapt to different needs (depending on our client). HEROZ offers a new daily interaction between the brand and its clients and participates to creating a new bond between them. HEROZ is a smart, design and secured wristband. Stand: Tallyos offers an IoT solution dedicated to human resources. The system is built around high-performance GPS receivers and a web-based collaborative platform. It automates the end-to-end administrative process from data gathering to payroll and invoicing, while also optimizing productivity. Stand: We have developed a brand new fully patented securized identification system based on an NFC ring. You ll be able to open your home, get identified at your work, make payments and start finally lock and start your car by a simple gesture. Welcome to the Future. Stand: Teach on Mars is the leading mobile-optimized learning technology in Europe. Comprehensive, engaging and social, it delivers the best learning experience, on any device. Thanks to Teach on Mars over 500,000 corporate learners have adopted their smartphone as a true Learning & performance assistant. Interactive Mobility develops innovative solutions to enhance comfort and passenger experience in transports. Stand: Walkoo develops Walkoo City Map, the first mobile app that rewards the user for walking thanks to a scientific algorithm, the WalkooMeter, by offering benefits on beautiful and healthy products to the community of those who think that, in smart cities, Slow is the new smart!. Stand: Harold is your new digital friend. Ten times smarter than Siri, he can find anything, anywhere, anytime, what really suits you! Stand: Wiidii is the first hybrid personal assistant combining both artificial and human intelligence. This app assists you in your everyday life and during your personal or business trips. Wiidii organizes your bookings, schedules your appointments suggests you quality places, finds information... Stand: Miraxess turns your Smartphone into a premium Laptop. As people increasingly rely on their smartphones to organise their personal and professional lives, it is becoming evident that the traditional computer has been replaced by the smartphone as the main servant of our digital needs. OTHER Stand: My Safe Map is a location sharing application that allows users to have access and get information about the best locations the world has to offer. They can take pictures and make personal comments on the places they know while sharing them with friends and family, as well as the entire community. BABEYES Stand: All the moments we lived before the age of three are somewhere in our memory but remain inaccessible. How did your mother look at you? What was the emotion of your father? Babeyes records babies first memories by incorporating an extra small video and audio capture device on baby clothes

13 Stand: The GPS beacon to geolocate and find. Digital Accessibility is not a guidance but a Human Right (and a law in a lot of countries), Koena helps companies to comply. We build services dedicated to people with special needs. Stand: We are the first cloud-based Windows 10 computer that is totally indistinguishable from a regular PC. No lag, a crystal-clear 4k image quality. Full compatibility with all peripherals. Moreover, Shadow is not a video games catalog. You can install any software you want. Stand: The Audiophile Network Music Players. Stand: Blue Whale Company is the specialist of IoT for water management. Based in the North of France, Blue Whale Company has developed a complete range of standalone, robust and easy-to-install connected devices: Blue Whale Company masters the design, development, industrialization of its products. Stand: We redefine the approach of personal desktop computers. We build well-designed PC cases, using noble materials, and with an emphasis on personnalization. Our products are made with passion, blessed with a soul and a unique signature. The perfect merging of art and consumer electronics. Stand: BOOKmyHELO, the global helicopter flight booking platform designed for travelers for which time matters, introduce sharing economy in its smart urban mobility solution designed for helicopter transport. Stand: PocketConfidant AI is developing the first virtual coach powered by AI to support individuals in daily challenges and develop cognitive skills to better cope, become more aware, and increase personal resilience. Collaborative 3D printer for the pros, the Clotoo-L, with its attractive design, can easily fit anywhere. Stand: Your best souvenirs postcards printed and sent in front of you! Stand: At Dagoma, our raison d être is to democratize 3D printing. Stand: Qwant, the European search engine that respects your privacy. Based and designed in Europe, Qwant is the first search engine which protects its users freedoms and ensures that the digital ecosystem remains healthy. Our keywords: privacy and neutrality. DEVPRIV World first solution protecting laptops against 3 major dangers on the go: protecting at public wifi hotspots (Hacking wifi); protecting from usb pendrives (Malware in pendrive); protecting data carrried (How much time to find code?). In a new way to think and work on privacy! North Hall Stand: 4900 Smart Me Up developed a computer vision software that bring intelligence to any objects to the need of connected devices in smart cities,autonomous vehicles, surveillance and security systems.we have designed an embedded software, that works in real time and respect the privacy of the collected data. 5 Hostabee has developed a connected module, named B-Keep that allows beekeepers to remotely monitor the lifecycle of a hive and its bees. Hostabee helps beekeepers fight the collapse of bee colonies. The Snips Voice Platform allows OEMs to integrate state-of-the-art voice recognition and NLU into their products, while protecting users privacy. Our pioneering solution runs fully on-device (no need for an Internet connection), and can be fully customized to fit the needs of any vertical. Stand: A publisher of innovative software for Industry and Maintenance of the Future. Stand: Sphere provide social app. CES official app provider. Use LinkedIn & Facebook to discover the most relevant people. We create apps (white label) to connect people with a personalized networking: +23 contacts/event, +70% engagement (download). We connect people by match (Tinder like)

14 North Plazza Stand: Pavillon Automobile France TRUSTINSOFT is an international software publisher, based in San Francisco and Paris. It provides an advanced static source code analyzer tool founded on formal methods, to verify software. ROBOTS Stand: Unistellar makes the first connected compact (4,5 f=4) smart telescope that accumulates light so you can finally see galaxies and contribute to citizen science. A.I.Mergence is a young company specialised in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Robotics. Stellina, the world s most compact telescope. Blue Frog is the developer of BUDDY, The First Companion Robot for all the family, named CES 2018 Best of Innovation awards honoree. Our goal is to design robots that are accessible to everyone, that help people live more easily and safely, and that throw a bit of fun into the mix. Zelros is an AI startup disrupting traditional Enterprise Customer Services. Zelros delights customers with wonderful experiences through smooth and efficient interactions with Smart Assistants. Zelros tackles 2 industries: Oil and Gas and Financial Services. Stand: Company of conception and production of humanoid robots intended for the market of the retail and the event, via the hiring and the sale. RETAIL Green Creative is a French company founded in It designs and manufactures innovative products to improve waste management. During the CES 2018 event, Green Creative will present R3D3 and ARMADA, two connected sorting bins designed to optimize and monitor waste collection in real-time. Stand: Customer LABS: Retail & Digital Startup Visualize in real time the satisfaction of your customers across social networks and our suite UpMyShop! Make shopping experience unique, playful and efficient thanks to AR Places, the first drive to store mobile app including an Augmented Reality feature. Stand: Hease Robotics is a French professional services robot manufacturer dedicated to the retail industry & customer services. Our mobile and interactive robot kiosk Heasy is used in public places to inform, entertain, guide & welcome your audience, giving you a highly personalized & intelligent service. Stand: Exalt3D offers solutions for broadcasting high quality 3D scenes, enriching web pages for communication or online sales. It empowers websites by giving 3D interactions and customization capabilities for manufactured products or space environments. North Hall A new robotic companion designed specifically for children with special needs, to spark their motivation and help them learn, play & progress. Stand: VisioPM: The new 3D glasses-free Digital Signage Solution. Stand: Creating meaningful robot companions. MIP ROBOTICS Encore MIP robotics wants to make industrial robotics accessible to all, for small or medium series, but also for people with no computer or programming skills

15 Stand: Partnering Robotics is a company who provides innovative solutions in service robotics. It created Diya One X, the first robot with a neuro-inspired artificial intelligence. Stand: It s time to protect your valuable objects Monuma is the world first app dedicated to appraise and estimate valuable objects. Stand: We develop new concepts through the new generation of industrial and collaborative robots serving the general public. Stand: ORIGONE is a privately owned company, headquartered in Paris, France. The company is characterized by a group of highly skilled professionals from several fields, working together as a team to provide its clients with unique approach of professional value added services and provide effective and sustainable solutions. TWINSWHEEL TwinswHeel is an autonomous parcel delivery droid. Our droid is based on autonomous vehicle in order to succeed in self-sufficient goods delivery business for e-commerce. TwinswHeel is a smart, flexible and efficient droid for all year round delivery 24/7. LVCC - Central Plaza Stand: CP-5 Prove & Run s mission is to help its customers resolve the security challenges linked to the large-scale deployment of connected devices and of the Internet of Things. SECURITY A simple application allowing you to regain control of your personal data on the Internet. Stand: iprotego protects your ID. We improve the online reputation of companies and persons as well as we protect their privacy. Join more than 4 billions of users all around the world and check your banks and insurance policies to know if you are already protected, if not, just visit:! South Hall Stand: We connect people and products to the digital world. Stand: Universal Blockchain-based digital signature technology to secure, prove & trace all your processes, data & documents. Financial communication & PR securing, proof of consent for GDPR/medical/retail, boards communication, contracts management. Also used in logistics, insurance, IoT, industry, legal. Stand: Have you ever dreamed to use the internet safely? Learn with Sylink box how to secure your home network and your devices from hackers. His powerful solution algorithms, will analyzes, detects and alerts dangers in real time. Sylink box will guarantee the safety of your home network. Encore, Hospitality Suites - Wynn Encore Hospitality The secure hardware crypto wallets. Stand: Tanker: Empower trust in your applications, by design. We embed Tanker SDK into your app to add collaborative end-to-end encryption in a few lines of code. Lokly is a French startup specialized in the design of innovative solutions for the protection and access of sensitive data. MatchupBox is developing Pikcio, a smart app that allows companies and customers to interact in a safe and smart way. Consumers can communicate with brands, as well as retrieving and gathering their personal data from various sources. Sharing it with brands, they can benefit from better tailored offers

16 SERVICE Stand: EnergieIP is a French funded SME working on Smart Building Management with an innovative technology based on PoE and DC Current. 9B+ Stand: b + is a creative agency at the service of the valuation of the intangible capital of brands and territories. Stand: KNOCK is a property hunter which will find your best housing fit. All you need is to chat with our assistant for maximum five minutes, then you just have to discover our housing fit suggestions. Stand: Digital Airways develops expertise, business pratices and software tools to create richer user experiences through better management of the interactions between the systems and their users. Stand: MyBus, the smart application for public transport of cities between 20,000 and 400,000 inhabitants. FieldBox is built from the ground up to handle the complexity and reality of industrial operations. Whether you have small data or big data, your Engineers will be able to translate their knowledge and expertise into powerful applications to solve operational problems, improve efficiency and create new opportunities. Stand: MyTechTrip provide public transport professionals with the IT tools they need to monitor the quality and consistency of information provided to passengers across all IT systems and broadcasting media. SMART CITY Saas and mobile solution for IoT-enhanced inspection process. Novyspec leverages IoT sensors to empower inspectors with new capabilities using mobile devices. Our solution is also focusing on the user safety by integrating connected protective devices. AtmoTrack is the first real time, high definition environmental platform that combine big data and existing qualified air quality database with multiple certified interior and exterior low-cost mobile sensors. Founded in 2015, the company have launched its first network last year in Paris, France. ONEGATE SAS Stand: First solution for management and access to shared spaces and isolated sites. Stand: Bubbleflat disrupts the way students and young workers look for roommates and housing to share. Stand: Parkki is the world s first digital solution able to solve the huge problem of car parking in smart cities. Based on a machine learning software and smart sensors installed on street lamps, it helps parking managers and drivers reducing traffic jam and pollution. Stand: Citymagine help infrastructures to switch from curative maintenance to preventive maintenance (and tomorrow to predictive maintenance). Stand: The best restaurants and shops in your city delivered at home! North Hall Stand: 8300 Energy conversion by an undulating membrane. We re working towards making this a reality by creating the smart tools people need to avoid air pollution and stay healthy

17 Stand: The SmartHab solution allows to integrate to residential buildings, from their construction, a fleet of connected objects, covering several needs: security, energy, well-being, driving. All connected devices are controlled via smartphone and tablet thanks to the SmartHab mobile application. Stand: BioPoolTech, equipments for ecological pool. Our solutions are unique for water quality with no chemical using, massive reduction of water and electricity consumption, original design, durability, respect of the environment and simplification of use. BioPoolTech, transform each pool in natural pool! Stand: WaryMe, designs and develops a personal safety mobile application, to improve users security in public places, schools, transports, companies and tomorrow the whole smart city. This is the first all-in-one mobile app, integrating alerting, crisis management and mass notification features. Stand: CamToy develops a smart & mobile robot companion for pets in order to improve their lonely daily lives. Our product also changes owner s lives by giving them the ability to interact with their pet whenever and whatever they want. We are creating our first product named Laïka specially made for dogs. Stand: YESITIS builds technical RFID Labels to propose new services to his partners and future customers. Associated to theses labels, we developed a strong and secure platform to manage Id Components and ensure traceability of products. We want to improve new customer relationship services. Stand: The future of bathroom. SMART HOME Stand: Caressea Experience is composed of a connected object witch prepare and distribute encapsulated naturals organics products of well-being, a mobile application witch purposes massages coaching and followes the growth of the child. It help parents to feel valued and children to feel well and secured. Stand: Anna is the very first smart mirror entirely customisable, designed & built by AirNodes. It empowers communication. A back office interface is available to setup, monitor and drive the mirrors. Few 5-stars French hotels & palaces already enjoy Anna s functionalities. Stand: The Catspad system aims to revolutionise pet care by meeting the feeding needs of a cat in a Smart and natural way. It s the only Smart cat food and water dispenser that allows users to schedule and monitor their cats nutrition from anywhere in the world using a mobile application. Stand: ASAMGO develops Ofi, a smart and luminous pool analyzer. Ofi floats in your pool and analyzes the quality of the water in real time. Water quality information is transmitted in two ways: through the color of Ofi light and through a Smartphone application and personalized notifications. Caveasy designs THE solution for wine lovers to take care of their wines. Caveasy s wine storage is connected with Caveasy App to let you always know what bottles you have in stock, easily. It is made of modular shelfs that stack on top of each other to lay down your bottles on. Stand: Meet Viaroom Home, self-learning, hands-free home automation. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Viaroom Home continuously learns your habits and seamlessly automates intelligent objects around you: lights, heating, doors, shades, sprinklers... Smart, no hassle, no coding, no monthly fees. Stand: The world s smallest and the fastest dishwasher. Stand: Avidsen is a reference player in the world of connected objects for the home, for comfort, safety and energy control. Westgate Stand: 1519 Since 2009, EHTech has been a specialist in energy recovery. Stand: émuage is a dream come true for anyone who has ever fancied manufacturing their own fresh personalized cosmetics at home in minutes, from 3 capsules (texture, efficacy, fragrance). This connected machine is engineered to deliver safe, highquality cosmetics like in a lab. Thanks to its intelligent thermostatic head, the Eïsox solution offers simplicity and comfort to control the heating in your home