Building a Smart Manufacturing Experimental Factory in Anna University

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1 Building a Smart Manufacturing Experimental Factory in Anna University Some Initial Thoughts Fifth Generation Technologies (5G) Ananth Seshan & Sumitra Seshan December 21 st 2017

2 Introducing 5G A niche and innovative software product company focusing on providing unique digital solutions. Product foot prints in 13 countries around the globe. Clients include Major Global Automotive company Major Tractor Manufacturer Partner to largest global Automation company Many Indian manufacturers

3 The Smart Manufacturing Landscape Where the role of every stakeholder in the manufacturing ecosystem has transformed from being isolated to connected, from being uninformed to informed, from being passive to active, Demand Sales Order Processing ERP CAD/CAE Design Toolin g Production Engineering Production Planning Smart Production Processes Internet Connection And where information flow does not lag material flow and the boundaries between the physical and the cyber worlds are indistinguishable, And where the human worker is elevated from the drudgery of mechanical work, stress and laborious monotony and empowered to contribute using his mental faculties with the help of intelligent machines, devices and systems to co-create value.. Smart Customer Integration Processes Smart Shipping/Receiving Smart Logistics Smart Supplier Integration Processes Unified Visibility SPC/ SQC Smart Quality Processes Smart Reliability/Maintenance Processes Smart Purchasing Processes Smart Supply Chain Finance & Administration Processes Copyright Fifth Generation Technologies. All Rights Reserved.

4 The Four Dimensions Empowered Human Smart Solutions Smart Business Processes Smart Technologies / Infrastructure

5 Smart Manufacturing Value Frame of Reference Dimension 1 Smart Business Processes Dimension 2 Smart Digital Solutions Dimension 3 Smart Technology Dimension 4 The Human Stakeholder Value Concept Value is co-created by all human stakeholders of a Smart Business Process The experience of the value is manifested in Smart Solutions The enabler of the experience is Smart Technology The experiencer of the value is the Human Stakeholder Value Definition Cohesive, active, interdisciplinary, collaborative interaction is the core of value co-creation Contextual intelligence & Awareness implicit in the solution outcomes present an opportunity for timely interaction Inter-operability, security and reliability in the connection of disparate systems allows for experiencing varied contexts. Personalization of the experience improves the quality of inference of a context and therefore the quality of co-creation Value Presentation Frameworks/environ ments for co-creating Smart Processes Innovative design of actionable outcomes Use of open standards, Peer-to-Peer networks, wireless, internet, cloud augmented reality and machine intelligence technologies Training and empowerment of human to continuously improve in co-creating and experiencing value.

6 Quality Control Check SM Use Case 1 Smart Quality Integration between Supplier and OEM SUPPLIER PREMISES OEM PREMISES 4 Real-Time remote access to Supplier QA server by OEM 2 Automated storage of part data in Supplier QA Repository Server (Web/Cloud) Automated alerts/updates of errors in part quality 3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Measure Width 1 5 Part(s) Accepted/ Rejected Measure Inner Diameter 1 Real-Time Wi-Fi Transmission of Calliper Measurements to Mobile Device Parts OK 6 Parts Dispatch 7 OEM Quality Approved Parts Dispatched

7 SM Use Case 2 Smart Energy and Asset Intelligence Proactive Intervention to Prevent Unplanned Downtime and Drive Asset Performance of Compressor using Combined Intelligence from Energy and Plant/EAM Systems Asset Performance Profile from Plant/EAM System Centrifugal Compressor Real-Time Energy Consumption Profile Compressor 101 SR00345 Loud Vibration Lift Station 03 Generator Oil Change SR00456 Wet Well Rag Removal Inspection Proactive Intervention Driven by Intelligence <Compressor 101 Location/Fault ID from EAM, Energy Usage Alert from ec4> WORK ORDER DETAILS Type Status Predictive Maintenance W/O Generated & Dispatched Compressor Cycling Energy Signature Observed Priority Create

8 SM Use Case 3 Smart Sub-assembly Traceability System Database 3 Operator sends picture of the assembly for future traceability 1 Part sub-assembly Instructions from CAD/CAM 2 Carries out assembly operation with the guidance provided by the wearable

9 Our Past Experience 5G and Ferguson College, Pune School of Automation 50:50 Partnership between both entities Governed by a Steering Council Offered Masters Diploma in Automation Application Industry Sponsored Program Facilitated real practical Industry oriented Automation projects

10 Purpose This document is an articulation of some initial thoughts to start off a brainstorming discussion on developing a Smart Manufacturing Experimental Factory at Anna University, as a strategic partnership between 5G and Anna University.

11 Initial Stakeholders Anna University & 5G (Principal Founders) Students and Faculty of Anna University Select OEMs in and around Chennai. Select Suppliers of OEMs in and around Chennai

12 Mandate Educate students on Smart Manufacturing by involving them in practical developmental projects. Build and include topics of Smart Manufacturing in the engineering curriculum. Educate the industry personnel by conducting seminars, practical workshops and programs on Smart Manufacturing. Create an ecosystem of OEMs and their Suppliers to potentially mimic real world scenarios and challenges. Pilot new Smart Manufacturing ideas and initiatives within the ecosystem. Become the joint R&D arm of the concerned participants. Do research on how the concept of Smart Manufacturing must be shaped according to the Indian context for large scale adoption in India, especially, within the purview of Make in India initiative. Develop a roadmap for the next generation worker and a curriculum for training the trainers of the industry.

13 Peer-to-Peer Connectivity Vision Peer to Peer Connectivity Inter-Departmental Integration to mimic an Experimental Factory MIT: Rubber & Plastics Technology LD D-Tech Injection Moulding Machine Twin Screw Plastic Extruder Central Workshop Division CNC Vertical Machining Centre Hydraulic Press 60 Tons EDM Hydraulic Surface Grinder Institute for Energy Studies Big Data Analytics Cloud Based MES Cloud Based EMS Cloud Based EAM Cloud Based ERP AU-FRG Institute of CAD/CAM Polyjet Rapid Prototyping Machine FDM Rapid Prototyping Machine Centre: Institute for Energy Studies Non-IBR Steam Boiler Package ANSYS Academic Research ANSYS Academic Research 5 Users CNC Bench Milling Machine Digital Micro Height Gauge Dimensional Measurement Tools Retrofitted with wireless connectivity Wearbles, Intelligent local Processing units inerfacing with IIoT sensors Industrial Engineering CNC Machines FANUC LR Mate 100 ib Robot CNC Wirecut EDM Dedicated Network Stand-Alone Robots Autonomous Mobile Robots CNC Micromachining System CNC Micromachining System w. Software Nano Particle Size Analyzer High-Temperature MOR MIT Production Technology CNC Turning Centre Abrasive Water Jet Machine Vacuum Metal Melting Furnace CEG Mechanical Engineering PCE Temperature High Temperature Dilatometer High Temperature Furnace Thermal Conductivity Equipment ACT Ceramic Technology CNC Slant Bed Lathe Wire Cut EDC ECM Abrasive Water Jet Machine

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