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3 WINCHES THE BEST WINCHES IN THE WORLD I take a firm stance. I do not leave anything to chance. Geru Ilie Machinery Technician It is for more than 16 years that our team is building the best winches money can buy. We dare to make this statement. Not a single employee wishes to make any concessions on quality. Your winch system must function flawlessly, with a minimum of maintenance. DMT marine equipment is engineered and produced according to the highest standards. It is for reasons of dedication, customer feedback and experience that our concept guarantees an absolute minimum cost of ownership.


5 The product starts here, on our drawing board. All must be correctly calculated, functional and user-friendly. We love what we do, therefore our work is our pleasure. Engineering Team STANDARD OR TAILOR MADE Additional to our standard range you can choose from a huge number of possibilities and options. This gives you the opportunity to configure our standard to a tailor fit on board of your vessel. Of course, our highly skilled engineering team is more than willing to change your specific winch characteristics into a perfect designed custom build winch on paper. Tailor made, but not necessarily more expensive, because it will be designed to your needed capacity, according to your personal ideas for what the winch should do; no more and no less.


7 OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS HIGHLY RELIABLE MOORING SYSTEMS DMT Offshore Solutions combines our top quality winches with state of the art monitoring and control systems. Delivered on a turn-key basis, we provide complete mooring systems offshore companies can rely on. Besides our Mooring Solutions, we serve the offshore sector with Taut Wire Positioning Reference Systems which are installed on vessels operating with Dynamic Positioning.

8 DMT Mooring Winches are very suitable for vessels which require multiple-point mooring applications for their scope of work. Our Mooring Winches are 100% custom build and are therefore tailored to the exact mooring needs of vessel owners and operators. They find a partner in DMT. We take full responsibility to deliver the perfect solution. DMT Mooring Winches are installed on several vessels operating in the offshore industry around the world. We work on a turn-key basis acting as sole contract partner to ship builders and vessel operators for the delivery of complete mooring solutions. To realize the best mooring configurations, we often cooperate closely with naval design bureaus in the earliest stages of a project. Our engineers frequently team up with naval architects, to include our CAD-design in deck arrangement plans and stability calculations. With our turn-key mooring solutions we take responsibility for the entire system. This means we provide all necessary components, from the power packs in the engine room(s), all the way up to the anchors at the end of the lines. This includes the control stations on the bridge, the local stations on deck and all the required measurement and signalling electronics. DMT mooring systems can be made in hydraulic and electric variants, with force and length measurement, constant tension operation and site vessel manoeuvring programs included in the software. OUR WIDE RANGE OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS Position mooring systems Taut wire position reference systems Hose winches Launch and recovery Systems

9 I conquer any challenge. I succeed because I go the extra mile to achieve perfection. Alexandru Budau Machinery Technician OUR BELIEF NO CONCESSIONS ON QUALITY! This is not just a statement, it is a true belief in our team. Simply because we know what the result will be at a certain moment doesn`t mean we will do anything less than that. The smallest details in the design of your winch are important to ensure your job can be done and to be sure our pride turns into your trust. SIZE MATTERS BUT EVEN THE SMALLEST IS TREATED WITH RESPECT There is no limit in size to the winches we can produce thanks to a wide range of well selected partners. Our management itself made the selection because of their practical experience, knowledge of quality standards, machinery and material tests. Transportation of huge constructions is the challenge of our logistic department; very satisfying the moment the transport of such items became another success. Although size DMT is supplier for Bosch Rexroth in the area of Deck equipment solutions, e.g. Winches, Capstans etc. DMT provides good technical solutions for the needs Bosch Rexroth has, and has skilled people to advise about technical solutions, options and alternatives. Ordering process is easy. The products supplied to Bosch Rexroth meet the expectations and requirements specified as well as the performance requirements. Bosch Rexroth has chosen to do business with DMT based on several factors like knowledge, quality, expertise, flexibility and price. Daan Hijzen Project Purchaser, Bosch Rexroth B.V.

10 DECK EQUIPMENT FROM CHOCKS TO FAIRLEADS Besides our main activity in the production of winches, DMT offers a wide range of Deck Equipment like Chocks, Warping Rollers, (double) Bollards and Fairleads. This equipment comes in standard product ranges, manufactured according to DIN specifications or designed to specific client requirements.


12 MEGA YACHT EQUIPMENT STAINLESS STEEL AT ITS BEST Every winch that leaves the workshop must be 100% up to the task. And preferably a little more. DMT marine equipment produces a variety of stainless steel deck equipment for yachts and mega yachts. Our products are elegant and will embellish any yacht deck they are fitted on, with state-of-the-art designs and smooth finishings. The vast majority is build on a tailor made basis, being designed and executed according to client requests and rules of any Classification Society Standards. Sion Marius Machinery Technician

13 SPECIAL PROJECTS YOU NAME IT, WE BUILD IT Precision is what makes the difference in quality. We strive for excellence and deliver flawless execution. Waterfall, umbilical, man rider, fishing, towing, et cetera: winches are our core business. There is no winch we can t build. It is for reasons of interest in this product that we can do whatever the client asks from us, with regards to this DMT top quality product. Our engineers double check the calculation of a new developed winch (by use of 3D stress showing models) in inventor (ACAD). Filote Sterian Machinery Technician - CNC operator

14 Examples of special equipment we can provide are: DREDGING INDUSTRY Suction Arm Sections Drag Heads Dredge Valves Turning Glands Suction Arm Connectors METALLIC CONSTRUCTIONS Diving Installations Decompression Chambers Crane Booms A-frames

15 THE BEST IS ONLY POSSIBLE WITH YOU AS VALUED CLIENT The fact that we are supplying the best that money can buy is because we have clients like you. Clients who know exactly what they DON T want: downtime, high maintenance cost and rust on board. Throughout many years of practical experience and investigation our clients created, with the DMT team, step by step the best product on the market. Together, we proudly design and produce the best winches in the world! We recommend DMT Marine Equipment like a professional, reliable and qualitative supplier for: launch and recovery systems, hose winches, lifting winches and pneumatic winches. DMT Marine Equipment has become a total supplier in terms of technical advising, dedicated support for installation and commissioning with worldwide after sales services. We will continue to develop new projects with DMT and we will count on their partner approach. Catalin Artimenco Operations and Asset Manager, Bumi Armada Berhad After researching winch providers, we partnered with DMT Marine Equipment. This was based on the fact that they have vast experience in winch manufacturing. DMT provided the solution we needed and delivered the results we expected. We look forward to working with DMT into the future. Jamie Hulme - Vessel Manager, MMA Offshore Vessel Operations PTY LTD We gratefully wish to mention that the cooperation between Damen group and DMT is a strong, professional and qualitative one. Everything from offer to after sales comes as a response to our direct needs and for that we warmly recommend any new business relationship. DMT, one of our traditional suppliers, successfully delivered the following types of equipment: Anchor Mooring Towing Equipment for Tugs & Workboats, including Escort Tug Notation, Anchor Mooring Equipment for Cargo Vessels/ Combi Freighters, Offshore & Transport vessels, in electric, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic drive options. Damen Group

16 JUST IN CASE AFTERSALES COMES TO DMT IN FIRST PLACE I don t rest until the winch is fully set-up and the client is 100% satisfied. Due to the fact that we want to be fast on the spot when service is necessary DMT has in every corner of the world it s own team of highly skilled partners trained by our own professionals. We do not just sell our DMT products to you: we want to be there the moment something should happen to your equipment or the moment service in general is required. Although the 24/7/365 service has never been tested we can assure you that we will be there in case you need us. Gheorghe Slabu Machinery Technician

17 OUR PRODUCTION FACILITIES STEEL CONSTRUCTION Plasma and oxy-gas for steel plates till 40 mm thickness and more Sawing machine Steel and stainless steel welding Plates bending with 200tf press machine Pipes bending till 60 mm in diameter with dedicated equipment Various metal adjusting works by hand (grinding, polishing, mirror polishing for stainless steel) CLEANING AND ANTICORROSIVE PROTECTION Sand blasting unit, able to clean normal steel and stainless steel Painting room, using compressed air paint system with heating system Zinc covering room using electrical gun spreading system OPERATIONS DONE BEFORE WINCH TESTING Mounting/dismounting gear cases, band brakes, rope drums Cleaning, greasing, oiling, adjusting and fitting components Installing and testing hydraulic and electrical equipment Performing static and dynamic test for winches between: Maximum force: 270 tons (1,3 m/min rope speed) Minimal force: 30 tons (7m/min rope speed) WINCH TESTING UNIT INCLUDING The mobile winch test platform (using the 36 tons air cushion lifting system) The secondary winch working as force/speed generator The test unit steel structure

18 CONTACTS DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT The Netherlands DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT Romania DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT Ukraine Popovstraat, 7, 8013 RK, Zwolle, The Netherlands Tel: Fax: DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT Russia , Saint-Petersburg, Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, office 8080 Tel: Fax: Prelungirea Foltanului no. 13, COD , Sat Costi, Comuna Vanatori, Galati, Romania Tel: Fax: DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT Singapore Adress No. 66, Tannery Lane #01-05K, Sindo Building Singapore Tel: Fax: Buz`kiy bulvar 11 Nikolaev 54015, Ukraine Tel: Fax: DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT China 6 Building, Run Yang Plaza Yangzhou , China Tel: Fax: DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT Australia Tel: