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1 PSC Deputy District Education Media Officer - Health Services Examination Previous Year Question Paper Exam Name: Deputy District Education Media Officer - Health Services Date of Test : Question Paper Code: 146/2015 Medium of Questions: English

2 L Maximum : 100 marks Time : I hour and 15 minutes BRS is a tool used for : () Designing layout plan (C) Checking quality of food n essential aspect of all learning is : () Emotion (C) Imitation (B) Performanceappraisal (D) Feedbackcommunication (B) Motivation (D) ssociation Social learning theory stresses on the importance of : () Models (C) Cognitive process The divide between computes literate and non - () Disital alivide (C) Cyber space (B) Self - regulatory process (D) X the above Iiterate is known as : (B) Cyber Cyber gap o. Levels ofhealth care that give prominence to preventive and community health care : () Primary (C) Tertiary In Pavlov's original demonstration of classical conditioning, salvation to the bell was : () Conditionalstimulus (C) Conditionalrespohse (B) Secondary (D) Immunity (B) Unconditionalresponse The first gtoup test of intelligence was : () The army alpha (C) The Standard Binet good research always indebted to : () Size of sample (C) Selection of cohorts (B) The TT (D) Sampling Data analysis lp.r.o.l

3 9. ccording to Gestalt psychologists, learning involves : () Trial and error (B) Insight (C) Imitation \D) Intelligence 10. In an intelligence test, a 16 years old boy was found to have mental age of20 years. His IQ is : () r20 (B),15 (c) 140 (D) r Which of the following are true? l. Posters are generally used in the awareness stage. 2. poster has to be bold in design, simple to understand and attractive in colour 3. The components ofa poster may be picture or illustration, the words, colour and space 4. While preparing illustrations keep in mind the experience of audience and use objects unfamiliar to them () r, 3, 4 (B) 1,2,3 (C) 1,2 (D) X the above 12. Which of the following are true? l. The Victimizer of a woman can be a male or female. 2. There is a land oflegitimacy given to gendered violence. 3. Battering of woman by their husbands or father is very often considered as personal matter. 4. Woman have been conditioned to playing submissive role- () r,2 (B) L,2,3, 4 (c) t,2,3 13. IEC stands for: (D) T,4 () InformationElectronicsandCommunication (B) Internationa-l Export Council (C) Information Education and Communicarron (D) Indian Economic Council 14. Who is the father of Kinder garten? () Pestalozzi (C) Locke (B) Rousseau (D) Froebel 15. Which animal can iransmit influenza type HrNr virus to humans? () Birds (B) Pigs. (C) Rabbits (D) Cdts r46t2015 4

4 16. 'Creutzfeldt - () l,eptospirosis (C) Cow pox Jakob' disease is also known as : (B) Mad cow disease (D) Bovine encephalitis 17. The researcher lives with the cultural community for a period of months or years is known as : () Case study (C) Ethnography 18. Colostrum is very good as it is rich in protein and: () ntibodies (C) Vitamins 19, The scientific study of man and his workins environment is : () Ecology (B) Ergonomics (C) Work life (D) Occupationalhealth () 40s (C) 60s () Vitamin C (C) lodine (B) Clinical study (D) Specimen record (B) Carbohydrates (D) Minerals 20. Extension education as a discipline of teaching programme started in early : (B) 50s (D) 70s 21. bsorption of iron requires the following nutrient in the diet : (B) Zinc (D) Fat 22. Major source of energy for the body is : () Protein (C) Fat (B) Gfucose (D) ll the above 23. Dyslexic refers to individual who have difficultv in : () Learning to Learning to stand (C) Learning to read and write (D) Learning to speak 24. Mental retardation is an indicator of deficiencv of : () Vitamin (B) Iodine (C) Calcium (D) Iron 25. Female sex hormone is : () ndrogen (C) Estrogen o (B) Prolactin (D) Oxytocin r46t20r5 lp.r.o.l

5 26. rrange the following programme of dult education in India in chronological order of their inception: a. National dult Education Programme (NEP) b. National Literacy Mission (NLM) c. Total Literacy Campaign d. ContinuingEducation () b, d, c, a (C) c, b, a, d 27. n effective extension programme : () Takes care of the needs of the target group (B) Works as per the government directions (C) Works as per the extension workers plans (D) Works within limited funds (B) d, c, b, a (D) a, b, c, d 28. The correct sequence of steps involved in behaviour change communication are : 1. ction 2. Interest 3. ttention 4. Satisfaction 5. Conviction 6. Desire () 2,6,4,3, L,5 (B) 3,2,6,5,L,4 (c) r,2,3, 4,5,6 (D) 6, 5, 4,3,2, r 29. Communicability of disease depends upon availability of: () Pathogen (C) Parasite (B) Healthy person (D) Susceptible person 30, Good communication happens only when : () More messages are given to more people (B) Right message is given in the right form and to right people (C) Various media are used to give Messages are detailed and with illustrations 31, Which of the following is a communicable disease? () Diabetes mellitus (C) Hypertension 32. The conformatory test used to diagnose IDS is: () ELIS (c) EsR (B) Kwashiorkor (B) Western blot (D) PCR t46t20l5

6 33. Cancer is caused by: () Uncontrolledmitosis (C) Rupturing of cells (B) Uncontrolledmeiosis (D) l-oss of immunity of the cells II of the following facts about coronary heart disease in India are true EXCEPT : () CHD onset is a decade later in age than in western countries (B) Diabetes is a common risk factor (O More common in males than females (D) Heary smoking is an aetiological agent Which of the following disease spreads through respiratory route? () Influenza (C) Measles (B) Mumps (D) ll the above 36. disease that occurs rarely and without regularity is said to be : () Sporadic (B) Endemic (C) Epidemic (D) Pandemic 37. lex. F. Osburn was popular with : () Epidemiology (C) Co-operativelearning (B) Demography (D) Brain storming 38. Diseases that are due mostly to environmental changes, increased population densities and oollution that result from modernisation in third world nations are referred as : () Disease of poverty (C) Schistomiasis (B) Disease of development (D) Disease of environment 39. "Prevalence rate" can be best understood as : () The number of patients who have the disease at a particular time, divided by the population at risk of having the disease at that time (B) The number of new caseg of a diseased in a population over a period of time (C) greater than normal occurance of a disease for that population at that time (D) Occurance ofa disease constantly present in a population 40. Which of the following is an advantage of a case - control study? () Multiple disease outcomes following a selected exposure can be readily studied (B) Dependence on recall by subjects in the study minimised (C) It is possible to determine the true incidence of disease (D) It may be used to study etiology ofa rare disease 146t20L5 tp.t.o.l

7 4L. There is a clear division between the le4der and the followers in () uthoritarian (C) Participatory - (B) Democratic (D) Laissez-faire 42. The term "Hierarchy of needs" is associated with: () Skinner (B) Maslow (C) Thorndike (D) Cooley type of leadership. 43. mong the following, is not a part of social case work. () ssessment (B) Intervention (C) ppropriation 44, Proxemics is a term introduced by : () Marie Weil (C) Gladding (B) Jean Baker Miller (D) Edward T. HalI 45. learning-oriented process, which occurs usually in an interactive relationship, with the aim of helping a person learn more about the self, and to use such understanding to enable the person to become an effective member of society is called : () Socialisation (B) Guidance (D) dvice (C) Counselling 46. System theory of Group Work was proposed by : () Ludwig Von Bertalanffy (C) Edward HaII 47. Tlansactional nalysis was founded by : () Jurgen Habermas (C) Sigmund Freud (B) Delucia Waock (B) G.H. Mead (D) Eric Berne 48. The processes which develop personality through adjustments consciously effected, Individual by individual, between men and their social environment with their problems are called : () Social case work (C) Target Event (D) Streaming

8 49. The process by which the social system of adaptation within the community is called : () Social Reformation (C) cculturation the community provides for integration and (B) Communityorganization In\ Tnfaor.orinn 50. The process recording in which the community meeting, etc., is called : () Narrative (C) Verbatim student records the dialogue of the session. board or (B) Condensed (D) Summary 51. The book "Social Diagnosis" was authored by: () Mary Richmond (C) Hamilton (B) Marie Weil (D) Skidmore 52. The method of intervention as alteration of any of the social functioning is called : () SocialConformation (C) Environmentalmodification the focus is on the change of physical situation, or an systems, which may be essential for the client for better (B) dministration (D) Eco Restoration 53. mong the following () Physical fitness (C) Sociability is an essentiai trait of a leader. (B) Heredity (D) Sense of Humour 54. Marginalisation of people or areas and the imposition of barriers that restrict them from access to opportunities to integrate with the larger societies is called: () Isolation (C) Social Exclusion (B) Detachment (D) Displacement tt. The group in the social group work is : () Spontaneous (C) Disunited (D Formed in a planned manner (D) None of the above 56. In communication infornation starts from : () Organizer (C) Organization (B) Source (D) None of these 146t20t5 tp.r.o.l

9 57. When the client reacts inappropriately with irrational feeling towards the case worker, it is called : () Termination (C) Transparent (B) Transference (D) Counter-Transference 68. mong the following is not an ethic of a Social worker. () Respect the dignity ofthe inilividual as the basis for all social relationships (B) Have faith in the capacity of the client to advance towards his/her goals (C) Strive maximum to achieve rewards and monetary benefits (D) Believe and accept the differences and individuality of others 59. National ssociation of Social Workers is based at : () United States (B) India (C) ustralia (D) Canada ' 60, group of individuals, families, or groups that share geographic location, identity, values, exoeriences or interests is called: () ssociation (C) Community (B) Social Group (D) CIan 61. The practice of treating people differently and negatively based on a difference such as gender, age, religion, political orientation, sexual orientation, or ability is called : () lobbying (C) Disintegration () Feasibility etudy (C) Pilot study () Propaganda (C) Rumour () Genetics (C) Gerontology (B) Discrimination (D) Degradation 62. Formal assessment of an organization or communit5/e ability to complete certain objective or task, including the resources required to do this is called : (B) Pre Diagrroetic study 63. The information that is not impartial and used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively ie called : (B) Gossip (D) News Thread 64. Study of the social, psychological, cultural, biological and spiritual aspects of ageing is called : Social Pathology (D) Geriatrics

10 65. Tendency of a social system to seek and maintain a balance or steady state which can be positive or negative is called : () Restoration (B) Rejuvenation (D) Homeostasis (C) Maintenance 66. The therapeutic technique of using short words or sentenceg rather than questions to encourage clients to continue to communicate is called i () Prompts (B) Empathy (C) ctive listening (D) Engagement 67. dministration of a research tool to a small group of individuals prior to the resear'ch in order to determine if the tool effectively measures what it is designed to measure is called: () ction research (B) Pilot study (C) Experimental Post test 68. The Child and Regulation) ct introduced in the year: () 1e88 (c) 1993 (D) form of community organising that focuses a technical process of problem solving regarding substantive social problems that utilizes the expertise of profeseionals ie called: () Social Social Exclusion (D) Social Inclusion (C) Social Empowerment 70. nong the following is not an element of Community Organisation. () Democratic procedures (B) Voluntary cooperation (D) Self-help (C) Political affriiation 71. Sociometry was introduced by : () Likert (C) Bogardus (B) J.L. Moreno (D) Garfinkal 72. Human Poverty Index (HPI) is introduced by : () UNESCO (c) UNDP 11 (B).,SW (D) WHO 146t2015 lp.r.o.l

11 73. The book "The Handbook of Community Practice" is authored by : () Perlman H. Helen (C) Marshall B. Clinard (D).R.Desai (B) Marie Weil 74. mong the following, the one who identified four types of cooperation, that is, spontaneous, traditional, directed and contractual is : () Sumner (B) Malinowski (C) Radcliff Brown (D) Lewis Coser 75. Social System theory is an example of : () Micro theory (C) Mezzo theory 76. Goal-setting theory was propounded by : () Peter and Luckman (C) Good and Hatt (B) Macro theory (D) Middle range theory (B) Earnst and Brain (D) Locke andlatham 77- The process by which people exchange information, feelings and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages is called : () Interpersonal communication (B) Empathy (C) Sensitising (D) Decision making 78. ccording to Tonnies, neighbourhood is a type of: () Primary group (C) Secondary group (B) Social group (D) Community 75. In a Social group, the etandards that largely govern behaviour within a group are maintained by: () Group Forms (B) Group Laws (C) Values (D) Group Norms 80. The assumption that the people are motivated strictly by rewards and punishments is associated with leadership. () Transformational (B) Transactional (C) Situational (D) Traditional 146/,2015 T2

12 81. The Winter Olympics 2014 was held in : () Innsbruck (C) Sochi 82. Pope Francis I hails from : () Germany (C) Brazil (D Rio de Janeiro (B) France (D) rgentina 83. Nation which granted asylum for Edward J.Snowden : () Russia (B) Ukraine (C) Germany (D) Venezuela E4. rtist who designated Chief Curator of the second season of Kochi-Muzirie Biennale 2014 : () Riyas Komu (B) Jirish Kallat (C) Bose Krishnamachari (D) Balan Nambiar 85. National level prograrime for enhancement of higher education : () RMS (B) QIP (C) RTE (D) RUS 86. private sector company Reliance is associated with the exploration of Natural Gas in : () Bombay High (B) Godavary-Krishna Basin (C) Upper ssam (D) Rajasthan 87. Who authored the book Gandhi and narchy? () Muhammad li Jinnah (C) C. Sankaran Nair (B) bui Kalam zad (D) B.R. mbedkar 88. The.n_ational newspaper started in protest against the Vernacular Press ct passed by the British : () The Hindu (C) National Herald (B) Hindustan Times (D) The Statesman 89. Jh9 longitude qqlses through llahabad which is being based upon for the calculation of Infian Standard Time : () 82.5otr' (B) 87.5"8 (c) 82.E (D) 8?.E 90. National leader who started Swadesi Shipping Company in wake of Swadesi Movement : () Jamnalal Bajaj (B) M.G. Ranade (C) V.O. Chidambaram Pillai (D) Satyendranath Tagore 13 t46l20t5 IP.r.O.l

13 91. The organization which supported the British and critical of national leaders : () bhinav Bharat (C) Patrioticssociatiop (B) Indian esociation (D) India League 92. District of Kerala where cotton is cultivated i () Idulki (C) Malappuram 93. Headquarters of Tipu Sultan in Malabar : () Kozhikode (C) Feroke (B) Palakkad (D) Kasargocle (B) Sultan Batheri (D) Mahe 94. Founder of the newspaper 'Swadesabhimani of Tlavancore : () Ramakrishna Pillai (C) C. Krishnan (B) T.K. Madhavan (D) Vakkom Maulavi The first political conference of Kerala was convened in 1921 at : () Palakkad (B) Ottappalam (D) Kozhikode (C) Manjeri Number of districts in Kerala while the state was formed in 1956 : () 5 (c) 7 (B) 6 (D) Village Panchayats were started in Tlavancore during the reign of : () Sri Moolam Tirunal (B) Sri Chithira Tirunal (C) Uthram Tirunal (D) Sethu Lakghmi 9E. Who wrote the poem'ente Gurunathan' on Gandhi? () msi Narayana Pillai (C) Pandalam Vallathol (D) Bodheswaran 99. The first keralite to become Governor: () V.P. Menon (C) M.M. Jacob 100. Nedungadi following? t6 () (c) Bank the fust conmercial Syndicate Bank State Bank of V- P.C. lexander bank in Kerala was merged I4 (B) (D) Canara Bank Punjab National Bank which