Propylene/propane separation market

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1 Delivery Review Meeting Report Technology Portfolio Propylene/propane separation market September 2017 This document is not a final deliverable. This is a meeting presentation.

2 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Delivery Review Meeting Agenda 3 PreScouter Methodology Overview 4 Statement of Work 5 Propylene Market Overview 7 Outreach Responses 32 Current and Proposed Propylene Facilities 38 Currently Used Technologies 45 Novel Technologies 75 Commercial Production 79 Major Customers 87 About the Authors 95 Using this Report 99 About PreScouter

3 Delivery Review Meeting Agenda Agenda Review teams findings Q&A for PreScouter and Client Review Technology Portfolio delivery schedule Project Timeline Ideation Ideation Meeting Check-In Check-In Meeting Delivery Review Delivery Review Meeting Review project progress Q & A for both sides Review delivery timeline Delivery & Next Steps *This plan may be tailored as any questions, concerns or changes occur

4 PreScouter Methodology Overview 1 A stage-gated methodology increases precision over the project duration when provided with sufficient feedback Ideation Meeting Check-In Meeting Delivery Review Meeting Subject Investigations Cons Pros Provides the most unique & outside-thebox entries Some potential entries may not align with end goals, or require more information Scholar team will find research based on feedback, closer aligned to project goals For some entries, more in-depth information is required (i.e., a Subject Investigation) Scholar Team has identified areas of interest aligned with project goals For some entries, more in-depth information is required (i.e., a Subject Investigation) Discover / procure non-public information, establish a connection Sometimes not able to make contact with provider 2 PreScouter has refined & innovated its process to ensure we meet your needs Your anonymity is always maintained, including when we reach out with your questions for Subject Investigations. Everyone on the PreScouter team are under NDAs. PreScouter staffs multidisciplinary project teams to increase creativity & new perspectives based on findings from a Harvard study on innovation (Lakhani, 2007). Your report is customizable. Feel free to reach out to your Project Manager or Account Manager with feedback to help us address your needs

5 Statement of Work Throughout the project, it is typical for a Statement of Work to be modified based your team s feedback, and the PreScouter team identifying relevant information. In order to provide the best experience possible, this section will outline the original statement of work and any updates or amendments made as the project proceeds towards completion. The business challenge Areas of interest

6 Statement of Work Areas of interest (con t) Areas NOT to be examined

7 Propylene Market Overview

8 Propylene Market New

9 Propylene Market New

10 Propylene Market New

11 Propylene Market New

12 Propylene Market New

13 Propylene Market New

14 Propylene Market New

15 Propylene Market New

16 Propylene Market New

17 Propylene Market New

18 Polypropylene Outlook Report New

19 Polypropylene Outlook Report New

20 Polypropylene Outlook Report New

21 Polypropylene Outlook Report New

22 Polypropylene Outlook Report New

23 Alternative On-Purpose Propylene New

24 Alternative On-Purpose Propylene New

25 Alternative On-Purpose Propylene New

26 Alternative On-Purpose Propylene New

27 Global Propylene New

28 Global Propylene New

29 Global Propylene New

30 Global Propylene New

31 On Purpose Olefins Through Catofin New

32 Outreach Responses

33 Marc Laurin: Technology CB&I New

34 Marc Laurin: Technology CB&I New

35 Marc Laurin: Technology CB&I New

36 Bala Ramachandran: Senior Manger Technology CB&I New

37 Bala Ramachandran: Senior Manger Technology CB&I New

38 Current and Proposed Propylene Facilities

39 On Purpose Technologies to fill the Gap: Global PDH Plants New 68/on-purpose-technologies-ready-to-fill-propylene-gap/

40 North America PDH plants New /basf-us-methane-to-propylene-plant-targets-19-start-up/

41 Existing and Planned PDH Plants

42 Existing and Planned PDH Plants

43 Oleflex by Honeywell UOP for Catalytic Dehydrogenation (con t)

44 STAR process - ThyssenKrupp and CB&I OCT Technical Description (con t)

45 Currently Used Technologies

46 New TRL

47 New Technical Description


49 Technical Description (con t) Reaction economics

50 Technical Description (con t)

51 TRL

52 Technical Description










62 TRL

63 Technical Description (con t)

64 TRL

65 Technical Description (con t)





70 TRL

71 Technical Description (con t)

72 Technical Description (con t)

73 Technical Description (con t)

74 Technical Description (con t)

75 Novel Technologies

76 Novel Technologies New

77 Novel Technologies

78 Novel Technologies

79 Commercial Production



82 TRL

83 Technical Description (con t)


85 Technical Description (con t)

86 Technical Description (con t)

87 Major Customers

88 Major Customers

89 TRL

90 TRL

91 TRL

92 TRL

93 Technical Description (con t)

94 Technical Description (con t)

95 About the Authors

96 About the Authors

97 About the Authors

98 About the Authors

99 Using this Report One technology away from a breakthrough PreScouter provides technology & thought leadership for a variety of technical disciplines. Information contained in this report could be transformative, with the appropriate next steps. The Innovation Funnel PreScouter follows the industry-accepted business innovation motif, wherein technology & ideas are evaluated in a stage-gated manner, by processing information and downselecting promising leads. This methodology maximizes information while minimizing time investment. Breadth Technology Landscape Reports provide a high-level, or cursory examination of a technical space, for innovation goals with low or no technical constraints. Technology Portfolio Reports provide a balance of depth and breadth in terms of the information provided. This report is best used as a starting point for innovation goals with moderate to heavy technical constraints. Subject Investigation Reports are focused on technology providers, with high analysis. We attain interviews for these subjects greater than 80% of the time. Analysis

100 Using this Report Common Next Steps Share the Report(s) with your colleagues Work with PreScouter to identify CROs to work with your company Present the findings at a meeting Make anonymous connection through PreScouter Contact technology providers directly Learn more with Subject Investigation Reports Review the Report and identify promising technologies >95% of clients will review the report at least once more in the next week >80% of clients will share information from the report >40% of clients will analyze a technology further with a Subject Investigation

101 About PreScouter PreScouter provides answers to corporate challenges PreScouter helps clients gain competitive advantage by identifying solutions to their most pressing technical challenges. We have built a network of 800+ academics at universities across the globe. These scientists are our eyes and ears and help clients identify technologies at small businesses, national labs, universities, patents, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, from all across the world. Clients rely on us for: Innovation discovery Privileged information Insights, customized PreScouter scouts for breakthrough technologies from small businesses, national labs and universities providing members with a flow of high-value opportunities. PreScouter interviews innovators to uncover emerging trends. PreScouter finds technol-ogies poised to disrupt or solve a problem customized to your requirements PreScouter s 300+ clients include members of the Fortune 500 and many other progressive innovators PreScouter s scouts and database cover thousands of universities, startup communities and numerous other sources