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2 Whether it is helping to maintain the peace of nations or raising the productivity of businesses, we are completely committed in delivering the most value to our customers through our smart engineering solutions. ADVANCING SMART ENGINEERING ST Kinetics (Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd), the land systems arm of ST Engineering (Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd), is one of Asia s leading land systems and specialty vehicles companies, delivering smart engineering solutions since 1967 for the defence, commercial and homeland security markets. ST Kinetics products are in action in more than 40 countries around the world; helping to maintain the peace of nations and raising the productivity of businesses. With more than 7,000 employees spread over 8 countries and annual revenue of over S$1.5b, ST Kinetics is today a globally recognised provider of proven solutions.

3 VISION To be a world class land systems and specialty vehicles engineering and services group. MISSION We deliver safe and innovative integrated solutions that exceed customers expectations and maximise economic value added for our partners and stakeholders. THE STK WAY SPEED We shall be enterprising and speedy in responding to market developments while maintaining safety, quality and a tight control over cost. TEAMWORK We shall harness the combined potential of our staff and work closely with our partners towards collective learning, economy of effort and greater satisfaction for all involved while maintaining individual responsibility and accountability. KNOWLEDGE We shall continually upgrade our knowhow and understanding of our customers, competitors and external environment to create products and services that are competitive and add value to our customers and stakeholders. CORE VALUES INTEGRITY We believe the foundation of our business success rests on unyielding honesty, trustworthiness and responsibility for our actions, striving to do the right thing and to fulfill our promises to one another, our customers, partners and stakeholders. VALUE CREATION We are determined to add value in all that we do - in the best way possible and to the best of our ability. We work together to grow our people, markets and businesses around the world, to consistently create solutions that win in the marketplace and meet or even exceed our customers expectations. COURAGE We empower ourselves as an organisation, as teams and as individuals through small and large acts of courage in our everyday work and at more challenging moments of uncertainty, without fear of failure or the desire to stick with the status quo. Courage enables us to face the plain realities of our situation (favourable and unfavourable), to address concerns over change, to promote out-ofthe-box thinking and to explore and commit to bold new possibilities for our business. COMMITMENT We are determined and energised to achieve our shared vision, mission and strategic objectives together. This dedication to a common purpose stands behind our commitments to our customers, partners, other stakeholders and one another, driving us to excellence in our results and in how we achieve them. COMPASSION Along with our passion to succeed and prosper as individuals, as teams and as a business, we also reach out to express our genuine care and responsibility for one another, our communities and the broader world community. We rally around those in difficulty to understand their troubles and actively help them with our time, energy and money.


5 HISTORY AND MILESTONES Strongly committed in exceeding customers expectations and determined in delivering value, ST Kinetics belief is backed by a strong customer centric culture and a passion for engineering excellence. STRONG DEFENCE TRACK RECORD BRONCO World s highest payload All Terrain Tracked Carrier (5 tonnes) SPH PRIMUS Patented ammo handling system; fully digital; Singapore s 1st 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer BIONIX II Enhanced for network-centric warfare TRAILBLAZER World s only military load class 30 armoured mine-clearing vehicle WARTHOG Highly survivable variant of the BRONCO for the UK MoD BRONCO NEW-GEN Outstanding mobility of the BRONCO coupled with the proven survivability of the WARTHOG Founding of ST Kinetics predecessor Started to produce 5.56mm rounds M16 Licensed production of M ULTIMAX 100 World s best & lightest machine gun FH88 1st 155mm howitzer designed & produced in Singapore AMX13 SM1 UPGRADE 1st major upgrade programme M113 UPGRADE Enhanced mobility & firepower CIS40AGL World s 2nd bestseller - sold to > 20 countries FH2000 World s 1st 52 calibre 155mm howitzer fielded 1960s BIONIX Finalist in U.S Interim Armour Vehicle programme mm HEDPSD World s only 40mm mechanical self destruct fuze; #1 supplier in the world mm SRAMS Highest sustained rate of fire at 10rpm; lowest recoil force among its class LWSPH PEGASUS World s lightest & 1st self propelled, 155mm heli-portable howitzer mm LV ABMS Unprecedented accuracy & lethality with air-bursting programming TERREX World s most advanced 8x8 wheeled infantry carrier vehicle mm LV ER Extended range & improved accuracy with 30% shorter time of flight ExtremV Highly versatile Emergency Response Vehicle for humanitarian operations RICH SPECIALTY VEHICLES HERITAGE 2010 Establishment of LeeBoy India LeeBoy acquired Rosco Well established road maintenance equipment maker KIDRON introduced UltraTemp Hybrid refrigerated distribution bodies 2010 Acquired rights to Blaw-Knox pavers & road wideners 2010 launched TRXBUILD brand 2010 JHK introduced SPSE90V asphalt paver LeeBoy India introduced 785i motor grader 1st localised motor grader in India 2011 HACKNEY introduced HLS command & comms vehicle Moved up value chain with system integration capability 2012 LeeBoy acquired rights to Champion motor graders Furthering market leadership in North America 1936: GJK s predecessor established Started to produce hydraulic excavators in : JHK s predecessor founded Started to produce road construction equipment in : VT Hackney s predecessor founded Started to produce beverage truck bodies & refrigerated truck bodies & trailers VT LeeBoy s predecessor established Started to produce commercial asphalt pavers st HACKNEY Emergency Vehicle Higher storage capacity than conventional fire rescue body HACKNEY introduced Performer body More storage space & better handling LeeBoy introduced 8500 series pavers Industry s largest asphalt paver model 1997 GJK introduced JY-Series wheeled & crawler hydraulic excavators 2004 LeeBoy introduced 8816 series highwayclass paver LeeBoy introduced 9000 series wheeled paver 2010 JHK introduced HM2100A road milling machine 2011 LeeBoy India acquired rights to Cukurova backhoe loaders KIDRON introduced Emperor G2 trailer 2012 GJK introduced 45 tonne excavator for mining use 2012 JHK introduced intelligent asphalt distributor 1930s

6 A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS We believe that the sustainability of our business is about our performance on the triple bottom lines of People, Planet and Profits. PEOPLE Our customers dictate our success and we create value for them by delivering quality solutions and services. Our partners extend our capability and market reach and we build long-term relationships with them to ensure a strong eco-system. Enabling the above are our committed employees and we build a high-performance workforce through fostering engagement and pursuing people excellence. At ST Kinetics, we strive to not only do well for the company, but also do good for the environment and communities we work with. PLANET We strive to achieve growth that is sustainable for the Planet and the communities we operate in, by minimising our carbon footprint, developing smart technologies and reducing, reusing and recycling resources for the benefit of future generations. PROFITS We must be profitable to sustain our investments in people, products and processes. We achieve this through our six strategic thrusts of Customer Focus, Quality & Safety First, People Excellence, Technology Edge, Organisational Excellence and Financial Strength.